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How Mitt Romney Can Save The GOP… And America

March 7, 2013 by  


What if I told you Mitt Romney can solve two of America’s biggest problems? Yes, the man whose mediocre Presidential campaign almost sunk the entire GOP can now save it. Even better, the same Mitt Romney, now an unelected private citizen, can also save Detroit — and, by doing so, prove the conservative model for the U.S. economy works and become an American hero. Let me tell you how.

Regardless of the lies the Administration and media are telling us, we are sliding into the abyss.

Folks, the U.S. economy is going down like the Hindenburg.

Why is this happening? You can see America’s future by studying Detroit. Barack Obama’s policies are damaging the entire U.S. economy, the same way that socialist policies (Democrats call them “progressive”) have destroyed Detroit. Detroit is a microcosm for everything ailing our economy.

For almost five consecutive decades, Detroit has been run by liberal Democrats following the exact policies Obama is now forcing on the U.S. economy: bigger government, more government spending, out-of-control entitlements, too many government employees, obscene pensions, high taxes, too much debt and an economy run based on “fairness” and social justice. Just look at the results; you’ll get sick to your stomach. The Obama economic model has been on display forever in Detroit (1961 was the last time Detroit had a Republican in charge). The result is a bankrupt Third World hellhole in the middle of America.

I wrote a commentary here at Personal Liberty back in December reporting on how far Detroit has fallen. Here are just a few select highlights:

Under Obama, these kinds of results are now happening across America. The only difference is that Democrats had a 50-year head start with Detroit.

But life is funny. All this terrible news actually brings up a great opportunity. First, we learned just days ago that I was right: Detroit is now officially bankrupt, and the Governor is about to appoint a manager to try to save Detroit. Second, did you see the Romney interview on FOX News? Romney is retired, sitting on the sidelines, playing with his grandkids, chomping at the bit to use his lifetime of business experience to save the U.S. economy. Anyone can see that he desperately wants to get back in the game.

Here’s where opportunity meets a lifetime of preparation. Here’s a chance for Republicans and Democrats to stop debating, arguing and yelling at each other. Here’s an opportunity to prove by real-life example that when it comes to the economy, jobs and money, we need adults who know how to run a business in charge. Conservatives and capitalists are the ones who have the ideas and know-how to save America.

Fate is calling. Romney was born for this role. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder should appoint Romney to oversee the turnaround of Detroit.

Last week, I mentioned here at Personal Liberty that Romney was the perfect person to become President of the United States at this moment in time. And some of you didn’t get what I meant. Yes, Romney was a lousy candidate. No debate there. No, he’s no inspiring speaker. No debate there. And he sure isn’t a principled conservative like Barry Goldwater or libertarian like Ron Paul. But I wasn’t talking about any of those things. America at this moment in time needs a businessman. A Mitt Romney or Lee Iacocca or Ross Perot. We need a no-nonsense CEO and turnaround specialist who knows how to cut budgets with a buzz saw and a bazooka.

Romney not only may be the greatest business turnaround expert of our time, sitting bored on the sidelines, just looking for a way to contribute; but he’s also a Michigan native. He’s the hometown boy. This is the perfect situation.

I’m betting that within a year this world-class brilliant businessman can give Detroit’s residents hope, and within three years put Detroit on the road to recovery. How? By undoing the damage done by five decades of Democratic policies.

It’s time to put a responsible adult in charge. It’s time to show the difference between a CEO running a city or country versus a community activist and socialist. I’m betting Romney will turn the Detroit economy around, just like he turned a failing, bankrupt Salt Lake City Olympics into one of the great successes in Olympic history. Just like he turned around dozens of major companies. Just like Ronald Reagan turned Jimmy Carter’s economy of misery, malaise and 21.5 percent interest rates into the greatest economic expansion in world history, with 20 million new jobs created almost overnight.

This doesn’t take brain science; it takes cutting government, cutting spending, cutting entitlements, cutting government employees and cutting bloated salaries and pensions. It takes running a government for the taxpayers, not the unions and welfare addicts. And it takes a leader with the courage to do it.

Let’s give Romney a chance to show what he can do. I’m the guy who predicted that President Mitt Romney would turn around the U.S. economy in record time — not because I agreed with his politics (I think he’s way too moderate, wishy-washy, nanby-pamby, Northeast liberal for me), but because saving the economy is about understanding business.

Ninety-nine percent of even the most fantastic conservative and libertarian politicians have never created a job. So let’s try an experiment with Detroit. We have nothing to lose; it can’t get any worse. Let’s see what a talented CEO with a wealth of business experience can do with a hellhole created by Obama-like economic policies.

Then, after Romney saves Detroit, the voters will finally have a proven model. There will be proof that Obama’s ideas are a failure and that fiscally conservative ideas are what will restore the American economy and the American dream. This isn’t a game. Our jobs and livelihoods and the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. It’s time to prove lawyers and community activists shouldn’t be running our cities or States or country. We need to put adults and businessmen and businesswomen in charge of the finances.

Mr. Obama, are you game? Do you really want to save America? Do you really want to create jobs? Do you want to get people off food stamps? Or are you afraid this experiment might actually work?

As they say in poker, I’ll go “all in.” I’m betting on Romney as the guy to save Detroit and, therefore, show the way to save America. This isn’t about politics. I’ve never been a big fan of Romney’s politics. But this is about business. It’s simple: Government needs to be run like a business. It has to be run for the taxpayers. It has to be run on a budget. And if you don’t have the money, you cut spending. It’s time to put adults in charge. Here’s our chance.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God Bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Harold Olsen

    What is this love affair supposed conservatives have with Mitt Romney? The guy’s a RINO. He’s a liberal and, I believe as I stated numerous times during the campaign, an Obama clone. Had he won, I doubt things would have been much different than they are now. Sure, he’d have made a few changes, but, for the most part, I believe he’d have continued Obama’s policies. He criticized, rightfully, Obamacare and even claimed he’d get rid of it if elected. Then he changed his mind and said he’d keep parts of it. I believe he would have kept all of it since, via Romneycare, he created it. When Obama got reelected I posted a comment, “Obama won. America loses.” Had Romney won, my comment would have been, “Romney won, but did America?” Romney needs to just go away so we can forget he ever existed.

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Root, I’m afraid I’ve heard it all before. No single person, unless they are a dictator, can turn things around in this country, and it’s extremely naïve to imagine so.

    It may be the very height of Pollyanna optimism to say, “We need a no-nonsense CEO and turnaround specialist who knows how to cut budgets with a buzz saw and a bazooka.” Being a successful CEO and being a successful president are two VERY different things.

    What CEO of whom you are aware has a board of directors with 535 members, and over 300 million stockholders who need only a simple majority to stop his plans? No sir, this is the same “Messiah” complex that tends to put all hopes in a single person to solve the problems it took us a century to create.

    Given the fecklessness, greed and entitlement mentality of the majority of Americans who put Obama in for two terms, do you sincerely believe that Romney would have a chance to “cut budgets with a buzz saw and a bazooka?” He could achieve that power ONLY if he continued the shredding of the Constitution until it disappeared altogether.

    And believe me, if a simple sequestration exercise that effectively cuts no real spending can cause the horde of Chicken Littles to come out of the woodwork, imagine what reaction would occur from the “entitled” majority in this country if some REAL spending cuts were made!

    It’s too late. You can’t get there from here. The sheeple’s pain threshold is yet to be reached, and NOTHING will change in DC unless and until we experience a complete financial disaster.

    Blind optimism may work if you’re producing a movie called “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” but I’ve never seen it work in real life.

    • http://AOL Lois Dickinson

      Unfortunately, I have to agree.

      • Mojo101

        It’s a hail Mary pass late in the game but its worth a try. We’re getting closer to the reset point with our own government getting ready to protect themselves from their own citizens! With light armor vehicles and ammo for DHS and hallow point bullets for social security, FEMA getting mobilized……we’re nearing the end of the greatest empire on earth since England and Rome.

    • STEVE E.

      I agree also.

    • BillT

      I guess you’ve never had the experience of seeing a real leader.

    • wizzardous

      Last time I was in Detroit, I stopped at a McDs on Grand River Ave. Only white guy in the place and had to wait till all others had been served until they would take my order. Driving around there is an ugly experience. Fallujah didn’t look much worse when the Marines were done with it. In some neighborhoods, all the signs are in Arabic. In others, only one house in 10 has any windows intact. I don’t think Romney or any decent leader could turn it around. Maybe they can bring back Coleman Young. He couldn’t make it any worse.

    • BigBadJohn

      Vigilant, I have to agree. Bush did what all politicians do to varying degrees, he pumped money into the economy to get us out of the recession we were in 2000. Unfortunately he went way over board, he tax cut while increasing spending by about 800 billion at the same time.
      Now we have Obama who wants to do the same thing – pump more money into the economy to soften HIS recession. However the debt is unsustainable!

      Politicians realize that if their folks back home are hurting, it is not good for their reelection prospects. So instead of raising taxes and cutting spending, they will kick the can down the road – and continue to do so until the country has to default.

      But you can not blame politicians alone, my suggestion about raising taxes and cutting spending will P O someone.

      American citizens do not want to pay more taxes or have THEIR benefits cut – simple as that.

  • rhcrest

    You have a great point Mr. Root but Romney would be stepping into a landmine. Detroit is mostly black and he would be accused of trying to destroy the black community there. I think we should just light a torch and let Detroit burn. THese people need to suffer the consequences of their decisions.

    • BigBadJohn

      I grew up in Detroit but left 30 years ago.

      I would guess 90-95% of the people are on a dole. Even married people with jobs are separated on paper so the wife can collect welfare, food stamps and Aid to dependent children. Some people that I met selling Real Estate had jobs in the auto plants making 75K per year and collecting another 20K on welfare.

      If you talk to them about it, you will here – “my grandma was a slave you OWE me something!” OR “why should I work? I would never get a job making as much as I do on welfare”
      This has got to STOP!

      • rhcrest

        I agree. We don’t owe them ANYTHING. If their ancestors never came here in the first place they would still be living in a third world country probably living in a hut like Obama’s brother and living on a dollar a day. They should be grateful that they live in the US with its modern lifestyle and that they have real housing with running water, heat, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, cars, cell phones, plenty of food to eat etc. This notion that white people OWE black people has also got to stop. I don’t owe them anything.

      • BigBadJohn

        RH If they had never left Africa with all of the civil wars and killing that has transpired the black population would be a LOT less than it is now.

        I worked at a bank in North Carolina and was having discussion about affirmative action with a black guy. He came out with the ole “my great grandma was a slave YOU OWE ME SOMETHING”. Having heard this so many times before, I responded “my great grand dad was a Yankee soldier that died to free your grandma – what do YOU OWE ME?”

        He got all flustered and walked away….

    • Adriaan DenDulk

      Rhcrest; It looks like you realy do not know to much about our history as you show on your comment. Since when did the now African American come to the U.S. on their own free will I was thought in school that they were brought here as slaves, this must have been a slight oversight on your part. And as for Detroit in years long gone we had people in Detroit that cared about the city and with that I mean the buseniss people Guys like Henry Ford and the people that were running G.M. and there were many more They would sit down with the city people and work together with them to solve problems Not like today make the money and run don’t pay any taxes And Mr. Romney would only make it worse

      • tony newbill

        This Imbalance threatens Individual Liberal more than anything today ,

      • rhcrest

        I am well aware of how the Africans were brought here. My point is, whatever the case is, if those Africans were not brought here, their descendents would be currently living in a third world country instead of here in the US with our modern lifestyle. This is fact. What part of it do you not understand? And the ones living here right now are not African Americans. They are Americans. Virtually none of them have ever even set foot in Africa. And furthermore, one can be white and be from Africa. A continent does not denote race. And as far as the business people go, you mean the auto companies that were run out of town or out of business by the union’s incessant demands? Do you mean the business people that were run out of town with crazy regulations and taxes and crime? I think you mean that the business people should just lie down and let the gov’t and the leeches walk all over them – that is your idea of working together. Please. The businesses left for good reason- to survive. And why should the business people have it completely on them to solve the city’s problems? What about all the welfare leeches and union goons and overpaid bureaucrats and criminals? Don’t they have any responsibility toward the city? Or is it just supposed to all fall on the business people? You leftists are just insane.

      • BigBadJohn

        Adrian obviously you don’t know much about DEETRoit. The reason all of those caring white business folk left Detroit was because of black racist policies.
        Starting with the “commuter tax” Anybody who did bot live in the city but worked there got stuck with an additional tax.
        The succession of black mayors wanted to and tried to get any and all white influence out of the city, were successful.
        Look up Coleman Young and his comments “ALL YOU HONKYS HIT 8 mile” 8 mile is the city border.

        As the Bible says as ye sow so shall ye reap. Detroit is a product of black racism.

  • witsend

    I don’t feel confident that anyone can fix Detroit – However, if anyone can, it would be Mitt Romney! Yes, he is a RINO; but as Wayne Allyn Root says, he is also a businessman. Detroit needs a businessman. That businessman need to know how and be able to make the cuts (in people, supplies, services) that are needed to turn Detroit around.

    • nc

      Witsend, bush was a businessman with an MBA and how did that administration end up on the promises he made to end our debt with his tax plan? A double down loser!!!!

      White conservatives like Root and the Rape Expert conservative congressmen making stupid statement and promises did almost as much damage to Mittenns as he did to himself!
      Conservative policy of dictating to women as to their reproductive rights and war against the middle class workers and their rights to organize for their well being is not real smart! I hate to reveal this to the enemy but over half of our population is FEMALE AND There ARE A HE(( of a lot more middle class than any other class> Could it be that is your trouble at the polls? I love your approach to immigration when you say to the Hispanics” GET YOUR A$$ BACK ACROSS THE BORDER OR STAY HERE AND VOTE FOR US!
      YEAH, RIGHT!


      • witsend

        “Conservative policy of dictating to women as to their reproductive rights and war against the middle class workers and their rights to organize for their well being is not real smart! I hate to reveal this to the enemy but over half of our population is FEMALE.”
        Conservatives do not try to dictate to women regarding their reproductive rights. A few (a very few) have a problem with birth control. If you are referring to abortion – well, that is NOT about women’s rights. Murder is VERY SELDOM about the rights of the murderer.
        As to the rights of the middle class workers to organize for their well-being, again conservatives do not object to that – they object to forcing that “organizing” on the rest of us. They have a problem when that “organizing” results in poverty for so many others.
        By the way, I am one of those females – nonetheless, I do not support abortion. Neither do I support “free” birth control pills for everyone.

  • cawmun cents

    An Ivy League Academic,promoting another Ivy League Academic.
    I have to go along with Vig (shout out) ,and Harold Olsen,thanks for shooting this idea in the foot my fellow PLD posters.
    Among my peers and associates there are no lauded television show stars or investment capital chairpersons,(go figure) and also no Ivy League Academicians,but I have seen what fundamentals that these folk give to their politics and marveled.
    Not in a good way either.
    My first inclination is that these (ILA’s),as I will therefore call them,fancy themselves just a tad bit smarter than all the rest of us less fortunately intellectually eased miscreants.
    This and some Wrigley’s chewing gum,will get you fresher breath and a chance to kiss someones baby,if not a star on some walk of fame/shame.
    I get that part.
    But fixing the destruction of a half century of Progressivism,coupled with Democratic spending spree disorder,will take the services of a much more gifted physician than just another ILA,Wayne.
    An entirely new and improved methodology of critical thinking is likely very necessary.
    This and rooting out the steadfast progressive idealism of the hardened populace there in D-town,and de-indoctrinating them will be tantamount to achieving success.
    Of course in my humble opine,this cannot be done on a city-wide basis,without giving credence to a nationwide attempt as well.This must start in Washington D.C.,with an emphasis on less legislation,(sorry ILA’s,but we dont require your services if we want less legislation) and more unbridled sanity.
    This is the only hope and change that we as American citizens,and not political shills,can ever give ourselves over to.
    It is a stark representation of our contempt for all the the ILA crowd encites in us.
    So I am sorry to inform you that we dont take your reccomendation seriously,having a form of sanity still inherent within us,that eshews your very idealisms.
    I do not proport to speak for the lions share of us here at PLD,but I do know a poor idea when I hear one.
    ILA’s are awesome at rules and regulations of a not so devine nature,but those of us out here in reality world do not like being ruled and regulated into obscurity.
    Which is why we left our former nationalistic ways and came to America so that instead of being overlorded by some trumped up aritocratic class of self important snobs,we could have some form of say in our manifest destinies,together.
    Without some group of people who deem themselves the brilliant and enlightened,having abject sway over those God given rights,and established decencies,which those who formed this great nation,had given their all for,by defying the most powerful form of tyranny in its day,to achieve.
    Ivy League Academics,have taken the mantle and bar of King George 3,and upped the ante to modern day proportions,making for some serious considerations of historical note.
    Yet they sit in their Ivory Towers,and ignore the grumblings from below as if there is plenty of time for which to gloat and pontificate their progressive preposterous plans.
    This may not be the case.
    But since you can see clearly that they ignore sane practices and,institute grand deception and illusion as their technique for blinding others with their Black Science,we dont want another one in control of even a minute section of our once proudly hailed nation.
    I hope that you are clear that I disagree with your assessment sir Wayne of Root.
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little…..

  • boyscout

    Root. Enough with the BS.

  • New Cold War 2013 (@LoudAmerican)

    who knows … as a person – Romney is probably a great guy to do a day fishing … but he can not fix our mess for several reasons.

    1) based on his past track record he is not CONSERVATIVE enough. Compared to JFK the man is more liberal … sorry -but that’s what has this country in a mess now!

    2) He is too GLOBALIST … globalism is for the investor where in a pure free market like it was when America was a Crown Jewel the employee was revered which added to the level of respect this companies had which was a reason to actually invest in them. Now they jerk the backbone of their company around for the buck.

    3) The voter needs to be brought up correctly with a move to rid the more right leaning (and of course all the left leaning) of the entitlement mentality that has plagued our society.

    slightly off topic: Farmers paid to not grow and feed corn in the marketplace is getting more expensive to raise meat …

    Like Obama going on golf trips and sending John Kerry to Egypt with millions in FREE money off the tax payers back while our AMERICAN MILITARY is facing cut backs? Where is the respect for the working class tax payer who has been RIPPED OFF of funds they themselves could use here at home to stimulate the economy?

    The more $$ middle class has to spend generates MORE tax revenue so the government follies can continue to spill all over their pork barrel spending. When minimum wage is raised – you kill middle class! Middle Class are those who work hard for wage increases – why push them lowers toward the poverty line? Time to encourage middle class wage increases instead of supporting the poor of the world.

    Why Break America To Fix The World?

    • JohnC

      A minimum wage increase to $10.00 per hour will mean less people working and small companies being forced to pay this will simply not even be created prices will increase to pay for the increased minimum wage for the companies that try to make it. to put it simple terms a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal now cost around $6.00 with the wage increase it will probably cost $10. They will sell less, the company will employ less and their suppliers will need less employees to make deliveries to them, But liberal economists do not see the whole picture

    • Vigilant

      “When minimum wage is raised – you kill middle class! Middle Class are those who work hard for wage increases – why push them lowers toward the poverty line? Time to encourage middle class wage increases instead of supporting the poor of the world.”

      Sorry, you lost me with that incorrect statement. Minimum wage increases do not kill the middle class. Minimum wage earners are at or below the poverty line to begin with. “The current poverty level is estimated to be any household of a family of four earning between $18,000 and $23,050 per year.” (

      A minimum wage increase to $10.00/hr. means roughly 52 weeks x 40 hrs. x $10.00 = $20,800 per year, and that’s gross income. JohnC is correct in so far as stating that these increases reduce the employment numbers, and those reductions affect the poor, not the middle class.

      • tony newbill

        This minimum wage debate is really mute compared to what is coming and the only way to change it is to reboot to a balanced level with trade imports the industrial base that has been decimated over the last 40 plus years .

        The Dependency on Imports is whats Killing our Income levels and devaluing our GDP . And this Dependency can be used against us because its forcing the elite 1 % to lobby for more and More bailouts like how the federal Reserve is in Constant bailout mode with the QE policy thats Only going to the top 1 % , and this is Leading us all down the road to a Currency WAR soon with the very foreign Suppliers we are Dependent on for Our Life’s Essential Needs !!!!!

  • Marcos

    Olson and Vig,
    If you want to see what one man can do, look at Coolidge. He was a budget hawk and put like minded people in charge. He had a tremendous impact in spite of congress. And no constitution was shredded. Not sure how you can possibly compare Obama and Romney. Romney knows the limits the constitution places on the federal govt. Obama doesn’t.

    • Vigilant

      “If you want to see what one man can do, look at Coolidge. He was a budget hawk and put like minded people in charge. He had a tremendous impact in spite of congress. And no constitution was shredded. Not sure how you can possibly compare Obama and Romney. Romney knows the limits the constitution places on the federal govt. Obama doesn’t.”

      Coolidge was not a businessman. He was a lawyer and a vice president of Northampton Savings Bank.

      America’s true leaders in history have not been defined by the occupations they had. Presidents have come from all walks of life, from farmers and plantation owners to military leaders, lawyers, teachers and professors, even a tailor A. Johnson), haberdasher (Truman) and actor (Reagan). So trying to tie a person’s occupation to potentiality for success in the presidency is a fool’s errand. Presidents either make the times or are made by them, but prior employment seems to have little to do with their abilities to lead a nation.

      If we are to follow Mr. Root’s “occupational” line of thinking, we must consider that America has only once before elected a pure businessman to its highest office: George W. Bush.

      As for “Romney knows the limits the [C]onstitution places on the federal govt…,” knowing the limits and applying those limits are two different things. Calvin Coolidge was operating within a Congressional and judicial framework that still, for the most part, respected the Constitution and the limitations it places on government.

      And Romney, if anything, may know the limits but has displayed behavior that indicates he’s not willing to abide by those limits.

      We have no such respect for the rule of law today. Congress, especially during this administration, has abdicated its responsibilities and allowed the Executive Branch to consolidate its power to dangerous levels never before seen in American history. And little help is forthcoming from a Supreme Court that itself treats the Constitution as if it were toilet paper.

      Absolutely worst of all is a greedy, indolent majority in the electorate that says, “ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me.” And it asks that self centered question with no consideration for the good of the nation.

  • Karolyn

    Wayne’s hero (sigh). :-)

  • rendarsmith

    Romney had his shot and lost. You can make every excuse in the world for him, but the reason is because conservatives (and many independents) did not believe in him. He was too similar to Obama, and too gun-ho about going to war with Iran. The best Romney (and all the Karl Rove RINO’s) can do for the GOP is GET OUT AND LET THE GRASS-ROOTS CANDIDATES TAKE OVER!

    Let the R3VOLUTION BEGIN!!!

    • bonnie hornbeck (@restinyah)

      No one’s asking Mitt to run for president again…although almost anyone would be better than the one we have. Detroit has NOTHING more to lose. Why all the resistance to letting Mitt give it a go? This is his area of expertise. I say WHY NOT?

    • bigotae

      rendarsmith you are a complete idiot, your comments are ignorant and simplistic.
      I think it is time for you to become an adult and think like an adult.
      It is time for you to go from training pants to real underware.

      • rendarsmith

        Because I acknowledge that conservatives did not support Romney, I am an idiot? Really? How did Romney do in the election again? How did his supporters treat the Ron Paul supporters? If you’re such a genius, why don’t you refute me on the ISSUE?

  • BigBadJohn

    I did not like Romney so voted for Gary Johnson.

    The problem with this analysis is that it over looks some basics. Romney said he would cut taxes and increase military spending.
    When Reagan did this – he tripled the national debt.
    When GWB did this – he doubled the debt yet again and left 1.4 trillion dollar a year deficit for the next president to deal with.

    The only way to cut the debt is to get a LIBERTARIAN president, both D;s and R’ are have lost sight that the country is more important than votes.

    • JohnC

      Then explain why 4 years after Obama is still running 1.25 Trillion dollar deficits George Bush didn’t do that but your boy Obama did. I am not saying Romney could fix Detroit all that is left there is mostly welfare recipients and the few jobs in the companies that remain mostly low paying service sector jobs would be there anyway but the workers who were there left years ago following the jobs going south. With that the tax base basically left the Detroit utopia to fend for itself. Welfare recipients do not pay taxes.

      • BigBadJohn

        So you obviously can not even read eh?
        “MY Boy Obama?” First sentence – I voted for Gary Johnson LIBERTARIAN.

        I take it you are a pure Bush apologist. The main reason for that 1.2 trillion dollar annual debt is simple.
        $400 billion in tax cuts from Bush that No one will let die.
        200 billion in unfunded prescription drug plan from Bush that no one will let die.
        600 billion in military spending increase from Bush – that no one will let die.

        What has happened every time the question of letting Bush tax cuts expire has come up?
        What has happened when military funding is threatened?
        At least Obama’s stimulus was a one time charge and not annual, continuing increases like Bush put in to place.

        Sorry but BOTH parties are responsible for this mess because they won’t do what is right – massive cuts, including military and increase taxes back to Clinton era.

      • Uknowho


        What happens to revenue and a spending during a recession?

        Did the problems we have just spring up out of nowhere when Obama became president?

  • Warrior

    Coming to Detroit, the First American city to invoke “Sharia” law.

  • Uknowho

    Hmmm… Why does Mr Root and many others here believe we live in a dictatorship especially during Obama when the overwhelming evidence is to the contrary? Obama’s agenda has been stopped countless times by a House GOP that only knows how to say “No” even to things they used to support because Obama agreed with it and a Senate that is king of the filibuster.

    Now lets go on to Romney…

    The man has only worked to better things for himself and his fellow rich folks. He lobbied Congress to not raise Capital Gains, not for the middle class or poor but so he can keep his taxes at a nice and low 9-14%. His big sucesscess at Bail were to create jobs at places like Staples and Sports Authority where the avg salary is 9-12 dollars an hour. Hardly the winfall this country needs… He also was a major outsourcer for good paying jobs in this country.

    Romney is not the savior to anyone but Romney, his record is one of selfishness. You want to save the GOP and Democratic parties for that matter? Elliminate big money in the political process. Until that happens, the wealthy will continue to draw up the trade policy, tax laws and regulations. That is the reason since 1980′s the middle class and poor have stagnated while the wealthy have not done as well since the robber-barrons of the late 19th and early 20th century. Amazing what you can do for yourself when you can buy a lobbyist on K Street and buy political access isn’t it?

    Romney is a loser…The one time he told the truth was the 47% comment behind closed doors… Half the country takes while Romney conveniently forgets he was started in business by his father and it was the wealthy that got bailed out after creating the economic conditions themselves.

    Sorry Mr Root, Not buying what you are selling once again.

    • wizzardous

      Romney inherited a lot of money from his father. He gave it away. He built his business himself. He never cheated anyone. Whatever his real or imagined flaws are, he’s a better man and more suited for the oval office that the thug/community-organizer/never -earned-a-dollar joker that occupies it now.

      • Uknowho


        His religion says he must give 10% of his earnings back to his business partner (the Mormon church) #1.

        #2, he broke up businesses and shipped many jobs overseas while using his lobbying power to keep his taxes low and heck with the country or anyone else.


        He guided Marriott family to cheat this country out of revenue they should be paying through complex tax shelters.

        Romney is no saint, nor is he any friend to the middle class or poor. I will take Obama’s record there any day over Romney’s

  • R. Fine

    Mitt save America? Now I’ve heard everything. Mitt couldn’t organize a child’s birthday party.

    • sam1966

      And Obama bin Laden can? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Here is something showing how the 5th column is being challenged by the people of Arkansas.

      Isn’t that just the way you and your ilk always do things? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

      “Duty is ours. Results are God’s.”

      John Quincy Adams

      • R. Fine

        president Obama already HAS saved America. He has saved America (and the world) from the global economic meltdown he inherited. He saved American young men and women by ending the Iraq occupation and currently by winding down the Afghanistan mess. He has saved millions of lives and billions of dollars by reforming (albeit only partially) the health care system. And he’d be doing even more and better if it wasn’t for the party on “no” who stand in the way of every last thing simply because they hate the smart black guy in the WH.

      • JON

        Brady Bowe Laden

  • tony newbill

    All this talk about Romney being a great economic wizard is without bases because he made his cash deconstructing the USA industrial Complex chasing Labor costs without justifying the Balance in Currency Valuations that support a Nations Sovereignty and wealth of the Individual of that nation so this Disqualifies the man !!!!! All Romney did was participate in a Flawed trade Policy that accelerated the One World Order through this One World Economic collusion of wealth and resources that was bailout out in 2008 and this collusion has now gave us the Biggest International Fascist organization , and Romney being touted as a genius when he just participated in the Rise of the NWO is why he is wrong and also I think why he Lost the 2012 election !!!!!!

  • trevor

    O Romney is not the answer to save U.S economic Romney and he greeding friend are the problem sending the U.S economic down e

    • BillT

      Based on your comment, you must be one of those individuals that actually live in Detroit. It’s totally amazing to me that you have have a “Proven” business man, but you can’t except that. All you know is – Romney is a piece of crap – in your eyes. A “Proven” business man but you would rather stay with the status quo all because this man has an “R” after his name. You my friend are one of the reasons this county is in the economic mess it’s in. I don’t have a letter after my name, I hold views of both major parties and when it comes to economics, I probably align with the Tea party (they need to cut themselves loose of the republicans). But, I can use my brain and come to a conclusion as to wha candidate is best for this country. Right now it is not Obama. Romney would have been the perfect president “At this time”, but do to the ignorance of individuals from both parties, we’re stuck with this crap for another 4 years.

      • tony newbill

        I don’t see Romney as a Piece a crap but explain to me how he will change the tax code so he can benefit the same way he did in the past 20 years of trade policy and tax loops holes that created the consolidation of wealth and resources under a simple currency swap between nations ?

        As long as we have Free Trade and different valued currencies trading in the same international markets tell me just what Romney will or can do to change this trend of seeing our higher cost industrial complex being relocated to the lower currency cost countries ??????

        This is also what has Killed Europe under the last 18 years of the WTO and FREE trade agreements that made the top income earners their consolidated wealth effect .

    • Ron

      Typical liberal [expletive deleted] answers

    • Joann Clemens

      I am sick of your crap. If you would get off your ASS you would have money to.Rich are the ones who afford to pay you while you sit on you a$$

  • Deerinwater

    Why all this wild talk of things that will never happen? he would of, he could of been a contender “if only”.

    Romney math and stated plan of “closing loops holes” never added up my friends.

    Last week you and I both got to see hope unpopular closing loops were, did we not?

    Or we still applying selective memory?

    • tony newbill

      The Tax Loopholes have to be reformed because when you see this video it shows the same Hockey Stick graph of how the wealth is distributed as the way the Debt has risen off the backs of the Average American , and with the 2008 bailouts being the time frame when the debt on the Hockey Stick Spiked and comparing that to this graph of how the wealth of the USA has been distributed we can claim that the bailouts played into the Tax Loop holes that accelerated this income inequality ,

  • FreedomFighter

    It would be interesting to see Mitt do this, I wonder how big the riots would be.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • BillT

    Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid” 50 years with democrats leading this city into poverty. What’s the learning curve of the residents of this city. Does anyone living there even have an 8th grade education.

    • The Christian American

      Worse than that. People have been subject to the governments indoctrination in the halls of government schools. One devout godless socialist professor, John Dewey, put it this way. I had the privilege to “teach” 35,000 future teachers into my way of thinking. People may not be physical clones but they sure are mental clones.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Exactly, the Liberal Disfunctional model for the last 50-60 years is Evidence of a Massive Failure, the greedy unions, the corrupt politicians, the over Taxation & Waste is a good example that our Big, Bad, Behemoth, Bloated, Bankrupt Gimme-mint is heading in the same direction.

  • BillT

    After taking the time to read ALL the comments, it seems I’m in the minority. But, the majority of people on here this morning are just plain ignorant. Just wish I had all your crystal balls.

    • FreedomFighter
    • Paul B.

      I agree Bill. The people on this site are sadly mistaken. I believe Romney, with governor experience, business experience. Olympics experience, etc. would be the perfect “manager” to attack the layers upon layers of progressive damage found in Detroit these days. And if successful, would create a new model for Conservatives to show tout.

      I think people are afraid he may be able to do it, smashing their preconceived notions of everything they thought they believed in. People hate to be proven wrong, so, like typical liberals, attempt diffuse the situation by attacking, personally, anything that threatens their ideology.

      And Root agrees… what do we have to lose? It can’t possibly get any worse, with an upside that has great potential to spark a change in attitude towards fiscally conservative policies.

      Romney wasn’t my first choice for President, possibly third in that respect, but ANY of the Republican candidates would have been better than this current administration that wants to “fundamentally transform” the US into something it was never designed to be. It is time to get back on the right track and this “experiment” with Romney in Detroit could either be a huge success, or prove us conservatives wrong… either way we learn something we can ALL use going forward.

      • tony newbill

        Romney would only have to do 2 things to effect the state’s ability to be whatit was built on , rebuild the Manufacturing that made the state what it was , and kcik out the Judges that will not enforce the rule of law , something that Clinton was masterful in installing these judges that today are Not following the rule of Constitutional law but rather ruling from the bench . Now just who was it in the Primary that said he would send the marshals to arrest those judges that did not up hold the US Constitutional Rule of law and who said he would enforce the NDAA ????? Seems to me I would rather have a Judge in a Court upholding my 4th and 5th amend rights

      • Paul B.

        I agree Tony… there is WAY TOO MUCH legislating from the bench. These judges, like the ninth District in CA is a travesty to justice. They think they are powerful, and can make law rather than simply judge against the laws already on the books. I agree, that needs to change. we need judges to ENFORCE the laws, not create new laws based upon their ideologies..

      • nc

        Paul B, it appears that the only thing Mitt learned from his “Olympics experience” was from Gymnastics where he learned to ” flip and flop” with the best of them! He could wear a mat out with his different positions during the elections,

    • john doe

      Bill, from the comments you make, your not all that swift either!

  • Joann Clemens

    People we can stop Obama we need to get behine Romney he is our man and this is out america. Go Romney!

  • The Christian American

    Mr. Root, personally I don’t care about Mitt Romney. He even brought a version of Obamacare to Massachusetts. On top of that he is a dyed in the wool a Zionist. Netanyahu has a ring in his nose. There’s two fronts the God fearing Americans that love our constitution have to deal with, One is domestic and the other is the foreign front. Mitt Romney has shown himself to be a fascist (private ownership / government controlled). Admittedly he would be better than the communist (government ownership / government controlled) Obama, but if he had been elected the Zionist would have us at war with Iran by now. He’s all for the American empire, with the Zionists running the show. Only one man would have served America on both fronts and you know who that was. Obama and the Zionist hate each other and that’s good for America, That’s a division that’s very good for America. Maybe that will give breathing room for the rest of us to become enlightened as to what is happening and act on it.

    • Paul B.

      As a Christian, I would think you would better understand the situation that Obama has put Israel in, supporting those who vow to destroy Israel. Of all the world’s religions, the Jews hold the most similar values as American values.

      Your Zionist rants are anything but Christian. Maybe you should change your “handle” to anti-Jewish American. Is hating Jews any better than supporting them. How about just letting them be who they are, safe and protected from their enemies.. the same philosophy we hold for any other country.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Whoever this person is, they are not a Christian.

      • nc

        Paul B, what opinion should we have of Israel when US Intelligence tells us that Israel has ALWAYS had the most active spying operation against our country of any ally? That they have many cells in this country> That they had information connected to 9/11 BEFORE 9/11 that they did not share with us?
        This from a country that would not exist today without US miliary support and protection in addition to the billions it has received in “aid”! Even my Jewish friends laugh at the gullibility of this nation and it’s policies toward Israel!

      • Paul B.

        So n.c…. I spy, they spy, we all spy. So what’s the big deal. Does that mean we should just let our closest ally in the Middle east, the only stable country in the region, the only country that shares our values, be fed to the wolves that surround their borders.

        I would be surprised if Israel knew of 911 attacks prior without notifying US intelligence… very surprised, as we would have heard about this before now. Or is that comment another one of those history twisting tactics the left uses to sway public opinion, regardless of its truth or basis in reality.

        It would be selfish to consider hanging Israel out to dry given the relationship we have shared with them for decades. And your Jewish friends are probably the same ones that voted for Obama, regardless of his support of Israel’s enemies.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Paul B.

          You write: “I would be surprised if Israel knew of 911 attacks prior without notifying US intelligence… very surprised,” Read and watch and “be surprised…very surprised.” Or close you mind and remain in a state of cognitive dissonance. Today is an important day for you.

          You write: “as we would have heard about this before now.” Those of us who pay attention have “heard about this before now.”

          Best wishes,

      • ron

        The jews can be whoever they want to be as long as they are not sucking BILLIONS of DOLLARS out of the United States every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        No more money to israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paul B.

        Thanks Bob for the reference as I will investigate further. I may very well be surprised. Knowledge is king… To me it would be the reasons WHY we weren’t informed that matters most. Hopefully this article will enlighten.

        But even with that knowledge, I would still be very hesitant to deny the support our only mid-East ally has to offer as the growing threats from that region are growing internationally. As our only safe haven in the region, it is to our benefit to maintain a close relationship.

      • Paul B.

        Bob… I read the article, and while I might be inclined to agree with the fact that yes Israelis had prior knowledge of the attacks as evidence does exist to support that fact, what it doesn’t say is whether they did or did not inform US intelligence, and absolutely no proof of that. Given that the majority of this surveillance was during the Clinton administration, who knows, given the decrease in military intelligence that occurred during his administration. It could have easily been disregarded or ignored. It was the Clinton administration that allowed our intelligence gathering capabilities to degrade to the point we couldn’t even see it coming, despite the sometime obviousness of the operation.

        As for the Van Jones issue… there was a lot more wrong with him than the “truther” issue.

        This writer made some great points, but I am not convinced with everything he had to say… too many holes, too many unexplained issues to say that they knew and did nothing to stop it. Being covert in the US, their ability to share information was limited to channels which become political and therefore distorted when recounted.

        But Thanks… I did learn something today.

      • The Christian American

        Obviously you havan’t studied up on Zionism. Read Romans 2: 28&29 to find out who the Jews are, Read Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 to find out who the Zionists are. Zionism was started by the Austrian Theodor Herzl in the late 1800′s. Read it. It is a psuedo religious / political movement with absolutely no scriptual backing. Even the Orthodox Jews will tell you that. Zionism is so far removed from the Ten Commandments and Christianity that I cannot understand how a Christian can have any regard of it. John 8:44 depicts the Zionist.

      • TML

        Paul B. says “…our closest ally in the Middle east, the only stable country in the region…”

        The occupation of Palestine and the humanitarian crimes Israel commits daily on the Palestinian’s, while acting like warmongering imperialists, agitating and creating the enemies they have through invasions and preemptive war, and many other continuous violations of international law that no other country would get away with… should be reason enough for America not to support them as allies in any way. Not saying to hate them; I’m saying we should not be enabling them in their crimes.

        You are blinded to unconditionally provide zealous support for Israel even when they break international law.

      • sam1966

        So Ron wants us to stop sending money to Israel? What about Obama bin Laden aiding the Syrian Rebels, Lybian Rebels (Who ended up attacking our embassy in Benghazi), sent F-16s to Egypt, and who also, with the help of John “Flip-flop” Kerry, just sent them $250 million dollars? It seems that the pretender in office is out to harm Israel and not to protect them. Here is something telling of how the Dome of the Rock could be a good church one day.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “May the same Almighty Goodness (GOD) banish the accursed monster, war, from all lands, with her hated associates, rapine and insatiable ambition!”

        Daniel Boone

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        TML says: “The occupation of Palestine and the humanitarian crimes Israel commits daily on the Palestinian’s…”

        Before exposing your obvious hateful anti-Semitic ignorance, educate yourself.

        Israel did not occupy Palestine. Israel is lawful and justifiable Country in the world as none other.

        Israel is the UNIQUE and ONLY Nation to which God promised the Real Estate in “the LAND OF CANAAN” and NOT Palestine. There is NONE ancient historical document which would refer to Palestine as a “country” or “holy land”.

        In the Biblical time before the nation of Israel was placed in the land called Canaan (NOT Palestine), only the small southwestern coastal area of Israel (which now is called Gaza Strip) was occupied by the Philistines and called Philistine.

        When the British received the mandate after World War I, they called the land (not country) Palestine on BOTH sides of the Jordan River, which included Israel and Transjordan. This became the accepted GEO-POLITICAL TERM for the decades, and those who lived in the land, whether they were Jews, Arabs or Europeans, were called Palestinians. There is no such nation as “Palestinian”.

        Israel is a legal country as no other country on the face of Earth.

        “The LORD made a covenant” with Abraham, Jacob & Isaac and not with Ishmael as the satanic book states and mullahs repeating.

        “Then He said to him [Abraham], ‘I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to INHERIT IT.’” (Genesis 15:7)

        LORD confirms to Jacob His oath to Abraham and his father Isaac and passes it unto
        Jacob aka. Israel (Genesis 28)
        Read Genesis 12 thru 28, ignorant LIAR.

        Israel is God’s chosen people created by Him for His glory.

        “Israel is My son, even My firstborn.” (Ex.4)

        “…for I am a Father to Israel.” (Jer.31)

        “I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part UNTIL the full number of the Gentiles has come in, and in this way ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED”

        “Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass.” (Joshua 21:45)

        “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes Her the praise of the earth.” (Isaiah 62:6-7)

        “I will also gather ALL NATIONS…and I will enter into judgment with them there on account of MY PEOPLE, MY HERITAGE ISRAEL, whom they have scattered among the nations, they have also DIVIDED UP My land.” (Joel 3:2)

        God makes it clear that He will bring into judgment any nation, including America, who forces the division of the land of Israel or Jerusalem.

        Israel does not commit crimes. She just defends herself. HAMAS and HISBOLAH are who are provoking Israel.

        The population of Gaza Strip is HAMAS’ HOSTAGE.

        Stop whining and spread the ignorance and lies. Read the HOLY SCRIPTURE.
        God Bless Israel.

        • Nick Czudy


          Hello, but that was a huge pile of hooey. Where do you get off of adding all of that irrelevant dogma into a current discussion of the Israeli and Palestinian problems? regards Nick Cz

      • TML

        TML says: “The occupation of Palestine and the humanitarian crimes Israel commits daily on the Palestinian’s…”

        Alondra says, “Before exposing your obvious hateful anti-Semitic ignorance, educate yourself.”

        I do not hate Israel.

        Alondra says, “Israel did not occupy Palestine. Israel is lawful and justifiable Country in the world as none other.”

        I’m sorry, but biblical claims are insufficient evidence to the claim Israelis have on the land. To spout biblical authority to dispel a people from their homes, in which they have lived for centuries, is wrong, and against international law. In the context of even your view, God scattered the Israelis to the wind for not keeping his commandments, and it was not God that brought them back… it was Britain. And it may interest you to know, by looking at applicable maps, that Israel occupies, unjustly, lands which were never part of neither the Kingdom of Israel nor even the Kingdom of Judah

        Alondra says, “Israel does not commit crimes. She just defends herself. HAMAS and HISBOLAH are who are provoking Israel.”

        You are blinded by your zealous faith to claim that Israel can do no wrong – that they do not commit crimes.

        Btw, Hamas was founded directly in response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the arbitrary expulsion of Palestinians. And Hezbollah was formed in direct response to the preemptive invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

        Israel creates its own enemies through arbitrary disregard for the natural rights of human beings and international law.

        Even God did not unconditionally support Israel, and neither should we.

      • TML

        sam1966 says “What about Obama bin Laden aiding the Syrian Rebels, Lybian Rebels (Who ended up attacking our embassy in Benghazi), sent F-16s to Egypt, and who also, with the help of John “Flip-flop” Kerry, just sent them $250 million dollars?”

        I am against those actions, and foreign aid, as much as I am against aiding Israel while they continue to disregard international law, and human natural rights of the Palestinians.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Libtard Nick, once again you proved the psychiatric diagnosis of Dr. Lyle Rossiter: “Liberalism is a Mental Illness” as a product of massive irrational psychopathology with devastating neurotic effects such as irrationality, absurdity, senselessness,
        baselessness, obsession, ridiculousness, pointlessness, silliness, mania, etc.

        Nick, I explain (If you’ll understand), my reply was to TML.

        Alondra, the Hater of the VOLUNTARY Stupidity and Idiocy

    • Jack Marren

      Here’s a must read for anyone really interested in the Israeli Lobby influence on our countries politics: THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY
      John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt
      Dr. Mearsheimer is a professor in the Department of Political Science at
      the University of Chicago. Dr. Walt is a professor at the John F. Kennedy
      School of Government, Harvard University.
      In March 2006, we published an essay entitled “The Israel Lobby” in The London
      Review of Books (Vol. 28, No. 6, March 23, 2006). At the suggestion of several wellrespected
      scholars who had read earlier drafts, we also posted a slightly longer and
      documented version of the article on the Working Paper website of Harvard’s John F.
      Kennedy School of Government. We did this so that interested parties could see the
      sources and evidence on which our conclusions were based.
      The response to the two versions of the paper was dramatic. As of mid-July 2006,
      there had been over 275,000 downloads of the KSG Working Paper version, and a lively
      (albeit not always civilized) debate was underway. During this period, we were contacted
      by the editor of Middle East Policy, who sought to publish the documented version. We
      agreed but asked that we be allowed to revise the Working Paper in response to the
      comments and criticisms it had provoked.
      After considering the responses to our article, we stand by our original arguments.
      We knew that it would attract criticism, but we have been struck by how weak and illfounded
      many of the criticisms have been. We have made minor adjustments in some of
      the language we employed and corrected a few typographical errors. We have supplemented
      our arguments in several places to clarify issues that some of our critics either
      misunderstood or misconstrued, and we have updated a few points in light of subsequent
      events. In terms of its core claims, however, this revised version does not depart from the
      original Working Paper.
      We are now preparing a detailed “Response to Our Critics” that will formally address
      and refute the various charges that were leveled at our original article. And we remain
      convinced that the United States will not be able to deal with the vexing problems in the
      Middle East if it cannot have a serious and candid discussion of the role of the Israel

  • Russell Bennett

    Mitt had a great teacher. His father took over a very broke state of Michigan. The state was so broke it could not make payroll. The state was a joke. George Romney turned it around and put it on a sound footing. After a while people forget and elected more liberals again. History repeated itself and now we are back to a republican Governor with the same task as before. If Mitt takes the job you will be lucky to have him. When he gets it done remember it and don’t ever trust a liberal to run your state again.

  • Uknowho

    So I read the comments… I just need to understand….

    Nixon is a liberal?
    Ford is a liberal?
    Reagan is a liberal?
    Bush 1 is a liberal?
    Bush 2 is a liberal?

    So since 1970, 28 of the years we have had conservative presidents.

    Conservatives had the Senate from 1981-1987

    Conservatives had both Houses from 1995-2006

    Conservatives have had the House from 2010 til today

    But all the problems are the results of liberals? Hmmm…

    I have a question….Do conservatives take responsibility for ANYTHING????

    From my experience, that answer is NO.

    I hate to break the news to some of you hear, but the conservatives have had a strong hand in this country’s problems… Tax cut and spend… Deregulation… bad trade deals.

    The question is… will conservatives admit to their failures in policy, “leadership” to help the country instead of maintaining their delusions?

    I hope so.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      The Bush family one and all are Rockefeller Republicans not’ conservative. Nixon was also a Rockefeller Republican as was Gerald Ford. So actually we have had one conservative President since silent Cal. the Republicans never had control of the Senate in the 80′s. They did not have control of the Senate until 1998 thru 2006. Did they do a good job? They have never had a fillabuster proof majority at any time in the history of the country, at least that I know of. Not in my mind, but certainly better than what has transpired since 2006. What are you smoking?

      • Uknowho


        Please look up the make up of the Senate please from 1980 til today.

        If Bush is not a conservative, then Obama and Harry Reid are not liberals (they are not BTW)

        Since your side makes sweeping generalizations about those whom they disagree with, I am allowed to do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately it does not matter if Mitt could do this or not. The powers that be that are behind the New World Order and Globalism are what is driving the forces behind our country’s downfall. The social and economic destruction of America is the plan, then creating the North American Union from Mexco, Canada and the US, modeled after the European Union. Along the way is amnesty, continued economic destruction, disarming the US population and complete removal of the US Constitution. Saving the GOP is pointless. The two party system in this country is just part of the bread and circuses designed to keep the people hoping that things might change with the next election, but real change never comes. The real problems that face this country cannot be fixed through politics, unless the political process is fixed first. But that will not happen because the proverbial fox is not only in the hen house, he runs the farm now…

    • john doe

      Anonymous, I’m going to give you a name so you don’t have to be anonymous anymore.
      Your name is: INTLEGENT & WISE.

  • Chuck Case

    I am from Michigan and am located about 20 miles north of the city in a rural area. However, I lived in the once prosperous Northern suburbs for over 20 years. As such, I am familiar with the city and it’s problems.
    Your observations about libleral Democrats running the city are spot on. In fact, the trial for Kwame Kilpatrick (2-time elected Mayor) is in final stages of jury deliberations. There are some 38 separate charges of raceteering, bribery, etc. pending the jury verdict(s).
    Kilpatrick is in the same mold as the past 3 Democratic mayors that preceeded him.
    I am of the opinion that the problems that confront Detroit are in such a dire state that Romney won’t touch this challenge with a 2-foot pole.
    Even as we speak, Detroit City Council is mounting a legal challenge to Govenor Snyder to oppose his (Govenors’) appointment of an Emergency Manager to rectify the City’s problems. They never learn!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Chuck, I lived in the Detroit area (Shelby Township and Redford Township), and worked at 13 MIle and VanDyke, and at the Tops Store in Oak Park, and the Arlan’s store at East Grand Blvd. and Mt. Elliot, from 1971-1973. I saw the eventual collapse coming, that was inevitable. The Unions are a major factor in the decline of the big cities as well as the cultural poverty created by the “Great Society”.

      • http://yahoo Don

        the unions probly didn’ help with what they got from auto companies in detroit, but i think it boiled down to clinton and his free trade. jobs started pouring out of this country big timw. our tax base went all to hell. pat buchanan once stated that this country needed its high paying factory jobs to pay the bills of this country. the only way bills are totaly getting paid nowadays is with debt and the fed printing worthless money. it will bite us in the but one of these days soon.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Don, It has biting us in the ass since 1913 when it all started. The dollar is worth 7 cents today. That is the main reason for the high price of gasoline which will probably be over $ 5 a gal. by the end of summer. That will be a major bite out of the economy resulting in more job losses. Of course. Obama and the MSM will blame it on the Republicans in congress over and over again.

  • Deerinwater

    Mr Root offers; “Just like Ronald Reagan turned Jimmy Carter’s economy of misery, malaise and 21.5 percent interest rates into the greatest economic expansion in world history, with 20 million new jobs created almost overnight.”

    I say, ~ I thought that we have been through and discussed this before?

    First off ~ Carter didn’t create the economy it but inherited it and this great expansion you are talking about didn’t happen over night and these 20 million new jobs came at the lose of 15 million old jobs while this “Great expansion” was mainly fueled by Federal Government spending.

    This boost is more illusion then a reality. ~ While it is true, ~ Reagan’s military spending and shifting of tax burden off Corporate interest made many very happy. ~ while again, ~ just like Mitt Romney you are wanting to ignore and discount 47% of the nation who carried the burden of these changes in tax codes and federal spending as if they are unimportant and don’t matter.

    Ronnie, ~ downsized, cut and slashed Federal programs, ~ lowered some taxes and raised some taxes and still failed to run the Federal government inside a budget.

    I’m not saying that he was a bad president ~ for he was not ~ but for the 47% of the nation that does not depend on a Government check to put bread on the table ~ those were tough times to live through.

    We had seniors Mom & Pop private sector business interest committing double suicide over the taxes they owed the IRS as small business was being forced out of business with new Federal regulations. ~~ It was nasty times for many Americans that Mr. Root wants to not remember or these nasty times never darken his door and he has no memory of them.

    For 6 years, ~ there were enough Americans living “large” ~ due to federal spending ~ Ronnie Reagan could have walked on water. Anyone descending voice was considered a malcontent and a lazy bum.

    Many people still view Ronnie that way, even today

    And the long and short of it.

    • Paul B.

      DrowningDeer… That is YOUR opinion, mostly unsupported by fact, and neglecting the impact of the unsupportive and uncooperative, lying Democrats in Congress. They failed to produce the cuts they promised, and fought Reagan at every turn. It took great LEADERSHIP (something this president fails to comprehend) to solve the problems we faced as Carter DID create this mess, and aided the worldwide problems we faced abroad.

      Having read many of your previous posts elsewhere, you are the typical liberal that likes to rewrite history to best suit your ideology, ignoring the causes behind the facts you mistakenly use for support in your twisted arguments.

      Drowning in your ideology, blinded to reality, you are a hopeless cause, spreading your useless arguments in hopes of what??? But I appreciate you attempts as it sheds light on just how twisted the mind is of the hopeless progressive, and the willingness to do anything for the cause. It’s always ends justify the means with people like you. But thankfully you are the minority. The majority of Democrats are simply uninformed and don’t know any better. You intentionally provoke, a disseminator of “talking points” with the hope that if repeated enough, someone might actually agree with you.

      Bless your pointy head.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Paul, It is a waste of time to read or respond to the Deer in Headlights posts.

      • tony newbill

        I think Carter tried to take the free market down with embargoes worldwide , causing the USA immediate oversupply and demand turned to inflation over night that drove the spike in interest rates .
        CARTER is a Population control freak , ,and was playing off the coat tails of the new world eugenics freaks that today are still in there advising and writing Policy we are seeing . What we are seeing today is rather than these elites engaging the societies in debate about Limits to earth we are seeing them Just BLOW right over Human Rights to free of choice and in stead of teaching the Philosophy of Limits and how we need to consider this in our quest to retain our freedom of choice they are instead just going to use Financial and Other Oppressive ways to LIMIT HUMANITIES GROWTH !!!!

        And I have to think the Rinos are in bed with them !!!!!!

      • Deerinwater

        Why the flaming personal attack Paul B.? ~~ Yes! It’s my opinion! backed by benefit of factual history. ~

        Do you have something “greater than” a opinion to offer us? ~ If so whip it out. ~

        If you are standing on high ground Paul B. then why the need for personal attacks ?~ and it’s Deerinwater , Paul B. ~ No childish sport with my name Sir.

        If it was not for Reagan’s flamboyant Federal Spending practices, he’d made Jimmy Carter tenure seem ambitious.

        ” Reagan’s era can be said to have ushered in problems we are facing today.
        While conservatives laud Ronald Reagan’s achievements, in both national and international venues; there was more to Reagan, our 40th President than just those.”

        “It was during Reagan’s tenure the differences in financial status between the rich and the poor increased dramatically and has continued to increase since his Presidency. What the Economist said was “If all Americans were set on a ladder with ten rungs, the gap between the wages of those on the ninth rung and those on the first has risen by a third since 1980. Put another way, the typical worker earns only 10% more in real terms than his counterpart 25 years ago, even though overall productivity has risen much faster. Economists have long debated why America’s income disparities suddenly widened after 1980. ”

        “”The two-term president was no friend to America’s cities or its poor. Reagan came to office in 1981 with a mandate to reduce federal spending. In reality, he increased it through the escalating military budget, all the while slashing funds for domestic programs that assisted working class Americans, particularly the poor.”

        “t was also under Reagan that the dramatic deregulation of the nation’s savings and loan industry allowing S&Ls to end reliance on home mortgages and begin a widespread engagement in commercial real estate speculation. The scandals were numerous, involving widespread mismanagement and hundreds of thrift institutions that collapse. A taxpayer bailout in hundreds of billions of dollars was required. The initiation of deregulation continued, to the detriment of the economy, as it helped to fuel the downturn and recession in the housing industry that continues to plague us now.”

        “Reagan pledged during his 1980 campaign for president to balance the federal budget, but never submitted a balanced budget in his eight years in office. In 1981, the deficit was $79 billion and, in 1986, at the peak of his deficit spending, it stood at $221 billion. The federal debt was $994 billion when he took office in 1981 and grew to $2.9 trillion when his second term ended in 1989. [36] Reagan also added more trade barriers than any other president since Hoover in 1930. US imports that were subject to some form of trade restraint increased from 12% in 1980 to 23% in 1988.”

        “Reagan increased the defense budget for an unprecedented six consecutive years. This spending produced an unsustainable bubble in the defense industry that led to decades of restructuring. By the early 1990s the defense industry had too many factories and too many workers to support with its smaller budgets. For example, in the early 1980s there were 50 large defense suppliers to the US government. By 2004 there were five.”

        “In his two terms in office, Reagan slashed federal aid to schools by more than $1 billion, and he cut the Department of Education budget by 19%. [4] One of Reagan’s campaign promises was to abolish the Department of Education, which he considered a “bureaucratic boondoggle.” After intermittent attempts to fulfill this promise, he gave up in 1983 due to lack of Congressional support”

        “As a president who said “trees cause more pollution than automobiles do,” Reagan issued leases for oil, gas, and coal development on tens of millions of acres of national lands. Reagan’s appointee to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Anne Gorsuch, tried to gut the 1972 Clean Water Act, cut EPA funding by 25%, and mismanaged a $1.6 billion program to clean up hazardous waste dumps”

        “Reagan broke his own vows not to make deals with terrorists or states that aided them. In the “Iran-Contra” scandal, Reagan’s administration bypassed congressional restrictions on aiding Nicaragua’s Contra guerilla fighters, in part by diverting money to them from the sale of missiles to Iran. [27] Reagan also initiated military involvement in Libya, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Lebanon”

        “On Aug. 3, 1981, Reagan ordered 12,176 striking air traffic controllers (PATCO) back to their jobs, disregarding the workers’ complaints of stress, staff shortages, and outdated equipment. PATCO was one of the few unions that had endorsed Reagan in the 1980 election. Reagan repaid them by giving them only 48 hours to cancel the strike and banning them from federal service for life. The ban was not lifted until 1993 by President Bill Clinton.”

        “Reagan’s “voodoo” economic policy, where tax cuts were believed to somehow generate tax revenues, failed to account for his administration’s excessive spending which increased from $591 billion in 1980 to $1.2 trillion in 1990. [45][46] Reagan both increased and cut taxes. In 1980, middle-income families with children paid 8.2% in income taxes and 9.5% in payroll taxes. By 1988 their income tax was down to 6.6%, but payroll tax was up to 11.8%, a combined increase in taxes. [24] Reagan pushed through Social Security tax increases of $165 billion over seven years”

        “Reagan believed that widespread freeloading plagued welfare and social programs. As Reagan slashed spending in his first term on programs such as food stamps and subsidized housing, the poverty rate climbed from 12% to 15% and unemployment rose from 7% to 11%”

        The Reagan era ushered in Predatory government ~ across the board ~ city, county, state and federal. ~ And it not let up since.

        The actions of Ronnie Reagan gave us “MORE” government than ever before while claiming to give us less.

      • Deerinwater

        Paul B. must have been one of those fortunate people that had a good government or government subsided jobs back in the 80′s.

        With all that acquired wealth by virtue of being in the right place at the right time he now plays the markets and looks down his nose at working Americans.

      • Deerinwater

        Capitalist at Birth says:

        “Paul, It is a waste of time to read or respond to the Deer in Headlights posts.”

        Right! I might take the wind out of your sails and leave you dead in the water, not going anywhere. ~ Who would want that? ~

        and CAB , don’t toy with my name like a bugger picking 6 year old. It’s just Deerinwater.

      • Paul B.

        Deer… again you fail to recall the political atmosphere at the time, given the reluctance of Democrats in Congress to work with Reagan, in fact , we are still waiting for the $3 in cuts for every $1 of tax increase, hence the rising annual deficits and national debt. Yes cutting the tax rates benefited the rich, DOH, you make more, you benefit more… not a hard concept to grasp. in fact, the whole working class showed an increase in annual wages. It is the rising water floats all boats. The disparagement in upper and lower class separation is a natural event of those whose work and earn wages and those who don’t work at personal advancement… some people get left behind if they don’t get on the bus. The Great Society of Johnson began the problem with increased social programs, aided by Nixon and Carter and just about every other President since then, except Reagan.

        The social justice model doesn’t work, it creates a dependent class that eliminates the motivation that drives success, reduces personal responsibility, increases overall dependency which is why even today we continue to see the disparagement in upper and lower class earnings. Too many people are falling prey to the lure of getting free stuff. The Dem controlled education system consistently stresses the benefits and fruits of government control as the answer for every problem. Less people work for their own advancement as the government restricts our ability to create business, create wealth, create anything without their assistance which is exactly what they want.

        IMO DC is becoming like a huge mafia, Chicago style politics of pay to play. we see it every time the lobbyists get favorable treatment, every time the legislature ignores the capitalist market system to promote increased DC control over the private sector, financial, healthcare, energy it they could, student loans programs, which are failing much like the housing market crashed.

        Redistribution doesn’t work. You can’t increase the water level by draining the feed rivers. Like in Venezuela, poverty abounds with all the social programs… look at California, Detroit, most major urban area in this country control and modeled after the Dem/Lib/Progressive policies over the past several decades. Everyone shows higher unemployment, more poverty, more entitlement usage, etc. every social program has increased dramatically since the Johnson administration. Social safety nets were a great compassionate idea, but the politicians, mostly Dem, have leveraged them as means to gaining voters, power and control.

        Reaganomics conservative fiscal policy, also forced on Clinton by Rep Congress were the MOST productive years in our nation’s history. It is Dem policy that tries to take credit, but is actually what tempers growth by lowering everyone in attempt to make things “fair.” Reaganomics was designed to put more money in people’s pockets, knowing that they would spend that money and through the market everything grows as revenues grew throughout his term as president. It worked for anyone willing to make the effort to take advantage of it. All the disparity you mention was due to the unwillingness of some to try, and of Dems to embrace it, fighting it at every turn. Undeterred, Reagan pressed on and the country, as a whole, prospered. As GDP rose, so did DC spending as a percentage of GDP down to 21%, as inflation fell from 21% to 3.5%, and so many other statistics.

        The Reagan era was a shining example of what can be done, and would have been better had the Dems in Congress not been so resistant to reforming the Great Society policies of Johnson. As for your facts, most of them are distorted. The lesson we learned was that economic growth comes from private capitalism, not government fascist controlled markets, as the Obama administration is promoting. Corrupt DC politicians picking winners and losers is a sure way to destroy competition and a healthy economy in the process.

        • Deerinwater

          Paul B say;” The Reagan era was a shining example of what can be done, and would have been better had the Dems in Congress not been so resistant to reforming the Great Society policies of Johnson. As for your facts, most of them are distorted. The lesson we learned was that economic growth comes from private capitalism, not government fascist controlled markets, as the Obama administration is promoting. ”

          I say; My facts are no more distorted then yours Paul. Where do you think Reagan got all that money? That was government monies placed in the hands of private capitalist that accounted for robust commerce Paul. ~ Reagan spent money, ~! The records shows us that he did!

          ~ While I would be most willing to concede that by 1980 the Johnson’s “give aways” had became unmanageable and insane, needing serious address and a good pruning. The policies enacted by Reagan were somewhat of an overkill, creating a redistribution of wealth as personal discretionary spending a complete 180 and went the other way, favoring the affluent.

          Even so, ~ this over steer for correction in the 80′s is not so much the problems as is 30 years of this continued over steering by tax codes that favor the affluent of a nation of people that’s military budget alone dwarfs any nation know to mankind as the “affluent” profits by the very same endeavor.

          To hold a course to get wherever one might wish to go, requires both right and left steering corrections. So I ask, where are we going?

          ~ After all the over spending on military on the part of the Federal government and the abundance we witnessed in the mid and late 60′s. ~ Followed by the give a ways in social programs, ~ by 1980 is was pasted time from some “right” steering. I agree completely. ~

          But why this “all or nothing”? ~ steering the nation requires both right and left as dictated by desired designation and road conditions. Constant right or left will have us going in circles.

          We have enjoyed 34 years of right steering ~ The top 5 % had got their fair due, ~ have they not? ~Or would you disagree and think that the top 5% struggle today and need and are deserving of more?

          If tax breaks created jobs and generated wealth that might be enjoyed by any that engage the process, ~ as we were promised. We would not be having this conversation today.

          The majority of American people today want one thing more then any other ~ a genuine , gainful opportunity to compete in a fair market place. ~while the opportunities too few for the demand.

          While Crony Capitalism and the Mitt Romney’s and Donald Trump’s of the nation play their little games of “Lie, cheat and steal” a game of political power.

      • The Christian American

        Deerinwater is right. Reagan never vetoed one spending bill. Reagan caused Ron Paul to leave the Republican Party and run as a Libertarian. But Reagan had his good points. He got Gorbachev to abolish the USSR and Reagan intended to abolish NATO to bring about world peace. Bush changed that. For the first time in 200 years of history America’s debt reached over one trillion dollars in 1987.

      • Paul B.

        Deerinwater… I appreciate the pointed response. I agree with much of what you said including the fact that DC and crony capitalism is rampant.but it has been that way for decades and the MAIN reason why I feel we must restrict the power to control in DC. These elitists on both sides of the aisle are guilty… no question. Obama is no different in that respect than any previous president, if not more blatantly obvious in his favoritism.

        I disagree to some extent that we have been “right steering” for 30 years. to me right steering is reducing the waste and fraud in DC, reduced government influence in the private markets etc. It is DC’s job to ensure an even playing field in the market, ensuring equal opportunity for everyone, and every business. Limiting government is a prime right steering function.

        Left steering is what we have seen from most presidents since Kennedy. Expanding government, more influence in private markets, more cronyism, more favorable legislation for connected companies, Haliburton and GE are prime examples. the Green energy initiatives have been mostly failures as they have been “forced”into the market before their time was right. We need to learn to compete, not lobby for DC influence for competitive advantages.

        The cronyism in DC today picks too many winners and losers, as it has for years. So to me it seems we are in severe need of some right steering, reform social programs of all kinds, reform the tax code to eliminate all the favorable code that lobbyists have paid for, maybe even eliminate lobbyist contact in DC totally. Kill pork spending, reducing the power to influence and control us, the markets. This alone would spur small business which has been controlled by restrictive regulations which provide Big corporate benefits.

        Overall I think we both want the same things, but for some reason I don’t think we believe the same tactics and changes in DC are the answer… unless I read you wrong. We don’t need more government to fix anything, we need less government to allow the free market system to operate as it should, which we haven’t seen in almost 50 years. that is why people don’t think it works, because DC has screwed it up so much it can’t operate, and hasn’t operated as it should.

        this administration wants to accelerate the tack left, hard left to so much more DC control. that is a huge mistake as more power breeds more corruption, more inequality, more of all the things that are inhibiting our economic growth.

      • Deerinwater

        Paul says; “this administration wants to accelerate the tack left, hard left to so much more DC control. that is a huge mistake as more power breeds more corruption, more inequality, more of all the things that are inhibiting our economic growth.”

        Paul, Obama is central government leadership, ~ that’s the job that he applied for and true, like all other Presidents that came before, leadership is whats expected of him. ~ If any state government finds it’s self as a shining example, let them lead the way. But that just has not been the case Paul. ~ Just about every state was in dire straights in 2010 and took their bail out money, with some GOP governors saying that they would take it but not spent it. ~ Yea! Right! ~ I guess they plan on just looking at it ~ maybe figure out how to funnel some off and no one be the wiser.

        I say, Just became this administration is spending large blocks of money just like Reagan and Johnson did, ~ but not some much on the military does not make it “left steering” Paul. The first order of business was to bail out the states, buying them two years to get their budgets and house in order without major lay-offs and shut -downs that would displace people and undermine government itself.

        It is true, 44 addressed Health care first rattle out of the box, ~ while his reasoning for doing so was many, two reign supreme ~ the needed to address cost as health care cost had risen 300% in just 20 years and shown no signs of stopping. And to ever hope of getting the legislation pushed through , he had to do it early while he had the political equity to get it done.

        Ever since that victory and the bailing out of states” the right” has labeled Obama as a social reformer, a communist, a Marxist. ~ While in reality, his acting stopped a major failure in government where by millions of Americans would have been adversity affected. And he installed some sense of limits of cost and fairness to notions of health care and it’s rising cost.

        And now that everyone is required to invest in their medical cost. To demand this responsibility is seen as just too much to demand by the right. ~ while if you had invested anyway ~ where is the free lunch? ~ The days of the free lunch and discounted premiums for the select “well employed” has came to an end.

        As for military spending, ~ in 2011 the US spent more then the rest of the world combined! Obama allowed that to happen! That left leaning socialist guy!

        When is there ever enough guns, ships and rockets? ~ 44 is laying a foundation down for a protracted long term recovery and that takes more the 4 years to get off the ground to where the average guy can see it!

        Just how much of a future is in making enemies and machines to kill them with?

        The problem I see with that notion is that we want to deny what we are doing!

        If we are going to invest in killing people, ~ let us make some more enemies and get after it if it’s that profitable.

        Or ~ invest in peace. War maybe hell, ~ but if you feel that is where our dollars serve us best, so be it, I’m no shrinking violent to pain , misery and suffering.

        44 has investing in both as conditions dictated with a good eye focused on a long term future for America where we be at peace or at war.

        Our nation is in need of infrastructure upgrade in the worst way to make way for tomorrow commerce and tomorrows demands. ~ Compared to Europe . we are far behind and we are a HUGE nation with a huge job before us. We are not a France or Germany ~ we are a monster of a nation that still uses dead tree in communication and power distribution and 50 years old technology in our homes and factories.

        Hell, I still drive a 23 year old pickup truck ~ Why? ~ I find it cost effective ( even though I spend $1500.00 more on gasoline every year) and while at 6′ 1” tall , today’s trucks are too tall to work out of comfortable ~ and they don’t have wing windows anymore. ~ will market forces ever address my needs? ~ Only if they are tuned in and listening. ~ I could afford better but I just can’t find it. If the market won’t offer me what I want, I’ll be left to make it myself.

    • Charlie R

      For the record: Carter lost his presidency within 6 months of gaining office.
      He and Tip O’neal Speaker of the house, became political enemies and from there it was all down hill for Carter. These are the words of Pierre Salenger in his book aptly named, “The Absence of Power”

      You berate, Reagan who is still underestimated and undermined by those that ignore the facts. Reagan was a visionary leader and along with Margeret, Thatcher, and Pope John, set the stage for the demise of the Soviet Union. On the economic, even with the budget spending which was recouped after the demise of the USSR, Reagan set the stage for 20 years of growth. With all that you claim Reagan did wrong, he still achieved much more than Carter. Even if Carter did inherit a bad situation HE DID NoT FIX IT (as Salenger deftly documents) and that perfectly mirrors current democrat president, doesn’t it? Is there a pattern here?

      • Deerinwater

        Charlie , there is much of what you say that I can agree with. ~ While comparing the most recent best with the most recent worse as you chose to do ~ in spite of Carter, the DNC is still ahead. ~ Reagan was the one man that the GOP has offered us and the world that could approach the PLUS side of the ledger in sometime.

        Unless you wish to go back as far as Nixon of course. ~ Reagan and Nixon were the only great leaders since Eisenhower the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces. ~

        President Eisenhower focus was much like that of General Grant administration ~ they both understood the value of logistic and a good transportation system and what a important role it would play in commerce and development of the nation. While both played blind to the sausage as it was being made.

        If any of you gentlemen see Mitt Romney as cut for this same cloth as these great men, I’d like to contribute the 1st $50.00 toward you going to a Eye Doctor and getting yourself fitted up so you might see. Just tell me where to send it.

  • Liberty Lover

    Great idea, Wayne. The impossibly stupid American electorate was unable to comprehend the implications of the reality that States run by Republican governors and States with right-to-work laws enjoy significantly better economies (faster growth, lower unemployment, better credit ratings, etc.) than do States with Democratic “leadership.” But with Detroit being the poster-boy for failed Democratic governance, perhaps a Romney miracle could manage to penetrate even those thick American skulls that have produced such a travesty in the last two Presidential elections, thereby saving the Country as a whole from becoming Detroit.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I wrote an essay regarding the decline of the inner city’s of America in my sociology class in 1966. Predicting then, that the “Great Society” would destroy the black family and community, as it was designed to do. I believed then as I do now that the Totalitarian Socialists would destroy public education and over time produce an ignorant uninformed electorate that they could easily control. Judging from the results of the elections since 1928 I was correct in my thesis. The decline of the value of education in the inner city can be traced back directly to the election of Totalitarian Socialist Presidents (Fascists) dating to Abraham Lincoln, and including: Grant;Teddy R.; Wilson; Hoover; F.D.R.;Truman; Johnson; Nixon; Carter; G.H.W.B.; Clinton; G.W.B.; Obama. Crony Capitalists one and all. It would take a revival of a sense of community unlike any ever seen before to save Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Newark, Boston, etc. If any of you are up to the challenge, go for it. You would receive the accolades of many. Romney nor anyone else can change the years of decline no dating back over 50 years. By the way, I also predicted the suspension of elections due to the declaration of Martial Law resulting from the reaction from the armed “white” population against the increasing incidence of black on white criminal actions. My old maid “Socialist” teacher admonished me for being so negative against the wonderful actions of Johnson and Democrats and gave me a B- for a grade on this paper. I showed the essay to my Economics and Civics teachers and asked for what their grad would have been. They both said A+. I think it would be a total waste of energy and resources at this time. It is up to the people in the community to change their culture. No one can make that decision for them. If they aren’t interested, there will never be a change in their behavior. Sad but true.

    • Liberty Lover

      Kudos for your visionary foresight in the Sixties. I hadn’t yet discovered Rand, Hayek, Friedman back then. What are the chances that you could find a current-day teacher of economics or civics that would give you an A+ grade on that far-sighted essay?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Slim to none.

  • mark

    Please. Romney will go back into business for himself – and make hundreds of millions more for he and his family as a corporate vulture, as he always has. He doesn’t care about the people of Detroit or the people of America. But I will give him this, like Wayne Allyn Root, he is sincerely concerned about the top 1%. Some of these poor folks are down to their last $30-40 million. Let’s all hold a telethon for them to raise them some extra dough. C’mon, what do you say?

    • tony newbill

      The 1 % became what they are today because we did not have the rule of Constitutional law upheld that said the FTC would NOT allow the destruction of our Economy with the Consolidation with Merging our market beyond 40 % control of a retailers and or manufacturing concern . Guys Like Warren Buffet have done this and created this trend they did not expand supply but rather only consolidated existing supply chains for the most part and the Global Debt is evidence of this because if supply had expanded then that would be representing the value of the currency expansion thats taken place over the years and we would have balance in our trade deficits and treasuries worldwide .

      Guys Like Romney did too and you cannot deny this has Decimated the small Business sector in both retail and Manufacturing in the USA with the Globalists creating a tax code and trade policies that enabled this Lack of defense for the domestic Economy all with the help of a simple currency sway between competing nations that should have been following the free floating currency rules of the trade agreement but these Globalist elite lobbied Congress to ignore this and the consolidation has Now taken us to this Point in time .

      Of Course this FITS well with the Environmentalist population Control Freaks who wanted this fascism to take down the free markets so they could roll the consumer markets over into a Global one world economy that Government would then be able to control the rate of consumption through …. and we are there NOW we just have not been formally Introduced to this yet .

  • john doe

    Mitt Romney can’t do jack. Sadly to say there is one and only one way to save the GOP with things the way they are. You gotta have a full blown coup with the implementation on the fair tax to destroy the purchase of votes and open the markets of opportunity.
    It no longer mater if its democratic or republic they are in the same boat and cover each other up and wait their turn.

  • rvncibeib1sgret

    Well Wayne, Let’s start all over! Give Mitt at a chance to renew Detroit and run for Mayor!
    after that, run for governor of Michigan! If he proves himself to be a leader to turn those
    locations, Detroit and Michigan, then I may consider him to be qualified to run for POTUS.
    Oh yeah, he has to totally distance himself from the K street gang and the NWO boys aor the deal is off! You can tell in the first two debates if he is just another NEOCON zionist!
    Wayne you ;may be onto something but I have to see that Detroit thing first.

  • http://personallibertydigest Pat Alexander

    America drowning by FRAUD!

  • Melvin2344

    If you want to see De-Troit up close & personal – find the recent new TV Series HARD-CORE-PAWN ! It shows the ILK that is SQUATTING in De-Troit expecting someone ELSE to kiss their $&^&* ! ONLY AFTER you have found, and WATCHED this show that shows what INSANE MORONS “live” there can you possible fully understand this article !
    Practically everyone in that “labor” town are CODE-RED candidates for being assigned to first place positions in Baraq O Bamah’s INTERNMENT CAMPS ( see U.S. Army Field Manual : FM 3-39.40 , available as a PDF document via a GOOGLE search ! )
    ENJOY WHAT AMERICA HAS BECOME ! Only the Nazi’s ever had a real solution to having so many of these HALF-ANIMAL/HALF-HUMAN ALIEN HYBRIDS !

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Making a comment on this thread today would definitely be like throwing a small snowball of truth into the howling, white-hot, and mindless rhetoric that issues from the the gates of intellectual hell called PLD (at least on certain topics). Others have tried today and their offerings have gone “pfffftttt” and disappeared in a small cloud of steam. So I won’t bother, other than to say that WAR never ceases to amaze me. Romney? ROMNEY???? Lord love a duck, WAR!

    An Mr.Smith Goes to Washington? Unfortunately, it IS only a movie, because we could certainly use more real Mr. Smiths in DC today.

    “There’s no place there for graft, or greed, or lies, or compromise with human liberties. Great principles don’t get lost once they come to light! They’re right here; you just have to see them again!” Jefferson Smith

  • tncdel

    I link Wayne’s thinking on Romney. But would Romney do it?

    I think too that we should be promoting Ted Cruz for the White House in 2016, not the RINO globalist TRAITOR Marco Rubio. Please see:

  • tncdel


    I like Wayne’s thinking on Romney. But would Romney do it?

    I think too that we should be promoting Ted Cruz for the White House in 2016, not the RINO globalist TRAITOR Marco Rubio. Please see:

  • Paul McCloud

    There are four types of human occupations, which are the arrangement of the Almighty God that cannot be wished away. There are: 1) Working Class, 2) Mercantile Class, 3) Administrative Class, and 4) Intellectual Class. Each has a part to play in the society. This divine arrangement has been lost in the course of time. There is no organized plan to distinguish these four types of occupations and the types of people that naturally fall into them. Communism, or whatever you call it, liberalism, etc., wants to make a “classless society”. It doesn’t take into account that these four classes exist in every society, and when you ignore this, you will have a society of misfits. Right now, we have no intellectual class to speak of. These people are supposed to give direction to the other classes. They are the keepers of wisdom, looking at the big picture for the welfare and progress of society towards the goal of human life. Without an independent intellectual class, we have a society without a “head”. What has been substituted is a society guided by the Mercantile Class which has no greater ideal than to make money for a life of comfort for themselves. The Administrative Class is controlled by the Mercantile Class, which we can see in our election process. The candidate with the most money wins. It is bass-ackwards. Then, we have a political party mostly made up of working class people (Marx was right), namely the Democrats. These people don’t know how to make money, but by the sheer numbers are able to take over the election of President. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum, and Detroit is the poster-child for this. Romney is a Mercantile man, and really IS the right person to lead Detroit back to fiscal sanity. Unfortunately, what is needed is someone from the Administrative Class to hire him, and you won’t get that in a city that elects only Working Class politicians. What can you expect when you have a political system that has no intellectual class people to guide them? We live in times that are bad, and it’s only going to get worse. What is the solution? We need to return to our churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship to pray. A Godless civilization is what we have turned into today, and we need to retrace our roots. Our fathers and grandfathers used to go to church to humble themselves to the Almighty. Nowadays, we’d rather watch the Superbowl. Who cares for God anymore? He’s been banished from our schools, threatened to be removed from our currency, and proven His non-existence by “Science”. A Godless civilization will not endure, and never has. If we get back to worship of God, the problems in our society can be mitigated. Even if the four classes are in disarray, if the majority of people worship and humble themselves before God, He will help bring society back to sanity.

    • Paul B.

      Paul… you were doing great until the last section where our faith and reliance on God as our salvation was the answer. It isn’t. It doesn’t take a belief in God, it takes a moral fiber grounded in basic humanistic beliefs. Those include respect for others, acceptance of the uncontrollable (including the fact that there are no guarantess of anything in life regardless of what DC promises), personal responsibility, working for what you want and a protection system for those who simply Can’t provide or protect themselves.

      While I will agree that religion is a prime motivator of these ideals and beliefs, it doesn’t require a belief in God to acquire those ideals. I fully support a society as outlined in the Constitution… these men were great visionaries, but I am agnostic, non religious determinist and as such find my lideals grounded in basic human societal philosophy.

      Societies were formed to SHARE responsibilities of producing goods and services, of which everyone was required to participate in some form and fashion, general protection of the group as a whole, which is why we have an army and police, equal opportunity for increasing responsibility within the group based upon talents not any other biased measurement, and lastly to reporduce, grow and breed generations of people who can continue to support the group as a whole.

      Over the centuries, societies have evolved through a myriad of philosophies on how to create a suitable, healthy, growing, prosperous society. It isn’t founded on religion, it is founded on a belief in the humanistic aspects of our existence and what it takes to survive as a group. Relgion has fostered many aspects of how we treat others, a morality so to speak that governs our personal interactions, but bears little weight when determinic ecomonic policy which has to be grounded not in compassion, but in what is best for the survival of the group as a whole.

      Unfortunately, Liberalism attempts to use religious principle of compassion to foster economic policy and that is a huge mistake. In fact it actually creates MORE problems for a society as it changes the dynamics of interaction between the leaders and others. These two should remain separate. Productive societies are created when we require contribution from every capable human, with every human having equal and open ability to produce and advance as their capability allows, bring with them others who are tutored and trained to provide value in a society.

      Too many social programs eliminate this requirement and that is why we see so many problems with motivation, education, DC dependency and the ceding of control over our lives to a central planning center which always ends up corrupt, creating more problems than it solves… but the facade is that with every failure of DC, they promote a new more expanded DC solution… See where this leads. tight where we are now.

      Until we return to the fundamental principles that created this great nation, removing the power and cotrol of DC over our lives, instilling the motivation of success and even survival upon the requirement of contribution, many of the ails in society will never go away.

      • Nick Czudy

        Paul B. Very well spoken. I read Paul McCloud’s comments and I also agreed with him, until he got to the part about God and religion.
        I have progressed from a devout Catholic in my youth, to Agnostic to atheist. Even though I do not believe in a supreme being and a God, I have always had a hard time on how to deal with people like Paul McCloud who are religions and devout.
        My civility just wants to leave them alone in their beliefs, and therefore I usually do not try and oppose them.
        I thought that you treated this subject with grace and civility. You said, what I could never find the words to say.
        My philosophy now is that religious people do not have the exclusive rights to be moral, kind, generous and good citizens. May they please acknowledge this sometime and not keep ranting on the loss of religious support is the evil that they seem to think is infesting America.

      • sam1966

        I see that Nick is proud to be part of the 5th column destroying this nation from the inside. You talk bad about Christianity and/or religion, but it seems that you have forgotten that Western Society is based on Christianity and Christian principles. Laws also being based on the 10 Commandments. Like our country has been based on Christian principles, Biblical Law taken directly from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on the 10 Commandments (If you don’t know these things, you don’t know much about our founding.), and a deep, rich belief in nature and nature’s God (As is said in the 1st paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.). Here is something dealing with the sheeple of today.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Nick out.

        “A patriot must be a religious man.”

        Thomas Jefferson

        • Nick Czudy

          Sam and Paul, I am not a Patriot. In your description a patriot equals a small minded, religious, backward, living in the past, zealot. I am not a patriot and it is people like me that will take us into the 21st century.
          warm regards, Nick Cz

          • sam1966

            You’re only fooling yourself and no one else Nick. You say that you are not a patriot and are glad about it? What are you then, a traitor? Since you are not a patriot, then you have no love for this country. If that is the case, then go back to the country you originally came from. Here is something that speaks the truth about you and all 5th columners.


            Read it and learn. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

            “Religion is of general and public concern and on its propper support depend, in great measure, the peace and good order of government, the safety and happiness of the people. By our form of government, the Christian religion is the established religion; and all sects and denominations of Christians are place upon the same equal footing, and are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.”

            Samuel Chase
            SCOTUS Chief Justice

          • Nick Czudy

            Hello SAM.

            I was born in the USA. as the song goes and I love this country. It tears me apart to see how divisive it has become and it seems to be fueled by hatred coming from the right and a lot of self professed religious people.
            Sam. If you are really observant of God and his religious teachings, then you would be more tolerant and accepting of all people. Hatred is not part of his teachings. (To my knowledge, as I do not profess to be an expert)
            I see more tolerance, understanding, and moral daily living from people that are not religious.
            I think that you are spending too much time living in the past and not addressing the problems that we have today with a solutions that does not depend on God.

            Keep God in your heart and out of politics.
            Far from being a traitor, I am trying to bring modern solutions to modern problems and use rational thought to come to a conclusion.
            The way that you patriots seem to think the country should be run is more traitorous and harmful to the country. You are only Patriots in your own minds.
            Your guns and bibles are not what we need to solve our problems today.
            respectfully yours,
            Nick Cz

    • KG

      I agree with Paul McCloud that prayer is the solution to our country’s problems. I believe that Obama won a second term because it was the will of God. Not because Obama is pleasing to God, in fact he many of his beliefs are radically opposed to God’s will. I believe God is using Obama to lead our nation into punishment for our sinfulness and and rebellion towards Him. Obama will lead us into greater debt and destruction. There is one way out and it is not through the intelligence or expertise of any one man or political party. The only way to restore this country is for vast numbers of people to turn to the Lord Jesus in sincere repentance and prayer. God is ultimately in control and it is foolish pride to believe we can fight against His sovereign will or bring about change in our country in our own efforts. I believe much greater troubles are coming to our nation if we do not repent. America will not be allowed to continue on forever in her sinful, rebellious ways without being unchecked by the Lord.

      • sam1966

        True that! True that! We, as a nation, need to get back to God, Jesus, and the Bible, repent of our sins, and get back to going by the Constitution and our Christian founding. Here is an interesting and true article about America after Obama bin Laden.

        Even the Canadians understand what Obama bin Laden is really about. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Blacks had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.”

        SCOTUS Chief Justice Roger B. Taney
        1857 Dred Scott Decision
        by Democratic controlled SCOTUS

        • Nick Czudy

          Sam. I have a hard time on how to deal with you as you are a little too religious for my likes.
          I checked out your link to the Canadian Free Press article about Obama.
          that web site is a far Right Wing site originating from the US and it is far from representing how Canadians think.
          By far the majority of Canadians approve of Obama, his election and his policies.
          From watching the political process going on in the USA from outside, most Canadians cannot understand the terribly divided and dysfunctional political process.
          Fox News tried to establish a Canadian version of its Right Wing form of journalism by starting a pseudo news channel based on the FOX network in the USA. They applied to the CRTC (similar to the FCC in the USA) for carrying on basic cable. That means that it would be provided free to Canadians in the basic cable charges and everyone would get this channel.
          There was such a huge grass roots back lash that the CRTC rejected this application and Sun News was put on cable as a separate subscription channel.
          Most of the back lash was due to the dispensing of lies and stories that were based on rhetoric instead of facts. Canadians saw that the FOX style of fomenting hatred in their editorials was not in the best interests of Canadians.
          So I would not take this article that you linked to us as being the thoughts of Canadians.

          There were poles that were run during the last election and the result was 86% of Canadians backed Obama.
          Again, facts and the truth do not seem to be in the daily lives of the religious right wing conservative.
          If you believe in GOD and the Constitution, you may be a Patriot in your own mind, but you will be far from qualified to run the USA. regards. Nick Cz.
          PS: I am proud to say that I am not a Patriot per your definition.

          • Deerinwater

            Thanks for your input Nick. I had seen the link Sam featured but didn’t bother with it after reading Sam’s post. Sam has ingested enough poison that it bled though his posting, I thought better of it.

            Interesting about Fox attempting to “give away” their poison in Canada and found it rejected.

            Rupert Murdoch has merchandised his programming well, ~ as it comes with basic cable here in the lower 48 as well.

            For several years the Tea party attempted to claim some kind of a majority by the neilson rating and popularity Fox had created with it’s “give away” program. Not to mention the various way Rupert went about “salting” the results of the ratings to reflect well on his product.

            Every airport, bus station and beer joint from the Canadian border to Port Isabel Texas has Fox news on for public viewing everyday.

            The sets are colorful, the women gorgeous, 24/7 News , Weather and Spots coverage with running caption and Commentary, featured small seeds of truth in bucket of manure.

            For people that do not wish to invest their money or time yet hoping to find wisdom from their bar stool or Lazy Boy, Foxed News is a perfect platform to distribute mass misinformation on an epic scale. ~ that such misconstrued media coverage went virtually unopposed for several years seems to have created the illusion in some viewers minds that Fox had the final word on what was happening and who was doing it.

            Fox has went over well on a global scale ~ with a viewing public that would prefer a good Tractor Pull event over PBS broadcast about Climate change. The appeal is directed to an 8 grade level education ~ if the format is elevated much above an 8 grade level, they start losing viewership. ~` Fox knows this, ~ in fact all mass media management knows and uses this bell curve of comprehension as they go about package their programming to cultivate a viewing audience. Rupert has managed to cut the heart out of the melon, by appealing to the masses, with things we like best! Cheap prices, pretty women, robust ssports coverage and someone to blame all of our problems on!

            I am very pleased to hear that our northern neighbors know disinformation when they hear it. For I am stuck down here in Texas where a Tractor Pulls or a good Rodeo makes for fine entertainment and would never know what’s happening in Canada

          • Nick Czudy

            Hi Deer,
            Canadians are well aware of what is going on here south of the border.
            They also know how to cut through the bull [expletive deleted] that is spouted on many Right Wing blogs and media.
            They have their own right wing party called the Progressive Conservatives, running the government there as well.
            The problem in the last election, was that there were three left wing parties and one right wing party and he got into power but about 1% majority with a total of about 33% of the countries votes. Prime Minister Harper, has been basically following the policies of the GOP like lower taxes and loopholes to the wealthy, scandals and voter fraud. Most Canadians are embarrassed of him, when he goes around the world as he sticks his foot in his mouth so many times.
            The same situation has occurred around the world. With the Bush years, America was hated around the world. Obama has brought America back into the hearts of the majority of the worlds countries. They all love Obama. This will have the benefit of reduced terrorist activities against the USA. IThe USA has again become the defacto leader in the world and has a position to positively influence other countries.
            All we need now is to get our act together at home and solve the grid lock domestically.
            Nick Cz

  • joe

    Detroit is a city surrounded but local Republican governments, that refuse to wrk with Detroit elected officials, this is a prime example of what is going on in Washington at the moment. The failure of this city has been orchestrated by divisive, and racial politics implemented by its surrounding neighboring cities. Our living wage have been reduced to $500 a week. (No matter your amount of wrk exp.) I have lived here and in California for several years. In California, anyone is capable of making in excess of $1000 a week. But in Detroit, our wages are redlined just like our insurance policies. When i apply for a job in this local area, contactor positions are rejected and i am limited to employment opportunities only. (Which mean $7-9hr) I am told that I need multiple yrs of exp where there are only 19yr olds the fill these positions. Then when the position is related to my exp, i am told that im overqualified for the position. Lose-lose situation for the residents of this city. There is a shared tax agreement in this tri- county, in which the state will not enforce. Companies are moving out of our city at an record rate. Only to raise wages in the local surrounding areas. (Unbelievable divisive tactics) this is not a race card being played, this is reality. With such evil people running the government here, the city has no hope. Since the state has been running the city, which has been happening for more then a yr now. Our debt has increased, an has doomed the city to the faith of an emergency manager. Control of this city is all they seek, not improvement. We all have seen things of this nature mature in our lifetime, i.e. current political situation in Washington. Republican officials are racial motivated to oppose obama, nothing more. Remember your actions speak louder the your words, and believe nothing your hear an half you see.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest GlarryC

      Joe, your comments made sense untill your last statement that all Republicans officials are racially motivated to oppose Obama, and nothing more. What they oppose is his POLICIES. They dont give a rats ass about his race. Unfortunately Obama is proving that some people of color prefer to live on the plantation.

      • joe

        I could believe that, if from day one of his presidency they did try to filibuster all nomination, bills, proposals, even asking for his birth certificate. No logic in the world can explain way for day one the only thing these people do is oppose obama. Pls make me understand this for non of there efforts make sense. Filibuster because of his policy that was not even proposed yet. Wow, they must all own crystal balls or time machines. When we look at the facts, logical deduction tells us the can be no other reason for there blatant disrespect to our current potus. If we fallow this chronologically, you will see that opposition came beforehand. When the typical person dislikes someone to this degree, they oppose all actions good and bad.

  • Buck Dude

    Obama won’t ask Romney to save Detroit or anything else because he hates Romney. And by that I mean he hates that Romney became a millionaire without resorting to bribery, payoffs and other grand schemes that obama and his minions use to “create” their wealth.
    No, obama doesn’t want Romney, or anything remotely resembling Romney anywhere near Detroit, because he is scared to death of having pants pulled down (transparency) in public.
    Obama’s ego that he’s never wrong will never allow him to ask Romney for help bringing the country back.

    • GALT

      Neither the foolish author of this piece, nor your president, have any influence
      over who occupies the position of “savior of detroit”…….

      But ole Wayne is right when he says it “doesn’t take brain science”…….

      It takes a “brain” Wayne, something neither you nor Romney, possess.

      So how’s that audit coming? Pay your fair share, yet?

      Detroit is ripe for plunder, problem is…..there is nothing left to plunder,
      not that Romney, like you, has any problem with fleecing another “sucker”,
      if the scam can be structured properly…….hey, maybe he can give you a

      • Deerinwater

        Galt says ; “Detroit is ripe for plunder, problem is…..there is nothing left to plunder,
        not that Romney, like you, has any problem with fleecing another “sucker”,
        if the scam can be structured properly…….hey, maybe he can give you a

        Flaming removed, I agree completely.

        An occupational hazard is no occupation.

        Too many eggs in a single basket ~ should have seen it coming.

  • Charlie R

    MR Root: Romney saving Detroit and the US is absurd.
    Culturally, politically, and economically Detroit is akin to a third world country.
    Only the people of Detroit are in a position to save Detroit and culturally they are apparently happy with what they have. The same goes for America … Obamas re-election proves the point,

    Now for Romney: After Romney’s defeat, Tad Romney said ” His father didn’t have the heart to do what he needed to do to win”. Now did you miss that? What makes you think Romney would ” have the heart to take on Detroit?

    Your optimism is appreciated however there is something called REALITY.

    • The Christian American

      Mitt’s father an executive with one of the car companies and went on to be governor of Michigan but that was before the influx of foreign cars. Then the unions weren’t hurting the car business as much as they started to. Anyway, that’s his father, not him. Him he’s dangerous because of his allegiance to the Zionists. Domestically he’d beat Obama no question about it but America needs a man that could battle on both fronts, and that’s anything but Romney.

    • JDL

      Tad Romney meant his father couldn’t stoop to the same level as the democrats. Keep everything is context.

      • Charlie R

        Well with all due respect, if Romney couldn’t take on Obama in the gutter , how in the hell would he have delt with the Reeds, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s of the democrat party. How about N Korea and Muslim terrorists?
        Parse the words any way you like; Romney didn’t do what he needed to do, neither did the RNC, or any other republican including Christie. The only person that had any BxxL’s to take on O was ……. Clint Eastwood. Now that speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

        • tony newbill

          Charlie R is right , Romney was Way Way Harder criticizing the GOP opponents than he was Obama hands down , whats up with that ?? This country needs a fighter for the Constitution of the citizens like rand paul just got done doing , and all those who showed up to help him , heck even Dick Durbin was there !!! . And I thought Romney did the same thing McCain did in 2008 they went soft on criticizing Obama and the democrats that controlled the House and senate from 2006 till 2010 .

      • Charlie R

        Tony; Remember the MC Cain campaign and his soft touch, no harsh words and muzzling Sara Palin.

        Well, Romney ran a “Mc Cain Milk Toast” campaign on STEROIDS.
        Republican’s have a penchant for trying to be being nice guys, while democrats are indeed nice guys because they know how to use the “junk yard attack dogs”.

        Sad part is Romney didn’t even try to defend his 47% statement and it could have been the perfect set up to call obama out on his unbridled spending . Had Romneny broken the numbers out and explained what groups composed the 47%, Romney would have had Obama responsible for doubling the public aid from 17 to 34% in three years. At that time only 13 % were social security/ Medicare recipient’s that “paid into” and were getting benefits (not handouts). Obama was screwing seniors and Romney didn’t even counter “0″ on that either. Where in hell was the republican strategists?

        Simply stated: Romney and his team simply did not know how to play the game or as Tad Romney said:” Didn’t have the heart”.

        • tony newbill

          Charlie Romney had so many flip flopping periods that the harder he tried to be a Conservative the harder the Democrats could point to his hypocrisy , check this video out its ridiculous that he even thought he had a chance …..

  • ron

    Chicago had more murders than Detroit in 2012.

    • Paul B.

      Oh boy… there’s a cause for celebration. The Chicago our illustrious Pres spent his time community organizing (aka stirring up trouble, creating victims) who now want their “fair share”. And he said violent crimes, not murders… there is a difference.

  • Richard Jones

    The author has a point – that Mitt Romney understands a free-market economy and is a brilliant man. He is also an honest man. If Romney turned Detroit around I doubt the american people would do much about it because of the lies of the Democrats and the indifference of the people. They enjoy the money Obama doles out. They can’t see beyond their noses.

  • Bob666

    WAR, stays the same.

    • sam1966

      Except now they are Obama bin Laden’s wars, not Bush’s wars. Just look at the different countries that our troops from Fort Riley, Kansas are going to. Bring them home from Africa, for we have no business there. Here is something showing where Obama bin Laden says he isn’t a dictator. He may not be, but he sure acts like one.

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Bob out.

      “…human reason and Divine revelation are fully compatible and are not enemies – that the Law of Nature comes from God Himself.”

      John Locke 1664

      • JON

        It’s not Obama bin Laden. It’s Brady Bowe Laden. It looks like you’re still at it. If you can’t respect the President of the United States, you can’t respect yourself.

        • Proud to be a Believer

          One has to earn respect. When he earns my respect then I will respect him. Until then forget it I don’t care who or what he is!!!

          • Deerinwater

            Proud to be a Believer says;

            “One has to earn respect. When he earns my respect then I will respect him. Until then forget it I don’t care who or what he is!!!”

            I say, ~ Well Believe this, ~ We respect the Title and Position of President as mature man and women and we respect your right as citizen to disagree ~ but we don’t have to respect you or your opinion as you have not attempted to earned it.

            While your “Pride” is the poison that makes you ill.

  • Nick Czudy

    Hi Wayne Allen Root.- the problem that I have when listening to your rants is that there is an intermix of some good ideas with the usual Right wing lies. You accuse the Obama admin of being liers, when actually you win the prize. Your nose is growing. When watching your video, I can actually see it growing as you speak.

    Ok maybe Mitt might be a good City Manager.
    But is he going to try and use his trickle down economics, paying himself and the plutocracy business leaders the huge profits and hope that some of it trickles down to minimum wage $7.25 per hour jobs?
    All of the statistics have shown that the upper 1% have had record profits over the “socialist” Obama last 4 years. Isn’t that amazing. You really have to get over painting Obama in the usual Right wing rhetoric as he does not match that description. That immediately turns off people that know the facts.
    As usual, math and facts, are something that most right wing pundits and commentators (I should really call you “Right Wing Fomenters”) lack. Obama has been reducing the size of the government. The facts are on line. Obama has been cutting government spending. Obama has been investing in building jobs, not just blindly cutting spending and usually the GOP plan is to cut off the backs of the poor and middle class, and leave the 1% to keep paying lower taxes and make more money. There are some really disturbing graphs that show how the 1% have been making record profits, yet the middle class are flat or actually getting lower. This is what causes poverty and all of the problems that you have described in Detroit. Obama’s policies have not driven Michigan’s economy. It has been the “trickle down” economics, starting from the Reagan days and continued through the Bush dynasties.
    Let MItt have a crack at it. I would really like to see if he can actually make some jobs instead of killing them and sending them overseas.
    Michigan’s economy is too heavily invested in the auto industry. They need to diversify to get away from setting their fortunes on the back of the Auto industry.
    The auto industry have to innovate and improve their quality to match what the Japanese factories have been doing. This has allowed the Japanese to take over the lead, in the auto market.
    Obama has brought the US economy back from the brink of a depression without the help of the “Trickle Down” GOP ideology. Imagine how the USA would have bounced back with some bi-partisan help from the GOP side of Congress.
    I would like to see a new topic for you for your next weekly rant. How about showing us how magnanimous you can be by having a topic of things that Obama has done right in the last 4 years. I know that it would hurt your pride immensely, but show us that you can be truthful and factual and actually tell us true facts and outcomes instead if the usual Right Wing Bubble rants and lies.
    If you could do this, we would be able to take you more seriously and listen to the few good ideas that you come out with from time to time.
    Sure lets let Mitt a a go at it. But no trickle down economics.
    Detroit and the rest of America, needs to share in some of the record profits that the work force has produced for the top 1%. Now I am not for unions. In the middle classes, then are like the 1% as they try to get more than their fair share of the profits and money. But for one, we need to raise the minimum wage so that more people can actually make a decent living and not have to turn to crime to survive.
    We need to put some controls on the out of control medical industry. They have had uncontrolled reign in raping and pillaging Americans for simple medical procedures.
    We need to stop the outright bribery of our politicians by the wealthy (Citizen’s United) who keep the policies in place that guarantee the 1%’s firm control on wealth and the continued poverty of the rest.
    We need to decriminalize pot and stop giving private run prisons an unending supply of customers to drain more money from the government coffers.
    Education, medicine and prisons need to be taken out of the hands of profit making independent business and run at cost by the government.
    That is why America’s hospitals, schools and prisons are the most expensive in the world. The people running these institutions are making record profits. This is even in the last 4 years, during a recession.
    Let the people in Detroit have a larger share of the pie and the city and the state will bounce back with new economy. Do not let the 1% suck more of the money out of Detroit into off shore accounts. regards. Nick Cz

    • Brian D. Sylvia

      “WHAT A CROCK” ! . . . STUPID, is STUPID . . . there’s NO GRAY AREA. What ever your “SMOKE’N” . . . its NOT helping you.

      • GALT

        Another “willfully ignorant, functional illiterate” weighs in with a cogent detailed
        critical response typical of the PLD mushroom intellect.

        Did you know that Wayne Allen Root (canal) predicts “winners”? You can probably
        get all the “march madness” winner predictions from him, at his “sport’s
        betting advisory service”………..Wayne will promise to make you rich……
        even IF you live in a state where, sports betting is NOT available…….

        And Romney is not your President………

        You really have no idea how lucky you are.

    • Paul B.

      If Obama had the cooperation you speak of from the Republicans, our National debt would already be at $20 trillion and growing. You idea of cooperation is to roll over and agree with whatever he wanted… just like the Dems did for Bush… right???

      You really don’t get it do you? All you seem to know is the limited scope talking points you have read form the left. It would behoove you to take a look around and think rationally about the unspoken consequences of the direction we are headed. Socialism never works and that is exactly the cooperation Obama is seeking from Republicans. Without their restraint, we would be sunk already with more stimulus for him to feed his political machine, higher energy through cap and trade, we are already seeing higher medical costs due to ObamaCare.

      So you want Reps to have HELPED in the further destruction of our economy and society… not me!!!!!

      • Nick Czudy

        Paul B. That Obama is a socialist is just one of the Right Wing Bubble talking points which is the furthest from the truth. I know you are a template that has been punched out of the same mold.
        What Obama knows is that we do not get out of a recession by cutting spending like the Europeans have done. Why do the GOP want to follow the European mold?
        America needs a lot of investment to repair its decaying infrastructure. This money would create jobs and decrease the deficit and get America out of the debt that it is no faster than the GOP austerity program. Obama has reduced the size of government and reduced the deficit without any help from the Right.
        The Right is busy trying to lay blame on why they lost. Some swift guru in the party has come up with the idea on trying to blame everything on Obama. It isn’t working. We are not as simple as the simple minded and angry Right.
        Obama is well on his way to balancing the budget and getting America back on its feet.
        warmest regards. Nick Cz.

        • Deerinwater

          Nick say “The Right is busy trying to lay blame on why they lost. Some swift guru in the party has come up with the idea on trying to blame everything on Obama.”

          I say, ~ It seems that way doesn’t it? ~ Not a week goes by without someone bring it up.

          We must understand that Mr. Root is responsible for writing new material everyday that hits a nerve. ~

          I guess that it still the biggest sore spot on the GOP today.

          • Nick Czudy

            They just don’t get it. They are deluding themselves into thinking that they lost because of not getting their message across to Americans. Or another thought is that voter fraud, cost them the election, even though many republican governors were trying to restrict voting by biased changes in voting laws and redistricting.
            What they can’t seem to get into their heads is that America does not accept their viewpoints and polices. They are going to blame it on everything else.
            Many GOP are still blaming Akorn for their loss. The only fraud that came out of the last election, was perpetrated by the GOP.
            Jon Stewart, even though he is a comedian, seems to really hit the cause exactly on the head.
            His quote was that “Romney blamed his loss to not being able to get his message out to the American people, Actually Jon Stewart says, he lost because his message did manage to get out to the people.”
            I have looked at links this morning given by people on this site and they all have in common that same basic philosophies as this site. They have the same talking points, the same lies, the same fomenting comments and the same hatred. Then they call themselves Patriots. They are only deluding themselves. The people that are promoting this hatred are doing it because they have a ready audience that is weak minded to see that they are being lied to.
            Their usual rant is to put down the “Main Street Media”. they really need to listen more to the main street media to get more truthful and balanced information.

          • Deerinwater

            Nick says; “They have the same talking points, the same lies, the same fomenting comments and the same hatred. Then they call themselves Patriots. They are only deluding themselves. The people that are promoting this hatred are doing it because they have a ready audience that is weak minded to see that they are being lied to.”

            I suppose that you are much like I was, “In disbelief that people could actually think such things”!!!

            I manage to accept it as so ~ and it being a reality, ~ They do think this way and they feel justified in their beliefs. So now we know! They do exist, they are not pretending.

            Could they cause harm and be dangerous? Yes! I believe so, if not to someone else, then to themselves. While I do believe that the vast majority of them are benign and using the ambiguity of cyber space to vent their frustrations and embellish their misery.

            Talking things though, venting does more good then it does bad ~ with such exceptions of course ~ like the boy that killed those people and shot Gabby Gilford in Arizona last year. ~ He was a nut case ~ impressionable.

            As you know, some here are about a half bubble off plumb and capable of saying anything. ~ It’s free speech, they can and so they do. ~ The very nature of a free society creates such problems. ~

            I strongly feel that there is people wasting air that something else could be breathing ~ but I’d be the last person to want such a powerful job to decide who that might be. I would refuse such a job. ~

            It is the people that would accept such a job that we must watch out for.

            It is the men and women that rise to the occasion while not wanting “greatness” that truly amaze me.

            It’s good to know what some people are thinking, ~ to not know would be a greater threat.

            They will require constant resistance as they not going to change. They will go to the grave as they are today, to be pitied really. But they are grown and dress themselves, I hold no responsibility for them other then to attempt to talk them down in chance we met.

        • http://naver samurai

          Sheesh! I think you are very drunk on the kool aid. Here is an article showing how Obama bin Laden is nothing but a liar and is turning this nation into a socialist state. Which, by the way, is against what our Christian founding fathers wanted.

          FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

          “All efforts of the abolitionists are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences, and all such efforts have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people.”

          James Buchanan

          *I guess another person who wasn’t a patriot either, hmmm?

          • Nick Czudy


            the link that you gave me was for “The Resistance” wow a typical Right Wing web site that keeps the same tired and hatred provoking lies and rhetoric.
            If you keep reading this stuff instead of main street real news and views, then you will be stuck in your hatred. You need a more balanced input of information.
            You profess to be a believer of God, yet you promote hatred and lies. There is such a contradiction and hypocrisy in these sites. The Resistance has about as much credibility as this site, and FOX news. You really need to broaden your reading and not just stay with these biased and hateful websites.
            They all are known as stating truths that have not been vetted and end up as being wrong. Put your bible down and tune into the rest of the world and you will see that it is really the most Patriotic thing you can do for your country. May the truth prevail.
            regards Nick Cz

    • http://yahoo DENNIS

      Nick your nose should about ten times bigger than your butt… lol

  • Terry Bateman

    I agree that Mr. Romney can turn Detroit around. Here are some ideas:

    We have to realize that the most problematic parts of our country are those parts
    that are heavily unionized: Public schools, auto manufacturing in the northern part
    of the country, healthcare (American Medical Association and nurses unions),
    airlines, municipal,local, and state governments.

    Right to work laws are the first step for Detroit to regain manufacturing power.
    The next step is simple:Buy and destroy all unused buildings in Detroit and build
    a new city where people can live, work, and play with new underground electric
    power transmission. Leave plenty of room for the new chemical, manufacturing,
    and industrial plants that will come for Detroit’s proximity to auto and other
    manufacturing and the cheap natural gas only America has.

  • Fed up!

    Root article is so right on the money. Get these Dam Layers and Commies out of Washington!

  • Brian D. Sylvia

    ROMNEY is an “IDIOT” . . . “HE”, is what’s WRONG with the Republican party. If you want to “FIX” it, the “ONLY” one to DO THAT, would be “RON PAUL”, an the TEA PARTY. Anything else, “BY” anyone else, is a “LOAD OF CRAP”. there it is.

  • http://Liberty Tony

    To Everyone: Mitt Romney ,Really !?! (LOL)!! Then everyone woke up. This man was the worst GOP Candidate in a long,long,long time!! Next, saying he would “save” Detroit!?! He stated let the auto industry collapse with let Detroit “FALL”. He wouldn’t of done a darn thing to save that city or this country’s econ. Now please get hip to these facts,Thanks!!
    P.S. It’s ironic he wanted the auto industry to collapse given the facthis family got there wealth as a result of this industry. Contradictory indeed!!

    • Liberal Killer

      Romney said he wouldn’t have BAILED them out, He would have them go bankrupt. Obama used taxpayer money to bail them out,(60 billion to GM and 30 and to Chrysler), then they went bankrupt. They still owe taxpayers (GM 35 billion and Chrysler 15 ). The shareholders got screwed and the UNIONS made out, go figure, UNIONS support Democrats!

    • Charlie R

      Hey Tony here is something to consider; No contradiction what so ever.
      Here is why. Had the auto makers gone bankrupt they could have “reorganized” . That means start over and thus eliminate the waste. That includes the “overburden” of retired auto workers getting a great percentage of their former hourly monthly wages as a retirement pension. ( and your helping to paying for it when by a GM product) And that is why Michigan auto workers went for the “0″ in the election.

      The Automakers financial problem was generated by Auto Executives giving in to union demands over many years thus accumulating massive pension liabilities exactly like states are doing with their employees (public sector) . As an example; Scott Peterson( IL), a retired cop , found guilty of killing one of his wives ( there were two murdered women in question) gets $7,000 per month ($84,000 per year) as a pension, WHILE SERVING 38 years in jail. And, being convicted, and in jail, will not cause his pension to be terminated.

      Now, I think you get the idea why Detroit can not compete (or turn a profit like Honda/ Toyota) against the foreign manufactures and why it would have been better for the companies to go bankrupt, The Auto makers would have not gone away as one might think; they would have reorganized to be more competitive. Obama with his bail out did not in any measure fix the problem, it will come back.

      Obama basically, turned GM and Chrysler into government operations with the union now in control and bond holders screwed. Here is something to consider: the largest buyer of GM products is …..You guessed it …. The US government as it has one vehicle for every seven employees. Now, that how is GM “resurrected” itself …. more smoke and mirrors from you friendly, corrupt government.

  • JDL

    As a conservative with libertarian values, I was shocked at the way the republicans immediately through him under the bus. EXTREMELY UNIMPRESSIVE! (It was like watching Gomer Pyle, you just can’t help but be embarrassed for them). The Ron Paulites (I support Ron Paul, but I am NOT one of THESE PEOPLE) are as bad or worse than Obama. They were determined to punish the rest of us with Obama just to prove a point. No different than Obama’s sequester “punishments”. And to blame Romney for all the corruption of the RNC is devoid of logic or memory retention. I didn’t even like Romney at first, but through the course of the campaign, I changed my mind. Why? Because I’m an economics major. He probably can do what the article proposes and he is a better person than I, because I would tell all to f-off and that elections have consequences so suck it up Ron Paulites! In fact, Ron Paul has sued to reclaim his domain name. So exactly how much does Ron Paul respect these cretins? They should ask themselves that very question!

    • Ted Crawford

      It’s not just that he sued, it’s also the forum in which he filed his case! He filed in the United Nations!!! How Obama of him! Now even the idiotic supporters of this “American Moron” should be able to see what the rest of us were aware of long ago! Ron Paul cares only for Ron Paul!

    • Cameron

      Its funny how you want to blame us “Paulites” for Romney’s loss. Not one state was lost by the votes of us “Paulites”. Romney had a budget to grow govt. He had no plan to balance the budget. Im sorry you spent $1000′s on your economics major. Ive spent a few hundred reading books from economist who know what they’re talking about. I would be glad to debate you any day. You cant even distinguish the difference between govt and private business. They dont operate in the same manner. Romney saw need for stimulus. Keynesian! Keep learning economics from the Krugmans and I will learn from the Rothbards.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You are proving my theory that to be for Ron Paul is to be for stupidity.

    • Deerinwater

      JDL says, ” I didn’t even like Romney at first, but through the course of the campaign, I changed my mind. Why? Because I’m an economics major. He probably can do what the article proposes and he is a better person than I, because I would tell all to f-off and that elections have consequences so suck it up Ron Paulites! ”

      I say, ~ Well? Changing your minds is something you both had in common for sure. ~

      But you get two razzberries for your “reason” for you changing your mind. ~ Even an old plumber knows “fuzzy math” when it’s presented to him. It would have taken more than closing Tax Loopholes (that were never identified) to reconcile Willard rough draft of a proposed Budget plan. ~ Somebody was going to be on the losing end of Willard’s Budget and 6 to 1 it wouldn’t be people that use Tax loop holes and pay 15% of their gross earning in income tax like Mitt Romney.

      And basically Mitt can not be too much better then you are for his contempt toward half of Americans was noted and well documented.

      ” Are you married? Have a job? How about a kid or two? Did you get a tax refund last year because your status as a working parent made you eligible for an Earned Income Tax Credit? Congratulations: Mitt Romney thinks you’re a welfare-addicted bum.
      See, when Romney talks about those 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, he’s talking about you.”

      “Surely Romney is talking about somebody else? Somebody who sits at home and waits for a government check he didn’t earn? Nope. He’s talking about you.
      See, to get to that 47 percent number, Romney has to include folks who actually work but didn’t officially pay income taxes because they didn’t earn enough, or because they qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit.
      Nearly two-thirds of Romney’s laggardly 47 percent paid payroll taxes.
      And to state the obvious: You generally have to be on a payroll to pay the payroll taxes. You have to have a job.
      Now: Romney obviously wasn’t taking you into account when he said that 47 percent is “dependent on government” and “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”
      Which is the problem: Romney wasn’t taking you into account. He and the rest of the Republican Party have been so solicitous of so-called “job creators” that they’ve treated job doers rather shabbily. ”

      “THROUGH ALL the flip-flops, there has been one consistency in the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: a contempt for the electorate.

      How else to explain his refusal to disclose essential information? Defying recent bipartisan tradition, he failed to release the names of his bundlers — the high rollers who collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. He never provided sufficient tax returns to show voters how he became rich.”

      “Now Mr. Romney promises to reduce income tax rates by one-fifth — for the rich, that means from 35 percent to 28 percent — and to raise defense spending while balancing the budget. To do so, he would reduce other spending — unspecified — and take away deductions — unspecified. One of the studies he cited, by Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, said Mr. Romney could make the tax math work by depriving every household earning $100,000 or more of all of its charitable deductions, mortgage-interest deductions and deductions for state and local income taxes.

      Does Mr. Romney favor ending those popular tax breaks? He won’t say. But he did take issue with Mr. Feldstein’s definition of the middle class: Mr. Romney said he would protect households earning $250,000 or less. In which case the Feldstein study did not vindicate the Romney arithmetic — it refuted it. Yet the candidate has continued to cite the study.”

  • Mya Rose

    I love the guy and his family. Romney didn’t lose to Obama; he lost to fraud. Yes, I would love to see him turn Detroit into a mega thriving city, and he can do it. After that, he should be ready to be our next Prez in 2016! ~~

    • Sarah

      Don’t blame it on Romney. He garnered votes where it mattered. White males and Independents. American families making less than $30,000 a year, low information voters put Obama over the top 65% to 35%. Also, Romney was a victim of Karl Rove and Prince Priebus and the RNC. they wanted him to appear more moderate because all they cared about was winning. Well, they’ve elected themselves to do this again if the Tea Party doesn’t get in there quickly and make a difference we will again lose in 2016.

      • Darwan Winkler

        By all means! The Tea Party needs to race in there and helped out all these “highly” informed votes out! ~ Before it’s too late!

    • debo.

      Debo Says.
      Don’t hold your breath, your brain will die for lack of oxygen,it will be a very long wait. Why can’t you folks be rational and accept that Romney is a political failure pure and simple, and he is not coming back. He has no people skills, he is not comfortable among common folks. Why can’t the rightwingers take defeat with dignity, and give credit where is’s due. If rightwingers continue on their present path they will be in political wilderness for a very long time.How can such overwhelming Democratic presidential victory be a fraud? Your side lost get over it.

  • Norm

    Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide
    Wayne Allyn Root
    May 30, 2012
    But as an oddsmaker with a pretty remarkable track record of picking political races, I play no favorites. I simply use common sense to call them as I see them. Back in late December I released my New Years Predictions. I predicted back then- before a single GOP primary had been held, with Romney trailing for months to almost every GOP competitor from Rick Perry to Herman Cain to Newt- that Romney would easily rout his competition to win the GOP nomination by a landslide. I also predicted that the Presidential race between Obama and Romney would be very close until election day.
    But that on election day Romney would win by a landslide similar to Reagan-Carter in 1980.
    Wayne when are you going to level with yourself?

    • Charlie R

      Norm; What I do not understand is why the pundits did so badly.
      Anyone who watched the convention and events up to the election had to feel and THINK about America’s demographics and special interests. All you had to do was to follow the blogs and observe the strength of Progressive democrat rants. I disregarded my observations and went with, and hoped , these brilliant pundits (i.e. Dick Morris) had it correct. They didn’t and the excuses for failure, after the election were pathetic. I now know anyone that follows the news ( correction; current events), knows history , demographics, and special interests, can do better than the media pundits.

      Speaking of special interests, how can we ever forget how the ” contraception queen”, Sandra Fluck, helped “fluck-up) Romeny’s chances. That was a brilliant move by the Democrats and secured Sandra’s cohorts as democrat votes for Obama.

      • tony newbill

        Charlie Sandra Fluck was definitely on the wrong side of the issue of how to stop Waste and Spending in this Give away bailout Government we have but Romney didn’t help himself with his Speeches over the years either , go to frame 8:00 and watch him flip and flop on Abortion man !!!!

      • Texas Ride

        If we had had a real election in 2012, Romney would have won. The fraud knew he was going to be “re-appointed” and he just went through the motions.

        Romney never had a chance, no matter what kind of campaign he ran.

        When the global elites own the voting machines in 26 States, controlling the votes in 900 precincts, what do we expect. Votes for Romney were “scrubbed.” Precincts were turning in 100% more votes than there were registered voters. A couple weeks ago a black woman was bragging about voting “at least six times” for obammie.

        It was stupid for anyone to expect Romney that had some kind of chance to win.

        • R. Fine

          Interesting how poor losers always come up with some rationalization for simply not having the correct policies and good organization. Look, the American people have spoken during the 2 recent elections and their choice was/is very clear indeed.

      • Norm

        Interestingly, there’s a site called Realclearpolitics that published the results of every viable poll, even those with a bias, and produced an “average” poll. This was graphed and updated on a daily basis. It was dead on.
        If that wasn’t enough, there were several sites offering betting odds. You’ve got to believe when money is at stake. They were also very accurate in their predictions.
        Then you get Limbaugh, Hannity, Morris, Gingrich, Rove, etc. , even Romney, predicting some kind of miracle
        or divine intervention.
        They only showed their ignorance and disconnect from reality.

        • R. Fine

          I followed those polls closely for over a year and it was very clear that Obama was going to win and win big especially in the swing states. But I have to admit that I also watched Fox “news” daily and the rants from Mitt’s supporters about a GOP landslide and after a while I actually started to get nervous about that. What it showed me was that those who watch Fox exclusively and listen only to the likes of Rush are totally defenseless when it comes to right wing nonsense. And the crazy thing is that the GOP does not seem to have learned a darn thing. They are going to run another bunch of clowns next time with the same stupid policies that don’t work. One can almost predict that the next president will be Hilary or Joe. The Obama organization is already working towards that end which will mean that the GOP in 4 years time will be whining that the reason the Dems won again was that they had a coherent message and were able to present it clearly. Will wonders never cease?

          • Darwan Winkler

            You are dead on the “Button” R.Fine ! That is exactly what happened and what will continue to happen with the current GOP and GOP supporters if they cannot make some fundamental changes in direction and leadership.

            The only names of great importance that you failed to mention in your posting were Karl Rove and Norquest, both major players in this debacle of dysfunction, crafted by extortion and disinformation.

            The GOP has 3 years and 8 months to prepare for train that is headed this way. It will roll into the station in November of 2016. Will they be ready? ~ No, ~ not with what we see the GOP doing today.

            Karl Rove is the King of disinformation , Norquest is the “Enforcer” and Rupert Murdoch the delivery boy while Rush is just a “Cheerleader” for the disillusioned faithful.

            The GOP can shoot itself in the foot everyday from now until Nov. 2016 but this will not hurt or damage the DNC.

            As long as misinformation is being accepted and sold as a premium and quality product, the GOP will suffer for it.

  • Ted Crawford

    The demise of the Republican Party and , baring some miracle, the Death of America, wasn’t a factor of Romney! No one man could have brought about such an occurance. It is a factor of Petulant Idealists, Religious Zealots and immature apathetic voters!

  • tony newbill

    Heres the Guy that can save the USA !!!!!! He is well on his way , this is Powerful !!!!!

    • ch3330

      Maybe the ONLY one.

      Republican senators who dined with Obama on 3/6/2013, as Rand Paul stood to fight for the security of the American citizens.

      Lindsey Graham of South Carolina,
      John Hoeven, North Dakota
      Kelly of New Hampshire,
      Bob Corker of Tennessee,
      Dan Coats of Indiana,
      Tom Coburn of Oklahoma,
      Richard Burr of North Carolina,
      Mike Johanns of Nebraska,
      Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
      Saxby Chambliss of Georgia.
      Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
      And the old flip-flopper RINO himself, John McCain, of Arizona

  • GALT

    There are people in life that have no redeeming qualities. Wayne Allen Root is such a person….he needs to be shunned, which about as biblical as I can bring myself to be….and I ain’t biblical, in any way, shape or form.

    So I am going to do you all a favor and CHANGE the subject.

    There was this myth, “a long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far, far a way”, THAT you needed an “education”….and this used to be TRUE.

    There was a time when having an education had value, lasting meaning and a potential positive effect. In fact having an education, had value, in and of itself, intrisically. Like gold is supposed to have intrinsic value…….due to scarcity….shiney objects are cool and women seem to like them, so the sexual potential was interesting, and they are good for catching fish. Lot more women now, not so many fish, but bright and shiny things still do get attention.

    This IS no longer possible. One can not get an “education”….nor is it possible to state that “one is educated”……and this became a reality while most of us were in the process of “believing” we were becoming EDUCATED.

    The myth TODAY, is that we seem to belive that we are INTELLIGENT and EDUCATED…..and neither of these things is TRUE.

    Education is a process which does NOT STOP and if you are actually INTELLIGENT, you would KNOW THIS. Yet each and every day you come here to demonstrate that………YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    How could any of you think that Wayne Allen Root was intelligent and educated………you would have to be a blithering idiot….and most of you are………

    Newton, today is a boor as is Einstein…….you quote “animals” from the ancients and believe this is “wisdom”, and then you spew hatred as if it had DIVINE IMPORT. Anyone can do this. This is natuaral law and jungle rules. DO you think you are the superior ANIMAL?

    Do you want to prove it? Do you think you can?

    You have the single unalienable RIGHT to continue to attempt to SURVIVE!!!!!!! Against this… face, the universe, all of nature and 7 billion other idiots……….

    The best part about this is, we share a common bond…….in and at our core…..LIFE is what we know…..and we don’t want to quit anytime real soon, no matter what we claim……we mourn death and loss…..and I don’t know how may times some FOOL says, “They are in a better place”, we actually believe them……..and that puts the lie to all CLAIMS to the contrary………by if you insist on claiming that you actaully believe this and you are living FOR THE NEXT LIFE….RAISE YOUR HAND…..I can help you get there FASTER. ( deposit required as well as statement of intent )

    You can not be EDUCATED……nor will you ever be…….nor can any piece of paper certify you as being educated………this is a constant process and it is one which we have yet to admit to……

    Nothing in the universe has stopped……what possibly makes you believe that you can?

    You have the single unalienable RIGHT……..

    To continue to ATTEMPT to SURVIVE!

    To claim to be INTELLIGENT, in the face of this rather self evident TRUTH……..

    Is to go with what YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE!


    • XSPF

      You’ve done no one any favors Galt! Instead of just dealing with the facts and the simple idea put forth by Mr Root, which does have some merit, you attack his character and then launch off into some mindless tirade about topics you obviously have no knowledge about. Next time try being constructive in your criticisms and perhaps offer up some solutions to the problems facing us as a society or just keep your mouth shut and actually do us all a favor.

      • sam1966

        D’OH! :-) :-) :-) True that! True that! I guess that Galt would fit into his tirade of not being educated or intelligent. Here is something dealing with the Federal Reserve and our Constitution. Very interesting reading.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Galt out.

        “This is to certify that John R. Murray, Esqr. of the City of New York, by virtues of a contribution of Fifty Dollars, made by his sisters, Mary Murray and Hanna L. Murray, is a member of the American Bible Society.

        New York, May 21st, 1827
        Attest. John Jay – President”

        John Jay
        American Bible Society Certificate

      • Deerinwater

        hey Galt, ~ I enjoy the prospective and sense of depth that you offer us here, and I don’t want to lose you in some pi$$ing contest over nothing of importance.

        At one time, forum rules placed an off limit sign on the OP for personal attacks, while I see that it’s been removed. Still I think it wise to avoid personal flaming, save the big guns for a times big guns are required.

        Mr. Root reaches out there far enough to give us all the material we need to debunk his absurd conjecture without a frontal assault and personal attack.

        You are a cleaver person, wit and charm you have in abundance and at your disposal. Personally I’d enjoy seeing more of it. ~ I steal wit from only the best ~ Just marshaling valuable resources and controlling liability.

      • GALT

        I appreciate your concern, Deer……but there is no need to be concerned.

        Mr. Root was known to me, BEFORE he embarked on his present career
        as the “owner” of a sports betting advisory service, when I had the distinct
        displeasure of briefly working for one, and he was being exposed to the
        opportunity acting as a “shill” for my “employer”, at the time.

        Las Vegas is home to many things, telemarketing used to be very big here
        for almost anything you can imagine and Mr Root must have been
        very impressed with the “potential”, for at some point, he simply
        “duplicated” the system he was exposed to………unfortunately, for him
        the “sports betting advisory service” is simply a well known confidence
        game, which in it’s earlier “incarnation” was simply referred to as the
        A and B scam, which was run through the mail, and designed, as all
        confidence games are, to prey on the greed and in this case “addiction”
        of its victims. ( and as I have pointed out before, since legal sports
        betting is available in a limited number of venues, and technology has
        expanded the reach available, this SERVICE is essentially encouraging
        illegal activity……..and while I have no “objection to how a man makes
        a living, provided our interests are not in conflict”; the other side to
        this coin is; things are what they are……..Mr Root has made his
        choices, they are clear and well documented, and “evidence” is
        available……….for any who wish to look. Mr Root’s problem is that
        he pretends to be what he is NOT………a trait which he may in fact
        share with many here, but he has no more credibility than a
        broken watch………and as such, he has no value……..the “willfully
        ignorant, functional illiterate” does not NEED this type of “distraction”,
        this site inspires enough “insanity” and “hatred” as it is, it certainly
        does not require the “opinions” of someone whose “motivation”, is
        so blatantly self serving pretending to be a “solution” to anything.

        I am no stranger to “moderation” here, although in my case it has not
        been excessive….and the issues regarding Mr. Root have already,
        been the subject of some of this……….unfortunately for HIM, none of
        what has been said is “untrue”, in fact……since his main occupation
        is “shameless self promotion”………an issued from his own lips,
        he has created his own problem……..and like any other “public figure”,
        and a self confessed aspirant to the highest office in the land, which
        he predicted for the “near future”……he is “fair game”.

        Besides, I think Mr. Livingston would be more concerned with my
        comments regarding his “claims” to having predicted the
        “housing crisis” in March of 2000, which is another of today’s
        topics…….and while I doubt that Bob, is a fan, we seemed to
        have reached an “uneasy” understanding……….and we know he
        is quite capable of “responding” to those he “feels” are subject
        to his rather “selective” style of argument.

        As for Mr Root, he seems to be inspiring an equal amount of
        ridicule…… well as , equally mindless approval……..neither of
        which is an encouraging sign……..hopefully that REALITY will
        make an impression on him…… he will abandon his “delusions”
        that he will ever be considered as someone who represents a
        “voice for either intelligent or seriously considered egalitarian
        solutions” to anything. The sooner this occurs, the better. I’m
        just trying to assist him reach this understanding………

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ( and then HANG, separately. )

        • Deerinwater

          Very well, carry on.

          As for myself, ~ I don’t practice gambling and often think that it might be at the core of many of our problems today.

          I would have to gamble to know for certain, so I will never know for certain.

      • GALT

        ooooooppppps………….looks like someone didn’t like your post Deer?

        or we have…..”gremlins”?

      • Darwan Winkler

        I like to have never found the posting you were referring too.

        If ~ You stand tall, you automatically become a target Galt. ~

        I always hated the duty of manning the 30 ft. 50 cal. machine gun tower. ~ I felt like a sitting duck with no fall back position and a big target painted on my forehead. Let some Gung Ho GI Joe have it that wants it. The positions demand serious attention.

        Nick’s posting was rather discursive, usually I like his stuff.

    • Liberal Killer

      Root went to Columbia, same as OweBLAMEa. At least Root’s transcripts are accessible, so he does have an Education, I question OweBLAMEa’s, as NOBODY has seen his. An it seems you as well, need an Education in Economics 101. You can’t spend your way out of debt. There is NO such thing as trickle up economics. Socialism is great, until you run out of other peoples money!

      • Deerinwater

        “At least Root’s transcripts are accessible, so he does have an Education, I question OweBLAMEa’s, as NOBODY has seen his.”

        Well, ~ when Mr.Root becomes president that access will be denied before he is sworn in.

        Anyone that would label themselves a “Liberal Killer” could not have too much working for them. ~ drinking from a poison well has seriously affected your judgement.

    • Charlie R

      Well Gault, certainly doesn’t look like you can engage in ideas that are different than your own. And it sounds like frustration rules you thought process. No one ever gets their point across with ad hominem attacks . Speaking of points, I wonder what it is you are trying to say with your rant. Want to please try again?

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Charlie, the liberals NEVER have “points”. They JUST have agenda – attacking the FACTS and common sense with nonsense. It’s called the Liberal psychosis/ lunacy/ madness/ foolishness.

        “The heart of fools PROCLAIMS FOOLISHNESS.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:23)

        “A dupe lays open his folly.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 13:16)

        And as Ron White said: “You Can’t Fix Stupid. Stupid is FOR-EVER”

        I guess you are agree with Ron. I am.

      • GALT

        Someday, Charlie you will actually know what an “ad hominem” attack is
        and in Mr. Root’s case, he is mentioned briefly in the introduction to the topic of
        my post, because his “topic” has been dismissed as he has been dismissed.

        That you are a willfully ignorant, functional illiterate has also been confirmed.

        You are also dismissed.

  • Karolyn

    For those of you who don’t think the ACLU does anything good, they are launching a police mitilarization investigation nationwide.

    • Charlie R

      Well Karolyn, that is the best thing i have ever heard from the ACLU.
      I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

      Obamas intention of using drones on American soil, against “suspected” terrorists is the most tyrannical move ever made by a sitting president. That givesObama sole power to determine who is an American terrorist.

      Now understand this: Before the colonists became revolutionaries (having a standing army) they were considered Terrorists, according to the Crown. All Americans are on very dangerous ground with Obama in the oval office.

  • Matrix

    Obama plans on making all of America like Detroit, and is doing his black best to make it so!

    Detroit is the result of black leadership, as is New Orleans, Newark N.J. Washington and the list goes on and on as any other organization in the world that is run by blacks, a total corrupt failure.

    Detroit is 83%black, and nothing in the world can help an area of such highly concentrated ignorance of black culture, as proven the entire world over.

    The only way Romney will cure Detroit, is to open the FEMA concentration camps and lock up 80% of the population, burn the city down and start from scratch.

    The only hope for America is cleansing itself of the insanity it created with the importation of the black.

    The first mistake was bringing them here, the second was not returning them, the third was letting them vote and the final nail in America’s coffin was electing one of these sub humans to destroy what is left of a once beautiful thought…..Freedom.

    The majority of blacks are not capable of living a free life, as proven in the entire world, and as the maggots of American society.

    Are they all ignorant, racist, corrupt, evil, unproductive useless maggots of world society?
    No, just the great majority of them that voted for the obamanation…..

    The civil war will start with the release of George Zimmerman, as the animals start riots across America’s cities, and Obama will give them support, as with his fellow Muslims across the mid east, and will end with millions of them dead and the final release for America.

    Let’s pray our current military joins with those of us who took the oath to defend our Constitution, and not the corruptors that are fighting to destroy it!

    Obama and his evil, corrupt followers are Communist, and must be understood as a clear and present danger to our Constitution and freedom and brought to American justice as the treasonous scum they are…..

    • Texas Ride

      Matrix, a lot of what you say is true. I keep asking people on these forums to name me one city or country that is governed by blacks, that is prosperous and free.

      • Deerinwater

        A little black, some black or all black? ~ If you are thinking about Obama , he is as much white as he is black. ~

        Jamaica is governed by a dark race of people, are you suggesting that intelligence is color sensitive? Many early civilizations that prospered and done well were dark people.

        Needless to say “Whitey” was not there.

        i accept you statement and understand the point that you are attempting to make ~ but you are a white man that lived in a white world your whole life and proud of knowing little else.

        Passing judgement on people by appearance alone is plain wrong no matter how you attempt to present it.

        The practice of self elevation not by deed but demeaning is the lowest common denominator of human kind. ~ It take no brains and very little effort.

      • Vigilant

        Matrix says, “Let’s pray our current military joins with those of us who took the oath to defend our Constitution, and not the corruptors that are fighting to destroy it!”

        And which part of the Constitution are you talking about? If you have taken such an oath, then that includes the 5th, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments and others.

        Moreover, you are too ignorant to know that the Constitution is based squarely on the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence. The Creator-endowed natural rights that describe individual sovereignty apply to ALL human beings, and in the absence of that cornerstone, the Constitution would mean nothing.

        Understand this, if you understand nothing else during your wasted existence as a human being during this life: you have every right to your sordid racist views, you DO NOT have the right to cherry pick or slice and dice the Constitution to fit your own prejudices.

        BTW, don’t EVER consider yourself a Conservative. In choosing to ignore the parts of the Constitution that don’t fit your way of thinking, you are as much of a progressive fool as Obama.

        Deerinwater is 100% correct: “The practice of self elevation not by deed but demeaning is the lowest common denominator of human kind. ~ It take no brains and very little effort.”

      • Proud to be a Believer

        I have asked the same question, even including Countries. Most not all of course, once you let a black near any kind of money, beware. Look at the tax cheats in Congress. Once that happened, they should have been barred from ever holding public office again. Also Pelosi on insider trading. Look what they did to Martha Stewart for goodness sake. My husband was on a contract in Trinidad (99% black). At the time we were there, they had been independent from England for five years and the US Navy had a banded the Navy base and given it over to the Government. Now mind you at that time (the island is right off the coast of Venezuela- they reason I explain things in parenthesis is so our liberal friends know where I am speaking) they had oil. They had not had onions, nor milk (only altered milk non fresh) nor potatoes for over three months. The electricity was only one for three hours at a time because the infrastructure was in a sad state of disrepair, chuck holes so large you could loose a truck, an absolutely filthy airport where you wouldn’t even want to have a cup of coffee. We would have starved had I not known how to cook the local tropical fare which could be purchased from the green grocer. The country was all run by blacks! Trinidad when it was run by the British was one of the gems of the Caribbean!.

        • Deerinwater

          “I have asked the same question, even including Countries. Most not all of course, once you let a black near any kind of money, beware. Look at the tax cheats in Congress. Once that happened, ”

          Well, ~ white men are not exactly immune to the gravitational pull of a big pile of loot either if you have noticed.

          I have had a Nigerian CPA / tax preparer for 20 years. He goes by Bones, he is darker than midnite under an iron skillet. ~ I have always had a difficult time understanding his “Kings English” while he has served me well for that 20 years.

          Evidently the IRS can’t understand him very well either. ~ For every question they ask, he will ask them three. After a few days or weeks ~ of attempting to pinch me for another 4 to 600 dollars, they finally just give up.

      • Matrix


        I really hit a nerve with my facts, but no matter how much the truth hurts, it is still the truth!

        I’m sure you live in a very pleasant bubble, where you never leave your home, watch the news or open a newspaper, but reality is a very scary place, and no place for useful idiots like you!

        Unless you are black, then your ignorance is so blissful, you truly just don’t understand the truth, so sit back and enjoy the ride, for it comes to an end soon!

        Very soon!

        • Deerinwater

          Matrix, ~ Sir, ~ you don’t have a single clue who you are addressing if you elect to say such things to Vigilant , for he is none of those things that you have described.

          You have done only yourself a disservice and no one else.

          Do yourself a big favor, Pull them horns in, Put a sock in it, listen and learn.

      • Darwan Winkler

        Matrix says:
        March 9, 2013 at 3:13 pm

        “I really hit a nerve with my facts, ”

        I say, Come back when you understand what constitutes a fact.

    • Texas Ride

      And, I agree with you about Detroit! I don’t think even Romney would be able to turn it around. First, the citizens have to be willing to change and become productive and that won’t happen.

      Like Washington, Detroit needs to be purged!

    • MNIce

      It isn’t the skin color that’s the problem, it’s the political mindset that’s held by the majority of Americans with dark skin and African ancestry. I’ve seen a few blacks who are very talented managers, thinkers or politicians (e. g., Herman Cain, Thomas E. Sowell and J. C. Watts). I’ve also seen quite a number who have no business being in charge of anything; they just weren’t brought up right. Many in the latter group have such immature attitudes that they think the world (or at least that part run by whites) owes them a living. This leads to a preference to take other people’s property instead of responsibility when chosen for a government position.

      • Toy

        Agree. Not the color but the culture.
        Mitt? Try and think of the Mormon thing as a personal moronic quirk, of no particular importance in the circumstances.

  • The GLB

    It is easy to predict a result when there is zero possibility that the occasion would ever arise.

    • GALT


      • Marty S.

        Hey GALT……………….. .

  • Paul

    I ‘ve been reading this site for a year and the same mindless criticism of Romney is evident. The Vitriol about Romney’s religion bordering on bigotry was one of the causes of his defeat. Almost 22% of voters said they would not vote for a Mormon. Many comments in this column reenforced this perception. Conservatives and especially Christians have only themselves to blame for the defeat. Most of the criticism of Romney was not true and I still read the comments today spouting the same ignorant and uninformed lies about him. Add to the mix Rick Perry’s ignorant comment about “Vulture Capitalism” which really told more about his ignorance about how capital formation is important to growing busnesses and Romney was wounded by the very people who now are lamenting the road Obama is taking the country. We have met the enemy and “he is us” was once said. Conservatives, Libertarians, Evangelicals requirement that every candidate be 100% pure marginalizes them and divides. Sometimes I think that conservatives are the only intelligent voters, and then I read the comments from the ignorant in this column and dispair for this country.

    • GALT

      Mr Romney’s defeat was due to his obvious flawed grasp of economics and
      that fact that his “solutions”, as well as his “career” would not have had
      a “positive effect” for the majority of this country…….if nothing else, he did
      not have the “ability” to alter these perceptions……..and since, both his
      career and rhetoric, clearly make him part of the problem……be grateful
      he was not elected.

      As for the “vitriol”…….if you have been here for a year, you can not
      seriously object to what is in fact the ”common denominator” of this
      wonderfully democratic forum, which permits you to exercise your
      right to free speech through the wonders of modern technology?

      If you are…….your sense of balance is in need of serious adjustment
      in so far as to the “primary source” of that which you seem to be
      “objecting to”……… least if you are considering the actual “evidence”?

      • speedle

        Galt, if you truly want an example of the mentality that re-elected BO you should check out some of the economic genius displayed in the “on the street” interviews with Obama voters. It is really quite revealing

        • Deerinwater

          Off the street interviews is your idea of proof?

          It must take very little to convince you . Especially if your mind is already make up.

          To seek out strange and weird people to asked them pointed questions and then edit the interviews into a film clip ~ You could make a comedy out of anything! ~ For you to think that would be some kind of proof only suggest you have a serious lacking in judgement skills and are very easily mutilated, being a Fox viewer, we knew already.

          Mitt Romney lost, Obama won, ~ maybe next time.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        Actually and truthfully what sunk Romney besides all the dead and 119% of voters voting for Obama, was his wealth. Pure and simple. Stupid Americans are always for the underdog and that is what Obama portrayed. That he lied absolutely makes no difference. They should have seen that from the first four years and unfortunately we all have to live with it. Personally, I would like nothing better for Romney to step up and make Detroit the shinning Gem of cities and show the idiots but then if he did, they still wouldn’t believe it was capitalism and would still want their socialism. One of these days when the wealthy take their bag of marbles and leave, become citizens of some other country (have to do this as no matter where they go, they still will have to pay American taxes), then the 47% of freeloaders will find out, someone has to pay the bill but it will be too late as the one world government and one world currency will have taken place as our sweet Lord has predicted to happen in Revelation. Personally I truthfully believe that the rapture will happen during these last four years of the great Obama which will slow his golf games and vacations at tax payers expense down to never because of the chaos. Can’t wait!!!

      • GALT

        To save Detroit would require INVESTMENT…….Romney is NOT an investor, which
        means he would have to con someone else into “investing”……..

        The only plunder available is in the privatization of public services, which is not
        a promising future……given current economic conditions and the stupidity of
        of the victims who have bought into the “austerity” scam.

        Romney was so successful at saving Mass…….he vetoed every bill and
        was over ridden 99.999999% of the time…….his claim to fame is
        Romney Care…..and he had to beg “Bush” to get it done.

        He is not a “producer”…….he is a parasite.

      • Darwan Winkler

        A poster states; ” Personally I truthfully believe that the rapture will happen during these last four years of the great Obama which will slow his golf games and vacations at tax payers expense down to never because of the chaos. Can’t wait!!!”

        I say; What could be a fitting response to that? “Good Grief!” Shooting yourself in the foot will only hurt “your” foot.

      • GALT

        Careful, Darwan…….these people have guns and they can damn well
        shoot themselves in the foot, if they want to!!!!!

        You have obviously opened yourself up to be cited as, anti 2nd amendment,
        pro abortion and finally an “unpatriotic, progressive, liberal, socialist, communist,

        Welcome to Personal Liberty Digest!

        • Nick Czudy

          Hi Galt.
          I would like to join that faction of Liberty Digest.
          You said….”You have obviously opened yourself up to be cited as, anti 2nd amendment,
          pro abortion and finally an “unpatriotic, progressive, liberal, socialist, communist,
          atheist.” Welcome to Personal Liberty Digest!”

          I am proud to be on that side of this site. But there are talking points that the Right always quote that are the standard traits of lefties. BUt many of them are wrong or misguided.
          Being antil 2nd amendment. Not really, but not the way you interpret it. I do not need assualt guns or bazookas. I can have as many guns as I want and it will never infringe on my 2nd. We can have some well regulated laws inforced that will not take away my freedom in the least.
          Communist and socialist. Oh that is a favourite of the Righties. You are all so dam religious and righteous, yet to help the less fortunate people in society or for retired people to get social assistance after decades of paying into it, is somehow, socialist.
          Now communism is where everything is owned and run by the government. Sorry , but I cannot see any example of that in this country. The private sector is doing gangbusters and have paid very little into the government coffers. So it is a big streach for you to keep using the “Communism” word.
          Progressive. Yes definately. If we see somthing that is an improvement over the old tried and true ways, then absolutely. It is just common sense.
          Liberal. Absolutely. Live and let live. That means listening to your rants and letting you live in your delusions. As long as your policies and views do not infringe on my rights, then no problem. Also stay out of my wifes vagina and do not try and tell her how to make personal decisions on her sexuality or having a baby. She does not have to have her freedom taken away by a bunch of horny old white men.
          Atheist. absolutely. After a lifetime of learning and every day life, I see no evidence of a god and a supreme being. I would rather believe scientists, that say the earth is 4.5 billion years old and the dinasours were wiped out 65 million years ago, then believing that the earth is 9000 years old and was formed in 6 days. Dahhhh. It is a no brainer. I understand that religion was a means for the power elite to keep the masses under control. But I do not think that in a civilized society, that we still need to fear going to hell if we do something bad. I would rather hope that we can treat each other civily and be moral without the threat of eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell.

          Now I know that the lefties also have unfairly painted the RIght Wing with some traits and characteristics. A few of the things that they describe the “Righties” are as follows:
          Bible thumping, gun loving, patriotic dictators, uneducated, gullible, pushy, red neck, liers, hill billies, political fanatics, disseminators of bull crap, right to lifers, infatuated with rapes, and no birth control, creationists, anti-science, takers, angry, vendictive, truthers, god fearing, willing to do undertake any dirty trick to undermine the democrats, foul mouth cursers, obstructionsists, “No” sayers, do nothing politicians, less government but don’t take away my nedicare, top down believers. rich plutocrats. well I am getting hungry, so I will go make some lunch.
          Now I do not believe any of those things. Lets see how you can prove all of those nasty “Lefties” how civilized and wonderful all you “Righties” are. You will become such a shining example of how to behave that we will all mograte over to your side of the political aisle.
          Have a good day, I have to go out and make some money. Cheers, Nick Cz

      • Darwan Winkler

        Nick say ,”I am proud to be on that side of this site. But there are talking points that the Right always quote that are the standard traits of lefties. BUt many of them are wrong or misguided.”

        I say. Nick, Galt was address me, Darwan Winkler with mild humor. ~ It was humor and not to be taken serious but in an light hearted way.

        The rest of your paragraph does not read clear enough to be certain about what you wish to convey.

        As for personal pride, ~ it’s greatly over valued and creates more problems then any pride solves. ~ things “are” or things “are not” ~ personal pride is not a validation of anything other than self ego.

        I would ask, what side is this site on? While clearly PLD offers us claims of defending personal liberties and freedom while at the same time the argument is being made to restrict and limit personal freedoms and liberties. So how could you be on both sides or to be proud about it?

        We might aspire to be humble and righteous in both thoughts and deeds but there is no place for pride where humility reigns. It’s unnecessary and serves little purpose other then to corrupt the mind.

        • Nick Czudy

          Hi Darwin.

          I was just having a little fun with my comrades on this site.
          If you are not sure what it is about, it is a forum where the extreme right hate mongers, can foment their truth (In other words, “Lies”) about the real world as seen in the eyes of their handlers, like Wayne Root and Mr, Livingston, and therefor, these handlers will proper in this world and cultivate a hoard of right wing followers who will help them on to their evil plans to take over the USA and then the world and to control it with the rich 1% and enslave the masses to an existence of labor with no hope in finding the American dream..
          They live under a bubble where, what they are told, is absorbed and accepted without question. They want a life with their guns and their bibles and the hope that they will be able to live a life of freedom and no government as long as they do not stop the social security checks and social assistance payments. They want all aliens to self deport and to keep the country white and pure. They want the hope that some day they also can be one of the 1% but that will never happen, as the 1% will get richer and all of the rest will get poorer. But as long as they have their guns and bibles, they will live in total bliss and happiness for all times. lol

    • Nick Czudy


      I was going to say that Mitt’s religious beliefs had no bearing on his losses, then I had to step back and rethink my comment.
      For the religious, conservative, and prejudiced Right Wing, I would accept that there would be many that would not vote for him, because of that. Liberals would never use a man’s religion to judge his political assets and skills.
      But the Right Wing have a huge problem.
      From people like Rick Perry that have prayer sessions in a drought to make rain, to Mr. Mourdock that thinks that women getting pregnant from rape is a gift from god, to Mr. Broun’s evolution, embryology and global warming are lies straight from the pit of hell.
      Your movement has a big problem and that is that they try to stick their religious beliefs ( and to many fairy tales) into politics, that are supposed to be secular.
      If all of you kept your religious beliefs to yourselves and your God’, then you might be elected into power sometimes.
      I always had a fear, if McCain won the election and he died from health issues, that we would have Sarah Palin with her finger on the big red nuclear button. My fear is that someday, she would wake up and decide that God wants her to purge the evil in this world and start a nuclear war.
      Do you people not see that you look just as backward as the religious Muslim fanatics that we make fun of in the middle east? There is not much difference between you and them.
      In this modern world with real life problems, can you not keep trying to push your religious views into the sane and rational running of the government and world? Thanks. Nick Cz

      • Vigilant

        Nick says. “Liberals would never use a man’s religion to judge his political assets and skills.”…then turns around and immediately disproves his point.

        Nick, you needn’t worry about ever being accused of possessing even a rudimentary understanding of the principles of logic.

        • Nick Czudy

          Vigilant. The people that I dissed are because of inaccurate science and rediculous statements, rather then them being religious. I believe that all politicians need to keep their religion out of politics. You can believe anything you want out away from Washington, or state capitals.
          I will ridicule any politician that will base his political policies on his religion. Politics and religion do not mix. Otherwise, we would become a Theocracy like we have with the Ayatollahs in Iran.

  • Kiss It

    [comment has been removed]

  • Jim Crawford

    You anti-Romney meatheads should wake up and smell the coffee…this country is plummeting toward socialistic poverty. If you can’t recognize sincerity in Romney, you really are a kool-aid drinker. As the man said, we’re sunk under obummer but Romney, despite your envy of his wealth, could very well be our life preserver.

    • GALT

      I believe the phrase you are seeking is “sociopathic plutocracy”, that is the present
      you have and the future you seem to be seeking more of.

      Having experienced the effects and escaping this once already, you have
      unwittingly returned to the same set of circumstances, whose downside
      prospects are far worse than the first time………its always nice when your
      victims are convinced that you are their SAVIOR…….

    • R. Fine

      If you care to view the last election objectively it is clear that Mitt was unable to asses the electorate at all well. He was unable to organize a proper nation wide team and unable to direct whatever team he had. His policies were unclear or unstated beyond the usual pap. He actually believed a lot of the nonsense being churned out by Rove and FOX “news”. In short he was a disaster. I thought it was very telling when,after the election, a Mitt aide came out and noted that Obama won the election because he had an excellently organized team in each state that made personal contact with the voters, explained the policies to them clearly and got the vote out when the time came. Duh. That’s what you have to do in a democratic election. Obama did it, Mitt did not.

  • http://Facebook Kathleen

    Mitt Romney is the man for the job. He’s a terrible politians. But politians are all liars and thieves, self serving bloats. He’s a great business man with the credentials of atlas. He could have turned America around but he lost. Opportunity strikes again. Give him Detroit. Once America’s jewel and watch what a real CEO can do. Obama, this should scare the HELL out of you. But then again, your influence is from HELL. So you should feel right at home.

    • Jeff

      You don’t have to convince Obama as he has nothing to do with who runs Detroit. You just have to convince Rick Snyder and Romney himself who seems more interested in making another billion by outsourcing jobs and selling off assets.

      • speedle

        Well Jeff, there isn’t much left in Detroit to “sell off”. “Outsourcing” would probably be a good idea from the standpoint of GM’s health because the company would benefit from getting away from the UAW albatross.

        But you may be right by being wrong. I doubt if anyone could turn the Detroit morass around. It should sit there as a shining example of what Obamanomics leads to.

  • Corkey

    Time to move on Wayne.

    • GALT

      if only………but MOVING OUT………now THAT would be far better.

  • David Erickson

    If Wayne still believes the GOP plan, ‘feed the rich and they will make us wealthy’, all I can say is he’s as dumb as a brick. But I’d say it’s more like Wayne is being paid to lay this bogus crap on us, so he’ll write anything to keep a paycheck.

    This, I believe,
    is the problem with the entire cadre of pseudo-conservative talk jocks, most of the biggies, like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity are high school dropouts. I’d say they conned their way through school, at least as far as they got, which was good practice for conning their followers, Great Americans, my freaking a**.

    • debo.

      Amen, David.
      Wayne Root talks about how Romney is this great businessman,but I bet I can use other people’s money to buy companies, strip them down,lay off workers,put the companies in debt with loans borrowed to pay my partners enormous dividends.The man was a vulture capitalist who does what a vulture does. He picked the companies to the bone then discard them. The Romney apologists love to bring up the Salt Lake Olympic, what they don’t say is that the Federal Govt. gave him half of a billion dollars to bail out said affair. He is uncomfortable around common people. There is nothing there with the guy. He was an average governor, a tax dodger and a terrible politician, who talks talks bad about half the population that is less fortunate than he among his wealthy friends. He is one who feels that heis entitled, as his wife said, it was their time now.I am sure his grandchildren are glad to have him as a playmate, and a lot of time to count his millions and figure out new ways to not pay his fair share of taxes.

  • Varian

    I personally don’t give a rats back side about Detroit. They keep electing people who are corrupt so let them reap what they have sewn. I believe Mitt could turn it around by why should he invest his time and effort to a bunch of people who believe in Santa Clause and want all for doing nothing.

  • Cindi Miller

    WHY DON’T you post opposing views?

  • Chris

    Hmmmmm…….Obama’s intention of using drones on American soil, against “suspected” terrorists: “WHY”…….when it’s okay by him that illegals are coming into this country by the droves to run amok?


      President Obama has/had no intention of using drones on American soil. The way this myth started was by someone posing the question much as Fox “news” often does that is to say “Does the President intend to use drones in America?” Once the question gets asked – and asked repeatedly – eventually some folks begin to imagine that it is a possibility!

  • Carlucci

    Romney is just another big government bureaucrat. He is the last thing this nation needs. The GOP has got to go; they need to be replaced by Libertarians, who are the TRUE conservatives.

    • Truegrit

      Actually ,the Tea Party Patriots are the true stand up American Patriots and we real patriots stand behind them 100 % !!!

      • Deerinwater

        Yeah, at least that is what you are saying, while you are either a hyjacker or the one being hyjacked.

        It’s an either – or situation that you find yourself in, ~ as you build a barricade between yourself and outside forces while you sleep with your enemy.

        Personally I don’t believe the Tea Party is interested in citizen rights but in dominion of the government of the people to limit their rights and free will that best serves their masters ” Greed, Power and Money”

        A crazed Sheep in a Wolf suit ! ~A war of misidentifying and mislabeling with bogus props and disinformation. Why after 247 years do we NEED someone that claims to hold virtues that superseded all the rest of Americans? I can’t think of a reason ~ unless the GOP has failed to offer us a principled white man that could actually win an election with strong mandate three times in a row ~ or actually four times.

        Clear as Mud hmm? it’s hard to see much when things are so near.

  • Darwan Winkler

    Nick, ~ all these “Warriors, and Samurai and Liberal Killer types ~ like to write in Comic book fashion, ~ POW! Kboom! ~ ZZZZZzzzzzzap! Kabang!! Being seen as dangerous calms their insecurities. That you or I might resist or resent their posture and demure is taken as justification for them to continue with this adolescent behavior. They need enemies and are on the prowl to make some new ones as the old one bore with them and quite reacting to them.

    They wear their Incredible Hulk underwear whenever they are post anything. ~ It’s Public Street here, open to all.

    It’s be like me wearing my Old Boony hat into a bar and flashing my military mahagonny about just to separate myself for the rest of the people in the bar.

    This says it all

  • Newspooner

    How sad that the majority of the comments on thiis website is so much lower in quality than just several months ago. Further deterioration will cause the near total collapse of the value that was here. It will be unfortunte if this is no longer a repsitory of important information and activity suggestions. Lysander would be disappointed.


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