How may vitamin D deficiency lead to cancer?


How may vitamin D deficiency lead to cancer?Scientists have proposed a model that attempts to explain the long-established empirical link between vitamin D deficiency and a higher cancer risk.

The model, presented by a team from the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, is based on the loss of cancer cells’ ability to stick together.

Dr Cedric Garland, professor of family and preventive medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, explains the origins of cancer can be traced to a loss of communication abilities among cells which can be a result of low vitamin D and calcium levels.

"[We] propose that this loss may play a key role in cancer by disrupting the communication between cells that is essential to healthy cell turnover, allowing more aggressive cancer cells to take over," Garland adds.

Health practitioners have been alarmed by recent studies which showed the average blood levels of vitamin D appear to have decreased in the U.S. between 1994 and 2004.

This has prompted experts to call for an upward revision of the daily recommended dose of 200 IUD to as much as 2,000 IUD depending on an individual’s lifestyle and geographical location.


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