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How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

August 31, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TIME

    Saddly people, This is only one more step in the dance known as

    The question’s that this type of behavior begs of the persons who are doing this JOB are:

    #1) What are they thinking?
    Do they think that their familys or that they themself’s are immune? to this type of behavior
    If so why is that?
    They should come forth with any orders or Directives to display to the public thus plead their case to stop this type of abuse?
    The American public will stand with them!

    #2) Can the people running these type of check points Comprehend how this behavior will effect them and their familys in the long run?
    Let alone how it looks when displayed with world history of just the 20th Centrury alone?

    The fellow in the car within this feed did a fine job of holding his own. If everyone of you would PLEASE follow suit
    {rather than just going along to get along.}
    *** This type of Behavior would “STOP before its starts” but YOU HVAE TO SAY – NO, and YOU also have to really MEAN IT.
    You don’t need to be nasty, nor act out or even get angry.

    People its by YOUR “CONSENT” that they can do what they are doing to YOU. Will you PLEASE just stand up and say NO?

    You really don’t have to hurt anyone afterall the word NO is just two letters strung together to make a simple word used the world over that everyone understands. Just say NO!

    STOP being SHEEP! Wake up and smell the Fresh Java people, Yes its a new day, Yes, we would like to Progress FORWARD, ( not backward.) Thank You.

    Ask yourself this question – what would have happened if all the people in Germany just said “NO” to Hitler and his Gang of Criminals? Would six million Jews have been saved? YES!

    My God people if you really believe that in this nation you have freedom’s granted to you, why would you allow this type of behavior in any way shape of form?

    PLEASE – Keep in mind That – “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER that words!”

    Don’t Vote for anyone who will not REPEAL the ” Patriot Act” “Barry Omen Care” – the “NDAA” as well all EO”S signed from 1860 to today!
    Otherwise we will just keep going down this same road until its not so nice end.

    “Your call people, let these VAMPIRES tell you what they will do.

    Or YOU limit what YOU will allow them to do!
    All this BS about in TIME you can change something back to something, Let me be clear, its not worked yet, nor will it ever!

    Peace and Love

  • Carbon

    Thank God some people have the guts to speak up. Lets remember the Police are just going along like everyone else. Be polite and help inform them, as many of them and the Military are waking up. They are human and are in the fog like everyone else……

  • http://PersonalLiberity Ken James

    I wonder how much time he drove around looking for check points to get caught in to make his point. He was ready to record his actions. If our country was not over run by illegals the check points would not be needed. So what do we do about the problem of illegals other then Super American’s Idea here?

  • Don Sackett

    What should I say? As a truck driver I go through check points like that everytime I pass thru New Mexico and Texas. I see no problem with it. And in this video that I could only stomach half of. The fella DRIVING should have just said yes I’m an American. I emphasize the word driving because last time I checked driving was a privledge not a right. As such law enforcement has every right to check your licence and registration. I’m not saying they should pull everyone over for this but at a check point it’s different. It’s like big holiday weekends where they set up DUI check points. It’s in the interest of public safety not out of a discourtesy.
    On a different note maybe someone can find the link to facts of these checkpoints and post it here. Like the amount of drugs confiscated there, the number of arrest of illegals, or even cases where they have rescued people from the sex trade or worse.
    In the end I suppose everyone has their own view. How much inconvenience is allowable to protect the freedoms you have? Not all law enforcement officers are out there trying to abuse their power. Just like not all people are innocent.

    • Don Sackett

      Saw other post showed as I was posting decided to go back and watch entire clip. I’ll stand with my previous comment. Note the two edit points in the clip. Was it really the same day? Even if it was, only a serious fluke would have him hitting 3 checkpoints in one day.

    • vicki

      Don Sakett writes:
      “I emphasize the word driving because last time I checked driving was a privledge not a right.”

      That is cause you have bought into the lie about private property. Your car is YOUR property. You most certainly have every right (if you lived in a truly free society) to take YOUR private property from one place to another. The fact that you ride on it instead of carrying it on your shoulders makes no difference.

    • Smilee

      Don Sackett says:
      August 31, 2012 at 8:49 am

      Just because it is a privilege does not give the police the power to ignore your Constructional rights.

    • TIME

      Dear Don,

      I do understand your point of such check points being good in some ways.
      One also has to face the facts that just as GOOD as something may seem, it also has the “propensity” for EVIL as well.

      As per your own words you travel daily, thus you perhaps have a far more closed view of such behavior as the “CHECK POINT’S on I 10″ in the areas you noted where the line between Mexico and the the two noted states is less that a few hundred yards at most.
      Most people don’t know these facts nor do they ever come in contact with such.

      Thus perhaps you should widen your view point to allow in your experiences so they display common ground for others to follow.

      Rather than just insulting not only the person who is filming this, but the persons watching it. Afterall you don’t even know where these
      “Check Points” were filmed – now do you?
      What will you do when these become common place at the end of your street?
      Will you still cling to them being normal and within reason?

      Keep this statment in mind from Ben Franklin;
      “Those who would give away their rights for the promise of safety, deserve neither!”


      Peace and Love

    • http://patriotupdate major

      Freedom in America has been taken away and is being taken away little by little, here a little there a little, this has nothing to do with making us safe or catching the bad guys, it’s just an exercise by the Top Fascists to see how far they can go at a given time. once a step up the Fascist ladder it is a step that is never taken back down. We are in serious trouble if these posts on here are indictative of how most Americans feel about a Fascist Government although they aren’t about to call it for what it is, we can remove Obama the Marxist/Communist from our White House but it’s another story when it comes to a Citizenry that has become pro Fascist,these same people say they hate Communism but when it comes to Communism’s brother Fascism well that’s different, that will keep us safe. The laws enacted since 9/11 are a fine example that shows most Americans are stupid enough to give up their freedom for so-called security, how did so many people become so dumb?. so Don and to the rest of you that see nothing wrong with check-points, I’m sure you will be be ok getting a state visa just like traveling outside the country.these visas could be renewed every six months from a government Czar who would enforce the crossing from state to state and then eventually from county to long as it keeps us safe freedom does not matter. Hitler would be proud of America but the Veterans that fought against him and his Evil form of Government would surely be heart broken if they could see what has happened to the mindset of the people, of the country they died for.

  • Super 88

    It seems to me that this guy was driving around LOOKING for checkpoints so that he could record himself giving guff to the guards. It’s kind of revealing that he thought making this video was more important than answering his phone. How is this different than the ACLU looking for a test case on whose behalf it can sue the government?

    • Smilee

      You can look at it that way but you cannot really know you are correct it is your assumption, never the less it is interesting and scary is it should be true.

      • Vicki

        The really scary thing is not that the guy was looking for checkpoints to get into but that he actually FOUND so many checkpoints.

    • Vicki

      Super 88 writes:
      ‘….he could record himself giving guff to the guards….”

      Interesting use of the term. Guards are what you find in prisons not open roads. Are you trying to make a point about police state tactics?

    • TIME

      Dear Super,

      I don’t know what you do for work, be that as it may, I carry a pocket recorder all over the place.
      Why? I use it to make notes on things I have to do, as well sounds I like such as rhythm’s etc..
      As well I always have my Camera for when I see something I find of great beauty that I wish to see again.

      This fellow has a video camera, so perhaps he uses it within his work, did you ever stop and think about that?

      As well at such Check Points your are drawn into a funnel – thus giving you enough TIME to turn on your camera unit.

      So in conclusion what you posted clearly displays human flaws we all have to some degree – its called, “rationalization for bad behavior.”

      We have been programed that way by “social constraints.”
      Thus perhaps for your own growth you should step outside that box.

      Good luck. ;-)

      Peace and Love

  • JimH

    The police let him go through eventually. I wonder if it was because they agreed with him or they saw the camera.
    Next New Years Eve I’m going to grab a 12 pack of beer and my camera and go look for check points.

    • Smilee

      Private cameras are keeping cops on their toes these days especially since u tube, in St. Paul a private persona day or two ago filmed an arrest where a cop kicked the person he was arresting in the throat while he was laying face down on the sidewalk and not resisting arrest. Afterwards it was out on u tube with a copy given to the police the next morning, I think the cops here were scared off as they should have suspected something was not to their liking and they appeared to fear it.

  • Palin16

    This beligerant driver should have been thrown in jail. All he had to do was say yes or no to the cop and he would have been on his way instead of contributing to his 30 minute traffic jam. Last year, I got pulled over (while driving across Wyoming) for doing 7 over the speed limit. I was polite to the officer, showed her my license and registration, and then she let me off with a warning.


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