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How I Spent 9/11

September 13, 2011 by  

How I Spent 9/11

I would have thought that — outside macabre celebrations in the Islamofascist sandboxes — there was no “wrong” way to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. Among those with whom I share relationships, a variety of methods took shape. Some people took to social media outlets, sharing thoughts or memories or posting those ubiquitous pictures of the Twin Towers either standing tall or crashing down.  Many people seemed to find solace in the photo montages of varying sentiment — either tragic or uplifting — set to music ranging from Lee Greenwood’s staple “God Bless the USA” to Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ modern anthem “Empire State of Mind.” Still, others chose to pause only briefly before cruising through what would otherwise have been an ordinary Sunday.

I spent part of my day yelling at the television as my favorite NFL team coughed up an early lead and lost, looking terrible in defeat. I also followed the progress of my two fantasy football league teams, both of which performed on the electronic gridiron about as well as my team did on the actual gridiron. As the afternoon wore on, my attention wandered back to the reams of information, news and commentary I peruse every day in order to keep Mr. Livingston from replacing me with a twice-weekly recipe column.

No matter how you spent 9/11, it’s unlikely you did so poorly. It seems unlikely that anyone could fail to do otherwise. Even if a person chose to ignore the maudlin and the merry, I can’t imagine someone marking the day with behavior which qualified as wrong.

As the sage says: “famous last words, pal.” Late in the day, as I prepared to fire up the grill and crack open an ice-cold beer, I happened upon Democratic Party sock puppet Paul Krugman’s latest reminder of how the Nobel Prize has become a million-dollar Cracker Jack trinket. Writing for the desiccated liberal corpse you might remember as The New York Times, Krugman chose to mark the occasion of the biggest bloodbath on American soil since the Civil War with his 9/11 commemorative, “The Years of Shame.” The blog post is devoid of hope, robbed of civility and abandoned by decency. More importantly, it is absolutely pointless.

Krugman wrote: The atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror.” Those evil conservatives, always politicizing terrorism to push an agenda and attack their ideological adversaries – how dare they! Nothing gets by Paul Krugman; politicians politicizing tragedy, you say? What’s next: an unConstitutional social engineering program which penalizes citizens for failure to purchase something?

Of course, Krugman also takes the obligatory shot at the Republicans at the fore of the 9/11 response. Granted, Kerik was a crook, but that’s “rain tends toward the damp” stuff. It’s hard to fault Rudy Giuliani for his 9/11 actions. Say what you want about Rudy’s other days — and I could say plenty — he was absolutely America’s Mayor then.

Even on 9/11 itself, Krugman didn’t want to discuss the potential greatness of the nation. He didn’t want to discuss a brighter future for America. He didn’t even want to discuss how much he despises the animals who perpetrated the terrible deeds forever welded in our minds to 9/11. No, Paul Krugman wanted to discuss how much he hates his fellow countrymen.

Actually, Krugman doesn’t want to discuss anything; he wants to sneer without interruption: “I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.” “Obvious reasons” meaning “because someone might out that I’m a simpering ninny who decided to rain on a national funeral.”

I understand Krugman is one of those liberals for whom everything is simultaneously political and emotional. But, surely, “The Years of Shame” could have waited — well, forever — but at least until Tuesday.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Wu Ming Ren

    What did we do, as a family to mark the 10th anniversary of Islamist attack on American soil? We went to our rural property and set up paper targets to shoot at. My daughters got to shoot a .22 for the first time in their lives. And my wife and I practiced with our matching handguns. She’s getting pretty good now.

    The first time she asked me to teach her to shoot a handgun, I said, “I want you to take a week to think about whether you would be able to kill a man or woman who is attacking you, me or the children. If you can honestly say that you’d kill such a person, then I will teach you to shoot.”

    The next weekend, she indicated that she would indeed shoot to kill if the circumstances warranted it. So, we went to a gun range, where I put up a silhouette target — not a bull’s eye target — and we did some shooting. I have been reinforcing the concept that using a firearm to threaten while being afraid to pull the trigger is the wrong attitude. I am thinking of making a life-sized figure out of some of my old clothes for one of our outings to our 40 acres up north. The more real I can make it, the better the training.

    As for cleaning up an area, we do that as well. We always pick up our spent brass so I can make reloads.

    • Ret

      Sad, isn’t it, that we have come to the point that husbands and fathers feel the need to teach their families how to shoot another person. That we can no longer expect the protection by people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. That we can no longer expect our leaders to follow the Constitution, that we basically have no Constitution except as a document posted somewhere in Washington, DC.

      • Jim

        Ret, Law enforcement is not there to protect you. They are there to catch the culprits after they have robbed and/or killed you. It is up to the individual to take charge of his/her own life and to protect his/her family. Actually it has always been that way but,people seem to have forgotten that in the past 40 years (along with a lot of other things). Now they want the Government to swoop in and save the day and pay their way. Sad but true. This country unfortunately is going the way of Liberal Europe. Confiscate all guns so they they (Gov.)can take over just like they did in Germany and Russia and every other Marxist country and take away as many rights and freedoms as they can get away with. It is time for America to put God back in the schools and our lives and get Government out of our lives. God Bless the United States of America.

        • 45caliber


          I agree. And one thing I’ve noted about Germany over the years. They don’t like Hitler – if anything, they hate him more than we did – but they certainly don’t mind keeping all the laws, etc. that he put into existence in the first place and they enforce them the same way.

          • USAF VET

            So if they are not there to protect, then why do they have the slogan “To Serve and Protect” written on a lot of their cruisers?

      • Michael

        Sad, but true. The Constitution becomes more meaningless with each passing day to our elected officials. One need look no further than the federal response to Katrina, Irene, the 3 million acres burned in west Texas to see how the federal gov’t responds in a time of need. If you are not prepared to help yourself, you are indeed in dire straits.

      • 45caliber


        The only protection the Constitution tries to give us is protection from enemy armies invading us. We’re supposed to provide the rest of it. And even then, we are expected to be ready – as a militia – to help defend against enemy armies if needed.

      • Vicki

        Ret writes:
        “That we can no longer expect the protection by people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.”

        Ummm. Excuse me but WE are the people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. If we, every single man, woman and child are not ready to uphold the Constitution then no one will.

        Like President Reagan said. If not us, then whom?

    • Jim

      Very good Wu. Although you are probably a good shot I would reinforce your outings with a firearms class at a regular firearms safety course and there are many held around the country by great folks who make their living at this. “Gun Control means hitting your target” God Bless.

      • Wu Ming Ren

        Yes, Jim. Good advice. Whether one is seeking a concealed carry permit or not, one must learn the vagaries of local firearms laws in order to protect oneself from the state as well as the criminal (pardon the redundancy). I have not sought a concealed carry permit because I don’t want to tell local authorities that I own firearms.

        I periodically role play with my children to keep them from admitting to the presence of firearms in our home. Every year they have to undergo a physical exam before school, and the nurse asks, “Does anyone in your household smoke? Drink? Use illegal drugs? Are there any firearms in the house?” I have my children answer, “No,” in a nonchalant manner that does not belie the truth.

        With the Obamacare plan to collect electronic healthcare records to be sent to a central clearinghouse, the wrong people will obtain information that they should not have.

        I impress upon my children the fact that it is nobody else’s business if we have guns, and that they are not to tell any of their friends that we have guns or that they have gone shooting. If you don’t drill this sort of security protocol, the wrong people will get information that they should not have.

        • Alex

          Good to know that at least some people are embarrassed and ashamed of their guns and wish for no one to know of them.

          • 45caliber


            Not embarrassed. Cautious. There is a difference although you might not know it.

          • USAF VET

            People like you are the embaressmant Alex, because the Constitutions 2nd ammendment protects the right for us to have guns, but there are some who just don’t get it. They think they can whine and complain about guns and get them taken away. What are you going to do when someone breakes into your house and wants to do more than just rob you? Then you will wish you had a weapon to protect you and yours. Until then keep drinking the koolaid, and keep dreaming.

          • Vicki

            What I want to know is why do you need a permit to exercise a God given right?

  • TIME

    In utter disgust over the Prostitute Political masters who made a mockery of the death and destruction they created.

    By selling the platform that some uneducated and back water thugs were able to somehow get past the mighty eye of the CIA / NSA / FBI / NORAD and oddly yet being member’s of the CIA.

    Oh, lets not forget NORAD’S standard platform for when a transponder on any flight goes down.
    Yet not just 1, but 4 – yet no action from NORAD??? Yea sure!!!!!!

    Then blow up American’s to get them to not only give up how many lifes now, but to also bring us to the point that the New World Order has walked through the door way and on to the center stage. and yet how many of you still are buying this Bull Sh*t?

    Whats that say about “Ignorance and Utterly Stupid” people.

    • 45caliber


      I think you should wait awhile to comment and let your meds wear off. I didn’t understand a thing you were ranting about.

      • TIME

        Then you should bloody well figure it out dude.
        My Post was quite clear, if you had a clue about just NORAD and airplane transponders the rest would be childs play.

        But as per your own words your cluelss.

        • BrotherPatriot

          You were quite clear, TIME.

          Ty for your continued work on bringing the truth out.

          God Bless.

        • 45caliber


          I havent’ heard a thing about the airplane transponders. Sorry. Not a word.

        • 45caliber

          Oh, and I wasn’t talking about just the airplane transponders. I was talking about the sense of your sentences. They didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

          “In utter disgust over the Prostitute Political masters who made a mockery of the death and destruction they created.

          By selling the platform that some uneducated and back water thugs were able to somehow get past the mighty eye of the CIA / NSA / FBI / NORAD and oddly yet being member’s of the CIA.”

          The sentences just don’t mean much. No subjects, verbs, etc.

          • TIME

            WOW ~ 45 cal.
            So you want a verb, here’s one for you – from most of your post that BTW ~ are at best ignorant blurbs of mindless meida driven parrot dribble. Thus I contend you’re in fact the one on HEAVY meds. Bang Bang Bubba.

          • USAF VET

            I think Time is trying to say it was a conspiracy and that Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with it. Of course beating around the bush the way he did made it very difficult to determine exactly which direction he was going. But that’s all right, he has no idea what he’s talking about anyway so just ignore him.

          • Opal the Gem

            I would time made a hasty un-thought out comment and is too much of a stubborn ass to admit it.

      • Jyrine

        Come on 45caliber, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know TIME knows EVERYTHING? Maybe the problem is that his meds did wear off.

        Semper Fi

        • TIME

          Jyrine, You see how asleep you are, your post is vividly clear on that fact.
          But again as per the post I left for you on the RINO’S, It happens in s nano second when that light goes on. Don’t you fear knowledge is POWER and TIME is how Knowledge starts.
          A nano of a second and even you can really awake.

          Your only problem is you fear letting in Knowledge as that will break all you have ever know in to small worthless trinkets.

          Again we are all but “ONE.” He who believe’s in that will never DIE as there is never death to “TRUTH.”

        • 45caliber


          You could be right. But he reminds me of others I’ve met who the doctor had over medicated to the point that they mumble.

  • Free Mind

    Wu Meng Ren knows what is going on. We now owe alligence only to our family or tribe. As far as remembering an atrocity the Federal government created, I ignored 9/11 and read nothing that had to do with it.
    Ignorant, misled people purpetuating a lie.

    • BrotherPatriot

      ^^ Yep ^^

      God Bless.

  • Nick

    When Bin Laden, an ex CIA employee, told America “I’ll bankrupt you” Dubya had a laughing fit. I live in Mexico and when US/NATO bombed Serbia,my native country and an US ally in two World wars for 78 days (acting as the islamo-fascist airforce) and killed thousands of innocent civilians and destroyed the country’s infrastructure I received a lot of sympathy from my Mexican friends.

    However, on 9/11 a prominent Mexican layer called me and said “now they know how it feels”, but unfortunatelly American public is so dumbed down that they have no idea of the “humanitarian” crimes their goverment is committing around the world.

    • eddie47d

      All wars involve one side hating the other Nick. You should have been more concerned about the 100,000 deaths that the Serbian militias inflicted on Bosnia and Herzegovina than the power grid in Serbia. In Serbia proper there was a maximum of 1,200 civilian deaths from NATO bombing. Most sources says fewer than that. 90% of all war crimes in this conflict can be attributed to the Serbs. Hardly something to be giddy about with your Mexican friends who should also be worried about their own governments actions or lack of action. I’ve been aware of our governments actions for at least 45 years now. Our involvement around the world should be a source of pride but it seldom is. There are indeed more than a few humanitarian errors our nation has made. We make attempts to do the right thing but our planning and execution falls short. Iraq really isn’t anymore stable now than in 2003. We did much during the crises in Haiti but the problems (their government) hasn’t changed in how the country is run. So those problems still persist and there will be more crises in the future.

      • 45caliber


        I’m not sure you really have an idea of what true hate is. Trust me, it isn’t pretty.

        I served in Vietnam for nearly two years. I don’t remember a single person who actually hated the enemy. I’ve met many soldiers or ex-solders who have served since then – and none of them hated the enemy either. There might be some dislike or contempt but never really hate. Most of us accepted that they were mostly good people who simply fought for the other side – some against their will. Hate was reserved for people like Saddam who tended to like to torture his own people. Or the people who like to cut off heads.

        • Jyrine

          I spent time there to 45caliber, long enough for 2 PHs and a bunch of confirmeds. There was one thing I did grow to hate and tha’t communism and I hate it with a passion.

          Semper Fi

    • Trude

      Sorry, Nick. My Serbian friend told me how they fared during the
      bombing. He has many American friends but obviously none within our

  • s c

    I spent Sunday reading, walking and basking in the fact that a certain prez would never appear on my TV (it was turned off all day long). If I was unlucky enough to hear Obummer’s crap on the radio, I changed the channel. On the whole, it was a decent day.
    As they say down at the local coffee shop, “A day without an Obummer is like the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday, a vacation at the beach or up in the mountains, parades, ice cream, cake, fresh coffee, music, the laughter of children, family, old friends, clean water, chirping birds, puppies, hugs, smiles everywhere you look and all good things that make life worth living.”

    • BrotherPatriot

      LoL…S C.


      God Bless.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. And it always annoys me to see so many of his pictures plastered everywhere – even here. I think I’ve seen more pictures of him (always with his head back and nose in the air) over the last four years or so than I have of the last four or five Presidents put together.

      • USAF VET

        September 11th is my wifes birthday, and although she passed away a year and a little over a month ago, I still spent most of the day remembering her. It is a much better memory than thinking of the planes flying into the towers, the Pentagon, and Plowing into a field outside Shanksville. She was my life and what I lived for. The memory of her will never fade, but the memory of that day in 2001, although it was a terrible thing cannot overshadow the memory of the wonderful woman I shared my life with.

        • Trude

          Lucky are those who are remembered with so much love !

      • jyrine

        45caliber, I have been looking at something I found early on and it gets more profound the further I look. When you have a little spare time, net back on Hitler/Obama. Their facial expressions, hand gestures and comments. It is profoundly disturbing!

        Semper Fi

  • eddie47d

    I went to church on Sunday and we prayed for the victims of 9/11.Then my wife and I went and stood in the hot sun for 3 hours at a public 9/11 ceremony. The 1st responders were given their dues and the military was blessed for the never ending job they have to do. Our city orchestra played solemn music and the National Anthem was sung twice.It was a beautiful service and to me it was for the healing of 9/11 friends and family. A day of reflection for all who attended and there were dozens of such events in the surrounding communities. There were no speeches of hate or political wrangling or pointing fingers. It was a calming peace for unity in America. No one knew who was Republican or Democrat and no one cared. God did Bless America on September 11,2011. That evening my wife and I watched 3 hours of TV on the NY firefighters. Few had their bravery on that day and we must praise those who serve us so well. God Bless the whole world but especially the United States of America. Help us pull back from the chaos of the world so we can learn to get it right if there ever is a next time. Sadly there will be. We must now get back to the sewer pit of politics.

    • 45caliber

      you are right for once.

  • tom s

    perhaps 9/11 was just one of the first shots fired in the ‘holy war’ the muslims have been raving about for several years now. I think that eventually their war will be-the muslims against the rest of the world. Be aware that the muslims have been inserting themselves into UK, Germany, France, USA & others, will those people be their Fifth Column? Remember, their ‘bible?’ gives muslims the right to kill all non-believers.

    • 45caliber

      tom s:

      No, it certainly wasn’t one of the first shots. There were over ten attacks by them on us over the last 20 years or so – and all were basically ignored by our government until 9/11. The sad thing is that if we had responded sharply to any of the original ones 9/11 probably wouldn’t have happened.

      One reason we are considered weak in the world by them is that we don’t respond except vocally. And they consider anyone who refuses to defend themselves or to fight back as weak. Justifiably in my own opinion. Words are fine in peace but, when peace goes away, they only make things worse.

  • Janice Fortin

    Mayor Bloomberg’s insistance on all but white get up and declare
    ‘I AM AN AMERICA”. Neither bloomberg nor obama know Anything about being American. To get up and SNEER: I’M AN AMERICA (so there! insinuated?) Almost every New Yorker made America proud on the original 9-11. Being American did not consist of any ridiculous “declaration” as if they were witnessing some fiesta.
    They were concerned and helpful. bloomberg has completed forgotten that a real AMERICAN IS A CAN DO. A doctor setting up a cardtable near ground zero minutes after the attack and a woman calmly waiting to give BLOOD. THOSE WERE AMERICANS, bloomberg! The first responders
    braving what no “sensible” soul would, to SAVE! AMERICANS ALL!


    You can be an American and still not be a United States Citizen. Anyone who lives on the North American Continent is an American. That’s why, when the Mexicans curse us and yell “Dirty Norte Americano” They just don’t know what they are talking about because they are North Americans also.


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