How Far Will The Fires Spread?

Metropolitan Police's Operation Withern is investigating the London riots. Photographs of suspects are posted on the agency's website.

Last week, the U.K. burned. Several nights of rioting, looting and general mayhem began in a London neighborhood following the police shooting of a black man (who was armed with a blank pistol) and spread across the country.

Simultaneously, a quarter of a million people took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, to protest the rising cost of living. CNBC reported the protests actually began a month previous when some people set up tents in an expensive part of town to protest rising property prices.

In Spain, Greece and Portugal, strikes, protests and rioting have occurred off and on for much of the spring and summer over government austerity measures and corruption.

Rising prices of consumer goods fueled demands for better pay and job protection by workers in the Philippines in May. Workers left their jobs and marched in the streets.

In China, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Lebanon and Kuwait, people have risen up in protests of varying degrees. Some of these led to a change in government, some fizzled out, some have been bought off and some have been quashed by violent repression.

While none of these protests are exactly alike and the spark that ignited them often came from different sources, they do have some common traits. Among them are the roiling economy, inflation, loss of liberties, class warfare and seemingly hopeless job prospects.

In Great Britain, Spain, Greece and Portugal, the protests demonstrate the failure of socialism.

Governments have run out of money, so they are cutting back on programs supporting the parasite class that developed off government largess. The crash of the economy has left many without jobs, and cutbacks in unemployment, food subsidies, housing subsidies, education subsidies, healthcare subsidies and the like are either being implemented or discussed.

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That’s not sitting well with the parasites who grew dependent on the nanny state and have seethed and simmered over the injustices — whether real or perceived — they have endured. They’ve heard the elected elites blame the rich for their troubles, so they’re lashing out at those they consider “rich.” It doesn’t matter to them that these “rich” people are their neighbors and they’re burning down their own neighborhoods. All that matters is the rich have “stuff” and the parasites want “stuff,” so smashing windows, looting, robbing and setting fires have become legitimate things for them to do.

Kids as young as 7 or 8 were photographed looting stores of everything from liquor to clothing to expensive electronics. Drunken teenage girls were questioned by journalists about why they were burning and looting their own neighborhoods, and they responded with the incomprehensible, “Because they are rich.”

May this be a foreshadowing of what’s coming to America? We certainly have some of the same conditions here: long-term high unemployment, politicians playing the class-warfare game, government corruption, rising prices, austerity measures, a culture of dependency and elected elites ignoring the will of the governed. All that’s lacking is the right spark.

The potential for that spark is certainly there. Already in cities across the country there are almost daily reports of flash mobs looting stores and robbing and beating innocent bystanders. At the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee there was a violent incident on Aug. 5 of blacks attacking whites.

Wisconsin, of course, was the scene of protests over austerity measures that curtailed some of the bargaining rights of public sector unions. Again, the parasite class living off the sweat of the producers enjoyed benefits far exceeding those available in the private sector, and they didn’t like losing even a small percentage of their perquisites.

Meanwhile, the elites in Washington, D.C., continue to fiddle while the American economy burns. They failed to make any significant cuts in government spending and Standard & Poor’s downgraded America’s sovereign credit rating from AAA to AA+. The result: The stock market reacted by dropping more than 634 points in three days. And that’s on top of a 1,341 point drop while Congress and President Barack Obama dithered.

People are growing increasingly desperate. There are a growing number of reports of people stealing metal items of all sorts — from doors at construction sites to manhole covers to copper wire — as items for recycling in an effort to find the money to stay alive. States and municipalities are considering setting up tent cities to accommodate the growing number of homeless people… many of them driven out of their homes because they have lost their jobs and have found no prospects for meaningful employment.

The Obama Administration is considering using government-owned foreclosure properties as rental housing, but how will people pay the rent if there are no jobs? And how will companies — particularly small businesses, which are the backbone of the economy — add jobs if there is no one who can afford to buy their products and the government continues to stifle business expansion because of increasingly stringent regulations and uncertainty about what it might try to implement next?

I hope you have stored food and water, gold and silver, weapons and ammunition and non-hybrid seeds, as I have long advised. It’s looking more and more like you will need them sooner rather than later.

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