How Does Obama Make You Feel?


Let’s try something. Glance at the picture below.

President Obama hosts a Father's Day luncheon

What was the first word that popped into your head?

If you said “incompetent” or “liar,” you aren’t alone. According to the results of a recent Pew survey gauging the President’s job approval rating, those terms are among the most popular descriptors used in reference to President Barack Obama in recent months.

Although some positive terms, like “good man” and “honest,” also appear on the list of words and phrases used to describe the President, Obama is more likely than at any other point in his Presidency to elicit descriptive words with negative connotations from respondents.

Here is an overview, via the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press:


In terms of public approval, 49 percent of respondents said they approve of the President’s handling of his job. Forty-three percent said they disapprove.

It would seem apparent that the recent deluge of scandals that have rocked the White House would have an obvious negative impact on the public’s approval of the President. But the numbers suggest that Obama’s approval ratings have held steadfast near 50 percent since the beginning of the year.

Using the two Presidential Administrations preceding Obama as a gauge, Pew finds:

Obama’s current job rating of 49% is higher than George W. Bush’s rating in June 2005 (42%), but lower than Bill Clinton’s job measure in June 1997 (54%).

The partisan divide in opinions about Obama’s performance is virtually the mirror image of views of Bush at a comparable point in his second term.

Obama’s ratings on the economy, with the help of a perceived economic uptick in recent months, have improved. Currently, 44 percent of Americans approve of his economic efforts while  50 percent disapprove. It is Obama’s highest net approval rating on the economy since his first year in office, but the number is well below the 60 percent approval rating Obama received for handling the economy in April 2009.

Let us know what word popped in your head on viewing Obama’s picture in the comment section below; but, remember, we moderate our comments.

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  • Farleyagain

    In this order: Destroyer, traitor, fool, puppet, incompetent, slow learner.

    • John H. Kohlenberg


  • Bill

    He makes me sick to my stomach !! A cute lite black puppet, controlled by an unknown person or persons to ruin the U.S, which we are letting happen !! I hate that my children and Grandchildern will have to live with the consequence of Obama’s 8 years in Washington D.C. !!!!!!

  • IsThisAmerica

    ARRGH! First thought was Oh no I have to look at this traitor to our nation again? Why? Idiot, not a leader by any stretch of the imagination, Foriegn, Hates the USA and all of US. Remember he did say he hates all colonists. It was how he was brought up. Yes he will destroy this once great nation, letting invaders come in on a silver platter, then legalizing them all, tearing our country apart economically, not allowing us to even try to gain our own energy resources to be independant from other oil countries, and making sure we have no jobs unless they pay next to nothing. Oh and forget medical insurance, Obamacare will wipe that out and leave us with nothing, except more taxes, fines and fees. Spying on US instead of should I say it, TERRORISTS ! Lord I commited a crime, because THAT’S RACIST!! Take those billboards down off that city bus cause it’s RACIST! Stupid liberal pukes. Can’t help it that over 90% of the terrorists are middle eastern desent. Live with the truth. Had my say.

  • dan

    There’s never been anyone that I couldn’t find SOMEthing good to say about….until Barry Soetoro

    • El Camino

      He is serving as a BAD example. There, a positive statement.

  • FreedomFighter

    “How Does Obama Make You Feel?”

    Constipated, with liberal cramps, progressive pains, social upheaval fears, no hope for change anytime soon, and most of all I would really like to get rid of that load b4 its to late.

    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • chocopot

      Sick to my stomach and afraid for this nation and its future. I fear a civil war is coming our way.

  • Warrior

    “Snake oil salesman”!

  • TIME

    My Dear People,

    In a single word, “SOILED” After hearing the name I want a HOT shower.

    This pernicious evil nasty person has done his job well, he has divided this nation into so many small slivers compounding on what, GB, – Clinton, then GWB failed to do ~ Brack O’ Bama or what ever his real name may be, { keep in mind not a single one of you really knows what his REAL NAME is.}
    Let alone anything about this person at all that is true, what you all think you know are all lies. He is however “PURE ~ EVIL.” Thats obvious.

    Also what we do know about him, are his actions, of what have been only to divide the American people ever more than any single person in the history of this nation has ever done, thus far.

    He is a “WAR CRIMINAL” ~ so too are ALL that have been the CEO of the US inc for the last 150 years.

    Saddly Brack O’ Bama has set back the people of America who have dark skin like myself ~ back well over 300 years. Now thats some kind of “CHANGE!”

    Peace and Love be with you all,

    • Warrior

      Well, when you’re raised an “agitator” that’s all you know. Hand me another “nail”. I’d say, the “progressives” selected and molded a damn good “hammer”.

  • garygerke

    The 49% that approve of Obama’s policies and efforts on the economy have no idea of what is going on in the country today. Obama has effectively ignored all of his campaign promises he made to America. He has turned America into a nanny state, he has turned the police departments into paramilitary units that subject citizens to unconstitutional arrests and brutality.

    I enjoy asking one question to the Liberal left, what promises has Obama completed since taking office? They respond with……he is better than Bush!
    Tragic commentary in a troubled nation.

    • chocopot

      I do not believe for a single moment that 49% of any group (unless you speak only with welfare recipients) approves of this clown, this walking disaster, this POS.

      • garygerke

        That percentage is from the latest poll… or minus 5%

        • chocopot

          Those polls are as believable as the unemployment figures and the inflation numbers we are given. Do you believe that number?

          • garygerke

            NO! I believe nothing the government says anymore, however, you seem to?

          • chocopot

            Nothing of the sort, my friend. I WORK for the federal government and I surely do not believe ANYTHING they tell us! You and I are on the same page.

  • nobaloneyhere

    Does he care what we or anyone else think of him? Hell, no. He wanted to be reelected president and he reached his goal. To him, our opinions of him as a person and president don’t matter. It’s a waste of time to answer these stupid surveys. His next goal is to make sure the Democraps win Congress in next year. That’s something we have to stop.

  • Ed Comfort

    Alpha Hotel

  • Motov

    “Titanic”,… In the beginning He seemed unsinkable, Now he has crashed into several icebergs and still has the throttle on ‘full speed’. He has also lost several lifeboats, And he still tells his passengers to remain calm while he continues driving the ship towards the Niagara Falls.

  • Chauncey Freeman


    • Januquarius

      To be the Antichrist his popularity ratings would need to be much higher not only here but world wide. We would be in full recovery mode and Obama’s impact on world politics would be much much greater. Obama is merely a necessary piece for the Antichrist to rise from. The Antichrist will probably come from some nation that is barley acknowledged on the world scene. There are many pieces in place for the Antichrist to rise from.

      Be careful because getting trapped into thinking someone like Obama is the Antichrist could lead to you glorifying the actual Antichrist.

      Obama and many others now are currently grooming the world for the rise of the actual Antichrist.

  • OpahPie

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful Oz!

  • SacrificeYourReligion

    Imagine the sound of someone taking a long, gassy dump pressed up against a megaphone run through a PA so you can hear the feces hit us all in the face as it falls.

    Even at that, there aren’t words vulgar enough to describe how worthless his presidency has been to the people.


    How can any American feel anything but disgust for this Fraud in the WH?
    He is more than a embarrassment to God and Country he is a marketed fake with no BC or approachable credentials to be had, I am disgusted with those creatins who even gave this congental liar a chance to gain access to the most revered office on the planet……There is nothing good about communism, absolutely nothing.

  • Justsomeguy151

    Obumma makes me feel angry, hateful, disgusted, scared and helpless.

    • garygerke

      You betcha, I feel worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    I wonder what kind of retirement Obama has promised each congressman to voluntarily exit the building at his command as a dictator. After all, when he is finished destroying our country, why would he need a congress that was created by the CONSTITUTION! It is no longer a valid document (to him)!

  • El Camino

    Let’s see what Mary Williams thinks when the SHTF. Low info voters fail to look past the end of the week.

  • Major Domo


  • Robbie

    But the fact is that he was elected twice as a senator and twice as President. His last election victory was pretty impressive if you can remove your blinkers for a moment and think rationally. He won states in the south that were GOP for decades and decades. And 49% is about average for presidents at this stage of their tenure. Also 49% actually looks pretty good when you realize that the popularity rating for Congress is just 9%. 49 is a lot bigger number than 9. The mid terms are going to be very interesting indeed.

    • kbchamp59

      The election was a fraud!!! He lost in every state that require voter ID!!! He won every state the did not require voter ID. It is mathematically impossible to have dozens and dozens of voting precincts that thousands and thousands of voters all voted for Obama and 0 for Romney!!! Then other voting precincts that Romney only got 1 vote. Why even the dead were voting for Obama!!! I guess God let them come back and vote for Obama!!! Look all of this info up for yourself. It’s all online, all you have to do is look!

      • Robbie

        The “information” you have posted here is totally false, totally bogus.

      • Robbie

        The “information” you have posted here is simply false. Where do you get this nonsense?

      • Robbie

        I want you to reply and clearly state one location where Romney did not get one single vote. The contention is totally false but I’d be happy to learn of any proof you might have.

    • Katie

      Yeah, he sure was…by low-information voters. People deserve the government they get and get the government they deserve.

    • garygerke


  • leewacker

    Every time I am forced to look at Obama’s picture, I want to throw up!

  • assface

    dickwad commie…oh, that’s two words….

  • BarrackHussein

    so much for this minority experiment…

  • Phillip

    I believe he has a personal agenda that is not good for All Americans. I believe his ideology will ruin our country. I think his ultimate goal is to ruin our way of life and our country. He wants ideological revenge on the US. He has really increased the divided Americans upon class and race. I believe it is not the Presidents job to tell Americans how much money we can make or paint us as terrible people. My people he has already pushed his way into the church with the birth control mandate. he has attacked religious schools on his last apology tour. These examples are only a few atrocities he has visited upon us for now. Watch out for immigration reform or we will all be screwed more than we are now. I need to stop now or I will succumb to writers cramp. STAY TRUE MY FELLOW PATRIOTS.

  • Kelly

    Government taking a poll and just plugging in the numbers that make them look and feel good. Just a bunch of political crap.