How Do Innocent People Find Justice In America?


How do innocent people find justice in America? This is a valid question because, all too often, people don’t find justice in America’s legal system. The editors and investigative reporters at the US~Observer can attest to that firsthand. For more than 22 years, the US~Observer has worked hard and done what most attorneys fail to do. It has vindicated more than 4,200 people who had been wrongfully charged with or convicted of a crime.

Apart from the Innocence Project, which generally doesn’t take cases unless they are tied to DNA, there is absolutely nowhere except the US~Observer that innocent people can turn after the so-called American justice system has attacked them.

Early in the life of the paper, founder Edward Snook learned: “The only thing corrupt individuals fear, whether they work in the public or private sectors, is exposure. Corrupted individuals love to spend time in relatively obscure courtrooms or behind closed doors, but they hate it when their depravity is publicly exposed to their friends, neighbors, family and, most of all, the public.” And therein lies the power of a newspaper.

The Internet is tremendous for disseminating news and information; however, in the world of false prosecutions, the hard-copy newspaper is an absolute prerequisite to ensure vindication.

Police departments and prosecutors’ offices almost always place information in the local mainstream newspaper whenever they arrest and charge someone with a crime. The majority of the public immediately considers the person guilty, simply because the “honest officer” arrested the individual and the “conviction-driven prosecutor” filed criminal charges. The public — or, better stated, the jury pool — must be directly informed of the truth about a falsely charged person and his case; otherwise, the innocent person is in grave danger of being convicted at trial. The only way this can be accomplished effectively is by having a factual article containing the entire truth delivered via a hard-copy newspaper to a majority of the public in the person’s community.

More than 200 years ago, a core group of individuals, America’s Founding Fathers, birthed our Constitutional republic with the understanding that bringing change had to come at the grassroots level. They reached out with the message of freedom, using newspapers to garner support for their important endeavor. With the help of newspapers, they changed the hearts and minds of men and women and, ultimately, the course of history. Newspapers saved many individuals from false prosecution and the horrendous results of conviction. Today, this very same course must be taken in order to fix our completely broken justice system.

In this age of too much of everything, the US~Observer stands alone. Our Nation is failing, and many people wonder what can be done about it to affect real change, real protection for innocent people. The answer is you can join the US~Observer in its mission to perform a desperately needed service to the public and help us expose the corruption. You can begin to take back your justice system and country by starting an affiliate newspaper in your city or State.

With years of successes exposing government corruption and proving innocent people’s innocence, the US~Observer has factually shown itself to be both profitable and an effective vehicle to vindicate the innocent.

Do you want to help save America by producing a monthly newspaper like no other, vindicate the innocent and make a substantial income at the same time? Then join the US~Observer’s Joint-Venture Project.

As a network of independent but united newspapers bringing truth to the people, this unique opportunity can counter the mainstream media and be what the press was originally intended to be: the watchdog of our freedom and the voice of the people.

For more information on the Joint Venture Project, call the US~Observer at 541-474-7885 or email

–Lorne Dey

Lorne Dey

is a freelance writer living in Colorado. He has been following politics since in his early 20's and is deeply concerned about where the United States is currently headed politically. He believes that fundamental change is needed at all levels of government and can only be brought about by a grassroots effort from conservative-minded Americans who believe in the soundness of our nation's founding documents.