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How Did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order?

July 9, 2012 by  

How Did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order?

Many politicians are greedy psychopaths. They go to Washington for prestige, payola and privilege; and they retire rich.

National politicians need to be stripped of all special privilege and, most especially, reduced to one term. This would bring a new day to America.

U.S. Representatives and Senators represent the government — not the American people. Washington politicians and their elite handlers are working overtime to initiate action on legislation to give the government the legislative authority to shut down the Internet. The pretext is the threat of a cyberattack on the whole country. This is only an excuse to stop Americans from communicating and protesting when the financial system collapses and the government can no longer sell its bonds.

Because of the broad exposure of political corruption on the Internet, politicians and bureaucrats are feeling the heat. They want censorship and the power to shut it down. The Internet is the first good thing that has happened in the United States to shine the light on a corrupt system.

As long as the political system is viewed by the American people as having two parties, elections will be manipulated and the people will be deceived. This is an absurd front for what Americans believe to be a two-party political system. It covers fraud and helps charlatans and psychopaths cling to power. But the reality is that everybody is wearing the same hat with a different color.

The powers that be will hold and protect their fiat paper system until it collapses. They will never relinquish their power and lifestyle to a new gold standard and a drastically cut Federal government. The U.S. government has spent itself and the people into bankruptcy. Now the government is eyeing the $3 trillion in retirement funds held by Americans. The government will most likely force the retirement funds to invest in long-term government bonds. This will be the same as confiscation.

As paper money collapses, the quest for revenue by government as well as by the people intensifies. Even with printing presses wide open, government is in deficit and looking for money everywhere it can find it. The world is crumbling, and the economy is being strangled by government.

Career politicians now have the identical interests of the elite. Our wealth is seen as their solution. It is easy for politicians to manipulate the food stamp crowd against the “rich.”

Since politicians have a parasite mentality, they are naturally attracted to creating class warfare. They manipulate the people against each other, causing political and social unrest as excuses for more suppression of the people.

Under a national craze and imagined threat of terrorists, we give up our liberties to the state, which is Nazism under a modern front. There is no situation in history when government reversed course prior to economic and social collapse. Instead, government uses its military to attack its own people in order to retain power. Why the sudden need to authorize the U.S. military to operate domestically to “weed out terrorists?”

We note that in recent months Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates have made public statements against gold. Do these elite billionaires perceive a threat to their fiat empires from a gold-awaking American people? Do they not know the fragile state of the economy and that the Fed is now “financing” government debt by “buying” its own bonds? Debtors are now simultaneous creditors. There is only make-believe value in this black magic. It reminds me of the old folk song “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

From now forward, there will be more of a direct attack on the wealth of U.S. citizens. Without an increase in production, vast new taxes will destroy the economy while the cost of government rises exponentially. All the while, the worldwide time bomb of unfunded entitlements will continue to tick away. In fact, the whole population has lost its work ethic in favor of a growing sense of entitlement. The food-stamp base is swelling like a plague.

What Can You Do Now As An American Citizen?

The first answer is to recognize and realize that the government with all of its propaganda and police power is at war with the American people. The fact that most Americans are totally oblivious to all-out war against their savings and retirement assets doesn’t change a thing.

Governments always silently make war on their own citizens behind a propaganda front so as to alert as few people as possible. The less resistance there is the better.

One of the fastest ways to clear the mental fog is to realize that the two-party political system is a fallacy. Both parties are working toward a common goal. Anyone clinging to the illusion will be deceived to his grave.

America has become a fascist state, and the whole Congress supports the agenda of the state. Any dissent is frivolous and transparent.

We can turn the clock back toward human liberty by doing one simple thing: limiting the terms of Representatives and Senators to just one, with no pensions. Also, they should be subject to the same Social Security limitations and receive the same medical benefits as the American people! There should be no special privilege associated with elected office.

The powerful, the rich and well-connected politicians in America all use the dysfunctional political system and the money-printing central banks to their every advantage. The U.S. reckless system has created an enormous economic and political mess. The scene now reminds one of vultures flocking around a carcass.

Nothing can or will be corrected now. All that anyone in power can suggest now is more money printing. There are no financial answers and there are no political reforms on the table, so politicians will continue to postpone meaningful reforms, which will lead us to the final crisis. More than ever, the present system is doomed. It is only a matter of recognizing what is happening and preparing to survive.

I am still accumulating silver coins, as I believe that they will have high exchange and barter value in the near months to come. I sincerely hope that all of you will do the same.

I fear that investors and savers may no longer have access to their accounts and funds during the ultimate crash. Silver coins dated before 1964 will look awfully good in your possession.

Also, my friends, please don’t be surprised if the government implements measures of some form of increased financial repression or expropriation. Many people will wind up much poorer than they are now. I am sorry to give you this sad information, but my vast reading and study confirm it. And if you cover the amount of material that I do, you will come to the same conclusion.

There is a better day coming if the good people prevail and seize power after the crash. There are now millions of people who know the critical situation in America. As America goes, so goes the world this time. But next time, the leadership may well pass to China. America has been sold out and hollowed out. What is left is an impoverished people and economic depression.

The U.S. authorities know full well the shock potential of the social order in the United States. They are buying time with food stamps and all sorts of cash payments.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Dear Bob,
    I believe the end has already come. What we see now is the deniers living off the corpse while forestalling the truth long enough to get theirs. The blissfully uninformed people will wake up one morning to a changed world.

    The FBI has pronounced that today is “Internet Doomsday”, or something to that effect. Not because of a new virus, but because they have shut down their server that was protecting us from an already cured /controled virus for the stated reason that the prevention was too expensive. WTF!?!?

    Check to see if your system is infected. Go to:

    • steve

      this article is a coulda, woulda, shoulda. there is no solution except to start over and that’s not going to happen unless there is total collapse. and even then man with his greed will screw it up again. the solution is in your bible.

      • wandamurline

        Amen brother.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        The solution is to understand what liberty is. As long as you don’t damage someone else in their life, liberty or property, you should be able to do whatever it is you want. With a voluntary society where everyone understands these simple concepts.

      • MAP

        Centralized government is only centralized corruption. The greater the power usurped, the greater the corruption. We have the greatest to fear of those that would concentrate all powers in the central state. Corruption would then control everything. As the Bible declares, man is fallen and basically wicked; hence, utopia is a total, absolute impossibility. The out of control state seeks to usurp everything unto itself. It even wants to replace God. It wants the citizens to bow and worship it alone. The state is the polar opposite of liberty. As a secular god it wields the power of life and death over all.

        “Every religious idea, every idea of God – even flirting with the idea of God – is unutterable vileness of the most dangerous kind, contagion of the most abominable kind. Millions of sins, filthy deeds, acts of violence, and physical contagion are far less dangerous than the subtle, spiritual idea of a God.” Vladimir Lenin

      • James H. Dobbins, Ph.D.

        I agree. The original article is a mix of a lot of different complex issues all lumped together. The solution is a lot more complex than hoarding silver coins. Fundamental to a real solution is mandatory education in the Constitution and understanding the intended seat of power in our governmental system, namely, the people. This is supposed to be a government of, by and for the people. To the extent we have failed in that objective we have let our country down. It begins with changing the educational system in this country and making courses on the founding documents of this country mandatory courses, just like math and English. In the present society, these courses are need by adults as well since so few people have actually read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. How we get the adults interested enough to take on this task is another matter since it cannot be mandated. People have a right to remain ignorant. They have a responsibility to themselves and this country and to the whole electoral system not to remain in such ignorance, but in the end they have a right as a matter of personal freedom to remain ignorant. To they extent they do so, they diminish their own citizenship and affect the citizenship of their neighbors. We say in our foundational papers they we have certain unalienable right granted to us as humans by our Creator. In practice, we have deteriorated to the point where our present government is trying to remove all reference to our Creator from every public discourse, whether in schools or the public square. An informed citizenry would never lat that happen. In practice, we have allowed greed to drive policy, we have allowed those in positions of authority to do all things possible to create a slave state where the government is the plantation and the top officials are the plantation masters, and those with the intelligence and initiative to become successful and offer an opportunity to others to become self-supporting are taxed beyond reason so the plantation will have enough to take care of the growing numbers of those who accept slavery to the government with its attendant self-degradation over self-respect.
        The greatest gift anyone can give this amazing and exceptional country of ours that I love is to find a way to bring the general population to its senses, to help people regain that sense of personal freedom and destiny we once had, and do so without the chaos that resulted in the pathetic example of neurotic insanity we know as the French Revolution. The fundamental engine of this change has to be education, education of who we really are, where we came from, why the foundation documents were written, what they tell us about ourselves, and how we can recapture our fundamental dignity as God-fearing people who understand what love of neighbor really means.

      • ernest

        you people are trying to put out a fire by pouring gas on it, ( you keep electing lawyers ) think about that, what is a lawyer trained to do ( he is a trained crook with a degree in how to control people ) over 90% of polititions are lawyers have been for a long time so forget change untell you change that.

      • Katrael

        steve, that is the point of this post: there isn’t anything to offer as a solution except for the option of limiting politicians to one term and giving them no perks. they need to live like the average person lives. I know this solution won’t happen and I believe that Bob knows this won’t happen either

        You’re right, the answer is in the Scriptures if you want to know what to do.

      • Erik

        “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
        –Thomas Jefferson

      • Don_in_DC

        The government is in trouble but the Bible isn’t the solution. That is a very dangerous idea that has been proven time and time again to not be the solution. Government should be separate from religion unless you want the same badly managed government systems now controlling morality like they have done with social programs.

        You might think pushing your morality on the world would solve the problems but the same was thought by the biggest killers in history. The best solution we have found in the modern world is still the US constitution. It described a system of government that should start with the individual and only scale up when there are problems. We have instead let the head (federal government) become too strong and it needs to be cut. People need to go back to a system where the local governments have the most power so those politicians are accountable to the few in their sector. It is always going to be inevitable that governments will grow too big and their lust for power become their undoing. Only the individual can rectify this problem by remaining vigilant in its check against that power.

        This article does a good job of spelling out the things to watch out for in the coming death spiral. The government will try to do all it can to maintain its survival while keeping the masses distracted. As Rome left technologies like aqueducts and architecture to the world we will leave the Internet and Constitution as our gift. Hopefully this will help the next incarnations to move forward and rebuild.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        @ MAPP….as long as you are going to base your beliefs on a book of fiction, you will end up with fictional results. Man OBVIOUSLY isn’t basically wicked or else there would be total chaos at all times. You cannot convince me that if we were “basically wicked” that the five cops driving around my town and county are what is keeping all of us “basically wicked” people from robbing, raping and pillaging. I suggest that maybe Robert Hare is correct in his studies and that there are people who are not “basically” wicked, but are TOTALLY wicked because they are genetic PSYCHOPATHS who have no conscience. No ability to feel remorse. DEFECTS if you will. But see, that scientific backed study goes in the face of your religious beliefs because you have to believe that somehow everyone can be saved. By a genie in the sky. And typical Churchianity simply makes functional psychopaths out of what would be normal people as they dump their junk on a “savior” and let him take the blame for their problems. Yee Haw…Jesus decals on their cars with support the troop decals.

        • RichE

          A very good point about, “basically wicked”.

          • Tim Orner

            RichE, Its ashame that you have the arrogance to call GOD a lier. I won’t list them here, but there are many verses in the Bible that state that it was written by GOD himself. Also, you don’t have to “believe” the Bible or reference the Bible to know that the common sense solutions I offer would actually work for the benifit of most.

          • RichE

            Tim Orner,
            I consider it a privilege to call God a liar.

          • Tim Orner

            I consider it an absolute tradgety that HELL is your destination.

          • RichE

            It’s not your decision to make, Tim. Quit playing God.

          • Tim Orner

            And I do thank GOD that it is not my decision, but I do know the requirements to obtain eternal life. I can only pray that GOD will bring about circumstances in your life that will confront you and challenge you to not only understanding how to obtain eternal life, but have the courage to accept it. I’ll pray for you that these things will happen.

          • RichE

            Allow yourself to love, it makes the day brighter and thanks for including me in your prayers.

          • Tim Orner

            If I didn’t love you RichE, I wouldn’t take the time to correspond with you, and pray.

      • Jay

        Calling God a liar is simply projecting on to God that which you are, RichE!

        • RichE

          I call it conversation.

          • Jeff

            The folks on this blog know the TRUTH. Therefore, to disagree with them is to lie.

          • RichE

            Disagreement is a matter of perspective. You can only see truth from your perspective. The rest is assumption. Take a walk in the park or the wild side, change your position. Are your assumptions unchanged?

      • Jay

        RichE, i call it logical fallacy. If you are of the conviction that God does not exist, then who are you calling a liar, dumb dumb?

        • RichE

          Sould my personal conversations with God be of your concern? Are you the prayer police? Who are you to tell me how to pray? Have your spiritual BM with someone else.

      • B. Donoro

        I agree, know your bible and your Creator.. There is the answer for all mankind….

      • Jay

        Personal conversation? Posting “God is a Liar” on a public blog is not considered having a private, personal conversation with God, RichE. duh!

      • Deerinwater

        BigBadJohn says:
        July 9, 2012 at 9:07 am
        yup same thing happened in 94 with Newt’s “republican revolution” they promised one thing and we got another.”

        Bait and switch is standard “SOP” for the GOP. They will promise you a battleship with 16″ gun and can make-way at 45 knots. ~ What they deliver will be a leaky row boat with a single oar and bb gun.

    • William Lewis

      I agree with this %100, but must we must get the word out. The Tea Party Reps ran on a similar agenda, but when they got elected they bascially complained about government but started feeding at the trough too. It’s a disaster!!!

      • BigBadJohn

        yup same thing happened in 94 with Newt’s “republican revolution” they promised one thing and we got another.
        same thing happened in 2008 we were promised one thing and got another.

        keep that in mind in November, you can not choose “the lesser of two evils” they are the same……..

        Vote libertarian or write in Ron Paul.

      • Mike in MI

        William – They were threatened and assured of protection whenever it’s taken down.
        Imagine their chagrin when they find out they were lied to by the Father of Lies.
        That’s the way the Power behind the powers that appear before us ALWAYS work. The process is likenable to a person who contracts with a pro assassin to have someone killed. The real planner and culprit stays invisible and unaccounted for.
        Only the Bible lays out the basics and the generally predictable process used to protect the real guilty agency (-ies). There is no way to overturn the truth that we exist in a spiritual world. People can deny it, but in the end we’ll see what (and who) is hidden in the darkness of life. The Truth will prevail. It’s kind of hard to beat omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal, and…and…and…

        Like someone said above, “…the answers are in the bible.” You want to give yourself the best chance to survive what’s ahead? Study the life of Jeremiah, especially toward the end. After the Babylonians took over and everybody else was killed or hauled away Jeremiah was protected.
        How? God is able! He sure didn’t run away and hide in the midst of the run-up to destruction. He stood against the priests, kings and deniers among the people right straight up front, in the open with what God told him to say and do.
        He survived the battles and wanton destruction like the enemy soldiers couldn’t even see him. Later, he went to his own home in the region of Benjamin and died peacefully there.

        Also, if you want some fun, trace the different groups and individuals involved and what happened to those who listened to Jeremiah, following his instructions from God…and those who told him he was crazy.

        God knows how to care for to protect His own. But it’s an individual walk. Just you and Him. If you can get others to follow you…good. If not, you have to let them take their own course.

        Just in case you think, “Why didn’t He save His own son, Jesus Christ?”
        That was a different deal and He had to give the sons of Abraham the opportunity to believe – like He said He would. They decided. They didn’t want what was being proffered and hung him out to dry. Jesus knew what was coming and decided to go through with it anyway. Just being obedient to what was written was the best he knew. So he counted God to be good on His Word.
        What makes you think God didn’t save His own kid? Resurrection to eternal life versus the oblivion everybody before him went to isn’t too bad a deal… if you can get it.

      • Jeff

        I think you are all misdiagnosing the problem. I never thought the stamps were a big problem nor were the “bounced” checks congressmen were allowed to write. Frankly, I hope my congressman doesn’t have to waste time waiting at the airport, the post office, or th bank. Of course powerful people are going to act a little “big for their britches.” But that’s not dangerous corruption. What’s dangerous is not the little stuff like getting parking tickets fixed or getting your phone calls answered.

        What’s dangerous is selling your vote on important issues either for campaign contrbutions or for your next job. As long as Congressmen are working for special interests they hope to lobby for one day, they aren’t working for their constituents. Duke Cunningham was a real scandal because it involved awarding defense contracts due to payola. I don’t care how many stamps a congressman “steals” from the government.

        The whole idea that the government is too big is a misnomer. How can a small government regulate multi-national corporations? You libertarians who think the world as Jefferson imagined it might be a nice place to live are in for a rude awakening. If you don’t like government, you’re sure not going to like being ruled by Exxon when there’s no more government there as a counterweight.

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “The Internet is the first good thing that has happened in the United States to shine the light on a corrupt system.”

      That”s why net nutrality is so important.

      The net needs to be responsive to people, not corportations and politicians.


    • Steve E

      The deniers living off the corpse while forestalling the truth long enough to get theirs will finally wake up to what’s happening once the corpse they are feeding off of is picked clean. It’s just a matter of time.


      Crazy Jesse Ventura said it best, when he described POLITICS: Poly means many, and tics are blood sucking parasites.

    • chester

      Do believe notification on this virus went out not long after the people running the servers it redirected infected computers to were caught and jailed. The FBI has been maintaining those servers since last November, over six months now, while they tried to get the word out to everyone. I first heard of it way back in February or March, and checked all the computers in my household then. With this having been on the news, the internet, and about any other place you might look, is no real excuse for people not knowing about it and having their machines cleaned.

  • GALT

    Why would it pass to China……..they are in even worse shape? It’s nice to know the present system is DOOMED…….now all you have to tell us is……What does the present system consist of?

    “A man must live by his work, and his wages must be at least enough to maintain him.
    They must even on most occasions be somewhat more: otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family and the RACE of such workmen could not last beyond the first generation.”

    Does your extensive reading include any of the following?

    The Social Conquest of Earth
    Debt: The First 5000 Years.
    Power Inc.
    Extreme Money
    The Great Divergence
    Economic’s Unmasked
    Too Much Magic
    Fool me Twice
    The Long Emergency

    This may help answer the question regarding the nature of the “present system”,
    as well as………what would be required of “government” to “secure” that “unalienable
    right to life.”?

    • steve

      how about reading the BIBLE if you want the truth.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        Let me see…Do you believe the BIBLE? Well if you do, here is a good one for you…Jesus just tells everyone: (Luke 6:27-36)[27] “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, [28] bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. [29] If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. [30] Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. [31] Do to others as you would have them do to you. [32] “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ love those who love them. [33] And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ do that. [34] And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ lend to ‘sinners,’ expecting to be repaid in full. [35] But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. [36] Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. And then a few sentences later says “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” -Luke 19:27…Hmmmm…sounds like either a major contradiction or possibly Christianity is a VERY VIOLENT religion that wants to kill Muslims. I think that it is a violent religion. Just look at what has been done in the name of it since it was “revealed”. ME? I’ll take Thomas Paine’s religion any day over ALL the worlds revealed religions…THE WORLD is my COUNTRY, MANKIND are my brothers and TO DO GOOD is my religion. Trash the rest.

      • TIME

        Dear Steve,

        Really? Do you really think thats the whole story?
        Do you really believe that in 568 AD the Roman Senate was not able to twist and rework the books used to form the “Modern Cannon?”

        How about, during the period of TIME from then to the Dark AGES?
        Are you aware that the vast amount of people on earth could not read, nor write during these periods of TIME, – 5000 BC – 1800 AD.

        Ever read the translation of the Book of Thomas? How strange is it that the Book of Thomas has much more clear intel, so why was it not used again in the “Roman Empires Cannon?”

        Keep in mind that at the TIME – {Thomas was the Scientst in The Christ crew of 12 followers,} yet his words were tossed to the side like a cold wet blanket by the “Roman Empires Senate Council.”

        Look – Control Grids extent from all ports rather any of you like it or not!
        Thus – GOD will not save you for allowing his work to be destroyed, thats in GODS own words!

        As MAN – is the number 6 – who not only wrote the Roman Senate’s Cannon, but it was Man the Number 6 who decided what YOU would be able to read as well told what to follow within that Roman Senate’s Cannon.
        And whom do the vast amount of people on the planet earth follow again; “Man the number 6.”

        Open your eyes if you so dare, as there is a whole world that is not within the confines of the Roman Cannon.

        PS: To you whom ever would question what I believe or follow.
        The answer is really quite simple.
        “I don’t follow MAN.”
        Nor will I consent to MAN’S RULE.}

        If thats beyond your grasp, then I pitty you.

        Peace and Love

      • MAP

        Mark, try telling this to the 10′s of millions butchered, tortured, and extermianted by the attheistic states: USSR, Red China, N. Korea, Cuba, Nazi Germany, etc. Atheists have a VERY poor track record. It is the ticket, if you prefer oppression, torture, misery and death.

      • Dave67

        Once again MAP only tells the part of the story he wants to believe. Those people killed were not killed “because” of the religion alone.

        But Hitler was god’s “superwarrior” according to his own book
        The Inquisition
        Northern Ireland.

        There are so many stories of people butchering one another because their version of “god” is not the “right” one.

        Believe in the fairytales if you must, just keep it out of gov.

      • cawmun cents

        Where you fail to make the connection Mark Are,is that the Holy spirit drives the Christian to do good.The Christian does not decide to do good,otherwise Christ would not have needed to die for us and propitiate the sacrifice once and for all for our sins.

      • MAP

        Steve, I ignore nothing. In the communist and leftist states citizens were exterminated by the 10′s of millions. Nothing in the history of the world compares to it.. As a dreaming leftist, maybe you should do some research into the world of reality. The killings you mention are trivial and as nothing by comparison. And I never said the killings were all religious in nature. I said that they were the work of atheistic governments, governments that demanded to be worshipped like a God.

      • david

        You have, as do most Christian haters, Luke 19:27, out of context. Jesus is telling a parable about a king. He is not recommending these actions. Please study the Bible learn from it. To take the Holy Word and distort it to make your case is just wrong!

        I am a patriot. I am also a Christian. I believe what we see now is Revelation playing out. I pray for your soul that you find God before “that day”.

        God bless you and America

      • Al

        This a repy to Mark Are Reynolds:
        as ususal those who don’t know Christ or the Scriptures try to use it against Christians. The passage you quote in Luke 19 is completly out of context. Jesus is illustrating an unprofitable servant and all those who reject Jesus as Saviour. Those are the ones which will be slain. This has nothing to do w/Christians slaying those who do not agree w/Christianity like the Muslims. Christians belive the only way to heaven is thru/by Jesus Christ. If you don’t want to believe this it is your decision. Unlike the Muslims WE CHRISTIANS will not kill you for your refusal to accept Jesus. Steve is correct the only thing which will save our nation is a return to Christ. Look up the history prior to the revolutionary war there was a great awakening which lead directly to the people realizing the unfair treatment of a corrupt British government. Sound familar. Mark before you quote scripture I suggest you research it better or ask a True Christian what it means.

      • Mike in MI

        Time – Hey, my friend!!!
        Broaden your scope a little for a moment and rework things a bit, please.
        Rome didn’t control the entire mid-east or setting the Canon. Most of the New Testament was written and set by the Apostles very early. If not, why is the canon for the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Orient, which was beyond the reach of Rome’s ATTEMPTs to change things, the same as in the Occident? Only the order is different – for the New Testament.
        I’m talking about Paul’s letters. Those are what is the basic curriculum for those who love God until Christ Jesus’ guaranteed return. If my word isn’t good enough, what about Peter’s in II Peter 3:15,16? “Salvation”, by the way, has its root in the word “SOZO” meaning WHOLENESS in every aspect of life, now and eternally. The Devil has tried to put God out of business by trying to eliminate either believing of or the evidence of His word. But, He very well planned things so that anyone who really wants to can study, learn or be taught, and partake of the great rescue we can be part of because Jesus Christ obeyed. Even here in one of the darkest nations on earth.

        Further, Why have Biblical Texts and Manuscripts dug up since Rome, ostensibly, had control of everything proven to have the same essential contents and order? If anybody tries to tell you God’s hand is slack when it comes to His word tell them to buzz off.

        By the way, If you study Paul very closely you will find spots where “gnosis” is referred to as a teaching system. It was centered in Egypt and spread from there. Paul told the leadership of his followers to avoid that stuff since it was not from God. The Epistle of Thomas came out of that tradition. You be wise, chuck it. It will mess you up.

      • Don_in_DC

        I am so sick of most Christians because you justify your religion as the one right way because of the Bible and yet none of you interpret it the same way. You are too simplistic to recognize that there are more killers in the name of God as there are those that claim no God. It is fine to say the world lacks morality and that is the cause of its problems but don’t use such a simplistic idea that one religion is the solution while all the others are a sure path to destruction. The only good that comes in this world comes from the person that spends time debating moral issues and isn’t 100% sure on most of them. The moment you stick to one ideal, one group, one methodology then that battle is lost.

        If you truly believe your Bible is the solution then look at all the areas where it is wrong. Should we kill our children when they disobey? Should we kill those that don’t share our beliefs? Use the Bible or any religious text as the foundation of your morality but please take the time to do more than just cling to it blindly. Question everything. Demand that people do the same instead of attacking those that do question. Then you are on the road to an appropriate morality. Those atheistic leaders you talk about weren’t killers because they were atheist, they were killers because they thought their morality needed to be enforced upon the world. If you do it as a Christian, Muslim or whatever it is still the same thing. Our original Constitution is a much better example of a good government mentality than what I have seen in a religious text because it excluded religion from being used to oppress freedom.

        Whenever your religion teaches you to dislike others because they wear a different label than you then you are guilty of what Hitler did. You should learn what your neighbor thinks and disagree with him on specific points but allow him the freedom to live whatever life he wants as long as it doesn’t infringe on your freedoms. Most of the errors in our politicians and our religion boil down to this simple concept…they want to disallow freedom when they don’t agree. I don’t care what you believe in or what you don’t as long as you used some sense to reach your conclusion and you leave me the freedom to reach my own conclusions.

        • Renée

          Don in DC, So what you are saying is, anyone should have the right to do anything, at anytime they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on “YOUR” freedom. That’s a pretty selfish way to live. People should be able to do what ever they want to WHOM ever they want as long as it doesn’t affect YOU!!! Is this what you just said? Your words…You should learn what your neighbor thinks and disagree with him on specific points but allow him the freedom to live whatever life he wants as long as it doesn’t infringe on your freedoms.
          Christianity is the Only one that says, Do unto others as you would have them to unto you, love your neighbor as yourself…how can that be wrong? So if a muslim kills your neighbor because they believe that everyone outside of islam is an infidel, it’s alright with you because it didn’t infringe on YOUR personal freedom? Please explain if this is not correct because I can’t believe ANYONE could have that attitude!

      • Jay

        Religion doesn’t kill people, no more then guns kill people. People kill people, period! Take away religion, and guns, and you end up with secular/socialist/marxists/fascism, of the likes of the Soviet union, China, and South America, and to the best of my knowledge, not the least bit violent? Which proves, only religion causes violence, and is the only cause of wars; yeah right!

        Blaming religion, guns, or any of the myriad of metaphysical musings, and philosophies, is just man’s pathetic attempt to deflect blame away from himself, that being; he is degenerate and hopelessly corrupt, and whose behaviour only confirms the veracity of the Bible with respect to man’s condition; degenerate, and hopelessly, corrupt!

      • Don_in_DC

        Renee, yes people should be allowed to be free in whatever way they choose until it infringes on the freedoms of others. Your attacks on me are to say I am selfish and only concerned with me but that isn’t accurate. My goal was to state that you shouldn’t really worry about what my religion is or how I think because of a label you don’t know anything about. Instead focus on allowing me the freedom to think whatever I want and if it doesn’t hurt others then you don’t need to legislate it.

        As far as your saying “only Christians” say this or that, you are very incorrect. All those things you named as said by Christ were said by Buddha 500 years earlier. Not the exact wording but the same thinking.

        Trying to say that I support a muslim (or anyone) killing another in their name of religion is the exact OPPOSITE of what I am saying. When I use the figurative “me” it is because I am writing. If I am saying that everyone should accept contrary ideas that don’t infringe on every mans freedom it sort of demands that you aren’t removing their life. Killing someone when they disagree with you is an attack on their freedom. Judging someone because they wear a different religious label without knowing the fundamentals of the belief system is another part of my point. You will attack Muslims without knowing their ideals because of what you have learned on TV. Do you know any Muslims? Have you tried to target the individual parts of their belief system to understand it? When you disagree are you willing to let them be free to believe however they want as long as it doesn’t limit yours or others freedoms? Islam is based on Christianity which is based on Judaism. It’s real easy to say one of those is more right than the others based on your personal choice but really it shouldn’t matter the label but more the beliefs. There are good and bad in each.

        I’m fine with the morality bits you bring up from Christianity, they are good things. Most religions have the same things in one form or another. For every thing you can attack another religion (i.e. Muslims) as having that is crazy, Christianity has something just as crazy. All these religious texts have both good and bad ideas. The ones that are against Christianity can point out all the crazy ones it has, the ones that are anti-Muslim or anti-whatever can do the same. As humans we tend to focus on the flaws in the other ideologies to reaffirm our own. Instead you should live the Golden Rule but more than that you should educate yourself and question everything. I don’t care if you kill me in the name of God, Allah or Hitler…I’m still just as dead. I only ask that my government protects me from you going all fanatical and infringing on my rights while also protecting you from me in the same way.

        Hopefully that is more clear.

      • Deerinwater

        Renne say;Christianity is the Only one that says, Do unto others as you would have them to unto you, love your neighbor as yourself…how can that be wrong?”

        Well, I’m not sure about being the “only” one. ~ but that’s another matter entirely .

        The problem with any “taught” idea ~ is application. Simply being aware of knowledge is not enough, it has to be “employed” to enjoy the benefits.

        • Renée

          I will agree with you on the application. We should all treat others the way we want to be treated, without exeption.
          I hope you have a great evening Deerinwater.

    • Dave67


      In the immortal words of Col Sherman S Potter… Horsehockey… In the history of humanity, more people have been killed in the name of their respective religion that any other reason save greed for more resources.

      Its not even close…. Stalin did not kill because he was an atheist and wanted those who were religious dead “just because”

      Josef Stalin’s “very religious” mother named him after St. Joseph, and wanted him to become a priest. Stalin himself supposedly claimed that his father had been a priest, and he was purportedly “damaged by violence” while being “raised in a poor priest-ridden household.” As a youth, Stalin spent five years in a Greek Orthodox seminary, after which he purportedly renounced his religion. In his later years, Stalin apparently embraced Christianity once more. As Stalin biographer Edvard Radinsky remarks, “During his mysterious retreat [of June 1941] the ex-seminarist had decided to involve the aid of the God he had rejected.” Radinsky likewise chronicles a number of religious comrades in Stalin’s immediate circle. It is evident that, whether for good or bad, religion played a significant role in Stalin’s life.

      Adolf Hitler was raised a Catholic, and in a speech in 1922 he remarked, “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter…” In his autobiography Mein Kampf (1.2), Hitler stated:

      “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.
      Throughout his life, Hitler invoked God and “the Lord,” demonstrating his religious, not atheistic, nature. Pol Pot was raised a Buddhist and Catholic. In this regard, Dr. Ian Harris, a Reader in Religious Studies at the University College of St. Martin, relates: “In one of his early writings Pol Pot wrote approvingly that the ‘democratic regime will bring back the Buddhist moralism because our great leader Buddha was the first to have taught [democracy].’” Although in comparison to the Abrahamic religions its history is far less violent, Buddhism has not been entirely devoid of atrocity in its spread and practice.”

      So you can buy into that BS but the truth says something a bit different.

      • MAP

        Dave, you are a delusional leftist idiot! And your sick, twisted, perverted ideology make you a dangerous idiot. Perhaps you will be one of the useful idiots standing in the lines for execution. You are a fool, a dangerous fool.

      • Dave67


        Can’t refute what I am saying so you resort to name calling. Typical fearful right winger unfortunately. Have you been scared your whole life?

      • steve

        wow. look at the uproar i have caused and all i said was look to the bible for the truth. why don’t you put all that angry energy to good use. there is a reason why it’s called education. read and understand before you bark. you won’t look like an idiot.

      • JUKEBOX

        Steve, BIBLE is an acronym for “Book of instructions before leaving earth”.

      • Dale left coast

        Hitles subscribed to a pagan germanic vision . . . was certainly not a Christian . . .
        The athiests/socialists/progressives/collectivists killed 100′s of millions in the 20th century . . . Lenin/Stalin/Hitler/Mao/Pol Pot may never be equalled for their brutality to their fellow man. The leading contender for the 21st century has to be izzzzlam ! !

      • TIME

        Dear People,

        Let me ask you all a few simple question’s, are we not all HUMAN?

        Do you think that somehow the fact that all Religions have the same base; was by accident?

        Do you not want for your children the same things as any other Humans (no matter what religions they may be) – want for their children?

        Things like, { Fresh clean food, Clean water, a fine home, a safe place to live – where their children can play and grow up loving not only thier parents, but themself.

        A world with out HATE and or War’s?

        If so then I beg all of you to think about what bonds that we all share as HUMANS – its called DNA.
        We all came from the same place – even if the base story is somewhat differant, aka – Religion’s – we all still share the fact that we are HUMANS!

        I again beg you all “PLEASE” – don’t allow Man to control you nor to force you into hate of other Humans for what ever cause they are selling for Profit!

        Please think about the bonds we all share, that being – {HAR 1,} its only found in Humans as in no other life form on the planet Earth.

        It’s the fact that even Science has clearly shown that we as humans all share two common bond’s that held within our DNA of what it has a “Fused Block” starting point for starters.

        All HUMAN DNA begins with the following; ( YAH -AR -1 ).

        This was not by mistake, nor was it by any other hand than that of our “CREATOR” – no matter what name we as HUMANS give, be it – GOD, Budda, etc..

        The LAWS that GOD gave all HUMANS are really quite simple and straight forward.
        Please Follow them, and everything else will fall into place!

        Peace and Love

      • Renée

        You have to understand that “JUST” because someone was raised in a Christian home doesn’t mean they are actually doing things for God. God will judge those like Hitler who did evil in his name as he will all those that “claim” to do things for God and they are actually working for the enemy of God. I don’t want you to think that I’m bashing anyone with the word of God, God doesn’t need defending but the Word holds all truth and the truth will set you free. Believing lies keeps you locked up. God’s word is the truth, bringing a great source of peace, this is what all believers want for those that haven’t given their hearts to Christ. We don’t want to bring harm but health and good and things that are of no reproach. God will never force anyone but gives them a free will to choose Him or deny Him. But with those choices come consequences.
        In Matthew 7:
        15“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
        21“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (evil doers, Hitler, Stalin, etc.)

        The only difference between those that believe in Jesus Christ as savior and those that don’t is that believers are sinners saved by grace. We are ALL sinners and fall short of the glory of God, and we are ALL worthy of hell and death because we could never make it to heaven on our own. Don’t turn your back on God or He will turn His back on you. That is a pretty scary place to be. Life is the time God gives you to determine where you will spend your eternity. Choose wisely. All the answers to the circumstances we are going through in this country/world right now are in the bible and are all caused because man has turned his face from God. God told us that He would help and all we have to do is turn from our wicked ways and seek Him.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Part 1
        Dave67 @ 8:37 & @ 8:56, do not spread your IGNORANCE & LIES.
        Dave67@ 8:37 wrote: “Once again MAP only tells the part of the story he wants to believe. Those people killed were not killed “because” of the religion alone.”

        Yes Dave, before to spew your ignorance, you should to do some research.

        MAP is correct. The vast majority of the mass murders were executed by the Dictatorial/Autocratic regimes, the heads of which were the ego-centric maniacal DESPOTS (Lenin & Stalin – USSR; Mao Zedong – China; Adolf Hitler – Germany; Kim Il-sung & his son Kim Jong-il – North Korea). They sent people, who was not agree with their regimes, to the labor camps, where they died from the hard labor, mistreatment and hunger. But who dared to criticize them, they “simply” where executed as the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” (in the Soviet case.)

        These regimes (USSR & CHINA) also caused the death of the miiiiiiillions of the civilian population by the REGIME-MADE FAMINE. Only in Ukraine (1932-1933) it estimated 5.5 to 6.5 million deaths.

        From the Wikipedia: “According to a 1993 study of archival Soviet data, a total of 1,053,829 people died in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953.[6] These estimates exclude the deaths due to mistreatment in the camps,[12] and such deaths happened frequently.[13] The death toll is stated as 1,258,537 with the post-release deaths included, with an estimated 1.6 million casualties from 1929 to 1953.”[14]
        But there are the opinions that the number was much higher.

        Approximately 14 million people passed through the Gulag “labor camps” from 1929 to 1953. A further 6-7 million were deported and exiled to remote areas of the USSR (usually it was Siberia), and 4-5 million passed through “labor colonies”. The total population of the camps varied from 510,307 in 1934 to 1,727,970 in 1953.

        The Gulag was a major instrument of POLITICAL repression in the Soviet Union.
        The Gulag system was “a chain” of the 53 separate camps and 423 labor colonies where people were worked to death.
        Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelag”

        And also I recommend you to read the Secretary of the Communist Party and Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH, which he delivered at the closed session of the Twentieth Communist Party Congress on February 25, 1956.
        Dictator Stalin demanding absolute submission to his opinion or viewpoint. Those who criticized him or even just was not agree with him, they were labeled the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” (the term, which was created/invented by Stalin HIMSELF) and sent to Gulag camps or executed.

        From the Wikipedia: “Horowitz was raised by parents who were members of the Communist Party USA. Between 1956 and 1975, Horowitz was an outspoken adherent of the New Left before rejecting Leftism completely. Horowitz has recounted his ideological journey in a series of retrospectives, culminating with his 1996 memoir Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey.”

        The Horowitz family broke with the American Communist Party after the publication of Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH in 1956. According to David Horowitz:
        “The publication of the Khrushchev Report was probably the greatest blow struck against the Soviet Empire during the Cold War. When my parents and their friends opened the morning Times and read its text, their world collapsed — and along with it their will to struggle. If the document was true, almost everything they had said and believed was false. Their secret mission had led them into waters so deep that its tide had overwhelmed them, taking with it the very meaning of their lives.”[7]

        I recommend to ALL LEFTISTS: Communist/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats to read his books: the memoir “Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey” and “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America” (it’s about anti-American and anti-Conservatives academics in American colleges, which also are sympathetic to terrorists and non-democratic governments).
        And also do not forget to read the Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH, 1956.
        Maybe these FACTS will stimulate the bends of your brain function.

        Do not DECEIVE yourself, but educate.

      • Jay

        Dave67:In the immortal words of Col Sherman S Potter… Horsehockey… In the history of humanity, more people have been killed in the name of their respective religion that any other reason save greed for more resources.

        Wrong, in the history of humanity, more people have been killed by people!

      • Matrix


        Don’t forget that Obama also considerers himself to be Christian.

        Many men throughout history have made this lie, but in the end we follow their actions and not their words.

        The action of a true Christian will always be good.

        God has never been responsible for the murder of his own, only man could conceive such insanity.

        It is man who blames religion for his hatred and prejudice of his fellow man.

        The true gift of our Lord is conscience, and it is we that make this judgment on our own behalf, never on our Lords.

        History, as in current events has been blamed on many Gods and wars on many religions, but truth is truth, and God is the only truth!

        The responsibility to humanity is ours and our conscience.
        The truth goes no further!

        Lay blame on those men that have corrupted man and religion in his personal goal of being God, not on the Lord that gives him life!

        Man has always been the reason for the destruction of man, but in the end, we will all be judged by our own actions, and will neither lay blame on our Lord or our fellow man!

        In the end we stand alone with our actions or inaction.

        God is Great!

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        1. Dave67 wrote @ 8:56am: “Josef Stalin’s ‘very religious’ mother named him after St. Joseph, and wanted him to become a priest. Stalin himself supposedly claimed that his father had been a priest”. Dave, this is a LIE.

        The TRUTH is that Stalin’s father NEVER “had been a priest”. He was a cobbler – a shoemaker who repaired shoes; There is NONE evidence that his mother named him after St. Joseph. His Georgian name was Ioseb, which was popular in Georgia.

        2. Dave67 wrote @ 8:56am: “he [Stalin] was purportedly “damaged by violence” while being “raised in a poor priest-ridden household.” – Dave, this is a LIE too.

        The TRUTH is that his household wasn’t “priest-ridden”. I guess that your “damaged by violence” you are talking about his damaged hand. Let see what Wikipedia says about that: “By the age of twelve, two horse-drawn carriage ACCIDENT left his left arm permanently damaged.” Yes, his left hand were paralyzed.

        3. Dave67 wrote @ 8:56am: “As a youth, Stalin spent five years in a Greek Orthodox seminary, after which he purportedly renounced his religion.” – Dave, this is another LIE.

        The TRUTH is that the population in Georgia practices primarily the GEORGIAN Orthodox Church (about 90%). Around 2% follow the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church. In Georgia no one practice GREEK Orthodoxy, therefore Stalin could not “spent five years in a Greek Orthodox seminary”.

        Here is what the Wikipedia says about Stalin’s religious education: “At ten, he began attending church school where the Georgian children were forced to speak Russian … At sixteen, he received a scholarship to a Georgian Orthodox seminary, where he rebelled against the imperialist and religious order … he was expelled in 1899 after missing his final exams. The seminary’s records suggest that he was unable to pay his tuition fees.[11]”
        4. Dave67 wrote @ 8:56am:
        a)“…In his later years, Stalin apparently embraced Christianity once more. As Stalin biographer Edvard Radinsky remarks, “During his mysterious retreat [of June 1941] the ex-seminarist had decided to involve the aid of the God he had rejected.” Radinsky likewise chronicles a number of religious comrades in Stalin’s immediate circle.” – David, of all your LIES, this is the biggest LIEl.

        The TRUTH, David, is that Stalin NEVER EVER “apparently” or not “embraced Christianity”. Why “at ten, he began attending church school?” Because at that time in the Russian Empire there weren’t PUBLIC schools at all. In the Cities there were PRIVET Schools and Academies. (for girls and for boys separately). In Towns & Villages children went to Church Schools. So Stalin has no choice, but attend the Church school, because his parents could not afford PRIVET school.
        (It’s obama can afford to send his daughters to privet school, for which he paid for the oldest daughter $20,286 & for the youngest $18,492 in 2008.
        When he moved to Washington he pays $28,440 & $27,440 accordingly. Please Google article “Send Your Children to D.C. Public Schools, Mr. President-Elect by Terence Jeffrey)
        The same reason was why he went to the GEORGIAN Orthodox Seminary – he could NOT afford College. From the paragraph 3 we know that he was expelled for not paying his tuition fees.

        From the Wikipedia: “Although raised in the GEORGIAN Orthodox faith, Stalin WAS AN ATHEIST. Stalin followed the position adopted by Lenin that RELIGION WAS AN OPIATE THAT NEEDED TO BE REMOVED IN ORDER TO CONSTRUCT THE IDEAL COMMUNIST SOCIETY. His government promoted atheism through special ATHEISTIC EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS, ANTI-RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA, THE ANTIRELIGIOUS WORK of public institutions (SOCIETY OF THE GODLESS), discriminatory laws, and a TERROR CAMPAIGN AGAINST RELIGIOUS BELIEVERS. By the late 1930s IT HAD BECOME DANGEROUS TO BE PUBLICLY ASSOCIATED WITH RELIGION.[88]”

        Shortly after leaving the seminary, Stalin discovered the writings of Vladimir Lenin and decided to become a Marxist revolutionary (Like obama’s friend and ex- Green Jobs tsar, Van Jones), eventually joining Lenin’s Bolsheviks in 1903… He became one of the Bolsheviks’ chief operatives in the Caucasus, organizing paramilitaries, inciting strikes, spreading propaganda and RAISING MONEY through BANK ROBBERIES, RANSOM KIDNAPPINGS and EXTORTION. The infamy he gained from BEING ASSOCIATED WITH ORGANIZING THE 1907 TIFLIS BANK ROBBERY, WHICH RESULTED IN SEVERAL DEATHS and the stealing of 250,000 rubles (about US $3.4 million in modern terms)…[13]
        Stalin was captured and sent to Siberia, but he escaped … He eventually adopted the name “Stalin” from the Russian word for steel and used it as an alias and pen name in his published works.

        David67, as you can see, Stalin was a CRIMINAL. Does not he remind you the CRIMINAL obama? (Forged SS, BC; cheater on the Property Taxes; murders…)

        b) When Stalin rose to power, he created a CULT OF PERSONALITY in the Soviet Union around himself. He accepted grandiloquent titles (e.g., “Coryphaeus of Science,” “Father of Nations,” “Brilliant Genius of Humanity,” “Great Architect of Communism,” “Gardener of Human Happiness,” and others)
        (David67, does not sound it familiar to you? Messiah, the Chosen One, Gifted, Smart, Intelligent, Good Speaker – even he can’t say HELO without teleprompter)

        c) Many churches had been leveled, and tens of thousands of priests, monks and nuns were persecuted and killed. Over 100,000 were SHOT DURING THE PURGES of 1937–1938. [89] (David, Google Stalin’s PURGES, learn the truth!)

        d) During World War II, the “Father of the Nation” allowed the Church revival as a patriotic organization …(But that was temporary, because he hoped that believers’ prayers will help to win war.)

        e) “…the ex-seminarist had decided to involve the aid of the God he had rejected.” – David, this is the biggest and the most cruel LIE.

        f) “Radinsky likewise chronicles a number of religious comrades in Stalin’s immediate circle. It is evident that, whether for good or bad, religion played a significant role in Stalin’s life.” – David, It’s another LIE.
        David, there were NONE, EVEN NOT ONE, “of religious comrades in Stalin’s immediate circle”. They ALL were godless atheists.

        Many Churches were blown out, Monasteries & Convents destroyed or transformed into the Orphanages, because after revolution there were a lot of orphans all over the country.
        According the Russian Commission report (November 27, 1995): “…40,000 churches were destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980…”

        According to “The Christian News,” Jan. 8, 1996, p. 2, “Some 200,000 (Christian) clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union.”

        The initial ANTI-RELIGIOUS CAMPAIGN after the revolution focused especially against the Russian Orthodox Church and it was characterized by BRUTAL TERROR TACTICS that KILLED THOUSANDS BELIEVERS…Church and believers were brutally persecuted. The Churches’ property were robbed/grabbed/confiscated/seized – it called NATIONALIZATION.

        David, you wrote: “It is evident that, whether for good or bad, religion played a significant role in Stalin’s life.”
        In reality, this sentence should sound like this: “It is DEFINITELY evident that, maniacal DICTATOR & DESPOT Stalin played a signiiiiiiificant role, a terribly cruel role in the Russian Church and USSR’s people lives.

        David 67, Please, do not spread LIES, do NOT DESTORT & and do NOT TWIST the HISTORICAL FACTS, which were writen by people’s blood & lives.
        DO NOT RE-RIGHT HISTORY, especially the history of the country you know NOTHING about. You are hurting feelings and memory of people who went thru that EVIL.
        Accept my advise: Before to make any statement do research.

        God Bless you. Alondra, whose grandmother and mother passed that HELL.
        In God we TRUST.

      • kid


        • purplewarrior71

          I fully agree. I’ve been trying, to inform, in this very forum, the masses of this very thing you aspose. Soon all Americans will wake up to a new reality,its called URBAN SURVIVAL.
          Paper money will be of no use. All banks will close the night before and not to reopen for days ma be weeks until the GOVERNMENT figures what to do about worthless FAUX green backs, Government and municipal pension payouts , retirement payouts grind to a HALT. Savings and checking accounts will be frozen. Credit Cards will stop working. Massive layoffs, firings. All because we as a nation allowed our elected officials to run rampant in MUNICIPAL AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. ALLOWED THEM TO FEAST ON OUR FLESH, POISON OUR WATERS, CONTAMINATE OUR FIELDS. Then allowed them to blame the AMERICAN PEOPLE for actions perpetrated buy ELECTED OFFICIALS.

          The greed and graft is out of control. America as we know it will change forever. The nay sayers won’t believe. They will continue to live life with blinders on and believe in BIG GOVERNMENT AS THEIR SAVIOR.


          “”They have sowed the wind, Now reap the whirlwind.”

          These are the words of


        • Katrael

          kid, my comment will probably not go where think it is. I’ve been listening to “doomsday predictions” most of my life. It’s enough to wear a person out. However, I understand that the time table for these things could be over generations and not merely a few years. Since I’ve been hearing these things for over fifty years I believe that it’s time for what you think is going to happen to actually happen.

          Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
          We moved to the country forty years ago because of these predictions. Our farm has mostly been abandoned by my family but I’ve been rehabing it. This process seems oh so slow but hopefully it’ll be enough in time?

          • Renée

            You know if you need people to help you, you could co-op. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to work that land with you, help pay your bills, live on a little piece of your heaven. So many want to get away from where they are and want to get back to basics but getting started is way too hard. Me for instance, I would love to get out of the city and put up a small little house on someones north forty, help with the land, etc. TOO old now but My Lord that sounds SO fantastic. You are blessed Katrael.

      • Deerinwater

        Time says; “Let me ask you all a few simple question’s, are we not all HUMAN?”

        For the sake of your argument the answer is “yes” .

        While most would agree, a human being is greater then the sum of all his/her parts.

    • GALT

      Wow……..what an amazing segue…….and I didn’t even mention God……”sound bite” minds?

      But let’s see if we can re-direct: The only unalienable right is that you can continue to attempt to survive………you may choose not to, but it can not be removed. ( self evident )

      Now be careful, because this is the TOUGH question……..

      Whom do you think is going to be more reasonable? Someone who can accept this self evident TRUTH, and is willing to act in accordance with it, since it is what they know and because they wish to continue with what they KNOW!!!!!??????? Or someone who knowing this, chooses to deny it to avoid the reality of mortality, in favor of some fantasy
      for which there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL……?

      Which of these positions is MORAL?

      • Michael J.

        Ernie Borgnine had a firm grip on morality, may God rest his soul.
        Now how’s that for a segue?

        Everyone understands your coded convolutions, your quatrains. Trouble is, no one cares.

      • Michael J.

        BTW, you should read “The Earth For Sam” from which the straight poop is emitted on the evolution of all politicians from a particular primate.

      • GALT

        But you care Mike……..and there are so many of you…….w.i.A.L.F.
        So, didn’t like the question or couldn’t understand it, or……….?

        Where are the (common) law and equity courts?

        Considering all the stuff you all don’t know……….how is it possible that you can come here everyday, believing you have answers or will find them HERE?

      • steve

        here’s something else you can uproar about. if all people go to heaven when they die, how will the meek inherit the earth? also ” thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. why would you ask for that if all go to heaven. this should be interesting .

      • GALT

        How is the demonstration that you did not comprehend or answer the question, interesting?

      • Jay

        steve, the idea behind reading a book, is to read all of it, not just some of it. This way, it will spare most here the time to state the obvious; read the whole book, dumb dumb!

      • Jay

        Galt: Which of these positions is MORAL?

        I think the word you are looking for is, “realistic”.

      • kid

        Your Psuedo-intellectualism astounds me. You believe with twisting words you can confuse the simple minded, but they understand you even more! You have no point! You want to speak in riddles. You cannot speak as a man. So you must have the mind of a child or you would speak as a man would to a man. You must believe you are superior in intellect to other men and women. But I imagine if you were in front of Jesse Ventura, you would have a greater respect and not attempt to speak to him as if he were an idiot from your fear of him beating your a$$!!! So, why do it here?? Talk like a man. Not in riddles. You are hiding. We can see through you. you are so obvious. Maybe you are young, a college student. You are commenting to older wiser people than yourself!! We can see you coming, and you won’t get too far. You are on a Lunatic Fringe!!!!

      • GALT

        The word I was looking for is the word I used: MORAL! To fail to acknowledge or act in accordance with the only self evident unalienable right you possess, would unreasonable and immoral……..any religion that contradicted it, would also be IMMORAL.

        For the person claiming that age produces wisdom, you provide little if any evidence in support of that……..and I would have no expectation that Jesse Ventura would pose any difficulty for me, nor I for him……but you may feel free to take it up with him, if you like.

      • Deerinwater

        Referring to Galt “You want to speak in riddles. You cannot speak as a man. So you must have the mind of a child or you would speak as a man would to a man. ”

        Allow us to get off on the right foot from the beginning, Galt does not “want” , Galt does or fails to do.

        Jesus spoke in riddles as well. It’s an effort to appeal and incite people to think and reason an issue out for themselves without offering them the answer. Once the answer is found, it becomes they answer. Then too, if their answer is the wrong answer, the confusion will still exist.

        Answers are a dime a dozen while a good question is priceless.

      • Brandi

        people need to quit surviving and start living. Pesce my friend.

    • Michael Neibel

      Galt. Your reading list should include Atlas Shrugged.

  • sean murry

    If we get rid of these corrupted officals it would be a good day for america.

    • carson lauffer

      How many days before the new group was corrupted?

      • steve

        amen to that.

      • sj

        If we had a one term limit there would be far less time for politicians to become corrupted. The problem as I see it is getting the vampires to drive the stake.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        A term limit is commendable, but better yet, LEARN how to discern who is not corruptible, but already corrupted. Don’t vote people into office more than once when they lie to you about what they will do and then flip flop. PERIOD. Don’t vote anyone in that uses their position to make “laws” that strip you of freedom. There should be NO LAWS ON THE BOOKS unless there is a victim involved. That would eliminate THOUSANDS of laws. The rule of thumb is this…IF there was no government, could I commit this act without damaging another in his life, liberty or property. If the answer is yes, then there can be no law against it.

      • TIME

        Dear Mark,

        Now thats some note worthy idea’s within your post.

        Saddly people go with “Name Brand Recognition” as it makes it so much more easy for them!

        Not unlike the “SOUND BITE” thinking patterns used by 90% plus of the population.

        Just like old Mittie stated the other day: Well OMEN care has been vetted by the SCOTUS, so its now the Law, so it’s the Law now!
        And we just have to work with it.
        Its a TAX, and thats ok; as its a TAX and thats what the SCOTUS stated its a TAX. So its now legal and its the law and its a TAX!

        And thats what people have to VOTE for! Or the 44th OMEN who has proven to be a Great CEO for the US Inc’s interest, but saddly the People on the people farm its been hell in a hand bag for.
        Both were picked By – the real masters of the world, then the mass media – who JFTR – are all owned by the very same Real Masters – sells the JUNK to the mindless sheep who then take that bag of waste material and VOTE in the Cult Of Personality Poll!

        Saddly Mark a 10 second span thats what 95% of the people have, and BTW – thats not something new -its as old as TIME its self.

        Can we ever hope to fix the problems?
        Well, its a really nice thought some of us even like to think that its possible.
        Saddly I fear, BTW thats my opinion based on what I now understand and clearly see – that very soon this nation with even its form of alledged Libertys / Freedoms is not far from its grave.
        I just finished reading the US Army manual for quelling unrest on American soil, its not pretty, BTW this is the new one that goes with the NDAA passed 12/31 2011, and the PA passed 12/ 2001.

        So in conclusion just How sad is it that a nation such as this was preverted so quickly as to take it back into the dark ages – yet all the while the useful idiots thinking that they are PROGRESSING forward.

        You just can’t make this stuff up!

        Peace and Love

    • wandamurline

      It would seem that we would have to leave a message that we no longer accept this….first by downsizing the federal government to about half its size, the second to stop the benefit packages these pukes enjoy …. their retirements dumped into social security and they can be paid as their bosses are paid, and it ain’t much. Then they can enjoy Obamacare like the rest of us if it is not repealed. They should never be exempt from laws that they pass for us….if they pass the law, then they are in it, no exemption. Take away the benies and stop the lobbyists and soon the entire system will change because it will no longer be financially beneficial to them. The same would go for the illegals in this country….stop the benefits, they will leave and the ones who do not would be paying for themselves.

      • Janet

        I fully agree with you, We must stand together and get rid of all the corrupt people that are on their way to destroying our America. Wake up everyone and face the facts, they are right in front of your face. Stop listening to Obama’s lies, don’t get suckered into voting for him again, get out of your denial box and help save America.

      • don

        these people are refered to as our leaders how did the original constitution say they were supposed to b. it was something like representitives of the people. i don’t think it was written as them being our leaders who control and regulate us. i think i read somewhere their salaries in congress are some where around 150,000 dollars a year with furnished health care and a generous pension of abut 100000 dollars a year. what does the average man get. a couple of years ago they said the average wage was $15.00 an hr. our government came up with 401k,iras and companies were trying to get rid of pensions. where do our so called representitives deserve so much right along withe all the bribes they take from lobbeists. they need reduce down to the level of the common man. buy their own health insurance a wage competitive with the people they supposedly represent, and 401k or ira like the forced on the country. seems every one of them are set before they take office. why do they need more. maybe to belong to the 1% club. why don’t we go back to our roots. we would probly not be in teh mess they have made. they say there is going to be another federal debt extension again. if it does’nt pass the usa could default. don’t thesr dumb asses realize you go too far you fall.

  • Moby49

    As if China was in any better state than the US. Me, I am accumulating food seeds and alcohol. Much better barter than silver.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Alcohol for wound care or drinking? No doubt the kind for drinking will be a great barter item for all those who want to drown their sorrows. However you will be contributing to lots of violence as they get drunk and want to let out their hostilities. As for food seeds? Good idea, but you also have to have a place to plant them. Many city folks have a postage stamp sized yard. They also have a spoilage date. Most seeds will not last for more than 5 years. And those seed vaults can get quite pricey.

      • cawmun cents

        You can keep your slver and gold Mark Are……
        I’ll do my trade with the seed and booze store,and the bartering system.
        Something to the effect that folks will toss their gold in the streets…..I heard that somewhere.


      • Mark Are Reynolds

        silver and gold ARE barter. And it doesn’t rot away. And as for your statement about gold and silver…where did you read that? In Grimm’s fairy tales? Oh, sorry, you read it in the “Bible” the source of all “truth”. Gag me with a place setting.

  • Nottakenyan

    Washington, DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves!!!

    • nc

      Nottaken, and Democrats!!

    • Don_in_DC

      DC metro area has about 6.5 million people, how many of those are politicians? I’m willing to bet its well under .001%.

      You might want to cut the generalizations just a tad.

  • http://BobLivingston Judith Loftus

    This is not a Constitution for the people anymore! It’s going to be a horror story for the future, all because of greed in the government.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      The problem with the constitution is that there is no way for we the people to actually enforce it. That is until it is totally ignored and the people rise up in mass with arms to oust the bastards who swear to uphold it. My son has a remedy that I like…He said what needs to be done is an enforcement clause needs to be added that says anyone who violates their oath of office no longer has the protection of law on their very life. So if the President violates his oath of office anyone would be able to shoot him and not be tried for a crime. It would have to be a blatant violation that millions would see. That way he will have the threat of death over him if he were to violate it. Same with any and all elected “officials, and even down to the unelected bureaucrats as well as the local police. Think that would work?

      • Don_in_DC

        Technically we do sort of have that, it would be treason and that is punishable by death. Would need to clarify the terms a bit I guess.

        BTW Mark I like your posts that I have seen here. Good grasp of the problems with humanity without it being just a “I hate anyone that thinks different” idea as most posters do. Well done!

      • jerryn

        There is another, less violent way to the truth.
        All we need is an Attorney General and a Judge who believe there is no difference between a campaign contribution and a Bribe. That way both parties can be convicted and removed from the embarassing system we just wink at now.
        Once we cut off the Bribery money flow, the system of graft wil collapse on itself. Most politicians are chickens and will run from the field rather than be exposed.

        Sounds too simple? Think about it, read the definition of bribery,
        Nobody has the guts to enforce the law – it will only take one.

    • Rasta

      Yeah let’s throw it out and adopt the Loftus Rules.

  • Norman F.

    Yes Congress is corrupt, but MY Congressman is OK! Words to die by!!

    • BigBadJohn

      true enough if you do not pay attention to how that congressman votes.

      I write my congressman and both senators whenever I have a problem with policy.

      My congressmen usually votes or has voted the way I would want him to vote (except for congressional pay raises etc)

      BOTH senators are usually on the wrong side in my opinion. One is democrat and one is republican. The biggest difference is the democrat at least responds to me (ya I know really an aid), the republican has never even acknowledged that he received a letter from me. Non responsive representation is the WORST in my opinion.

  • Rasta

    Blah de Blah Blah Blah! More gloom and doom from The Chicken Little Society.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      None are more hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.

      • nc

        Mark, how free are those trapped in the conspiracies that exist only in their minds?
        I would rather have a “shaky” freedom that a paranoid mind!

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        I am replying to myself because there is no way to post below to NC. Hey NC…first you have to have a mind, which it appears you are missing.

      • chester

        Hate to tell you this, Mark, but you have as little mind as any you accuse of having none. If you are bound in your fears, you have no freedom. Truthfully, if you are afraid of every breeze that blows because you think it might carry an unstoppable germ, then you have no life. Take a good look in the mental institutes, such of them as are left, and see what is done with true paranoids. Not a pretty sight.

  • reelman1946

    The goal of the apostles of utopian socialism is to create dependency faster than the real workers can become aware of their plot…however, socialism is its worst enemy…the toxic results of socialist policies inflict personal pain which determines elections…and trumps bold lies, distractions, demons and smears…the tactics that MUST be used when selling the fire of socialism to the scarecrows (voters of a nation).

    All overtly corrupt in congress have “served” (lol) 12 years or more so that should be the term…and a year’s salary when you leave…NO pension…NO special gym, NO coddling with HCare we cannot get, NO insider trading, NO raises unless put on the ballot every 4 years, NO “not voting” or voting “present” w/o penalty (we sent them to congress to vote) and so on. Some feeble start was made in Nov 2010 when 730 democrats got sent home in a record hammering BUT all those 20-45 year “service” fossils must be sent home in both Parties. This November is critical to saving the core of America.

    • cawmun cents

      Uh…I hate to be the bearer of bad news,but you left out an entire thought concerning the word”grooming”.The problem that you will find with your sentiments about giving them 12 years and then kicking them out,is that they will merely start”grooming”someone to replace them while they are in office.
      Everything else will seem as if it is on the up and up,but in reality when you vote you will get brand A,and Brand B,both of which are basically the same,with varying talking points.
      In fact that is exactly what we face today.
      What needs to be done is to expose the cancer that is progressivism.
      Then to take steps to cut it out of the body politic.That is our only chance at survival of the fittest.As it stands right now the progressive is the fittest to compete in our societal collage of cultural clicks.We must undergo extensive re-education to purge this evil from our midst,otherwise face annihilation from within.This cannot and will not happen overnight or by a series of elections as some assume.Rather it must happen as stealthily as it occured within the populace,in the institutions of learning.
      It remains to be understood by many that the removal of God from our educational system has made this feat nearly impossible.
      But since God was replaced by comfort and entertainment,there will be a backlash of denial that this is the condition which causes the malaise.Therefore understand that it is the progressive and his/her ideology that he/she can control the environment,that is being ushered forth to take Gods place in our halls of Legislation.
      Of course they can no more control the environment than they can control gang violence or criminal behavior,but they bring with them the illusion that they can do so.They have brainwashed the populace into believeing their false pretenses,and have made certain that the scientific community goes along with it.
      (You cant get grants from gubments unless you perform to their standards.)
      Good luck with the 12 year deal,but I think you will find that boardroom lawyers have already found a way around these things.


      • Michael J.

        cawmun cents,
        I do not believe a fix for our problems will come from the top, down.
        Evidence of such is the eager Tea Party representatives elected and sent to Congress to effect change, but instead have been turned to the dark side by either bribary, blackmale or have contracted lock-jaw as a result of being shown the Zabruder Tape.

        Progressive momentum has grown too powerful to be overcome by conventional means. The present election cycle is aimed at preserving the elitist status qou and the illusion of voter control, we have already lost. Like Bob Said, the vultures hover silenty above awaiting the carcasses last quiverings.

    • nc

      Reelman, you are about to kill the Golden Geese of Conservatism! These term limits will do just that if the Koch Brothers have to buy new conservative senators every 6 years and Representatives ever 2-4 years! Do you have any idea what a well schooled conservative Senator costs?? Do you know how to make a conservative senator! You take any Alabama Republican and kick his brains out!

  • Nick

    Term limits and get rid of the income tax and we take over the world in 10 years…again

  • Charlie Tall

    We can have the best of both worlds by passing a simple amendment making Senators and Representatives employees of the states they represent rather than Federal employees as they are now.

    The Supreme Court has ruled that neither Senators nor Representatives can be recalled by their states because once elected THEY NO LONGER WORK FOR THE STATE! They are no longer responsible to the people they supposedly represent.

    You like your Senator? Good, He’ll be the same guy if he works for your state instead of the Federal leviathan, except that he will listen to you and your needs rather than to his own or the Fed’s.

    Want term limits? Okay, pass them at the state level.

    Tired of Congressional privilege? Send your man to Washington with orders to end it, and if he doesn’t, fire him.

    Pay these parasites from the state treasury. Give them the same pension a state trooper or license clerk receives based on their total years of employment.

    In other words, if they are state employees, the states can do whatever they want with them. Heh, heh, heh.

    • Power To The People

      Great point….this is something that coupled with term limits and a balanced budget amendment would go a long ways to reining in some of the corruption…..just some of it.

    • Hey you

      Charlie’s idea is probably one of the very valid ideas. But, like most good ideas, will probably die.

      Anyway, why are not the states fully independent entities? There is little sense in living with a bloated, over demanding central government.

      • Dick

        if the states were fully independent, there wouldn’t be a US Army, or a place called America. There would be fifty little countries, probably spending most of their time and effort arguing with each other, and they would have much less influence and power in the world. You wouldn’t like it.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      You may be on to something here Charlie. I know that this idea sure sounds good to me. I suspect other folks would back this idea without hesitation.

  • Warrior

    Bob, I think your article “nails it”! Although, I also believe there are several members from 2010 class that still have principles and could use the “peoples” help in Nov.

  • jerryo

    Sorry to say it appears that a collapse of the system is the only way that may wake up some of the people to think for them-selfs, and not follow the corrupt media. It’s the MEDIA STUPID that’s where the problem started they let there guard down and let the people down.

  • roger gunderson

    I understand why a person would want to be a politician in Washington; because of the big money, free insurance, and lots of other benefits. But why would they want to run our country into financial ruin when it affects their own family, children, grandchildren,friends, and why try for power when they will sooner or later be out of office. Its not like a some other countries where a person is working their way towards a dictatorship.

    • Don_in_DC

      Roger, you ask why politicians are willing to sacrifice the future for immediate luxury…well there are a couple of reasons. Most humans are willing to accept immediate gratification even with the threat of future problems…it is our nature. There are many cliches…would you rather drive the train or be run over by it? Another idea is that you are alive now but maybe you won’t be in the future. The part I find interesting is that most people have this idea that politicians are innocent before they get to DC and then selfish bastards once they arrive. I still think most politicians enter into the game with the idea to try and help society. The problem is the view on power. Without power they cannot enact change so they are willing to try and sacrifice to get power with the hope they can ultimately change the world as they see fit. Then like everyone else they age and they have to weigh their ideals against pragmatism in how to best support their families. They can’t beat “the man” so they focus on trying to preserve whatever they can in this life as far as survival. These same ideals are shared by most people in the world. People are arrogant, immoral, selfish and short-sided.

      Most of those that complain are guilty of exactly what they complain about. The politician for them is the symbol to despise that represents their own shortcomings. Some are guilty of blatant abuse but most are only guilty of not changing the system they are a part of because they can’t. Often they make the best choice as it applies to them at a given time. If you would do different then enter into the race.

      Politicians have two agendas. One is a personal desire to promote their morality and ideas, the second is to represent others. In most cases I think they push for the 2nd agenda and then use the first when it is overpowering or there is no clear vote to fit the constituents. It isn’t really directly related to the money or insurance any more than those apply to your search for a job.

      We all use our talents to provide our survival and we will have many failures along the way. We all are guilty of the same moral flaws we criticize in others.

  • jake

    limit all to 2 terms, just like the president. at least they cant rob us too much.

    • Ted Crawford

      It’s my belief that we gleen better results by reducing Congressional mandates, not by creating even more! Term limits should be, in my opinion, a factor of the ballot box!

  • Ted Crawford

    What might we gain if we were to take it on with smaller, simpler( not to be construed as ‘easier’ ) bites? For example how much more power would be returned to the People by the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment ?

  • abimanu mathoorasing

    This is an eye opener and I am glad to be forewarned.What a fantastic letter to alert Americans not to be the losers, as opposed to those in the Congress.Thank you.

  • Carlucci

    As usual, Mr. Livingston is right on target. Unfortunately a huge segment of society at this time is living off of government entitlements. The whole mess we are in needs to crash and burn.

    I’ve gotta get to the office. Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Robert

    Anyone that watches television now days can’t help but be aware of all the ” Buy Gold Now ” commercials. Just one thing to keep in mind. We all know that Obama often mentions FDR and speaks of him. FDR at one time during his administration made it illegal for private ownership of gold. Just something to keep in mind. Obama is capable of some very sneaky and under handed actions with his executive orders. I personally don’t have to worry about it because like many others I can’t afford to buy gold or silver. With millions on food stamps in this country I doubt seriously that there will be very many ex-working class members that can buy gold, that is unless they take EBT cards (food stamps).

  • nc

    Mr. Livingston, how long will it take to make a third party’s 4% (max.) into at least 34%(min.) to win a Presidential election and gain the veto power to have any control? Two life times? Or one armed revolution which they must win or die for 5 life times?

    It takes more money to provide an effective government for 320 million people than it did for 50 million, 100 million or 200 million! We have never and must never be a country that lets our children and old people and people who want to work and can’t find work starve in the streets! Can a third party who wants to end taxes and greatly reduce the size of government guarantee that? Not with all of the personally HOARDED gold or silver of it’s PARTY MEMBERS FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSE!
    How much will they donate to abate the strife of others? Enough?? Really?? My guess they will keep the gold and sliver and learn to live with the stench of the dying!
    I had rather deal with the problems with just two parties than depend on the kindness of a third party that preaches hoarding and reducing the size of the government to some 18th century level! We have been there and done that!
    What we need is the co-operation of the 1990s when people had jobs, no great wars and an economy that was providing for the needs of the nation! Only an anarchist would have found fault with our country during that time! We weren’t perfect BUT WE HAVE NEVER BEEN PERFECT! JUST NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD!!


  • http://google mick

    thessalonian 3:10
    if a man will not work, he will not eat. Simple huh?

    • nc

      Mick, and when he wants to work and WAS working until little bush became president and he lost his job and the company went out of business but he still wants to work, what does he do? Another question is what do the Christians do who read other parts of the Bible where Jesus offers instructions as to what they must do for those less fortunate???
      Looks to me that food stamps are doing what Jesus taught since the Christina Right won’t!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jesus wants individuals (not the government) to help one another when a person really needs help. He never expected one group of people to permanently financially support another group of people. Everyone needs to find a way to support themselves. If a person loses their job, they cannot expect others to support them indefinitely. They need to take any job(s) they can get, sell their belongings and downgrade. That’s just the way it is. I saw a show on tv last week about people who had lost their jobs. Until all of their benefits ran out they were unwilling to take a job that was below them. They kept their mansions, Cadillacs and SUVs. They showed up at the welfare offices and food pantries in their big fancy cars. Now, if a person has divested themselves of ALL of their assets and they still need help I don’t mind helping them. But Jesus didn’t mean for us to give to those who have more than we do. Jesus would want those people to take care of themselves. The truly needy used to be helped by neighbors and churches. Once the government took over and started giving money to everyone it has been difficult to distinguish the truly needy from the truly lazy. I say stop taking our money and giving it to those who can take care of themselves. Then we would have it to give to those that we know are truly needy. Charity should be up to the individual, not the government. All people should be expected to support themselves. Your not doing anyone a favor by allowing them to live off of others.

      • Don_in_DC

        nc you are obviously a liberal but some of your ideas are ok. Yes people should help each other, not use the government to do it. Food stamps is not the way to do it even if you think it does your Christian bidding. It is your choice to follow Christian ideals and you should take it upon yourself to offer aid to those people. There is nothing in government that should be linked to religion. Religion is what you learned to make you capable to handle government…it isn’t the mandate for government. Here is why.

        Government can’t do anything without using force to do it. If they make a law then they have to enforce that law. I don’t care how noble the intentions are it is done by force. It isn’t fair for you to take my money to execute your religious ideals because I may not share them. What you can force is that the money is worth something because it is related. Morality is what guides that instrument of evil. If you mix the two then you end up with a weapon to inflict morality. That is what creates Hitler, Mao, etc. They enforced their religion and punished those that disagreed. You can choose to believe in the purple sky giant for all I care and if I disagree government should be there to protect your freedom not mandate it. Government is a very blunt instrument and can’t be expected to operate with finesse. Those expectations are unrealistic. It’s very design is supposed to apply the same logic to all citizens therefore it can’t pick and choose.

        Think of it like this, it’s a nuclear bomb in a sense. When you drop a nuclear bomb on a city you can’t pick and choose who it kills, it kills everyone. That is exactly what you want it to do. You want government to apply the rules that apply to everyone the same way. This is our central government. As government gets more personal (smaller groups and such) then it can have the ability to bring in morality. My state, my county, my district, my neighborhood…as these get smaller then you can use more morality. You can’t do this at the central level because you don’t know my individual needs. If my neighbor is guilty of a crime you can’t drop your bomb on the city to kill everyone, something more refined needs to target that. Now if the locals can’t work it out then you can arbitrate. Apply that blunt instrument in a way to be fair to all and you will have achieved your purpose. You can’t steal my local money and pay someone else far away in the name of your morality. That is abuse.

        Government is there to ensure EVERYONE the same freedoms. If you want to implement something in your region and majority there agrees then do it. If you go too far then another region will offer better incentives and you will lose people. If the neighbor state charges too much in taxes you have the freedom to not live there…but in our present system you don’t. If the neighboring area is doing something wrong the federal government is taking resources from all and allocating them all over. If you think I am wrong I suggest an experiment…take 5 states and take them out from under the federal government EXCEPT for ensuring that they can’t limit freedom. So lets say Texas is one of those 5, Texas can’t do anything like killing people for religion or whatever. Now Texas doesn’t have to pay income tax or any of the other charges for the federal government. You will be left with 5 states that can control their finances and implement their laws. By the end of 2013 lets see how many people have moved to those 5 states and how well the other 45 states are doing.

    • Dick

      aah, mick, you’re an idealist, I see. Fine in an ideal world, just like state communism, anarchism or any other ism. Some people, faced with not being able to eat, would do anything other than work, like steal food from and kill those who do have food. You wouldn’t want to live there. The real world is a bit more difficult and complicated than your prescription allows for.

  • Dave67

    The right believe nothing is worth doing unless you can make a buck. Citizens United opened the floodgates of dirty money into the process. Politicians can still leave Congress and go right into lobbying.

    At least Obama passed the law, outlawing Congressional Insider trading but we need to go farther. To make Gov responsive to the people we need to:

    1) Limit political contributions to $50 by any person or group to any candidate or party
    2) Forbid Congress people from going into lobbying for 10 years after they leave Congress.
    3) Congress needs to adhere to all laws they pass for the rest of us which includes the HC law.
    4) No political advertising until 6 months before the elections and to have 1 TV station and 1 radio station and each market in the country dedicated to political ads so it takes minimum dollars to get out your political message
    5) Get rid of the FEC
    6) No money from foreign contributors or groups representing foreign interests allowed.
    7) Anytime we go to war, a draft will be put in place which will include the sons and daughters of politicians (Iraq style wars will be less likely)

    Implement these changes and I believe we can put this country back on the right track.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You say, the right believe that nothing is worth doing unless you can make a buck. You just made that up! It’s a total lie! I am definitely on the right and I spent twenty years volunteering in my kids schools. I worked 4-5 days a week approximately 3-5 hours a day. I never received a buck. I taught children how to read. I taught them math. I taught them keyboarding. I set up the entire art program for all of the kindergarten classes. I selected a project, gathered all of the materials and taught the class (with other volunteers so the teacher could have a break). I did testing with them. I corrected papers and put up bulletin boards. I never received more than a thank you brunch and the good feeling of knowing that I’d helped others. Most of the people I volunteered with we’re like minded people. So you should stop making up lies!

      We adopted our niece (a drug baby with lots of problems). We never received one buck of assistance. We received no foster care payments for the three years before we adopted her. We spent thousands of dollars to adopt her. And we have spent thousands getting her the help she has needed over the years. No bucks for us and we are definitely on the right! But we would like to keep a little more of our own money to help out the people we choose to help.

      You say that obummer passed a law to stop congressional insider trading. What you neglect to mention is that the bill originated in the congress but only after 60 Minutes did an exposé to tell the American people what was going on. They were shamed into doing it and it had nothing to do with obummer other than he signed it!

      You should stop lying and making things up!!!

      • Dave67

        Nancy, nice resume… I commend the work you do with children and I also have two children I adopted through great expense (funny the conservative “family values” crowd do precious little to make adoption more affordable). You failed to mention my points… Obama, if he is such a danger to the country, why would he sign a law such as insider trading if as you say, he is part of the “evil” liberal establishment? Isn’t 60 Minutes part of the liberal elite media?

        Your beliefs about liberalism is slowing being peeled away.

  • voteright2012

    I fully agree with Mr. Livingston. This whole downtrend started with the 16th & 17th Amendments to the Constitution. The 16th Amendment gave an unlimited taxing power to the Politicians, so much so that even the evil Obamacare became law as a tax but could not pass muster under the commerce clause. The 17th Amendment started the way to putting and unlimited amount of money into the Political Process and thereby putting an unlimited amount of money into the Politicians pockets. I am convinced that if the popular election of Senators by the 17th Amendment had not been in place Obama would never have become Senator and then President. Changing these two amendments is a long drawn out process that would have to be initiated the very same Politicians who benefit from the current system; and they will not do that. Defeating every Senator, and Congressman/Congresswoman for re-election would send a very strong message.

  • Downs1

    “Everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.” History repeats itself, and we don’t learn from history. The writer of Ecclesiastes said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” But that’s from the Bible, and everyone knows “there is no God.” Really? Every nation that believed in God and obeyed His Word was successful, until the people decided to go their own way. God said,”Without Me you can do nothing” and that is absolutely true. Every one of those nations went down in ignominy. The United States of America is no different. We have turned away from the precepts that made us the great nation we were. We will not get back to that state until we return to God as a nation. There are those among us who will do everything they can to prevent that from happening. Why? Because those godly precepts stood against such things as homosexuality, lying, promiscuity, slothfulness, greed, arrogance and racism. Political dominance, a strong military and scientific preminence will not be enough to make us great. They do not change the heart, and the truth is, “the heart of man is exceedingly wicked, who can understand it?” That wickedness is self-destructive. Watch! We are already seeing the results of our folly!

    • cawmun cents

      Well stated.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You speak the truth. We are headed for destruction because we as a country, have turned our backs on GOD. All we have left is to pray.

    • nc

      Downs. why should we ‘return” to a God who throughout history has continued to “make” ( he “makes” all things) homosexuals, liars and racist for “his” people to fight and lose their “precious’ lives over?? I was taught as a child that he was an all powerful God who made and controlled everything! Were my teachers right or wrong?? and the reason they gave was “because that is what they were taught by other humans”! Why medicine if God wants you to die you die! Right??? No?? How do YOU KNOW the “TRUTH” if OTHER Christians don’t KNOW the SAME ‘TRUTH”.



  • Big Woody

    Bob, Your article is pretty much on target except I do not believe a one term limit would benifit the people. Imagine there is a junior Senator from, lets say Illinois, is totally corrupt and owned by people even more corrupt. If this protege of the Illinois mob is carismatic enough to get elected as a Senator in DC or even President. How much damage could that person do if he knows he is not going to have to face reelection. Lame Duck from day one. Our past Presidents that have had control of both houses have been ruthless in their attacks on our liberties. A guaranteed term limit would give even more of them no consciense what so ever. I do however agree with one of the posts that we make our Congressmen employees of the States.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      One, or even a few evil people alone would not be able to pressure the majority to go along. Their power comes from building alliances over the years. Term limits would be one step in the right direction.

      • Big Woody

        Nancy, Have you not been paying attention to the last 3 administrations in DC? Clinton signed NAFTA and other “free trade agreements” sending thousnads of our skilled jobs offshore.
        Bush dumped the Patriot Act on us and with the help of a Democratic Congress put us into a financial tailspin (unjustified wars)and signed more free trade agreements, sending even more of our jobs off shore. And Obama is sending even more jobs offshore and thinks he can spend our way out of the damage done by the New World Order fanatics. Clinton was an unknown before he ran for Pres. In the backlash against his immoral conduct, we went for Bush, another obscure govenor that most had only heard of because of his father. Now we have Obama, a very obscure Senator from Illinois that has a lot of very questionable people and activities in his background that has only compounded the folly of previous administrations. All 3 of these people have had the support of so called divided Congresses in stripping away our rights as they are guaranteed in the Constitution. Nobady really is saying who is the power behind each of them. Yet we the peolle blame each other instead of paying attention to what THEY in DC are doing to us.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I believe that you are making my point. In the current system, the individual can’t be effective. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, it is the power itself that impels things forward. If you removed that power, the power that the senators and congressmen develop over time you might have true representation in government. There would be no incentive to build up power that expires before it can be used.

  • Power To The People

    The political class has been preparing for the coming collapse they have so handily crafted for quite some time. The TSA is growing at double digit factors and the military has been screening troops to see who will follow orders to detain and fight if necessary US citizens.

    Elections will make no difference. Obumer….Romney…..anyone, the system is rigged to prop up the powers to be and to keep the rest of us under control.

    Europe is imploding from years of socialist dream world and our federal overlords copy their every move. Is this stupidity or planned indoctrination? If stupidity, you can’t fix stupid! I feel it is the later. It can’t be coincidental that nearly every industrialized nation is in the same fix!

    I try to wake up those I talk with when politics comes up and I am amazed how many people think I am a complainer or right wing zealot. I am neither….just a worried father, husband, citizen who cares what is happening to our country. Too many of our citizens think things are not that bad…..WTF!

    I personally have been preparing for collapse….you all should too. We must start demanding in public demonstrations return to sanity, smaller government, term limits, politicians abide by the law with no exemptions, personal responsibility.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I too, have been trying to wake people up. Usually I get the same reaction you get. But with many I have eventually gotten through. I believe that collapse is coming and nothing can be done to stop it at this point. People need to get ready. I refuse to rely on the government as they do not have my best interests at heart. I believe their intent is to enslave us and take everything we have. Money is power and power is control. I want to control myself and my own outcomes.

  • thomas g kroger

    “Mark Are Reynolds”:

    I suspect you mean well, when you say “…THE WORLD is my COUNTRY, MANKIND are my brothers and TO DO GOOD is my religion. Trash the rest.” And such.

    The problem is, your “brothers” don’t see it that way, and the world is divided by natural fault lines, notably race and religion. I don’t see any realistic prospect of that changing now, or ever. And if that weren’t enough, social ideology, that latest surrogate of authentic religion, is as pervasive and divisive as ever. Witness daily life here in America, under the Obama regime. They want to control you, and they aren’t going away, and aren’t about to change their minds or outlook. In the end, only force will stop them. And it will come to that. Count on it.

    So unless and until you can persuade your “brothers,” including Hillary, to stop being control freaks, and let market forces decide some fundamental issues, your desire to be a citizen of the world, is, I think, a sad delusion. TGK

  • Tazio2013

    Anyone who has ever injected politics into a discussion knows that it guarantees controversial discourse. People agree on very little, these days. It was not always that way. Once upon a time, there was a basic consensus on fundamental core worldviews. God was revered, natural law was accepted and tyranny was despised. Now, we live in perpetual chaos after burying the Almighty, discarding traditional values and tolerating permanent despotism. What remains is politics conducted as a fantasy sport game. Avoidance of reality is the source of national pride.

    Just look to the first couple of political spin Mary Matalin and James Carville. Their bequest is a version of doctrine that produces nothing useful. Both have built their careers on perfecting the art of lying. Each is a patron for a different family of the criminal government syndicate. After all the shouts and raving, both smell of a lap dog in heat.

    For political junkies watching their duet gets old with every episode of disinformation. No wonder so many citizens vote for apathy by staying away from the election booth. Yet, even the concept that voting is a serious expression of citizen participation seems mistaken when the results of elections never change anything for the better.

    Pride in America the Stupid / From today’s SARTRE commentary

  • Deerinwater

    “How Did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order?”

    Well I will agree that political opposition pundits like yourselves Mr. Livingston have done everything at their disposal to create such an illusion to instill fear and doubt.

    Every conservative media platform and outlet they can bring to bear is used to this end while only last week we heard criticism of government fear mongering form this very same forum.

    After hiding under the porch like a snake bite hound for three and half year the GOP is now on the march, bathing in misery and ashes, tearing their cloths and lashing down.

    Why do they do this? Because they have no stellar track record to offer us while fear mongering is cheap, affordable and effective.

    Conservatives have a preoccupation with fear, as the more one has to loss, the greater the fear, make fear a excellent nose ring to control them by. Fear is but a nose ring.

    By November we will be so miserable and so worked up, Mitt Romney will appear divine, sitting on a cloud in a flowing white gown with a halo shining so bright, it’s blinding to look at.

    Will it work? ~ maybe! ~ It all the GOP has got ~and they knew this back in February of 2009 and why they started down the road of fear mongering ~ Today they kick it up an notch, turning up the heat.

    It will be a campaign of intense fear from now till November, antidepressant sales should be brisk in the coming months.

    • Dave67

      Well stated… The right and the conservatives in this country are still angry the office of President which they feel they should be anointed with every election was stolen from them by a non American sounding named guy called Obama. He wasn’t the right ethnicity, nor was his liberal campaign (he has led as a center-right President) correct.

      So they invented this fear campaign. If you remember, we would get attacked again with Obama in charge and he would go easy on Al Qeada. The Stock market would crash and he will make things worse… Guess what, did not happen. The conservatives did their best to try and screw the economy and pin everything under the sun on Obama. But the conservatives cannot escape their record.

      • thomas g kroger

        “The conservatives did their best to try and screw the economy and pin everything under the sun on Obama. But the conservatives cannot escape their record.” Dave67

        Now, Dave67, if you REALLY believe George W. or his father was an authentic conservative, I own a bridge I’d like to show you….

      • Dave67


        They are all conservatives until they get into positions of power and then do something that offends your particular brand of conservatism. Then they are relegated to neo-con or RINO status.

        The trouble is, the GOP have moved so far to the right, Reagan would be labeled a liberal by the current crop of right wing extremists that inhabit the GOP these days.

      • thomas g kroger

        “The trouble is, the GOP have moved so far to the right, Reagan would be labeled a liberal by the current crop of right wing extremists that inhabit the GOP these days.” Dave67

        The GOP has moved to the right? News to me. I suppose you imagine Mitt Romney is some kind of neo-Nazi type alongside his Stormtrooper Buddy, George W.?

        Now, about that bridge I’d like to show you…

      • Power To The People

        Wake up dude…there are no conservatives or liberals…only power brokers

      • Deerinwater

        “Now, Dave67, if you REALLY believe George W. or his father was an authentic conservative, I own a bridge I’d like to show you”

        Well Sir , ~ I understand while your silent was deafening. You hang around with turkeys and it’s easy to be mistaken for one.

    • thomas g kroger


      Why not just come out and say it?

      “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

      With that sage advice, I have no doubt that you can smother any such concerns as are raided here, and go vote for Obama this November. Just forget all that you have heard about our national debt being in Greek territory, and the prospect of our losing our reserve-currency status in the near future. Be happy. Let those of us who understand finance and money issues worry about that. Yes, the important things in life is that you be happy, and that those entitlements don’t ever get touched. So be happy. And remember – Obama is counting on you, and millions of others like you. So be happy.

      • Deerinwater

        Leadership of the GOP must think most Americans are stupid. ~ You can prove then correct with a vote for Romney.

        I will do what I can to give the GOP 4 more years to offer us a viable candidate for President, Romney is not the one.

        4 more for 44 ~ or 8 for Mitt?

        It’s a no brainer.

      • thomas g kroger

        Deerinwater – maybe I misunderstood you. I’m a Ron Paul man myself, and more than a little disgusted at the national GOP “leadership.” If so, accept my apologies. TGK

      • Deerinwater

        No problem Thomas, ~ I understand. Strange times.

        I am more of an independent and will vote for Nixon, Reagan Or Clinton.

        I tend to consider the road conditions, what ahead and drive according.

        But nobody puppy on purpose. ~ I’ve been fooled before, ~ Reagan administration was a Come to Jesus meeting for me.

        I’m a strong conservative that has accepted human behavior for what it is, accept the limits of being my brothers keeper, being most willing to mind my own business until my hand is forced.

        I Like Mitt Romney and his family, ~ but I see no personal conviction coming from the man that will serve America and Americans well at the place we are at today. ~ Maybe some other place, some other time. Mitt will be but a puppet in much the same way “W” was. ~ Offering us a face to cooperate power and international meddling.

        WE don’t need that now. In The the last 3 1/2 years “O” has walked America through a mined field of International conflicts without having to over commit or leverage the deed to the farm to honor commitment and save face. ~ It could have easily went south on us many times.

        I don’t expect anyone to offer him praise for this, ~he was only doing his job, ~ what I sent him to the hill to do.

        We need 4 more years of the current direction, before we start once again dabbling in international interest with cooperate America calling the shots.

        They ran us aground , drug the bottom with our ship by sailing such shallow waters.

        The Wheel House is the highest point on our ship , We need a Commander that has some idea of where the keel is at and what it is having to contend with even though it’s so far away and out of sight. Clearly “W”s administration and his “advisers” were completely clueless. Mitt Romney is no different.

        We don’t need a repeat ~ not now.

    • Dave67


      It was the GOP that put forth Iraq as the war we should have.
      It was the GOP that came up with and passed the Patriot Act
      It was the GOP that came up with and passed tax cuts while engaged in 2 wars
      It was the GOP that S&P cited for the credit rating reduction
      It is the GOP that scapegoats illegal immigrants for fundamental problems with our economy (bad trade deals, bad tax cut and spend policy, deregulation)
      It was the GOP who’s stated goal is not jobs, infrastructure improvement but to make sure Obama is a 1 term president in the middle of the most serious economic condition since the depression.
      It is the GOP that wants to give wall street and the banks everything they wish even though they are largest responsible for the collapse in 2008.
      It is the GOP (Mitch McConnell, Boehner) that has said nothing will get passed until after the election

      This site is choc full of people that are scared and conservative manipulators like to keep them scared.

      Sorry, the party of extremism is the GOP…

      • Tazio2013

        Agree 100%!

      • thomas g kroger

        Dave67 -

        Look, you are so much into partisan politics, that I just can’t engage you. My frame of reference is completely different from yours. I prefer Ron Paul to any other candidate, and have long since lost patience with the national GOP leadership. It ISN’T the party of “extremism.” It IS the party of cowardice, compromise, and short-sightedness, and I say this as someone who has often voted Republican in the past. The Democrat party doesn’t speak for me, because it is the party of collectivism, of foreign entanglements, of involvement in the United Nations, and has legitimized every error the Republicans ever made, going back to 1913, with the “Aldrich Bill” subsequently dubbed the “Federal Reserve Act, and the unconscionable Income Tax. These things are abominations. Gold is money, and the income tax is slavery by any meaningful definition. I hate the Left, and I hate Obama because he is a Marxist. If my liking the Bill of Rights and loathing political correctness makes me an “extremist,” so be it. I don’t like undeclared, no-win wars any more than you do, and I can’t think of a better reason to get out of the United Nations, reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government, and restore sovereignty to the states. I loath the whole idea of gun control, because the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. So, if someone wants to label me an extremist because I happen to agree with the Founding Fathers, I plead guilty. And proudly so. IF you want more of the same, and ever more intrusive government, go ahead, vote for Obama. But don’t say nobody warned you.

      • Bill

        Oh! you missed just one point. It is the Demo. who insist on carrying on these policies and greatly adding to them. You are a democrat and you will do anything they say and believe the garbage that they tell you. It is obvious that you are not your own person. You have to rely upon others to tell you what is right and wrong, good or bad. What ever happened to your mind is not your fault, it occurred shortly after your 4 birthday when you started to believe those lies because you did not have the power to fight back, the adults that were telling you these lies were too powerful, you were too scared, how could you help it. You simply had to go along to get along and you learned that from others. Now you are an adult, you no longer need those chains around your neck and ankles. you are free to open the locks and take the chains off and not believe lies and deceptions any more. Make a new arrangement in your mind that you will be a skeptic of anything any one tells you, even me, but seek the truth for yourself. You have created this monster within you and you can recreate yourself so that this parasite that is eating you up can no longer hurt you.Then you can be free.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Did you even READ the article?!? Do you even pay attention to anything Bob Livingston says?!? It isn’t about the republicans vs the democrats. They are the SAME thing. BOTH parties passed the patriot act! BOTH parties passed the ndaa. BOTH parties stole our money and gave it to their cronies! This isn’t even about the democrats vs the republicans, it’s about the government vs the people! WAKE UP before its too late!!!

      • Dave67


        I agree, both parties are paid off by many of the same corp interests. BUT

        The Iraq war would have never happened if it were not for George W Bush… FACT.
        The Patriot Act would not have existed if it were not for George W Bush and the GOP. FACT
        The GOP came up with the most idiotic idea of passing tax cuts while we are engaged in 2 expensive wars…

        Until they do something that violates your conservative ethos… People like you claim the GOP.

        Conservatives are great… They are never responsible for anything.

        Its always someone else’s fault.

        Nancy, again, I have heard what you say makes you a conservative but here is the deal, you have been sold a false bill of goods about what liberals want and stand for. I am a liberal. I do not want bigger Gov, I do not want the Gov to do everything for me. I too do much in the area of charity. I want the Gov to do what is best for the people of this country, not what corp America wants which is why I reject the corporatist tea party ruse.

        “God” will not save you in the face of corp dollars buying our politicians. We have to take responsibility for putting people like Reagan, Clinton, Bush 2 and the like in positions of power only to sell out our interests.

        We need to hold ALL politicians accountable

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, did you even READ my response? You say, “people like you claim the GOP”. Did I not say that they are BOTH the SAME?!? I do NOT claim the GOP! Both parties are the same thing! They are colluding to divide the people and to slip in their laws without our noticing! Like Bob said, there is a false right/left paradigm. The government is supposed to exist to protect us, not to tell us what we can do or when or what we can say. the government isn’t supposed to decide how we spend our money. They weren’t meant to spend it for us. They weren’t meant to give our money to private individuals or corporations. They weren’t meant to decide right and wrong. They weren’t meant to decide what our beliefs should be. They weren’t meant to support one group or one set of beliefs over another’s. You choose to pick one party over another. You choose to believe that they are separate and different. I believe they ALL work for the same people and it ISN’T US!!! I want the government to butt out of my private life! I want them to stop trying to control everything that I do! I want them to stop stealing my money and giving it to their donors or their cronies that operate the military industrial complex. I want them to stop giving my money to the Pakistanis, the afghans, the Palestinians, the UN etc etc etc! It is never ending! I want my rights back!!! I want my freedoms back!!! If someone will give me those, I don’t care what label they wear!

      • Dave67


        What freedoms have you specifically lost? In this country, Money=Freedom

        If you believe as I do that money=freedom in this country… Than conservatives have their hands all over your “loss of freedom” with the trade deals they have put forth, the deregulation and the big money in politics many support.

        The Gov has been involved in your life as long as you have been living. You have a SS # (not an evil thing). Now there is new technology you communicate with (the internet) and just by virtue those communications.

        Concentrate on getting big money out of the political process, hold politicians accountable when they lie and make sure they put an “America first” agenda.

        Stop letting fear of the Gov control your life. Take control of the Gov. Gov should fear the people, not the other way around.

      • JeffH

        Nancy in Nebraska, since his arrival here Dave67 has never seen the forrest. It’s continuously the Republican’s, GOP’s, Bush’s and conservative’s fault that were in this mess…and anyone that ain’t a progressive liberal are conservative wingnuts.

        Bob can’t make it any easier for the simpleminded than he already has so many times.

        I will say this though, and not related to this article, that there’s a reason why religious beliefs brough into these comment’s take away from the original content…either one believes or one doesn’t…it’s that simple and to argue about it here is a total distraction to the real issues we’re constantly faced with.

      • Dave67

        Well JeffH

        Once again, shows how little you know. I blame anyone who helped create the corptocracy we have now. That includes The GOP, Democrats… Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama where they are at fault.

        I believe in getting big money out of the political process
        I believe in engaging trade policies that are good for American workers first
        I believe in Gov being a check against Corp and Union abuse
        I believe in going to war only when attacked first
        I do not trust any single sources of news due to corp media owns 90% of what we see, hear and read in this country.
        I believe Gov has a role in creating jobs and the environment so business can create jobs while protecting people and the land we are renting.
        I believe Gov is only as good or as bad as the people WE vote in.

        Maybe you can tell me where I am wrong in those beliefs…

        I do not buy into the fear that Mr Livingston and others try to sell me.

      • JeffH

        Dave67, therein lies your confusion…our government is a corporatocracy…yet you still believe in the government…as corrupted as it is as the cure-all. You rail against the “coporatocracy” yet you can’t phathom that the reason we have “corporatocracy”(I call it crony-capitalism not to be confused with capitalism)is because government embraces it…without governments blessing this “corporatocracy” would be non-existant in the long term.

        The average American is seeing the culmination of 40 years of systematic leeching by the corporatocracy that culminated in the largest transfer of wealth in modern history. A bloodless coup that cemented the true nature of our current economic system.

        The new system is designed for the few and by the few. The new financial regulation being touted as the most sweeping since the Great Depression is woefully weak. Yet this is merely a reflection of the power of the corporatocracy. We really have the best government money can buy.

        It’s easy to point the finger at the rich and the corporations but until you understand that it is our corrupt government that has decided that their own personal wealth and power is far more important than the “Constitutional Republic” created and envisioned by our founding fathersand the people they represent. As government grows corruption flows!

        The American government is corrupt!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, again, you not read and respond to what anyone has written. You just take off in your own little direction trying to pretend that you know what you’re talking about. What?!? Any point is better than no point?!? You’re like the little engine that could. You just keep on trying, never giving up. But try to stay on point. If you want to start a new discussion, feel free but stop twisting and distorting everything just to get in your two cents worth.

  • Tazio2013

    Beyond Misery in America: A Modest Proposal for [Mittens] By Charles P. Pierce

    July 08, 2012 “Esquire” — Willard Romney, onetime dauphin prince of the Mexican outback and current presumptive nominee of the only Republican party we have, has been having a rough week there up at his lakeside retreat in the small town of Silly Rich Bastard, New Hampshire. He’s gotten himself tangled up (again) with his previous incarnations, particularly the Self that once deigned to govern Massachusetts for about 11 minutes back in the early Aughts. That one put in place a mandate requiring that all citizens of the Commonwealth (God Save It!) buy health insurance, or else pay a penalty that would be collected by the state revenoo’ers. The current Willard, of course, is opposed to mandates because he is the nominee of a party full of crazy people. He and his campaign have spent a week trying to decide if the crazy people are less likely to disembowel them if they call such a mandate a “penalty” or a “tax” in relation to the Obama administration’s success at bringing Romney’s original Massachusetts plan to the masses. He’s also being sniped at by various allegedly non-crazy leaders of his party for not being the candidate of their dreams. All of which seems to be harshing the general mellow up in the piney woods.

    Once again, I put upon my head my speechwriter’s hat — it is a lovely green fedora with a red feather in the band — and offer the Romney campaign my services in this strange, floundering hour of its discontent. I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. I believe in addressing the problems head-on, as you will see.

  • Dick Grace

    This is what we have longed for. This collapse and the resultant rise in dictatorships will herald the return of Christ. We have finally awakened to the war of Daniel 9:26 & 27, Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation. We have been in this battle since Christ was murdered and most of us are just now figuring it out. The collapse of the economy is Babylon the great falling of Revelation 18. The churches of our time are as greedy as the politicians, educators and businessmen. We have forgotten and despised God and he has left us desolate. The history written by God in advance of its occurrence is the message from I Corinthians 10:11. The collapse has begun, I Peter 4:16-19 and cannot be stopped until it reaches its God ordained conclusion Isaiah 6:11.

    • Larry K.

      GOD is surely is hurting. HE gave us freedom of choice, free will to do what we want and instead of doing what’s right, we let OUR FATHER down. We are such a disapointment to HIM and yet HE is willing to forgive us, HE truely is a forgiving and loving GOD because I would find it hard to do if I were HIM but still HE does, HE loves us and forgives us and all we have to do is drop to our knees and confess our sins and ask HIM to come into our hearts.

      • Tazio2013

        @Dick Grace and Larry K

        You two should get a room.

    • Thinking About

      Do you really believe the bible or your own interpertation? I would have thought by now most would have also found we do not know the time and my thoughts are let God do his work and we only need to worry about doing our jobs, He knows how to do his. I hear this so often and coming from those who profess to be christians. We should always be ready and do good things on earth, love our enemies, provide for our children and parents and love the way Jesus did, he loved everybody.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dick, I agree for the most part except that I have not longed for this time. I have longed for my country to turn back to GOD. I have longed for evil to go away and for good to win. I have longed for the Holy Spirit to move those who refuse to see the truth. It saddens me that we have come to this time and so many have not known. I pray for more time and for more people to be saved. I pray to GOD that he put off this time.

      • nc

        NANCY, I just hope God doesn’t get angry with one of our leaders and kill all of our first born including innocent children like he did in Egypt! or gave the only boat plans to Noah and took out the rest of the “world!” Is that in your Bible??
        What is your indicator that a God really cares who governs America? Has one party always been on the right side of “religion”? if not, how will we know which candidate is right for us since they don’t come with a sign on their foreheads? I don’t want to anger God by voting for the wrong man or failing to take up arms to get Ron in the White House because that’s the only way he will make it our life time!!!! (or his)

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, I agree. I hope not too! GOD doesn’t share his plans with me so I just have to hope like you! And no, I don’t believe that GOD governs America. In fact I’m sure that America’s rulers come from somewhere much further south! As far as one party or the other??? They’re both the same so it doesn’t matter. I study and I pray. Then I will vote my conscience. Have I been wrong before? Yes but I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to try my best.

      • Jay

        nc: NANCY, I just hope God doesn’t get angry with one of our leaders and kill all of our first born including innocent children like he did in Egypt! or gave the only boat plans to Noah and took out the rest of the “world!” Is that in your Bible??

        Considering we have a Christian President in the Witless -House, nc, it may be safe to assume that our first-born are safe from God’s wrath. However, regarding the safety of our first-born, that being, their extermination, its not God we need to worry about, as the lefty-abortionists beat Him to the punch, and are doing a far better job at slaughtering our first-born, then He ever could! Sleep tight, deluded one.

        • Renée
          • Dick

            Renee, of course he’s a Christian. And what if he was not? Where does it say in the Constitution that the President must be a Christian? (hint: it doesn’t). You better get used to the idea that there are at least six major religions in the world and many of those have lots of different sects – the president might be Sikh (1 variety), Muslim (2 main varieties, and lots more), Jewish (at least 2 varieties), Hindu (lots of sects), Bahai, Buddhist (dozens of varieties), or Christian (uncountable varieties) etc etc,

          • Renée

            I never said anything against anyone. You are the one having the fit. Calm down. You made a comment, I challenged you on it.

          • Jeff


            I know it offends your sense of what’s right that we have a president who actually knows something about other cultures. Better to have a Moron from Texas who, despite his wealth and privilege, had never gone anywhere (except Mexico) prior to being selected president. We know how well that turned out. Obama knows something about the Koran, OMG! We like our presidents ignorant, just like us.

            Did you know Romney speaks fluent FRENCH – with a passable accent even?

          • Renée

            Jeff, I don’t need to defend myself with your comment. You must be the one with the problem because all I did was resond to a comment with a question and show some proof that the comment was incorrect. You might want to look inside your heart to make sure that you aren’t the one with the issues. I have no problem with intellegence, I have a problem with using power and greed to hurt the people of this country and trying to tear down everything it stands for and I don’t care who it is that does it, where they come from or what they believe.

          • Tim Orner

            Renee, Perhaps the most misunderstood aspects of Love, especially GOD’s love, is that love has many components that makes up its entirety. Love is not just an emotional connection between two people, or a commitment to care for oneanother, etc. but the one attribute of love that most people completely are unaware of, is the component, justice. Jay, has no knowledge of GOD’s love, nor GOD’s requirement to employ justice, do to GOD’s hatred toward sin. Because man voluntarily sinned against GOD, and brought death into a world that GOD intended to be free from wrong doing (sin), GOD can not allow sin to go unpunished. This is why GOD himself became a man, lived a sinless life, and chose to die on the cross for our sin, so that we would not have to experience death without GOD.for an eternity. The Bible is filled with death and destruction, because, when it is understood WHY GOD destroys, he is destroying sin. The wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of GOD is eternal life to anyone who believes in him. GOD is the author of life, and wishes that no one would perish. Death was brought to this life by man, because of his refusal to obey his maker. GOD’s JUSTICE is always applied perfectly, but sadly, GOD is going to be forced to apply that justice to this country, that has completely abandend his rightful place of authority over us.

          • Renée

            Tim, Thank you, and I have nothing negative to say about your comment, however, My response to the comment about B.O. being a Christian was just that, I wanted to show that the comment made was incorrect. If he, in fact, were he would do just as you wrote but he, by his fruits will be judged and his fruits show that he has no love of God and or man for that matter. He does what he wants for his own benefit and not the benefit of the American people. I pray for this man that God would change his heart, that he would see the errors of his ways and all those in gov, our soldiers, our police and firefigthers,.We all live in this country, we need to be on our faces daily seeking the face of God, turning from our wicked ways and humbling ourselves in prayer, this is the only way that God will hear from us. My concern is great about this country and ALL who live here because we are ALL affected by the choices of those in authority over us and so far, I don’t see anything positive happening. I know the end result and I know WHO the Victor is, I’m just waiting for that day.

        • Katrael

          Jay you’re showing your ignorance about the firstborn dying during the first passover. The firstborn was not necessarily a child and it was about the oldest including grown men. This firstborn thing also concerned the firstborn of the animals. Also, everybody was warned about this event in advance and could have prevented the death of themselves and their oldest child and animals simply by following instructions. Cover yourself with the blood of the lamb and live long and prosper.

        • Katrael

          Jay, one very important point about YHWH (god to you): he always gives a warning. I’m warning you and anybody reading this that YHWH is getting ready to pour out his wrath on this country and the world for rejecting him and his ways. Repent and he will save you. You’ve been warned

          • Renée

            I agree!

          • Katrael

            Renée, thank you for your comment as it gives me a chance to respond to an earlier comment you made about inviting people to come to the farm. I apologize for the time it took me to respond as my computer has been acting up. I loose my connection to the net or it runs so slow that it takes minutes just to write a sentence. Another thing: my emails sometimes get deleted even when I don’t delete them. My computer seems to be running better this morning? Oh well?

            I’m ashamed with the way things are here right now. The doors here used to be open for anyone to come and live. We sponsored whole families at times. Often they came and needed support for a while until they could do for themselves and then they would move on. This was during a time when my mother was alive and now that she is gone my father has closed the door. He claims we can’t afford for people to come here as there are many repairs needed to be done to the apartment that use to house such people. He’s 86 and seems to want to live like a hermit. I guess that some of his behavior is typical for someone his age?

            I had prayed about YHWH sending a helper and out of the blue a woman I have known for years called and asked if she could come and stay and I approached my father and initially he said yes but that he wanted to meet her first. Everyone seemed to be in agreement then suddenly my father reversed his decision. I asked why and he only gave the reply I wrote above. Now she’s upset with me and won’t even come to visit. She never talked personally with my father so I feel that she believes this was my doing?

            Anyway, I’ll make the repairs myself and maybe after I do he’ll change his mind? If I ever have the final say in matters here I’ll open those doors again but whomever comes will have to understand that things will need improving and that they are welcome to stay as long as they can tolerate the existing conditions until we collectively can make them better.

            No one is ever too old to contribute something to the situation. Be well and prosper.

          • Renée

            Katrael, there aren’t too many people left in the world that would do what your family used to do. I wonder if there is a handy man out there that needs a place to live. They could do the repairs in exchange for rent. We are going to be heading in that direction if things keep going the way they are and we will be living in a bartor system. Those that have a need work with people that can meet that need and in return the other persons needs are met. It’s a good system when people are honest and not greedy.
            Anyway, I hope the best for your situation and God bless you as you get back to the place where you can give out like you did.

          • Katrael

            Renée, if one thinks about it opening doors to total strangers to come into your life could seem unwise. However, over the many years that we practiced this we never had a problem with violence or theft. We seemed to be the right people for the people who needed us. Somehow those days seemed simpler than they are now?

            A handy man would be best but I’m fully qualified in performing any job including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concrete work welding and more. If I could have someone honest who didn’t mind hard work I’d be happy. I had one fellow who worked for me when I was in business who wasn’t smart and could only do a narrow range of things but he was honest and hard working. I could put him on anything he was qualified for and know that he would do it without hesitation or supervision. Great guy and worth every penny he earned.

            I can’t say this was always true for my business. I did remodeling for years and seldom had employee helper problems but sometimes I did. I had one fellow who I’d ask if he’d seen a tool that I had just set down a few minutes earlier in order to do something else. He would always say no. One day at his request I went to pick him up because his pickup truck was broken down. I happened to look in the bed of the truck as I was passing it on the way to his front door and there were my missing tools. I asked about this and he simply told me he always took what he wanted and he had wanted what he took from me. It takes all kinds.

            It’s going to come down to a time when more people will be looking for anything other than a paying job and they will be willing to work in exchange for room and board. I can see this day coming on the near horizon. This practice will be tolerated for a while by our tyrannical government but one day they will clamp down on non conformers. You’ll either be in the system or a target.

          • Renée

            I hear what you are saying Katrael. We had a man paint our house one time and it was a nightmare. I can only hope that when everything falls apart that the few decent humans that are left in this world will be allowed to show that kindness to strangers. My only fear is that the people in this country, especially those that are so used to living free off of the government, don’t screw things up for everyone else by doing what many of them are already known for doing, taking what they want, from whomever they what, when ever they feel the need. Even still, showing kindness from your heart is important as your family has done in the past, let’s hope that our future will still allow for that and the gov. doesn’t try to take even that away from us. I love to give, but I don’t like it when things are taken from me without my concent.

          • Katrael

            Renée, you have a kind heart. What people with kind hearts have to do is use sound judgement. We can’t let our kind hearts place our loved ones in jeopardy. There are plenty of good people out there who need help but there seems to be an an even greater number of evil people who would take advantage of people with kind hearts. I don’t want to live in fear that keeps me from doing what needs done. We will always be free to show kindness to people; even those who don’t deserve it. This is a tough world we live in. Be well and prosper.

  • Rick

    If we remove the power of taxation from the federal gov., which they were never intended to have, put all forms of taxation at the State level where each state decides on what method they want… income, fair, consumption, etc., limit the Federal governments role to national defense, national emergencies, etc., have the States set and oversee the federal annual budget for this and keep them on a short leash, cut the senate to one per state, cut the congress to 2 per state, have the state decide what their Senator and Congress members pay is and be paid by the state, and have the States decide what programs their state will provide and run them within their own state. It’s stupid to have the fed suck all this money out of the states and then have the states be leveraged and manipulated to get it back for programs designed by the fed. Then the power of the fed will be taken away and the system by which enriching oneself will be gone as well. Then we will still have to deal with the corruption at the state level. But that will be a lot easier for we the people to control.
    Samuel Adams pointed out a sobering fact concerning our political survival as a free people when he said:
    “But neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He, therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country, who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust, who is not a wise and virtuous man”.

    • Thinking About

      Who do you propose to pay for the defense system? Even our forefathers saw fit to have a Congress, Supreme Court, and executive office. Turn over everything to which state, they are in terrible shape and somebody is going to have to pay the bills.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The federal government should have two jobs and only two jobs, defence and national infrastructure necessary for defence! Period! Everything else should be left up to the states! The government should not be dictating to the people. We are SUPPOSED to be self ruled! A government of the people, for the people and by the people! The federal government does NOT represent us!!!

  • Citizen “Bill” William Brown

    Not much to say ….. All comments that I read are good. Can only say AMEN ! And, again
    AMEN ! Now, all of us … quit talking and let’s get to work. The revolution has started and if Hillary and John Kerry and Obama get their way and allow the UN gun ban to get into US
    politics, then the revolution will not be a voting one ….. it will be a shooting one.
    Remember … “Not on my watch”
    Citizen “Bill”

    • Larry K.

      and no matter who gets in the way….let them eat lead.

    • Deerinwater

      “The revolution has started and if Hillary and John Kerry and Obama get their way and allow the UN gun ban to get into US”

      That a straw man Bill, a straw man to incite “fear”. And guess where it came from?

      • thomas g kroger

        So the UN Small Arms Treaty is a “straw man”?

        Maybe you are unaware that Treaties co-exist alongside the US Constitution as the law of the land. You call that a “straw man”? I wish you were right, but logic dictates otherwise. No, this treasonous treaty must be rejected, and Hillary should be thrown out of office, along with her boss.

      • Dave67


        Another NRA planted scare tactic…The USA has never allowed any UN rule to trump US law. Its not happening…. Can you come up with something that has a bit more feasibility like the earth is flat?

        • thomas g kroger

          Another NRA scare tactic? What BS. It just so happens that much of what the NRA has warned us against has already come to pass. “It isn’t happening.” Sure. Who do you imagine you are fooling? Not me. If it were inconsequential, then WHY IS HILLARY BACKING IT?

      • mark

        The UN is a complete joke. No one takes them seriously – except for a few libertarian and right-wing loons. The UN ordered Israel off the West Bank. Israel laughs at them, gives them the middle finger, and keeps building and expanding settlements (much of it on U.S. taxpayers’ dime). The UN ordered North Korea and Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons. They just laugh at the UN, give them the middle finger, and keep right on doing what they are doing. The UN could pass a thousand small-arms treaties, it would not take a single gun or a singlebullet off a single US gunowner. They are a total joke. But good for scaring up the crazies and the survivalists so they can keep sending money to the NRA and other right-wing paranoia groups.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The UN small arms treaty should be taken seriously, as should the agenda 21 treaty and the law of the sea treaty. If these treaties are ratified by the senate they will become LAW!!! If you don’t think these treaties are serious you need to educate yourself. They threaten our freedom and our sovereignity. These people are trying to form a “one world government”, a “new world order” with the UN at its helm. If you think that your representatives(hah) will represent you, stop and remember that they passed the patriot acts and the ndaa to take away your rights! We are in dangerous territory. Never have we faced such threats from our own government. Educate yourself before it is too late!!!

      • Deerinwater

        Doubting Thomas says , ” It just so happens that much of what the NRA has warned us against has already come to pass.”

        Well Thomas , the least you could do is offer us an example while being mindful that 50% of the time of being right, is 50% of the time being wrong.

        As a child I went to the state fair only to see this “Fortune Telling Chicken” , I was amazed how correct this chicken was.

        I don’t intend to scoff ~ but recognize the obvious.

        This desire to transfer the disdain for the messenger to the “message” is characteristically a human weakness. I harbor no hate for the NRA but accept it as I would a guard dog, willing to bite with small provocation, understanding that being bitten is not an indictment of any guilt but only provocation.

        Too statesman to ponder? Well this is what statesman have to do and S of S Hillary has done well in spite of you dislike of her.

    • kid

      100% AGREED!!!!

  • temple62

    Facts are facts! If you are happy with having family and relatives being unemployed through the last three years; if you like the way the economy is sagging; if you like they the justice departments decisions are reluctant to treat cases fairly and with prejudice in favor of color then vote for Obama, he’s your man but he will NEVER get my vote!

    • mark

      He does not need your vote. He is going to win without it. Learn to deal with it.

      • Bill

        He a loser despite of where he is. Kenya is his home, Allah is his god.

    • Deerinwater

      I am no less happy with the last three year of unemployment then I was the prior three years. By the end of 2008 it was clear to even the village idiot that a landside of epic proportion was upon us after 8 years of national concern being overridden by wars to nowhere and the economic engine that power this nation left idle while the military complex took center stage and basted with “ball sports fan” attention.

      It’s not ball sports! The Losers (the ignored) are real victims that struggle and suffer.

      This American “Balls Sports” mentality , voyeurism for people that “can’t” bend over to tie their frigging shoes is killing us.

      Go team go! Zoom , zoom! America is getting what it deserves to have. Exactly like the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, but they had wanted better government and leaders, it was for them to make it happen and not us!

      Why mind someone else’s business when you can’t take care of your own?

      Our “HELP” and “INTERVENTION” exceeded any notions of good will and common sense while the American people rooted “W” and company forward, accepting his tax cuts and giving him yet another 4 years to dig yet a deeper hole.

      And now you whine and cry? ~ Put on your big boy britches and suck it up mister, ~ you are not alone is this mess of our own doing.

  • mark

    We’re not in a state of economic and social collapse even in this global recession – and are in fact doing a lot better than about 98% of people in the world including most European countries and all developing countries. Even the poor in our nation live better than the middle class in many other countries.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’re still living in lala land. The only reason that we APPEAR to be doing better is because the dollar is still the international monetary unit. The dollar has not yet collapsed because any country that buys and sells must use dollars to do so. This is already starting to fall apart. Many countries are rebelling against using the dollar because the fed has been printing and inflating its value. China, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and Columbia are all doing direct deals and swaps without using the dollar. It’s gotten so bad that when the government tries to sell its bonds, the fed has to buy 61% of them. The dollar is being made to appear better than it is by the big banks involvement in derivatives. They are involved in interest rate swaps to the tune of more money than they have. The housing derivatives propped up the housing market for years and made it appear healthy until it all crashed. It was the bankers investments in derivatives that caused the crash of 2008. They now have more invested in derivatives than they did then. The government is allowing them to do this because it gives the illusion of a stronger dollar. The dollar is also being temporarily propped up by people trying to flee the crashing euro. Our government owes more money than there is money, in the whole world. How long do you think people will continue to loan out government money when they will never be able to pay it back? When that happens they will print more and more money to keep operating untill the money will have no value at all. The government is doing everything they can to put off the collapse but it is coming! And they know it! Why do you think they are passing more and more laws to control us? Why do you think they have gotten the FEMA camps all ready? They are getting ready, will you?!?

    • Bill

      Stop spreading lies. for instance India has over a billion people, 300,000,000 of them have a higher standard of living than the US. Get your ear away from the lies and deceptions.

  • Nze Cornelius

    America is a great nation where all the people of the world come for freedom and liberty. But in when George Bush came to the presidency with Dick Cherny things changed. They had no plan for the country and for the first time Bill Clinton left a great surplus behind him. Bush thought that surplus was because Americans were paying too much tax. He was wrong as in many other things. So he begged Congress to cut taxes for the rich. In 2001 exactly on 9/11 the unthinkable happened. Bush declared war on Afghanistan against the Talibans. Rather than pursue this war to a finish he abandoned Afghanistan to an unknown qauntity he recruited from Italy and like a man out of his senses DECLARED WAR ON IRAQ. We were fighting two wars NOT paid for. That was the digging of American collapse. War destroys but does not create. Cash disappeared from Iraq and Afghanistan in broad day light. Tax receipt shrunk. America depended heavily on Chinese loan who waisted no time buying up American estate. American millionaires unpatriotic as never before like Mitt Roomney diverted their wealth to CAYMAN ISLAND, BERMUDA AND SAFE HAVENS IN SWIZTERLAND.
    True politicians are crooks but richer ones are worse. The SCOTUS made the sitaution grave by their ruling in CITIZENS case opening the floodgate of corruption in the political hemisphere. We are now trapped in a tripod of infamity. The devil you know is always better than the one you do not know.
    President Obama has withstood allegations of not being a christian but a muslim. He has gone through the fallacy of not being born in America and proved the birthers wrong. He went through the guilt by association of his religious minister and shown he is a patriotic American.
    But who is challenging for the White House? This is a man who denies his very signature while governor of a liberal state, who ran a mega capital fund and ruined compaines which he foreclosed for profit and laundered the wealth offshore. WAKE UP AMERICA THAT WE MAY NOT FALL INTO BUSH TRAP AGAIN.
    Republicans have been made up of great leaders, and produced national thinkers like Speaker Gingrich but since the birth of Tea partiers who swarmed the GOP for a price, that great party has lost steam ,direction and patriotism. Today they have no reliable and trust worthy candidate for the White House unless they rise up as one and pick a new leader at Tampa, Florida.

    • Thinking About

      If Rmoney continues his practice he used at Bain, he will raid the social security fund, all the retirement funds guaranteed by REISA, sell all the assets of the US, declare bankruptcy and take the money and run to a bank offshore. What are we going to be left with?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’re a good little citizen. You’ve believed everything the main stream media has told you. You’re the one who’d better WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

      • Dave67

        Nancy, yet you buy into the birther nonsense… Funny how you buy into the conservative message, hook line and sinker. How often do you question what you believe are “conservative” ideals? Do you question seriously your religion? I’ll bet you anything you don’t… Those things you happily accept.

        Maybe if conservatives could question their positions once in a while we could have a higher discussion level. Instead of fear based ideological ones.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, you claim that I accept the “birther nonsense”. I accept NO nonsense. I research and weigh facts! I do not accept what I hear on tv or anywhere else! I study and seek the truth! I will say that I do not know where obummer was born. I have not seen evidence to convince me. But I do KNOW without any doubt at all that the birth certificate that he presented to the American people IS A FRAUD!!! If you haven’t accepted that by now you are in total denial! Even his own lawyer admitted in a court of law that it was a forgery! Watch Sheriff Arpaio’s report. Read what obummer’s own lawyer said. Look at the millions of things online. If you refuse to believe overwhelming evidence then I’m not even going to try and convince you.
        You claim to know me enough to know that I don’t even question my religion. How on earth would you know that? It’s an out and out lie to make that claim! As I came of age, I questioned my religion. I also questioned other religions. There were things in all of them that I disagreed with. I decided that it wasn’t religion or a church that I sought. I’m not a member of any earthly church. I believe in GOD! I study the bible, with others and by myself. I do NOT, nor will I ever question my belief in GOD or JESUS CHRIST or THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! You obviously would not be able to understand this! But do not make claims about me, that you know NOTHING about!

      • Dave67

        Ok Nancy,

        LOL out with it… show us your proof… What has Obama not given that every other President has after being racked over the partisan coles…The state of Hi is lying apparently. The reality is, you don’t like his name, his party or his politics and your side has come up with nonsense to instill fear and I know Sheriff Joe well here in AZ. There is no reputable source that buys into his conclusions. I think it is safe to say The Sheriff hates having the microscope on himself because it will highlight all the wasted tax payer money and the arrogance this gloryhound tries to mask.

        Religion is a matter of faith, not fact Nancy… I too have studied world religions and and Christianity is no different than Buddhism, Judaism, Islam etc… They are all a vehicle for greater social acceptance, to explain away what cannot be explained away yet, to separate people further and in the hands of manipulators, a way to do their bidding by saying its “god’s will”

        Do you seriously believe a snake spoke to a woman and got her to eat an apple and that is the reason why humanity is thrown out of “paradise”. If you were to look at “facts” the facts could tell you the authors of the bible were the L Ron Hubbard’s of their day.

        If you need religion to make life a little less scary for you because of your fear of death and finality… fine… use it. But religion has no place in Gov. When gov officially sanctions any religion, bad things always happen. So can you accept the “possibility” that there is no god?

        Looks like we both went through our respective spiritual journey’s and came to different conclusions. Thats fine, you believe in your religion, I believe that you cannot prove god exists or doesn’t exist.

        But don’t try to position yourself as above the partisan fray because you are not. You are as knee-deep into it as anyone else. Are you signing the petition to end the Citzens United rulling?

      • JeffH

        Dave67, “birther ninsense”?, if O’man’s daddy was never a citizen of the US then O’man should never have been allowed to become POTUS as written under Article 2 of the Constitution …it’s that simple and it’s not even close to being nonsense.

      • Dave67


        Obama’s mom was a Citizen and was born in the US. Obama was born in HI. end of story.

        Funny, no conservative came out of the woodwork to declare John McCain ineligible to be President (He was born in Panama ya know)

        Its too bad these are the only issues conservatives have… Their policies as Reagan, Bush and Clinton carried them out have failed… So this is all they have.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, here you go again. Twist it around to make it say something that was never said. I SAID that I did not know where he was born. I have no proof. I SAID that I have seen MORE than enough evidence to convince me that the birth certificate he presented to the American people IS A FRAUD! I cited Arpaio. You say, no reputable source buys into his conclusions. These are NOT HIS conclusions! These are the conclusions of EXPERTS of which you are not! You totally ignore the FACT that obummer’s lawyer admitted in a court of law that the bc was a FORGERY!
        You continue to go on and on about my “religion” when I told you that I don’t participate in a religion. If what I say doesn’t fit into your agenda, to heck with it, you’re gonna say it anyway! Stop saying things that are not true. You don’t get to put words into other people’s mouths. Stick to what is really said and stop twisting things to fit your agenda.

      • JeffH

        Dave67, can you be anymore ignorant than you already are?

        What does McCain or conservatives have to do with O’man’s citizenship…you completely, and in true ignorant liberal fashion, ignored the very point that Obama is and never can be a “natural born citizen” because his father was a British subject and was not a citizen. O’man’s mothers citizenship has no bearing on “natural born citizen” where Obama’s birth status is concerned.

        I do realize that this above your comprehension level…natural born = born of citizen “parents” whether you choose to believe it or not.

    • Don_in_DC

      Personally I dislike Romney and Obama but you bring up Romney putting his money overseas as unpatriotic…that part is a little crazy. Anyone that knows investing would say you diversify. It is ironic that someone like Buffet will say he never saw a need to invest overseas and yet he has many overseas investments like Petro-China, etc. That is simply semantics. Anyone doing investing can and SHOULD invest in a way to diversify their assets. That is across the types of investments and the funds those investments reside in and in any other way that helps you be secure. Not only that it should be part of freedom to allow you to invest any where in any way you want. You want to invest in a country run by the worst dictator then so be it…it’s your money, have at it.

      As stated, I think both Obama and Romney are not my choice because both are the same in all things important. They are politicians that work to get elected not because of their firm principles but by catering to masses. Here I think Obama is the more skilled and charismatic in his delivery of lies to appeal to the masses but both are the same thing.

      We have had chances for honest politicians, the public won’t elect them for President. Ron Paul is one, Barry Goldwater was another. Many others could do it if they felt they had support, some of the guys are good even if we generalize to say they all suck. Start voting for those that do what they say and you won’t have such a problem. Obama should lose simply because he lied on many of his promises. I don’t have to compare him to Romney and say which is worse, I only have to say that he lied and didn’t honor his promises. I also think his Bush bashing only shows he isn’t willing to embrace the ideals of the office. So you hated the previous President, now you are the President…shutup and move on. Don’t slam him and do the exact same things. Bush and Obama both did the same things. Both spent too much money. You want healthcare to be reformed, sure it has problems and a lot of things could make it better…so pass legislation that would help the problem. Instead most of the real problems were left in and the solution is nothing more than another tax which will ultimately only make it worse. That is how taxes work. They are suggested to fix a problem and then the money is abused and used inappropriately.

      You guys fighting on class warfare should consider, all those politicians that you think support you are in fact rich. They cannot legitimately attack the rich because they are the rich. Dems want to complain about the tax cuts on the rich and support those that don’t work…I say cut the taxes on all or make them fair. If you can work and don’t then you need to have problems from it and not assistance. GOP, we have too much defense spending and need to stop fighting wars in other countries. Protect our borders and let the rest of the world worry about their borders. Sure we can occassionally step up and help remove tyranny but only if we have an excess which we don’t…so until then stay in our borders and let the world worry about it’s issues. Dems that say Clinton had a surplus should look at the numbers again…you don’t have a surplus if your debt increases every year. I’ll give Clinton kudos for being closer to a surplus than the others though. GOP, get out of trying to legislate morality to me. Do your job, protect our freedoms and don’t spend too much money doing it…then we can worry about religion if you want.

      So quite simply it boils down to this…if we are in debt and can’t control spending, you lose all options to give assistance to others or fight wars in other places. Once you have a surplus and controlled spending, we should look at ways to lower taxes on everyone. If we still have extra cash lying around then we can talk social programs or wars. Since that isn’t the case, end all that crap now. As a government you have no rights to pass laws for me that don’t apply to you EVER. That holds true no matter how rich we are. If you are a government in debt then you pretty much lose all rights to add any new expenses…in fact if you really want to fix things no past candidate should be allowed on a ballot if there is a debt during their term. That is the kind of term limit we need. You can’t balance your budget, you are gone. You can’t reduce our debt, you are gone. You can reapply once we are back to a surplus. We are willing to lose a few good politicians along the way to show we mean business. This isn’t your money this is ours. Don’t worry about unemployment because everything you do is inefficient anyway. Provide a safe environment for us to thrive and then we can worry about the number of jobs it takes to do it.

      If you people really want to solve the problems then “man up” and require the government to act the same way you have to when you can’t balance your budget. Do you get more loans and credit when you have no job and too much debt to pay off? No. Do you get to keep your job when you lose the company money? Well most of the time you don’t unless you are a banking CEO. Simple rules for a simple solution. If you can’t improve the situation then you are fired and cut off from doing any more damage. End of story.

  • mark

    America as become a fascist state, Bob? If you ever had the misfortune to live in a real fascist state, such as Nazi Germany, Mussollini’s Italy or Franco’s Spain you would realize what a ludicrous statement that is. In a real fascist state, Bob, you would never be allowed to operate this webiste. In fascist states all non-government-run, -owned, and -operated media is shut down, all dissenters are arrested and incarcerated. On this site and in thousands of other forums, we have a vigorous debate on all issues, much of it highly critical of the state and of state policy. This was never allowed in the 3 aforementioned systems.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Do you think that in Germany or Italy or Spain that fascism happened over night? No, they quietly slipped it in and by the time the people realized it, it was too late. That is EXACTLY what is happening here. One would think that history would have taught us to be aware but sadly, the masses are asleep! They go to work and they come home and watch tv. Web sites like this are trying to wake people up but they will be short lived. The government is already trying to get control of the Internet and it will happen. Enjoy what freedoms you have left. They will soon be gone!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I have to disagree with you Nancy. While it was not over night people like Hitler did not just slip in unnoticed. They and their numerous brown and black shirted thugs roamed the streets beating and killing people at will. Mussolini lead an armed revolt against the government of Italy before he was given power. Hitler and his thugs convinced the more conservative politicians to grant Hitler a position. Within a month the Reichstag burned to the ground and martial law was declared. And within a year Hitler had his men go across Germany and massacre hundreds or possibly thousands of his opponents and then bragged about it. And finally Francisco France took power with an armed take over following a violent civil war. My point is it certainly was not a quick process and it certainly involved a lot of planning and carrying out. But fascism did not arise from gradual changes in laws from within the government. It came from violent action against the government and once power was attained at least in the case of Hitler it became absolute only with the passage of the enabling act which was voted on. This act explicitly and openly proclaimed Hitler as dictator. The Nazi had to convince enough members of the German Parliament to vote for this act. No one could ever propose such an act in today’s government with out people knowing about it. And even if somehow it passed our military, our courts and our people would never accept it. We have a tradition of republicanism in our country. That is one of our great protectors against tyranny. We must always be vigilant. But I feel calling something fascist which is not fascist muddles the arguments and simply strengthens whatever you are criticizing.

  • Steve E

    It’s funny that people I know always say there should be term limits in office whether it is one term or just a few terms. However, and especially in the primary elections where the incumbent can be eliminated, they always vote for the same long term incumbent anyway. People should look at their own hypocritical actions before they look at the politicians they constantly put back in office. The real problem is the People themselves. They only blame the evil politicians in order to divert the blame from themselves.

    • mark

      You are absolutely right there, Steve!

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Very insightful article Mr. Livingston! I appreciate not only what you have written, but also the replies which many have sent. Personally I am troubled by what is happening in our government and their apparent disregard for the Constitution and morality. Trying to have trust and hope in any elected official seems to be fruitless as time passes and the flagrant abusive attitude they exhibit toward all that is Holy, Honest, Just, and Steadfast in our long held National precedence of these virtues which made the United States the great nation it became. What is just over the horizon economically is a monetary collapse of mathematical certainty due to our debt and the exodus of both friendly and hostile nations from the petrol-dollar and Americas hegemony through reserve currency domination. General of the Army, Douglas McArthur, in a speech to West Point graduates is quoted : ” History bears record, that no nation which became morally decadent, ever yet survived. ” We the United States of America are no exception to any rule. Intoxicated with unbroken success our leaders are now out of prestige and habit, embracing political, economical, and military actions and reforms which will very soon bring disastrous results upon all of us. They are self deceived and so out of touch with the average citizen and the burdens the people labor through on a daily basis, they have become representatives of themselves and the special interest lobbies they are financially supported by. In his forewarning of the last days, Jesus spoke about the corruption of men and nations and the violence it would lead to at that time and in Luke 21, verse 22 He referred to what was coming would be known as ” The Days of Vengeance”. Webster’s dictionary defines vengeance as ” punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense. “, It also cites retribution, and vindication as a definition of this. If we are thrust into such a scenario it will not be anything to scoff at. Everywhere I go people are more openly vocal about their distrust and antagonism toward our government and it sounds like there is a desire in a vast majority that want a reckoning to transpire at whatever the cost. I pray our leaders wake up NOW!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Well stated, Raymond!

  • thomas g kroger

    Dave67 and others like him are the reason George Orwell wrote 1984. Their coterie includes little giggling Nancy Pelosi, who jokingly tells us in a moment of supreme hubris – “…we have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it,” and a generation earlier LBJ tells us “We are going to take all the money from the ‘haves’ that we think they are unnecessarily spending and give it to the ‘have-nots’ who need it so much.” And while all this is happening, the stupid, errant nonsense in our schools continues to get promulgated that the National Debt is “nothing to worry about” because we “owe it to ourselves.” That’s crap, and always was, and that same kind of thinking created Greece. Reality isn’t a matter of “opinion” or “consensus.” Reality has hard edges, and lethal consequences, and collective stupidity, such as we are seeing everywhere around us, will kill us in the long run, just as it has other countries. There is nothing exempting us from the consequences of bankruptcy, any more than Greece, Portugal, Italy, or Spain. And anyone who imagines that we are out of the woods, or that they are, is sadly mistaken. The sovereign debt crisis isn’t going away. It was created by Keynesian economics, which liberals took as Gospel for decades. Time has caught up with us. Chew on that, liberals, and try to convince yourself that everything I’ve said here is delusion. It isn’t. YOU have created Weimar Republic conditions here in America, and the Republicans have merely gone along with it. YOU and FDR were the primary architects of the corporate fascist state, and Imperial Presidency, which began with Harry Truman, and the first undeclared, no-win war in Korea, which was spun as a “police action.” So go chew on that for a while. And that is why I support Ron Paul.

    • Dave67


      You know so little about me don’t you? It was not liberals who championed trickle down economics while selling out our manufacturing base. Its not liberals who broke down regulations so the few at the top can make more money.

      Greece is in the trouble its in due to deregulation, Gov corruption and a lack of diversity in its economy. Countries like The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden all did not reduce regulations on the banks and did not get caught up in the greedy shenanigans that crashed our economy and his hurting countries like Greece, Iceland, Ireland and this country.

      Reality is hard edged, when you allow the few to control most of the wealth and the ability to buy politicians to do their bidding for their narrow interests… There are repercussions…and we are living with the after effects of Reaganomics.

      Conservatives have had their chances and blew it…

      Its time for a new direction… responsibility to the country is the new phrase of the millennium, not how much can I grab.

      • PJF

        I have a question for you, the new direction you want to take the country in does it involve10% of the population paying 70% of the nations taxes. It is always the same, A want s to run the show but they want to run it with B’s money.

  • Skip Mendler

    Y’know, you can substitute “businessman” for “politician” in a lot of that rant. The political sphere is not the only power center that attracts psychopaths and sociopaths.

  • Katrael

    Dear Bob Livingston, too many people hold out hope that there is a solution in our two party system but I prefer to apply the definition of insanity to this situation. Too many people in this country want to turn to the same people who created this problem we face hoping they can fix it and that’s impossible.

    I see only one solution and that’s through Yahoshua haMessiach. I wish I could vote for him but he’s going to have to take control through bloodshed as the armies of the world face off against him at harMeggido.

  • Waldeck Charles

    Politicians are not the only ones to blame: people want to have their cake and eat it at the same time

  • http://Chamberlain James

    You are so right. How do we limit terms?

  • Waldeck Charles

    How will you get the best minds to work for us the government if we plan to underpay them? You are one of those people who want to have your cake and eat it at the same time

  • Michael

    This is pretty hysterical. America is not a facist state – that is ridiculous. We all are still able to go where we want and do what we want. There is no facist Nazi style Gestapo police force patroling the streets to oppress us. The constraints of family need and work are far, far more restrictive on “freedom” that anything the government has done. We do have pretty poor politicians that we love to vote back in every time. The really screwy aspect of this rant is that policicians “work for the government”! That shows the militant anti-governement bias Livingston has. Anyone can see that politicians work for Big Biz, the oil companies and any other special interest willing to pay them off with campaingn money. But, of course, Livingston also suckles at that teet so he can’t say anything bad about it. The rich pay less in taxes now than anytime in the last 50 years so to think the rich are being hurt is absurd.

    • Robert Rashbrooke

      Have you seen the newsreels of the South during the Freedom Marches era back in the 60′s, with the police either assaulting the marchers or standing ildly by whilst marchers were being beaten up by white civilians.

      Did you see the films on Kent State University, watch Rodney King getting beaten up by numerous policemen, see the results of Mei Lai in Vietnam?

      Unfortunately the police and the army CANNOT be guarranteed to NOT fight against American civilians when ordered to do so by the “authorities”, any more than the Syrian military or police will not or are not fighting against their own people.

      America IS a country based on violence and a sneaking acceptance of lawlessness, and is one of the reasons why it has abused so many other sovereign nations for its own benefits, especially in the time when it was ‘the greatest nation on earth”.

    • Katrael

      Your freedom is an illusion Michael. You may go where you want, within limits. but you’re not free to own land or to do what you want on the land you live on. Don’t believe the lie that you have freedom.

      • RichE

        Please excuse the intrusion, but it sounds like you’re bound by your hate.

      • Jay

        How were you able to read hate in her post, RichE? Is it because she doesn’t share your perspective? Please excuse my intrusion, begs the ignoramus. You’re excused, RichE.

  • Dhip

    Mr. Livingston, you have hit the nail on the head. I might go for two terms for the house and one term for the senate, and then no retirement benefits, health or dollars. Let them make an honest living for a change. And they can’t take leftover campaign funds home, that money going to the treasury. What is it going to take, a constitutional amendment? Yes. Let’s go for it.

    • 45caliber

      There are other benefits that you seldom hear about. For instance, when a Washington politician leaves office for any reason he/she gets a free office with two free secretaries to serve them. One local Congressman served one term and now has the feds (us) pay for all his office rent, utilities, supplies, and the salaries of two people. He’s a lawyer so he basically covers all his expenses for his business that way. It is a big benefit to most of them. And their retirment pay (which starts when they leave office) goes up faster than their regular pay does. One of the elder ex-Congressmen who lived to be over a hundred was being paid over a million dollars a year in retirement pay when he died.

  • Cashpockets

    Until we manage to rid ourselves of Greed, Lies, Apathy and Stupidity, Mankind will keep on screwing himself and have the need to start over again every time.
    Each new beginning starts out with the best of intentions, but then eventually corruption will once again take control due to the 4 biggest problems with Mankind and we end up right back where we started.
    Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
    Perhaps if given enough time, humanity will get it right, but I don’t expect it in my lifetime.

  • Erik

    “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
    –quote by Thomas Jefferson

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I am on the fence about term limits. People do need to hold their leaders accountable. I encourage everyone to get out and vote for the candidate they believe in. I urge all candidates to stop with the mudslinging. It demeans our electoral system and only encourages people not to vote. I believe most people in government went in with genuine ideals and the desire to make those ideals real. However once in government they fall victim to the temptations of power. One of the big ones is that one has to sacrifice ones ideals in order to stay in power. I often think of the character Joseph Paine from Mr Smith goes to Washington. He defends his own corruption by saying “you cant count on people voting, half the time they don’t vote”. He goes on to justify himself by listing the good things he has done while bemoaning that he has had to compromise and play ball. Many in government fall prey to the belief that staying in power excuses what one does. That since they cant do any good if they are not there they might as well accept the little good they are doing on the ground that at least its some instead of nothing. This idea is wrong and is unjustified. We the people need to be careful in our choosing of candidates., But just as importantly we need to get out and vote for what we believe in. We need to show those congressmen or presidential candidates that we the people can be counted on when they need us. And just as importantly that if we feel a politician is doing wrong we will hold them accountable. So corrupt politicians can know that we will not sit by and do nothing. And show those more idealistic politicians that their ideals have the support of the people. That they do not need to play ball with corporations or special interests or lobbyists or all the other behind the screen dealings that go on. People need to vote and petition and protest and speak up.

    • 45caliber


      Your definition of “mud slinging” and a politician’s definition are different. To us, mudslinging is telling lies about your opponent. To a politician it is telling the truth about them. They can blow off lies and disprove them fairly easily. It is not easy to disprove the truth.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Not necessarily. Politicians on both sides are constantly using scare tactics and accusing the other side of everything from accepting foreign money, to associating with terrorists, to giving viagra to pedophiles. I once saw a political ad with someone wearing a sheep costume that could have come from a slasher film. The tag line was that the person this ad was attacking was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think ads like that are going too far. And since both sides are doing it its no wonder people don’t want to vote.

  • 45caliber

    At the moment the politicians in Washington are responsible to no one unless it is some of their biggest contributors. They set up their own pay and their own perks.

    I would like to see it return to the point where the state that sends them there is the source of their pay and perks. They would be for more willing to listen to the voters when the voters are the ones who set the pay. And I seriously doubt that they would get the perks they do now. In fact, I suspect that they would find that they didn’t have any beyond a simply medical insurance everyone esle gets too.

    Do any of you know the definition of an “honest politician”? It is one that STAYS bought.

  • purplewarrior71

    As i stated in many of my writings. The enemy is not the AMERICAN PEOPLE, it is CONGRESS. Stop fighting amongst ourselves. Organize and support NEW CANDIDATES WHO SUPPORT TERM LIMITS. Vote out CANDIDATES THAT DO NOT SUPPORT TERM LIMITS. Soon i will direct all of you to my blog and lay out a path for CONGRESSIONAL REFORM. It’s about time the LIBERTY DIGEST heeded my words


  • shawn

    I must say that I agree with you 100%. I’ve been awake for a long time now and understand the game that they are playing against the american people. Unfortunately, too many are are asleep at the wheel and are going to crash and burn if the dont wake up before it’s too late.

  • Erik

    Term limits is stupid. It takes 4 years to learn to be a legislator. Term limits would be great revolving cycle of corporate stooges, lobbyists and billionaires to get in there and change the laws against We the People.

    “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

    • Deerinwater

      I’m with you Erik, ~ it’s a bad idea more reasons then it’s a good idea.

      Removing a face does not remove the machine.

      In the art of negotiation, knowing the final deadline has tactical advantage for anyone in the position to exploit it.

  • Lance Brofman

    Depressions occur after investment bubbles burst. It is not just a coincidence that tax cuts for the rich have preceded both the 1929 and 2007 depressions. The Revenue acts of 1926 and 1928 worked exactly as the Republican Congresses that pushed them through promised. The dramatic reductions in taxes on the upper income brackets and estates of the wealthy did indeed result in increases in savings and investment. However, bubble overinvestment (by 1929 there were over 600 automobile manufacturing companies in the USA) and excessive improvident lending caused the depression that made the rich and everyone else ultimately much poorer.
    The factor that most clearly distinguishes a depression from a recession is the extremely low level of treasury-bill rates that persists in a depression. The rates on 3-month t-bills are now close to zero as in the 1930s. In a recession the Fed can keep lowering interest rates until the economy rebounds. Once interest rates are near zero they cannot be reduced further and monetary policy becomes powerless to end the depression.
    A less observable characteristic of a depression is the tremendous decline in the effective money supply. Money is what can be used to buy things. Historically money has been specie (gold and silver coins), fiat money which is paper currency and checking accounts and more recently credit money. Two hundred years ago your ability to take your friends out to dinner depended on whether or not you had enough coins in your pocket. One hundred years ago it depended on the quantity of currency in your pocket and possibly the balance in your checking account if the restaurant would take checks. Today it is your credit card that allows you to spend. Fiat money is easy to measure, M1 was $1.376 billion in 2007 and was $2.150 billion in October 2011. The effective money supply is the sum of fiat money and credit money. Credit money cannot be precisely measured. However, When the person in California who occupation was strawberry picker and who had made $14,000 in his best year was able to get a mortgage of $740,000 with no money down and private equity could buy a company like Clear Channel in a $20 billion leveraged buyout, also with essentially no money down the credit money supply was clearly much higher than today. A reasonable ballpark estimate of the credit money supply is $70 trillion in 2007 compared to $50 trillion today.
    The effective money supply is the sum of the traditional fiat money aggregates plus the credit money supply. Thus, despite the clams of Ron Paul and Rick Perry to the contrary, the effective or true money supply has fallen drastically over the last few years. Monetary policy as conducted by Ben Bernanke has been mostly appropriate, with a few exceptions. There is not much more that the FED can do to alleviate the symptoms of the depression. The one really bad thing that the FED is doing now is paying .25% on reserves deposited by banks. From its’ inception until recently the FED never paid any interest on the reserves deposited at the FED. Paying interest on these reserves is a transfer of many billions of dollars from the taxpayers to the banks (where is Ron Paul when we need him?). Even worse, by paying interest on reserves the FED is paying the banks not to make loans.
    Paying interest on reserves combined with the equally bone-headed subsidy to the banks of providing free unlimited deposit insurance on non-interest bearing demand deposits is keeping t-bill rates positive. Absent those policies the rate on T-bills would be actually negative. The Chinese and others all over the world are willing to pay anything for the safety of depositing funds in the USA. Already, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has imposed a 0.13% charge on large deposits. Were it not for the FED paying interest on reserves and the free deposit insurance, rates on t-bills would be negative. This slight artificial increase in interest rates by itself does not depress economic activity much. However, policies preventing t-bill rates from being negative may be dissuading congress and the administration from undertaking the magnitude of fiscal stimulus that could end the recession.
    With negative t-bill rates the deficit would be a profit center rather than a cost. We know that the 1929 depression only ended with the massive deficits that accompanied World War II. What we need now is policy with the fiscal impact of a WWII, hopefully without the blood and gore. For many reasons, not the least of which is political, the massive increase in the deficit which is needed to end the depression should be accomplished mainly if not entirely on the tax side rather than the spending side.
    The 10% and 15% Federal tax brackets should be temporarily reduced to zero. For married taxpayers this would exempt all income below $70,700 from taxation. This would be a $9,735 tax cut for all couples with taxable incomes of $70,700 or more and less amounts for others with less taxable incomes. Additionally, all personal payroll taxes should be suspended. As with the current 2% payroll tax cut, the treasury should make the trust funds whole. This would put $6,120 in the pockets of a household that had $80,000 in wages. Thus, proving about $15,000 to the typical middle class family. It would increase the deficit. However, with the current levels of interest rates and the actual profits made by issuing t-bills at negative rates the long-term costs will be less than they were in WWII. When Obama was campaigning for president he called for a $1,000 middle class tax-cut. On the day he took office the correct amount to end the depression was probably close to $15,000. Congress passed an $800 middle class tax-cut as part of the stimulus package.
    Only a massive increase in the near term deficit can end the depression. Until we realize this we are doomed to continue in a depression, albeit with benefits to mitigate the damage indefinitely

  • CJM

    The pensions for the three branches of government are unconstitutional. According to the US Constitution, these members are to be paid only when in session-there are NO provisions for perks, particularly the pensions. I do believe that 2 terms for HR is sufficient since theirs is a position of a 2 year term only. Other than that, limit the terms and stop the perks. One thing they can’t claim is that the will of the People is unconstitutional!!!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The Will of the people? Realy Even if 51% of the Citizens Will, were to destroy the Country for Everyone… Majority Wins? ( Never get 100% of, or, for, ANYTHING!)

  • JOHN

    People do you know what the problem of the world really is and I say world because there are serious problems and they are world wide and the problem is us. That we as a people are so arogorantly ignorant that we are causing our own destruction .Fore as long as I can remember in my life time Men of god have been telling us of today’s events. That a ten nation system would be set up ,you see it taking place in Europe in the form of the European common market [the revived roman empire] The Jews being returned to Israel and even thou outnumbered 100 to 1 The Muslims cant drive them out because god promised the Jewish people in the last days he would gather them from the four corners of the earth and bring them into their land and no one would drive them out God also foretold they would be surrounded by their enemies
    The bible tells you about the third temple Israel now has every thing they need to rebuild it You can talk about all your other Gods But there is only one true God the God of the Bible {YAHWEH} and his Son MESSIAH YESHIVA {Jesus Christ} This is why every word in that book is being forefulled . Right now It also talks about the great destruction that will come upon the world ,that will result in the deaths of about 50 % of the worlds people These people are not the other guy there your town your city your friends and relatives The only chance we have is to put God back in out lives .I say this to all people there is a great war between God and Satan and Earth is his Think of yourselves living in a crime infested neighborhood and in your arrogranance you shutdown the police dept what would happen well that’s We have done here This why the world has become such a horrific place to live in . America is in very a bad state today because we the people have allowed wicked men to assume public office We have become politically correct and morally decrepit if we have any hope of saving this country and helping the world WE MUST RESTORE GOD TO AMERICA WE MUST .Andrew Jackson once said “The Bible is the rock on which our republic stands” This is the type of God fearing man that made this country great .The leaders who go around today and tell schools you have to cover up statues of Jesus Christ are Godless men .Remember what Jesus Christ stated !He WHO IS NOT FOR ME IS AGAINST ME .If you truly are a God fearing Christian you can not vote for anything that would be against the word of God. God does not wheel and deal he is not a respecter of men But God Almighty does promise in The Bible in II CHRONICLES CHAPTER 7 VERSE,14

    • Don_in_DC

      No John, you are wrong. It is fine to support Christian politicians but that doesn’t mean you can legislate morality to me. Government cannot be used to push a religious agenda or you simply have a dictatorship with weapons. You think that Christians are different than Muslims but you really aren’t and you can’t be trusted with power. Instead go to church to work on your morality and leave the government to do what it is supposed to do…protect the freedoms for all people regardless of specifics like religion.

      I am glad you study and try to learn morality but I do wish you were more educated in that search. You only study one thing and you then generalize to think that everyone in your group is somehow special. There are many Christians that think radically different than your views and yet you would support them by label more than you would a Muslim that thinks very similar to you. This makes you dangerous and unequipped to handle complexities like freedom for all.

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Term limits are very necessary. Contrary to what some people think, it does NOT take 4 years to learn how to be a Representative. How someone can be against term limits is beyond me. We are fast becoming the very aristocracy we fought England to escape from. There is no reason why a Representative or Senator should spend more than two terms in office. Anyone in longer than that is out to help themselves, not the public. We need politicians to serve, not be served. Politicians should not be eligible for their own insurance. They most definitely should not be exempt from any laws they pass. America is turning into another Venezuela.

    Anyone looking for the answers to our problems in the bible is looking in the wrong place. The bible has nothing to do with politics. The lord helps those that help themselves. Quit looking for someone else to hand you the solutions, and think of them yourselves. The proposals in this article are an excellent way to begin. Public-only financing of elections, term limits, and public interest will go a long way to getting our government back. We must also outlaw all forms of lobbying. Any member of our government caught taking a bribe or gift should be immediately thrown in prison.

    Any member of a lobbying company should be ineligible for office. Any member of Goldman-Sachs, or similar institution, should also be ineligible. We must also do away with the Federal Reserve. Jefferson was totally correct in his summation of central banks. They now run the world, our businesses, and our politicians.

    All we need to do is go back to our Constitution. Stop wasting trillions on foreign wars and the war on drugs, and get back to basics. We need to clean up our own house before we can “police the world”. Terrorism is plain (expletive deleted). You have a better chance of gettiong attacked by a lion and a polar bear during a tornado than you do of being attacked by a terrorist. Stop letting Washington, D.C. scare you into letting them doing whatever they want. Our forefathers would be ashamed of us, and I don’t blame them.

    • ohoh

      Our forefathers would be ashamed that we don’t look to the Bible for answers. They did and when they finished creating a republic for the moral people they hoped for, they went to the National Cathedral to thank and praise God.

  • box-bb-car

    I agree with the concept, however I believe that the terms should be 12 years, cumulative. for any combination of house and senate seats. This would retain some of the “institutional memory” (though it can be argued as to if this is a good odr bad thing). In addition, make the states responsible for congressional pay and the state legislatures responsible for raising/lowering said pay.

    In addition, for every year served, you cannot have any business with the federal government for the same number of years that you were in office.

    However why limit this to only elected officials? Why not a limit of 20 years for federal employees? This would guarantee that there is always new blood in the positions and should reduce some of the bureaucratic inertia. I am also interested in some of the recommendations by Mark Levin on term limiting SCOTUS judges to 15 year terms.

  • mama-tieler

    I love this articles – it is right on. But how do we the people take back what the PTB (powers-that-be) have taken and given themselves. I believe in common sense and moderation but these PTB are megalomanics. It surprises me how the general populace has been cowed by the PTB brainwashing.

    At essence I love the environment because as I see it everything is being destroyed all in the name of profit by these PTB. The ultra-ubber rich should be held responsible and we the people should take back what they have taken from us which is what they hold dearest – their monies.

    I am old enough to remember the USSR and its implosion and fear the same fate will befall the USA. Perhaps that is what these PTB want so they can control 100 percent. Someone tell me what the hell is going on in the USA. Why do the ultra-ubber rich want even more and why are our politicans so corrupt and why has big business shafted us.

    • purplewarrior71

      Mama-tieler you have taken the first step.You have recognized that Congress is AGAINST THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM TO MAKE LIFE BETTER IN THESE UNIED STATES. Fairness, and equal opertunity for all is not there AGENDA, POWER IS. !st for all of you that reconize that CONGRESS is a den of lieres and theves here is the 1st step.

      (1) For each Senate and each House Rep in your STATE and District look at what they have now compaired to what they had when they were elected, or in other words how there BANK ACCOUNT has growen in size.

      (2) Find out how many free vacations and POLITICAL FUND RAISES were given to them from LOBIEST, COPERATIONS, PACS (POLITICAL ACTION COMMITIES), these people
      don’t give fund raisers, trips for nothing.

      (3) You need like minded people to help you, you can’t do this on your own. YOU NEED HELP.

      To all that write in this forum, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT THE ENEMY!
      Congerss has blinded all of you.
      They all must be removed.








      Once you get started the rest you can figure out.



      ORGINIZE, DEVELOPE A PLAN, IMPLIMENT.The American people need all of you.


      These these are the words of


  • HKaufman

    Bob, for the first time in 3 months an Unbiased, non Bigoted or Disparaging article, Myogi has hope for you, other author’s who write, not SO MUCH!!!. Now if only that attitude would reach many of those who post their Lame BIAS,Disparaging, and Bigoted comments within their occiptal protuberence and post intelligently this would also be a a non BP spike..

  • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

    Part 1
    Dave67 wrote: “Once again MAP only tells the part of the story he wants to believe. Those people killed were not killed “because” of the religion alone.”

    Yes Dave, before to spew your ignorance, you should to do some research.

    MAP is correct. The vast majority of the mass murders were executed by the Dictatorial/Autocratic regimes, the heads of which were the ego-centric maniacal DESPOTS (Lenin & Stalin – USSR; Mao Zedong – China; Adolf Hitler – Germany; Kim Il-sung & his son Kim Jong-il – North Korea). They sent people, who was not agree with their regimes, to the labor camps, where they died from the hard labor, mistreatment and hunger. But who dared to criticize them, they “simply” where executed as the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” (in the Soviet case.)

    These regimes (USSR & CHINA) also caused the death of the miiiiiiillions of the civilian population by the REGIME-MADE FAMINE. Only in Ukraine (1932-1933) it estimated 5.5 to 6.5 million deaths.

    From the Wikipedia: “According to a 1993 study of archival Soviet data, a total of 1,053,829 people died in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953.[6] These estimates exclude the deaths due to mistreatment in the camps,[12] and such deaths happened frequently.[13] The death toll is stated as 1,258,537 with the post-release deaths included, with an estimated 1.6 million casualties from 1929 to 1953.”[14]
    But there are the opinions that the number was much higher.

    Approximately 14 million people passed through the Gulag “labor camps” from 1929 to 1953. A further 6-7 million were deported and exiled to remote areas of the USSR (usually it was Siberia), and 4-5 million passed through “labor colonies”. The total population of the camps varied from 510,307 in 1934 to 1,727,970 in 1953.

    The Gulag was a major instrument of POLITICAL repression in the Soviet Union.
    The Gulag system was “a chain” of the 53 separate camps and 423 labor colonies where people were worked to death.
    Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelag”

    And also I recommend you to read the Secretary of the Communist Party and Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH, which he delivered at the closed session of the Twentieth Communist Party Congress on February 25, 1956.
    Dictator Stalin demanding absolute submission to his opinion or viewpoint. Those who criticized him or even just was not agree with him, they were labeled the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” (the term, which was created/invented by Stalin HIMSELF) and sent to Gulag camps or executed.

    From the Wikipedia: “Horowitz was raised by parents who were members of the Communist Party USA. Between 1956 and 1975, Horowitz was an outspoken adherent of the New Left before rejecting Leftism completely. Horowitz has recounted his ideological journey in a series of retrospectives, culminating with his 1996 memoir Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey.”

    The Horowitz family broke with the American Communist Party after the publication of Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH in 1956. According to David Horowitz:
    “The publication of the Khrushchev Report was probably the greatest blow struck against the Soviet Empire during the Cold War. When my parents and their friends opened the morning Times and read its text, their world collapsed — and along with it their will to struggle. If the document was true, almost everything they had said and believed was false. Their secret mission had led them into waters so deep that its tide had overwhelmed them, taking with it the very meaning of their lives.”[7]

    I recommend to ALL LEFTISTS: Communist/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats to read his books: the memoir “Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey” and “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America” (it’s about anti-American and anti-Conservatives academics in American colleges, which also are sympathetic to terrorists and non-democratic governments).
    And also do not forget to read the Nikita Khrushchev’s SECRET SPEECH, 1956.
    Maybe these FACTS will stimulate the bends of your brain function.

    Do not DECEIVE yourself.


    America is having a collective hemmorage at present and it does need to be attended to. The over all effect of deemerism, RINOism, liberalism and trusting a bunch of congressional skunks to do the right thing is detrimental, black caucus reparation ethnicity, ballot box stuffing, criminal banking, cronynism, outsiders like Evil Rich Soros, Fraud as the POTUS, massive taxation, regulation strangulation, lack of law and order but mostly just a horrible lack of forethought and a entitlement attitude by a large part of the population, a lack of reality as to where money comes from and how it is earned and a disregard for integrity, freemarket and capitalism, ect, ect………any questions?

  • Liam

    How do we legislate the lawmakers? I agree with many of the points made in this article. People like John Boehner , Mitch Mc Connel and other “conservatives” are the worst offenders. They pander to big money interests ., line their own pockets and enjoy the benefits of a taxpayer funded health care plan that is identical to the plan they oppose so vehemetly. At least the Democrats are consistent and more egalitarian. The worst greed and excess is exemplified by Mitt Romney! Off shore bank accounts, refusal to disclose tax records, takeovers of American companies and their susequent dissolution, shipping jobs over seas. NO REAL CONSERVATIVE will vote for this greed powered agenda or candadate. Even Obama is a better choice!

  • Mike

    I’d like to know just HOW IN THE HELL we are ever going to enact term limits.

    Nice article but it offered no solution. The people in office are NOT going to pass legislation that will limit their ability to control and gather wealth. That would be akin to trying to take a rump roast away from a hungry wolf. Anybody up for that?

    It would take a mass die off of congress to open new seats and then guess what? A whole new army of “lawyers” would be jumping up and down for their chance to feed at the trough.

    Our only hope would be to at least consider the GOOOH group. I hesitate to call it a ‘party’ as the current ones do not elicit my respect.

    That stands for:

    Their concept is simple. Spending bills must start in the House of Representatives. Gain control of the house and you can gain control of the runaway spending. Get people like Sally the waitress, Joe the baker, Fred the shoe salesman, Jane the seamstress, George the car mechanic, and maybe even the guy who delivers your newspaper to run on their ticket. Those people actually have to work for a living and manage their money so they know even a country cannot continue to borrow its way out of debt.

    The system as it is now, has made it hard to run against the two established parties. So it will take work, dedication, and resourcefulness to field their candidates.

    Take a minute and consider the questionnaire candidates are required to fill out and the terms they have to agree to before GOOOH will consider them. Strict stuff. A contract with GOOOH to ALWAYS vote as promised on the questionnaire and to resign as soon as notified by GOOOH if that promise is broken. It is a legally binding contract so the candidate cannot get out of it. Plus the wayward candidate must then make a healthy donation to GOOOH as a penalty for breaking the contract.

    We the people need to have a contract like that for ALL the politicians. That would bring all the corruption and deceit to a screeching halt.

    I’m so sick of the mess, sometimes I wish a flaming meteorite would land on congress and incinerate the whole mess. Sure it would be devastating but at least we could make a fresh start. Short of that, it seems the GOOOH option is our best hope.

  • voteright2012

    People keep talking about the Democrat & Republican parties. To me they are two sides of the same counterfeit coin that has destroyed the Free Market and the Liberty that goes with it. Many people commenting on this column are falling into the trap of the party politics and not understanding the real issue. It isn’t necessary to measure what caused more harm Obama’s Fascism or Bush’s Republican Socialism.

    George Washington in his farewell address on September 19, 1796 stated the following:

    “The Danger of Factions. Washington also warned of “the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party”—one of the two most famous recommendations of the Farewell Address (along with a warning about permanent alliances). By party, Washington meant factious groups
    that sought their own good, to the detriment of the common good and the rights of others. The proliferation of faction or party in this sense was a dominant question of his presidency. He spoke of designing men, who would divide sections of the country as a means to their own political power. The factions of the 1790s foreshadowed those of the Civil War.”

    People should read the whole farewell address; available at the Heritage Foundation website. Washington’s Farewell Address and Eisenhower’s Farewell Address are, in my humble opinion two very insightful speeches given by two Great Patriots.

  • gunner689AI

    Too many people riding in the wagon and not enough pulling it.

  • Tim Orner

    After reading virtually all of the posts, it is dicouraging to me how we as a people have COMPLETELY lost our way when it comes to the solution to our countries problems. When something is broken, it might be benificial for us to research who is responsible for its invention. Question: Who created human Government? And secondly, for what purpose was Government created? The solution to “ALL” of our countries problems is SOOOO simple it is almost scary. However, to impliment the solution would now be virtually impossible to do.
    So, who is the creator of Government? The CREATOR. GOD himself implimented Government to the nation of Israel. Our forfathers new this. And what is its purpose? Government was designed to only guarentee two things. Our forfathers new this too. First, the Federal Governments only responsibility is to keep us free. The only tax dollars that should go to Washington should go to all the agencies and the Pentegon that are resposible to upholding our freedom. At NO time should Washington DC collect any taxes that are for the purpose of “helping” its people. Now, if it is possible to remove all emotion and predudice, answer this question. What is the ONLY thing our Federal Government does well? WAR!!!! Is there any nation that can even have a hope of ever defeating this nation at war? It is never wise to question GOD. He does know us better than we know ourselves. The second purpose of Government is to keep us safe. This means that our local and state taxes should be collected only for our police, firefighters, maintanence of our roads, etc. At NO time should the states collect ANY taxes for the purpose of “helping” its citizens.
    So where does the responsibilty of all social issues reside? The family and the Church. You see GOD does know us better than we ourselves. He knows that man can not resist the love of money, and when we give all this money that we give for all of the social programs Government funds, man would not be able to resist stealing it.
    Please consider these questions? Who knows when you sick? Does the president, does your congressman, does your local policeman know? NO!!! Does your family know, and if you attend church, will some there know? You may or may not believe in the power of prayer, but I can attest to the FACT that prayer works!!! GOD does care about each one he has created and he can and does heal. Do you know how much of the monies we all have stolen from us by the Government actually goes toward the programs they opperate?. Generally, about 11 to 13 cents. NOW thats efficient. Please think about this also? Is it not true that all issues that we all go thru in this life, are better taken care of when they are kept as personal and as local as possible? Consider this also. If you had at least 90% of your income, would you be more willing to support your local church or charity, for the good of yourselves and immediate neighbors? Goverment is to never take more than 10% of our income in taxes, period.
    I could go on and on with this book, but what is the simple solution to all of our problems with our government? Do we need to cut spending? No!! We need to “ELIMINATE” yes eliminate ALL social programs, and ALL of the agencies that are funded that have nothing to do with our freedom. However, because almost 50% of our citizens rely on Government handouts, we would have anarchy in the streets if we did. But suppose we did get rid of socialism. We would see a DRAMATIC decrease in all pricing. If we could experience what TRUE free enterprise is, we would not need any “regulations” or any additional laws beyond the ten comandments. Free enterprise governs its self. Pricing would stableize virtually overnight. and the greedy would be controlled by the LAW. Stealing is wrong. If we would simply enforce the law every time it is violated, there would be fewer law breakers. When a society lives in total FREEDOM, the advancements in technology would be tremendous. Unemployment would be scarce, and we would certainly live in a more peaceful society .
    Many of you have tried to offer solutions to the problems with our elected officials. This is a simple solution also. ALL elected officials should be payed “NOTHING” We wouldn’t need term limits would we? Originally, this was true. Those who SERVED, served. True service never requires payment. The only Government employee that should be payed and taken care of for their lives, is those serving in the military. They and their families should never have to worry about their financial furture. Many of them sacrifice the ultimiate sacrifice, their lives. They and only they deserve a “Government handout”.
    How about healthcare? I don’t know who created insurance, but on its face it is a good idea. The many paying for the few. Where did insurance go wrong? When they became so powerful that they began to dictate what doctors could make. The relationship between doctor and patient became severed. Again, once you lose that “personal” care, you will lose the quality of care and the pricing will skyrocket, and all of the problems we are experiencing today is exactly what you will have. Again, a TRUE free enterprise “health care” system will stablelise pricing, inventions would flouish, and affordability would be experienced by everyone.
    It is ashame that we have gotton so far off course with what our Constitution stands for and we have accepted within the educational system its demise, that most people are ignorant of really how simple this life was intended to be lived. GOD desires that we live a quiet and peacable life, but it can only be relised if we would just listen to him.

    • The Christian American

      Tim Orner James Madison said… “This Constitution is strictly for the governance of a religious and moral people. It is unfit for the governance of any other”. Enough said?

    • Don_in_DC

      Tim you have some decent info here except for the religion part. Some points you bring up are right so I won’t fault you too bad for the constant religious part of it. You talk about the inefficiency of the government, well what about the church? How much money that you put in the offering plate actually makes it to God? 0. I’m sure you will argue that it is used to do God’s will but that is no different than the federal government taking money to implement it’s ideas of what is good.

      So the real solution isn’t God but it is still simple…that simple solution is freedom. If men are free then most will find a way to prosper. Human nature means that many will build that success off of taking advantage of others. This is why we need government to handle the problems when one human takes advantage of another. Government will never do it accurately or efficiently but that is its purpose and it is a good purpose. So really the only things government should do is provide a police force to enforce the laws, a legal system to maintain those laws and a military to protect the citizens so the laws can be upheld. If you like the laws then you should be free to immigrate and if you don’t you should be free to leave. When you look at the fundamentals of this nation it was built on those principles and they are good principles. It got lost along the way by trying to do too much and make that system too complex to justify more people doing it.

      It is bloated, inefficient and overrun with too much regulation in the name to justify itself. It could all be fixed right now with a quick return to those three ideas stated before but the only candidates that ever suggest such a radical idea are immediately labeled as crazy. In the end it will fix itself and also will be guilty of the same abuses. It will fix itself when the citizens stop letting it control things and it will be guilty of the same abuses when it exists…this is after all government. It is a very evil monster with noble goals implemented by the citizens that won’t take responsibility for it. We constantly want to blame the politicians but it isn’t their fault because the citizens elected them. The real root of the problem is the citizens and that they aren’t picking the right people and they don’t care enough about the results to demand real change.

      Take a group of 10 people and ask them to name a leader. When they do then figure out how many picked that leader because they didn’t want the job themselves. How many of them picked it because they were conforming to the group mentality on who was best. All of our complaints derive from the very simple idea that we weren’t overly concerned with whom we elected and we weren’t willing to do the job ourselves. How many people exert effort in our political system? Do they find a candidate and work hard to get them elected? Do they get involved in the process or do they just wait for someone to tell them who is best? The problem is the apathetic citizen who would rather do other things which ironically is exactly why they want government to begin with…so they don’t have to do it. So they wait until the TV shows them some people and wait until the race is reduced down to the favorites. Some will vote based on the party, some will complain they don’t want to vote because their favorite didn’t make it, some will vote just to vote against someone and in the end less than half of them will even vote. That is reality.

      • Tim Orner

        Don, The amount of money one puts in the offering plate should reflect his love for GOD, and the fact that his Word instructs those placed in charge of it, how it is to be used. But as with everything in life, man is imperfect do to his sin, and the love for money that man has, creates the dishonesty in how it is to be used. To suggest that Government is doing the same thing thru collecting taxes to impliment what it thinks is right is only applicable if only born again Christians were allowd to be elected. Since those who are elected are of many relgious persuasions, Government can not be compared to GOD’s instruction of the use of money. It is absolutely correct, as I stated in my post, that it is the job of Government to protect us by enforcing the law equally. This is why our forfathers, created a “republic” not a democracy. When law is applyed every time it is violated, then there will be much less breakers of those laws. Today, we make laws that makes other prior laws obsolete or unenforcable. I always find it interesting that GOD only gave man 10 laws, and if we just enforced those laws, we would live in a much better society.
        I can not agree that our politicians can not be held accountable for their decisions, because we elected them into office. We elected them because we felt that their belief system aligns with ours, and they are expected to make decisions based on what is right for all peoples irregardless of his religeous beliefs. Its known as the difference between right from wrong, which is why GOD gave us a conscience. Conscience verifies when we do what is right and convicts when we are wrong. I do agree that many of our citizens do not make the effort to know the canidates properly in order to make an intelligent descision. But that can not and does not excuse the politicians from abiding by what they know to be right and make every effort to implimate what is right. The problem is, as I stated in my original post, is that Government has “NO” authority what so ever to make its citizens pay for the social ills of its society. The family and the church are the accountable parties that should be taking care of all the social ills of society. We all need to keep the KISS principle in mind, as the closer to home we keep things in this life, the better we will all be, and corruption we be much less.

  • RichE

    Except for your Mr. Livingston, I don’t see anyone of significance sweating bullets. If these governments do collapse the bond holders will get hit first then companies that depend on government spending, and all the preppers will go underground with faint sounds of chanting, “I told you so, I told you so” curling out of their air vents. Meanwhile, the rest of us, commerce will go through the FOREX and CBOE. The FOREX and CBOE will handle all trade exchanges i.e. U.S. sells a car to Japan for 1,000 flat screen credits. Floor traders will be put to work making markets. The company you work for will pay you in work credits which are backed up by the goods the company produces. Nobody is going to turn the lights out just because a government fails.

  • RichE

    Why do people need a bible?

    • Jay

      Why do you ask?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Why do babys need appasifiers?

      • Deerinwater

        Comfort and security

        • Tim Orner

          What thing you get with every product you purchase. An owners manual. The Bible is the owners manual for human beings.

          • Renée

            Amen Tim and the only people that don’t agree with it are the ones that don’t know what it says.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Deer in H2: Real shame, Security & Comfort, from Sucking… ( They are to Sut – up the Crying the little one!)
        Tim Orner & Ren’ee: OWNERS MANUAL? When read correctly… Ya find, you got a bunch of (Worthless junk)!

        • Renée

          BERT, Even if you don’t believe now, one day you will and it might be too late to make the right choice. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgement. You WILL stand before the Lord one day I can promise you that, we all will. After your gone Bert, there is only one way to go and that’s not the place you wanna be. Stop for one minute before bashing all those that do believe in God and ask yourself, what is it, “REALLY” that you are calling worthless? God will not force anyone, He wants people to come to Him of their own free will. I choose to believe, I hope you change your mind before it’s too late because even if you don’t believe it, He loves you, right where you are and HE hopes, more than any of us, that you will one day choose Him. There are only two roads that you can take, the one that leads you toward God through Jesus and the one that leads you away from God through the enemy of Jesus. God does not need us to defend Him, He has proven His existence OVER and OVER. My brother, a scientist, was where you are right now at one time, He wanted to prove there was no God so he read the bible to get his ammo against God, guess what, he is now a believer, the word of God is truth and Hebrew 4:12 says… “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Please understand, I’m not putting you down for your lack of beliefs, I just ask that you give us, those who do believe the same respect. All the best to you Bert as you figure out which road you’re on.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Renée: What you call; “God”. Could “Not be My” My God! { God is much more than any imaginable fom! } He /She/ it /that /them ect. are the buildings of the builder! I Have No evidance of AFTER DEATH, I Haven’t Died Yet… I have PEACE of MIND NOW! That is what maters to me! Yes I have Beliefs, Beliefs, are only Thoughts! Wild Thoughts arn’t all- ways RIGHT! Bizarre thoughts, isn’t evidance of Gods Desires! May be Wornings!
        If all you had was big HOT Desert to live in & a bunch of Dumb people around to preach to, you could fit right in to the Bible! You would Learn More From The Encyclopedia!

        • Renée

          I’m sorry Bert that you didn’t take what I said with more than a grain of salt. You seem like a very angry person. My heart breaks for people that have no hope, nothing to look forward to. Our world around is heading south but there is hope and that is what God gives us. I don’t have to see Him to know He’s real. Look around you. I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe we evolved from apes. I believe that everything was created, there is no way that the beauty of nature was an accident, or that the intricacies of the human body to heal itself, to feel, touch and see…it all comes from an intellegent designer. I don’t say these things to you in anger or pointing a finger, I just want you to see that there is so much more to life than what you see with your physical eyes or what a man like Darwin might have written. Faith…it all comes down to that. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Again Bert, I hope the best for you in your life. Really!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Ren’ee: Faith with-out effort, is Dependance on others…”Sure I angry…” The Corruption going on in my Life time, is more than Discourging!” Criminality of Preachers & Politicans Hurt me… all I can do, Help to correct things, where I can! And dont get tangled up in the mess! that is like a Quick Sand… ( Attraction & Repulsion, was made by God!.) & ( Right And Wrong was made by God!) How can God be with out SIN, When God made SIN!

        • Renée

          Dear Bert, try and look at things like this…All things that you think are evil in this world is mearly the absence of God. God did not create evil or sin, man, as he turned away from God did evil things. SO as you feel cold it’s mearly the absence of heat and you experience darkness it is mearly the absence of light and if you sin, it’s mearly the absence of God.
          We are all sinners but we can strive to NOT be and we can strive to be as Christ, the example of being without sin. We will never be able to do it but it can be a goal. Yes, all the things you mention are terrible and each of those things is caused by those who are absent from God. I hope you have an amazing evening Bert. Take care.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Ren’ee: If the gipsy Nazerine named, The Christ, was with out sin, Why was he Crecified? On one side, was a Thief & the other side was a Thug… People didn’t Crucify people for No reason… He aspired to be the King of the Jews… Fofilling a Prophecy, that even the son of god must suffer Sacrifice! Didn’t need a Cross for that! { Giving His Catch of fish to the poor, was o.k. — Giving his loaf of Bread to the poor, was o.k. But going along with the rip – off of raising the Dead… Not physicaly possable. A Sure reason for his Crucification, was His claim to be God or The Son of God!

        • Renée

          Dear Bert, From the time that the created angel, Lucifer, decided he was more powerful than God he did everything he could to turn the heads of man. When Jesus was born, who do you think put it into the head of the king to have all the baby boys killed? Why do you think? He knew that the Christ was going to come from the lineage of David. Jesus came to earth as a man so he could experience life and set an example, which He did. There is a verse in the bible that says, In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD became flesh and dwelt among men. The Word IS Jesus. Just in case you didn’t know it, his assension into heaven was witnessed by over 500 people. Not a small crowd if you ask me. He was crucified, willingly, even though He knew it was the most cruel and inhuman form of punishment, next to two theives because that was usually who they put up there. He was accused of being the Son of God…and He died for that but it was truth, fact and if it were not true, why after over 2000 years is He still worshiped? God spared Him hours and hours of torture and allowed Him to die quickly and exactly the way that it was prophesied. He fullfilled 100% of all the prophecies mentioned in the Old Testiment. He had to die as the very last and perfect sacrifice. Everything written about Jesus, even though you might not agree, is true and almost every other religion and even history books talk about Him. My hope is that one day you will see Jesus as He really is and not how lucifer wants you to see Him. So many people are blind to the truth but you are asking and commenting and I appreciate that. So thank you as you continue on your journey for the truth. All the best to you Bert.

        • Tim Orner

          Mr. Cundle, Jesus Christ who is the Creator of all things including you, died on the cross of calvary to pay “YOUR” debt for the sin “YOU” commit. Because sin separates “YOU” from having a relationship with the one who created you, GOD sent his SON to this earth to take on being fully GOD and fully man, so that “YOU” upon acceptance of the free gift of salvation, which his death, buriel, and resurection provides to “YOU” , can be realized by that acceptance. Because GOD must punish “YOURS” and my sin, the only solution to mans sin problem, is having the only one who can not sin, become sin on “YOURS” and my behalf, by baring it on the tree of calvary. Mr. Cundle, I have extremely good news for you. You do not need to spend an eternity apart from GOD in Hell!!! For GOD so loved “YOU” that he sent his only begotton Son, that if “YOU” believe in Him, “YOU” will not perish, but have eternal life. Admit your sin condition, confess it to Jesus Christ, and he will enter your body and give you eternal life. It’s quite an experience, and IS the most important decision you will make in your life. Don’t perish in Hell Mr. Cundle, Receive Christ NOW.

          • Deerinwater

            Hear it preached and read this “right of passage” ( plans for salvation) many, many times. ~ and every time, it still sounds so dark ages Paganish.

            I would think, judging as you would have yourself be judged by other’s might curtail much of this “perception of sin” as life is but a looking glass that reflects back ones own image.

            Until which time you might “rid yourself” of “all sin”, you will always find sin in others.

            So regard of what I do or fail to do, you will see yourself in me. So whom be among you that is pure enough to pass such judgement?

            Martyrdom, the living sacrifice is a poor way to communicate a message, finding life so sweet and “some people” hopeless lost being their problem and not mine.

            One’s own perception of self should not be baggage for other people to carry. Hmm? I sound more like Ayn Rand then Deerinwater this morning.

            Your self image was crafted and created from the nest that you fell out of, it belongs to you and not I. I have one of my own.

          • Tim Orner

            Deerinwater, You are absolutely correct. There is no way that any human being can meet GOD’s demands for righteousness. That is why GOD sent himself to live and die for “YOU” and everyone else. We DO NOT have the capacity to live a sinless life. IN fact this one truth is why true Biblical Christianity is the only correct religion, because “ALL” other religions, the ones you believe in unfortunately, preach in what you can do, (good works), to obtain GOD’s favor, and as long as you are “trying” to do good, GOD will “hopefully” find favor on your behalf, and let you into heaven. Because man does not have the capacity to be “sinless” which is the “ONLY” way into heaven, GOD himself took “your” sin and mine, on the cross, and offers “you” a “FREE” gift of salvation. Just admit that you are a sinner, ask for forgiveness from that sin, and put your faith in the One that provides you with this gift, and you will be “saved” from the penalty of sin, which is death and eternal separation from GOD. The wages of sin is death, but the “GIFT” of GOD is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Ren’ee: So God made Lucifer… (The Bad Spirit) in old Runanca Book… Lucifer was a Carrer of messages from Castle To Castle ( or the Forest) Like Michael, etc. { They were PIGIONS… The High Flier, Tumbler ( Fallen Angel). etc. } When GOD Realy Made RIGHT & WRONG, we were to choose what is Right & What is Wrong? And Punnish each other for Wrongs & Award each other for Rights? ( What about: What is Right for Some, Maybe Wrong for others.) Or is War to Victory, the decider of who was Right, or who was Wrong?
        THE LOVING GOD!!!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Tim Orner : BELIEVE ME: My God isn’t Dumb Enough to Die Or send an off spring, for My Sins! ( Past Presant or Future!) My Sins are to be forgiving by the ones I Sined against! ( Surely NOT GOD!)

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        NOW I’M Wateing to read from You Bible Preaching CHRISTIANS: That ” I ” am a sinner Unless I Except your Bible & Christ as My Savior… You will wate for eternity & MORE!!!

        • Tim Orner

          I will pray for you Mr. Cundle, that GOD will bring about circumstances in your life where you will be confronted with the truth. Indeed if you waite for eternity to find out the truth of GOD’s word, it will be too late. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life. It would be ashame for you to refuse the free gift and spend an eternity in Hell.

          • Deerinwater

            There is a right and wrong way to scoff Tim. ~ Play nice. Mean spoken words has a way of coming back to you in the strangest of ways.

      • Deerinwater

        Excuse me Tim, ~ I was addressing Bert

      • Bert Cundle Sr.


        • Tim Orner

          Well Mr. Cundle, you will need to pray if you want eternal life. Not my suggestion, but GOD’s demand. So, I’ll keep praying.

          • Deerinwater

            Is that the “carrot” eternal life? So what’s this eternal life package include?

          • Tim Orner

            Deerinwater, The package includes an all expenses paid trip to heaven, where there is no more hatred, death, disease, or war. You will spend an eternity with GOD and all of the amenities HE provides. Peace, love, security, no more sickness, no more sin. I invite you to hop on board, and to be able to KNOW how to get your ticket, get a copy of the King James version of the Bible, and read the gospel of John. It will explain everything you need to know about getting your boarding pass into heaven. It’s so simple, it’s almost scary.

          • Deerinwater

            LOL! WoW! sounds great! How should I pack? Light or heavy? ☻

          • Tim Orner

            Pack any way you like, because none of it is going with you. GOD is the provider of all things, he will provide all of you need as he has already.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.


        • Tim Orner

          I am truly thankful for the spiked cool aid. At least I know its the truth. GOD says in Romans 1-20: For since the creation of the world, GOD’s invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that he made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they, (you) are without excuse. Nature reveals that not only does GOD exist, but reveals a power shown by his creation that man can not ignore that creation demands a Creator. Man doesn’t actually need the Bible to know GOD, his creation is all that is needed in order to know Him.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Tim: God hasent revealed “ALL” of Creations Yet… When you think you know it all, in it, you should find more to learn.

        • Tim Orner

          There is nothing to suggest that creation is anything other than what one sees with his own eyes. We can explore the cosmose all we want and no other life will be found. All you have to do is read Genesis 1 and that’s all you need to know as to how all this started. The cosmose was created by GOD in order for us to tell when the seasons begin and end, and it displays his incredible attributes and handywork. Again, man is without excuse to know GOD. There is NO way any of this could exist without a Creator. I just praise GOD that he chose to let us know how it all got here.-

  • The Christian American

    Today, the lions share of the politicians fit everything is described. When they get elected, in their minds, they don the robes of some type of diety and expect the people to grovel at their feet as they spread the dainties they steal like people feeding dogs. Unfortunately the people bite and allow them to feed them with their own money. Unless the people learn to..”Just say NO” and do everything they can do for themselves instead of partaking in the loot stolen from their neighbor, the destiny of America is chiseled in stone. Do I sound disgusted? Well I am. What’s happening in America is of the people’s own creation. At different points in time the people repented to God and turned their messes around. The good news is we can do the same today.

  • Lois

    We need God’s guidance….

    2Chronicles 7:14

    If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land..

    The U.S. citizens have been politically corrected, whipped with mandates against them. It is time to stop the political correctness.

  • Carl Manning

    Personally, I believe America is the “daughter of Babylon” spoken of in the Book of Revelation who rides the Beast. She and her empire must be utterly destroyed before the Anti-Christ can come on the scene. It will become absolutely horrifying here. There will be suicides at epidemic levels well beyond the number of suicides during the Great Depression. Many Americans, for whom God has never been their anchor, will not be able to handle the devastation and God’s Judgments on the land. Malls will become completely empty. I try to tell my reluctant wife that what she sees right now is just a mirage. There will be pestilence, disease, famine, starvation, massive earthquakes, immense flooding, and even invasion. Whatever government emerges from the ashes of America’s imminent downfall will come under the Anti-Christ’s allegiance. I personally believe the only good government America will ever experience again will be in the Millenium under the reign of Jesus Christ. God’s hand is no longer on America. “God Bless America” is now just a trite, meaningless, political phrase used by godless, heathen, murderous Presidents and a meaningless title of a meaningless song. Judgment on America will come first to the churches who allowed this evil to overtake our government by sealing their lips in their pulpits and refusingto open their eyes to the truth behind all of the innumerable lies of this government. When the Russians nuke us to oblivion and invade our land, the District of Criminals will become Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m sure they will time this ICBM barrage for when Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court are in full session.

    It’s too late for political solutions. The powers that be did one fine job of eliminating the free press and ballot access for Third parties – both required necessities of totalitarian regimes. The powers that be did one excellent job of eliminating prosecution of the President by putting the Department of Justice under the Presidency, another indispensible necessity of a totalitarian State. The powers that be also created the indispensible Secret Police who operate above and beyond the law and Congress known as the CIA to enforce political correctness and execute or imprison American political dissidents. They have already prepared FEMA camps for even more American political dissidents in the imminent future. They have bribed and/or blackmailed virtually everyone of any political, judicial, or military significance in our government. They have taken control of our schools illegally and indoctrinated our students to accept the totalitarian State and propaganda. They have effectively silenced the churches without even a protest. They have established “free trade” to destroy our economy. All of these measures are straight out of the Communist Manifesto. You have to give credit where credit is due: they did one excellent job of fooling us for far too long. It is now too late to effectively do anything about it.

    • nc

      Carl Manning, what a dreadful out look on life! I went fishing the other day on a beautiful lake on a beautiful day. Caught a few fish! Didn’t even get ny license checked much less get jerked out of my boat by those dreaded FEDERAL TROOPS OUT TO TAKE ME PRISONER AND TO A “FEMA” CAMP” Have you ever really seen any of those peole that you have been PROMISED are out there to “get” you? Really? What did they say to you??

      Look out my window each morning fully expecting to see the destruction of my country by those “socialist” that I have been voting for since 1960! How dam*ed long does it take for republican PROMISE to come true????They have been saying that “electing a Democrat will ruin our country ” since 1932! See “bulls, bears, donkeys and elephants for just how big a lie that has been!!

      Please cheer up! Maybe that doom and gloom that “true conservatives” promise from 1913 conspiracies AND more recent conspiracies (never proved, just promised) may be a miss callS! History is full of them!! How many “THE EARTH WILL COME TO AN END SHORTLY” WARNINGS HAVE YOU LIVED THROUGH?? HOW MANY BEFORE WE WERE BORN???””

  • Carl Manning

    Term limits can only come about with an Amendment to the Constitution by the State legislatures. State legislatures, many of which have petitioned Congress for an Article V Convention to propose term limits on Congress, have already met on several occasions the 2/3rds requirement under Article V for a mandatory Article V Constitutional Convention, but Congress has not been even keeping a running tally on the number of State legislatures who have petitioned them. In fact, not once since the founding of the US Constitution in 1787 has there ever been an Article V Convention of the States to propose Amendments to the US Constitution even when the 2/3rds requirment has been met on several occasions in our nation’s history…

    State legislatures have also proposed a Balanced Budget Amendment and an Anti-Abortion Amendment, but the US Congress is too arrogant to ever allow the States to exercise their Constitutionally-mandated powers to bypass the US Congress, the US judiciary, and the US Executive Branch with an Article V Convention. This, too, is another reason why, short of Secession, we must let this current apostate crime syndicate in the District of Criminals self-destruct.

  • Jay

    It is hard to believe we will soon be suffering, once again, through the indignity of another presidential election. We should be used to this swindle by now, as the same thing happens every four years. It is the old “right is good, left is bad” version of the classic good cop/bad cop scam.

    And the American breed of lapdog known as “the conservative” falls for it every time.

    These are the steps used to create the illusion that we have real elections between two real political parties:

    In the months leading up to November, Republicans start to rail against the Democrats for being a pack of wild, big-spending socialists who are driving us into bankruptcy. While that is certainly true, the Republicans say this while they are the one’s who have perfected the art of blowing money in massive chunks.

    During the 12 years they controlled Congress, the Republicans cranked up annual spending on the welfare/warfare state by nearly $1.5 trillion – almost all of it unconstitutional – and burned through five trillion dollars in new debt! (that they will admit to)

    Both “sides” promise to fix the schools, save Social Security, and win the war on terror.

    They promise this while the schools continue to brainwash our kids with paganism, while the Social Security “Trust Fund” is a total fraud that is trillions in debt, and while we are at a higher risk of terror attacks now than we were before their phony war on terror started.

    Republicans talk of liberty and the spread of democracy throughout the world. They say this while nearly half a million American troops are left languishing in 720 foreign bases, spread out in over 130 of the world’s 193 countries, and while our President squanders trillions in a failed attempt to build his empire – WITH FULL DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT!

    Republicans talk of freedom, while we ruthlessly crush any opposition to our “liberation” of Iraq – resulting in the death of over 100,000 Iraqis. A normal society would call this a war crime! (Memo to world: You will know your freedom is getting close when you hear the sound of our cluster bombs exploding in your neighborhood!)

    They pull the homosexual boogeyman out of the closet and tell us we need to elect Republicans or else the homosexuals will take over the country. What a crock.

    You won’t find me jumping up and down to promote their lifestyle anytime soon, but we should probably remove the beam from our own eyes before trying to pluck the speck from anyone else’s. This issue has become a lucrative fund raising bonanza for both “sides.” Unfortunately, “conservatives” may actually be dumb enough to fall for this old trick again.

    Then, just weeks before the election, the propaganda machine is shifted into high gear in order to persuade some of the most gullible people on the planet – pro-life evangelicals – that the way to end the abortion holocaust is through blind loyalty to the Republican Party.

    While the “two” parties divert our attention by arguing over phony abortion bans, the legalized child-killing industry continues to grind out another 4,000 dead babies every single day.

    After the euphoria of the election battle fades away, the masses go back to sleep. And for the next two years, they wander around in a comatose state – unable to fathom that the two competing crime families (R vs D) are feverishly at work, in full partnership, tearing apart the few remaining shreds of our freedom.

    Then, as we begin heading into the next election, which would be right about now, “conservatives” stumble out of their stupor just long enough to fall for the “moral values” sob story once again. And the cycle repeats itself.

    We re-elect the same reprobates and criminals who are responsible for the total meltdown of the foundations of this once great Republic – somehow believing that if we will give them just one more chance, they will finally get it right… Which is the very definition of insanity!

    As we survey the sorry looking cast of characters we will be allowed to vote for in November, things have degraded from voting for “the lesser of two evils” to, “which one makes me puke less?”

    No matter who they decide to coronate on January 20th, whether it be for Congress, the President or the local dog catcher, we can be confident the result will be the same whichever “side” wins – more welfare, more warfare, more debt, more dead babies, and less freedom. Heads they win, tails we lose!

    The left/right charade is an elaborate ruse, intended to keep Americans pinned down fighting in thousands of meaningless election skirmishes, naively hoping their candidate will be different than all the rest.

    What most have failed to recognize is that the very same gang of bloodthirsty globalists that controls the Democratic party, also controls the Republicans.

    While we were busy playing their one-party political game, our enemies have been playing a very different, far more deadly game – maneuvering the pieces around the board, surrounding us with:

    A crushing tax load – extorted form us at gunpoint – that is draining our very lifeblood,

    An increasingly worthless fiat currency called the Federal Reserve Note,

    The 170,000 words of gibberish known as the Patriot Act,

    High tech snooping methods that can track our every move,

    Government schools that churn out an annual crop of fearful, obedient servants,

    The effective federal/corporate merger with big: oil, defense, banking, medical, agri, etc,

    Our National Guard sent on forced, illegal deployments to the far corners of the earth,

    Local police that morphed into paramilitary forces to fight the “wars” on drugs and terror,

    Nearly 100,000 heavily armed, increasingly belligerent federal police to back them up,

    Twenty million, randomly enforced laws that few of us can even understand,

    A kangaroo court system where convictions are often a mere formality,

    Plenty of jail space to cage anyone caught up in their net…to name just a few of their moves.

    This game is just about over folks. They have corralled us into an impossibly tight corner – and can call it a checkmate any time they want. Our fight is no longer about defending our freedom, it is about winning it back!

    To make this an even more perfect form of betrayal, the wardens who rule this American gulag have the oblivious masses standing in line, begging them for permission to tie the knot of their noose! I often have to take a step back and marvel at it all, and just tip my hat and say… Man! Those guys are good!

  • uvuvuv

    the danger with a service economy is there is no value added. assembling various parts into a car adds value, but shampooing a rug does not. building a burger adds value to the ground beef but the customer can also do this himself. now in a service economy masseuse a give masseuse b a massage and pays her $50. then b goes across the street and a gives her a massage and pays the $50 back. net zero? no, because taxes will take 20%, of each transaction. the 2 are left with $40 each. with manufacturing the added value overcomes the tax hit, or at least it tries.

  • Dan M

    You can say what you will, but it seems to me the question was “How did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order?” I will harken back a ways to those days of yesteryear when there was integrity among men in this country. I’m only speaking of the 50′s when you could count on a friend. I went into the Air Force then and for the most part you could count on your commrad. There was of course always the exception. My children were born in the early 60′s and there was a book that was published about the same time by some Idiot named Benjamin Spock. He advocated primarily that you should let your children express themselves and be able to choose. My response was that I would express myself first then they could choose from the choices I gave them. I have never regreted that, because my grand children are also responsible adults. Granted a small percentage fall through the cracks regardless what you do.
    After I left the service I continued to be an amature observer of people. I noticed that there was more and more a plurality of self centered people. I tried teaching High School as a substitute I soon realized I was dealing with second and third generation “Spock” brats and it seemed that the people that I had spent the prime of life for could care less and for the most part were Narcissists and that was why society was collapsing around me. It is that serious!
    If you don’t believe me just read all the posts. Then don’t wonder what’s wrong. I don’t want to hear what you Piled Higher and Deepers think.

    • Robert Rashbrooke

      I am afraid that I am a born pessimist!

      Whilst the idea of putting politics back into the purview of the indidual States seems like a brilliant idea, just look at how many present day governors are busy manipulating the laws, electorate boundaries and registration requirements to prevent SOME (not necessarily illegal or non qualified) people from voting, who just happen not to agree with the presently installed powers that be!

      The political corruption is EVERYWHERE and you the people are going to find it very difficult indeed to change THEIR system to remove that corruption, despite the unanimous agreement we see here that says the system IS corrupt. Even when referenda have been utilised by the electorate to try to introduce some new idea that the majority (normally at State level) agree on, some vested interest somehow manages to overturn that agreement on often controversial Constitutional grounds.

      Here in Florida the State is introducing many new rules or regulations limiting what can and cannot be done by the people to legally change existing rules and regulations that a large portion of the people want to change by ballot and which the establishmnet do NOT want changed.

      When a Representative here is changed by a new election, does ALL the staff advising that position change also, hence cleaning the slate as far as experience goes in history of voting, procedures, contacts etc? Or are Representatives serviced by a permanent House Staff who remain in place despite electoral changes? If the latter is the case, why does it take four years for a new Representative to learn the ropes, one of the arguments against term limits?

      I am somewhat embarrassed by criticising and not being able to provide a viable alternative. but I am afraid that I have been apolitical all my life and only changed in the last 18 months, and am trying hard to catch up with all that I ought to know.

  • Carl Manning

    Approximately 80 TEA Party Congressmen were elected or re-elected in 2010. After 7 months in office for many of these freshmen, 68 of these Congressmen betrayed the TEA Party and the American People by voting for the Debt Debacle. Would term limits have prevented this??? NO, but if they had been part of an Independent Third Party, it is likely they would have stood firm with the American People and stuck it to the District of Criminals. It is also likely that Boehner would not be the Speaker of the House as the GOP would be forced to reckon with 80 Independents or Third Partiers who would be caucusing with themselves only. The TEA Parties squandered such a good opportunity for Conservatives to finally have a voice of sanity in the District of Criminals. Oh well: we can always dream of what might have been if the American People had any sense. Third Parties have been hated, mischaracterized, and vilified by the Left/Right Establishment Crime Syndicate in the District of Criminals and marginalized by the CIA/CFR-controlled unfree MSM press. That was the signal, the clarion call, all along to support Independent, Conservative, fiscally sane Third Party movements like Ross Perot, Ron Paul, and the TEA Party. During the election of 1860, there were four political parties in the race. Today, the Crime Syndicate has illegally made it almost impossible for Third and Fourth Parties to even get ballot access by having crime syndicate members only serve on the criminal organization known as the FEC. Nonetheless, this is the only way to stick it to the Crime Syndicate short of Secession. Many Conservatives falsely believe they can take the GOP from within because they haven’t gotten over their Ronald Reagan GOP fermented Kool-Aid hangover a la Rush Bimbo. Were the Whigs taken from within??? No, they had become so increasingly irrelevant, like the GOP of today, that many Whigs defected to the upstart fledgling GOP; in fact, Lincoln himself had been a member of the Whig Party before he became a member of the fledgling GOP. Will a Crime Syndicate just give up its criminal enterprise all of a sudden from within??? OF COURSE, NOT!!! Why have so many of you Conservatives fallen prey to Battered Wife Syndrome??? It’s because you are delusional. This is all you will ever get, and it’s all you have ever gotten in the GOP Crime Syndicate.

  • lsmith

    basically, your giving us the same gloom and doom with no solutions other than getting rid of the two party system ( which is not law) and limiting terms on both house of representatives and taking away there privileges. I agree they need limits just as the president. I agree they need to be held accountable for their actions and privileges taken away. I agree pretty much on everything.
    The thing is what can we do NOW to stop it how do you change there term limits, where do you start, who do you go to get it started your congressmen or senator ain’t going to help ya so how does it get put on state ballots and possibly on the ballot in November??
    it seems no one has solutions just what the problems are suggestions on what they are, suggestions on saving coins and gold, suggestions on how to fix it but no one seems to know how to do or implement the suggestions other than a crash and then basically civil unrest and over throw the government isn’t it to late at that point we’ll all be on our own just trying to survive which some don’t realize what the difference will be surviving now verses surviving in the future. Very few people in this country will be able to handle the future crash.

  • http://yahoo Joseph

    You vant to know-read THE HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn and you will read where this nation is in the sight of GOD-not good.So be ready folks for the Judgement of GOD which I think has started with hot temps,floods,fire,earthquakes,water shortage,morality ,racism both ways,haters of good,lies,murder,homosexuality,holly(ness)wood,Bad politicians etc., Better have a good lawyer and Saviour namely Yashua/Jesus(John 3:16)I did 41 years ago.

  • upgain

    Let God be true and every man a liar. The constitution was founded by godly men with godly principles, if they could speak now, they would comdemn us for all the wickedness in high places today. Corruption, lying and wickedness and mostly “GREED” IS THE THEME OF OUR LEADERS and the hunger for “POWER”. We should be our brothers keeper, instead we tread on our brothers/sisters for personal gain. We ought to remember that we could loose all the greedy gain in one day for there is a higher power (God) who is in control. But think of these things – “WHAT WILL IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE SHOULD GAIN THE WORLD AND LOOSE HIS SOUL” I agree that we are in a time when the book of Revelation is being played out boldy and if can see it then praise God, if cannot see it, then we need to pray.

  • Ranchman

    My question is; how can we prevent the same dirtbags from reacquiring the power after the crash? I feel as if the TEA Parties need to unite, on a nationwide basis, under an umbrella of total cooperation and unity. We need to all work together to keep the same old domestic powers-that-be and the foreign, Communist vultures from “chewing on the American carcass” any longer. The ideas for political policy in this article are sound. Term limits, the same social security benefits as the people, a return to a sound gold and silver backed currency will all be necessary to return this country to its original path. We the People have GOT TO step up to the plate and be vigilant once again over our political system, refusing to allow anything unconstitutional to ever be legislated against the people again. Mr. Livingston is absolutely correct; something wicked this way comes and the vast majority of citizens are going to be facing the hardest times of their lives. When this system , the American system, crashes, it’s going to take a lot of people with it and will invite many of our enemies, from overseas and those which have been placed here waiting for the call to strike, to loot and pillage what’s left. This has been the message of preppers who have seen this thing coming for several years now. Prepare, prepare, prepare. You owe it to your family, your future generations. Prepare and get ready to do your utmost in preserving whatever we may be left with.

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  • Kay The Black Agate

    Mr. Livingston, you and I agree more often than disagree (surely we knew each other in the 60s?) but I do disagree with a couple of points in your otherwise excellent article. People have not lost their work ethic; we have lost our work. Some jobs are now done by computers; others are done in China, India, Mexico, or any country that pays extremely low wages. Bring the overseas jobs back to the USA and you will get people off of various government funded assistance programs and reduce government spending. Get rid of the programs though and you will have an increase in crime so great, and riots so devastating, that the blitzkieg of WWII will seem to be minor in comparison.

    Don’t bring back the jobs and The Great Depression will seem minor in comparison, as well.

    It’s not just politicians that are greedy psychopaths; a multitude of CEOs that have been charged with various crimes certainly fit that profile. Are there still more that haven’t done anything illegal …. or been caught yet? Why would a CEO fired for poor job performance still get the ‘golden parachute’ in the original contract? Yet many trashed and raided their corporations and got paid outrageously for doing so. That has got to stop, too.

    I saw the fall of our economy and way of life in the 70s through two inventions: the all purpose credit card and the shopping mall. Capitalism depends on consumerism, but when the majority of the population has little or no money, consumerism dries up, the economy collapses, and even the elitist rich 1% start to suffer.

    There are ways to fix the economy, but no one in power, (and I’m not just talking politicians now) are willing to do it. Jobs outsourced to another country generates no income tax payments in this country (nor payments to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid); so there has to be an equal payment to Federal, State, and County (where applicable) tax funds to compensate, and said payment should be higher than it would cost the corporation in monies paid due to keeping the jobs at home. It has been reported that many companies are no longer going to pay for their employee’s health care programs due to the Affordable Health Care Act, so that reason for outsourcing jobs no longer has any meaning. Outsourcing overseas saves a company’s budget the cost of health care and other benefits, the payment of head taxes, and earns tax incentives. Eliminate the tax incentives AND head taxes, give tax incentives to corporations that don’t outsource to other countries, and we’ll have started on the path to true economic recovery.

    I realize this post is trying to be as long as your article, but I felt my three points needed to be stated.

    Kay The Black Agate

  • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    Sir, I agree with your idea the our elected officials should be limited, however I would suggest that they be limited to say two-tems of three or four years each and no pension. Also limit the time they spend away from their respective districts or states, I would say maybe 120 days a year that way they would have to live with the laws that they shove down our throats (Oop, I mean pass). However, this could be changed in case of a of emergency say we were attacked as to this type of incident they would meet only long enough to what was need to defend ourselves from whom ever attack us; or if a national desaster happen and the people decided by a 2/3rd vote that they were needed and then only as long as the emergency lasted.

    Another thing that could be done is someone should go through all the laws that have been passed and check to see which ones were duplicate. Also, they could check to see which departments were doing the same type of work.

  • Tom

    Just for the record, there is a solution that will likely pull us all out of this mess, but it will take real and true patriots to pull it off with sound and lawful reason and meaningful decisive actions. What would have to happen is at least in part, the following:

    * First and foremost, I do not propose any rash or pointless or criminal acts of any kind. Everything should remain firm, decisive and well considered, but in no way drawn out to the point of self or national ruin.
    * True patriot should quit knee-jerk reactions and start looking around at what is actually going on. This will be difficult because of the many deliberate distractions, propaganda, orchestrated political and scandal shows, and the many “urgent issues” being used by people working the power plays to divide the citizens of this republic, promote class and political warfare and bleed us of money, patience, bleed us down on our limits for attention and turn us off regarding these issues due to the same old, same old effect. As in the Clinton Impeachment Hearings (I know there are many who are saying, “oh boy, here we go again,” but this is exactly the point, these hearings were not an accident and they were not what the nation perceived. They, like so many other things that have happened in the past, were a dress rehersal for what is going on now. Governments do very little without a reason and the test that was being conducted with the Clintons was to see how far the public could be manipulated, how much wrong a sitting president could get away with, how many and how severe the crimes a sitting president could commit and then hide under executive privilege, lies, deceptions, manipulation of justice and investigations through cronyism and presidential appointees in the Justice Department, how much (up to and even including murder) could be hidden behind a smoke screen like the supposed “bimbo alerts” and with the forced collusion of the government media (as the real and respected media was silenced and put out of business for not playing along) and how far the government and its Justice Department could go in ignoring major crimes, skewing the system, avoiding justice and permitting evidence to remain ignored or stashed while people of interest and actual criminals in the many cases under investigation were permitted to flee the nation without allowed pursuit and/or extradition, while the Clintons and their cohorts laughed at the ease with which they got off, laughed at the law and our U.S. Constitution and even laughed at the stupidity and gullibility of the U.S. Citizens who played right along.

    Just as in this previous situation, we have to see past all the BS, past the setups and orchestrated games like the pre-arranged selection of the so called GOP opponent for obama, and past the illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional practices of this regime and especially the illegal alien very petty tyrant islamo-fascist offender-in-chief and his likely (in my humble opinion) many treasonous dealings and those of many of his cronies to see what is really going on behind the scenes and the singular party activities devised.

    It is time we quit playing the socialist’s, fascists’, Marxists’ (actually communists’), UN’s and islamists’ games and those of their co-offenders, appointees, and other criminal groups involved and start acting in accord with our own rules. And what are these rules you might well ask? These are the very same policies and practices mentioned in the U.S. Constitution; the very same document that is most reviled and seen as the biggest hindrance by obama, his cronies and every other tyrant, dictator, government thug, islamist, communist, socialist and fascist that has ever lived, the very same document they all know must be subverted, undermined and ultimately eliminated if they are ever to truly destroy this republic and enslave the true patriotic citizens of this nation.

    * Finally, we must pull our collective heads out of the sand, put an end to the crazy and unfounded ideas that the governmnent owned and dictated means of lawful redress such as used in the obamacare and illegal alien laws of Arizona and elsewhere as put before the Supreme Court will help us or that the highly subverted, rigged and already manipulated (including by foreign vote counting manipulation that is put in place involving connections to obama) electoral system will save us. We have all already seen the heavily rigged elections of the recent past, the heavy and extensive costly measures taken to knowingly and unlawfully arrange, support the election, retention and to set up yet another likely unlawful and unconstitutional term in the White House of a foreign agent whose true identity we cannot possibly really know and the travesty of the rulings of the Supreme Court regarding several issues where it was widely known the rulings were totally wrong and willfully in support of unconstitutional findings on several issues, the latest of which included the state and local support of immigration laws on the books when the federal government charged with upholding these laws, including by oaths of office refuse to do so and the obamacare issues, just to name two of the most recent. We have also seen the courts prosecute thugs from the new black panther party for violation of U.S. Constitutional rights and law, found guilty and then let go by this regime’s Justice Department and the obama White House with the understanding that individuals of one race would get off for criminal behavior while others were prosecuted and locked up or worse. Separate and unequal justice under the law and totally encouraged by this regime and the obama White House. This is only a small sample of what we as the free citizens of this republic are relying upon to save us. Sound crazy? It is.
    * Finally, we, the actual law abiding citizens of this republic who obama, Holder and the other members of this regime have repeatedly declared as terrorist and who the thugs, criminals and the executive tyrant in office fear so much as to be going hog wild to arm themselves and their select muscle against us; to enact one executive fiat after another to prepare for martial law in times of emergency and in peace; who has created laws to spy on the citizens of this republic with armed drones in our skies, not only Echelon to monitor our phones, but also to listen in and record our every word through Stellar Wind, the new domestic spy facility near Salt Lake City, Utah and the use of Google, Yahoo and others to help spy on us, redirect people trying to find information about certain political crimes, travesties and obama’s many illegal acts to “items for re-education” while operating a reporting site to turn citizens in who do not follow the approved party line and who question what this regime does not want questioned while on the Internet. Then there are the issues regarding the many international efforts to tax us and give our money to other nations, seize and redistribute our resources under the UN’s Agenda 21 and the act to take control of our waterways and the UN Gun grab. There is so much more that I could mention here, but why beat a dead horse by flooding the comments section with these issues?
    * What would mean the most would be for the actual citizens of this republic to pull our collective heads out of the sand before we wake up and find our other ends have been royaly exercised, get up off our backsides, examine our lawful U.S. Constitutional prescribed options; the options our republic’s founding fathers put in place that still remain and have not been successfully blocked or corrupted and that the coopted and corrupted state government officials may threaten but would never do and take decisive lawful and meaningful action.

    – Fire Washington all the way down to the local government leadership with all their appointees, cronies, thugs, union leaders and foreign contacts.
    – Say no to every unlawful, unconstitutional and immoral act, law, treaty and any other measure enacted by this regime and/or by the illegal immoral and unconstitutional illegal alien islamo-fascist at the top.
    – Push for the removal of all the thugs in power from the top to the bottom of this regime, their arrest and prosecution for their continuing crimes against our nation, the U.S. Constitution and the actual citizens whose trust they have willfully abused and betrayed or the full ostracizing of Washington D.C. by the citizens of this republic as no longer being the representatives of the same through full secession of the republic (or that part of it that will do so) from Washington and the false leadership therein, but absolutely not from the republic, effectively separating the corrupt government physically and politically from those off which they would subjugate and feed, leaving them with the full combined and individual responsibility for the obama tyrannical edicts, oppressive and unconstitutional laws that we as a people did not approve of and do not want, the corrupt actions of this regime and its leadership and the class warfare they and their leader continue to orchestrate and fully and solely personally responsible for the trillions of dollars of national debt they and more especially their leadership have wrongfully run up and spent or given away to cronies and foreign nations like the muslim nations, China and Kenya. Reconciliation and reunification only possible when these false leaders, their cronies and handlers and their backers like Soros are gone, all of the acts, laws, policies, treaties and unlawful and unconstitutional measures such as the domestic surveillance and the center in Utah are fully and permanently gone and either way, the huge debt of this regime is payed back solely by those who knowingly and wrongfully created it.

    Not that I am suggesting that this be done, to do so might be considered by those in power as too much of an eye opener and could lead to my elimination. I am only writing that if it were up to me and if I were personally sure of the full legality and correctness of this path under the law of the supreme law of this land, the U.S. Constitution, this is something like I would personally be promoting. Fortunately for Washington and all those backing obama from before his immaculation and rise to the throne to the present, there are far too many who will look at what i have written, shrug it off instead of passing it on and then promptly forgetting about it and returning to the massive fantasy of the further exploitation of the people by the current regime and the ill-begotten false and highly criminal leaders at the top. Only if there were truly very many patriotic U.S. Citizens like those who stood up to found this republic left, then, the criminals plundering, betraying and willingly selling out this nation would truly have something to worry about.

    As for me, even though I have the spirit, the love for my republic, the U.S. Constitution, my fellow citizens (one and all of every race, creed and color) and the patriotic will combined with the oaths I gave twice in two different branches of the U.S. military, my wife and I are full beneficiaries of the failed successes of obama’s jobs, economy and stimulur tricks. We are pretty much destitute and I am of such poor health that I do not have the ability to do more than help stand and leave it to more capable people to actually act. Only know that when the final test of wills between the criminals in office and the citizens of this republic comes, and come it surely will, I as a largely long unrecognized disabled veteran will be standing with the actual patriotic citizens of this republic in spirit, if not in body, so long as I have any strength remaining in my limbs and breath in my body and love in my heart for my Republic, liberty and freedom, our flag and my God above and my family.

    • Renée

      Wow, Tom that was amazing. Too bad so many refuse to hear those powerful words. By the way, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your service to this country. May God bless you as you take that stand. I hope and pray that anyone out there, especially those that have in fact opened their heart to the Lord, will get on their knees and pray for freedom and liberty again. PEOPLE, prayer is a very powerful weapon. For those like Tom who can’t get out there and physically fight, for those that can, for those who don’t know what else to do..PRAY. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chron 7:14

  • anthony

    The time of career politicians needs to end now. A two year stint and go get a real productive life.

    • Jeff

      The problem with simplistic solutions is that they are simplistic. Do you want a Congress made up entirely of people wo don’t know what they’e doing? I know, it would beat the current Congress, but a bunch of neophyte legislators would be even more beholden to and reliant upon corporate lobbyists than they are now. The real problem is not professional legislators but professional legislators who want to go to work for their favorite special interest.

      • dan

        too true….how about we weed out the lobby-critters and so called
        giants of jurisprudence (lawyers) and the staff people who actually write legislation
        because the blowhard politicians are too busy running for re-election or living large
        on all of those perks that they don’t even READ the legislation.

      • Tom

        This is precisely why any legislators found to have or to currently be accepting money, favors, contracts for themselves or friends or family or any other incentives from special interest groups, business when involving government or beholding to other governments or their agents or representatives directly or indirectly should be considered the same as open treason against this republic and the citizens of this country and that individual and the parties involved be dealt with accordingly. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, the Clintons, Holder, and Kagan are but a few of the best examples of the reason for such a stance.

        • Jeff

          What a coincidence that all the people you name are Democrats. Given the already-too-cozy ties between big business and the Republicans, it makes no sense for you to say the problem is the influence of special interests and then fault the Democrats. None of the people you mention has gone to work as a lobbyist for big pharma, big oil, big tobacco, a big defense contractor, etc. Name a Republican you’d apply your “law” to and I’ll believe you’re something more than a Republican crank.

          • Renée

            The problem here is that Repubs and Dems are the same. It makes no difference that one of the parties is the ass in the room and the other is the elephant. Neither party, at the end of the day really gives a rats backside about the American people anymore. So we can all argue till the sun goes down and it won’t change the fact that we need to get rid of the two party election and all the greedmongers that are in office right now.

          • Jeff

            I disagree. While the Democrats have become too beholden to powerful special business interests for my taste, the Republicans ate completely in the pocket of big business. Then, they pander to the least educated among us by pretending to be ignorant of any scientific or social thought in the past 100 years.

            I’ve heard it said that democrats like to pretend to be smarter than they are while republicans pretend to be stupider than they are. It certainly worked for W. Given the choice, I’ll go with the guys who at least aspire to intelligence.

      • Tom


        I do not know if you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Rino or what your political affiliation might actually be and quite frankly, I don’t really care. The sad fact is that if you read my comments above, you will notice that I mention that all the politicians within the current obama regime are pretty much a part of the problem, regardless of their affiliations. All sides are either committing the crimes at large, are helping the criminals and/or allowing them to get away with these crimes or are paying lip service to doing something about the situation while putting on a show for the public and then turning a behind the scenes blind eye to the criminals, their crimes and wringing their hands with platatudes about being bypassed while they cave in and decline from taking any prompt and decisive actions to put a very short leash on these criminals, force answers and to promptly arrest, investigate and incarcerate these criminals ranging from the White House and the Clintons all the way down.

        For your information, the primary reason it is Democrats that are mostly mentioned is because the ones mentioned are only but a few of the most arrogant and heinously offending members of this regime who are widely publicly known for their varied and highly offensive abuses and who are the ones known to be most openly anti-America, anti-decency and anti-anyone who will not immediately quietly cave and give the offenders in Washington their full way on everything and then quietly go away and who seem bent on the idea that those creating the greatest and most egregious offenses are the ones who are the most right. Simply put, if obama, Reid, Pelosi, Kagan, the Clintons, Holder and the many others like them cannot take the heat, then they shouldn’t support or commit the crimes.

        There are a number of Republicans, RINOs, Marxists (aka communists–self identified), union leaders, islamists, and numerous others including race bating would be leaders and self proclaimed anarchists currently pushing the 99% stupidity which is only serving to provide an activist base for these criminals mentioned above to use as a distraction and to keep the so called 99% members busy so they do not becoime involved and focused on the real and more major offenses and so these criminals can get away with their main agendas while attention is elsewhere. Then in the end, these 99%ers are expendible and can easily take the blame for what ever failings can be lain at their feet as the gullible useful idiots they are being used for. So yes Jeff, like maneur, which frankly reeks far less than the crimes in politics that are currently harming and crippling the U.S. and her actual citizens’ rights, liberty, freedom and very survival, there is plenty of blame to spread around. And perhaps the most heinous crimes of all are committed by the enablers; the modern day Benedict Arnolds if you will. These are the people who like the turncoats of old, betray their fellow citizens, their republic and their very families for generations to come by helping to spread disinformation, disrupt true and honest discourse and do pretty much anything they can to aid the criminal rogue regime and all its members while conceilling its activities in a smoke screen of stupidity and stink. If we lose our republic, it will probably be far more through the actions of such trolls and mindless tools of this regime, of socialism, communism and fascism, the anarchists and the muslim islamic subversives and the union bosses and their ilk, than by the actual actions and treaason of those intentionally working within politics and various government offices like Homeland Defense, the (In)justice Department, EPA, FDA, the IRS, Federal Reserve and many others who are working diligently to undermine, subvert and destroy our republic from within. According to these vermin, the USA cannot survive. We are a challenge to authority of kings, despots and tyrants the world over. Ours, is the only civilization throughout the known history of the world to have successfully done what the elite class would have believed to be impossible and when it was proven, they have worked to undermine and destroy ever since; that a like minded body of people could create and maintain a nation where elites were not necessary and where the actual citizens could live freely without the harsh yoke of an elite master and govern ourselves.

        Our form of government under our nation’s founding ideals has worked and thrived for many generations and is only failing now because of the criminal, self-interests, betrayals, and even outright treason committed by the “new elite” within what was once our government, backed by self-serving thugs, enablers, accomplices and people who either hold allegiances to other naitons (i.e. Mexico, the Arab nations, and others) or were systematically dumbed down by the government controlled education system so that the reasons our republic was formed, the ideals of our nation, the Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution and patriotism have been largely replaced with a orchestrated focus on the assorted -isms, racial bias, rewards for under and non-achievement, non-competition sports and a host of other similar divisive promoted issues that are pushed in such a way so that the so called efforts to reign these biases in actually serves more to promote attention to these issues through the drum beat of pounding the education about them until children learn to focus on them more than on normal daily life. Add to this the push for immorality and to sanitize enemy acts from acts of islamic terrorism to that of manmade catastrophes while our so called government leaders apologize, pay and bow to these same enemies from Syria and Iran to Kenya, and build up massive debt to China among others, and it is easy to see that the spiral of the USA down the sinkhole of history is no accicent. And again, while there are obviously a great many people involved, it is the Democrat and their RINO cronies who are the most arrogant and most openly involved in the orchestration our republic’s demise. Only the petty little incompetent islamo-fascist arrogant incompetent delusional egoist sellout criminal fake U.S. president and petty tyrant residing in the White House with his equally delusional wife are far more visiably arrogant, criminal and even (in my humble opinion) treasonous than all the rest put together. I do hope to see them arrested and locked up for their crimes before the obamas take one of Barack’s fake IDs and stolen identity Social Security cards and leaves the country. After all, for a fake president who has so many false identification cards, social security numbers and other records that the citizens of this republic cannot be totally sure what his real identity is, and thus, who it is who has actual control of our republic’s governemtn and most secret information and control of our military, shifting to one of his other identities to flee justice would be simple, especially with so many working so hard to keep his actual identity, records and nationality locked away while he and his accomplices push for records on opponents. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

        • Jeff

          It must be really hard to type all that stuff with your arms in a straight jacket!

  • John Beach

    I would not want the share of the national debt for which those who have served in Congress for the last 40 years are responsible. That, in itself, is enough for anyone to want term limits, the exclusion of all lobbying and a return to a moral and ethical basis for laws rather than the political expediency and pandering to special interest groups which has made “opinion” the temporary and debatable rule of law. What a bunch of utter nonsense!

  • Armyblue

    What is it about most Americans that simply don’t see narcissistic Government wanting to take more and more. Government has devalued the dollar, the American people, and the Constitution. Corruption never at this level seen. All under the guise of “helping us.” What a lie these “statesmen” are feeding us. Look at the applause after these imposters fleece the audience, contradicting themselves in the next city of sheep, mostly asleep.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    July 9, 2012 by Bob Livingston : You keep hitting the board, “Not the Nail!”! TIME LIMITS, can get out a good Politican, “if you can find one…” too! The More you Speak about America; the Less concern you show for U.S. of A.! U.S. is in troubble, partly beacuse of the Boarders Lowered, by Politicans & Invaders! The Past politicans that have Braged about Bringing down walls in other Countries, & Changeing Governments in other Countries, HAS MADE ENIMIES, of our friends! The Drive to Control our Government With CHRISTIAN Rule, is the DOWN FALL! The Mandate of Donald Trump, With Overpowering the opposition, with Support, Should be the Right Dirrection! ( My View!) There are Many States, Declaireing Stress, ” They Need To Civilize them selfs too!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I agree with you on corruption in government and the weakness of our current economic system. But to compare such things to nazism and to suggest we are on the brink of social and economic collapse I feel is going to far. My concern is instead of encouraging people to respond and do something about these problems it simply urges them to panic and assume there is no hope to fix these issues. Our vote, our voice and our power are still powerful. The people need to vote for whichever candidate or party or ballot or proposition they support. Whether liberal, conservative, libertarian, progressive, democrat, republican, independent or other. All need to vote and speak up for what they support. That is how we can get out of this mess. Holding the politicians feet to the fire and showing them that we the people will stand up for ourselves. That is how to fight back.

  • Jon

    Limiting congressional terms to two would be useful, to be sure, but I also advocate that the presidential term should be limited to one concurrent term of 6 years. He could run again after a 6-year break. At least then, he/she could spend all the time governing and not running for office.

    • Deerinwater

      Useful to who? ~ We have term limits at the polls.

      • Mike Miller

        If we have term limits at the poles than why is Charles Rangle still in office.

      • Tim Orner

        So many posts about term limits. It’s simple, Is it not true that our representitives are “serving” us the people. How much do servants get paid? As our forfathers received no payment for their service, neither should they today. Take away their pay and pensions and guess how long they will serve. The only people that deserve a government handout, and it should be for life, are those who have served, or are still serving in the military period.

      • Deerinwater

        “If we have term limits at the poles than why is Charles Rangle still in office.”

        Because the people that he represents thinks well enough of him to keep him there.

        While you and I may not approve, someone else does. I take it that Rangels does not represent you?

        He is a useful rascal that Rangel ~ to somebody.

        • Jeff

          I know it is supposed to be somehow honorable to say “I vote for the man, not for the party.” While character and personality count, the bottom line is you are casting your vote for Boehner or Pelosi, Reid or McConnell. Politics has gotten so party driven that voting for an individual no longer really makes sense. Senators used to be independent and to be a Senate Majority Leader was never an easy job unless one had the political skills of LBJ. Nowadays, McConnell seems able to maintain unity in his caucus on all fillibusters. So, don’t kid yourself. If you vote for a Republican for Senate, no matter how nice he may seem, you’re casting a vote for Mitch McConnell.

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    NOTHING related to our present system of politics will effect meaningful change, no matter what ideas are introduced nor how long it is debated.

    Until someone comes up with the MEANS of returning Government to the People from the banking interests which in fact OWN our government, then we are on a hiding to nothing. This ownership was caused by the indebtedness of the governments of the day (and prior to that day) starting in the 1860′s and 1870′s, and the proposal, in 1910 and culminating in 1913, with the founding of the Federal Reserve System, to which our politicians are responsible, not to you, their electorate!

    Co incidently, that problem is not peculiar to the US, but is repeated in Europe as well, and accounts for a lot of their problems too.

    Bob L, you got any ideas, since you have been investigating and talking about this problem a lot longer than I have? All the accounts of this debacle that I have read, written by historians, have delineated the problem but not suggested a remedy, that not being their job criteria.

  • Mike Miller

    Did you know that Robert Byrd didn’t come to the senare chamber to vote because he was to old. His vote weas a p;roxy vote until he died.

  • Mike Miller

    That is why we need term limits.

  • R Classen

    I don’t know why everyone thinks we have to wait until an election to fix this. In 1867, Abe Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson went rogue just like Obama is doing. It only took 6 weeks to bring that president to a vote on 11 articles of impeachment. (It failed by one vote.)
    Now is the time to force the congress and senate to act on this. If they understand that failure to impeach this communist president will result in their own eviction in a few months, then we stand a chance. The only leverage we have is now…..this vote and/or the threat of the vote. Pressure to act is now.
    Think of the damage a rogue disgruntled defeated president and a lame duck congress can do in their last 2 months. That alone is scarey. Obama should be ousted NOW by impeachment.


    We have the same problen in Australia where the opposition members of parliament are of the opinion that their role is to oppose what the party with the majority of seats which controls the parliament. Much like yours. So we get little productivity or representation and their excuse always is we are not in government, even though they are still paid very well to represent and help us in liaising with government departments…but alas whilst they are very diplomatic they reallt dont appear to care. They just really become highly paid welfare recipients and we still get to call them MP’s. Under our Constitution, all members of parliament [MP] are independent representatives and there is no mention of being able to form Political parties.Anyway these losing[opposition] Members of Parliament get paid very handsomely too just under what the government members do.

    Our Prime Minister recently got a heafty salary increase to $495,000 per year plus very generous superannuation retirement benefits. . Free trips etc even after they leave etc. and even after losing when the politician might be rather young. They received a huge increase recently to offset some free overseas travel nenefits they lost with other benefits etc, but heres the rub…some polticians retire on government political welfare and then go to work as lobbyists for foreign countries and corporations. No true patriots in Australia from former State Premiers & Prime Ministers when it comes to money…One our former PM;s is representing a Chinese govt enterprise who want to buy several thousand acres of well watered land in a remote area of northern australia. Would this type of free enterprise be tolerated by your community or is it encouraged? Another represents a major roads construction company winning them several $billions of freeway and Tollway contracts creating lots of ongoing jobs for local firms.There is nothing illegal because all these former politicians are of high intellect and know many people within their circles and can debate and represent their side best which is what lobbyist are paid to do..

    The question I pose…do former USA presidents do that too or do they represent American corporations only? The next question which must come to mind of others apart from myself is…how many current politicians are working to position themselves as future representatives of any corporations by giving them favour now for contracts or favourable laws with loopholes without payment but with the promise of a well paid lobby contract when they retire or voted out? or jobs for other family members?This must cross the minds of many surely, and I believe is one of the main reasons why one major party has lost favour by many voters in Ausralia and i bet many americans feel that many current politicians may be acting like former politicians and a skeptical about their true patriotism and intentions of thruly respresenting the country instead of looking after themselves first despite their promises.?

    So I doubt that there is any point stripping politicians of benefits but maybe they should be paid the same as the larger corporations so that better people might put their hand up and compete for political positions in a true spirit of free enterprise and capitalism. Paying them less only attracts the monkeys who will recover any loss by entering into more corrupt deals.

    One more Question: Should anti trust law be applied to the two major political party monopolies Democrats & Republicans and does your Constitution permit the two party system to be a part of your country’s administration?

  • R Classen

    Apathy, greed, irresponsibility, no consequences for bad behavior.

  • http://facebook Bubba

    A required study should be a history of The Carpetbaggers.” These carpetbaggers are the mentors of today’s charlatans.

  • Brandi

    I believe we as a country need to seriouslly quit surviving, and start living, we are our on worst enemy, or our own best person.We push our own buttons, no one else can do it unless we allow them to. The government can take everything from me but they cannot take my faith or my soul.People need to start living, plant their feet in concrete and take care of the things at hand instead of arguing about who’s wrong or right .

    • Jeff

      Conveniently, Dear Bob’s proposal, in addition to requiring a Constitutional Amendment, would shift even more power to lobbyists for special interests.


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