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How Capitalism Will Save Us

August 6, 2010 by  

How Capitalism Will Save Us

I’d like to take credit for the title of today’s column but I can’t. It comes from my favorite American capitalist, Steve Forbes. It was the title of a speech he gave at the huge gathering of 2,000 stubborn individualists at FreedomFest last month. And it is also, not so coincidentally, the title of his latest book, which I hope you’ll read.

In his speech, and in an exclusive interview he gave me afterwards, Steve sounded off on several things that are wrong in Washington, D.C., today. The first, he said, is the ridiculous idea that the way to solve excess spending is by raising taxes.

“You don’t reward bad behavior by giving them more of the stuff that got them in trouble,” he declared. “If someone’s been on a bender, don’t give them another bottle of booze and say, ‘okay, next time get it right.’ That won’t work; even it’s a very good brand.”

And then he added, “They’re not going to get it right until you deprive them of the means of spending. That means lowering taxes, not raising them.”

The crowd loved the idea.

“Regulation” was another topic that had the publisher seeing red.

“Only Congress could pass a 2,000-page financial reform bill and not get anything in it right,” he said. “I mean, it’s amazing. They ignore monetary policy. They ignore Fannie and Freddie—two institutions that issued $1.5 trillion in junk loans to finance this charade. They don’t do anything about ‘too big to fail.’ They don’t do anything about the disaster of mark-to-market accounting. You go down the list and you’ll find 2,000 pages of stuff that is going to hurt the economy, not help it.”

And here was a shocker: “Every time you have a 2,000 page bill, you get at least 10 regulations per page. That means 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 new rules coming down the road. Is it any wonder businesses are reluctant to hire? How can you plan for the future when you don’t know what the new rules will be?”

What about all the government subsidies to banks and businesses? The outright takeover of automobile companies and lending institutions?

Steve Forbes’ solution is simplicity itself: “Sever their ties to the government. Cut ‘em lose. Send them out in the public to sink or swim. If they can’t compete in the marketplace, so what? It shouldn’t be our concern. We shouldn’t have to bail them out!”

He received another long round of applause and foot-stomping.

The publisher of Forbes magazine admitted that monetary policy isn’t the most exciting topic for a speech. In fact, he offered this counsel: “If any of you are ever at a party or on a date that isn’t going well, just start talking about monetary policy. I promise you, you’ll quickly be alone. Everyone will vanish. Monetary policy has got to be the most boring subject in the world.”

Still, there were some things that we need to know.

“If cheap money were the way to wealth,” he told us, “Zimbabwe and Argentina would own the world.”

And he added, “That’s why this whole idea of a stimulus package is garbage. Where did they get the money from? It doesn’t come from Mars; it comes from thee and me. It comes from taxes. It comes from borrowing. It comes from the printing presses at the Federal Reserve, which is the sneakiest form of taxation of all.”

Steve blasted another argument the statists like to use—the idea that anyone who’s made it in America has a duty to “give back.”

“When you say it that way, it sounds like you took something that didn’t belong to you,” he said. “But you’re the one who earned the wealth in the first place. You’re not giving back, you’re giving.”

Then he took off on the Hollywood caricature of American businessmen.

“You know the ones,” he said. “They take pleasure in seeing pelicans drown in oil. When they walk down the street, babies cry and dogs bark at them.

“But even if you’re all of that, in a true free market you don’t succeed. In a free market, you only succeed if you provide a product or service that somebody else wants and will pay you for. That’s not stealing, it’s providing.”

In his speech and in the book by the same name, Forbes made an unapologetic plea for free enterprise, free markets and free trade. He has become perhaps the most eloquent defender of American capitalism since Ronald Reagan.

“No system has been as effective as capitalism in turning scarcity into abundance,” he pointed out. “Think of computers. Forty years ago, only business and government could afford the old massive mainframes…. Today the Blackberry device in the palm of your hand has more computing power than those old machines.”

And what about one of the most controversial issues of our age—healthcare?

“In any other part of our lives, if people want more of something, it’s seen as an opportunity,” he pointed out. “If people want more software, Silicon Valley and other places will be happy to provide it. If people want more cars, Detroit will be glad to build them. Why is the demand for more healthcare seen as a disaster? Why is the fact we’re living longer seen as a problem?”

The grey-haired publisher then put it on a very personal basis: “As I get older, I kind of like longevity. My heirs might not, but I’m all in favor of it.”

Then he pointed out the obvious: “Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have real free markets in healthcare. We have pockets of it here and there—which is why we have more medical-device breakthroughs in this country than anyplace else. More pharmaceutical breakthroughs than anywhere else.”

What’s the solution? He offered several: “Let’s allow basic things like nationwide shopping for health insurance, equalizing tax treatment between individuals and businesses, removing barriers to health savings accounts, and tort reform.”

And he concluded with this promise: “Get real free enterprise in health care and we’ll turn a hopeless liability into the most dynamic growth industry the world has ever seen.”

We concluded our conversation with Forbes telling me why he is so optimistic about the future.

“The liberty movement is coming up with new, creative, workable, free-market solutions to issues,” he said.

He pointed to the lady who preceded him on the stage—Sharron Angle, who is running against Harry Reid for the Senate seat in Nevada—and other politicians who are making a difference. One is in his own state of New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie has put a cap on property taxes and cut the top income-tax rate there by 20 percent.

“We have a rebellion going on,” Steve said happily.

The only time he played coy was when I asked him if he would be running for office again. “I want to be the new Tom Paine,” he replied. “I want to be an agitator for freedom and free enterprise.”

From what I’ve seen, he’s doing a good job at it. But find out for yourself; go to your local bookstore, or visit, and get a copy of How Capitalism Will Save Us. And then do your part to spread the word.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

—Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • JeffH

    Without capitalism and the free market there is nothing this country has to build on. Without these two entities functioning similtaneously, all you have left is government…a non-industry base that can only print phony money, contributes nothing and can only collect until there is nothing else to collect…DOOM is where this country is headed unless we the people force change on our government.
    That change starts Nov 2 2010.

    • JC

      Indeed, free market capitalism is the ONLY thing that will save us.
      And I don’t mean the hand in hand corporatism that we’re so used to either. I mean get the government right out of the market…innovation just isn’t their “thing”.

    • Angelwannabe

      I agree Jeff!__I find absolutely fasinating, when the Hollywood actors and actresses, claim they support the Facist Obamatic Agenda, when CAPITALISM (with a big C), is the very thing, that gives them the oppertunities to be rich!

      • JC

        It’s always the wealthy who advocate socialism
        …for the “little people”.

        • kate8

          JC, Because all the wealth stays at the top.

          The “little people” get just enough to survive and stay in line.

          • Vicki

            From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

            Liberals have a VERY overblown idea about their “needs”.

          • Craig

            If the little people are to stupid to work their way up the latter, then they deserve crumbs.

          • Craig

            latter = ladder

          • JC

            Craig, I don’t understand your obvious contempt for working people.
            Is it that they are too “stupid” as you so arrogantly put it, or is it that the game is rigged? I know many intelligent, hard working people who are barely making it because every time they get close to bettering themselves the IRS, or a government agency swats them back down.

          • Bob Wire

            LOL! good follow up comments by all to Mr. Woods article.

            It’s really not so much about money ~ but who gets it and gets it first!

            I can see how someone might feel a discounted fee should be an accepted standard fee if enjoyed long enough. I deal with it on a daily bases ~ I offer discounted prices to sweeten the deal, giving people incentives to act, only to have them hit me up for a discount!

            The Chinese and Arabs people seems to be the worst about it then all others combined. They expect to haggle price long after the price has been agreed on and the exchange made. You’ve got to squeeze the money from them. It makes it hard to serve such people and I’ve all but stop try to. For I like to treat people special, offer them more then what they ever expected, but I can’t do that with such “tiny” margins.

            The last 30 years America and American’s have changed. ~ I feel like the individual enterprising spirit has been lost somewhere. There too many people just looking for jobs while too few looking for opportunities. This is not all their fault as big business has crowded out small business everywhere you wish to look.

            Government has helped big business to crowd out small business. I think back on the story of Sonny Bono and his restaurant venture. ~ A city inspector demanded him to tile the bathrooms all the way to the ceiling to ensure cleaner more sanitary environment. Bono took exception to this ~ knowing others not complying to such standards and who’s going to ever pee so high on the wall?

            It was this event, that got Sonny Bono into politics. ~ He ran for Mayor and fired this inspector. The rest being history.

            We can’t hire children anymore ~ they are left to play with their toys.

            Insurances Companies, Government and big business seems to run our lives. ~ Which “might be” acceptable IF, they could hire everyone.

            But they can’t ~ leaving too many people setting idle ~ out of the loop. They feel limited and restricted in what they can do. ~ To say things like “get an education and secure meaningful employment” is a grossly over simplified statement. ~ There’s a lot of sandwiches between point A and point B to eat.

            Someone (JC) has been using a term I find very appropriate “corporatism” and “corporatist”. ~ This is telling me JC “get it” ~ he seeing what I’m seeing.

            I think this pronoun pretty will describes the bulk of this 18% Tea party voting block. For they show little interest in curbing the influence of big business and their lobbyist.

            Myself I find it are the very core of “bad government” and until it address there’s not to be a fair deal for all Americans.

            It’s the “corporatist” that wants income tax discounts to continue. ~ It’s the corporatist that wants property tax concessions assurances to invest and build. It’s the corporatist that wants the nice roads,bridges and infrastructure paid for by “your” taxes.

            Hey! I don’t have a problem with that ~ but let’s understand one another, the American People need to start driving a harder bargain but for the last 30 years our government been selling us short on the deal when it comes to big business.

            This middle classes are carrying the freight for all of this ~ and our numbers are shrinking! it can’t continue and America ever be as it once was.

            The question is ~ is this a good thing?

          • kate8

            BW, interesting post.

            The design for us has long been to squeeze out all but the biggest corporations, leaving us wholly dependent on them for survival. Which, but the way, is not their vision for us at all (our survival, that is).

            It used to be that business rose to the top by excellence, by ethics, by providing jobs and by giving back to society in some way. It was good to give them tax incentives so they could provide more and better jobs, and do more philanthropic work. They offered nice benefits in order to attract the best and brightest.

            Unfortunately, corruption took over and it became all one-way. They kept getting tax breaks and stopped being ethical, and stopped caring about humanity. Of course, the government kept increasing demands on them “on behalf” of workers, so they went to other countries to hire people less demanding. The small fish have been swallowed up or destroyed, quality has plummeted in favor of quick profit, and jobs that are left seek out workers (illegals) who better fit with there bottom line. The nice benefits, now demanded by law for every worker, whether or not he is an asset, became too much of a drain. (An employer should not have to be a sugar-daddy.)

            All the while, and their denials notwithstanding, corporations and corporatists closed in on government, taking it over, and we are left with tyrants worse than ever seen before. They have both the desire and the technology to enslave us to the point where we have NO personal freedom at all, and the means to monitor each one of us into compliance.

            I do not think that tax increases nor tax breaks is going to fix anything. This system is corrupt beyond repair. As long as technology exists to enslave us, and as long as evil exists and has power, it will be used for such because they can.

            The system has to come down, be completely dismantled, if we are to ever regain our dignity and our humanity. I believe a line has been crossed, and it will take something very big to stop them.

            Oh, I do believe they will be stopped. It’s just a matter of how much destruction is wreaked on us in the process.

          • Granny Mae

            Bob Wire

            I think you may have hit the nail on the head without knowing it. If you are dealing with people from other countries and it isn’t working out satisfactorly then perhaps it is because they haven’t adapted to our way of doing things in this country. Arabs etc. are use to dickering for everything and they think that is how we do it here. We don’t. We set a fair price and expect to sell at that price. They expect us to set a price too high and then have them bring us down to what they are willing to pay ! It is a prime example of coming to another country thinking everything is going to be just like what you are use to and it isn’t. They then get upset and want to change things here to what they were use to in their country, not thinking they should get use to things here in this country. It’s the beginnings of a lot of mis-understanding ! Ileagals from across the boarder have the same problem. They get here and expect to eat the way they were use to in their country and that isn’t the way we eat here, so they can’t buy the foods they are use too. Especially in many of the northern states. Instead of getting use to things here they start crying to their friends and family that live here and the families start complaining to the social workers and the next thing you know we are conforming to their ways instead of them conforming to our ways. Everything is suddenly written in Spanish so they can read instead of them learning to read english. I even saw an add in our local paper for free english lessons to learn to speak and read english, and they have ver few takers ! Imagine that ! It not only makes it hard on them but it makes it hard on us and it makes it hard for their children going to our schools. Getting a free education I might add. Free to them but not free to us ! Everyone want to come to the free world but they want to bring their socialist, marxest world with them because that is all they know and they don’t want to take the time to learn different !

          • Denniso

            Forbes and other Repubs say ‘tax increase’ when talking about the scheduled lapse of the tax cuts that Bush pushed through w/ most going
            to the wealthy. The tax cut bill had a sunset provision in it and that was the law passed by Congress…to allow the law to stay in effect and do away w/ the CUTS is not a tax INCREASE,rather it is restoring taxes to the level they were at before the CUTS. Forbes is not very bright but even he knows this,he’s just being political and self serving…he probably nets a few million $$ from the cuts.

            Obama is going to let the CUTS for the wealthiest and will continue the cuts for the working people….makes sense,especially since the gap between rich and poor has widened markedly for the past 25 yrs or so and the working persons wages have essentially stagnated for 10 yrs.

            America has NEVER had pure capitalism as it’s ALWAYS been a mix w/ gov’t influence and regulation w/ corporations battling gov’t for total control for their corporate benefit. We have more of a corporate
            oligarchy than anything else.

          • Denniso

            It’s obvious,but I missed a word…’let the cuts for the wealthy EXPIRE and’

          • Christin

            Ya know what, Denniso, I don’t consider people who make $200,000 or &250,000 to be “rich.” I consider people who make maybe $750,000 to a million and UP to be “Very Wealthy.” Hillary made me sick when she attacked the “rich” when she herself is an ELITIST WEALTHY RICH. Her daughter’s wedding was 3.2 million dollars…wow, shouldn’t we TAX the HECK out of her???

            Isn’t what’s good for the goose also good for the gander.

            Laws should apply equally to ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, no matter what their station or level of achievement. Heck 47% of Americans receive government entitlements for doing Nothing while the rest of us work our butts off… what’s up with that?

            God says “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” (See Bible)

            Everyone, regardless of station, CAN work (unless physically or mentally handicapped).
            But with obamaonomics… well, he’s the job killer… the small business killer, the free enterprise killer, the capitalistic America killer. The Godless Marxist redistribute YOUR wealth, but not his or any other Elitist Wealth man.

            And many before him have run our companies out of town, out of state, out of our once productive Country with OVER REGULATION, and TAXATION. We are now weak, unproductive and unable to provide jobs to the hard working people and the entitlement population that are on 100% vacation.

            Forbes is right on and so is Chip’s article.

          • Denniso

            OK,let’s see…A single guy who earns 200,000/yr.

            auto……………… 6,000
            prop tax………….. 3,000
            clothing………….. 2,000
            entertainment……… 3,000
            food……………… 8,000
            misc……………… 5,000


            SO, $200,000 for a single guy minus these generous expenses leaves
            $63,000 leftover after living pretty well and investing in the future.
            That’s more disaposable income than the average gross salary in the
            country, and more than teachers make in my area. If the guy has kids and wife who are dependents than his taxes are lower.

            $200,000 may not sound like ‘the wealthy’,but it’s pretty damn good and way above the average salary of $45,000 or so for the country. Do you think that out of the $63,000 left to our guy in disaposable income he would be hard pressed to pay another $5,000 in tax?

            How much disaposable income does the average worker in this country have w/ a $45,000 income and living at a much lower lifestyle? Zero?
            Disaposable income(amount of income remaining after living expenses and taxes)is what determines if someone is ‘wealthy’ or not. Zero for most Americans compared to $63,000 for a single guy makes the $200,000
            income look pretty ‘wealthy’ to most of us. That $63,000/yr invested in normal times would turn our well living guy into a real millionaire in about 10 yrs…not bad. Is that ‘wealthy’?

          • SiliconDoc

            Bob Wire, it’s much worse than you point out. The problem with bigger and bigger and more consolidated everything, is the structures allow for no accountability to the customers, the employees, and inside the giant behemoth between branches.
            A giant company can throw out hundreds and thousands, and already have such a pathetic and dishonest realtionship to customers and such an indoctrinated positional force with pat answers and cookie cutter no training “jobs” that are clamped down into one size as demanded by the
            leader” one never sees, that much to all responsibility is lost in the shuffle. That’s what has happened here already.
            We get advertised lies 99% of the time, and everyone knows it, but the government has their truth in advertising crap laws no one enforces just like the seething borders.
            I’m amazed by what happens on the phone now dealing with any company of any size – the people working there know they are required to tell lies, but they are so insecure in their jobs and such robots that it doesn’t matter one whit to them.
            No loyalty going either way. Trickle up or trickle down what…? More like the bird constantly flying silently and hidden in both directions. Then add in the 1984 polled and purified talking points about goals or business philosophy, and it’s enough to make an honest person sick to their stomach immediately.
            Fake, fraudulent, and everywhere.
            There’s no going back- it only gets worse.

    • Richard Pawley

      Yes, Jeff, the change starts in less than three months. Unfortunately we have not had free markets since the Democrats handed over the economy of our nation to the newly formed and then mostly foreign owned FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. The Progressive’s new Banking Reform Bill gives them more power than they have ever had AND DOES NOTHING TO REFORM ANYTHING THAT I CAN SEE. There will be no recovery (except on paper – like in the Old Soviet Union where it was illegal to be unemployed) until we restore HONOR, INTEGRITY and MORALITY, a return to the values of those who founded the United States. Your children and your grandchildren will never know the USA you have known, but do not despair. Jesus said, “With God all things are possible”. So pray for the country, and pray for those who are over us, and trying to dismantle the USA and remake it, and VOTE OUT OF OFFICE 90% of everyone you can, come November. There are a few good Democrats and a few good Republicans but most of them have been there way to long! Send them home to a much (?) deserved retirement! Long live the Republic!

      • Denniso

        The Federal Reserve Bank IS NOT FOREIGN OWNED!! And, I wonder why god is letting the world go to hell if as you say,’all things are possible w/ god’? Aren’t the billions praying and pleading to god enough? Do we need more Christians? What’s the problem?

        • DeJay

          Deniso, the problem is that too many Christians may be praying and waiting for god to do something. It won’t happen!

    • Vippy

      We don’t have capitalism. We have a manipulated capitalism just look at the commodities like oil and follow their fluctuations and the lies they put forth. Take out the speculators and we will have once again capitalism that everyone can enjoy!

  • s c

    There are many, MANY ways to explore this topic, Chip. The basic common denominator in our economic mess is an all-consuming love of power, an inherently defective mind and a robotic determination to spit in the face of reason and common sense. In short, that defines most career politicians and all of their camp-following strumpets.
    We know what doesn’t work (especially in economics), but in the Mary Poppins and Peter Pan world of retarded dreamers and theoreticians, fantasy is reality, and reality is fantasy. That defective mentality gave the world all manner of failed economic and social disasters, and provides international puppet masters with an endless supply of “A-list candidates.”

    • DeJay

      s c gives a pretty good discription of politicians. When we vote them in, we give them power. What do the majority of voters know about those they vote in? Evidently very little judging from the way this country is run. One California politician was calling an airport for information about a flight to Pepsi Cola, Florida. Another complained that his room didn’t have an ocean view from inland Orlando, Florida. Still another asked if she could see England from Canada because they seem so close on a map. This is the kind of people are supposed to run our country? They vote on 2000 page bills without reading them. Even if they tried, they wouldn’t the time. Did you know that a congress person does not have to be at his job during working hours but can be jaunting around the worl for a look-see or that they can retire after one term with retirement benefits. Many become lobbyists for big corporations and work to further our detriment. Presidents appoint friends and relatives or people who will support the presidents agenda, not really one qualified with knowledge to have the position under their control. The power is with the people if only they would organize and work together as a cohesive force.

  • rob

    Your freemarket philosophy is well taken and appreciated. Let me offer this observation. This nation’s true and real hope of survival is not in abundant freemarket materialism (I’m not putting down capitalism as the way an economy should thrive — it is THE system that works in a free nation). Our greatest hope for survival as a free nation is in reality the same as it has always been, but we have forgotten. It is our faith and obedience to God. We got here because of Him, and we will only remain here because of Him. The ultimate answer to all of our problems was summed up by Jesus in Matt. 22:35-40. Love God and love our brother. It we Americans would truly follow this teaching, America would be strong and our freedoms would not be taken by the ugodly. I love America, but I fear for her. We have deserted the ONE who, alone can keep us. If we will turn to Him, perhaps He will still hear our prayers for survival and perhaps will deliver us. But if we don’t, America CANNOT survive.

    • gregory


      right on…

    • Steve

      God bless America….live it, love it, or leave it…..

    • michelleo


    • Deborah

      Guys, this government has taken us into terror we’ve never seen before, on a scale that is going to be the darkest years of American History to come!
      They have brought our economy down. They have over taxed us. They have walked all over our Constitution. They have infringed up on our freedoms. They have condoned a black man as “feed up with being discriminated against”, as a good reason to kill white people. They have raided churches. They have raided a reservation. They stand against securing our borders. They’ve given us Kagan. He has not proven that he is our legit president, POTUS. He is an ILLEGAL ALIGN! You can add to this list
      They are threatening to take away our personal wealth, gold and silver, if you have any left.
      They are now threatening to take away our Parents Rights and hand them over to the United Nations. They will not be under our current law system. Instead, they will be under International laws. They are attacking our CHILDREN!
      How did this all happen? Truly!
      I’d rather be a capitalist American ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! At least we have room to dream and strive for what we want.
      We are truly slaves in a country that has abandoned us. Supreme Court sends out hints, i.e. gun rights.
      Congress no longer in control, the CZARS are.
      I pray to GOD ALMIGHTY that Texas leaves the Union! I’d sacrifice my life for my country but not for a government that is hostile and offensive to America and everything I believe in. They can not take my soul, on this I am certain. Well, unless God sold me out too.
      I see activity here that indicates that things are unsettled in our region. There is no where to run. No where to hid. We are technically capable of doing great devastation to the earth. Biological weapons, nukes, and I’m sure things you and I can’t even begin to image is lurking at us straight in the face. Controlled by a man that calls all Americans terrorists.
      Children are apart of the total of his scheme. Mosque, children removed from parents, parents dead. End game.
      We are nearing End Game. They will start moving out our little ones. The ones over 10, are not worth saving. Islam laws will soon kick in. If you live through the slaughter, you might be lucky enough to see your daughters stoned for talking back. Your little 6-10 year old daughters will be painted and married off. The 100 million dollar Mosque indicates complete control over the U.S. It is a sign to the enemies of the U.S.

      We of course can stop paying taxes, they don’t care. They’ve got millions of immigrants and illegals they can replace us with. I’ve seen the laws they’ve passed. I’ve seen, Americans Excluded for nearly 350 billion dollars meant ONLY for IMMIGRANTS.
      They are cheaper and well behaved, illegals that is. We are bold and opinionated, to say the least.

      I have an 11 year old little boy. I am with him 24/7. I am lucky in that way but very frightened for him and his future.


      • RicSeag

        Unfortunately, Chip… It appears the kooks have found your site too and there is yet one less forum for reasonable dialogue.

        • Deborah

          I hope I’m a kook…really, I really hope so.

          • RicSeag

            Based on the above screed, I am certain you can rest easy. Your hopes have come true.

          • dan az

            actually debra your not alone the fight will come to us and then I would like to see these none believers faces when they get there heads out of there a$$s and look at what is going on not there video life but there life that they refuse to see.

          • Granny Mae


            I don’t see a kook, I see a woman that has given in to fear and that is just what the enemy wants you to do. Just calm down and start thinking rationally. Think things through carefully and logicly and don’t let the jerks get you down. I say that because there was a book out a few years ago by that title and it seems to fit from time to time. Many of us on here will write what we think and feel or even what we think we see coming to pass. That doesn’t mean that it is correct nor does it mean that it is incorrect. That means take in what you read here and then discard what you personally feel is wrong. Above all don’t let this all scare you. This is a time in all our lives when we should try to prepare for the unexpected so we can insure that our families are protected. It is not all lost ! I would venture to say that 99 percent of the people on here will fight to their death to save this country and our way of life. It is time for you to sit back and take a deep breath and prepare for tuff times ahead. You never have to be afraid of anything as long as you prepare for whats ahead. Spend more time preparing for how to feed your family and how to pay your bills, or how and where to live if you had to move out from where you live now, and let the rest of these guys concern themselves with taking care of the country. They will and they will do a good job of it too. Keep your faith and trust in the Lord and he will dirrect your path. Learn how to prepare food for home storage and get busy. It will take your mind off a lot and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something to protect your family and take care of them. We cannot get through hard times if we loose control and give in too fear ! Teach your little boy how to survive. Get some camping equipment and take him camping. Trust me there is nothing a little guy loves more than camping and fishing. My 5 boys sure did ! We use to exchange ideas of how to do things when you have next to nothing with you ! A lot of times that was the case too. Like going camping and leaving the tent poles home sitting against the house because you got side tracked and didn’t stick them in the trunk ! One good thing to do is, before you start to pack make a list of all the things you might need and then lay it all out before putting it in the car. I got so good at this that I had everything needed for camping all packed into one good size tote and all I had to do was grab it and throw it in the car and head out ! This was a every-week-end thing for us in the summer. It took us usually about 50 miles from home . Not to far but far enough to feel as though we out and away from home. It is a good way to learn what you would need in an emergency and what you can do without. Get the book Roughing it Easy, and have fun ! You will find that the more you know and can trust on yourself the less you will fear at any time. Chin up and do not be afraid !

          • Granny Mae

            Oh another thing, you can start by camping right in your own back yard ! Do that a few times first if you have never been camping before. Think of things you can cook for meals on an open fire. Hot dogs on a stick, or hamburgs wrapped in foil and then for desert how about roasting marshmallows ? Remember to keep all your food and trash , when camping in your car at night. Clean up the camp sight spotless or you may find yourself trying to stay out of range of a skunk ! LOL ! They won’t hurt you but they sure can put a stink on you if you freighten them !

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Granny Mae,
            I always plan for the unexpected. That has stood me in good shape for a very long 59 years. Not long to many, but at times 3 or 4 lifetimes to me!

      • NormP

        PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE use your spell checker and grammar checker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Normal

      Calling for a return to God and his rule in our hearts so he will bless us for obedience, hmmm, have you read Jerimiah recently? History is repeating, we deny him and exit ramp is the only choice!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Our country with all it’s flaws is still a super power and we are still free. Our freedoms are being taken away by those in power. As long as this administration keeps passing bills that the people are opposed to, we will see a huge divide in the have and the have nots. Only those in power will have and the rest of us will fall into the have not section. We need to seek out those who will fight to keep Capitalism from being crushed by Socialism. We simply cannot let all of those who fought in wars for us (and many died for us) be a memory. Their time and lives at worth so much more.

  • Dan Burke


    I know that government regs are going to make things tough. I am starting my own business anyways. Don’t know if it will work or not. Couldn’t get a loan from the bank, or even a line of credit. They told me that just a couple years ago they would have, but now… no. Not even if I could come up with proof of pending orders. So, with only what is left of my tax returns (working evenings and weekends after my day job… and giving some of that time to help my wife with the kids too), I am going to try and put capitalism to work in my life. My current skill set is building computers mostly. Great for my day job of repairing corporate computers for a outdoor products retailer. Now I am thinking of trying to build my own business building and selling home theater computers. I bought a used flat screen TV (I didn’t have one previously) and the parts I wanted to “test.” Not everything has been perfect and those imperfections have been perfect learning opportunities though. I learned not assume that all problems lie in the computer (I think computers sometimes too much) and learned that the television I bought actually has a history of failed HDMI video ports. Good thing it has a second one and then I confirmed that the computer works as planned… except the picture was fuzzy. With all the lingo of upconversion on DVD players, I was surprised to learn that some televisions report to the electronics that have 1080p but then actually down-convert to 720p. Another imperfection, and another lesson. And now Comcast is changing their digital signal, so I will lose most of the channels through the computer August 10th, but that has only forced me to learn more. Unfortunately, the part I found to work around that problem is only *just* becoming available and I don’t have any budget left to buy and try it either. But now I know it is coming and how I can work around the digital cable changes for customers…. I LOVE capitalism. So much to learn, and so much more exciting to learn them under the free market! Now to get my online “store” open for business. Banks are tight on their lending right now, so I think it will be something cheap unfortunately, and maybe later I can convert it to what I envision as an online presence. Until then, there are cheaper alternatives that would be ideal for a startup like mine with little or no cost, depending on volume….

    • John Guy

      Dan, Michael Dell started Dell Computers in his college dorm room fixing computers. He didn’t have a line of credit. This miscreant will soon leave the scene and sanity will be restored. Your problem will be staying ahead of the curve, not putting everything into something like Beta Max and not trying to be everything to everyone. I believe some day we will see Burke H.T.C. listed.

    • dan az

      I was told by many bankers that my color was wrong and thats the only reason they dont lend to whites know matter what your history or assests are

  • BigBadJohn

    Capitalism is the only system that rewards the hard working and industrious. However, regulations are required to prevent the sort of thing we saw with the S&L crisis and and banking crisis. What we do not need is 2000 page 50,000 new rule document.

    We need to hold politicians accountable, every single person voting on new regulation should be required to at least READ the document.

    • Poorgrandchildren

      “Reasonable” regulations and the lack of a transition period in the 1986 tax law caused the S&L crisis. Enough regulations equals fascism, and changing tax policy from encouragement to discouragement destroyed the artificial real estate values of 1985.

      • BigBadJohn

        * The Savings and Loan scandal is the largest theft in the history of the world.
        * Deregulation eased restrictions so much that S&L owners could lend themselves money.
        * The Garn Institute of Finance, named after Senator Jake Garn, co-authored the deregulation of the industry and received $2.2 million from industry executives.
        * Neil Bush, George Bush’s son, never servered time in jail for his part in running an S&L into the ground.
        * Represenative Fernard St. Germain, who was head of the House of Representatives banking, co-authored the deregulation and was voted out of office after other questionable dealings and was sent back to D.C. as an S&L lobbiest.
        * Charles Keating, when asked if massive lobbying efforts had influenced the government officials, he replies “I certainly hope so.”
        * The rip-off began in 1980 when the government raised the federal insurance on S&L’s from $40,000 to $100,000 even though the typical savings account was only around $6000.
        * Some of the seized assets were a buffalo sperm bank, a racehorse with syphilis, and a kitty litter mine.
        * James Fail invested $1000 of his own money to purchase 15 failing S&L’s. The government reimbursed him $1.85 billion in federal subsidies.
        * It sometimes took over 7 years to close failing S&L’s by the government.
        * When S&L owners who stole millions went to jail, their sentances were typically one-fifth that of the average bank robber.
        * The goverment bail out will cost the taxpayers around $1.4 trillion dollars when it is over.
        * If the White House had stepped in and bailed out the S&L’s in 1986 instead of delaying until after the 1988 elections, the cost might have been only $20 billion.
        * With the money lost from the S&L scandals, the government could have provided prenatal care for every American child for the next 2,300 years.
        * With the money lost from the S&L scandals, the government could have purchased 5 million average homes.
        * The authors of “Inside Job”, a book about the S&L scandal, found criminal activity at every S&L they investigated.

        • DaveH

          Why is it that Government creates volumes of regulations, then companies fail, then Government creates volumes of more regulations, then more companies fail, then……….

          Don’t you Liberals ever learn? There is no greater punishment banking officers or other corporate executives can suffer than to lose everything. The myriad hoops set up by regulations just cost our society even more money. They don’t guarantee against mediocrity. There is no guarantee for that. Human beings screw up. The more layers of Government “protection” there are, the more complex things become, and then people think they are safe thus taking no personal responsibility for their investments.
          All we need do is to make sure that corporate officers suffer for their own mistakes. A few simple laws would suffice to accomplish that.
          What is the Liberal answer to that? They give more of our money to those losers because they are “Too Big to Fail”. So, instead of the corporate officers suffering, they are bailed out. Unbelievable!

          The funny thing about these Liberals is that after all the teeth-gnashing over those dastardly banks, they refused to pass a bill that would simply force the Federal Reserve to disclose their actions to the public. So they want to regulate the hell out of the banks, but they allow the biggest bank of all, the one responsible for printing our money, to operate in secrecy.

          It is all about politics. What they really want is the power to shut down those organizations that don’t please the people in power. If they really cared about the common citizens, they wouldn’t be creating a mountain of debt for us and our children.

          • Granny Mae


            Amen, It is all crazziness huh !

          • Dan Burke

            See, the regulations are great for delaying (hiding) failure. Like a bandaid on a festering wound. When we have a festering wound, we’ll clean it first, maybe apply antibiotics, and let it heal. Government regulations often cover up the problem early on but does not prevent people from being human. So instead of the problem being discovered early on, it continues to fester until it does more damage than originally would have been incurred. Take all this banking regulations and the housing market. We were so worried about keeping our home prices going up and up (how many home owners “want” to lose money on their home value…), that we passed regulations to loosen up lending, to tighten down on drops in home value, etc etc. In other words, we as a nation chose to have government put a bandaid on what we feared would happen early on. A bandaid for those who couldn’t afford a home. A bandaid for bad credit. We had bandaids for all sorts of problems. However, all these bandaids did was allow us to think everything was fine and would heal themselves. Instead of banks being afraid to loan to someone who couldn’t afford a home, we assured them that the government (tax payers) would back that loan should the person default. Now I realize that this didn’t guarantee that those people would default, but there was good history and reasons why in the past banks had standards for giving out their loans as they did. As much as we decried it as discrimination, why are we surprised that so many loans ended up in default? We pressed for it. Because we gave them loans, this did not change their income. In fact, even some of the homeowner “fixes” implemented since the housing market collapse only delayed the inevitable. Even though many of these people received “forgiveness” of some degree, the underlying problem still exists that they CANNOT afford the home…. That is why some of us wanted GM/Chrysler to fail and NO government bailout. We wanted the market to fix itself. Which, by the way, Ford did to some degree and did not take the government money. If we hadn’t bailed out the financial institutions first, would GM/Chrysler have actually taken more aggressive approaches to fix their problems earlier. I am sure they knew they were failing for at least a little while before they ran to the government for money. Some of us had been suspecting it for a while and were just waiting to find out who “died” off first. We just weren’t them to all go running to the government for aid, and all at the same time no less…. And when the first bank was failing, if we had not bailed them out what would have happened differently? How many would have autocorrected back then? And if there hadn’t even been the GSE’s Fannie and Freddie back the bad mortgages (which I understand were originally GSEs then became private to take their losses off the government books and now are government entities once again now that the collapse has happened), would banks have stayed with more traditional money planning if they didn’t have that “insurance” to fall back on? And it is government regulations that allow banks to lend far more than they have in assets. Not sure what it was traditionally, but I suspect there was a day long ago in the past that to lend a dollar, they had to have a dollar. But now days, in our economy that we redesigned around our greed and deficit spending, a bank could lend ten dollars for every one dollar. Not a bad deal for the banks, as the money the lent out that was fictious could be converted to real cash and then turned around to lend out ten times as much again (and thus they would make even more on interest). See, if banks were allowed to fail from the beginning and none were propped up as too big to fail, then they would all take their cues from when banks failed making sure they were profitable and weren’t about to lose their wages tomorrow (or if they were, they would have incentive to fix it today). Now banks try to get the attention of senators, representatives, or The White House administration. So instead of fixing their problems when they could have a chance to save their business, they “bank” on government assistance until they get denied, at which point they may have waited too long and are past the point of failure. I say no to more government regs and yes to less. I would rather that they focus more on LAW, like enforcing existing laws and maybe fixing the ones that are broken (failing to enforce a law you don’t like is not really fixing the law but rather setting up a condition to make all law relative to subjective enforcement–today murder is illegal but tomorrow based on who it might be okay?). And to top all this stuff about regulations, quite often many of these problems already had regulations in place that could’ve/should’ve protected us. The problem is that the enforcement was neglected. Well, let me see, does creating more regulation fix the first problem? Because the first problem was failure to enforce regulation? Sounds to me that we’ll just have more regulations that are not enforced like they “should” because we again slapped on another bandaid instead of getting out our alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the wound, and then apply antiseptic as needed, etc etc.

          • DaveH

            Good Comment, Dan.

        • Deborah

          I worked for the FSLIC when it went under. There was corruption like you would not believe. Even then, it was all about doctored books and projections of success that were unrealistic.
          I had to see the people that lost their entire life savings and small business owners being told that they no longer had any of it. Of course they were covered up to 100k at the time, if it was in cash. This was an even bigger scam than last time!
          So that you know, the FSLIC was merely changed in name. Employees of the FSLIC went to the FDIC. Some went to the RTC, name and location change of the FSLIC, where it all started over.
          How is it we pay out billions of dollars in the US and never get a business venture repayment? I mean, the politicians gets in on all the big money ventures we invest in, i.e. 98 billion in Exploration for oil. We’ve found loads of oil, where is our repayment?
          The Congress should be reading the bills. The House should be reading the bills. Instead, they are looking for ways to start this entire cycle over again.
          Special Interest Money should not be that of the deal makers, it should be put against the National Debt.
          To much Fraud and dishonesty in our leads has got to be stopped. Corruption at the cost of our country!
          Not worth it, not worth it at all!

          • DaveH

            Corruption is a by-product of Big Government. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
            The only way to stop it is to greatly lessen the Government,s role in our economy. Especially in this age of the Internet, there is no excuse for people to not do their homework before they purchase a product or invest money. The Government’s role in business should be limited to enforcing fraud laws against those companies that lied to their customers.

    • Granny Mae


      I agree but I might go a little farther. First make all bills readable and as short as possible and they can only contain one subject. In other words no slipping in other little deals under cover. That is what is happening and down the road the Dems. will have laid all the ground work to change this country and government without us even suspecting. That is what is happening right now. All these bills that must be voted on right away are not the emergency that Pelosi says they are. It only , if we the people find out what is hidden in the bill we will put enough pressure on our state politicians to wake up and do their jobs and turn down those bills. Pelosi can’t have that so everything is an emergency and she will twist arms to get her way. Time to set ground rulls for bills and what they contain and it is long past time for term limits !

      • Vicki

        Look under campaigns and you will find 2 that match what you are asking for.

        Read the Bills (if they have to read them out loud the bills will be

        One Subject at a time.

        And for good measure you will find

        “Audit the fed” and “write the laws”

        • Kelly’s Hero

          Vicki, DownSizer is a very good action avenue to communicate with your elected representatives. I use them regularly.

          • Vicki

            Me too. I try to send at least one a day on at least 1 campaign.

  • L.M.Howell

    I don’t understand why aqll the democrats aqghree with Obuma even though he is so wrong about taxing the American people untill they won’t have money to buy food. hat is what he wants since he hates The American’s. He wants to see them all starve to death. He is the nearest to nothing to try and run our country I have ever seen. I pray that the Lord has something better in store for us. Americans pray for our country.

    • Granny Mae


      I will tell you what it is. Dem.s follow party no matter what, no matter who ! I had a dear old friend like that. She and her husband were Dems. through and through. They vote party no matter what. Don’t ask them to think or use their heads with some common sense because that is never going to happen. As long as they are loyal to the party they don’t have to think they just have to vote and then try to justify why their vote went so wrong. The statement I keep hearing is “Give him a chance”. They can’t see the nose on their face, and if they hear something that makes them begin to doubt their party choice then they will just not listen to those people again and they search out other like minded idiots ! I have had a 40 year friendship collapse with this election, because she wouldn’t see the writing on the wall. The last statement I got from her was “What the hell is socialism anyway? I don’t even know what socialism is ! ” My reply was sit down and look it up ! That was the last time we spoke. These are people with their head in the sand . They don’t want to look at what is going on. She told me once “well I’m just not the protester that you are”. My reply— You get what you deserve then !

      • dan az

        Ganny Mae
        you know whats worse is if its your own kin doing the same thing.
        to this day he still refuses to admit that he was wrong and will stay the course he’s on and argue that your a biget after explaining that I dislike all that have no common sense dose not make me a biget!the fight just goes on.

  • Bob

    He’s a free trader and we’ve seen over the last 20 years how it destroyed our manufaturing.He’s just another DC insider. He tried to push a flat tax that would have the rich paying less taxes.When I was in school the top tax rate was 89%. Now it’s 39%.

    • Poorgrandchildren

      Free trade did not destroy our manufacturing; fascism (excessive regulations and taxes) did.

      • s c

        Poorgrandchildren, people like ‘Bob’ also helped destroy American manufacturing. He’s too far gone to admit or understand it. “Useful idiot” is a polite way to describe his daily behavior.

      • DaveH

        It will amaze me to my dying day how these ignorant Liberals will rail about Free Trade where people make voluntary choices about what they will spend their money on, but offer in its place Big Government which forces their decisions on the rest of the citizens.
        How can replacing Corporate Officers (who either please their consumers or go out of business) with Government Power Brokers (who don’t care if the consumers are pleased or not) be an acceptable alternative to anybody who has half a brain?

        • s c

          DaveH, I know. Progressives recruit from the lower end of the simian gene pool (aka feces-slinging puppets in the ‘big tent’). They know their “newies” are already substandard, they are allergic to having any functional standards and they will follow ANY pre-approved Anointed Leader like a lemming or one of Pavlov’s dogs.
          It consistently results in people making wrong decisions at the wrong time and for all the wrong reasons. It is more dense than depleted uranium, and I hate it in all its many forms.

          • John


            Thank you very much, now it makes sense. Why the libs don’t make any that is.

          • American Citizen

            I’ve tried to talk to some of that kind of Dems and they are so partisan, they’ll sink with the ship rather than put on a vest. I think their brains harden and nothing new can get in,

          • DaveH

            They don’t want to face reality. Hopes and Dreams are a powerful drug.

          • kate8

            AC, I know. The libs just won’t hear anything negative against their idolized politicians. They simply block it out.

            Amazing. Like rats racing to board a ship because they think it’s filled with goodies, so they refuse to see that it is sinking.

      • Angelwannabe

        Poorgrandchildren, I said this before on many threads here, but here on the east coast, 25 years ago, our town thrived,_ in industry today only one industry many two smaller ones remains, and is now headed out to Nebraska__Half of the main street store fronts are empty, where each once was occupied and doing well___ If you don’t punch a cash register, work in computers, in the medical field, or work for yourself here in our town, your screwed for a job__Severe Regulation and massive tax and EPA has virtually killed our town!

        • American Citizen

          I believe you speak for a lot of small towns.


      It’s not important how much anyone pays in taxes. It is important how and why those taxes are spent. My tax burden has gone up and up under the Democrats control of Congress continuously over the last 45 years, and I am but a middle class person. A constant increase in the rate of F.I.C.A., sales, tobaco, and real estate taxes. When is enough enough? The Government supplies nothing of real value to me for my investment. I choose to end my investment. What don’t you understand. It is class envy that they constantly hold out the rich as a straw man argument. Do you want to become reach by stealing from those that are rich now? Don’t you know that is a violation of two of the Ten Comandments?


        rich not reach sorry.

      • DaveH

        Conservative, yes it’s a violation of “Thou shalt not Steal”, but even more importantly, it just doesn’t work for long. Most of the Rich got that way by providing desirable goods or services to the people. If all their money is confiscated, they sure aren’t going to keep providing those goods and services, so when those goods are used up we’re screwed. Pretty much the fate that Cuba has suffered.


      By the way, the top rate is 35%. Let’s flatten out all taxes including F.I.C.A. As medicare taxes are, and tax ALL earnings (dividends, capital gains, interest, etc.) at the same rate. Eliminate Property Taxes (real and personal) and Sales Taxes (which are regressive), and tell the Government this is all you can have unless you can come to the people with the justification for more.


        conservative at birth you rich dude?

        flatten dat tax

        who screams?

        Top 400 Incomes paid 16%
        Corporations paid 17%
        Flat Tax Total National Income?
        Flat Tax Total National Consumption?

        Income Numbers
        $12,000B Total
        Budget 3800B
        32% Flat Tax Required try and listen to Rich and Corporations yell

        Consumption numbers
        .70 X 15,000(gdp)
        $3800B Budget
        36% Flat Tax try it on for size of screaming

        Corp pay 17% and Rich pay 16% wow wow wow what an increase.


        • DaveH

          Corporations don’t pay taxes. People do. By necessity, when corporate taxes go up they pass it along to the consumers. How else would they stay in business?
          The same goes for the Rich. Money that they would have spent purchasing goods and services from other people instead goes into Government coffers where it is split up amongst the elected and unelected power brokers or otherwise wastefully spent. Little or nothing is produced by those Government expenditures. In fact, much of that money is spent harassing the people that are being productive. In other words, they are negatively productive in many cases.
          Where the tax money comes from is not the important issue. Where it goes to is the important issue.

          • RicSeag

            “little or nothing is produced….”

            Only roads, schools, military adventurism, income security to keep elderley healthy and in the market, product safety so the “producers” don’t poison us or destroy our environment in their quest for more personal gain, etc, etc. We can argue if govt is as effective as it can be, and the reasons why or why not it is effective, but to say government provides nothing is absurd.

          • DaveH

            I said “little or nothing”. And those things you mentioned would be more efficiently produced by the private sector. Even roads.

          • JC

            DaveH, Ric doesn’t get that in order to produce anything you must be able to provide something…that you actually “produce”. The government from his point of view just snaps its fingers and “voila” we have a road. Perhaps he doesn’t understand that the government gets the funding for this from the Federal Reserve wjhich is not Federal and has no Reserves. It’s a paper ticket factory. Also he doesn’t get that our income tax dollars are not used to build anything. They are 100% used to pay the “interest” on the loans of phoney money from the paper ticket factory. It’s hamster wheel of eternal, unnaccountable, irresponsible “control” over people. And that is exactly why it is set up the way that it is…Control.

            You’re damned right that private industry would do twice the job for half the price.

    • gregory


      10 % is a lot of money from all money levels, 10 % of a million dollars is alot to a so call’d rich person just as 10 % of 21 thousand dollars is alot of money to the person that earn’d that 21 thousand, i cant understand why some folks think millionairs should have to pay 51% and folks that make 21 thousand should only have to pay 10 %, how is that fair? why punish the millionair for his hard work and living the american dream, and reward the folks that dont have the drive to become millionairs ?? it just seams that the folks that want the rich to pay more are mad that they dont have the backbone to strive harder to live the american dream…

      by the way i am not a rich person, but im working hard to become one..

      • DaveH

        You’re a good man, Gregory.

        • gregory

          dave h


      • American Citizen

        I have never wanted to be “rich” as they have headaches I wouldn’t want. We have always had enough to live comfortably and give our children a decent education. Two nurses, a CPA, a teacher, a computer analyst, and the youngest works for a doctor. You don’t have to be “rich in money” to have a good life, just the freedom to live it without the government on your neck.

        • American Citizen

          We also invested so as to supplement our SS income. We have enough to live on and do what we are able to do. Hopefully, there will be something left to leave to our children and grandchildren.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            American Citizen,
            If the progressives have their way, you won’t leave your kids anything! They want to raise the inheritance tax more every year! Just another way to STEAL what doesn’t belong to them. It’s twice taxed. you pay tax when you make it and that includes the interest, then they want to tax it again when you leave it to your kids.

          • Vicki

            The inherentance tax is going to make an infinite jump to higher on Jan 1st 2011 when it goes from 0% to 55%. On the positive side a lot of living trusts will be created in response.

          • DaveH

            I was talking to a Liberal once about estate taxes. He said all the money should go to the government because the kids did nothing to deserve it. I told him “What did the government do to deserve it? And I love my kids. I don’t love the government”.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Dave H,
            Good answer! I would have loved to see his/her face!!!

    • Granny Mae

      We don’t have free trade. The only free trade is for foreign companies coming in here to sell and trade. When we go there they tax us out the a–! In fact we get taxed when we go to foreign countries to make our goods and still we can afford the tax better than trying to make it here. The unions are responsible for that. They have demanded such high wages and retirement payments and paid insurance that companies have to charge higher for their goods and then the rest of us in this country that don’t work for those companies can’t afford the goods and services we need, so we go to the Chinese imports to be able to take care of our families. Because of that the goods made in this country aren’t selling and they certainly can’t afford them in other countries. Because of that companies either fail or go out of the country to manufacture and then pay the duty to bring them back here so they can sell them. Now the unions have crawled in bed with Obama so he can force the rest of us to join unions ! Let me ask you, How much money do you think the unions get from their brotherhood? How much work do they do to earn it? If you the union member get a raise from the company you credit it to the union so when the union says we need to raise your union dues you say nothing and gladly give it up.. I shouldn’t say all members say nothing. There are a lot of them that see what is going on but the thugs keep them in line ! Unions are the most corrupt in this country today. Can you say Jimmy Hoffa ? It is graft plain and simple. When you can put a man or a woman on an assembly line that have no education, I’m talking 8th grade, and pay them $30.00 and $40.00 an hour to due one thing all day long then you will have their loyalty for ever. They may not be highly educated but they certainly are not stupid either. They will not bite the hand that feeds them ! It is control. If you control the food you control the person ! I came from a long line of union members in the auto industry and was a union member myself and even a union steward. I came to see first hand what was going on. It is corrupt from the inside out ! I paid a lot of union dues and got nothing for it. My company had to cut back so they busted our wages back and the union did nothing. They took away our retirement benefits and the union did nothing, they reduced our medical insurance and the union did nothing. They sent people to China to teach them how to build our product and the union said nothing. I could see that the company was getting all their ducks in a row to sell out in a few short years but everyone kept saying I didn’t know what I was talking about ! Guess what? They did just what I said they were going to do ! People just put their heads in the sand so they don’t have to think about it because it scares them. Listen up people, you don’t have to be afraid if you use your head and prepare in advance. All this talk about emergency preparedness isn’t something to be afraid of it is a time to prepare. If you never need it what do you have to loose? You can always use what you have set aside, but if you come to a time and you do need it and you never put it away how badly will you hurt ? We have put aside for storms but never for national clamity. If you loose your job how will you and your family eat? How will you make your rent or house payment? I can do without electricity. My family and I have gone camping for years and years so going without a lot of things isn’t a big deal to me, but loosing my home or my family going without food is a real big deal to me. I am prepared and so should you be. It is our responsibility as adults to ourselves and to our families. I have worked hard all my life and what I have I don’t want to loose ! Next time you go grocery shopping buy an extra bag of beans or flour, or a couple boxes of mac and cheese. Maybe an can or two of ravioli or what ever. It may just stand between you and big hunger one day soon !

      • Granny Mae

        Just a hint in case you listen to me. If you buy that extra bag of flour or boxes of product that you know will get weevils in it if stored too long, Put it in a siplock bag and squeeze out as much air as possible and put it in your freezer for a week or two. That will take care of any critters. Do it with rice also. Then you can put it in pails with lids or boxes or whatever and store it away in a closet or under the bed. Also invest in a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer. Buy frozen veggies and dehydrate them then seal them with your vacuum sealer and put them aside too. When kept in the dark they will keep for a long time. It isn’t hard work it just takes determination to accomplish. Our family has already had lay-offs and there was no unemployment bennifits available nor welfare either. Thank God we didn’t need them. We had planned for such things for our families and all is OK. Not real great but not real bad either. Please do this for yourself !

  • Poorgrandchildren

    Words have consequences.

    Capitalism is a word preferred by the not-progressive Regressives. I prefer free enterprise and freedom of enterprise.

  • chucky

    This administration’s master plan was to turn the American economy green and creating jobs by converting everything to solar and less dependency on oil. They thought that all of the just making my bills,working two jobs to survive families were just going to put a $50k plus investment into their in most cases already upside down homes. This was their plan to jumpstart the economy. The public did not buy it(some in better financial shape did,hell even Al Gore won’t convert his home with the 100′s of millions he made spewing his rhetoric LOL)anyone who was smart did not get put into this headlock waiting for the newer technology where you will be able to heat and power your home with smaller panels. Also. This administration did not break down the word capitolism. When the banks and GM, Chrysler, were going belly up. They should of said to them lesson to be learned, now some other company will CAPITOLIZE on the situation and purchase what is left of your company for pennies on the dollar. A good example is Fiskar bought a Deleware auto plant to produce it’s electric cars. This bailout was done for one reason to save the greedy union bastards that bled the auto companies dry. The banks should of had been investagated(I know martha stewart is the only felon on Wall Street LOL)and corporate officers should of went to jail like Enron’s if found to sell investments they knew were losers from the start. If Goldman Sachs was caught bilking the public(and they were) there should be fraud charges not a big monetary fine. People needed to be held responsible for their actions that caused this.(omg I said the R word LOL) But a company would of bought them out instead of the government bailing them out. I admire the Ford Motor Company for telling them to go to hell we will fix it ourselves. Next new car will be a Ford or Lincoln (seems the American public agrees selling more new cars than the other 2)

    • gregory


      no more chevy trucks for me either, i will give ford my business for now on, starve the turn coats out…teach them a lesson for selling out to the thugs, reward ford for not rolling over…

      • s c

        Gregory, RIGHT ON! SCREW DETROIT (Detroit’s whores, that is). I will consider Ford, and the others can look forward to a predictable economic fate.
        Fair is fair, and man, is Detroit staring down the barrel of poetic justice. Comrade Lenin finally got
        what he wanted – thanks to Herr Obummer. Savor the flavor, you miserable Detroit mammy jammers.

        • gregory

          s c

          i like your style..

        • Bob

          I always thought Ford was located in Detroit. What does sc stand for, stupid commie?

          • DaveH

            That’s why he said “Detroit’s whores, that is”, you stupid Liberal.

          • Claire

            DaveH– My full size van is a Chevy. It is a ’94, an 8 cylinder, has a car chassis and rides like a dream. I have 167,342 miles on it and it is still running like a top. Other than routine maintenance plus a fuel pump, a water pump, plugs and points, routine oil changes, and tires, it has been a jewel. The air conditioner/heater is marvelous. It has been all over the USA. It never broke down on me while traveling. It gets a “physical” every May and in November. I have always properly maintained it, and I get 21 miles to the gallon on the interstate. I know that isn’t the best mileage but then I haven’t had a car payment for years and years. My ’69 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport gets less mileage, not driven much, but it is a dandy. Bob has a 2002 Jeep and I like it too. I guess when we have to trade, it will be for a Ford. Although I do like Chevys. Can’t help it–I grew up with them.

        • gregory

          s c

          i understood what you meant!!!

    • JC

      For sure…never again will I buy anything from
      Government Motors Corp.
      There’s a brand new Ford pick up in the driveway though. :)

      • gregory


        i never liked ford untill i saw chevy tun coat..
        there is a brand new ford super duty in my drive way as well, still has the paper plates on it , my whole family is starting to make that transition as well, give gov-chevy a lesson and starve them out for taking the gov candy, tell a friend that tells a friend and before you know it we all give them a lesson.
        chevy should have just plain and simple fil’d bankruptcy and reopen’d as a non union shop, the money saved would have gone into a quality product instead of decreasing in quality, bring back the chevy 454…

        • JC

          It must be catching. There are 9 pick ups on my street, 8 are new Fords, one is a new Dodge…no Chevy’s.

          • gregory

            j c

            i have seen this trend in my area as well and think its funny .

          • DaveH

            I love it.

        • American Citizen

          We drive a ’96 Chrysler and it has served us well and still is. We cannot afford to buy a new car, but until we bought the Chrysler, we had Fords. They were good cars. We cannot buy a small car as my husband is handicapped due to strokes and would not be able to get in one. There are things to consider besides being “green”. We still get good gas mileage and have had very few maintenance problems. Now that I’ve said that, I’d better knock on wood.

      • Granny Mae


        ditto. My husband was always a Chevy man but no more ! He said he will never buy another Chevy as long as he lives. It is Ford all the way!

        • JC

          They’re actually a really good truck. my F150 is pulling a 28 ft. travel trailer that weighs about 6 tons loaded down…with very good performance. The new Ford 1/2 tons are the only make I know of rated for that kind of weight.

          • JC

            Correction…not 6 tons but 6000lbs.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I THOUGHT that was a real strong truck!! LOL! Just kiddin!

          • JC

            Yeah for sure Joe…it’s actually rated for 11,500lbs. The highest rating out there for a 1/2 ton.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I had a 70 F100 pick-up that I adapted to 3/4 ton springs, 150# airshocks, heavy duty drivetrain. I carried over one ton in it on the turnpike many times taking steel to my father. That thing would go just about anywhere, too. I miss that truck now!! It even got 20 miles to the gallon!

    • Granny Mae


      Amen, you said it all ! No one is held responsible any more ! Too bad for us !


    Where are all the Commies this morning. Sleeping, I imagine. More Government is the problem not the solution. We need to be vigilent in these perious times. It will take at least 10 years to correct all of this nonsense that has been foisted upon us.

    • gregory

      39 years just to return to the level we were at just 2 years ago!!

      • DaveH

        Maybe not. Our country has gone through sea changes of policy in very short time in the past. Usually bad though. But we can do this. It is just a matter of waking up enough citizens to get the ball rolling. And I think the Internet will work out to be a major player in that. Obama knows that, which is why he’s trying hard to gain control over it.
        We need to focus our energy on electing representatives who will promise to roll back the size of Government dramatically. If they don’t keep those promises, then out they go on the very next election.
        There is a political party that has stood on those principles since their inception, but they have been swept under the rug by the two major parties who enjoy the fruits of our loss of freedom. That political party is the Libertarian Party.
        Many people fear their drug stance. But let’s face it, the drug wars have been a costly, miserable failure, not to mention being the excuse for much loss of our freedom with Nazi-style raids on innocent victims, etc:

        And others fear the Libertarian belief that we should not be the World’s Policemen. Again, what have we really accomplished with that? Do you think when we finally give up on Afghanistan and Iraq that they are going to become peace-loving nations? That is not to say that we shouldn’t defend our own country rigorously. But, we could have accomplished that after 911 by punishing Afghanistan hard, and then get the flock out. After a few such rounds of that, they would not mess with us again.

        The Libertarian Party believes that the Government has no business protecting people from themselves. Government’s only role should be to protect us from the force of others. Instead, they have become the Forcers. Who protects us from them?

        • gregory

          dave h

          i think we should work on a law that says if a politician doesent
          live up to the promises they made on the trail that got them elected, then they will be fired and have to spend a minimum of one year in a federal prision, that might help to drive out some of the corrupt, one year for telling half truths as well, or any lie for that matter…

  • FreedomFighter

    A return to the values and principles that made America the greatest nation ever in the history of the human race cant be bad us or humanity as a whole, except for the Marxist/Progressive Liberals and evil Communist elite.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      I agree.

  • OtherTim

    One doesn’t have to look too far back in history, or even look at current Socialist states, where the only goods and services are supplied by the govt. Soviet Union, N. Korea, Cuba, old China. Those products were second rate, poorly managed, inefficiently designed and built, and distribution intermittant. Only those in power or that had some connection to power, have access to the good stuff, which usually came from the U.S. free market.
    To think that our govt. can do a better job at producing/managing goods and services (health care, cars, energy, banks, etc) than the pvt sector is, ludicrous.

  • JC

    For those who don’t understand what the Kenyan’s economic policies are all about, the article below will show you where he is trying to take us. And in all fairness it started long before he was in office.
    But! This administration has brought us closer to the brink of this disaster much faster than any previous administration.

    The New Push for a Global Currency
    by Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. on August 6, 2010

    You surely didn’t think that the governing elites would let this economic crisis pass without pushing some cockamamie scheme for control. Well, here is the cloud no bigger than a man’s hand, a revival of a 60-year-old idea of a global paper currency to fix what ails us.

    The IMF study that calls for this is by Reza Moghadam of the Strategy, Policy, and Review Department, “in collaboration with the Finance, Legal, Monetary and Capital Markets, Research and Statistics Departments, and consultation with the Area Departments.” In other words, this paper shouldn’t be ignored.

    It’s a long-term plan, but the plan has the unmistakable stamp of Keynes:

    A global currency, bancor, issued by a global central bank would be designed as a stable store of value that is not tied exclusively to the conditions of any particular economy…. The global central bank could serve as a lender of last resort, providing needed systemic liquidity in the event of adverse shocks and more automatically than at present.

    The rest of the article:

  • JiimCO

    How Capitalism will save us … wasn’t it free market capitalism and fewer regulations that got us into the mess we are in? Sure since 2001 Bush warned that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed a tighter rein … so why didn’t Congress act then? Was it because they were carrying out Forbes other belief of less regulations? After the crash of 1929 Congress put in the Glass-Steagall act to separate the banks from Wall St. … to keep them from investing your money in risky endeavors. Yet for all these years it has been the hope of the GOP to rid us of that pesky regulation which Phil Gramm finally pushed thru in 1999 … and lo and behold, it is almost 1929 again! It was a republican president and congress that looked the other way from 2001 to 2006 as the housing bubble and the stock market heading to over 14,000 that had them not wanting to do anything that would upset this apple cart.

    And yet you want to put them back in charge? Didn’t Steve also have something to say about that: “You don’t reward bad behavior by giving them more of the stuff that got them in trouble,” he declared. “If someone’s been on a bender, don’t give them another bottle of booze and say, ‘okay, next time get it right.’ That won’t work; even it’s a very good brand.”

    • JC

      Your thinking is a little too short term and fixated on Bush.
      He’s gone get over it.

      And no, it isn’t free market capitalism that got us into this mess.
      It’s “Corporatism / Fascism” that did it.

      Government involvement removes motivation, innovation and productivity from the market place and we’ve had far too much of that.

      • Bob

        What do you think the odds are of the next president changing things. Nil

        • JC

          Bob, that’s exactly the problem isn’t it?
          We need to let them know “loud and clear” that we will not put up with this Globalist BS any more. We need to sweep DC clean on a regular basis.

          • s c

            JC, if you read between the lines, ‘Bob’ is claiming that Herr Obummer is perfect, and we might as well surrender and (somehow) endure his being in the Whore House for life. ‘Bob’ won’t admit it, but that’s what he meant.
            Most Americans will tell you that a year and a half of Herr Obummer’s insanity has been more than enough. Four years of Herr Obummer will seem like 40 years of FDR.

          • Bob

            The banks and the corporations pick who will be elected. That’s why I said it doesn’t make a bit of difference. SC watches Fox news and thinks he knows the truth. I’ve been trying for 40 years to show people what’s happening in our country but it’s useless. Most people on this site think that our problems started with Obama.

        • Granny Mae


          Our problems sure didn’t start with Obama but they darn sure need to end with him ! There is corruption everywhere in Washington and we need to clean it out and then set term limits so they can’t do this again, plus they all need to be held responsible, right down to prosicution and jail time ! What they have all done to this country is criminal !

          • dan az

            No truer words said!

        • s c

          B, you did it again. Either you’re a closet progressive, or you have an Obummer-sized ego (or BOTH). For YOUR information, Einstein, I don’t get Fox News on TV OR on a radio. Wish I did. So whiz off. If I want to consult with people who have done a lot more research than I have, I KNOW where to look.
          Blast your way out of that closet and get at least one foot in the real world. If you’ve learned much in the last 40 years, you sure didn’t find a way to make it apparent.

      • JiimCO

        Really, and if Gore or Kerry had been president during this time, you wouldn’t be blaming them for the financial meltdown? Reagan was still blaming Carter for the recession he inherited in his 1982 State of the Union, I figure I still have 6 more months of blame Bush by that calculation.

        And I always thought it was Wall St’s innovation to use these derivatives that motivated them to make and sell more!

        • s c

          JiimCO, kindly remember that Wall Street got what it wanted because the federal government BLESSED the concept. Without that damned ‘blessing.’ derivatives would have been outlawed or prevented via common sense. Wall Street does NOTHING unless it cooperates with Uncle Scam – ALWAYS.

          • JiimCO

            I don’t think blessed is quite the word I would use … for the money Wall St pays their lobbyists, they expect results when they come back from a day on Capitol hill. Wall St is nothing more than Vegas and derivatives are like those crazy side bets for the Super Bowl, who will score first and will he thank his momma or God first. But everyone understands that those are just sucker bets while derivatives are outright ways to cheat you out of your money as Proctor and Gambel found out in 1993. Bankers Trust Co sold them some derivatives that lost them a whole lot of money and so they sued and got ahold of taped conversations where the traders are laughing on how they are taking P&G to the cleaners! The charade should have been stopped then but like I said, Wall St don’t pay their lobbyists for nothing.

        • JC

          This crap goes all the way back to Alexander Hamilton.
          Feel free to research.

          • s c

            JC, been there. Done that. If you want a challenge, get a progressive to read it, understand it, and accept it. It makes whizzing up a tree and getting soaked seem like a fun and rewarding activity.

          • JC

            I know your in the know SC…we had a chat about it a while ago.

        • DaveH

          For anybody who doesn’t understand what “derivatives” are:

          • DaveH

            You should also read this:

            Derivatives has become a buzz word for those who want to further hobble banking and related firms with more Government hurdles. Most people don’t have a clue what they are, but are quick to take the Government’s word that they are the root of all evil. Whether consumer banks should be allowed to trade in them is questionable, but I believe the consumers themselves should be the regulators. If they don’t like where the banks invest their money, they should move their money to another bank. That brings up a valid Government function – that is to require full disclosure on the bank’s investments so that the consumer knows where their money is being invested. Then leave it up to the depositors if they want to accept that or not.

  • Ken Brinzer

    As for Rob’s comments regarding Chip’s contention that free market capitalism will save us, I agree with both Chip and with Rob and that’s because I believe it is the only economic system that is consistent with individual freedom of human beings, a gift from almighty God that allows individuals and groups to prosper as they see fit, as long as it is consistent with just behvavior.

    Think why it is that historically communist totalitarian states had neither free market capitalism (diversity), nor allowed for neither dissent nor free speech (again diversity), and denied freedom of religion which allowed for the recognition of the universal rules of a supreme being i.e. for standards (a vision of justice), that could trump wayward ideas promulgated by state leadership as they might arise.

    Could that be part of why our coinage proclaims the idea “In God We Trust?”

    • DaveH

      I don’t believe there is a God, but I do believe in Freedom of Religion. Every person should be free to believe what they want to believe as long as it doesn’t involve force on others.
      I think Liberals dislike Religion (especially Christianity) because it stands in the way of their ultimate goal which is Total Control of our lives. Those pesky religions teach such things as “Thou Shalt Not Steal”. Nowhere in that Commandment is the qualifier that Stealing is Okay if done by a large enough Gang. The same goes for “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Again, there is no qualifier that makes it okay if the Gang is large enough.

  • Attilla

    The most in debt American cities are the ones that have elected the liberal elite for 50 years or so. They all have public unions and intitlement mentality in common.
    Marxist/progressive ideology has to have a stake driven through it’s “collectivist” mentality once and for all.

    • JC

      My first thought is the industrial powerhouse that was Detroit.
      And after 50 years of welfare, unions and just plain TOO MUCH Government…is a third world city.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        My sister and Aunt used to live in Dearborn hts. It used to be a real pretty suburb. now it’s a dump!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Narxist deocrats never like capitalism, they want total government control over everything. Wheather it is prices or a widget, government control of production wheather it is grain or fuel. Any moron that thinks diffeerent is either a hard core marxist and a unAmerican moron.Democrats have been medelling in businesses to cause failure and econic messes. Just look how the finacial reform bill is slowing businesses, the $600 dollar reports to tyhe IRS, still think the socialist corrupt marxist democrat party care about the USA economy, they are for total government employment, government run businesses, government total regolations on everything, down to what citizens get paid for wages, This last 2 years proves their socialist leanings.


    Why Why Why
    Do International Polls show consistently that residents in Socialist Nations are much Happier than in Capitalistic nations???WHY?

    Largest Capitalistic nation in world has most unhappiest people.

    WHY? Corpocracy is not Democracy. Aristocracy is not Democracy.

    Study Democratic Socialist Germany.
    Whups America on most measurments of success.
    We are an ego nation. Look in the mirror.

    Ok I am moving. Siberia here I cometh.

    • DaveH

      Ignorance is Bliss?

    • Karolyn

      Love it! I saw a piece on TV about Sweden where it’s “one for all and all for one.” They live very simply and don’t need a lot of “stuff.” They are HAPPY!! They can leave babies in carriages on the sidewalk and not have to worry about them. They feel that people are more important than things. They don’t argue politics amongst themselves and truly love their neighbor. This country could never be that way because of selfishness and greed and the big fat ego. And we can never go back to simpler times. The deed is done. I’m just glad I was raised in the 50s and 60s and that I never had kids. When’s the next boat for Sweden? It would be so wonderful not to have to hear all the BS coming out of all the mouthes that all know how to fix things amd what’s wrong with the other guy. It ain’t fixable unless we all come together as brothers and sisters; and you know damn well that ain’t happenin’!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        There’s an old saying about that. Don’t let the door hit you in the AZZ!!!!

    • coal miner


      Are you talking about most of the socialistn countries, Marxian or non Marxian?You may have a point on some things.I am checking out some of the websites.Here is one of them. · Cached page


    Note how Big Ten banks are making big profits

    One way Fed lets them have money with 1/4th of one percent interest.
    They borrow it and then buy government bonds at 3-4%.
    Folks! This is so stupid it is hard to believe.

    How can this be allowed?

    I is simple.Put WSA agents in charge of government finances is how it is done A SHAME ON US.

    • DaveH

      Sure, how about this?
      Why do we allow Government Employees to earn more than most of us who pay the bills are earning?

    • DaveH

      Yes, curse those banks for making profits. They should give their services freely like those generous Union members do.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Didn’t you know all the PROGRESSIVE banks do that??? Free everything. Oh wait, there are no progressive banks. Maybe that’s why!!!

  • Fempatriot

    I believe there should be a cap on just how much wealth an individual should be able to have. The Rothschild banking family of Europe (that also owns the 12 banks that make up the Federal Reserve) owns half the world’s wealth. they started back in the Middle Ages by loaning money to royalty, assured that they would get it back with interest. Usury. A plague on the world now. They have had the power to start (or end) wars–and have used it. They can outbid any opposition, and silence any dissent. So capitalism has not worked well for most of us because it worked so well for the Middle Ages bankers who now control the world’s wealth–or nearly all of it. I don’t believe in “free market” if that means that the United States has to compete with China’s slave labor companies that churn out all the JUNK we can buy so cheaply but is just that: cheap goods. There was a time when all foreign goods had tariffs levied on them–and the USA was not drowning in debt. Yes, capitalism is fine…to a point. But then Steve Forbes is one of the lucky ones, and would be enthusiastic about it in all ways. Certain things in this country are bankrupting individuals. One of them is health care. A devastating illness can ruin a family economically–which is why I believe in universal health care (which is working pretty well in Europe,Great Britain, and Canada.) Some Canadians are afraid to come to the USA for any extended stay–for fear they might get sick on our soil and be bankrupted before they could get home to their universal health care. Just a few of my objections to cut-throat, dog-eat-dog capitalism as it is being practiced in the USA today. (And we have a lot of socialism too, which people who get it seem to like: welfare, free school lunches, medicare, medicaid, farm subsidies for huge agribusinesses, and probably other “freebies” that I don’t know about.)

    • JC

      Ummm…no, no limit on wealth. But DO apply a justice system that prohibits private interests from influencing government policy.
      Make it an endictable offense punishable with serious prison time.

    • Robert Stuhrman

      You are really whacko!

    • s c

      Fem, you contradicted yourself before you got started. Just HOW do we stop the Rothchilds from getting richer? Are you implying that Americans can somehow stop people who tend to live in other countries from getting richer by ‘capping’ their income? That’s one of the many insane things Obummer wants.
      What you seem to suggest comes straight out of the alinsky/Obummer tech manual. Whoever told you that most of the Rothchild clan lives in America lied to you. If you were talking about Gates or Buffet, that would be a different matter. The idea that some people are ‘too rich’ is the other side of the same coin and it says that we can’t have enough people who are poor. Think about it, Fem.

    • DaveH

      Take off those Green-Eyed glasses, Fem. How much wealth somebody accumulates is not the problem. If Government provides them special consideration, that is a problem. And that special consideration increases as we allow Government to grow ever larger. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
      Barring Bribes, what harm does it do for people to acquire lots of wealth? Other than stirring up the juices of envious people? I would bet good money that those Rich people spend their money a lot less wastefully than does the Government.
      The bottom line for any economy is the amount of productivity that goes on. What makes people more productive? Is it Slavery? Doubtful, look to the USSR for evidence of that. Or is it Incentive? We became the Wealthiest Nation on Earth because we had the incentives created by Free Markets, property ownership, and voluntary contracts. We no longer have Free Markets. Crony Capitalism rules the day. That and greedy (power and money) Government Leaders.
      If you want to join the ranks of the Rich instead of trying to drag them down, then push for the return of Free Markets. That’s your best shot.

    • Bob

      You can’t educate these people that are brainwashed by the MSM.

    • ValDM

      Apparently, you don’t live in a border state to Canada. Many of those
      folks step across the border to get health care because of the wait
      time there. I don’t mean just elective surgeries….I’m talking about plain
      old health care. I live in WA state and we see plenty of Canadians
      in our hospitals and clinics here.

    • Pete from Australia

      Fem, You have a few things wrong! You assume that because someone had great wealth, it makes someone else poor. Not true! If you re-distributed all the wealth so everyone had the same amount, in 10 years the same people would be wealthy, and the rest back where they started.
      If the Rothschilds have great wealth, well, it says a lot for their acumen, and possibly a role model for other bankers who go broke through incompetence and fraud.
      You have to be really smart to hold on to your money in the face of rapacious governments!
      We had a great private health system until the socialists started their “universal health system”. Now we have problems all through the health system, and it takes a huge chunk of our Federal budget.
      I find this forum interesting as we have a similar system, and our economy is linked to yours, and we have similar political parties.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      all the banks and other lending institutions charge interest on loans. It’s only usury when you charge excessive interest!! Like the Rothschilds did!

      • DaveH

        There is a non-government solution to usury interest rates. Don’t borrow the money!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Amen to that!!!

  • Sylvia Keppy-Dow

    We should have elected Steve Forbes president when we had the chance. I worked on his campaign back then and he is one of the most real and genuine people I’ve ever met… PLUS, the guy is genius about money and the economy…

  • slickporsche

    I hope with all my heart that Steve Forbes will run for president again. I will vote for him just like I did the last time. Trouble is, the American public is so programmed, they vote for all the deadbeats.Look at the deadbeat we have in the White House now!! Steve Forbes would be a very sensible choice, if Americans had the brains to realize it. They seem to be drawn to idiots like Clinton, and Obama.

    • DaveH

      Yeah, but he’s not handsome. I kid of course, but it is a fact that my mother (a Democrat) told me “how could anybody vote for that man, he’s so ugly” (about George Bush).

      • libertytrain

        DaveH – sadly, my mother voted for clinton because she thought he was so handsome even though he was proved to be a cad while he was running. I personally thought W was a good looking guy but that would have nothing to do with my voting choice.

  • JeffinCO

    The problem is we have two political parties. One practices socialism, but the other doesn’t practice capitalism. The reason we have Obama, Reid and Pelosi is Republicans were poor stewards of capitalism. They stood by while stupid govt policies, the Fed and 2 GSAs initiated a housing bubble (and Republicans still crow about the good economy during 6 of 8 Bush years while the bubble inflated). Since Democrats are socialists, Republicans need to realize they are 100% responsible for the economy. The problem with socialism is socialism. The problem with capitalism is capitalists. Republicans must protect the economy from stupid or wayward “capitalists” so that socialists aren’t elected to office.

  • Larry S

    Moral of the story when you take away any potential REWARD for taking a RISK ……….. all the ROCKET SCIENCE folks can sit back and watch the slide.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    I usually agree with most of what people say about the present administration but do not like it when someone says they are stealing our government, they won’t let us do this or that, and company’s are afraid to hire because they don’t know what the new rules are.

    I say, ignore the new laws that the majority of the people are against, and do business as usual. When the Congress passes these 2,000 page bills which not one of them can tell whats in them, we should pay them no mind. When the President tells some business that they cannot operate for six months, ignore it and keep on doing business in the same old way(if its honest). When I study our Constitution, I see nothing that gives the president this right. Even Congress can not stop a business from operating unless they have specific charges against them, and they have been found guilty by a court of law.

    • DaveH

      Easy to say when it’s not your money or business at stake.

      • Betsy

        Dave, you are very correct in that the government has successfully implemented the fear tactic of losing everything one worked so hard for if they don’t bow to the god of government.
        That is when it comes to having to make the decision like our Founding Fathers did. Money or freedom?
        Thankfully, they chose freedom, many giving up all their wealth, and yes, some were very wealthy, and some gave their lives.
        Freedom exacts sacrifice. That’s the rules of the game.
        I own a small kennel, and face this political correctness crap everyday, thanks to the Humane Society of the United States, PETA, ASPCA, etc. I personally know people who have lost their kennels to false charges because seizing and reselling those dogs is fast, easy money.
        Fighting back for what is their constitutional rights has broken many kennels financially, but they would do it all over again. These groups fully realize that many of the things they do are unconstitutional, but they don’t care.
        Just like congress. They either know it or flat out don’t care. Whatever will fund their re-election bid.
        It’s all about the money, honey.
        The money god has replaced the true God.
        So, I ask America, which will you chose? Money of freedom?

        • Hirize


    • Bruce David

      I agree. When we put up with the nonsense these traitors attempt to force down our throat, we do become self created victims. Most Americans need to refresh themselves of a civil disobedience tool called jury nullification so if they find themselves serving on a jury with a “crime” they cannot agree with, we have a legitimate means of fighting government injustice.

    • Deborah Brown

      Thank You! Someone finally said out loud what many of us have been thinking! “Owebama” conveniently supports the Constitution when it supports his radical views. For the most part, he ignores our Constitution! I cannot wait until November to “throw the bums out!”
      Deb Brown

      • Hirize

        Well said!!!!!!!

    • rsykes

      I like your ideas about ignoring unconstitutional laws/rules, wish that would work better. The gov’t would simply use the Justice Dept to collect fines or the IRS to harass the company and it could bankrupt the company while the gov’t simply uses taxpayer money to pursue the cases. I agree that we must use all means to RESIST the federal gov’t s power grabs..

    • Betsy

      Right on! Have thought the same thing many times.
      Unfortunately, backbone is a rare commodity anymore. The brainwashing of political correctness begins in the public schools and began many years ago with the “do your own thing” philosophy. I’m right, he’s right, she’s right. No absolutes.
      The subtle tactics of Hitler to bring people, mainly the Jews, into submission is now and has been for a while, being practiced in the animal world by the Humane Society of the United States. This group, among others, is just another arm to fulfill the progressive movement.
      these are not just rhetorical words, but knowledge from actual experiences.
      Just take a look at all the laws being pushed by the HSUS in regards to farming and pets. They are based more on emotion than any actual science or facts, though they do a lot of huff and puff bluffing.
      What one sees is many times staged. Again from actual knowledge, can provide documented resources.
      There are good Americans that will stand in defiance of the carefully orchestrated destruction of our country.
      I am one of them.
      Are you?

    • Richard

      A strong “right-on” to you for your common sense article. It’s too bad Bobby Jingel didn’t just hire the skimmers and tell BHO that it’s his state that will be affected, not Chicago. And Jan Brewer should have told him that Arizona will do the job he won’t and send him the bill when it is done.

      Not enough of our timid, spineless representatives will stand up and tell the truth by shouting “YOU LIE” a few times a day. Maybe the crooks in charge will get the message.

      Anyone that votes for a representative or senator that has voted to destroy our economy and saddle our kids with debt must be some sort of stupid, like the lowest sort. Good article, keep them coming.

    • Harold

      The problem according to me is a simple law can be made extremely complex by using a choice of words and our president is known for that.
      Health care for example, he spoke, spoke, spoke the same, same, same things over and over again, like how can he expect us to understand the bill,{2000 pages} and get congress to pass it almost overnight?
      America is being duped by what people believe is truth but is it? after all is said and done, then we can see even medicaid is not even accepted by some hospitals and doctors. all because words are minced and ground up like verbal diarhea and meaning things other than what they were intended to be

    • Sid Stengel

      The problem with your statement about ignoring the government is that it won’t work. The government ( Whitehouse and congress ) have ultimate power to put you in line via the IRS and law enforcement.
      The IRS alone has shut down many businesses. The only way we can put things right is to get the idiots that have been in control since 2006
      out of congress and get an American in the White House. Excuse me, they are not idiots, they know exactly what they are doing. Turning America into a socialist nation.

    • Alex

      I understand what you are saying, Lloyd, but if they “ignore” the law…they are breaking the law. I don’t think business owners want to risk jail time. Everyone is clueless as to what kind of tax increase will come in January. The PIT and business tax is likely to rise significantly. How significantly…we do not know. Property tax may increase by 50% due to the shortfall in education dollars. Because of this anti-business environment that the administration has created…I would be hanging onto my dollars as well. I am confident that November will be the catalyst to turn things around as long as fiscally concerned citizens vote this congress OUT. We can protest, petition, call, fax, visit etc. and it has all fallen on deaf ears. It is not like they are supposed to represent us or anything. (sarcasm). The only “hope” we have is to “change” this congress.

    • Hirize

      Could not agree with the author of this article more. Treat the rogue thugs like what they are…rogue thugs but we need to go beyond ignoring their bad “law”. If people in this country do not wake up to the fact that Barry and the so-called “Congress” are not controlling anything and find out who really is, we will never have the popular support to accuse, charge and hold those really responsible accountable. The criminals of the “Federal Reserve”, the US Military Industrial Complex, the international off shore bankers and multi-national corporations have been controlling everything going on in this and ever other country and hiding behind illegitimate bogus “government’s” long enough. It’s high time to expose them and destroy them.

    • James Dunham

      Thanks for the message here. I would only hope that all will follow the plan, but we both know that will not happen. This drives me crazy when people become “sheep” and do what someone else asks them to do. They do not think for themselves but do as they are told. There are about 10billion brain cells located between the human ears;most of which are on unemployment.

    • Peter Carson

      In my opinion, I believe an alternate strategy must be employed to crash the economy – rather than allowing it to continue. My suggested recommendations are as follows :

      1. Assess personal needs, food, medicine, personal protection, cash and cash alternatives per silver.

      2. Liquidate all pensions, 401K, RRSP, and retirement investments.

      3. Apply for as many credit cards and loans as possible.

      4. Sell personal residence – or walk away from underwater mortgages.

      5. Use credit, savings and cash from liquidation to buy supplies, using cash to negotiate purchases without paying taxes.

      6. Buy and store supplies, including lots of ammunition – which will be valuable for bartering and personal protection.

      7. Send notices to all creditors refusing to pay any and all debts.

      8. Send notices to all federal, state, provincial, county and municipalities of intention not to pay any taxes.

      9 Remain in your home for as long as possible – using the JUST-US sham court system to delay removal as long as possible.

      10. Wait.

      If only 10 Million people in the U$ / canaDUH? refused to pay taxes, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans – within weeks the numbers will double and continue growing on an exponential curve.

      Within 3-6 months the entire fiat fractional reserve Bankstering system will be paralized and brought to a halt.

      Wars in the ME will be stopped overnight – because neither O-bomber or the harper ottawa Nazi’s will have money to fund killing fields.

      Peter Carson

    • Curtis Mills

      This is called “nullification,” and it has been used to quietly bring down governments. We forget that government clerks (even the president is merely a hireling, we should remember that) have no power whatsoever unless they can coerce others to do their bidding. No wars, no regulation enforcement, no tax collection, nada, zilch, “0″.

    • Russ

      Wrong!!! Capitalism is just another catch word used by those who
      made it through the luck of the draw. Show me a court that is honest
      and uses the real rule of law and then you can tell me about how capitalism rules the day. The fact is, welfare is mostly spent on the capitalist rich, just like the recent bailouts. Any government that speaks we the people is automatically socialist in nature. Capitalism is just another excuse for greed and one person having way too much for one person. Capitalism would be a good thing if it was based on decency. How many of you think those hollywood stars deserve those giant paychecks? How about the ball players? It is sick and it is not good for a country that prides itself on being Christian. I’ll trust the Lord and stay poor or let him meet my needs. Money has a way to create evil people hell bent on domination over others and gives them a false sense of worth. NO, I don’t like the opposite side either…Obama is a giant failure. I was a Ron Paul supporter for the most part. Capitalism equals monopoly which equals lots of broke and suffering folks, since the majority is always the payers of the fees to make the capitalists and government robbers rich. I cannot post in this blog what I think about some who wrote here because some capitalist scum would want to put me in jail and use his money to buy a Judge and a few police officers.

    • Jennie Walsh

      It is very easy for an innocent individual to be found guilty in a court of law when so many judges and prosecutors are members of the organized crime syndicate that is now running, plundering and destroying America and the liberties of the American people. What can be done about it? see for a free seminar also see and restoreamericaplan

    • http://TheLibertyTreeLantern Capt. Karl

      Philisophically I totally agree, let’s just ignore them on anything that is not within the eighteen enumerated powers in The Constitution under Article 1 Section 8. Unfortunately, they have the guns and the jails; and, they are not opposed to using them to oppress We The People who did establish and ordain these Laws on Them in order to form a more perfect Union of independent and sovereign nation States.

      We need to have United Civil Discourse by the tens of millions. We need to refuse to finance the U.S. Government until they are in compliance with the Law, word for word, especially, but not limited to,the enumerated powers and money clauses of Article 1 Sections 8 and 10 as further supported in Law in the 9th and 10th Amendments in The Bill of Rights.

    • Thomas R Thole

      If new laws do not agree with the Constitution, why must we adhere to them? If we follow the laws that are against the Constitution that would make us just as guilty as the creators of the new imposing bogus laws !! They (the government) can’t put all of us in jail for up-holding the Constitution.

    • Ella

      Please listen to this advise. Finally someone actually put this in print.In a democracy the majority rules. If this is ignored than you do have the right to ignore they rules and do what is the best of your Country.

    • NormP

      I like where you are headed with this. I wonder if enough people would just keep doing their business what the irrelevant congress, president and judiciary could do. This sounds a lot like gov’t OF, BY and FOR the people.

    • http://none kaththea spurlock

      Personally, I think that when a government has gotten so far above themselves, and beyond their original charter, the only thing to do with them it to dissolve them and go back to the Constitution as it was originally written. The states need to pass their sovereignty bills and get on the bandwagon, or the feds will destroy this country, either out of ignorance, or greed, or the conviction that communism/socialism will provide them more secure control over the Land of the Free.
      What we need to do is make the feds answerable to the People, and to make them have to apply to the States for their money, not directly tax the citizens, which was never remotely Constitutional.

    • longshorts

      Down here in the “Heart of Dixie”, civil disobedience is in common practice. The “underground economy” flourishes, and the “usurper” is commonly ignored. Most laws are followed scrupulously, as they are based in the Bible’s Ten Commandments. But, laws handed down since Obama’s occupation of the White House are largely ignored in almost all rural areas. We do not care about Obama’s skin color, we care about the destruction of America he, and his crony’s are promoting. Even most Democrats in Alabama are in despair about Obama’s policies. Some of the very religious call Obama the “Anti Christ”, and with good reason. They see his “do as I say, not as I do” arrogant attitude and anger rules the conversation. Also, how many “vacations” will Obama’s family take before those who cannot afford to do the same finally get mad? How much more the people will take before they boil over is unknown, but it won’t take much as the rumbles you hear are getting very consistent and strong. This Fall’s general election must change the balance of power, or I fear that open rioting will result.
      Best Regards!

    • Thomas R Thole

      Black,white,yellow or blue,there is but one race “THE HUMAN RACE” And all our components can be interchanged with one another. We may hail from different countries and not based on some of our actions we are all still “humans”.

    • Ronald DuBois

      Dear Lloyd, it’s about time someone put it in words. I’ve been thinking for quite a while, “Since a lot of laws and rules being made seem to be unconstitutional, or are being made by unauthorized people or agencies (EPA regulation of CO2), why don’t we just ignore them? (Think ban on drilling in Gulf of Mexico)” What can the Government do if several million people practice civil disobedience? If they arrest some of them, it would be good, because then they would be forced to address the issues in court. Crack defense teams would bring the issues to the fore, whereas currently, the legislative process is to slow too resolve the problems.
      Sincerely, Ron DuBois Bogota, NJ

    • Ricardo36

      This president ignores the constitution and thinks himself above the law! When are we going to wake up and impeach the USURPER! GOD HELP AMERICA!!!!!

  • Marilyn

    Forbes and Wynn have it right. Hmm. Wonder what happened to Wynn after he had to visit Obama? We have never heard the results of that meeting.

    • Granny Mae


      Yeah, Right ! Has anyone seen Wynn? Where is Wynn? Maybe we should look for him !

  • Thomas richard

    My question to American’s is “how did you standby and let this happen”?This President is a criminal,yet we continue to have his administration bash our CFonastitution.

  • bob pa

    Untill the schools, all schools stop teaching that anyone who makes money should be taxed and looked at someone evil. our founding fathers knew about taxes and that is why they forbid direct taxes on the people. they knew that that would stop growth. carniege and rockerfeller and many others were super rich and also took their total wealth and gave it to the people by creating trusts that gave and continue to give great funding to help people and schools and charities. they paid taxes on their incomes but do not get the reconition for that but are villified as robber barrons. but when you tax people to death you get nothing but distrust. the great acheivers had to fight government and people and drag the people and government with them untill they understood that they were doing it for profit and to help the nation and the people prosper and grow. but it is always that everyone thinks they are steeling from people. well it is not true and the people who are steeling from you are the politicians and the lawyers. when the politicians steal from the people to give to their cronies and the selected groups voters to get re-elected and special favors after leaving office. look at all the scandles that happen with politicians and you think they are good guys. the politicians care about themselves only. when they took over health care they took control the economy and your life because they can determine if you live or die. they have said that they will limit what services are performed. if they want and they do they will say you are too old so we have to save money and you have to die. remember that was talked about during the healthcare bill. they say that they wont do that but how many times have thay said they wont so something and they wait awile and do it and make up some stupid reason. schools are controlled by the liberals and now you know where all these stupid ideas are comming from.

    • DaveH

      Yep, envy is a powerful motivator.

      • Angel Wannabe

        DaveH, Yes Envy is a powerful motivator, but used on the positive side, it can, bring one out of poverty!

  • Angel Wannabe

    Capitalism will save us if left alone to work. Ahh but our dear Government believes they must regulate and control it__WHY?__They say they know better, that they’re, more intelligent and better equipped to make the desicions__ ITS ABOUT POWER & CONTROL!!!___I say they want to regulate and call the shots, as to who makes it in life and who doesn’t___The Limbaugh’s, the Forbes, of the world and the like, have defied the Liberal agenda and have made it, regardless. In return, they are treated by the liberals, as if they stole they’re fame and fortune, rather than earned it. ___Jealous perhaps a lil’ __Fearful. Because these type of entrepreneurs’ are not on the left leaning agenda? and may and can in fact do harm to the Liberal agenda????___ HELL the Libs can’t have everyone being prosperous, or the entitlement programs the Liberals so LOVE, won’t run if NO ONES standing in line for handouts and then God forbid, they’d lose votes!__FREE MARKETS are A RISK, IT’S ALL A RISK, SUCCESS OR FAIL, LET THE FREE Markets RUN!___ Government stay the hell out of it!

  • bob pa

    as for direct taxes only the individual states can levy direct taxes on citizens. Tarriffs are the tax that the federal government was to get revenue. that way each had their own revenue source. cities had property tax and sales tax. the civil war was about taxes. and revenue. the south had lower tarriffs and had more revenue the north had higher tarriffs and lower revenue.the north wanted to have tarriffs raised in the south and the south knew that if lincoln was elected that the cogress would raise taxes and cause great harm to the southern states and they knew that even if they could not get it immeadiatly that it was going to happen when a couple new states were admitted to the union, so they elect to leave before it could. the progressive ideas were developing in the north and the south did not like it so they left the union. Buchanan knew that they had a right to leave and made all the agreements that were the final thing needed to allow them leave. the south left left and lincoln would not take the troops from fort sumpter as agreed to by Buchanan and the south. lincoln resupplied sumpter twice against the souths demands, and the south warned lincoln that they would use force if neccesary. lincoln ignored and the rest is history. taxes and progressive ideas led to and caused the civil war. liberalism (offcourse progressivism) was started then. liberalism is taught as a good thing, but is has destroyed many civilizations and many countries, not to mention enslaved billions of people through out history including present history. the education of the students that take from one to give to another kills incentive and charity and promotes slavery. Capitalism frees people encourages industry,invention,trade, and brotherhood. capitalism does not rule from the point of a gun, but from ideas and fair exchange of ideas, trade, trust. when people are forced to do things at the point of a gun little if anything is done for the good, but great harm is everywhere. just look at hitler,castro,mussolini,kim is sung. real examples. but liberalism is taught in all of our schools and needs to be taken out of school. if you want progress you have to teach capitalism in schools in a positive light instead of as evil. schools are failing because they want everyone to feel good so they do not give grades they just say good. that does not give incentive. does a person or should a person be given high salaries for poor work? should a person who can not shoot a basketball well be paid $100,000,000 to play basketball. no so why do you practice and teach students this attitude? Capitalism gets results, liberalism fails. your choice.

  • Da Norseman

    Capitalism to me has been an important tool to make the economy grow and grow. If we were to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment and eliminate the IRS, an investment strategy means to buy into the nation, thus bringing the country into the black. Income tax is the antithesis, which means to borrow (steal). This form of taxation provides only a negative cash flow since it would have to be paid back. Investments are a shot in the arm and provide a positive cash flow in order to stimulate the economy. A national sales tax, as opposed to income tax, would bolster it even further when consumers within these borders are buying, and it is not restricted to just U.S. citizens – everybody!!!

    If the United States were to go that route, this would certainly lure companies from abroad to relocate here. Unemployment would go down since there would be so many openings available, and this would lure more companies. Because of the Sixteenth Amendment, significant tax hikes levied on business were responsible for the Great Depression of 1929 due to government greed, which could be traced back to the Wilson administration and the progressive movement, which lobbied for the Authorization of Income Tax Act in 1913, which passed and was signed into law as the Sixteenth Amendment to provide funding for the First World War and would become inactive during peacetime. It did not become inactive and government monopolized control of industry through the unions. Any progressive or leftist radical, who believe in all this trash Marx wrote, will tell you that the stock market crash was attributed to greedy business owners who were getting rich off the backs of people. Anyone would be dumb enough to believe in that nonsense. After all it was government that gave birth to the stock market.

    The rule of thumb is that investment attracts business while taxation repels it. Our nation has lost so much because of government meddling. A Marxist, Communist or any other socialist system would certainly create a lot of chaos and a tremendous amount of debt as well as food shortages, rationing and a lot of red tape. It would also lead to human husbandry, serfdom and peasantry through the redistribution of wealth. It would be slavery all over again! Russia had been through this hell between 1917 and 1991 as well as other countries that have been through it or still have it.

  • NuffSaid

    Corruption and Capitalism are Identical Twins.
    The great American tradition of individualism, entrepreneurship and revolution is being systematically undermined by a cadre of financial strongmen bent on turning us into just another “banana republic” – where a subdued and apathetic population is subjugated by a ruling class of wealthy oligarchs.

    The gross irony is that the same capitalist system that molded America into the strongest, most productive and richest nation in history, has been transformed into a mostly private moneymaking enterprise whose beneficiaries are those who actually produce nothing but paper profits.

    The story of America’s transformation from great experiment to another banana republic is one in which economic crises were manipulated to create a political front for an elite banking class.

    You fools want to blame Obama and government for every thing when your complaints should be against Big Businesses Bulling the government that would strangle the economy for their own Greed and care less about the American Public.Use Common sense you fools.Capitalism sounds great to talk about but who is holding the capital.

    • DaveH

      Only through the partnership with Government do the Rich have any power of force. You have it backward. Big Government is the problem. Crony Capitalists take back seat. Without Big Government they could only make money by pleasing the consumers. Government is Force.

      Only the Libertarian Party can get us back to the Free Markets that would make this country once again an economic powerhouse:

      • JC

        Accurate and true.

    • Da Norseman

      Union bosses!

  • bob pa

    Big bad john I hate tell you but the greatest theft of all time was when fdr (the greatest theif and communist)stole all the gold from all the people and never paid it back. He had the federal government go to everyones houses and collected their gold at the point of a gun. if they found you had not given in your gold you went to jail. we had many billions of gold in circulation and he took it all. say it was only 10 billion ounces of gold. thats is $10,000,000,000,000 he stole from the people. it probabbly was 100s time that but i wont quibble a about a hundred trillion dollars.

  • bob pa

    nuff said. the money changers are gone now we have liberals and lawyers(liars and crooks) stealing and ruling with the point of a gun. you either do what i say or we either jail you or kill you. there is no choice. they can tell you what insurances will be allowed, what you can or cant own, what you can and can not say, where you can and cannot live, what you can and cannot eat. what you can and can not say, where you can and can not go.whether you can or can not smoke, where you can and can not pray,and so on. I think you will have to agree that freedom and ownership,life and death, God or devil and a lot more are dictated by the a small group of dictators, not business.

  • bob pa

    by the way nuff said, the federal reserve is the one who controls and has all the gold and controls the show. created by bilderburg and others as well as the politcians and lawyers. and you will not get any change because all banks are controlled by the federal reserve and if you doubt it check it out.

  • Da Norseman

    Anyway, nuff said, when you refer to those you disagree with as fools, you’re fooling yourself by allowing yourself to believe in all that non-censored or doctored-up crap that the mainstream media puts out or what you are reading up on that is mainstream and immediately believing in it. You just refuse to listen to reason or anything that goes against what you believe in. Government in not business oriented to begin with. That’s all they know is politics, especially these career politicians who have been in so long that they do not know anything about business or how it is run.

    In your words you seem to be dependent on government for handouts such as welfare because you are either unemployed or just making minimum wage. If that’s the case, no one put you there. You did it upon yourself by electing to be there. There are also many who are downright lazy and elect not to work as a result and become fully dependent on government. Business has never “bullied” government, in fact it’s the other way around.

    Politicians are not our bosses. They are our subordinates and they do what their constituents tell them to do. They are there to represent us. In this country I, as well as every citizen of this nation, have every right to tell off any politician and I refuse to subjugate myself to any one of them and it does not matter if it’s the president, senator or representative. I don’t care! If they don’t respect me as a citizen, why should I respect them? I don’t care how heated it becomes if I have a shouting match with a politician and I’m not even going to address them as “sir”, “ma’am”, “senator” or “Mr. President”. There’s no crime against it.

  • atlas reborn

    The only way to get this right is to obey the constitution and take back our country from the leftist socialist coommunist idiots that are ruling us by decree, and legislation in direct conflict with the constitution and the bill of rights, and the declaration of independence. we must arm ourselves to the hilt and join together and spill blood of patriots and tyrants revive America. let us get it done.

  • atlas reborn

    angel wanabe you got more testerone than all these libs and fakers. you know the truth and everyone around you hates to hear the truth. I like a woman who knows what is going on and is not afraid to speak the truth. right on angel

    • Angel Wannabe

      ATLASREBORN, I’ve been accused of borrowing my husbands testicles, every so often!___LMAO

  • DaveH

    Go here to see how your Senator voted on Elena Kagan, the anti-gun, anti-Constitution Supreme Court Nominee. It is imperative that we make those Senators who voted “yea” regret it.
    One more Liberal Supreme Court justice and we’re screwed.

    • American Citizen

      I already knew how ours voted and to say I’m disappointed in Lugar is an understatement. It’s time for him to go, too. He’s been up there too long and his brain has atrophied.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Did you see Ohio? Voinovich(R) nay Brown(D) yea!! What a crock!!! I wish Brown would get his head out of his rectum or get unemployed real quick!!!

      • DaveH

        That’s why I lost faith in the Republican Party 40 years ago. With the exception of Reagan and Ron Paul (who really is a Libertarian) and a handful of others, they are just putting people out there who have a different agenda than Democrats but still keep growing Government. They need to get out of the business of saving other countries from themselves. They need to get out of the business of saving other people from themselves. I don’t hold out much hope of them doing either.

    • dan az

      thanks dave

  • DaveH

    Harry Reid’s Stimulus expenditures:

  • Delores Smith

    This is my viewpoint as to why Obama is attempting to destroy Capitalism.

    The Dreams of Obama’s father, as embellished and distorted by Obama, have become the nightmares of Americans. In Barack Obama, Sr.,’s 1965 article in the East African Journal on Socialism he gives Obama,Jr., some tips. “You can always FORCE people to do what you want (health care, etc.). You can also tax them to any extent (sound familiar?). Blacks are not ready for positions, but you can put them behind each area, so that they can learn. (Take a good look at Congress, the black men are in position behind each Democrat.)”. President Obama, Americans are bringing back The American Dream. You were rejected by your father at age 2. Grow up…mature. You are still trying to gain the love of your deceased father at the expense of Americans.
    Delores Smith

    • http://?? Joe H.

      He was rejected by his father at age two and the American people in 2012!!!!

      • Kelly’s Hero

        Joe H., are you sure? The 2nd rejection was in 2009! I guess the final rejection could be 2012…?

  • Anthony

    I actually like Steve Forbes. Weird. Especially how he dances all around the real discussion.

    “That’s why this whole idea of a stimulus package is garbage. Where did they get the money from? It doesn’t come from Mars; it comes from thee and me. It comes from taxes. It comes from borrowing. It comes from the printing presses at the Federal Reserve, which is the sneakiest form of taxation of all.”

    Let’s dissect the above -

    1) He’s correct initially. Wealth is never destroyed, ..merely transferred. As Obama likes to say “change”. From our hands to theirs… like the old bar joke. How come no one’s laughin’?

    2) Then, he discusses the printing presses at the FED….
    This is where he avoids a slightly more in-depth explanation, which actually “would” get people paying real attention. Instead, he downplays how discussion of money as a real item all unto itself is supposed to bore us to sleep….

    ALL HE HAD TO DO … was to quickly explain how Fractional Banking works. Because that is the very basis for how the entire Central (World) Bank works. It is also the very same reason why nowadays, both Parents working is not enough due to scripted inflation. When I was a kid, most Mothers stayed home and raised the kids. Then, when I got married, it was apparent that both Parents had better be working if you wanted that nest egg, no matter what…. NOW, those nest eggs have been pilfered by the tactics of the Banks controlling our Politicans who them write in Laws and Executive Orders that purposely strip us of our own wealth.

    You see – all this time, these Central Bank Controllers were only loaning us our own hard-earned wealth. Now, they want it all back.

    Think not? You either haven’t done your homework, or you’re too scared to even try.. and now, it’s just a lot of barking.

    • DaveH

      Sorry, Anthony, but I agree with Forbes. Very few people understand money creation and, contrary to what you say, from my experience most peoples’ eyes do glaze over when I try to talk to them about money creation. For those that would like to learn about Fractional Reserve Banking, Wikipedia has a pretty good article:

      And there is nothing simple about conceptualizing the process.

      • DaveH

        I would like to add that without fractional reserves, how would a bank make a living? It’s kind of like commercials on TV. Most people are annoyed by them, but the alternative is to pay out of pocket for the services. Do we want to pay upfront fees for the safety and convenience of banking? I don’t know. Maybe. That is the beauty of Free Markets. If enough people preferred the safety of no fractional reserves and were willing to pay the resultant costs to make the bank economically viable, there would no doubt be Banks that would cater to that crowd. But with one-size-fits-all Government it is difficult (if not impossible) for such banks to spring up.

  • American Citizen

    Time to invest in gold?

    • DaveH

      Or some other hard assets that will retain their buying or trading power. There is a lot of money on the sidelines now as people are afraid to invest or spend due to the uncertainty created by the Government. But eventually, recession or not, people will get sick of sitting on the money and it will start coming out. Once it starts coming out and prices start climbing, it has a snowball effect, and prices can accelerate rapidly, as people try to keep ahead of the inflation. My guess is that we’ll have stagflation worse than during the Jimmy Carter years. Prices will go up even in the face of a bad economy.
      I’m afraid of gold simply because FDR set precedent with the Gold confiscation, and I think Obama is even bolder than FDR was, so I personally prefer silver. And I think possession of the precious metals is safer from the Government, but vulnerable to burglars. So, storage is a problem. If you do take physical possession, you need to come up with a good hiding place to protect it from both kinds of thieves. And don’t tell anybody where. Loose Lips Sink Ships.

      • JC

        Don’t use the banks or your own house, that’s for sure.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          In my house at least it’s protected by the 9MM Protection Company!!! I don’t have to worry about them sleeping on the job, either, as I’ve got a dog that would wake the dead everytime someone comes on the property!!!

          • Viktor Leben

            Do you have a Bassett Hound ??

          • JC

            I have 5 dogs and an adequate supply of firepower, but if they want in, they’re coming in. Make sure they can’t clean you out on the spot.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            nope a little bigger!
            JC I got seven clips and have been practicing drop change, not too bad either!!

  • Gerry

    Please, I ask, no, I beg each and every one of you to please take time within the next 90 days to look at the Constitution Party as a very viable alternative to our current 2 party system (Democrat or Republican). The Constitution Party could be the best alternative to the Republicans or the Democrats. To coin an old phrase, “if you keep doing what you have been doing, you keep getting what you have been getting.” If you keep voting for either the Rep’s or the Dem’s, you will keep getting the same old crap you have been getting for the last several years. The Constitution Party may not be very well known, but I assure you that they espouse nothing but the Constitution that this country was founded on. The Constitution Party has many candidates running for office throughout this great nation. Chelene Nightengale is running in California for governortancredo is running for governor in Colorado, There are many candidates running in Missouri; They all epresent the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the BIll of Rights.

    Please help us make a difference in November and consider the idea of not only standing up for the Constitution, but voting for a Constitution Party candidate.

    • Gerry

      You can get additional information about the Constitution Party at the National website, , or if you are in Missouri, go to

    • Viktor Leben

      I voted for Chuck Baldwin last Prez election !! I would join your party, but I’m afraid my low IQ would bring the party down !

    • DaveH

      Here is a comparison of several of the political parties:

      I really don’t see much difference between the Constitution Party and the Republican Party.

      • dan az

        Ron paul for one a total constitutionalist once a libertarian now republican. what I fear is wasted votes have you ever seen anything other than dem or rep get voted in? All of the votes that where wasted because of the system that exist now. So I say if thats how it is them make them Republicans so as not to loose their votes.
        we cant afford to loose any votes.

    • coal miner


      Can you explain your party’s political philosophy?

  • William Delaney

    To thrive, capitalism requires a large work force willing to work for minimum wage.
    China is in such a situation, which is why its capitalistic economy is now so successful.
    The USA no longer has the above mentioned type of work force – and probably never will again. To reverse the downward spiral of its economy it requires a brand new economic strategy: not socialism, not communism, not capitalism.
    Where have all the students of Economics gone ?

  • RicSeag

    The real reason government doesn’t work for working people.

    • DaveH

      They’re protecting Democracy? We’re not a Democracy, we are a Republic where the Federal Government is supposed to have limited powers. One of those powers is not “censoring the election media”. It would be effective censorship to require that the members of an organization be listed for all to see. That’s why we have a secret ballot. Our forefathers knew the inclinations of evil people. There is no positive gain from listing the names of organizations’ members. If the organization itself publishes a false ad then they are responsible for that action. Forcing them to list members names is just a backdoor way to censor the organizations message.
      On top of that, the Liberals in their typical hypocrisy exempted certain organizations from the requirement. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander?

      • DaveH

        The Unions want card check (which does away with the secret ballot) for the same reason. If they know which people vote against them, they can do what Unions do best – bully them or worse.

        • Denniso

          It’s not as simple as that…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The hell it isn’t!!!

      • DaveH

        If you value the Freedom that our Forefathers fought so hard to secure, Vote all those Democrats out of office in November.

    • RicSeag

      As usual, no comment about the actual content of the topic – only banal and senseless attacks.

      Don’t you people see that your liberty is squelched NOT by liberals – but by banks, financiers and the corporations that are their arms? They have taken over our government and are squashing our national character. Whether you want to call it Democracy or Republic will be immaterial when we are simply at their mercy – groveling like serfs before their lords.

  • TIME

    The simple way to look at this is, government fails to have a product, thus they can’t exist with out the workers / TAX payers who support these out of control governments.

    The people who make money pay a tax to the government who in turn waste that money on people who don’t wish to work or just plain old crazy stupid things.

    Example; Where Our new home is of what we bought this home years ago but moved here to get away from crazys in New York, WOW ~ what a mistake.

    That would be Athens GA the county is broke they can’t afford to pay to keep the street lights on. Oh and it been run by Democrats for years, the mayor is so bloody stupid there are no words that can express how stupid she is.
    And the progressive Socialist; yea you got that right her name is Olunney who is running for Mayor she said “she only wishs that when she was the mayor before that we had a Progressive Socialist Government in DC she could have done much more when she was the mayor years ago.” WTF!

    They are spending $2.79 Million dollars on tennis courts that no one wants. The alledged deal is they think they can bring a US Open style event here, oh really.

    They have spent,$1.65 Million dollars on a fence around a local High School. Why is that again?
    The schools are dismal at best, let alone can’t seem to educate the kids to even be able to read at a 3rd grade level. You gotta love this one, 77% of the males are on prescription drugs in grade schools!

    They are now building sidewalks to nowhere at a cost of $1.95 Million dollars.

    They have bought up swamp land at a cost of $3.7 million dollars.

    And from what I can find thats just the tip of the ice burg so far. Keep in mind that Clark county is quoted as the “POOREST” County in Georgia.

    61% of this towns population is on state aid ~ aka Wellfare.
    Then there are the students 26%.

    That leaves the rest of the population or 13% to pay all the tax’s to keep the town running.

    But do keep in mind that of that 13%, 8.2% work for the state mostly UGA.

    They pay the UGA Football coach nealry $5 Million dollars per year and yet they can’t win a game unless the other team is underwater and tied up.

    The Dean of UGA who seems to have tied the town up in knots and makes money hand over fist from doing so, let alone his State Tax payers paid salery.
    From what I have found about him so far there are a number of things he has done where he should be in jail right now, and keep in mind we have only been here a short while.

    This is a classic example of just how bad the state of the union is in now. Keep in mind this small town is just a tad over 100000 people.

    We left Long Island where we were in the same boat the local governments were all broke, as in NO MONEY.
    Yet the Government spending is out of control, and Long Island has a population of well over 8 million people, and again the ones on Government aid is just at 47% up there.

    You tell me that Government is able to produce anything but SLAVES and I will tell you your outright crazy.

    Free Markets drive the whole ball of wax, thus the more restrictive the GOVERNMENT the more faliure’s within the FREE MARKET.
    Business’s are dropping like flys next to a bug zapper with all the TAX’S and RESTRICTIONS, and thats country wide.

    You don’t need a PHD in Rocket science to figure this mess out.
    A thief by any other name is still a thief, be that a Politician, or a guy with a gun in your face.

    • TIME

      Forgive me the name of the former mayer who is running is OLooney. I think name alone thats speeks voluems.

  • DaveH
    • dan az


  • DaveH

    Read the first item in this article. It will shock you. If it doesn’t, your blinders are glued on too tight:

    • DaveH

      Speaking of the police, you will love this story. It may or may not be true, but I certainly believe the scenario is possible with our upside-down justice system:

    • RicSeag

      It is true – but should not be generalized as somehow true across the country. You probably shouldn’t tell your local police that they are too highly paid…….

    • dan az

      Read it this morning

  • jopa

    Poor little Steve Forbes worried about taxes? Thats right he makes over $250,000 a year and as of 2000 his estimated personal worth was $440 million and his presidential run cost him $30 million.I do’nt make that kind of money but if you do, follow his guidelines.He is probably a billionaire today and he talks about how hard he worked for his money and forgot all about daddy Malcolm who really earned the money he has.I do’nt mind him being rich it’s the BS he feeds others.

    • Denniso

      Right, being rich is one thing but being rich and pretending that it was all your own hard work that got you there is another…and then whining about having to pay more in taxes as though you’re just another worker is sick. The weathiest don’t even really pay taxes compared to real working people…a definition of tax being a burden. When someone has anything over a million $$,no tax is actually a burden to them. Sure they pay out some money to the gov’t,but it’s no burden and has no real effect on how they live and their life style. The rich can still buy any car or cars they want,airplanes,yachts,multiple homes,vacations anywhere,don’t have to work if they chose not to and on and on…what they really pay is more similar to country club dues where they get services in return for their membership. In the case of their dues(taxes)that go to the gov’t they recieve security for themselves and their money and possessions in the form of police,the largest military in the world,good roads leading to their gated communities,access to private airports for their own jets. They also get security from frequent gov’t coup’s that would put their fortunes in jeopardy as happens in 3rd world countries. We all know the term,’tax burden’…well, where is the burden for the wealthiest? There is none.

      Forbes and other fatcats who whine that allowing the tax cuts for the rich to end as they were designed to do are only looking at their own bottom line. The argument that it will harm the economy is pure baloney and is only selfserving.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        In Adrian Michigan, there was a guy named Bill Jenkins. He started selling fruit and vegitables from a cart. He went on to own a gas station/restaurant/ mechanics bay on one of the busiest corners in town. he went to buying property all over town. when he went to marry his first wife, he was asked by his future fatherinlaw how much money he had and could he support his daughter in the way she was used to. Rumor has it that he showed up the next day with a cool million in a case. When he was asked just how much he did have he told him that he didn’t need to know that, all he had to know was he could support her BETTER than she was used to. When Bill died, he was worth about 30 million dollars and owned about a quarter of the town! This WAS from his hard work! He always wore those green work uniforms and was one of the friendliest men I ever had the HONOR of meeting and knowing for almost 40 years. He would give a man the shirt off his back and if a man couldn’t buy food, he would “carry” him on the books. He had a drawer in his office that had many, many records of people that owed him money. He never hounded them for payment. He always said I wait for them and sometimes I’ll have a guy that has owed me for twenty years walk in and pay me. sometimes Angels live and breathe!!! I never once heard anyone say one bad word about him! Not ALL rich are money mongerers and have no soul!!!

        • Denniso

          Of course all the wealthy are not souless money mongers…I agree entirely! It’s the very wealthy who whine that they are paying too much in taxes I’m talking about. There are many wealthy who give away much of their fortunes or help out everyone they can. One interesting fact though is that only something like 1/3 of the wealthy earned their fortunes,while 2/3 inherited it.

          • TIME


            Most of the folks I know have made their own way, and believe it or not most folks make a million dollars and or far more during their life time of work.

            A person who makes $50K per year take home in 20 years has made a million dollars. after a 40 years of work thats $2 million.
            A person who makes $100K per year take home, makes a Million in 10 years.
            A person who makes $250K take home per year, makes a million in just 5 years.

            So in fact there are more folks who are worth a million dollars than you think. and a Million dollars is not much anylonger.
            BUT – the higher the pay, the more work one has to do, that is in the real work outside of politic’s and sports.
            Most folks who have jobs that pay more than $100K per year work no less than 65 hours per week many are on call 24 / 7.

            The facts are that Pro Athletes get more money for less brain power and work than 95% of all of us, that alone should tell you there is something very wrong.
            The average Pro Athlete makes $3.5 million per year take home.

            The average Artist makes ends meet, with $50K or less.
            The Average Doc makes $150K per year.
            The average Chef, makes $60 – $75K,
            The average buisness owner makes between $65 – $155K.
            The average Lawyer makes $120K.

            The average Congress person with benifits makes $245K per year, if they sit on a committee, add $100K per unit.
            So lest say your a Congress person on three committee’s your yearly pay is, $545K.
            Most are on no less than 2 committee’s. And though they really do little to nothing most of the time thats really good pay don’t you think, and keep in mind Hank Johnson sits on 4 committee’s and he has the brain power of a rock?

            People like myself who started with squat and have made a few bucks pay some heavy tax’s rather you wish to deal with it or not.
            Its a fact, sure there are some write offs, but they still had to be paid for, {its not free money,} no one else paid that money.
            So if I can write off $ per year I still had to pay it out, just not in tax’s. As well I still had to make that money.

            People think that there is “FREE money” somewhere for people who make higher salaries, {that just not so.}
            The only people who are making “FREE MONEY” are on Public Aid, they don’t work so its free.

            I figure I pay more in tax’s than you do and I don’t complain about it. But I sure get tired of hearing about how I should pay more for people who want to sit on their Fat Ass and have me pay for them to watch Sports on the Telie and get drunk and cry about how bad off they have it. And you would too if you were in my shoes.

            I have always given back, and I do so with a smile and I get my hands dirty, I am grateful that I can.

            That is rather than the ones who want to tell you all about their do do good BS, like the Clintons, John Kerry or Nancy Pigosee, or Barry Soetoro who is costing the US Tax Payers hundreds of Millions per year for his BS. Such as a flight to give a speach for 5 minutes that is nothing but self serving; the cost of this, $4.5 million dollars. Or his lavish partys, such as the one for his wife cost to the US Tax payers just $3.1 Million Dollars. I don’t ever see you having any complaints about such, so why is that?
            Oh and before you go BUSH on us GWB paid for his own partys for his wife out of his pocket and they were far less in cost.

            These people who steal from others, aka the TAX Payers to benifit themselfs in the public eye all the while telling you how bad those of us who work 60-100 hours per week are and how we have destroyed the country. Its THEM not us.

          • Denniso

            You presume that you pay more in taxes than I do because I want a fair system,especially for the working person? Wrong assumption…Warren Buffet thinks he should pay more in taxes,does that mean that he makes less than you? I doubt it. Your assumption is that everyone is self serving in their political and philosophical views,and that’s incorrect…there are many of us who want to do the right thing for the sake of our country and our fellow humans.

            If someone ‘takes home’ $50,000 yet needs $40,000/yr to live and provide necessities just to be able to continue to go to work,they only have $10,000 left over(disaposable income)to save for the future.

            $10,000 x 100 yrs = $1,000,000 That’s a little longer than your fictitious 20yrs to become a millionaire. And that’s assuming someone can actually live on $40,000 and manage to put away $10,000/yr, not a very realistic option for most places in the country.

            There are many fewer actual millionaires in the country than you seem to think…people who actually have net assets of a million and got it by working at a job rather than having property passed on to them.

          • TIME

            As per the tone of your normal post, your post is at best speace cadet formated where you clearly displayed your lacking in the issues at hand.
            I can also garner that your not in Warren Buffets league, nor are you even close to mine and I am nowhere near Warren’s.

            Be that as it may, based soley on your post one can garner your a person who has a dead end job, a family of whom you are trying to provide for and find you can’t make ends quite meet.
            Well join about 80% of the US Population, and that number is growing daily. Go ahead and blame anyone you like.

            The numbers I noted are in fact based on fact; and “numbers don’t lie.”
            So whats fictious numbers are those again? Its called LOGIC Dennis obviously something you don’t quite grasp.

            Its also obvious you wish you could make more but can’t grasp how to do it, well I can’t tell you how as I have no clue what skills you have.
            Math is clearly not one of them so don’t get into anything math related. Dennis I even can grasp compound Interest as you clearly displayed you have no clue about.

            So I will give you a tad of aid on that, if you invest $10K per year and get 10% interest on your money in {seven point five years} you will double your investment base,{ thus if you have invested $70K in that 10 years } you will in fact have $140K.

            Now if you work for 40 years based on the average time in the working field, your $10K per year just based on straight holding pattern is $400.000K, but based on the 10% compound interest its quite a bit higher in over all yield.

            As most folks should “pay themselfs first” Thats a key Buffet program, thats prior to spending any money on other things your saving $10K per year is quite well within reason.
            Thats just $833.00 per month x 12 = $10K.

            Added into the fact that you more than likly have a 401K that takes a % from your pay that is set aside as well.
            If you don’t have one, you should set one up yourself, and only buy a CD twice per year at $100.00 per unit, and flip it on a 6 month base you should gain when the higher % rates hit, as its a cycle so they go up and down look for the highest levels you can and flip banks if you need to. No one ever said its easy.

            And the base facts are that at $50K take home pay the numbers don’t lie, you make will make $1,000.000.00 dollars in your lifetime of work if your pay stays at just $50K per year.

            Plus your home should grow in value to at least what you have paid out with interest over a 30 year loan. Thus you have a home you paid $100K and really pay $175K with interest over the 30 years, you should be able to sell your home for at least the $175K if not more, that also folds into your base wealth.

            So now just so we have this straight your home based on the $175K plus 40 years of cd’s even at $100.00 per unit x 2 =$200.00 per year x 5% interest and you have some money sitting there too.
            Then add in your savings of $10K based ona 10% compound interest over 40 years; and your sitting pretty, and Yes you even made $1,000.000.00 dollars at just the $50K base per year.

            Again Numbers don’t lie!

            Thats a fact dude that you can’t toss out of the tub.

            But you should be advancing at a minum of 5% per year if your good at your job, thus in 10 years your pay should have gone up by 50%, of your take home, that should now be $75K per year, and so on.
            Keep in mind thats just standard math and averages.

            Thus if you invest, your investments should yield a return of at least 5% even if your the worlds worst investor.

            If you buy something of value it retains its value and grows over time. Example>
            I bought a 1958 Gibson Explorer in 1973, for $250.00 that sold in 06 for $800K. Get a hobby and learn it well, I collect all kinds of things, the rewards are greater than just the hobby itself.

            Now get to work and get a real job, go to night school if you need to do what ever it takes to get your family to a better place and stop with the BS for God sake. Politics are not going to be in your future.

          • Denniso

            Time…unlike you,I’m not only concerned about my position in life,I’m doing fine. I’m talking about the average worker in the country,whose salary is abour 45,000/yr,and the vast majority of those average people never become millionaires through work because they need all of what they make just to stay alive.

            So, like you,I forgot to add in interest for my average guy grossing
            $50,000/yr and saving $10,000/yr….so,true,if he can keep his job for his whole lifetime and manage to put aside the $10,000/yr,which is certainly debatable, then he could die a millionaire after a lifetime of work.

            Most teachers who love teaching and do it for a whole career don’t see their salaries go up consistently by 5%/yr. I know teachers w/ 10 yrs experience who make $40,000/yr after those ten yrs. Is that because they are lazy and not interested in financial security? NO,it’s because their chosen and very important profession doesn’t pay them enough to become millionaires,as you think it does.

            There are something like 10 to 15,000,000 millionaires in the entire world,out of 6.5 billion people….are all the other billions of people lazy or stupid? No, the economic systems of the world don’t provide the sort of opportunity to all who desire it to become wealthy. It’s a bit more like Roulette,w/ some few fortunate who happen to have the factors needed in their lives to get rich…some is luck and chance and some is hard work and talent…in about 2/3 of the case of millionaires it is simply inheritance.

            My point is that the working people around the middle and lower of the income scale need the tax cuts,and the people over$200,000 for a single and $250,000 for married can afford another few thousand in tax
            in order to help w/ the budget problems. That’s fair…

  • Bob Wire

    >>“You don’t reward bad behavior by giving them more of the stuff that got them in trouble,” he declared. “If someone’s been on a bender, don’t give them another bottle of booze and say, ‘okay, next time get it right.’ That won’t work; even it’s a very good brand.<> in January 2009, his last month in office, the nation lost 655,000 jobs, raising the unemployment rate to 7.6 percent, the highest level in more than 15 years.<>Forbes Magazine’s online edition performed a valuable public service in July when it ran a story comparing the economic performance of the ten postwar presidents. Forbes is the right-leaning business publication that goes by the tagline, “Capitalist Tool.” Its publisher, Steve Forbes, is a big hitter in Republican circles and ran as a Republican candidate for president in 1996 and 2000.

    The magazine proposed six different metrics by which a president’s economic performance should be judged. They are: GDP growth, real disposable personal income, employment, unemployment, inflation, and deficit reduction. All are mainstream benchmarks with their data easily accessible to any serious inquirer.<<

    By Forbes own rules of measure ~ 43's economic policies were a dismal failure. ~ and today faced with having to pay more taxes ~ Steve Forbes is offering us double talk on the matter of tax cuts, claiming it's "rewarding the Fed for poor performance" White man speak with forked tongue to all us Indians still today.

    So folks, it time to pony up once again ~ I'll send in my "REWARD MONEY" considering I don't work for government or a government contractor, or receiving grants or subsides of any kind and was adamantly oppose to Desert Fart l, and the sequels II, III, IV & V, ~ I think I'm being very generous and this argument is testing my patience.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? ~ what a mess! ~ I guess I will need to stick to using a work sheet. ~ if you research, copy and paste much ~ the browser or something screws up your post. ! It’s happened several time

    It omits all comments between the copy and paste and only post your final comment.

    Anyone else having such a problem?

    • libertytrain

      I’m confused – you have two posts almost identical here – is that the problem – multiple posting?

  • Bob Wire

    Forgive me all ~ I’ll try to do better in the future.

    >>“You don’t reward bad behavior by giving them more of the stuff that got them in trouble,” he declared. “If someone’s been on a bender, don’t give them another bottle of booze and say, ‘okay, next time get it right.’ That won’t work; even it’s a very good brand.<> in January 2009, his last month in office, the nation lost 655,000 jobs, raising the unemployment rate to 7.6 percent, the highest level in more than 15 years.<>Forbes Magazine’s online edition performed a valuable public service in July when it ran a story comparing the economic performance of the ten postwar presidents. Forbes is the right-leaning business publication that goes by the tagline, “Capitalist Tool.” Its publisher, Steve Forbes, is a big hitter in Republican circles and ran as a Republican candidate for president in 1996 and 2000.

    The magazine proposed six different metrics by which a president’s economic performance should be judged. They are: GDP growth, real disposable personal income, employment, unemployment, inflation, and deficit reduction. All are mainstream benchmarks with their data easily accessible to any serious inquirer.<<

    By Forbes own rules of measure ~ 43's economic policies were a dismal failure. ~ and today faced with having to pay more taxes ~ Steve Forbes is offering us double talk on the matter of tax cuts, claiming it's "rewarding the Fed for poor performance" White man speak with forked tongue to all us Indians still today.

    So folks, it time to pony up once again ~ I'll send in my "REWARD MONEY" considering I don't work for government or a government contractor, or receiving grants or subsides of any kind and was adamantly oppose to Desert Fart l, and the sequels II, III, IV & V, ~ I think I'm being very generous and this argument is testing my patience.

  • jopa

    Someone in the Bush administration even knew how devastating the tax cut for the rich would be for our country that’s why it had an expiration date like a carton of milk.The only thing is the milk soured a long time ago.The tax breaks for anyone making under $250,000 a year will remain as they are even though this site tells you they are going to expire also.I believe the people running this site are just giving you a line so they can get a vote in their favor.You can fool some of the people some of the time.America does’nt have amnesia we remember Mr. Bush.

    • JeffH

      All of Bush’s tax cuts will expire and all income levels will be effected. But, it’s still a free country so belive what you want.

  • Robert Berger

    Conservatives continue to delude themselves into thinking that if the government just keeps reducing taxes as much as possible,deregulates business and gives all the tax breaks to the wealthy and eliminates welfare and other government programs,prosperity will somehow miraculously “trickle down” for the American people in general.
    But prosperity has never trickled down,nor will it ever. The problem with this economic philosophy is that while it allows a limited number of people to become wealthy or more wealthy,it screws the vast majority of the people.
    The problem is that there has to be a safety net for the unfortunate. But laissez-faire capitalism destroys this, and vast numbers of helpless people will fall through the cracks.
    The vast majority of Americans,contrarty to what conservatives say,are not lazy bums who want the government to support them for life. They want to work and earn a decent or better living,and to be secure throughout their lives.
    But laiisz-faire capitalism makes this impossible for too many people.
    Right now there are so many honest,hard-working people who are out of work through no fault of their own and cannot find work. They include many conservatives.
    We can’t just let them flounder helplessly.
    Does this make me a Marxist or communist? Of course not. I’ve never been one. But as bad as an excessively bureaucratic socialist government is, capitalism without a safety net is no better.
    Conservatives say that private charities should provide for those in need and that the government has no business helping these unfortunate people. But this ignores the inconvenient fact that private charities cannot even come remotely close to helping all those in need. The government has to do SOMETHING.It can’t just sit there on its massive posterior while millions of innocent people are struggling to keep their heads above water.

    • Denniso

      Not to mention that private charities can pick and choose who they want to help and how much or little help they’ll render.

      Capitalism w/o regulation and control and a fair safety net for those, who through no fault of their own,wind up out of work or on the streets or ill or injured or born into squalor, is a true evil.

      • Denniso

        I meant to include…a dog eat dog economic system that is proposed by most ‘conservatives’ and many ‘Christians’,is an attempt to reduce human existence to the ‘lower’ level of the animal kingdom where animals have no choice but to prey upon one another and live off the blood of their fellow creatures…it’s pushed by ‘conservativs’ for the purpose of allowing the maximum profit possible to the few most ruthless who manage to squirm to the top. It’s hardly Christian…

        • viktor leben

          Are you afraid Denniso ? When someone says “laizzez-faire capitalism” is an option Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony starts playing in my head. It reminds me of when I was younger and more idealistic….

  • owldog

    Freedom is not an unlimited commodity.

    A country totally dominated by minimally-regulated fundamentalist laissez-faire capitalism has proven to be disasterous to the freedom of the common startup entrepreneur, both directly and indirectly.

    Capital redistributions results in money needed to reduce our debt and provide government services, is redirected to building industry in China, taking away more freedom.

    The freedom of citizens to protect themselves from degenerative disease is usurped by the industrial lobby who have one priority – make profits for their own people and investors.

    Corporations should not have the Constitutional rights of individual humans. The right wing says “the sky is falling” and the corporate wolves watch us run into their cave to be eaten.

  • atlas reborn

    well it is over.

  • atlas reborn

    by the way if we had a government that obeyed the constitution we would still be the best economy in the world. because there would be no welfare. when you tell the welfare people that starting 1 week from today all welfare will cease. you must go and find a job. at the same time you tell all employers that if you have illegals on your payroll you must terminate them immeadiatly. If you do not you will be fined $20,000 per illegal on your payroll. and also be put in jail for 1 yeat. also anyone who gives information on an illegal allien who is working and where will be given a $5000 reward tax exempt. just think welfare gone, illegals gone, an honest workforce and an honest economy. the shift would be fantastic and would stabalize our economy as well as return some sanity in the operaion of the government. all the liberals would be sunk. Sanity would soon replace insanity. and we would have a good start to a somewhat solid constitutional government.

  • TIME

    For some reason this nation (and the world) loves the Obama’s. I guess I’m missing something, there seems little doubt they’ll be returning in 2012. I can’t help but feel that accusations of being Muslim and the Birther movement is essentially assuring Obamas reelection.

    • libertytrain


  • viktor leben

    I’m all for a laizzez norte faire economy. Tell the government retards to get out of my way !!!

    • viktor leben

      Pardon my ignorance of French I think the correct term is “Laissez-nous faire” ………

  • Russ

    (DaveH says:
    August 6, 2010 at 5:13 pm
    Only through the partnership with Government do the Rich have any power of force. You have it backward. Big Government is the problem. Crony Capitalists take back seat. Without Big Government they could only make money by pleasing the consumers. Government is Force.
    I can agree with this statement. Government is the enforcer and they are in bed with the capitalists and monopolists. Our media is a big example of the monopoly….all liberal all the time. Obama’s biggest campaign donation came from Goldman Sachs….WHOM HE VOTED TO BAIL OUT. McCain was no better. This is not repulsemecons verses dementedcraps, it’s about people’s lives. The capitalists who really control America have sold us out to globalization…and they send our jobs overseas and give them to illegals…refusing to enforce the laws of our nation…using crooked courts bought by their own desire for power. Look at that thing they just put in as a supreme. America is basically gone….but you people are still to dim to really see the picture as you fight for the very idea that put you in this mess…capitalist socialist monopolist scum. A Republic is none of that. The Republic was based on the Christian way, not the thieving of capitalism and pricing people out of existence. The first thing we have to do as a country is stop fighting wars for the world and the next is to stop foreign aid and stay out of other countries business. To do that we have to stop being Israel’s bully and purse. OOops, I will be targeted now for saying the real reason for so many problems and why we are hated and bankrupt……Zionism…placed as a partner to Christianity…which is like saying a bear is a brother to the snake.

    • Jennie Walsh

      It is not capitalism that is doing the thieving. Capitalism has created prosperity, wealth and creativity. It is the organized criminals who have murdered, lied, stolen, bribed and used every conceivable criminal method to take over positions of power, authority, leadership and ownership of government, businesses, corporations, religious organizations, media, education and entertainment everywhere throughout America and the world. American people have been too busy and distracted with entertainment and drugs, alcohol and other tactics set up by the organized criminals to see how they are being ripped-off, plundered and deceived. It is also the organized criminals, the international banksters, who own and control the media, who perpetrate the lie that capitalism is the cause of poverty, suffering and enslavement when it is the criminals who are causing the poverty, suffering and enslavement. Communism, a tool and tactic of the criminals, creates the poverty, suffering and enslavement and also communism creates wealth and power for evil rulers. Think about it. Why would any sane American want to put their health care into the hands of lying and thieving bureaucrats? Because the lying, thieving bureaucrats/criminals own the propaganda mainstream media and the government educational system and have convinced them to.

      • Karolyn

        I agree with what you’re saying to a point. However, these thieving, murderous people are all capitalists. I’ve been thinking about a couple of sci-fi movies I’ve seen about a future where one corporation rules the world. That really could happen under capitalism. Like banks absorbing other banks. The corruption in the large corporations is at an all-time high. Just look at the pharmaceutical companies (the worst!), trying to get the FDA to outlaw certain supplements so they have a corner on the market by producing them and calling them drugs. Also, their marketing of drugs that people don’t even need; and also keeping secrets about testing. It’s the old adage: The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

  • Russ

    We have to have regulators or the crooks will take over…which they have. Your money is spent paying the capitalists who have free reign on all you earn, to tax you, to gouge you and to harm you if you stand up against the corruption. I don’t think Bill Gates and the others who are giving away money are doing it out of real care for the fellow man. They should start by lowering their prices to a decent level so most people can afford the product. We need to start going backwards in the price catagory for necessities. Poor folks that worked all the life are being made poorer every year. Have any of you paid attention to the price of plain old simple living? Minimum wage is basically worth a lot less than it was in 1968, because you cannot buy as much now as you could then …due to price increase. Obama taxed cigarettes 1.00 and takes in an extra 50 million dollars a day taxes.
    He did not do it because he is concerned with my health, he done it to rake in more illegal money to pay for his foreign aid and wars and projects for everyone but we the people. I think it’s time government goes out of business, since they have proven they are all incompetent.
    I know of no politician who tells the truth or stands by his word…NONE. Ron Paul was about as close as we could get to being at least decent and correct in his plans. Capitalism will save nothing but the greedy who are only lovers of self and want to continue to live on primrose lane. Like I already said, capitalists are the biggest recipients of wellfare in the form of special breaks, bailouts and every other loop-hole you can imagine. I am also tired of that dead argument about the middle class. How about concern for all as a whole? Besides, China owns what the world bankers don’t of America. You were sold to fight wars for Israel and to bail out crooks called bankers and other capitalists. I have an in-law who thinks he’s some big capitalist. In reality all he is is a blow hard who loves himself at the expense of all. I love the day those types fall to the ground.

  • Russ

    You want a good President that will do you correct, will treat everyone fair, that will balance our budget, that will not sell out to anyone? Vote for me. I am the only honest man I know that will REALLY do what he says. I seek not fame, nor fortune, nor special privilige. I only seek to correct the obvious greed and destruction that now is America. I will prosecute the real criminals, the capitalists who take advantage of the people. I have no problem with people making money, but I do have a problem with theft and taxation to fight endless wars. Funny, we were always taught that the communists were taking over the world. But in reality it is US who has tracked all over the world making war. We are the communists desguised as capitalists,,,since it’s all words anyway. The blind leading the blind. A corrupt media monopolized by a few who are a cult, same with hollyweird and our heros, ballplayers and stars…GAG GAG GAG!! We used to have Jesus Christ as a hero, now we homo’s and perverts and drugs, corruption in law and in the courts. Where right is wrong and wrong is right and everyone has a cell phone hanging from the ear or some other mindless gadget sold by capitalists to a dummed down public. Little johnny will be a ball player and little Jane will be lady goo goo. It’s all so fake and sick. Our new religion is Holocaust. We forgot the 60 million who died in that stupid war as we plan to strike another nation, who just tells the truth. America is so twisted by it’s media that it cannot tell the truth anymore. Our children are taught to be little zombies who only parrot what they are told…forget thinking with your noggin. Drugs and stars are our entertainment…add sick vampires sucking blood.
    Follow the capitalist trail and there you will find the road of death this nation died on. Those capitalists are like a cult in the brotherhood. Wake up folks IF you can.

    • Karolyn

      Russ, I am at odds with some of your post; but for the most part, well done!

  • Russ

    Someone said it’s still a free country? You better think again! We are just slaves to whatever the government enforces on us. We have no real free speech. If I was to tell you what the total problem is on this blog, some little enforcer that works for the TRIBE would come knocking on my door and haul me off to jail on some phony charge. I know, because it’s already happened to me. I guess we are free to be mindless slaves who sing the star spangled banner, eat apple pie and put our hand on our heart when we hear a certain song…..even though it is all phony anymore. America wants to make this an unAmerican nation. That’s why the government is challenging Arizona, who is trying to do what’s right. Bush, Obama and most I can remember are nothing but traitors. America has not had a real patriot since Kennedy. They murdered him because he would not bow to Israel. Read the book that the media has hidden from you and refuses to allow. “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper. You can find it at
    In the book he shows the motive for Kennedy’s assassination. it was because Kennedy was opposing Israel’s nuclear program and would have bombed them…had he lived. Notice aftwerwards that LBJ (a good friend) went on to socialize the country…following up with FDR’s first great society program. What LBJ did was to pay to breed into existence ..a future underclass that would put the likes of Obama in office and lead us to the more socialist state ruled by the monopoly capitalists. Yeah FDR said “if it happens in politics, you can know it was planned that way”…because he was part of the plan. America was pro German but suddenly changed to fight for communist zionism..desguised as capitalist and democratic. Have you ever wondered why when the majority is against something like illegal immigration or war, that democracy has not place in politics? That’s because democracy is just another word for the flag wavers and idiots to chant. They just do what they please and the one elected is a lover of Israel and has to bow or will not be elected in America. The last politicians to take some stance against Israel…were all put out of office or in Nixon’s case impeached. That is the real reason Nixon was impeached. Listen to the tapes, Nixon and Billy Grahm were both concerned with the overwhelming influence of loyalists to israel having so much power over America and her foreign policy, media and so forth. That is what happens. America is run like a Mafia. Obama is no different. Goldman Sachs is a “what” well as most international banks…just like Bernie Maddof. Open the eyes and read and also read the Bible where Jesus speaks of the synagog of Satan. Even if you don’t believe in religion, this plot is being made in our world…by cultists of another brand of religion. They use capitalism to buy up the world and rule with their wealth through influence…that dollars buys. It’s not what people tend to call conspiracy theory, it’s a REAL conspiracy that most people are not bright enough to figure. That’s how they get away with it. Your Son’s and Daughters die in the deserts for nothing..except to further the conspiracy.

  • Russ

    Well thanks Bob for giving me a voice here in America KKK. I await the patrollers who will start the names of antisemite and so forth.
    That’s another method they use to control truth from being spoken. They just start with the “you’re a racist, you’re an antisemite” to stop all logical discussion that points to the real cause of America’s problems. The ADL keeps busy monitoring anyone who speaks the truth and they also keep getting the congress to pass laws that will criminalize speech. You so called conservatives, for the most part, have no clue as to what’s really going on. If George Bush was a conservative, then Obama must be a Saint. George Bush put this mess on us and Obama is just continuing where he left off. One is the same as the other. Obama’s handlers were the same as McCains…and Palin is not our redeemer either. She is also pro Israel and has made her vow as such, so that’s why she is allowed tv time. Glen beck is also not for the truth, he sold out too. Pay attention people, if they are on the tube and keep a full time job there, they are not on our side. The people on our side get fired…like the old lady journalist…for merely speaking the truth of her own opinion. You want to correct America? Then you better find someone that is all American and refuses to bow to Israel. I hear Dr. David Duke is thinking of running for President. Maybe that is what we need!

  • Russ

    {Jennie Walsh says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm
    It is not capitalism that is doing the thieving. Capitalism has created prosperity, wealth and creativity. It is the organized criminals who have murdered, lied, stolen, bribed and used every conceivable criminal method to take over positions of power, authority, leadership and ownership of government, businesses, corporations, religious organizations, media, education and entertainment everywhere throughout America and the world}

    Jennie, it is the capitalists that done the things you speak. The real prosperity is the work and creativity of the people. But if the people are robotized and selected on quotas, then your work and creativity will diminish. That is exactly what has happened. The capitalists have used their wealth to destroy competition and creativity of those who could bring them down to earth. Mom and Pop cannot compete with Wally World and the small esso station cannot compete with the giant corporations who undercut them, so as to actually raise prices in the future and control the flow of goods. We have to have a government body that regulates because deregulation in certain sectors of life allows unfair advantage to money. Look at the
    oil companies, they make billions of dollars and they actually steal a resource from the people. I know that too, because I have natural gas beneath my property and the oil and gas companies are allowed to cheat, steal, and outright lie to do so. Those are where regulations are a must by local and state governments. My neighbor got a lease on his 40 acres for almost a million dollars. I and my family on the other hand, who live in the same tract and also have 40 acres, were given only a 10th of what he got. It’s all pick and choose. I sit right next door to him and the gas is in the same section. WHY is it right to cheat? Then they go on local TV and give my money to charity to gain public support and buy the local government with what they cheated my family out of. THAT’S CAPITALISM!! Crooks are predators and they use capitalism and government to get by with it. I was loced up by my local media merely for posting my opinions on their (open to the public freedom of speech blogs). I did not threaten of do anything wrong. I, a non criminal, with no record or violent history…was facing 8 years in prison and given a 400,000 bond. Meanwhile shooters, gangbangers, rapists were getting bond of 50,000 and so forth. The court is corrupt and certain individuals in law enforcement also. People are being thrown in jail merely for telling the truth. You think capitalism can save this sorry state of affairs? NO, it’s the capitalists that put us here. Dream on about America the great, but that’s all it is, a dream. They are killing off white folks and economically destroying us, putting us in jail and calling us racists, merely for hollering about the injustice we are getting in employment and in life in general. The key word to difuse any argument a liberal loses is to call a white person a racist or antisemite. The truth is that they are the real racists and they are antiwhite european. We and our creation of the free republic once named America, are the victims, even as they play us as the destroyers and haters. Racism is just a word they use to lift up others who never lifted up themselves or created their own nation.
    You people bend over backwards to destroy yourselves and follow those who go along with the capitalists. I don’t see anything changing for the better, anytime soon. America has lost it’s ability to think correctly. All other races protect each other, but whites sell out their own. All conflict comes from conflict based on culture and manipulated by capitalists who put as at each others throats, while they keep going to the bank and stacking their government positions so as to assure themselves full power over us all. You want real freedom? I suggest you build a rocket and find another planet.
    Obama’s motto was “change”. I said then and it was correct, the only “change” will be the change leaving our pockets. The liberal scum over at KTBS wanted me in prison for telling the truth. They mostly did not like my showing them the truth about the Talmud and how Judaism is not in any way like Christianity, in fact it is Antichrist and hateful supremacy. There lies your true supremacists and haters and racists. Just my opinions, I hope Bob doesn’t want to have the enforcers throw me in jail? Most of you need to go read the other side of ALL stories and realize that yo are pawns in a deadly game. General Smedly Butler said War is a racket for the bankers and capitalists. I guess he should know, he was a general and the most decorated soldier of his time in the Marine Corps. Funny how he was ignored by the media too in his days…just like Patton was when he revealed certain things.

    • Karolyn

      Once again, Russ I am in agreement with a lot of what you posted. However, “The truth is that they are the real racists and they are antiwhite european” That quote I don’t get. How can white Europeans be anti-white? My grandparents came from Poland in the early 20th century. Are you casting aspersions on Americans who have roots in Europe?

  • Russ

    I meant to say “antiwhite, anti European”. No, that’s not what I stated (read a little closer). However, some whites are to blame because they sell themselves for titles and a few pieces of silver to the very ones who are enslaving us all. There is no unity in the white race anymore.
    That is one reason we are in this mess. Some of our kin have given it all away and are giving it away even now. I consider all whites my blood relatives…even though I don’t exactly like a lot of them …due to their ignorance and their selling me and others down the road.
    Read the Bible verses in Galations 3-29 and Revelations chapters two and three. Two churches find approval with God, both are persecuted by those who call themselves Jews. What did the Apostle Paul describe as a “REAL” Jew? One of the heart, not a race. Just as Christ himself said, “if you were of Abraham, you would have loved me, but you seek to murder me”. So who are the descendents of Abraham? Those who love Christ and make up true Israel, the spiritual Bride of Christ. The churches are right in bed with the same conspiracy, teaching doctrines of men and making themselves rich, ignoring the truth and God’s word, teaching lies to the flock. Ask yourself this question? How can America be right in taking the side of Russia in WW2, when Russia also invaded Poland two weeks after Germany…and Russia was communist, unable to fight any war. That’s why FDR came up with the land lease program to fund communist Russia. Most people don’t know their history, only the lies taught by the evil victors. Iraq you say? Why did America bomb Iraq into the stone age from the air? Iraq had no part in 9/11. Why do we have a Muslim problem? Who changed the immigration in this country? They knew what they were doing in 1965 and now we have muslims building churches all over America. pretty soon they will be blowing up stores in America. This is not America anymore thanks to those who call themselves Jews. They got Ted kennedy to sponsor the 1965 immigration reform act to make sure this nation did not stay white European, but became a mixed cesspool. Now we live in the error of their pathetic ideas, which is violence and decay, open borders and non English, hate and murder, war and poverty.
    Oh how you all cannot see what is right in front of your eyes.
    What religion did the same Apostle Paul work for before becoming a servant of Christ? Judaism…and he talks about how he persecuted Gods true church of Christianity prior to his conversion. Sorry to those decieved christians, but Israel becoming a nation in 1948 is not the parable of the fig tree being fulfilled…because those who don’t follow Christ…and in fact persecute his church …are not his flock. That is not God’s flock in Israel and they are not spiritual Israel as spoken of in the Bible. All of these things I speak are the very keys to how America has been deceived.

  • Russ

    You should read Reverend Pikes site at
    He keeps tabs on the ADL and their pushing to outlaw free speech.
    Pretty soon we will not be able to critisize Israel in any way..because it will be against the law, just like it is against the law to question anything related to holocaust in so many European nations. Like I said, our new religion is this talmudic holocaust worship and chosen people theory. The churches are it’s biggest promoters, bashing Christ with their outright lies and deceptions.
    Now they are allowing homosexuals to be priests. Do you really believe God is in such church? I know what the Bible says, so that’s what I go by. For those of you who don’t like my opinions, forgive me, but I speak from what I know and research. After all, I am entitled to my opinions just like you. What’s the link to “capitalism” in all this …you ask? Capitalism is how they attained so much power over us all and bought the government and hearts and souls of people.
    They work on our needs and instincts to destroy us and bring us to their cause…which is all about money and jobs and status. Capitalism is just another word and movement to gain control over the sheep. Just like torture, it punishes you or rewards you, depending on how well you kiss the end and do the bidding of your master.

  • Russ

    Moses Hess, the Father of communism was a so called Jew. Carl Marx was a so called Jew. If you remember what the communist manifesto stated, then you understand that religion would be used to gain world domination also. Religion was called the opiate of the masses by the inventors of communism and they also would use capitalism and any other name that fit the cause. So called Jewish bankers in America funded the communist revolution. Golly gee, I could go on and on and it’s all available to any person willing to educate themselves. Everything in the last century that is bad in America was the working of one so called Jewish group or another. It is all documented facts and not debatable by wishful thinking. No amount of name calling can denounce plain old facts. America is run by a foreign people (capitalists who practice communism to be exact). They call it democracy, I call it clever conspiracy. They murder and jail those they cannot buy, who are smart enough to figure their evil plans out. Most Americans are too dumb to read and are programmed to reject certain things based on key words…like racist white supremacists, Nazi and so forth. Here we have a black racist as our President, who was elected by a dummed down bunch of white youth and others who think turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor equates to allowing someone to totally run over you and control you, murder you and destroy all you are. That is where the communist plan has succeeded in the religious aspect of feeding the opiate to the masses, after defining what religion is supposed to represent. The media makes me physically want to puke. All I can see is them with their heads shoved up you know where…which sums it all up.
    Am I a racist, white supremacist, Nazi? Not hardly and nothing I have ever acted out in my dealings with people would show me to be any of that. However, since I am white I am not judged on the context of my character, but on the defense of my words I speak. I cannot help but tell the truth. If the shoe fits, then wear it. Don’t call me names just because I tell the truth about groups of other stripes. You read all I wrote in this blog again. I think I covered all races. I think George Bush Jr. is one of the sorriest humans ever to walk…and he’s white. He’s just one of millions of sellouts and betrayers. I am waiting for the “self chosen” ones to start in on me, since that is the usual response I get for telling truths. Revelations says those who call themselves Jews and are not persecute the true church. Do you know what it means? It means those who claim to be the offspring of Abraham but hate Christ. You cannot hate Christ and claim to be a Jew..because Christ says you are a liar and a few other choice words. Remember Abraham was a Father to many nations. All real knowledge comes from God through the Holy Spirit. Those who don’t understand this, have never experienced the Holy Spirit. I was dumb before God showed me things. Don’t laugh because it is true. Now I see things so clearly that others miss, even when it’s right in front of them. I thank God every day and if we are going to fix our problems it has to be the will of God in our lives doing the fixing, not some old worn out system called capitalism, which is just another word for greed.
    Just my opinions.

  • Russ

    Just to back up some of my Biblical statements: To sum it up, a Jew is not a race… except that they now claim to be a race…calling anyone who disagrees with them an antisemite. Zionism is based on this chosen people ideology and they used communist capitalism, democracy and other words to bring us to this present state of worldy affairs.

    The prophetic statement declared in Genesis and Hosea is also repeated by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 21:43 when He is speaking to the Jews. He clearly says that, “The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.”-
    (The tribes of Judah and Levi were the keepers of the first church and the priestly and Kingly lines) When the Bible speaks “salvation is of the Jews” it means that Christ would descend from this line, not that there is some physical aspect of chosen people here.)

    The fact the fruits have now grown into a global forest of believers proves this prophetic statement fulfilled and absolute truth.

    Later in Acts 13:46 we find the prophecy regarding having the Kingdom of God taken from “physical Israel” straightforwardly fulfilled when Paul and Barnabas are being ridiculed and reproached by the Jews one day with blasphemous statements as they try to share the Gospel message. So on that fateful day, Paul and Barnabas turned to the Jews that were speaking out and said, “…It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.”

    In Romans 2:28,29 we learn that, “…he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. “
    The nation calling itself Israel today practices the Babylonian Talmud..which now calls itself Judaism. Remember Babylon The Great, Mother of Harlots? The first church is the Mother of harlots and they rejected Christ and mock him to this day are the same. Those calling themselves Christian, but who preach doctrines of men and chosen people worship, who murder Arabs for Zionism since 1948 are the offspring of the Harlot. Am I piercing the void???


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