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Houston Installing 250-300 Security Cameras In Downtown Area

November 30, 2010 by  

Houston Installing 250-300 Security Cameras In Downtown AreaThe city of Houston is spending $14 million to install 250-300 security cameras at downtown intersections as part of an initiative sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security to prevent and fight crime and terrorism.

Houston police plan to use the cameras to monitor potential crime scenes from several viewpoints in order to have a better idea of what is happening before officers arrive, Dennis Storemski, the city’s director of the Office of Public Safety, told the Houston Chronicle.

“The intent is to protect critical infrastructure and prevent terrorism,” Storemski told the Chronicle. “Experience has shown that when people plan terroristic acts, they plan and they do dry runs, so what we would be looking for is suspicious activity around certain locations. And for any crimes, you can go back and look at the video and identify the perpetrators.”

Some Houston residents complained of privacy concerns and the cost of the program, according to the Chronicle. But Storemski told the newspaper that privacy shouldn’t be a concern because all cameras are in public places where people should be aware that their actions are not private.

Cameras in public places have been used by law enforcement  to help identify suspects in terrorist incidents, including the 2005 London subway bombings and the attempted bombing of Times Square earlier this year.

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  • henneberg

    What a shame! Stop just reading and commenting on the news. Learn how you can solve the crimes at “United Forensic College”

  • TIME

    Can you say Welcome BIG BROTHER???????????????????????????

    Crime fighting my butt…….

  • JC

    What an absolute crock…just like the DHS itself.
    This is merely putting the cattle under observation.
    This BS has to stop in the Land of the Free.

    • Bleh

      The “Department of Homeland Stupidity” gobbles up yet another bit of freedom on its incremental march to total police state.

  • Hector J. Martinez

    what a waste of money. the funds could of been used to have armed quards protecting our borders but thats to easy for barry to understand. hey barry where’s your birth certificate. lets start there. Its good to have friends in the sumpreme court hide your background. kagan and sotomayor, remember ther is a judge higher then you and I would like to hear what crap comes out of your mouth!!!!!

    • Teresa

      You are absolutely correct in your statement, the money should be used in securing the border instead of the false claims of the administration as to watching for terrorist…they think we are fools. They are allowing the terrorist into our country, why not just block our borders, which is the law!

      • Carole Howell


        We wanted change, but he is following right along will all the plans the Bush Administration laid out. He is Bush Light.

        • ChestyPullerFan

          No,Ms.Howell,Dubya may have started this bonfire,but Obummer has brought the flamethrower to the party!The smugness shown by the present admin. is nothing like the previous one!Everyone talked about GW being an idiot, Obummer thinks we are the idiots, so him & his crew must tell us dummys what to do & when to do it. I must say that I “hope” that this will “change”,but it’s not likely to until they’re “deposed” & “deported”. Out with the illegal immigrant in office!!!

        • Teresa

          Carole, you may have bought into his “change” and voted for him…but I never wanted or desired his “change”.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          This being is making Bush look like a piker when it comes to spending and violating rights!!

        • Bleh

          More like Bush on steroids.

    • Bus

      Those camaras might be of some worth if installed along the border.

      • JC

        Or in the White House.

  • 1minuteman

    since when has homeland security wanted to help any border state such as texas and arizona? whatever the obama administration says they are doing you need to look elsewhere for the real reason behind their actions. yesterday beck exposed that wikileaks has people like code pink and soros behind it so im sure obama is really outraged. obama is pure evil.

    • Carole Howell

      All those people, and some you failed to mention have given up on Obama a long time ago. If you kept up, you would know that. He is too much like Bush. Remember he said he would let the Patriot Act expire? Remember? No one who leans even a little to the left support Obama now. They call him Bush light.

      • JJ

        It’s pretty clear you still aren’t paying attention, just like you and your kind wasn’t paying attention when you elected him. As far as people that voted for him, that group as a whole can never be trusted to do the right thing. People that wanted to know the truth found a wealth of information in just a few minutes of looking, but you where to busy looking for your messiah. People like you won’t stand up for anything and will fall for anything, and your still bashing Bush. What a bunch of losers.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Even those that voted him in are divided now!! They are abandoning him like rats abandoning the proverbial ship! The only difference is that it’s the rats abandoning the king rat!!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      1minuteman… Great post. Those cameras are not there for what they say they are. Besides, wouldn’t they be better on the boarder?

      • Bleh

        I know I have never seen a “terrorist” on the street being a “terrorist”.
        Only an idiot would buy that line…

        • JC

          And if you did see a terrorist “being a terrorist” you might cheerfully dispatch him with that Kimber .45 you should be carrying. :)

  • FlaJim

    Installing all those cameras couldn’t possibly cost $14-million. I’m betting the the majority of the money will be used to hire more civil servants to monitor them. The Kenyan is doing all he can to pump up civil service and union ranks in hopes of receiving their votes.

    And these won’t prevent crime or terrorism. They might help identify the perpetrators after the fact when it’s too late.

    • eddie47d

      One thing it will do it will keep cops more honest. We’ve had 2 high profile beatings by police in our city. Both were unprovoked attacks on civilians and caught on city cameras. Knocked them off their power trip.


    For some this might be an invasion of privacy but just as this article indicates when you are outside you are in public and others does see what you are doing. Crimes are being solved all the time with the use of cameras and they tell the same story for as many times as one needs to view them and with the same information. Whether these cameras are at the expense of government agencies or individuals if you are doing something you should not be doing, then it just may be recorded. I too have cameras installed around my home and see camera every day in businesses, it is a fact of life. Cell phones have cameras and are being used. The best thing to do is be on the legal side. Why should good citizens be subject to abuse by those wanting to harm us, where are our rights to live in safe surroundings. It is not only big brother looking at you, it is other citizens also.

    • JJ

      Most people think the cameras are all right as long as the law is on your side. The problem is that the day is here when people call good evil and evil good. If people would be active in their community those cameras would not be necessary. Truth is I don’t even believe that. The gov will do anything to enhance its control over you and me. An example of that was when the white house setup a web page asking people to turn in their fellow citizens that disagreed with Obumer’s policy’s.

    • 45caliber

      So I assume you are ready for the police state?

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Waste, I’m sick of the Governments one answer to everything — MONEY, Once again big brother steps in –Its starting to feel like we live in a police state. What makes me really sad this is in Texas, the one place I wouldn’t expect this, California you bet, the land of fruits nuts and flakes, but not the lone star state– I know what some people think this is a good thing as long as I’m safe– This doesn’t make you safe, boots on the street make you safe, cops walking the beat, never saw a fat cop walking a beat when I grew up, but you sure do now, riding in cruisers to the local doughnut shop –

    • ChestyPullerFan

      Amen bro! The disconnect with the citizens that they’re supposed to serve is nothing short of facism.Even as the nazi thugs were pushing people into ovens they used excuses like, “I was just following orders from superiors”,”every good german was convinced that this was for the good of society”,”I had to do it,or I’d be arrested!”etc…. Evil is evil.No excuses!

    • 45caliber

      THis is a start of a police state for certain.

  • newspooner

    It is called communism.


    here’s an idea, take the 14 million and secure the boarder! doesn’t help to put in cameras when the illegals commit crimes they will not be sent home. it amazes me how American citizens are being watched and denied liberties while any peice of crap can come into this country and get free everything and people don’t have a problem with this.

    • meteorlady

      Here in Texas the federal government has failed to secure our border with Mexico:

      • They have denied the Governor’s request for the National Guard troops required to secure the border.

      • They have offered incentives for people to cross illegally.

      • They have turned a blind eye to the violence which is spilling over the border.

      • They have set up a program where they bus captured illegal aliens from all of the southwestern states and release them in Presidio, Texas.

      • When Texas has assumed the burden, they have failed to pay their fair share.

      When Arizona took matters into their own hands:

      • The federal government sued them challenging their sovereignty and declaring their attempts to solve the problem as “racist”.

      • The federal government offered indirect support of a nationwide boycott of Arizona and its businesses.

      • The federal government denounced the sovereign state of Arizona to the United Nations handing their fate over to the likes of Iran, Libya, Syria and Venezuela.

      • The federal government harassed their law enforcement officials through bogus (In)Justice Department investigations which continue to this day.

      • JC

        All of which points to the truth behind the Statist agenda of (most recently) Barack Obama. They have no intention of making any one of us more secure…unless of course being secure means being hand cuffed. Their actions against America(ns) are blatantly obvious.
        It’s Treason.

  • Joshua

    Any society that gives up a little freedom for a little security deserves neither and will soon lose both. -Benjamin Franklin

    • Bleh

      We are losing both as we speak.

  • Joshua

    They have those in New Jersey too, used to give out tickets to people who don’t stop long enough (5 seconds)before a right turn or who go through a yellow light. A friend got 3 tickets last week before they realized what was happening. But who is monitoring the video and do they really give a shit or just pass out tickets to keep there job.

  • meteorlady

    I would expect this from Houston. It’s not about terrorism, it’s about controlling the masses and stopping crime the lazy way. Houston has been socialist and crime ridden for more than 30 years. Houston is also a sanctuary city of sorts – thanks to Bill White. It doesn’t change. Fact is someone is making a lot of money selling these cameras.

    • 45caliber

      I wonder … The voters voted to stop all street light cameras. I wonder if this is simply a way to turn them back on – along with several hundred more.

    • JC

      Remington could make a few bucks on these too…
      maybe Winchester, who knows? ;)

  • Delores Smith

    If Homeland Security is behehind this, question it! This is another way to instill fear in us. Obama, you don’t scare me one bit. You and Soros are on your way out. Wow! Your lip with the 12 stitches looks awful.
    Delores Smith Delores109

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I don’t know, it looked pretty good to me!!!

  • http://none Mike

    They forgot the most important part. It is linked to the facial recognition softwear. Identify us dissadents out here Seig Heil All. Mike L.

    • 45caliber

      It is there. They just haven’t told you that yet.

      • http://none Mike

        Yea its just a little funny to me that this omission was made. When are we going to wake up? Most likely when they are knocking at your door in the black vans. Mike L.

        • 45caliber

          That is one reason I keep guns.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Big brother is now watching you. Its nice if used only for what they state it is for, but how long before they use it to control the public in ways you can’t even imagine? Those who give up rights for safety deserve neither and will eventually lose both.

  • EleanorC

    We have fallen victim to socialism in the guise of the so-called government’s concern for it’s citizens. God help us all.

  • chuckb

    you may want to think about this, after katrina:
    emergencies/gulf_migration.html). The CRS report estimates that
    approximately 150,000 of those that did evacuate from New Orleans ended up in
    Houston, Texas. Soon after this migration to Houston, the press was full of
    stories about the increased crimes in Houston as a result of the new residents from New Orleans.
    Similarly, a 2005 American Community Survey done by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that those that moved out of the New Orleans area after Katrina were more likely to be younger and in poverty and less likely to be employed or in the labor force than those that
    did not move out of the area.
    maybe you can’t blame houston, i understand the city is one of the worse crime areas in the country since katrina. maybe the next time these bleeding heart communities won’t be so anxious to open their arms for refugees from the ghetto’s and no need for surveillance cameras on their public streets.

  • http://com i41

    Seal the damn borders and when we are doing the job, if any puke drug cartel fires on our National Guard or military or contract builders can fire back at least 5 miles. When we started building the fence, we were fired on, starting at 3 in the afternoon and could see the pukes wondering back and forth in Mexico.We were hamstrung from defending ourselves by the State Department and our sorry a$$ed elected idoits. I’ll bet if 7 million were put to building the fence, at 15,000 a mile a lot of fence could be built. Why we will not electrify the the tops of the fence with extreme voltage to fry the illegal perps. As forthe tunnels not being discovered, with all the tecknology we don’t discover them for a time laspes, someone in government must be making a bundle from kick backs. Take the other 7 million and put a 2,000 bounty on any illegal caught and brought in. Strickly use private bounty hunters and private contractors!!

    • 45caliber

      I agree – and most of Texas including the illegals here agree. However, the government does NOT want the military here. They might actually seal the border and they would almost certainly shoot back when shot at. The last time the military was helping close the border, some Mexican across the river began shooting at some Marines. After half a dozen shots, one of the Marines shot him. The Mexican government objected. The Marine was pulled off and tried for murder in military court. He was found innocent. Our government insisted that the trial should have been done in civilian court since a Mexican civilian was shot, so they tried him again in civilian court … and found him innocent. So the feds tried him for “civil rights violation” … and he was again found innocent.

      Basically he was tried three times, in violation of the Constitution, for the same “crime”. And found innocent all three times. One of the reasons he was found innocent at the federal level was that he was also Mexican … a Mexican-American actually.

      They haven’t put any soldiers on the border since. And they don’t want them there. It might offend Mexico if they were to shoot another Mexican shooting at them. Even if the Mexican is a cartel member. Actually, they would probably be shot at by the Mexican army since their soldiers tend to charge across our borders to lead the Border Patrol astray while the cartels slip their trucks past. And that would be a horrible diplomatic problem, wouldn’t it?

  • juan twothree

    Come on folks…..this is just ANOTHER one of Obummer’s sneaky move to watch everybody in the United States. And, that worthless, weak link Janet ’5 o’clock shadow’ Napolitano is the gullable twit that puts it under her group. I agree, put our forces, military, on the border with friggin Mexico and watch THEM, not us…that $14 million could have been used for more ammunition or something to keep those greae balls on their own side of the border….this entire Administration KNOWS that after the November elections, whenthe Democraps got lown out of the water, that they better watch all US citizens, see who is doing what and see if Obummer cna’t get some legal edge with that spineless Eric Holder so he can sue he stae of Texas for some kinid of friggin reason, like he is doing to Arizona…and, GOvernor Perry is also a Republican so Obummer and the Democraps want to slander him anyway possible so they will sue camera’s….this Administration is going DOWN in 2012, they have to in order for our country to survive..simple as that…

    • 45caliber

      The last mayor of Houston is White. He recently was outed and another came in. He ran against Perry for governor and lost. White pronounced Houston a sactuary city as well but is no longer mayor.

  • http://deleted j.McConnell

    Cameras, EZ-Pass,facial recognition programs,RFI chips,
    license plate readers etc. How much of this technology
    does the public willfully embrace everyday?

    • http://none Mike

      J.McConnell, They are mostly ignorant of it. There are a few of us out here that understand the dangers and are looking for ways to mitagate them or fight their implimentation. Technologies themselves are inert objects its the way people use them that we have to worry about. Mike L.

  • 45caliber

    These are also excellent for the government to keep track of who goes where as they wish. I don’t like this at all.

    The voters recently (Nov. 2) voted to stop all stop light cameras. Apparently this is Houston’s way of turning them back on again.

    • http://none Mike

      45, Look at whats going on in Brittan right now. It gives us a good look at where we are headed in a few more years here. Hopefully real civil rights groups come out and stand against this. Its not going to be an easy fight though the communist here havs had a few year head start. Mike L.

      • 45caliber

        What is sad about England is that they have so much crime (estimated 16 times what we have per same population) that the police are too overburdened to handle it. In fact, in areas like London they won’t even take reports of “minor” cases like burglarly, assault, etc. If anything, they are more concerned about some citizen harming a criminal. They are instructed to investigate ONLY major felonies. So the criminals can do as they like without fear. And now we are going to get it here.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          There are some minor crimes they will answer. Don’t violate their no smoking policy or their recycle laws or it’s jail time for you!!

        • JC

          They put a Veteran in prison for defending his home and his wife with a shotgun, from a criminal who was breaking into his home for the third time. The idea that England is a nation of justice or freedom is lost and it’s on it’s way out here too.

  • 45caliber

    A professor in college many many years ago told my class that we could solve all crime. All we had to do was institute a police state and give up our freedoms.

    If any of you read “1984″, the first step was to put in cameras everywhere. In fact, the book starts with the main character having to perform exercises with his TV – which allowed the instructor to see him too.

    And this act is certainly the start of a police state.

    Incidently, London has these. And they have a much higher crime rate than we do (about 16 times more likely according to one report I saw a year or so ago). The police there are so overloaded that they no longer take reports or investigate such things as burglary, assault, etc. They are supposed to investigate ONLY major felonies. However, they will also investigate any reference to a civil crime. So I really doubt that cameras are going to help all that much.

    • http://none Mike

      Orwell had it right. They have used his book as a blueprint for how and when to do it. He was just a few years off in his predictions. Mike L.

      • j.McConnell

        Orwell (Blair) was from Britain. “Ring of Steel”

  • ricky


  • den

    We need to have the governor go in fron of the United Nations and surrender to Mexico.

    NATO must then send soldiers to defend us. This will finally solve this problem, and it will be egg on Obamas’ face for his lawsuits against American states attempting to defend themselves.

    Can you imagine his face when he sees the surrender on 60 minutes?

    The Obama admin may sue for this camera breach of terrorist privacy!

    • 45caliber

      True: After all, the cameras could be used to identify and locate terrorists and illegal aliens too.

  • stephen russell

    Which cities are Next to install these cameras??
    1984 Is coming, George Orwell style & worse than Orwell can imagine.
    Then add roving Xray backscatter vans, drones, wirless tapping of cel phones & remote keys for cars, etc.
    & your ID theft, etc alone.
    Very scary indeed.

  • Claire

    If some people weren’t so evil they would be no need for cameras-anywhere.

    • JC

      Claire…it’s the evil people who need the cameras…to watch us.

  • AZ Jack

    Fight crime and terrorism my ass. Anyone who believes this should see me about some bridges for sale. This is just another “big brother” thing to spy on people. I’m surprised Governor Perry goes along with it.

  • Rob Reiken

    Gee how cheap are those cameras if there are 300 of them i work it out to be still over $46,600 each , well now we know why the whole world is going broke to fund their police state for see it their way we are all terrorists. I bet those cameras are no more than a few thousand each so gotta wonder who’s pocket is all that money going in, maybe the New World Order slush fund like of that one Hillary Clinton has with her kiddy charity slush fund in guise.
    Hail Hitler Obama , He luv us to death………..
    PS i read ya talk about border control. If there was a real Border Control in place , then USA wouldn’t already be invaded by so many millions of Illegal ALiens, border control is dropped that is why there is over 42,000 dead in that war already , Wake up SHEEPLE those cameras are for you , the innocent slaves for your masters to watch your every single move, they just may beat u to death if u no smile at the birdy.


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