House Votes To Legitimize More Government Computer Snooping


No amount of online spying is too much, said the criminal elected class in the House of Representatives, as it passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and (non)Protection Act (CISPA) yesterday over hollow veto threats by the Administration of President Barack Obama.

The bill will give the government access to online data — including financial data — from private computer networks. A proposal that would have prohibited the military from collecting data directly from industry was blocked from floor debates by Republicans. A compromise measure was passed that ensures companies must first go through the Department of Homeland Security before turning information over the military.

Privacy groups object to the bill because they said it would give the National Security Agency “a front-row seat in analyzing data from private computer networks.” The Associated Press reports that the bill doesn’t address NSA specifically, but “it’s presumed that the military intelligence agency would have a central role in the data-sharing because of its technical expertise in tracking foreign-based hackers.”

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), who once lamented that the Internet had been created and longed to return to the days of pencil and paper, will take the lead in pushing CISPA through the Senate.

The proposal that puts DHS in charge of disseminating the information between corporations and the military was supposed to be comforting. But considering the DHS’s record regarding electronic privacy, it’s no comfort at all. Recall that for years DHS claimed the naked body scans taken by backscatter radiation emitters at airports were not stored, and the machines were not capable of storing images. Finally, after lawsuits filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center made their way through the courts, it was revealed that DHS did indeed store the images and that Transportation Security Administration agents used them for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

The Administration’s veto threats ring hollow because it has yet to find a liberty-reducing law it could oppose (see the National Defense Authorization Act). But we should be thankful, because our safety is of foremost concern among the criminal elected class.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mike in MI

    Oh Goody, Our best fiend … er-rr-rr…friend, Jay Reck-of-a-feller intends to take this one through to his budd, Obombus for stingnature…(damn sticky keys) signature. My heavens, why would the next most …uhm-m-m (maybe somewhere down the line)..richest people on earth have any interest in something so PALTRY as this for?

    The last thing he grabbed and ran with was ObombuScare. Hm-m-m, wy’d he all per sudnens git innertestid in wat’er we’re communicatin’ ’bout and spindin’ our $ on. (I put that’n nin code soze ‘e cain’t figger ‘tout. ((That ,too.) U-uhgk-hem …cak-st-t-uph.

    I am truly pleased to see that all of our watchful House of Reprehensibles … er-r… Representatives are being so vigilant in their doobies…er-r…duties as to shew such complete concern for the well bing uv us their connn..consti. . ..inztz.
    Hopin’ aginst hope this William will have his legs cut out from unner him…defeet da’ Bill?

    • Mike in MI

      No doubt we’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it. Like a gall…ing stone.

      • Miss Melody Taylor

        Really? Are you stupid?

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Are you actually a fool or just trying to look like one with your oh-so-cute abuse of the language and our patience. And after wading through your sophomoric babblings, I find that you DIDN’T EVEN SAY ANYTHING WORTH CONSIDERING. Lord love a duck, Mike—-go find a sand box to play in and stay out of the grownup’s way..

  • Harold Olsen

    They keep taking this further and further. How long will it be before we have feds pounding on our doors demanding to see everything we have on our computers without even having warrants. It’s coming. Nazi Germany is alive and well in Obama’s United States. Heil, Obama!

    • Bob666

      put on your tin-foil hat and they won’t be able to see you. Now, wrap your computer in tin foil and all will be OK

      • dontdoitagain

        Bob, YOU and others like you are why this is happening. You are willfully ignorant and deliberately obtuse. There are a lot of ignorant people out there, who, like YOU, who can’t see danger in ANYTHING as long as the government says it’s for “safety” reasons. Like the government gives a DAMN about anybody’s safety.

        • Bob666


          “You are willfully ignorant and deliberately obtuse” read your post and ask yourself if you are qualified to make such a statement. If it does not come together for you, put the tin foil hat back on.

        • Miss Melody Taylor


        • Right Brain Thinker

          Why WHAT is happening? Where is “out there”? Bob didn’t say anything about seeing or not seeing danger in ANYTHING, never mind what the government may or may not have said about “safety”. What the heck are you talking about? You sound more obtuse to me than Bob.

      • Miss Melody Taylor

        Yep its worth a try.

    • Cam Alft

      they are already at it!computers and guns,have all of you been sleeping?half the warrants don’t even have the right name or address,they only take what they want!..start watching alternative media!

      • Miss Melody Taylor


    • Miss Melody Taylor

      I pray this never happens. Just another way to trespass & take: our food, our children, our bibles…and try to load us stupid Americans onto a lite rail train w shackles & cart us off to a fema camp.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Harold, I don’t want to scare you, but the feds can find out everything you have on your computer right now if they want to. And they don’t need much in the way of warrants, thanks to W’s legacy. This is not the days of the Gestapo coming in the night—-we have the NSA now and they “work from home”, with machines doing the “watching” 24/7/365. Didn’t you watch the coverage of the Boston bombing investigation? If you want to guard against fed “intrusion”, you need to NEVER connect to the internet again—-don’t use email or go on a browser (probably shouldn’t use any phones either—cell or hardwired). In fact, why don’t you start by NOT coming on PLD—-the feds are probably watching this site closely—-see if that helps.

      PS Bob666 was pulling your leg about the tinfoil on the computer. You probably would benefit greatly from a tinfoil hat, but it’s what goes through the wires that matters on your computer and tinfoil won’t block that.

  • KG

    Umm…. under whos Administration was DHS created? Oh yea – that “small government” republican “W”. Remember, it was after 9/11, so everybody was shell shocked into thinking that it was necessary. I felt soooo much better knowing that Dick Cheny was reading my e-mails.

    National Defense Authorization Act – Umm… you guys really need to know that this “act” was nothing new. Eisenhower signed similar legislation in the fight against the Soviets. What’s funny is that everybody forgets that. I guess losing freedom was OK to fight the Soviets, but it’s not OK to fight terrorism?

    • Aranna Vallotton

      Ummm who added to it and resigned it in secret??? Our Communist and Cheat Obama…

      • Bob666

        Aranna, what would you do if you were the president???

      • Miss Melody Taylor

        Very true. Why doesn’t someone get a court order that sits on Obamas desk, with the entire plan written down on how he plans to undo America??

        • Miss Melody Taylor

          Obamas written plan, in a blue notebook, on his desk, in the oval office”

    • Miss Melody Taylor

      Yes indeed

  • peter

    They have to spy on everybody because they are fully aware of the fact that they see everyone else as they see themselves – distrustful, devious and debased! Pity they cannot look in the mirror to see where the real problem lies. It is common knowledge that over the years ‘criminals’ always find someone else to blame for their misdoings. Those who are not free are slaves and we are not free! Guess what that makes us? Slaves and fools to boot!

  • Chester

    Don’t see Obama’s threat to veto this bill as hollow at all. Seems he squashed one very similar last term. This is one of those things that, for all the noise about how much it is needed, is needed about like an extra hole in the head, and Mr. Obama KNOWS that.

    • Carol Springer

      you do mean hilter two their like twin killers they need to watch what the muslims are doing and leave us americans alone nose [expletive deleted]

    • mnkysnkle

      Obama threatened to veto the NDAA also, untill they put in the provision he wanted (this was done behind closed doors)……….Which was that “The President called the shots”. Then he happily signed it. You can bet there will be a rider on this bill which will directly attack the constitution. This process is being played out very much like they did over the NDAA bill. Both parties are “putting on a show for the people”.

  • JamesAt17

    So, here goes one more thing and as always we get to talk about it and fuss about it and those that are doing it to the public are sitting back laughing at all our fussing and whimpering knowing that nothing we can do to change it is going to amount to anything. All these politicians we thought were going to do the right thing when we put them into office have done just the opposite. Even if we were able to change out all of those in office at this time the next bunch would turn out to do the same as we are seeing happen now. That’s because there is a ‘ruling unelected government’ within the government that we are allowed to see that orders those we thought were for us to work against us for their evil agenda desire to rule the entire globe. They rule, they have the police/military and they also control the skies above our heads poisoning us as we read this. See it for yourself by going outside and looking up at those ugly streaks covering the entire sky. Chemtrails. All those of you out there laughing at that will have it shoved in your face soon. That’s just one more drop of evil in the overflowing bucket of evil dumped on this world.

  • Miss Melody Taylor

    Wow. I already feel uncomfortable watching television (I know it is big brother); so…rarely turn it on.