House Seeks To Slash Appropriation For Ambitious EPA

Price Cut Twenty Dollar Bill with Scissors

The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by more than one-third in 2014, only a year after attempting to pass a more modest 17 percent budget cut.

According to The Hill, a House Appropriations subcommittee is slated to make sure the EPA pruning survives within a larger, GOP-led omnibus Interior and Environment spending bill, which will be taken up on Tuesday.

The EPA’s proposed budget cut — $2.8 billion — is the largest single pruning House Republicans have embedded in the bill, which would cut 19 percent (a total of $5.5 billion) from the budgets of a number of Federal agencies, including the National Park Service, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Gallery of Art.

What’s significant about the EPA hatchet job is its timing. The proposed cuts come only a month after President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to prioritize environmental regulations, reflecting the White House’s official stance that man-made climate change is destroying the planet and must be dealt with ahead of a host of other domestic problems.

The House bill would stave off forthcoming EPA regulations that require petroleum refiners to reduce the presence of sulfur in gasoline, which oil companies expect would add dramatically to the cost of production. It also would negate EPA regulations that, per Obama’s anti-coal agenda, would set new carbon emissions standards on electric power plants.

Subcommittee leader Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) said the GOP-backed budget cuts and policy strictures are a direct effort at confronting Obama on climate change, in the hope of averting new rules that would unnecessarily increase industry costs (and end-user costs) through the implementation of more difficult and sophisticated production processes, as well as punitive fines.

New EPA boss (and Obama nominee) Gina McCarthy embraced the President’s grand vision on climate change, telling employees in an internal video Monday that the agency “has a clear responsibility to act now on climate change” and that this era “is a defining time” for the EPA.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • me

    Why cut the sulfur in gasoline. I thought there was the theory that the ethynol in the gasoline would create a oxygenizer to make the gasoline burn better, it burns more fuel. They don’t do anything to make the engine more efficient. hey say it burns at a 3o% efficiency. between the big oil ruling and the EPA running things we will all pay more in the end.

  • eleson

    There are plenty of cars overseas that make over 50 MPG. Not allowed in the US. Why not? This would significantly help negate this unneeded legislation.

    • Bill

      Good comment Eleson,
      We make a diesel car here in the US that get’s over 70 mpg. But it is only sold in Europe and not in the US due to EPA regulation
      They need to send the EPA regulators back to math school. Let’s see, the car gets 100% better mileage than the average new car but it is banned because it is 10% under meeting the new increased air quality standards. Maybe we should just defund the EPA and make these stupid people get a real job.

    • Jeff

      They used to be here, too. In the mid-80s I had a Honda CRX. It had a 1.3 Liter engine and if you kept the speed to 60 mph, it could get 65+ mpg on the freeway. Even at 85 mph, it got 45 mpg. So, I’m not sure I believe all the crocodile tears when someone proposes increasing CAFE standards. The electric cars look very promising as battery technology is rapidly advancing. The primary issue then will be how the electricity will be generated.

  • mbfromwv

    The EPA has wreaked havoc across America since the agency was founded. The American steel industry was first to be wrecked; look at Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown just to name three cities.

    Unemployment in WV, PA, southwest VA, and western MD is on the way up with coal miners being put out of work thanks to the EPA. The electric power grid is in imminent danger of a huge collapse as gigawatts of power is taken offline as perfectly functioning generating stations are closed thanks to the EPA….The worthless wimps running First Energy and other energy companies who are paid millions “cow down to the EPA at every turn” instead of turning “junkyard hound” lawyers loose on the EPA to keep the agency’s ruinous policies tied up in court. These executives are worthless as “tits on a boar hog”. This is one reason income taxes on those earning more than $250k a year (and their severance packages) need to rise to 1967 levels. I see nothing wrong with taxing incompetence. High tax rates are a backstop to corporate executive greed.

    Customers suffer when electricity fails and homes are without power for weeks at a time, and frozen goods are lost that were bought and paid for. Chemicals, metals, mining, electric power generation have outsourced since the EPA has made it impossible to manufacture anything in America. The EPA keeps “moving the goal posts back” and industry cannot afford the cost, increasing American unemployment. The right thing for Congress to do is completely defund and shutter the EPA, and rewrite its charter to include a jobs balance test, and remove its jurisdiction from critical infrastructure such as electric power generation and critical highway and other transportation projects.

    • americalandofthefree

      and then we are going to ship this evil coal to other countries to burn for electric. If its so bad why are shipping out of the country, oh thats right its part of the plan to DESTROY America. We have nothing but idiots and hypocrites in Washington

    • Jeff

      My guess is you used to make a lot of money by polluting the commons until someone had the audacity to say his kids’ right to breathe trumps your right to make money however you see fit.

  • americalandofthefree

    they need to be dissolved. they are part of the problem, make that a large part of the problem. and there are ways to cut with the cost they are just to lazy to find the way. instead they are just like every other goverment entity getting bigger and bigger

  • Ball

    This communist inspired agency was set up to destroy capitalism, and they are doing a good job of it!

    • Timothy Thompson

      Ball you said a mouthfull brother, just look at who is controlling our schools, dumbing them down, EPA above speaks for them, and all the other agencies that are killing jobs, movtivation and creating gimme, gimme Americans who feed from the troth.

    • Jeff

      Then why doesn’t Communist China have an EPA – or at least one that can actually regulate air pollution? It’s the Communist and former Communist countries that have the greatest pollution problems – like we did before the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the EPA.

  • topmah

    Hallelujah! Starve ’em to death! Then I might be able to afford my utility bill & visit my kids without taking out a 2nd mortgage to buy gas! Everything they do costs us more $$$, limits our choices & causes terrible consequences–can we say millions dead from malaria with the end of DDT? Can we say lightbulbs that cost a fortune? And near me, at Ft. Bragg, over a million of your tax $$$ are used to protect & care for the Red Cockaded Woodpecker! Their habitat is off limits for military use, their nests are regularly inspected by a paid employee–I could go on, but this is just one stupid example of how our money is wasted. Shrink ’em down to where a hall closet will hold their bureaucratic butts…Then we’ll all benefit!!

  • KLAUS11


  • Alan

    Climate change is a myth perpetuated by the contol freaks at the EPA and the nature wackos that believe that trees and animals should come before people. Many reputable scientists say there is no global warming,so the kooks changed the name to climate change.

  • ridge runner

    Most all the climate change morons are drug heads and democrats, who will swallow any BS from the Democrat Party sewer spewing propoganda machine. Plenty of idiots beleive everything the marxist muslim and the paty pukes claim as facts ant truths.The Weiner sure can not be trusted just like Omnumnutts.