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House Passes Nearly Half A Trillion Spending Bill

December 18, 2009 by  

House passes nearly half a trillion spending bill Despite the growing federal deficit and debt, the House of Representatives voted 221 to 202 to approve a spending bill last week that provides $447 billion in funding for several government departments and agencies for the next budget year.

The partisan nature of the vote stems largely from the fact that, as several media outlets have pointed out, the bill reflects in large part the priorities of Democrats who currently control all branches of government.

Among its provisions, the legislation includes measures that authorize billions in mandatory federal spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and $3.9 billion in earmarks to fund 5,224 projects in various lawmakers’ home districts, according to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the bill a "tough choice" for "tough budgetary times," saying it will help create jobs by expanding access to capital and credit, and investing in infrastructure development and clean energy.

However, the move was blasted by House Republicans who called the 2,444-page bill an irresponsible spending increase at a time of escalating government deficits, according to The New York Times.

"When are we going to say enough is enough?" asked Minority Leader John Boehne of Ohio, quoted by CNN, while Representative Jerry Lewis of California complained that "there is no question that the era of big government has returned to Washington," according to The Times.

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  • J C

    Wonderful. Just what we need “MORE Government”. I swear these idiots know nothing about history and / or they are deliberately committing treason against the American people by subverting the entire economy and placing us into “Collective Economic Slavery”. Traitors.

    • DaveH

      They know JC. They just don’t care. They are in a pell-mell rush to power. As long as they are on top, they will be happy.

  • Warrior

    I’m telling ya all, the only growing segment of our economy is government so you better send your resumes in fast.

    • J C

      send them by air mail….

  • DaveH
    • DaveH

      And here’s yet another expansion of Government by the Democrats in the House.
      HR4173, “The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009”
      See how your representatives voted:
      How come I get the feeling that the “protection” is going to cost us a lot more money and do nothing to really protect us? Kind of like the kind of “protection” the Mafia provided in the early to mid 20th century.

  • James

    Basically, Democrats are socialists, they believe a government managed economy is more efficient than allowing enterprising individuals to determine where it’s headed. However, when they add fines and/or jail time to their legislation then socialism becomes communism. The Senate will vote on their Health Care bill (2,500 pages, just released from committee). It contains a provision that every American must purchase a healthcare insurance policy, and those who decline to do so will be fined $750 and/or do jail time (it’s a misdemeanor so the sentence would be no more than one year). A senator was asked what such healthcare insurance policy costs, he said $5000. When he was asked whether poor people wouldn’t rather opt for paying the fine than buying the insurance, he said, yes, they probably would, we just put the fine there to scare them into buying the insurance if at all possible.
    That’s awful close to being unconstitutional. When Americans were compelled to buy liability insurance for driving a car, it was only required by law to protect other drivers that one might injure, there was no requirement for the driver to protect himself. If it had, that would have been unconstitutional. Likewise, ordering Americans to protect themselves against illness, by purchasing healthcare insurance would also be unconstitutional. Are they concerned about our health or the financial soundness of insurance companies, who don’t provide one ounce of health care.

    • J C

      James, it’s more than “close” to UnConstitutional, it’s straight up “Dictatorial”. God, I miss America.

    • Rita

      Sorry, I clicked the wrong thing. I meant to say, you can choose to drive and/or own a car. And car insurance (miniumum) is required to protect other people and their property.

      This “general welfare” excuse for this MANDATED insurance IS unconstitutional. The phrase also appears in the preamble, but Steny Hoyer only mentions its appearance in Article I, Section 8 which is the taxing authority granted to enable the Congress to conduct the nation’s business. Would the founding fathers, who constantly wrote about LIMITING the federal government’s powers, have intended this overly-broad interpretation? I think not.

      The Volstead Act (prohibition) required a constitutional amendment, and that was to FORBID Americans from purchasing a product from the private sector (and it was repealed after the unintended consequences became apparent). So how is REQUIRING us to purchase a product from the private sector any different?

      • J C

        Rita you might be interested to know that Alexander Hamilton used the “general welfare” clause to bring in the first US central bank.
        He was working towards government supremacy and control while the ink was still drying on the Constitution. The Confederate State’s Constitution left out that term for just that reason. Just an FYI :)

    • s c

      James, most of those elected schmucks think they elect themselves. In a way, they’re not too from being wrong. For many years, people haven’t considered it important enough to keep elected slimers on a short leash.
      A “managed economy” is an easy way for a bloated, power-mad government to control us. It reduces the need to think, and force-feeds us the rotting pablum they want us to swallow. Getting tired of it yet?
      This is the same bunch who gleefully resort to using earmarks and a dumbed-down populace to do what they do. What they don’t yet appreciate is the fact that ropes, pitchforks, knives, rocks, baseball bats, lug wrenches, slingshots, molotov cocktails, trained dogs and a fed-up populace can be just as effective as guns and ammunition. Options are options. Who said we have to be predictable? It’s going to be interesting, James.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    I just hope and pray we are not that far gone by the time Nov 2010 rolls around that all of this stupidity can be erased. A very good Article from Taipan Dailey can be read at called “The
    Banks will Bring Us a Hyperinflationary Depression”. Very well worth reading – it says it all as to why this is all happening. Of course, as you folks probably felt, as soon as the results were in and we knew it would be Barak Hussein Obama we were all in BIGGGGG trouble. Doesn’t even have an American name and then no one making him prove he was an American born citizen is just criminal. McCain turned in all of his papers as required. Why didn’t Obama have to turn in all of his papers before he could even continue after the nomination I don’t know. Now in the state of Florida starting in 2010 you have to present a birth certificate, which cannot be hospital but must be stampped by an reliable agency or passport to get a drives license plus other verifiable papers.

  • Robert

    What we need is for this bill to be posted on the internet in it’s entirety and then a detail listing of all the amendments (pork) that was added and who sponsored it. Like Bill Nelson of Nebraska who said he’ll vote for the Health Deform Bill. Just so happens, he did a back room deal with Reid so that his state becomes exempt forever to any increases in state funding of Medicaid. Bribery, treason. This guy should be arrested and tried for felony extortion and racketeering. What say all of you?

    • J C

      I say yes. The system has become so corrupt as to be unrepairable.
      Time to get back to basics.

      • Joe H.

        You got my vote!!!!

    • DaveH

      I think this is the one (HR 3288). The news services typically don’t give the number designation of the Bills in their articles which makes it difficult to find them on the Congressional Sites. Anyway here is the link to the Roll Call Vote for HR 3288:

      • DaveH

        And here is a link to the text of the Bill HR 3288. There are 7 versions. I doubt any of the politicians have read the entire 2500 page Bill that they voted on:

        This is getting ridiculous. Maybe if the Federal Government didn’t have its tentacles in so much of our lives, the Bills wouldn’t need to be unreadably long.

        It’s time to clean the House (and the Senate too).

        • J C

          Dave they are unreadably long by design. Just like the tax code and the Free Trade Agreement. And you can bet whatever agreement comes out of Hopenhagen will also be unreadably long and so convoluted no one will be able to interpret its actual meaning, if it even has any.
          All tools in the scam to keep people ignorant and under control…all BS

          • DaveH

            Yep. As for the “Free Trade” agreement, it’s an oxymoron – free trade administered by government.

  • Marilyn

    Oh, Goody. More Pretend Money that will surely be paid back to China or God knows who the Government is borrowing from… Guess who gets to foot the bill? Oh, I forgot. Our Gov’t officials just voted themselves a big fat raise. Maybe they will help foot the taxes to help pay back all of that borrowed money? It sure isn’t going to be poor class citizens.


    It’s understandable to picture that Old Guy in the tri cornered hat, the perplexed look unpon his face ranging to anger as the comprehension of what is taking place is sinking in. It is understandable when he stands to raise that musket he has carried for the defense of the freedoms his kind shed blood for and the consternation showing on his brow as he steps up to take aim, he is angry and frustrated that his legacy has been so abused and that much strife may again be required to repair and restore the sacred trust left to those whose laxity has allowed this trust to slip.

    Keep your powder dry and your knife sharp, America.

  • J C

    There are more than a few who empathize with that sentiment. In the last 3 months of 08 alone, Americans purchased 7 million firarms and over a billion rounds of ammunition. The greatest such single spike in American history. As an aside, that’s enough firpower to completely re-arm the Chinese and Indian armies.

  • Rod

    Yes, I believe even the Dems that were tricked into voting for this MESS has come to their senses. Too bad they didn’t see before they
    made this mistake. We have alot of work to do to get our country back.

  • Joe H.

    not that I am arguing with your statement, I just find it hard to believe ANY dem was “fooled” into voting for it!!!!


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