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House Democrat Introduces Controversial Immigration Reform Bill

December 22, 2009 by  

House Democrat introduces controversial immigration reform bill Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) introduced an immigration reform proposal last week that has already garnered significant criticism from anti-immigration advocates.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 is the first significant proposal on the issue introduced in Congress in the last two years.

It contains far-reaching provisions, including a route to legalization for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants—who would be required to pay a $500 fine, learn English and pass a criminal background check—and a suggestion to strip police officers of their federally-sanctioned powers to detain individuals for immigration and visa violations, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Moreover, the legislation draft calls for providing 100,000 extra visas for people from countries with high rates of illegal immigration and for expediting legal immigration for close relatives of U.S. citizens and lawful residents.

The proposal has come under fire from conservative groups that have labeled it "an amnesty."

Among the most vocal critics is the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which described the bill as a "wholesale sell-out of the interests of the American people."

The organization’s president, Dan Stein, stated that "at a time when some 25 million Americans are either unemployed or relegated to part-time work, the last thing the Democratic majority ought to be focused on is a massive amnesty and immigration expansion bill."

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  • romacel

    lets give them a chance to go out in the shadows everybody need a second chance , support immigration reform

    • Time

      Try and run that by the North Korean’s. You will be removed from the living ASAP. 99% of all countries will toss your butt in jail if your in their country with out proper paper work.
      Of that number more than 70% will remove you from the living. Just try and pull that crap in MEXICO. You want to spend some time alone with the roaches in rat infested jail cell for say 10 years? Get real.

      • Swansong

        Second chance for what??

        I came here legally. I didn’t expect handouts and I got none.

        I filled out all the endless paperwork (which sucked), endured the demeaning experience of being treated like human cattle and waiting hours in INS waiting rooms and lines.

        If you want to stop illegal immigration in an orderly way, then TAKE AWAY ALL INCENTIVES TO ILLEGALS: No automatic ER care. No free schooling. No government handouts.

        They (courts and congress) won’t because THEY HAVE NO RESPECT for citizenship and citizens.

        • Roger

          Swansong, as a retired Firefighter/Paramedic I whole heartedly support your viewpoint. Through my years of active duty I was able to observe first hand the effects of illegals on California’s
          failing Health Care System. ER waiting rooms filled to overflowing at all hours of the day and night with illegals expecting free care! Many hospitals simply shut their doors secondary to the loss of patient payment revenues for services. Remove all welfare programs, actively seek out and prosecute all businesses/industries that are hiring illegals, effectively shut down our borders and we will begin to see those who broke our laws yet expect to be treated as an American citizen return home on their own.

        • Joe H.

          first as a LEGAL immigrant, I want to wish you welcome to this country!!! I have always said I would welcome ANY legal immigrant to the U.S. and I do any time I get the chance.
          Second, the biggest incentive we have to remove is the employment!!! Levy fines that HURT the employers for first offenses and make em’ go up from there. Use E-verify and make it permanent!!! When the employment dries up the illegals will self deport!!!!

          • Joe H.

            The bill mentioned above is HR 4321!!! FIGHT IT PEOPLE!!!!!!

        • LNSu

          There are a lot of comments to reply too, wow.

          If you came legally and put up with the BS of our off their rocker government THANK YOU :). IF you have come here by simply crossing a border (I CARE LESS where you are from) Please kindly leave.

          Had enough? a million man march into MEXICO I don’t think so I’ll tell you what will happen almost 1 million would be killed.

          To The rest I say CANGRESS CONGRESS CONGRESS, this is just a part at the destruction of the entire country? People call in and say take awaay the $ from them how can we do that? they say withdraw from the bank, end the fed flat taxes etc. why don’t we just quite we refuse to go tho work till they listen and behave it is peaceful and MORE impactful than any civel dissobendience. What does it matter if we lose some $ we are losing the future and that is more costly than any amount of $ today.
          Truly LNSu

          Wanna email me

        • c lee

          Welcome home to your new family Swansong. I would like to be the first to appoligize to you for the hard times you went through to do it the legal way but you indured and are truly a picture of the American dream. Thany you for your loyalty to your new country. And your post is right on the money. I also appoligize for our govt. and its attitude on illegal immigration so I would like you to join the fight to get our govt under control and return it to by the people for the people ( the original concept.) Again Welcome Home.

    • American Citizen

      What don’t you and others who think like you understand about the word “ILLEGAL?” Go look it up.

    • BOE

      Second chance HELL!! My husband..a licensed plumber ..worked for the same co.for over 20 years..The company laid off him and other long term employees and hired Mexicans for a 1/3 of the hourly wage and no insurance. You call that the American way?!?

    • Dora

      Are you NUTS! We don’t need to give them another chance. They are LAW-BREAKERS and do NOT respect our laws. During the first marches they did, IF YOU WATCHED, you saw what they said including a professor from SMU in Texas. They are here to take back all the States we won in the American/Mexican war. We have already given several amnesties and the reason our health care is in the mess it is in is because we have been PAYING them to come over here and take over our nation. We give them FREE medical and have since that “chain” immigration bill was passed in 1965. We give them welfare, food stamps, FREE schooling and reduced government housing. Vicinti Fox said when he was president that we had closer to 25 MILLION illegal aliens over here and that has been a year or two ago. We are BANKRUPY in this nation and we MUST fight those in Washington, DC that are all for Mexico and NOT for America – like Guiterrez who wrote that HR4321 to give them another amnesty.

      • Maggie

        reply to sally Q.:
        Just so you know ..FYI I am a legal resident .yes I was illegal when I came to the U.S. but thats not my point my point is ..I worked at a grocery store and guess what? most of the people paying with FOOD STAMPS were AMERICANS yes white skinned not immigrants thats just to disproove your point of only illegal immigrants using food stamps. America was built of immigrants. Its called AMERICAN HISTORY and you can it from an elementary history book. We do not try to take jobs, food, money or anything. We are here to make this country better!!! and unless you are of Native american decent you too are an immigrant!!!!

    • Earlw

      ALERT! This guy Gutierrez is the same one that proclaimed to students and others at a recent gathering ” We must eliminate the gringo! “. These people are ready to do battle with violence if necessary to “take back” the four southwestern states that they claim we “stole” from them, with the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This is nothing less than a declaration of war! If anyone thinks they just come here to do work “we wont do” pull your head out of the sand and realize it is simply American businesses that don’t want to pay a living wage to AMERICANS, because they “can get” illegals cheaper. If this horde isn’t stopped, within 25 years American natives will be a minority in the land their forefathers created and built into what was the freest country in the western world. We are already well on our way to perdition…..Wake up America, hthe hour is late!!!!!

    • Sandy

      There are estimates that there are 30 million illegals in this country. In the 1980′s we gave 12 to 15 million amnesty and they proceeded to cost us 11 million per year in social services. That was in 1980 dollars. So….. I believe in giving our own a chance. Like better education for our US citizens, no money spent on spanish in school, signs, explaining our laws, driver’s licensing, etc. We have spent billions on people that don’t have the courage to stay in their own country and change things. The law says that if you enter this country illegally you are a criminal. So calling and illegal undocumented is like calling a drug dealer and undocumented pharmacist. If you want them here so badly, then why not fork over your hard earned money and pay for them instead of asking the rest of us to support them. They do not practice birth control and have more children than they can afford, but then maybe you want to pay for them also? Give me a break – I worked my entire life and paid taxes so others can live off the government now you want to add millions more to the welfare and jobless rolls. We have 30 million AMERICANS out of work and 24 to 30 million illegals – who should have jobs?

  • kim

    I agree, every one makes mistakes and will the break, Lets forgive them but punish them by fining them 2,500 we can make billions by legalizing them. There is a estimated 12 million illegal aliens so if we take 12,000,000 x 2,500 we get 30,000,000,000 or thirty-billion THAT’S HUGE WE CAN SAVE AMERICA FROM THIS RECESSION!!!!! Once legalized they will start to buy cars, homes and other expensive stuff to keep or economy and dollar strong, Legalization will make a stronger America for many more years.

    • Neil Goeckerman


      Wake up. The politicians will just use the money to featherbed. Giving money to the Gov’t to solve a problem is like trying to save a sinking boat by drilling a second hole to let the water go out.

      • swansong

        Neil, as a LEGAL immigrant to this country, I cannot agree MORE!

        * If you import poverty – you get more poverty!
        * If you (politicians) despise the power your citizens have over you, you counter them with with citizens who don’t believe in this country’s founding principles of freedom from government!

        We are imorting people who come from Statist countries, who don’t believe in individual freedom and who seek to better themselves at the expense of the US citizens.

        It’s criminal and if you say nothing and DON’T fight, you will lose your country. Simple.

        • Earlw

          Mexico is simply EXPORTING their Unemployment!

      • Gary Cody

        What a great analogy. Wish I had thought of that.
        But you are 100% correct. Giving more money to our crooked politicians will just make them more crooked.
        The illegal immigration problem can be easilly solved if the president would simply enforce the law by putting Army troop on the border with authorization to use whatever force is necessary to keep illegals out.
        No other country in the world has this problem. And the only reason we have a problem is because the laws are not enforced.
        If putting the Army on the border with the necessary drones, helicopters, and other equipment needed does not solve the problem, then we can use the Marines. They sure as hell will get the job done!
        Semper Fi.

        • Maggie

          Trust me Even with the GREAT WALL OF CHINA we will still find a way to come back !!! = ) GO U.S!!!.Go US MEXICANS !!1

      • Joe H.

        That’s just dumbfounding!!!! They break the law, we reward them for doing so and think they will become GOOD citizens? I’ll bet there’s quite a few cons in prison that will jump on that bandwagon!!! Yes sir!!! I’ll help reward them….. with a swift kick to the backside as they are shipped home!!!!

    • chuck b


      your message is hilarious! you must be a republican a democrat couldn’t do the math. the only problem with your theory; the illegal’s would have to get the 2500.00 from the welfare office.

      • American Citizen

        Great minds think alike. My first question after reading her post was, “Where does she think they’d get the money?”

    • Gary Cody


      I cannot disagree with you more. First off, $30 Billion is chickenfeed to the mental midgets who are members of congress and who are, to a large degree, responsible for this mess to start with. They can have that much money printed and distributed amongst themselves in a very short period of time.

      I am not against LEGAL immigration but I think we should be very selective about who we allow to enter our country. Just allowing anyone who can make it across the border is asking for trouble.

      The estimate of 12 million is probably too low by a factor of 3. But regardless, we should put the word out that they have a grace period of 3 months to make their way back to the border and out of the country. And, after 90 days, the remaining ones will be hunted down, arrested, and thrown into jail for a period no less than one year. Make sure they know the jail in question is in Maricopa County, Arizona and will be run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That should motivate them to get their butts back to the border in a timely fashion.

      But all kidding aside, these people have broken US law and should be treated as criminals. Not rewarded with citizenship.

      It just amazes me that this is even being discussed. In most countries, illegals are at best thrown into jail and, at worst, shot or killed. Try, for example, going into Mexico without a visa or the proper paperwork. I don’t think you’ll be offered citizenship.

    • c lee

      Are you serios or just seriously insane. You sound just like the politicians that have us in this quagmire. I say our country is not for sale and if we dont stand up and put a stop to this were going to be knocked right back into the stone age. I have faith that there are enough people like me out there that have had enough of this Hoarse Sh?? So Iam asking when is it time.

      • Bettye

        I agree that if we don’t stand up and fight back, we are going to lose our country. It is a crime when illegals get everything free, we have to teach our children spanish. I believe to become a citizen, you must be able to speak and write in English, therefore, why do we spend millions having everything printed in spanish so they can vote. Something is horribly wrong with this picture. I would love to make a call and the recorder would say press 1 for English and if you can’t speak English call back when you can.

        • Joe H.

          Ain’t it the truth?!?!?! The biggest fallacy to the whole thing is in California and Florida, they can’t get a job as a teacher unless they can speak Spanish!!!!! What a crock!!!

    • American Citizen

      Coming here illegally is not a mistake. They know exactly what they are doing and are even encouraged by their own government to be lawbreakers.

      • Joe H.

        HR 4321 Is the bill!!! FIGHT IT!!!!!

    • BOE are joking right? Do you think they are going to pay any kind of fine? Get real! They are here to get all the free stuff. Gov.housing,food stamps,free medical care.RE baby care. If you think they are here to be fine upstanding,law abiding live in a very sheltered world. La La Land

    • Earlw

      Kim: Pray tell what will all of the NATIVE residents of the land do when they LOSE THEIR JOBS because the Illegals got citizenship and jobs so THEY could buy cars and home…….Better rethink that one…you just exchanged one group of people for another, the only winner is business! In case no one noticed, the unemployed rate in America is(U-6) around 17.5 %! There are no jobs for them! Wake up America!!!

    • Sandy

      Gads – where do you live? I live in Texas and we have border wars going on down here. There are gangs of drug dealers killing each other. We have high crime where there are mostly Hispanic illegals. Are these the people you want to give a break to? We already rewarded bad behavior in the 1980s and it got us nothing but more people on welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, medicaid – Oh heck – you get the point. We have enough people here that live off the rest of us, why allow more to be imported. Lest you think I’m prejudiced, I have many Mexican friends who feel the same way. These illegals are ruining our way of life, our culture and will eventually bankrupt us. Stop this madness now.

  • Estoban

    Why on earth would anyone want to legalize criminals that have used stolen and fraudulent IDs to get American jobs, some 8 million of them. Do you really understand the economic damage this has done to American workers? With 15 million Americans looking for any kind of job to feed and shelter their families this would be cruelty beyond measure. Our people are losing homes, cars, going into deep depression. Unemployment for teenagers is 27%, for blacks 16%, for Latinos 13%. Elected leaders pushing this amnesty are barbaric in their disregard for American workers and our rule of law. Illegal aliens must be deported and greedy criminal employers should be jailed and their property confiscated. Right now the government is bringing in 125,000 foreign workers each month that will be competing for the scant number of available jobs. This is insanity to show such callous disregard to American workers.

    • BillRT

      As a Native American I think it’s time for all foreigners to go home (LOL). Since I can’t travel abroad , or for that matter into Mexico witout a Passport and am subject to be jailed for any violation of these travel priviliges, why should Americans allow non-citizens to break our immigration laws. You are either a beneficiary of past legislation or may be eiligible to benefit from this current proposal. Chances are you’re just a sympathetic person with the same ethinicity. If so you have to credibility on the issue, you’re just furthering a group agenda whether it be a direct or associative one. If one can’t abide by work Visa requirements, then deport them.We don’t live in a one -world Govt., yet.

      • Parmanand Indar

        I am confused.

      • c lee

        The key word there my friend is Yet. But if comrade obama has his way its comming sooner than you think. I asked this question in an earlier post so iam asking again WHEN IS IT TIME?

    • brenda

      First of all “americans” don’t even want to do the jobs illegal’s do. So please don’t say they r taking jobs away.

      • Camellia

        I am sorry Brenda, but the americans are willing do the work that the illegals been doing for years. Since Clinton signed the Napter Bill, all our jobs have gone to Mexico and abroad. I do agree with some of the other correspondence about making them legal, but let them do it the right way. Speak English, then go for your Cizitenship. I am tired of all races blaming the american for slavery and other issues, when myself and other fellow americans did not have anything to do with slavery or other issues, cann’t remember sorry. Slavery was done way way back during that error. My anscestors did not come to this county until 1910 long after slavery was done. So please do not blame me or any1 else for these issues.

        • Joe H.

          there was a raid at a Ga meat packing plant two years ago. The people arrested numbered 65 at an average pay of 12.00 an hour!!!! I know of several friends that would be glad to work for that pay, I know my one daughter would!!! Oh, the one fact I purposely left out was by the next week, ALL the positions were filled by citizens of the U.S.!!!!! In New Orleans, they have a problem with Mexican illegals doing construction,drywall, painting, and all kinds of other work that locals would be glad to do but the illegals don’t cost as much as the government demands any over the table employee get SS, medicare, and insurance paid so they are too expensive! Get a clue lady! That “they only do the work” bull was proven WRONG long ago!!!

      • James G.

        Brenda, you are just dead wrong! I know of several people with high dollar degrees applying for cook jobs at fast food reastrants! You think they want jobs like that? You think thats why they spent all those years in school to be a cook? They will take ANYTHING right now to pay the bills and put food on the table. So don’t try and tell me or anybody else that americans won’t do the jobs the illegals have! Get your head out of the sand and look around and QUIT beleiveing a bunch of know nothings telling you the world is bright and rosey!!!

      • Estoban

        I spent 55 years doing those jobs. I even turned down promotions to management because I prefer my working class friends and honest hard work. You need to get out more.

      • Mutantone

        I do not know about what type of work you do but I have spent many years working for Fleur Daniels and on all the job sites I worked we had many Mexicans working along side of us for the same pay scale and benefits Most of the jobs I have had including dishwasher and ranch hand and section gang for the Railroad I have always worked with Mexicans I find fault with your assumption that no one wants the jobs they do, I for one was happy to get the call to work no matter who was there, to support my family just as they were. Does that make me any less of an American?

        • stutucson

          If you worked all those years there, then maybe you’d know the company is called fluor duh…

      • Gary Cody

        Remember: It is OK to watch CNN. Just don’t believe anything you hear!

      • c lee

        I am sick and tired of hearing that BULL SH?? statement.We cant afford to do the jobs for what a mexican will do it for. As aAmericans we have been afforded a way of life that we worked long and hard to obtain, a standard of living that we have carved out of a harsh world, it must be a pretty good life because everybody wants to come here and live the american dream, well I say great then do it the way we have to do it everyday- LEGALLY Being that the mexicans are our biggest threat when it comes to illegal immigration I will address them first, you think its ok to come here illegally,I dont blame you personally I dont even Hate you I hate that our own Govt is selling us down the river everyday by allowing it to happen. You as maney other misguided people say they are doing jobs americans wont do, if the sell out traitors that employ these people for pennies a day they are trading their soles for a dollar.Instead of trying to become rich off the backs of your fellow citizens pay a fair wage and there would be plenty of americans doing these jobs but if we cant pay our bills on the cheapened wage you pay then it stands to reason we cant afford to do your jobs so you whore your jobs out to illegal aliens sure why not sell out your country you communist. Pretty harsh words you say Well I say if the shoe fits then you have to wear it. There comes a time where everything reaches a point of saturation, I think we have reached that point with illegal immigration. I think that if the govt doesnt do the right thing then we the people will be forced to do the right thing. I think the right think will be protecting our people at all cost. WE are Americans its time we started acting like it.

        • Joe H.

          c lee,
          I’m going to take what you said a little farther. To the employers, if you wish to make money on the starving kids of HONEST workers that will give you an honest days work for an honest days pay then if we do demand fines for you when you get caught then don’t complain. If we demand jail time for you on getting caught a second time and you get a cell with big bubba again, don’t complain!!!
          To the illegal workers if you wish to come here and take food out of the mouths of OUR children then don’t be surprised when there are some that get tired of it and send you home the hard way!!! When a man in his own country sees his kids go without for some wayward son of a b that comes here illegally from another country then he gets irate and can’t really be blamed if he over reacts!!! Remember that!!!

          • c lee

            Well said Joe H. I think at the present time we are at the point where it might take violence to get our point across. If thats what our govt wants I say so be it. Remember WE The People didnt start this but We The People are prepaired to finish it. Semper FI.

    • Neil Goeckerman

      ditto’s, Legalizing those who have already embraced gaming the system is a BAD idea.

    • James G.

      Rolando, I just read your responce to Estobons opionion and frankly YOU’R the reason we don’t want anymore of you in this country! If you are a voter then you are here legaly so why are you so opposed to makeing all the others who are not be required to go through the steps you had to? If you even care there are millions of americans out of work because there are not enough jobs to go around! So yes by getting ALL of the illegals out of this counrty then there would be more jobs out there for ALL the citizens here in this country! Do the math Rolando and tell me I’m wrong! If you have a job I hope some illegal doesn’t come along and take it. If they do and when your in line waiting for a job then we will see who will be eating shit!

      • Gary Cody

        Well Said.

    • c lee

      Not to be rude rolondo but I say go home. This is my home and I intend to protect it.

    • BOE

      Roland…it is very clear you never learned how to write english with proper punctuation. Learn how to read and write properly. English if you live in this country.

    • Sandy

      Chan – you have obviously not assimilated into our society – I can tell by your grasp of our language. People like you don’t even know what the rest of us went through to build this country up. You just want to come here and voice your opinions without any knowledge or facts, then hit the welfare office and subsidized housing administration for your free goodies. Why not study our original constitution and American History? Maybe you can learn something but since you don’t seem to write too well, you may not be able to read enough to understand anything about the United States. You do swear well though I must admit it is very childish and uneducated to call people names who disagree with you.

  • jack

    The illegals are responsible for the fall of real estate, they were given homes, that they could never pay for. They are given free medical,food stamps, they clog our freeways, they are preventing Americans from working, they get free education, and they still speak Spanish, and they drop out to join street gangs from Mexico. They bring nothing good to this country, except more crime and disease. Wake up America, they came here illegally, because they cant get into the USA, Legally. They have extensive crime records.

    • Neil Goeckerman


      Blame, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, for the housing debacle. Without their irresponsible banking policies the illegals or otherwise unqualified would not have gotten the loans that have failed and destroyed the financial structure.

      • Earlw

        Ive lost count of the number of times I have posted on this site that the financial debacle we are now in started under the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION!!!! DEMOCRATS never change their spots. Tax and spend ( the funny money the FED creates out of thin air, with interest)…

  • steve

    What is the argument here? every single alien “BROKE THE LAW!” Our Government, past & present, Republican & Democrat, have allowed the invasion of 20 to 30 million criminals and uneducated peons which is the largest invasion of any Nation, at any time, by any means & in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution.

    This refusal to abide by our Constitution or enforce our Immigration Laws should be classified as Treason of the most foul kind, & as grounds for impeachment & trials for Treason!

    Not only have they allowed the invasion, they force American tax payers to pay Billions on Billions of dollars to provide Welfare, Prison cells, Educate the invaders numerous children, and free medical care, at the same time the invading horde break numerous laws and massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture and standard of living while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • Camellia

      Right on Steve.. But I do know a Super Market that is harboring illegals and treating the americans like crap.

      • Robin


        you need to report that super market!

    • James G.

      Amen Steve! Thank God there are still a few of us who knows this counrty has a consitution! Because Washington DC seems to have forgotten!

    • Gary Cody

      You nailed it, buddie. Couldn’t be more right.

  • Halibut

    Many Americans would support some kind of legalization program if we were convinced that it would be accompanied by enhanced enforcement going forward, so in ten years we wouldn’t see millions more coming illegally. The problem is the gutless wonders in Washington who don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (except American citizens), and won’t support a strong enforcement program.

    • Sandy

      Again – in 1980s we were supposed to get an enforcement system – we DID NOT!!!!!!!!!! Hence 30 million more have over run our country – get a clue and read your history.


    HELL NO TO LEGAL IMMIGRATION FOR THOSE LAW BREAKERS!!!!..IF they can break the law and not be punished by being sent back or imprison here release the non-violent criminals in american jails and prisons…WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICANS LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THE ILLEGALES AND CROOKED POLITICIANS

    • Paul

      Have you ever been driving after drinking alcohol? What is a bigger violation DUI or working illegally? I think there is more drunk drivers in this country then illegal aliens. I hope you got mu point.

      • Estoban

        Using stolen or fraudulent IDs is a felony, while not all DUIs are felonies, so criminal job sucking illegal aliens are worse offenders.

      • Joe H.

        Actually I think you will find there are about equal amounts of both since there are really about 35 million illegals here and rising while drunk driving is dropping!!!

      • BOE

        Paul..sorry dude most of the drunk driving accidents and deaths..caused by illegals. They do not have insurance or a drivers license..or health insurance. Now i`m sure depending what part of the country you live in it may be better..or worse. ER RN

    • Robin

      I am with you Bill! I am sick to death of this crap!

  • hitech

    Make them all legal so that they can vote for the Commiecrates.

  • cerebus23

    THe problem with any form of legalizing illegals is it just encourages more people to break the laws in place until the next push to permit it.

    what was it the last time amnesty was permitted in this country? 3 million illegals became citizens? now it is up to 12 million illegals, a 4x multiple and in the next wave how many more will flood this country for the next big round of pardons?

    It is not an issue of them being “peons” or “uneducated” that is elitist and racist at best. But the fact that we should enforce the laws we have now and streamline the process for people to gain citizenship legally. There should be a path but not via breaking the law and subverting the soveringty the nation in order to force us to accept them.

    Our own legisltors will not listen to legal citizens with concerns over health care and the role of government in their lives, will not goto town meetings anymore or take any questions at all that challenge them. but they are ready to turn around and listen to the “concerns” of illegals by giving them a green light to break the law even more, by stripping police of their power to enforce the law, and rewarding them for breaking the law.

    In the end all it comes down to is the democrats seeking to solidify a base with illegals being legalized and able to vote and looking for a payback in the voting for years to come. How about an amendment that says if you were here illegally and become a citizen then you have no voting rights period. I bet that amendment would be torn down so fast by the democrats that it would make the voters heads spin.

  • Carl McGinnis

    Everyone must be warned before coming to the United States. Even if you have a visa, you are putting yourself at risk of Homeland Security ICE officers. I have a friend that is from Paris France here on an education visa to finish his degree. He has been here since 2005. His visa is valid until March of 2010, His passport is valid until 2014, and his I-20 is current. He is not illegal. In 2008 He fell in love and married a U.S. citizen that just happens to be addicted to Prescription medications, He knew nothing about this. But he was arrested due to her mistakes. He was placed in detention, scheduled for deportation. He has been in detention center in Pompano Beach Florida for 5 months now. All this because of her mistakes. She should be the one in jail not him. Please everyone coming to America. Think twice. This couple has lost all there savings on lawyers, she lost her job, and they are in the process of losing there home. All this was caused because ICE has the wrong person in jail. They make up any story they want and when they are questioned about it you get nowhere. I have written many letters to Janet Napolitano, Senator Bill Nelson, Representative Ginny Brown-Waite and even President Obama. But no one will listen. So please people think twice about coming to America for any reason. Our immigration system is broken ….they all agree, but you put your life at risk when you enter our borders. Even if you follow the rules you may also lose everything as this couple has. No one will listen, no one cares. This man has never even had a traffic violation and is 51 yrs old. He has never worked in America has always been self supporting and took nothing from Americans social services. His American dream has turned into a night mare. Shame on America. I think it is about time someone revised this immigration and ICE practice. What is illegal in this case is the way DHS is treating this guy. John Morton and Janet N. should be ashamed of themselves. This is just wrong. While in there detention center they have abused him, denied him food and proper medical treatment. He is diabetic and they will not give him the proper food or medical attention. I think it is terrible. The phone system is very poor and not working everyday. They plan it that way so they can not contact there lawyers and family. Someone needs to stop ICE, They are totally out of control. I fear He will be next on the long list of persons that have died while in detention. Until you go to one of these detention centers and see with your own eyes, you will not believe what America is doing. I was shocked, on my first visit and after almost 6 months of seeing what happens, how they have to live. I am still in shock. Trust me it is all about money. He is in a private prison owned by a company called GEO based near Miami Fl. They are paid very well by our tax dollars, but the treatment is unbelievable. I just have to close by saying shame on America. I have seen it with my own eyes. I wonder how many congressmen have stock in this company. They are doing quite well. Just watch for yourself they are GEO on the stock market and are doing well in a bad economy. Makes one think a government contract like this is not a bad investment. I think the government is making a mountain out of a mole hill and now wants to sell climbing equipment!

    • Neil Goeckerman

      more pithy please!

    • Neil Goeckerman

      P.S. Oh! see how your government works? Lets give them more control.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Mr. McGinnis,
      Your story, as told, is outrageous. However, I have a suggestion: Try contacting the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They should jump at the chance to embarrass the federal government and it’s private prison contractors. All you have to do is convince them, and your local mainstream media, that it all started under George W. Bush and that Blackwater is the parent company of GEO.

    • Joe H.

      Ice under napolitano is the viper with it’s fangs removed. They caught 35 illegals in Utah and napolitano ordered them released and given work permits!!!! Don’t expect me to cry for one that they got tough with!!! If he married the lady and didn’t know she was addicted to pain meds then he probably married her to get citizenship which IS illegal!!!

  • diane

    Of course the Dems want to pass this. They are buying future votes as they know they will be voted out in 2010 in the next election. They have clearly shown by their outrageous health crap that they know we dont want, that people are angry enough to oust them. Add to that their excessive spending which has done nothing for the economy or jobs, their tax and crap stuff on global warming which is not even happening, and their unfair distribution of our tax dollar to pay off their senators to get enough votes for the horrendous health plan which is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme. We need to impeach them for fraud, treason, and not representing the constitution which they have sworn to uphold. That also goes for the kenyan in the white house. IMPEACH

    • Neil Goeckerman

      diane. Will you marry me?

      • swansong

        Stand aside Neil! :)

    • JC

      diane, if you’re a gun owner…I’d marry you too. ;-)

  • mary

    you know people not everyone because they are here illegal are criminals get real.and if your really americans know your laws because some people here from what i see don’t first of all you have to have (1) A VALID SS# AND PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP to get your so called welfare.(2)I DON’T THINK ANY HUMAN WANTING A BETTER EDUCATION SCHOULD BE DENIED ONE. think about it people lot of the gangs here are more white and blacks not just hispanics as you say and illegal does not just mean MEXICAN people need to read about what illegal really is.and no they dont carrie disease most of it come from americans.drop outs, a lot of drop outs are our own american children real estate the most of those homes are american homes damit get for real you need ss# to buy homes.don’t blame other people for our mistakes here.i see lots and lots of dirty nast filthy americans and lots of filthy illegals not just stop pointing fingers and grow up. if the jobs are there waitng to be filed why are not they field by americans? because most americans want to stay home and recive welfare(hello)why are not americans out picking your veggies for your salads and fruit for your tabel i really wish these illegals would really stop picking all this stuff and stop working for a whole month to see what really happens.

    • James G.

      Mary, Just read the 1st line of your letter. You say that not all ILLEGAL immigants are criminals. Well Mary you are WRONG because if they are here illegaly then they ARE criminals!

      • Joe H.

        I can go downtown Cleveland Ohio and get a social security card that is good enough to pass checking for 100.00. I can get a whole packet Drivers license and the whole shot for about 500!!!Even a library card!!! There wqas a short in the AP about seven people that collected welfare for 15 months and they all had the same social security number, it was never checked!!! It happens Mary, everyday!!!!

    • Estoban

      Deport all illegal aliens and cut American unemployment in half. Sounds good to me.

    • James G.

      Mary, again I have to say you are just wanting to beleive life is nothing but roses! Have you ever heard of a FAKE SS#,FAKE DL#,FAKE CREDIT CARDS? Up entil about 4 years ago I PERSONALLY knew of a person that could get you any of those for a price. That person is now in jail but there are ALL kinds of places still to take his place. I do agree on some of the things you said but it’s very little. Think Mary Think!

  • mary


    • Neil Goeckerman

      Please qualify as LEGAL immigration and I’m with you.

      • swansong

        Why is it “REFORM” means pretending existing laws don’t really count?

        Looks to me like there’s a whole bunch of Americans that don’t appreciate how much better the USA is compared to other cesspool-countries out there!

        If you really don’t want it anymore – then others will happily take it from you.

        Maybe only THEN you’ll appreciate what you HAD – and it’ll be gone for good.

    • Joe H.

      to steal a line from when I was in service: Hell no we won’t go!!! for that!!!!

  • J C

    If someone trespasses on my property with the intent of doing harm or stealing, I reserve the right to shoot them. But since I don’t in a general sense advocate violence…lets just deport them. We just can’t afford them. If they have something to offer, a trade, a skill…let them come through the front door after knocking. Not sneak in the back gate.

  • Ox

    It is time the US gov’t enforce the existing immigration laws ; not a time to add to the problem by encouraging more illegals into our country in hopes of citizenship without meeting proper standards.
    It is another political ploy by to get votes.To provide these criminal illegals sanction for pay is another form of corruption by creating legislation to allow more entitlements causing more costs which require more taxes to fund such absurdities. When are these non working law makers going to understand that they have killed the golden goose and it is time to reclaim this country rather than to bury it.Perhaps an alternative would be allow ACORN to fund classes so as that these illegal could qualify according to immigration laws rather than buying their citizenship with corrupt funds. Then again, ACORN is as corrupt as it’s political proponents including Rep. Luis
    Gutierrez and others. These same alien immigrates are probably the sames 15% that these same politicians are claiming do not have medical insurance. So they want us to pay for their insurance, housing, schooling,feed, and provide them citizenship to further corrode employment of our own natural citizens. This legislation must be stopped, enough is enough. No more free lunches!!!!!!!!
    The lunch bucket is empty; it has dried up.
    Come on Americans vote these irresponsible representative out of office and replace with some straight thinking ordinary representatives that are less left minded. Entitlements are corrupt.

    • Warrior

      OX – you da man!

    • Robin

      OX, I totally agree!

  • Mike Szumilas

    The sole reason for this proposed legislation is to enable the Democrats to increase their voter base. These people have broken the law plain and simple, send them all back and the hell with this ridiculous “amnesty” bill. I am tired of this global cry for transfer of wealth ~ let’s get back to the values that made this GREAT NATION great. Find the illegals and punish them for breaking our laws ~ ask our police force many of the criminals they seek have entered this country illegally. Enough is enough ~ our kids and grandkids are going to pay for this one as well.

  • Warrior

    Only a democrat could attempt to justify this action. And believe me this is only about securing more democrat votes. Money earned by illegals goes back to their homeland. Why do we have rules if people are rewarded for breaking them. The argument regarding who is going to pick our fruits and veggies and cut our lawns is outlandish.

    • Parmanand Indar

      Common Sense. Taxes goes to our Government. Money to support our countries expense and paid-off debt to china. Either way illegals earn money. I rather them to pay taxes like I do than nothing at all.

      • J C

        The Government gets its money from “The Fed” not the people. Our tax dollars go to pay off the national debt…which is to say, to The Fed, a privately owned banking cartel. So when you hear a politician saying he wants to reduce the National Debt, you can safely call Bull!
        Its a circle designed to keep us in eternal debt to a bunch of people we didn’t elect and who don’t give a damn about us.

      • c lee

        Your right they earn money then they send most of that money back to their family in their home country.I have seen this happen first hand.,its not just something ive heard. I have posted about this before. So take my word fore it most of the money goes straight to mexico.

    • Earlw

      Just a little aside, here. When I was 15 in Broward county, Florida( a large populated area), the vast majority of lawn and labor workers I saw were NOT Mexican….They were American Negros, a minority who is now being pushed out by the illegal Mexicans! So we lose twice!!

      • c lee

        I too came from south florida, and what you say is absolutly true. The mexicans took over the lawn services like the cubans took over the dump trucking.

        • Claire

          Think about this–these so-called wetbacks do jobs that a lot of Americans will not do. They work and make less money. Most of us refuse to “make less money.” This is why our companies, industries hire these people. They work for less, no benefits, etc. I do not condone illegals, they should be rounded up and sent back to wherever they came from. Jobs in America should be for legal Americans only. But then again, the companies will still go overseas for cheap labor.

  • w mary truman

    Illegal immagration: 1. only those who are currently employed and paying taxes; 2. no criminal record of any kind; 3. no student vias from terrorist countries (we’ve taught enough radicals) 4. no amnesty for people from terrorist countries unless they can prove they have the right to political asylum; 5. full legal protection for our law enforcement authorities to enforce immigration laws; 6. businesses should be fined for hiring illegals (as the law provides). And with enough time I could think of a lot more provisions. This gentleman needs to be voted out of office. Please check the stats on the internet for the cost of illegal immigration to American citizens.

    • Parmanand Indar

      Alright W mary Truman. Remember do not vote for any Republican Party

      • c lee

        There ya go just keep voteing dems so they can finish bankrupting our country.

  • Marty S

    It is a felony to use a fake social security card…..yet the government wants to pardon these illegals…..if it would happen to you and me we would be in prison….illegals in this country burden the health system, school systems and take jobs from Americans…..they send most of their money to their countries….what the government should do is tell all of them to come get their papers…….load them onto buses and send them back home…..there are American citizens that are getting out of prison that can’t find jobs…….they have paid their debt to society but can’t work…’s also not fair that people who come over legally having passed health exams…..and documented and paid for the legal right to be here…..the illegals have no such documentation….having disease like TB, and other 3rd World disease spreading them to us…..which we have to pay for…..I say enough is enough…..put them on buses and get them out of here…..yes this is America for Americans….

    • Parmanand Indar

      Marty S. Illegals or not, people steal SS number. Mine was stolen by someone that is not illegal. Used my SS to secure a credit card. I am still trying to find out who this person was, maybe you have something to do with this. There is a saying. “A thief does not trust fellow thief”

      • c lee

        Call the cops about your stolen s.s. card but stop clogging up the page with things that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

      • Joe H.

        If you don’t know who this person is then how do you know they aren’t illegal? Sounds like a line of bullshite to me!!!!

    • c lee

      You said a mouthfull, Iam starting to see more people on here with a brain. Keep up the good work Marty S.

  • KM

    Get out, get legal, then you can be here. PERIOD. American is quickly going down the crapper and amnesty will advance the final flush. Not surprising that the law breakers in Washington want more company, not to mention votes.

  • johnco5454

    Oh perfect lets get the socialist democrats to pass a 2 trillion dollar health care bill that won’t apply to illegals according to the liar in charge we”ll just legalize them all and let them have health care what a bunch of bleeding heart idiots, I for one can’t wait to pay for their health care this country is run by idiots VOTE THEM OUT in 2010 and 2012 get rid of all them and start over and build a wall at the border to keep out the hoardes who will with the help of the politicians destroy our way of life

  • Neil Goeckerman

    Vote all incumbants OUT of office. It’s time we sent a message to the oligarchy. There is no Oligarchy,…anymore!

  • s c

    Gutierrez is BUYING VOTES. His friend in Arizona (Grijalva) is also BUYING VOTES. Who doesn’t understand that these WEASELS are BUYING VOTES and IGNORING OUR LAWS?
    New immigration legislation is a SCAM designed to BUY VOTES! As long as comrade obama DOES NOT CARE that more Americans LOSE their jobs, NO ONE can justify winking at ILLEGALS. WHERE will all these ILLEGALS work? Comrade obama is NOT concerned with LOSING JOBS NOW! The prez hasn’t got the character or the spine to ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS THAT ALREADY EXIST. Washington is a magician’s paradise, where they do NOT deal in common sense, reality or responsibility.
    OUT WITH ALL VOTE-BUYERS! Treat congress and the white house crew like the LAW-BREAKERING SCUM they really are! THEY’RE the ones who should be concerned with AMNESTY and “lighter” prison terms.
    You CAN’T be a criminal and have a functional place in America (especially if you’re ELECTED). PERIOD!

  • Marty S

    Dear Parmanand…..
    don’t know where your coming from… took the wrong turn……sorry someone stole your SS card… was probably and illegal….

  • Reed

    As a law abiding and tax paying legal immigrant…I have to say it is a slap on the face of legal immigration process. There is something to be said for due diligence and gaining proper status through the established process. Sure, it might not be perfect or easy but you have to respect the system. Don’t get me wrong… I am for immigration but ONLY a legal one. America is great and will continue to be great as long as everyone (its Citizens and immigrants and prospective immigrants) respect and obey the laws of this great nation.

    • c lee

      Well said my friend Welcome Home.

    • Joe H.

      If it was easy or didn’t take work then it wouldn’t be worth having. That’s why these people don’t honor our language and our country the way you do!!!

      • George

        You guys make me proud. Thanks for all of your thoughts and wisdom on this vital subject.

  • jfhubel

    Good grief! Are some of you brain dead? We as a country cannot keep our population growing at this rate. Do you forget there would be more demand on our already strained electric grid, more demand for imported oil and gasoline, more crowding, more shortages, more crime. Do you realize in 1945 our population was 147 million and now it’s over 325 million, more than doubling in a short 60 years. Extrapolate that out and in another 60 years we would have a population nearing 800 million or more. We would be like lemmings breeding ourselves into oblivion. What do you think our over crowded cities would look like… festering sinkholes of crime, poverty, garbage and mayhem. All our cities would end up like Detroit which is over run by masses of unassimilated immigrants who for the most part are under educated, unemployed and living off the few taxpayers that are left. A country cannot thrive without a national identity and we are fast losing that common bond and by encouraging unlimited immigration speeding an end to these United States as we know it.

  • long12u

    Those socalled elected officials and those zars Mr.Obama put in charge of positions that don’t help anyone but themselves and those that have had their pockets padded for their votes should be deported for defrauding the American taxpayer of the funds that should be used for helping those CITIZEN’S in need and those who served our country but are denied the medical care they deserve. This country needs a complete new set of officials who have no debt to any group and therefore no reason to vote for laws that give the government more power or those lobbiest’s who pad their pockets for special considerations or earmarked funds that are mainly paid out to people who do absoulutly nothing! If those working in our government were to take a pay cut that put them in the same position that most Americans are in living paycheck to paycheck, or better yet at the same income as those on Social Security like me who draw around $1200.00 a month with $650.00 going to COBRA until elegible for medicare,with all my 401k moneys spent on medical deductables, copays and medicines, they would reconsider the way they spend our tax dollars, not to mention those tax dollars of those not even born yet! Those entering our country illegally are taking jobs from Americans I don’t care what you think or have been told!! Just go by the unemployment office’s and homeless shelters and tell methose people wouldn’t do those jobs the illegals have. They live in houses where there are as many people living in one house as there is floor space to sleep and all the money that they make goes back across the border!! Impeach Obama and clean outcongress and the senate!! Then send them across the borders withall theillegals we could roundup and America WOULD be a better place!! If those wanting to come here do so legally I would have no problem with them,the othersare used by businesses for cheap labor and they and the companies thathire illegal’s should beconficated and auctioned off sending their workers back to where they came from!!

    • jfhubel

      You are spot on. Those who say we can’t deport illegal immigrants are plain ignorant of history. This country has deported masses of illegals as recently as the mid 1950s and it was done due to the detrimental effect their presence had on wages, companies that hired them and politicians who were also benefiting. All anyone need do is research how President How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico. He did it cheaply and with less than 2,000 INS. We are being fed a big bowl of BS when politicians tell us it can’t be done. It needs to be done. Our skilled workers are being priced out of a job by low paid illegals. I know of a painter who made $10 hr ten years ago and now can only get $8-9 hr ten years later when he should be getting $15-20.
      Check it out:

  • Neil Goeckerman

    I want to qualify this posting with a profound abhorance to what happened on 9/11/01.

    Many innocent citizens were killed on that infamous date. My son was in the Pentagon a mere 100s of feet from where flight #77 hit the Pentagaon.

    Flight #93 that crashed in that Pennsylvania field, if headed for the Capitol Building, may have been the only one that would have had any lasting benefit.

    I say this tongue in cheek over 8 years after the fact. I’m just sayin.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Heer Glockman: As I always say, “Where would gallows humor be, without the occasional hanging?”.

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        Pardon me, Heer Glockerman. My eye teeth got in the way of what I was saying (or, in this case, writing).

  • swansong

    So let’s see…:

    In the face of a crushing national debt…
    A debased US dollar…
    A recession… (soon to be depression)
    Coast-to-coast bankrupt states…
    AND a GLOBAL slow-motion financial collapse (yes, it’s still happening.)

    We pretend …

    Debt doesn’t matter,
    money grows on trees,
    the recovery is here,
    US households will earn more money to pay for huge entitlement programs.

    Merry Christmas everbody! Here’s your coal…

    • J C

      That’s a good observation.

    • Joe H.

      Why does it take a person that immigrated here (legally I might add) to put it in a way that people that have lived here all their lives can’t seem to do? Welcome home!!!

    • George

      Well said. Well said. Thanks for your wisdom, once again.

  • sally

    We as American have to stop blaming everyone for the downfall of this Country. We put ourselfs in the mess. One of the reason that there is no work in American is because you, me, them and everyone here buy’s imported crap. to save a dollar. So the next time you go shopping, make sure it states “MADE IN AMERICA”. Maybe then we can create new jobs.
    Hope the car you drive is an American Auto. Happy holidays

    • George


      That’s true, but it’s also true that we’ve taxed and regulated our businesses so heavily that they can find more economical places to make their products than in this country. Taxing businesses is just a myth our politicans give us to get more revenue. It’s just another way of taxing us. When we tax businesses or require them to pay for added worker benefits or comply with additional regulations of any kind, they just increase their prices or layoff workers to compensate for the added cost. We’re told that the businesses will pay these costs, but we get stuck with them in the end, one way or the other. So, government is the real problem, once again.



  • Steve Coy

    People and KIM, 2000 census gave a figure of 22-24 million ILLEGALS in this country as of 2000, that is the number that they got from ILLEGALS that wanted to be known here how many didn’t want to be known. About 2006 the immigration department came out with this little tidbit, around 1,000,000 (million) Illegals crossed our borders every year since 9/11, now given that the government has these numbers you can bet that they are off by 15-20% low but just add up and you can see that 12 million is a lie. Now figure 31 million (more like 40) are given AMNESTY they are now citizens and can bring Family members up here and you have a minimum of 65-80 MILLION here on the Tax Payers (Americans) paying for this and our jobs going to these Illegals, all so they have a new voting base that will keep the Traitor Democommies in office forever. We will now have a KING and a court of Jesters running the formerly great country. Add all the third world diseases adding to our health care costs, more Social Security given to people who have never contributed such as what we are seeing right now thanks to the Democommies, America is DEAD. This is the Change you Idiots that voted for Obamanation is giving all of us. Just remember what Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers gave, us the Second Amendment.

    • George

      That’s pretty strong, but you know what? I think you’re probably right on most accounts. This bunch in Washington now apparently don’t give a damn what the majority of Americans want (witness what’s happening with health care reform and cap & tax), or what the constitution actually says, so it may take extreme measures to let them know “we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Thanks.

  • Ron

    Just what we need a bunch more “wet-backs” in this country. We have enough foreigners, or make that one too many, as in Barack Obama !

    • Joe H.

      THE BILL IS HR 4321 !!!Fight It!!!!!!!

  • http://personnellibertydigest LVAMERVET





















    • c lee

      You are right on target my friend.

    • George

      Very well said. Thanks.

  • Oguz

    BTW, The Richest man in the World is a MEXICAN!!!

    just so you haters know ;-))

    • http://personnellibertydigest LVAMERVET


      IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO…?????????

    • c lee

      Wow that was profound, so you win the BOZO BADGE. Why dont you give us your address so we can mail it to you

      • George

        That’s a really good one. I’ll have to remember it. Thanks.

    • American Citizen

      Why doesn’t he share the wealth so those other Mexicans won’t want to come here.

    • American Citizen

      Is he a drug lord?

      • Joe H.

        American Citizen,
        Very likely!!!! got rich off the broken dreams of screwed up Americans!!!


    This bill by Gutierrez is big trouble and if you couple that with the universal voting bill that is going to surface soon, America your voting rights and your voting freedoms are going to be in serious jeopardy. The combination of these two pices of communist trash are meant to allow illegals, deadmen, non citizens and organizations like SEIU and Acorn to control the ballot box. There is nothing American or Constitutional about either of these bills, it is all about more control of this society and it’s freedoms.

    Those who are aware of freedom, history and understand the commitment it takes to maintain a Republic such as this based on democracy are going to have to step up if they want to keep what our founding fathers intended us to watch over.

    Keep your knife sharp and your powder dry.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    I have been reading the comments here with mixed (very, very mixed) emotions. Let’s call it a mixture of outrage and gallows humor. I have also been active, in my own small way, in trying to stem the rising tide of illegal aliens flooding this country. I have written, faxed, e-mailed and marched, in support of those who (claim they) would stem the tide of lawbreakers flowing across our borders; only to see them powerless to fight the administration’s cabinet level department heads, who contravene both legislated law and the very constitution they are all sworn to uphold. This has not been limited to just the current administration, as under G.W., a “La Migra” department head came out from D.C. and reamed the local branch for rounding up some 600 illegals from around Temecula, California. Hell, Ted Kennedy promised back in the early ’60′s that his legislation (the first amnesty) wouldn’t change America’s culture or lead to increased immigration, legal or illegal from Mexico, as have every amnesty proponent since. Yes, my dear cerebus23, it is an unfortunate, but true fact that most of our flood of illegal aliens stem from our southern border, and most of those are from the country that shares that border. Some here, such as you, seem to equate calling a spade a spade, as “Elitist” and/or “Racist”. A “Peon” is a term that, at least in Mexican Spanish, means a poor, uneducated person, primarily from the countryside (although, currently, they seem to be spreading more and more to their, and our, cities). It has been noted, back in our infancy as a nation that when the electorate discovers they can vote themselves largess, paid for by others, we shall cease to be a great, freedom loving nation. “Jobs that Americans won’t do”? That stems from the same well that assumes that every child is bound to go to college (even if the exit exam from high school doesn’t meet the entrance requirements of even the local junior college). “Teaching to the test”? Hell, they can’t even pass the watered down test. but, I digress. Anyway, “Sheriff Joe” and I carried on a bit of correspondence a few years ago, regarding the ongoing problem of illegal aliens and their coddling by the federal government. I even suggested he star in a new reality show based on his work in the area of enforcing all the laws of the land. A few years ago, “La Migre” honcho’s came out to California to ream local authorities over their raids that netted several hundred illegals in Temecula. The writing’s been on the wall for a very long time. We need many more law enforcement officials like Sheriff Arpio in not only local, but state and federal positions as well. We must insist that our “Electeds” (and their “Appointees’ “) back them up – fully. Otherwise, someone will take seriously my tongue-in-cheek suggestion (based on the character in a temp agency commercial that went): “Don’t worry, BOB’s here”. (“B.O.B.”, in my parody, by the way, stands for “Bag limit Or Bounty? If Bounty – Dead or Alive?”) On a serious note I once wrote: “English Only?” My Grandmothers Solution: My grandmother, on my father’s side, emigrated to America with her husband, my grandfather, shortly after the turn of the last century, to escape the impending massacres of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks. My grandfather died when my father was 11, and my grandmother went to work teaching immigrants citizenship classes for well over 50 years. She would speak the native tongue with her contemporaries, but, except for teaching them how to say: “Hello. How are you?” – and, “I’m fine, thank you.” in her native tongue, never with her children. She instead taught her children, all of whom were born in America, “You live here. You learn, speak and think in the language of this country”. They all did quite well for themselves, and their families, as a result. The other side of my family probably had a horse thief or two on the Mayflower. What set me on this path of unabashedly pro American? I also wrote this: To “Those of you with an open mind” – Otherwise, … ,
    “M.J.P.” Says: Dorothy. Your daughter insists on pigeonholing me as “An Armenian”. with no realization of the hurt that causes. An appellation, by the way, I truly resent. Outside of the the fact that my Paternal Grandmother taught immigrants “Citizenship” classes for 50 years (her husband having passed away when my father, who was the oldest son, went to work to put his older sister and younger brother through college when he was 11), I can’t imagine the amount of “Compassionate Liberalism” that must be involved in her definition of what is a proper classification of ethnicity. I just had the following published in our local rags. However, she insists on calling me an “Armenian” – Quite honestly, I resent the Hell out of that; which is the locus of our latest blowup. Quote follows: “Can’t we all just get along?” “Oh, I forgot. Not as long as there’s money to be made and power to be gained for the pretentious-petulant-pointy-heads (pretending intellectual perspicacity), who dominate the allegedly enlightened left we can’t. (At least an ostrich has enough sense to stick it’s (pointy) head in the sand, and not some other dark, smelly place.) How anyone with a modicum of common sense (If common sense were, there’d be more of it) could believe that either side is without sin (yes – even your vaunted progressive big whigs) is maintaining a state of delusion. Self or otherwise. I was asked by a fellow (female) community member, “What” I was. When I responded “American”, she went into apoplexy, admonishing me sternly that I couldn’t make that claim, as that wasn’t a “recognized” category or group. I responded that when I was stationed near Munich, West Germany, I was asked, in German, the same question. I then told her I responded thus: “Armenisher, Englander, Franklander, Hollander und Scotlander”, to which my German questioner, bursting into a big smile said, “Ach! Amerikaner!”. I told her it was a lesson I’ve never forgotten. As long as we Balkanize, segregate, separate, categorize, fold, spindle and mutilate the American polity, we diminish this grand experiment. We must embrace our uniquely American commonality, especially those precepts as espoused in our Constitution and it’s Preamble thereto that bind us together. We must disavow those who would divide to conquer, control and diminish us, both as a people and as a nation.”
    Once again I ask you. Am I wrong to insist on my “Americanism”? especially since my grand parents sacrificed so much just to get here to raise a family in freedom? If you agree with her, please follow her advice. Otherwise, follow your hearts.

    • George


      I can’t say that I understood everything you said, but I sure did enjoy reading it anyway. Thanks.

  • chuck b

    the democrats pushing this immigration amnesty bill are doing so for one reason only, they are relying on their vote to extend their power even further. the mexican illegal immigrants for the most part walked into this country and i have no compunction in asking them to walk back. the last u s election should prove one thing, the minority vote is very powerful. the liberal democratic faction in this country cares little about our laws when it comes to electing their party members and its getting worse, case in point the al franken vs norm coleman fiasco, everyone knows that election was crooked yet no one could do a thing about it. the courts are stocked with ultra liberals and our vote is becoming more meaningless by the day. if we don’t stop this immigration bill now pending we might as well turn everything over to the socialist democrats. the socialcrats are in the verge of taxing this country out of existence, healthcare,cap & tax, amnesty for illegals (they will sell out the country for a 500.00 fine) the republican party is defenseless against them and in a sense are responsible for the socialcrats getting this much power. we have an opportunity next election to remove the demo’s from power and replace them with new people, get behind the tea party and find new honest people we can install in washington. then impeach obama, i’m sure we can find lots of evidence to do so. Sarah Palin would be a great choice for president. if it were up to me i would expell half the democrats in washington out of the country. (and a few republicans)

    • Dora

      Chuck, you are 100% RIGHT! Luis Guiterrez is NOT a friend of America. He is all for Mexico! We MUST stop HR4321. If they would take all illegal aliens off of FREE medical, welfare, food stamps, FREE schooling, and reduced government housing plus do away with that “Anchor” baby debacle where on the average 330,000 illegal aliens women hop across our borders every year and have a baby at tax payer expense, we MIGHT could take this country back and get back in the black again. We are BANKRUPT in this nation and we MUST vote out those SOCIALIST/MARXIST/COMMUNIST in the halls of Congress. Here are some of the names on the membership list pulled a few years back before they took the list off the net. They are Eni Faleomavaega, Ed Pastor, Lynn Woolsey, George Miller, NANCY PELOSI, Barbara Lee, Pete Stark,Henry Waxman, Xavier Becerra, Maxine Waters, Bob Filner, Diana DeGette, Eleanor Holmes Norton, CForrine Brown, Alcee Hastings, John Lewis, Neil Abercrombie, Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Jr., LUIS GUTIERREZ, Danny Davis,John Olver, James McGovern, BARNEY FRANK, John Tierney, Michael Capuano, Lynn Rivers, JOHN CONYERS JR, Bennie Thompson, Melvin Watt, Donald Payne, Jerrold Nadler, Major Owens, Nydia Velazquez, CHARLES RANGEL, Maurice Hinchey, Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich, Sherrod Brown (NOW A SENATOR), Peter DeFazio, Charles Fattah, William Coyne, SHEILA JACKSON LEE< Robert Scott BERNARD SANDERS, James McDermott and Tammy Baldwin. I hope all of you reading this that are FOR the United States will copy their names and spread them to ALL YOUR CONTACTS so we can VOTE them OUT! They are also on the Progressive Caucus list which I understand is a communist organization. Go to and read their article on the communist plans to DESTROY the capitalist system in the United States.

    • George


      Once again, I want to applaud your comments. Thanks.

  • Adam

    this is to Brend lee, First of all That comment americans wont do the jobs they will. Is such horse shit I manage a few temporary legals with green cards we do maintnence, and let me tell you how many times I get stuck doing shity ass jobs because they either refuse to or find a way to go around it or get out of it once they have a legitamacy they become lazy they are raised in poverty and know nothing but handouts and mooching even if they have money they still beg, and let me also say that I have many friends out of work who will do any job and I mean any job. money is money your comment is just a crock of shit. What jobs you talking about mcdonalds where 90% of them work and screw up orders constantly cause they cant speak the language required, or the drug dealing jobs that alot of them seem to do and get our kids addicted to the drugs they are smuggeling and then takeing our money to send back to their familys. Thats the main thing you dont get they dont want to be citezens they just want to work here where they can make more cash than in their countries to send to there families and then someday go back. Really if passed this would really hurt our economy and boost theirs think about it. And what flag will they salute huh the country their hearts lie with or the country they are living in temporarily. Dude that just is the dumbest shit I have ever heard some people need to spend time with some illegals before wanting them to stay here I know what alot of them are like first hand and they dont have any plans of staying when they come its more for money especially since 90% of them have most of their families back their. Also the ones who work are taking jobs because when was the last time you saw an illegal with just one job they work 2 to 3 jobs so they can make as much as they can to send back to mexico. And for your info americans do just as shity jobs on a daily basis that you are claiming they wont do and only illigals will do. wake up!!!!! if its the only job availible I’m 100% sure Americans will do it we are hurting for jobs get real!!!!

    • c lee

      Adam I think you might have misunderstood my post, I do not agree with illegal immigrants being here. I owned a contracting co. in South West Floridain the 80s and 90s I was put out of buisness because of illegal immigration because I wouldnt hire them for the cheap labor, I couldnt compete with the cos that did so I had to close my doors. Iwent to work as an area maneger for a large builder in the same area. While doing this job I saw the laws skirted when it came to hireing illegals. I saw first hand the forged documents that were nessesary to work bought on street corners. I saw 8to 10 people living in one half of a duplex house sharing the rent all riding to work in a beat up peace of crap pickup truck with no insurance. I saw these guys go to the check cashing van parked in the Home Depot parking lot and cash their checks (800.00 check cashed keep 200.00 take thecashing feeout of the 200.00 then send the rest via western union also set up in the van to their familys in mexico.I managed 22 crews with an average crew size being 6 men,and the average pay being 6to8 hundred a week apeace do the math. Their were 5 other area manegers with the same number of people I had doing the same thing. This was at one co. There were hundreds of cos in south Florida at the time. This is a tremendous amount of money leaving our country.I coundnt continue watching this illegal assult on my country any longer so I resigned. I bought a dump truck and tried again to make an honest living in my own country only to be put out of buisness by an onslot of CUBANS with dump trucks who are allowed in this country due to the so called wet foot dry foot law, which simply means if you can outrun some fat ass I.N.S. officer and put your feet on dry land you get to stay. But if that officer is a little faster than you and he catches you still in the water, and it only has to be ankle deep then you get deported What a joke that is, and make no mistake the joke is on us. The ones that stay are taken to the Chrome Ave Detention Center and processed, they are given #1. A work Visa #2. A job contact list #3. Foodstamps#4. A housing alotment #5. A healthcard #6. $200.00 cash. How do I know this I have a relitive at I.N.S. I lived in a home that I paid 150,000.00 dollars for, my next door neibor was a retired machinest from New Jersy, He paid 150 for his home lived in it 15 years then sold it to move back home. The people he sold it to were jamacan. He sold the house for $189,000.00 THe jamacans bank wrote him a check for #92,000.00 dollars and the United States govt wrote him a check for 97000.00 how does that work. In the mean time my wife worked for a medical supply manufacturing co. which one day came to the employees and said were moving to mexico. Needless to say Iam not a fan of illegal immagration. Iam not saying my jamacan neighbor was illegal but I just could not get over the fact that my govt not only helped him buy his home but he was also a dump truck driver like me. had his truck signed on with a co. owned by a close friend of mine. He was guranteed $1000.00 a week for his truck if he had a slow week say $600.00 his pay was subsidized by my govt. for the additional $400.00 I know all of this to be fact. I was lucky I had a good retirement stradigy but why should I have had to use it so soon, (currently retired) everything I posted is what Ive lived so you can understand why I may be a little jaded against illegal immigrants and our corrupt govt. Hope I didnt bore anyone.

      • George

        Not at all. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • http://? Bob Miller

    Illegal aliens need to be rounded up & sent back where they came from, NOW, if not sooner. Any employer knowingly employing illegal aliens needs to be fined a significant amount, immediately! No access to Social Security, free medical care, driver’s licenses, etc. absolutely forbidden, no mortgages, no credit cards, nothing!

  • franklkinney

    luis gutierrez the illegal immigrant task force general working hard on american tax paid dollars for the prosperity of the illegal alien poopulation in america. the enormous cost of this illegal group in america is just over whelming U.S. all! luis gutierrez from chicago illinois to boot! voter fraud gangs rape murder abductions nothing happening america from this parasite bunch of uneducated class of nobody knows nothing about INVADERS of our country? just give our rights are freedom tax dollars away to a jungle class of failures and just more added cost to U.S. PERIOD! we gain nothing”, we only loose period. give privileges to what! people that what ever they get is better than nothing they get from own goverments? thats smart way in which to deal with this problem? yep! luis gutierrez whats to encourage more more and more on U.S.UNTILL WE HAVE NO VOICE IT ALL PERIOD IN OUR OWN COUNTRY? suck eggs luis gutierrez. yes our goverment looking out for our best interest like elimination health care seniors and babyboomers! the TAKE! BREAK! REPLACE! tax paid goverment. happy haukkah acorn. INDEPENDENT peace AMEN.

    • Joe H.

      The Bill mentioned above in the article is HR 4321 FIGHT IT PEOPLE!!!!! E-mail, mail, phone, fax, any way you can get to your reps!!! Just like we did during Bush’s term!!!! We beat it then and we can do it again!!!!

      • George

        I hope you’re right. However, this bunch in Washington now is proving that they don’t really care much what the majority of Americans want. They’ve got their agenda, and to hell with the rest of us!

  • http://personalliberty Had Enough

    Maybe we should have a Million Person March across the border INTO Mexico without proper paperwork, to see what would happen.

    • c lee

      I dont know man that sounds like suicide to me unless of coarse we can bring our party favors. If we can Iam in.

  • Homer Sims

    Welllll. here it is again, another sellout of America and the people in it! I tire of these people who call themselves servants of the people, “What People”? Everyone else but legal (where is Obama’s Birth Certificate) Americans! Just wait UNTIL the next election! Mr G of are gone. you’re fired! I have had enough of the betrayal!

  • Homer Sims

    Someone said above, that we, American born, natural born Amwericans unlike some who claim 2be born here in say ummmmmm Hawaii, we are responsible for what is going on in this country. The flood of Illegals, the abortin debacle, the take over of capitalist ssystem to the Socialist system, like the take over of the car, and banking industry and the health care system etc. well,we are responsible for that and do you know what we did to provoke this trouble? One guess, We forgot God! We kickedHim out of this country, and we said we didn’t want Him in our schools, we don’t pray, we don’t read the (KJV) Bible and we want nothing to do with God! Is it no wonder the trouble we are having isn’t worsethan it is? It will be soon ,and you can bet on it. The nation that forgets god will be destroyed, to whom much is given much is required! So, back to the bible,and back to God, or back to the Jungle! Watch what happens soon!!! Trouble like we have never seen!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo Loella F.Barilleau

    The only way it should be done is for the immigrant to apply for citizenship and be admitted based on their trade or schooling and prove that they can support themselves…it is unjust to expect the American people to support taking in people who can not support themselves and families…..and they should have enough education to speak our language..

    The people in congress act like they are the wise men but they are just looking to feather their nestegg..its just not right….

  • George

    I guarantee you one thing. If the Dems didn’t see this as another way of building new Dem voters, they wouldn’t have any interest in this kind of legislation at all. If these were likely to be new Republican voters, the Dems would be 100% against it. Can you say hypocritical? This is just politics. Nothing more…. But of course, we’ll get stuck with the bill…………..again.

    Here are some of my thoughts on dealing with immigration:

    I say that anyone applying for permanent citizenship who has been found to be an illegal immigrant, should go to the BACK of the line, or rejected altogether, for breaking our laws. We might extend them a temporary work visa, but not citizenship when they’ve intentionally broken our immigration laws. If they get in illegally, and then decide that they want to be a US citizen, they had better sneak out the same way they got in without getting caught, or they will forfeit any chance of becoming a citizen…..

    If an illegal immigrant breaks one of our laws, make them pay for their crime just as though they were a US citizen. Then deport them, and never allow them to return legally. If they are picked up a second time for entering illegally, give them to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona so he can deal with them…….ha.

    Immediately stop giving automatic citizenship to any baby born on USA soil. This is a horribly outdated law and should be discontinued NOW. (It’s my understanding that this law was originally passed to protect freed slaves so they couldn’t be deported.)

    Any illegal that shows up at a health clinic or ER for “free” health care, give it to them, then call the INS.

    If an illegal shows up to get a driver’s license, issue them an “international driver’s license” not a state driver’s license. Then call the INS.

    Issue temporary visas to anyone who shows up at a US Customs or Immigration office who wants to come into the US to work temporarily, who does not have a criminal record or previous violation of US law, is not part of a terrorist group, and who has a letter from a US employer who has offered him/her a job and is willing to take responsibility for the immigrant while on US soil. Make it easy to get in and to go home when his work is completed, and get someone in the US to sponsor this immigrant in case he fails to pay his taxes or pay his bills or commits a crime.

    Require all temporary visa immigrants to pay taxes to pay for services provided while they are in this country, like health care.

    Provide NO welfare to immigrant workers. If they can’t make enough money working here to pay their way, then they shouldn’t come here.

    Prioritize who is given citizenship to the USA. Give highest priority to anyone who is willing to spend time in our military defending this country, and those who can provide vital services to our businesses. We need educated and skilled workers, not unskilled, illiterate workers. Sorry, but we can’t take on a lot of folks who can’t support themselves.

    If folks in the US want to pay for health care for Mexicans then they should get together and fund charity hospitals and clinics inside Mexico rather than insisting that we provide free health care to them once they get into this country.

    Hopefully, some of these ideas make sense and might help us manage illegal immigration fairly and successfully.

  • George

    Also, keep in mind you don’t eliminate bad behavior (coming into the country illegally) by rewarding it (allowing illegals to go to the front of the line to become citizens). If we do that, we’ll just see the flood of illegals coming into the country get a lot worse. After all, why should they go to the trouble to go through the established legal process if we make it easier to get citizenship otherwise? SHUT IT DOWN, NOW!

    • c lee

      I agree 100% George if we the people dont put a stop to it were all in deep dodo. But the last time the citizens tried to stop it ie(The Minute Men) we were labled a radical lawless bunch of thugs. Is that what we were for trying to protect our country our way of life our heritage our wives our children our grandchildren. I didnt see a big outpouring of support from the very people the Minute Men were trying to protect. Maybe after current events that might change. I hope so.

  • Sandy

    On last thing – do a search on deportation and the 3 Presidents that actually did it. Their reason – they wanted to help the economy by giving Americans back their jobs. The last President to do it was Eisenhower and he did it in two years. That was when we had politicians with balls.

  • Sally Q

    What’s with this?? If we make all these people legal–then when will the next batch be comming??? and of course then we have to make them legal, too. When will it ever end?????
    As it stands now –our unemployed children are standing behind the illegals to get any help, be it unemployment checks-food stamps and or medical care…..
    The illegals are already in the system and know how to work it, while our children were out working thir buns off.
    HELP somthing has to be done about our and rights and NO-NO Amnesty should be allow to pass.

    • Maggie

      oh it wont ever end ! us mexican will keep coming!!! :)

  • John

    These people in the congress and senate are brain dead if not just plain stupid…put these illegals in jail it is a crime that must not go unpunished.the fine for breaking these laws should be 50,000.00 and five years in jail to repay what they have alredy stollen from the people that are here leagaly.

  • Colo43

    The Whole of our spineless government makes me sick to my stomach.
    none of this illegal crap should be tolerated or going on.
    we need to deport them all and i do mean all.
    that goes for the ones who allow this to happen as well.
    Go back to where you’ve come from, we don’t need you nor want you!

  • http://HR-4321 sidney battle

    I wish our Govt. would do something meaningful for can we allow illegals to demonstrate and demand anything when they are not supposed to be here anyway.being an African-American we are the one’s hurt the most,they take our jobs,our housing,we cant get welfare or foodstamps because everything is for them,they are the reasons for the closure of so many hospitals(birth rates/no insurance)overcrowding of schools.If they only knew, they are much better off being illegals,they get everything handed to then on a silver platter but once they become citizens,thats the end of the freebies, you get nothing after that.(NOTHING)stay illegal you are much better off.

  • http://HR-4321 sidney battle

    beleive me,once you become a citizen you are finished with the freebies.we in this country understand that no one wants to be called an illegal immigrant,but its ok in america,as a matter of fact its very beneficial.america feels they are responsible for you being here so they take care of you.illegal is not a nice word so you should return to where you came from and you will never have to endure that term again.(ALL OF YOU)now america can get back to healing itself and giving back the rights that the american citizens are entitled to. open hospitals,create jobs,welfare and foodstamps programs for citizens if needed,better schools,money to pay off the deficit instead of supporting people that are not supposed to be here


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