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House Censures Rangel For Financial Misconduct

December 7, 2010 by  

House censures Rangel for financial misconductRepresentative Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) has become the 23rd House member in the nation's history to be censured, after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted in favor of the formal reprimand on Dec. 2.

The chamber voted 333-79 to censure Rangel, a 40-year veteran of Congress, for financial misconduct. A House ethics committee recommended the censure last month after it had determined that Rangel was guilty of a number of violations, including failing to pay taxes, filing misleading financial statements, improperly seeking money from from corporate interests and setting up a campaign office in a subsidized New York apartment that was designated for residential use.

Following the vote, Rangel claimed that the punishment did not fit the crime.

"History would show that a different standard has been used in this case where I did not curse out the Speaker, I did not try to have sex with minors," Rangel said, quoted by The Associated Press. "I am at rest with myself, and I am convinced that when history of this has been written that people will recognize that the vote for censure was a very, very, very political vote."

Several members of the House — from both parties — believe that a formal reprimand was not severe enough, considering the violations Rangel committed. There is speculation about how long Rangel will remain in office and whether he will resign. According to The New York Times, several Democrats are eyeing his seat if he chooses to step down.

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  • David Jones

    Throw him out of Congress. Clearly his constituents are too dumb to do the same – reelecting him by 80% with the impending convictions. I hate this country.

    • David in Ma.

      If you hate this country you can do one of two things, work in changing it into what you think it should be, or leave it….

    • Granny Mae

      David Jones,

      I guess you could say it is tha caliber of the politician and his voters. They are all of the same frame of mind. The world owes me a living and I never do anything wrong even if you prove that I am wrong. It is only in your mind because I’m have done nothing wrong ! They should have thrown his butt in jail ! He is a crook !

  • David Jones

    Throw him out of Congress. Clearly his constituents are too dumb to do the same – reelecting him by 80% with the impending convictions. I hate this country sometimes.

    • home boy

      you have to understand he is from the south bronx. if you have never been there you should go. the only thing worth seeing is yankee stadium. the area is corrupt and is a slum.peolpe don’t want to even walk the streets in the day time. so charlie fits right in with the crowd.

  • http://none Mike

    He is amoung friends an fellow travelers. There will be nothing done about this they are afraid of how many of them he might decide to take with him. Mike L.

    • EddieW

      I agree!! they will probably slap his wrists and say, “Don’t do that any more” Pls contact your Congressmen and tell them, Please say NO to the Dream act…another big giveway for illegals!!!

  • Dad

    This man should be prosecuted and go to jail if convicted.

    He obviously has no honor, no integrity, no character… just like his constituents. The bar is about as low as it can go.

    • Raggs

      Yeah his trail of slime can be seen from space!
      The only reason he was re-elected is due to the ignorance of the people, the same people that got obama elected… It’s all about what the government can do for me… Pathetic isn’t it!

      • Cathy

        Howard Stern’s sidekick, Sal, interviewed Harlem residents before the 2008 election. Of course, they were all gonna vote for Obama. He asked them if they were OK with his policies and then went on to talk about McCain’s policies, even asking if they thought Palin was OK to be his running mate.

        All three people agreed with everything (McCain’s policies) and said they were in favor of them. (You can hear these interviews on You Tube, just look for “Sal in Harlem.”)

        These are the same type of people who keep electing this lowlife slime.

        People deserve the government they get and get the government they deserve.

        • Granny Mae


          I saw that interview and I thought I would fall over. I knew right then we were in a whole lot of trouble, and sure enough we were ! Trouble is these blooming idiots are all over this country and they are all just as intellegent !

    • Jana

      He had a jury of his peers and WAS found guilty. That is why he got censured.
      Unfortunately that is not even but a slap on the wrist for him. If he were a Republican he would have resigned.
      He claims what happened wasn’t so bad. Wrong is wrong. He knew it was wrong when he was dong it. Rangel just thought he could get away with it.
      Unlike David Jones above I don’t hate this country, but I hate the stupidity of the people that would vote in over and over someone who is using them.

      • Jana

        Also if he was a Republican he would have been so hammered by the left that he would be driven to resign. But of course the left eseem to expect dishonesty out of their representatives. Hmmmm, maybe that’s because a lot of the left are either dishonest or they are deceiving themselves.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    He should have stepped down on his own. He is only sorry he got caught, not sorry about what he did. His punishment was not severe enough. In the private sector he would have lost his job, because he would have gone to jail. And wouldn’t it be nice if he took others with him? Name names, Charlie. We all want to know who is as corrupt as you are!

    • s c

      Robin, Rangel is just another dyed-in-the-wool, make me rich, I’m better than you, “compassionate” progressive. Without trying to be a complete pessimist, odds are that certain folks from New York will install someone just like him as a “replacement.”
      Before anyone implies otherwise, slam dunk ALL politicians who need it. The best solution is to D E N Y ALL politicians the semi-divine right to stay in office until they retire. Stop the insanity!

  • Charles

    Congressman Rangel, I wish you would have the grace to step down. Being honest in front of your neighbors and people you worship with is really a more powerful position than having a seat in congress.

  • patrick

    This guy is scum, the lowest of the lowlife that lives on this earth. I think the best way for us all to rid ourselves of this disease is to incinerate him along with all his wrong doings, then bury the left over dust in Cuba. And folks, don’t forget to replace his political seat with a Tea Party member or the least, with a conservative Constitutional believing politican.

  • Alvin


    • David in Ma.

      The people who vote for him live in Harlem, there black and so they support a black candidate, simple as that.
      BUT, it does not say much for the character of those voters in Harlem, does it. They should wake up to the fact that if they want better they have to have people who represent then who are honest and of good character……..apparently not many of them have heard Martin Kings message or they have forgotten it. So, people in Harlem, keep doing the things your doing and live the life of a rat, I don’t care.

      • Harold Olsen

        By voting him back into office after what he has done just feeds the stereotype that black people are immoral.

      • Jana

        Actually David, I was thinking the same thing. I do realize since it is a black district that they would want a black person to represent them, that would only be right. They need an honest man or woman to represent them though, and surely there is another good black candidate out there for the people in this district to elect besides a crooked one. There are many good black people in this world.

        • Jerry

          Jana, Wouldn’t the opinion that blacks have to be represented by a black be a racist opinion? They should not not SEE color unless they are RACISTS!

          • Jana

            I have actually seen racism come out in the black community and quite strongly at that.
            However, it really is normal for a person to want to be represented in Congress by ones’ own peer. It would be felt that he or she would comprehend what they are going through much better and be able to represent their needs and desires better than someone who couldn’t possibly know.

          • Granny Mae


            It’s only racist if you are white. Blacks never believe they are racist, and you will never see a black bend over backward to accomodate a white the way whites do for blacks !

  • Norm

    Ben Stein: Charlie Rangel Still a Hero to Me
    Ben’s words not mine. Ben, incidently, is quite conservative.

    • Harold Olsen

      Is he? I’ve stopped listening to him because in the last year or two he has sounded more and more liberal to me. I change the channel when he is on any news show.

    • “JAVOPE”

      No one is saying Charles Rangel was not a good warrior at one time, Survival has a way of bringing out the courage and guts to do things beyond ordinary conduct.

      I think the problem with him now is he is in love with money and power as is most of the people in Washington.
      They are not there because they are someone special, only because everyone ask for them to speak for them.

      What the Harlem district needs to do is find an honest voice for them, and let Charles Rangel and Ben Stine sit at home for a while telling old war stories!

      Ben may be conservative but he only knows what he has done, or read about others.

      For me give me a poor honest man, over a rich talking head any day!

      • Jana

        I agree with you. We can’t always use the good in our past that we have done, if we aren’t doing good now. Just as if someone has done something wrong in their past but have changed and is showing themselves to be changed for the good, that shouldn’t be held against them either.

  • Harold

    Someone else said it better than I can, the people that elected him are too dumb to know any better or they are all on the public dole. Last comment my own. These people in the government will do nothing other than taking his lolly pop away from him. If this was a law abiding citizen he would go to prison, ‘period’. THE OTHER REASON THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING IS THE FACT THAT HE IS BLACK. We have to be politically correct. What idiotcy.

    • oldtimeyman

      Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the ridiculous proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end!!!

      Unfortunately, there is no clean end on turds like Rangel, Waters, Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

      • Granny Mae

        Right you are ! YES !

  • TIME

    Let me just say a few things about Mr. Rangel. First off how do you not know you have not paid tax’s for over 17 years?
    Is it possible that this detail could have slipped his mind for 17 years?
    I don’t know about you but I find that rather hard to fathom.

    Afterall he has worked on Tax issues in Congress for well over 20 years now, he heads “Tax commissions,” etc. etc.

    Now is it also not odd that congress passed laws to protect themselfs from wrong doing thus setting themselfs above the “very LAWS” 666 that they write to “CONTROL YOU!”
    Is that really all that strange? No; not at all as the sleeping American public has been lulled into their deep sleep both DemOrat, and RebOrats, have taken your freedoms away all based on keeping YOU safe from harm.
    So hows that all working out??????

    We now have two class’s in the United States, the “Rulers,” 666 and the whom the Rulers Rape, Rob, and Control, by the way thats YOU……

    Your all are responsible for this if you voted for any one of the Congress and Senate persons of whom you have been left with the choice of as you have little to nothing to do with really getting anyone elected.

    Keep in mind the media works for that alledged 2% that some of our Dim Wits here keep ranting about not being taxed enough.
    Yet these same DIM WITS, think that these special people are somehow all RebOrats. How wrong they are, they may have a DimOrat or RebOrat next to their names on paper, but the facts are they all all “New World Order Rats,” all bought and paid for.
    So when will you Dim Wits wake up and smell that Rats????

    Now back to how all long term Politicians are Bought and Paid for lock Stock and Barrel. Oh did I say that?
    Yes indeed I did.. Strangly enough they get to be on any committee they wish if they are Progressive’s. Now how easy is that to grasp?

    Keep in mind that all these Committee’s change the very fabric of your life daily by the writting of laws to “CONTROL” you.
    Those in the Government do what they want, and you pay the price, even if your brain dead can you see how this is no differant than the Maffia? At least I would hope you could even being 100% Brain Dead.

    Now place yourself in the slot of what Mr, Rangel did, what would be the end result for you?
    Well so you better understand here’s just a tad of what would happen to you.

    #1, Your Bank & Stock IRA, 401K, all funds / accounts would be frozen, (as in you could not get to your own money.)

    #2, Your Home would be confiscated, as in you would be tossed out of it as well as your family.

    #3, All your Stuff would be taken from you, as in your stuff is no longer yours. (Many times) YOUR stuff will be sold at a Government auction, to settle the debt.

    #4, “YOUR GUILTY,” until you can prove other wise. In plain words your a criminal and in 8 out of 10 cases you are sitting in Jail.
    Keep in mind you have No money to bail yourself out, no home to use to secure bail, you have ZERO, nada Nothing.

    #5, You will not get to have your hand slapped by your Criminal friends in Congress, nor have a press confrence where you get to profess your a good guy, Why?
    Your in jail and no one knows your there, and YOU have no way of getting out.

    Now if that fails to Piss you off your brain dead and really just to stupid to live.
    A Criminal rather than wear a Suit or not is still a Criminal.

    • D Engineer

      All I can say is you have it right TIME. Good reply -

  • David in Ma.

    Rangel should have been expelled and charged civilly & criminally in a court of law. If you or I had done what “Good ‘ol Charlie” has done we would be looking at a long long time behind bars.

    What this does is allow “Good ‘ol Charlie” to resign and retire on a large pension with all the benefits, and of course, other members of congress would expect the same consideration when and if they should commit “indiscreations” get caught.

    However, some do not get the same consideration, ask Tom Delay, but then, Tom Delay is not black!

  • D Engineer

    Rangel still refuses to come clean and admit the wrong – in his eyes is clean – only a low life would feel the way he does. He needs to be thrown out of office just like all the other tax evaders in Congress, Homeland Security, the IRS, and the Obama Administration. At last calculation, the folks in Washington owe over $965,000,000.00. They would sell every thing that I own if I owed $100 in deliquent taxes. It seems that they have all put themselves above the law and have no regard to it – I supposed that is why Rangel feels that he has done no wrong?? We need to clean out Washington and get rid of all the lawyers and elect patriots that will abide by the constitution and will pass laws that include them as well – unlike the sleazy group that passed Obamacare and made themselves exempt.

  • Warrior

    Old Tax Code Charlie himself. Let’s give an ovation for a progressive tax cheat. Maybe a fair flat tax and we wouldn’t be subjected to this back and forth destructive conversation. Hell maybe we wouldn’t need a tax oversight committee.

  • Donna

    He needs to go to prison and from this day forward every government official who breaks the laws they have created needs to join him. We are tired of any kind of misconduct in our government.

  • Raggs

    I have to agree with that rangel said… ” the puinishment does not fit the crime”…

    If this had been anybody in the private arena we would have seen a conviction leading to imprisonment… So rangels statement is correct..

    • Harold Olsen

      No, the punishment did not fit the crime. It did not fit the crime because being censured is not really punishment. All a censure is is an expression of disapproval.

      • Raggs

        Yeah thats what I said…

        • Jana

          ….and I agree.

  • J.M.R.

    people don’t forget the fines and penaltys we would have to pay no matter what,he should be in prison.

    • Harold Olsen

      I once received a three page letter from the IRS threatening me with five years in jail and a $5,000 fine for making a one cent error in my favor on my tax return.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Mr. Rangle commited crimes that would have put anyone of us in jail. Tax fraud and evassion? Come on, how much is he going to have to pay in fines and penalties? I bet nothing. How long is he going to spend behind bars? I bet none. The man should have been expelled from Congress. What really burns my buns is that after his little I did nothing wrong speech the congress aplauded him. How sick is that?

  • rick

    I find it interesting that a Florida judge sent Wesley Snipes to prison for the same crime that Congress found Charlie guilty of. The
    only difference is the amount of money involved, but Wesley never had
    the opportunity to be in charge of writing tax laws. We might be better off if he had. Al Capone, who was never convicted of any other
    crime went to prison for tax evasion. I believe that Adam Clayton
    Powell Jr., who Charlie replaced in Congress, was accused of similar
    indiscretions, having a home in Bimini. It is well past time for this
    “FIXTURE” to be replaced.

  • meteorlady

    Cry baby stopped just short of throwing out the race card. So others go to jail for not paying taxes, Rangle? Hmmmmmm just gets to keep his job and Pelosi gives a little speech.

    Wonder who the 79 were that voted not to censure him?

  • Norm

    Let’s never forget:

    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He could face life in prison and he should, but not only because he laundered money. He laundered money with the objective of influencing politics, of subverting the democratic processes by which the rule of law is given its legitimacy.
    Recently, Congressman Charles Rangel was found guilty of violating House rules and now has been censured by the whole House. His variety of corruption was the most pervasive, but the least dangerous, to our political culture. He did not play by the rules, failing to report income, and he used his congressional office to raise money for a school that bore his name. In other words, he had the sense that the rules did not apply to him, but he did not seek to frustrate the electoral system nor to make a lot of money by trading on his name or influence.
    DeLay’s crimes are of an altogether graver quality. He laundered money into campaign accounts, violating prohibitions against illegal campaign giving. He sought to rig the game. His crimes bear a greater resemblance to Nixon’s crimes, and they should be punished with all the severity our penal code allows. It is one thing to break the law. That is bad enough. But, when you assault the democratic process, there is a special place reserved in constitutional hell for you. Throw the book at him.

  • Harold Olsen

    Big deal! Rangel gets censured. So what? What kind of a punishment is that? All a censure is is an expression of disapproval. That is no real punishment. He should have been kicked out of Congress. He broke the law, doing things that people have been sent to prison for. But he gets just slap on the wrist. “Naughty, naughty. Shame on you. You’ve been a bad boy.” Another example of a double standard.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Big deal, Wesley Snipes, the black actor, has just been ordered to start serving a 4 year sentence, in a federal prison, this week for doing far less than what Rangel was found guilty of. Rangel’s Censure wasn’t even done properly by not reading all the charges he was found guilty of, and afterward the Democrats gave him a round of applause, I wonder what Snipes will get when he enters the prison? Equal justice for all, isn’t that in the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’, I guess the Democrats don’t take that pledge, or anyone else in the federal government, just us poor slobs that still believe in what the USA use to stand for before the elitist took control of our country. Geithner is another Democrat who also broke the law, which the rest of us would have been sent to prison for, but instead he was given a higher postion in the federal government and a big pay raise, thanks to Obama. How many of Obama’s czars didn’t pay their taxes, I know their was a lot, I just don’t know the exact number. More equal justice for all, and all the Democratic rank and file support this, because its their party doing it, the laws of the USA be damned, we’re Democrats and above the laws. Aqual justice for all, right!

  • http://none CARL


    • libertytrain

      It only means a public slap on the hand – nothing more.

  • eddie47d

    Charles Rangel was once a good man and a war hero. Unfortunately power eventually corrupts many and Charlie got lax in his busy life. I wish he would have stepped down for no politician should abuse their position or prominence in representing our government. You have to earn your place in life on a daily basis,not living on past laurels as Mr Rangels apparently did. What bothers me on this site is how these folks will always tar and feather any black man yet will give the “Tom DeLays” a free pass. Not much different than the folks in Charlie Rangels district.

    • Jana

      I agree with you except that unlike Rangel, Tom DeLay did step down. He has been found guilty by the way in a court of law and we will find out what his sentence will be.

      Rangel didn’t even have the decency to show the respect for his office by stepping down. At least Tom DeLay did.

      By the way no one tarred or feathered him, but he should have been tarred and feathered by his peers. He made them all look bad.

      • 45caliber

        Rangle, like most of those in politics, is a soceiopath/psychopath. In other words, EVERY decision he makes is for himself. He can’t even imagine how anyone else would feel or even care if they are harmed.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Eddie: Duke Cunningham, a real war hero, is doing time in the crossbar hotel for basically doing the same thing as Rangle. Oh, I forgot, things are diffrent when you’re a demorat, especially a black one. War Hero? What did he ever do except serve some time in Korea along with a few hundred thousand other guys.

  • “JAVOPE”

    A thief or dishonest person has no color difference in his character.
    It is not about the color of your skin or hair or eyes, it is about your integrity as an honest human being.

    We all need to probe all of our friends to find replacements, clean blood is needed to cure a disease that has our government rotten to the core.

  • barbm

    congressman charlie gonzalez (d-texas) voted no to the censure. i can’t get anybody from his office to tell me which of his violations he thinks are okay.

  • 45caliber

    He believes that this was all politicially driven and that he really didn’t do anything wrong. And that includes not paying taxes. Now if I didn’t pay those he didn’t pay, how long would I have to spend in jail – after they had seized everything I owned and auctioned it off for pennys on the dollar ….

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Why is this man not going to jail– Their is no excuse — The standards for those who serve should be higher since they deal in public trust — All members and both parties should be held accountable — This type of corruption if wide spread must be prosecuted –


    Again the Congress failed to use the rinse that removes lice and will not cure the problem of ethics, abreaking of the peoples trust. They let slide this weasel we call a senate representative and the failure to remove him from ofice is yet another stain on our reprsentative government.

    The problem is that the job allows these people to insulate themselves from those they work for, they vote their own perks, salary and use far more tax monies than they are entitled to to make for themselves a cushy job that no private sector job can match and then the use their incumbancy to occupy that seat for years to come with a no limits barred number of terms, then a nice plushy appointed job to carry out more bad policy upon leaving the public spot light. The cure is to bring them back down to earth and remind them they are mortals who are employed by election, who are there to serve the country and not their needs…..The Republic can no longer afford these bright feathered bufoons to strut among us and pretend they have more rights than their employers, it is time to make the changes for those who wish to serve the nation and do so with pride.

  • Raggs

    Well what about all of the blow-hards in California giving themselves 6 figure salaries…

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      what about the people who voted them in?

  • gordanbrent

    California is just hopeless in my view with politics but congress has some representatives that do have ethics but not enough. Rangel should be relieved of his positions from any and all committees. It will go down in history he was all talk and did nothing for the united states and conveniently forgot to pay his taxes. We all know the truth. Shame on the house for not pushing him out! So if they stand up for someone like this what would they do in a murder case.This is not what this country needs we need honesty.

  • Bleh

    The people should Censure the Congress for the Financial Misconduct they have allowed befall our currency via the federal reserve.

  • Jerry

    Would I be censured if I willingly cheated the Fed, even by 1 cent? I think I would be financially ruined and imprisoned by the Fed. Isn’t this a fact? Only the rich, famous, or notorious can steal and cheat without punishment! By the way, what is the downside of censure, the same as impeachment (no punishment)?

    • 45caliber

      The downside of censure is that he will get a footnote in history books about getting one. But they won’t tell what it was for or why he got it.

  • Dan az

    Why should rangle dangle be treated any different than all the others that judged him or turbo wizard Geithner for that matter? Boys will be boys!This type of justice is more of the same.Where are all the racist comments when they can use an actor like wesley to take the fall to scare a few to do the right thing but leave the scum on the toilet house and applaud that he will only get a slap on the peepee?or was that political justice at its finest?I can see know that the boy is never going to have to prove his citizen ship it would only make sense if they just gave him another vacation instead. Justice for all but us!

  • Wendy Price

    Rangle is a bad joke at the expense of the American people. Think about it.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    like all crooks the only thing Rangle is sorry about is that he got caught. No wonder he’s the darling of Harlem. He’s a classic representitive of most of his constituents.

  • greywolf

    Rangel is a thief and should have been jailed, they say the bar is low at this time, actually the bar is lying on the floor of congress and all the crooks just step over it. All the Socialist who are congressman, are the biggest problem facing our great nation. You are stupid if you hate the US, it is the Socialist who should be hated, that includes Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Schummer, etc. Did everyone forget that Hilary Clinton worked at a Communist Law Office in her early years. George Soros is against the US as in the Constitution, as are all the morons, I listed above. We are not safe until they are all gone from power. If any Democrat wins in 2012, we can kiss our Constitution goodbye. In other Countries, they would be put in front of a firing squad, where they should be. They are trying to overthrow our great country.


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