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House Approves Record Debt Ceiling Increase, Reinstitutes Pay-go Regulations

February 9, 2010 by  

House approves record debt ceiling increase, reinstitutes pay-go regulationsThe House voted last week to approve "pay-as-you-go" legislation, which requires Congress to offset tax cuts or the funding of new programs by first reducing spending elsewhere or increasing taxes in a different sector. The new regulations were attached to a bill that will raise the debt ceiling by a record $1.9 trillion.

The pay-go legislation was voted against by every Republican member of the House, who dismissed it as ineffective.

"This is just cover for Democrats to feed their spending addiction through new tax increases, and it does nothing to meaningfully increase fiscal accountability or reduce the deficit and debt," said Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO.), quoted by the Coloradoan.

House leaders utilized an unusual procedural maneuver that allowed moderates to vote for the pay-go legislation without directly supporting the debt increase. The entire bill passed without holding a vote on the issue of raising the debt limit.

"With Democrats sinking the country deep into the red, [the] vote to bring on more debt is simply reckless," said Ken Spain, communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The bill will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law in the coming days.

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  • Jana

    The pay as you go idea is a great one, but it was made null and void by raising the debt ceiling. Our so called Representatives just don’t get it any more than our so called President does. They are wrong in how they are approaching our debt responsibilities.

    When my income goes down, my spending goes down. We make our household budget come in line with our income. Our Reps. seem to think that since its not their money its free money to spend and spend some more.

    I also think that they need to suspend their cost of living pay increases. They need to feel a little of what we are going through out here on the economy. Most of them don’t even fill up their own cars with gas, they have aids that do it. They actually have no comprehension of what the economy really is. They are all insulated from it up there on the Hill.

    It is time to send them all home to reality to live back on the economy, and put new people in.

    • Disgusted

      I agree with you. Unfortunately, they will not learn the lesson you want them to because once voted out of the office they will continue to receive benefits. Booting them out won’t teach them anything monetarily because once in the elite group – always in the elite group.

    • William Nealey

      yes we do need to send them all home and get an administration in who will discontinue all of their rewards for the lousey job they have done, one which will cut all pay by fifty percent. and eliminate all perks. those perks alone are costing the taxpayer billions.we used to have Statesmen who served the country. with out the exorbitant sallaries and none of the perks, Truman drove his car himself. he didn’t have a gaggle of security people around him. but these fata—- people have to have assintants and assistants for their assistants. if they cant do the job get rid if them and put their assistants in their place. in most cases the assistants know more about the job anyway,

      • Karacek

        The Constitution states that our Representatives are compensated when they are working for the nation. It does not say that they are entitled to anything when they are out of office.

        Like the rest of us, they should have a retirement program funded by the exhorinate salaries they give themselves – not counting the perks that cost tax payers billions. And besides, when have you ever heard of an employee giving themselves a raise?????????? Wake up America!

    • Victor L Barney

      A agree with Jana and the Responses too, but that also is not going to save our country from this attempted Marxist takeover!

      Just a thought, what happens when obama declares a “state of emergency” Domestic Terrorism) and stops the 2010 elections? What happens next?
      We will not know until it happens will we? Remember, progressives STOP at nothing!

      • Karacek

        Great minds think alike! I have been saying that since Obummer got into office. All Americans should pressure their representatives to see the birth certificate (although the world knows he is not a natural born citizen – and England is boasting that they have control of the colonies again!) That’s the quickest way to get this Resident usurper out of our White House. Some representatives have already asked to see his documentation of which, of course, he has not replied. Surprise!

  • Bruce

    Dear Jana,
    I agree with you 100%, But lets take this one more step that being take away their retirement plans too.
    They get 100% of their pay when they are done even after only one term. Thats not right.
    If you sell out your country you should not be rewarded in any way other than a stiff rope around your neck.

    • Jana

      Bruce, that is a real sore spot with me too. This never should have been an inhouse vote to vote themselves their own salaries, their own raises, their expense accounts or their retirements. It should have to be voted on by their employers, and that would be us, the very taxpayers that pay their exorbitant and ridiculous salaries. Another point is the Founding Fathers did not intend for Congress to be in session every year. These people have made a career out of politics and that was never intended to happen.

  • Dan

    Two points: this action is evidence that the house does not subscribe to the position that reducing taxes will stimulate economic activity – they’d rather “say” they’re cutting taxes only to raise them elsewhere.

    2nd Point: rather than addressing what is fundamentally wrong with the structure of government and it’s inability to function within its means, they took the easy way out by raising the debt ceiling. They (politicians) have essentially acknowledged, again, that they are incapable of doing the job they were elected to do.

    • Tim

      Just keep all this in mind next Nov. By that time the jobless rate, (as advertised by the WH) will be coming down, and they will paint a rosy picture of the future. Don’t be fooled by this. Anyone in Congress that subscribes to this tax & spend nonsense HAS to go. I hate to wish the summer away, but election day can’t come soon enough.
      We are so far down this road, it will take a very lonnng time to recover. This administration and Dem congress has proven itself a fraud.

  • Robert

    The only thing I can say about this is: “To all you politicians in Washington, You’re all a bunch of despicable bastards bent on ruining this country for your own selfish gains. May you all rot in hell.”

    • William Nealey


    • Karacek

      How about, may they rot in JAIL on their way to hell!

      • Jana

        Good thought. hahahaha

  • http://none daniel jacobson

    i hate to be the one to tell all you sheeple this but,this is all being done by destroy the destroy the middle bring in a new world order..a new one world currency..destroy americas soverenty [as in open borders]they know exactly what they are people better wake up,before its to late..start buying guns and lots of ammo before you cant any more..cause believe me they are coming for our guns..same thing hitler did before he rounded up there sheeple and sent them off to death camps..and there ARE death camps in this country..and before any of you sheeple say im a kook or fema rex

    • Karacek

      Daniel, this is so true. By now I think most patriots are becoming aware of what is happening. It’s just so obviously apparent that anyone upset with the direction the country is headed should be aware of this fact. I just don’t understand why Americans are not calling for those conspiring to overthrow our government and Constitution to be arrested and tried for treason – because that’s what it is – TREASON!

      There must be ONE JUDGE in the country that will side with the American people. One of the best is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. How do we get him to respond? What has to be brought before the court to have this body act? Anyone know, please enlighten the rest of us! Need some names to start the ball rolling: how about David Rockefeller and his family, George Soros, the Bush & Clinton cartels, Kissinger, Carter, the Resident Usurper, Pelousy & GReid, Frank, Dodd – they are good for starters. But, the list goes on and on like CEO’s of large Corps (GE) and of course “THE BANKSTERS”!

      • Time

        Yes indeed these caps do exist.

        Has anyone in PA in ares such as Philly, and Pitsburg seen the heavly armed US Troops about, that are alldgely aid the local police. As it was noted the police can’t handle the snow, so they needed Armed Troops to aid them with the snow.

        • Time

          Duh I mean Camps. Not caps.

    • JC

      Daniel that isn’t news.

  • thefedupamerican

    And just think….after Massachusetts….this is the ‘new, fiscally responsible’ Obama and Democrat Congress! Yahooooo!

  • Dr. Anthony

    Vote all who voted for this OUT in Novemeber 2010; and keep voting all these madmen out until we repeal all of these new spending legislative abominations people out; and purge them all from public office forever! They are criminal in their behaviors.

  • eddie47d

    Some of your comments are criminal. Jana Obama is President not;so called President. I never liked G.W.B.,but he was still the President. Bruce,there’s no place for your comments about “stiff rope around your neck”. Disagreeing is right on,but drop the threats. We need good solutions to our National debt,not the nonsense I’ve been hearing. Let’s get to work.

    • Jana


      I remember when G.W.B. was Pres. they called him a variety of names one of which was “That dummy in the White House”. Poor Obama is showing his lack of being capapble of doing any more that being a Community Organizer.

      You say we need good solutions not the nonsense, but you made no effort to give any idea on what you think we ought to do to, as you say, “Get to work”.

      We don’t need you to correct us, our SO CALLED PRESIDENT does that without your help. We need solutions so if you have any lets hear them. Time to put up or shut up as the old saying goes.

      • Joe H.

        I remember when Bush was elected for the second term, Katie Couric called him Mr. Bush and the venom was very evident. She would not call him Mr President or president Bush for anything that day!!!! There was no unbiased news reporting from her that day!!!

        • Jana

          Joe, I remember that. No bias there, HA!

        • DDC

          Katie Couric is a joke, She sure helped me to quit watching CBS.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Me too, DDC.

            Fed Up Gal

    • Time

      Eddie, I think Bruce’s point is, why pay them when its a good fix to get rid of TRADER’S, after all please do keep in mind that these persons swear to “uphold the Constitution, and to protect and serve.”

      I can say from the actions displayed by these units that there are very few that do any of the above.

      So here goes anyone who preforms in such a mannor should end up on the “street with out a job and no pay.” Thus that should be an easy fix, as in hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars saved.

      If any Congress or Senate person signs a bill they have not read they get fired, no pay no nothing. Seems within reason don’t you think.

      All Congress and Senate persons elected must read and understand the Constitution and what the Bill of rights means.
      If they break the bond just one time, their are fired.
      No and ifs or butts about it.

      How do we stop the bleed, easy “CUT ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING.”
      {Lower Corporate Tax’s} that { combined with removing the restrictions} on American companys so they can compete will bring about a massive transformation in JOBS here in the United States.
      But hey thats just off the top of my head and off my BlackBerrie with dinky keys.

      All the alledged Green jobs have been shipped to China, now hows that help the United States?
      Oh and by the way thats $675 BILLION DOLLARS sent to China that by the way we still owe $1 Trillon Dollars too.
      Add in the fact that 45% of the jobs that used to be here in the US are now in CHINA where a yearly wage is about $1000.00.
      Easy math here. UNIONS are destroying this country, that combined with all I have noted above.

      So what do you have?

    • JC

      I see him as the “so called president” or mybe “resident usurper” or mor accurately the “Kenyan Marxist” who hijacked the presidency with the help of the special interest media. Or maybe just plain old “Bozo” would be more appropriate. Whatever he is, he isn’t my President.

    • Robert

      Here’s a simple solution. Stop spending our money, it’s not yours.

  • Joe Berger

    “I’m going to cut taxes for 95% of American workers” was his campaign pledge. My wife and I just filed our taxes for 2009. We made $1873 more than last year. We had $1645 more in itemized deductions – and our taxes INCREASED by $1907- effectively charging us an extra $1907 on an income increase of $228. That’s a whopping EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY SIX PERCENT marginal tax rate! Yup. Obama failed his campaign promise. As they all do. I will go on record, here and now: We need to begin a campaign to create a national referendum to force the changes we want into law in Washington. Our politicians will NEVER do them. Let’s start with three items: 1). A flat rate 10% no deductions or exemptions Federal tax will be the ONLY Federal tax allowed to be collected by law, both personal and corporate; 2). The Treasury and government will be forced to live off only such tax monies as have ALREADY BEEN COLLECTED – less 10% which will be applied to the national debt until such time as it is marked ‘paid in full’;, and 3). ALL Federal Government retirement plan monies will be immediately transferred into the Social Security ‘trust’ fund (Who do we trust? Only GOD. CERTAINLY NOT the politicians!!)and all Federal government employees including Congress, the President, etc., will be paid at standard Social Security payout rates.
    We need to start a referendum to firce this into reality. Our government will fail to get its economic act together, and will print money into oblivion for you and me UNLESS WE CITIZENS FORCE THEM TO STOP!

    • Warrior

      Geez Joe,

      Are you out to destroy the accounting industry? How about a moratorium on any new laws? Now what would the lawyers do? That’s how we can obtain the 50% increase in exports, ship accountants and lawyers oversees. Of course,we would still have a negative $ trade deficit. Like your ideas though.

    • Robert

      And while we’re at it. For all those B1H1 invaiders, for every dollar they transfer back to their home countries, tax that amount by 60% at the source. Meaning, go to a bank and transfer $5,000.00 back to someone in India or Pakistan and you better have an extra $3,000.00 to fork over right away. Or your transfer doesn’t happen.

      • Jana

        Robert, Or Mexico.

  • realbigal

    The key phrase here is “…or increasing taxes…”. I expect Congressmen like “Bailout” Barney Frank, Jim “7 trips to cuba” McGovern, Niki Tsongas, Ed “Unremarkable” Markey, John Olver, and the rest of the Taxachusetts Delegation to claim praise for the “pay-as-you-go” legislation as being economically responsible, and then continuing to vote to raise taxes. And the Establishment Media will not expose them.

    • JC

      I expect the same al.

  • (Wondering Woman)

    Where are they going to find other areas in which to increase taxes to cover the government spending? Since Obama took over he has already increased taxes (which he said he wouldn’t do) but in areas that are not normally considered taxes. Look at the increased taxes on every pack of cigarettes, how much of that price of our gasoline, diesel, etc. is actually federal taxes. How about those health insurance policies that Obama, Pelosi and Reed would mandate that every citizen must buy is to be considered a tax? But not one that could be deducted from the amount of tax you have to pay? Kind of reminds me of a phrase often expressed by my father: “legal robbery”.

    About the only thing they haven’t figured out how to tax yet is prostitution, probably because it would be the ultimate in hypocrisy,
    if you called it illegal, yet still levied a business tax on the illegal action. Allegedly the federal government has already failed at keeping a confiscated house of ill repute in the one state where it is considered legal business solvent. It also sold alcoholic beverages. Wow, it was obviously wildly solvent prior to the takeover but quickly failed after the federal government took it over. If big brother big government can’t keep a successful business solvent plying the same trade as before confiscation (the selling of sex and booze), it is not likely to to succeed in anything except what they have done so well in the past, and that is to take the money the taxpayers earn and spend it on many unnecessary “pork barrel” projects while continuing their own cost of living raises coming yearly no matter whether any other employed or retired
    person gets one or not. Our insolvent social security system would be in fine shape had the funds not been replaced with big brother’s
    IOU’s in order to pay for those pork barrel projects. Fellow “we the people” citizens, remember that those funds were contributed in your name for your retirement, 1/2 of it from your employer and the other 1/2 from your own paycheck on which you already paid income tax, which means they were taking the money from your personal retirement fund and leaving worthless IOU’s in its place. Now there is talk of Obama forcing the handler’s of our 40lK’s and other retirement funds you have saved from your own money to invest part or all of these funds in federal government bonds which are safer. If they are safer, how come our government is bankrupt or very near it. My personal opinion is that all the legislators, including Obama’s, retirement funds should be invested in it first, as their larger deposits would add up much faster with less bookkeeping required. Most of us would especially like for them to keep their greedy hands off of what little funds we have left, at least until Bernanke, our financial appointee in charge of our tax money collected, does his job and can “tell us where the money went” instead of replying “I don’t know” when asked where the stimulus funds went. How many of you are wondering why someone who, openly admitted “I don’t know” when asked where it went was reappointed to the same position that he apparently hasn’t done a very good job on his first watch?????? Just Wondering

  • American Citizen

    At the Tea Party rally in Chicago, when they were expecting Obama to come there, one of the members carried a sign that read “I am listing the Federal Government as a dependent on my tax return.

  • smrstrauss

    Re: “All Americans should pressure their representatives to see the birth certificate…”

    Obama has shown on his Web site and shown the physical copy of his official birth certificate from Hawaii to both Politifact and FactCheck. The short-form Certification of Live Birth is now the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and it is the only one that Hawaii sends out. It no longer sends out copies of the original birth certificate (

    The Hawaii Certification of Live Birth is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by the US State Department and the branches of the US military. And, in Obama’s case, the facts on the certification–that he was born in Hawaii in 1961–were twice confirmed by the officials in Hawaii, who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    • L, USA

      And Yet, The world knows that he is Kenyan born, as the grandmother has stated on record, that she saw him being born there. The document is waste.

  • JeffH

    Hey I heard Obama tried to get the number for the DC Marine Corp recruiter. He kept calling 411 info but they couldn’t give him a number. Apparently there isn’t a phone number listing for the US Marine Corpse recruiter in DC.

    • Joe H.


      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        JeffH and Joe H,

        Careful now……you almost made me fall off the chair laughing!

        Fed Up Gal

  • Budswisr1



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