Hotel Offers Stays In Exchange For Art


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, (UPI) — A hotel in the Swedish capital is offering free stays to guests who donate a piece of self-made art to the facility.

The Clarion Hotel in Stockholm said the art-for-stays scheme was inspired by New York’s Chelsea Hotel, which allowed prominent artists and musicians to stay for free in exchange for their works of art, The reported Thursday.

“It all started with the fact that our general manager’s grandfather was an artist,” said Tess Mattisson, public relations and marketing manager for the Clarion Hotel. “He actually had some of his work hanging in the Chelsea Hotel and now that their hotel has closed down, the manager was so inspired that our hotel will continue the tradition.”

Mattisson said there would be no limitations on the art, provided it can fit on a sheet of paper.

“Who are we to be judgmental about art? Accommodation is what we know and we’re happy to provide it. Everyone is welcome here, from young and upcoming artists to those that are already established,” she said.

The manager said the term “artists” would apply to anyone who puts their paintings, poetry or other work of art to paper.

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