Homeowners Can Protect Irreplaceable Items From Flooding


Homeowners can protect irreplaceable items from floodingAs of May 11, more than 1 million acres of farmland in Arkansas was flooded due to cresting waters of the Mississippi River.

According to Bloomberg, the Natural State expects the costs of flood damage to exceed $500 million. Furthermore, approximately 3 million acres of land in Louisiana were in danger of being inundated with flood waters.

News reports of this natural disaster have prompted some Americans to ponder their own self-survival techniques in the event of a major flood. According to FloodSafety.com, an individual’s chances of being flooded are significantly higher than other daily risks. For example, homeowners are 27 times more likely to experience a flood than a fire during a 30-year mortgage, the website reports.

Although property damage is inevitable in some cases, the website suggests that individuals can preserve some of their assets by taking certain precautions. Aside from buying a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers flooding, residents should have an elevated place to store irreplaceable items, such as family photographs, important documents, currency and other valuables.

In addition, the website recommends that homeowners should take pictures of the property before and after the flood for insurance purposes.

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