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Holder Evades Questioning On Alleged Illegal White House Job Offer

May 19, 2010 by  

Holder evades questioning on alleged illegal White House job offerDespite Representative Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) intensive questioning at a Congressional hearing last week, Attorney General Eric Holder refused to comment on the status of a possible Justice Department investigation.

In February, Representative Joe Sestak (D-Penn.) told a Philadelphia news station that he was informed by the White House that he would be offered a Federal position with the Department of Defense if he dropped out of the upcoming Pennsylvania Democratic primary election, where he will be competing against Senator Arlen Specter (D-Penn.).

Issa, the ranking Republican member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to the case in March, and said he had yet to receive a response from the attorney general’s office.

Meanwhile, Holder continued to evade Issa’s questions regarding whether or not an investigation into the accusations had been launched.

"I can say that with regard to the appointment of a special prosecutor, that it is done on a case-by-case basis," Holder said. "It is the department’s policy not to comment on pending matters, to say there is an investigation, to say there is not an investigation."

As to the lack of response to the Representative’s letter, Holder said he assumed his office had taken action and apologized.

"It could be in the mail," Issa said sarcastically. "It’s very slow sometimes."

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  • Peter

    Holder said. “It is the department’s policy not to comment on pending matters, to say there is an investigation, to say there is not an investigation.”

    So, the American people are never going to know what Holder and those in his “department” are doing, right?

    • Lunville Nugent

      Please wait we don,t need premature decision we will all know in time
      There are moor important things now like how can we feed the hungry they are people too,

      • Meteorlady

        Oh right – more important things like feeding the hungry. Feeding the hungry is a job for local and community charities not for the federal government. It’s time you learn the difference between charity, a hand up and government assistance. If you don’t know the difference then you are very un-American and need to live in a more socialist country because most of us middle of the road people believe each person is responsible for their own destiny. We also believe that we can better run a charity than the federal government. In my county we take care of each other and teach each other to fish instead of giving them fish. What happens to all the “hungry” when all the workers are out of money and tax to oblivion?

      • James Grab

        Feed the poor! Are you kidding? – If governments will go back to committing people to hospitals that are having mental problems,instead of saying they can’t be committed or given drugs, if they say they don’t want that, as long as they are no harm to themselves or others – c’mon, their unbalanced – we’re going to leave that decision to them?
        – And then tell those that are sitting on their duff getting free handouts ‘ cause they can ’cause people are handing them sandwiches, blankets, clothing,a bed, a shower, and on and on.
        – and make the goof-offs stay in school until they have the smarts needed to get a job instead of passing them on and then out in to a society that they don’t know how to behave in
        - I don’t think there really would be any poor.
        You sosund like a Democrat – Let’s take care of everybody.
        What if everybody and I mean EVERYBODY sat on their duff? Where do you suppose the money would come for a free handout then?

        • Renay

          ok sorry but that is where you are wrong i work hard for my money and yes i am poor. i have a hard time making my bills from month to month how about you walk in a homeless persons shoes for a month and then tell me they are lazy. most of the people on the streets are WELL EDUCATED people who have fell on hard times and its wrong of you to say all homeless are dumb drop outs live in there shoes and you will see different they are just like you and me. and as to the comment Feed the poor!i have been in those lines where i have had to ask for help cause i have had to choose what was more important food or a roof over my head and utilities in my house and i have seen people come in in there fancy cars stand in line and taking food so its not just the poor that is getting this hand out as you call it its also the well to do people who does not want to give up there fancy car payments and high car insurance payments to buy food so before you start pointing fingers you need to know what you are talking about.

          • Ron Hert

            This is nothing but excuses-one does not need to burn themselves to know that fire will not only burn you but will kill you if it goes unattended. Those that are doing their best and sticking it out are whats keeping this country afloat for you to be able to eat, get free shelter, and free clothes. Why don’t you walk in their shoes-not giving up or just vacationing all the time. Don’t tell me that you can’t get a job-even if it is cleaning windshields. I’ve lived in my car before-so-don’t tell me how tough it is. One can work themself out of poverty if they truely want to-I did it and you’re not any better than I am. Hey, I’ve worked 2 and three part time jobs before. If we get rid of the illegal aliens, then work will be easier to find-for wonce try to see the big picture; not just your view down on the curb or the gutter. Try to do something-anything-that will be a change. One has to do the
            extreme and that is go to the outer areas-get out of the city-and get a job where you have to live on a piece of property that security is needed. Those jobs are out there, but you have to look, but, if you stay on the street too long-you become a victum and a welfare minded person.Do the extreme-but-not illegal or harmful to yourself or someone else.

    • RickyD

      You hit the nail right on the head. I do not understand why Obama and his band of criminals can’t be IMPEACHED. In 60 years I have never seen so much underhanded secret deals. We simply have to stop electing lawyers. The ones writing the bills now are real gems and need to join the rest of us in the bread lines.

      • Clyde Turkle

        Yes, finally, someone has hit the nail squarely with a hammer. IMPEACH. Impeach the president and all the rest of his comrads. Each state could have a recall election if they really feel that a representative or senator is not worthy or no longer represents their state’s goals. This idea needs to given national attention. We DO have a say in how these people vote, by using our vote. IMPEACH today, live in freedom tomorrow.

  • Buddy

    Obviously Eric Holder is not qualified for the office of Attorney General.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Buddy… I think that is becoming more apparent every time we see him on TV! He is going to be the fall guy for somebody that they are trying to keep in the wings.

    • Sarge 907

      Qualifications are not required to hold a position in this administration. LOOK at the TOP position.

      • Cudabear

        GREAT POINT! Obama is the LEAST qualified, except, of course as a Community Aggitator.

    • http://none John Detwiler

      Right on Buddy. I can’t believe that Holder is acyually a Lawyer aren’t Lawyers supposed to have a brain. That guy has to be the dumb bunny of the century. But what the Hell so are most of the radicals in Obama’s Czar enclave.

  • http://gmail i41

    What do you expect, when you have a bunch of Chicago thugs. His close ties with Omoron, there is a lot of things that will wash up to shore, as years go by. We know all the top clowns, didn’t read the Az. bill but jack their jaws, as the intels of the government!

    • 45caliber

      The problem with the AZ law is not that it is unConstitutional – it is because AZ intends to enforce it. That is what they don’t want done. So far they haven’t been able to come up with a reason that will allow them to stop all enforcement by the state while still making the public believe they are only trying to prevent everyone from being sent south of the border. (Even though I know of some that are officially American citizens – like Holder or Oblama – who should also be sent south of the border.)

      • marvin

        45caliber google illegal immigration law and see what power the states have they already have the right to enforce immigration laws

      • Pat R

        Obama is NOT a legal Citizen

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Pat R.,
          why do you think he’s staying out of Arizona?!?!?

      • Meteorlady

        You are exactly right. They don’t want us people to know that something can actually be done to enforce existing federal law. They would hate to see success and the illegals head back south. They want them here and demonstrating because they need to make us all feel bad because we oppose these criminals coming here. How many stories are there on the news about “immigrants” and poor children that need food. Their parents had them, they need to man up and take care of them instead of stealing the wages of working people.

      • Anthony

        45cal – is almost on target.

        The REAL issue is about State Sovereignty.
        If you read the Constitution – the Jeffersonians made sure to set in ink, the “express” rights (meaning: duties) set forth for the National/Federal Government, were very limited. All other issues were to be claimed as Rights of the Sovereign States. In this, the interpretation has been stretched, first by hamilton, and then John Adams and others, to reverse that stance which is in writing.

        The federal Government is not designated with the Right to dominate the States. Rather the Opposite. Jefferson and the others who took over the 1st Constitutional Convention, which Hamilton FAILED at ruling over – in what today we would call a coup (coo) – and their writings within and their obvious INTENT was that Politics was always local and in order to maintain the freedoms set forth – it was to never be the intention to allow the States to become subordinate to the Federal. The Power of the Federal Government was loaned by the People. And, it was also Jefferson’s intent to limit imperialism, as well. In the 1960′s LBJ was all about Imperialism, by shoving our Troops into Vietnam, when it is now well known that JFK was already bringing our boys home(in process)-I’ve read several articles about it. Twice, that I know of, the US has been in Afghanistan (Cite: Charlie Wilson’s War) and it could only be called Imperialism. Then, comes Juwait, and now IRAQ… let alone the next Phase, which is Yemen and ultimately Lebanon. We already have how many support jobs for American consumers based in Pakistan and India?

        Ultimately, the real initiative by Arizona is for State’s Rights “over” the Federal Government — this is what Obama is working real hard to not talk about. But, every other sentence, you listen real hard…. and he slips… They may say it’s about robbing illegal aliens about their “rights”, but they can only have Mexico Rights… this is America… it’s non-sequitor and it’s decoy conversation, while they work to destroy State’s Rights…

        Be very careful….. and vigilant.

        • Clyde Turkle

          I, along with most Americans, also agree. Arizona has states rights. They just need to inform Omama they fully intend to use them. This will make Obama and the rest of the White House squirm a bit but thats too bad. The truth never hurt anybody, but it does make them squirm a bit.

    • Rita


  • Doug

    It is no wonder Holder had been turned down for this job so many times before. He recently commented on the Arizona law without reading it..something most other officers of the court wouldn’t think of doing. He refused to legally address the Black panther case, in fact has thrown it out…which should have been legally address and hearing on. So many reasons for this guy to get fired…but it won’t happen until Obama is fired first.

    • Runninbear

      Holder has been ducking his respondsiabilty since the frist day in office just like Know nothing JN.home land security joke?He had video of the Black panthers and he still refused to enforce the lasw?if it was any other race doing what they were doing he would have had a field day?Its his job to find and expose obama and his lack of transparenticy but he is in Obamas pocket too?Impeach Obama NOW!!!!

      • Runninbear

        forgive my lack of proof reading for mistakes .That what everyone in govt. does My indignation got the best of me ?lol.BUT we must not let them continue to refuse to do their jobs?whenterrorists like the Black Panthers do this kind of things and don’t get what anyone eles would get if we tried this kind of electioneering?

      • PiqueDame

        You got that right!!

    • Carole

      I would think that someone out there is intelligent enough to be able to start impeachment proceedings again BHO, Holder, Pelosi and the rest of the crooks in DC.
      BHO has done absolutely nothing for this country except run her down to other countries and apologize for the greatest nation on earth but because people are so scared of him he gets by with it. To me, that is “treason”; Holder does nothimg to uphold the laws of this country and commit more treason against the people that pays his wages; and Pelosi going into churches and telling them to tell people to push for amnesty so the Demwits in DC can pick up votes in November and all the bullsh– that she has shoved down the throats of the citizens of this Country. Bush may have not been the best President we have had but he did keep us safe and look at BHO, JN, Holder and Pelosi: all they have done is let terrorist invade this Country and then defend them and want to give them the rights that belong only to US citizens: NOT ILLEGALS OR TERRORISTS!

      • JLC

        Carole, Articles of Impeachment must originate in the House of Representatives so, since Pelosi currently holds the reins there, that isn’t going to happen right away. Once we get a Republican majority in the House, Pelosi will no longer be Speaker, and, just maybe, we can get something done in that department — impeachment, that is!

        • TIME

          JLC, You hit that nail dead on the head.

          Perhaps in the Fall say around mid November if the newly elected
          all get together we can gat that ball rolling.

          • coachT

            People I can only hope and pray, This “so called President’ IS running OUR COUNTRY into the ground, Why oh Why does someone in Governement NOT DO SOMETHING, I have said it before. The way to get OBAMA is to go after the people AROUND HIM First Gates, Holder AXLROD, AND the rest of his crooines, REID and most of all PELOIS, she is the one that signed for Obama and the Birth Cert that said HE IS a Legal citizen, Take them all to court, give them YEARS in jail, and fines, maybe then one of these pieces of crap will squell like the pigs they are.Obama and the rest of his croonies have broken sooo many of the laws of the Constitution, BRIBERY For one with the SO CALLED health care bill,and all the promises Obama made to so many to get the votes he needed, THAT IS ILLEGAL AND IN THE CONSTITUTION, OBAMA should go to prison for a very long time FOR WHAT he has done to this country, He is NOT my president, stop bowing down and apoloqiseing for the USA, that one makes me sick to see, When Nov. HITS and we will take back the house and senate ,they better start doing something fast before it is too late, WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A JOKE, but Obama and the ones around him are, Oh one more thing, for the ones that voted for this piece of crap, TAKE THE blinders off, you have heard it before ,, HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR HOPE AND CHANGE NOW,,, YOU people are either stupid, or didnt bother to look into the man before voting,, YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED of yourselfs

  • steve kasarski

    Holder must believe he is obama’s personal attorney and not the people’s attorney.

  • marylu czulewicz

    Holder is a joke and should not hold the position he holds.

  • Robert

    Some one PLEASE get this man out of office. Holder should have been sent packing after his comments about Arizona’s immigration law, when he didn’t even read the 10 page bill. HOW MUCH OF THIS CRAP DO WE HAVE TO TAKE !!!!!!!!!

    • J in W GA

      We should not be surprised that a prominent member of this administration did not take time to read a ten-page bill when few in the Congress took time to read the so called “health-reform” bill which will impact all of us. And how many pages did it have?

      The only person in Washington these days who shows signs of being able to read is the President, while making speeches.

      America is beginning to wake up. The election results so far show that Washington incumbents have reason to fear that we are about to take back our country.

  • Disgusted

    Rediculous – Ludicrous – Moronic – This guy needs to be fired. Policy to not comment on whether there is an investigation or not – Bull$hit – our tax dollars pay his salary – we should be the first people to know and he should have an obligation to tell us – after all he is the peoples attorney! We are the people! This government has gotten too big for its britches and man does it need to be knocked down to size. Let’s all make some changes in November and keep making changes until they get our message that this type of politics will not be tolerated.


    Chicago criminals are running this country and until we realize that and do something about it, they will continue to thumb their noses at us. They have the arrogance and the power to tell us what they think we need to hear and nothing else. When is this country going to wake up to this fact. If we don’t wake up soon it may be too late.

  • http://Yahoo lester peoples

    Seems they can’t read these bills that pass by their desks but they can sure cram them down the throats of Americans as “Crisis” that have to be passed rite Now! Why does America continue to allow all the
    unconstutional acts and appointees to remain in office? Kick the bums Out!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. And I suspect in Nov. that we will toss out many of them. It’s too bad Oblama isn’t up for election this year instead of in 2012. I believe he will go too. In fact, I suspect the Dems will not want him to run again! Hillary, unfortunately, should be a sho’in for the Dems’ nomination then.

      • TIME

        I think that old Hill the Pill will be exposed for what she really is by 2012, she has already shown her hand, so she may seem like a shoe in but – her support will be gone by then.
        Only the true 100% certified stupids – or people with IQ’s that are below 80 will vote for her.

        She sank her ship when she signed on with BarryO, so did anyone else who signed on with BarryO.

        The main thing from this point on is we need to “protect” BarryO from his handlers so they don’t make a martyr out of him.

        **That means people if your somewhere BarryO is and you see anyone with a gun / knife / or baseball bat that looks like they are going after him, “YOU take the hit” and save him.

        We can not afford to have him as a MARTYR.

        • JeffH

          I fully agree with you TIME.

        • Bud

          The problem is that MANY Democrat voters have IQs of 80 and below.

        • American Citizen

          Hillary’s ideology is not far from Obama’s. Watch for the snake in the hen house.

      • JeffH

        Hillary is far more dangerous than Obama ever was…she studied and wrote her thesus about Marxism based on Alinsky and she is far better at politics than Obama is. She’s even part of the “Good ole Boys” club up on The Hill. Now that thought is a scary one.

        • WarriorH

          Does that mean she is a “White Male”?

          • Anthony

            ESSENTIALLY. Anyone wanna argue that the real reason for Bill Clinton to be shooed into Office, was so that Hillary could maintain oversight, for the CFR and Trilateral? Anyone? Do you really thikn Slick Willy’s seriously THAT smart? He always struck me as a bookworm. She was the one that looked like the tyrant… still does.

            Remember – according to the Freemasons and the Illuminati.. 9/11 was right in line with their numerology and so is 2012. Decry it if you want.. but don’t shove it aside. What do you think Skull & Bones is all about.

          • JeffH

            Anthony, I’m so appreciative of your presence on this website. I think you add a lot of insightful research and contributions far beyond the status quo of right/left-Dem/Repub-liberal/conservative.
            I don’t mean that a lot of the dialog isn’t meaningful, I just feel that it’s important to understand there are very big fish to fry beyond DC.

  • Chris Fiddler

    I believe that its not a question of should he or should he not answer questions but more of a creeping possibility that his stonewalling is based on directions from on high, from the most exaulted ruler the Imam of DC Barrack H. Obama. As we know, Mr. Sestak defeated Mr. Specter but Mr. sestak will loose to the Republican in November anyway so this is all a moot point especially due to the fact that Mr.Obama will be a one term President.

    Thank God or in his case Allah

  • Raggs

    Good job to Penn for not allowing specter to win. Two thumbs up!
    But slea-stak is also corrupt and needs to go.

    While we are at it holder is a marxist cry baby that cannot seem to read a 10 page law but would rather ASSUME he knows what is in it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the best race outcome was Rand Paul’s!!!! Go Rand Paul!!!! We need a few more like him!

  • Another Sheep

    YEAH! Chicago criminals. I heard that on Foxnews and tea party websites and it sounds so cool that it has to make sense. Yeah! They’re all Chicago criminals! Chicago sucks! Omoron, Nobama, Hussein, Chicago, BIg Government! No Birth certificate! All of the worlds problems are caused by Obama and Democrats because they are all Muslim Communists who hate freedon and want to take my guns for some reason! WoooHooo!

    • JC

      I see you have the picture, exactly. :)

      • J in W GA

        Yes, indeed. As succinct a summary as I have ever read.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Another Sheep… Have you overdosed on caffeine today? You seem like you are a little stressed. You pretty much have the picture alright, but just seem to be edgy…

    • Randy

      That about sums it up. BTW, your screen name is great. I like truth in labeling :-)

    • Cudabear

      A little “ticked” aren’t we? Wait till November.

    • American Citizen

      They are in the process of trying to circumvent the 1st Amendment’s freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms, and to take over the churches. They would either eliminate religion altogether or have a state religion. Talk about shredding our Constitution.

  • sean murrey

    lets impeach the whole bunch and throw them in the slammer.holder needs to be fired he cant do his job.he is covering for obammy.

  • http://gmail i41

    Sheep, are you a weater or just another ewe? You forgot to include all your socialist democrats thugs in the jug pens. You should know what I’m talking about, sheep. You picked a perfect handle, to damn dumb to do anything but follow the herd, need someone to move you to better pasture, and get lost in life every day. Need a shepard to make sure that feed and take care of your young. Why you are a democrat with wool or you party is sheep, that are hair less! And yes dems are hoping to take our guns, just terying to figure a way to let the Black Panthers keep theirs and herd people around you simple minded cud chewer.

    • Raggs

      HAHAHA very funny…but not really, you don’t know how true your comment is…

  • Sam, Sr., Veteran, Tanker, 2nd Armd Cav

    I wish to remind all my Brothers & Sisters Veterans/active Duty Personnel, that we took an oath to defend the US Constitution & this Country from all enemies, that includes Chicago Thugs & Marxists. That oath did not expire when I took that uniform off. We all lost friends, relatives, and Military buddies fighting Communism & Muslim extemists; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, NYC (9/11), and we certainly do not want them in “our” White House. It is our responsibility, to initiate what our so-called “Representatives” don’t have the “Balls” to do. There are approximately 24-45 million Vets in the USA. WE NEED TO MARCH ON D.C., and we are not coming to a “Tea Party”. We are the heroes of this Country, not the phonies sitting in D.C. We will have tremendous support! Let’s Do It ! ! !

    • Juan Frank Saenz

      Lets do it!!!

    • JeffH

      Sam, Sr., Veteran, Tanker, 2nd Armd Cav, GREAT IDEA! I would think that all military vetrans would be able to create a media blitz with a march on DC, the White House and with full support of the American people. I would make it my duty as a citizen to find a way to join with and give full support to the veterans.

      • JeffH

        Don’t expect much from Holder as he answers to a higher authority than you and I, we citizens.

      • Sarge 907

        They’d shoot you down like mad dogs, invoke martial law and claim insurrection. Sure you have guns too, but theirs are bigger.
        Talk about playing into the muslim’s hands.
        Get some smarts and vote them out if ACORN will allow it.

        • JeffH

          Sarge 907, who said anything about guns?

      • JLC

        JeffH — I was 88th Division, 1944 to 1947. Axis Sally dubbed us the “Blue Devils.” I started to reply to you but decided that what I had to say might be construed as sedition, so I backed off. Give my regards to “Hell On Wheels” (2nd Armored). They did one helluva job of keeping Rommel busy.

        • JeffH

          JLC, I think you meany Sam sr. I would really enjoy sitting down over a libation and listening to the veterans recap of their time in service, especially during wartime. I don’t neccessarily mean the horror stories, but more to get a firsthand feeling from you guys and gals. You all have my greatest respect, and always will.

    • TIME


      Right there with you Dude. We have lost way to many friends and family members to ever forget. Remember the Alamo as my good friends in Texas say that is right along with Don’t Mess with Texas!
      Being a NY guy I have the {Never forget 9/11!}
      My Wife and I lost over 20 good friends that day, let alone how many neighbors.

    • coachT

      AMEN,,, You have said it all,, it is TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK,, NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE,

  • DeanP

    The chinless boy-wonder AG needs to buy a set of balls and then perform his duty, as sworn to do, by upholding our Constitution. He, like his boss, is a man-child living out his juvenile dream of imposing his perverted, Marxist will on our great nation…

  • barry from tenn

    Holder is an idiot, perfect for this clown administration. Obama being president is akin to placing a 16 year old in charge of GM. Wait, they are owned by the government. i need another example. Anyway, a 16 year old thinks he knows it all, but knows nothing. I am so happy for Specter, what a sleazebag.

    • Cudabear

      They’re ALL idiots in DC. Amazing to me how the main-stream, lame-stream media is trying to “spin” the elections yesterday. They all need to be thrown out – media included!

    • Bud

      I just recently learned that Specter was the author of the “magic bullet” theory in the Kennedy assassination. Anyone who could come up with the idea of a bullet that changes directions is too dangerous to have in any position of responsibility or authority.

  • marvin

    people it start at the top, a wanttobe dictator obama that thinks it fun to make bad jokes at arizona expence, a ag holder that don,t have time to or can not read a 10 page bill, a dhls that said now read this i quote, it is not illegal to be in this country undocumented, that is like saying it is not illegal to steal tell the law pick you up, and my favorite old face lift pelosie, if you don,t like illegals you are un american, there is an old saying the acorn don,t fall far from the tree we need to find that liberal tree and cut it down dig up the roots and burn it, their are americans in jail now for just saying not doing stupid things about obama,s white house, YOU CAN NOT FIX STUPID, stupid is as stupid does, we have one thing in are favor most of us have the internet, the liberal press can not hide the truth, as mulder said the truth is out their, call and email your reps find out if what they are saying is what they are doing and vote in nov 2010

    • J in W GA

      The FCC is now looking into ways to regulate the Internet. Voice your opposition to this if you want to have an unregulated mode of expression. Yes, you do have to take the bad with the good. Overall, the Internet is good although there are very bad places you can visit. I personally want the FCC to leave us alone so that we can in fact get the truth when the “lame-stream” media will not tell us what is going on. By the way, whatever became of the “adversarial” relationship the press has always been so proud of having with the government, particularly when run by the conservatives?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        J in W Ga,
        That ended when they figured out they were losing money to the internet and that they might get the government to cover their assetts! You will never see the press go against a progressive government again!

  • Juan Frank Saenz

    Sam, Sr.,Vet. When And where. Say the word!!!

  • chucky

    Eric Holder needs to go. To not read a 10-15 page law on a hot button issue as Arizona immigration law and call it racist and racial profiling on meet the press and other news outlet is unexcusable. His trust has been compromised.This is the top law enforcement person in America. Maybe a law needs to be passed that whatever party wins the presidency, the other party gets to pick the Attorney General. This will stop them from protecting information and sheilding the truth. By the way Sestak was offered the Secretary of the Navy job to not run against Arlen Spector.

    • Cudabear

      Where is the lame-stream, main-stream media on that? One thing Obama has done (and done well) is UNITED people AGAINST HIM!

  • Dee

    Eric Holder is a ‘PROGRESSIVE’ .. placed there strategically by ‘Obama’ to RULE against American people..promote the ‘MUSLIM’ agenda and Koran… SHARIA LAW and DESTROY AMERICA from within!! ‘The “AG” is the dumbest ‘attorney” I’ve ever seen in my lifetime … He still hasn’t said whether the ‘KSM’ trial will be in NYC yet… OBAMA, HOLDER & NAPOLITANO are ‘TERRORISTS’, all ‘hell bent’ to destroy America… Once ‘Obama’ is out of office, it may be years before America is back to NORMAL, but WE will rid our WHITE HOUSE of all the Muslim COMMUNISTS IN 2012 … It’s going to be a ‘bumpy ride’ for American’s, but we will get throught this OBAMANATION!! NEVER AGAIN will ‘common-sense’ Americans vote for another ‘Liberal SOCIALIST’

    • Cudabear

      “Progressiveism” truly IS a poison.

  • s c

    First, any way you choose to look at him, Holder is incompetent. Second, his only concern is in trying to make Oboober look good (not possible). Third, if Holder can’t read (or make time to read) a 10 page document, then he may have taken shortcuts and never really finished law school.
    Last, I fail to see how Holder can make anybody look good, when he acts like he’s the retard who programs Obullpuckey’s teleprompter. Holder would have made a better czar. The law is way beyond his grasp. I wouldn’t let him defend me in a traffic ticket case. Forget about taking care of America or the Constitution.

  • http://Soverenty!Freedom! Blondi 2

    With all the info out there,there are still people who want the facts to be wrong! And the left doesn’t care what the facts are.They just want what they want.What makes me sick is these college grads from the eletist crowd won’t even look for the truth.When that starts we are in big trouble.Just look at the free speech at our colleges.There isn’t any!!!! If you have a different view,they just shut you up by screaming.throwing pies etc. These are adults???? This is our future? If this is college then maybe everyone would do better to go to business school,At least maybe they would learn what the real world is all about,not what some progressive professor says it is! Nothing is going to change if the people who know better don’t stand up!!!!! We,America is running out of time!!!! Obamas’ czars are doing alot of things behind our back,and so is Hillery!!!!! They want a one world government,with the UN taking us to court,without any constitutional rights!!!!!! When are the people going to get out of their fog and denial and start to demand as Obama always says transparency!!!!!!! He is trying to stop the Freedom of Information Act as we speek!!!!! His brilliant State Department is trying to give the Alaska Islands to Russia!!! Hillery is trying to get the UN to stop sales of guns world wide,going behind Congresses’back,so they won’t get a vote for or against!!! How much proof do you have to have to say they are treasonist!!!!!!!!!!!

    • American Citizen

      An awful lot of college grads are in for a rude awakening when they graduate and have to live in the “real world.” A lot of high school students already know they’ve been “screwed as they put it” by the present administration.

  • marvin

    here is a little tit bit dr land head of the southern babtist conv, sided with obama on immigration reform, but the members of the southern babtist have not, like me,that told him he is not speaking for us,in the emails i receive, it is running 5 to 1 to enforce the laws on the books now not more laws that won,t be enforced 5 out of 6 say comprehensive immigration reform [amnesty] will distroy this country by rewarding a criminals[illegals]with something they have not earned, it has got to stop now not later, we can not allow all that come here to stay, here is some math 20 million illegals here say 8 million females 5 million of child bearing age 1 child per year for 6 years, first year 25 million 2nd year 30 million i think you see were im headed 5 million babies at say $5000 each to be born at tax payer expence and it don,t get no better folks what is happening the illegals are doing the screwing, and we the tax payer are getting screwed. if you don,t agree just look at the fastest growing population in this country

  • JeffH

    Schoen: Strong ‘Anti-Obama Vote’ in Results
    Tuesday, 18 May 2010 10:53 PM Article Font Size

    Democratic pollster Doug Schoen told Fox News Tuesday night that election results are showing a strong “anti-Washington” and “anti-Obama” vote.

    With news that Obama-backed Arlen Specter was defeated and tea party favorite Rand Paul won, Schoen suggested that establishment candidates will be under fire this November.

    He said that the tea party’s power “can’t be underestimated” and that Paul’s election shows the level of anger among grass-roots Republicans
    to the party’s leadership in Washington.

    Still, he said the GOP should benefit this November because the Democrats control Congress and the White House.

    Schoen said if the Democrats don’t move quickly to the center, they are “going to pay a huge price” in Congressional elections.

    • American Citizen

      It isn’t only Republicans that are angry, a lot of us Independents and Democrats are angry, too. At least, Democrats that aren’t so partisan that they can’t use their brains are angry.

  • Sarge 907

    Where were all you self-rightous souls when America voted him into office in ’08.
    Before you cuss and answer be sure you even took the time to vote.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Sarge 907… I voted and it wasn’t for Barry! I saw a great bumper sticker the other day… “If you voted for Obama, you owe me an apology.” Isn’t that great?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Sarge 907,
      When I heard his comments on what he would do with GITMO, the war and other things, I would not have voted for him for love, hate nor money!!!! I am 59 years old and have not missed a chance to vote since I was 18!!! Even voted abcent a couple of times!!! I find voting a cherished duty!!!

    • JeffH

      Sorry Sarge, I did my homework. I think it was his radical background that changed my vote to McCain/Palin.


    What we have here is another phony coming to light, by this I mean a lot of this adminstrative crowds credentials are based on hearsay, they are working on what they say about each other and spead a pack of lies about capability, ethic and responsibility. These last three items are in short supply when it comes to all these self important clowns that are now in charge of so many responsible issues and the running of this country. To them all you have to do is deem it so and it will magically happen, why should you work and show competence when there are others to carry the ball and blame for your ineptness. The even blame the American people for the mistakes they make and refuse to take responsibility for their obvious screw-ups, we are left with bald faced liars and clowns to manage this great nation.

    “Did you read the AZ. law?” Read the law, whatever for, it’s not my job, I have others read it for me and if they do not tell me corectly then it’s not my fault….this is Eric Holder, Obama, Ghetiner, Rahm and all the others that comprise this administration. Their motto, “Ours is to wreck and ruin, not to take blame.”

  • Peg Miller

    Speaking of terrorists. I have always wondered this: The 72 virgins that await them in their imaginary heaven???? What about those little pure girls? What kind of a loving God would terrorize 72 pure little girls with some old bearded heathen who killed a lot of people and then killed himself???? Just curious!! Think of your daughters. How would you like to see them be one of those 72. What protection do they have??? Where is there oponion on this matter? It is so ridiculous it is not worth asking the question in an intelligent manner. There has always been two Gods. ONe of good and one of evil. Which one are they serving? Now we have one that is leading our nation??? So many things I wonder about. Requires some deeper thought doesn’t it???

    • Kinetic1

      Please note that the “76 virgins” tale is not a part of true Islam. This is the work of fundamentalist clerics looking for new ways to control the uneducated in the same way that some Christian religions promise that only their followers will have a place in heaven. When man seeks the power of the church, the word of God becomes little more than a tool.

    • American Citizen

      As Jeff Dunham’s “dead terrorist” said, “Are there male virgins there? I’ve been screwed.”

  • Ellie

    Lol, I did enjoy all these articles!!
    Forgive me, but I think of Moses going up on the Mt. to talk with God and Miriam, who was a talker, talked and/listen with others in the camp bad mouthing Moses…WELL God had had this yik-yak long enough. He had tried to work it out with the people but they choose not to listen. In the end the earth opened up and the evil ones were swallowed up! BYE BYE! Maybe we will say Bye-Bye to all the evil ones in Wash. DC.

  • Robert

    Dee I sorry to inform you but you wont get a chance because they are taking over and will try to stuff ballot boxes and challenge all suits in court and have them thrown out. when they controll all avenues they will block us unless we revolt and throw them out of office and return to a constitutional america.

  • bobinpa.

    This Holder “Joker” is nothing more tthan an Inccompetent, Unqualified, Empty-Suit, Lying,Loser, Progressive just like all the rest of this Kenyan Nationals Regime. Progressive,Communist, Marxist,weasels. The whole bunch of them. It’s really sad to know that there has been so many American Citizens that have bought into their Progressive, Communist, Garbage. Hopefully a lot of them realize this by now. Oh, by the way, Did this Kenyan National we have in the White House BOW to that Lying Mexican Turkey Calderon this Morning???

  • bobinpa.

    Well one thing happened that was GOOD yesterday “BENEDICT ARLEN” was defeated in the Primary.Finally, we have hopefully seen the last of that Weasel. Now all we have to do is defeat the Liberal Joker that beat ‘BENEDICT ARLEN” yesterday, Joe Sestak. Another “Dyed in the Wool” LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE. NOVEMBER can’t get here soon enough. We have more “Progressive Butt-Wipes” in Pennsylvania, then Russia has Communists in the Kremlin.’

  • John Cunningham

    Eric Holder is the worst Attorney General or Cabinet member I can ever remember. Obama needs his head examined if he doesn’t dispose of the deeply flawed Attorney General. He definitely has issues with his own Countries Constitution. He doesn’t give a hoot, about the Law, and it’s interpretation.

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    if you do not stand for or back the constitution and try to stop the killing of our constitution you will become slaves and i mean slaves. when you have fredom and truth you will be free, but if you do not stand up and fight for your fredom you will lose it and become a slave to what or who runs our country. truth is truth and only you can defend our fredom. our founding fathers fought and died so we could be free. so only you can fight for your fredom now because our forefathers are dead . you decide.

    • americanthatcares

      Robert, I believe many are behind you, but who’s waiting on who to make the first move? We seem to be doing exactly what they want. Sitting and doing nothing but complaining. I am with anyone that starts even if I am a 57yr old female.

  • olga

    Yes to all. But obama should not be honored by impeachment process. Police has to come for him and take him from the office for using false Social Security Number. Actually it is not false, it belongs to 123 years old CT guy. You can get all info at /
    He is criminal, and the only way to save as is to REMOVE him and all his Gang from the White House. Unfortunately, FOX cannot say a one word about it: they’ll be gone, as Dodd. Supreme Court doesn’t do the job. Only Congressmen have a power to open their mouth about it, and we are the People have to ask each of them to do it. May be at least one will be brave to ask for Obama papers, because no one Secretary of any State checked him be4 election. I doubt that we’ll find such a person, but, may be. We have to insist and ask…

  • Dean

    They want us to feel totally powerless.

  • http://gmail i41

    Holder is just another kenyan cross bred, just like his boss, all close friend of Calypo Louie, and reject Rev. Wright all muslim dinks following the Koran, lie to non-muslims as is stated in the Koran.Of course all dems lie as naturally as breathing or just ignore the laws. it is such an inconveinance for the marxists.

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    So Holder is not qualified to hold this office. When did you figure that out. Everyone in this administration’s cabinet is not fit to hold any office. What did you expect, that he would start an investigation into the possibility that this was illegal. He knows it’s illegal, so he won’t start an investigation.
    We need to vote all these people out of office and soon.

  • Kinetic1

    First, I have to say that the level of discourse here does little to dissuade those who consider this site a thinly veiled home for racists. Also, the use of spell and grammar check would help with the uneducated white trash image.

    There is a lot of discussion about impeachable offenses by the current administration, but few facts to back up those accusations. Trust me, if no one is going to go after the Bush/Cheney administration they are not about to go after Obama. The body of damning evidence surrounding the actions of the last administration could keep the courts tied up for years, and any action against the Obama administration will just open the flood gates.

    So, is President Obama all that was promised? No, but few presidents ever are. His attempts to appease the right allowed the minority party to drag the process down to a crawl and still did nothing to bring us any closer to bipartisanship. The health care bill ended up far to weak, they have continued to support the criminal (and ironically named) Patriot act with it’s illegal wiretapping, and a failure to inspect and clean house of Bush/Cheney’s incompetent and criminal cronies have cost our soldiers their lives, our economy’s stability, and played a key role in the BP oil rig disaster.

    If I can say one good thing about the former administration, it’s that they knew how to push through what they wanted. Had their goal not been to put money in the pockets of their friends and family at the peoples’ expense, much good could have been done. As it is, they have left us with a huge mess to clean up and an administration too concerned with the minority parties feelings to get the job done.

    As for President Obama’s citizenship, get over it. Anyone who would trust Orly Taitz’s evidence is a fool. In fact, given that she was born in the former USSR and that she was educated in Israel, what makes you think that she is not trying to destabilize our government? It’s as good as any of her crack pot theories about our government. You may not like President Obama, but your man lost the election. It wasn’t even close enough to require the Supreme court to hand it to him. So wait your turn, don’t expect too much from 2010 (you won’t get the power back) and read the words of someone other than Glen Beck or Sean Hannity. You could learn a lot.

    • libertytrain

      Only one small comment – your labeling the left white trash – kind of tacky – perhaps they don’t have spell check.

      • Kinetic1

        Left, right or in the middle, a minor error here and there is of little concern, but all one has to do is read what they have written to pick up on the egregious errors seen here. I won’t choose any examples from the above as I would hate to pick on any one person, but it should be as obvious to most adults as it is to my 12 year old.

        As for spell check, I can’t recall the last time I purchased a computer that did not come with a basic word program. If your spell check does not work when writing on sites such as this, then write your comments in word, check them and then cut and paste.

        • libertytrain

          Your suggestion has been made countless times before by other “well-meaning” individuals. Most of us on here – the greater majority – aren’t into pointing these things out to folks who might not possess the basic tech knowledge to use Word check or spell check but still want to enjoy the act of posting. We’re more interested in the post than whether the spelling is perfect.

          • Ted Crawford

            Hey Liberty; They are just using the saul alinsky tactic of confuse the issues and attack the messenger not the message. They still refuse to admit that the melt-down didn’t happen for a full two years after the progressives took control of the Congress!

        • Meteorlady

          WOW your ego and sense of superiority is massive and insulting to those of us that have have attained a high level of education. I personally have a masters degree. I don’t always use spell check nor do I care if most other don’t. They have opinions and have the right to put them in print on this site. Since that’s the best your intellectual mind can come up with, I find it hard to take anything you said seriously. The MAJORITY of the congress and house voted to invade Iraq. I would call nerve and other lethal gases used for ethnic cleansing as weapons of mass destruction – but then if you don’t I guess the thousands of Kurd laying dead in the street to rot are not victims of mass destruction but merely were gassed by a very bad man – but hey, none of our business huh? Do you really have proof that Bush and Chaney made it all up? If so, how dumb were our congressional leaders to go along with it? Sorry, don’t buy what your selling.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Perhaps you should learn the difference between to, too, and two. You should also learn when to use its or it’s!! Perhaps YOU aren’t as well edgimakated as you think!!!

          • Kinetic1

            You caught me, Joe! I let a couple of errors slip by (those darn possessive “its”.) I should have simply mentioned that your thoughts are lost when they become too difficult to read.

            My first, and more important point about using terms like “kenyan cross bred” should have been the real jump off point. Comments like that are what lead readers to question if there is any truth to your accusations. Did Holder really do anything wrong, or does the writer just hate him because he is a black man in a position of power? I am not blind. I have questions about many things that are going on in Washington, but I find it hard to take anyone seriously when they blame it all on “Chicago thugs”.

  • chuck b

    kinetic 1

    the bush admin. is long gone and you libs are still crying, it seems to me things were going right well in this country until the progresves took charge in 2006 and nothing got thru the congress that didn’t have demo’nista wrote all over it, the republican wimps were cowering in the
    corner. so you are placing the blame rightly in that respect. the iraq war was agreed to by both parties, so that is pointless. i wouldn’t have gone into iraq, but, thats my opinion. i did stand behind our troops thats more than most of you demo’nistas can say.

    you say the health care bill is to weak?? wow! what can i say, you are really far out in left field. this monstrositie is the worst piece of legislation that ever hit the american people, even your hero can’t tell you whats in it.

    i don’t worry about the legitimacy of barry soetoro, he’s illegitimate
    intellectually, the mans a fraud and a front for a shadowy communist type takeover, check out the people he’s surrounded with, nothing but a mouth piece.
    eric holder is a prime example of ignorance, barry steers him like a boat and crashes on the first reef.

  • Meteorlady

    Holder basks in the position in front of the media and loves the attention. It feeds his massive ego, but he needs to start producing or we need to demand that he go away and do what every it was he did before he got this handout job. The man is a crooks and has no morality.

    • Joe

      Holderis Obama’s front guy,, and does what Obama tells him to do..Illegal or not.. Holder shuts down at any opposition and waits to be told what to do… Ya dont have to be a dumb butt to figure that.

  • Jerome from Layton

    Appropriations originate in the House; so, Holder’s unconstitutional crap can be cut off first. Funding cuts can be selective and are set by Congress. We call that “Color of Money” and swapping funds can be a short cut to jail.

    Impeachment procedings also originate in Congress, then go to Trial in the Senate. Ask Bill Clinton about that.

    This should be high on the “Things to Do” list for the 2011 Congress.

  • olga

    Kinetic 1, I was 47 years old when a left USSR and get permission to came to this Country. I did no know English. I learned and I start working in 4 month. If I do have some mistakes I am not ashamed. But you have to be ashamed for many black people who live all their life in America, went to school here and still speaking broken English and are on welfare all their life. About Dr. Orly Taitz: she was born in USSR. She knows how Communists look and what life will be here if they will take over. You did not like to be a slave? You and all of us will be. And Orly knows this. She loves this country very much, this is why she fights for us puting her life in huge danger. By the way, people of Israel love America and americans very much, much more then your reverents like Wrights or Sharpton do. And I hope you remember what Mrs.Obama says about this Country? She never was proud of her! And they continue to appologize for Country which is only Country in the world staying for Freedom and Liberty! I wish you’d live in USSR at least for 1 year…

    • JeffH

      olga, were you aware that Dr. Orly Taitz was running for Secretary of State in California, 2010?

    • American Citizen

      Olga, the big problem is, too many blacks think that getting an education is the “white thing to do” and drop out one way or another of not only school but society itself. Those that think as they do should go back and try to live in Africa. They’d change their minds in a hurry.

  • olga

    DR. TAITZ decided to run when she learn that recent Sec. of State CA never checked Obama eligibility. She just sumply “trust him” and people who recomended him.(?) She told this Dr. Taitz.
    Did you hear last joke from Mexican comedian? He said on ABC: why we, mexicans, have to show our papers if Obama never showed his?
    It looks like Obama and his favorites try to make it look like funny joke, nothing else… So, Obama spends all these money (people money) on lawyers just to make fun. But, G-d forbid if one conservative like Glenn Beck or Rush L. will mention Obama birth question: they’ll be out. I just think about Mc Cain: he has to stand up if he want us to respect him as a man and hero. He owe it to the people, who gave him their vote: he had to do it during compain, but he behaved as a coward.

  • Joe

    Holder is a Obama wimp. both think, if they let the Illegals in the US,,,, Obama will get more votes. It doesnt take a dumb butt to figure that. But we will see what to votes will be..Bye Obams you have messed up the country enough…


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