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Holder Admits To Not Having Read Arizona’s New Immigration Law

May 19, 2010 by  

Holder admits to not having read Arizona's new immigration lawAfter criticizing Arizona’s new immigration law over its alleged proclivity to promote racial profiling, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted last week that he has not read the statute.

While fielding questions at the House Judiciary Committee’s latest hearing, Representative Ted Poe (R-Texas) asked Holder directly if he had read the law that he openly criticized.

"I have not had a chance to," the attorney general responded. "I’ve glanced at it. I have not read it."

Meanwhile, Holder said on NBC’s Meet The Press last weekend that the law could lead to racial profiling and may put a "wedge" between law enforcement personnel and the Latino community.

"People in that community are less likely then to cooperate with people in law enforcement, less likely to share information, less likely to be witnesses in a case that law enforcement is trying to solve," he said.

Holder also indicated last month that the Federal government may challenge the law in court based on its constitutionality, Fox News reports.

In response to the attorney general’s confession, Poe responded, "its 10 pages—it’s a lot shorter than the healthcare bill. I will give you a copy of it if you would like."

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  • s c

    Let’s use a combination of the lamestream media’s approach and what passes for ‘leadership’ from Her Supreme Lowness (Nancy Whosits), and infer that it must be OK for Arizona to pass their new illegal imigrant law. After all, we MUST pass it to find out what’s in it (RIGHT?).
    Holder, on the other hand, has utterly NO excuse for not being able to read or not having found ‘the time’ to read a mere 10 page document. HOW did Holder get through law school (or DID he?).
    What’s good for one group should be good for the other, assuming that fair is still fair. Or is this yet one more shining example of Obubbabummer’s multiple-faced standards, where the rules are changed daily to please ‘The Chosen One’ (and to hell with the laws of the land). What gall. What arrogance. What LOSERS!

    • TIME

      SC, As I have said now how many times,
      (If it were not for double standards the pregressives and the media would have no standards at all.

      Thats a sad statment.

  • Disgusted

    Unbelievable. “We must pass the healthcare reform bill then we can read it to see what’s in it” – Nancy Pelosi. These politicians are unbelievable. This jerk criticizes the new Arizona Immigration Laws and he hasn’t even read it – how can you criticize something he have no knowledge about. The only thing I can guess is that he is a black man so therefore he automatically goes to the racial profiling bit. You know nothing in this world should be about race – it should be about citizenship – if you are here legally then there shouldn’t be a problem. If I needed to show documentation that I am a legal citizen I would have no problem doing it and would be proud to produce the documentation. Let’s get off the racial thing and focus on what the real issues are, this crap is just smoking up the room.

    • TIME


      Holder is a nasty stain on the blacks of America just as BarryO is, Please don’t think we all are like him or BarryO, {we are not.}
      Those of us that have made it are no differant than you are, we see these freaks for the con jobs that they are.

      If you don’t think that us blacks that have done something with our lives don’t want to scream about what the media toss’s out as what Blacks are really like, you would be fooling yourself.

      • Enough is Enough

        Jerks and crooks come in all colors. I and everyone I know, don’t have a predicjuce bone in their body. We are all people. These terrorist jerks in office, only represent themselves, not any one nationality or color. I wish everyone would just drop the ratial card scheme. If you do something wrong, no matter what color you are, you are to blame. I’m White and I have many Black friends. These jerks are not Blacks and they are not my friends. When people used to call someone a N word. “N” words are about all people. Some white people are “N” words,as well as brown “N” words.
        The “N” word means a type of low life to me. They come in all shapes and colors.

      • Meteorlady

        The only thing keeping the race card flowing is liberals, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, etc. The rest of us accept people for who they are, not what color they happen to be or what they look like. I think we are well beyond that one.

        Time – you would be respected on this site if you were orange. You provide us with intelligent and insightful comments and I appreciate it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        From reading your posts, and I read them all, you have nothing what so ever to appologise for or explain! you have shown that your concerns are heartfelt and unwavering. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ll take a stand at your side!!!

      • rwnut

        Time….I know that all blacks are not like him.As a white person I only ask that you see it’s not the “black” Obama that I’m against,it’s his policies. Another black person may have made a good President,but not this one. May I suggest Alan Keyes.

      • Commonsense

        Amen, TIME. It should be about being an American, not a race or color. If you are not a legal citizen, go back to your country of origin and file the right paperwork and become one of us legally. Don’t come here illegally and sponge. Only the guilty flee when no man persueth.

  • http://MSN AGD

    The Democrats and Obama are marching to the beat of their own drummer. Who’s pulling the strings? Follow the money and we will find the drummer……..they don’t need to read, they need to follow. That’s their song and too many Republicans are following in that parade as well. We need unity of the people to vote all the riff raff out of office and to keep them out.

  • marylu czulewicz

    How can you make a comment on something you know nothing about? It remind me of the time the President knew nothing about the incident with the college professor and the police officer. He knew nothing about the incident but made a comment that the police acted stupidly. I am 65 years old and I see that the country is more divided today than we have ever been and it is all caused by the mind set of this administration, lets devide and conquar, however, that will never happen in a land where FREEDOM RINGS LOUDLY

    • Another Sheep

      Did any of you react to the news about the Arizona law before reading it? I think to say that you will be launching a further investigation due to an overwhelming negative response is fine. Hopefully he read the bill after that or will read it. But just launching an investigation is following the will of the people.

      • CJ

        Sure… just spend more tax payer money and launch an investigation BEFORE WE PROVE IT’S WARRANTED! Just because the people WANT it??? Please. I want LEADERS who know what should and should not be done BEFORE they spend my taxes on an investigation. Not those who spend it first, then see if it was necessary.

        • TIME

          I don’t think its about what the people want, its what the people in the Marxist gang of thugs we have in power want.

          The main body of Americans have no issues with the AZ law. Nor tossing out persons who are here with out peoper papers.

          Watch the other hand.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        another Sheep(good name),
        I would bet there are quite a few that didn’t read it and they aren’t paid to, it isn’t their JOB to! It is ,however, ALL washington politicians JOB to read it! I would be for almost anything that would close our borders and stem the tide of illegals that I, you, and every American pay for in some way or another!!! A person would have to be almost mindless sheep not to want to stop them!!!

  • Lana

    I love how the government keeps crying about everything being unconstitutional when they dont believe in upholding our constitution. Stay Strong Arizona!!!

    • TIME

      Lana, Wow is that a fact.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    If the Republicans were in charge right now and a Republican attorney general was making comments on something not previously read, the MSM would be all over it! And Nancy saying pass the bill (healthcare) then read it, is nothing short of being an idiot. And what about her statement to the Catholic church about preaching for amnesty from the pulpit? WHERE IS THE ACLU?????? If she was a Republican, she would have been crucified.

    I simply do not understand the double standards that go on in Washington. How stupid do they think the American people are? They will find out come November. Americans are paying a lot more attention as to what goes on in Washington than ever before. The corrupt need to be voted out, which means we will see some Republicans as well as Democrats booted out.

    • TIME


      Saddly they think we are all very very stupid. Lets just look at the American Power act bill, I know – you say ok so whats your point.

      The point it was just five months ago that the Global Warming Gagga Con Job was proved to be a steamy pile of road apples.

      Yet up steps Joe and John who renamed the Con Job – Cap & Trade bill with an all American name oddly its the same bloody bill but now called the “AMERICAN POWER ACT.”
      Sounds good perhape everyone was asleep and will forget Cap & Trade con job, afterall they both were happy.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i think a better name would be Crap, Wipe, and Freeze Bill except they will tax paper so high there won’t be any for that!!!

      • rwnut

        Time…You are right.Many times we don’t get to see the bill until it’s to late,because it’s snuck into another bill and passed before we know it.Or,like you said,they simply change the name of a bill to make it sound good or American.The old con job,also known as,bait and switch.Every thing our representatives do must pass the test of the Constitution.If their voting records don’t pass the test we must vote them out.

    • Ted Crawford

      I would like to agree with you Robin. However, I see by the polls that 48% still “like” obama! Given everything that he’s done,or allowed to be done on his watch, if that is true then,48% of us deserve the label of either stupid or ignorant! The information is out there so one can’t,really claim ignorance!!
      I do hope that you are right about November!! That will be our chance to redeem ourselves!!

      • rwnut

        Ted….Because they like Obama does not make his agenda right for America. Many voted for him because he’s black,many because he promised them power once elected,many because he promised 20 million illegals amnesty.Many of that 48% WANT a communist/socialist takeover.After what has happened in the past year and a half,Democrats SHOULD be dropping out of that party like dead flies.Don’t mean to nit-pick but it’s 48% of THEM that deserve the label.As Elvis once said,”promises,promises,that’s all I ever get”.

  • Al Sieber

    Right now they’re trying to push through HR45, another gun ban bill. Holder is behind it 100% as usual, I’ll bet he reads this one.

  • JC

    Illegal Aliens have no Constitutional rights, period.
    And I’d bet 10 American dollars Holder has never read the Constitution either.

    • Ronnie Reeferseed

      Amen, JC

    • rwnut

      JC…I’ll bet he’s never read the Federal law either! And I’ll bet his leader,the Big O,is not a “law professor”,either!

  • George E

    Aside from the rank (racial) politics the Democrats are playing with this issue, Holder actually makes a rational point in his statement. It is true that if we vigorously enforce our immigration laws, regardless whether the Arizona law stands or not, local law enforcement will not be able to get some illegal immigrants to inform on other illegal immigrants when they are trying to break a case. Illegal immigrants, in general, will be afraid that law enforcement officials will have them deported if/when they find out they are here illegally, and will therefore avoid any contact with US law enforcement. Yes, this will be a problem but surely is overshadowed by the larger problem of controlling illegal immigration into our country.

    I believe we must do the following to control illegal immigration. First, we must enforce tougher employer penalties for “knowingly and willingly” hiring illegal immigrants. Second, we must immediately revoke the law that automatically gives citizenship to babies born on US soil to parents of non-US citizens. Third, we must allow non-US citizen workers to legally enter the country through established gateways to work when 1) they have an employer sponsor in the US, 2) they have a clean criminal record, 3) they pay their taxes and fees as prescribed by US law to pay for their services while here, 4) they remain documented with US Customs while in the US, and 5) they carry and maintain insurance that protects the property of US citizens if they should lose or damage such property while in the US, and personal liability insurance that protects US citizens against bodily injury or death if the immigrant is found responsible. Anyone crossing into the US illegally after that should be considered drug dealers, or the like, and harshly dealt with.

    We can NOT give amnesty to the illegal immigrants already in the country, as is being promoted by most liberals and Democrats. If we do, the stream of illegal immigrants will never stop. Of course, that’s exactly what the Democrats want since they see these people as future Democrat voters. They want us to believe that it is impractical to deport these people, so we might just as well give them US citizenship. This is just crazy thinking. It puts the interests of the Democratic Party above those of the USA, in my opinion.

    • Meteorlady

      We gave amnesty in 1986 and it left us with 2 million or so people that gained their status through fraud. The other 300,000 actually qualified. Of those 2.3 million given amnesty, we got mostly new welfare recipients. Then those given amnesty petitioned to bring their family members into the country so we got around 1 million more welfare people. Ten years later over 85% of those that got status were still receiving some type of government assistance. So, can we afford 15 to 30 million illegals made legal? I think we have enough freeloaders in this country now with our own people and the ones that have immigrate here legally. We can’t afford this anymore and I don’t work and pay taxes to see my country disintegrate before I can retire.

      As for worker visas – here’s a story. During the tech bubble workers were needed so the government issued H1S visas. The people that got them were authorized to come here and work for a period of 6 years. They were to pay taxes and their children attended our schools and they got health care and all the perks of a citizen. The specifically stated that they were to be paid THE SAME AS A CITIZEN WORKING IN THE SAME JOB. There were never any checks for this and thus the employers and head hunters that imported these workers, imported anyone that “said” they had the skills. The employers also paid them 1/2 of what the American worker was making. Fast forward to the Tech Bubble burst and you can guess what happened. A hugh amount of America workers lost their jobs after training the foreign workers. All the American workers ended up on unemployment for over a year and while the foreign workers were still working.

      It is estimated that millions in salary were lost because of this policy and the immoral business practice that kept these workers working in this country. Once everything settled down and they businesses need workers, we all went back to work – for lower salaries than were paid 5 years previously. It took around 8 years for the wages to get back even close to what the Americans were getting before the H1S visas were issued and the bubble burst.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only way they should be able to hire them is if the employer can prove that he tried to hire US citizens first!

      • George E


        I understand, but I think you have to be careful with regulations like that. If we push employers too hard, they’ll just pack up and move their operations offshore……

        • Ted Crawford

          You have a point George,however what is ,now, pushing them offshore is the hugh taxes,both those implamented and those proposed! If,instead, we would create tax incentives for domestic hiring, we would see posative results!!

          • George E

            Tax cuts, in general, would have been a much better way to “spend” our money to really stimulate the economy and create jobs than the wasteful Obama “stimulus” program.

  • Bill in Iowa

    One has no right to put down something they have not even read. I can not aggree more with those that are saying ” vote the riff-raff out of office” – Republican & Democrate alike!

  • http://gmail i41

    Robin, can you imagine how wigged out libs would get if any Rep. had knocked a state’s rights, but I forgot when yopu are a scoialist only master control at the head office makes decisions. I never hear a word when the muslim starts uming, ahing and sounding like a 3 rd grader trying to give s speech, and his sheeple think he is so eloquent, he can read and sound out words, the madrasas must have taught phonices before learning to read.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      i41 Obama put his foot in his mouth more often than not. When left to his own devices and not that of a teleprompter, he messes up terribly. He is not in charge; someone is pulling his strings. The main stream media (MSM) bails him out all the time by ignoring his stupid comments. I hate the double standard! What is good for one party should be good for another!

      • George E

        If the main stream media reported objectively according to good journalistic standards, leaving their political ideologies at home, there wouldn’t be a double standard. They just can’t seem to keep news and opinion shows/articles separated. One reason, I would guess, is that their audiences are more interested in “colorful” opinions than they are “drab” news, so to compete they allow their opinions to surface. This shows just how out of step the MSM is with the majority of American people, and that’s disgusting to most of us.

        • libertytrain

          George E – I remember back when they actually taught things at school, we learned about “Yellow Journalism” – who knew we’d find our way back to that way of journalism on a daily basis.

          • George E

            That’s right. I wonder if they still teach that concept, and if they do, what current examples they use to explain it? One can only imagine given the number of left-leaning teachers we have today. I don’t think a discussion of this topic can be honestly debated without an acknowledgement of the difference between those who generally offer their opinions versus those who consider themselves as journalistic reporters. Once a reporter has crossed the line into giving opinions, they can never really move back to objective reporting. Unfortunately, too many have crossed the line and still think of themselves as “objective” reporters.

        • s c

          George E, when the prostitute media caters to politicians, they prove they are anything but objective. In fact, since America’s media sold their sorry rumps before I was born, their “I’m for sale” behavior is nothing less than hatred for the First Amendment.
          Because it amounts to selling one’s ethics and integrity for money, it should be called prostitution. Politicians are even worse than prostitutes, because their behavior means our rights are in constant danger.
          Some people refuse to believe that we have elected traitors in Washington. It’s not up to me to convince them otherwise.
          We have to watch ‘journalists’ all the time because when the First Amendment goes, the Second Amendment will follow.
          Any career politician is more than qualified to be a ‘journalist.’ They’ve sold themselves, they hate objectivity, they have no integrity and they don’t hesitate to put themselves before America. As bad as a journalist can be, a politician is worse. Can anyone prove me wrong?

          • rwnut

            s c…Right on fellow patriot! And it’s the 2nd amendment that protects the 1st amendment.They are shutting down the 1st amendment and are after the 2nd amendment AS WE SPEAK! The first thing any dictator does is shut down the press and take the guns! No knowledge and no means of resistance!

        • rwnut

          George E..The main stream media has gone far left and they are taking their marching orders from the Big O. To hell with America! He now ALLOWS the media in the room, but no questions will be allowed.

  • Avis Grandon

    It constantly amazes me that we as a society have sunk so low to have such people representing us in Washington. I sometimes wonder if my vote was even counted, after all I am 69, so therefore I must be feebleminded and not know anything. Let me tell you something, I see it all and you can bet your sweet life, I am voting for someone that shares the same beliefs I have. My state just voted in a lot of new taxes in March, now Seattle has voted and approved a boycott of Arizona for meetings and things. Great go to Arizona for a vacation and spend your own money, don’t go there for meetings that spend my tax dollars. As far as this current federal and state government all of them needs to be replaced.

    Washington is also a border state and we have also had our illegal immirgrants so you would think our governor would be more supportive of another border state trying to protect there people and their borders wouldn’t you?

    • George E


      I’ve come to believe in politics the battle is between the vote of the masses versus the money of the special interests in how our politicians vote. That’s why the Tea Party is shaking them up right now. They aren’t used to having to listen and respond to the voters over special interests.

      The Democrats are busy trying to label the Republicans as racists because they passed the Arizona immigration law. It’s all politics, nothing more. If they can get a majority of Americans to buy that line, then they can 1) stop enforcement of US immigration laws which they want because that will increase the number of future Democrat voters through amnesty programs, and 2) continue using the racial argument against Republicans to stop any future effort they may make that the Democrats/Liberals don’t like. It’s worked pretty well over the past few decades, and that’s one reason why Republican lawmakers have wimped out on some legislation. They don’t want to be called racists because it’s been the kiss of death in politics.

      • Ted Crawford

        I see your point George. However I remember ole jumping joe mccarthy! As we can now,clearly,see there are many communists in our government! The problem with joe was he labeled anyone who dissagreed with him one! He lost all credibility! The progressives are doing that same thing now! They label anyone who differes from them as racists,homophobes,xenophobes,etc.! They now have lost all their credibility!! They are doing much better with Cloward-piven and Saul Alinsky than with McCarthy, even though all three are flawed tactics!!

        • George E


          Interesting point. Thanks for making it.

    • Meteorlady

      I left Washington state 3 years ago and never plan on returning. It’s just too liberal and there are just too many yuppies that believe it’s fashionable to be a very liberal democrat. Even the legal immigrant population in that state rips off the taxpaying public. In Seattle you just built new subsidized housing units near White Center. Most all the occupants are immigrants both illegal and legal. They have their own communities, speak their own language, live in subsidized housing, have their own bankers so they don’t have to claim an income, get free health care via hospital emergency rooms, and work hard to get every single welfare handout they can get. No wonder Washington is in debt and sinking fast.

      I absolutely could not believe that the people of that state elected a governor that couldn’t even run the Office of the Attorney General properly. She is a joke and should have been replaced last election. As for your senators – Tennis Shoe Patty is an absolute joke and Cantwell is not far behind.

  • bobinpa.

    This is typical of the whole Obamas Regime. Unbelievable how SORRY these people are. NONE of these Progressive Socialist Clowns are qualified. The State of Arizona and Jen Brewer has Americas interest at heart. Hang tough. Obama, Holder, Biden, the whole bunch are idiots and need to go. This Phoney meeting with Mexico today is a Farce. The only thing of interest will be to see if Obama BOWS to Calderon. Obama the Kenyan Prince meets Calderon the Mexican King.Hahahaha “CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW”

  • John Dunbar

    We need a National Laugh In at the white house asap. Come on Dennis Miller! We need a million to show up and just laugh at the airheads in office. That’s what would be understood and get attention.

    • George E


      I get your point. However, this isn’t a laughing matter.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Then how about 3 0r 4 hundred thousand marchers all wearing long wooden noses???

        • George E

          I guess that should get someone’s attention…………ha.

      • rwnut

        George E…We’re kinda like bird dogs, It’s hard to stay “on point” when you’re watching “Loony Tunes”. Yes, in spite of the hillarity,we must persevere!

  • Al Sieber

    What their doing here in Ariz. is trying to block this law with a lot of law suits before it goes in to effect July 29th. also, if Calif. keeps boycotting Ariz. Ariz. is gonna cut their electricity off, since we supply Calif. with 25% of their electric from Palo Verde gen. plant.

    • Meteorlady

      Cut California off! That would be good. I planned on visiting California this summer but not anymore. Until they change their stance, I’m through throwing any support for that state. I just hope as a taxpayer I don’t have to bail them out because that would really really anger me.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That would almost be hilarious! They have trouble NOW trying to supply enough power to the whole state because they wouldn’t allow any new plants to be built in their state! I wonder how fast the governator would declare martial law???

      • rwnut

        Meteorlady…You ought to try living here.(just kidding)We have 2 far leftwing Senators,Madam Boxer and Dianne Finklestein. A far leftwing Representative in my district,Doris Matui.And a leftwing RINO Gov.,Arnie Swartzenwhammer.sorry,I never could spell very good.

    • JC

      Speaking of California, here’s a group of nice Mexicans calling for a “Mexican Revolution” in the US.
      Two words – Bring it!

  • angel-wanna-be

    The double standard of Washington rides again!__I believe not long ago President Obama, declared he was angered at the opposition of the Health Care Bill and the right wings alleged false claims, of what is in the bill. The tables have obviously turned, and now Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano have both criticized Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer for enforcing the immigration bill, without they themselves, having read the bill. Sadly the democratic opposition, isn’t about doing what’s right and enforcing the law against illegal immigration. It’s about granting amnesty to the ever grateful illegals & the prospect of thousands of more democratic votes, the Dems will gain, in appreciation for being saved.

    • Meteorlady

      Yes and a whole lot of new welfare recipients that are dependent on the government for their lively hood.

      • JC

        For a government dependant on the votes of the welfare recipients…see how that works? ;)

  • http://InternetExplorer Bwalter

    How arrogant this man is. He is just a surrogate of Obama. What a mess we have in OUR government. I am amazed at all of them. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO THEY NOT UNDERSTANS?

  • JeffH

    Schoen: Strong ‘Anti-Obama Vote’ in Results
    Tuesday, 18 May 2010 10:53 PM Article Font Size

    Democratic pollster Doug Schoen told Fox News Tuesday night that election results are showing a strong “anti-Washington” and “anti-Obama” vote.

    With news that Obama-backed Arlen Specter was defeated and tea party favorite Rand Paul won, Schoen suggested that establishment candidates will be under fire this November.

    He said that the tea party’s power “can’t be underestimated” and that Paul’s election shows the level of anger among grass-roots Republicans
    to the party’s leadership in Washington.

    Still, he said the GOP should benefit this November because the Democrats control Congress and the White House.

    Schoen said if the Democrats don’t move quickly to the center, they are “going to pay a huge price” in Congressional elections.

    • Meteorlady

      So they “move quickly to center” – WTF – they haven’t been center at all this year, last year, and the last two years of Bush’s presidency. So does he believe that we are that stupid to believe that they have changed their spots. Listen to them and then fact check. Read about their voting record. They will say and do anything to get re-elected because they have been in politics so long they can’t make an honest living anymore. AND all the payoffs, insider information and graft will be gone so they are desperate.

      • angel-wanna-be

        Meteorlady, Your Absolutely right!__They take one coat off, put another one on and_ WALA!!

      • rwnut

        Meteorlady….The voting record tells it all! The people that the Tea Party elects had better know that if their voting record does not line up with the Constitution and what’s in the best intrest of America,they will be a one term politician.

  • American

    What may be needed to help the monkey crap for brains politicians is help getting their minds right. They swooned over the day without a immigrant a few years ago. Their eyes light up and roll around in their head over a small group of paid illegals parading around holding signs about the recent Arizona illegal immigrant bill. What kind of reaction would they have if there was a day (or week) without a american taxpayer? The sleeping giant is only begining to waken!

  • Char

    Stupidity reigns in they white house. Stand strong Arizona.

    • angel-wanna-be

      Char, You Betcha!

  • Jim H.

    President Calderon is at the white house today. In his speech he mentioned the Arizona Immigration Bill. He seems to think it’s unfair to HIS people who are HERE ILLEGALLY. My first thought was, what would his police do if I was found undocumented in Mexico? The other thought is why is HIS country so BAD that HIS citizens are leaving there in such vast numbers? Maybe he should work on improving HIS own country to make it a desirable place to live. Our illustrious President just stood there like a mope agreeing with him. Way to back your country and your people, Obama. ( dripping with sarcasm)

    • FRANK


      • Ronnie Reeferseed

        Here’s a “friendly suggestion”… Get “spell-check” on your computer, “Frank”, it helps end sloppy mistakes that otherwise hurt your ability to make a convincing argument…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          A suggestion. If you don’t want people to come down on you, we don’t pay attention to spellun misteiks!

          • Antonio

            ja ja ja your funny Joe

        • Ted Crawford

          Way to go mr. alinsky. Attack the messenger not the message. GET A CLUE!!!

      • rwnut

        Hoorah fellow patriot!

    • Meteorlady

      Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Calderon should ask why his people want to get out of there and live here? Where’s the job creation in Mexico? They just come here and rip us off and expect all the freebies they can get. Then they send our dollars home to Mexico. What Calderon is missing is the income from illegal workers in the US that props up his economy. Sad man and sadder leader.

    • JC

      Let Calderon welcome them home…from the Mexican side.




    Every day it’s something with BO or his idiotic unqualified administration. They are corrupt!
    Hmmm…. hey Los. Angeles, guess what? YOUR state has the same law already in place
    and you’re threatening to shut off electricity to Arizona? What ignorant fools. I will be

    • Meteorlady

      It’s more like Arizona will shut off the electricity. The contract is the other way around. Also because of the stance that California has taken I will not be going there at all, nor will I contribute one cent toward their economy. They need to get their own act together and mind their own business.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Watch for strawberries and oranges from there. let it rot in the stores and see how soon they get the message!!!

    • libertytrain

      Yes Arizona holds the electricity – LA buys it – and since LA is cutting off all business ties with Arizona, they should probably do without that electricity as well. Isn’t buying electricity doing business with them?

  • Meteorlady

    What a clown – he’s thinking about suing and hasn’t read the bill. Nice, bright fellow Holder.

    I personally don’t care if the Latino community gets mad. They need to understand that it’s not about race it’s about enforcing our existing immigration laws and stopping the fraud, identity theft, murders, drug dealing, home invasions, welfare fraud, health care fraud, and all the other expenses that come with these people.

    It’s time ranchers stopped getting murdered on their own land. It’s time we ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY instead of walking on eggs. Make no mistake – this is an invasion by foreign people and needs to be taken seriously.

    Illegal immigration costs us more in ONE YEAR than the cost of both wars combined for their entire length. American’s need jobs and they need wages scales to increase. If you doubt the cost of amnesty or illegals, please visit the Center for Immigration Reform’s website and start studying. Then google the crime rate in Arizona and see what you get. The state is under siege and is running out of money in the process. They have the right to protect their own CITIZENS and illegals will just have to deal with it.

    My question is where is ICE when they are demonstrating. Seems a perfect time to start rounding them up and sending them home (at our expense or course). And…. where’s the news media when someone is murdered or their home is invaded or their identity is stolen – they must be interviewing all the immigrants who have a nice sweet story to tell us about their success. I don’t buy that anymore and neither, I think do the American people.

  • http://gmail i41

    ICE will not come and collect illegals, even if the police catch them red handed stealing and breaking laws. They must be felons, how in the hell do you know, if they have no ID or false Id , their next excuse, you must a a bag limit of at least 8-10 head. Depending on the agent you get a hold of. Not a theory a fact.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Can any of you Arizonians out there give me an idea of what products come from Arizona so I can buy those instead of from Kalifornia??

      • Ricky


        • rwnut

          JoeH and Ricky…I’m with you fellow patriots!

  • Ricky


  • Tes Tar

    I could not believe Holder made such kind of statement and make a fool out of himself. How could he not read a 10 page document that lead many cities and states in preparation to boycott dealing with Arizona and the Attorney General hasn’t read a document that could cause great turmoil to the country?
    My problem with this law is that how could one be on a reasonable doubt on the legality of a person’s identity after a simple traffic stop?
    OK, lets assume you are violated traffic light and the officer pull you over.
    He will then ask you driving license and proof of insurance and lets assume you have provided those informations and he found them valid.
    What other litmus trigger his mind to believe you are illegal unless, as stated on that 10 page Arizona law “reasonable doubt” of your identity? What could this magic phrase “reasonable doubt” mean other than the person’s facial color?
    I’m certain the officer will not ask if the person under traffic violation is a white person. Couldn’t the person be European, Russian or other white person and illegal too?
    I do believe this country has unfinished business against other races and this kind of law only amplify those mentalities but on the other side will continue to build resentment and anger on the failure of this country to protect its citizens.

    • rwnut

      Tes Tar….Comrade Holder has no intention of reading or acting upon that law,except maybe to try and destroy Arizona through a lawsuit.His job as a good communist/socialist is to keep those borders open and keep those illegal votes coming in.

  • http://gmail i41

    tes ttar, resonable doubt, is when a white male has a name Hun Moon, or a Mexican with a name like Billy Bob Jones, and both have a photo copied SS number , you damn right I will ash for papers and more proof of what the heck is going on. All aliens are supposed to carry papers and proof. If I stop you, you had better have a valid proof of insurance and a drivers licences that looks legal, and poor or no English is another reason to check farther, if you can not produce the right info, the braclets are going on until it gets straighten out. English is spoken here not 139 other gibberish, go back to where you came from, we have too many welfare rats. If we have to play by the old west rules of engagement, when told to stop and reach for the sky, you had better, or a cap will break and end the discussion now. Illegal crimminals need to know, stay the hell out of here.

  • calamityinsane

    Here is another bit of info. There was a family detention unit for Illegals caught at the border in Taylor Texas and they closed it. Now they have one in the northeast. The families that cross the border and get caught go to the special facility, get an ACLU lawyer, claim credible fear, or get bonded out by family members here in the US( wonder if they are legal), get up to 7 years of welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, Medicaid, and WIC. Most are illiterate, have several kids,and will not be contributing members in our society. To top it off while at the facility the adults have a chance to learn English and refuse to go to class. They refuse to clean up after themselves. They get clothing given to them, food, and the best darn care you could imagine. There are vets coming home from war that are not treated this well. Heck there are Vietnam Vets that are homeless that would think they died and went to heaven if they were treated this well.
    Our locale newspaper wrote about this and our county workers have to have social background degrees to work there with the kids, unbelievable. Our County officials also got a chance to tour this place. Their pictures were in front of a wonderful playground, how nice. Talk about a waste of my tax dollars. The article said they even get daily health care. Can you imagine what that must cost?
    If three previous presidents could round up all illegals and ship them back to their respective countries of origins we could too!. Simply dry up the jobs(ONLY US or DOCUMENTED workers or fine the employers to the max!),no more handouts( welfare, food stamps etc.) and no more housing( section8).Bye Bye! When they show up at rallies picketing ask for documents. If we went to another country we have to have a passport on our person or face being arrested. PURE AND SIMPLE

  • Antonio

    Hey i41 is right. This one time i was stopped by the texas state trooper in Callahan county Texas. I had a friend with me (illegal) the trooper called INS to have him picked up but after a short while he let us go becuase INS was not interested in (one) illegal immigrant. This was in 2005.

    Calamityinsane interesting post! Let me see if i understand you. The illegals are captured crossing the boarder. Then are escorted to the facility where they are booked in. Then are set up on all the welfare crap and released. Is that right???

    Is there maybe somekind of a link so that i may read that?
    How can we the people stop these welfare programs???

  • frank lively

    I am white. I live in arizona. I have always believed that if we were all required to marry out of our own race, in just a couple of generations we would not be able to profile any one simply by the color of their skin. That being said I think you can believe how nonpredjudiced I am (my son inlaw is Lebanese and we love him) so how has the illegal immigrant effected me personally? I broke my back in 9 places (mtn bike fall) still barely able to walk I went to Good Sam hosp and waited six and a half hrs to be seen. This is the same in every hosp in the Phx area (with the exception of Mayo) standing room only and 95 % were speaking Spanish. On tv 90% of rape suspects have an Hispanic last name. 90% of the shooters have an Hispanic last name. 95% of the auto hit and run subjects ( the ones they catch) have an Hispanic last name. they are absolutely destroying our great (non prejudiced)state. I love Mexico and I love Mexicans, just not the criminals whitch there are way too many of.

  • mari

    I am seething because I thought our elected officials RE:President Obama, are supposed to be the voice of America, yet we can’t speak in Az except through our actions. No one is listening. They haven’t walked in the shoes of our border states because all hell would break loose if they had. Obama doesn’t doesn’t have to wait for help at a local hospital, he doesn’t have to walk around them in stores as they take up the aisles and he doesn’t have to listen to the incessant Spanish speaking illegals. He also expressed his shame to Mexico’s president concerning Arizona. By the way one of my great friends is a Legal Mexican. My son has been burglarized by guess who?

  • Lewis Munn

    When Mexicans working on a job came to me to see about lodging, I gave them a good deal. They reciprocated by vandalizing the place while I was out of town, and running out on the rent. Their boss had his bully boys push me down a flight of steel stairs when I went to find out where the guys who skipped out had gone, and threatened me with a workover if I ever came back.

    The local police claimed no jurisdiction because the folks were allegedly from Louisiana. I called the INS, and they did not want to do anything, tho when pushed they took a report, supposedly.

    It is painful to see our elected and appointed officials totally negligent in performing their duties, and ignoring legitimate complaints from injured citizens.

    I suspect lots of payoffs involved!

    But I have a “respected” Congressman who told me he needs the migrant workers or his personal farm will go bankrupt…as if his salary and perks and immunity from having to pay SS or healthcare like the rest were not enough. He is a Democrat, as you might guess.

    Now I hear that my Social Security will be destroyed by a 25% tax to provide everything an illegal could want for food and lodging and healthcare and entertainment, etc. Unfortunately, what is left will not cover house payments, taxes, food, and utilities!

    The government “greening” measures are costing us 400% more in electric costs to ship our clean coal all the way out east, and get return shipments of filthy dirty coal requiring millions and millions of dollars in antipollution devices our coal does not need.

    Only folks on the plus side are the railroads, and the manufacturers of all the filters etc the filthy dirty coal needs. Or Democratic lawmakers are in favor!! Soak the poor and old!


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