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Holder: 9/11 Trials Could Still Take Place In NYC

May 10, 2010 by  

Holder: 9/11 trials could still take place in NYCFollowing last week’s attempted car bombing in Times Square by Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad, Republicans are again calling on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to kill the administration’s proposal to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators in a civilian court in New York City.

"Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City was a bad idea last year. It’s a bad idea today," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), quoted by Fox News. "The only thing that’s changed is that the American people have just been reminded of how determined terrorists are to carry out their deadly plans."

McConnell and other GOP leaders have asked the president to rule out New York City as an option and instead try the suspects in a military court at Guantanamo Bay.

Holder indicated on Wednesday that downtown Manhattan is still being considered as a venue for the upcoming trial, and that the possibility of violence will exist at any location, reports.

"Unfortunately, New York and Washington, D.C., remain targets of people who would do this nation harm," he said. "Regardless of where a particular trial is … that is going to remain true."

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    This administration must have wood between their ears! What is not to understand? Trying terrorist in New York is not acceptable! Leave them at Gitmo and get er done there!

    • Hugh Jordan

      Another way to look at the situation is this: Trying the terrorists in military tribunals elevates them to the status of soldiers and implies some degree of legitimacy as combatants representing a sovereign country. They represent no specific country and they are NOT soldiers. They are religious fanatics brainwashed by even more fanatical mullahs who have twisted their religion to a level of insanity.

      They are CRIMINALS, should not be given the respect even enemy soldiers deserve.

      I am proud of the American Constitution, the American sense of justice, and the dignity of our courts. We have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. These terrorists should be tried as the criminals they are. The world should see that Americans treat even the scum of the earth with fairness because that is who WE are, even though the scum on trial does not deserve it.

      We have nothing to fear by putting terrorists on trial anywhere in our great country. There is no shame and no loss of face by dragging these sons of Allah into an open courtroom and showing the world what they are and what we are.

      Have you so little faith in the constitution and laws of our fathers that you are afraid that justice will not be served?

      Put this scum on trial, reach a fair and honest conclusion and then lock the up for the rest of their miserable lives with the power of American jurisprudence to validate their incarceration for all the world to see.

      • Claire

        Hugh Jordan– I agree with your post. This creep should be tried in a civilian court, not a military court. If tried in a civilian court, this creep will be shamed within his own religion and his people. If he is tried in a military court, then his people would consider him a martyr. Why give these lowlife the satisifaction of a military trial?
        I have edited enough books on terrorism. I know how these people think and how they conduct themselves. They are the lowest of low.
        In fact, if I were in charge of everything it would be a speedy trial. I would not waste the taxpayers money. And you know what the outcome would be—the death sentence. He wouldn’t be hanging around in a prison for years either. But wait, maybe the prisoners would nail him!

    • Hugh Jordan

      Nice sweater on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in his flattering photo.

      • bullit_16

        That photo is what clued me into him being a terrorist (he looks like a terrorist). That used to be the only picture that “The vast left-wing liberal Bush hating Obama loving news media” would show to condition me to it.

  • http://SUESEE7649@AOL.COM sue williams


  • s c

    It is a fact of life that some people need to learn things the ‘hard’ way. This temporary ‘leader,’ Obubbabamabummer, is one of these unfortunates. What else should we expect from a Haavid graduate and a Bubba Clinton flunky like Holder? NEVER forget, folks, that Holder helped Bubba Clinton FREE Puerto Rican TERRORISTS.
    That may be one of Holder’s greatest ‘talents’ in life. He doesn’t seem to have a dime’s worth of common sense, so he must be at the right place at the right time.
    What he needs to think about is what happens if they’re stupid enough to hold that trial in a population center and something goes wrong. They CAN’T claim that no one warned them. And, they can’t claim ignorance or ‘they didn’t know their job.’
    What do you expect from LOSERS? If they’re truly concerned about the ‘rights’ of terrorists, then let these LOSERS move to Syria or Iran, where they can put their ‘talents’ to good use [and NEVER come back]. That’s as close to a true WIN-WIN situation
    as we’ll ever get from these proven LOSERS.

    • Hugh Jordan

      Didn’t they WIN the election? McCain/Palin LOST.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Use the Constitution. Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly states that any crime must be tried in the state in which it was committed. Therefore the trial must be held in New York!

  • Joe A. Everson

    Gen. Rick Bacchus, the head of Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay, resigned and said, “I’m not going to torture innocent people.” Now that hardly got any press. We have two-star generals quitting, who think those people are innocent, and I doubt their trials there would be any fairer than their treatment there.

  • Joe A. Everson

    The perpetrators of the “false flag” attack of 9-11 committed an abominable crime and have, so far, escaped prosecution. If they are not removed from power in the very near future it is virtually assured that they will do another 9-11-style attack. The biggest difference is the next one will be much worse, most likely involving a nuclear device, and the outcome will be much worse as well. Expect the following: casualties in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, and hopefully not in your neighborhood, an immediate declaration of martial law; the total suspension of the constitution and all civil rights; the abolition of Congress; and the hasty coronation of “?” as Dictator of the Americas. And that will be the end of our Constitutional Republic and life as we know it. If you love our country, keep an open mind to those with differing views. Perhaps they are right.
    Risk a fair trial now if it can be tied to 9-11 evidence or lack thereof, or risk another 9-11-style attack later.

    • Joe A. Everson

      How you would react to the Head of Homeland Security if he or she were a dual national with citizenship in Iran, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia? Then why accept dual citizenship for anyone else?

  • Joe A. Everson

    Plans to take us to war were already in place before 9-11. All that was needed was a “New Pearl Harbor”! Is terrorism inside the United States really from outside, or is it a stage managed production, designed to cause Americans to believe they have no choice but to surrender the Republic and accept the totalitarian rule of a new emperor, or a new Fuhrer?
    Once lost, the Romans never got their Republic back. Once lost, the Germans never got their Republic back. In both cases, the nation had to totally collapse before freedom was restored to the people.
    Did you know we are a Republic?

  • Joe A. Everson

    Did You Know
    Did you know the Japanese Code had secretely been broken?
    Months before Pearl Harbor sadly, and that is no joking.
    And Kennedy’s head went backwards, yes we were misled.
    Dan Rather reported forward with violence, instead.
    Did you know the Murrah building had been wired with 3 bombs?
    Whoever blamed it on McVeigh absconded without qualms.
    Did you know that nineteen highjackers were named by FBI?
    On original manifests no Arab names are found by you and I.
    Did you know flight ninety-three was shredded in the air?
    Eight miles of pieces came floating down out there.
    Did you know our rockets carry depleted uranium?
    Like the hole in the Pentagon caused by a depleted cranium?
    In operation Northwood’s, fake attacks would be employed?
    Shift the blame, support to gain, for future war enjoyed.
    Did you know who occupied the tower seven bunkers?
    FBI, CIA, DOD & Giuliani timing destruction of the lunkers?
    Strange to find a 737 engine from the south tower falling.
    When the plane accused would have a 767 cowling.
    The root of all this evil, the love of money it is said.
    Is there evidence to this effect residing in your head?

    • Hugh Jordan

      interesting information.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Some of the accused terrorists are still alive; where is the proof any Arabs were on those planes? Planes could even have been flown remotely or switched out for other aircraft. Building 7 wasn’t even hit. Examine the imprint of the alleged crash site of flight 93, and see the grass growing where the planes wings and spilled burning fuel should be.

    If everything possible isn’t done to find who was controlling those planes, then a similar scenario could be used to take us to war against any group, foreign or domestic that the administration wished to prosecute or persecute. It may not be you the administration wishes to spy on this time, but perhaps your ethnic group or religion will be next time.

    Force the President and his administration and Congress to release all evidence that they have been unwilling to release up to now to prove who was responsible.
    What if someone who hated Arabs wanted us to hate Arabs too?
    What if the 9-11 airplanes and Arabs are the patsies in a larger crime?
    What if someone can get you to overlook the truth by lying to you?
    What if the innocent are being prosecuted for someone else’s crime.
    Why the rush to judgment? Wouldn’t your conscience bother you if an innocent person were tried for someone else’s crime?

    What precedent is being set, if someone gets the death sentence for thoughts or intentions? What other inaction would qualify a person for the death penalty? How about those who sold stocks short which would indicate some prior knowledge, or those who were warned not to fly on 9-11, will those people also face the death penalty, or life in prison? Why this selective prosecution?

  • Joe A. Everson

    First it was Osama Bin Laden and now the Sheikh emerges to take his place. What is going on here is that the U.S. government has to bring the 9-11 mystery to an end. The government must put on trial and convict a culprit (patsy) so that it can close the case before it explodes. Anyone waterboarded 183 times would confess to anything.

    • Joe A. Everson

      The captive Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was water boarded 183 times to extract a confession. Anyone waterboarded 183 times if he survived would confess to anything. The Sheikh evidently had some scruples about lying.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Watch for false flag terror where one country commits or allows the terror and blames it on another country. If an airport security person in Europe spotted a terrorist boarding an aircraft but allowed it because he believed it would further his own countries military goals, that would be a false flag attack similar to the Christmas crotch bomber. You not only have to screen those boarding the planes, but those screening the borders.

  • Joe A. Everson

    There aren’t any cameras showing Arabs boarding those planes, and no Arab names on the flight manifests. It looks to me like somebody is lighting torches and selling liquor to crowds to lynch somebody to cover-up anything that might incriminate the real guilty parties.

  • Joe A. Everson

    The fact is that years of torturing Iraqis have not produced a single ‘nookular’ bomb, nor an actual 9-11 perpetrator. “Al Qaeda” is a manufactured front group for US, UK, and Israeli intelligence operatives. The conclusion are clear; the US has been torturing innocent people, sometimes to the death, and this does not sit well with the American people

  • Joe A. Everson

    Perhaps a trial would force the Pentagon to release the videos showing whatever hit the Pentagon. Discovery is a powerful tool. If you see a Global Hawk flying into the side of the Pentagon, would you still be as eager to spend our economy into bankruptcy against an immaginary enemy, or kill all those held in Gitmo?

  • Joe A. Everson

    9-11 CURIO

    The British Joint Intelligence Committee informed Prime Minister Tony Blair on July 16, 2001, that terrorists were preparing to attack U.S. targets. According to the London Times the warnings were not only based on British Intelligence but also on U.S. Intelligence, including the CIA and National Security Agency. German, Russian and Intelligence Agencies from other countries gave U.S. authorities similar warnings.

    Andreas Von Bulow, a former German government minister, wanted to know how the identities of the alleged hijackers could be released just minutes after the attack if they weren’t prepared in advance.

    At least five of the individuals identified by the FBI as hijackers, are still alive and were interviewed by the BBC. One ostensibly died before 9-11.

    The editors of Fire Engineering magazine blamed New York and federal officials for destroying and removing critical evidence before an independent investigation could examine the wreckage.

    Certain parties sold thousands of “put options” through Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch during the last 3 days before 9-11, betting that the stocks of American and United would plunge. Apparently, someone had foreknowledge. The identity of these “some ones” was never publicized.

    Whatever hit the Pentagon was able to penetrate 3 walls of 3 feet steel reinforced concrete (total of 9 feet). No footage of the many surveillance cameras around the pentagon that recorded the attack and identified the flying object was ever publicized. Footage of a nearby gas station surveillance camera was quickly confiscated. Samuel Danner, an experienced pilot from Maryland says he witnessed the attack on the Pentagon from less than 500 feet. Danner said the aircraft in question was not a Boeing 757 but a very quiet-flying drone-like aircraft without any cockpit or fuselage windows, that it had only one rear engine located between a V-tail, and that it had a strange looking front that resembled the shape of a humpback whale. Other eyewitnesses have come forward with similar accounts. Private investigators believe a DU-weaponized remote controlled Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. No bodies of any passengers were found at the scene. An unprecedented “ground stop” order prevented interception of the planes allowing the attacks to proceed without a hitch.

    Eye witnesses said the plane that hit the South Tower had a blue logo in the front, had no (passenger) windows, and had a long and bulky object attached to its underbelly. This attachment is suspected to have served as an ignition to the enormous amount of fuel in the plane.

    Photos of the rubble show massive steel columns that look like they were cut by a blowtorch. The melting temperature of steel is around 1,810 degrees F. Burning jet fuel can reach a temperature of max. 1,600 degrees F, not enough to melt steel. The towers were designed to survive any aircraft collision. Brigham Young University physicist Steven G. Jones thinks the mighty steel columns were cut by thermite. Thermite is a mixture of aluminum and iron oxide that burns at a very high temperature of about 3,000 degrees F even without oxygen, and it is impossible to control once lit. Jones said that this is the only way to bring down a massive building in a “pan caking” manner. For more information do a web search for “Steven Jones WTC”.

    The smaller WTC Tower #7 was admittedly “pulled” only hours after the fall of the big towers allegedly because the building had been on fire, but more likely it was to cover evidence of that buildings part in the attack. To bring a 47-story building down in a safe and controlled manner takes days of planning and preparations. Strangely, it was “ready to go” at the spur of the moment, and if #7 was pre-wired, so were #1 and #2.

    Two huge seismic “spikes” indicated that two massive explosions shook the ground just prior to the collapses. Smaller “spikes” indicated that the aircraft impact only caused minor earth shaking. Many witnesses testified that they heard loud explosion noises before the collapse of the building.

    Fire Fighter Mike Bellone claims that he and his colleague Nicholas DeMasi had found 3 of the 4 Black Boxes in the WTC rubble. Bellone said, “he and some of his colleagues were later confronted by federal agents demanding that they keep the recovery secret”. Why?

    On April 10, 2003, United Airlines employee David Friedman identified an aircraft at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago as the plane that allegedly had crashed in PA as Flight 93. Strangely, no matching plane parts or any bodies of the passengers were ever found at that crash site.

    Author and researcher Webster Tarpley said the Bush Administration was forced by the Shadow Government to facilitate 9-11 and invade IRAQ.

    New York City auxiliary fire lieutenant Paul Isaac Jr. said at the 4th 9-11 anniversary: “I know 9-11 was an inside job. The police and firemen know it was an inside job!” He also reiterated the testimony of a 9-11 survivor who had said that emergency radios were buzzing with information about bombs being detonated inside the towers. “It’s amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear of retaliation!” Researcher Vincent Sammartino, who had also attended the 4th memorial on 9-11-05, said: “I just got back from Ground Zero. People know the truth. Half of the police and firemen were coming up to us and telling us that they know that 9-11 was an inside job. I had tears in my eyes!”

    Chicago Attorney David Schippers said on the Alex Jones radio show that the Justice Department had detailed information about 9-11 weeks before the attacks were carried out. He said that he personally sent information about the impending 9-11 attacks to Attorney General Ashcroft urging immediate preventive action, but was rebuffed. Schippers said that he got the information from FBI agents after they were explicitly ordered to drop their investigation. Who does the FBI take orders from?

    In a C-Span press conference FBI agent Robert Wright said that he has taped recordings proving that the FBI knew at least 2 months in advance that the WTC was going to be hit in the very same fashion that it was hit. FBI director Mueller had threatened that there would be dire consequences if he opened his mouth.

    Attorney Stanley Hilton, who served as Senator Dole’s chief of staff, has filed a class action civil lawsuit against George W. Bush and key members of his administration for mass murder. The lawsuit, which represents some 400 survivors of 9-11 victims, alleges that 9-11 was planned and executed by the Bush administration. Hilton claims his evidence includes documents and sworn witness statements from top military officials, FBI agents and Pentagon officials. He further claims to be in possession of incriminating documents proving that the president personally signed the orders for the 9-11 attacks. Witnesses who are bound by gag order are willing to come forward and testify if subpoenaed. Hilton says two attorneys visited him from the Disciplinary Committee of the U.S. District Court in San Francisco twice. They told him that the chief judge Marilyn Patel doesn’t like this case and wanted him to drop it. He further contends that he was told “off the record” that Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Justice Dept. were going to stop him. Hilton’s offices have been ransacked twice, and he has received several death threats.

    None of the many lawsuits filed by or on behalf of relatives of 9-11 victims have been allowed to be heard in a trial by jury; and hundreds of employees of federal agencies (like the Federal Aviation Administration) have been put under a gag order to keep them from disclosing what they know. Why would there be a gag order on anyone who knows something about 9-11? Who are the government trying to protect if not themselves?

  • Joe A. Everson

    What about the American citizens being held at Gitmo without being charged and without a lawyer? If you give up the Constitutional and legal rights of this group of people so easily, you set a president. Eventually they will get around to your group, and then who will there be to speak up in your defense? I haven’t seen any definitive proof there were any Arabs on those planes, have you?

    • Joe A. Everson

      From “Miranda Rights”, “Name, rank, and serial number in the Army, to water boarding 183 times to make you say the correct response. Are we the United States of America or Nazi Germany?

  • Joe A. Everson

    Lt. Col. Rick Gibney the pilot who shot down flight 93 witnessed a ghost airplane with crew and passengers either unconscious or dead due to the effect of incapacitating gas, and no Arabs in sight. It had totally unconscious people on board. There were no hijackers!


  • Joe A. Everson

    What if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks was water boarded and tortured into a confession, and somebody else wired the towers for implosion to get us to fight their enemies, and used planes to divert attention from the explosions going off while sending a Global Hawk into the Pentagon, and the effort to move the trial to a secure military base is an effort to prevent any of these facts reaching the light of day?

    • s c

      JAE, you’re not only whizzing up a tree, you’re also whipping a dead horse and trying to make a royal flush with 4 cards. Please get some quality sleep, guy.

      • Joe A. Everson

        I don’t whip dead horses, I try to lead live ones to water.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Let us have a legal trial and get the answers to all the questions listed here, and all those covered up by the 9-11 comission.

  • WarriorH

    Holder is just keeping the stew bubbling. Never know when your going to need a good diversion.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Obama, as an undercover agent, was allegedly the lead agent in the arms and money supply for the CIA-trained Taliban Army against the Soviet Army war machine. His actions were integral to the Taliban’s success in their opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Obama, it is publicly acknowledged, went to Pakistan in 1981. There is no way of knowing how often Obama traveled between Pakistan and Russia. According to Dr. Manning, Obama was an interpreter for the CIA during the war in Afghanistan. When Obama completed his CIA operations in the mid 1980s and returned to the U.S. he persuaded the State Department to maneuver his entrance into Harvard Law School

    Perhaps Obama has some personal insight into who orchestrated 9-11 from his Taliban friends.

  • Joe A. Everson

    After graduation he could have worked in any leading law firm except that he lacked the proper citizenship qualifications which would have come to light during the interview and normal background checks pursued by major law firms. So despite his Harvard achievements, Obama became a Saul Alinsky-style community organizer in South Chicago which alleviated the necessity of providing a legitimate background check, or a NATURAL BORN BIRTH CERTIFICATE, or naturalized citizen documentation..

  • Joe A. Everson

    Now Obama nominates Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. Was she along with the CIA responsible for Obama’s entrance into Harvard?” Does Elena Kagan act on the behest of the CIA?


    Barry Sotero and Eric Holder are out to usurp representation of the states by mandating by exec privillege and disallowing the Bill of Rights to take precedent. The state of New York will not be allowed to say no to the Feds should clear cut law be disobeyed again.

    You are looking at a administration that is intent on making a mockery of the rule of law by any means they can muster. There is no precedent for this self confessed terrorist to be tried anywhere but in a court convened by a military tribunal.

    • Joe A. Everson

      Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly states that any crime must be tried in the state in which it was committed. Therefore the trial must be held in New York!

      • Joe A. Everson

        Discovery is a powerful tool. Lets get some answers.

      • Jim H.

        Joe, The Pentagon was hit too. Does that mean after NYC, they will need to go to Virginia?

        • Joe A. Everson

          The crime in Virginia would have to be prosecuted in Virginia if they press charges.

          • Joe A. Everson

            If it was a Global Hawk, they probably won’t press charges.

      • Jim H.

        Joe,The trial has to be held in the STATE of NY. Would it have to be in the city? Could it be some place easier to secure as long as it is in the state?

        • Joe A. Everson

          I would think anywhere in the state would satisfy the law.

    • Joe A. Everson

      “Self confessed terrorist” after being waterboarded 183 times? That evidence won’t stand up in a just court.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Kagan will serve as a rubber stamp for President Obama’s radical pro-abortion agenda.
    When it comes to prohibiting sexual harassment or sexual discrimination in the marketplace, feminists do not complain that the proposed legislation attempts to enshrine morality in the civil or penal code, even though it most definitely does. No serious feminist has ever sought to undo or to oppose such legislation because it was based upon a system of morals. On the other hand, they complain about legislating morality when it comes to outlawing abortion. They object to legislating morality only when the morality in question is one from which they dissent. When the law in question encodes a morality they support, their objection to morals-driven law disappears.

  • Joe A. Everson

    The CIA needed Muslims or others who could easily blend into the Muslim environment in the Middle East. The CIA persuaded Columbia University to extend their foreign student program to Obama, now a Columbia student, so that he might travel to Pakistan using his Indonesian foreign student passport, and enroll in the universities around Karachi in addition to the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow. The school, one of Russia’s most prestigious universities was founded on February 5, 1960 as The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). It was renamed the Patrice Lumumba School on February 22, 1961. On February 5, 1992 the university re-adopted its former name. According to their web site, “The main aim was to give young people from Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially from poor families, an opportunity to get University education and to become highly qualified specialists. The students were admitted through non-governmental organizations, governmental establishments, and the USSR embassies and consulates.”

  • http://gmail i41

    Kagan is just another Harvard ,over educated, simple minded moron, just like the pinhead that nominated her, also will be approved by a bunch of simpletons. No practical experience, will really work great and the learning curve is pretty high, She isn’t even a judge even in traffic court, what a shining example, has Omoron been talking to his two buddies, Chavez and Putin? So the court will have 2 men hating, anti-military, college trained lesibans in office for life. What a seniro, shortly we will have a dictator, no legal system, everything governement controlled society, no gun ownership,”Holder is already putting a plan for him being incontrol who has guns, and monitoring groups that speak out against the rules or guidelines. Welcome social justice and the big change USA got with dems in controll of everything!

  • jim

    When everybody else in the whole country thinks having this trial in NYC is a bad idea, why does Holder keep pushing for it? How stubborn can these people be? I guess that’s why the symbol for the Dem’s is a stubborn jackass.

    • Joe A. Everson

      See May 10, 2010 at 12:10pm above.

      • s c

        Joe, if you’re determined to enlighten this website, do you have any revelations about “religious” ties that overlap with the intelligence community? In trying to understand the depth and breadth of the long-term infamy going on in the world, it’s not possible to leave out the many curious ripples left by quasi- and supposedly ‘religious’ types.
        Most people aren’t ready for that, but then I’m not trying to expand minds in a hurry. Far too many people want to believe that we’re still living in the ’50s. It’s enough for me to connect the dots. It’s not my job to open eyes. That will be done whether I stand up and yell or sit back and keep silent. Good luck in your ‘quest,’ Joe.

  • http://gmail i41

    Well,SKM and Omoron are muslims, Omoron is bringing Hamas, and a bunch of muslim radicals on his 20 + million dollar excetive order, to the USA.They will have everything furished for them. Just another coincedence or more muslim tilting. Any back ground checks or the same back ground check as Obamee got. We know Omoron will back islam before the USA, his own words. Still have any doubts about his thugs and close group of terrorist friends.

  • Stephen Russell

    NYC Implications:

    another terror strike
    Heavy traffic beyond holidays IE New years Eve.
    Heavy media coverage
    Excuse terrorisim.
    Deny 9-11 victims due process.
    Make Fun of 9-11.

    & Id not want 2 be in NY during those trials.

    IF to have in NY, then I urge West Point Military Academy- more secure site in Upstate NY & more jobs in that area.

    Id have Trail on remote IE Jury in Midwest & KSM in NY.
    Juru decides by 2 way Video to courtroom.

    Major safety issue alone for jurors.

  • David Long

    I think the reason that they don’t want to have a civilian trial is that if the accused actually had a genuine legal defense, they would likely get off. As others have said here, anyone who was water boarded 183 times would probably confess to anything.

    I think for Holder, he has a chance to put America back on track. His move to have the trials in a civilian court was bold. And yes, it ought to be in New York just as the law states.

    The result of the trial could be surprising, and even lead to prosecution of the actual perpetrators of 9/11.


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