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Historic Tornado Outbreak Leaves Hundreds Dead

May 2, 2011 by  

Historic tornado outbreak leaves hundreds deadThe nation’s deadliest spree of tornadoes in nearly 40 years has left more than 300 people dead in the South.

According to FOX News, more than two-thirds of the victims lived in Alabama. Nearly one million homes and businesses were left without power, and approximately 2,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to help in the clean-up and rescue efforts.

Two weeks ago, a separate barrage of tornadoes ravaged 14 States and left 45 people dead. The recent outbreak of deadly storms has prompted many Americans to review their survival plan in the event of natural disaster.

Knowing how to spot an incoming tornado could make the difference between life and death. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that a dark, often greenish sky is a common danger sign. In addition, large hail and a loud roar that sounds similar to a freight train typically precede a tornado.

If there is not enough time to evacuate to an underground shelter, FEMA advises residents to get to the lowest floor in a building and stay in the center of a room, steering clear of windows, doors and outside walls.

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  • sonata

    When will someone get online and check out: HAARP website and do some investigating about them. They laser the ozone! This might just be what is causing all this strange weather! Never hurts to check into them!

    • Edgar Vest

      When people realize what the government is doing to destroy our country and other civilized countries, then will they do something about it! All the lies for using unleaded gas, coal, atomic power and etc. is just the tip of the iceberg. The unannounced things they are doing/not talking about would no doubt cause panic. Then we are to blame with the selfish acts of buying huge vehicles to drive around and demand superhighways to drive on. A small pickup truck today is as large as a ton and a half vehicle a few years ago. No garden or small farming to feed us. But trailer/trucks running through the streets with high priced lawn mowers and landscaping use is real a sick society. Yet rivers, streets and highways are littered with plastic and paper products. Not so much scrap metal anymore as it is picked up for selling to scrap buyers. Animal use and control is not for feeding today. Dogs, cats and wild animals have more rights than human folks. So are we nuts or just on the brink?

      • 45caliber


        Apparently you are a young man. There isn’t a car or pickup truck on the road today that is as large or heavy as they used to be. And, interestingly enough, the gas milage hasn’t really changed despite the reduction in size. When I bought my first car, it was three times heavier than anything on the road today – and still got about 27-28 mpg.

    • BillyBob

      @Sonata says…”When will someone get online and check out: HAARP”

      So, let me guess, are your fingers broken? Your computer just shut off permanently?

      HAARP does not have “laser” capabilities. They do not have the power to create or cause weather patterns such as tornadoes. Tornadoes are a natural phenomenon. I have seen too many of them before HAARP ever came into existence to know these kinds of theories are bogus, and too much about the technology in use at HAARP to know it is not possible if they wanted to influece weather. Get over it and look elsewhere. HAARP’s transmitters were not in operation during either of Japan’s most recent earthquakes which caused the tsunami to overwhelm the Fukushima-Dai’ichi Nuclear Reactors and damages to Onagawa Nuclear Power Plants.

      • Antonio

        BILLY BOB you are wrong. They can cause earthquakes torneados tsunamies all with the use of scalar weaponry and also haarp and hipas. They are controling the lonoshere which is what influenes our wheather Keep smilling and researching

        • meteorlady

          Do you wear tinfoil on your head? Might I suggest you take it off and view life as it is.

          • Antonio

            sounds like you have much to learn about what the world government is doing to you. I hope your a fast learner.

          • http://naver samurai

            Why don’t you quit being an arse Antonio and post some facts and sources? Antonio, isn’t that Mexican? Are you sure you’re not someone smuggled across the boarder to mess with us patriots? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Well then, Meteorlady, how does Bush do it??

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        HAARP is NOT responsible, unless Bush is secretly running it…

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Woops, I meant Sonata. This blasted keebord….

    • James S.

      Go to you tube and search for : Jesse Ventura conspiracy theories HAARP. He did a one hour special investigation into it. Go the side bar and watch his investigations into 9-11, 9-11 the pentagon, the water shortages, and especially the one regarding the FEMA camps. He will blow you away, these are all true stories. Also for HAARP, go to Barnes and Noble books and get this one:
      WEATHER WARFARE: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature, written by Jerry E. Smith, and published by Adventures Unlimited Press.

      Hopes this helps. SFCWizard77

    • 45caliber


      I don’t believe the government or mankind is powerful enough to do anything to really affect the weather or any other natural phenominon. We just aren’t that strong or important. To Mother Nature we are little more than ants running around on the surface making our little ant hills.

      • independant thinker

        45…….I think it is possible we can effect the weather to some degree (think cloud seeding among other things) but that we cannot control whatever effect we have on the weather.

        • 45caliber


          I don’t really consider cloud seeding as affecting the weather that much – after all, the moisture is still there and it will rain out somewhere. All they are trying to do is get it to rain at the point where the crystals go in – at a slightly different point. But we can’t make it rain if there is no moisture there in the first place. Still it could be called an affect, I suppose.

  • Eddie47d

    Pray for the people of Alabama. I have seen a tornado although it was too far away to be of any danger to my family. To have everything you worked for lost within minutes is traumatic enough without the loss of life. You can’t stop the power of mother nature when she is on a roll and your best bet is to have a house with a basement.Have a cell phone and a flashlight handy to communicate with rescue workers.

    • 45caliber


      I will agree. Tornados are nasty things. I’ve had one chase me down the freeway, about a quarter of a mile behind me. Luckily I was faster. But it also went through Little Rock and did some major damage there. I’ve been to other tornado sites as well and don’t wish that on anyone. Anyone who is hit by a tornado needs all the prayers they can get.

  • Homer

    PRAYER WILL NOT GET THIS DONE IF WE DO “NOT” Turn back to GOD and Jesus CHRIST as we once did! The IRREFTABLE signs are there, waras and rumors of wars, Hurricanes and tonadoes in diverse places and fires and pestilances and Tseunami’s and earthquakes etc READ Job 37:13 People these Disasters are from GOD Himself meant to bring us allllllll back to God Almighty. IF WE WILL TURN back to God He will bless us IF not then these things will continue at an ever alarming rate! See the story of Ninsvah in “JONAH”1-4 Read it. It is easy reading and ONLY 4 chapters! I know God is love but He does have a side that Hates some things PROVERBS 6:16 KJV So God is a balanced being and IF He can Love than He can Hate!!!

    • JohnK

      So in other words, He loves people, but He hates sin; which is the reason for Jesus to come to us.

  • http://n/a John Beach

    “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.”
    - Lamentations 3:21-23

  • Dr. smith

    “never let a crisis pass without taking advantage of it” Marxist maxim. get ready to hear from gore and company and the desperate need to tax us more, because after all, in the eyes of the atheist liberals, we are the gods and are responsible for the ‘climate change’ because of those selfish greedy capitalist who drive their suvs. The only way out of this is to rely on our big nanny, the us government. By taxing and taxing us out of all our fruits of labor, they will create new forms of energy generation and rescue us from ourselves.

    yea, right.

    • 45caliber

      Sad but true.

    • meteorlady

      Gore and the rest are heavily invested in the Chicago Climate Exchange. If we start trading carbon credits, he is estimated to make around $8 BILLION PER YEAR from his little investment. Same with Goldman Sachs as they are set to run the trading floor. Then there is little Shore bank that was set to fail until a last minute bailout. They will bank the money from the trading floor.

      Makes you think huh?

  • rufus

    are you all nuts?

    • http://naver samurai

      No, but I’m told you eat them. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • texastwin827

    While it’s always possible that the government is messing with our weather, please keep in mind, that those of us who live in “Tornado Alley” as well as those in the south, where you have high humidity and warm temps, know that we have the prefect ingredients for a tornado.

    Generations of our families have dealt with tornadoes and that won’t stop as Mother Nature is often more vicious than any government could ever be. About all we can do for these folks is pray for them, in their time of need, and donate as much as is possible to help them get their lives back to “normal”….the same as we would do if it was a hurricane, instead of a tornado, that dished out all this misery.

  • http://com i41

    When I was going up and more than 2 twice we had our total ranch stead destroyed by a tornado. We didn’t get enough money for insuranse mpney except to put up the shell of a house. When you live in the open areas you had better watch hat weather conditions wheather wintewr or summer are doing. We always had a under ground root cellar or a concrete earth covered place to go. Also we didn’t blame it on God or global watming, it was just part of living up on the north end of the torado alley and just said our prayers every night for another safe day. Katerna was a prime example of tribal gang idoits not listening to weather and getting their sorry azzes out of damnger. When a picture of a some blacks standing in ankle deep water, whining like dogs want to be saved by the government. With 3 days of warning there wa no need of such a snafu. What in the hell do people keep going back to live in below sea level for. Should have cleared the whole damn area out and planted sugar cane and we could be making sugar alcohol which is way cheaper and easier than orther forms of alcohol. But that would be too intelligent and profitable, plus what would these gang banging scum balls do? Go back to their roots and cut sugar cane and be feild hands, can not educate these tribal infected idoits.

  • Antonio

    45 CALIBER hey i know that you are a good man because i have read tons of your comments. Anyways, i just wanted to tell that eventhough you think they cannot control the wheather you are wrong. Just try and be a little open minded and do a little research on a few things thats all i ask. Basically the weather is caused by sun flares that heat up the ionoshere which influence our weather. Well THEY have projects “haarp, hipas” that are sort of like ionoshere heaters and therefore can create weather activities. Also they are using scalar electromagnetic waves and with that they can create earthquakes and tsunamis and a lot more. thats their scalar weaponry. Never understimate the power of their technology. Other things that they do that can influence our weather or just thousands of bird fall from the sky is operation cloverleaf. I would like you to do some research on these things just so that you will be in the know

    BTW i make videos and i have 14 videos currently on youtube if you are interested in watching them just leave me a reply and i will give you my channel.

    • 45caliber


      I know they are trying to come up with ways to influence the weather but I don’t really believe they are there yet.

      Incidently, when I was in the military many years ago (over 40 now) they told us that they had determined that if they hit three points on the globe with nukes in a certain order they could set off most of the fault lines around the world at the same time – i.e., set off massive earthquakes everywhere. True or not, I don’t know – but I suspect it is possible.

  • Raggs

    Some of you people are REALLY weird!

    I can’t even begin to see how a man can produce tornados but if you think so well… LMAO!…

    And to think that this country is full of people that think this way… and they vote…

    • meteorlady

      Gads – I’m with you. What’s happened to the intelligent people that used to be one this site?

      • Raggs

        Who knows prehaps too much koolaid?
        Even when I was a kid if I stirred the koolaid long enough it would swirl in the glass. But I never thought that that would be the next high for some people.

        • Antonio

          If i were you first i would quit playing in the koolaid, just drink if you like it. Watching koolaid go swirl swirl is a little dingy.

          You are normally one of the commenters that always tells a “lib” to do research before they make comments. Why are you not practicing what you preach??? Do your research before you run your mouth about things you know nothing about. Besides i am guessing that it is easier to run your mouth than to understand these things especially if you dont even know how many bits your on personal computers system is how could you ever begin to understand something so complicated. mmmmmm well i guess you might be better off playing with your koolaid have fun while it last.

          • http://naver samurai1966

            Still no facts or sources and only rants. Typical lib! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Antonio

        There are still intelligent people on this site but unfortunitlly there are those who are not intelligent enough to see or even understand that intelligence. That could be caused by ignorance or denial you may have a combination of the two. Although i have read some of your past comments and thought that you were pretty smart and with the ability to see things that are a little more advanced. I quess not. Well i hope you at least learn.

      • libertytrain

        gee meteorlady, that’s kind of rude -

    • independant thinker

      I know there has been and still is research into controlling the weather. Most of this research is military in nature because controlling the weather could be immense help in a battle situation. Just imagine how it would help your army if you could make severe thunder storms “train” right along the enemeys front line or just behind it while you had clear weather. Understand I am not saying mankind can control the weather but he is trying. Now as to a statement I made earlier. Assuming we can have an effect on the weather I do not believe we can control that effect. We might be able to cause thunderstorms to form but once they did we would have no control over whether they grew into tornadic storms or wimped out with a little thunder and a few showers.

  • Antonio

    SAMURAI i do not judge you by your name like “isn’t that chink, charlie, or jap” so don’t sit there and say “Antonio isn’t that Mexican” A name does not have anything to do with nationality and it aint none of your damn business where i come from or how i got where i am at. And you want facts i gave you them already you just aint willing to see it. and thats your problem not mine

    • http://naver samurai1966

      So you say, but you still haven’t posted your sources. When are you going to do that? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • chuckb

    the reason we have more destruction when mother nature acts up in some years, our populations are growing and people are moving into areas that were unpopulated, when these tornado’s struck before they didn’t make headlines. in the future you can expect more collateral damage, if you live in tornado country, build yourself a storm cellar.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. Several years ago, I went to a meeting on Kiwa Island in NC. You get to it (at that time anyway) by a narrow two lane road without any shoulder so low that tidal water stands in the ditches on both sides of the road. A single lane bridge got you onto the island. Over 150,000 people lived there – and the highest point on the island was about 7 feet above sea level.

      While there I mentioned to the hotel clerk about hurricanes. Weren’t they worried about them?

      He said no. After all, they hadn’t had a hurricane in 30 years so they never would have one again.

      The very next year, the first hurricane to hit the East Coast in many years slammed directly into Kiwa Island.


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