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Hillary Clinton: The Rich Should Pay More In Taxes

June 3, 2010 by  

Hillary Clinton: The rich should pay more in taxes  While giving a speech last week concerning the administration’s national security strategy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conveyed her personal opinion that America’s wealthiest citizens are not being taxed enough.

The former first lady said during a discussion at the Brookings Institution that she regrets the previous administration’s decision to abandon a taxation formula that helps "pull people out of poverty."

"The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues" as the United States is, "whether it is individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are," said Clinton.

"Brazil has the highest tax-to-GDP rate in the Western Hemisphere and guess what—it’s growing like crazy…and the rich are getting richer," she added.

Before steering the conversation toward "one of the biggest international problems we have" today, Clinton carefully noted that she was expressing her own personal opinions, and not those of the Obama administration, The New York Times reports.

Late last month, Vice President Joe Biden offered a similar opinion, stating that the nation’s tax system is unfair because the top 1 percent of earners receive 22 percent of U.S. income, according to The Heritage Foundation.

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  • Robert Zorn

    I think all of congress should take a pay cut, (A LARGE ONE)and maybe pay the taxes they owe !!!!!! They must think they are above the tax laws. ENOUGH OF THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!!!! AND STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE, PLEASE!!!!!

    • Tea Party Tim

      There would not be a governmental financial crisis if it were not for rediculous government spending, especially in the area of social welfare. It would seem that we have a created a generation that is extremely comfortable in their poverty. This mentality has created a system that rewards 50% of the population and brings them under government dependance, while it punishes the other 50% until they become government dependants.

      • Carol

        What a load of self-serving rhetoric posted here, for the most part. The rich doubled their income over the past decade, thanks to many entitlements & the Bush tax cuts for those in top income brackets. Then there’s the theft of this country’s wealth through the Wall Street & Bank debacle and the credit card abuses. The banks (and their wealthy owners) have completely gotten away with this. None of you objected to the trillions already thrown away on Bush’s incompetent management of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

        Stop whining about paying your FAIR share & then calling this communism & socialism. The wealthy in this country have been the beneficiaries of “socialism” for a very long time. Socialism for the rich has helped them to accumulate wealth.

        The rich hopefully paying much more is LONG overdue.

        • Meteorlady

          And your proof of this is? Where’s the facts?

          If you read down the page you will see my post – backed by a couple of websites including the US Treasury. Seems the rants about the “rich” are just that – rants. There are a mere 67,000 households in this country that pay $707,000 APIECE in taxes. It’s politically expedient for liberals to blame the rich for everything, it makes it easier to take their money. Where is the bottom of rich in your definition? Right now it’s around $75,001 which is not rich at all if you are a family of four and both parents are working.

          Also, since when is it a sin to work hard, earn money and get rich? I have a fairly good income because I worked hard and got a good education, then I worked hard and advanced in my career, I am putting money away for my retirement and pay my own medical. I went to public schools and my family was not rich at all – sometimes my Dad worked two jobs to pay household expenses and medical costs. So, did you or anyone else that thinks they deserve a handout from me take advantage of the same opportunities?

          I work for charities in my community that deserve my support – ones that give people a hand up instead of putting them into welfare slavery with month after month of freebies. So whose wrong here – you or me?

          Most liberals like Hillary are selfish – they want all the glory for something, but use my money, talent and abilities to pay for it. I give of my own free will and pick whom I think deserves to get my time and money. When was the last time you volunteered in your community instead of advocating we give our money for your causes?

          • Carol

            For the facts on the wealthiest doubling their income under Bush, go to

            Someone earning $75,000 a year is not “rich”. You fall into the middle class. Why do you want to fight for the right of the rich to steal from everyone else in this country? And that IS what’s going on. Everyone works hard for their money, including those who are paid $9 an hour & can’t live on the income they make.

            When I talk about those with wealth, I’m talking about those who have the money, power & influence to buy politicians votes & influence & use this access & influence to ensure that even more money comes their way.

            For instance, I’m talking about those who worked to do away with deregulation of wall street and the banks that resulted in the financial meltdown & home ownership/mortgage crisis in this country in 08. It’s also allowed banks to charge excessive credit card rates, and commit other abuses that have made handed over obscene profit for those banks (and owners) who engage in these practices.

            There are many, many other examples of how the rich use their wealth and power to ensure more wealth & power, disenfranchising those without access.

            For God’s sake do a little research & stop watching FOX entertainment.
            They feed people what they want you to hear, but almost none of it is based in fact.

          • Vicki

            Carol. The “rich” are the ones who HIRE people. No rich, No jobs. No rich, little tax revenue. The rich pay more that 50% of all taxes paid. (Top 50% pay over 95% of the tax revenue

            All those “evil” businesses like banks, credit cards (banks) Wall Street etc never forced me to buy their products or spend money on them.

            The Government on the other hand just passed a law that will force me at gunpoint to buy a product (Health Insurance) just because I happen to be alive.

            Now tell me again which group is “evil”

          • Save America Susie

            Vicky, great point!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I notice you say nothing of fannie and Freddie, two of the biggest contributers to this financial meltdown we are going through right now! the housing market may never fully recover from this mess all caused by your good ole’ friends the dem leaders!!! Even Bush tried to warn them about what they were doing and its consequenses, but they ignored him and full steam ahead!!! They screwed us royally!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Vicki, I hate to tell you this, but you are wrong. Small business create 64% of the jobs. The Fed gov accounts for 11%, so as you can see only 25% of the jobs are from the “rich”. It isn’t really the rich who provide the jobs, but a few corporations, most of who are subsidized by the government. That means you are paying someone to give you a job, if you are employed by a large corporation. Ask why we should be giving subsidies to Dow Chemical, Haliburton, Exxon, Shell, BP, IBM, etc…??? The list is way too long to list.

          • Bear

            Does that include ALL the uberrich socialists in government, Hollywood and the ones like Turner, Soros, Buffett, et al?

            Of course not.

          • Denniso

            Carol and Eyes are right…the wealthiest have watched their incomes grow for the last 30 yrs,while the middle and lower classes have seen stagnant or falling incomes. The rich can play the system and manipulate the gov’t for their benefit. If they are the only segment that has seen incomes going up then it only makes sense to raise their taxes to help w/ the budget problems since they have benefitted while others have not.
            All working people contribute to job creation just by the act of their spending on goods and services,w/o which there would be less demand and hence fewer jobs needed to supply the goods and services.
            Where would the giant corporations be if there was no demand for their

        • w-dervish

          Well said Carol! I couldn’t agree more. It is really a shame that the Right has fooled people like Tea Party Tim and Meteorlady that their interests are the same as the ultra wealthy in this country. Hillary Clinton is right when she states that when the wealthy pay their fair share it benefits everybody.

          • Vicki

            And what is their “fair share”? Lets hear a number please.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Where to start?

            First Carol says, “…resulted in the financial meltdown & home ownership/mortgage crisis…” and then says “…commit other abuses that have made handed over obscene profit for those banks…”. Well, which is it a meltdown or windfall profits?

            Let me help you out with economics. The housing crisis began with the start of the Affordable Housing Act that was passed under Jimmy Carter. This program lay dormiant up until Bill Clinton took office at which point, two Federal orgaizations (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) started making loans above market value, with no money down and without any proof of the ability to repay the loan. As a matter of fact, the loans were made to people who had a history of not repaying their debts.

            The interest rate that people on credit cards is subjected to their credit history because a bad history means a greater risk. Credit Cards also are unsecure signature loans, which means that they have no recourse in the event of a bankruptcy filing. The simple solution to lower credit card interest rates is for people to pay their bills on time, all of the time.

            Now let’s look at the financial melt-down. Number 1 & Number 2 on the list Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Losses of 93.6 Billion dollars.

            The research and fact are here.

            If you add the ranks 3-50 together you still would not exceed the loss posted by the top two. You might also want to note that there are very few financial institutions in the top 20. Among the most notable would be GMAC a division of General Motors, which is now a government owned and controlled company.

            One final tid-bit of information concerning the link that you had posted. Has it occured to you that if you invested $100 in 1996 at rate of return of 7.25% that you would have over $200 at the end of 2006.

            Abraham Lincoln said, “You can not make a poor man rich, by making a rich man poor”.

          • JC

            “Fair share” of what? Things they worked for and you didn’t?
            Easy to feel entitled to someone else’s property isn’t it?
            And the underlying inference is that you condone the cr4iminal tax system we live under…you just want someone else to pull your weight.

          • Palin12

            I’m sorry, the Hildebeast has never been right about anything in her power-hungry life! Not Whitewater, not Travelgate, not her “eye-opening experiences at Wesleyan”, not Hillarycare, not dodging bullets in Kosovo, and not Monica Lewinsky.

          • JeffH

            Palin12…Hildebeast? I can’t stop laughing…Hildebeast! Yeowww!

          • Dan Burke

            Here’s something you may have never learned. You define rich as wealth. Rich is not wealth. And taking from the rich actually destroys wealth. History shows time and again that countries that redistribute the riches tend to become very, very poor nations. Not necessarily immediately, but eventually to the point that their very economies collapse. So how do you create wealth? Let the rich be rich. When the rewards for hard work and creative thinking are there, hard working people will create new ways to do things. Innovations that allow us to do more with less. And in the new “vacuum” we then have others who find ways to fill in those gaps. When tractors took over from horses on the farms, what happened? Instead of small farms, a small family could manage large fields providing food for large numbers of us. So what happened to all the other farmers? Well, they moved to the city and we eventually had more innovations until many years later we are now discovering how computers change the way we work and communicate. We can get information faster and easier than ever before to the point that some are considering that there might be an information overload and people losing their ability to focus. What happened? The rich became rich, and so did the rest of us become richer too. And oh my, some of those people who became rich started off poor, but because we had a system that allowed them the chance to become rich, how many other people did they help gain riches we had never had before. This is the creation of wealth. This is what makes it possible for us to go to the grocery store and find food and medicine. I know it is hard for you to conceive of the idea that there may yet be unseen possibilities out there. You see a limited world with limited resources. The cup is half empty and you feel everyone is due a share of that half cup. However, there are those of us who feel the cup is half full and has been for a very long time despite the fact that we keep sipping from it. So for me, I gladly accept that I am barely above poverty raising my four children. Did my father become wealthy and then raise eight kids? No, he raised eight kids and then became financially independent. And while the stock market crash destroyed my father’s wealth, the work ethic he developed raising a large family still influences him today and he still puts food on the table for mom and youngest brother (still at home in high school). And, while many would have been angry with the money he was paid when he was vice-president of a company but here is a little fact for you to consider. They hired three vice-presidents to replace one man when my father left that company. So, yes, they paid him a lot. It was still cheaper for the company to pay that one man a lot than to pay three separate people to do the same job. Oh wait, in your socialistic viewpoint, it is probably better for the company to lose money and hire the three less competent people than to retain the one. And, yes, the company did try to keep my father on with a sweet deal but his health was suffering because he was perhaps working too hard….

          • Palin12

            I wish I could claim to have coined the term Hildebeast, but alas, it’s been around awhile…

        • JC

          Carol, does that mean that anyone in this country who did well by simply outworking or outproducing everyone else should be penalized for their efforts? I ask, because there’s no better way to kill the spirit of free enterprise than to rob these people of their incentive to produce. Who then will create the economy?

        • Macsilem

          So, we’re talking about 400 people out of 309+ million–according to your link in a later post? Are you kidding me?

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Carol… If you desire to see everybody pay their fair share, then you must be 100% behind the Fair Tax and wish to see the IRS abolished. That will take care of it! If you don’t know about the Fair Tax, google it. There is a lot to read! Those who buy much will pay much. Those who don’t, won’t!

          • RbtShadow

            STOP the FairTax SCHEME
            The FairTax SCHEME is a Plan to eliminate the IRS and substitute a 23-34% consumption tax on all new sales. The problem is that nearly all savings except some IRAs has already been taxed by the income tax system when earned and this additional point of sale consumption tax would tax these savings a second time at the 23-34% tax rate. That would devastate the savings of nearly all retirees. This is admitted by boortz on page 169 of the book explaining the FairTax SCHEME. boortz/Simpson (as in Homer Simpson) offers no solution to this double taxation. but does basically say to the retiree spending his pretaxed savings “Tough $hit, you will just have to suffer for the benefit of the others.”

            STOP the FairTax SCHEME

          • Tea Party Tim


            It would seem pretty to easy to inact legislation in conjunction with the fair tax that would exempt anyone above a certain age and it would seem rightful to do so.

            However, the bottom line is that the government has ran up a huge bill (right now it is in excess of $30,000/year for every US Household) that some of us are going to have to put the clamps on and pay for. As an example, personally I am 48 years old. I have not allowed myself the luxury of the illussion that I will ever collect a thin dime from Social Security and yet I have no opposition to continuing to pay into for the benefit of the generation that preceded me and now depend upon it.

        • Norman

          They do pay you just do not want to see it. Please learn how to read then research you statement before opening you Commie mouth!

        • Kay

          (long but you will get the point)

          Time to STOP BREAST FEEDING OFF OTHERS! Grow up & get off your rears & learn “RESPONSIBILITY”! (a word removed from the books along w/ RESPECT, OBEDIENCE TO THE LAWS, PLEASE, THANK YOU & GOD)
          Time to teach it to those of the “baby boomers” & all the generations that fallowed…AKA LAZY CRY BABIES!

          Since babies began giving birth to babies we have had LAZY CRY BABIES believing they are ENTITLED to be BREAST FED/housed/clothed & coddled TILL THE DAY THEY DIE!
          GROW UP!

          Even Jesus told us we will be REWARDED FOR OUR WORKS (NOT “SALVATION”-don’t go down the road mixing up the two. It is VERY CLEAR what the difference is!)


          . Jesus did not stop work & rewards w/ His death…HE JUST GAVE US A SECOND CHANCE TO GROW UP & BE RESPONSIBLE!…These examples were WRITTEN IN THE BOOK AFTER HIS DEATH!

          The more you get off your rears now in the name of the Lord (and in the name of life today!) the higher position you receive in the Holy “Kingdom to Come”.

          Want examples?
          #1) Those who are “saved” (ADOPTED BACK INTO THE FAMILY UNDER GOD’S RULES) but sit on their rears are described as the workers (children of God) of the Master (Lord) WHO BURY THEIR COINS (RESPONSIBILITIES) in the sand & when the Master returns (second coming) wonder why those who w/ a higher responsibility (more coins in which they went out-WORKED & doubled the investment-SAVED & INVESTED) were REWARDED & he (the lazy worker) was kicked out of the Masters house! (LOST HIS JOB! **NO UNEMPLOYMENT IN HEAVEN!)

          ===>>ALL THREE ARE “SAVED” (LEGAL CITIZENS OF GODS KINGDOM) but it will the the REWARDS in the Holy Kingdom that the 3rd lazy man (breast feeders today) will miss out on. (like they are today in our reg. world!)
          They will have to clean up the mess & START DOING THE JOBS THEY DID NOT DO NOW….while the hard workers TODAY RULE OVER THEM W/ THE LORD! (Higher pay & retirement time!)

          #2) Same w/ the 2 women (save children of God-LEGAL CITIZENS OF GODS KINGDOM) in the field. One worked hard & the Master (God) was pleased & took her.
          The other stood around doing nothing & got left behind (to do her work during hard times to come! The harvest the entire field herself)

          ===>>BOTH ARE “SAVED” (LEGAL CITIZENS OF GODS KINGDOM BY FOLLOWING HIS “RULES TO ENTER”-Baptism etc) but depending on if you get off your rears NOW is what determines what “job” you have when He returns!

          #3) The story of the 10 virgins. All knew the Groom (Jesus) was coming. 5 were lazy & said “I worry about that when the time comes. I want to rest now”. (like the lazy breast feeders of the nation)
          The other five said “I had better get things together & prepare for things that might happen & delay His return just in case. I will take time to get ready & take more supplies.

          He returned & 5 panicked &
          CRIED TO THE ONES WHO DID THEIR JOB & PREPARED AS TOLD TO DO (used their heads) THAT THEY “DESERVE” SOME OF THEIR OIL FOR THEIR LAMPS…===>>*sound familiar?*<To be a US citizen you agree to GIVE UP YOUR OLD COUNTRIES CUSTOMS etc, FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THIS KINGDOM (not your old land) &

          One where we can grow w/o a “KING” (social government) TELLS US WHAT TO DO & HOW TO LIVE!

          OBEDIENCE….REWARD…PUNISHMENT… (like your suppose to be teaching your kids…though few do!)
          Also how the government is suppose to be set up. REWARD & PUNISHMENT DUE TO YOUR ACTIONS IN OBEYING THE LAWS!)

          It is the same w/ a healthy home & what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WERE TRYING TO TEACH W/ THE “USA RULES” aka CONSTITUTION & LAWS OF THE LAND etc!


          We are to help when someone falls…but that DOES NOT MEAN WHEN THEY ARE HEALED they can continue BREAST FEEDING FOR LIFE!
          We are also suppose to help those who are elderly & disabled survive. (a TEST OF OUR HEARTS) Those who CANT (NOT WON’T but CAN’T) GET OUT & WORK HARD or who have already put in their time!

          GET OFF YOUR REARS…LEARN “RESPONSIBILITY”…if you fall & need help it is there TEMPORARILY…but when your better…GET BACK TO YOUR JOB.

          ===>As an “ADULT” YOU DO NOT “BREAST FEED” ANYMORE! you eat tough meat & have hard times…but REWARDS COME FROM THIS!

          (ps there is NO “RECESSION” IN AMERICA… We are the MOST OBESE & SPOILED COUNTRY EVER ON THIS WORLD IN HISTORY! +$200-$400/MONTH on a cell phone alone BUT CANT PAY BILLS?
          We are just being taken off THICK CREAM from the good times & told to go out & feed on real food! WORK!)

          Hope this is easy for the immature dropouts to understand. It seems they are the ones lacking COMMON SENSE!

        • Deb09

          Thank you, Carol. You are the voice of reason. The super-rich frequently hide their money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying their fair share.

          • Tea Party Tim


            Perhaps you would like to share your knowledge of off-shore accounts. I would be willing to bet that the entire factual information that you could share would fit nicely on a postage stamp.

            Off-shore accounts primarily are opened to protect individuals and investors from liability suits (a issue of litigation, not taxation).

          • Claire

            Deb09–That’s right. I know several wealthy couples here in town that are doing this very same thing. A neighbor of mine does it all the time.

        • http://naver samurai

          Carol, are we drinking koolaid again? The rich may earn 22% of the nations income, but the top 5%-10% of wage earners pay 90%-95% of all the tazes collected by the government. If the government needs money just get rid of the welfare state that we have now (Which is unconstitutional) and quit giving handouts to foreign nationals inside of our country. This also was never authorized by the constitution. Quit saying how the rich should pay and just pay attention to your own backyard. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” JFK.

        • Lou

          It is no longer a Bush problem this is an Obama problem. Obama Alinsky was elected in 08 this is 10 we are still in Iraq and Afgan. it doesn’t matter because no body in the current intitlement administration is held responseble for their actions. Instead of throwing sh** against the wall and hoping some will stick, take that time to investigate how much Hillery and Bill avoided in their fair share of taxes. For that matter check how many members of Obama Alinsky has not paid taxes untill they were called out on it. The deal is to get people off the dole and into the work force. That is the work force that the rich help create. Socialism is good until you run out of other peoples money.

        • allan allen

          Carol you are an ignornant woman…of course most tax breaks went to the rich, they are the ones paying the taxes…50% of our population don’t pay any taxes…therefore it is hard to give them a tax break…unless YOU want to give them direct payments…more welfare ?

        • Gene

          People like you are what is wrong with this country! Tax me more and give You more!!!! You must be on welfare

      • Save America Susie

        Tim, Very good.

        “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he dislikes or abhors is sinful & tyrannical.”

        –President Thomas Jefferson

      • Chaos Factor

        Tim.. Are you talking about the welfare Iraq is costing us… Or the welfare that conservatives like Reagan and Bush insist on giving Wallstreet , big oil and other corporations at the expense of the American workers ?… That welfare?…

        • JeffH

          Alinsky’s child has returned….OMG!

          • don

            JeffH You accuse a lot of people of being a follower of Alinsky, but I notice you use his principles of Alinsky more than anyone.

          • JeffH

            dandy don, know your enemies well and always be prepared for the inevitable Alinskyite, or didn’t they teach you that.

          • Palin12

            Jeff, I haven’t seen dumniso or eyeweldedshut here in awhile. Do you think they’ve given up on trying to brainwash us?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            to know your enemy is to defeat him!

          • JeffH

            duh!nisso sneaks in a cou[le of days after a thread, late at night, does the regular name calling and ridicule then slinks back to the dungeon. Who even cares about eyes, probably got tired of chewing on her foot.

          • eyeswideopen

            Jeff, nope, took time off to take my kids and grandkids to as many Florida beaches as we could cram into a two week time frame. Thanks to all those Repubs who don’t believe in regulations, my state will be devastated and I wanted the kids to see the beaches while they were white. How is your “drill baby drill” idiot doing? I heard she was lying again, and can’t remember that she wanted to drill off shore. That woman is something else. So thankful she isn’t one step away from presidency. I see from remarks made, you are still spewing the Saul Alinsky crap. You made me so curious that I am now reading his book, and you actually utilize most of his teachings. It is really sort of funny/ironic.

          • http://naver samurai

            OMG! The koolaid monster has returned (eyes). Let’s not start off with some BS like you just said. Remember it was Obama bin Laden that opened up our coastlines to drilling and look what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Coincidence or intentional? You ponder on that for awhile.

          • Palin12

            Me and my big mouth! The bitch is back!

          • Palin12

            Eyes, you nitwit, this article is about Hillary Pantsuit, not Sarah, who is in favor of drilling in a small portion of the ANWR. That’s on land, dummie!

        • Tea Party Tim

          I would be interested to have some of these big business, Wall Street welfare programs actually referenced. I am aware of incentives that have been made for capital investments of businesses, but there are two things that you have to keep in mind with these. First, real money was actually spent (+1 for the economy) and second that real jobs were actually created (+2 for the ecomony).

          There is no way around the fact that ultimately businesses do not pay taxes. Any tax increase on a business is ultimately passed on to the end user for products and services. The point here is that the rich minority in America report not only payroll earnings, but also have corporate earnings (Depending upon the company set-up. Many companies reorganized into LLC’s or S-Corp’s in order to avoid having double taxation, once on the company at the time the profit was recorded and again on the individual when the profits were disbursed.). A tremendous amount of these earnings are never realized as a deposit into a bank account, but are rather left in retained earnings of the companies owned or reinvested in other companies. This is the model through which real job creation takes place. Pretending to tax the rich is a liberal way of insuring that those in poverty remain there and at the mercy of the government.

          Many companies reorganized into LLC’s or S-Corp’s in order to avoid having double taxation, once on the company at the time the profit was recorded and again on the individual when the profits were disbursed.

    • refuse2lose

      When liberals say “the rich are not paying enough”,are they including themselves in the equation or are politicians and people like Oprah,Bill Gates,Warren Buffett,George Soros,Al Gore,Ted Turner and others omitted from paying these obscene rates?Because from what I can see all these people travel the country telling us that WE NEED TO GIVE MORE but don’t really give as much as the church groups that are tightening their belts due to lower gifting.

      I say these people start practicing what they preach

      • Save America Susie

        R2L–I don’t know about all of these people, but I do know that BILL GATES is a very GENEROUS philanthropist. He just prefers to give where he wishes, instead of letting the Government “squander” it in the name of charity. He gives away MILLIONS each year to worthy causes. I think that is better than blindly trusting a Government to disperse it, that has mismanaged funds for eons–Not just during the Dems watch, but also during the Republicans time on the clock. No matter who is in power, it seems they forget that “LESS is more.”! Less Government that is. As for Oprah, I think she donates a large amount to Africa and blacks in America. I am not sure about her giving to any other ethnic group.

        And I AGREE that Charity should not be Legislated–it should be a person donation. Otherwise it would not be charity. And Otherwise, people become co-dependant on the Government and never grow up. The only people who MAY need the government’s help would be handicapped, and mentally disabled. Which I can understand the need for those groups, but NOT able-bodied people.

      • don

        Buffett and Gates have given more than you think. Buffett has it in his will to give all of his money to charities, not a cent to his children. Name another person that has done this. There are probably others, but I just want to know some more. Gates has recently given 500 million to a charity.

        • Save America Susie

          Don, They probably have a list of Philanthropists on the Internet if we want to check it out, we could do an Internet search. Maybe I’ll do that sometime. Don’t know if it is a matter of public record or not.

    • JLC

      Robert Zorn — Right On! Congress got a pay raise. Social Security recipients got nothing, supposedly because there had been no increase in the Cost-of-living. Been to the grocery store lately?

    • Bob Schmid

      So Sillary wants to increase taxes on the rich. Does that include she and her husband? Rather than increase taxes, how about Congress taking a pay cut and limit their elected years to two periods. Congress is an honor, not a lifetime profession. They should also be required to participate to Social Security and the new Federal health care program. That should bring some change in attitude

  • Homer

    Yeah, the bleeding heart HYPOCRITE! While this woman talks out of one side of her face she speaks out of the other side of her self righteous face! Hillary and all her talk means actually….NOTHING. Ms. Clinton has all or most of her money socked away where it can’t be taxed! Sure this is a woman who doesn’t have any regard for the unborn and is regarded as a hypocrite from the top of her head to the bottom of her chin, that is when her mouth speaks. I have read alllll about Ms. Clinton and the book is call “Big Sister is Watching You” You ought to read this book. Then tell me that Mrs. Clinton really wants to pay higher taxes!! No she just acribes to be pres or something like that because she is out to have her way with the people of this country. She is in an office where she is Illegally…The constitution says that she is NOT legal to hold the Office of Sec. of State while or right after being in office as Senator etc (It is there) This govt is shot and this country is dead and sinking into the mire! Hillary is a part of that mess. If you don’t believe it well, tough, it is TRUE, none the less! Just read the book and see the facts. See NO ONE dared sue the Author because it is true, and the best thing to do is to ignore the truth so it doesn’t have to be expeosed! Hillary is a LIAR!!! She will be found out!!

    • Claire

      As far as I am concerned, all politicians lie. They all tell us what we want to hear just to get elected. Democrat or Republican, they are all alike in many ways.

      • CJ

        Politicians and advertisers have a legal right TO LIE, or at least tell partial truths. Do you expect them to REALLY do otherwise? Their objective is to persuade you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

          I think you have an unhealthy viewpoint. We should not accept lying as being okay in our society, espically from our politicians. I fear out country will never make a come back because of people like you who expect the least from other people and make excuses for their behavior.

        • Claire

          I guess I was brought up different, with ethics. I was taught NOT to lie. Being a politician does NOT give them the right to lie! That is what is wrong with America now. This mess America is in was brought about by lies, cheating, thievery, etc. I expect and demand honesty–and there is no politician alive that is honest. And I DO NOT live in a dream world. I call it like it is. I do not condone lying. There are no adequate excuses to condone lying–to anyone. Simple as that.

      • Al Sieber

        How can you tell if a politician is lying? their lips are moving.

    • Jodie

      Homer, very well said! It’s a breath of fresh air after reading all the insanity from the left on the Internet.

    • JT

      Couldn’t agree more. Tell me this…how does someone who was so poor that she used to claim tax deductions on her husband’s donated underwear amass the wealth that she has? Also ponder this…who in heavens name would want to wear Billy Boy’s underwear.

    • Dave

      Yes, believe everything you read, definitely do that. If it’s written and no one sues that writer it HAS to be true. I’m writing here that you’re not very smart. If you don’t sue me, it’s true. Anyway, she should be taxed more too. I agre with what she’s saying, do you. You’re not really saying whether you agree or not, you’re just questioning her character.

    • juana

      Hilary Rotten Clinton, should pay for her pay check all the money that she wants to give to the poor. Bill Clinto and Hillary do not help the American working people they both try to take more from our hard working money.

    • JLC

      Homer — Article 1, Section 6, of the Constitution states: “No senator or representative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the emoluments (salary) whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no person holding any under the United States shall be a member of either House during his continuance in office.” During Clinton’s first term (as a senator) the Secretary of States’s salary was increased to $191,300 per year. However, in January 2007, after Clinton’s re-election to the Senate, and before her appointment, the Secretary of State’s salary was rolled back (decreased) to its former level of $186,600. That will probably get her off the hook , which was the intent, at the time. I had hopes for that one, but sorry! We’ll have to find another way to get rid of her.

  • Jim H.

    She says these are her views and not those of the Obama administration. Leave it to a lawyer to have a disclaimer after her comment.

  • CJ

    You KNOW she’s talking about all the OTHER rich. Since she has connnections in making this rule, you’ll be damn sure she and her cronies will be exempt.

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    Secretary Clinton, I have always admired you and I still do but I wonder that you don’t choke on some of the words forced out of your mouth. Loyalty is a wonderful gift both in giving and receiving. Sometimes a greater need forces hard choices on us. I think you are facing one now. Political party loyalty is one thing, ambition is another but over all, Country loyalty is foremost. I am not questioning your loyalty just a reminder of the need to look more to the damage being done, some for the “good of the Party”, some for ambition but these must take a back seat to Country. You have the courage.

    • Meteorlady

      Hillary is for herself. Her overriding ambition is to be President – again. She and Bill have been in politics since college and she is the brains behind all that has happened since. She is ruthless and uncaring about who gets stepped on. She is a avowed socialist – read her college papers if they are still available. People around the Clintons mysteriously die, they go to jail, records can’t be found for a year or more, and it’s all just OK. When Clinton left office they couldn’t even get a loan for the house they wanted in NY so she could set herself up to run for President. Where did the money come from because they moved in. Now they make mega millions from the Presidency and her status.

      • don

        The money came from his book he wrote.

        • Save America Susie

          Don, What I am wondering here is: usually people only make a very small percentage of the money from the books they write. (My brother-in-law has had his books published. That is how I know.) Maybe 10 or 20 % is all Bill would get–UNLESS he made a very shroud deal. Like maybe someone bankrolled him? Usually, it is the publishers and others who glean the big bucks. That would have to a lot of books otherwise. Do we know at all how many were sold? Its a puzzle that needs to be put together piece by piece….Just curious is all.

      • JeffH

        Clintons’ 109-million-dollar income under close scrutiny (AFP) – Apr 5, 2008

        Bill and Hillary…Exiting the White House seven years ago with reportedly 12 million dollars in debts for legal costs related to the Monica Lewinsky and other scandals, the former president immediately launched into speaking tours, earning sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single engagement. The newly released documents do not detail the sources of these payments. By far the biggest source of income was the 52 million dollars from Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          and the dems say people are stupid to pat Sarah Palin 100,000 for a speaking engagement!!! Klintoon is a proven liar, womanizer, and by his own words an exhibitionist!!!! they have paid HIM 52 million???? sarah is a bargain, good looking, honest, smart, and definately NOT a crook or exhibitionist!!!!

          • JeffH

            Joe H., absolutely.

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, she is good looking, but you can strike that smart part. LMAO

          • http://?? Joe H.

            We don’t judge her by you. Ugly, dumb as a brick, and lies through your teeth!!!!

        • eyeswideopen

          Jeff, can you explain how your buddy Dick Cheney, entered office with a net worth of 28 million and left with a net worth of 98.8 million?? Love to know what stocks he had…ho, ho, ho. Quite a return don’t you think? Think it was Blackwater, Haliburton or one of the oil companies who bought him off???

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Just as soon as you explain how Al “The Bore” Gore made over 300 million since leaving office!!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            You libs always say the same people and the same companies, can we please get some new material for once? Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! Haliburton, Baaaaa! Chaaaaaange!

    • Doug

      Amen they are nothing but solialist and murders wake up people. Hilary should be hung by her ugly head and Bill bob should be hung by penis right next to her with his head firmly up her ass!

      • don

        “So give us some facts. By calling names and hurling insults you only demean yourself and show your lack of education, class or moral values and the lack the ability to engage in an intelligent discussion.”

        • JeffH

          Polly want a cracker…baaaarrrraaaccckkk..

        • Al Sieber

          Don, you need to watch the video. “The Clinton Chronicles”.

        • http://naver samurai

          Could you please use your same advice when it comes to your posts? Baaaaa! Baaaaa!

    • Ted Crawford

      Antoinette, Ask Vince Foster about her “loyalty”! While you’re at that ask him what she will do to achieve her goals!

  • RbtShadow

    Chillary makes a big deal out of raising taxes on the rich while she and 0′bummer stash their money in tax exempt trusts. I don’t see her willing to increase the taxes on the entire earnings of the Hollywood left that spends more money on one party than the budgets of 100 families struggling to make a living.

    Chillary wrote a book (probably with MUCH help) “it takes a village” implying that everyone in a community has an influence on a child’s education and morals and I agree . . . . and that is precisely why I DO NOT WANT CHILLARY TO EVEN VISIT MY community. She has a destructive/corruptive influence on everything she touches.


      Right-On Robert However Thieves Like Obummer And CHillary Have The Track-Record Of Criminals From Kenya And Arkansas, Yikees, Enough Said.

    • Save America Susie

      Rbt…Good points. I also notice, as you brought up villages, Its “OK” for Hillary to say “It takes a village to raise a child”, but when Palin tries to let even her family help raise hers, and maybe a small part of the Village, instead of always being present when she needs to be earning her living and is out on the road, the LEFT criticizes her severely. Guess they think only Liberals can let the village help. Ironic, isn’t it? They have two sets of standards. One for themselves and one for the “peons”.

      • libertytrain

        I’ve got to agree with you—

      • JC

        That’s what pseudo intellectual elitists do…

        • don

          “So give us some facts. By calling names and hurling insults you only demean yourself and show your lack of education, class or moral values and the lack the ability to engage in an intelligent discussion.”

          • JeffH

            don…up to this point that’s all YOU have done…maybe you can start your rebuttles with some facts other than ridicule and name calling!

          • JC

            Thing about moral values don is that I actually have them. I’m a producer, an employer and I’m responsible for that.
            Liberal Pseudo intellectuals produce nothing but ideas, most of them completely immoral and for which they take no responsibility when these ideas don’t work.
            Don’t talk to me about morals or class….you don’t seem to have the sand to stand in the same room as people with real morals.

    • Claire

      Politicians that “write” their own books have help. Check it out. I will never waste my money purchasing any politician’s book. Never.

  • 45caliber

    As one of our wealthier citizens – is she going to pay more? I seriously doubt it! I’m sure she and the rest have some loophole they intend to use.
    Come to think of it, many of Oblama’s appointee friends weren’t even bothering to file an income tax form. That may be their plan!

    • JC

      It would take a bull dozer to pull her face out of the gravy trough.
      How dare she advocate communism in America. This woman and all like her are the epitome of what is wrong with America today.
      Take out the trash in November!

      • Dave

        Who said anything about communism? You people have communism Terets. You even call people names like we’re all on a 4th grade playground. You should be feel embarrassed for yourselves. Please spend more time educating yourselves and less time hating.

        • Save America Susie

          dave, Everyone has a right to their own point of view, even you.

          “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money.”

          –Margaret Thatcher

          • Claire

            Margaret Thatcher–She is a woman I would vote for in a heartbeat. It is a shame America does not have any female politicians like her. Surely there is someone….?

        • TIME

          Dave, Wake up dude and get real.
          You don’t have a clue about what hate is, by the responce of your wimpy post. But hey thats asking too much I know.

        • Meteorlady

          Dave – lets see – they take the money I earn by force and redistribute it? Communism? Me thinks. They call the Patriot Act a protection for me as a citizen but can listen into my conversations and monitor sites like this. Communism?

          Maybe you might want to read the Communist Manifesto and then come back. I’ll be waiting.

          • Dave

            OK< first of all, the Patriot Act is the Republican's fault and I agree with you that it's wrong. I bet most of the people on this site right now called anyone who didn't support the patriot act at the time "unpatriotic." It's interesting that you're only waking up now. It's also not communism it's Fascism and both are wrong. Also, it is our duty as patriotic Americans to pay taxes. Do you think it should be optional? Of course you need an agency to enforce that people pay or they wouldn't but they would still use the roads, the sanitation system, etc. Do you like having a police department? That is a government agency paid for by tax dollars, what abuot a fire dept? Technically both of those are communist but I don't hear you complaining. As for the guy who responded to my description of people being childish by calling my post "wimpy", I think you proved my point. Also you said I don't understand hate because I'm wimpy? What does that even mean? That you have "real hate" because you think you're strong? I'm not trying to bully anybody. Everybody has their right to an opinion. I completely agree with that but if your opinion HATE someone when you don't even understand the facts then you need to educate yourself first. Half of these people just watch way too much Glenn Beck.

          • TIME

            Your Hate rhetoric soap box is full of holes and smells like Wet BS in a piled deep and high.

          • Vicki

            You would loose that bet. Well unless all the liberals that post here are/were in favor of the Patriot Act. Hmmm. Not that many liberals actually post here. :)

          • don

            Metorlady, Fox news reported that PETA gets wiretapped more than any group. I’m surprised they said that, and wonder where they got their information?

          • JeffH

            don, perhaps you can back that up with more than your “word”? If you can, please!

          • Claire

            don–if PETA is truly wiretapped then that is great, they should be. It is an evil organization.

          • JeffH

            Claire, Amen to that. PETA kills animals by the thousands.

            From July 1998 through December 2009, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed over 23,000 dogs, cats, and other “companion animals.” That’s more than five defenseless creatures every day. PETA has a walk-in freezer to store the dead bodies, and contracts with a Virginia Beach company to cremate them.

          • http://naver samurai

            Dave, I just have one question. Since you don’t like the Patriot Act so much, why didn’t your shepperd Obama bin Laden have ot overturned? He had the majority to do it with, so why didn’t he do it? Could it be that he extended the authority, ability, and means by which it can operate? Answer these with some facts. Baaaaa! Baaaaa!

        • JC

          She’s advocating a “redistribution of wealth” it’s communism 101.
          Good Lord! and you have the audacity to suggest “others” should educate themselves?

          • don

            So you are saying Bush was a communist?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you say the patriot act is bad and I agree to a point, but if it is as bad as you think, why has your hero Odumber not changed a word of it???

          • JC

            don…WAKE UP! The whole damned system is communist. Get of your little red and blue hamster wheel buddy! Get a mitt and get in the game. The system is rigged. So knock it of with your Alinsky crap. Dividing people is backfiring on you…we’re getting together to throw you sycophants (red and blue) into the street.

        • Doug

          Dave it”s my duty to pay taxes??? Please show me where this is written. Are you talking about the 16th amendment it was enacted illegally! Also if is our duty why did Obama appoint people who don’t pay their taxes??? No Dave it”s your duty to pay your bills not taxes. I did not sign up for having to pay taxes to a Federal government that can’t run a kool aid stand!

          • Dave

            If you don’t pay taxes then you need to exempt yourself from the services of the Fire Dept and Police Dept and please stop using the roads. Oh, stop using the public school system too, and state universities. Why is the 16th illegal? How would a country survive without taxes? What do you think happens when no one is regulating anything? Do you think the framers of the constitution thought this country should be anarchist? If they gave certain inaliable rights to all don’t you think they expected to be a nation? Didn’t they say there should be a president? How would you pay the president? How would be defend ourselves? What exactly do you want this country to look like? Where do YOU draw your lines?

          • JC

            You generalize far too much.
            So let’s pay taxes for infrastucture? Fine.
            But let’s pay taxes to support half the freaking world?
            Forget it dude! THAT is criminal.

        • Al Sieber

          Dave, the Patriot Act was passed by congress and senate without being read, much like the Health Care Bill. only a hand full voted against it. Obama extended it this year. watch the D.V.D. “Washington You’re Fired” it’ll tell you what rights we lost, and who’s responsible.

          • Kay

            Concerning the Patriot Act & other decisions so many hate Bush for.
            Does anyone know about the “FOR PRESIDENTS EYES ONLY” ROOM & WHAT IS IN IT? I bet most have never thought about it!

            Note: Decisions Obama PROMISED TO “CHANGE”(like stop EASE DROPPING, close Gitmo, all soldiers return from Iraq by 2010, win BOTH wars FAST & bring ALL troops home NOW, obtaining info from terrorist [oh forgot that is not their label! It is "victims" of a dispute.] w/o torture, BALANCE THE BUDGET etc)have NOT been done! Not even talked about! MOST MUCH MUCH WORSE…RECORD MAKING!

            Have you noted NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED W/ MOST OF THEM? NOTHING! He just OK’ed the extension of the Patriot act! That is NOT what he PROMISED!Why?(see below)

            He has done NOTHING but SPEND SPEND SPEND! (a easy decision seeing it is coming out of someone else’s pocket!)
            Then BLAME…BLAME…BLAME!
            (He is like those that say they are struggling. He ws given a credit card w/ open end approval amount.
            Like what got us into this mess… he has gone amuck w/ the card expecting SOMEONE ELSE PAY THE BALLANCE!)

            Why is he not doing as he PROMISED? Why is he not “TRANSPARENT” AS PROMISED?

            ==> As I explain in very simple terms to the BRAIN WASHED. There is a vault in the WH(?) that says “FOR PRESIDENTS EYES ONLY”. The “SUPER CLASSIFIED” info there is what the president makes his decisions from. Many in other branches of the Administration, and 99%+ of people DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN IT OR IT EVEN EXIST! (Basically past presidents only & they are not “updated” once they leave office!)

            Till a person SWEARS TO “UPHOLD” THE “LAWS” OF “AMERICA” (read that again) & BE THE PRESIDENT/LEADER OF “THIS” GREAT NATION & takes the OATH TO PROTECT the USA (re-read that also) TO THE END (NOT CAUSE THE END!) does he get to
            “LEARN ABOUT” & “SEE” what the “REST OF THE STORY” was from past presidential decisions.

            Not prior to elections or even when elected yet not sworn in yet does he get to know about this!
            THEY HAVE NO CLUE so they make promises on things they find out later cant be done.

            BUT HE IS SWORN TO NEVER TELL ANYONE…WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT IT… OR ADMIT IT IS EVEN REAL…NOTHING… NO ONE!(wife, family, NO ONE! Even talk w/ past presidents are suppose to be a NO NO!)He is sworn to take it to his grave!

            Good proof of that is some of these SUPER CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS from WW1 & WW2 that are just now being released. The History & DISCOVERY Channel shows allot of these recently released documents.
            What they say is NOT what our history books & media of the past said happened! You would be SHOCKED at what REALLY HAPPENED that caused so many WHAT LOOKED LIKE “STUPID DECISIONS”, to be made. The COVER UP is so good you would never guess.
            You get a whole new view when you get to see the WHOLE puzzle!

            **==>One showed PROOF Clinton was given OSAMA BIN LADEN ON A SILVER PLATTER in the late 1990′s by a government that caught him for blowing up our Trade Centers.


            It is believed Osama saw the US as a wimp & began the 911 plot ***=>ON CLINTON’S WATCH! (but he was busy committing adultery & lying about it to pay attention or care)

            Proof of this is all over the internet showing “leaked” letters & phone call notes etc of the events. People who were there now talking-though not suppose to! And in the news of the other country who captured Osama & was told

            “RELEASE HIM…HE IS NO THREAT TO US” by Clinton!

            ==>>Clinton’s fingerprints are on that crime scene…but Bush could not TELL THE REST OF THE STORY & let the TRUTH out. So till all the documents can be released he has to be the scapegoat.

            Why is no one listening to these FACTS? Because we have been BRAINWASHED to believing BUSH CAUSED EVERYTHING! (He must be the real messiah w/ all the miricles he is blamed for doing all at once!) We don’t want to learn the truth.

            ONLY with the release of ALL the SUPER CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/EVIDENCE & you GET ALL THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER IN THE CORRECT PLACE do you note the COMPLETED puzzle IS NOT WHAT IS THE BOX & WHAT YOU WERE LED TO BELIEVE THE END RESULT WOULD BE. (media, haters of leaders, radicals etc BS fed to everyone daily)Some of the media & bias idiots try to FORCE pieces together. (I think we all know THAT MESSES UP THE ENTIRE PUZZLE & THE ANSWER IS NEVER FOUND!)

            Until the “THREAT” is 100% gone & the nations & the people are MATURE ENOUGH to handle the “TRUTH’ & “WHY”…it is kept locked up! (One show showed how many times we were almost Nuked/bombed in wars past is outstanding…yet today we do not believe America is or has ever been in any real danger! We walk around w/ a cell phone glued to our ears & whine about everything vs. sitting down & doing homework before making an decision/opinion!

            (Many today do not know what a NATIONAL EMERGENCY ALARM sounds like or what to do! I remember cartoon commercials that talked of “duck & cover” in case of a certain alarm-bombing- when I was a kid. Today idiots go to the ocean to see a Tsunami wave take them under or chase storms etc!)

            We are becoming more & more immature. So more & more is locked up. (some evidence may be SHREDDED (?) due to the effect it may cause if idiots read it wrong, as they usually do!)
            Secrete leaks & SPIES (of all races, religion, breed, size, sex etc) are SO COMMON now that almost ALL info is “SUPER classified” (Increasing the fire of HATE & JUDGMENT of a president DOING A GREAT JOB! The stress of that job…I DON’T WANT IT!)

            Obama was SURE he knew WHY Bush made decisions he did. He was SURE CRIMES WERE BEING COMMITTED! He made these decisions w/ VERY FEW PIECES of info released & w/ our media trying to interpret what each piece was & where it fits. He listened to them like most all do. (not “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” & “THE REST OF THE STORY”)
            He then was POSITIVE he knew how to “CHANGE” it.

            He was then sworn in & allowed into the vault FOR THE FIRST TIME & I am sure (and like all previous presidents) nearly had an HUGE accident!
            (He saw the puzzle being worked on in the media WAS NOT THE PICTURE ON THE BOX!)

            But he was elected & took the oath so he is now sworn to KEEP ALL THINGS QUIET & MAKE DECISION BASED ON THE “FACTS” (hidden in this vault FOR HIS EYES ONLY) & PROTECT THE USA.

            He realizes YOU CANT BE “TRANSPARENT’ IN THAT JOB! Some things MUST be kept secrete for the safety of the nation/world!

            He did not realize the HUGE RESPONSIBILITY that sits on his shoulder now. (even w/ trying like a grade school child blaming Bush for everything, I bet he inside has respect for him after seeing it all…BUT HE CANT SHOW THAT TO HIS FOLLOWERS! He was elected as a BUSH HATER! To change that attitude could “give away secretes” & prevent him from being the most popular kid is school.)

            HE IS NOW IN THE HOT SEAT & UNABLE TO EXPLAIN “WHY” HE DOES WHAT HE DOES! So he does things that will make HIM look good…like PLAY ROBIN HOOD.

            ==>>If Bush & Cheney were so bad & were “criminals” as all are to believe…why are they NOT HANGING BY THEIR THROATS IN FROM OF THE WH?

            Obama NOW HAS NOW SEEN PROOF THERE WERE NO CRIMES (as the world has been led to believe happened.) He “NOW” KNOWS “THE REST OF THE STORY”!
            NO CRIMES WERE COMMITTED WHEN ALL PIECES ARE LAID OUT & ASSEMBLED RIGHT! Obama told his staff to BACK OFF (but could not explain more…so hate is still in the Administration that are blind)


            99% of things he PROMISED HE WOULD CHANGE IN ONE-TWO YEARS has NOT been changed…including stopping the Patriot Act
            He got to “hear & see” what has been caught on tape, how many “close calls” have been avoided by it! How it has SAVED AMERICA!
            (ps if you don’t like your phone calls overheard…QUIT SCREAMING INTO CELL PHONES IN PUBLIC! We don’t need wiretapping w/ rude people who do this!)

            He got to SEE the FACTS on what is stored in Gitmo. What the “water boarding” did to let out the truth & save our rears. Now he see’s it is NOT SAFE to let these MANIACS out anywhere in the world! The few he has let go BEFORE LOOKING AT ALL THE INFO IN THE VAULT have COME BACK W/ FORCE, ANGER, REVENGE & SECRETS TO ATTACK US!

            So he cant keep lies going of “THE LAST DECISIONS WERE WRONG” & I WILL “CHANGE’ IT & BE “TRANSPARENT” due to NOW KNOWING ALL THE FACTS that were USED WHEN BUSH MADE THE DECISIONS HE DID. He fears these LIFE & DEATH decisions. He avoids them like the plague!


            REMOVE THE WILL & POWER TO BECOME A GREAT, POWERFUL & SUCCESSFUL PERSON! (Feed the people the baby food they want so FAME can continue.)

            (Avoid big decisions that may EXPOSE BUSH & CHENEY WERE RIGHT!)


            (remember our fathers fled to America & fought to stop this KING RULER SHI-. They wanted to see ANYONE & EVERYONE given the chance to succeed. IF THEY WANT TO. (get off their but-s & try!)

            WE “HIRE” our leaders & WE NEED TO MAKE THEM OBEY & “ENFORCE THE LAWS & RULES” of “THIS” NATION ….OR FIRE THEM! (like any paid job/worker)

            WE are THEIR BOSSES! Make them behave or FIRE THEM! (But be careful, we don’t know what is in that “FOR PRESIDENTS EYES ONLY” VAULT! In ~100 yrs we may get to see THE REST OF THE STORY!)

            ps Any of those who are for making the rich pay more I ask you this…
            If you won the lottery tomorrow for say $10 million would you be OK w/ up to ~$5 million of it being given to the government for “rich mans taxes”? Remember the local & state taxes are removed also.
            If you take a lump sum then more is removed but your still taxed for the entire $10 million!

            How much is left? You would be OK w/ that?

            I didn’t think so!
            (To let you know I am a disabled woman w/ 4 college degrees by the age of 22! 13 yrs old when I entered college. Straight “A’s” all my life. Plans that were off the chart.

            But due to my disabilities [brain tumor that has eaten my memory & seizures & spinal injury] I am FORCED to live in poverty! NOT MY PLAN or ability to prevent. (like so many who can!)

            ==> But I am thankful for a nation that does help those who are REALLY FORCED into not being able to move up in the world. Some countries KILL anyone that is “not productive”!

            On a VERY TINY income I still believe PAY BILLS FIRST…THEN…”IF” ANY IS LEFT OVER HAVE FUN…rare to none! Not the other way around! I cant afford a cell phone, games machines, car, fancy TV’s & computers etc. I pay my bills & try to keep priorities straight! If I cant afford it…I don’t buy it! ALL bills & CC are at a zero ballance each month.

            I also believe RESPONSIBILITY is a word we need to teach & PRACTICE again ON ALL LEVELS including OUR GOVERNMENT!)

        • Al Sieber

          And Dave, watch: America: “Freedom To Fascism”, by Aaron Russo. this will teach you about taxes. until then you have no valid argument.

          • JC

            Yep! Nothing but the facts!

          • http://naver samurai

            Kay, good post! I like reading what an intelligent and informed person has to say. For God and country!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    You can bet that everyone in Congress is counted among the ‘rich’… And most of them either don’t pay their taxes, or are rich enough to make sure their assets are deposited where they can’t be taxed.

    • Vicki

      though it wasn’t said I think we were in general talking about tax on income not wealth.

    • Claire

      robin—I agree with you.

  • Laura Schlegel

    When the rich are getting richer and the middle class is disapearing with millions of people out of work and have lost their homes, there’s something seriuosly wrong. Our economy has been gambled away. It’s not right that the rich and corporations are tax capped, out sourced and off shored invested.Our founding fathers fought against this. See oligarchy.

    • CJ

      That’s because the rich understand how to benefit from the laws (rules of business) made by our government. The law does not require someone to be responsible or informed before they make a business decision, and when they make a foolish mistake out of their greedy nature, they loose. If you don’t know the consequences and discount the risks, there should be no pitty when the risk doesn’t go your way and you have to pay big time. Everybody has a greedy nature about them. Only those who learn to control it will benefit. The loosers will pay big time.

    • Save America Susie

      The truth is, THE POOR DO NOT PAY TAXES. They don’t earn enough. And the next bracket up, pays little if any also. The RICH ALREADY PAY MOST OF THE TAXES. I think it is unrealistic to ask more of them when they are already paying a GIANT percentage of the taxes to support the poor. And No, I am not rich, just a middle-income small business owner with my husband, trying to survive just like everyone else, but enough is enough in this greedy government. They have mismanaged our money too much and too often. Its go to stop.

    • TIME

      Well Laura, ever been to Brazil? They have two class’s the POOR, and RICH.

      The rich pay zero tax’s, quite contrary to Clintons words. I know this as a fact, I was offered a beach front compound there and spent three weeks there a few months back and explored the issue of moving there.

      When will you people who think that the rich are any differant that you are – wake bloody up? I pay more in taxs in one year than you make in five years. What do I get for my money? NOTHING.
      So get a bloody life. Its not within reason that I pay for people who do nothing to better themselfs, nor that anyone pay for such.

      If we make it uncomfortable for the ones who want “with out effort” they will get with the program very fast.

      Just due to making a a few extra bucks than the average person when it all comes down to it the welfair gang makes more than the working poor in the US, they also make more than the working lower middle class.
      And keep in mind I said “working,” as apposed to sitting on their fat butts and doing zip / nada / nothing, zero.

      Bloody wake up Laura, get a job and learn something new – and stop your wimpy little drips of posts.

      • Claire

        And look at the number of wealthy people that evade their income taxes.

    • Meteorlady

      Most of it is because 40% of the people in this country are not paying any taxes at all now. Most are on some type of public assistance. Most believe the government owes them something for nothing. Most, when disaster strikes, cry for government help instead of pitching in, cleaning up and getting on with their lives.

      As for corporations moving off-shore – partial blame should be set at the Union’s doorstep for demanding higher wages and more and more benefits. Did you see Toyota or Honda asking for a bailout? They do business and manufacture in this country.

      We have been so indoctrinated by the left to believe that all businesses, corporations and the rich are bad and evil, when in fact they support everything in this country. Please read up on basic economics. If you can’t fathom that, think of all this as your own home. Could you help support your neighbor and still make ends meet in your own home? Could you hire an employee if you could not pay your household bills? Our government has introduced more and more social welfare programs and they are all riddled with waste, fraud and go to people that are able to work but don’t. Since the inception of the War on Poverty there has been an increase of 20% pr capita in the level or poverty in this country. So is the government working for us or for control?

      Then take the illegal problem. One moves into your home, he does the yards work and cleans the garage and for that he feels he has a “right” to stay. Then he brings his wife and she cleans your house so she feels she has a right to stay. They they have children and claim that you need to send them to school and pay their medical costs. Then comes the relatives who decide to deal drugs out of your garage and the shooting starts. How long would you expect before you declared bankruptcy or you family were dead?

      Sorry but I’m really tired of people telling me I owe them because they were born or because their skin is a different color than mine. I give to charity and I work for charity and it’s on my terms and conditions and that makes me free. Giving money to the federal government to squander is against my will.

      • Dave

        Why do you think all social welfare programs go to minorities? Did you know the government subsidizes corn and soy bean production to the point where it is sold for less than it costs to grow it? They even pay corn farmers NOT to plant corn. This is all so the corporations can make cheap processed food that you can go buy at Walmart. I don’t hear anyone on here mentioning that waste. Why don’t we stop that too? Do you really think the majority of people on welfare are black or hispanic and can work but choose not to because the love the fabulous lifestyle that living on welfare gives them? Also, why do you think that illegal aliens all bring in family who deal drugs out of the garage? Most illegals keep a low profile and avoid anything that can get them arrested since they would be deported. If they do have kids in this country the choices are to educate their kids and make them productive members of society or to let them be raised without an education. Uneducated children are 100 times more likely to end up in jail. Wouldn’t you rather their children were educated and even learned English. I hear people like you complaining about that all the time but you don’t want to educate children? You get plenty out of the tax money you pay. It is true that the government is inefficient but then let’s do something about that. Why don’t you take a government job and do what you can to help this country be more efficient. THAT would be the patriotic thing to do. Honestly, I don’t you, but your diatribe sounds pretty racist and it sounds like a knee jerk reaction. The world is changing and it’s time to leave behind the fundamentalist, the answer to life is written on some document, ways. Let’s all come together and create something we can beleive in instead of blaming the OTHER side for our own issues. If you weren’t so afraid of minorities you might realize they are no different from you but you don’t take the time to do that.

        • TIME

          Who do you think started all of what you posted? Can you say FDR?
          Can you say Woody Wilson?

          And then who spun it it so you would eat it like cake?
          Why can you say Walter Lipman?
          And can you say Edward Bernays?

          And what were they all? Can you say Progressive Socilist?
          And what is BarryO? Can you repete what I posted above?

          Bubba we are getting ready for the next Germany era 1936, and can you tell us all what happened then?
          And can you tell us who’s going to save us from US?

          No Hate – Bubba just facts and TRUTH.

          • Dave

            None of what you wrote contains a single fact. It’s all opinion. Where did Bubba come from?

          • TIME

            Dave I called you a bubba due to the fact that you are a bubba. Get used to it bubba.
            No opinions were posted if you had a bloody clue – you would know that. Just one more minus that the US has produced.

        • TIME

          As to the Illegals they keep a low profile due to they have “broken Federal laws,” { or is thats something you just can’t get your gray matter around?}

          We should not be using our Tax dollars to educate their children, nor house them nor feed them.

          If you want to live in Mexico, you have to.
          #1, be able to show that you have an average of $2000.00 per month income.
          #2, You have an education.
          #3, That you would be of benifit to the country.
          #4, Have proper paper work.
          #5, Have No criminal record.

          So don’t give me that do do good BS. Bubba.
          I have been all over the world and we have the best system anywhere. If you don’t like it go live in bloody Mexico, oh you can’t as you would have no income now would you? Nor would you have any thing to offer them.

          • Dave

            I actually do like the system. Isn’t YOU that’s complaining about the system? Maybe you should go to Mexico, or maybe back to Europe or wherever your forefathers immigrated from.

          • TIME

            Dave bubba.

            My forfathers were forced on to a ship, chained in the dark for 3 months to cross the Alantic then brought to the US as sold in the market in Savana Georgia as slaves that you democrats like to own.
            You know the ones all your forfathers, and they are no differant than you are.
            Just as the democrats then felt they should be able to count their slaves as people so they could have larger amounts of Congress persons. They are doing the same thing today with Mexicans!

            Yet gave these slaves no rights, and beat them within an inch of their lifes if they did anything that you forfathers felt was not within reason, and just for the record would not let them learn to read as that was crime that only death could cure.

            My Greatgrandmother was raped by a white plantation owner and she gave birth to 5 of his children, of whom I have descended from, now people don’t know if I am black or white as I am much lighter than BarryO and yet much darker than most whites, I guess you could say I am brownish / well taned.

            But you go on with your twinke defence and total ignorance. Bubba you whats wrong with this country the mindless twits that think they have a clue.

            And its you thats wants a marxist government so try a country that shares your Twisted and bent thinking. bubba.

          • JC

            Well said Time, proud of ya!

        • del

          Dave farmers get paid not to plant corn to keep the prices up not down. My dad grew up on an tobacco farm and they had to slash and burn a certain percentage of their crop every year. If they didn’t the market would get flooded and the price would go down to the point that they wouldn’t make anything.

          Illegals should get their kids educated in their country not ours. it shouldn’t be our financial burden to do it. I shouldn’t have to feed you and your family either. I not saying I wouldn’t help if you were my neighbor and fell on hard times. I am saying my hard earned money should be spent at my discretion not yours or the government. So the Illegals need to go home and free up 30 million jobs for the citizens of this country!

          Yes most welfare goes to minorities. You mentioned “do they want to be on welfare” Well I would say a lot would rather be that is why they are. Besides having to use two buggies to do your grocery shopping one for meat the other for name brand everything else doesn’t seem that bad. As long as all of it will fit into the trunk of your new Cadillac

      • Save America Susie

        Great soapbox!!! Amen!

        • Save America Susie

          My comment that was for Meteorlady–just to clarify. So many comments in between.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Laura S,
      The middle class isn’t disappearing as fast as you think. True middle class people that have gotten there by their own wits and hard work, will always persevere! My wife and I will pay off our house next month. It isn’t a mansion, but it has five bedrooms and two baths on a little over a half acre. We’re happy with it, and have been here 20 years!

  • http://PersonalLiberty David Gueiros Vieira Sr.

    In Brazil we say that “the country grows at night, when the politicians are sleeping”. The country has grown despite the high taxes, and not because of them. The fact is that almost none of these taxes return to the people as public benefits of any sort. They simply disappear!

    • TIME

      Don’t you have a massive influx of people from around the world buying real estate there, as well investing in real estate?

      Oh, by the way, your beachs leave me speachless, the hotties are just crazy beautiful! And I have been on beaches all over the world, you have got the most hotties I have ever seen bar none!

    • JC

      David, I can make a comparison here. Our economy is doing it’s best to recover in “spite” of government efforts, not because of them.
      Human nature will prevail everytime if the politicians would just quit screwing arund with everything they see.

  • Barbie B.

    I am a business person. I know the sacrifice it takes and the gamble you make when you open a business. You put everything on the line. Most work many hours and put up financially everything. The hours are 3 times that of others. I have also employed over 120 people at one time. I have made it big and lost most of it, and had to start all over again. I was in the top 10% income, and paid a fair share of taxes. If I had all of that money, I would be able to retire. The problem is that more taxation wil reduce employment. Most of my money was reinvested to grow. I expanded to 5 locations and my employment grew as we grew. Most made a very good living. I could have expanded more, if taxes weren’t so high. Now Hillary (who I supported) wants to raise taxes higher. Our employment will slow, even while the incentive to expand will decline. I am surprised at this and never expected for Hillary to have this sort of platform. I am no longer in that top 5 or 10% and have a struggle making the taxes in this economy. If I could, I would expand. If money was readily available I would have many more employed. If taxes were much higher then they are (and no doubt they will be) I would think twice to go into a larger tax bracket. Let’s stop the outrageous spending and be fiscally responsible. Cut taxes and watch the economy grow. I am definitely thinking like a Republican now and appreciate their platform, after what our country has changed to in the new administration. I hope that health care will be repealed, as I already recieved a 20% increase on my health care, and my company’s. Cost are up, not down. Something is very wrong with the direction we are going.
    Hillary, I was disappointed when you lost, but I beleive you are with the same beliefs as Obama, and it is very frightening to many of us. You are one of the ones to be in that top tax bracket along with President Clinton. I have donated to help with your campaign debt. You don’t want to pay it personally. I understand that, but then why would you pay more taxes? You and Bill would be in that top 5%. How much are you willing to pay?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

      I agree with you Barbie. Hillary’s viewpoints along with the left are very myoptic. First of all 50% of the population doesn’t pay any taxes. Over taxing a rich person is stealing. Because a law is passed it is legalized stealing. Taxation should be fair and should not gouge. Rich people are not stupid. Once you get to the point where they feel you are steeling from them there is a blowback. We need to find ways for those on the bottom to be more productive. Dividing the wealth does not create more wealth . Cuba is the prototype for that kind of thinking. It was a complete and otter failure. Why try to duplicate a failed model Hillary.

    • FreedomLover

      Barbie, welcome to The Matrix. ;-) Seriously, it’s refreshing to see someone from “the other side” so to speak wake up and realize what we’ve been saying all along is true. Most of us on the right are not extremists. We want only what is ours… we want what we’ve earned… and we’re happy to share it willingly, in the form of growing a business and employing others so they can earn it, too. Hillary and her ilk seem to think that the public has bottomless pockets. If that were true, there wouldn’t be so many of us facing foreclosure, poverty, unemployment and worse.

      At any rate, thank you for your comments. I’m personally very glad you now see this government for what it is. :-)

      • eddie47d

        Barbie had a good story to tell and it’s unfortunate that anyone in a small business gets trapped with mountains of paper work and barely survives. I’m not sure if Hillary would be taxing her more or not. We don’t know what category she would be in. There are plenty of folks out there that make obscene amounts of money and I have no idea where they “earned” it. There will never be a fair tax but at least we can make the super wealthy more accountable to America. Obama does need to deliver in helping out the Barbies’ and other folks in the upper middle class who have these businesses.

        • Sally

          I get this biggest kick out of these left wing socialists who have never owned a business and put it all on the line, have never filed a corporate tax return nor probably one of their own, have never earned over 40,000 and considered that rich – it is pathetic. American corporations pay the highest taxes in the world. Also, so do the majority of the American People (the top 50% = because the lowere 50% don’t pay anything and if they do it is next to nothing plus if they have children or young relatives that live with them they get earned income credits which in some cases amounts to a refund of over $3000.00. Take for example a grandmother that worked at Wal Mart and made 28,000 for the year and her daughter and grandchild lived with her for the whole year, she got earned income credits of 2,000 plus the federal withholding of over 1,000 back. Where oh where did the earned income credits come from – I wonder. If the federal government would do their job of only those things they are supposed to be involved in, military, and infrastructure and get out of social welfare plus making stupid laws ie gay marriage, we would have so much money it would be pathetic – Let the states handle theirs which is health, education, and welfare and stay out of everyone else’s business. What is happening with all this stupidity concerning taxing the rich, the people even with modest means, will take their most means, and leave the country, becoming citizens of other more beneficial places, leaving only those who pay no taxes. Wonder why a number of businesses have already left – simple – regulations, unions, and taxes. Pretty simple Look how many good paying jobs would be made in the private sector if the stupid congress would release oil drilling permits in the Baakan area where there are proven reserves in Wyoming and the Dakotas to fuel America for 45 years. These would be good paying jobs, plus then new refineries would have to be built but instead we are taking up precious time in Congress naming a national prayer day for Muslims, etc etc etc. It is absolutely pathetic. If you don’t believe me sign up for YouCut in the House. Since putting up their website three weeks ago, we have voted for program cuts to be voted on in Congress, the latest being that government employees should not get authomatic pay raises which would save on the Budget over 30 Billion over 10 years, starting with 2.5B immediately. Guess what, it got voted down that there would be not cut and you would be surprised who voted “no”, Barney Frank, Al Shakten to name a few. Fortunately my congressman voted yes to cut it out. However, when you sign up weekly they send you the schedule of Congress and what they are doing day by day and believe me folks it is enough to make you barf – that we are paying for such stupidity when there are soooooo many other things that need immediately attention. then go to YouCut.

    • Dave

      So you’re saying that you wouldn’t want to be rich if you had to pay more taxes? Really? Why should those 120 people you employee pay a higher percentage in taxes than you? Rich people paying the same percentage of their income in taxes isn’t really such a burden. When the middle class, and lower class, have more money from not supporting the rich, then they buy more things from the rich business owners and the rich still do fine. When you give rich people more money they risk it on the stock market and on other ventures because it’s “disposable” income to them. They also hire expensive accountants to hide their money so they can pay even less in taxes. How is that fair? When you were in the top 10% did you own a nice house, drive a nice car, eat good food? Well the that’s what you worked so hard for. The people who were washing your dishes, cleaning your house, teaching your children, etc. may not have been working those hours but they had none of those things. Maybe they would rather live a more meager life to spend more time with their family or to sit around doing nothing. That their perogative and they need to accept the fact that they won’t have those nice things. However, they don’t need to be supporting your tax breaks. AND they do deserve to have health coverage. If you don’t like working that hard then accept a lower salary and work for someone else and go home at 5:00, that your choice in a free country like ours.

      • Meteorlady

        Once again Dave you go off the end. Where’s the facts?

        The top one-twentieth of 1 percent of filers, those making $1 million or more paid 10 percent of the taxes. That’s a mere 67,000 households, who on average paid income tax of $707,000 apiece. I’d say that was pretty substantial wouldn’t you? You can read the rest of what I wrote here also.

      • Meteorlady

        “The people who were washing your dishes, cleaning your house, teaching your children, etc. may not have been working those hours but they had none of those things.”

        Well Dave, I have a question couple of questions? Did we as taxpayers provide a public education for these people? Did they take advantage of it? Did they work hard so they could go to college and earn a degree? Did they spend their own money to get to college? What part of hard work and reward do you not understand? As for teachers, I believe they are the single most important people in our lives, however the public school system is going down hill fast because we no longer let them teach, we dictate what they will teach.

        We work because we get rewarded – that’s the bottom line. Same thing as when I work for charities – if I didn’t see an improvement in someone’s life or believe I was making a difference in my community then I wouldn’t do it. That’s my reward for working hard.

        The fact is that I have the option to spend time and money on a charity, a business or working, but I HAVE NO CHOICE as to what the government does with the money that I they take from my via threats and coercion.

        As for health care – we are spending $11.7 trillion dollars for just 30 million people – 50% of which could afford to buy health insurance but did not- 19% were illegals and the rest qualified for Medicare. So what kind of benefit is that to the American public. I look forward to you seeing your first premium increase when it comes (if you even pay your own way) – because the health care bill is not free for the major portion of Americans.

      • TIME

        Your ingorance is exposed for what it really is. I worked my business for ten years – thats 10 years so you can grasp it and made not a single cent for myself. I reinvested every cent I had to make it work.

        I can tell you I ate bread and peanut butter for years, or an apple for a day, many days I went without food. I lived in a crapy roach infested 700 sqft hole with a hot plate. Yet I had a business that was making good money, but not enough to pay myself any living wages, no I had to pay my people and all that intails of what your clueless from your bent post.

        I bet you can’t even grasp that, you sound just like the twinkies that want me to start them off at $150K per year and the only thing they have ever suffered is that Mommie and Daddy bought them only a BMW 3 rather than a BMW 7, and they lived in the best appartments money can buy, and never wanted for anything.

        Your Do Do good BS is really old bubba. Get a bloody job.

        • Dave

          I have a job and have never taken any kind of assistance. If you ran a business and only made enough to live on peanut butter and bread I applaud your hard work but you weren’t making enogh money and you, technically, were not successful. If you bring in $30 million per year gross in your business but your costs are $29,999,999 then you’re not running a profitable business. Don’t blame the government, or me, for that. You just need a new business model and you need to cut expenses. Running a profitable business is very hard and it’s not for everyone. I’m not sure I could do it either, that’s why I work for someone else. Until I feel like I can handle managing a company I won’t do it. If I try and fail though, it’ll really be my fault, not the government for taxing me.

          • TIME

            You are so bloody stupid that I have no words for you other than your a classic example of a Darwin award winner.

            As clearly displayed by your mindless babble.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            do you understand what it means when a person put all their profit back into a business? Time wanted to expand so he worked for the future not today! If he had taken all the profit out of his business, quite possibly it might have failed as so many have in the last ten years. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices today so you can live better tomorrow! If you aren’t willing to do that, then do yourself a favor, don’t go into business!

      • Vicki

        Dave says:
        “Rich people paying the same percentage of their income in taxes isn’t really such a burden.”

        Ok Everyone who is earning money and paying taxes please raise your hand if you would like to pay the same percentage of your income as the poorest of you who pay taxes.

        Dave? do you know how “percent” works? Do you know that the “rich” pay more of their income as a percent then the middle class?

        The tax rates are a percentage and go up in “brackets” so that when you earn more you pay a higher percentage.

        I bet a LOT of rich would like to pay ONLY 5% of their income as taxes.

        • Dave

          Actually the way the tax system is set up the middle class pays a higher percentage of their salary in taxes then the upper class. Check your facts.

    • Kim

      Amen, Barbie.

      You have expressed yourself to be an accountable person. Your basis is upon your facts, experiences to life and learning by corrections. You had to seek, find and discover the real truth for what it is. Not what you wanted it to be… or were told, but as it is.

      To all of you out their who like to be played as fools…Stay a fool or be a truth seeker. Stop listening to others to insight your truths. Learn them yourself! Stop letting others make your decisions for you. Make them yourself! Find the truth for what it is and you will find yourself. Truth regardless of what it is…is worth the personal price of self knowledge and worth.

      You find glimpses of truths by listening, experiencing, educating yourself to be open to learn. I totally believe in self-education. It is one of the reason I admire the likes of Abe Lincoln, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. They worked so hard to improve themselves and not at the expenses of another. Some how I don’t see them as whiners but doers. Today we live in a Society that incites anger or ingrains others to be angry negative dependent whiners. What a waste of life, energy and true purpose.

      For heaven sakes… realize that anytime a professional politician states the ” morality blame game” that they are inciting to divide this country, you and others for their own selfish gains. Isn’t that what “good” go-getters do! They like to get your spirit, money, power and control… by means of controlling, directing, inciting and deciding your information for you. Greed by Coercion now that’s an innovative way to lead! Where King Arthur Round Table when you need it?

      Red flag to all of you out there… Stop talking in generic terms to blame others. This doesn’t get my respect or feed my intelligence! Talk in first person accountability with specifics and then I will respectively listen to what you have to say with any merit. I don’t appreciate parenting attitudes who blame others for their own faults…or concealed anger to control others by means of harm to conquer to divide.

      A true political leader will care to speak, to inform, using “I statements”, have a good accountable response time, brainstorm to solve problems and collaborate when decisions need to be made. A good leader takes the heat for their own poorly made decision or they roll up their sleeves to work on the problems that were shifted to them with a positive go forward mindset. Stop your whining this isn’t the 60′s and roll up your sleeves to do the job that needs to be done… or that you assigned on to do. Leadership is not about personal glory or fame. It is not about power and control. It is about taking people where they didn’t need to go. It is about loving them to lead them so.

      As far as the current president… he’s very educated, a great orator who tells you very decisively…very little. Listen to what he is not saying, marry that with his actions. It’s a very smart clam to hold information to one’s shell when playing with others.

      Stop whining, be a truth seeker for I am getting really feed up with all the ignorance by design that is collectively out there. Don’t be so swayed the next time or asleep at the wheel that your voting ignorance crosses my informed vote out. Vote a little wiser for yourself and for me. I’m really tired of paying the price for others ignorences….and more importantly the prices of hurt that I see all around me as a result of that one dumb vote.

      • Allan

        You do realize that much of what is said here is social networking, right? I think it’s safe to assume that MOST of the posters are thoughtful citizens with more capabilities and experience than we may realize.

  • Joe Kane

    It is past time for those who have been more fortunate to take the lion’s share of the burden so that those who helped them attain their fortunes can at least live a more secure and reasonably comfortable life.
    Thank you Mrs. Clinton for recognizing that and voicing it.

    • CJ

      Joe, check your facts. THEY ALREADY DO! Thank you for NOT recognizing the facts and keeping our country in the termoil we currently suffer! You are truly blind to how government is applied.

      • Kinetic1

        The “facts” that are generally pushed by the conservative talking heads are based on the tax rates, but do not take into account what is actually PAID by the wealthy. Just take a look at how many corporations use loop holes to avoid paying ANYTHING! Individuals often pay LESS then the middle class due to to the deductions they can claim that are out of our reach. We are not talking about those hard working small business owners here, but the CEOs who once “earned” about 50 times the average workers pay now receive from 500 to 5000 times their pay! Why should some CEOs earn HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO BILLIONS of dollars a year? Statistics show that CEOs and other highly paid executives receive 1/3 of all the pay in this country! And your concerned that they pay too much in taxes?

        Funny thing, but when the highest tax rates were over 50% we did not suffer the economic bubbles we’ve seen since over the last few decades. There is talk about lower taxes meaning higher investment, but history shows the opposite to be true. When the choice is between paying out taxes or receiving credits for investing that same money, investment increases.

        • Meteorlady

          Give me a link to your sources? You have no facts, just a belief because you’ve heard it enough. The “rich” are currently considered to make over $75,001 per year. I’m assuming if you have a family and pay taxes you aren’t real happy about that figure.

          • Tea Party Tim

            I agree. I would like to see some facts. These “loop holes” that people talk about do not exist. There are occassions that I have personally seen states offer tax incentives to business to intice them to locate a factory or business in their state, but that really qualifies as good business sense.

            I would really like to see some facts on these “loop holes” because I am sure that I know some people that could really use them.

          • Kinetic1

            I suppose it’s a matter of opinion and locale, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the top 20% begins at $86,867. My family is well above that line, however we live in the bay area where a modest home (under 2,000 sq ft) runs in the million dollar range. So if your asking if I feel that we do not pay enough? No, I find that the cost of living here leaves us with little to spare, so being in the 25% bracket is about all we can handle.

            When I speak of the “wealthy” I am referring to the top 1%. I think most of us can agree that when you reach the million dollar range you likely have a lot of discretionary cash, even in areas such as I live in. You may choose to spend it on a larger home, but it’s more than enough to live a very good life. So when I see that the top 1/10 of 1% pay an effective rate of 21.5%, and that is LESS then the average for the top 1%, I find that hard to accept. (, based on IRS data.) Now how do you want to spin the data? The top 1/10 of 1% pays 20% of the federal taxes. Hey, that sounds unfair, and that’s the way Rush presents the information. Thom Hartmann would stress the fact that they receive 12% of adjusted gross income, which seems excessive in the other direction.

          • don

            Mlady – give the facts on this one (75,001) because 54,000 is consider middle class.

          • JeffH

            What is the middle class, and who defines it? There is no solid description with clear salary ranges that define the middle class, but U.S. agencies and economists do try to put numbers to this seemingly abstract group of people.

            In 2007, the middle quintile reported an income range of $36,000 to $57,660. Many economists and politicians alike believe this range is too narrow to encompass the true middle class of America. Therefore a more generous range would include the middle three quintiles, which makes the range from $19,178 to $91,705. This range accounts for 60% of all households, and with the lower end balancing near the poverty threshold, this range may not be completely accurate.

            The 2008 census reported the medium income as $50,233. The PewResearch Center suggests that the middle income range is 75 percent to 150 percent of the median income. This makes the current middle class income range $37,675 to $75,350.

            Economist Views
            Economist Gary Burtless of Brookings Institution indicates that the middle class encompasses from one-half the median income to twice the median income. This makes the middle class income range $25,117 to $100,466.
            MIT economist Frank Levy believes that those in the middle class have enough money to afford the basic building blocks of a good life including a house, a car and money to pay necessary bills. He suggests that families in their prime earning years are middle class if they fall between $30,000 and $90,000.

            Middle class is more than just income. Being middle class is just as much a feeling of well-being as it is an income label.

        • Vicki

          Here is a link to what people paid. As you can see the rich are not paying less than the middle class. They are paying much much more.

          • Dave

            They’re paying more but not as a percentage of their income. They should be paying more. If someone makes 100 Million Dollars per year and pays 40% in taxes then they still have $60 million, which is enough to survive pretty well on. They will not starve and they can still hire a maid and a gardener and the such to employ people and buy fancy cars. Mind you that is less then some CEO bonuses. But if you take 40% of a $30,000/year salary that’s only $12,000 but that could be the difference between paying your rent and being homeless or feeding your family or starving. I’ve exaggerated the number a bit but I think you get the point. Not to mention that the guy that makes $100 Million will be hiding part of his real assets. Also, that corporation he runs gets tax payer subsidy to do it’s business not to mention gets bailed out with tax payer money if they run into trouble. Also when that guy gets fired he leaves with a $40 million severance package, not the guy who makes $30,000.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Then by your own words your heroine hellary is hiding some of her and her husbands income!!! See what happens when you ASS U ME???

    • Vicki

      Joe. What? Isn’t 95% enough of a “lions share” of payment? You want them to pay 100%?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you talkin to me???

        • Vicki

          Hi Joe H. I know it is hard to tell but I was responding to
          Joe Kane says:
          June 3, 2010 at 7:13 am

          not to Joe H.

    • http://naver samurai

      What does she know? She is rich herself and how can you trust a person to expose things when she could even keep tabs on her husband at night? She probably sat up wondering which bimbo he was with.

  • Marilyn

    What “Rich” is Ms. Clinton referring to? Does she include herself as not being taxed enough? I doubt it. I think Clinton refers to the rich who have worked their butts off to have a better life, nice homes, good education for their children,those who give back to the communities where they live, and those who EARN money to support the life style they want to have; certainly not elected politicians. The present tax system is insane but the democrats are certainly not going to fix that. They are working toward Socialism. And the trouble with Socialism is you soon run out of other people’s money. Put a tab on your refrigerator: November 2nd, Throw out the Trash!–Democrats and Republicans who have lived off of our tax money and have grown comfortable doing so. Obama promised “Change” and we are getting it. Now, let’s promise “Change” and get rid of the “good ol boys and girls,” and if not before the next Presidential election, remove the Socialist leader with someone we can trust to actually be proud of the United States and take it forward and not backwards and a Leader who actually believes in the written Constitution – a President who will take time to place a wreath on Memorial Day to commemorate those who have given their most precious gift of life to keep America Free, our fallen military!!!!
    Clinton is just another politician wanting the people to love her and respect her words to get the vote. Balderdash!

    • Save America Susie

      Yes, Marilyn, I was stunned also by BO’s lack of concern for the Tradition of placing the Wreath at Arlington. He’d rather go on vacation and see Paul McCartney, and let Biden place the wreath at Arlington. BO gives the impression to the American public that he has already grown “BORED” with his duties after 1 1/2 years on the job as Prez.! He said he planned to place a wreath in Illinois at the Lincoln cemetery, but he was rained out by God it seems, and didn’t get the chance!

      All politicians promise change, but the trick is actually getting one we trust! Politics seems to change them instead into working for themselves. That is why term limits on Congressman (House and Senate) would be a good idea. I know you agree, they should be “public servants” not “royalty”.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        S A Susie,
        I’m glad he didn’t go to Arlington. It would have been desecration of hallowed ground!!!

    • Dave

      First of all let me just say that our political system is FAR from perfect. BUT, Hillary Clinton had a long career in the private sector and has worked hard to get where she is. She does want to have her family pay more taxes. She is rich and still thinks people like her, including her, should be sharing more of the burden. I think that is to be commended. What exactly is Obama doing to make this country “socialist”?

      • TIME

        Really Dave,
        The Clintons left the WH with $50K, Erskin Bowles bought them a home in New York as they had no money, the home is down the street from a family member, its cost in 2000 $1.8 Million.

        Yet Bill has the most expencive office ever for any president, and as of 2008 the Clintons were worth well over $145 million dollars.
        So where did that money come from Dave?

        How can you make $145 Million dollars out from $50K Show me how its done Dave?
        I may not be very smart Dave but in 8 years to turn $50K into $145 Million dollars is not possible at all and having paid taxs.

        • Dave

          The fact that you don’t know how to make $50,000 into millions is why you’re not a millionaire and they are. What are you even implying? Where did you get that $50,00 figure anyway? How much do you think an ex-president makes just for giving a speech? Don’t you think people want an ex-president to invest in their company? Wouldn’t you think he made a few connections being President of the US for 8 years? They have investments. Donald Trump has been bankrupt before too and he’s rich again.

          • TIME

            The facts that I started with nothing and have made many millions of dollars for myself and countless millions for others is why I can state more so than many others thats its totaly impossible to take $50K and turn it into $145 million in 8 years.

            Do you have any common sence at all? Oh yea – you won the Darwin award, forgive me question asked an answered.

      • Dave

        By the way, I’m all for term limits on Congressman.

        • TIME

          Big Woopie.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If I could make 145 million from 50thousand in TEN years, I take a mortgage on my house tomorrow!!! I can’t and I won’t!! something tells me his brain is even smaller that his wallet!!!

        • Save America Susie

          I AGREE with you on that one, Dave.

      • Chaos Factor

        Dave , Your not gonna get a real debate outta these people.. As soon as you make a point it goes right to the same old rightwing blocking insults… Your a socialist, a communist , a Marxist , your a this and a that…you won’t get them to ever answer a civil question… Won’t happen.. They also won’t tell you ” what rights” they’ve lost under Obama or why they think he’s a socialist , communist or marxist… They have almost no real knowledge of their own republican history… Like Nixon proposed almost the samekind of healthcare program and Romneys healthcare plan…these are the same people that thought the patriot act was wonderful, wiretapping was ok, outting a CIA agent was fine… Torturing humanbeings was fine.. As long as it’s a republican administration doing the torturing… They love the constitution till it serves a purpose they don’t like…. These people are vermin…they still belive that if you give tax cuts to the rich that the rich will thrown them a nice meaty bone… And they’ll keep waiting for that scrap till their pal Jesus comes to rescue them.. Them meaning only white rightwing racist and bigots…Dave.. You made great points and very far more civil than I am with these losers… Nice job.. But they won’t listen and just don’t care..

        • JeffH

          …well chaos…you get out of it what you put into it…as .you well know

          • don

            Jeff – another Alinsky comment. Get a job.

          • JeffH

            dandy don…don’t need one…heh! You should worry about youself first, ya think?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            not with CF we don’t! Here we put that fine public education in his brain and all we get back is BS!!!! HeHe!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you mad because JeffH knows them better than you do?? All this studying you do and a conservative knows them better than you!! Poor Boob!

          • JeffH

            Joe H., dons just a bit sensitive right now.

          • http://naver samurai

            Don, is that all you can ever tell us is baaaaa! Baaaaa!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I think the term is hormonal!!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Killary, speaks just like a true eleit overeducated, soccialist, do nothing in life. These types of organisms always attach themselves on some host, wheather it is government, a business, or a citizen. A government wonk and all lawyers, they want to suck on anything that is producttive. The bigger the host, the longer it takes to kill host, the bigger the attacking organism gets, but the end results are the same, death and demise. I’m waiting to hear the spin on how the government wonks like EPA, study groups, anlyists, the muslim Prez, and all the other overpaid trained apes who drug the systems to a snails pace of inactivity. Onumnut needed days to vaction and golf to appear calm, studing the problem and seeking a solition. Again lawyers and theories only work in rare occasions, real leaders do something not look like it is a photo shoot and spout feely meely crap. Democrats and there paper chasers own this screw up. If EPA would have let barrier process get going in a hurry, dredges, sand sumps, and super vacums going close to blow out areas could have limited damage. Keep it simple stupid “KISS method of soliving problems” instead calling in all”the brightest and smartest minds” as the muslim moron beleives solves problems. I guess if you produce, cattle, hogs, chickens, or farm fish, the markets might be good for a change. If the overeducated dumb asses don’t pass cap and trade! Or learn to eat lawn clippings and bark for three meals, and cats and dogs for appitizers. High side, we will not hear about abandoned animals or fat people.

    • Dave

      So are you really saying that the BP oil spill is Obama’s fault? Wasn’t it GWB and all of you conservatives that hate regulation the ones that allowed BP to drill there in the first place and to allow them to basically police themselves on whether they could handle a spill. All conservatives yap about is deregulation and Drill Baby Drill. Now that didn’t work out and it’s the current president’s fault that he doesn’t naturally know how to stop oil from spreading from a disaster of proportions that have never been seen before. The sand burms have no guarantee that they’ll even work. I guarantee that if he had spent a bunch of money on those with no research first you would all be blasting him for wasting more taxpayer money.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        and on april 24 2009, Odumers cabinet gave BP a pass on their safety criteria!!! I guess it’s BOTH of their fault isn’t it???

  • Cecil Moore

    Hillary Clinton should feel free to organize her rich friends and followers into a non-profit charity that redistributes their wealth to poor people. Given enough good-hearted rich friends and followers of Hillary, it will accomplish the same thing as taxing the rich.

    • Save America Susie

      Exactly Cecil! Right on! Charity should be voluntary. If Hillary wants that for herself, I say: “Have at it!” I am doing my part, when I can, and I’m not rich. But the bottom line is: I get to CHOOSE where it is sent–and is its voluntary. Not forced. America is all about volunteering, and socialism & communism are about force! There is the difference, isn’t there?

  • James

    In Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, the second plank reads: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” Taxing the rich for the benefit of the poor always sounds good, but it also means no one, then, will have any capital to invest in new ventures, all progress ceases. We saw that in East Germany when the Berlin wall came down, there was no progress.

  • Norman

    Hillary, the queen of the small arms treaty.Read it.She’s out to get YOUR firearms to prevent terroism.There hitting from all fronts. Read, Watch and listen.This country can’t stand more change.

  • J.M.R.

    H.C. needs to take along walk off a short peer and take a bunch of her scum bag friends with her. if we could be so lucky maybe the head dick-tater would lead the way.


    CHillary And Obummer Chi-Town Mafia Love To Spend Someone Elses Money, Yikees, If Half Pay No Taxes And Politicans And Hollywood Libs Use Tax-Holes To Hide In, Paying Nothing “People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Or Change There Dirty Deals Clothes While In Office. Yikees. Let The Public See All Tax Records And School Records With Birth-Certificate And One GOOD Social Security Number Starting At The Top, Yippee.

  • FreedomFighter

    High tax kills growth, its been proven over and over and over in history…

    H. Clinton is dead wrong, along with all her socialistic-Marxist friends trying to bring about the New World Order.


  • Dale

    It’s easy for Hilary Rotten Clinton to say since she doesn’t pay taxes on her govenment income. Her wages are tax revenue so any “taxes” she pays are just a reduction in the amount of tax revenue she takes from the private sector.

    As a government employee she should only receive minimum wage and actual necessary expenses.

    • del

      I agree 100%. If these politicians made minimum wage we would see who was really patriotic then. I bet there wouldn’t be as many career politicians then!

  • eddie47d

    We are a nation of excesses and having more money doesn’t make us a better person. The more wealth the less morality and many times the wealthy are the bigger scammers and moochers of the public than those who have less. I believe the average American works harder than the majority of the rich. They get paid a pitence for their hard labor compared with those who sit back and collect interest and bonuses with little effort. Except for the money they had to put out for their education then these super wealthy don’t deserve huge salaries. We have welfare queens and corporate queens and both are bleeding the USA. The average salary in the USA is $52,000. Yet the wealthy cry foul when they are making $300,000 and have to give back to a society. A country that gave them all these opportunities to gain that wealth. Even if they are taxed a bit more they will still have plenty of incentive to make boatloads of money. But will they? Remember that the Bush tax cuts are still in place and businesses have done little to produce jobs for 4-5 years now. So why would more tax cuts produce more jobs? We have runaway wealth in America where most of the rich don’t re-invest in much of anything. They build there McMansions and hide their money in tax shelters and leave America hung out to dry. Where’s their moral obligation to this country instead of everything getting dumped on the shrinking middle class?

    • Meteorlady

      Yes sure, bring in Bush. The Bush tax cuts did away with the marriage penalty, that helps me and most other families in this country. He gave me tax credits for investing in my future retirement. He only cut the wealthy tax rate 3% and cut the middle tax by 5% so what’s your point here?

      The last two years that Bush actually signed a budget they deficit has been steadily coming down – view the US Treasury website for that information. The last two years of Democratic budgets they deficit started climbing dramatically. Now not defending Bush, he could have vetoed the budgets instead of signing them, but be fair here people and get the facts before spouting off.

    • Save America Susie

      Eddie…I understand your frustration, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with acquiring wealth UNLESS you are breaking the law. We are FREE here in America. In fact, I am sure the poor would rather be wealthy if given the chance. It’s “The American Dream”–the “pursuit of happiness” as stated in the Constitution!

      Think about this:

      If we didn’t have the wealthy, there could be NO PHILANTHROPY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Bush, baaaaa! Tax cuts, baaaaa! Can we get some new material?

  • Yvan

    There is nothing wrong with working hard and making money if the money is re-invest in your own Country. Look at what the super rich do and where they invest or hide their money. Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts and do take advantage of every loop-holes as possible. The middle class is paying most of all the takes proportionally. This is what Hillary was after, getting rich in America while investing and creating jobs in some other Countries. Please people open your eyes before its too late.

    • Meteorlady

      Yvan – read just below about who pays taxes. I’d say $707,000 apiece is pretty substantial. Open your eyes. Check out the US Treasury website for more information.

      Without corporate profits we would have no job growth so right now the economy is not moving fast but it’s interesting because some corporate profits are picking up again – that means job growth and more consumer spending.

      • Save America Susie

        Meteorlady, Touche! Good points!

        A lot of people have strong beliefs, but they are misguided. Much that the Left believes is actually urban legend. They have not checked the facts for themselves. But your directing them to check the website helps a lot to reveal truth!

    • Sally

      I can tell you don’t have a clue. There are only two countries in the world, the UK and good ole USA that tax its citizens on WORLDWIDE income so the only reason they are as you say hiding their money in the Cayman’s etc., is to avoid taxation you are completely wrong. The reason they do this is for privacy and so slick lawyers can’t get to their assets with frivolous law suits.

  • Meteorlady

    WOW I guess Hillary would know she’s rich through politics. Maybe she and Bill should donate all their money, especially Bill who sometimes gets up to $1 mil for a single speaking engagement. Hillary is particularly good at wanting to take your money and give it to someone else.

    Fact is:

    The top 7 percent of those filing returns, those reporting adjusted gross income of $75,000 or more, paid 51 percent of total U.S. income taxes. People making $75,001, a group that includes many households in which both spouses work, may object that they don’t feel particularly rich. The top 3 percent of filers, those making $100,000-plus, paid 40 percent of the taxes. The top four-fifths of 1 percent of filers, who make $200,000 or more, paid 26 percent of the taxes. The top one-twentieth of 1 percent of filers, those making $1 million or more paid 10 percent of the taxes. That’s a mere 67,000 households, who on average paid income tax of $707,000 apiece.

  • http://yahoo doh


  • http://yahoo doh


    • Save America Susie


      • Da Norseman

        I second the motion!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Motion carried!!!!

  • s c

    That ‘woman’ is an admitted progressive. If she had to tell the truth on a daily basis, her tongue would fall out.
    She looks at marriage the same way she does ‘success’ (as long as she gets what she wants, she can overlook anything – especially a rutting goat of a husband).
    She’s rich. She’s part of the inner circle crowd, and she’s dangerous. She has no use for freedom – unless she and her chums dictate what freedom is and who can have it. She is truly an educated village idiot. She is a most useful idiot, and she will sell out America faster than Oscumbag will brown-nose and praise terrorists. She needs to go back to Cuba, where she and her twisted hubby spent some summers.
    She’s an American like Chavez is a conservative.
    Outsource her and EVERYONE like her – unless you’re tired of being FREE.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Truth on a daily basis??? Hell, if she told the truth twice in one month, I wouldn’t want to be next to he in a building!!!!

  • Charlie

    Most liberals like Hillary are selfish – they want all the glory for something. They know how to lie, hide and use. Hillary fought investment papers while Jack was shot on the steps remember? She lied on TV about not knowing Ms Flowers and her husbands relation ship when intervied on TV. Ms. Clinton has all or most of her money stashed away where it can’t be taxed! Lent her money to run then had the democrates paying herback millions? That’s because the rich understand how to benefit from the laws (rules of business) made by our government She has the audasity to speak out, Let her dig deep and give. The Obama’s made 5 million last yea, and whats his salary? Working for us how could he get that much. He needs to stop spending the Federal Reserve money that caused the American citizen unsurmountable debt Pelosi is another one. He husband has $17 million in stock of sorry charlie – tuna! Whos pays off whom? Break our Constitution and laws , Your wrong and cheating the tax payers the good Americans is total underhanded. Stop playing games and taking, and its give back time! The American people are watching!

  • bobk90

    They should get paid just enough to get food stamps but too much to get medicaid!! They can qualify for COBRA medical insurance but will realize that the cost is not affordable with the money they now earn!! They should be forced to live in Section 8 / HUD Housing and see conditions real people live in those communities!!

    • Dave

      Democrats are the ones trying to help those people. Most people on here think none of those services should exist.

      • Save America Susie

        Dave, Just to explain….the difference between the LEFT and the RIGHT in regards to Charity, is the Left believes it should be Legislated. The Right believe in Charity too, but they believe it should be a private matter and contribute to Charity Funds that help the needy. Not one of us is born rich. We all come into the world naked and penniless. So we all start out individually with no personal wealth. ZERO. Many people are born into the most impoverished communities and by sheer grit and smarts, they climb up the ladder of success. Not because of a Government program. Two people can experience the same exact up-bringing and one will turn bad and the other good. Its because of PERSONAL CHOICES we each make in life. Many people have risen out of the ghetto to success without a handout–all on their own. They have preserved their self-respect also. Plus a person can be born into a rich family, and slide down into poverty just as easily….Just an observation of people I know.

      • TIME

        Dave, the Darwin award winner.
        I know the Clintons have had dinner with them many times.
        The one thing I can say with out any question is they speak out of both sides of thier mouths at the same time.

        Thus – If it weren’t for the double standards they would have none!

        That follows with many who live in and around the DC belt way. Its all 100% spun rhetoric to make little twinkies like you follow rather than question.

  • Da Norseman

    If any of the rich should pay higher taxes, then it should be imposed on those DC lawmakers who support higher taxes by getting rich off our backs as well as their ultra rich pals in Hollywood.

  • Joan

    If rich not paying their fair share, why do Clinton’s use their Foundation to hide or save on their millions???

  • http://optimum timlaw

    The single best thing that this country could do to right itself(I’m in no way saying it’s the only thing) would be to pass a law against the buying of polititions! By that I mean we should make a law whereas any state or federally nominated candidate should only be allowed to use publicly raised funds to run for office,there should be no private money,no special interest lobbyists,and no person should be allowed to use their own money to fund their election bid. In this way any duly nominated candidate would recieve the same amount of money for their run for office. It would give all candidates an even playing field in which to run and they would not be beholding to any special interests. The next most important thing to me would be for a simple flat income tax on evryone with no deductions. For the poorer people that this might hurt there could be some sort of credits towards helping them with their bills ie:food stamps housing etc.


    Hillary is a prime example as to why all elected officials and all political appointees should be subject to a yearly public audit of all their earnings and holdings. By doing so, we the public could keep a eye on thse people and understand their motives and decisions, that influence the lives of all Americans and this country’s future.

    We are in dire need of standards that will make our government representatives adhere to the laws they put before us and expect “we the people” to blindly obey but not them, These weasels such as Hillary and her hubby are among the most blatant liars in politics and it is time they tow the line, politicians are not above the law and they need you to support them, they do not have the right to lie, cheat or steal and we could make that happen.

  • Joe K

    If I had ever had one whit of respect for what Hillary Clinton thinks, I don’t remember when it was. I was never able to get past her arrogance far enough to see anything else.

  • Mark

    Taxes in Brazil are at 25 – 27% here we pay 33 – 35%, difference are the government programs that eat at us. Now do you honestly think that someone like Oprah Winfrey pays 33 – 35%, not with all the loop holes available to her. An honest flat tax, with no loop holes of 15 – 20% for all Americans would be sufficient.
    Look at their idea of this insurance bill, to tax people who make over $200,000 or couples $250,000. They put better then $2.00 a pack tax on cigarettes, and there are supposedly 46,000,000 smokers in the US alone smoking let say 1 pack a day, that is 92 million dollars a DAY,where is this money??? now, put a $1.00 a fifth or quart of booze tax, .50 cents on a 12 pk, and use this to fund a national health care program and it will be paid for. but is is so strange how liberal minds can not figure this out. Oh and there are smokers who smoke more then 2 packs a day up to 4 a day, where is all this money…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      This is where the libbies show their true colors! They claim to care for the poor, but the poor are the biggest group of smokers in the country. They want to tax sugared soft drinks and again the poor are the largest group affected. I don’t see them taxing perrier water or fillet mignon, the things THEY would be affected by! Tax caviar!! Tax 150.00 bottle wine, or those expensive ceegars they smoke!!Tax those two thousand a plate dinners the pols serve! Oh, and one that really irks me, if a politician gets elected and they have campaign money left over, make them donate it to a charity and start all over on a level playing feild. At least make them do it if they retire!!

  • jimminety bop

    If the taxes are raised on the rich I’m sure Hilary and all that are in her income bracket that have a position in DC will be lining up to take advice from Geithner and Rangel!

  • Ricky


    • Save America Susie

      Ricky, Not me–and Probably not anyone unless they are in that “upper echelon” of Movie Stars who make several million a movie,(usually on the LEFT, though many are conservative)or are politicians or CEOs.

  • http://gmail i41

    edyee 47, you say your a indian, and don’t have a clue on what non indians pay to support your lazy life style. Indians don’t utilize the reservations, cannot and will not support your selves. I know because I hired at least 50 or more of your cousins at a time. If I got 4 days a week work out of them on the crew, it was good. If they got paid on Friday nite, they might return on Thursday. Government and the democrats have destroyed you indians, saying you respect nature, what a load, half of your band died off durning the winter of starvation, when hunting buffalo, many were killed going off of bluffs, you took what you wanted and left the rest to lay and rot. I, as an employer, can not contract down there unless I hire people off the rez, but you can get a preference off the rez, on jobs I can bid on. Either way you “or kin” don’t show up to work on schedule. If you claim you are from a sovereign nation, then you are just like the any illegal, you want all social program goodies, with no taxes on you. You can go to any college you want at taxpayer expense. I doubt if you have ever filled out unemployment compensation tax forms for your workers, paid rent on equipment no being utilized, because the sorry ass you hired in good faith, is drunk or wants to stay in his dream. I have employed whites, indians, mexicans, and blacks. All races have some worthless asses, but the most whining was from indians, that I didn’t understand their culture. American culture is if I hire you, show up to do a job, get the job done, and don’t throw the crap about your culture doesn’t do this or that, then go back to your hole in the rez, and shut up. Your are where your people are because you like a socialist dictoral type of governance.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Man, what do you have against native Americans?? I known quite a few and most of them you would have trouble keeping up with! Henery E McCoulough could lift a 55 gallon drum about a third full and set it in a pick up truck. The rest of the guys he worked with got mad at him at times cause he would work from start to quitting time and no lunch. Employers even would get upset with him as they were worried that he would come back on them for back pay. He died at 59 from exposure to agent orange in VietNam!!! He was there two years. He contracted congestive heart failure and VA basically let his lungs fill up and let him drown!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        He was almost full blooded Cherokee!!!

  • Mad Mikie


    • Da Norseman

      You could not have said it any better than that!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Ricky and all you socialist democrats I have made earned over 200,000 dollars a year, but that was before expenses and taxes , which liberal socialists don’t have a damn clue about. To build, buy, or d anything there is a lot of fees “taxes”, permits, inspections, and more inspection if you do anything. Most of the paper shufflers are appointed by, approve , and picked by the unelected agency simpletons. To get a government position or job, you must have screwed up something or couldn’t survive in the real world, the bigger the f up, the more worthless you are, the higher in government jobs you go. I will not bid union jobs, not because of the wages, but because union workers are so damn limited what they will and can do.

  • BigBadJohn

    My proposal, too bad no one will ever take it seriously.

    Count ALL INCOME as income. Capital gains, dividends, interest income, wages, stock options etc.

    FLAT tax, the first $40,000 of everyone’s salary is exempt.

    Eliminate ALL deductions.

    Simple, fair it eliminates the need for complicated tax forms and IRS agents. Your tax form, you made X, send in Y.

  • Chaos Factor

    Of course the rich should pay they’re share…. The middleclass has been taking the tax hit and the economic burden for too long…..their has been a redistrabution of wealth… And the wealth has all gone to the most wealthy….the corporations will just get greedy every single chance they get….if they were going to create jobs why haven’t they?…the tax cuts to the top 2% are still in effect…. So don’t give me that defend the rich corporations that you keep saying are getting dumped on…. They will ship jobs overseas for cheap labor… And that’s exactly what they did….so they got their tax cuts and still sent the jobs away… This countrys economic problems are directly due to 4 decades of Reaganomics….defending Reaganomics is like Tipping the hangman before he puts the noose around your neck at your own execution….it always amazes me how you republicans defend the very people that screw you over and over….

  • Save America Susie


    Just in case anyone is interested, while we are on the subject of HILLARY, check out this youtube blue-link. It was from just at the time the Democratic nomination of BO was happening:

    Its called: “How Hillary Got Screwed by the Democrats”. (If this link doesn’t work, you can type in this title and it will come up that way as well.)

    I didn’t agree with Hillary on anything, since I am a Conservative, I just admired her spunk, trying to break that glass ceiling for women. But I truly felt SAD for her, when this happened where the Dems took the nomination from her when she actually won it. They have a system of super-delegates that changes everything about the nomination process.

    There was actually a short period of time of about 3 days when Bill Clinotn was campaiging for McCain!–because Hill lost the nomination! Saw it with my own eyes on TV! Then there was the “big meeting” with BO, Hill & Bill. They were never quite the same after that!

    And then, suddenly & tragically, HILLARY stabbed herself in the back by getting onto BO’s bandwagon quickly. As you may recall. Many of her own supporters didn’t respect her after that, because she wouldn’t fight for her rights. They voted for another party then, either Libetarian or Republicans. She could have contested the loss more earnestly & not given up. She just “Caved” into BO’s wishes… Anything for money and power….Sadly, She lost her principles.

    But this video shows her betrayal by her own party….

  • vertical

    By “rich” Hillary means the middle class.

    How will taxing the “rich” get us out of this worsening depression?

  • Chaos Factor

    Lmaooooo at 41……funnyyy…. No wonder youre a righty… You make Sarah Palin sound intelligent…you should read your post ….. Especially what you think an American Indian is… Your pitiful..

    • http://?? Joe H.

      And you are a complete azz!! All you do is egg him on till he says things that are wrong while you act like a mindless malcontent!!!

  • JeffH

    Hillary Clinton is a joke, but a seriously connected joke! Yeah, she has nothing but room to talk, after all, she too was supported by the Soros “527″ money orgs. until it became obvious that she no longer was going to be the “anointed” one. The so called “Shadow Party” was conceived and organized principally by Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes. Do not forget that Hillary was also a disciple of the Alinksy school of radicalism, so it’s only natural for her to want to spread someone else’s wealth, hard earned or not, as long as it’s not her own.

    • Save America Susie

      Interesting, Jeff, that Harold Ickes was the man speaking on Hillary’s
      behalf in the video I posted here at 4:08p.m. No wonder he so impassioned about the betrayal of Hillary by the Left.

      • JeffH

        Isn’t it amazing how the dots seem to get connected?

    • don

      JeffH – a person of Alinsky’s philosophy accuses someone of being a disciple of Alinsky with no proof. Again, you are using a principal of Alinsky. You love the guy.

      • don

        principal – principle

      • JeffH

        don don the liberal mon…ehhh don’t it just make ya livid?
        Perhaps someday you’ll understand. It always takes two to tango…just lead with the right foot and you’ll do just fine.

  • Terry

    I have urged everyone to read Meltdown by Thomas E. Wood Jr.
    This describes how a Carter era law found by President Clinton helped to give just about anyone with a heart beat a home. The law was used to force commercial banks to lower there lending standards or face law suites. Acorn and may be Obama when he was an attorney at Acorn.
    Don’t you think it is interesting that Fanny & Freddie started some of this mess and not one word about the $90 million in bonuses paid to Franklin Raines. If that were AIG or B of A SEIU would be at his house threatening his life.
    So Wall Street and many of the banks were duped into believing these loans were good for collateral.
    So now of course it is Wall Street the Banks and the free enterprise system that is at fault according to none other then the fox that has been guarding and running the hen house all along.
    You bet the US Government has created another boondoggle that it wants more power to control.
    WAKE UP everyone you have been had again.

  • http://gmail i41

    c f, does that stand for chicken fuzz, a typical socialist democrat veiw. Point out where I’m wrong on the facts on reservations, moron. I see you must still be on your fixation on Sarah Palin, is because you and your girl/boy friens cann’t lay on your make up and your wigs to copy Sarah, or do just injest too much dye from chewing on her poster? You are probably one of the pukey no brains morons. I’d fire because you are such a worth less, leech styled, organism on society and on the job site. Any damn program the government get involved in, creates more ineffiencies, and drives up costs, in any sector. Since you hate business and corporation so much, I don’t think you work enough to buy shares in any thing, or are smart to understand reasons enough as why corporations need to make profits. As a liberal socialist democrat, you have to have either a drug overload and/or be blessed with a mental defiency. I haven’t heard one of you simple minded, welfare rat demcrats ever create a job, unless it is a overpaid government wonk position created by the government. Which is not a created job, only a parisitic shelter for a worthless organisms of the National Socialist Democrat Party!

  • Save America Susie

    “Google” or write into your Internet Space:

    “List of Top 50 Philanthropists in 2009″ and you will come up with some of the answers to questions we have been discussing.

  • Chaos Factor better watch your blood pressure .. You might pop something… far as you running a business….I doubt you could run a Kool Aid stand ….but all your grunting and ranting is hysterical….

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Chaos Factor

    Their is no Republican party….they’ve been hijacked by rightwing Radicals playing ” tea party”….today’s democrats are far more like Ronald Reagans republicans ..Reagan would puke just seeing today’s republicans…….I’m hoping President Obama gets back to my left leaning roots…. He been trying work with the No party far to much and his poll numbers get better the farther he gets from these rightwing radicals… This country could never survive another rightwing conservative government….they ruin everything they touch….

    • Tea Party Tim

      Well, I certainly appreciate the support and hope that the Reupublican Party has finally come to its senses, although I currently am holding my breath. You forgot to mention that the Democrats have been taken over by the socialist, however and I did not want people to miss your point here.

      As for Regan…hmmm….I believe he would support the Tea Party above the Socialist Party…just sayin.

  • Chaos Factor

    Save America susie… You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet as truth…that’s a big problem with you rightys… You read all these crazytown rightwing blogs and are so gullible you think if it’s in print it must be true… Samething with Fox and Rush… You think if they say it” it must be true…Fox isn’t news.. Its rightwing propaganda…

    • Tea Party Tim

      And I suppose you get your information from where, The Huffington Post. Gee, what a revelation.

    • http://naver samurai

      What’s your facts from? CNN? U.S.A. Today? Gee, no bias there!

      • Claire

        samurai–I think all media is biased towards “their” party affiliation. A person just simply chooses to read or listen to the media that represents their own beliefs and political thoughts.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        CNN definatly!! Good ole’ Clinton News Network!!!!!

  • Dave

    It’s like Bill Gates dad says. He has benefited the most from this great nation so he should give back the most.

    To think that I have to pay taxes on every penny I earn and some spoiled rich kid who has never worked a day in his life can inherit millions tax free is just wrong. The death tax is set at $3 million right now – everything less is tax free. I think this is very fair and maybe even too high.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    So Clinton thinks the rich don’t pay enough in taxes?? Well, what about her and her husband?? They’re rich!! Does she want to pay more taxes?? Perhaps Hillary Rotten Clinton (as The Great One refers to her on his radio talk show) should also urge all the phony rich democraps in D.C. to stop cheating and pay what they owe at existing tax rates!! As for the “….employment issues….”, Clinton will never admit that the high jobless rates we now have is one of the consequences of the economic policies of her socialist Democrap Party!!…..BTW, has there ever been a poll question: Who is the most detestable first lady in American history??” Michelle Obama has only been in The White House 16 months, so looking back, the answer would have to be Hillary Rotten Clinton!!!!

  • Kenjiobi

    The fact that liberal rich people are the only ones talking about raising taxes on the rich exemplifies their understanding of the basic problem. That is that you can’t have the kind of services that were provided by the “Great Generation” beginning at the end of WWII unless there is a 90% tax rate on the “rich” which is what the tax rate was back then. It’s been whittled down to around 55% and even less due to the many loopholes expressly written for the rich to take advantage of in the current tax code.

    Let’s say for the sake of example that “rich” means those making 1 million dollar or more per year. that persons take home is $100,000 or over 4 times the designated poverty level. I’m not saying this is the cutoff point but it shows that a person that is super-rich even if taxed in the 90% bracket will still have the ability pursue a quality life. What about those making tens of millions per year? Do the math.

    For those of us not in this financial strata who are making say $100,000 or less a 90% tax is absurd. The problem is that many of those same people have swallowed hook line a sinker, the Horatio Alger stories that everyone in America can become rich if they just work diligently. They want their own piece of the pie and so vote time and again to give tax breaks to the rich so that when they finally get their pie in the sky they won’t feel ripped off or forced to support all those lazy immigrants.

    In every other industrialized countries in the world the tax rate on the rich is higher than ours. These are the countries with universal healthcare, schools, strong labor unions that provide a living wage with shorter work weeks, retirement pensions, 4 weeks of paid vacation, etc. Everything you are told is “socialist” which is a very bad word in America, home of the free.

    It’s shocking that in a land where Christian values are so important that a theocratic America seems like a good idea, that there wouldn’t be more of an overarching feeling of social responsibility towards the poor and downtrodden, a desire to live within ones means, and eschew the trappings of the rich.

    How did the rich co-opt Jesus? How do Tea Partyers and all the others making less than $100,000 a year decide that it’s always in their best interest to vote to protect corporations and allow complete freedom from regulation on the rich?

    Because in America, everyone can get rich!!! In fact, I’m going to start spending all my money (and max out my cards) buying things so that I’ll appear rich. I love the rich and famous. I want to be the rich and famous. Then my life will be complete and I’ll never be sad or hungry again!!

    It boils down to what is a good life. Do not get this information from TV or any other media for that matter since it is in the best interests of corporate America that we call keep believing that we care free to become as rich as we want. The pursuit of money is not the pursuit of happiness. People can live a very good life filled with meaning without having a lot of money. Everyone needs a refresher on what is a good, sustainable life.

    I grew up in a time when the rich paid a great deal more than they are paying now. We had better schools, affordable healthcare, more social programs, ballparks that weren’t named for corporations, regulated insurance and energy companies (yikes, socialism)and banks that were not for profit and not allowed to play the stock exchange with peoples savings. We even invited others to come to the land of opportunity (see Statue of Liberty). The list goes on and on.

    I also grew up in a time that witnessed the erosion of a society that could take care of its own. It began slowly through a nevernending series of deregulation that started with Nixon allowing the insurance industry to make a profits. Greed is king now and all you confused people who think that the immigrant at your door is the reason you don’t have a job are delusional. the real crime is white collar these days and you don’t even care… You’d rather protect the rich. You know, those that get bonuses for creating profit at whatever the cost to society or the planet. They get obscene bonuses for doing a great job. Just don’t believe that part of their job is helping you become rich.

    There is no trickle down. except at the lobbying effort in congress. Ask any stockholder when was the last time your company paid out a dividend to its shareholders…Stop fooling yourselves. There is plenty of money to go around most of it ill gotten. Ask yourselves how the banking industry can piss away 3/4 of a trillion dollars and you still can’t get a decent loan even with good credit. Or, how about those credit card interest rates on your maxed out cards. Do you think foreclosure vultures are making a decent living; and when I say decent I don’t mean a lot of money…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      just what should those “forclosure vultures” do?? When they are given an order to forclose they either follow it or get fired!! A lot of those being forclosed on knew that they couldn’t afford that balloon payment, they just went along and “hoped!” When we bought our home, we checked out ALL the plans, settled for less than the most that we could afford, and got the lowest payment we could afford. We knew we wanted more of a house so we added to it as we could afford it. I finished the inside of the addition and now we have a home worth three times what we paid for it and it will be paid off next month! some of the people being forclosed on, yes I feel bad for. There are a good number that got what they knew was coming!!!

      • Kenjiobi

        I’m actually talking about the real estate speculators that are making a killing in this market at the expense of yes, short-sighted,inexperienced home buyers.

        But you have to ask yourself, Why do people make these decisions to live beyond their means. (see below) What is the motivation? The number of foreclosures is staggering and it belies the simple answer that people just weren’t thinking it through, though that is clearly the case in many instances. You still have to factor in predatory lending practices. It takes two to tango…

        My point is that if people could see that wealth has been redistributed for decades from the middle class towards the upper class there might not be so much rancor over the idea that it’s time to reverse the trend. Especially in light of the current fiscal woes we are all experiencing to one degree or another.

        It’s so easy to blame the immigrant illegal or otherwise. Been there done that. Check out the history of immigration in this country. What an easy target. Much harder to scrutinize corporate welfare inequities because “hey, these are the good guys” making jobs, creating profits, sponsoring culture… It all comes at a cost. There are always strings attached.

        Try this, everyone stop drinking bottled water. It costs three times as much as gas. It makes it possible for corporations to monopolize fresh water sources all over the world. Is it socialistic (ie. BAD) to feel that you shouldn’t be allowed to make money on things that are absolutely necessary for life like fresh water?

        Don’t get me wrong, I love capitalism. It’s just that no system should be allowed to run amok. In it’s current state, capitalism is not sustainable, period. What about a little moral compass added to the mix?

        A company cannot be forever judged as successful just because it manages to create continual never-ending profits. The price of achieving those profits is becoming more and more dangerous to our very existence.

        BTW, this is why the person wants a house they can’t afford. We are being inoculated with the idea that money and things bought are the true indicators of a persons worth to themselves or society.

        And don’t kid yourself that Hilary doesn’t know how much money she has and whether or not she and Bill can afford to pay more. Look at the flak she’s getting from just the suggestion. What’s wrong with you people? Are you so morally bankrupt and jaded that altruism is an inhuman notion? Sure she’s got lots of loophole right now but the idea she’s presenting is to consider closing some of those. Why? because they are basically unjust and promote greed.

        Turn off your TV’s and go meet your neighbors of all political beliefs. You’ll find out that we’re all more alike than the corporations would like you to believe. Ask yourself why is that so? How did that happen?

        Does anybody remember when election weren’t always 51% – 49%? Every wonder how all the important issues of our lives became divisive, so that a clear consensus cannot be arrived at? You think this happens by itself??

        Look into the history of how fascist societies are born. they all start with the premise that all our current societal woes are cause by the rampant liberal hedonistic ways of the past and that’s why things are so bad… Worked for all the great fascists.

        So, Please stop with the crass put downs on both sides and think about these questions. Stop blaming the neighbor you’ve been told to fear. Start a dialog about your commonalities not your differences. Really, you’ll be surprised at how we all want the same things in life. trust me on this…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I watch very little tv other than news and that is more than average bbc, and a couple of others including Fox. I compare them to what I see to make up my mind. I also watch the past records of politicians to see if I want to vote for them or not! I don’t go on mindless rumor or non-researched opine!!! I also spent about 40 hrs reading that screw-up they call a health care bill!!! I,unlike hillary and Obummer plus cohorts, read the Arizona immigration bill!!! You make the illegal immigration seem sounimportant, yet hundreds of billions of dollars a year is anything but!!! Maybe YOU should shut off the TV!!!

          • Kenjiobi

            Where did you get that figure, Joe H.? You seem like a reasonable person are your sources non-partisan?

            Try these figures:



            Given that there are less than 11 million illegal immigrants (and going doown) here in the US according to Homeland Security and that Mexico provides about 7 million of those your costs are probably more in the 10-20 billion range not the hundreds of billions.

            A big problem to be sure but the hysteria and racial profiling that is happening in AZ is symptomatic of what I’ve been talking about in that propaganda has made a lot of people look to once again and blame the immigrant (again look at the history of immigration in this country) It really good to spread outrageous claims about immigrants so that you can ignore facts like these:

            Cost of Iraq/Afghanistan wars: 1.05 TRILLION and counting.

            Cost of Bank Bailout: 3 Trillion and counting

            btw, these numbers all paid by us taxpayers represent thousands of billions not hundreds of billions. The benefactors? Corporations.

            How about this article:


            Ever wonder how we can give out trillions to banks and not be able to get a loan? Still think that the real problem are those lazy illegals sucking off the system?

            Let’s say that of those 11 million or so illegals we have 2/3rd actually working. you know, taking all those jobs from us native born citizens. that’s 6 or 7 million workers putting money into the SSA every week that they will never see. Believe me, they are not all paid under the table. the fake SS card business is huge. Oh yeah, and what do you think those illegals are doing with their earnings. right, sending all back to Mexico. wrong. they’re spending a large portion of it in their local communities in order to live here.

            I don’t like illegals either, but it’s morally wrong to spend trillions of tax dollars creating war and multitudes of greed driven billionaires without even thinking that some of the riches of this country might be used to help better the lives of less fortunate human beings.

            Do you really believe the poor and downtrodden of the world are the big problem here? Most of those poor and impoverished lately have been created by war, NAFTA, and other brilliant capitalist schemes that made trillions of dollars some, destroyed the middle class and created the greatest disparity between wealth and poverty the world has ever seen.

            How is it that you can still believe that it’s a ridiculous notion that the rich should pay more???

  • Palin12

    Can anyone really blame Bubba for cheating on the Hildebeast, again and again and again? Talk about a marriage of convenience!

    • http://naver samurai

      Now we both know that if got a divorce, both their political careers would go up in smoke! I guess it’s OK to put ambition before your country. Not!

      • Claire

        samurai–You call it like it is!! They kept together for their political aspirations. Egads, what a life, but I guess it works for them. I would never do it.

        • Jim H.

          Hillary wouldn’t be elected dog catch without the Clinton name. If she never married Bill and her name was still Rodham, she never would have gotten anywhere. So much for that independent, strong woman image she made up for her self. Brewer and Palin are the real deal.

          • Claire

            Jim H– I would vote for Brewer in a New York minute.

          • Denniso

            If Hillary had divorced Bill,she would have been vilified for breaking her marriage vows. She did what most ‘conservatives’ and religious people say to do,stay married and work things out,and now you people condemn her for that because you think it was only for politics,when you have no clue about the truth behind it.

          • Palin12

            Do you know what you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer? Chelsea.

          • Palin12

            It strikes me as rather odd that a lesbian would marry a straight guy, unless if it was for political gain.

          • Denniso

            What a stupid and mean joke…shame on you. Chelsea is an accomplished
            and smart young woman who has worked for the betterment of society,unlike most on this site.

          • Palin12

            “..unlike most on this site”….you must be talking about yourself, Unam Lib, Lyin Eyes, and Radio Man.

  • Palin12

    For a really good laugh, watch Hillary singing the national anthem
    (warning, she’s pretty much tone deaf):

    • Denniso

      I wonder how good a singer you and your namesake are?

      • Palin12

        Did you enjoy the video?

        • JeffH

          …she couldn’t carry a tune in her purse..even her i-Pod is off key…lol!


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