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Hillary Clinton Interrupted By Protester Heckler 15.02.2011

February 18, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • mary gibson

    I fail to see where either party truly represents average Americans. We no longer have any statesman representing us only, it appears, those whose venue is to get elected and make a fortune for themselves.It is so sad to see we no longer have a democracy only the best government money can buy. I do believe if you really care about this country you would promote public financing of elections and get the lobbyists and other corrupting factors out of our government.

    • Vicki

      They can’t possibly represent us. They don’t read the bills they vote on. Lets get them to be required to read before they vote.

      • Christin

        Heck, they don’t write many of the LONG 2000 page bills they are expected to vote on… that IS unConstitutional.

        If Congress doesn’t write the bills, nor read the bills, you are right they are NOT representing us… they are just PUPPETS that are representing the NWO.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Bingo…the NWO is definitely real & has been working against us all & the American dream for a very, VERY long time.

          Become educated to the truth…good to see others are out there, aware & passing on this information.

          Only an informed public can derail them from their plans…as long as our military stands down & doesn’t support them…we even can affect this change in a non-violent way. However, I wouldn’t put money on it…this level of change usually harbors violence in it’s wake…

          American’s are resilient and surprising…time will reveal how this will all go down.

    • Raymond Babcock

      the problems we have are own makings ever one is selling out the problems is we are wanting something for nothing teacher dont teach they work for tenure police and fire fighters are paid more then we can afford dictators are bank rolled by they american goverment i will not support muslims do you think the muslims woke up one day and thought we will hate america we will all of the americans we can

    • Gloria

      I fully agree that Lobbyist and other corrupting forces need to be removed from DC and that we should have public Financing for elections. But, my strongest belief is that we need to get rid of every corrupt member of Congress, which means that we would probably have to start from scratch – Hillary and Bill Clinton are not only corrupt thieves, but murderers as well and America does not need them hanging around. His “presidency” is done and hers never was; go away and stop polluting America with your presence

      • Bonnie

        I have a feeling that you are a G.W.Bush Republican. So was I, once upon a time. Check out ‘The Franklin Coverup’ That’ll cure you! Between him and his dad, that’s a whole lot of corruption! Democrats and Republicans alike are the problem. We need to evacuate every last Zionist and Zionist shill out of Washington DC!

        • Clean Up Government

          Bonnie!! You are right on target. Yes, everyone should read The Franklin Coverup. Pedophile rings apparently have plenty of political cover and it is strongly believed by Americans who have deeply researched all trails, that Kyron Horman, the 7 y/o in Oregon was sold into a prominently protected ring. People are opening “boxes” to find missing kids now, and this will be an earthquake taking down those who think they are too big, too global, to fail or fall. Got news for them. Think again. Yes, Bonnie, thanks for mentioning that non-fiction record of filthy politicians and corruption that is yet to be finalized for some victims! To get the filth out of our government, a good start is revising laws affecting children and youth to and including age 21. We must approve training for people to apply waterboarding to all persons of interest in missing child cases, who are brought to LE for questioning. First an immediate polygraph followed by waterboarding, with their attorney/ies present. LE Rescue Teams stand by to immediately search any locations identified by person, and they must immediately report results to interrogators who will apply second round of polys and wboard to the restrained subject if child not in location indicated. When interrogators are satisfied, according to rules designed for those methods, that continued processing is not fruitful, the person would be released. That is a first step in finding missing children, in protecting them and caring for the human rights and constitutional rights that must be applied to children in both abuse and missing child cases. In conjunction, persons employed in child protection and welfare organizations who failed to act in protection of children being abused, must be interrogated and sentenced as enablers of abuse. They don’t skip out and sit at their desks and collect paychecks without repercussions to their refusal to do their jobs. Order all politicians to first move to legalize waterboarding and polygraphs of all persons brought in for questioning by LE in missing child cases. Technique restricted to these cases. If they refuse, or stall, publicize them. O. U. T. Our children are our treasures and they are in danger. What do you think?

      • earl

        I’LLD Drink to that…………..

  • mary gibson

    We have immigration problems which neither party will fix, the Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats and religious leaders want cheap members and votes. Coming from Boston, my father would sponsor people wanting to come to this county. He was reposonsible for their health and welfare, and that is how it should be. Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for the illegals the owners of the companies employing them should.

    • Indydee

      Our problems are “migration” problems not “immigration problems”. The people who want us harm come from the Canadian border not from Mexico.
      Our economic problems come from our government officials selling Americans out and giving our jobs to India, Pakistan and the whole world. What they want to call the “world economy” really is not. It was the “American Economy”. Now the world is experiecing the lack of jobs, famine because those jobs were only meant for one nation. OURS!
      The world continues to reproduce regardless of whether they can feed their offsprings. I wonder, how is it prossible to reproduce when you can’t even feed yourself? Where do you get the energy?

    • Clean Up Government

      Mary and Indydee, when we start changing the terminology to reflect the real problem, Americans win. Our Founding Fathers protected this country and citizens by using specific terms that require specific response and obedience. We do not have an immigration or immigrant or alien problem. We have a problem of Invasion and invaders. We should not be questioning the invaders’ intentions or ethnicity. We should not care about that. We have immigration procedures to deal with that subject. We have a Constitution to deal with Invasion of our country. Our sneaks in office are all very well aware of this shell game and have won at it for years. When we speak of immigrants and immigration, we bind our conversation in a category that has many escape tunnels. When we demand that the President and elected officials obey our Constitution and their oaths of office, they are required to stop the invaders at our borders with military action. When those terms confront these people, they must immediately respond or be physically removed from their office facilities (also stated in the Constitution as a responsibility of citizens) and face trial as traitors. We have the rights, the methods, but it is difficult to see that those who keep feeding the immigration words to us, to the MSM, to officialdom, are themselves either not thinking, or do not know the Constitution, or are supporters of traitors. No two ways about it.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Regarding the above article, all politicians better get used to these type of antics, there will be more of them.

    • JimH

      Hi Claire, I agree, more of these protests are to come. As long as they remain nonviolent,it could be a good thing. We’ll see if the leaders take notice of OUR concerns.

      • Raymond Babcock

        goverment workers want more then the country can afford to pay there will be reduction in pay or the country will default and no one will get any thing germany will have a market that is worthless

    • Clean Up Government

      Claire and JimH and Raymond, I agree. When we are present at events where crumb bums like the Clintons swivel their heads, chins high looking down their noses as they make their pronouncements to us, we need to give them a “shout out” that they are wrong. As they lie lie lie we will correct them loudly. I think there was a tv special that was advertised by Hardball about ExPres Clinton, calling him President of the World. He must have told MSNBC to do the special… he is such a jealous sick predator, he can’t stand for Hillary to be in the spotlight. There is a real war going on between them now. Both Sicko’s. Truth will out.

  • charles stewart

    Americans have only themselves to blame for their financial crisis, how can you let your manufactureing base be lost to foreign powers and expect to remain strong. Most or your autos and electronics are foreign owned and made and the money made by these products leaves the country. The international bankers loaded money overseas and they want a return on this money from cheap laborand governments that will keep the workers in line. The Republican are full of crap, about lower taxes, the job of government is to take care of the people, its not a business worrying about the bottom line, thats why we have roads free schools a military and retirement, because we pay taxes.

    • fanofthefounders

      Unfortunatley you are economically ignorant about manufacturing jobs. Americans enjoy a standard of living that’s much to high to rely on unskilled manufacturing jobs. The gov’t can keep them here artifically, but everyone will suffer a lower standard of living. We’ve seen this over and over with tarriffs mostly designed to protect unions and everyone pays to save 2000 jobs.

      A Communist gov’t may exist to take care of people, but here the gov’t exist to protect your property rights so you can take care of yourself. The military is for protecting your property and life, it’s not the Fed gov’t job to provide roads, schools or retirement. Your thinking has gotten us to where we are now.

      • eddie47d

        How much of your own money will you be putting in that coffee can to pay for that road that is in front of your house. How about that highway you use to get to work or visit family. There would be little progress if government didn’t step up to the plate and collect taxes for those roads. So please pull you head out of the sand.

        • Vigilant

          As Ronald Reagan would have said, “eddie, there you go again…”

          The faux argument you pose is as dishonest as arguments come.

          Show me anyone on this site who has EVER challenged the need for highways and the taxes to pay for them. I find it totally disingenuous that leftists of your ilk repeatedly refer to the public services we receive as some sort of socialism. The worst part of it is, you guys KNOW you’re posing a faulty argument.

          The natural rights of life, liberty and property are formalized in the Constitution. No where does the Constitution allow the Feds to dishonor existing federal law (read: AZ immigration law), force individuals to purchase a commercial product (Obamacare), operate a shadow government outside of the checks and balances of the three branches (Obama’s czars), use regulatory agencies to bypass legislation (EPA), breach existing UCC regulations and bankruptcy law to nationalize a private corporation (GM), seize private property solely for the benefit of local governments and private developers (Kelo vs. New London), use taxpayers’ money to offer free abortions notwithstanding the sincere moral objections of decent people (Planned Parenthood), curb legitimate free speech (fairness doctrine), deny the right of secret ballot (Employee Free Choice Act, what a misnomer), and a host of other actions taken by a government out of control.

          And the Supreme Court has no Constitutional right to MAKE law, they are there to interpret the Constitution.

          No sir, you and yours don’t have your heads in the sand, but in a place where the sun doesn’t shine and it is considerably less fragrant.

          • Gene Husky

            The government have collected taxes upon taxes and squandered it.Americans are taxed to death.It is very interesting that the 16th ammendment does not allow taxes to be collected on labor.The IRS cannot show you a law that says you have to file taxes on you earnings.If you don’t believe me just ask any agent or the top IRS official to show it to you.The Suppreme Court will not get involved in tax cases because they know it is unconstitutional and violates the 16th ammendment…Check it out people..The governments are controlled by the money not the people..Banks have all the money,you have nothing but a few pieces of paper to barter with.They can take everything you own including your bank accounts,and don’t even have to give you a reason…Wake up

          • BrotherPatriot

            Nice comment & pretty much spot on. People are wakin up to what the powers that be have been up to…indeed…Change is coming.

            God Bless.

      • Raymond Babcock

        i will give all that iam with they exception of my soul that belongs to god at this moment i work at the V.A.Hospital for a free lunch iam not looking for pity there is nothing i have ever done before watching vetrans come to the hospital wrecked and leave a new person

    • Vigilant


      “The Republican [sic] are full of crap, about lower taxes, the job of government is to take care of the people.”

      “The job of government is to take care of the people? What an ignorant person you are! Since you use the second person plural in talking about Americans, I have to wonder in which country you reside.

      You either failed any American civics course you may have taken, or you are relying on leftist propaganda to surmise the function of government in this great nation. Your disdain of the Constitution, the LAW OF THE LAND, is embodied in the ridiculous assertion that the Feds are here to take care of us.

      Get off your dunce’s stool and read the Constitution some time; the Founders wrote it in terms even you could understand. The come back and tell me what the function of the Federal Government is.

    • stella honeycutt

      Free benefits are not free. Soldiers died for others benefit. People pay taxes for medicare, Social Security, ect. Kids are paying for their parents Social Security by paying their taxes. past elderly paid for my Social Security. Veteran paid for Vet. pensions with their sweet and blood. Politicians steal Americans blood, sweat and money. They all are a den of theives. We vote thinking things will get better they don’t. Each president has stolen from Social Security to start other programs but eventually they all go bad or down their own pockets. Been that way before the time of Jesus Christ.

    • Mac

      Charles, someone else called you for saying “the job of government is to take care of the people,”. I’m going to call you for the “free schools” thing. I know, you said a few words later about taxes covering it, but everyone should watch the use of the word “free” when talking about things they don’t have to pay directly out of their pocket for. NO THING is free – someone, somewhere, is paying for it. And I am one of those “someone”s.

  • Pete

    Hilary is looking good !

    I don’t agree with everything Hilary says though .. What is really going on in Egypt ? Mubarak got kicked out of office, so who decided that ? I think they all are just trying to target Israel.

    Hey, look at the bright side ! You still have access to hi-tech gadgets, how they work and how to build them…

    I just picked up “Calculus For Dummies” 2 book set (one book you read, the 2nd book is a Workbook). I’m still working my way thru Algebra also..

    Hey, I’m almost 49, unemployed (a 99er) living my wife. I eat mostly dry beans … if I can learn some technology, so can all of you ! Just build that Star Trek Phaser Gun, right ? and put it under your bed….

    • Palin12

      Hillary looking good? What have you been smoking? She’s so ugly when she walks into a room mice jump on chairs!

      • rafael

        Hillary: HER FACE LOOKS LIKE HER ASS>>>

        • eddie47d

          Palin and Rafael; Typical Republican kindness? I believe we know who the asses are.

          • Vigilant

            eddie, we’ll hold you to that the next time you make one of your trademark insults. Pot calling the kettle black?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If I had a poodle with her face, I’d shave his a$$ and make him walk backwards!!!

        • Vigilant

          rafael, I consider myself truly blessed that I have never seen (nor seek to see), Hillary’s backside.

          • Pete


            They got simple exercises that would get rid of the back side problem ! But you got to admit, Hilary looks great in this video ! Most women look good if they just take care of themselves ..

          • Palin12

            someone needs to get the Hildebeast a burka.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Nah, a plain brown paper bag would do!!!

          • Palin12

            Actually the Hildebeast is what I call a two-bagger. You put one bag over her head, and another bag over your own head in case the one on her head breaks.

        • Drew

          I have never seen her ass, but if it is as bad as the face is, it has to be stamped USDA Choice Fat A$$

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Nah, just W I D E load!!!!

  • s c

    There are some interesting reasons why Hillary has her present “job.” First, by getting Hillary ‘out of the house,’ Bubba can get on with his frat boy lifestyle. Second, Hillary has been on the CFR’s pre-approved short list of plug-in politicians ever since Bubba oozed into the White House.
    Third, Hillary’s allegiance is to her puppet masters. Fourth, she probably has more testosterone than Bubba, and she has a chance to do more damage to America than Bubba did.
    As I recall, Bubba didn’t jump on the anti-2nd Amendment bandwagon the way Hillary has. Fifth, Hillary has lots of people fooled into thinking that she serves a purpose in government, when her main goal is to take care of herself as America tries to dodge a continuing series of economic icebergs.
    If we could be told the truth once in a while, I’ll bet Bubba would admit that his quality of life has improved since Hillary decided to leave New York for greener pastures. Hillary and Bubba deserve each other. Betcha that Arkansas doesn’t want them back – ever.

    • Indydee

      Funny! Hahahahaha!

    • Christin

      You are right, s c.
      She is working hard at killing our second amendment rights.

      Hillary is BAD news for We The People… she is an admitted “Early 20th Century Progressive.” Think Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

      I heard 36 people died under Billy’s reign, but a family member told me 70! Either way they are bad news.

      I think obamama put Hillary in that position to keep her busy and out of his way, but also to appease the hillary fans that were saddened by her loss in the Primary and pretend he cares about them.

      • Drew

        The Clinton’s are like cousin’ eddie on Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation!!
        They are also like the realtives that youv’e never met coming to your house
        and than when the parties over, they stick around………forever, The Clinton’s ARE THOSE PEOPLE!!!!
        And it does not matter what you do to try and get rid of them, they will not leave.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Yes…from what I have researched…indeed…their is a death trail behind the Clinton’s. They are true crooks and murderer’s…as are so many in positions of power, unfortunately.

        In my opinion…the people best for the job usually are those that dont’ want it but who reluctantly step up to the plate. These people would be voted in by how they conduct themselves in real life & in their community. By their service to our country in the armed forces etc…not the career politions that pursue power…such as the Clintons for example.

        There are indeed these kind of people around us & in our country. But w/the way things are ran right now…they don’t have a chance to serve us. Money is the ruling power right now…& the people who have the money…we wouldn’t want to run things…but they do.

        Let’s hope this isnt’ how it will be forever.

  • Indydee

    Honestly, As far as I’m concerned….we just ought to nuke ALL the Arab countries & now include all of Northern Africa. We can then reclaim what is rightfully ours! The oil is ours. We discovered it and its uses. We figured out how to refine it and put it into vehicles & airplanes. LET’S RECLAIM WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY OURS! We (the US of A) deserves some respect!

  • Protonius

    Pardon my interrupting the above comment-flow, but can somebody please explain the background & story as to what the above video-clip is showing? From what I see in that clip, Hillary is plodding-on about how someone (Mubarak?) shut down internet-access — and then we see a guy in the audience being wrestled and, to his protest, removed from the room, as she plods further on. Up until the moment that this man is pulled away, there is NO audible protest heard in this clip; plus, the rest of the audience — that we see — remains quietly in their seats. So what is the story here?

    • Drew

      The Stepford Wives

  • Indeed

    Poor poor Hillary – looking ragged isn’t she? Keeps seeing Monica in her dreams. But Billy sure is looking spry, especially with no wife to hide from. You go Bill, I hear there’s many a young intern in Washington you can ‘not have sex with!”

  • David

    Greetings “my fellow Americans”,
    It is time we learned what made America the envy of the world. Our foundation is Biblical principles that trancend time and borders. As stated in time past “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Entitlements are undermining our foundation. Greed and special interests have taken our backbone away. We the People need to stand up for America. Flush the “political correct” and “tolerance” down. Stand up for America. Stop aploigizing for America. America has stopped tyrants from ruling. Get the Federal government out of brainwashing and get back to the basics that America is built on: God, country and helping your neighbor. The EPA, Deparment of Education, Department of Energy and Social Security have not made America stronger. Are American students among the top students in the world? Thank you Department of Education. Is America less dependant on foreign oil now than in the 1960′s? Thank you Department of Energy. Is our environment better now than in the 60′s? Thank you EPA.

    Stand up America. The current resident in the White House spent 20+ years listening to hate messages. He has spent millions preventing proof of being a natural born citizen from being made public. Maybe he need to give America real “hope” and “change” his residence back to Chicago or maybe Kenya.

    Think about how the softer gentlier message works when no one “stands up” for what is right. Being “politically correct” and “tolerace” are buzz words of czars and dictators. Stand up America.

    Thank you. Take 30 minutes and read the Constitution. It will change your thinking to the “right”.

    • Richard Kent

      David: Thank you. Common sense has been blurred by Political Correctness. No Dem or liberal or socialist wants to believe that he or she has to obey someone they don’t believe in. The constitution is a blockage that is a threat to the very heart of what they need to do…control.

  • Lev

    Well,probably you’re a smart people, but…very limited in your thinking.Because nobody of you have any experience of living in the OTHER social system – socialism. Our current government and president are very loyal to the socialistic idea, which would be the real and quick DEATH of our beloved country. Regarding all our economical fallimg and other problems we can blame this three “things”: our so-calling “polit-correctness”, our “affirmative-action-program” and first of all, our so-calling “progressive-liberal-democrats”, who are the real enemies of the United States of America. All of that mean we have to blame only OURSELVES. And WE ONLY can save it…if we wanted to do it.

  • Jim

    Internet Freedom? That is a laugh. As of today 02-21-11 Obama has the power to shut down the internet. The FCC gave him the power exactly 2 months ago. If congress doesn’t act on it within 60 days it becomes law! So what Hillary said is BS Our own President has his finger on the “KILL SWITCH” and can shut down the internet during any “EMERGENCY”. Watch what the left hand is doing and don’t waste a crisis!

    • Clean Up Government

      Jim you are right. To see how the slugs are eating their way into our country in every way they can, check out what they did to Anyone who has used that source previously will understand how it has been utterly destroyed as an information source. Just try to find a contact email where you can complain about the revised format. They have scrambled and “categorized” everything so that people cannot contact anyone in charge. The site looks like a war disaster. Earlier I was annoyed that Kyron Horman was not a topic, and at that time was able to reach and read the comments by a guy who was insistent that Kyron would never be included, giving explanation that there were lots of missing kids and some other comments that made one question the quality of his mind. He angrily insisted that Kyron be excluded. He was also a “submitter” to other wikipedia entries and topics, ripping information out of wikipedia. Many smart people countered his push and Kyron was added. However, to our dismay after that happened, the entire format of wikipedia was ripped and replaced with the worst format ever seen on the internet. How do these slugs get into our important communication services, into our government, into our schools, into our society, and devour it? Please check wikipedia and if you agree that it has been destroyed, and information withheld on most bios, for instance… a person’s religion is no longer shown -perhaps some remain but most no longer remain, then please try to find contacts and send complaints… or better yet, just send complaints to any of the “contact” addresses in various categories.

  • Wayne Fritzsche

    We can get true representatives “OF BY and FOR the People”…go to and find out how you throw the bums out. Please, be a Patriot. Our founders died for this right, as did my dad.

  • Mac

    Protonius called my attention to this: what IS the point of this video? What was the “heckler” doing that prompted his getting bodily removed from the audience? I heard no heckling – just Hillary’s voice until the security people (?) started wrestling the guy. All I got from it was that Hillary was droning on and on; I would have gone to sleep if I had been there.

  • Ruby

    The lobbyist aren’t just in DC. Wake up, they are in City, State, and Local government as well. 2008-2010 They paid their budy contractors to come in and build billion dollar state and municipal buildings, and now taxpayers are paying that too along with rising electric bills, rising water bills, rising grocery bills, and rising gas prices. They have hiked their prices because of guess what the new charge is gas taxes. And guess what, we are paying our bills and losing our wages. You can’t save and you can’t pay the bill collectors because, if you are lucky enough to have a job you are way under employed. It is a viscious circle.

  • Infidel

    So who is sneaking around the U.N. making back Door deals on OUR
    Second Amendment Rights? Hillary Clinton your own Sec. of Back Door
    deals against the American People! Well we all know who she works for!

  • http://None J.B. Williams

    “The rest of the story,” as the late Paul Harvey would say, is that Hillary’s team of criminals were the ones who did what she is saying “was done” by someone. Duhh, how dumb does she think Americans are? We’ve already lost our first Amendment right of free speech, with the “Discrimination Law.” As you probably realize interpretation of that law is up to whoever is in power in the United States Government at the time a claim is filed.


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