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Hillary 2012

December 22, 2011 by  

Hillary 2012

A robo-call being received in many States is pushing Hillary Clinton to enter the 2012 Presidential race.

“America would be better off today if Hillary Clinton was our president,” says the call. “The Wall Street robber barons would be jailed, young people could afford college and find jobs and 6 million homeowners wouldn’t face foreclosure.”

The call then directs people to go to and sign a petition to persuade the onetime Presidential candidate to run again. The call claims to be a “project of the 99 percent.”

This is not the first time that a Clinton 2012 suggestion has been mentioned; Former Vice President Dick Cheney in September suggested on ABC News that the Secretary of State make a Presidential bid.

“I think she’s probably the most competent person they’ve got in their– in their cabinet.  And– frankly, I thought she was gonna win the nomination last time around,” Cheney said. “Maybe if– the Obama record is bad enough– and these days it’s not very good, given the shape of the economy maybe there will be enough ferment– in the Democratic Party so that there will be a primary on their side.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    She is like obummeri wouldnt vote for either one of them.

    • HKaufman

      Opinions Vary!!!!

      • Robert Hauser

        People’s opinions can vary all over Hell’s Half Acre for all i give a damn…..facts don’t. And one fact is that Hilarity-twit is as much of an NWO political whore as all the rest of her squalid ilk and she is a poster brat for the across the board repeal of the XIXth Amendment.

    • JTB

      I agree with you she’s no different than obama just another miserable socialist!

    • LindyMaeUsa

      Dear God in Heaven!! Wasn’t eight years with the “Clinton Crooks, Cheats and Thieves” enough?

      America? RESEARCH, RESEARCH RESEARCH into this evil woman’s political history! If you don’t bother researching her “past” then you deserve what she would do to you and ALL Americans!!

  • Jim Robinett

    and who made up these fairy tales?

    • cleareyes

      Bill was on some talk show was he not! Open your eyes and mine! It will come to you! DimRats see the writing on the wall. And will drop Obama like a hot rock.
      They don’t want to lose their power they had when Bill was in.
      We get in and make good jobs, the DimRats will be out for 50years or more. I would hope.

  • FreedomFighter

    Hilly is looking like Mao, 100% communist.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      ….and you’re comments are becoming more and more insane.I guess it’s whatever makes you feel good no matter how over the top they are in being wrong.

      • big wyo

        eddie, oh eddie, how could you??????

      • eddie47d

        That was easy if the truth is being told. Now if you want to win through sharp tongued misinformation or conjecture like FF has done then “your side” won’t have much credibility either.

        • moonbeam

          Eddie I swear you crack me up. Thanks for the laughs.

      • Sirian

        eddie, have you forgot that Hillawee proclaimed ,with pride, that she is a dedicated “Progressive” during one of the Democrat debates of 2008? Progressives are in reality socialists which in turn are the first step towards communism/communists. Go pull up the debates and you will be then able to both see and hear it come from her mouth exclusively.

      • Brad


        I’m going to back the words FF and Sirian posted with this youtube video, you decide for yourself what she ment!!!

        • Sirian

          Thanks Brad, exactly what I was talking about. As to whether eddie47 will go there and watch it is an unknown. As to what his definition of a Progressive is, that is also an unknown. Hopefully it will clear his mind somewhat – maybe.

        • eddie47d

          All I have to say about that video is Go Hillary! I’m progressive on many issues and conservative on many others. She actually sounded great in her explanation. There are freedoms that she will champion that some of you wouldn’t touch which too me makes some of you fascists in behavior.I see too many comments on this site where you want to take away rights rather than champion rights at least on social issues. I don’t think Hillary will run but I will be cautious on her stand on Some UN issues just like you.

        • Sirian

          Uh Brad, sorry, the unknown is now known.

      • T-Texas

        Pull your head out of your rear.This woman hates the constitution as much as obummer.She would gladly hand the US over to the UN and Nato if she could get away with it.She and Bill were nothig but 60′s hippies.

        • moonbeam

          Actually, things were pretty dog-gone good when Bill was prez. Everybody was working, I had a thriving licensed RN/Massage therapy business and money was flying out of the wood work. Then came that long-horned bush boogey Texan. Then came that Kenyan illegal alien with three different names and multiple SSNs, the hilarious joke on America and veritable ass boil.

          Calgon take me away!

          • Vigilant

            So many forget, or never knew in the first place, that it was Reaganomics that gave this nation the longest sustained period of business prosperity in its history. It wasn’t Slick Willie’s game, it was Reagan’s that grew the country.

          • JTB

            When Bill was president he was lucky enough to have a republican house that made him look so good!

          • Tim


      • EdinNola

        Eddie, you really need to read Hillary’s college thesis if you can get your head out of the sand long enough to see the light of day. I can save you some time and tell you that it is a glorification of Saul Alinsky, a radical “community Organizer” whose methods Obama taught and practiced briefly in Chicago. Hillary’s hero was a devotee of Lenin, the architect of the Russian Revolution. Alinsky devoted himself to teaching “community organizing”, Communism, and improving on Lenin’s methods. Don’t even JOKE about Hillary not being a Communist.

        • s c

          EdinNola, are you new to this website? You might might as well give up on ‘e.’ In his world, there are few words that have multiple syllables. Any word more complicated than ‘conservative’ [which he doesn't understand and can't define] gives him a migraine. We keep ‘him’ around for comic relief.

    • KUSA

      absolutelly she is cumo.

    • http://ObserverfromPhoenix Thomas Shia

      Sorry I have to correct your statement. She is more like Mao + Hitler.
      Let me explain. Mao just wanted to rule China. Hillary wants to rule
      the whole world in that fashion! Haven’t you read her speeches around the world in the capacity of the Secretary of the State of USA?
      Read her mind behind those words of hers and you will find what I meant.

  • JB

    And the Democratic Party has no better offering for the highest office in the land ? ? ? ? ?
    Nope, it’s all about money, power, control, and winning ! ! !
    Just think what wonderful things could be done with the political treasure chest Obama (or any “contender”) has at his disposal to buy the Presidency.

  • Susan

    May God save us from both Hillary and anymore of Obama.

    • wandamurline

      I say a prayer every day for that. She would be just as bad as the communist, socialist, marxist anticolonial, ineligible POTUS we now have…both fell from the same tree. She is imbedded with George Soros on several web site organizations. Vote them out in 2012…with the removal of Obama, we also get the removal of Holder, Clinton, Panetta and about 30 unconstitutional czars, none of which were elected or approved by congress.

    • eddie47d

      Hillary has more Presidential knowledge and ability than squirrely warmongering Michelle Bachmann or even Sarah Palin.I personally don’t think she will run and haven’t seen any sign of it from her. I did have a Hillary yard sign so my wife and I would give here another look.Except for Ron Paul Hillary is way ahead of even the male contenders vying for the Presidency.

      • big wyo

        Nobody cares what you think you liberal scum bag,.

      • eddie47d

        Is that your most intelligent thought you could come up with? Look in the mirror pal or at least debate the pros and cons of the worthiness of any candidate.

        • James in NY

          Eddie, you expect way to much from the neanderthals that dominate this sight. I would love to see Hilary in the Oval Office.

          • Brad

            James and Eddie,

            To sum it up Billery and Ohmama were trained with the same ideology and end game. Big government for all and a do as I say not as I do mentallity. Personnaly speaking I hate both Billery’s and Ohmama’s politics both have policies detrimental to the well being of the United States of America.

          • eddie47d

            Okay but so does Michelle Bachmann have opinions that are detrimental for the safety and well being of the USA. Although she says the opposite. She is a fear monger and a war monger and one of her first acts will be to war with Iran. I believe she made that perfectly clear and that is not something that Hillary would do. At least not as of this date although that could change.

          • Brad

            Well Eddie,

            Michelle Bachmann, she has her opinions, at least she isn’t the president and I don’t whole hardily agree with her statements. Whereas Billery is the #4 Banana with a direct line to Ohmama the #1 Banana. It’s just my own personal opinion that if Billery were to run and win then got elected she would continue where Ohmama left off, just plain and simple but she would add her twist just to make it hers.

          • Robert Hauser

            You might just end up seeing Hilarity in the Offal Office ….through the barbed wire of a nearby FEMA camp guarded by UN mongoloids…then you can try to convince yourself it was worth it.

        • Virginia

          Hillery would be just another Obama. I would not vote for her.

      • Pepper

        Eddie, I would stick with Ron Paul. Hillery Is the UN’s “GO TO GAL”. But maybe she would be gentle with her supporters and would only send them to the re-education camps. For the rest of us, she will seek, come and KILL, with a joyous laugh of coarse. Any one that takes great joy from killing anyone is a psychopath.While I don’t like war, and know that sometimes you have to kill an enemy or be killed, it’s not something to be joyous about. She gets off on it.

      • Sirian

        eddie I don’t understand how you could possibly compare Hillawee with Ron Paul. They are obviously 180 out from each other. That comparison makes no sense at all.

        • eddie47d

          I didn’t say that at all! Hillary is strong in her opinions and Ron Paul stands fast in his. I look at peoples strengths and don’t think much of all the other flip flopping Republican candidates.

      • Tommie

        Hillary would never run against an encumbent of her own party. If she failed to get the nomination, her political career would be over! Obama wouldn’t give her a job as a dog catcher, if she did that.

        • Don

          Tommie, who wants that hack in there anyway, she’s as bad as odumbo and a lot smarter

      • Vigilant

        With the criminal baggage that Hillary’s got, enough to fill a warehouse, please don’t any of you progressives talk about Newt’s peccadilloes in the future.

      • JTB

        Hillary is a mean old lady and she’s corrupt too. so we’d be no further ahead than what we are right now.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Great picture…a lifeless shell of just one on the bankers tools.

    folks, both parties are just like this…only makeup gives them the color of the living…prepare for the worst…pray for the best.

    • Sirian

      We can tell them and tell them and show them and show them and they will never understand. More than likely they don’t want to understand – sound more plausible?

  • James

    Hellary or Obamba are 2 peas in a pod, just spell their names differently

  • Warrior

    Hey, “Let’s get the Band back together”. reid; piglosi, billary, they’re all just interchangable parts to a tired old broken down machine.

    • eddie47d

      Ditto to all the Republican candidates except for Ron Paul. Some of you better get your act together if you are serious about winning. Your parade of keystone cops gives pause each and every time they speak.

      • TML

        Reading these comments, and everyone going off on you about your views on Hillary (which, I don’t like her either) I find it interesting that Ron Paul is one candidate that people of all different labels can agree on… whether Democrat Republican Progrssive Liberal or whatever.

        RON PAUL 2012

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    There is a big reason why Bill Clinton is still hanging around. She cant handle a teleprompter….

  • skyraider 6

    Since 1992 we have been going steadly downhill, eversince the Clinton’s made the scine. Remember the pardons, it was Holder their too.

    • James in NY

      Remember 1993-2001 when the DJIA tripled in value and we had sub 5% unemployment and a budget surplus.

      • KUSA

        Budget surplus during Clinton? There were two statistics one true and other false.

        • James in NY

          What about the DJIA tripling in value?

          • rb

            DJIA trippled so the banksters and wall street boys and folks in DC could steal every penny the average American had saved and stuff it in their own pockets. A skillfully executed scheme that is still playing out daily in Washington DC.

      • Brad

        Maybe you want to go back to higher taxes but I don’t. During that time period I was on active duty pulling down 45K (93) to 50k (00) and my wife worked making minimum wage then, so, we made together between 55 to 60k. We had no kids, we had no house note, we rented and we had to pay taxes all the while claiming married and 0 dependents for both. When congress changed hands they were the ones who reined in Bill, balanced the budgit gave Bill his talking points. Now let’s talk about Bills policies, they back fired which drove the US economy intop a two year resession and to top that off an attach by Al-Quida and yes we saw spending take off. Please try and look at both sides of the picture before posting garbage.

        • Brad

          Truth is folks, Bill Clinton’s stay in the WH would have been a disaster without Newt in there swinging it out every day and coming to compromises and budgeting

          • JTB

            Absolutely true. He’s another socialist!

      • JeffH

        Surplus? That’s nothing more than a myth and never happened under slick Willie’s watch. In short, Clinton did not achieve a surplus and he didn’t leave President Bush with a surplus.

  • s c

    The only reason Billary hangs around is because Obummer hasn’t advanced the destruction of America fast enough. Apparently, Obummer’s grandiose plans for imploding America via a Romney-inspired healthcare scam aren’t destructive enough for the puppet masters who pull the strings of this criminal administration.
    Isn’t there one felony statute that covers retards who put out robocalls?

  • cinaber

    Hillary, her husband, Cheney, and so many others represent an old corrupt machine strangling us to death while they are desperately trying to hang on to maintain control. When Clinton and Gore passed NAFTA before they left, it spelled the death nell on most of our major manufacturing here, leaving millions without jobs and no plan in place to replace those industries and jobs, while they and their cronies made/are making billions offshore due to the tax breaks and loopholes they provided. And now, they say we’ve got to start manufacturing here again to restart the economy and get people back to work. All of our legislators for at least the past 50 years have ignored taking care of major issues until now they’ve reached critical mass while playing the parts of over entitled princes and princesses. It’s time to take away the perks they have installed over the years without the approval of the citizens: pay raises, lifetime medical and retirement benefits (can you imagine how rediculous the whole medical insurance debacle has been when they are writing and voting on legislation that doesn’t apply to them?), never ending terms……….And now they are finally getting slapped on their hands for admitting to insider trading after all of these years. All of them except for a very few absolutely make me sick.

    • eddie47d

      Your sick because you have your facts wrong. It was the Republican Party that pushed for NAFTA with Newt Gingrich leading the charge. Clinton was against it and it was Newt who promised Clinton that no American jobs would be lost.Let’s make a deal Newt! We all remember that “giant sucking sound” that warned us not to accept the deal. At least Ross Perot got something right.

      • Brad

        Hey Eddie,

        When did NAFTA take affect, answer January 01, 1994 and who was speaker of the house then Rep. Tom Foley (D) so I find you are wrong again, it was a democrat bill signed by a democrat president.

      • Brad


        It was Newts conttract with America, after he became speaker of the house in January 1995.

      • eddie47d

        Get over who was in power with the NAFTA Act. Who vocally and actively sought it’s passage. That would be Newt Gingrich.

        • Brad

          Eddie, I do agree that Newt had a hand in NAFTA so did Bill, he had to bring more democrats in because they did have control of the house at the time and could have easily killed the bill.

  • skyraider 6

    Hillary, Ha Ha Ha. America wake up. Democrats stink.

  • http://any Crazy Pete

    All you people sound like republicans, don’t forget it was George W who gave us this Deficit. Sure Obama made it even higher, what you expect it to turn around over night. I suppose you think Newt would be better, can you say Freddy Mac, If Newt was in office this country would go really broke trying to support him. David Petracek for American

  • Vicky

    Hillary is a joke. She is to busy selling Americans out to countries that hate us. Giving our tax dollars in the billions to them,while we are broke. What kind of leader would hand our life over to other countries, besides Obama. They need to stay together and get out of our House.

    • eddie47d

      Hillary would have done a much better job of going after the Robber Barrons on Wall Street.I believe she would have also had more moxey in dealing with the Banksters on the huge foreclosure problem.Something Obama or any Republican has ignored.

      • big wyo

        Hilary remove every liberty left and shove them right up your a@@,.

      • eddie47d

        Are you trying to be the poster child for the Conservative movement Big Wyo? You are then doing a mighty fine job! LOL

      • Brad


        It’s the same as when the lame duck congress at the end of 2010 passed that payroll tax cut but didn’t tell anybody they were cutting 2% from Social Security and Medicare. A cost of 200 billion + not going to fund them so we the future recipence will deal with lower SS payments and or an increase in our retirement age. Now the dems want to cut SS funding evan further, that’s not the way to stimulate the economy that’s the way government gets bigger.

        • eddie47d

          I highly doubt if Democrats want to cut Social Security. That is laughable and an oxymoron. If what you say is true then less money going into SS would mean lower payments and smaller government. Actually as people live longer the age requirement probably should be raised.

          • Brad


            What do you think the current fight is about, the extension of the payroll tax break which was the 2% from SS and Medicare, it wasn’t from our federal income taxes. The dems wanted to make it permanent to include the same for businesses. Before you call some one out, research it yourself, you just put your foot in your mouth again Eddie. I didn’t contradict myself my proof and its from a left leaning newspaper.

          • Brad

            Eddie you are an idiot. The pay roll tax cut comes from SS. That is how you are to pay for the garbage. Eddie go stick your head back in the sand.

          • Brad

            Are you ignorant eddie, got alzheimers, can’t you tell there are two Brad’s countering your BS. By the way I’m no son of yours and if I were I’d disown you in a heart beat, it’s called being emancipated. Nice try eddie, post facts not personal opinion because we already know you have zero credability on this site…

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


    • James in NY

      Oh yes old wise one – I believe I remember her giving a speech where she said many times who much she despised the constitution.

    • David Macfarlane

      No matter who she was in bed with, it would have been “fast and furious”.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Pete, wake up . Obummer spent more in his short time than all presidents combined. What do you think has happened to our country, and lets not blame Bush. He hasn’ t been there lately.

  • http://any Crazy Pete

    I’m awake…When Clinton left office we didn’t have a deficit when George W left office we have over $12 Trillion deficit. Now you want to put another rep in office sure maybe we can get to 25 or 30 trillion, its only money.

    • skyraider 6


    • Sirian

      CP keep one thing in mind, when Clinton left office we had the twin towers standing tall in N.Y. City, the Pentagon was enact, all airlines had never been grounded all at the same time and we weren’t involved in two wars. Now then, take just those factors into account and you could see as to why the deficit increased. Even so, over the past three years that deficit has increased at a greater rate than ever before. Again, take all factors into consideration and you’ll see that it can’t be entirely blamed on Bush. Oh yes, don’t forget the wonders the Federal Reserve has played on you, me and everyone else.

    • Gabriel A King

      Just a cover story bro. Clinton continued to lay the groundwork for the NWO current trajectory while in office- like executive order #11000 to put citizens in FEMA camps. He was a Federal Reserve puppet like all the rest- Order of the Garter Masonic Jesuit illuminated UN traitor. I would recommend you watch “The Clinton Chronicles” on you tube.

    • rb

      There was no budgent “surplus” under Bill Clinton. Period. While not at the astounding rate it is currently rising the national debt did in fact increase under Mr. Clinton. There was a budget deficit every year Mr. Clinton had a budget. Please see

    • JTB

      Didn’t have a deficit? Are you nuts? There’s been a deficit for the last 50 years. It’s amazing what some people will make up! Unbelievable. Clinton was no saint! and don’t the interns know that? hah!

  • Brenda Choate

    GREAT! Just what we need, another President interested in self. Hillary describes herself as a progressive democrat, she advocates for UN resolutions on environmental issues, gun ban, and UN goverenance over our constitution.
    Progressives got us into this mess with the expanded roles in government, created a welfare state, and other social issues.

    • skyraider 6

      Hear, Hear.

    • Jim Kane

      Brenda…….you are right on! It’s great to know more people are paying attention.

    • Sirian

      You hit it dead center Brenda – outstanding!!

    • Pepper


    • Gabriel A King

      A blue blooded reptilian like Shillary gets the MSM green light, while real Americans like Brenda Choate are relegated to obscure comment pages. Screw Hillary- Paul / Choate 2012 lol

  • Jim Kane

    Hillery is a major proponent of elimination of 2nd amendment via UN resolution. She also is involved with the NWO. Our Bill of Rights are already being squashed. Who needs nore of the same? WAKE UP America! She is NOT about individual liberty.

  • KUSA

    Just study Hillari’s life and will end in Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci.

  • Bob Marshall

    Hillary Clinton made it very clear that the two main objectives of the US government is population and gun control when she spoke to the UN General Assembly earlier this year.

  • stevor

    This is a backhanded threat to O’Bummer by his puppeteers that if he doesn’t get his act together to do their agenda soon, he’ll be tossed under the bus.

  • Wyatt

    Would we be better off if Hillery had been elected in 2008 ? To say yes is pure conjecture . In all probability we would be in the same fix or worse . Her socialist leanings would be destroying our country and we the people would be no better off . Her pre-occupation with gun control and population control would still keep House and Senate at odds as she worked to shred our constitution further . And once again , when she left the White House , the taxpayer would be faced with the bill of replacing the missing door hardware as they were when the Clinton’s vacated it the first time .

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Look at her record in the State Department. She would not be much of an improvement over the current administration.

    • eddie47d

      Okay Merlin point out her failures as Secretary of State so we can have a point to debate from.

  • JACK

    Let her run Democrats will spend more money and they both will lose! They are twildee and twilitydumb!Shake them out of a sack and they come out the same!

    • JTB

      Do you really think that the arrogant obama is going to step down and let hillary take his place? LMAO! First of all Michelle would NEVER allow it and second his ego couldn’t stand it. But I must admit it would be fun to watch!

  • Gabriel A King

    Are you kidding me? Shillary is Bilderberg. Why not just ask Satan himself to run? This is just more NWO sponsored psyops and distraction from a REAL answer like- Paul / Ventura 2012 or something else which makes Constitutional and economic sense.

  • Originalintent

    Hillary is infinately more competent than Obama. That’s what scares the Hell out of me about her running. Is not Alinsky one of her great heroes? I’m not convinced that the plan is not to keep making Obama look worse and worse and then have “Saint Hillary” come charging to the recue, just in the nick of time, On her “faithful” steed William.

  • Palin16

    The Hildebeast would be nothing without riding her husband’s coattails. No talent of her own, except for schemes to enrich herself in the Whitewater fiasco, or having the White House travel office fired, after the latter served many presidents of both parties well. Just because she hung the drapes at the White House she thinks that qualifies her to be president. That, and heroically dodging bullets in Kosovo. Her personal assistants in the White House have said she frequently screamed and cursed them. That woman is ugly in more ways than one!

    • sickofit

      And don’t forget her and Bill stealing things from the White House when they left.

      • Palin16

        Oh, didn’t that china belong to them?

  • Bob L.

    Hillary is the most dangerous woman in and to the U.S. and possibly the world today. As she herself proclaimed during the debates in 2008, “I am a proud Progressive.”

    • Palin16

      I’d call it a tie with pelosi.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Hillary or Obamanation both are Constitution haters and Socialist/Communists we need all Liberals to Commit Suicide and the world will be better off. How can any of you idiot Democommies even think of voting democRAT again? After DemoRATS passed WITHOUT READING OR KNOWING WHAT WAS IN THE LARGEST BILL EVER PASSED FOR OUR MEDICAL FUTURE you want to put them back in office? I hate both parties but at least the RepubliRATS wanted to read the bill and some did read it they didn’t want it and now 70% of the people don’t want it. Obamanation after three years has proven the DemoRATS are a ship of FOOLS backing Obamanation even though we have had proof that he is an Illegal Half Breed Muslim (Not BLACK) KING.

    • eddie47d

      Conservative “intelligence” is growing by leaps and bounds. LOL

    • http://yahoo don

      i heard they called hillary a communist when she was in college.

      • eddie47d

        What did they call you?

        • JTB


  • http://rr07039 xavier`


  • bertha doherty

    Hillery is our answer!! If this country wants to get back on track
    let’s get Hillery in the White House.

    • rb

      Pardon me but does your neck hurt from where you are keeping your head tucked?

    • coal miner

      bertha doherty
      Hillary is climbing in the polls.
      Vice President Dick Cheney in September hinted on ABC News that the Secretary of State should make a Presidential bid,replacing Obama.Obama was the first black president,Hillary could conceively be the first woman to be elected president.
      Dick Cheney said:

      “I think she’s probably the most competent person they’ve got in their– in their cabinet. And– frankly, I thought she was gonna win the nomination last time around,”

      Opinion: New Hampshire voters should draft Hillary – Patrick H …
      3 days ago … Democratic voters should draft Hillary Clinton for 2012, authors say. … Obama should stand down and let Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run …

      • http://deleted Claire

        I would not surprise me if Hillary did throw her hat in the ring next year. There was a tremendous amount of women that wanted her elected in 2008.

        • JTB

          There would of been millions more if she would of dumped Bill! But money and power wouldn’t allow that!


    Anyone who would make the claim that Hellary is competent is really oblivious or just a damn fool. She is like Holder and othe leftist and communist a capable liar. She too tried to sell that socialized medical garbage, got caught and was told to drop it or be prosecuted for perpetrating fraud. She has been very busy pushing a leftist agenda and trying to sell your 2nd amendment rights out from under you in dozens of ways, the most notable trying to get the UN to step in on american domestic policy.

    Hellary is not competent, she is not smart, she is a small minded communist with big ideas and will lie at the drop of a hat to pander or hide the truth, it is what keeps her and the glib tongued pervert husband Bubba and her together. It’s not what they say it’s what they do.

  • Rafael

    There has been many questions unanswered by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, specially one, which is: how and why was she a member of the communist Cuban “avanzada movement”, a pro Fidel Castro’s of the sixties.

  • Frank Suszka

    Oh brother here we go again. Another attempt to put a different horse’s patootie in the White House. Maybe she can blame Bush as well. This country is in dire need of cleaning.

  • Maxine

    Look at all the people that died under her and Bills watch no way would I vote for her

    • JTB

      Yes does Vince Foster ring a bell? and how many more?

  • cinaber

    Agreed…..Anyone who has taken the time to research Bill and Hillary from their Arkansas days to the present knows what corrupt individuals they are. It has been one scandal after another, both privately and publicly. Hillary’s quest for power has overridden the many betrayals by Bill. Any normal woman would have left the jerk when he was governor. They have abused their power and financially profitted from it as much as anyone in DC.

    • http://yahoo don

      they called bills governorship the arkansas mafia. radio talkshows talked about it when bill was president. they said something about a trail of bodies. do you think we need that again. bill was enough.

  • Karen

    Buy your self a one way ticket to HELL, vote Hillary for president! Ron Paul has my vote and that will not change!

  • Karl Grube


    Let’s put Hillary Clinton and John Huntsman on the ballot as a team 21st Century team for America.

  • Buck

    Can anybody tell me the difference between one demonrat as opposed to another demonrat .

  • BobfromSoCal

    I don’t think that Hansel and Gretel would be happy, Hillary may try to eat them again.

  • http://yahoo don

    not more obummerunism. her and obummer are carbon copies. what do you think would change. nothingmore big spending. loss of gunrights and the second amendment. if you fools think hillary is better you havent payed much attention in the last 3 years to obummers change——–for the worst. hillary is in it too.

  • Palin16

    For a great laugh, listen to tone-deaf Hillary singing the National Anthem:

    Memo to Hillary: it’s not “Oh say does OUR Star-Spangled banner yet wave”.

  • Jerome from Layton

    What we really need to know is who or what paid for those robo-calls? Then, we can get a handle on the “Why?”. Are there any Democrat activities happening in either Iowa or New Hampshire that involve a national ticket? Remember, Iowa is where both Hillary and Dean went down in flames. If no credible candidate surfaces by Super Tuesday, the race will be essentially over for the Democrats and most of the news coverage will be about dueling Republicans.

    • bob wire

      I enjoy seeing politicians spend money. But there is only one “race” that concerns me and I’d place my money on “O”.

      There is no end to GOP dirty tricks and they are very good at them.

      Whoever wins ~ I want to see a clear victory, undisputed victory.

      We can’t afford a distraction.

  • Alex Frazier

    The reason I would not vote for Hilliary is that she stands for everything I despise, she would enact policy after policy which I disagree with, and pursue economics in a fashion opposite to what I believe will fix our problem. She is, to me, the epitome of “wrong candidate” relative to my views on how things should be.

  • DD

    i would have voted for Hilary rather than Obama but not now. I have been very disappointed in what she has been advocating and supporting. Either she is following orders against her personal opinions or she believes in what she is doing, and I am assuming that she believes in what she is saying and doing so I no longer am interested in her as a possible candidate.

    • JTB


  • Mike

    Hillary is the most pro war politician there is, even more so than bachman. Remember the NATO bombing of yugoslavia? Support of the terrorist “independent kosovo”, operation storm which ethnically cleansed/expelled 500,000 serbian farmers from krajina. A policy exactly the same as Adolf Hitler in WW2. Hillary mirrors Slick Willy’s foreign policy. Take a look at her speeches on serbia since she’s been secretary of state. Oh I forgot, starting wars against countries who never attacked us, killing masses of people and stealing their land is only wrong when a republican does it.
    Libya, Hillary backed it, soon to be war with Syria and Iran, Hillary backs it. Continued presence in Afghanistan, Hillary backs it. Pointing nuclear missiles at Russia via a base in Poland, at a time when Russia is not even remotely close to being a threat to the US, yeah Hillary championed that great idea too.

    Being a communist and a puppet of the UN one world agenda (small arms treaty ring a bell) and being a communist are just a few of her faults, don’t forget she’s a warmongering NATO whore too.

  • Robert Hauser

    Hilarity-bitch has no more place in any office of public trust in a supposedly “free” country than a blow fly has on a potato casserole….if that execrable wretch isn’t a text book clinically confirmable sociopath like most of what we are now cursed with in the scatosphere of politics in this country then the word has no meaning.

  • Jan

    I received one of those calls this week, all I had to hear was her name & I hung up, she’s no different than what we have now.

  • jopa

    Michelle Bachman played all her chips on the Teabagger movement and thought she could ride the wave into the White House.The movement collapsed and the wave dissipated long before it reached shore.Now she is sitting there with that deer in the headlight look of “What happened here”.

  • cheyla

    um guys, u all r so lame. hilary rocks and u know it, GO HILLS!!

    • kachy22

      What, just it seems like it… I desperately vote for romney. go romney!


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