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High School Teacher Compares Romney To KKK

October 5, 2012 by  

High School Teacher Compares Romney To KKK

A Philadelphia high school student was told to leave class when she arrived wearing a Romney T-shirt. The geometry teacher at Charles Carroll High School told 16-year-old Samantha Pawlucy that wearing a Romney shirt is like “wearing a KKK shirt.”

“She told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one. And then the teacher asked me, ‘Are your parents Republican?’” recounted Pawlucy to NBC10 in Philadelphia. “I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She said that’s like her wearing a KKK shirt.”

The teacher is still working for the school district, and has simply been transferred to another classroom. The teacher claims to have been joking.

“If it was a joke between two adults, I can take a joke like that but she didn’t know how to take it, she doesn’t understand, she actually thinks she did something wrong,” said Pawlucy’s father.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    That teacher (?) obviously has no business being in contact with kids. In fact the teacher(?) has no business being in the school system in any capacity.

    • Leonora B from Canada

      I totally agree. The students deserve to wear anything that is decent inside any classroom. That teacher should go join the occupy who are so ignorant and partisan.

  • oldgringo

    Sue the B#tch!

  • Jack

    This teacher should be fired…

    • BradR

      This is the problem with the public school unions; these idiots can’t be fired. They just keep promoting their agenda in another classroom, indoctrinating kids into that agenda. This is why I support school choice.

      • Robert Smith

        Do you support choice for women?


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Hey Robert, “I” support all kinds of choices for women! But murdering babies isn’t a choice!!! It’s MURDER any way you look at it!!! A woman’s CHOICE occurs BEFORE she becomes pregnant!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, ever the dissembler.

      • Dhip

        Robert Smith, this is the problem we are having. You Obama fans try to connect disassociated items and come up with ways to endorse a muslim socialist agent bent on destroying the most successful long standing republic in history How such stupidity can reign is just beyond comprehension. Look what he has done to the economy in three short years, or to the converse, look what he hasn’t done, and what he said he was going to do.

      • the big easy

        @-rob smit————COMRADE——-Sounds like you either 1) was taught by one of those ‘ZOMBIES’, or 2)Is one of those ‘ZOMBIE TEACHERS’ ———-What a puke————–

      • Mario

        To Dhip
        The oldest and (still) long standing republic in human history is Switzerland

  • Audrey Willis

    It amazes me that some students are allowed to wear shirts that represent MalcomX, shirts with all kinds of graphic images, cross-bones and skulls, etc and no one ever says anything. so what is differnet about this student that wore a clean t-shirt with the name of a decent, respectable US citizen on it?

    • brett

      che rules!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The Marxist Joker is dead and rotted.

      • gunner689AI

        rules what; the grave yard ?

      • JC

        Wasn’t Che one of the great engineers of the third world S&#!hole called Cuba?

    • Chester

      Audrey, different schools, different rules. Although, in this case, that was NOT a school policy. and the teacher was NOT talking to another adult, no matter what she thinks. That lady(?) does need to be disciplined for that statement, but I don’t think that she should be fired over it. First, if she is a math teacher, it appears she is good at that, considering what level class she was teaching, and we do NOT have enough math teachers of any sort now.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “it appears she is good at that, considering what level class she was teaching, ”

        The level of class she was teaching is no indicator either way of her competence at teaching it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So scraping the bottom of the barrel is fine as long as she is a math teacher.

    • http://Facebook Elise Robb

      Well it was good she was not my daughter, she would never ask any one to remove their shirt again. It was obvious the teacher is a Democ-RAT by asking the girl if her parents are Republicans. She right out lie later about saying later she was just joking about it.

      • Dhip

        The teacher should have stuck to teaching math. The education system has been reduced to teaching socialism instead of math, etc. And everyone wonders about why our education system is failing.

    • patti

      I agree with you. This student has every right to wear a Romney t-shirt if she wants to.. It is none of the teachers business and this just shows that the Obama supporters won’t tolerate anyone else’s views but theirs. This teacher should be reprimanded and she continues to try to influence and dictate to the students her views, she should be fired. I’m sure she could get a job at The White House. After all, Obama finds jobs there for all his supporters….. This country is falling to pieces right in front of our faces. If we don’t stand up NOW, it will be too late. Wake Up America and see what is happening to your rights and privileges.

      • Sonny Smith

        I have been saying all along to wake up America, It is time to ridd our schools of thise type of thinking.

    • MARIE

      i agree , this teacher is way out of line and she should be removed from her position as a qualified teacher.

  • skippy

    Welcome to The Obama World Samantha. I’m sorry you have to be subjected to such narrow mindedness at such an early age. But please know Samantha, that there are some of us ‘old folks’ that DO remember what it was like in the USA before the liberals took over everything. God bless you.

    • Kinetic1

      Don’t get out much, do you? Haven’t seen a paper in a few decades? Here are a couple of stories for you.
      “The Bush administration has agreed to pay $80,000 to a husband and wife who were ejected from a presidential rally because of their anti-Bush T-shirts.”

      “Nicole and Jeff Rank were arrested on Independence Day, 2004, for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts. They were on the grounds of the capitol in Charleston, West Virginia, where Bush was giving a speech.”

      Yep, “Obama’s America” (circa 2004) was a terrible place to be wearing a t-shirt with the wrong political message.

      • midamerica

        those were events held by a person this is a required public funded place if you hold a party you can kick a person out

      • http://Yahoo JD

        As I recall, those so called reports were made up noncence comming from the other side. So many like games were played, but when proved wrong, or usually untrue, you rather keep repeating. Instead of being disapointed in your side,and going for real and TRUTH,on either side, you prefer to stay with how YOU want it to be.

      • RP

        I remember a case in WV, where a woman was approached by Bill Clinton that refused to shake his hand when he was walking in public. She simply said, “You suck!”, and turned her back on him. She was promptly arrested and thrown in jail for three days with no charges placed against her.

        People are arrested several places where speakers are conducting a rally and are interrupted by hecklers. This practice has been done by both parties for a while. But what about a recent law or executive order enacted that says that the Secret Service can go down a street and if they see signs that they feel are against that particular party, you can be arrested for that. You don’t even have to be near the event to be arrested. Have you been reading the newspapers? You probably won’t find that in the newspapers, unless it is buried in the back on the weekend. That’s just something liberals don’t want you to know.

    • Sonny Smith

      Skippy you are an Angel, God bless you.

  • msbets


    • Dhip

      Moreover, the government has no business in investing in “for profit” corporations. But Obama doesn’t believe in free enterprise. After 200 years of a republic, how can one man believe in something other than free enterprise where all of the socialistic countries are failing or have failed, except for muslim countries where the government controls every facet of one’s life. That is where Obama is taking us.

    • Kinetic1

      Yes, based on Roney’s lies, all that money the Obama administration spent on “Green energy” was waisted and half the companies went bust. Of course the truth tells another story. Let’s break it down.
      $29 billion for improving energy efficiency, including home retrofits;
      $21 billion in incentives for renewable generation, such as solar and wind;
      $10 billion for modernizing the electric grid;
      $6 billion to promote advanced vehicles and a domestic battery industry;
      $18 billion for high-speed rail and other trains;
      $3 billion for research into carbon capture for coal plants;
      $3 billion for job training;
      $3 billion for clean manufacturing tax credits.

      And how about the claim that “almost half” of the recipient companies have failed? Seems like Romney’s math here is just as flawed as his tax math.

      “Romney’s campaign later clarified that he was solely referring to the Energy Department’s 1705 loan program, which provides about $16.1 billion to clean-energy companies. Yet of the 33 companies that have received loan guarantees, just three are in bankruptcy—including Solyndra, which could cost the government up to $535 million. (The other two firms are Abound Solar and Beacon Power, which is still operating and has largely repaid its federal loan.) Additional companies could eventually fail, but for now, the default rate is just 2.6 percent for one program in the stimulus.”

      3 out of 33. Hmmm, not quite half. $16.1 billion. Not quite $90 million. Shoot, you can’t even say that all of these programs are Obama’s! The Bush administration established several of them, though they didn’t receive funds until the stimulus began. And speaking of receiving funds, many of these programs involve loans or loan guarantees, which means the money will be repaid so long as the companies survive. Bottom line; as with most of what Romney said in the debate, his claims about wasting $90 billion is all lies.

      • patti

        You can’t honestly believe that Obama tells the american people the truth. If you do, I feel real sorry for you. He is USING all his supporters for one thing only. THE VOTE… After that, good luck. I don;t believe in wealth re-distribution and socialized healthcare – but if you do, Obama’s the one for you. Unfortunately if he gets re-elected we all have to suffter consequences…Just remember all the politicians and their families DO NOT have Obamacare…. Should tell you something.If you want to go to work everyday so that the government can take some of your pay and re-distribute it to whoever they want, go for it.

      • http://none tony


      • s c

        Do your parents know what happened to you? Does your family think of you as a member? Praise the fuhrer. Love the fuhrer. Follow the fuhrer. You’re too late for Nazi Germany, but you can still move to Cuba or North Korea. HOW can people like you get through life without a functioning conscience? You are ABSOLUTELY in need of a lifetime supply of Prozac. Pathetic.

  • ArkansasRebel

    Unfortunately this teacher is not the exception. Our kids are being taught by teachers who are the product of very liberal college teachers. Conservative teachers are truly few and far between.

    • Grammy

      Very true. Parents, take the time to teach your children your values and the reasons why you hold them. Teach them to find facts for themselves rather than blindly adopting others’ positions.

      • http://Yahoo JD

        Grammy, beautifully said! Except, sadly todays kids in the schools have parents who have been though much of the same. “As in” this teachers age group.

      • JC

        Take the time to de-program your kids…daily.

      • Carol J

        I agree. My Mother had a Masters in mathematics and that’s what she taught. She expected respect from her students and respected them in return. And although I didn’t understand it at the time, in class I was required to call her Mrs. A——-, not Mama.

    • Chester

      Why is it we have so very few conservative teachers? Do you think it is possible that most conservatives don’t want to put up with all the bs that goes with becoming a teacher, such as a minimum of six years of college just to be qualified to teach high school kids basic math or science, let alone any of the hard subjects, such as language skills, better known to most as English? Or is it more the idea that they don’t really want to listen to someone telling them they DON’T know it all, and probably never will? Teaching can be a rewarding profession, but it takes a certain mindset to be a good teacher, and that mindset seems to be missing from most of the hardline conservatives I have met.

      • Flashy

        “Why is it we have so very few conservative teachers?” Because the higher the levels of education and intellect, the more one realizes conservative creed is not the answer, but is the problem? Ya think?

      • momo

        Doubt it flashman. Those that can do, those that can’t teach!

      • http://portervillepost.comMusterRIGHTHere,WithSgt.Mack Sgt Mack

        I think one reason for few conservative teachers is the fact that academia is so far left especially “teacher’s colleges” that conservatives can’t swallow and regurgitate the cesspool sludge that is being forced down their throats, to finish and get that degree.
        By the way, I agree that the “teacher” should be “…on the outside, looking in…”
        Enough action like that & MAYBE they’ll learn to teach the 3 Rs & leave the political/social stuff for the parents to do. I had teachers who would discuss this stuff, but from BOTH sides of the question and encourage us to debate & decide.
        Sgt Mack

      • etsybay

        Wow am I ever offended by these comments about higher education makes you more liberal and “those who can’t do, teach”! I am a female college professor who is NOT ashamed to be conservative!! I do not discuss politics in my clasroom, not matter how much my students try to engage me. My response is that we’re here for this class, not poly-sci. If you want to discuss personal opinions I’ll be glad to meet you off campus. BTW, I am not the only conservative female professor here either. BTW, “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, teach”.

      • mtbearusa

        “them that can do, them that can’t teach”
        them that can’t teach, administrate. them that can’t administrate, legislate. This is what I learned working in educational support for 15 years.

  • big jack

    There’s no place for this political correctness in America. I’ll bet if was a Obama T-shirt nothing would have been said.

    • Josh

      Malcomb or Che would have been just fine. If you aren’t a revolutionary or a socialist you are a right wing domestic terrorist clinging to religeon and guns. What morons.

    • patti

      No doubt. If it were an Obama t-shirt the teacher probably would have asked her where she got it and but them for all the students. How biased can you be? Just like the media and all their lies to the american people. SAD and SCARY.

  • Larry the King

    This is called freedom of expression by the left. If they do not like your opinion there free to deny you yours. This where political correctness has brought us and will continue to take us.

    • http://Yahoo JD

      BINGO !! Larry, You just simply said the simple truth. Only the simpltons can’t seem to grasp that.

  • Christina potter

    That t.eacher should be fired, And the parents of the student shoul sued the teacher.

  • T. Jefferson

    This teacher needs to be fired. I’ll bet you anything there are lots of obama t-shirts around the school.

  • Flashy

    Was she told to remove it? ummm no.
    Was she removed from the classroom or punished? ummmm no
    Was she forced in any way to alter it or wear the shirt inside out? ummmm no

    Now what’s the problem?

    Some high school teen and some t-shirt, and the wacked right jump all over it. The reason such is not news if it were a pro-Obama t-shirt and a teacher is the student would have laughed and not made a big deal of the incident.

    Don’t ya’ll get tired of blaming everyone else for your paranoia? I read an interesting article the other day, concerning Conservatives having a “fear” complex while Liberals nd Moderates are able to deal with and understand complex issues. It is but one of many coming out as research develops…

    Stands to reason…the TP Trilogy of Fear, hate and ignorance plays well with the rabid Right …

    • Big Woody

      Come on Flashy, on the kool ade this early in the day. Maybe you should seek prescription medication. Your grip on reality is slipping more and more.

      • Smilee

        Rather than replying to the content of the authors post just resort to the far right fall back of kool aid, meds and other stupid comments when you lack the smarts to address the given issue.on an intelligent level. Don’t you realize how stupid that make look or is it the lock step of your political affiliation that you cannot rise above?

    • Pete0097

      Did you really read the short article? Now, I don’t know if there is more to the story. When I was in school, the kids were encouraged to get involved with ANY political group in order to learn about the system, especially in high school. There were a few teachers that would raise an eyebrow if you supported one candidate or another, but they would never tell you to change your shirt, take off your button, remove the bumper sticker, etc. of either party.Heck, I even did a positive report on Che Gueverra and turned it into a very conservative teacher and got an “A”

    • Cliffystones

      “Now what’s the problem?”

      The problem is the a$$-wipe moron “teacher” who should have kept her pie-hole shut!

      • momo


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Was she told to remove it? Ummmmmm YES!!!
      Jeez! Did you even read the article?!? You just shoot off your mouth and it doesn’t matter to you if you speak the truth or lies!!! In the third to last paragraph: “She told me to take off my shirt and said she has another one if I need one”. Flashy, I get so tired of your lies! You seem to think that it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you come out on top. This is why NOBODY pays any attention to you! You just LIE and make crap up!!!

    • momo

      I see the mourning period is over for Flashy and he’s back defending the liberal right to condenm free speech that they don’t agree with.
      Newsflash to the teacher a 16 year old is not an adult.

    • Flashy

      What/ Chances are very good that such incident has occurred in a school in a very conservative part of the Bible belt where the American Taliban holds sway. i’d venture any student who was subjected to such minor comment…or received worse treatment…laughed it off.

      only the far right would rant about persecution and make a big deal of it.

      You really think a teen age girl cares about the political issues..or is just wanting attention ?

      • momo

        Too bad it occurred in Philadelphia, not exactly a hot bed of the American Taliban (your term, not mine). And if was an Obama T-shirt you would be raising holy hell. Typical liberal, any expression of free speech they disagree with should be banned.
        What I really find amazing is a grandson of someone who fought for the Whites in the Russian civil war is always expressing the Red line of thought.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “What I really find amazing is a grandson of someone who fought for the Whites in the Russian civil war is always expressing the Red line of thought.”

        momo, since Flashy has been proven a serial lier many times by many different people on this site I seriously doubt his grandfather was even from Russia much less fought for the Whites.

      • Flashy

        momo..was she punished, reprimanded, anything of the sort? it’s akin to a basketball player being told by a math teacher to shoot free throws underhanded. it was a passing remark…but the teenager wanted to be drama queen and have attention given to her. my pint was..if it were a pro-Obama t-shirt, and such comment made in a HS of a red State…it would have been laughed at. Any state, not even a red state. And guess what? She got it as thfar Right screamed about some imaginary offense and “persecution”.

        BTW…Gramps was a staunch union man, and Democrat. He was solid FDR. He hated communism. And often he would compare the far right to communists…he often said McCarthy was nothing more than a communist in disguise.

        Fact being, if Reagan had run in the GOP primaries today, he’d not have made it past Iowa and he would be labelled nothing less than a commie. The TP adherents are marginalizing themselves further each day that passes. And unless the GOP Moderate wing takes back control, the GOP will become a permanent minority party composed entirely of zealots and extremists.

      • Flashy

        Serial lier? Keep making with the big lie Buster…by your own comments it’s shown to be a proven discrediting tactic…

      • ssgrick

        The American Taliban? Are you serious? The Taliban wants sharia type rule here in this Country, which will eliminate free speech altogether. Much like democrats want to do. As it stands right now in America if you say something democrats don’t like then you’re insensitive, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic and just about any phobia you want that says something about a democrat affirmative action group and bingo you’re a target! Conservatives and republicans see people as individuals not as groups which is why YOU are the ones with all the paranoia.

      • eddie47d

        First of all the teacher was wrong and I don’t agree with her crass remarks. In response to ssgrick’s remarks. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and a few others have advocated for an American “Taliban” type society. Where everyone abides by their rules and beliefs or be booted out. Robertson still make those controversial comments to verify that. I guess we could call them Taliban light.

      • momo

        I don’t think flashy is a serial liar, I just disagree with his political point of view. I think its wrong, he thinks he’s right. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean I think he’s a traitor.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        DaveH, Opal the Gem, Mr Livingston, and Independent Thinker along with many others have all proven Flashy to be a lier many times over.

      • eddie47d

        Opal the “Gem” has never proven anything about anybody. So please pay attention.

    • JC

      That made no sense at all.

    • Carol J

      I suggest you re-read the article. The first sentence of the 2nd paragraph states that she was told to remove the shirt and that the teacher had another shirt if she needed it.

  • Rogue Elephant

    And this was a math teacher! Heaven help her if she made it to third period “history” dressed that way.

  • Russell Bennett

    The teacher needs a history lesson. The KKK Members were Democrats.

    • brett

      you are correct russel were dems, were. not so many now!

    • Chester

      Russell, at that time and in that place, what you call Democrat was more like what we now identify as Republican, small businessmen, conservatives of all stripes, even farmers were invited to join the Klan, and most of them accepted the invitation.

      • Mike

        Really. What do you think welfare and entitlements are? Look at the state of the black family, crime and lack of morality. What is Planned Parenthood but a front for those who “planned” an effective way to abort black babies. Those are the words of the PP founder. All of these things done by the democrats. I see no switching of the roles. Spend a little more time reading real history, not the drivel the MSM puts out.

    • JC

      Yep, the KKK is more realistically comparable to the the Nazi Left.
      They were racists and socialists too.

  • peter

    If that teacher keeps it up she could become an associate professor of law at ……….what university was that again? Maybe even president one day. Are teachers also clowns now? Aren’ there enough of them in government already, do we really need more? Ban her for life and make sure she never goes within 200 yards of any kid ever again. Stupid doesn’t even come close. Maybe Joe can give her some tips on gaffes and how to get away with it. Maybe she would be better suited to foreign affairs where clowns are already acceptable.

  • Stephen

    What do you expect. This is Philadelphia. They have been under curfew for a year because of the blacks robbing the whites. I work with a fool from Philadelphia. The company was going to fire him and he cried lawyer and discrimination. Now is he paid and he does nothing all day long. This is why we don’t have any jobs in this country. We can’t be competitive with our crippled society.

  • brett

    you work with someone who does nothing all day long?

    • gunner689AI

      Union plants are full of them. Boy could I tell you some stories about the UAW !

  • Big Woody

    What is the name of the teacher? Where are the pictures of the teacher? We have the name and pics of a minor child that is the victim but we are not alloew to see and know who this dispicable teacher is? I am assuming this will turn into a big racial issue because of the KKK accusation. Especially if the teacher is black. Maybe every kid in that school should show up in a KKK shirt to remind the school district that we do have the right to freedom of speech. Name the teacher and let the community know what they are exposing their kids to every day when they send them to school.

    • Cliffystones

      Not a KKK shirt. The full robe and hood, complete with a yellow happy face on the back and the words ‘Have a nice day”.

  • W. T. Brian

    The first question that comes to mind is ‘is the teacher black?’ This is the sort of thing that demonstrates the problem with our public schools. This ‘teacher’ is undoubtedly a graduate from our public primary and secondary schools, and has been indoctrinated by the increasingly left leaning education establishment. Does anyone really believe there would be talk about homicidal maniacs had the child worn a t-shirt with the image of Che Guevara on it?

  • Houston

    Houston says:
    October 5, 2012 at 9:48am

    The school should have a policy against political messages and any other controversial messages on school grounds. Teachers should likewise be restricted from any political references except history and classes specifically designed and designated for the subject. It should also be noted this teacher was attempting to associate Republicans to KKK. The Democrats – not Republicans – were historically associated with the KKK. In fact, the Democrats had a former grand wizard (Byrd – West Virginia) of the KKK as head of the democrataic party in the U.S. Congress.

  • Ryan Eggers

    High school is where our future leaders begin to solidify their values and opinions. We live in The United States of America with rights guaranteed by the constitution. One of which is free speech. The teacher had no business or right to say anything to that student about her political affiliation, in fact it would be best if teachers and school administrators not try to sway or intimidate students toward their political affiliation period! That teacher should apologize to the student and stick to teaching math. Let parents discuss politics with their children.

  • Bay0Wulf

    Once again I am astounded by the outright lack of intelligence “our” teachers display.

    I am not referring to just this one (she should be suspended without pay for a few weeks and have her tenure … supposing she has any … revoked) but to the entire profession known as “teachers”.

    Outside of the fact that there are actually laws out there forbidding politicizing in a government (people/taxpayer) funded establishment, teachers themselves should be actions of this type, outside of the fact that commentary such as that is … HISTORICALLY incorrect and … ummm … “race” baiting. (One would think that as a teacher she should know what she is talking about … and have the sense to know enough to “think before speaking”)

    Our biggest problem with radical Islamists is the fact that the “good” ones do not condemn the radicals … ie. “terrorists” and help rout them out. Which is why, when people try to point out to me how many “good” ones there are, I point out that their willingness to allow … to hide … the extremists undoes their alleged “goodness”.

    Similar to the radical Islamists, It seems one of our biggest problems with “our” teachers is that even the “good” (solidly professional) ones do nothing to police their own ranks. If the “good” teachers want to be treated with the respect and honor due their profession they should be the first ones to try to rout out and remove the deadwood, the ones with radical agendas. They know who their “problem children” are, they should be willing to push the rotten apples out. If for no other reason than “a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch.

  • Grace

    It is a pink shirt which is appealing to any teen girl. If the student was not in violation of any formal school dress code the teach had no authority to do what she did. As for the KKK response……….no joking matter. The KKK is an extremist group that is known for their many prejudices, but they are not just in the United States, they are in the United Kingdom, Austraila and other places in the world. A teacher is to teach what is required and leave the politics out of the classroom. If the situation were reversed and the student had made these comments to the teacher, the student would be gone…………so why is the teacher still teaching?

    • http://none tony


  • Greg Hoagland

    This teacher should be fired and arrested for a hate crime. Lets retell this story in a different way, and see how it’s viewed.
    Lite suppose the girl had shown up to school wearing an Oboma t-shirt and the teacher had told her to take it off because it was like wearing a NAACP t-shirt. I am sure there would have been an outrage over the incident, calling for the teachers removal.

    • Flashy

      Actually, the student would have laughed and called the teacher a ‘wack job”…clearly an appropriate observation …

      What would not have occurred is the student being a drama queen demanding attention and the left making a big issue of it. I’m sure such has occurred…it’s just not newsworthy as people with common sense don’t need to hype an inflated story with rantings of persecution and displaying inferiority issues…

    • http://none tony


  • just jack

    The point is more obvious….Philadelphia has been a Democrat led, Unions supported, Black majority for 40 years. The city is broke, the schools are broke, and this beautiful City is is so ‘partisan’, it puts all of us in peril. So now the Teachers’ Union keeps the teacher’s name confidential- no reprimand or accountability. Teachers’ political postures should be kept to themselves. In the ‘old’ days, it was.

    • Flashy

      ” Teachers’ political postures should be kept to themselves. In the ‘old’ days, it was.”

      Really? Obviously you never went to a small logging town high school in the late 60′s early 70′s having long hair, wearing a duster, and sporting John Lennon shades…

      Had one known, one would have been able to have you guys around to call for the teachers firings….instead of just dealing with it

      Dang…missed out.

  • ChuckS

    Another reason for school choice – vouchers or tuition tax credits. I also think online schools would be a good alternative. Among other things, parents could see what happens in the classroom. Everybody would have access to them.

    I that the more liberal the school, the worse results. And some areas have very liberal and/or very bad schools.

    I think teachers get very strongly brainwashed liberal in college.

  • anonamous

    You guys are missing the point. If you ever read literature that comes to union members houses from the union, you would understand where the KKK remark came from. I used to read my fathers UWMA mag in the late 50s as a grade school kid. I was not stupid enough to believe it and I never discussed it with my parents, and I have seen similarly ridiculous mags from other unions. It gives a person the idea that the cleear intention is to create a very hostile us vs. them environment.

  • Dad

    Bullying children is not funny… she should be fired… no severance, no pension, no sympathy… straight to the house.
    These unions are bullying our children on a daily basis. It is high time we get rid of them all and start over with serious professionals.

  • robert morrow

    The teacher was totally wrong in her reference to the KKK, for it was and is the Democratic Party leaders who condone, and supported the KKK along with the Jim Crow laws. It was the Democrats that put in place the Separation of color & whites. I think that this teacher should not be teaching anyone as she does not know the history of this country. It is about time we started learning the real history of the Republic and not the Propaganda that the Federal Board of Education who rewrites and lies about it.

  • s c

    BFD. The teaching profession doesn’t have to rely on mental giants to go through the motions of ‘teaching.’ It’s dedication that helps compensate for a mentality that demands that kids DO NOT learn [public schools in particular]. The teacher in question is probably a union teacher. Unions have NO business being in “education.”
    In passing, it needs to be said that the KKK and Obummer do have something in common. That is, neither have a problem with aborting black babies. Food for thought for those who would rather THINK than take up space and pretend to be human.
    Power to the people. And many swift kicks to career, criminal politicians.

  • http://None Craig

    Somebody should hand her a History text that covers the years after the Civil war that explains the start of the KKK by Southern Democrats.

  • dave howard

    Biden is more likely to be a member of the kkk then romney.
    This school must of been hardup for teachers to scrap the
    bottom barrel for this one.

  • Alisa

    Why is every tripping over the word KKK welcome to the real world? Rather it was started by the Southern Democrats theirs KKK in the Republican party too! KKK is equivalent to the 666 the mark of the BEAST ANTI CHRIST ANTI BLACK period! In my opinion it pure ignorance! For someone to have that much HATRED towards another due to COLOR? If GOD wanted the whole world to be all white then that’s what he would had done from the beginning of time! Quite frankly! I’m glad he didn’t? I enjoy looking at all the beautiful colors of the human race.

    And about that teacher? She was just doing her JOB I feel it wasn’t about the tee shirt it was about the safety of the students and the school just like if another student wore an inappropriate shirt that student would have to go home as well! Right now it’s tension between these two parties President Obama Mitt Romney therefore wearing a tee shirt with one of these parties to school is a distraction so it’s better safe than sorry

    I have a bumper sticker of one of these parties therefore I don’t dare put it on my car I might get SHOT? Due to the tension out their! Yes It’s sad that we as Americans can’t be free to show who we favor due to other evil people in this world

  • Jim C.

    Apparently the teacher didn’t see Romney as “the same guy” as Obama, unlike the author of one of the other articles on this website, who apparently does see them as the same. The political left certainly knows the stark difference between the political left and right, and between Obama and Romney. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who sees the two as essentially the same is clueless beyond belief.

    • JC

      Until you take into account the overall trend of our government moving further to the left through every administration since Wilson. Then you might start to see that our government is no longer ours and that the left / right paradigm is nothing more than a show to keep the sheep entertained and voting, as if it makes any difference…it doesn’t.
      The Global bankers will continue to own our government and we will continue down the road to global governance no matter who we vote for. In that regard, they’re all the same.
      Unless and until we fumigate our halls of Government and return to the Constitution…first by abolishing the Federal Reserve, then by putting every politician who cooperates with this whole NWO crap…on trial for treason, then and only then will we have our Republic.

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    The Main purpose of a school is education ,Nothing in between,No Religion (except , when it relates to History )No political advertisements,or opinions allowed EXCEPT,only when it relates to the schools studies!!!In the first place I wouldn’t allow any of my kids to ware a T-shirts like that for the fact that it could cause a problem like this(Stop and think about it)The teacher was wrong too!,she should have been wise enough when dealing with a young student like that,to have chosen her words more carefully(The KKK-really???)but suppose it was the teacher that came to school wareing that T-shirt,then what????Childern don’t go to school to learn about someones opinions,they go to school to learn FACTS!!!Opinions will come fast enough for the students when their out of school as it is!!!!Both the student,and Teacher were wrong !!!!

    • Rick

      straight to the point Here is one big problem with your logic. If kids can’t handle having political differences without it becoming violent that is a major fault of our socity. We continue to placate and hide and don’t say this or don’t do that because someone might get upset. Let them get up set. and teach them how to handle it not hide from it. We started decades ago with the social science political correct nonsense rather then teach appropreiate behavior and punishing those who fail to actapproreiately. If they are not taught by the time they are in ghigh school what is going to happen once these people become adults? why is crime so high? People never learned to control themselves. or were made to control themselves. This teacher was totally wrong. and thisthi8s girl did nothing wrong except not telling the teacher to mnd her own business and do her j9ob teach math and keep her comments to herself.

    • Sonny Smith

      No ! The student was not wrong but you are.

  • Joe C

    has any of those idiots seen the Obama tapes that has been all over the news ? Tones of race, and anti goverment, whos a racist ???????

  • Robert A. Plett

    These are typical of the Liberal educators in our schools , They are products of the Socialist Colleges and professors, and they want us ( tax-payers) to further fund college students ( most having just graduated from a Liberal mush spewing high school). We need unbiased education systems. Stop with all the liberal mush spewing educators, filling the young minds of America’s youth. They do not need some liberal adult teaching them that same-sex relationships are the norm, they do not need some liberal adult teaching them that being a conservative or being a patriotic Christian is not allowed in school. People We MUST Take Back America from the DNC and their Marxist Socialistic Agenda.

  • Thinking About

    If the shirt had said “Romney, American Morman, American Islam all the same”, it would be truthful.

    • Sonny Smith

      You are quite a joke are you not, JA.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Here is another example of teachers not teaching and telling children about their views of their party. We need to remove these idiots and put teachers in our classrooms, they shouldn’t teach anything except reading writing and math, in other words an education leave their sexual, religeous and political views out of our classrooms. Fire this Bitch and everyone else like her. Viet Nam Vet 67-68 No wonder our children are failing on a world wide basis.

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    Viet Nam “they shouldn’t teach anything except reading,writing,and math……” Also “here is another example of teachers not teaching,and telling childern about their views of their party,I’ll agree with you on that!!”nothing but the facts”Sonny Smith”The T-shirt should have not been wored,because it could(and did)cause Problems!!The Child should have kept her mind on her studies,because after all ,thats what kids go to school for!!!!Of course we are entitled to our own opinions when it comes to our own lives ,and our childern!!you may have allowed your child to ware the T-shirt,I would not(Free Country!!) school is not quiet the right place for that to be going on!!!(once again My opinion!!!!)

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    Rich I’m not saying “what kids can handle”I’m just saying the purpose of a school is to learn facts (Math,science,Etc.,Etc…)People(Students and Teachers )should keep their own opinions, religion,and politcal views,(and Parties) Out of the Class Room!!!Thats not the right place for them!!!

  • Pingback: The Sunday ‘Report;’ 10/07/2012 [Part 2] « Justincase505's Blog

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    RICK-If the girl had told her teacher that,the student may have caused an additional problem(,in my days!1960′s) A student could’ve been sent to the office for making rude remark to a teacher!!!(Maybe that rule nolonger applies today!!)Both teacher and student ,should respect each other in the class room!!!,

  • Steve K.

    How the teacher forgot to realize the abundance of Obama T Shirts during 2007-2008 is so refreshing. It smacks of ultimate hypocrisy, just like the mantra of most Liberal, Progressives!

  • TallDarkAndHandsome

    Tax payers pay enough taxes for our schools as it is,our schools should be off limits to this kind of crap!!!!the kids go there to learn ,not to listen to some one s opinion about a canidate ,or a party!!!!


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