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High School Band Commemorates Russian Communism

October 3, 2012 by  

High School Band Commemorates Russian Communism

A high school marching band in Pennsylvania gave a nod to Russian communism. The New Oxford High School Marching Band put on a halftime show that shocked the crowd at a football game on Sept. 14.

The band marched onto the field, adorned with red flags, olive military uniforms, hammers and sickles. An upset parent told Fox News about the show.

“There is no reason for Americans to celebrate the Russian revolution,” said the concerned parent. “I am sure the millions who died under Communism would not see the joy of celebrating the Russian revolution by a school 10 miles from Gettysburg. It was ‘Glee’ meets the Russian Revolution. I’m not kidding you. They had giant hammers and sickles and they were waving them around.”

Rebecca Harbaugh, the superintendent for the Conewago Valley School District, said that the show was not an endorsement of communism.

“It’s a representation of the time period in history called St. Petersburg 1917,” she said. “I am truly sorry that somebody took the performance in that manner. I am.”

Since the controversy, the band has changed the performance by removing the hammers and sickles and featuring fewer historical events prior to the Russian revolution.

However, the Russian backdrop and olive uniforms remain.

Many parents support the initial show, noting that the band should be artistic.

“Our school is very artistic,” said one advocate. “People need to listen to the music more.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • http://yahoo darren boles

    Why would you even consider putting on a show like that. Surely our tax dollars can fund better ideas than that. This was discusssed before going on i can assure you so there is more than one person at fault here.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      darren boles: Yes, I would suspect a whole lot of people were cheering this on as ‘world class’. I don’t care how they slice-and-dice it, it is appalling!

    • steve

      artistic my butt

    • Flashy

      So an award winning band gives a performance which depicts an historic event in world (and US) history…and y’all complain.

      Kind of like the complaints coming in because the local library is holding a “Banned Book Week’. Encouraging and drawing attention to those classics which have been attacked for being available in public libraries and schools. The list would make one gasp that anyone would want to deny people the opportunity to have these available. Steinbeck, Hemingway, Voltaire, Twain, Challenger, Morrison, Huxley, Kesey, Grisham, Fitzgerald, Salinger, Joyce, Orwell, Wells etc…

      And the most frequent of challenges? Religious principles. Pomographic, blasphemous, obscene, immoral, anti-American, promotes communism, anti Christian…

      Expand your mind, enjoy learning instead of restricting knowledge.

      You might learn something .. at the least, you’ll enable someone else to learn …

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The celebration and glorification of the Russian revolution has NOTHING to do with education!!! PERIOD!!!

      • Flashy

        nancy…as a grandson of one who fought for the White Army during the Revolution, I’d say you have a few history lessons to learn. you have any idea what caused the Revolution? Did you even know that there was a Civil War fought by multiple factions before the Bolsheviks came out on top? Do you have any concept of the impact it had on the US?

        Read a book…you might be enlightened.

      • R. Hines

        Hey Flashy, why not put on a celebration for Charles Mansion and his “family”? After all, that is history and celebrating it keeps us from being ignorant, right?

        Your logic, if you can call it that, is flawed beyond belief.

      • Flashy

        RHines…did you read somewhere about my depicting it as “celebrating” ? it was a pivotal point in world and US history. US history not just internally…but the domestic history as well. The October Revolution and subsequent civil war affected the entire world, as much as the American revolution did. And it wasn’t just because it was Russia or the US. The Taiping Rebellion in China killed millions, split that country for over a decade, and caused the ultimate downfall of the Manchu Dynasty….yet the impact upon the world and altering the course of affairs was miniscule.

        As for your wanting to glorify Manson…c’mon, get real. Although…it does show the ignorance of the TPers, the need to grasp simplistic concepts and slogans fed by their controllers, the inability to delve into complexities…and their unwillingness to learn …

      • vanguard7

        Neither does it have anything to do with a “Historic Event” in “American History.” But then again, look who made the statement…Flashy. Should have known. I didn’t realize it was this troll until the leave a reply to box popped up.

      • Flashy

        So tossing out the Tsar and the subsequent civil war…leading to Brest-Litovsk, followed by the Red Scare, the emergence of tolerance for unions, the omission of the entire eastern continent from Versailles, the changing of relations and tensions on the diplomatic front, the visits and subsequent teachings and lectures by people such as John Reed … naw, it had no impact on US history…none at all ….


      • s c

        Komrade utopian, ask any veteran of the Korean or Vietnam wars WHO we were fighting. Your masters have done an excellent job of turning that stale oatmeal between your ears into manure. The true test of a functioning, worthwhile mind is whether or not that mind can recognize common sense. Your ‘;mind’ is so flawed and defective that it seems you’d be happier in another country.
        You, like so many other mental midgets, think communism is dead. Komrade, if you are so fond of anything that smacks of communism, please move to China. They’re looking for ways to bolster their economy, and they’re casting sneaky eyes toward Japan as their new “enemy.” It’s the modern Chinese version of an old FDR trick.
        Komrade, I am so grateful that I don’t know you or live in the same community. Granted, your education is pathetic, but then utopians really don’t need a good education. Anybody can learn to lie, cheat, backstab, or look at treason as a virtue. You’re a real piece of work, komrade. Been ‘fixed’ yet? Think of it as a form of Planned NonParenthood. Think of it as a way to placate Mama Earth (and Al “duh” Gore). Snip, snip. And you’re CURED!

      • momo

        I’m going to cut Flashy some slack on this one, after all the results of the Russian revolution led to the preeminent foreign policy worry for the US from the end of World War II to the early 1990′s. And yes Flashy I knew there was a Civil War in Russia, I also know the western powers sent troops there, hence their inherent distrust of the west. For those of you who don’t knw what Brest-Litovsk it was the peace between Germany and Russia that freed up German troops to be shipped to the western front for their Michael offensive, timed to go before the weight of American troops were felt.

        John Reed wrote the book 10 Days That Shook the World, an eyewitness account of the revolution.

      • midamerica

        dear flashy what would you think of the band dressed in white sheets and a burning cross

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, I’ve seen you do some trashy things on this site, but attempting to justify an offensive display of hammer and sickle philosophy in the name of “impact on US history” takes the cake.

        I’d say Hitler had one hell of an impact on US history. Perhaps you’d justify the flying of swastika banners from a marching band dressed in SS uniforms.

        Sometimes you just puzzle me.

      • Vigilant

        While I’m at it, flying a flag is a tacit endorsement of what it symbolizes, What part of that do you not comprehend?

        What that band did was despicable.

      • Kinetic1

        You’re speaking to a wall. Most of the folks on this site can’t see past right wing ideology. I often wonder if they wouldn’t prefer our schools restrict history to those events that fit into their narrow view of “American excellence.” Sure, the French helped us win independence from the English, but what really matters is that they are cowards. Sure, we were worked with the Russians to defeat Hitler, but all that matters is that they were communists (though in reality they weren’t.)

        Having been a member and a leader of a high school marching band I can tell you that a lot of odd ideas come up in an attempt to be original. A series of shows depicting major events in world history is not the most unusual I’ve ever heard of. Would these folks have been so upset if they had depicted the life of Christ?

      • the big easy

        @-the flasher——–COMRADE—————-So I guess that it would be all right to bring the nazi sign back as well—–maybe you already have one———-What a puke—————–This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and WE already have OUR OWN FLAG ,COMRADE.

      • Edward John Pritchard

        So I guess your all for the Swastikas next year when they celebrate the nazis!

      • Jon

        There is a big difference between learning about a major event and glorifying it. What is the band doing for next year? Putting on brown shirts and goose-stepping onto the field to celebrate the huge social revolution in Germany circa 1933, playing the Horst Wetzel Lied? At least it’s a catchy tune.

    • tlgeer

      A lot of the people in PA are descended from eastern European families. This includes Russian. For those families, this was honoring their ancestors.

      While it would personally make me very uncomfortable, I’m not from an eastern European family.

      • the big easy

        @-tigeer——–Why would anybody want to celebrate such a MURDEROUS system,in all their ‘creativity’,they could NOT find something that would PROMOTE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM,such as THE AMERICAN FLAG DOES ?????????
        Sounds like the teachers unions have taken over with their indoctrination and DUMBING DOWN of OUR children to the TRUE VALUE of the AMERICAN FLAG.And these are the same teachers unions that are on strike for more pay and benefits !!!!!!!!!!!!—————WHAT A BUNCH OF PUKES—————–

      • redsweep

        A lot of people in Pennsylvania are descended from southern families and the Rebel flag is a part of their heritage. I think you see where that argument is going.

        • tlgeer

          No, actually, I don’t. The Confederate flag is, also, part of our history.

      • Voltaire

        Most people from Pennsylvania are of Dutch or German heritage. However, the only surge of Russians settling in PA were the White Russians, who left their homeland because they opposed communism and Bolshevik rule. So the only way they would be “honoring their ancestors” would be if they told the story of the resistance to he Revolution, culminating in the failed counter-revolution and their escape from the Leninist regime, ending with them coming to America as fellow opponents to tyranny.

        It sure is fun to make baseless assumptions until someone brings actually facts, isn’t it tlgeer? I hate to break it to you, but America since its initial settling was seen as a haven for the oppressed and freedom-seeking. We can be here all week long saying how any small immigrant group is destroying the moral fiber of a America, but the real degradation of our society comes from those with preconceived notions of prejudice and an unwillingness to seek truth.

  • Combat seabee

    Again I say, “It’s no longer education, rather, it’s INDOCTRINATION!”

    • beabet


    • ron

      Socialism showing its ugly face.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    Here’s a novel idea: How about celebrating the American Revolution? After all, this is the United States of America and 3/4 of our students have no clue to any of our history – thank you to the public school system….oops, that’s who promoted this disgrace, isn’t it?

    • eddie47d

      You make a good point but as the story says it was only a portrayal of history NOT an endorsement. We can’t be afraid of knowing what happened in past world events whether in books,plays or marching bands. Censorship of differing views would also go against our principles. This event could in reality peek an interest in past history and the evils of the old Soviet Union. It could even provoke interest in the principles in which our nation was founded upon.

      • Cliffystones

        Wow! You are remarkably talented at the art of “turd polishing”.

        And while I get your finer point, they could have cherry-picked and event worth celebrating. The only event the Russian Revolution deserves is a solemn memorial to the millions who were slaughtered in the name of Communism.

      • eddie47d

        Then don’t read anything that might offend you Cliffy or attend an event that is questionable. What part of not an endorsement didn’t you comprehend? Closed minds are of little value in an open society.

      • Ted Crawford

        L’Umanita clearly has you pegged!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        This was NOT a “portrayal of history”! It was celebratory entertainment! If one wanted to play the music of that era, that would be one thing. But to dress up and include COMMUNIST symbols in the entertainment, changes it’s meaning and purpose altogether! Our government and it’s educators are quietly conditioning us for the upcoming communism! We’d better open our eyes and SEE what is happening in this country or we’ll lose it all! REAL education would show EVERYONE that communism was destructive and EVIL! It was NOT entertainment!!!

      • Flashy

        Ummm..Nancy….it was a pivotal point in World History…there’s a reason it’s called the October Revolution and I suspect the connection to the performance by an award winning band with a reputation of being on the cutting edge of performances.

        If y’all want to remain ignorant…feel free. But to criticize others because they desire to learn and portray world events which have had a significant impact on this nation…and you disagree with the message so therefore it is bad….no wonder you are a TP advocate. The TP Trilogy of fear, hate, ignorance…you show it all in great abundance.

        Jeesh…next thing y’know you’ll be calling for the banning of L’Internationale and a few books in the local libraries !

        So it’s not important to know your history and the struggles of labor and the working man??

      • independant thinker

        While this might and I emphasize MIGHT have been only a protrayel of history it was certainly poorly presented. Presenting the band as a Soviet army band flying the Soviet flag is certainly something that would be easily miss understood. It would certainly appear to be celebrating the old Soviet union and communism not mearly noting an event in history.

      • Flashy

        IT…what was the result of the October Revolution? Why should we forget it? Why should we not have cause to dwell on it..the beginnings, the civil war, the end result? Did you read anywhere from anyone at the school it was a “celebration” ? When you think of the October Revolution, what comes to mind as an image? Would it not be appropriate to give that image so as to give people substance for reflection?

        And do not forget…the parents and locals didn’t seem much upset about it. Seems the folks who are going nuts are those who desire to limit the knowledge and awareness of history of labor, the working man, and the development of the union.

        Shae on those who call for limiting our knowledge. Shame on those who call for having no awareness and recognition of events that shaped our nation. You call yourself a “patriot”? For what cause? For it sure as heck ain’t for America !

      • independent thinker

        Up to your old tricks huh Flashy deliberately missrepresenting what people say. I never said the Russian revolution should not be recognized nor did I say the Communist participation in it should not be recognized. I said it was poorly presented and done in a way that could be too easily miss understood.

      • Flashy

        IT…i apologize. Thank you for the correction. i’ll go so far as agreeing that it could have been better presented.

        Again, i apologize for the mis-reading and subsequent post characterizing your statement erroneously…

      • the big easy

        @-the flasher,eddy,gait———COMRADES————So that rainbow flag ya’ll carry is not an endorsement ???????Ya’ll ought to come here to the French Quarter.

    • MTR

      Here is some history. Russia, under the Czars, was very much like our own colonies under King George. The russian people were desperate for a change, they just chose the wrong savior. A hundred years ago the US had a policy of non-interference. That was our choice. We could have, should have, sown the seeds of Republic in the hearts of the Russian rebels. The Russian rebels overthrew their tyranical monarchy just as the American rebels overthrew their’s.

      But let’s look at the after effects. Our republic fostered a environment of capitalism that made us the richest and most powerful nation on the planet. Yes we have misused that power on occasion, but look at how many people, nations and economies we have helped. The communist system proposed by Marx and endorsed/fostered by the Soviets can and will work, but only by rulers who are not subject to the weaknesses in character, ethics and morals that plague humanity. They were looking for a utopia, but got an entitlement state, with only two classes of people.

      That systems lasted about 70 years, then collapsed under its own weight of debt and mismanagement of natural resources.

      One final contrast. Our republic has lasted 236 years, over three times as long as the soviet state. Yes we have our challenges. Yes our leaders are plagued by the same weaknesses in character. That is what the Constitution is for. If you want our republic to endure for another 236 years and beyond, teach your own children (and yourselves) the same moral principles that governed the lives of the men and women (wives, sisters & mothers) who crafted that noble document. Our Constitution is only as strong as the moral principles of the people it can govern.

      Yes we have our challenges. But we must remember that our society IS the longest lasting free society in all of human history. What we do with that legacy is up to us.

    • Art

      That’s why these morons come out of school knowing nothing. How about teaching little American History.

    • Vigilant

      eddie says, “but as the story says it was only a portrayal of history NOT an endorsement.”

      NOT an endorsement my a$$! Flying an Obama flag outside a DNC sub HQ is not an endorsement? Flying a Nazi flag is not an endorsement? Flying a US flag is not an endorsement?

      You and Flashy are absolutely insane if you don’t “get” that the flying of ANY flag is tacit endorsement of the principles behind it. That’s precisely what flag display is all about, and no artsy-fartsy interpretation by liberal idiots can change the fact that what a flag in fact represents to people is often quite divorced from the history of it.

      History aside, the significance of flag flying is that it evokes reactions of mass perception. The rebel flag is just one example of it.

      • GALT

        Damn, ( never, ever) Vigilant….flying a flag is an endorsement…you sure is SMART.

        The “endorsement” is sort of subject to interpretation…as in eye of the beholder….
        and only a fool would believe they could read minds……

        which means you sure is stupid!!!!!!!!

        and a waste of time……..having fun yet?

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Vigilant believes if a movie is made about the Russian Revolution/WWI or WWIII then the hammer and sickle should be left out . That the green uniforms should be left out. That Russian music should be left out. Dr Zhivago never would have been made or War and Peace or any other historical event if that era is sugar coated. Maybe purple uniforms and pink flags would be a better portrayal for you. This band may have been rather silly but I do want historical events to be accurate.

      • Vigilant

        What’s so ridiculous about your post, eddie, and those of your fellow travelers, is that you know full well what a crock of faulty logic it is.

        A book, a movie or documentary is DAMNED different in nature than a high school halftime show. People don’t go to a game to be instructed on historical events.

        One of you communist sympathizers needs to address that hypothetical of what reaction would be forthcoming if the band marched out in Nazi SS uniforms with a blaze of Third Reich flags waving. Follow this with the school superintendent saying “It’s a representation of the time period in history called Holocaust 1939-45.”

        The absolute bankruptcy of your liberal artsy-fartsy argument is apparent to all. And the lengths you go through to perpetuate the subterfuge are truly astounding. I used to think this sort of infantile logic was posted merely to tweak the tails of Conservatives as some sort of contrarian joke. I now realize it demonstrates the abject blindness of the left.

  • rb

    And this is why my children have been homeschooled and currently attend a private high school. Too bad the students didn’t refuse to do the show simply on principal. But I guess no one taught them the difference.

    • Millie O

      And it would appear that no one taught YOU the difference between “principle” and “principal”. Look it up, Homeschooler.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We knew what rb meant in spite of the spelling error. But what excuse do you have for being a bitch?

      • Edward John Pritchard

        You forgot the public school spelling prinsapull

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    It would’ve been more fitting had they marched in Washington D.C.,or around the “White”house at least,the band would’ve been in better company!!!!My son,or daughter would sure the hell not been a part of it!!!!I would like to see what kind of responds they are getting right now from Parents!!A few heads should row for that kind of Sh#t!!!some of the people running that school should be fired,for going along this this kind of crap!!!Rebecca would be one of them!!!!just think,The people there ,that pay their taxes(the 53 per cent that do pay))should really be pissed,I know I would!!!!What a lame ASS thing to do!!!!!

  • redsweep

    The Russian Revolution began with the cold blooded murders of the Czar, his wife and innocent children.

    It followed with the deliberate slaughter by a psychopathetic Stalin of millions of citizens whose only crime was being born in the Soviet Union.

    And this is worth celebrating?

    • momo

      One word answer: NO

    • Voltaire

      Might you have considered that this show was in the perspective of the Russian peasantry who finally united to be free from czarist oppression? It may have been celebrating the resistance of tyrants, much like the American Revolution. The U.S. does not have a monopoly on patriotic revolutions.
      And the millions slaughtered were Ukrainian, starved and murdered because they resisted a tyrant who wanted to essentially enslave. Shouldn’t we celebrate people who resist tyranny regardless of whether they were born in America?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The hammer and sickle were symbols of the evil communist GOVERNMENT! NOT the peasants!!! Do you REALLY think that ANY of those peasants who came under the EVIL and murderous Stalinists would want to CELEBRATE those symbols?!? The peasants were TRICKED into supporting the communist revolution just as Americans are being TRICKED into supporting it here! They thought that they were going to get something better! Well, history repeats itself! Get ready!

      • Voltaire

        Regardless of what you believe, Nancy, historic fact says that the hammer and sickle were the symbols of the working class, the backbone of the Russian Revolution. The Bolsheviks perverted this symbol, but that does not negate the selfless sacrifices that the common man made to try to improve his country for himself and his family. That is what is worth celebrating.

      • Flashy

        Thanx Voltaire for your comments. between Nancy being unwilling to learn and RedSweep being way off base in his history…there needs to be some truth and serious common sense displayed before the asylum is taken over by the patients…

      • redsweep

        My comment about the Russian Revolution was not meant to be an expository on the events leading up to it and following it a la “War and Peace” but to put in simple terms the fact that the murderous consequences were not in any way, shape, or form, beneficial to the revolting masses who expected an equitable and fair government.

        No one was suggesting the banning of ideas or books but that straw man was set up and demolished. Thank you.

      • Pathfinder1

        You say in part: “Russian peasantry who finally united to be free from czarist oppression”?
        The so called “peasants swapped” one brand of serfdom for another. (remember the battle was between the White and RED Russians.) And, not all the revolutionaries were peasants. It was Stalin who gained power by “eliminating the competition” and eventually oppressed not only Russians but countless American immigrants and WWII pilots who were unlucky enough to be shot down in Russian held territory. The Russians took 95,000 prisoners at Stalingrad only 5,000 managed to make it back to Germany. All the Russian Soldiers captured by the Greman’s were returned to Russia and exterminated by Stalin. Here words for your vocabulary “GULOG” and “SIBERIA” …. that is where Stalin sent more than 17 million people as slave laborers to die.

        So, justification for the uprising did not quite achieve the freedom you imply, did it?

        Socialism is “Communism” and visa versa and the only ones who prosper under its banner are the ones at the “top”, the ruling class.

      • Flashy

        “(remember the battle was between the White and RED Russians” …

        Actually, there were Black and Green factions as well. The Ukrainians, the Jews, the Southern Black Sea Russians etc…it was a furball of factions there for awhile.

        And it wasn’t Stalin who came to power when the Bolsheviks finally prevailed. it was Lenin…the Stalin and Trotsky fight for Lenin’s successor began as the Bolsheviks were taking full control, but Stalin wasn’t in control at the time. fact being…his life was hangin’ by a thread as even Lenin mistrusted the guy..

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Voltaire, as YOU said, the Bolsheviks perverted these symbols!!! So WHY would American students HONOR those symbols?!? You confirm my view!

      • momo

        I can assure you, Voltaire, it wasn’t the Russian peasentry who disposed of the Czar. Lenin perverted Marx’s theory of revolution, remember Marx said a country would have to be industrialized before the WORKERS would revolt, Lenin came up with the vanguard of the revolution. That is the elitists would lead the workers in revolt.
        Interestingly, the Czar had already abdicated during the February revolution, which had installed the provisional government headed by Alexander Kerensky. Kerensky’s decision to continue the war led to the October revolution which installed Lenin and the soviets in power. The Germans contributed to this by bringing Lenin from his Swiss exile in a sealed train thru Germany to Russia.

      • momo

        @Flashy Lenin was starting to have suspicions about Stalin, but he had a stroke, and effectively there was a power struggle between Stalin and Trotsky. To me Stalin was a power grabbing opportunist. He had his rivals dispatched one by one by assassination, show trial or exile.
        Even though Stalin had exiled Trotsky, he was so insecure that he had him killed in Mexico City.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It is not what Nancy in Nebraska believes but what history has written. You are simply an useful idiot that is passing himself off as an intellectual.

    • GALT

      Actually it didn’t begin with the murder of the czar and his family.

    • tlgeer

      The Russian Revolution happened for a reason. It didn’t just come about on it’s own. It came about because of the abuses by the Royal Family and their Governing. The fact that the Revolution brought something just as bad is beside the point.

  • Jason

    The Ultra-Left has taken the symbol of America and Constitution and turned it Red. Pennsylvania is the home where the forefathers signed the declaration and constitution and now to see that the state has gone Rouge. Pennnsylvania has some of the most unAmerican draconian laws of the nation.

    • prisoner113

      AMEN Jason!

      Try geting pulled over and SUSPECTED of driving under the influence.

      It happened to me one time not long ago and I ended up spending the night in jail because I ran a stop sign late at night in the wrong neighborhood. The PIG who pulled me refused to believe me when I told him I do NOT drink..EVER (the TRUTH) and made me take the sobriety test that over 65% of the pigs themselves cannot pass.

      I had been working for over fifteen hours that day and had big floppy shoes on…in short I was extremely tired and my legs were like jello – so – I failed.

      I asked for the breathalizer and the PIG refused to give me one….THEN…
      The PIG read me my NON-rights off his little card so he didn’t forget any of it…

      I coudn’t believe what I was hearing….

      it started out with these words..
      “You do NOT have the right to remain silent….you do NOT have a right to an attorney…”
      and went on to advise me that basically if I answered him with anything OTHER than answering “YES” to consening to them forcibly taking my blood for analysis I would be DECLARED GUILTY and charged with DUI. See since I was NOT under any kind of influence I REMEMBER what was said…and I was SHOCKED at what they are getting away with.

      I answered yes, they drew blood and I had to wake my eighty year old mother up at four in the morning to bail me out of jail and pick me up.

      Two weeks later I recieved a traffic ticket in the mail for failure to stop at a stop sign – with not even a mention of any kind of DUI charge BECAUSE – in fact, I DO NOT drink – EVER and my blood was clean….

      anyone who thinks we live in a free country any more is sorely mistaken.

  • Ted Crawford

    If this isn’t the Poster Child for the complete defunding of the Department of Education just what in the world will it take?

  • Bill

    Communism has killed more people throughout history than any other single factor. Some ignorant high school teacher thought they were being cool. The people who organized this should be fired. They should be deported to Cuba so they can experience the communist lifestyle



  • AK Tom

    Alot of young people are now sporting red flags with a yellow star. A couple years ago it was t-shirts and stickers of “che” Guevara. Sad to see they are not being taught the real truth about communism. It’s even sadder that our so called president has an ornament of mao on the white house Christmas tree.

    • Flashy

      Wow AK….can you spread a few more lies and myths?

      • Patricia

        Flashy, are you sure of your heritage? You must have Communist beliefs yourself! Shame on you for lauding this kind of display as “educational.” If so, you are perverted in your view of education.

      • Flashy

        Only the ignorant and simplistic knee jerker fed by fear and hate would state that the performance was not giving a history lesson and food for thought.

      • Tony Ruiz

        Ditto Patricia

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I haven’t seen the shirts with the red flags BUT I can confirm that a few years ago LOTS of kids were wearing Che Guevara shirts!!! These are NOT lies and myths!!! You’re just ignorant!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oh, and the comment about Mao being on an ornament on the whitehouse Christmas tree??? Absolutely TRUE!!!

  • Steve E

    There was even a bigger communist celebration held in January, 2009 when we celebrated a communist coming into office on his inauguration.

    • Patricia

      LOL. Best response I’ve seen on this blog. I agree wholeheartedly. And some of these people need to learn grammar, and how to spell!

  • gunner689AI

    This is why my grandkids go to private schools.

  • Alex

    Better than the usual Red-White-and-Boohoohoo tribute to Genocide, Theft, and Forced Labor….

    • Tony Ruiz

      Only NOTHING is better, you poor dumb idiot

  • Pathfinder1

    Josef Stalin purged (killed)more than 20 MILLION of his own people, created a socialist (social justice) system where neighbor was turned against neighbor (class warfare).

    Sound Familiar?
    Obama emulates the Russian Communist Playbook (Saul Alinsky) and any American
    (or Institution) that celebrates the Bolshevik Revolution and socialism knows nothing of history, and is bound to repeat it at our peril.

    The incident in Pennsylvania is a good indicator of what schools are and are not teaching children. Sadly, it is the school administrators, teachers and dim whited parents that are so mis-guided by political correctness and social justice that they, as a group, do not have a moral compass.

    Apparently, LIBERAL SOCIALISM flourishes in Obama’s Fundamentally Changed “Amerika” and the words of Nakita Kruchev: “We will bury you”, have come to fruition.

    • Tony Ruiz

      Let’s all become Americans on election day, setting aside all the liberal crap and think about what this is doing to future generations of Americans and come together, or whatever we’ll be known as if obama continues to illegally occupy OUR white house.

      • Bill

        It really is a line drawn in the sand between socialism and capitalism. Several presidents have said that if we are not careful, the loss of freedom is only a generation away. Wake up people.

    • Flashy

      “…any American
      (or Institution) that celebrates the Bolshevik Revolution and socialism knows nothing of history, and is bound to repeat it at our peril.”

      pathfinder…read anywhere where the school or director stated it to be a celebration? And when you speak of the Bolshevik revolution…I would agree..if there had been anything of the sort. Ignorance of history shows in your use of that name for the October Revolution…

      • Pathfinder1

        Flashy; Call what you will;
        “October Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution” : the RED BANNERS and socialistic outcome is the same.

        When a HS marching band takes to the field waving red communist banners which indeed represents the former USSR, it emulates how the communists CELEBRATED
        the communist ideology.

        “Celebrated” was my choice of words and thus referenced supporting parents comments who said the band should be “artistic”.

        The PA event is analogous to the Hitler Bund marching in Skokei IL. and calling it ARTISTIC. Now imagine that happening today in Skokie IL, which is home to a number of holocaust victims and their relatives.

        The whole thing in PA. was in bad taste and offensive to many who understand and DETEST socialism.

        My words stand!

      • Flashy

        Pathfinder… I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would find this something to call for the chopping of heads. Yes, IT was correct in that it could have been presented somewhat differently. Then again, if everyone’s sensitivities were taken into account, we’d be left with them playing Jingle Bells.

        It appears everyone who is ranting against this halftime show assumes the Communist banners were present from minute one. We don’t really know do we? But facts don’t matter eh? Could it have been a portrayal of history from the overthrow of the Tsar until the moment of Bolshevik victory and the Red Star coming out only towards the end? Who knows?

        But I would defer to those who saw it as value to the band, the student body and the spectators. I doubt very much there were any commies in the parent group…so they weren’t standing supporting anything of the sort. They, in fact, were praising the show, the teaching, and the education.

        It depicted an event in world history which affected this nation and it’s character.

        let me ask you this…if the band, for November, put on a T Day presentation…and American Indians went nuts over the depiction…or the band presented T Day as an American Indian would see it …. ya think there’d be an outcry from the Right? Which presentation would cause the outcry? And would it have merit (either one)?

      • Pathfinder1

        Sorry Flashy I am not just getting the connection between Soviet Socialism and Native American Indians (T day).

        How can one possibly compare the atrocity’s of the USSR to a depiction of Thanksgiving.
        I have no problem with Russian composers, you can even find Russian classical and WWII patriotic music on U-tube and some of the musical compositions are darn good. I could even recommend a few to you. But having HS students emulate the Soviet is over the line.

        What would we have this marching band do for its next “creative artistic endeavor”?
        How about dressing them up in SS uniforms, lead by the Drum major appearing as Hitler, there is a history lesson to be told here to isn’t there.

        Here is one more option hat may drive the message home.
        Picture this: Instead of indians and T day how about KKK outfits waving the stars and bars … that sure would get a response wouldn’t it. And, yes I do place the atrocities of the USSR on level with the KKK.

        I guess the subject of the USSR, its origins, and “accomplishments” is something that one simply had to experience in order to understand the depth of its negative impact.

        Once again, having 16/17 year old band members march around in olive drab uniforms with red flags displaying the hammer cycle and touting the Russian revolution, even as a historical fact crossed the line. Lets leave this “history lesson” to the Russians, as they have already dealt with it.

      • Bill

        Come clean, Flashy, you are a teaher, right

  • Tony Ruiz

    Every negative remark about this amazing stupidity on the part of the so-called principal, superintendent or whatever-whoever the ‘leadership’ is represented by here should be tarred, feathered and run out of town never again to administer at a school in our country. Get the hell rid of him/her/them who support this lame idea. Many of the remarks are legitimate and mirror my views as a solid American. Many of those over there in that part of the country? Evidently the school and some parents are not.

  • Millie O

    You commenters realize that people in other states refer to PA as “Pennsyltucky”, right? Thanks for reminding them why…


    There is nothing good in any way about any form or manner consistent with freedom and inalienable rights when it comes to communism. Communism is as old as prostitution and is a a consistent failure in the anals of history….

    • redsweep

      “…anals of history…”
      I got a chuckle out of that but in fact you are absolutely correct.

  • Dad

    If it had Biblical verses, it would have been stopped. Wecome to the new communist America under Obama.

  • E. G

    To know and/or to be educated to the history of Communism is one thing and it is necessary, but a half-time show at a football game – come on – however you want to slice it, it is offensive. Yes, yes, yes we certainly need to learn/know about that form of ‘government; – how authorities allowed millions of their own people to be killed – but a seminar on communism at the halftime show – just not right. I hope those that instigated this fiasco get booted for a few weeks – send them to the library to learn AMERICAN HISTORY and make them come back and teach CORRECT AMERICAN HISTORY.

  • Ed Weber

    Why not an American Patriotic show? Ever hear of John Philip Sousa? Try it, your audience will love it.

    • Flashy

      Yawn….so original….what’s wrong with being original and giving something different ?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Is there something wrong with honoring AMERICANS rather than Russian communists?!? Do you find that trite?

      • Pathfinder1

        Flashy you are incredulous!

        You say: ” “Yawn….so original….what’s wrong with being original and giving something different ?”

        “Original”? ….. emulating the USSR is not at all ORIGINAL ! it is an affront to every person exterminated, and exploited by the USSR.

        “Something Different” …. DIFFERENT, that it is in the minds of folks that do not know what soviet style socialism stands for.

        And as previously stated: “The PA event is analogous to the Hitler Bund marching in Skokie, IL. Now imagine that happening today in Skokie, which is home to a number of holocaust victims and their relatives.” That certainly would be different wouldn’t it?

        Apparently in your mind, “DIFFERENT” makes it acceptable.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        How is waving the hammer and sicle flag being original?
        The band is admitting that they are worthless.

      • eddie47d

        Nadzieja is yearning for her homeland.

  • redsweep

    The band members should have been required to read and give a report on the Russian Revolution before taking part in the celebratory display. I’ll bet that the band would have had a revolution of its own when they knew the facts.

    • ncrdbl1

      The only reason the Russian leaders during WW2 were not charged with war crimes is because they changed sides in the middle of the war and ended up on the winning side. TWO MILLION German women were raped after the fall of Berlin. 100,000 German troops were taken to camps in Russia, less than 10% ever returned. Thousands of Polish citizens were found in mass graves when Russia pulled out of Poland when Germany attacked Russia. Before they switched sides Hitler and Stalin BOTH attacked Poland and occupied the country. Russia had a non aggression treaty with Japan and attacked them in China only AFTER the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. When Germany surrendered to the allies Russia REFUSED to acknowledge the surrender unless it was done in Berlin and to Russian troops. AFTER Japan surrender Russian troops attacked Japanese troops in Korea over running the country and claimed the land.

      And THIS is the kind of people the school think it is proper to honor.

  • David Starr

    I wonder what it will be like with the Nazi’s come out with their celebration. They had glorious rousing music of the state too…..

  • darrelljr

    I guess she thinks all the white tombstones of our soldiers who gave their lives to fight communism as artistic as well. This is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Flashy says, quote “And do not forget…the parents and locals didn’t seem much upset about it. Seems the folks who are going nuts are those who desire to limit the knowledge and awareness of history of labor, the working man, and the development of the union.” I believe the article clearly stated that the display “shocked” the “crowd” which I assume meant pretty much everyone in attendance. Don’t try to pin it on any specific faction of society Flashy.

  • you’reallidiots

    To believe in the fantasy that is anarchocommunism is one thing. But when a school parades around Soviet symbols. Wow. I find it unbelievable. In that institution of education, no one cared to mention the 20 million people who died at the hands of the Soviet Government?

    • Vigilant

      I wouldn’t expect too many supporting comments considering your screen name. While I agree with your statement, I guess I’m just one of those idiots.

      • GALT

        No need to guess you ARE one of those idiots……..and you HAVE no where to hide…..

        Dear ( never, ever ) Vigilant, there is no requirement to refute or argue that
        which is invalid………any discussion regarding the finer points of what Constitution means is irrelevant…….THE LINK explains why and is all that is required which
        is why it is used AGAIN and AGAIN…….and will continue to be………

        The only relevant discussion which has any significance for any one seeking to understand what meaning and authority the Constitution has in the PRESENT
        revolves around the single FACT that the current operational jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES is and has been since 1938, Admiralty and Maritime Law,
        and what it means for you is that whatever the government chooses to
        do and whether or not it has the power to do it, rests solely on the
        legislation of Congress, the actions of the executive with regards
        to enforcement and subject to the final interpretation of the Supreme Court,
        as and when required.

        In Admiralty and Maritime you do not have “rights”, nor does any portion
        of the Bill of Rights apply………you have privileges, benefits and
        immunities……a phrase which should be FAMILIAR to you if you
        have observed any court proceedings or congressional
        hearings where this “privilege” is invoked……..and while “immunity”
        may sound a lot like a RIGHT, immunities are subject to change at
        any time……which the Patriot Act aptly demonstrates…….and while
        you have many people who bandy about the word “unconstitutional”
        regarding government actions…….this is a waste of time
        but more importantly a DIFFUSION OF ENERGY ………akin to a
        drunk, searching for his keys under a lamp post because the
        LIGHT is better there…….

        In addition to THE LINK, you will also remember the constant and
        repeated question “Where are the common law and equity courts?”

        While I realize that my postings here seem to provoke both emotional
        and reactive responses rather than intelligent ones, because I am
        an “outsider” and am essentially messing up your rather cozy coterie
        and simple minded, soundbite rhetoric………for those who come here
        to salivate as the bell is rung for you each day……….there is a
        POINT to the question.

        Those lost keys which ARE NOT under the lamp post, just happen
        to have a light attached…… see the Constitution that you
        constantly refer to, did require a bit of gymnastics to circumvent
        ……..after all, given the identification of the jurisdiction
        you are subject to and attempting to do this directly by decree,
        would have been “unconstitutional”……and “obvious”………and
        would have failed.

        If however you “volunteered”, wittingly or unwittingly……then what
        followed would not be “unconstitutional” and whatever the outcome
        would be “lawful” in the jurisdiction you found yourself………so
        as long as this outcome was not seemingly egregious,
        for most citizens………the “illusion” of legitimacy would hold
        …… while people would raise a “hey, wait a minute how
        can this be?” on this point or that point,
        unless you actually found your keys………you would
        never be able to open the door to the Constitution you
        know and believe still exists.

        Strangely……”faith” plays a big part in the confidence game
        that you have voluntarily become a “victim” of……….and the
        primary concern of government is it’s ability to raise revenue
        through fee’s, fines, excise, duties, imposts, direct
        and indirect taxes. To insure this, and the civil procedures
        that would be needed to replace the formerly ( common law
        and equity courts ) functions, The Uniform Commercial Code
        was legislated by congress, and adopted
        on the Federal level in 1939, laws were codified into titles
        and “statutory jurisdiction” materialized. The UCC over
        the next 20 years was adopted by the ‘several states’ which
        now all had two letter federal district identifiers,
        aka “postal codes”…….and by 1960, the pretense
        of “lawful money” was no longer necessary……..and removed
        from Federal Reserve Notes which
        became simply “legal TENDER for all debts public and private “.

        Failure to exercise the ‘reservation of rights clause’ required by
        UCC 1-207/ 308 on any contract/ license/ legal document. etc
        made you automatically subject to this “statutory” ( admiralty/maritime ) jurisdiction……..and since no one actually knows that this
        “reservation” IS REQUIRED, revenues flow largely uninterrupted,
        while the “victims”…..YOU……flail away wasting time and energy
        on things that are irrelevant………and this “willfull ignorance is
        costing you $$$$$$$$”, the fact that it is “fiat”, not withstanding.

        END THE FED, Ron Paul in 2012, Rand Paul whenever and the
        tea party and or the libertarian party, plus all the “conspiracy theories”,
        as well as writers here ( and that means ALL OF THEM ) are
        a waste of time, they are a distraction,
        and not being part of the solution, are PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!!

        The other part of the problem is that anyone who wants
        access to their Constitutional rights and protections……
        needs to LEARN how, and the really big part, actually
        follow through and DO IT!!!!!!! No gun or violence required
        …….you need a BRAIN and a PEN!

        All of this ( THE KEY ) and more is in the LINK……….but you have
        to find the KEY and USE IT. ( no one can do it for you……we can
        only guide…..and attempt to calm the “imagined FEAR”……..
        knowledge is STUPID. ( to this point you have not only
        chosen to be STUPID,
        but have INSISTED on REMAINING STUPID.)

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!!!)

        P.S. It’s your money…….and the reward is: you get to keep it……

        “The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?”
        ― Confucius

      • GALT


        SAVE YOURSELF… one else can or will.

  • Howard

    We have the symbol for Fascism on the back wall of the house of reps. Two of them facing each other on either side of the flag. Why are we not pi$$ed about that????? Oh I know… pick me! It’s because most people are ignorant of what that symbol is. Our government is moving towards FASCISM. Look up the definition and then tell me their not. Mitt = Barack. The mormon will not reverse the actions of the muslim. You that think he will are delusional.

  • Howard

    Google ‘fascist symbols in congress’

  • Rick Johnson

    Just an attempt by leftist to glorify and sanitize communism. If you want to know the HISTORY of the Russian evolution here is one bit of info5rmation that should enlighten you. When Nazi troops marched into Russia many hailed them as LIBERATORS. How bad off could a regime be if it’s citizens considered Nazis as liberators.

  • Kinetic1

    One parent, ONE complained to FOX news (of course) and now it’s a cause celebre? The focus of the performance was the music of Dimitri Shostakovich who’s formative years are represented by the Russian revolution of 1917. That the band chose to use imagery of the conflict is hardly surprising given that in 1918, at age 12 he wrote a funeral march in memory of two leaders of the Kadet party, murdered by Bolshevik sailors.

    It’s a shame that some people are so trapped in their false nationalism that they are afraid of high school band representing a period in world history. What’s even worse is that the shouting of a few narrow minded people may stop these creative youth from creating other performances that could spark interest in history.

    • ncrdbl1

      Tell that to the families of the thousands of Poles who were found in mass graves following the Russian withdrawal from Poland during WW2. Or the to the two million women who were raped after the fall of Berlin.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You mean that history only started in 1917 for the high school band with ideology they agree.
      Typical slobbering over Communism.

      • TML

        It’s clear this was a case in which it was honestly done for its art théâtral, although foolishly done during half time at an American sport, when people tend to have their ‘game face on’. Sporting events as all-American as football and baseball are not really appropriate places to give theatrical representations or performances depicting historical events in foreign countries, IMO…. but to think that this was done to condition people, or any kind of adoration of communism is equally foolish. Simply poor taste and poor judgement.


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