High Obamacare Traffic Causing Crashes? Not So Much: Only 18 Percent Of Uninsured Have Visited Healthcare.gov


Gallup reported Friday that only 18 percent of all Americans without insurance have even visited Healthcare.gov — the Federal Obamacare website — or any of the State-run websites that sell Obamacare coverage. And even among those uninsured who express interest in buying health insurance soon, only 22 percent report they’ve yet taken a peek at an Obamacare insurance exchange website.

That news stands at odds with early claims by the Administration of President Barack Obama that the Healthcare.gov site crashed early and often because of tremendous consumer demand to find out more about what the site is selling.

From Gallup:

The health exchange websites are not only fraught with the technical problems that have led to so much news coverage in recent weeks, but have also generated relatively little interest or use among uninsured Americans — the primary target group for the exchanges. The majority of uninsured Americans are unfamiliar with the exchanges and relatively few have tried to access them to date, even among those who say that eventually, they will most likely get their insurance through an exchange website.

Fewer than a quarter of all uninsured Americans have so far even attempted to visit an insurance exchange site, according to a new Gallup poll.

That throws an enormous wrench into the workings of Obama’s argument that the Affordable Care Act is designed chiefly to benefit those Americans who have grown accustomed to living without heathcare coverage. The uninsured, after all, are supposed to be Obamacare’s core beneficiaries.

“These results undermine the Obama administration’s confidence in Obamacare to reach its target audience,” writes Lara Seligman on The Hill’s “Healthwatch” blog. “The exchange sites are not only fraught with technical problems that have led to long wait times and error messages for users, but have also failed to generate interest among uninsured Americans.”

In the days following the rollout, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius blamed the website’s crash problems on pent-up consumer demand, describing the supposed door-busting rush to buy insurance “sort of a great problem to have.”

Last week, the House Oversight and Reform Committee revealed that the extent of the demand required to crash the site, on the day it launched, was only 1,100 visitors at a time.


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  • BHR

    Only 15 percent of people needed insurance, so Obama changes all insurance in America. The only people who like it are the ones getting it for free.

    • Warrior

      Yes, and because of the “website” problems we haven’t been able yet to hear about all the success stories of “subsidized” policies. Maybe around Christmas eh? oblama, the gift that keeps on giving……..to some.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      The rest will be hit next year.

  • swampfox

    it’ll be a cold day in hell before i choose this crap,oblivit can shove
    this socialized peice of worthless garbage up his socialized bumhole.
    i have struggled like never before under this hitleristic like moron,lost
    near everything i have worked for,had to put up with his lieing mouth
    for near six years now,watch the lazy and fatass bums get free everydamn
    thing from cellphones to foodstamps,watch this thug spit on the constitution,
    destroy our nation,mock god,etc etc……all this I’ve tolerated,
    but I’ll be damned if i will consent to having this illegal in the white house (i
    still am not convinced he is even a american by birth),force upon me this
    pure socialistic crap this goon came up with,hell no,but hell no,
    i give it the finger and the twit who signed it into exsistance.
    reagan warned us of this,go on you tube and watch,…reagan warned us.

  • Motov

    Remember the old VW commercials? I’m referring to their VW has done it again slogan. Government has done it again,… They have taken something that was working before and they totally muck it up, and we pay the price. Government has grown dangerously too large, They are beyond evil, Like Jason combined with Freddie, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leather face, etc, etc,…..You cannot kill them,
    they come at us relentlessly to take everything we have.

  • Warrior

    Ya know, all we’re hearing from right now is the “group” with cancellation notices (SAD). Just wait until we start hearing from the “free lunch” crowd (JOY). Isn’t socialism just the “greatest”. You work in the “private sector”? Well, if you don’t get a gubmint contract, it sucks to be you! FORWARD!

  • MIKE6080

    next will be a mandatory chip in order to obtain healthcare

  • vicki

    They better get it fixed soon cause the cancellations are mounting.


  • Robert Messmer

    You know that exemption about if insurance costs more than 9.5% of your income that you are not subject to the “fine”/tax? My son is in a situation where his health insurance is provided by his employer (at least for now) and his two kids are now covered by Medicaid. His wife has no insurance and with two pre-schoolers to take care of is a stay at home Mom. The Catch-22 is that the employer DOES offer coverage for “Family” which will run 11K+ which is slightly more than 40% of his salary. He has been told he qualifies for no subsidies and either has to have the insurance on his wife or pay the fine. That exemption only applies to the employee so the fact that no one can afford 40% of their income for insurance (don’t forget it would still have deductibles, co-pays) does not get him out of the penalty…I mean fine….I mean tax.