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High Court Orders California To Reduce Prison Population By 30,000

May 26, 2011 by  

High court orders California to reduce prison population by 30,000The Supreme Court has decided that California’s overcrowded prisons are in violation of the Constitution’s 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment against American citizens.

On May 23, the high court ordered the State to reduce its inmate population by more than 30,000 prisoners over the next two years, The New York Times reported. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who wrote for the majority in the 5-4 decision, said that California officials have failed to deliver minimal care to prisoners who suffer from serious medical and mental health issues.

Kennedy described some of the prison cells as “telephone-booth-sized cages without toilets.” He added that suicide rates in California prisons have been approximately 80 percent higher than the national average in recent years.

Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Antonin Scalia submitted strongly-worded dissents, arguing that the inmate release will compromise the safety of California citizens. According to the news source, Scalia wrote that the decision is “perhaps the most radical injunction issued by a court in our nation’s history.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), a labor union, said that the Supreme Court’s ruling — combined with the City Council’s recent decision to cut police resources — creates a “perfect storm for a wave of crime.”

The LAPPL said that it agrees with the opinion of Alito, who said that the mass prisoner release will lead to a “grim roster of victims.”

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  • Cawmun Cents

    Just send the convicts to prison in Siberia.The Russians will do it cheaper.They will have less recidivism.Yes that is the key.Transfer the entire prison population to Siberia,and then you dont even have to have walls around the prisons.Just drop them off and let the guards take care of them.They can build another Trans-Asian railroad.Finish the Great Wall of China.And the ones that make it through those two endeavors will be set free.In Afghanistan.Wallah!Prison problem solved.

    • eddie47d

      No Common Sense there.We have become an incarceration nation and it has solved nothing.

      • jibbs

        For once I agree with you Eddie47d, welll said!

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        eddie47d… Do you have a suggestion to alleviate the overcrowding?

        • eddie47d

          Tough love rehabilatation from the beginning and more work programs to keep the recidivism rate down.

          • Cawmun Cents

            What about habitual offenders?

          • karolyn

            It would depend on the offense. With proper rehabilitation, habitual offenders could become a thing of the past. It is possible!

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        It has solved a lot. it has taken those individual criminals off the street, maybe the one who would have blown your brains out for pocket change.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      This should be simple for CALIFORNIA!!!! Just send all the illegal Mexicans home from their prisons to MEXICAN prisons!!

      • Cawmun Cents

        Two issues with that sentiment Joe H.First off… after deportation to country of origin,if an illegal hasnt committed a verifiable crime in their country of origin,their former government will refuse to imprison them(sound economic prctice considering they likely cant afford it any more than California can).Then,the illegal in question will just come back over the border and victimize another American.Do you advoctae that Joe H.?Because that is what will happen.

  • Kinetic1

    I have two words for you, Three Strikes. When this law made the books our prison system veered towards chaos. People who were petty thieves suddenly were hardened criminals. Lock ‘em up and throw away the key! And how about those pot smokers? Boy I’ll tell you, let them go and watch out! The increase in snack food sales will leave us wondering where we can feel safe.

    America has more prisoners per capita than any other country. 2,186,230 inmates, 738 per 100,000 people! And no state has more inmates than California. Oh sure, Alaska makes California look tame on a per capita basis, and the Southern states makes both look down right reasonable, but the real numbers are just so far out of line that California has no excuse. They’re so overcrowded that there is little chance for counseling and rehabilitation. It’s less a prison system and more a boarding school for advanced criminals. Stop treating the small crimes with the same iron hand as you would rapists and murderers, and then maybe we can get things back under control.

    • karolyn

      You beat me to it, Kenetic. I live in SC and have a friend who worked at one of the “work Camps”. She is originally a probation officer from NY and could not believe how petty criminals are treated in this county. They would not even allow her to bring in a pair of used dollar reading glasses so an inmate could read during his time there, and he was probably there for something like a child support violation – not violent.

      California can probably release 30,000 inmates with marijuana-connected offenses and certainly suffer no consequences. then they can release more who are there for other petty crimes and have plenty of room.

      • Jazzabelle

        The problem is, they won’t. They’ll release the violent ones to create a public “scare” and then use the “scare” to get an even more iron hand over the prisoners they still have–who will be the petty thieves and the potheads.

    • Cawmun Cents

      The three strikes law only applies to those who have at one point been convicted of a violent felony.I dos not require that the third strike is a violent felony,but it is only meted out to those who have been.It is a law for violent offenders who absolutely will not learn a lesson,and stay out of jail.That being said,I do not think they are tough enough on violent offenders.I personally know several convicts,(or former guests of the state of California,as I call them)as a result of my growing up in a rough neighborhood.One of them committed a crime so heinous,that were I to describe it to you,you would easily see why it is not a good idea to release him from prison.He was a man who was told on a constant basis that he resembled the devil.The sad truth is that I think he eventually grew to believe that he was the devil.Several others also had colorful criminal carreers.Many of them committing violent crimes on more than one occaision.My point here is that you cannot treat these people like children to be coddled.They know that they are violent offenders and some even think they are superior to others,BECAUSE they are violent.These are dangerous people.You do not want to play with them.They dont play well with others.I knew one woman who would go into bars and tell men that she would “knock the bark right off of them”.The funny thing is,whether they believed her or not,it usually happened.So let me tell you from experience that California is lenient on its criminals.Not enough people are put away on three strikes.Urban legends aside,if you let folks who need to be behind bars out,there will be more violent crimes.Coming soon to a home theatre near you.

      • eddie47d

        Sure is odd that some scream and holler that taxes are too high yet they love throwing people in prison which is repetitive insanity and quite costly. Rehabilitation is at a third the price yet we keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. That one California prison has one toilet for 54 prisoners and you expect them to be civilized and mindful? That is a recipe for disaster.

        • joel

          The politicians in every state, especially Washington D.C., commit crimes every day and they’re not in jail. Let the 30,000 out and send them to D.C. because Obama will hire them as I.R.S. agents to enfore Obamacare.

        • Cawmun Cents

          eddie47d,are you suggesting that we let all criminals run the streets with impunity?I am well armed and know what to do regarding violent offenders.But for those of us with meeker hearts,do you think we should let the lions prey on them?The problem is different than the conditions would seem to indicate.There is a lax attitude amongst the public as to how to deal with violent offenders.Do you realize that often a person isnt even charged with the full offences that he has committed?Most of the time they plea to a lesser charge and do less time.The issue isnt how many we have in prison.It is how lenient we are on criminal behavior.We like to see ourselves as being benevolent.But you cannot react benevolently to malevolence every time.It just doesnt work.The more you coddle a criminal,the more they seek to get away with.If you have a dog that continually bites people and you cant get him to stop,no matter what,you put that dog to sleep.There is no use keeping the dog alive because it cannot perform its normal function without hurting other people.Do I equate humans and dogs equally?No.But do I see the silmilarity in the method of thinking about it?Yes.When a human being cannot function in society without hurting others,they must necessarily be removed from society.That is simple and straightforward.To suggest anything else is madness.If you have a rattlesnake in your backyard,you either kill it or remove it from your premises.There is no sense in arguing with the snake.He wont listen and in fact cannot hear.Does it make sense to keep the snake in a cage in your yard?Only if you are too environmentally conscious to destroy it,or send it where it cannot bite you.Why do people defrnd the snakes right to envenom them?That is ludicrous,and stupid.-CC.

          • eddie47d

            Recently in Louisiana they put a man in prison for life without parole. His crime was selling small amounts of marijuana for the 3rd time.If he lives to 80 then that will be about 45 years the state has to support him. We need to lower our sentencing laws to reflect the crime and not raise them to feel good about fighting crime.

          • Cawmun Cents

            So you are saying that after two times,he couldnt figure out that selling was a crime?My dad always told me once,then if he needed to tell me again he did it with his fist.I never had the courage to try him a third time.Maybe if this guy from Louisiana would have learned his lesson after two times,he may not have needed a third time?

          • eddie47d

            What lesson? Weed isn’t dangerous yet we still label it as a substance I drug. The laws need to be changed and quickly.

          • mickey

            Gee, Cawmun Sense, you must be pretty old. Nowadays, parents aren’t allowed to punish or even threated to punish a child. They have to wait until the day they are 18 and then the police just haul them off. Don’t know where you have been for the last 40 years, parents go to jail now.

            Instead of punishing kids for bad behavior, some are just killing the kid–something almost unheard of when I was young, but then the whole community punished you too. It wouldn’t be unusual for a neighbor to swat your butt but you would get double when you got home. By the time I was 18, I knew there were consequences for my actions. Today’s kids are surprised the police just aren’t like their hand tied parents.

            I worked since I was 4 yrs old too but now illegals do the job our teenagers used to do. Go figure.

          • Cawmun Cents

            eddie47d,you and I will agree on that point,however the man from Louisiana was incarecerated twice for the same offense.After that if you do the same thing again you deserve the book thrown at you.How many times did you stick your hand in the fire before you learned it was hot?This guy is obviously not very intelligent,or he would have learned not to do this particular thing again.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            We got a woman here that has three kids and a husband and she has been caught THREE times dealing HARD drugs from her car! The most she had happen was 30 days in the county and the third time she had 100 hrs of community service! She still has her kids AND her car!!! We have a guy here that raped a mentally handicapped girl with a Pellet gun and he got 55 days and has to register for two years as a sex offender!! The girl THOUGHT IT WAS A REAL GUN!!! Ohio has a seven year manditory sentence for any crime commited with ANY gun as long as the victim thought it was a real gun!!! They are completely TOO lenient on the crooks!!!

        • Push comes to shove

          If we reinstituted working prisons where the inmates cultivate their own food, raise cattle/chicken, etc., etc. use what they need and sell the rest to help pay prison gaurds salaries the burden on the tax payer would significantly reduced.

          As far as petty criminals, let the users go as long as they did not commit felonious crimes or use a weapon in commiting other crimes.

          And yes, i am for legalization. It would the costs for prosecute and house those convicted. It would also take large copious amounts of money out of the drug cartels hands (70+ % of thier income) and there lower the cost of drug inforcement.

    • ValDM

      There seems to be a common misconception about who is actually in prison. Most pot-smokers & petty thieves (as you call them) are serving their time in JAIL, not prison. You can serve up to 364 days in jail, (in CA) anymore time is in prison.

      CA needs to re-institute the old “road camps” they used to have in the 40′s-60′s. These inmates did roadside cleanups, weed control & pot-hole fixing. Sometimes they were even loaned out to a local establishment in need of very temporary help.

      My last thought on this is that CA needs to take a page from Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ. His “tent jails” (make them tent prisons for non-violent offenders) makes much more sense than turning them loose.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        ValDM… Good ideas…. I also liked the post about growing their own food.
        As far as Calif. goes, I wonder how many of the prison residents are not even citizens? That would be an interesting statistic!

      • Bus

        “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

  • http://none Karl Larsen

    This is not a good idea. There might be some of the prisoners who actually did murder their wife.
    The problem IS money lack of same. All States have little or no money because the Feds are not able to help now.
    The old fix was build more prisons but now this is too expensive. So in CA they just let them out.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      All a prison needs to be is a collection of Quoset Huts surronded by razor wire and guard towers. For recreation and exercise there should be two large piles. One with rocks and the other with sledge hammers. How expensive could that be ?

  • Grumpy Old Biker

    “violation of the Constitution’s 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment against American citizens.”

    Take it to court. 90% of those inmates are Illegal aliens. Therefore not American citizens.

    • karolyn

      I thought that illegals that were arrested were deported. At least that’s what they do in NC.

      • mickey

        Yeah, right, our locals do catch and release because the ACLU has threatened to sue our state into the deep red ink. No local jail will take them because the city can’t afford the lawsuits brought on my big brother obama. That’s only for illegals.

        Plus, DHS stated it isn’t the best use of their resources so the ones caught, even human trafficking, are released.

    • karolyn

      Thinking about that, I may be wrong. Maybe it’s just for minor infractions like traffic violations.

    • Bert Cundle

      Grumpy… You Don’t even know the didderance between UNITED STATES citizen & an AMERICAN Citizen! U.S. is a COUNTRY! & AMERICA is a CONTINENT,with many Countries with in! The borders of each Country, contain the LAWS for that Country! To think there are so many dumb people to vote! Now in many different languages…

      • Cawmun Cents

        Uh Bert,the Americas are two seperate continents.But thanks for the geography lesson.The reason we call ourselves Americans is because United States citizen thakes up too much room on the forms.

        • Bert Cundle

          Are You sure it isn’t beacuse, there is No Respect for United States!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            That could change with a change in the type government officials!!

  • pete0097

    The should be able to find 30K prisoners that were non-violent and only endangering themselves. Minor drug users, non-paying child support, dirty politicians, and lawyers.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    If thats what the federal government wants to stop cruel and unusual punishment for American citizens, then let them release the American citizens that they choose, but keep all the illegal immigrants in jail, for they are not American citizens that the US Constitution has authority to protect, but only the constitution of their own country. But if they do insist on releasing these illegal immigrants, then they should be deported to the country they come from and not put back on our streets illegally where they can commit more crimes against real American citizens.

    • Kinetic1

      I sort of agree with you. I don’t see the point in our paying to keep illegals in our prisons, unless they are just too violent to risk. Any illegals, or legal immigrants for that matter that commit a serious crime should be deported and flagged. If we find they have returned they are deported again post haste, and if they try again it’s straight to prison. I have no objection to legal immigrants and I understand the need for “visiting workers”, but I see no reason why we should go easy on those who come to our country and commit crimes above and beyond illegally entering.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        There is one illegal that was listed on Joe Arapaios site that had been arrested for child molestation three different times and ran back to Mexico all three times. If he comes back and is caught, they should shoot on sight!! I don’t care if he’s in handcuffs at the time!!

  • Bert Cundle

    The solution is: Eliminate the Criminal System Compleetly!!! Inforce the Civil System!!! Prisons are to be for: People that are a danger to public! ( Not, rule violaters!) The Penal Code, must be changed to Civil Code! To Civilize This Country! The Bus or Giliteen for trespassers!

  • nax777

    This story and all the cute comments and slams will mean nothing in less than 30 years. Invasion is of no consequence as long as the two parties can hold their power. The powers can change names and faces this too matters not. Peoples desire for power will always remain constant.

    The US reached a zero population growth in the mid 80’s our leaders increased their yearly appetite for immigration. The legal yearly immigration rate went from 100,000 to 1,000,000. From the years 2000 to 2010 our leader’s yearly appetite for legal immigration grew to 3,000,000. At present levels the US population will swell another 130 million to 442 million by 2040! This is a very conservative estimate. US immigration rate is the sole reason for overpopulation in the US today and tomorrow!

    It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work best. It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

    A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it.

    We can destroy the power by replacing them with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens should they grow a greedy bone and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • jibbs

      You post the same thing everyday, what a boer. SKIP!

  • jay Lindberg

    I recently relocated from California to New Jersey and have a very clear understanding of the situation in California prisons. I also understand how we got there.

    First of all California has the highest incarceration rate of any state in the country and the CCPOA (California Correctional Peace Officers Association) is one of the most powerful unions in California. Prison guards in California average close to $100,000 a year including overtime. Three Strikes Legislation in 1994 was designed to bypass voter approval of prison bonds which had been defeated in 1988, 1990 and 1992. The “Three Strikes” legislation, “if passed” would require the building of 20 new prisons in the state and a 150% increase in prison population in ten years. The vast majority of those inmates would would be Drug War related.

    Being an opponent of the Drug War in California and author of the book “Drug War Economics: The Machine Behind the Madness” I became a target of the Law Enforcement Community and specifically drug addicted cops.
    I spent seven years (1997-2003) fighting fourteen different felony and misdemeanor charges in the San Bernardino courts and I lost only one misdemeanor case. If I had lost ever case I was charged with I would be in the California State Prison system under Three Strikes legislation.

    I’ve spent enough time fighting my way out of jail in California to have first hand knowledge of the abuses of power associated with this corrupt War on Drugs and the problems associated with the inside of the California prison industry itself. The conditions simply are horrendous and most of these inmates really are American citizens with some sort of basic human rights.

    How do we reduce our California incarceration situation of approximately 300,000 in federal, state and local institutions that we obviously no longer afford? We need Drug War Reform in California because the state simply cannot afford the status quo. Will we get it? That answer is no because the Drug War bureaucracy is simply to powerful and corrupt in California and the US as a whole. This cash cow would rather release violent criminals than do the right thing.

    Jay Lindberg

  • vagabond

    a simple solution. since the Judges ordered the released. release them to washington D.C. give them a one way bus ticket to D,C. before you put them on the bus give each of then three or four peanut butter sand witches and four bottles of water,

    • 45caliber


      Considering that the last time I was in DC the hotel clerk told me that 1 of 9 people on the street are on parole, they should fit right in. And considering those in Washington politics, they would find common ground for friendships.

  • jibbs

    Illegal gang members in for murder should be hanged, release the pot smoker, non-pay child support, simple theft, and end the drug war. It would be pretty easy to see who you can release, and who you could not. As a matter of fact, those proven of murder beyond a doubt, should be giving the rope also. If system carried out what they have on the law books, violent crime may go down.

  • rassd71

    Let’s get a few of the statistics right, first to Grumpy. In California the state Prison system has roughly 17% illegal aliens. But that works out to about 34,000. So, yes, JUST deporting the criminal illegals from the California State Prison system would relieve the amount the Supreme Court is demanding.

    Now to the Pot question, again you are right that you can serve up to a year in Jail. And that is where the majority of pot criminals are, or straight to probation etc. However at the state prison level, another 14% are non violent marijuana related crimes (not including parole violations), but even if we lowered it to 10% so that’s another 20,000. Right there we can release over 50,000 inmates. Oh, and typically the DOJ does not communicate with ICE and deport the illegals. Even those who are involved in drug smuggling!

    The question then is, NOW WHAT? The economy is in the tank. There aren’t enough jobs for regular ‘honest’ citizens. So, how are we going to integrate them into society?

    Oh, and to the road works, we still have the camps programs all over the state.

    But for the lifers, I think we should outsource the prison system to Texas. They average $18,000 a year, California is $47,000!

  • Dan az

    The problem that I see with shipping them to DC is that obummer would give them a job in his civilian army.Maybe we should deport them all to a country of their choosing like mexico or irag maybe iran either way its not going to help society to release gang bangers back to the streets,they will just use the knowledge that they just received in the school for criminals and apply it to their every day life.The fact is the state is broke and even with the release they still cant feed them much longer let alone house them.So whats next?Open up the fema camps? I hear that the one in Alaska is the biggest,why not use it?

    • Kinetic1

      Again with Obama’s “citizen army”? Do you believe every tin foil hat that writes for World Net Daily?

      • ValDM

        See link below, and stop your scoffing until you find out what’s real and what isn’t. No tnfoil hats here, it’s straight out of the mouth of your messiah.

        • Dan az

          Thanks for the backup ValDM I’m tired of looking things up for these ignorant soles.

  • Munday TX

    so just deport 30,000 of the illegal aliens we have in prison and problem solved.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Munday TX… Best suggestion yet!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Make Mexico put the violent offenders that are here illegally in MEXICAN prisons!!! you think things are bad in the prisons here?!?!?!? If they found out they were going to Mexican prisons for say 10 years, they would BEG to stay here!!

  • Denise

    My opinion of the prisoner release is they need to look at all the inmates in prison and go over what their crime was and how many years they have already served. There are a lot of guys in there that have been there for 13 and more years for the crime they did, they have already served their years for that crime. Then you need to look at the prisoner’s behaviour. How has he behaved in the last 13 years? Is he in a gang and causing trouble in the prison? These are all very important factors that need to be looked at for release. Then California has to look at their 3strike law. 3strikes is good but has to be applied to the right crime. There is so much more I could say on this subject but I think this gets my point accross. Main point is ALL PRISONERS CRIMES AND YEARS SERVED NEED TO BE EVALUATED. Thats the only fair and safe way to release.

    • 45caliber


      If a man has served at least 13 years he has served his sentence? Where did you get that number – and why do you think he’s served his sentence? I know of some men who should be locked in a solitary cell for life. They do NOT need to be released simply because they have served over 13 years! As far as I’m concerned all prisoners need to serve the sentence they were given.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      do you have a young daughter or granddaughter??? would thirteen years be enough for a guy that violently raped and murdered them???? Rethink your post!!!

  • 45caliber

    The LAPPL said that it agrees with the opinion of Alito, who said that the mass prisoner release will lead to a “grim roster of victims.”

    And that isn’t a problem as far as crowding in concerned. I’m sure the victims will appreciate their sacrofices to the comfort of the ex-prisoners.

    • eddie47d

      The victim should be involved in a person’s early release but these harsh sentences for minor crimes have put a tremendous burden on states.The cost of parole has become staggering also.

      • 45caliber


        Why do they have such harsh sentences?

        Here in Texas, it is easy. They were turning prisoners loose far too early. Someone with twenty years seldom served more than a year or so. They got triple time credit for every day they spent in jail in city or county. They got about 20% time off for joining some religion. They got up to five times days off for working. There were so many ways to get time off that it got to the point that most prisoners were serving less than 10% of their sentence. The reason that parole costs are so high is because so many of them were released on parole – some before they even served a day in jail.

        As a result, most citizens up on criminal juries decided that they had had enough of “catch and release”. Hence, the long jail times.

        Think the lawyers like it? Not at all. Their clients aren’t out of jail committing more crimes the lawyers can get paid to defend them from. But the citizens like it. Less crime means less chance of being a victim.

        • Bert Cundle

          Well, 45 Cal.: They got about 20% time off for joining some religion.
          Now you see the GREAT INFULANCE CHURCH HAS IN Distroying United States! I remember when on Sunday, the County Jail would have Church Music on over the Loud Speaker, and a Preacher Reading from the BIBLE!
          Well… in the first Munite I Wrote a Complaint to the U.S.Court, when the Jailer asked to read my petician. 2 Minutes later the Noise was stopped! But Believe me The Down Fall of this Country will be beacuse of CHRISTIANITY! Prayer starting or finishing our Government meetings, is a disgrace to the athority, of its members! AND US!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Well the lack of it doesn’t seem to have helped your brain in any way!!! don’t like my comment? Then don’t trash my beliefs in favor of YOURS!!!

  • i41

    .45 when you said there is a lot of released criminals how about the just the democrat tax cheats that have never been jailed or procacuted. Or even the crossbred muslim that is in the WH who is imperination a USA citizen, just more examples of the beltway crooks how get away with out abiding the country’s laws.

  • Sheryl Willey

    From what I understand from friends that live in Michigan, Ca is sending thousands of prisoners there. In fact, the prison system is reopening many of the facilities that had been closed down. Ca is paying Michigan Big Bucks! Michigan is fast becoming the Prison State.

  • Gary Gerke

    Years ago, before the USA became a socialist Communist country felons in prison had no rights, now they even vote and send in tax returns….pitiful!!!

    • Bert Cundle


  • Edward curtis

    All California needs to do is send every illegal in prison back to mexico where they belong, If they come back shoot em !!!!!!
    When will AMERICA wake up ??

  • mickey

    Nearby a judge released a 16 yr old to house detention. The kid merely cut off the band and proceeded to kill the 14 yr old girl next door, just like he threatened to do.

    Legalizing drugs is a first step. While I don’t like drugs and don’t use them, I sorta blame the leftists for their cigarette stupidity. Since cigarettes are banned, kids turned to drugs. Big difference in the violence created.

    In my state, everything appears to be a felony. Why? The city is responsible for a misdemeanor. However, the state picks up the tab for a felony. Result, the city gets credit for lots of felonies with no cost to the taxpayers of the city.

    Three strikes for pot? This is about as useless as stating one has porn on their computer. lol, no matter how one tries, those sites keep popping up in emails.

    I have black friends that are just as devasted by their children going to jail as the white ones are. Ironically, whites get infuriated at the system more whereas the blacks accept their kids need to accept the punishment.

    I don’t mean that everyone should be accepting, nor infuriated, but unless the minority communities quit telling their kids (and it is the local organizations, not parents) they are still deprived and depraved, it isn’t going to change.

    I had some good friends go to jail, not because they actually did anything unlawful but because the incident hit the press and the city was pressured into having a conviction–felony, at that. These friends happened to be black and actually did seek help from the NAACP. The NAACP more or less told them their case was not newsworthy enough to under take.

    We had another case of police brutality, including film, where the kid was clearly in the wrong (actually commited more violence after release from jail). However, we had a visit from a big “black crusader” which automatically brought out the news people.

    I lived in CA. Whereas, I was raised in a state that had little crime and an arrest was a big black mark on any career, I found in CA I didn’t have any one to talk to if I ruled out any juvey record or mother of an illegitamate child. One didn’t get a doctor first in CA, one got a lawyer.

    Our early release program didn’t get much more than added violent crime. The only ones here that get catch and release are the illegals because DHS says it isn’t the best use of their resources.

    As long as CA has an open border, allows illegals to vote, it is their problem, just don’t use FED dollars to support their habits. If CA doesn’t have enough funds to take care of its own, then CA should quit whining.

  • pete

    California ! What a “Country” ! oops I mean “State” …. The Supreme Court has spoken ! SO let it be written ! So let it be done !!!

    It seems California imprisons to many non-violent criminals. That’s proof of to many laws ? I reckon them lawyers are making mucho dinero ! More lawyers make more laws … More laws make more prisoners … More prisoners need more lawyers … then more lawyers make more laws …. it’s a mental complex, a loop of sorts ….

    It all comes down to more money for the lawyers … as long as they make more laws … that cause more people to be arrested and convicted ..then you need more prisons ,,,,then you need more lawyers for the accused and convicted prisoners … when there are to many lawyers – then they make more laws so people need more layers …

    So the problem has got to be the lawyers – making to many laws .

    The Supreme Court should have ordered that 30,000 California lawyers be disbarred – instead of releasing the prisoners ?

    • pete

      Correction to my post… “layers” should be “lawyers” ….

      Has anybody notice that “lawyer” and “liar” almost sound the same ?

  • Aix Sponsa

    OK: Keep the non-citizens in the pen or deport them. Oh, wait, they’d be back in 5 days.

    This country is a revolving door anyway.
    If you are Lindsay Lohan, a confessed felon, you get 30 days locked in your own home. Isn’t that a violation of the 8th? Male cattle patties.

    Where I live, they convicted a known felon charged with 10 felonies,(drugs, GTA, robbery, B &E burglary, etc.) locked him up in county pending state pen. He broke out of the county jail, then was further charged. 15 months later he is out and living in another county, probably doing what pays the best. Big firken hairy deal. What a country.


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