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Hey, Phil, Move To Florida!

February 1, 2013 by  

Hey, Phil, Move To Florida!
Golfer Phil Mickelson owes the State of California $8 million in taxes on his 2012 earnings.

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson (known as “Lefty” to friends and fans) backed into a buzz saw when he said he might make some “drastic changes” about where he lives. Thanks to the confiscatory taxes he and his family will now be paying, he said he was even considering moving out of the People’s Republic of California.

Apparently, a whole bunch of folks thought it was shockingly insensitive of him to mention how much he pays in taxes, when he pulls in 20 times more money a year than the average worker earns in a lifetime. After a media firestorm erupted, he apologized for his remarks, saying that “finances and taxes are a personal matter” and that in the future he wouldn’t say anything about them.

According to, Mickelson’s total income last year, counting prize money, endorsements and appearance fees, came to $60.7 million. Even though his tax rate is more than 60 percent, that still leaves him a net of about $24 million. The media mob let it be known that, with that much moola, the acclaimed golfer should sit down, shut up and be glad he could pay the piper.

Strangely enough, there was very little criticism of other all-star athletes who fled “The Golden State” long before Mickelson suggested he might do such a thing. Tiger Woods moved from California to Florida in 1996, the year he turned pro. He said last week that the difference in State tax rates had a lot to do with his decision.

In the early 1990s, tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams also moved from California to Florida, where there is no State income tax, so that the sisters could train. I don’t remember anyone raking them over the coals for doing so.

Back when these pros moved out, the top marginal tax rate in California was 9.3 percent. Today, it’s more than 40 percent higher. At the prodding of Governor Jerry Brown, the State Legislature last year raised the State’s grab to 13.3 percent. And what’s more, lawmakers made the new rate retroactive to all of 2012.

So Mickelson has an $8 million incentive to wave goodbye to California’s golden shores — or almost. The State revenuers are going to nail him on his 2012 income, no matter what he decides now. But looking ahead, it sure would make sense for him to head for more hospitable climes. After all, Woods has saved an estimated $100 million by moving to Florida, a State that doesn’t tax income at all.

By the way, it’s not just all-star athletes who are fleeing from California’s great tax grab. The Wall Street Journal reports: “About 3.5 million Californians have migrated to other states over the past two decades.”

Of course, professional athletes have a huge advantage when it comes to moving to tax-friendly environs. Their jobs don’t depend on where they live. That’s not true for most of us, where moving to tax-friendly climes would require finding new employment.

It isn’t just California that takes a double-digit bite from its residents. According to the Tax Foundation, other States with a tax burden of 10 percent or more on its residents are: Arkansas (10 percent), Connecticut (12.3 percent), Hawaii (10.1 percent), Illinois (10.2 percent), Maine (10.3 percent), Maryland (10.2 percent), Massachusetts (10.4 percent), Minnesota (10.8 percent), New Jersey (12.4 percent) and New York (12.8 percent).

If you live in one of those high-tax States, maybe it’s time to do what so many professional athletes have done and consider heading elsewhere. Here are the seven States with that assess no tax on income: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. We should probably add New Hampshire and Tennessee to the list, since those States tax only dividend and interest, not salaries.

Golfers seem to prefer Florida, probably because of the huge number of superb golf courses in the State. Many professional baseball players head to Texas. And Las Vegas is home to a number of top-ranked tennis players.

Despite its tax advantages, I haven’t heard of many professional athletes who decided to make Alaska their home. That’s understandable; they’d not only face some pretty fierce winters, but also one heck of a commute to every match.

We’re All Losing Economic Freedom

Yes, moving from a high-tax State to a low- or zero-tax one will leave you with a few more pennies in your pocket. But we need to remember that the biggest tax bite, by far, comes from Washington. And there the news is not encouraging.

Thanks to the horribly misnamed American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012, about 99 percent of taxpaying Americans will see their taxes go up this year, not down. Every wage earner in the country will be subject to a higher payroll tax. Federal taxes on incomes of more than $400,000 will climb to 39.6 percent. Add to that a surtax of 3.8 percent on investment income, thanks to Obamacare, plus a hike of .9 percent in Medicare taxes on wages of more than $200,000. High-income earners will also be subject to new limits on itemized deductions.

These are just some of the reasons why the United States has once again lost ground in the annual Index of Economic Freedom that is compiled each year by The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.

The index is based on the theory, first promulgated by economist Adam Smith in his 1776 classic The Wealth of Nations, that “when institutions protect the liberty of individuals, greater prosperity results for all.”

So how is the United States doing in protecting the liberty of its citizens? As you might have guessed, not well at all. In the latest rankings, we lost ground in monetary freedom, business freedom, labor freedom and fiscal freedom. As a result we’ve fallen to 10th place in the index.

Which countries rank at the top? There’s no real surprise that Hong Kong is No. 1, Singapore No. 2 and Switzerland is No. 5. But we’ve been passed by several countries we used to lead, including Australia at No. 3, New Zealand at No. 4 and Canada at No. 6. The three other countries above us in the top 10 are Chile at No. 7, Mauritius at No. 8 and Denmark at No. 9.

So, Phil, if you’re looking to lower your State tax bill, come on down to Florida. You’ll find many of your peers are already here, enjoying low taxes and good weather all year long.

But if you really want to increase your economic freedom, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave our borders. Do you even know where Mauritius is? Or what sort of golf courses they have there?

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • RobinPC

    It gripes my rear end to see the incomes of the professionjal atheletes. It is disgusting. But it makes me mad as he** for someone to take their money and give it to low life lazy free loaders. At least the athelete has “some” amount of talent. Free loaders do not.

    • rendarsmith

      He he he….I second that!

      • Gordon

        My Dad used to say that it is the government’s job “to tax people for their ability to make money”= punish the productive worker….

        Back when the top rates were 90%, R.G. Latourneau/Euclid equipment (1940s?) was asked about the millions he paid. He said, “You ought to see how much I have left!!”

        Regarding the athletes: The USA citizens care more about sports entertainment than most anything else. If they didn’t, these people wouln’t be making enormous bucks.

        Keep the masses entertained and they will accept any political doctrine. Marxist philosophy.

      • Gordon

        I think Latourneau also said, “It’s pretty cheap rent for living in this country.”

        Of course, the only folks who say money isn’t that important are those who have more of it than they can possibly spend.


      “It gripes my rear end to see YOUR income, RobinP,C” you greedy pompous ass! What give you the right to take home that kind of money, Robin, when there are people in India working for 87cents a day!!

      How do you like them apples, Robin.
      Get my point? What business is it of yours how much professional athletes make, as long as they don’t steal it from you with a gun?

      • http://gmail Lillian

        I just have one thing to say. If you were offered that same pay for playing a game you love, would you reject it??? If your boss automatically offered you double your salary would you say, “Oh heck no, I make too much as it is, give it to the poor/needy/illegal or whatever.” I do not begrudge him for the money he earns and I totally understand how he feels about the taxes he pays. We ALL pay way too much in taxes, those of us who work anyway. I admit we would all be able to stop working and retire on just what he pays in taxes but that is not the point. The point is that HE earned it and in an honest way. We have to stop being envious of those who have done so much better financially. I would not want his lifestyle to be quite honest with you. You pay a price for such wealth and I prefer a simple, humble life. Some people may think $200,000 annual salary is ludicrous and yet that puts someone in middle class status, depending on what state you live in, as most of it gets raped off in one tax or another. If they pay him that, then shame on us as consumers for playing into the cause of it. (ie) buying the products endorsed, going to these sporting events, betting on them etc….He cannot be blamed for accepting the going rate for the job. You would do the SAME thing and we ALL know it.

      • RobinPC

        Thanks for your insight. For your information I live on my SS, $800 a month. Want to remove your foot from your mouth now or later?

      • Gordon

        Rob, you aren’t one of those who is living on a fixed income because you don’t want to touch the 10 million cash you got saved, are you?

    • Unkle

      Like any other business if the profit loss is substancial if the income is reduced. Pros make a boatload of money only if ticket sales are high and the endorsements continue to roll in. The strategy in knocking their salaries back down to middle income would be to not buy tickets, not purchase items or use services manufactured or maintained by their endorsing companies/corporations. What else would you have them to do? Legislate them into a lower income bracket? Just quite consuming. That should dry things up a bit. Oh, and you will need complete global participation into that evil plan.

    • mark

      Sadly, so many top athletes today are overpaid, overpublicized, spoiled brats with giant egos and sense of self-importance. Who cares what they think about anything? This is a guy who hits a little ball into a small hole hundreds of yards away and gets paid millions for it. Gee, what a great contribution Mickelson makes to society. I have much more respect for coal miners, janitors, and factory workers. At least they do something useful for which they are paid very little in comparison

      Also the overwhelming amount of your tax money does not go to lazy freeloaders, Robin. It goes to our giant, bloated Pentagon with our huge, most highly paid military in the world with the most expensive death-dealing technology known to man. It also goes to Social Security and Medicare which elderly workers receive after having paid into it every week for over 40 years. It goes to federal and military pensions again to people who paid into the system for decades. But I guess they qualify as lazy freeloaders to you. Our tax money also goes to huge corporate subsidies. A relatively small portion of it goes into social programs in an era where there is only one available job for every three job seekers. We are very slowly, too slowly, coming out of the worst recession since the Great Depression so it is understandable that many suffering citizens require unemployment insurance, food stamps, and in the worst cases welfare. But AFDC is a very small percentage of our overall budget, about $120 billion from an overall budget of $3.8 trillion or one third of 1% of federal expenditures. Also don’t forget Phil’s and all of our tax money only goes to pay for about two thirds of our federal spending, the other one third is borrowed from the Chinese and other foreign central bankers who buy so many of our treasury bonds.

      • rhcrest

        Wrong. 70& of our budget goes to welfare programs NOT the military. It doesn’t matter if people need the money or not – they have no right to steal what someone else has worked for. Taxes are nothing but legalized theft but instead of you being mugged on the street, the gov’t steals the money for the recipient so it’s all legal. That money belongs to the person that worked for it – it is private property.. It does not belong to anyone else whether they need it or not. The only taxes that should be allowed is a Fair tax that ALL pay, including illegal aliens and the poor. A fair tax is a national sales tax. Everyone lives here so everyone should have to pay to support this country. Income taxes are unconstitutional and should be eliminated. The 16th amendment was never properly ratified.

      • nc

        Mark, as usual, a position so well stated that the arguments against it would be lame at best! My guess is that they will ignore it completely rather than show their ignorance to adult independents watching with an attempt to disprove your analysis. Good work!

      • Robert Smith
      • Catherine B

        I have a coworker who is a great blabbermouth about paying too much in taxes. He goes to great lengths to commute from a state where there are no sales taxes, low car registration fees, etc. Always complaining about having to support “the freeloaders.”

        He loves to fish, has a boat and captain’s license; the government-funded weather reports, maps, and wind/sea reports are always open on his computer at work. He has called on the Coast Guard numerous times for help over the years when in trouble out to sea. Umm, I could call HIM a freeloader. My taxes help pay for all those free services that he uses every day.

        Frankly, I’m happy that our tax dollars went into space exploration, that led to satellite communications and the development of so much of the technology that enhances our lives and that we all use with very little awareness of how it became possible. We have an enormous national infrastructure that benefits all of us–and the more money we have, the wealthier we are, the more we use it–even if we are too selfish or stupid or impressed with our own “talent” to recognize that we are using it.

        If you are driving on clean, smooth, safe, well-lit, well-marked Federally funded roads; taking commercial flights all over the country and not crashing into other planes constantly or blowing up because of government-funded air controllers or security systems; sending your kids to school, community college, or private universities where no matter how much you are paying in tuition, it is only a small fraction of what it actually costs to educate your kids; or just turning on the TV or radio to find the weather or road conditions or traffic reports before your commute to work; you are consuming a lot more tax-funded services than someone using food stamps or WIC (which also, by the way, is subsidizing profits for huge agri-corps at the same time, with your tax dollars). And if you think that feeding hungry children so they can learn at school and not be disruptive and hopefully grow up to be able to hold a job cannot possibly contribute in the big scheme of things to your personal well-being–well, what can I say. You have a very small universe between your ears.

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark, your progressive envy is obvious. Who cares what your little insignificant self thinks about the success of someone that has the tremendous skills required to be a high paid athlete and hit that little round ball into a little round cup?

        You said “This is a guy who hits a little ball into a small hole hundreds of yards away and gets paid millions for it. Gee, what a great contribution Mickelson makes to society.”

        There is one thing about Phil Mickelson that can not be questioned. He is a family man first and foremost, evident mostly because of the family choices he has made in full public view. Golf is second in his life.

        Here’s a guy that has endured the pain of two family members fighting breast cancer, his wife Amy and his mother. It was no surprise that Mickleson announced he would suspend play on the PGA Tour indefinitely.

        His reputation is that of a man who has a strong sense of family with three children who is well grounded. Mickelson took breaks from the tour to be at home in San Diego so he could take his kids to school. Or to go trick-or-treating.
        He’s not a pompous “arse” on the course or in public.

        You envious liberals and progressives should be supportive of this guy…oh, but he makes too much money for hitting a little round ball…that’s so disgusting.

      • Texas Ride

        RH, you are so right! Progressive Retros don’t want us to know how much we must pay to support people that refuse to work.

        The communist talking-points blame Medicare, Military and Social Security. for our huge debt. ..How many times have you heard government talk about the amount of money that is spent on the useless that live on the communist (formerly the Democrat party) Plantation…they don’t.

        This regime is about creating so much unsustainable debt that the country will colllapse. That is why omaumau shows no interest in cutting spending. His job is to think of more ways to waste money. The amount of money he spends to support the terrorist countries in the middle east is ever increasing. He is giving money to everyone in the world and the most of it goes to our enemies. American tax dollars have just paid for Twenty new jet fighters and Two-Hundred new tanks, to GIVE to Egypt! Yet, we don’t have money to feed our soldiers fighting in foreign countries!

        This regime and its policies, in four years, have caused nearly Nine Million people to leave the labor force. Jobs are disappearing and the economy is shrinking. The real unemployment rate is nearly 15% and for minorities it is 18%!

        Stop worrying about what the other guy makes, it is none of your business. Start directing all that animosity toward the commie-marxists that are running your country into the ground.

        • roberttitle

          The UNDERemployment rate is actually closer to 40% which includes people that take part-time jobs out of necessity when they want full time jobs.

      • Texas Ride

        Catherine, what tripe! You are a good little brainwashed liberal soldier!

        Wake up, “lady.”

      • rhcrest

        Rob, i am sorry but you are wrong. TThis is but one source for my information. There are many others.

      • mark

        Very good points, Catherine. I used to live in a farm state where all the farmers would complain to me in this diner about all the freeloaders sucking them dry. Of course they all got significant farm subsidies, subsidized loans, and Department of Agriculture help and advice all paid for by the federal government. My government help is fine but yours? Why you’re nothing but a dirty parasite.

      • craig james


      • Anthony

        Mark why so envious of the rich….I dont care if he was making millions tossing [expletive deleted] into a hole……somebody must be paying to watch him hit [expletive deleted] into a hole. But thats all a part of the government distraction ruse. Services are what you deem it is worth…some people see golf as a sport they want to pay high dollars to see.But forget that.everybody keeps focusing on welfare and entitlements when we all know most of our dollars are geared towards the war machine..which is promoting the agenda of some secret society.Im finacially successful and I would like to see some of these tax dollars for war geared toward paying for the college education of anyone who wants it…no more student loan debt…but thats not part of their plan…someone has to wash dishes,clean toilets..cut grass..etc,etc…Im all about empowering people….you would be surprised at how many people want to go to college but simply cant afford it!!!!…..If im going to pay high [expletive deleted] least let me determine to where my tax dollars go…….I dont want to pay for no invasions of anyones country….knowing we are only going in to steal and take control of the natural resources… you know who owns BP and Shell……you are in for a shock…the [expletive deleted] flows back uphill..follow the paper trail…….yeah they are getting subsidies….the most evil of all. They try to blend in with honest and compassionate millionaires and billionaires….look it up!!!

        • Robert Taylor (@deftdaft)

          I, like millions of others in this country, are fed up with fighting Israel’s war. The two biggest terrorist nations on earth are the good old U.S.A. and Israel. It’s past time to bring our troops home and garrison them on both of our national borders and stop killing thousands of innocent civilians with our illegal, unconstitutional drone attacks.

          • Anthony

            Oh Mr Taylor I whole heartedly agree….Im 100% against wars and invasion of foreign lands in order to steal their resources and kill their leaders we deem terrorists. I guess im a rare type of successful person….you see I dislike anything sponsored by the government,rather it be wars or taxes…im all about prosperity for all..rather you work at McDonalds or if you are the CEO of Facebook…… for us all paying less taxes no matter what we make. And everyone can stop talking about Obama taking from the rich and giving to the poor or welfare recipients…..they tax me to death and I know most of my money is going toward funding these evil wars….hell I wish I could take care of a couple of welfare recipients and pay for their college etc. instead of paying for a war..but the government doesnt give us choices..they only take our tax dollars and do with it as they please.So bottom line I dont care if you throw horse patties in a hoop for milllions of bucks,I dont want the government taking it from you for any reason!!!!

      • Old Henry

        Well put, rh. The one major problem I have noticed about the “Fair Tax” is that it makes no provision for repealing the 16th Amendment. So, with the criminals running our guvmint we would end up with both taxes.

      • Old Henry

        And Texas Ride, I read a couple of weeks ago that it costs the tax payers of this country 1.4 BILLION dollars per year to house Little Barry and Mooch.

        Just ONE of their countless tax-payer-funded vacations cost more than most people make in a life time. Where is the indignant outrage over all that expense?

        • roberttitle

          We’re closer now to a monarchy (actually it’s fascism)than a constitutional republic. Between this Kenyan autocrat and those in Congress that put Israel’s interest above our own….our days in freedom are very, very limited.

    • Hedgehog

      Robin, you’re right and you’re wrong. None of you should be paying any taxes at all! The federal government has a contractor (Federal Reserve) to which they gave a monopoly to print your money. When you can print money you don’t need taxes, just print more money! I know it sounds simple, it is simple! Taxes are how government fuels the “divide and conquer” mechanism. If they can get you to envy your wealthier neighbor, they can deflect you from thinking about their actions. It amazes me, you people are armed, for heavens sake, take your country back from the government thieves. FYI, I am a Canadian. We pay roughly 60% of our individual incomes in various taxes and user fees. We complain about it, but consider it a bargain, not for what the government does for us but for what it doesn’t do to us! When we are dissatisfied we rebel. Usually the rebellion is at the ballot box, but we are no strangers to armed insurrection. Check our history sometime, just for fun.

      • kimo3690

        AMEN AGAIN Brother!!! I spent a year living in Australia…. 70% taxation; no right to bear arms; impromptu searches; etc etc…. Millions of Americans are getting ready for that very rebellion my friend… trust me and keep your powder dry!!

      • Anthony

        You are 100000% right….these brainawashed fools dont understand the art of war….or distraction…or manipulation…….our government is using this rich vs poor ploy to turn people against each other when we all should be turning our furor on THEM!!!!…..MAN THEY GOT THAT SILENT MIND CONTROL WEAPON OPERATING AT FULL BLAST…A LOT OF [expletive deleted]CANT SEEM TO SEE WHATS GOING ON….BUT A FEW UNSHAKABLE HARD HEADS LIKE ME SEE RIGHT THROUGH THEIR [expletive deleted]!!!!!!…PEACE TO YOU HEDGE HOG

  • TPM

    Run, Phil, Run! … More Californians need to bolt, to send a message to the freeloaders and the politicians who cater to them.

  • TPS12

    Just leveling the playing field steal from one to give to others dems think their Robin Hood! I would move Phil.

  • ? Chocopot

    Has anyone taken note of what nearly all of those high-tax states have in common? They are nearly all long controlled by the Left, they have high unemployment, they have low or no job growth, they have high crime, they have high welfare populations, they have far too many laws and regulations governing businesses and personal freedoms, and so forth. Gee, what a coincidence.

    • Catherine B

      Yeah. And California spawned Silicon Valley, and the movie industry, and feeds large segments of the United States, and has an incredible State University system that people from all over the country and world strive to attend, and has supplied the rest of the country with chiropractors for those of us who can’t take muscle relaxers. What a useless state!

      • ? Chocopot

        Living on the glories of the past will get you nowhere. California is an economic basket case with a budget deficit larger than the total budgets of all but 8 other states and, after more than a century of continuous population growth, it has a huge outmigration of all but illegals because there are no jobs. Yeah, that sure is something to envy.

  • Larry

    why should he give the Goverment that kind of money to waste he should move

  • vietnamvet1971

    Come on Phil be a Man and do the Right thing, Gesh do not listen to the sponsors and the Liberal Manure Spreading Machines to dictate what you must do. Tell them to Go to He11.

  • cattyshack2

    Hey Phil, It’s your $$ not the news media, LEAVE California while you still can. Let the dogs in your current state lick their own wounds. Now, they are laughing at you for paying their salaries.. GO NOW!

  • Gilly from Australia

    Not, Mauritius…but Australia needs more caucasians of working age and if you can give up your guns and semi automatic weapons come down a visit our fair shores. We need smarter people like engineers, entrepenuers, silicon valley types, more sportsmen and women, more vets and dentists, more law abiding citizens and i bet you’ll find our taxes lower than in the USA and the lifestyle much easier to enjoy.

    • S.C.Murf

      Gilly, I was in Sidney in early 69 R&R ya know. Beautiful country, water skied in one of your inland saltwater rivers, watched a cricket match and loved it down under. I think I’ve gotten to old to move now, hell if it wasn’t for the open heart surgery, kidney surgery, rotator cuff surgery, back surgery I wouldn’t be able to move at all. But I with you mind and spirit and soul.

      up the hill

    • jim

      Hey Gilly, you work for the chamber of commerce?

      • Gilly from Australia

        lol No but I do promote our Yarra Valley Wine region with a passion in particular the Yarra Glen region in Victoria, if I could send you some of our green pastured views…you might just come over for a visit AND

        I also promote St Arnaud Vic 3478 a western Victorian country town which during the 1860′s produced Historical mining at St Arnaud produced an estimated 360,000ozs of gold, most of which was derived from one large mine. The Lord Nelson mine produced an estimated 320,000ozs of gold to a maximum depth of 786m. Most of the other mines did not extend beyond 200m depth, and very little exploration has occurred at St Arnaud beneath 200m.

        So I have self appointed myself as unofficial King, ambassador and immigration minister of the region to try entice new exploration and new residents to come live in this great little town. Mind you the town which never floods is surrounded by millions of acres of grazing pastoral holdings needing young new farmers to take over before others move in. So I hearterly invite interested parties to have a closer look on google and internet sites showing history of the town of approx 3000 people and every major Australian bank still has a branch in the town should tell you lots about the underlying prosperity in the town.We have farming and silo manufaturers needing new blood to take over and expand manufacturing. Why not, it Ted of Everything Attachments can do it why not in Australia….so if you getting sick of all the BS…. come right over and come and have a look see….

        i’ll even give you a free room in one of our 112 year old hotel buildings in St Arnaud not modern. but sure high n dry. Theres even a modern motel business for sale in Town …lots of opportunities for the positive thinkers and workers in the US of A and we speak the same language….

        and have I forgotten, we even have the largest Turkey hatching, raising and Turkey bacon processing businesses in Australia located in St Arnaud in Victoria.

        • roberttitle

          Are there mountains nearby where the gold was dug from? Any photos?

        • jim

          Well now ole chap you gave me quite the animated description. It’s 7 am here in Florida and I am about too google earth your region of Australia. on another note how is it that you come to know this web site? It’s fascinating to know somebody that pays attention to a Libertarian point of view coming from another country.

  • Eatshiite

    Too bad all those of us who are working for a living and for the living of those on welfare can’t quit paying taxes period. See how long the government lasts then! We don’t need them. They don’t do anything except take your money! Wish we could hit them where it hurts! In their bank account!

    • http://gmail Lillian

      in the early 1950′s the federal income tax rate was 2%. Men could go to work, women could stay home with the kids. They were able to buy a modest home, a car, vacation to the shore, pay their bills, build a retirement nest egg, give to the church and charitable organizations and live “The American Dream.” Since the advent of “social programs” we have gone to the lifestyle we now “enjoy” with women in the workforce just sometimes to scrape enough of a living to just get by. The government plays Robin Hood but not with the rich, with ALL of us. The agenda has always been the communist movement. We will even the playing field, reduce incentives to work and watch the chips fall where they may, or better yet where we determine they shoud.Income taxes, as I recently learned, do not go to the government. They go to ALL of the ridiculous social programs and to the very questionable institutions such as planned parenthood. The money the govenment nets comes from various other taxes (and bribes). I agree. We need to stop the Taxation Without Representation.

      • Walt

        I recall many years ago when I was in my 20′s, a friend of mine suggested that there should be a law that states: if you need government assistance, you forfeit your right to vote, for as long as you are receiving any form of government assistance.

        I remember laughing at how rediculous my friend’s proposal was at that time….now, after seeing how politicians on the Left use the welfare and entitlement crowd’s vote as the foundation of their power, I’m not so sure that his idea was as bizzare as it sounded so many years ago.

      • Catherine B

        Lillian, all you have to do is go to the polls and vote. Then you will have taxation WITH representation.

        But what YOU are probably looking for is a monarchy, with Queen Lillian making all the decisions for the majority of voters who disagree with you.

      • Jack


        I don’t know where you got your misinformation from but the top federal income tax rate in the early 1950′s was some 90% not the 2% you claimed. Also many “social programs” were created in the 1930′s.

        You are right that things were better for people/families in the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s but that was before “conservative/libertarian” ideas took hold.

        How could such wide spread prosperity have been created with top tax rates in the 70 to 90% range during the 50s-70s under both Republican and Democratic presidents but ever since Reagan came in and started the “conservative/libertarian” low taxes and less govenment onslot it has been downhill for average people/families while the rich have become vastly richer?

        “Conservative/libertarian” ideas have made it so most families cannot have a stay at home
        mother any more because it takes both the man and the woman working to support the family. Don’t you ever stop to think how could most families have had stay at home moms back in the high tax and more government days and now in the low tax and less government days most families no longer can afford to have a stay at home mother?

    • Texas Ride

      It is time to purge Washington and time for the power of government to return to the States. States need to take back the powers usurped by the Federal government, and return to the Constitution.

      The closer our lawmakers live to the people, the more accountable they are. Take our representatives out of their “Ivory Towers” in Washington. Put these crooks back into their own communities where they can be isolated. It seems, as a group, they are emboldened, and they seek security in numbers. They must be reminded that they are not America’s “Eite Class.” Make them live in the districts they represent, close to the people, and available to answer for the laws they make. As it is, they are securely tucked away in Washington and unaccountable for what they do to the country. These politicians refuse to follow the laws they make for others and act like a pack of wolves when it comes to tearing up the country.

      It is time to break-up “The Pack” in Washington. We must decentralize power to save the country.

      • Catherine B

        Tex, I wish it were that simple. Here in Maryland, we have a very solid power elite in Annapolis that is every bit as isolated from the people and cozy with their best friends/contributors as any rats in DC.

      • kimo3690

        I’m with Ya Texas Ride!!! Amen Brother!!

  • Cody Kennedy

    The man works for what he has. He is entitled to make his own decisions. He makes more than me but I’m not ridiculing him for his thoughts or income. Wish I could make that much. Then again, I’m terrible at golf! :) Wish him luck in whatever he decides.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    This is really nothing new to Calie, such a Beautiful state with so much raw natural beauty~ it is in fact breath taking in Northern Calie along the Russia River area, as well all along the coast from Point Reyes and up when the sun sets on the water its like a small piece of heaven, then in rolls the fog off the water like a blanket for a good nights sleep.

    But the TAX’s aside for a moment, ~ just wait until the average family of 4 all around this nation has to start paying for that special “NEW TAX” ~ that was sold as FREE Health care.

    Yes ~ many of you may recall it had to be passed ~ so they could then see what was in it.

    “SUPPRISE” ~ as I told people ~ it would be a massive rise in cost to everyone, ~ and the numbers don’t LIE, ~ but Liers used numbers ~ a family of 4 will be paying over
    {{ $20,000.00 }} per year just for this special privilege of “FREE” health care.

    When will you all say: ” enough is enough?”

    What will it take to wake the Sleeping Sheelpe?

    *Gas today: 2/1/13 here in the South East is: $3.42.9 ~ on Monday 1/25/13 ~ it was $3.21.9

    *Price of food has gone up in just three weeks of January 2013 ~, by 5.% How much do you think it will go up in Febuary?

    Can anyone who still has any form of sanity really question why these special people in DC want to take away your “GUNS” at this point in TIME, ~ as the Dollar is falling daily? Perhaps better said the LIE just can’t be sustained much longer.

    But yet ~ the totaly manipulated as well controlled mass media is telling you ~ everything is rose’s and sweet butter balls.

    What will you all do when the DOW is at its real set point, of ~ 1200 rather than the overinflated ~ 14,000 its at now?

    Just a few thoughts,

    Peace and Love, Shalom ~ Please allow the “Holy Sprit ” into your Heart and Soul, you will be gald you did.

    • JeffH

      TIME, hear, hear! California has always been considered the “model” for the nation…nothing has changed. Progressive Democrats rule the roost bullying every non-Dem that doesn’t tow the party line. The enviro-wackos and the public unions pay for and support the legislators in this state. Industry is practically non existant, warehouses are empty as well as the majority of business complexes because of over regulation and taxation. Malls across the state have businesses coming in and going out like a musical chair game. They pass budgets and measure them based on “projected” tax revenue from the “mystery” taxpayers.

      Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi are the three most recognizable names in California politics and all three are from San Francisco…that explains everything.

      • TIME

        Dear Jeff,

        Hi, I hope all is well with you and your family. As I told you I really loved living out off Point Reyes but that was back when the politicians had not quite made such a mess of everything, yet even then ~ I still saw the very clear hand writting on the wall.

        Anyway on that special Omen care, what I posted ~ on the family of 4 paying $20K per year thats the low level care or whats noted as the “Bronze Package”
        There is also the “Silver Package” and the “Gold Package” and lets not forget that with each grade of precious metal the cost goes up about $10K.

        I guess after reading it, the Sheeple may get a shock that sends them to the morgue.

        By the way Gas just this morning its now: $3.51.9 per gallon so after I went for a walk, came home took a shower and went to do a few things gas went up again nearly .10 cents, thats in no more than 5 hours!

        Peace and Love, shalom, How Blessed we are to be awake, be safe my friend.

      • JeffH

        TIME, thanks, things are well considering the rising costs of living here in California. The cost of groceries and daily necessities are up about 20-25% and sales tax just went up to 8.225%. Pt. Reyes is like heaven, so beautifull.

        Heading up to the bay area for the Super Bowl on saturday…close friends always throw a big party. Most of us are Raider fans but we can get behind the Niners when the Raiders arn’t playing.

        We’ll stay in touch.

  • Jim B

    Zombism; a California condition that occurs after generations of drug induced fantasies, passed on to generations of offspring, resulting in a state of stupid supported by a taxpayer sponsored stupor. Mickelson, in a brief sobering moment came to an epiphany, but his friends quickly put him back on the pipe and back in the state of grayness where all must be in order to believe the bureaucratic nothingness that keeps them there. Phil, if you are out there listening, walk to the light where it shines brightest, move to Florida!

  • peter

    Ah! to be blessed with such talent! If you’ve got it you’ve got it and if you have’nt you can’t buy it. Jealousy gets you nowhere. Go out and practice if you want a piece of the action. If you think they are not worth the money, then don’t watch them already. These guys did’nt get it right without putting in the work either. The harder they practice the luckier they get!

    • Cody Kennedy

      Well said Peter!

  • Guy Waukcinebar

    The only thing Mickelson did wrong was talk about tax rates in California. He should just lay low for six months and then move to Florida or Texas. He’s rich enough that he can afford to visit California for 5 1/2 months per year.

    • Chris

      According to Zillow he put the home on the market WAY before prop 30 even passed! It seems the state taxes before prop 30 were to high for this greedy idiot. He should have kept his self serving mouth shut and just moved quickly stating other reasons. Anybody making close to 50 million a year and flying around in a 30 million dollar GulfstreamV is not going to find to many shoulders to cry on!

  • Patricia Neal-Moreno

    I don’t think anyone should have to pay most of their earnings to the govt, no matter HOW much they make, they are not working for the govt. They do not belong to the govt; they are working for themselves as all free men do.

    • alpha-lemming

      Kudos……. in the “Bizzaro World” of Lib-gressive politics masquerading as the media… Phil gets to keep 39 cents of every dollar he makes.. AND…ready for this one… HE’S THE GREEDY ONE !!! We’ll file that one right beside “Global warming is responsible for Chicagos gun violence”…”60% of the population is a minority”… and “The right has slashed so much from the budget, that the only recourse is to expand the debt ceiling” !!

  • Larry S

    Go Phil! As one of the last to wake up after being jolted by Prop. 30, he has every right to be disgusted by the actions of the gene pool in Sacramento. He tried to remain loyal to his home state but it is time.

  • ToughGuy1

    I rather move where the least amount of taxes in a State? Like Wyoming!

  • Bev

    Phil – I can’t believe you haven’t left already. Leave, leave now while the leaving is good. We left Kalifornia in Jul 2002 and have not regretted it for one second. The weather is beautiful, but the policies of the state suck. Come on down to Texas,’ It’s like a whole other country.

    • Catherine B

      Yeah, Phil! We’ve got the highest infant mortality rate in the country, and almost in the world! You’ll be proud to call yourself a Texan!

      • Drake

        Catherine, why are you so negative? The highest infant mortality rate probably directly relates to the high number of illegals living in Texas; if you extracted that segment out of the citizen (legal) population, the number would drop way down.

        • roberttitle

          That’s probably a major factor, but I know that hospitals are dangerous places to begin with. Disease spreads easily in hospitals due to a lot of unsanitary practices, and I doubt the administrators really care one way or another.

        • Catherine B

          Well, Drake, that could be (anything is possible), but given that California has a higher rate of illegal residents but a much lower rate of infant mortality, I think it might have more to do with factors such as teen pregnancy rate and availability of quality prenatal health care.

  • AK Tom

    The people of Kalifornia keep re-electing the same multi-millionaire politicians who keep raising taxes on other rich people while exempting themselves.

  • The Christian American

    People like him worths are determined by us. If we didn’t consider him the idol we do, he wouldn’t be getting the money that he does. What’s the matter with devulging it? The same opportunity he has taken advantage of is open to us. God created people equal. He didn’t say we’d all have the same equity. In an involuntary socialist state, (Government takes the people’s wealth and distributes some of it at the governments pleasure) like the one we live in, people feel they are entitled to the fruits of another mans labors. By a large majority most people think that way. That’s not the America the Founders created. In the original America, Americans were willing to take lifes lumps so they could enjoy the rewards, without wondering when their neighbor would at their door with an IRS man.

    All heart felt beliefs, religions, except Christianity, think the involuntary socialism way but all the other religions actually practice two class societies, lords and serfs. “All people are created equal but some people are more equal than others”. In case you didn’t know, Obama and his ilk are more equal than the rest of us. Only in true Christianity will you find voluntary socialism practiced. Voluntary socialism means the people take care of their own, without the government being involved. Read and believe John3:16 while you still can.

    • Catherine B

      All members of Christ’s community were required to give up all their personal possessions to the group, to be used by anyone in the group as needed. I believe that is the current definition of communism.

      Our Founders established a mechanism in our government, when they designed it, for the federal government to levy and collect taxes to be used for the common good.

      Oh, tea-partyers, read your history. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against paying a tax on tea that was imposed by the British Parliament, where the American colonies did not have voting representation. THEY WERE NOT PROTESTING PAYING TAXES!!!!! They were protesting NOT HAVING A VOTE on whether or not to pay taxes.

      If they had a vote in Parliament, they would have been outvoted, but they would have had a say, and then they would have paid the tax. They were not crazy people like today’s Tea Party loonies. They were sensible, educated, sophisticated people, like the kind you can’t stand among your fellow citizens today.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Catherine B,

        You write: “All members of Christ’s community were required to give up all their personal possessions to the group, to be used by anyone in the group as needed.” Please provide book, chapter and verse.

        Best wishes,

      • The Christian American

        To say “They would have paid the taxes” is an asumption. Assume simply means making an “ass” out of “U” and “me”. Sure they knew they would have to pay taxes. How else would their infrastucture be built and maintained. Until 1910, the only income the Federal government recieved was the federal excise taxes. Until the 16th change in our constitution, people did not pay any taxes directly to the district of criminals (DC).

    • The Christian American

      Yes, but any giving is and was VOLUNTARY. Communism is FORCED “giving”, if you want call it that. The lords get, the serfs are subjected to forced “giving”. If that wasn’t the case, who’d pay for Barry an Michelle’s grand style of living?

  • Charles

    Illinois has been demanding that I pay them extortion on the money I earned a year before I came here. My suggestion to anyone contemplating coming to Illinois, even for a visit, is: STAY AWAY. The criminals will find a way to extort money from you.

  • Brennen Nase

    Theft is theft, I don’t give a [expletive deleted] how much you make. Theft is theft. MOVE PHIL.

  • Defender

    What is tiresome to me is people like Phil, who make a heart-felt and honest complaint about the government stealing his money, then turns around and apologizes for telling the truth! He is only saying what millions of people think anyway. Why not just be bold, be courageous and stop with the back peddling just because somebody who is bound up in the ‘political correctness syndrome’ told you to retract the truth for bull crap. He allowed himself to be bullied and that is unacceptable if we are to be victorious in the battles that are before us.

  • toledojim

    Phil has nothing to apologize for. He worked hard to develop his talent and he’s being rewarded for it. Do any of you play golf that are commenting here, specifically those who disagree with him? I play golf — been doing it for over 40 years — and am nowhere near as good as he is. It’s a social game for me, not a money-earner. I appreciate the talent he has. I wish I could shoot 60 on a par 71 golf course. Maybe I’d have one-tenth as much money as he has.

    Also, when Phil endorses a product, like any other athlete or celebrity, he helps sell product that keeps people employed. I’m sure the other infamous California nutcase, Pelosi, would disagree with me on that fact and try to convince me that unemployed people do more to keep people working than Phil does. Tell me Nancy: how many concerts have you seen in the past four years? I’m sure it’s many more than I’ve seen lately.

  • roberttitle

    The IRS should be abolished (it was never fully Constitutionally approved to begin with by the states) and a small federal sales tax (as we now pay at the gas pump) should be installed which exempts food and all medical costs. It would be easy to implement as the matrix is already in place…all retailers would collect at the point of sale, escrow the federal tax at their bank and then send to the Treasury Dept. monthly.

    • Texas Ride

      I am wondering when business owners became “tax-collectors” working as employees for the government.,

      • roberttitle

        You are basically an “employee” {your term} by having to fill out or pay someone else to fill out your tax forms. The law says it’s voluntary, but of course that’s just another govt. lie. It would be easier with an automatic (it would be built in to the and added just like happens now with a state sales tax) register that would render a receipt (just as you get now). That makes you “less” of an “employee” than you are now! Get it? If not, I can’t explain it further, because we’re already at the lowest common denominator in this discussion.

  • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster

    .This “personal liberty ” website starts my day off with a great laugh at the unbelievable levels of literacy and ignorance; it is better than a civics class, which, by the way, I think most of you, perhaps, missed or slept through during some important parts. This is such a great country which needs the help and loyalty of us all. We can belong to community organisations and develop community gardens, join clean-up events, volunteer to do various teaching jobs , all of which save millions of dollars other-wise requiring taxes to pay for. WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM ,YOU KNOW. Moving to another state is a negative answer. Why not stay and help change things instead of running away from that duty as a responsible citizen? That is probably wishful thinking on my part, but it would be wonderful if the idea took hold and succeeded without the ill-will and anger evinced by the recent election. We are better than this,aren’t we?

    • Liberty Lover

      Moving to another state is known as voting with your feet for good government. It’s one of the more effective ways to bring about change. When California loses enough productive people and enterprises to Texas and Florida, Californians are likely to begin to see an improvement in the quality of their government.

      • roberttitle

        I seriously doubt it will bring about any changes to the California legislature. The liberals and/or so-called ‘progressives’ that fill that state house could care less that they are losing their tax base. Their attitude is they will just keep hiking taxes more and more with no aftermath. The legislators there have both of their feet planted firmly in the air.

      • JeffH

        roberttitle, so right you are. After the 2010 midterms and the (re)election of Brown I finally realized that the “majority” of Californians are just plain stupid. Monkey see, monkey do!

        • roberttitle

          So many in this nation are “on the take” especially the Wall Street Banksters and money-junkies, and the Federal Reserve “funds” most of it with their private cartel fiat paper which hurts EVERYONE because it increases inflation and lowers the purchasing power of the dollar continuously.

    • S.C.Murf

      Sarah keep your hands out of my pockets and off my money OK?

      up the hill

  • trailbee

    Mr. Mickelson has every right to complain. If it’s good enough for Barry, it’s good enough for Phil. Why should he give his money to a state that just wastes it? Go to Florida, Son, with our blessings. Or, better yet, buy a house next to M. Depardieu. Enjoy all the money you have, and show your kids, if you have any, not only how to earn it the hard way, but also how to live long enough to enjoy it.

    • The Christian American

      A lot has been said about him moving to Florida. In1959 I believe, when Castro was taking over Cuba, a sugar baron escaped to Florida. When he landed reporters surrounded him with questions about conditions in Cuba and wasn’t he glad to have gotten out. He simply said this: “AT LEAST I HAD SOME PLACE TO GO”.

  • Carol Brink

    It’s amazing how people’s socialistic nature comes out regarding other people’s income. There is no doubt that athletes and Hollywood actors are grossly overpaid. Yet, the Government has no right to place punitive taxes on them just because they are wealthy. The liberal thinking that the Government should offer cradle to grave care is always at the expense of others. Keep in mind the Government money is everybody’s money. Liberal politicians, supported by liberal voters, believe that every problem can be solved by increasing taxes, adding fees, restrictions and laws to enslave citizens. No wonder the liberals want to do away with the Constitution. With that dominant thinking, the United States has run it’s course of greatness.

  • Greg

    Why the hell would some one-anyone-want to pay more in taxes to a greedy, dishonest, and wasteful govenrment? Have the people in this country, as well as the dummies in the media, been so brainwashed that they think it’s actually a good thing to pay more to Leviathan? How stupid and gullible can we get?

  • rhcrest

    Well Ann Barnhardt has a new posting on her website that is very appropriate to this discussion. For those that are always screaming that Jesus would take from the rich to give to the poor – Hogwash! The weekend before His Passion, Jesus went and stayed with His friend Lazarus (whom He had raised from the dead) and Lazarus’ sisters Martha and Mary. Mary brought out a very expensive flask of ointment for the dead and applied it to Jesus’ feet with her hair. The whole house was filled with the sweet smell of that ointment. And guess who gets all mouthy about this? Yep. Judas Iscariot – who already was planning to sell out Jesus, and had been planning on cashing in on Him since the miracle of the loaves and fishes a few days earlier. Specifically, when Jesus told the people that they must eat His Flesh and drink His Blood, and kept repeating it over and over and over again to be sure that everyone understood that He meant it literally, Judas (with urging from satan) decided that Our Lord was nuts and started planning to betray Him and profit from it. That whole episode is in John chapter 6. Read it.

    Back to Lazarus’ house in John 12. Judas gets all holier-than-thou and complains that the flask of ointment could have been sold for 300 pence and “given to the poor”. Does this not sound like the godless Marxist liberals of today who are so quick to tell everyone else what they should be doing with their money and assets, all in the name of the poor, of course?

    Then, an absolutely delightful verse – verse 6:

    “Now he said this, not because he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and having the purse, carried the things therein.”

    Um, hello? The Holy Spirit is talking to us. Are we listening? That verse should make the hair on your arms stand up. Is this not a PERFECT mapping to our contemporary situation? You have a “disciple” who doesn’t really believe in Jesus or what He says – he just pretends to because he thinks he can gain power and wealth by associating with Jesus for now. He’s just working the “Jesus angle”. But everything he is doing behind the scenes is working in direct opposition to Our Lord. Now, this “disciple” starts trying to appear pious and devout by pontificating that all wealth and resources should, by definition, be redistributed to “the poor”. But in truth, he is just a thief.

    Dude. Can this be any more obvious?

    Now here is the key passage from Jesus Himself:

    “Jesus therefore said: Let her alone, that she may keep it against the day of My burial. For the poor you have always with you; but Me you have not always.”

    First of all, Jesus says, “Let her alone.” (Sinite illam.)

    Judas has appointed himself the arbiter of wealth and asset distribution and has decided that Mary’s flask of ointment (or the cash value thereof) should have gone to the poor. And Jesus says, “Let her alone.”

    It is hers to do with as she (and her family) sees fit, and they have seen fit to use it to anoint their beloved Jesus.

    Judas, sit down and shut your proto-Marxist piehole. THWAP!

    In the next phrase, Jesus explains economics in eight words (FIVE in Latin):
    “For the poor you have always with you.”
    (Pauperes enim semper habetis vobiscum.)
    What does He mean? Does He mean, “Bah, forget the poor! Live it up!”

    Absolutely not. What He is explaining is that in all free societies wealth will always exist within a SPECTRUM.

    Let’s compare a “poor” person in the U.S. to a “poor” person in Bangladesh. A poor person in Bangladesh lives in the gutter without so much as a cardboard shelter to sleep under. They are sick from malnutrition and starvation. They probably dress in rags, and certainly do not own a pair of shoes. Bathing only occurs when they can immerse themselves in a river, which is opaque with sewage. They own nothing except the rags that they wear. Every day is a struggle to get a bit of clean water and enough food to merely survive. That’s a poor person in Bangladesh.

    What constitutes a “poor” person in the U.S.? A poor person in the U.S. does not have cable. A poor person in the U.S. does not have broadband internet access, and may not even own a PC. A poor person in the U.S. may have just within the last year or two finally switched from a cathode ray tube television to a flat screen, digital model. A poor person in the U.S. receives food stamps, medicaid and a welfare check. A poor person in the U.S. is probably overweight. A poor person in the U.S. drives a car that is so old that it came with a factory cassette player. A poor person in the U.S. lives either in a trailer or a HUD apartment complex. A poor person in the U.S. probably DOES have a cell phone.

    Understand that on a percentage level, these two descriptions are equivalent. A “poor” person in the U.S. has a standard of living that would be considered luxurious in Bangladesh and other impoverished countries. The notions of “wealth” and “poverty”, by logical and mathematical definition, exist within a SPECTRUM. And no matter what we do, that spectrum will always, always exist. That is what Jesus is saying. There will always be a top-end, and there will always be a bottom-end. In some nations (like Bangladesh), that spectrum is very broad and reaches very far down into poverty, indeed. There are billionaires in Bangladesh, and there are people starving in the gutters in rags. In the U.S., we certainly have a wealth spectrum, but the low end is much higher and the spectrum is much narrower. We have many billionaires, but our lower-end is nowhere NEAR as low as Bangladesh’s.

    The point is, no matter how much you bring up the bottom-end, there will ALWAYS, by mathematical definition, BE a bottom-end. If the bottom-end was a $100,000 per year household income and a $300,000 home in today’s dollars, then a household with a $100,000 income and a $300,000 home would be considered “poor”, called “poor”, and Marxists would tell those “poor” that they were being “oppressed” and “deserved” and were “entitled to” a $500,000 annual household income and an $800,000 home. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

    Someone is always going to have more money and assets than somebody else. It is impossible to have a free society wherein every person has exactly the same level of wealth. Someone has to be the business OWNER, and someone has to be the EMPLOYEE. Someone has to be the wage PAYER and someone has to be the wage EARNER. If everyone in a culture was economically equal at all times, there would be zero employment because no one would work for anyone except themselves. You can’t have a company with 10,000 CEOs. Conversely, you can’t have a company that is nothing but entry-level laborers. Someone has to be responsible. Someone has to sign the paychecks. Someone has to determine the course of the business. Someone has to risk their assets and wealth to start-up the company in the first place. And, at the other end, someone has to scrub the toilets. The only way to get true, complete equality of wealth would be to kill EVERYBODY.

    Since we know from Jesus that there will always be a wealth spectrum, it is obviously disordered to eliminate said spectrum and collapse it down to a single point of “economic equality”. To do that would collapse the society itself and result is chaos and poverty for ALL. (Ahem, MARXISM, TYRANNICAL OLIGARCHY, cough, cough.)

    What then should the objective be? I think that the former-U.S. and other free-market capitalist societies were the closest humanity has ever been to the ideal, and though imperfect, are certainly pointed in the right direction. The ideal is a healthy wealth spectrum that is always moving higher through growth and moral technological advancements and innovations, is open-ended on the top side, but has an intrinsic morality such that the top-end of the wealth spectrum always makes certain that the bottom end advances apace and that the spectrum maintains its proportional width – or even narrows a bit. This is achieved through personal charity AND through a moral, lawful society that allows for movement both up AND down the spectrum.

    The top-end cooperates with the bottom end to enable upward mobility for those who work hard, and are innovative. Conversely, if someone on the top-end does not work hard or is dishonest in his dealings, he can and will fail and slide back down the spectrum.

    This freedom of movement within the spectrum – both up AND down – is essential. Trapping people on the low-end (ahem, cough, WELFARE STATE, CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY, OBAMA REGIME, cough) is equally as immoral as the disgusting patrician upper-classes who think themselves immune from morality, the rule of law or personal responsibility (ahem, cough, OBAMA REGIME AND ENTIRE POLITICAL CLASS, cough, cough).

    So, there you go. Economics as explained by our Blessed Lord in five little words while He was hanging out at His friends’ house having supper the weekend before He died. And proof that Judas Iscariot was the intellectual father of Marxism and of scumbag politicians in general.

    • roberttitle

      More religious hogwash. RH, if you had been in a Muslim country your parents would have problem been Muslim and so would you, and you’d be slamming Christians. Religion is the most perverse thing that ever happened to this world.

      • FreedomFighter

        Religion is a product of men, a personal relationship with your creator is not religion. Forming a group is optional but encouraged, thats when a bunch of self appointed knowitalls develope dogma, pompt and false ritual.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Liberty Lover

      Excellent post!

    • r b

      religion, mythology, is nothing more than socialized communism in which the mythology is used to validate the actions of the leaders and followers of that mythology.

    • rhcrest

      For all the naysayers about religion, there are no atheists in foxholes. It’s always interesting how when people think they are about to die, they suddenly find God and start praying. Have fun on your judgement day!

  • r b

    floridas over all tax rate is not much lower than californias.

    note florida and california. also note the large number of red states that receive more than they pay in.

    the problem is the amount of corporate welfare, farm welfare, foreign aid, the drug war and social services to immigrants.

    as well as the vast amount we spend for dod.

    • Catherine B

      Thanks, r b, I just love facts. I thought I’d copy the numbers here for all to see:

      2005′s biggest loser was New Jersey, which received 61 cents in outlays per tax dollar. Other low ranking states included Nevada(65 cents), Connecticut(69 cents), New Hampshire(71 cents), and Minnesota(72 cents).

      FY 2005 RANKINGS State Outlay to Tax Ratio Ranking
      New Mexico $2.03 1
      Mississippi $2.02 2
      Alaska $1.84 3
      Louisiana $1.78 4
      West Virginia $1.76 5
      North Dakota $1.68 6
      Alabama $1.66 7
      South Dakota $1.53 8
      Kentucky $1.51 9
      Virginia $1.51 10
      Montana $1.47 11
      Hawaii $1.44 12
      Maine $1.41 13
      Arkansas $1.41 14
      Oklahoma $1.36 15
      South Carolina $1.35 16
      Missouri $1.32 17
      Maryland $1.30 18
      Tennessee $1.27 19
      Idaho $1.21 20
      Arizona $1.19 21
      Kansas $1.12 22
      Wyoming $1.11 23
      Iowa $1.10 24
      Nebraska $1.10 25
      Vermont $1.08 26
      North Carolina $1.08 27
      Pennsylvania $1.07 28
      Utah $1.07 29
      Indiana $1.05 30
      Ohio $1.05 31
      Georgia $1.01 32
      Rhode Island $1.00 33
      Florida $0.97 34
      Texas $0.94 35
      Oregon $0.93 36
      Michigan $0.92 37
      Washington $0.88 38
      Wisconsin $0.86 39
      Massachusetts $0.82 40
      Colorado $0.81 41
      New York $0.79 42
      California $0.78 43
      Delaware $0.77 44
      Illinois $0.75 45
      Minnesota $0.72 46
      New Hampshire $0.71 47
      Connecticut $0.69 48
      Nevada $0.65 49
      New Jersey $0.61 50
      District of Columbia $5.55
      PR Newswire (

  • David169

    There are a few taxes that weren’t mentioned above. I too, live in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, the most repressive state in the country. Just remember there is self employment tax and here it costs 8 to 10% to spend your money. Every item you buy has multiple hidden taxes. I believe that if a person was to add the hidden taxes to the sales tax plus the 52% a self employed person can be taxed; they would find they were in an 80% bracket and needed to work for Obama and Gov. Moonbeam from January to about mid-September before they could call their income their own. I am dismayed that this state government put illegal aliens above the taxpaying citizens. This has made Kalifornia the most desirable state for those who will not work. Every day when I go to work I remind myself that the state I live in has 1/3 of the welfare recipients in the country and 1/2 of the illegal aliens. I also know the legislature will spend 11 dollars for every 10 dollars they are able to get to keep the taxpayers just slightly above the illegal alien welfare recipients.

    • Catherine B

      David: Here we go again with facts. You have 25% of illegal aliens, not half.You have 12% of total US population. So on average, you have twice as many illegal aliens as other states.

      From a Homeland Security report:

      State of Residence of the Illegal Alien Population: January 2000 and 2006 State of residence Estimated population in January Percent of total Percent change Average annual change
      All states 11,555,000 100 37 515,000
      California 2,930,000 25 13 53,333
      Texas 1,640,000 14 50 91,667
      Florida 980,000 8 23 30,000
      Illinois 550,000 5 25 18,333
      New York 540,000 5 - -
      Arizona 500,000 4 52 28,333
      Georgia 490,000 4 123 45,000
      New Jersey 430,000 4 23 13,333
      North Carolina 370,000 3 42 18,333
      Washington 280,000 2 65 18,333
      Other states 2,950,000 26 69 200,000

  • Anthony

    Im so sick of the government and their tactics they use to turn the poor and lower waged earners against the rich. Less successful people are weak minded and actually buy into the government rules that say since you make more you should pay much more. Their lives are so miserable and they are so lazy,unmotivated and mind controlled that they take out their fustrations on the rich. We ALL should be marching and waging battle against all levels of government..rather you be rich,middle class or poor……we all should be paying as little taxes as possible. If the early Americans would have constantly rebelled when they first enacted the income tax we wouldnt have this damn problem today. Paying 40,50,60% of your money to a bunch of freaking idiots with no budget and evil intentions and you have no say so to where or how this money is used……MAN IM SICK OF All GOVERNMENT….PERIOD!!!!!…..strengthen your mind and snap out of their control…lets all march and rebel against all levels of taxation. You dont want to believe in conspiracy theories but they are showing us more and more that the NWO agenda does exist………if they cared about us why in the hell would they tax,confiscsate and impose their will against people who proser which creates opportunities for others who need jobs etc……but thats it…they dont care..its all a ruse that some of us strong willed and stubborn people see right through!!!!….I think its long overdue for a revolution in this country!!

  • Anthony

    Lets all unite people and fight back against these crumb snatching ass tax monsters!!….I mean this crap is getting ridiculous..go to……..and join to fight the powers that be.We are pushing for a fair tax which will create prosperity and jobs and more economic oppportunities and therefore a more prosperous nation.

  • Gilly from Australia

    From the stats I have gleened it seems like your government takes about 40% of your GDP in taxes as against 23.6% in Australia and we get annoyed, so I can see why your all totally annoyed about your government taxing policies. I must admit that I believe Australia must benefit from some of that tax grab and expenditure but 40% seems too high by far.

    One solution for you young bucks who are not silicon valley types is to consider moving to Australia as I also promote St Arnaud Vic 3478 a western Victorian country town which during the 1860′s produced an estimated 360,000ozs of gold, most of which was derived from one large mine. The Lord Nelson mine produced an estimated 320,000ozs of gold to a maximum depth of 786m. Most of the other mines did not extend beyond 200m depth, and very little exploration has occurred at St Arnaud beneath 200m. And it was high grade per ton of dirt.

    So I have self appointed myself as unofficial King, ambassador and immigration minister of the region to try entice new exploration and new residents to come live in this great little town. Mind you the town which never floods is surrounded by millions of acres of grazing pastoral holdings needing young new farmers to take over before others move in. So I hearterly invite interested parties to have a closer look on google and internet sites showing history of the town of approx 3000 people and every major Australian bank still has a branch in the town should tell you lots about the underlying prosperity in the town.We have farming and silo manufaturers needing new blood to take over and expand manufacturing. Why not, it Ted of Everything Attachments can do it why not in Australia….so if you getting sick of all the BS…. come right over and come and have a look see….

    i’ll even give you a free room in one of our 112 year old hotel buildings in St Arnaud not modern. but sure high n dry. Theres even a modern motel business for sale in Town …lots of opportunities for the positive thinkers and workers in the US of A and we speak the same language….

    and have I forgotten, we even have the largest Turkey hatching, raising and Turkey bacon processing businesses in Australia located in St Arnaud in Victoria.

    • Anthony

      Thanks sitting here sipping on a Guinness and ploting my next move. I have property in the T&C(Turks and Caicos) and always looking for new ventures and Real estate. Always nice to hear from folks outside of the US…your comments are refreshing and an escape from the usual voice of fed-up,frightened,mainstream and confused persons as some of us are here in the US. Thanks for sharing what you have to offer in Australia. I also have a couple of adventurous friends who took a leap of faith and have packed up and moved to Thailand and they are LOVING everything about it!!!!..they run an internet business so their company is web based and portable so they left without hesitation…they are trying to get me to join them there. They have completely expatriated and had to pay an exit tax to give up their US citizenship…can you believe it?????…but anyway great to hear from you…do you have a website or a way I can get more info about your area/town????….Im looking for a permanent spot to land in case all hell breaks loose over here…which people keep predicting.Plus diversification and different areas,nations and locales is always good…..

      • Gilly from Australia

        Good to hear Anthony, we cant stop business because of our silly politicians getting in the way…look up St Arnaud Victoria 3478 Australia and all manner of information pops up…we even have the only Bible Museum in Australia is in St Arnaud as a tourist attraction for the religious and other folk. The town strangely enough named after Armand-Jacques Leroy de Saint-Arnaud (August 20, 1801 – September 29, 1854) was a French soldier and Marshal of France. He served as French Minister of War until the Crimean War when he became Commander-in-chief of the army of the East.

        St Arnaud now lies buried with Napoleon in Paris. No one knowns why the town was named after St Arnaud but whats in a name…no french people in the town actually.

    • roberttitle

      Sounds great but airfare is a problem for me. I could probably live on my US Social Security alone, but (f you have a WalMart nearby), I could probably transfer. Your country sounds great.

      • Gilly from Australia

        Robert, i have sent you an email with info about gold mining in the St Arnaud area.

        we have K-Mart and Bunnings giant Hardware stores throughout Australia you can look up on google for more info…

  • Anthony

    The Rothschilds and the Royal family and a few other pompus asses are behind some of this carnage……the US government is the puppet and we need to find out who is the puppet master(shot caller)……whats that old Rothschild quote????….”Give me control of a nations monetary system and I could care less who runs the country”…..correct me if im wrong but it is something similar to that……I will look up the exact quote fro one of the early generations of the Rothschild clan…………..they have been the real rulers for centuries!!!!!!

  • figmo

    Phil, follow the lead of millionaire invester Doug Casey and move to argentina. The government there is far less oppressive than in the US and you will be treated like an honored guest. As casey says: the US government treats you like a milk cow. When times get worse, they will treat you like a beef cow.

    • Gilly from America

      figmo, I’d be wary of the South American countries hospitality as they dont like America too much and are always looking for defectors to show off…so I;m not advocating those types of moves although our government can upset us all from time to time but you should still keep your citizenship and allegences intact in my opinion. Just remember South America is full of WW11 deserters and war criminals and their decendents no one else wanted after the various wars.

    • Gilly from Australia

      Gilly from Australia it should read…lol dont know why it changed

    • Chris

      Do you even know the history of Argentina? I would never relocate a business down there…

  • Joe blow

    Bankrupting EVERYBODY is what the name of the game is! The “elite” then take the STOLEN taxpayers money and buy up everything at fire sale prices. Elementary, my dear morons out there who don’t have a clue!! For those of you smart or informed enough to have a clue as to exactly what is going on, move out of this plastic, counterfeit state and/or quit doing business with this state, and anything that it produces. Boycott and bankrupt, it’s the only thing that will force them to do the right thing, at least in the short term. Oh, and I strongly suggest that EVERY American start making your list of who the traitors and crooks are in government! That way, when the country finally goes down the toilet for good, and you are jobless, homeless, starving, or are simply being beat down and robbed from others that were put in desperate situations, then at least you know who to blame and go after. We all either start getting mad and “grow a set”, or simply lay down and take whatever scraps we are allowed by those special folks. I cannot believe how cowardly and domesticated most “Americans” have become!! The founding fathers are rolling over with absolute disgust, as am I. Most people will not even boycott a business to make a statement, because it may inconvenience them. Cowardly, lazy, sick, and disgusting slobs, that is what a lot of Americans have become, and shamelessly so. WOW!!

    • Anthony

      So true…it all starts with conditioning..the media owned by the elite executes mind control at its highest level. Get the support of the people and anything goes. Look at the news everytime a tragedy grown [expletive deleted] men acting like [expletive deleted] and saying they were scared and waiting on the cops or the government to come and save them instead of being a man and confronting any threat that is coming at him,the women and children..yep got grown men running artound talking about they were scared of some gunman or some natural disaster or whatever. Even look at how whatever stupid law that passes you got Americans scared to contest it or take a stand and are so obedient and fully compliant with any [expletive deleted] congress or even local governments come up with. That mind control machine is everywhere..they even put some of that stupid potion in the water also…….[expletive deleted] is crazy….got a bunch of weak ,punks scared to stand for something…scared to challenge the mainstream or the status quo!!!!!..This country think it is so strong but it is so weak….its citizens are coons and pawns in a crazy chess game. I see why the last of the WW2 vets say this country has been taken over by a bunch of [expletive deleted]!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    They dont have spell check on this blog so excuse my grammar or wrongly spelled words…kind of pissed and full or rage at the way things have become in “THE MOST FREE AND POWERFUL COUNTRY” on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..what a farse……And you wonder why the Chinese are taking us over!!!!

  • Larry

    hate to tell you all, but this statement : plus a hike of .9 percent in Medicare taxes on wages of more than $200,000. is not true, I make less than 200,000.00 by about half and my Social Security taxes just went up by 34%

  • nc

    Mr. Livingston, It’s Saturday morning and Ben has not showed up! He must have played a big gig at his local fire department last night!

  • adrianvance

    Many have and many more will. I would, but I’m stuck!

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Danny parks

    Rush Limbaugh also left New York for florida for the same reason.

  • Tony Ruiz

    I wouldn’t live in CA again for way more than tax consequences, the state is just simply no longer worth living in and, like NY, SHOULDN’T be lived in. They’re run by idiots for idiots and I don’t have or want any part in that formula. they could both just slide into the ocean as far as I’m concerned, and I’m certain I’m in good company. I fired CA and want nothing to do with that bunch of madmen and women who run it today. They had a chance but that hag Gloria Allred screwed that up with the junk Mexican maid. They got what they deserve, just like NY where both governor and NY City mayor aren’t worth cannon fodder.

  • Chris

    Check out Miami area on Google maps.
    What is wrong?
    There are no parks. State taxes help pay for city parks, but developers would rather build more houses than add a park in their developments. I don’t know what people do in the Miami area if they want to play ball, run the dog, ride a bike, fly your model plane, swim, have company picnics, listen to no cars, bird watch, do archery, sail your model boat, have birthdays and holidays;etc. I live in Southern California near the sea but we still need our many parks. I don’t see how people in Miami can live without parks to break up the crammed in blocks and blocks of houses? I guess the rich don’t need them since they buy huge waterfront lots, but what is the quality of life for the rest of the people in the Miami area? You get what you pay for, but people seem to forget this.


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