Hero Of The American Left, Professor Noam Chomsky Denounces Obama Administration


Notable left-wing polemicist Professor Noam Chomsky has made a career of writing and speaking out against government abuses of civil liberties in the United States and abroad. In the 2008 Presidential election, the professor endorsed Barack Obama but contended that the youthful Presidential candidate would have little positive or negative impact on civil liberty.

Chomsky now says he is surprised and disgusted by the current President’s inexplicable “attack” on civil liberties, which he said goes beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

In an interview, Chomsky told the liberal blog Alternet

I personally never expected anything of Obama, and wrote about it before the 2008 primaries. I thought it was smoke and mirrors. The one thing that did surprise me is his attack on civil liberties. They go well beyond anything I would have anticipated, and they don’t seem easy to explain. In many ways the worst is what you mention, Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project. That’s an Obama initiative and it’s a very serious attack on civil liberties. He doesn’t gain anything from it — he doesn’t get any political mileage out of it. In fact, most people don’t even know about it, but what it does is extend the concept of “material assistance to terror” to speech.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project that the broad application of a Federal law prohibits human rights and humanitarian aid organizations from communicating with foreign terror organizations (FTOs) or providing aid supplies to areas where they are known to operate in efforts to promote peaceful conflict resolution. Individuals face up to 15 years in prison for providing “material support” to FTOs, even if their work is intended to promote peaceful, lawful objectives. “[M]aterial support” is defined to include any “service,” “training,” “expert advice or assistance” or “personnel.”

“And the wording of the colloquy is broad enough that it could very well mean that if, say, you meet with someone in a terrorist group and advise them to turn to nonviolent means, then that’s material assistance to terrorism.” Chomsky said, “I’ve met with people who are on the list and will continue to do so, and Obama wants to criminalize that, which is a plain attack on freedom of speech. I just don’t understand why he’s doing it.”

The professor has also taken issue with Obama’s continuation of an executive branch power grab that was sparked in reaction to the 9/11 attacks by the Administration of George W. Bush.

“What it is is the same kind of commitment to expanding executive power that Cheney and Rumsfeld had. He kind of puts it in mellifluous terms and there’s a little difference in his tone,” he said. “It’s not as crude and brutal as they were, but it’s pretty hard to see much of a difference.”

Through the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, continuous harsh prosecution of whistle-blowers, the growing surveillance state and extrajudicial execution, the Obama Administration has set the United States on course for tyranny that would make some of history’s most unjust leaders proud, according to the professor.

“It’s interesting to see the way in which due process is being reinterpreted by Obama’s Justice Department in regards to the drone killings. Attorney General Eric Holder was asked why the administration was killing people without due process.” Chomsky continued, “Well, there was due process, he said, because they discuss it within the executive branch. King John in the 13th century would have loved that.”

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Sam Rolley

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  • http://northierthanthou.com/ Daniel Wall

    Holder’s comments on due process are incredible. …ly bad!

  • Donna Collum

    They don’t know what due process is because they think themselves above it.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    More “lefty’s” are defecting from the Democratic Party and if you think they are defecting to the “right” you haven’t been paying attention.

    • tncdel

      Most become Independents, some gravitate to the Libertarians.

  • Doc Sarvis

    The left is upset with President Obama because he is a centrist.

    • GRusling

      Centrist? In relation to what? He’s a true “Progressive” and that’s nowhere near the center of American politics…

      • Karolyn

        Here is a website that is very interesting. I took the test to see where I fell in the political spectrum I am a left-leaning libertarian according to their parameters. I couldn’t find it now,, but they have a chart somewhere that shows where the presidential nominees fell, and I remember Obama was more to the right. I don’t know if it’s on there anymore, since it was there around the election, and they might have removed it.


        • grassroot

          As scripture says, ” If the light in you is dark, how deep
          is that darkness?”

      • Jeff

        You guys are so far out in right field you couldn’t find the center with a GPS. Of course Chomsky is critical of Obama. No one Chomsky truly liked could possibly get elected. I find Chomsky a very interesting thinker, but his political instincts do not abide compromise.

        • GRusling

          You determine my “far-right” political position by what? Your powers of divination?

          That’s the problem with leftist’s. You all operate on off-the-cuff emotional reaction with no regard for “the facts”…

  • Alex

    Noam Chomsky—one of the Great Minds to rise from the thick & putrid animal stew that is Amerikkka…
    Perhaps of few of you readers shivering out there on the Teabag Fringe may allow a bit of warmth from the Fire of Truth to take the chill off—the Left has never looked upon Barrack Hussein Obama as “our leader”, as you sheeple so often bleat.
    President Obama is just another Main Street Capitalist—albeit one with a penchant for taking so many of you lost souls to the summit of Mt. Apoplexy with his occasional flourishes of Enlightened Thinking (repeal of DADT, calls for strengthened and sensible regulation of guns, unwillingness to cave to the Koch Bros/ Haliburton/Massive Oil Coven on such jaw-droppingly dangerous idea as Keystone XL).
    President Obama is not a Marxist. Not by million miles. He is not a Socialist, not anymore than Reagan was a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Sad to say, most of you ‘thinkers’ out there suffer the John Birch Society Delirium—seeing evrything from integrated schools to Sesame Street as “Marxist”. Losers…

    • GRusling

      Spoken like a true Marxist/Communist

    • BTeboe

      There is none so blind as those who WILL not see.

      • violater1

        Oh so true as stated!

    • tncdel

      Obama is a globalist who employs commie-socialist principles a la Alinsky.

      • Kinetic1

        Have you actually read “Rules For Radicals”? People on this site throw Saul Alinsky’s name around at the drop of a hat, and so often it is off the mark.

        • jeanbean14

          Have you read it? Did you like the dedication of the book to Satan?

          • Kinetic1


            Thank you for, in one sentence proving that you did not read the book. Or perhaps you failed to note that the book was actually dedicated to his wife, Irene? That it acknowledged several people who helped and supported him?

            The “Lucifer” comment was one of several quotes from various notables. This one is credited to Alinsky, but is out of context and, therefore fodder for the likes of Glen Beck who relies on fear and religion to advance his goals. In no way could one truly justify calling this quote a “dedication.”

            Let’s step away from the Becks and Limbaughs for a moment and look at the words of a more reputable individual. Jacques Maritain, Pope Paul VI’s mentor and prominent drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights called Alinsky “one of the few really great men of our century.” Hmm, a Catholic leader who obviously did not see Alinsky as a worshiper of Satin?

            Were you to actually study his work and life, as opposed to blindly following the right wing talking heads you would see that Alinsky was, as you would expect anti-big government, but he was also anti-communist. To a degree, even anti Socialist! Here’s an Alinsky quote you are unlikely to hear from Michelle Bachman or sarah Palin;
            ” Self-respect arises only out of people who play an active role in solving their own crises and who are not helpless, passive, puppet-like recipients of private or public services.”
            Were I unaware of the source I might think these were the words of Ron Paul.

            In the future, don’t waste my time with unsubstantiated claims. It’s lazy and worthless. If you can’t take the time to verify, don’t post.

          • chipmunk

            EWWWWW! How sanctimonious you are, Kinetic1!!

          • Kinetic1

            sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous [sangk-tuh-moh-nee-uhs] Show IPA
            1.making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety,righteousness, etc.:

            In what way was it hypocritical of me to demand that one should research their claims before posting? Perhaps the biggest fault of the internet is that rumors such as that noted in my post become repeated so often as to appear as fact. Even “journalists” fall into the trap form time to time.

            When I saw the post claiming Alinsky had dedicated his book to Lucifer, I had to research it. I didn’t have a copy of “Rules” on hand, so I searched the internet. Had I done nothing more than a casual search I would have been convinced it must be true. Hundreds of sites and blogs make this same claim, including Glen Beck. I chose, however to find a source where I could read it for myself. Only then did I find the truth.

            So, call me sanctimonious if you want, but I will continue to research before posting and I would suggest others do the same. I don’t want to waste your time with falsehoods anymore than I want you to waste mine.

          • JR_atHome

            Sanctimonious no, Verbose yes. No need to be a Harvard Lit major to see what is going on. Plain and simple he is bringing down the US from within. He has alienated many, continues to create enemies, forget about party or who did what when he is what we have now. By biblical description he fits the Lucifer actor. By the signs from Luke the time is nigh more to come. You have to start some where to get anywhere why not here?

    • ldazzle

      obummer is a pathetic loser.

      • grassroot

        Yes, but he is black,,

    • Rocketman

      Alex, your on the wrong comment section. You want “The Nation”.
      After reading your post I think that my I.Q. dropped about 10 points.

      • violater1

        Appears that you should avoid reading alex post in the future! We would not want you to become a -10 dummy like he and his kind are!!Your post was very humerous amusing even!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        IQ’s cannot go to a minus number, but you apparently are the exception to the rule.

        And I love the fact that NINE comments from SEVEN different people don’t add up to half the words and 1/100 the intelligence of Alex’s comment. That says something.

    • grassroot

      He is, a marixst fascist commie,,

      • Kinetic1

        Was your comment made in jest? Is this your idea of right wing irony or are you, as so many on this site completely unaware of the differences in these beliefs/ideals?

    • jeanbean14

      You are self-delusional. You’ve adopted socialism as your religion.

      Funny how you project your sheeple attitude onto people who think for themselves and pay attention, then spew a few paragraphs of leftist memes.

      If you consider me a loser, I thank you. I feel sorry for you, though. You have a brain and you refuse to use it.

  • rswallick

    more of the same, more govt, bigger govt, govt know best what to do with your money, left, right, all the same. some moron deciding that they know best where to spend my money they took from me by force or threat of force. who needs it? everything I need to know learned from my momma, don’t hit, don’t steal and get along with your neighbors, the exact opposite of every govt on the planet. i will take my chances with the thug down the street vs the govt thug taking the fruits of my labor.

  • guest

    The smart ones are getting upset with him because he’s a dictator. That’s the opposite of Liberalism.

  • tncdel

    Chomsky and many others are finally starting to learn the difference between the control-freak globalist Progs calling themselves “Liberals,” versus true freedom-loving Liberals. The two are almost polar opposites.

    You can easily distinguish who’s who by assessing whether or not they support globalist agendas geared toward eroding U.S. sovereignty and dissolving its borders. A true Liberal is fiercely loyal to America, as was JFK, a genuine war hero.

    But the thing that most folks seem to not realize is that the globalists have infiltrated ALL U.S. political parties, including the Libertarians [Gary Johnson is a fraud who supports globalist agendas [for example, he was rated by NON-PARTISAN NumbersUSA almost as bad on immigration as Obama… an F versus an F minus].

    Bush, like Clinton, supported the globalist NAFTA agenda, the U.N., etc. Just two months ago came out in full support of “brother-globalist” Obama’s amnesty plan.

    • grassroot

      And, learning this too late,,

    • jeanbean14

      Conservatives in this country have known all this for a long time. The GOP has strayed far from its freedom-loving roots. The Democrats have embraced socialism and are dragging all of us over the cliff. The Libertarians include many fringe ideologies that don’t jive with conservative values. I think, sadly, the true (“classic”) Liberals are dead and gone. They got shouted down by the Progressives.

  • http://www.rainforestpress.com/ Randy Dutton

    No comment on Obama silencing the Benghazi survivors?

  • Karolyn

    Glad something has been written about the fact that liberals are not all that happy with Obama.

  • Rocketman

    Lenin has the best description for people like Chomsky that thought that supporting individuals who wanted socialism was in favor of increasing individual freedom, “Useful Idiots.”

  • JR_atHome

    Have you figured it out yet? Don’t kid yourself, this guy is intelligent, has the media, the power and inclination to do what he is doing. Nothing happens by accident, nothing is discovered with this entity. It is all planned and released for a purpose. Look beyond the man. Look at the means and collective he has used to do the things he has done. Oh yee of little faith, this is the monster you have been told about not the one Hollywood wants you to see, the real one.

    • Doubleace

      I seriously think you give him too much credit. He is just stumbling around and taking advice from any and every direction. None of which make any sense. His decisions are based on wether it’s bad for America or not.

      • JR_atHome

        Bill I wish that was the case and he is just inept. I just do not see it that way. An admiral said it some years ago I wish I could quote him now but the jist of the quote,” Nothing happens by mistake when it comes to politics”


    I just knew that there were a few on the left that had some brains!!!

  • restorefreedom

    The rest of the country and the world are wondering the same thing. He should be impeached for all his lies and underhanded tricks.

  • John Tapp


    • JR_atHome

      I don’t know John seems like your in the sinking boat with the rest of us.

  • Kurt Cook

    Wow- the liberals are finally starting to get it! i guess this means that white people who dare to criticize Obama are no longer “Racists” if Chomsky is one of them, right? i was wondering how long it was going to take before they woke up to the fact that the president who signed the NDAA, and wrote executive orders giving himself permission to steal everything people owned, really WASN’T a champion of constitutionally- guaranteed freedoms after all!

    • jeanbean14

      This is part of the pattern. I don’t know if Chomsky is an example of it. He is a real piece of work in my opinion. But socialists do tend to start turning on their own after a while.

      • JR_atHome

        They have always gobbled their own after the goal is achieved. It becomes a struggle for power within.

  • ogeecheeman

    Somehow I told you so just doesn’t quite say it.

    • jeanbean14

      If only we didn’t ALL have to suffer the consequences of the useful idiots’ choices. :(

  • code4blue

    Love it when they start eating their own. More amusing is the realization that they are not exempt from the new rules. Suddenly the consequences of their fist pounding smacks up and hits them in the face, sweet justice!!!

  • dean77

    Gee, maybe he should have turned on Fox once or twice. He wouldn’t have been blindsided.

  • Nathaniel Hamrick

    I learned of Noam Chomsky and have respected Noam Chomsky since 2006. I wanted to vote for Mike Gravel in 2008 but instead went with Ron Paul, through write-in. In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson, as I’m a Libertarian. Chomsky is a good man and I’m glad he has come out to put words to what I’ve been seeing over the past few years. Thank everything good in the universe we still have such a good man in our country like Chomsky. Hope to vote Rand Paul in 2016. Just wanted to post my gratitude and mention my applause for this man.

  • steve buckner

    Only the elete can understand a mad man like Obamma & his I’m in charge attitude. Especially the celeberity status he shows on every talk show or pulpit meeting he does. America is going down the tubes, thanks to the new Hitler ( Obama ) .

  • $14522143

    Chomsky ENDORSED Obama, and now he finally wakes up and denounces him? Give me a break, Noam. He’s YOUR president; I sure as hell didn’t vote for him. He’s doing everything that Bush did. But since he’s a liberal-lefty and black (isn’t it just so cool?), the Left in this country no longer sponsors anti-war demonstrations, and criticism of Mein Obama is denounced as evidence of “racism.”