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Herman Cain Tax Plan: Dubious Or Dream For Conservatives?

October 17, 2011 by  

Herman Cain Tax Plan: Dubious Or Dream For Conservatives?

One analysis of the Herman Cain tax proposal finds that implementation of the 2012 GOP presidential contender’s 9-9-9 plan may be difficult, but conservatives say it is a welcome idea in the tax discussion.

The Washington Post administered a fact check on claims Cain has made about his plan and found at least some aspects of it to be “highly dubious.”

The article says that while Cain’s claim that he will throw out the current tax plan may be true, his ability to replace it with 9-9-9 would take a long time, and the result would be only temporary. The research indicates such because 9-9-9 is the second of three parts involved in the Cain tax goal. The first step would cut individual and corporate tax rates to a top 25 percent rate, and the last step is actually the replacement of any current tax structure — even 9-9-9 — with a national sales tax or Fair Tax.

The article expresses doubt in the plan:

“As denizens of Washington, we find this three-step process to be highly dubious. It takes years, even decades, to fundamentally overhaul the tax code. Herman Cain is going to do this three times in his presidency?”

The Wall Street Journal says the Cain tax proposal “clearly has roots in the Reagan-era antitax movement.” The newspaper reports that Cain even met extensively with conservative economist Arthur Laffer in considering the basis of his proposal. Laffer has said that 9-9-9 will be a “vast improvement to the current tax system and a boon to the U.S. economy.”

Conservative supporters believe that even though Cain’s proposal may take a long time to implement completely, beginning the discussion is the first step.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Alan

    First, we have to get Democrats to stop spending (Reagan went to his grave waiting on this one).
    Second, we have to get Democrats to cut the Budget (Again, Reagan went to his grave waiting on this one).
    Third, before any real tax code overhaul can happen, people have to give up their co-dependent attitudes (including politicians, corporations, banksters, et al…).
    Fourth, wr have to push fir OUR rights in these free trade deals OUR politicians have negotiated or abolish the Agreements all together.

    These 4 things must happen before any tax code changes can and/or will be successful. We have major problems right now with the out-of-control Administratiom, continuing banking shananigans by an out-of-control Fed Res, reining in trade partners, WTO, OWS, Iran, et al… The next President has a real task on his hands and needs to be “Salt.” Just like Sean Connery said to Nicolas Cage in “The Rock,” “You’re not Salt, but I am.” This is why I keep telling people, we have to vet this next candidate before the primary. Romney and Perry have already been exposed as imposters. I feel that Hernan, even though I personally like him, is a Fed Res stooge! I don’t ever believe with Herman as President that we would ever get the Fed Res audited. My opinion folks, I still like Ron Paul for President.

    Remember this – Knee jerk reactions are always untimely catastrophes.

    • Alan

      Sorry for the two typos… trying to type on a black keyboard without my glasses. :)

      • The Blue Collar Man

        I have the same problem, and my keyboard is shadowed by a hutch, attached to the right wing of my desk. So cured it by getting a Logitech illuminated keyboard. (I don’t work for Logitech, thi is just a helpful message)
        I had to replace several keyboards due to the white letters wearing off, and now don’t have to.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Blue Collar,
          A friend of mine got one of those goose necked lamps with the magnifier on it for that problem. The problem created was that he set it near a window….and caused a hell of a fire at his business!!! Seems the magnifier concentrated the sun and poof! He even has a pile of pennies that melted together!

      • Aix Sponsa

        Improvement? How about a better solution? Look at Hucabee’s Fair Tax Solution. Much better than Cain’s, at least the common man who can least afford it doesn’t get porked as hard.

    • Bob

      You won’t have to worry about any of your concerns because with ron paul he’ll set in the oval office and let the middle eastern ragheads destroy the world while he appologizes for the nasty things the rest of the world has said about them!

      • mjs

        it makes alot more sense to try to control the rest of the world, especially the middle east and central africa now while things inside our borders are just dandy – exactly!

      • daniel

        Ron Paul 2012! Mind our own business!

        • doc hollidey

          Ron Paul is a rarity as a candidate. He is an HONEST POLITICIAN. These two words are normally contradictory to one another. Ron Paul is the last chance for America to recover itself from socialism and communism. He is talking liberty and has been talking the truth for 30 years. He has not flip-flopped on his stance. Winning a debate and wearing a fancy suit does not make anyone a good president. The media tries to give him just enough air time to appease people, but they try very hard to keep him quiet and keep the American people from hearing him. Wake up, America!!!

      • Lost in Paradise

        NOt even close to the truth. We have serious problems at home, that are more important, and Paul realizes this.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Actually if we had a strong leader the “ragheads” as you called them would not try anything. The human predators know that nothing will be done if they attack us as we have weak “leaders” or whatever they are.

        • 45caliber

          I personally think our world policy should be – “don’t attack us. If you do, we wipe you out.”

          Then, when they attack us, we do just that. For instance, Iraq. We should have gone in, blown up everything in our way, and once their army and Saddam were out of the picture, tell whatever government is left that we’re leaving – don’t do it again or we’ll come back and REALLY mess things up!

          That is the only thing these people understand and therefore the only thing that will work.

    • Not-a-RINO

      Alan– What you have stated makes sense and I would tend to agree with you. In the upcoming presidential race, the field we have now is certainly not making me feel enthusiastic about any of the contenders. The worst president we have had, Jimmy Carter, ushered in a rock solid conservative, Ronald Reagan, who steered the ship of state around towards prosperity. Where is such a conservative now? Gingrich, while I like his answers in the debates, has personal baggage and has rubbed elbows with Pelosi over “global warming”; Romney is a RINO, Santorum is a micro-candidate; Bachmann is not gaining any real traction; Cain is a good guy, but I don’t see how his tax plan is credible; Perry supports kissing the cabooses of illegals; and Ron Paul would be great if the USA was the only country on the planet. I don’t look forward to casting my ballot as I did in 2008 by holding my nose while picking McCain. Unless a viable, common sense conservative steps up, the idiot who occupies the White House now could possibly get another four years to further ruin this country. It is sad to think there are enough people in this country who would support Obama even if it was undeniably proven he was Satan in the flesh. Unless something changes soon, we are in for trouble. God help us all.

      • Aix Sponsa

        WELL SAID. Actually I am looking for another “perot” to get 0 reelected with 33% of the vote.

    • Ralph Eggen

      This Southern Baptist minister is not taking up a collection and getting enough money to run the Fed Govt. He has disregarded the impact on the states who collect sales taxes as their primary source of revenue. It would seem to me that one does not cut a log with one stroke of the ax, but with a number of well placed cuts. A complicated problem needs more than a quicky solution.

    • Dale

      If Hermon Cain is elected and imposes his 9% national sales tax that would be a 9% tax on everything your phone bill, your light bill, the food you buy ( even fast food ) the new or used car you buy. There are approximatly 15 Million people in this country who’s income is $15,000 a year or less that tax would kill them.

  • Norm

    The 9 9 9 or any other tax plan that spreads the collection process to include a national sales tax is a great idea. Our underground economy such as drug money, untaxed wages, illegal workers and others is booming. Collecting at the point of purchase will capture a large percentage that goes untaxed today. The sales tax has to be comprehensive with food, gas, clothing and everything else that income tax cheats are forced to purchase through legitimate means being included.

    • Bobby

      Exactly – a comprehensive SALES TAX will create a black market – making criminal out of people who just don’t support taking money (by force) and giving it to people who don’t deserve it. Sounds great!

      • Blueshoes

        Hey Bobby,

        Are you saying we D O N ‘ T have a black market N O W …with ILLEGALS paying NO TAX AT ALL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    • 45caliber


      I disagree. Cain wants to lower the income tax but make up for that by adding a sales tax. Knowning policitions, that means that they will immediately raise both taxes as soon as possible, which just means that we pay even more taxes than we do now.

      • crystal

        Does this mean my self-employment tax will be eliminated? How does that work into 9-9-9 plan? I don’t have enough information on the details.

  • Macawma

    Why not just go right directly to the Fair tax? Why all this convoluted “do this first, then let’s do that, then…”? The Fair tax is the only way I can see for all the shirkers, aliens, and tax cheats to pay their taxes. Period.

    • Blueshoes


      The FairTax (HR25 S 13) has been around for years but the politicians in Washington will NOT enact it into law because they would lose a lot of power that they enjoy today… why kill the goose that lays the Golden Eggs?

      The FairTax has to be forced through by the PEOPLE, but if the American People don’t know much about it and it keeps getting demagogued, especially BY the Washington Politicians, it will NEVER be addressed and made law. That’s why Herman Cain, because of his experience, knowledge and intelligence, is “Introducing” it to the American People by having a “Sample” (9-9-9) of it being passed. When businesses begin to grow, people no longer pay taxes on ANY of their income and no longer have to fill out tax forms, the FairTax will pass in an instant, because the PEOPLE will demand it.

      If we can’t see that, then the FairTax will continue to be something talked about and continue to be demagogued.

      • Clint

        Unfortunately, you may be right Blueshoes. The people might demand it, because they do not know of the ulterior motives behind such a tax. Mr. Cain is a schill for the Federal Reserve Banksters. Using deception/subversion/perversion/infiltration and Hegelian Dialectic, they will have the populace pleading for whatever solutions they put forth.

  • mud

    Any plan that will keep the feds hands out of my pocket is welcome.

  • Gerald Storey

    Don’t know all details of the 9-9-9 tax plan, but i do know if we are going to keep industry here and attract some of them back, it is going to take some extreme incentives for the manufacturing industry.

    • Sail2pete

      Gerald and everyone else that is making comments on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan go to Herman Cains site which I have pasted a link and after reading it you will understand that it is a plan that will work and will be adopted. It is set up to help reduce the present deficit which many people seem to forget we have and which he is trying to get everyone to pay their fair share for.It is not a perfect plan but neither was the plan for the founding of our nation but with a lot of perseverance and Gods help it worked and unless we revert to the original principles laid down by the founding Fathers we are lost as nation. Please good people let us pull together and with a man like Herman Cain, we can get the job done — Thanks — Pete Maniscalco

  • http://personallibertydigest Paul

    I can’t wait till the Hermanator is seated in the Whitehouse then I can sleep again. I feel with the POTUS we now have is a bull in the china shop, and does not let the American people feel secure enough to close both eyes.Come on 2012.

    • Jim

      I’m so happy, I won’t have to pay my house payment, i won’t have to pay my car payment …

      • LMW6

        Uhm….you’re mistaking Herman Cain supporters for the ones who supported Barrack Obama….

  • Bobby

    Here is the problem: 9-9-9 will turn into 21-21-21. Period. We need to ELIMINATE the income tax and replace it with nothing. Crazy right? Wrong. End the USA empire (global military occupation) and you can stop paying income tax. That’s a FACT JACK!

    Cain is a LYING FED BANKER. Part of the same crew that created the catastrophic mess we’re in. Don’t be fooled by this charlatan.

    • Patty

      Sorry, but that is not a fact Jack. Entitlements are the fact and with a now majority of people collecting some gov’t subsidy or check, we are screwed.

    • Jim


    • Blueshoes


      I hate to say this but… Your a moron!!!! Go see if you can find your marbles and play with yourself in the corner.

    • LMW6

      It will be a lot harder for the thieves in Washington and in every county and state to get it to a 21 – 21 -21 rate because we’d feel the hit immediately – unlike all the hidden “fees” in our utility bills, phone bills, insurance bills, tags, titles, deeds and some food but not that food, and those taxes hidden in the cost of the goods and services we purchase.

      Take an hour and look at your bills and take notice of all the “fees” that the government at all levels have imposed upon secretly – beginning of course with Clinton but continuing at a much more rapid pace now that they got away with it.

      That is of course if you actually pay bills and don’t live with your parents who cover your living expenses or sit in a college dorm surfing the internet all day.

      • Blueshoes


        You finished the other half of my thoughts. Thanks!

      • Blueshoes


        Sorry, finger slip. :(

    • PJ

      I completely agree with you. Our military should be used for our country’s defense, not policing the world. If the funds saved on waste were used to support social security and the needy, the federal income tax could be eliminated.

      Herman Cain is not a trustworthy candidate. He also tossed the race card out at Perry, which makes me nervous. I don’t think I’m ready for another black president yet, especially if I’m just voting to be politically correct.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To P.J.:
        With all the lousy white presidents we’ve had in the last generation,
        black presidents can’t do any worse. Herman Cain, actually, would be a breath of fresh air. With the exception of Ron Paul, Herman cain is the best candidate. He, also, was right bringing up Rick Perry’s lodge name for it was inappropriate. Alright, Thanks!!

    • 45caliber


      If those were “facts” I’d agree with you. Unfortunately they are only liberal talking points.

      We have military bases in other countries, yes. Closing them and bringing the troops home wouldn’t significantly decrease our costs since we would still need the troops. If you want to make significant changes, let’s end ALL welfare.

  • Doc Sarvis

    It is hard to beat the simplicity of Mr. Cain’s plan and that is the beauty of it and why he is successful in promoting it. I read a comparison of the 9-9-9 plan to the current tax structure for a family of four with a middle class income (sorry, I can’t recall the exact income level used but it was well under 100K). His plan was MORE expensive for the middle class. Of course it will also be more expensive for the lower class. Seems like the real main benefit of the plan is for the upper class. Guess that is another reason he has had success promoting it to the right. The Rich win out again under his plan.

    • Jim

      And you expect more from a FED insider?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Nope – just say’in.

    • ipsd48

      Every anaylsis I’ve read about Cain’s tax plan ignores the fact that he would do away with hidden taxes that make up 62% of the tax burden.
      examples; 278% sugar tax, 143% tax on peanut butter, 35% bread tax, 75% tax on alcohol, 48% tax on fossil fuels.
      take those away and the 9% income and 9% sales taxes would save even the lowest income wage earners thousands every year

      • LMW6

        THANK YOU….

    • LMW6

      When 47% of the working population pay no income taxes, any change to a Fair, Flat or 9 – 9 – 9 plan is going to “raise their taxes”. As it should. Everyone should be paying the same rate of taxes.

      As it is now, those of us who live in states with no mass transportation (which is a majority of us) pay additional taxes for the privilege of driving a car (according to former Governor Christie when he doubled the cost of car registration in 2009). We are forced to purchase Auto Insurance and pay approximately 18% in “fees” that are really nothing more than taxes.

      It is now illegal to purchase a home that is “off grid” unless it is in an area that is already majority off grid – then you pay electric bills that include approximately 18% in hidden taxes and fees.

      Have a land line? You pay another 18% in hidden fees/taxes. Or have a cell and a land line? On each bill you pay approximately 18% in hidden taxes.

      Wake up and look around you. The middle class is being taxed to death by hidden fees to pay for the fact that 47% pay no income tax. The OWS and the Tea Party are yelling about the wrong thing….but only the Tea Party has directed their yelling in the right direction – to the elected officials who are supposed to be working FOR us.

      • Lost in Paradise

        The poor, the middle class, the rich, are all in the same boat together. It will hurt everyone. What is really needed is a drastically downsize government, and the laws and regulations to go the same direction. Then there would be no tax problems. The super large government is the cause of all the problems, and not so much the tax code, although after re-sizing the gov., that could be re vamped also. You are on the wrong track Bud.

        • http://yahoo olerocker

          I like Cain, not his 999, this is not a fair flat tax…..

      • alex

        corp. income tax is 35% but corps. don’t pay taxes the customer does so if the corp. tax is 9% then the 9% sales tax costs nothing

  • Mike

    The current tax code is strangling our economy and enriching politicians and special interests at the expense of the middle class. 9-9-9 is not perfect, but it is a legitimate plan to start the process of decapitating a huge monster. The fair tax resonates with intelligent people but the politicians and others will never let that happen immediately. It will probably take a constitutional convention to get significant reform.

    • daniel

      I agree. Politicians will never let the “progressive” tax code go. It would take too much power from them. I like a flat tax better but at least 9-9-9 is a start in the right direction. I also like a balanced budget amendment added to the Constitution. I know it sounds radical but what we have now is not working.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Actually what we have now would work, if the people of this country would do something. It is all in the Preamble, the Constitution, and the BIll of Rights. Read it! It also tells us what our obligations are in times like these. Let us please live up to those obligations.

  • Jim

    Now we could have exhorbitant taxes AND a “fair” tax.
    Don’t think for a moment that the FED will let go of a regular income tax to be replaced. The “fair” tax will only be added to what we already have.
    Awesome! being taxed when we RECEIVE money for WAGES, (which is not income, by IRS definition) and then being taxed when we SPEND money!
    Enough is Enough …

  • bob wire

    I give him credit for leading out with “something”. I wish the other might as well.

    Cain reminds me of my little brother when he called me all excited, saying he had a great business idea and couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

    When we got together to discuss it, he started out “Let’s take the profit and~~~”

    I explain to him that was a good plan but capturing profit is never guaranteed. I know how to spend money, making it is the issue to address.

    I feel Cain is running on about the same level. Skipping over a few minor details with his plan. As Doc suggest, the time frame alone is a major hurdle.

    But we know any plan will work to some degree, I believe an simple equitable plan the best. Flat rates and user fees or something like that.

  • Pete NY

    I just do not trust H. Cain. He wants to preserve the Federal Reserve Bank and I do not.

    • eddie47d

      I do like Cain thinking outside the box and making the tax code simpler.Yet do you really think that Americans will gladly give up their homeowners interest deductions without a fight and all the other deductions that businesses get? How many tax preparers will vote for the Hermanators plan if they will be loosing their jobs? Self interests always trumps National interests. Will Cain’s plan make the tax code fairer or just shuffle the numbers around? He needs to explain his plan on the Internet or in print.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Please continue to not trust Cain. I hope all the others will see the light and not trust him either. He is a black racist like all his race.

      • eddie47d

        Is the truth coming out for conservatives on how they really feel about blacks.

        • http://liberty Tony

          To Eddie:
          Don’t pay attention to Lost in “turmoil” , P.J.. or Jimmy the “Geek”
          . You see sir, these fools are just reactionary imbeciles, who don’t have a clue what’s going on. Real conservatives support Cain. Thanks!!

  • http://yahoo don

    we’ll probly still have deficit spending with this one too because our free spending congress has no control. this bunch needs weeded out in the next election. comon every one vote in the next election, think wise ly about who you vote for. maybe we can fix this country’s mess.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Cain is another Plant! He has already gone soft on our enemy, Islam. We need to clean house, before any tax change is affected. At any rate the 999 plan would create a real national disaster of much greater magnitude than the Great Depression. More money is not what we need to give our government.Pink slips is what the majority of them really need to get. We need at least a 50% reduction in the size and scope of the U.S. government. This is what the best of the candidates want to do with it, but will not get the chance.If the government is downsized and we stop the waste full spending, there will be no need for more taxes, or even taxes at the current level. A large, or maybe the largest share of our tax dollars are being spent overseas. Not in America where it should be. We are being screwed by our own government. We need to take them down now! WE need 5 hundred more like Ron Paul, as our new government to install after we forcefully rid ourselves of the old one.

    • bob wire

      I’ve always consider that a possibility but not for the reasons that you suggest.

      Success does bred success but from Pizza Man to Head of State is a long stretch.

      I’m not willing to go there, for the same reason Palin was a non starter, the job at hand is just too important to take such a chance.

      • 45caliber

        We took a chance on Oblama – and lost. I can’t see it is any more of a chance with Palin or Cain.

  • PJ

    As far as tax plans go, I like Ron Paul’s plan best. Eliminate the federal income tax, eliminate unnecessary federal agencies, eliminate the IRS and give control back to the states.

    The only way to take back control of our country is to return power to the people, by returning power to the state government instead of the feds.

    Cain worked for the Federal Reserve. He also has his fingers in other corporate pies. He is also connected to all black organizations and clubs. If I were to vote for another black man for president, he would have to see himself as just an American. When he tossed out the race card at Perry, it made me worried about whether he would be able to leave race out of the White House this time around. I’m not ready to find out the hard way this time.

  • Lost in Paradise

    You are all dodging the real issue. Too bad.

  • doc hollidey

    The Fair Tax is the best thing that could happen to America. It would force those that pay no taxes like prostitutes, drug pushers, illegal aliens, criminals of all types, etc, to pay taxes. It would be impossible to cheat on your taxes. Even foreign visitors would pay taxes on any new items purchased. It would abolish the income tax and the IRS!! Just think what it would be like to bring your entire paycheck home every week. The poor would get a “prebate”, which would omit them from paying taxes. The amount that everyone else would pay would be under their own control since the tax is only on new items. Buy used merchandise and pay no taxes. The more you buy, the more you pay. What could be fairer?

  • jopa

    Every time I hear that “nien nien nien” I think of Sergeant Shultz from Hogans heroes.Shultz had it right “No No No”‘

  • deb

    I find it interesting that Herman Cain’s 999 turned upside down is 666.

  • doc hollidey

    We need to clean house in Congress. Everybody goes with only one or two exceptions such as Ron Paul and maybe Jim Demint. Changing presidents is not going to help much unless we get rid of Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and the like. All Democrats and Republicans established in office have the same agenda. They are really one party. Their is to render the American people into servitude by bankrupting this country. They are practically there. Ron Paul and a totally new Congress would be a new day for our nation and break up this corporate, lobby controlled Congress. If the American don’t wake up we are doomed. Both parties handpick the candidates that are running and don’t care which one you vote for. They are all controlled by corporate money and owe their election to powerful business men. Vote Ron Paul, who takes on corporate money, and clean house in Congress. By the way, Ron Paul has more money donated by military servicemen than any other candidate. Does that tell you something?

  • doc hollidey

    Excuse me..typo…It should read “their GOAL is to…”

  • SSMcDonald

    Where are any comments about cutting SPENDING??? Tax reform is worthless without spending reform. Additionally the 9-9-9 program is inferior to the Fair Tax. But Herman already knows that, so the question remains, why s Herman not supporting the Fair Tax? The Fair Tax eliminates the IRS, the 9-9-9 program does not.

    • makinahome

      Amen!!First rule of getting out of debt is ALWAYS spend less!

  • doc hollidey

    “If the Americans”…another typo..and “Ron Paul who takes NO corporate money”….and Ron Paul has more money donated TO HIS CAMPAIGN”… Sorry for all the typos. I should proofread before submitting.

  • s c

    On the whole, I’m for anyone who can present a plan that will break the back of a government gone mad. I’m for anyone or anything that will restore sanity to Washington. I will listen to and support a grade school kid who can bring common sense and honesty, and then stick it in the faces of elected vermin who typically deserve to be dancing at the end of a rope.
    Obummer represents special interests and death and destruction. Anyone who supports Obummer has sold his or her arse for a deluded, utopian dream.

  • Ken Brody

    Look carefully at the 9% sales tax and compare it to the European VAT. If it really covers EVERYTHING, then the raw material to make glass costs an additional 9%. The silicon purchased by the chip makers cost an additional 9%. Every pars of the cell phone that passes from level to level costs 9% more. On top of all that, I pay another 9% tac on all those inflated costs. The grand total for anything manufactured is about 27% tax on average (based on 3 levels), all paid by the consumer.

    Cain’s web site shed’s no light on the actual coverage of the 9% sales tax, except to say that it is a replacement tax, not an add-on tax. If that means that it does not work like the VAT, then I concede this point.

    Otherwise, add that 27% to the state and city sales taxes. You’ll be lucky to be able to afford shoes and underwear.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Just grow hemp and make your own!! I just had to throw that one in for Robert!

  • Sail2pete

    Sail2pete says:
    October 17, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    Gerald and everyone else that is making comments on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan go to Herman Cains site which I have pasted a link and after reading it you will understand that it is a plan that will work and will be adopted. It is set up to help reduce the present deficit which many people seem to forget we have and which he is trying to get everyone to pay their fair share for.It is not a perfect plan but neither was the plan for the founding of our nation but with a lot of perseverance and Gods help it worked and unless we revert to the original principles laid down by the founding Fathers we are lost as nation. Please good people let us pull together and with a man like Herman Cain, we can get the job done — Thanks — Pete Maniscalco


  • dave

    Clint say’s caine is a schill for the federal reserve. I would bet my life that isn’t so. This guy is an honest business man and has the country at heart. You can read it by listening to him talk. He’s not a politician and he no longer has anything to do with the Federal Reserve. You are not a very good reader of people Clint. I am as I have handled thousands in the service. He is a straight guy and the rest except Bachman are old has beens who never have had the moxie to run a country like the U.S. Politicians never will have the know how.

  • Sail2pete


    9-9-9 Plan: Summary

    Removes all payroll taxes and unites all tax payers
    Provides the least incentive to evade taxes and the fewest opportunities to do so
    Lifts a $430 billion dead-weight burden on the economy due to compliance, enforcement, collection, etc…
    Is fair, simple, efficient, neutral, and transparent
    Ends nearly all deductions and special interest favors
    Features zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits
    Exports leave our shores without the Business Tax or the Sales Tax embedded in their cost, making them world class competitive. Imports are subject to the same taxation as domestically produced goods, leveling the playing field.
    Lowest marginal rates on production
    Kills the Death Tax
    Allows immediate expensing of business investments
    Eliminates double taxation of dividends
    Increases capital formation which aids capital availability for small businesses
    Increased capital per worker drives productivity and wage growth
    Features a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to renew our inner cities
    The pro-growth, pro-job, pro-export economic policies of the 9-9-9 PLAN equals a strong dollar policy
    Phase 2 – The Fair Tax

  • BetTal

    I have to say that Herman Cain makes more sense than anyone else on the issue of taxes. It really will generate more tax revenue while also allowing people to keep and spend more of their hard earned money. It sounds like a win win situation to me. Of course, the government will still need to learn to live within its budget. We individuals sure have to live within our means, so I don’t see why the federal government should be any different.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Nobody’s perfect. Some people see a problem with Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 proposal because it includes a 9% national sales tax even though it will be offset by massive income tax cuts. Before any national sales tax is imposed, we must first repeal the 16th amendment, which allows the federal income tax. But Cain’s proposal is still far better and beneficial to the economy than what most democraps want – a VAT, higher income taxes ….. outrageous!! It seems the sky’s the limit with the democraps’ tax and spend philosophy. Likewise, there are many drones, welfare moochers, et al, who only look at their 1040 forms and see they pay zero federal income taxes. What they DON’T realize is that government (on all levels) often gives them money with one hand, but takes it away with the other. In addition to the high costs of absurd government regulations, EVERYBODY pays for existing high taxes on corporations and job creators via higher consumer prices. Rents are high because of landlords’ high property taxes. And what about tolls you pay?? E.g., if you live in Staten Island and work at a minimum wage job in Brooklyn/Queens, or vice-versa, you have to work 2 hours each day just to use the Verrazano Bridge!! We should defeat these crooked democraps on all levels of government. ….. HERMAN CAIN 2012!!!!

  • Bumba

    Screw this same old crap, Ron Paul is our only hope or our country will fall, many people from other countries are for him. Your one of those idiot voters cain says if you vote for someone just because of how old he is or what the media tells you. Obama only won because he was black.

    The 0-0-0 plan, no fed, wars, or irs (income tax, more money for you).


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