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Herman Cain Lies to Ron Paul’s Face About the Federal Reserve at GOP Debate

November 9, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vaclav Duda

    You people are truly crazy. In short, your organization of alarmist and malcontents are so narrow minded that only intellectually limited people could believe your propaganda. All you do is poison weaker minds with half truths and fanaticism. Please quit sending me this fundamental Republican trash. Why don’t you look what 8 years of a Bush/Cheney Administration did to this country. Once a land filled with milk and honey under Clinton with a surplus in the 100′s of billions of dollars and a projected 10 trillion dollar surplus within 4 years and a National Deficit paid down to 5 trillion dollars. And when Clinton took over Papa Bush left us a Depression and a War that was incomplete which would be part of our demise starting in 2003 when we occupied a nation that was no threat to us. The only threat was a President that started a war with two countries based on lies in a State of the Union Address to the American People. A 1.3 Trillion dollar tax cut for the richest 1% who own 95% of the wealth in this country. Why don’t you fascist focus on the truth for once or would that go against your antiquated dogma. Yes you are “fascist” by definition because fascist look to make anyone who disagree with their views either disappear or their reputation damaged so badly that they are left impotent. Bush/Cheney more than doubled the debt and the Republicans are a Party that are so blind to the truth that all they can see are dollar bills in front of their eyes, rather than the people in this country who are suffering because of deregulation under Bush/Cheney who end up taking your rights away from you the American people by in acting such legislation as the Patriot Act. Destroyers of the Constitution they use fear to control the masses and plant in their minds this paranoia that everyone is out to get us. Wake up and don’t send me your propaganda any longer. All it does is take up space the space that is obviously abundant within your cranial cavity. You are not thinkers, but rather unpatriotic deceivers who use the same mantra that simple minded people can echo in their sleep. Your all a bunch of sheep baaahing the same crap. Get a life and while your act perhaps some truth to what is really going on and who is really to blame for the economic crisis we are in presently. Clearly, Bush/Cheney have destroyed our nation with insane politics and fear that creates a nation of zombies. Obama has done more good for this country and if you look at the facts you would have to agree. But God forbid that you actually look at the truth, then you would have to see the Republicans are the ones that grow government and strip the people of their rights that was guaranteed to us in the highest law of the land the Constitution. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what the Constitution actually represents and instead listen to “talking heads” like Rush and O’Reilly. Hypocrites, liars, war mongers, ignorant, racist, sexist is what the Tea Party represents and I will fight their doctrine wherever and whenever I can. Now your going after Cain the Black Man. No surprise hear because your a bunch of racist. The propaganda that your group puts out is mind boggling. How can you hate a President who created has not lost jobs for 24 months straight because of his politics and stimulus package he first passed when he entered office. Kept us from sliding into a deep Depression. Unemployment is around 9% when it was double digits and climbing. Passed a national health care bill so the 56 million people and climbing who do not have quality health care will be able to obtain care. Everyone deserves a home, healthcare, security, not just those who predominately inherited from rich fathers and mothers who made their money by sucking oil from the ground that is killing our world b/c of CO2, which is causing climate change which every credible scientist agrees with this premise. But not the Tea Party and the conservative republicans who won’t allow the democratically elected President to do his job. Not like Bush who was handed the 2000 Presidency by an ultra conservative Supreme Court. Why did they not allow for every ballot to be counted because those who are really running the country from behind the curtain had already made the choice. It was not a coincidence that Jeb Bush was Governor and Harris who is a political failure had already made the arrangements. Ballots disappearing, minorities not being allowed to get to the polls to vote, ballots that were arranged so a community of 4000 registered democratic jews somehow voted for Pat Buchanan. And I can go on. Yes I know the truth and cannot be fooled by your garbage and the rotten words that are written in this publication. In fact, I am setting up a PodCast from Studio because I am a Business owner, but unlike a capitalist who use up all the natural resources, I produce a renewable resource “Freedom of Speech” and all the other rights guaranteed in the 1st Amendment of the Bill or Rights. See I actually think for myself and I am an artist who produces beauty when I play guitar or compose a song. I produce art that feeds the mind. My words are a resource that will never be exhausted even after I am dead in body my message will live on. And truth shall set you free and if Yeshua will set you free you shall be free indeed. By the way Yeshua is the true name of Jesus not the made up one. Hope you fail in mission to poison the minds of the American people and anyone else who is exposed to your empty words.

    • Mon

      Very funny, almost hilarious. The fact is Democrats are just as responsible as Republican are for where we are today. Get off the party line rhetoric ans see the truth.

      • dan

        Strongly agree!

      • Average Joe

        I think that Vaclav is trying to become a fiction writer for revisionist history ( so many words that say….nothing).While many of us did not agree with Bush’s policies, we also do not agree with Obama’s policies…which are pretty much in line with Bush’s policies….only….on steroids.
        Vaclav, forgets that the president alone is not responsible for where we are as a nation….it is all of government (both sides) who have brought us to this point. But, the main culprit is the American people themselves for their lack of due dilligence to hold their elected representatives accountable for their actions and their violations of the Law of the Land…the Constitution of the United States of America.Until we as a nation pull our collective heads from our collective backsides and start holding them accountable…nothing will change for the good of the nation and will instead, continue to deteriorate exponentially.

        Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, which takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice.
        Arnold J. Toynbee

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Grandmama

          Right on ‘Average Joe’ – I agree. Add to that, we need to be diligent about checking on views and records for each and every elected official. Would like to see every American become involved with the voting process and to educate ourselves on all issues.
          Let’s go back to what Washington thought we should have – STATESMEN and not career politicians, TERM LIMITS.

    • Philip Andrew

      I have to say there are some very key points that you make. kudo’s to you for pointing them out.I have to say that I agree on some points however.
      Here is where we all seem to get off track. Right now we are all screaming about all the power any money being concentrated in one place ( so to speak) Does this remind ANYONE of the MONEY TRUST and how the people were fed up with the same type of BS. Then the passed the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, which was thought up by the very people that we were upset at. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. here we go again, so before you get up there, and fire away, which of course because where we live YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO get that WEAPON (ie- your tongue) and aim it in the right direction. THE FED AND THE GOVERNMENT not individuals or sides… See you in court when they suspend the constitution because of sheeple like you.

    • Joe H.

      Nice long paragraphs and a “different” thought process, but you start out your whole thought with a bald faced LIE! clinton did NOT leave a surplus at all. He Spent money from social security in two places at the same time making it look like he had a surplus, when in FACT he has a slight deficit!!! Get your facts straight!!

      • ron

        That’s strange Joe, because even Newt says he and Clinton created a surplus.

        • Joe H.

          Educate yourself, dude. Google Clinton budget surplus? and see what you get!! Also go to the GAO site and you will be enlightened!! don’t blindly trust what a ploitician tells you, son!!!

    • s c

      v, is that the best you can do? There are more than enough like-minded utopian retards on this website who can spout the same filth you said and do it with fewer words. By the way, comrade, you raised your skirts a bit too high when you dared to use the word ‘Fascist.’ Anybody stupid enough to use that worn-out term is a garden variety communist.
      So what kind of drugs do you sell, and how can you stay in business when you probably don’t know jack $&*^ about business. If you’re trying to be a closet capitalist and a communist, too, you might as well go back to whatever planet birthed your sorry rump.
      As bad as American schools are, we have millions of young teens who make more sense than you. Whiz off, moonbat.
      Did you ‘forget’ that this topic is about Cain?

    • ron

      you hit the nail on the head.

      • ron

        V you hit the nail on the head.And SC drinks only Reich wing koolaid

    • DaveH

      So many words, Vaclav, so little substance. Bush doubled the debt? Yes, he did, over an 8 year period. Bush added $5 Trillion to the debt over those eight years (about $600 Billion per year). Obama has added $4 Trillion to the debt in less than 3 years (about $1300 Billion per year). That is double per year what Bush added, yet I hear nothing from Vaclav about that.
      And our military involvements have expanded under Obama, NOT contracted. So again, why do I hear nothing about that from Vaclav?
      It seems that Liberals’ Principles only apply when it is the other Party in Power.

    • Brad

      Vaclav Duda,

      Didn’t the Clinton administrtion leave the US in a recession in 2000 which we didn’t come out of until 2003? Hypocricy stinks doesn’t it.

  • jopa

    Vaclav Duda;Very well said. I have been trying to convince these folks of what you just said for some time but they have their blinders on and ear plugs in.The vast majority on this site are on Social Security,Medicare and Medicaid but are convinced it is bad.They are lottery ticket buyers and support the filthy rich and bankers thinking they are going to get the lucky ticket some day.Other than the bull they have been fed daily I see no justification for their comments.

    • DaveH

      Some people need to get hit by a car to figure out that it’s dangerous to cross busy streets. Others learn from other peoples’ experience. Jopa belongs in the former group.
      Not only is the egalitarian agenda Illogical (imagine people thinking that society will be more productive when others are helping themselves to the fruits of the productive peoples’ labors), but Experience has proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Big Governments resulting from Liberals’ egalitarian agendas hobble their economies.
      Here is the proof. Study the Countries at the top of the list (Least Government), and study the Countries at the bottom of the list (Most Government). Then tell me honestly which you would prefer to live in:

      • s c

        DaveH, I don’t see how you can be so polite in dealing with knuckle-draggers. The main lure of their mind-rotting philosophy is in the idea that when you become a ‘member’ you no longer have to think, read or ask questions. Your ‘leaders’ will do your thinking for you, and all you have to do is react to this or that and let your emotions flow. It’s akin to early onset of a second childhood, or academic Alzheimer’s.
        Trying to communicate with ‘people’ like e, d, r, the other e and a host of assorted, braindead useful idiots is like bathing in a septic tank because that ‘enticing’ aroma is supposedly environmentally safe (think green!). No, thanks.

  • jopa

    Herman Cain aka Koch/Cain may not be lying to Ron Paul.Time after time he has displayed total ignorance on various topics and visions of grandeur.An ignorant statement cannot be called a lie just because he doesn’t know the truth.My favorite is when he claims the Chinese are trying also to develop nuclear capabilities like Iran.Even scarier is the Chinese have cookies that can foresee the future so he wants NASA to start working on a time machine to go back and forth in time for a counter measure.

    • simian pete


      The US military probably has a time machine ….

  • Mary

    Just another Flip-Flop.

  • bobby

    Vaclav Duda, This country has gotten in the mess its in by both partys.It will take a true thinker to restore America. You give yourself a lot of praise, and no dought you can do a lot of good things, but a thinker you are not. If Ron Paul or someone with his views and more importantly his principles, after 4 more years of socialistic government, you may be asking a thinker, what in the world happen to our country

  • simian pete

    Mr. Cain wants an individual to call the local Fed Reserve Bank and ask their own questions- do their own audit. This is in contrast to Congress auditing the Federal Reserve…

    I wonder (as I wander in “political OZ land” !) how much one individual could “audit” the local Fed ? Has anyone here tried it ?

    Mr. Livingston, have you called your local Fed bank and conducted your own audit ? HA HA HA !!

    What a shocking answer from Mr. Cain. But he has stated his disagreement with the present Federal Reserves actions. That is definitely a plus. Why doesn’t Mr. Cain just jump on the “End the Fed” bandwagon ?

    But let’s be realistic ! The Federal Reserve’s charter should not be renewed. End the Fed !! If Congress keeps auditing the Federal Reserve Bank, maybe the voters will wake up ….

    • Joe H.

      simian pete,
      There is very good reason that cain doesn’t jump on the “end the fed” bandwagon, he is a coward!! He is afraid of what happened to JFK! Ron Paul has the cahones to stand and call for the end of this crooked money laundering facility!!

      • http://deleted Claire


  • Earl

    Mr. Vaclav Duda:

    Firstly, I perceive that you at some point in your life, were a citizen of another country,most likely a socialist or communist one. Having been an avid student of the Federal Reserve for the last 20 years, I can say without doubt, you are not that well schooled in the FR history starting in 1913 at that resort on Jekyll Island.

    Your lauding the Clintons with creating a “land of milk and honey” and good times show again your ignorance of the real happenings in those years. The beginning of the loss of jobs to overseas and Mexico started under Clinton-promoted “free trade” which removed the protections against sweatshop labor from competing with our producers. Mr. Clinton was in many ways very similar to Obama in that he was also a socialist (who visited the Soviet Union while in college). He and his wife are acolytes of Saul Alinsky and his destructive methods of political sabotage.

    Your talk of so-called global warming (now called “climate change”) is yet another example. This “model” has been discredited roundly by MANY experts and scientists and meteorologists around the world a year or so ago.

    Methinks Vaclav is just another misinformed poster or deliberate troll who wants to promote his own tired view of what he thinks are conservatives, which are in reality called NEOCONSERVATIVES. There is a large divide between classic conservatism and the neo-cons. They are just as destructive and treasonous as Liberals and Alinskyites.

    The Revered Mr Obama patterned himself after his absent father, who was a radical Muslim and socialist, not to mention an alcoholic who finally killed himself when he ran into a tree stump while driving drunk. Mother was a self-styled liberal and world socialist type who had to be somewhere other than serving her country here in some kind of service organization. Grandmother and grandfather were both communists as well as Frank Marshall Davis, who mentored the young Obama (card carrying member CPUSA).

    I haven’t even touched on the so-called “birther issue” since to anyone with two eyes and ears it would be self evident that if his father was a British subject, he therefor can’t be a natural born citizen. (Takes 2 American citizens). This issue also has been pretty well settled in most people’s minds if not the supreme Court’s.

    I have written enough to refute you, so bring it on!

    PS………If you don’t like this blog, remove yourself from the email list, and it won’t trouble you anymore…..

    • libertytrain

      Wasn’t Clinton pres when the whole Enron thing unraveled…..

      • http://deleted Claire

        libertytrain–Was it durig Bush/Cheney term? I would have to look it up to be sure.

    • ron

      Earl, Earl, Earl, if you do not like this page go somewhere else. Or if you do not agree with my trash you can leave.You show your ignorance 1st by quoting some Reich wing fool who thinks he knows about the Obama family. The fact that you are a birther destroys you credibility from the start. However radical the elder Obama may have been (according to you) if it was in his country he had every right. Yes he should have been a member of the Mau Mau if that’s what you mean. He should have helped them remove the colonist from his country. The problem with people like you is that if you think that anyone who has another opinion is UN American, which makes you UN American.

      • Jeep

        ron, ron, ron, if you want to know about oman, then read his own words. They are very enlightening. Or, can you not accept such negative viewpoints being expressed by the messiah? Just think ron, wasn’t it great when he said, “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Or, when he called his grandmother a “typical white person.” And, of course the famous line of “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody” was just a precursor for what we see today in the OWS movement. See? It’s not too hard to get the feel for someone’s real attitude if they’re in the public eye.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Why am I not surprised about Cain. Never trusted him from the first day he announced his candidacy. And I never will trust him.

  • Joyceann

    We don’t demand perfection from any candidate. We wouldn’t have one if we did. I don’t know about most of the middle class americans but I can say what I want in a President. I want a non-politician. I want someone who has lived life like I have. I want someone intelligent with common sense. I want someone who listens to people, can work with people and can break apart big problems and get to the core of the problem and fix it. I want someone who isn’t afraid to tackle corruption and programs that don’t work anymore like they were first set up to do. I want a man proud to be an American and will again bring a sense of pride in God and Patriotism. THATS THE CAIN TRAIN FOR ME

    • DaveH

      You say you “want someone who has lived life like I have”. You’ve been Chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank? You’ve been Chairman of a Pizza Chain?
      Cain is hardly an outsider.

  • Joe

    Cain, and all the other “wanna-be” elitists are not leadership quality candidates, excluding Mr. Paul; all u who are loyal to whats become of our country, included; I would tell you where you can go, but apparently thats where you’re coming from; what do i want you tresonous piles of s—? I want Liberty for all, by LAW…i dont care who changed the game, or when!; F___ You; get off your lieing soap box, and go play the dog —- game somewhere else…

  • jopa

    Koch/Cain is a dope.Even during last nights debate he couldn’t refrain from attacking a woman.He went after Nancy Pelosi, calling her names like a childish fool.Men that attack woman such as molesters and rapists do so out of an underlying hatred for women.Perhaps some trauma or misunderstood action when the individual was in the formative years of puberty.I now truly believe the accusations and charges that were brought against Cain to be factual and Mr. Cain is the one not telling the truth.

    • Joe H.

      Are you sure peelousy is a woman? I’m not!!!

  • AJ

    You can tell by the smerks on the faces of Romney and Cain when Paul is talking that they’re nothing but NWO lackeys. We have been under the same NWO agenda under every president since JFK was elliminated. So “F” the Republican Democrate name calling and blaming. No politition has the BALLS to go against this NWO agenda except for Paul. So if you like or don’t like whats been going on wake up or just vote for no balls Cain or no balls Romney. Or some other no balls candidate.

    • DaveH

      I doubt seriously, AJ, that it’s a matter of balls. Politicians benefit from Bigger Government. Why would they want to diminish their Power and Perks? Ron Paul is one of the rare few Politicians who cares about his country rather than his personal aggrandizement.

      • Jeep

        On target, my friend. There are many theories and conspiracy stories circulating about who is NWO and who is not. The simplest answer is that politicians may start with great intentions, but are quick to learn (and, get used to) that a pretty comfy lifestyle can be obtained from political power. Very few have the “balls” to rise above the moral degredation that occurs on Capitol Hill.

  • jopa

    AJ; Perhaps you were looking at the wrong candidates, with the balls.Balls are very delicate and you have to be gentile with them.Perhaps we should look at the one with a vagina.A vagina can take a pounding and still want more.

  • cb

    I cannot stand Cain and I feel for those of you who like him. Just hearing that he was on the Federal Reserve makes me ill and hearing about all the women coming out of woodwork, come on, they cannot all be lying. Out of all them running for office, the only one who can tell the truth and that should be President of this once great country is Ron Paul who happens to stand on the Constitution. He wants rid of big government and for that I give him a big applaud. Therefore, I have said enough you know where I stand and who I am backing!!

  • Nomad

    Herman Cain once again proves he is a lier!!! Come on. Straight in the face he tells Ron Paul and the world he didn’t say these things. Can you trust he will do what he says if elected or will he say he didn’t say this or that when put to test. Vote for him and find out. I won’t!! Ron Paul 2012!!

  • cb

    I totally agree with you about Herman Cain being a liar, he has shown it over and over and now more women are coming out of the woodwork which I find quite amusing. He cannot continue to discard these women and what they have to say. And I cannot believe the people are willing to overlook it. They certainly didn’t overlook it when it happened to Bill, or was that because he was younger and more handsome and that made him more believeable? Come on people put your thinging hats on, please? Cain is more the type to do this than any other because he’s older and desperate. Do you want an honest president or a whoredog? I personally want a president who is going to stand by the Constitution and get rid of Big Government in our lifetime. If we have a rough year so be it. We’ve already had several I don’t think one more is going to kill us. Stand up and fight for Ron Paul and that means you must must fight the mainstream media because they do not want him!! Are you ready to do this or bury your head in the sand? Just saying……..

  • mukluks

    How can you people vote for an idiot like Ron Paul? He is just plain boring.


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