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Herman Cain Claims Black Community Brainwashed Into Voting Democratic

October 3, 2011 by  

Herman Cain Claims Black Community Brainwashed Into Voting DemocraticRepublican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain spoke to CNN about the duping of the black community into voting for Democrats time and time again, The Hill reported.

Cain noted that the people who believe that President Barack Obama will receive the entire black vote have not examined the gravity of the current situation in the country.

“I believe, quite frankly, that my campaign, I will garner a minimum of a third of the black vote in this country and possibly more, especially after what the President did recently when he was addressing the Black Caucus,” Cain said in the interview. “That didn’t go over well with a lot of people in this country.”

The Presidential candidate also noted that the black voters were not likely to voice their opinion in such a collective group and would be wise to think for themselves in the upcoming election, according to the Atlantic.

In the 2008 election a total of 96 percent of the black voters who turned out chose Obama over Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), POLITICO reported.

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  • Lord Bedlam

    Herman Cain, much like the rest of the GOP field, has resorted to underhanded/deceitful tactics to appeal to voters. For this man to make such a claim is to insult anyone paying attention to Congress and their failed efforts to pass legislation that would create real jobs in this country.

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    • Vagabond

      Herman Cain is 150% correct when he says they have been brainwashed.

      • ron

        It is a sure thing Herman Cain has not been to this site to read some of the names another man of color has been called. I am sure he would be crazy about the half breed and mulatto names. The Hitler and Stalin monikers and the fact that most post their hatred on this site as if the only black republican to visit is Michael Steel. Herman Cain does not speak for black America and anyone who thinks blacks are brainwashed for any party should know this. You only discredit yourself because it is only a matter of time before you turn on H. Cain. Remember, it was Barry Goldwater who ran against the civil rights bill and for state rights. He was the knight in shining armor that turned the party white and anti minority. But then Cain is like most in the party even though he is a true minority he believes like most that they know what is best for blacks and other minorities. They also know what is best for Israel no matter what the Israeli’s think. Besides, once Herman Cain declares the Obama birth record to be real he will become just another un brainwashed and not too bright black republican.

        • Doug Rodrigues

          Looks like the liberals have planted their propagandists on this site.

      • Dale

        Its not just the Blacks that are brain washed. The main reason people vote for Dumbocrats is the FREEBEES that the Dumbocrats hand out to them. Which comes out of the Social Security Trust Fund. There are approxematly 12 million illegal aleins in this country and every one of them get Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Medical and Free Schooling every cent comes right out of your Social Security. WOUNDER WHY SOCIAL SECURITY IS BROKE. All of this came about in 1965 under the directions or Lyndon B. Johnson when he had his Dumbocratic congress rewrite the Social Security Act and transfered that money to the GENERAL FUND. There was 52 Trillon Dollars in the trust fund in Jan. 1965 before he had Congress rewrite The Social Security Act. Check it out for your self

    • Patriot II

      Hey Bedlam,

      Where have you been?.. With your head up your A_ _ _?, or burried in the Sand?

      This is SO OBVIOULSY TRU!!!, The Liberal Media has YOU,…. Brained washed just like all of the other “Sheople”.

      “Sheople” like you are in DENIAL about it because you simply don’t want to be Politically Incorrect! You are so Obviously Blinded by that!!

      • Ed Sallia

        Patriot II,
        You are a shining example of the kind of person who dwells in the murky world of the far right.
        Foul mouthed, hate filled, uninformed, and disrespectful.
        If you cannot conduct a civil conversation than it might be best if you refrain from engaging in one. The rest of us are busy sharing constructive ideas. Shhhsh.

    • Patriot II

      Bedlam, here are your words Congress “and their failed efforts to pass legislation that would create real jobs in this country.”

      When will you communist Socialist get it? It is NOT THE JOB OF THE GOV’T to create Jobs. It is up to Private Enterpise! Period!

      The Gov’t needs to get their big Fat Noses out of it and a good way to do that is to cut them off at the Knees, with the Vote, but we can’t do that anymore because they, (“The Gov’t Workers”) are soon to out number us!

    • newspooner

      Jobs created by legislation are not “real jobs”. When govenment “creates” 1.00 job, it destroys at least 1.29 jobs. The best thing for government to do is reduce the absurd regulatory burden on business. Then more real jobs would be created.

    • Sarah

      Please look at the words of our present President. He says things one month and the next month its the opposite. He is on the road to communism for the USA…. If he is re-elected don’t come crying to me that he takes all your money and gives it to the poor. The Bible says “the poor will be with you always” Mark 14:7

      • DaveH

        Mostly the Leaders take our money and give it to themselves and their Crony Capitalists. They give only enough to the poor to keep them dependent and buy their votes.
        After the Leaders finish enriching themselves and impoverishing our country, they will kick the uneducated unskilled poor under the bus because they will no longer be useful.

    • s c

      lord shill, may your check bounce when it comes in the mail. You are a brown-noser for scum who have used under-handed techniques for generations. It’s not easy to insult inferior minds, including those in Congress, but it needs to be done.
      You have no clue as to how to create jobs. You are a third-rate parrot for people who will abandon people like you when it is time. Basically, our elected retards in Congress have to decide between 1) spending money we don’t have chasing jobs that don’t exist or 2) cutting back on wasteful spending.
      As soon as you come down from that drug-induced high, maybe we can talk about what’s what and who’s who. Until then, tell that SOB who has his hand in your back that he’s making you sound like the W H yahoo who doubles as a false god. Obummer should know better. There is no excuse for your behavior.

      • eddie47d

        Don’t worry SC we’ll be lined up at your door for all those jobs you have created…. Since you seem to be boasting about being a job creator. You also claim immense knowledge but where’s the substance in your daily comments?

        • DaveH

          Where’s the substance in your daily comments, Eddie? And I’m not talking about fabricated facts which you have plenty of.

    • JimO

      Possibly because they don’t know enough history, as in the older black woman who is quoted saying, “I vote Democrat because Lincoln freed the slaves.” Just in case you don’t understand what is incorrect with that statement, Lincoln was a Republican!

      • DaveH

        Not only that, but he didn’t Free the slaves. His emancipation proclamation was simply a war measure intended to make the Southern Slaves rebellious against their masters. In fact, it did not Free the slaves in the Northern Slave holding states where Lincoln could have actually had an effect at the time. It only “freed” the slaves in the Confederate States which Lincoln at the time had no authority in.
        Lincoln wanted a Hamiltonian-style Big Central Government which worked hand in hand with Big Business to subjugate the people, and he would do anything to fool the public to achieve that goal, even cost the lives of over 600,000 people with his evil war. Read more:

    • Allan

      He’s talking about victim mentality, dude — decades of victim brainwashing by Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and assorted liberals looking for votes. When have liberals taught a black person how to start a company or get promoted to management from a union line position? Never. They don’t have the knowledge or desire to do so. That’s why blacks’ socioeconomic history is relatively stagnant since the civil rights act. They’ve been getting bad advice. Who has economic and self-reliance skills? Maybe after five decades blacks ought to look at a Herman Cain and see if he has some insight they haven’t yet gotten from liberals.

      • DanB

        Someone who is independent cannot be easily controlled. They begin to think for themselves. Realize that they don’t need your politics to get ahead in life. Those who are dependent need the protection of unions, community organizers, and the politicians. There is no motivation for unions, community organizers, and politicians to teach those who depend on them how to be free and independent because once those people are free then they won’t need those same people. That is a major difference from a caring conservative and caring progressive. A caring conservative measures success by how many no longer need help his or her help, not by how many they help. It is easier for government to create dependence than to create independence. That is why government programs fail. The very nature of government is to seek control over the people and thus to seek their dependence. So it is conflict of interest for government to help the needy. But the private sector would seek to push those who can be independent to achieve such so that money and resources could be better devoted to those who truly cannot provide for themselves. That is why government seeks to choke private assistance out of the market of helping the needy, because the government needs to stop people from spreading independence, same with the unions and community organizers. In the private sector, you teach even the impaired that they can achieve and then point them in the direction of independence still.

      • ron

        There you go again thinking you know what is best for blacks and the rest of the world. If you really want the truth you would know that whites benefited far more from social programs such as welfare than blacks. Not one black organization ask for handouts from the government so that the people they intended to help could remain improvised. I assume there are no poor in Appalachia? Herman Cain is a conservative and if that is his thing so be it. Herman Cain is not the smartest black man nor does he speak for all blacks. And neither do you. You have such a low opinion of black intelligence that you think that blacks voted for Obama simply because he was black. In fact there were many older blacks that would not vote for him because they feared for his safety. Because we all know no BLACK has ever been charged with attempting to hurt a sitting president. Strange that has never happened considering how every one knows how easily it is to brainwash them. If you want to know why Herman Cain was wrong in his assessment read up on the Golwater campaign. Most of you would have said the same thing about MLK as you say about people you consider black leaders today. Besides Jesse Jackson said long ago that the Democratic Party sometimes took the black vote for granted. What Cain said was off base and irresponsible. It’s like saying all white conservatives are racist. Not true.

        • Jmlr2011

          Why is that many blacks, not all,think they need anyone to speak for them? Why are there black leaders? Do mexican americans have mexican american leaders, or asian have asian american leaders? And heaven help us if twe had “white” leaders. Group think is never a good thing and calling blacks who do not stay in the liberal fold uncle toms and oreos just proves the point. Yes I know not all blacks think those that think differently are sellouts, but why does this even exist? Blacks are no different than anyone else, they can think for themselves and don’t need a spokesman; the color of skin will only be an issue for those that need it to be. The individual will do better when they become self reliant. The consitution does not guarantee success or even equal outcomes, only the right to pursue it.One should be aware of the politician they vote for and how they will govern. Will they turn you into a dependant,or set you free to prosper from your own labor? SMALL GOVERNMENT or BIG, its your decision

    • Vic Bailey

      Just remember for those of you that are thinking about Cain for president, DON’T FORGET what happened the last time we put someone in office that WASN’T QUALIFIED, we are STILL hurting. There is only ONE person that is qualified to be a president, that has knowledge and truth backing him up. But you laugh at him and make jokes, when this is NOT a laughing matter, these people are serious in destroying America, and you all have your thumb in your ass and your mind in Arkansas. WELL, you had better wake up, because our enemies are NOT sleeping! Semper Fi.

      • Jmlr2011

        I am thinking about Cain, and I do think you have a point to an extent. Herman Cain has run businesses successfully Obama ran nothing, no payroll, no inventory,no sales experience, nothing to qualify him for the highest office. If H C can put together a strong cabinet and has a republican congress (both houses) he will be fine.I’d like to see at least his first two years with enough republicans to reverse the damage done and scale back the regulations enough to let the private sector take off. Then if he’s successfull he’ll get another two years of full speed ahead, if not we’ll have devided government again, and his future will depend on how were doing. Cannot do worse than what we have now, thank God the 2010 elections stopped the O train or we’d really be screwed. I do acknowlege we need to reverse the downward trend this country is on so it is imperative we defeat Obama and switch the senate as well.

    • http://naver sook young

      I see you have forgotten about the underhanded tactics by ACORN and the democrats. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai


      If you would take the time to do a little research, you would find that Lyndon Johnson made a confirming statement to Cain’s statement. In his library, there is a recording to the effect that when he was through with the black community, they would not vote for a Republican for the next 100 years.

      • s c

        JUKEBOX, would it surprise you at all to learn that ‘Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’ made a lot of easy money by making certain investments during the Vietnam War? Until I learn otherwise, the fact that neither Gore nor Kerry jumped the Johnsons about that says a great deal about the ethcs, integrity, honor and backbone(s) of Gore and Kerry.
        You see, somehow, both Gore and Kerry got a lot of distance from being in the military at that time. However, as I recall, neither of them served a full tour.
        I guess it makes a difference if you’re “special,” and your resume has been ‘scripted’ so certain people will get into politics and be seen as “elites.” Elites, my aching arse.

    • gsklainer

      If we can refrain from a campaign that is not stooping to strong terms like demand and mud slinging rhetoric we will have a better chance of winning this next election. If we stoop to the level of tea party campaigning we are no better than our opponents and I don’t believe we have a chance of winning this campaign. Obama needs to pull out his charm and amazing ability to see the other side of the story without coming across to our educated public with any superiority. I don’t believe any one will pull the black vote away from President Obama just because he is black, that seems Mr. Herman’s only credibility.

    • Russ

      Thank you Mark!!!

  • Bus

    Congress won’t create any jobs. There is gridlock in DC because Obama and the far left are proposing such destructive policies and the Senate won’t act on any of the sensible bills sent them by the house.

    • eddie47d

      The Republicans in the House and Senate almost never pass any bill that might increase employment. That is always left to the Democrats.The Republicans also won’t give the business community the green light in whether they should start hiring anybody. Is that a deliberate act by the Republicans to sabotage Obama’s election chances or a legitimate market concern?

      • Patriot II


        Why do you believe it is the Gov’t Job to create Jobs? I would like an answer. Have you asked yourself that question?

        • eddie47d

          Why don’t you read the whole comment and ask yourself why the Republicans are encouraging the business community not to provide jobs and won’t pass legislation to improve the economy. That green light from Washington is what the market is looking for whether the government pushes jobs or the private sector provides jobs. Congress in general has become an empty suit doing nothing and the private sector doesn’t know which way to turn. We the people are the motivator but apparently we aren’t doing our job either.

          • Patriot II


            Your words: “the Republicans are encouraging the business community not to provide jobs and won’t pass legislation to improve the economy.”

            Where in the H_ll did you get that from? From the Liberal “Spin Doctors” of (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSN, NPR, Holly Weird etc.) that have you so fooled?

            Businesses don’t need Government SERVANTS to run them or tell them what to do in any way shape or form! They run themselves!!!! THEY MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS, why don’t you start making your own mind up by not being a Sheep!

            Giving this current Government anymore at all is like throwing it done a ” Rathole” Have you ever heard the Term “Reserving Capital”, why would someone want to waste their Capital by throwing it down a Rathole? (Federal Government)

            I will repeat my Question to you (hopefully you will anwser it): Why do YOU think the Government (Republicans, Democrats Independats etc) should make it their business to create Jobs in the first place?

          • eddie47d

            You can boost about the private sector creating jobs all you want. The problem is that they are not creating jobs. You can’t have bragging rights about what they can do if they aren’t doing it. I never said that the government is creating jobs but they can offer motivation for others to do so. Now the government can indeed create jobs and employee millions through tax money.How far do you think the economy should sink before “your snippy side” (meaning you) brings employment back on line. Since YOU are the job creator. Remember the government of China spends trillions “creating” jobs and with 4 times the amount of people.So maybe you are the one who needs to come up with a more likable answer to suit yourself.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry Eddie, but these “green jobs” that Obama is trying to make isn’t making any jobs either. Also, if the government makes jobs, aren’t they government employees or positions? You know the GS jobs. I can think of a republican that did everything he could to help with jobs and his state has the lowest unemployment across the nation. This would be governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Due to his policies, jobs are starting to slowly come back to Indiana. Here in Elkhart, the main industries are brass instruments and the trailer/RV industry. They area was hit hard by the housing problems and in 2009 started closing up many factories, costing many jobs and putting many families in financial distress. Some people have had no job for two years here. As far as minorities voting for the democratic party, I don’t know about other groups, but the Koreans of our area vote conservative. With our governor, we are glad we did. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • DaveH

            How can the private sector create jobs, Eddie, when the Government is draining their financial resources and regulating them to death?
            For people who have half a brain, the proof is in the real life performance of countries whose citizens have bought into the Big Government propaganda of people like Eddie who simply want to ride on the coattails of the real workers and producers in society.
            Here is reality. These countries are ranked according to the amount of economic freedom they have, or in other words how much Government intrusion there is into the job-creating private sector. Those countries with the Biggest Governments are last on the list. The Liberals (like Eddie) can jawbone all they want but the proof is in the resulting economies of countries who buy into the Liberal propaganda:

      • Palin12

        The reason companies are not hiring is primarily because of Obamacare. Don’t take my word for it, listen to Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn resorts:

        • Doc Sarvis

          Every corporate exec. is going to cry when they are asked to dish out a little more to provide for their workers (whether it is health care for the maid or saftey precautions for their maintenance person). Steve Wynn is worth $2.3 billion. Wha-Wha-Wha.

          • Palin12

            Regardless, Steve Wynn has said he will not hire anymore people until Obama is gone. This from a man who voted for Obummer, but now has buyer’s remorse.

          • http://naver sook young

            Can’t a company get health coverage from another insurance provider that would be cheaper then Obamacare? Sorry, but Obamacare violtes the Coomerse Clause in the Constitution. It is scheduled to go to the Supreme Court. I hope they find it unconstitutional, as it is provided at the expense of the taxpayers. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • eddie47d

            Private health care is not cheap so don’t blame The Affordable Healthcare Act on that. Your putting the cart before the horse. I’m sure Samurai can explain that one to you.

          • http://naver sook young

            Yes Eddie, any insurance these days is not cheap. But why do we have to have a type of insurance that is paid for with tax payer’s money and are forced to buy it or pay yearly fees (fines) to the IRS? Did you know that if we opt out of this insurance plan in 2014, we would pay the IRS $500. If we continue to opt out, in 2015 we will pay around $1,000 – $1,100 to the IRS and $1,500 – $2,000 dollars to them every year after that. Why should we pay a fee (fine) to the IRS because we don’t want their program? I’d rather have an insurance that I can set at what I want covered and want to pay each month and not be forced to purchase it. In South Korea, if a person does not want the National Insurance, they can opt out and pay no fee at all. Why can’t we do that? Sorry, but we don’t need to be so dependent on our government. I thought this country was founded on the belief of having small and not big government. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Palin12

            Why do these idiots in Congress keep naming their acts the opposite of what they really are? “Affordable Care Act” that’s a good one, LOL. Is that why my projected Medicare payment went from $109/month before Obamacare to $300+ after Obamacare. Don’t forget they robbed $500 billion out of Medicare to help subsidize their program. That’s almost as funny as the “Employee Free Choice Act”, aka union card check. It’s anything but a free choice. It was more about union coercion and loss of employee’s right to privacy.

          • DaveH

            Start your own company, Doc Sarvis. Show us how it’s done. You can do it with all your Liberal intelligence (I make a joke).
            After you start that company, you can pay your workers any amount you want.
            By the way, how much money have your Democrat champions George Soros and Warren Buffet given away? I don’t mean after they die. I mean right now. What’s stopping them?

        • eddie47d

          Thanks Doc. Apparently Palin12 has forgotten that healthcare costs skyrocketed way before “Obamacare” was enacted and it was the demands from the healthcare CEOs that gobbled up a good chuck of that added cost. Was Palin12 screaming at their exploits for the last 20 years?

          • Patriot II

            Hey eddie, what was the cost of Healthcare Insurance in 1852?

          • Palin12

            Let me make one thing perfectly clear.
            I worked in health care for 32 years, covering 7 hospitals in 3 states. You really have no idea what it costs to run a hospital. The building itself costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build. Then you’ve got expensive equipment costing more millions. At my last hospital, 700 beds, there were over 1000 empolyees….nurses, lab and xray techs, dietary, housekeeping, security, human resources, and on and on. it’s not all a big profit for the CEOs. Do you think when an illegal comes into the ER and says he or she has no insurance, someone gets on the PA system and announces “attention all employees, we have a patient that can’t pay anything so you have to work off the clock for the next hour”? It’s not gonna happen. That causes hospitals to lose money, instead of making money. How many doctors have already stated they will retire rather than work under Obamacare?
            That’s what I did. Steve Wynn has an excellent strategy. Don’t hire any more than absolutely necessary, thus paying less taxes to fund Obamacare, along with less paperwork and regulations.

          • http://naver sook young

            Palin12 is so right. Take this from someone that has worked in many different hospitals in the last 26 years. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • DaveH

            Yes they did, Eddie. And coincidentally so has Government (skyrocketed). So throwing more gasoline on the fire is going to put it out this time?
            I wonder what it’s like to be so ignorant that you keep trying the same things over and over even though they just keep failing?
            For people with half a brain (sorry, Eddie, you wouldn’t understand it):

          • JTB

            and when the hospital is union it costs even more to run (like in NY, State) all union! and people up there cringe when they get their bills. wonder why? obama hopes all medical facilities will be union (God help us)!

      • Allan

        Economic fundamentals for the liberal.

        A: Bills don’t create self-sustaining jobs, so stop expecting Republicans to use this approach.
        B: Companies don’t hire because conservatives or liberals want them to. They hire when they see conditions for sufficient return on investment.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        Government’s role is not to create jobs. Government’s role, re jobs, is to get out of the way and allow the private sector to create jobs as it historically has done. If government continues to “create” government jobs, we will soon be outnumbered by government employees. How do you suppose such people, double their number when you consider spouses, will vote in the booth? This is the path to socialism for sure.


      Obama wrote a letter to his mother when he was younger, calling the business community “THE ENEMY”, which reflected the feelings of both his mother and father. This is engrained in his psyche.

    • gsklainer

      This is just exactly what the republican party wants us to believe, the more brain washing the less chance of reform. The democratic party has a true challenge ahead and we need to be careful what language we use, such as demand to congress. We need to make republicans our friends not our enemiesl

  • Ellen

    Cain is correct. Blacks have voted for Democrats since LBJ’s ingenious welfare program. What is stunning is the fact that blacks have become far worse off since welfare was implemented and should realize by now that Democrats are not helping them at all. Dems are simply keeping blacks in the cycle of poverty. Of course, Dems tell blacks that they are helping them and that Repubs only help rich white people. Clearly, they can’t think or reason for themselves and they keep believing the lies. Recent history has shown us that blacks will vote for blacks regardless of the candidate’s abilities. That’s why Obama got 96% of the black vote.

    • Patriot II

      Ellen you are correct! Dems want to keep the Blacks like Mushrooms,
      Keep them in the dark and feed them their Sh_ t!

      • eddie47d

        For about 150 years those blacks who were allowed to vote voted Republican because Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation. Another reason was that the Klan was Democrat for those 150 years and Blacks wouldn’t touch the Democrat Party with a 10 foot pole.Unfortunately the Republicans had only window dressing to offer black citizens and had them duped into believing they were their champions. The actions of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party at the time were equally disgusting and neither did anything legitimate for minorities. Then the Democrats finally woke up and went out in full force to correct those discrepencies. They kicked the Klan out of their “club”,enacted Civil Rights laws, endorsed equality in eating establishments and other venues,fought for equality in the workplace and actively helped the blacks to vote.Finally blacks were offered true equality by the Democrats while the Republicans spit in their faces and blocked several laws to give them equality. Did all these changes for minorities solve the enormous problems? Not for many years and it can be said some laws did harm. But it did make the Democrats the new champions and did give blacks a lift up and an equal playing field. The Republicans dropped the ball back then and still can’t muster many blacks to vote for them. Hermann Cain could change all that if he correctly addresses the issues especially black unemployment. What concerns blacks the most is the nagging lack of work in their communities. That never seems to change whether a Democrat or Republican is in office or whether the economy is good or bad. The Republicans needed more than Michael Steele as their window dressing so the Party that can provide jobs within the black neighborhoods will be the one to win them over.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Great points Eddie.

          • Patriot II

            Both of you are duped. The Dems EXPLOITED the Blacks and Continue to do so, and both of you have fallen for it Hook Line and Sinker.

        • Wizzid

          eddie47d, your history is flawed.

          In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

          Democrat Senators filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Included among the organizers were: Robert Byrd, J. William Fulbright, Albert Gore Sr., Sam Ervin, and Richard Russell. A whopping 40% of the House Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, while 80% of Republicans SUPPORTED it.
          [See and

          Then there's the notoriously racist members of the Democrat party including that favorite of the Democrat Party, FDR who interred Japanese Americans in concentration camps during the war, and appointed known segregationists [Jimmy Byrnes and Hugo Black] to federal courts. Don’t forget Senator Robert Byrd, who was a former Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan! Senator Ernest Hollings is famous for his racial and anti-Semitic slurs. Of course you may not want to include anti-Semitism in this discussion, because then we would have to include notable figures in the Black community including Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and that pinnacle of Liberal thought Al Sharpten. Don’t forget Donna Brazile who is known for her anti-white statements, proving racism crosses all boundaries.

          The Black community never had better friends than Republicans and Jews, [the latter, of course know what it's like to be slaves for more than 400 years, and that was at the hands of Africans.]

          So, eddie47d, get off your soap box, your position is full of holes.

          • Patriot II

            You tell ‘em Wizzid! Good points!

          • eddie47d

            I’ll get off my soap box if you get off your high horse Wizzid!The traditional Civil Rights Movement started in the late 1950-early 60′s. Even though blacks were held down allot longer than that through entrenched segregation policies. Not sure why you brought Jews into the issue but since you did they for the most part vote Democrat. They also endorsed most the the Democrat Civil Rights issues of the 50′s and 60′s. I’m not as aware of civil rights votes in the 30′s and you are probably right that mostly Republicans voted for them during that time.Considering that the Southern Conservative Democrats voted with the Klan and their beliefs. Those same Southern Democrats got mad at the National Party in the 60′s and jumped ship and joined the Republicans and they took their biased policies with them.Thus blacks have now stuck with the Democrats. Those Democrats that voted against the Civil Rights Act are no longer members of that Party. Now Byrd was indeed a member of the Klan but renounced his membership long before he died. I have no idea what Party Louis Farrakhan belongs to but he has never been a liberal. I don’t think anyone wants to claim that fool. Jesse Jackson only made one derogatory comment about Jews(Hymie)and apologized for it. I don’t believe Al Sharpton did about Jews but feel free to prove me wrong.

          • Wizzid

            Thank you eddie47d, but I’ll stay up here where I can’t step in what you are spewing.

            Perhaps you didn’t catch or properly interpret the statistics with regard to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 noted above. I will repeat them here:
            40% of the House Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act,
            while 80% of Republicans SUPPORTED it

            “Entrenched segregation policies” as you put it, were mostly in the Democrat controlled South. I lived mostly in New York in the ’50s-’60s & ’70s, and I NEVER saw “black/white water fountains” or “White Only” lunch counters. I had to go to the Carolinas and Alabama to see those things and other disgusting treatments of human beings. It lead me to skirt the South in my later travels [I traveled a lot in this country in those years.]

            Things have changed a lot since my black shipmate couldn’t get served a drink in Charleston, in ’68, but in ’81 I was chastised by my boss for stopping his secretary from telling “ni–er jokes” in Little Rock. Talk about entrenched! I was told “You just have to understand where you are.” I told him I know where I am, America.

            Yeah, that was Arkansas, you remember that place, where the Republican President Eisenhower had to federalize the National Guard to escort 9 black kids into school, in opposition to Governor Faubus who was using those same troops to keep them out.

            I brought up Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton because they are leaders in the black community, and regardless of their idiotic diatribes, they are followed and they influence people. There isn’t one of them that can speak a full sentence without playing the race card. There is only one reason they see everything as racially motivated, that’s because they themselves are racists, and that’s how they think. Liars think everyone is a liar, drunk drivers think everyone has driven drunk, and thieves think everyone steals.

            Now on to my favorite race baiter, Al Sharpton. He promoted the 1991 Crown Heights race riot, where a mob murdered an innocent Jewish man. Sharpton also incited a protest in 1995 of a Jewish owned store in Harlem. The mob later set fire to the store in which 7 died.

            Fella, I don’t know where you get your ideas, or who you are listening to, but I’ve been around and it just isn’t as you say.

            As I have said before, many times, Republicans even though the majority of the country agrees with their policies, aren’t as successful as Democrats because they are stupid when it comes to the game of politics. The Democrats really know how to play.

          • http://naver sook young

            You are very correct. This is even what I read in my husband’s history books, not ones from a school or college either. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai.

            P.S. Wasn’t it democratic governors in Arkansas and Alabama that fought against desegregation of their schools and the presidents had to send in the army to enforce the laws passed by the government? Wasn’t one of those units from the 101st Airbourne?

          • eddie47d

            That is the past when Democrats were racists. You don’t see me denying that. This is now when those same Democrats who were racist jumped into the Republican Party and the South turned Republican. The last I checked they still are. So which side are you on now not 60 years ago?

          • DaveH

            The proof is in the pudding, Eddie. You can fabricate facts all you want, but the reality is that Blacks are still over-represented in the poor class and the prisoner class. Why is that, with all that Government largess and favoritism?
            Because it doesn’t work, is why. Government is simply buying votes. Meanwhile the blacks suffer. And they will continue to suffer until they quit buying into your Liberal Siren Song and stop expecting the Government to save them (it isn’t going to happen).
            The economic status of Blacks is not going to improve until they quit looking to Big Government for the solution.

    • Bill

      Ellen is correct. IF, and that’s IF, Obama should become the 2012 Dem candidate (many up-for-re-election Congresspeople may fear Obama killing their chances and may force him to pull out), Cain is the ONLY Rep. candidate who could win the Pres. election. Because the blacks will (and did in 2008) primarily vote for “one of their own,” Cain will split that vote and only then can the Rep. win. It would be not unlike Father’s Day in the projects. We would have a black man with a brain debating a half-black man with a telepromter (and/or an ear-piece) and a disastrous record of performance in office.

      • Patriot II


        You have a wonderfull way with words!! I only hope these other people who read this read your comments. Very well put!!

      • Blueshoes


        I’m in agreement with you 100%. The media is pushing everyone else to run against BHO but the only candidate that can win hands down is Herman Cain. It would be much harder to call Herman a racist (which they would do if anyone else were to be chosen) but I wouldn’t put it past them to be foolish enough to try. They’ve been intentionally ignoring him for that reason but he “got through”.

        With the results of the Florida Straw Poll the week before, that was the “crack in the door” that Herman Cain needed, to get IN (to greater recognition). More people are now learning about this man’s background, experience, position, plan and who is absolutely the best suited for the job of saving our country from the disastrous, distructive direction we are in.

        Go Herman!

      • JTB

        I agree with you 100% I hope and pray that Cain keeps going forward and doesn’t look back!


      Black racists call black Republicans “OREOS”.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Ellen, you are absolutely correct. What concerns me, right now, is the large number of whites who voted for Obama because he didn’t speak “jive” but, rather, a well-spoken man. Are we, perhaps, headed the same direction with a black Republican possibly leading the field right now? Are we going to have a black GOP candidate just to prove that Republicans are not racist. That thinking was what got us into our current morass is the first place. Sure, I like Cain too. But I still like Ron Paul as my favorite. It’s not yet time to vote anywhere but the time is coming. I only urge other Republican voters to vote for who they feel is the best candidate, not to just put a black man out there to go toe to toe with the other black candidate in order to prove a point. The future of our country, nay, the very life of our country, is at stake!

  • doc hollidey

    While the comment by Ellen could be interpreted as having racial overtones, but there is some truth in what she says. Blacks seem to vote for anybody that is black and they vote for blacks as one voice. The example would be how they abandoned Hillary Clinton after supporting her for so many years. They dumped her and voted for Obama simply because he is black. There can be no other explanation for this behavior. I would hope that everyone, regardless of their race, would vote for the best candidate in the field…Democrat or Republican. I would also like to see people stop voting by party and vote for the best man..regardless of whether he is a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent. These past voting methods are why our country is in such a mess today.

    • Patriot II

      Doc, I brought this very point up at a family get together, I was suprised that so many jumped on me for making (what they thought) was a racist comment. They said they voted for Obama for “Hope and Change”. That, to me, was a Cop out and I can only hope that they have thought about what I said and it is starting to “Sink in” finally. There are still bad feeling about that, but I am not afraid of being “Politically Incorret”, I am Tried of PC Bullsh_t and I Declare War on IT!

      • eddie47d

        The Tea Party has also gambled on “hope and change” that Palin or Bachmann would be their legitimate leader. Neither one of them is qualified anymore than Obama and they come up with some quirky comments that don’t bode well for their intelligence or lack of it. To me that only proves that people will vote out of passion. Whoever can get their motor running is the one who gets their nod as in a popularity contest. Whether black or white.

        • Patriot II


          You are a commedian right? Anyone is more qualified than Obama for God’s Sake! He’s a fake tele-promter reader Puppet installed by the OWG. Wake Up! He is a good reader.

          • eddie47d

            No I think you are the funny man!

        • http://naver sook young

          Then this is why Obama is in office? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR


          I, for one, don’t see your post as funny. I see it as dead on. Passion has mostly been the reason for voting one way or another for many generations. We, here on these pages, are but a few of the millions of the voters next year. Most voters don’t know anymore than what they hear on the evening (mainstream) news media or read in the (mainstream) press, mostly flat-out liberal press to be sure. Educated voters are a big-time minority. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt long ago.

  • kywunder

    Ellen, you are right on. LBJ “appropriated” our Social Security fund to pay for his Great Society, and look at what we got for the money. I’d like to see Mr Cain run against Obama.

  • Raggs

    I respect Herman Cains honesty and his willingness to tell America the truth. I just hope that the black community will listen to him.

  • Pastori Balele

    This pig went to Romney whose church (Mormon) teaches Blacks are cursed humans; and wants us men marry two wives; this pig went to Perry whose house stone had the “N” word and got Cs and Ds in college; this pig went to Bachmann who says Blacks are better off as slaves; this pig went to Herman Cain who says Blacks are stupid. Sorry we ran out pigs(GOP candidates). None is qualified to be President of all people. Republicans have to start recruiting new candidates.

    • Patriot II

      Are you saying Republicans are Pigs? Did you hear all of this Crap you are spewing first hand, or just repeating what some other Liberal told you? Why would you think a Republican is a Pig? do you know any personally? Are you an Authority on Pigs? Do you personally know a Pig?

    • http://naver sook young

      Your post makes no intellectual sense whatsoever. It sounds like a cartoon. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Reading your post, if I were to buy your crapola, I would be left to believe that Reagan was a pig. Teddy Roosevelt was a pig who later became a Bull Moose. Lincoln was a pig, Thomas Jefferson was a pig. Sorry, my conclusion is that it is you who is a pig.

  • Chuck

    Now let us talk brainwashed, during the civil war which party wanted to keep slaves. That would be the Democratic party. What party when it got started wanted to free slaves, that would be the republican party. So I am amazed that based on history why black people would want anything to do with the Democratic party. With all the welfare and getting people dependent on living by the leave of the [massa] Government isn’t that also a form of slavery and over time what have we learned from history…………….. not much

    • eddie47d

      Yes it was the Southern Conservative Democrats that wanted to keep slaves as property and yes it was the Republicans who emancipated the blacks. Yet after all was said and done blacks didn’t achieve nothing and their lives were made even more miserable through segregation.So neither party had much legitimacy for an awful lot of years.

      • Patriot II


        I have a question for you. Why are some Blacks Promoting Racism? and separatism? Why is it important for some Blacks to create a rift that really isn’t there unless they continue to perpetuate it the way they seem to be doing more an more these days. Where’s the Profit in it for them? why are they doing this? BTW this is the type of Question Herman Cain would ask you. The other day I heard a Black Lady on TV say she considers him (Cain) an “Oreo”, (Black on the outside and White on the Inside. THAT IS RACISM!! SHE is a Racist!!

        • eddie47d

          How have you enlightened blacks? What have you personally done for making race a non-issue. Claiming “they are mushrooms living in the dark”. The Democrats are not doing that at least not intentionally. Democrats do think they have blacks lined up for the vote bcause the Republicans have ignored them for so many years. I think the Democrats are foolish for thinking that and can’t depend on past laurels. That “oreo” lady could be a racist but I don’t know what Cain said to make her say what she did. Do you? Now why do so many more Whites Promote Racism? Blacks feel outnumbered and are fighting back to keep gains they have made. I’m not saying I agree with the constant belittling from either side but few whites have ever felt the sting of racism like blacks have. Where in history has blacks enslaved whole colonies of whites and forced them to work for free? The historical burden will always be on the whites to prove that they have changed and blacks no longer have to worry. I do believe that most Americans have moved on(black and white) but the Rush’s and the Breitbarts and the Maxine Waters just don’t want to let go.

          • Patriot II

            Cain didn’t say anything to her or about her; you ASSumed that. She was just being interview on the street and asked about Him. Her racist Comments were totally unprovoked. White’s are not promoting Racism that is a fallacy created by Racists and tolerated by PC’s to perpetuate it for Political Gain. My Ancestors were oppressed Irishmen, who were almost slave labor in the Mines. You don’t hear my crying about it.

            The point is No Black today is a slave, why did you bring it up? , Are you a racist trying to perpetuate racism for your own personal gain somehow? You need to wake up and get your head out of the past so we can move on. Your attitude is counter productive to prosperity just like all racism is. I is simply a bunch of Bull!

          • Raggs

            ed have you ever considered that blacks are exactly where they want to be?
            I think that people like you are a sorry excuse of a person to use a racist card in order to make a gain that you obviously do not deserve.
            You are a low life scum sucker that in your little mind you think everyone should feel sorry for your stupid ass.. Well I dont feel one little bit sorry for you or anyother black person, if you were any kind of a human you would not be allowing your obama to create a class warfare that seperates any people of this country. Now take your little butt and go cry about what I’m telling you…

          • http://naver sook young

            Thank you for setting him straight Raggs.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • eddie47d

            Racist Raggs I see you are still slinging salami. I see that Sook agrees with yor ugly rant so maybe she’s not so nice after all. I’ll never align myself with a pathetic bigoted soul like Raggs. Yes Raggs the class warfare was started by Republicans. Most recently in Wisconsin.

        • JTB

          black on the outside white on the inside is OBAMA! hah!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        It should also be noted that both parties have basically swapped their basic tenets in the years since the Civil War. By far, yesteryear’s Dems are today’s Republicans and vice-versa. So what’s the foremost basic tenet? Strict interpretation of the Constitution as opposed to loose interpretation. The Republican Lincoln, while I admire his taking on the mess that our Fore Fathers knew they were leaving for a later time, decided that federal law trumped state law in the face of the 10th amendment. On the issue of slavery he was correct. On the larger issue of the 10th amendment, the Southern Conservative Democrats were right. Those very same Southern Conservative Democrats would be today’s Southern Conservative Republicans. I’m one of them.

  • Mark

    An old West Virginia Hillbilly saying:
    “You cannot get the water to clear up
    Until you get the pigs out of the creek.”


    *If any other of our presidents had doubled the national debt,
    Which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year,
    Would you have approved?*

    *If any other of our presidents had then proposed to double the debt again
    Within 10 years,
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had criticized a state law
    That he admitted he never even read,
    Would you think that he is just an
    Ignorant hot head? *

    *If any other of our presidents joined the country of Mexico
    And sued a state in the United States to force that state
    To continue to allow illegal immigration, would you question his patriotism
    And wonder who’s side he was on? *

    *If any other of our presidents had pronounced the Marine Corps
    Like Marine Corpse, would you think him an idiot? *

    *If any other of our presidents had put 87,000 workers out of work
    By arbitrarily placing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling
    On companies that have one of the best safety records of any industry
    Because one foreign company had an accident,
    Would you have agreed? *

    *If any other of our presidents had used a forged document
    As the basis of the moratorium that would render 87000 American workers unemployed would you support him? *

    *If any other of our presidents had been the first President to need a TelePrompTer installed to be able to get through a press conference,
    Would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept
    He is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men
    Behind the scenes? *

    *If any other of our presidents had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars
    To take his First Lady to a play in NYC, would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had reduced your retirement plan holdings
    Of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM,
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had made a joke
    At the expense of the Special Olympics,
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive
    And incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him
    A thoughtful and historically significant gift,
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had given the Queen of England
    An iPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought it
    A proud moment for America ? *
    And then
    Obama returns Churchill Bust to England:
    British Press sees snub.

    *If any other of our presidents had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had visited Austria and made reference
    To the nonexistent “Austrian language,” would you have brushed it off
    As a minor slip? *

    *If any other of our presidents had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers
    With people who cannot seem to keep current in their income taxes,
    Would you have approved? *

    *If any other of our presidents had stated that there were 57 states
    in the United States, wouldn’t you have had second thoughts
    about his capabilities? *

    *If any other of our presidents would have flown all the way to Denmark
    to make a five minute speech about how the Olympics would benefit him
    walking out his front door in his home town,
    would you not have thought he was a self-important,
    conceited, egotistical jerk. *

    *If any other of our presidents had been so Spanish illiterate
    as to refer to “Cinco de Cuatro” in front of the Mexican ambassador
    when it was the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it
    when he tried again, wouldn’t you have winced in embarrassment? *

    *If any other of our presidents had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel
    to go plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded
    he’s a hypocrite?*

    *If any other of our presidents’ administrations had okayed
    Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter
    in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic,
    would you have wondered whether they actually get what happened
    on 9-11? *

    *If any other of our presidents had failed to send relief aid
    to flood victims throughout the Midwest with more people killed
    or made homeless than in New Orleans, would you want it made
    into a major ongoing political issue with claims of
    racism and incompetence? *

    *If any other of our presidents had created the position of 32 Czars
    who report directly to him, bypassing the House and Senate
    on much of what is happening in America,
    would you have ever approved. *

    *If any other of our presidents had ordered the firing of the CEO
    of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority
    to do so, would you have approved? *

    *So, tell me again,
    what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive? *
    *Can’t think of anything?
    Don’t worry.
    He’s done all this in 24 months –
    so you have that much time to come up with an answer.*

    *Every statement and action in this e-mail is factual
    and directly attributable to Barrack Hussein Obama.
    Every bumble is a matter of record and completely verifiable. *
    AND NOW–


    *”All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”*

  • Lakeman

    Quake up people, this is not a racial comment, but blacks only make up 12% of the population and they don’t all vote just like all of the whites don’t. No it was the white independent voter that elected Obama thinking that he would be a better choice. Sadly the rep. put up Mccain with Palin as the vp. It was doomed from the start.

  • Doc Sarvis

    So far I have not heard any real debate among the Republican candidates on foreign affairs. Of course our economy is a big topic in this coming election but how the winner of the next presidential election can handle our place in global markets and geo-political settings is a critical role as well. I will be interested in how Cain does in those discussions.

  • VIC

    I think Herman Cain is a breath of fresh air. I will vote for him because he makes sense and is not a politician. Go Cain…

    • Vic Bailey

      That’s right vote for the very person that will keep the FED in working order so our money will be even more worthless, Brilliant!
      Semper Fi.

  • Amos Townsend

    Thanks, Mark, for your listing most of the items which should be reviewed in Obama’s case. Similar lists for ALL candidates of strengths, weaknesses, records in office, business and private lives should be outlined repeatedly by the US Media and adjusted openly if errors in those comments or errors of omission are also noted. The public and media in our 50 states should be demanding it routinely… and not wait for some foreign press to do such homework and its publication!

  • http://personallibertydigest Honest Man

    The fact is this country realy needs Herman Cains business experince.Coupled with Newts political experince and world views could pull this country though these ever darkening days.No punn intended, but I’ll have you know Herman at lease twice as black as the Obama and besides they both admire each others abilities.

  • Vic Bailey

    Well, Herman, the Republicans are brainwashed into believing to vote for proplr like you, Romney, Perry, Christie, Santorum that are controlled by the Elitisr Socialist, that want our rights, money, guns, property and are in bed with the UN to get it done! Semper Fi.

  • tony

    Cain tells ir like it is. Talk of racism how can 95% of the blacks vote for a black like they did Obama. If 95 % of whites voted for McCain we would still be talking about it

  • Tha unKnowm

    You can ignore this crisis all you want especially GOP Black people
    aren’t stupid For Herman Cain to Say “Black People” are Brain Washed
    Republicans this S**t in people heads about “Black People” If GOP can
    Really get their way like they always do.We’ll riding on the back of the
    bus,again drinking from a colored fountain,take away our voting rights
    away And put us back in slavery picking cotton.raping our black women
    and killing us off.I used to be proud to be an American,I’m not any
    more How can I be a Proud American for a Nation That doesn’t give a
    Fat (offensive word removed) about “Black People” and forget,If They the land from the
    “Native Americans” & (offensive word removed) them over.what the (offensive word removed) they think about us
    We are not brian washed we don’t vote for a party that doesn’give a fat (offensive word removed) about us,Period.Dont forget If wasn’t for “Black People”
    This Country would not be “(offensive word removed)” We need our own Revolution, Holla!

  • Tha unKnowm

    Republicans puts this sh– in these peoples heads about “Black People”
    They Took&Stole The land from the the “Native Americans”and (offensive word removed)them over so what the
    (offensive word removed) they think about us.they are trying kill us off, they think all “Black People”are stupid and want a free lunch you sadly mistaken,the system is designed to keep us from rising to the top so like P.Diddy says “Vote or Die”!The ReWright Im Not Stupid!

    • http://naver samurai

      You sure don’t sound too darn smart either! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • s c

      T, you are truly disgusting. I don’t see any difference between an airhead like you and Jesse Jackson or Big Al Sharpton ["Resist we much"] – DUH. How the hell do you think Sammy Davis, Jr. and Bill Cosby (and many other blacks) became popular, made lots of money and were icons for EVERYONE in America – and not just blacks (?).
      When you BRAINWASH yourself, NO ONE has to ‘keep ypu down,’ dummy. YOU”RE KEEPING YOURSELF DOWN! Get a brain. Get a life.
      It’s no wonder that most people have NO reason to feel sorry for you. You’ve probably done so much to screw up your own life that now there’s NO WAY that ANYONE could help you. YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!
      Enjoy your chains. You CAN’T piss and moan your way out of this self-made crap and claim that your personalized chains don’t have a CUSTOMIZED FIT! Open your eyes and SEE. THINK! The worst slave is the LOSER who makes HIMSELF his own SLAVE! Check it out. He’s looking back at you in the mirror!

  • Nan

    Everytime I drive past the ‘plantations’ (public housing), I’m reminded of who the new ‘Massa’s’ are–namely, the democrat party. With the help of their sycophants, Jesse,Al, the NAACP, Maxine Waters, ad nauseum, they’ve successfully enslaved the majority of the black population. The most pitiful aspect of it is that the ‘slaves’ don’t even realize it! For their servitude, they’re rewarded with housing, food, medical care, all at taxpayers’ expense, & all minimal. Talk about a scam job! But it’s brilliant, of course, as all evil schemes are–the dems brainwash the blacks, get welfare & everything else passed as law, while the working man pays for it, whether he wants to or not, keeping dems in office & blacks under their thumb (fist w/be more appropriate). They used the civil rights movement to engineer the schools, keep everyone as dumb as possible, lower the standards in education & virtually destroy our educational system, all the while repeating the mantra of equal rights. I doubt that anyone thinks we should deny any child a good education, at the school of THEIR CHOICE, but why did the elite insist that blacks attend specific schools, rather than trusting them to choose for themselves? A look at the past decades & the resulting breakdown in the black community is evidence enough to determine that it was by design…Hell may not be big enough to hold the liberals/democrats that have destroyed a race…but I hope the fires are hotter than ever when they walk into the inferno…

  • Free Man From Elite Influences

    Herman Cain is an Uncle Tom. He is a puppet and the white man is pulling the strings. John Boehner couldn’t tie his shoes unless a Tea Party person tells him to, and the same will go for Herman Cain.

    • libertytrain

      Free Man from Elite Influences cannot escape Racist Tendencies – poor guy…

  • pat cala

    In reply to Herman Cain’s statement about the “brain washing” of the minority into voting Democratic. My memory only goes back as far as pre WWII. Italians and Irish always voted Democratic. The Democratic ward leaders, were instructed to go to the convents and get the nuns to vote Democratic. Also, there were the $2.00 that was distributed the legal 200′ from the polls by the Democratic workers, as you approached the polls.
    My first vote I cast, I checked the box, Republican. The lady said, you have made a mistake. This is what I was waiting for. I asked her what was the mistake, she said your supposed to register like your family has.
    I said, that was no mistake.
    The next year my brother went in and asked for a pencil. No pencil …. “what do you want a pencil for?” He told them that is what you use for a write in ballot. They decided not to challenge our generation again.
    I never heard of such tactics with the Republicans. There may have been, but not to my kowledge.

  • Ed Sallia

    I do believe Mr. Cain is trying to tell the unemployed that they are to blame for their unemployment, and blacks are not smart enough to think for themselves.
    Earlier this week Al Sharpton told Jon Stewart that he would not vote for Herman Cain if he were running against a white person.
    I think the far right has gone awash in their own delusion about the role of government and the infallibility of Capitalism. Government, in fact, is the only protection our society has against the obscene greed of those who have no concern for the rest of us who work hard for a living just to support our families.
    Mr. Cain will fade into the wallpaper soon enough.

  • Rebecca Proctor

    You are exactly correct! The black community was brainwashed because they were promised too much for free. What has happened since Obama has not been able to follow through on all of his fairytales? Mr. Cain, keep up the good work and you can be assured that you have my vote in 2012. I am also encougaging my family and friends to do the same. Good luck to you.

  • kantstanja

    ” I thought this country was founded on the belief of having small and not big government”… sook young

    In this case, small is relative (at least per political ideals). And why shouldn’t they grow exponentially. after all we’ve given them the green light by electing then failing to keep just this much of an eye on them. You give a kid a bag of suckers then walk out of the room, by the time you return there’ll be a bag of sticks.

  • Jerry M

    Charles Barkley: “Poor people have been voting Democrat for fifty years and they’re still poor”.
    I was thinking, Maybe it’s time for a real change. Vote Herman Cain

  • Jimmy

    The represenatives in DC have snubbed Herman Cain and the News Media and some of the other competitor campains are trying to stop Herman in his bid for the presidency. Herman not being a politician
    is a really good thing. His 999 plan is
    good. Keep up the good work Herman. Vote for Herman Cain for president.


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