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November 8, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Amy Robinson

    So is this site where the Cordoba mosque is being built?

  • benjamin tellez

    I cant help this feeling that the muslin population is a trojan horse. They, the good pop left thier homeland because they were scared of the militants.To me they will sell thier own mother to stay alive. They will eventually turn on us. I dont want to sound like that liberal jerk I saw on t.v., but I really think they should go back where htey came from.

  • James

    The issue with Building 7 opens the door on re-evaluating the cause of the Twin Towers falling too. There was a man who survived the coming down of Building 7 and is quoted stating he heard numerous explosions before the building came down. (Possible demolitions being set off) The owner of the building is on tape stating he decided that Building 7 was to far gone and we decided to “Pull-it” which is a term used by demolition experts. (You can’t “Pull-it” without days of preparation) These simple facts should have led the Federal Government to ask all the right questions. So, what went wrong? Were facts disregarded by the investigating committee? If so, why? How can the Federal Government simply accept the outcome of the official investigation with no questions asked? If we see these BLARING FACTS shouting to be looked at, why does not the Federal Government also see them? This is unbelieveable!!!

    • Judy

      I saw the same tape. What is called a false flag the whole thing. A means to get American citizens on board to go to war. The Gov. got reports from all, over the world and warned us weeks before it happened. In Downtown NY they made sure no abroad diplomats were there at the time, you can check that out, It’s true and unusual. The only plane allowed out of the country that day was Osama Bin Ladens. On or org. they have an excellant DVD named TERRORSTORM IT GIVES ALL ACCOUNTS from military,and explosive experts among others. That explains most of the unknown. On Jesse Ventura last week on Friday. A man was on their that said, that he saw them find a black box from the plane along with 3 or 4 others accounted for. The veil is being lifted. It is all coming down on their heads. It just took along time for it all to come out and get circulated. Don’t give up the next few years maybe tough we need to stick together in our efforts. Then we will reap a great harvest.

  • John Uphaus

    I met a fireman who was wearing a shirt that read, “911 was an inside job.” When I inquired, he referred me to a video which explained it was impossible for the Twin Towers to have collapsed due the planes that crashed into them. That was just a cover up for the truth. The Twin Towers came down for the same reason Building 7 did. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel core supporting the Twin Towers. Even if it did, they would not have collapsed that quickly. All three buildings came down due to demolition charges placed in them prior to that event. Do the research and figure it out for yourself. For starters, watch the video of the demolition of a building, and notice that once it gets going, it falls at the same speed as if you dropped a bowling ball off the top of it. That doesn’t happen when a building collapses ‘normally’. Also ask yourself why when you attempt to do a Google search on “jet fuel burning temperature”, the links to all the sites shown are no longer available. It had to be a conspiracy, but why? Our government didn’t need to kill our own citizens for an excuse to invade Iraq. Anybody with a brain knows the only reason we’re over there anyway is to protect our oil interests. It has nothing to do with humanitarian reasons. Watch the movie Shooter. It’s a perfect expose of what’s really going on.

    • Michael J.

      John Uphaus,
      Ya right,and Neil Armstong stepped off the Lunar lander on a movie set in Arizona, There was a second shooter on the grassy knoll and hundreds of demolition experts spent months on each tower removing drywall, concrete and other construction debri in order to expose steel girders and plant tons of explosives and miles of wiring without anyone noticing.

      • BrotherPatriot

        No wiring needed…it’s called…remote detonation. Possible mini nuke explosives or something we aren’t even fully educated about was the charge used. Investigators are still working on trying to discover what the chemicals are they have found…

    • big mike

      the reason the gov doesnt want you to know the truth is because it was a ploy so they could enact the patriot act which took away almost 50% of our constutional rights!!what better than a man made catastrophy to take advantage of ‘we the people’catching everyone off guard, just made us mad for revenge .notice they said they couldn’t find the indistructable black boxes that have always had a 100% trac record of being found something just a little fishy here!!

  • John says

    I worked in engineering for 30 years so I absolutely believe all of these buildings came down directly or indirectly because of the planes hitting the towers and the fires from the jet fuel. I feel for all of you that have lost loved ones, but please don’t continue to make yourselves sick by believing in this conspiracy. Will the government promote a conspiracy, for whatever reason, you bet and I know of one and why they did it, but this isn’t it. We never want to forget this, but again please don’t make yourselves sick over it, your lost loved ones would not want that for you.

    • Douglas

      Thank you John for your comments on the Engineering aspect of the buildings in New York that came down on the 9th. of Sept. 2001. God bless all that have lost love ones and may you find comfort.

    • MsAmericanPatriot

      Explain this then. In 1945 a plane hit the Empire State Building and that building is STILL STANDING. So the whole brought down by a plane theory doesn’t wash with me.
      1945 plane crash
      Main article: B-25 Empire State Building crash
      At 9:40 a.m.on Saturday, July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber, piloted in thick fog by Lieutenant Colonel William Franklin Smith, Jr.,[40] crashed into the north side of the Empire State Building, between the 79th and 80th floors, where the offices of the National Catholic Welfare Council were located. One engine shot through the side opposite the impact and flew as far as the next block where it landed on the roof of a nearby building, starting a fire that destroyed a penthouse. The other engine and part of the landing gear plummeted down an elevator shaft. The resulting fire was extinguished in 40 minutes. 14 people were killed in the incident.[41][42] Elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver survived a plunge of 75 stories inside an elevator, which still stands as the Guinness World Record for the longest survived elevator fall recorded.[43] Despite the damage and loss of life, the building was open for business on many floors on the following Monday. The crash helped spur the passage of the long-pending Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, as well as the insertion of retroactive provisions into the law, allowing people to sue the government for the accident.[44]
      A year later, another aircraft had a close encounter with the skyscraper. It narrowly missed striking the building.[45]

    • RWS

      Your engineering background and theory of the planes and their fuel bringing down the twin towers is fine, but that still doesn’t explain this video and building 7 coming down. Did jet fuel bring that building down too? I’m guessing jet fuel flew from one of the twin towers into building 7 and kept fueling a fire that was so out of control that it melted the steel in buidling 7 and brought it down. Or maybe building 7 was built with wood and the fire inside weakend the wooden support beams and it eventually couldn’t hold itself up. Or maybe it was a steel building and they built the building around a jet with jet fuel in it and once it caught fire, it was only a matter of time before the building collapsed. I’m just trying to think of a reasonable explanation of what brought down building 7.

  • Dean

    Why hire and pay demolitions experts when skyscrapers come down in their own footprints with absolutely no preparations! just throw some jet fuel on those unsightly dinosaur buildings and spark ‘em up! Removal of all that asbestos alone, would have cost a fortune.

  • munday in Texas

    I cannot believe that GW Bush knew about or condoned such an act, however there is a shadow government, that I believe our present president knows and represents and I would not put that past them. They are very ruthless people. Have you ever notice how our president acts like he knows something we do not. He is not afraid of us like Clinton was and has not toned down his rhetoric and how everything is some one else’s fault. Something is not right.

    • JC

      Max Bush was in charge of security at the WTC….do the math.

  • JC

    Absolutely it was an inside job. No plane hit the ground in Pennsylvania and no plane hit the Pentagon, And the towers were very professionally dropped in their own foor print.

    We’ve been had…again!

    It’s way past time when we take our country back from the moneyed puppeteers.

    • anonymous, please

      Huh? No plane it the ground in PA?
      WHAT, pray tell, did auger in that day in that field and kill everyone aboard?

  • jerry goodman

    racist are the most evil and dangerouse people in the world if you could ask adolf hitler. guess what we people of decesy are ready this time for you people that want to destroy my country the usa.

    • Greg

      It is OK to be racist if you are in one of the elitists’ protected classes that includes Muslims.

  • Greg

    I’m sure that many people with science and engineering backgrounds immediately knew something was VERY unusual with all three WTC collapses on 9/11. I remember being told by a co-worker (at the engineering lab where I work) that one of the towers had just completely collapsed.

    I said: You mean a small section of one of them has collapsed?

    He said: No, the whole thing just came straight down!

    I said: I’ve got to see this to believe it. That shouldn’t happen unless SOMETHING ELSE severely compromised the structure of the building below the area where the plane hit.

    This was before there were ANY theories or explanations of any kind.
    My mind had not yet been influenced one way or the other by the media or any other source. I was completely free to draw my own unbiased scientific conclusion.

    Several co-workers who heard my comment that morning remember it to this day. I don’t bring it up in conversation anymore, because they all seem to get uncomfortable when I do.

    To this day, after much deeper reflection of the structural and engineering factors, I remained convinced that my first conclusion
    was correct.

    I don’t care about political motivations, or the difficulty of concealing such a vast alleged conspiracy. In the quest for the true cause of the building collapses, these factors are irrelevant.
    What matters are the laws of science and physics. The official explanation grossly violates those laws. Political forces can not bend or “spin” the laws of physics at any price.

    We have been lied to. That is very clear. What is not so easy to determine – at least scientifically – is exactly WHY.

  • Chris

    Now is the time when we, Christians and Americans stand together to keep our country strong. There are many threats against US, so we need to unite and remember who is in charge of our country, our lives and our futures. Pray, and help to unite all Christians to stand strong against our enemies; to get your wristband, your “Visible Voice” of unity among Christians.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Thank you, Mr. Livingston for putting this up. I’ve been following this for awhile and the evidence is irrefutable. Innocent mothers & fathers died that day & it is our responcibility as a nation to bring out the truth. A false flag attack designed to put the people behind the war machine and give the government more control (Patriot Act). Not all the sheep are unaware of what is going on…

    Only an aware public can safeguard the freedoms our forefathers gave us. Our own government is out of control and this November is where we have begun to unravel what has been done to us. Subpeona and Expose the truth…procecute the bastards who have done this. Abolish the Federal Reserve and take off the chains that bind us. Don’t stop no matter how many toes are stepped on…how much money the offenders have…or even who the offenders know. Bring our dead the justice they deserve. Remove Islam from our shores…no mosques…abolish their evil religion…they indeed are a Trojan Horse.

    America the beautiful has taken a beating…but…were just beginning to fight. :)

    I love America! God bless all her people!


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