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Helen Thomas

June 10, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    So, Helen Thomas finally dared to put her dirty laundry out in the open for America and the world to see. And, it’s a most interesting type of dirty laundry, too.
    I won’t speculate on her politics, but she said in one public performance what she should have said years ago. I suppose if Herr Obummer is looking for another press secretary or a communications czar, this woman would fit right in just fine.
    She could even go on tour with Hillary – as long as she stays out of Israel. The strange part of this circus is in what will happen to Helen Thomas. Obummer will get a free pass, regardless of how much HE insults the Israelis. This woman is a mere reporter, so she will be judged by a different standard. It does seem extremely hypocritical, though. How can Obummer get away with it, but she can’t?
    I forgot. Obummer packs a teleprompter. Helen Thomas packs a notebook.
    So who’s the Hollywood makeup artist who gave her that ‘special’ face? Was it the son of Frankenstein, perhaps? Or did we see her TRUE face?


      cool needed to be seen and said of this woman. it shows how deep the islamic hatred is embeded.
      NOBAMA BIN LADEN should be proud of her and want to ‘kick the ass’ of the interviewer

      • Gavin Smith

        I am constantly amazed by the wrath that is incurred by anyone who criticizes Israel. I understand that in America people are allowed to express their opinion. There is no need for anyone to be particularly upset by the opinion of any private citizen.
        If America has a weakness as a society it seems to be that opinions lately tend to be too polar and way to partisan. I would be intrigued to see how Americans would react to anyone who invaded their country in the fashion that America has invaded other countries. Right or wrong its still an invasion to the vast majority of the people involved. Ron Paul is one of the few with the fortitude to say that America doesn’t need to police the world. Unfortunately those behind the scenes who make the decisions about who is to be in power can’t take a chance on someone with principles and a peace agenda. It doesn’t matter who is the president. You can despise Obama but there isn’t much a case to be made for his predecessors. They have all been to some degree puppets.
        Israel has constantly been provoking the people of Palestine since they arrived and especially since the 1967 war. Palestinians have retaliated with violence and so the saga continues. No wonder there are strong opinions on both sides. I had a Palestinian neighbor who put it succinctly. He said “How would you like to be kicked off the land your family has had for hundreds of years by a piece of paper issued by the UN.
        He emigrated. He wants nothing to do with the conflict over there. Those who feel the need to be involved should move there and get involved, otherwise stay out. There is no need for this foolishness to go on outside the Middle East. He told me that on a one to one basis, Palestinians and Jews have gotten along for years. Its just like any other group of differing ethnic backgrounds. They find a way to get along. None of the politicians and pundits can get along, but they have a vested interest in not getting along.
        Helen Thomas spoke honestly. She did not try to be unnecessarily politically correct. She expressed her viewpoint eloquently and succinctly. She lives in America where she should be allowed to have an opinion. I commend her on her candor. I don’t even have to agree with her. She had no issues with those young men who interviewed her, she was expressing an opinion about the behavior of a country. Very different although I doubt they got it. That’s a shame.

        • libertytrain

          Gavin I agree that we are entitled to our opinions, but she isn’t just any person – she was supposed to be a class act journalist, actually she came from the time when journalists actually behaved as a journalist is supposed to behave. I could care less what she says in her living room, but what she says out in public just destroyed about 70 years of a journalist’s career. So sad she couldn’t control her mouth a little longer.

        • libertytrain

          And Gavin – now she can speak all she wants – she’s finally a private citizen.

        • JoJo

          Well Gavin I’ve heard some screwed up remarks I think yours takes the cake, There’s no hope for this world with comments that are made by you people. Jesus Christ is returning and then the show is on. I’m ready are you ???????

    • Paul

      What Hellen Thomas Said is True ,And if You Suport What IsrailHas Done Since The Deal they used Murder with England That Got them to give them a Part of Palistine At the Expense of Every Wounded and Killed America and Let to the Second World WAR and all Our wars Since By THE Anti Christ Anti American Anti Constitution Low Life
      And Then you Violate the Is Amendment in establing a Religeon At American Tax payers Expence,in The 100s of Billions since 1947 And Condone Genocide Relocatin and Stealing of the Palistians Property Bothe Orthodox Jews Christians Catolics Muslims and Atheist
      Moses Throug God free The Isralite Not The Jew from Eygypt and No Isralite Murder or Killed one Egyptian,God did it ALLBy Force and deception
      further More It was Not the Eygptins That Opress the Isralites It Was the Asyirans the Same as Who Run This Nation called the Federal reseve Bank I.M.F and World Bank
      They Are Zionist Anti God Anti Christ Anti Muslim and Anti humnity
      They Do Not Posses Droyt Droyt And Did Not Own That Land fee Simple If You are not Brain dead or an Anti american Jew You Would Know That
      Palistine Was Invaded By Deception Conspitacy Murder and destruction That God Had Nothint to Do With It

    • Richard Goldberg

      I think the Lady Said it like it should be said. The Jews have Screwed up this world. The Jews will be the cuase of the distruction of the world.

  • mike

    For one of the first times in history, honest words are spoken in Washington and the reward for honesty is forced retirement. Lesson learned: Honesty is not allowed in Washington!

    • Publius

      There was not one thing honest about what she said, except her expression of her own prejudice. Since when do we reward prejudice?


      honesty was rewarded RETIREMENT!

      now if NOBAMA BIN LADEN would tell the truth we could retire him!!!!

      she is an idiot anyway,the ISREALIS were given the land by GOD!!!!!!!!

      • MIKE

        God did not give the Israelis’ the land; they stole it from the Philistines, who were the ancestors of the Palestinians. It is time to give the land back to the Palestinians!!

        • Cathie

          Give the land back? Let ‘em try to take it!

    • Frances Greenfield

      I totally agree with you. Politicians are too terrified to speak the truth about the Middle East and Israels stealth of Palestinian land and the destruction of homes. I agree….they should go ‘home’ to where ever they came from to colonize an already colonized country. Helen Thomas has nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned. The rest of you can go ‘cringe in a corner’.

      • DaveH

        Sure, and the Mexicans should go back to Mexico, and the English should go back to England, and the Germans should go back to Germany, and the Indians should go back to Asia, and the …………

        • http://don'thaveanywebsite John

          There is a different between Mexicans to go back home leaving US and Israelis to leave Palestine to go back home. Mexicans haven’t occupied land and haven’t created a state with own flag in the US.
          I heard a jew on TV saying for Israelis to go back home is like asking Afro-Americans to leave US and go back to Africa. But Afro-Americans haven’t created a separated own country with flag in the US. There is the different.

          • Steve

            Not yet. But watch out. If the Black Panthers and other hate mongers get their way, they would sure as hell like to try. After all, “The Man’ has been keeping them down for ever.

          • DaveH

            Oh, puhlease. The Jews have been in that region off and on since Biblical times:
            They were granted the land which is now Irael by the League of Nations in 1917.

          • DaveH

            To learn more about the current country of Israel, read this:

    • Sandy

      Oh no!! You want to reward for honesty Mike? … then let’s do it!! Let’s reward those who worked for years, who saved to retire, who brought up their own children without the help of others (meaning school breakfasts, lunches, academics, colleges …etc) …. they worked and paid their own way and their children have become … honest, law abiding, and hard working now adults. this is success!!

      People looking for handouts, pushing their views on others and expecting the “community” to raise their families is crazy …. lazy … and completely dishonest.

      Keep your beliefs inside your family, using your values to do what is best with your family, instead of spouting your beliefs … (as Ms. Thomas has), to hurt others. It is time we go back to our honesty levels and treat each other with respect.

    • DaveH

      Honesty not allowed? No, I think it is allowed. It just isn’t practiced much.

    • Duende

      Well put Mike.. real honesty is punishable by death.. either by character assault or a bullet in the head (or a plane crash ). There is more open discussion in Israel concerning Palestinian rights than there is in this country. If you dare challenge and ISraeli polocy you’re either being called an Anti Semite or a self hating jew if you’re lucky enough to be Jewish. ONe real case in point that keeps honest discussion on the left is that the Rothchilds are Jewish (the average Jew benefits not one bit from this ) but the screams of “Jewish Bankers”on behalf of some more of the verbal whites keeps some reasonably intelligent liberals from looking further. It should be just “Bankers” . So now we have a veil of political correctness backed by legal sanctions against “hate speech” that keeps people from getting to the truth. Never mind the fundamentalist christian right that believes the stories in the bible that the jews were always the vistims and we do so lone the underdog. Even if manufactured from history written by the so called victims them selves. When the jes were in power they were killing any one who didn’t worship as they did… that’s why once they were out of power they were run out.

  • Tim

    I find it interesting that once again the ugly side of liberalism is exposed by inexperienced youth. I remember how the media reacted when Acorn was partially exposed as the terrible people they are by a couple of youths. Now this womans anti-semetism is caught on tape by a couple of kids. Where is the “real” press? Shining President Hussiens boots? The function of the press stops being a function when the vast majority of its members are unabashedly biased towards progressive ideology.
    One anti-semite in the press corpe being run out does not correct the real problems within the news media industry, but it could be the first step in the right direction.




    • Paul

      When You Run out All The So Called Anti Semites (True Americans) You Will Run out Any And ALL Truth And be Fed More of their Destructive Propaganda that led you in to All the Wars since 1913
      Why Are You Defending People Who You Know that Stole 10 Trillion dollars Frome American Tax payers The Ten Trillion to Bail them Out,and Bernnie Madox That Stole 100 Billion and sent Some of it to Israil pluss the Ten Trilliond that diapeared ThroughGoldMan Sachs ,Bear Stern Chase Bank ,Morgan Stanley AIG Fannie May ,General Motors All Controled By These Low Life Would Be Be Ameican Manipulaters and Con Men and not destroy The U.S.A.THEY Claim They Are Jews,THAT MAKES THEM ANTI AMERICAN AND ANTICHRIST .DOESENT IT??? Huhu Doesn’t IT
      Are You Pro Isrilies Massacures and Relocations and Their Communist U.N. Agenda If So YOU ARE ANTI AMERICAN
      Will You Then Celibrate the THIS FOURTH of Jew LIE? That You are STILL FREE

  • AndyA

    Old people are always noted for their natural wisdom. They have been around longer and know how things should be.

  • RR

    So it’s anti-Semite to criticize Israel?? Is it anti- Irish-ite to criticize Ireland or Irish folks? It’s amazing how people have been hypnotized to not think for themselves anymore. All countries for the record is a story of genocide on some level. Take the history of uSA. It’s the same story of the indigenous peoples being routed out by a overwhelming power. NO ONE is above honest commentary- especially Israel as of late and since in 67′ war. ….and when someone disagrees with someone or something it does mean that I hate them….. no, I disagree with them. See how stupid this discussion is? Please don’t rail against me for speaking the truth and have the balls to stand for what right. ANY country that is behaving unjustly should be call out on it…and we haven’t even spoke of the US yet…not enough space on the page…..
    stay in love, speak your truth- but have the courage and the will to see the truth

    • FXP

      Thank you! I fully agree. I find Helen Thomas irritating to say the least; but in this issue she is fully within her rights to freely express herself. Through the ages no group has been exempt from committing atrocities. None of us is saints or have our ancestors been untarnished. Many horrors have been committed for so-called “good reasons”. Ms Thomas is of Arabic heritage. She has her personal viewpoint and is entitled to it. Furthermore we all have prejudice of some kind toward something. Being of Arab ancestry Ms Thomas has sympathy toward their plight.Why not? It’s bigotry that we should be against! When our group such as ethnicity or religion is treated in a way we consider to be unfair, to keep silent is irresponsible and hypocrisy.

      • s c

        Helen Thomas should never bring up the topic of ‘oppressed’ Palestinians. Someone with fifty cents worth of integrity needs to ask her how Palestine ALWAYS has a constant supply of in-house terrorists. People from surrounding countries flock to Palestine to foment misery and commit terrorist acts (in the name of “god,’ of course).
        If she has a bad case of twisted panties, it’s HER problem. She, like most politicians in Washington, has “been there too long.” Her prejudices have finally begun to bear bad fruit, and she can’t understand why people don’t cater to blatant hypocrisy.
        Probably, Obummer will give her a cushy job and a padded retirement. They deserve each other. We deserve neither.

        • FXP

          Ms Thomas did not “bring up the topic”. She was being interviewed and the questions asked enabled her to answer truthfully and not in “politically correct” speech. You say she has a “problem”? Perhaps it may be you that has the problem. You are disrespectful to our president for one thing. Your comments appear hateful and perhaps you are the hypocrite! I don’t think Ms Thomas is an anti-Semite just because she has a disagreement with something that Israel has done.

          • s c

            FXP, if you heard/saw the film, you didn’t understand it. Helen Thomas SUGGESTED a SOLUTION. She said the Israelis need to ‘get the hell out of Palestine.’ Assuming that you UNDERSTAND what she said, your comments MAKE NO SENSE.
            Check your progressive credentials at the door next time, chum. We already have more than enough flakes who can’t understand what’s going on around them.
            Helen Thomas is just another progressive mouth for sale. Media journalism is a modern form of prostitution, and that’s where most of her ‘talents’ are. Get it?

  • Chris

    I cant believe that a news reporter in Washington DC, would actually tell the truth!!!

  • amelia whitman

    It is no wonder our nation is in such dire straits, as demonstrated by the nasty, uninformed comments made by idiots with a terrible bias against Jews and Against America…the hand that feeds these slackers-morons. I understand the Bible is irrelevant in your lives, but if you can read at all, try reading it. …before it’s too late for you. The hag is understandably biased against Jews and Israel [I am NOT a Jew myself], she describes herself as ‘an ARAB’, however as a REPORTER ethics proscribe any bias in reporting “NEWS”…as for her OPINION…who the hell cares what she thinks?? aside from the fact her opinions color her reporting which was not, in years gone by…when ‘news people’ did their job, and should not be the case now. Having lived through the second world war when I was a child, having seen the changes brought about by the dregs in society, I mourn the loss of so much that AMERICA has stood for. You degenerates turn my stomach….you have caused this nation to degenerate to the point where we have been mongrolized…a sea of ugliness and squalor. Have you even read history, the CONSTITUTION, THE DECLARATION, ANY BOOK???

  • Ricardo Johansson

    There is no doubt that we are all caught up in derision, multitudes of distractions and divisions.

    I think that the antidote includes more reading and sharing of Bob Livingston articles and possibly a read of a short memoir entitled “Emergence from Illusion” wouldn’t hurt (free pdf download at

  • http://GMIAL.COM Vanessa

    If people would read their Bible. In the Bible it tells of the promise land Israel. If the United States ever turns against Israel I honestly believe that God will punish us. I am a christian and I my beleif is the Jews are the chosen people of God and the gentiles are adopted into the family of God.

  • EM!!

    You know, it’s just a shame that there’s no such thing as journalism subjectivity anymore. So the only thing left to do is to find a reliable, balanced source.

    I liked this guy’s commentary, funny as hell but also smart and witty:

    What do you guys think?

    • s c

      EM, most of America’s journalists have no problems with subjectivity. Subjectivity is the diametric opposite of objectivity. It’s objectivity that they fear.
      They try to control word definitions, and they have the gall to demand to be seen as ‘protectors’ of the !st Amendment. They are liars and worthless, useful idiots.
      Obummer is a first-rate example of the flaws of subjectivity and controlled information. That makes Obummer (and all of his flunky pals) wannabe dictators and enslavers.

  • Chloe

    I admire Helen as she has been able to hide her anti-semitism, low these many years. If she had died before her personal opinions about Jews were revealed she would have recieved so many, many acculades from her bias press. The truth will out!

  • Leonard

    If we apply her logic to America then we should ALL GO HOME wherever that is and give the land back to the Indians… Have a happy retirement! Ignorance wears many hats

    • Gyatri

      Interestingly, the Indians were fighting over territory BEFORE the Europeans arrived…

  • Gyatri

    The birds and the bees, the bulls and the bears, EVERYONE does it … protects what they perceive as their territory, however “correct” or “incorrect” that perception may be. However, man, the species supposedly endowed with a little more intellectual capacity than the above, has hardly used that capacity to learn the art of getting along with one another. What a waste!





    • Amy Emerson

      You are a complete idiot.

  • Peter Neufeld

    America is presently going through the “winepress” of the of the “wrath of God.” America is in big trouble as they are turning against God’s chosen people, the Jews. America will bankrupt in a few short years. See 2Chronicles 7:14 – God says, “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.”

    • clay

      Correction – they are not God’s Chosen – they are the self-chosen. Insofar as Judeo-Christian materials were written by Jewish men, the Jewish people have simply blessed themselves and declared themselves holy.

      In case you think we’d be sinning by turning against Israel or the Jewish people in general, keep in mind that most of the modern movements which have eroded the fabric of traditional American society have been headed by Jews. The NAACP was co-founded by a Jew; the ACLU is heavily Jewish, as are the anti-2nd Amendment crowd and those who push for legalization of gay marriage.

      Go ahead and support “God’s Chosen People” – but remember that they don’t support you.

  • Emma

    All I say is that everybody has a right to their opinion. Helen Thomas has every right to say what’s on her mind and in her heart. If that’s how she really feels, I’m not going to deny her the privilege of saying it. I certainly would not want to clamp my hand over anyone’s mouth and I would not want anybody to do that to me. I hate the politically-correct people in the world today. They’re hypocrits. People should stand up for what they believe and say what’s on their mind. It’s a personal freedom that no one has the right to take away from us, didn’t you know?

    • Gloria Ross

      No one that is except the White House – what a bunch of crap

  • DaveH

    What’s funny is that the Liberal Media have thrown her under the bus for her opinion. Some have even gone so far as to suggest she’s senile. Does she sound senile to you? They will walk over whomever they need to in an effort to force their agenda.


      Or to hide their agenda!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Lee

    Anti-Israel is not the same as anti-Jewish. Helen Thomas had every right to say what she said and I happen to agree with her. One honest comment should not be allowed to destroy a long, distinguished career but after all this is FASCISM and we do not tolerate outspoken people who do not agree with the corrupt media. Do we now?

    Remember Howard Dean’s scream and Bill Clinton’s sperm and all the other utter nonsense the media pushes while our beloved country is being stolen right from under our feet? It gives them CRAP to push into sheeple’s heads while they facilitate tyranny against the American people.

    By the same token, If the US (like Israel) minded its own business, we would not be hated all over the world either! Wake up people! Think what you want but meet your neighbor and find out that we all have a right to our opinion. Good, bad or indifferent, this is our right as Americans. Period. If we would stop the ridiculious bickering about nothing and pay attention to our criminal government, maybe something would change!

    • libertytrain

      Linda Lee – I understand what your train of thought is with regards to Israel, however, I don’t agree with that train of thought. Helen Thomas, unfortunately, said the wrong thing to the wrong person, at the wrong time and was forced to exit in an undignified manner. What she says/said in private doesn’t concern me, what she says as a supposed unbiased “distinguished” reporter does.

  • Jennifer

    Helen’s face is the face of an evil and bitter face, ugly as it is too. When they took that closeup of her it made me cringe because I could see the look of evil in her eyes that were so cold. Now that she’s gone if we could just get rid of the rest of the cold and evil people from the president down the list then we would be alright. Evil seems to always stick and is so hard to get rid of unfortunately. Look how long old Helen stayed in the white house. I just keep on praying for a miracle to dislodge the evil there.

  • Buck

    Attention ALL IDIOTS!! King Solomon built a temple in Jerusalem and the ONE TRUE GOD Gave Israel that land whether you darn like it or not thousands of years ago! Standby for war as Israel is getting tired of all those terrorist rockets aimed at their kids. Good riddance, Helen~

    America is cursed when we go against Israel and blessed when we support Israel. Ref: “Eye to Eye: Facing the consequences of Dividing Israel” by William Koenig. Pgs. 138-139 It’s historical fact. Can’t argue.

  • http://no agron

    Really i don’t know this helen , and i have not any comment about her face …what i judge basic, is the right of every individual ,people too,or what’s else, to have a state,.. israelis you want, palestians you want…kosovars…etc..and not a reason to face racism for anyone …at the basic rights…for myself i will consider myself a fool ,to be a racist, or to be used…

  • Mick

    i always laugh when a Christian Zionist frets that we will lose the “blessings of Israel”. Since helping them in 1948 we have never won a war,No longer allow prayer or Bibles in schools, Have worthless paper and pot metal coins for currancy.No longer lead the world in any of the ten areas of production that we once did, became the world’s biggest debter nation. Have the worlds biggest trade deficit.Have out sourced all our industries and high tech firms, went from a Christian nation to a secular sodomite one, Have run up an insurmountable 14 trillion dollar national debt, have 11 million illegal aliens living tax free and bankrupting government services. Pornography and abortion once illegal are now multi billion dollar industries. Since 1948 Drug adiction, divorce,and venareal diseases have become epidemic. I think that what we actually have is the “Curse of the Khazars”.Descibed in Rev 1:9 and 2:9.

  • DocGay

    Who cares??? She should have retired many moons ago. Give someone else a chance to have a Job. I guess she wasn’t PC in her comment. But like I said WHO CARES???

  • http://Personal Andrea Taggart

    The greatest words I have heard in a long time. Helen went out
    with a long awaited bang. One thing, Don’t let them come this way.
    The US of America has their overly fair share. Great Britain would
    be a good passage.

    Good luck and God Bless, Helen Thomas.

  • http://??? Kathlyn Houde

    Helen Thomas is a distinguished and intelligent journalist. She represents what women can achieve in journalism, having attained a most distinguished career by being a White House reporter. One couldn’t be given such responsibility unless the qualifications had been well earned. Thus, why should this woman be required to retire for speaking the truth…her truth and that of many, many Americans. I don’t believe most Americans are as informed about the history that has led up to the latest conflict between the Palestineans and Israeli’s. But, we as Americans must reject the cowardly surrender of her superior to the political pundits and, I believe, the White House which Ms. Thomas was never timid to challenge. She was a jewel and deserved greater loyalty and respect.

    Americans have to recognize what the subtext is here, also.

    • s c

      Kathlyn, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and conclude that you’re a libertarian. Most journalists do NOT deserve any benefit of the doubt. They tend to hate objectivity. They tend to love subjectivity. They tend to be OWNED by this newspaper or that TV network.
      As for Helen Thomas, she’s been where she is for far too long. The idea that journalists get where they are because of pre-qualifications and a surplus of talent smacks of the same naive tactic that got us Obummer and his criminal thugs. Did you forget about Obummer’s press secretary and how he ‘got’ the job?
      Let the Israelis hash it out with Helen Thomas. I could be wrong, but I doubt if the Israelis will ever look at that woman as anything better than the Wicked Witch of the Mouth.
      There are more important topics than Helen Thomas. She’s probably being used as another distraction from the antics of the wannabe wizard behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz-style).

  • http://Personal Andrea Taggart

    To: Old White Man – are you still out there?

  • subee

    I think ya’ll are as sick as she is to keep on giving this poor, pathetic, vile woman press.
    Obama will have to pay also. Satan is just heating up Hell a notch or two for these two.

  • toolman

    I hope we never hear from or about the very opinionated anti-semitic prune again. So she is of Arab decent. I always thought God was angry with her for making her wear that ugly face. Now I know where it came from.



  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Santos Rodriguez

    What if a Jew, Christian, or Republican said what Helen Thoams stated in her interview? The “Polically Correct Crowd” would tie them to the stake and let them roast (slowly). The P.C. doo-doo needs to stop!!!

  • Gloria Jimenez Ross

    Apparently she stopped learning contracy to her advice to the young would b journalists – All I can say is that I am glad that my Toto look-alike Cairn has gone to puppy heaven – she would be terrified of “and your little doggie too,” Witch of West.”

  • clay

    I still fail to understand why so many of my fellow Americans defend Israel. What Israel is doing to the Arab people is no different than what the Europeans did to the American Indian… except that while most Americans don’t approve of the Indians’ fate, for some reason when the perpetrators of the crimes are Jewish, that makes it OK.

    For people who have seen footage outside what the American media provides, it’s obvious that there are parallels between the Israeli regime and Hitler’s Nazi party. Except that again, when the Jews are the attackers instead of the victims, then suddenly Americans turn a blind eye. Germans killing Jews = bad; Jews killing Arabs = good. Can we say “double standard”?

    It just goes to show how deeply the American mass media has brainwashed our public. No other country has been fooled so badly with regard to what is occurring in the Middle East. Keep in mind, everyone, that Islamic extremism originated with the founding of Israel, and if it were not for Israel, and the fact that our government supports Israel, there would be no terrorist attacks. If we weren’t funneling money into the Israeli war machine, there wouldn’t have been any 9/11 and we never would have had any problems with the Arab states. Keep that in mind before you jump so quickly to Israel’s defense.

    • s c

      Clay, do you get paid for acting like a Palestinian apologist? You could be accused of using the ‘Georgetown defense’ mentality. Let’s agree that among those who really care about what’s going on, few of us will ever know who’s doing what to whom (or how).
      The Israeli-Arab issue is a world matter. What we see is constantly being re-engineered so we will see what we’re ‘supposed’ to see (media types have no small part in that, including Helen Thomas).
      Puppet masters can’t afford to come out fom behind their curtains. If you give a damn, you might consider the possibility that both the Israelis and the Arabs are being used in an ancient divide and conquer gambit.
      Americans have been used and abused by this diabolical mentality ever since America was founded. Taking sides may be convenient, but it’s not a good idea, especially when every man, woman and child and the entire world are the prizes.
      You seem too pre-occupied with political advantage to take a hard look behind the curtain. Could it be
      that you’re a willing tool of puppet masters who were taught how to play divide and conquer by quasi-religious types?
      Would you rather be a willing pawn or someone who cares enough to see through the masks and the curtains that most perceive as reality? Being pc is no more helpful (or intelligent) than teats on a boar.
      Think about it – if you dare.

      • Stan


        Have you seen many of the videos and picture from the occupation???

        If not, how can you say he is wrong. He’s in the know and you are ignorant (if you have not bothered to research).

        But if you have bothered to research and stay “neutral” then you have no heart.

  • jopa

    A tiny little fabricated little area called Israel is our strongest ally in the Arab world.What strenght do they possess.American money funelled in through banks and congress.Weapons supplied by the US conventional and nuclear.The statement above by Clay he hit the nail right on the head.We should give all the people of Israel a home here in the US like say in Texas.That would be the end of our need to be in Iraq and Afganistan.Enough of this babysitting.

  • Martha

    After reading all the comments it is obvious that most are ignorant of the History of Israel. I have lived long enough on this earth to understand the Bible sayings that those who try to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews, but they will be delivered by Michael the archangel. David foretold of a generation that rebelled against God and the Jewish people. And wars against Christianity. A generation plotting to take God out of our Society. Sound familiar? Also, “For I will take you from among the heathen and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land. Since Abraham the land of Israel has been for Israel. Remember May 14, 1948?

  • James

    Helen Thomas is speaking truth to power. As Christians we are to judge buy the fruits. The Jews occupation of Palestine has brought nothing but sorrow to the rest of the world. And Helen is at least willing to call’em as she has seen’em for the last 40+ years Christians need to admit that there support for “Israel” is nothing more than an apocalyptic fantasy that the end will come and take us out of this hate-filled world of our own creation.

    • Joe

      As a christian james you need to read your bible,this land was given to Israel by God Himself. now i know it’s popular among some christian denomenations to want to attack Israel and remove their support from the jewish country. i fact this and other denomenation won’t nothing to do with israel. for israel to have to defend their position for defending themselves against a hidden agenda concerning this fotilla activist ship,which did have terriost on board is foolish. you need to ask yourself,if you’re looking for true meaning to these things that israel have to put up with daily. who keep provoking these confrontations. and if you’re honest you should see why israel can’t afford to take any chances. the land belongs to the jews,and actually the bible states that even all of labenon is theirs also. awake james and see how the world is coming even stronger with hatred towards the jews. listen to the rhetoric of obama while he’s going around appologizing to muslim countries for this country’s stance on demaracay.

  • db

    Israel did NOT take Palestinian land; there is no such thing as Palestinian land, and never has been. Palestinians are outcasts from other Arabic and other middle-eastern lands. They came to Lebanon (a Christian nation) and then started attacking Lebanon and trying to convert it to Islam. They have expanded down around Israel.

    If you are thinking about the people who were living in the land Israel has occupied for several thousand years when the Israelites came out of Egyptian captivity, then you are talking about people who were squatters during that captivity. They did not initially live on that land; Israel did: when Israel was taken captive, others moved in and squatted on the land; these were the ones thrown out when the Israelites came back.

    When God initially led Abraham there, no one else was living there. The Phoenicians were living way up the coast; they were seafaring and had no interest in moving down there. The Philistines are thought to have actually been from the islands of the Mediterranean such as Crete, and from what is now Greece.

  • Joe

    great job db,i totally agree with you .

  • Josie

    Helen Thomas should not be criticized for her opinion as a private citizen, and an honest opinion of her own. These are her rights, as well as our own. It seems both Isralis and Palistinians got along together well enough, before the politics got involved. Didn’t the U.N. give the land rights to the Isralis in 1917? Why isn’t that decision respected? The U.S. has a big job in cleaning up their own back yard right now, so why do we, as taxpayers have to pay for our Congresses excess spending, and other people’s front yards, too? God does need to come and throw out the money lenders from the Temple, and soon. Japan has asked for unoccupation by the U.S., from their land since the 1950′s, and we refuse to leave them in peace.
    The Chinese built the railroad system clear across this country from coast to coast, and now our government is upset because they will not float their currency and make it cheaper for us to import their products, that we no longer produce. And our country makes us dial “1″ for “Mandarin”?–I don’t think so! We need to set some new priorities for honesty and accountability in this country, or well, if you remember what happened to Rome when it became too complacent, andit can happento us?(Here’s to “-until Daddy takes our T-Bird away.”

  • Martha

    I am sad for the ignorant people who want to take up for the “Other side”. I can still remember ARAFAT and his goons trying to take over Lebanon. They took the Chief Surgeon and his wife and daughter captive. Tied the parents up and raped the daughter in front of them. Afterwards took the daughter outside, tied her to two separate cars and gambled on which was the bigger piece on which car. Yes I have proof but it’s too grafic. Glad that monster ARAFAT is dead. He’s smiling that rat face in HELL. This was typical of those who wouldn’t bend to their “Beliefs”. Now we have Hammas and Hezbollah to take his place. As in the days of old when Moses and the children of Israel were held captive by Egypt, evil is rearing its ugly head again. Thank God for a leader in Israel who is not afraid of protecting Israel. The truth of Gods word will reign. Obama will suffer defeat because of his stance against Israel. Pity Him for his defiance against the word of God.(Rev. Wright, etc.) will also suffer.

  • Matt

    How does a country become a country?

    There are many answers to this question. America is unique because we have a blend of many cultures (whether they get along or not). But not so long ago, a group of brilliant men risked their lives to write the Declaration of Independence to free the American colonies from British rule.

    Therefore, a country is defined by the people who live there and what they follow, but a country is born by two ways: you buy it or you take it (as Machavelian as this may sound).

    Modern-day Israel has done both (technically). They were awarded the land post WW2 through several deals following up between Britian, the UN, and even America’s presence. They TOOK Israel when they successful won the 6 Day War in 1967. They actually won more than just Israel as they also took parts of Egyst too (which they gave back right after). But they kept the historic boundries of Israel for themselves because that is what the victors of war may do.

    And since Israel is a Jewish state, don’t be surprised if Israel is full of one particular people – JEWS. Muslims are not the majority people in Israel, therefore they have no right to Israel. And as for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel has often tried to negotiate with the remaining Palestinians; and each time, the Palestinians will not form a state of government without FULL CONTROL of Jerusalem.

    Next, think about the Muslim world and how they acquired their lands. THEY TOOK THEM. They took Turkey, they took Egyst and North Africa, they took all the lands to border of India THROUGH WAR and by converting people to the Islamic faith. And as they would like to take Israel back, they also want to take India (as the leaders of the Muslim faith preach hate against Hindus and Buddhists – A LOT!) They are also looking to take France and Spain, as those countries are slowly being occupied with vast numbers of Muslims.

    My end thoughts are simple. Stop focusing on the past and look at the present. If Muslims call themselves a tolerant people, why do Islamic clerics preach hate against those who are not of the Muslim faith? Israel is a Jewish country full of Jewish people, even if Muslims live there. Would it be unjustified if the Muslims wanted America to be Muslim simply because a minority of Muslims live here, in a majority Christian country? (Oh wait, that was what 9/11 was about) Palestine lost its lands both terms of politics and war, and the leaders the Palestinians follow are corrupt and lost when it comes to unifying “their” lands.

    So for an Arab named Helen Thomas to say “Go back to Germany and Poland” – Shut up, and mind your own business. You are not Jewish, you are not Palestinian.

  • Martha

    I agree for Helen Thomas to be quiet. To make a long story shorter – The Propaganda War. Romans committed genocide against the Jews, smashed the Temples and declared the Land of Israel no more.It was renamed after the Philistines, who were extinct, by the Romans to add insult to injury to the Jews. Palestine has never existed – before or since as a nation state. It was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic and Christian Crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire and, briefly, by the British after World War I. The British agree to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people as their homeland. Who rejected the idea? The Arabs – they never could allow Jews in the Mideast. There is no language known as Palestinian. No Palestinian culture, no land known as Palestine. Arafat wanted a nation called “Palestine” as in a speech in 1994 “First we create our own state, then we use that state to “liberate” all of Palestine. That’s the goal. It’s always been the goal.” He can’t get over being ousted from Jordan because of terroristic activities. Remember the almost devastating bombs that were discovered by Jordanian police before they could be detonated? That’s why Arafat and his goons were thrown out of Jordan. Every where they go they are trouble.Now there is the “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” freed by Mahmoud Abbas, supporting the families of suicide bombers. The West Bank and Gaza are breeding grounds for terrorists (Hammas and Hizbullah). Now in the U.S. we are seeing events taking place that are becoming Islamic cities with Sharia Law. Make no mistake – these are not “disillusioned youth” – they are sophisticated bomb makers who want to carry out world-wide Jihad yelling “Allah Akbar” when they blow themselves up and others with them. Police are encourage to avoid arrests of Muslims who are openly attacking Christians and anywhere they show up there beliefs are protected against Christianity. Their rights come first and we as Americans are second. We, as a nation, are being threatened everyday and our courts and law enforcement officials are helpless because of who we have in the White House. Pray for our Nation and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. America stands with and for Israel.


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