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Heart Medications May Cause Malabsorption Of Nutrients

September 16, 2010 by  

Heart medications may cause malabsorption of nutrientsWhile modern medicine has yielded many life-saving drugs that are capable of turning conditions that were once life threatening into little more than inconveniences, these medications may also rob the body of vital nutrients.

Heart medications are the main offenders. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a professor of surgery at Columbia University and author of several popular books, recently wrote in the Huffington Post that popular medications that are used to treat high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes cause the body to stop absorbing several key nutrients.

Potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and coenzyme Q10 are all blocked by these drugs. To make matters worse, Oz wrote that these nutrients are not often found in the most popular nutritional supplements. This means that patients who are taking supplements may still be lacking in key nutrients.

He added that individuals who are taking heart medication should consider starting a regimen of nutritional supplements and improved diet.

The impact of this interference may be twofold. Research from Oklahoma State University has shown that the malabsorption of nutrients may also impact the function of medication, leading to multiple problems.

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  • Russ

    This in the article is what happened to my Mom. She was given heart medications by quacks. She went home and took them and only days later she fell out in the floor and wound up back in the hospital. it was only a matter of time before she would die thereafter. They robbed her of potassium
    and magneisum, which led to kidney problems and her congested heart could not keep going, notr pump the water retention due to sodium imbalance due to lack of minerals. Not to mention they have brought all these NON American, non white doctors over here, who cannot speak and do not value life the same way. America is sick to the core and we have no real doctors anymore either…like the old fashioned doctors of old who treated people with a view of overall health first. One exception was a Chinese doctor who did partially noursih my Mother back to health for a year using vitamin and mineral supplements, which is what made her better to begin with. Todays doctors have a procedure of treating humans like robots, all the same with no regard to chemistry differences. A black person is not a white person, nor is a mixed bred person. All require special conditions of their genes. You cannot just prescribe doses of medicine and expect good results. Giving people that polluted O type blood when your blood is A is also a fraud. Of course if we average Americans were given the care of politicians and such, we could all live to be ancient. America is a joke and our health system is a joke, now they want to force us to pay for them to kill us thanks to the dictator Obama and his communist masters. God forbid I ever have an emergency and have to use the quacks, since I know they will kill me if I don’t die first. Sound pessimistic? It’s the facts. My health care is myself, kind of like Bob speaks. My grandfather smoked non filtered cigarettes all his life and died at 81. All of his children who did not smoke died from 10 to 20 years earlier…mostly from eating related illness and running to doctors for everything, believing they are somehow little Gods. If the hospitals would put the truth in numbers of deaths in hospital versus those saved, people would not be so quick to hand their life to doctors. Look at Susanne Summers. I agree with her approach. Chemo kills. We must also get the lying cheating drug industry out of medicine. They are like the Israeli Lobby is to politics in this country, a conflict with truth.
    Right is wrong and wrong is right in this new day and age. Truth is locked up and called names.

    • s c

      Russ, your Mom’s experience with ‘American medicine’ is the norm, rather than the exception. It can be traced back to a single, outrageous flaw in medical schhols. American MDs are taught to IGNORE the effects of nutrient depletion.
      This amounts to a scientist who makes up his own facts because it’s “convenient.” When Big Pharma teases MDs with kickbacks for prescibing certain drugs over others [your patients won't know the difference], patients are caught in the middle. Like it or not, we have to educate ourselves in matters of side-effects and what drug depletes which nutrient(s). Then, and only then, we have a chance to get and stay healthy – REGARDLESS of what MDs try to do to us (in the name of “we know what’s best for you – TRUST us”).

    • Mike In MI

      Russ – We’re terribly sorry for your sads loss and extend condolences.

      Everybody be advised: This sort of travesty will soon become more a norm. But, you won’t hear about it. The servants of the system are guarding the henhouse where the medically caused death and negligence statistics are kept. If you think MDs are all independent, compassionate, ethically bound healers…ask yourselves why “health care” is the fastest growing sector of the economy. Ask yourself why most MDs refuse to recieve the drugs and advice they prescribe you. Were health the outcome of their “care” why do costs grow in double digits?

      When O’BOMB’R’CARE is in force you will be mandated whom you can see, what can be done, at what cost to government. Time is money and it won’t be your money. Who is paying for it will make the decisions. For goodness sake don’t be sick late each fiscal year – allocations might become slim as a year advances. The law is written to contain costs not assure quality.
      If you think politcians are not intimately intertwined in these issues and that your vote for new leadership is not important…well, do yourself a favor. Commit quick and merciful suicide. Thus you avoid an agonizingly painful, exceedingly distressing and degrading medical demise. A decade ago they were reporting about 13% of the carnage actually taking place. Today they say the stats are not so bad, but access to stats and info is controlled because of HIPPAA. This is the AMA’s (the second largest total campaign donor) doing. The FDA needs to be reformed and Congress could do it if current legislators wanted to, but they won’t hazard the loss of BigPharma’s lobbying contributions. Bigharma and FDA and others plan to remove all your access to choices in health decisions. The plan is in place to get rid of natural health systems, nutritional self-care and even home grown foods.

      You will have complete freedom to take what they let you do. So, make sure you are too busy to vote on Nov. 2 like you probably have in the past. But, if you’re a liberal and like social planning they have a plan for you, too.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Mike In Mich,
        I could not disagree with you 100%, but I would be remiss if I agreed with you 100% as well. There are still a few good Dr.s out there but you have to hunt and pay attention to what they say and do. I have a Dr. now that pushes nutritional health as well as medications for what ails you. I am diabetic, high cholesterol, and arthritic. she pushes vitamin D, diet control, weight control, excercise as well as my meds. My blood pressure is 120/80, my D levels are on the high end of normal, my good cholesterol is high, bad Low, had a catheter run on my arteries and they are remarkably clean for a diabetic!! She is definately a good Dr. and in a practice with 7 others, 5 of them males and I wouldn’t see any of them but her!!! I value my health. My wife doesn’t like her mannerisms but she goes to her and so do my girls!!! She is an internal medicine dr. specializing in geriactrics!! I would recommend her to ANYONE!!!

  • edju

    I just got out of the hospital where I had to go because of a heart attack. The solution to my problem was to have angioplasty with and including the insertion of 3 stents. The relief of intense chest pain was immediate. Without the treatment, I would have died, at 72.

    My treatment was overseen by at least 4 doctors who were specialists in different areas. half were accented foreigners. My favorite was a Dr. from Thiland. At 72, I’m no stranger to hospitals. With conviction, born out of experience, I’ll tell you this; I owe my life to “non white” doctors, and regard them to being very dedicated to their patients and their oath.

    Read your post writing for reflection. Do you not see a component of predjudice in it? I honestly believe that is not really you in every day life.

    • Russ

      Well I am glad you made it, but let’s see how long the stents last if you fail to change the diet and don’t get better nutrition support.
      Stents are just little pipes that hold the artery open, it’s not a fix. You need to change the diet or something you are doing to affect a real change in health.
      I think you need to read my post a little more careful too. Since you did not notice, I gave praise to a Chinese doctor. As far as predjudice, yes I am of the opinion that I would like personally a white doctor to operate on me, if he has the same traditions as I.
      Call it what you like, but my point is “this idea of the new world order” where white students of better quality are being denied medical training so that brown people can take over. I understand you are grateful to whoever saves your life, but it just as well could have been a white doctor working in his country. I am tired of the appeasers who fail to reason a point made. I notice you did not address the smoking issue, so I will ask you. Why did my Grandfather outlive all his kids when he was a heavy smoker all his life. He had 5 children, one is still living but has another 11 years to reach his age. I will tell you why, because smoking is no different than anything else that is not good for you. You know things like eating and eating some more and being a couch potato. The government just wanted to collect another 50 million a day into tax coffers. Government doesn’t give a crap about our health, except to work us until we die so they can rape and rob us blind. Hospitals and medicine are just like the person after me posted, told to promote pills and never learn about natural health. Do you know why smoking is a heart risk? I will tell you. it’s because smoking makes your blood sticky and it is easy to clot. When you smoke be sure to take plenty of vitamin C. How about breathing all the toxic chemicals and automobile exaust that we all have all our lives, is that not smoke.
      What about all the hormones and additives in all our food?
      Like I said, good luck with your recovery and I hope you listen to me. Start walking and get you some CO Q10 and Dhea. I think you need both add a little dose of vitamin E. Don’t forget magnesium to keep all that calcium from pluging up your arteries, by flushing it out. And watch drinking the milk. It’s not and doesn’t do a body good. We as children never had milk, whereas our cousins all had plenty of milk. Guess who has brown teeth? Not I. I wish I knew what I know now , but still I have never been to a doctor in my adult life and I am not 53. if I die, then God was ready for me. That’s just the way I look at it because I do everything I can to maintain health. My Mom never listened to me or she would have lived a lot longer. She never drinked or smoked. The government and their experts are full of you know what…..Al Gore was and still is an idiot.

  • edju

    I forgot to comment on the issue of medication. There may be something to the story. The 7 meds I take in the AM may be the cause of my lightheadedness thereafter. A fresh fruit cocktail out of my blender alleviates the “weirdness” feeling somewhat. It’s been just 11 days since my Labor day heart attack, so an appointment for a blood panel (blood work) is about a week away to see how my recovery is going.

    • Russ

      Besides, the government should get out of my business. I don’t need uncle Thiefy telling me what I need. I certainly don’t want Obamacare shoved down my throat. My point is government is full of you know what.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        My step-mom had diabetes, angina, leukemia, and pernicious anemia. She ate eggs almost every day of her life. Drank 3 to 7 cups of coffee every day, ate meats (ham, beef, chicken), potatoes, never smoked, never drank booze, and lived to 97 years old. My father was just shy of his 90th when he died and he smoked for 40 some years. That doesn’t mean that it will happen to all of us!! My father in law watched all of his siblings but 2 out of 13 die before 65 so he used to get uneasy about dieing young especially after heart surgery 22 years ago. He is 90 now and going good for his age!! He’s 90 years young!! There are no steadfast rules where your health is concerned!!

  • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

    The majority of disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and we take drugs that INCREASE these nutritional deficiencies. I am sick of hearing about the millions (billions) spent to find a cure for disease. How about this money being spent to find PREVENTION of these diseases.

    • Russ

      I agree with you. Stop giving the medicine companies 100.00 a bottle and start looking at the real reason for so many new diseases, that I believe have their beginning in race mixing…genes saying what the hell is this. The Natives gave us tobacco and the Europenas gave then VD which wiped out many due to differing immunities. I can be in a house with certain people of different chemistry and will be nauseated.
      It’s the law of our bodies to reject foreign invaders. Race mixing creates a host of new processes. Like the blood issue, the mediacl community has hidden the truth about blood…all is not the same. Now they begin to slowly reveal it. I did studies on blood and I found the information removed afterwards. Africans common blood type was and is O. White folks had A type blood. I was shooting the Eve out of Africa down and I proove it merely by blood. Two O’s cannot produce A offspring. COME ON MEDICAL PEOPLE, back me on this one…you know it’s true. Race mixing was not intended to be. If it was, God would not have made us differently in the first place. That’s not predjudice, it’s just the truth. Black folks have now got A type blood and whites O due to race mixing down through the ages and it’s one of the reasons for so many strange illnesses of genetic origin. Another example of this is that jews have for many centuries married very close, too close in the family and have Tay Sachs in many instances and it is dominant to their culture. If the medical and government community had any common sense they would do the right things, but they always want profit and lies over truth. Just my opinions based on the facts, no offense intended.

  • texastwin827

    Russ, while I am sorry you have lost your mother, MOST doctors, including the “Non White” do care about their patients. That said, it is also the patient’s responsibility (or their family’s if they can’t) to educate themselves about their health issues and any side effects on their medicines.

    On 6/10, I had a heart attack (2 mos before my 65th birthday) and required a stent to be inserted in the artery to the left ventricle (commonly called the “widow maker” because 1 out of 3 will die from a heart attack caused by this artery).

    While I am lucky and no damage was done to my heart, I am fully aware of ALL of the side effects of my meds, so even if my NON-WHITE Cardiologist hadn’t prescribed potassium supplements for me, since I was put on diuretics (in the beginning) for the fluid build up, I would have been aware of the need for them.

    I put myself on CoQ10 supplements a month before my doctor mentioned it, however, his dosage level was 100 mg instead of the 30 mgs that I put myself on. I also learned that heart patients should lower their sodium intake through their diet so I took the necessary steps to lower my sodium intake and enrolled (through medicare) for a few session in Cardiac Rehab so I would know what exercises I should do to get the old ticker back in shape.

    If you nor anyone else took any steps in your mother’s recovery, then the doctor is not the only one who share some blame….including the patient. If that seems unkind, I’m sorry…I am a mother who wants to see my grandchildren group up and maybe, someday, see at least one great grandchild before I die…and I can’t do that if I don’t take an active part in my own health. I am my doctor’s PARTNER, not just his patient.

    • Russ

      I did warn my Mom 30 years prior. The problem was that she was raised on the propaganda as most Americans are, that doctors are little gods.
      When people refuse to listen, there is nothing you can do. Just as i have spoken in this forum on many issues, no one will listen to that either..until later on when I am proven correct and some genuis takes the credit for my thoughts. of course it will have to have government approval first. :)

  • texastwin827

    edju…you aren’t by chance Type II Diabetic and, if so, did they make changes in your meds?

    I was put on glipizide & metformin because it taxes the heart less than the combo meds for Diabetes. I also experienced the light headedness until I realized I wasn’t eating soon enough (or eating enough) after taking my meds. The fact that a fruit smoothie helps alleviate your symptoms, could be because of the carbs.

    Also, after a heart attack, there is a “recovery” period for the heart…even if no damage was done to it. For the first few weeks, all I wanted to do was sleep and thought it was my meds causing it. It wasn’t as I still take the same meds, but am back to a normal day without taking many naps.

    Just a thought…

  • http://n/a CECIL DEBOARD





  • Pat

    I agree that most medical problems are the results of poor diet/lifestyle. I am on BP meds, and after a year of “tweeking,” my BP still wasn’t low enough. I finally told the dr. that I refused to take that Rx anymore. He changed my Rx, and I am on an extremely low dose of something else, and it is working just fine. I am also watching my diet, have lost about 10# in the past year (still lots more to go), and will be changing jobs in the next two weeks. Hopefully, w/ all that said, I can even eventually get off the only Rx that I am taking. My health is otherwise quite good, and I just turned 53 last month. And yes, we DO need to be very active partners in our health care.

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    I would write a comment if I could read the e-mail. The printing is so small I cannot read it. How can I make your printing larger?

  • jerry

    I read the posts, I find them quite interesting! I believe we should all take our health to heart(no pun intended).The system is…Natural bad, Synthetic Good….Square peg in round hole!!!!
    It is all our faults for allowing this to take place. It will change when we have had enough.

    I would like to know if the heart medication Avapro depletes the body of potassium and magnesium, or other minerals and/or nutrients?
    Is there a place/website that I can read up on this?

    Thanks to all, and health for all!!!


    • s c

      Jerry, check out a book called Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, written by Pelton, LaValle, Hawkins and Krinsky. Avapro is also known as Irbesartan.
      It can deplete your body of CoQ10, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. My copy of the Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook is a bit out-of-date, and a new version may be available.
      The authors are pharmacists. Most of the time, I’d put more faith in a pharmacist than an MD. Pharmacists HAVE to know about drugs. MDs ‘go through the motions’ of knowing.

  • Russ

    If doctors prescribe medicine, THEY should educate the patients on the facts and make sure the patient understands such facts. You know like ” Fanny, if you take this pill and you don’t take the magnesium pill with it, you are going to die” Ever notice the commercials on the evening news hour when they promote the pills? Most of them tell of the side affects, such as taking ###### may make your heart stop causing sudden death. If your erection lasts for more than 4 days stop taking and come see us in your casket. :)

  • Russ

    P.S. Medicine is kind of like wars. For instance, if you don’t stop murdering and supporting Israel, Arabs are going to do something terrible, then came the effect of not listening, which was 9/11. 1948 until 2001 America took sides and supplied the enemy of Arabs with tools of murder and support, then came the terrible day. It is the same with health. of course your government is not going to point out the real cause, but pretend it is something else. I suppose in a hypocrite’s mind, murdering 100′s of thousands of Arabs for half a century was nothing compared to the 3000 lost on 9/11. America cannot see anymore and refuses to. It’s the same in medicine, the truth is out there, but it might be predjudiced to speak about it, so instead let millions lose their lives because we fail to tell the truth and look for real answers and admit wrongdoing. We don’t see others pain, we only want to pretend we are America the great. Did I offend you? Sorry it’s my opinions and based on reality. No offense.

  • http://BobLivingstonReports KLM

    Beware of ASA’s (asprin based blood thinners). I was subjected to the same in a double blind study trial for a blood thinner already approved in Europe. I had had a terrible response to coumadin/warfarin. I recived the above as a placebo. After 50 years of shunning NSAIDS, I ended up with a detached retina (fluid leaking on wrong side of retina) and tennitus. MISTAKE: Becomming a guinea pig for pharmaceutical side effects. How about wobenzymN, Nattokinase, and red yeast rice to thin blood and homeopathic and Chinese herb options! After becomming stablized following atrial fibrillation heart failure, I became too trusting. Please learn from this mistake. Marc Darrow PhD., M.D. nails the reality of NSAIDS.

  • http://BobLivingstonReports KLM

    Is there a way to submit a correction to my initial comment. Marc Darrow is M.D.,J.D. (Juris Doctor). For muscular-skeletal issues and Age-Management issues as well, one only hurts self to proscratinate accessing his expertise. KLM

  • Doug Stables

    A great article about heart medications depleting supplements,

    from the body, what about Statin Drugs and the damage they do,

    they effect the immune system,what about the side effects from

    Statins,memory loss, muscle aches and pains to name a few,so then

    anyone taking a Statin without taking a Q10 supplement, is asking

    for trouble, but please be warned, unless the Q10 is fermented,

    you are wasting your time and money as it is probably synthetic,

    so avoid Q10 with fillers binders preservatives etc.


  • http://BobLivingstonReports KLM

    Before entering the world of double-blind studies, these are resources I should have consulted in the L,A, area. They have the insight to guide one thru the world of multiple medical disciplines. Dr. John Yawn, PhD., Dr.Leigh Erin Connealey. Dr. Keith DeOrio. Dr. Marc Darrow, M.D., J.D. I responded too hastily to blood thinnig urgency/stroke connection. Never allow self to be induced into the amorphous world of double blind. Assertions of responsible monitoring of individual requirements are empty. KLM

  • Russ

    In 1977 while in the military I was subjected to a close death by being given the first swine flu vaccine. That shot made me sicker than I have ever been in my life. Anything the government sponsors, I don’t trust, including medical doctors that allow government to tell them how to treat patients. Our whole country has gone to hell in a handbasket. We are all just the subjects of experiments and I will leave my fate in God’s hands. While medicine can and has been a modern marvell and helped many, now it is only a way to make money and to appease people who refuse to attempt to take care of their own health. I know so many people who have popped pills all their life. Until people start to understand that a doctor is just like any other profession and has it’s ignorant along with it’s bright, people will be victims. I have had experiences with professionals all my life that I paid or consulted to do work. In each instance I had to do it myself because their work was incompetent and broke down or did not solve the problem. Remember, a piece of paper does not prove a person is competent. Look at some who supposedly went to harvard and how ignorant they are. Wasn’t it the last President that went to Harvard or one of them so called fine colleges? If that is intelligence, then we are all in great trouble when we trust them with our affairs. it’s the same with the judicial system. I see one crook after another and they don’t want to uphold law or true justice, they want to do what makes them popular or gains more bucks or position. As the receptionist at the airport in “planes, trains and automibiles said to Steve Martin…’re………F####ed!!!!!!!!!

  • http://BobLivingstonReport KLM

    What competent, responsible, oversight prevails at this website: Macro and Micro. KLM

  • Russ

    CAN EVERYONE SAY AMEN!!!! Read this!!! My point exactly.

    Liberals, Remove Your Cultural Blinders
    On July 18, 2010, Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation on CBS, interviewed Attorney General Eric Holder. During the 30 minute interview, Schieffer neglected to ask Holder about the former Department of Justice Attorney J. Christian Adams’ allegation that the DOJ declined to pursue cases involving minority perpetrators and their white victims. Thereafter the journalist appeared on CNN to defend himself, saying he was…..
    by Marsha West


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