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Health Wisdom—Reach for Nutrition!

December 22, 2008 by  

Health Wisdom—Reach for Nutrition!

Want a real gem of health wisdom that few people have ever heard of? Our bodies have a far harder time processing food than we can imagine. Overeating causes impaired metabolism leading to insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and inflammation. How serious is this? The answer is that they are markers for heart disease and cancer.

When food intake is excessive (not necessarily a glutton), particularly foods with a lot of empty calories which we call nonfoods, there is tremendous metabolic stress.

Studies where rats are restricted in their calorie intake but not in their nutrient intake have repeatedly shown that these animals live up to 40 percent longer than rats allowed to eat as usual or all they wanted.

And not only do these calorie-restricted rats live longer, they also live better. That is, they are protected from developing the usual diseases of aging such as arthritis, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

They also look great with thick, shiny coats, full sets of whiskers and shiny eyes. On top of this, they run through mazes as well as much younger rats. The same result was achieved with a variety of test animals.

Less food and more nutrition! This means to leave off the empty nonfood calories because this is what we eat the most of and this is exactly what is destroying our health.

The problem is most people don’t know the difference in nonfood or empty food calories and nutrition. They think that they are the same. Food is food, right? No, this perception is far from being right!

It’s called full-belly starvation. We eat, we feel full and even satisfied, but we are slowly starving. Most all the illness today is a manifestation or the end result of slow starvation, meaning too many calories and little or not enough nutrition. Our hunger mechanism gets fooled just the same as our thirst mechanism breaks down and we unknowingly dehydrate. So most people are malnourished as well as dehydrated.

There was a food shortage in Germany after World War I so they added sawdust to their food. At first they added a very small percent. Then they gradually increased until the people became malnourished and sick. All the time they had full bellies. They did not feel hungry.

When a person eats a fast food hamburger, most of that hamburger is a nonfood or calories only. The bread is bleached flour and the meat is full of antibiotics and growth hormones. They have sold billions because they taste good to many people.

Let me give you an example: We eat about a thimble full of nutrition a day and at least a quart or two of just empty calories. It’s the calories that cause disease and aging.

Believe me—our bodies will adjust on much less food, especially if we drink the required amount of water.

Some of the best human evidence of the calorie-reduction concept sprang from the Biosphere II experiments. Here eight men and women lived in a self-sustaining enclosed environment in the Arizona desert for two years—growing or raising all their own food, producing their own oxygen, making their own water and processing their own waste. Because the amount of food they could produce was limited, they ended up on a calorie-restricted diet.

After the two years were up, the men had lost about 18 percent of their body weight; the women had lost 10 percent. And every measurable variable (body fat, blood pressure, exercise capacity, oxygen consumption, blood sugar levels, cholesterols, cortisol levels, white blood counts and so on) showed by every measurable parameter that these people had become healthier and substantially “younger” than when they entered the environment two years earlier.

The reason for this? By consuming fewer calories, they experienced a much lower level of oxidative stress.

This is all too convincing to ignore. I assume that our readers know the difference in nonfood calories and nutrition. Sounds like this would solve any diet or health problem.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Sharon Carroll

    I am so very glad to FINALLY see a lot more people stepping up and educating the public on our food supply and consumption of “non-food” products. I started learning about and studying alternative medicine and therapies as a result of always getting strep throat or the flu when I was younger; and suffering from ance which I dealt with as late as my early thirties. I realized a long time ago that doctors where often times making health situations worst and definitly not helping. I am not a doctor nor do I have a degree, but I’ve spent years reading, learning, taking worshops, and anything to learn how to take back control over my health. I’m not perfect by any means, but I definitely can say that there is a difference in how I look and feel being 49 and others I know who are the same age or younger.

    There is so much to be learned about our bodies and the real fuel that is required and needed to thrive. I personally believe that we are not advanced any further than we are as a people, because of our diets and the lack of respect we have for our bodies, for the earth and the abundance of resources given to us naturally.

    What we face now is a generation of children, some who are already dealing with health issues, who will be facing disease and illness unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The day will come when we could actually see 2 and 3 generations of family members die from the same diseases in the same decade! All attributed to the lack of education, greed and the willingness to take better care of our bodies from the inside as we do on the outside; and in many cases our personal possessions like cars!

    Our children are the ones who are in serious trouble and they don’t even know it. They are depending on us adults to educate them and to nourish them. They trust what we feed them and we are seriously letting them down! It’s disgraceful and this is nothing short of CHILD ABUSE! We have a nation of people who should be arrested with what they feed to their kids! Yes, lack of education on the part of some, but for most, it’s just simply a lack of discipline and they do not want to partake. They want the junk, so they feed it to their kids!

    WAKE UP AMERICA! Or you might be arranging a funeral for your children. Then who will you depend on in the last years of your life?

  • Joyce

    I don’t think everyone knows what is non-food calories and nutrition. Can you explain further what the difference is. I for one would like to decrease my non-food calories and increase my nutrition.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John Aiken

      Same question. : what is non-food calories and nutrition.Could you explain the difference? I would like to decrease my non-food calories and increase my nutrition. Hard for me to get too much exercise, being disabled, so it’s very important for me. Thanks John Aiken

  • Marie Saqueton

    It will be a good idea if our public schools would really have a subject in nutrition and how to take care of our bodies, instead of the non usable subjects that are obsolete.
    It will also educate them on how drugs, alcohol and smoking affect our bodies.

  • ihtesham kazi

    I crossed 60, and ready for a retirement. At this moment of life span I realized that I am over weight. Went to a health center and the dietrician gave me a diet chart after taking some standard tests. In four months I got a reasonable control of the body, but at the same time within a month I started to lose weight drastically and lost all appetite. It was very alarming and I went to the same health center, and they asked me to have a through check up. I went to a good hospital, and they found out lymphoma. I had a course of six chemoherapy for three months, and I am ok, and regained my appetite and normal weight. I still wonder what was the reason of the lymphoma to be dormant so long, and flared up as soon as I strated to take control of my body weight ! Do any body has an answer ?

  • proculo B Blando

    proculo b blando.december 23.2008 I am 76 years old, had adouble by-pass, had ortho-arthrities, had psoriacies and then some. had my by-pass aug l983.. My wife died of cancer of the breast.She was a Doctor too, but did not help any. Dr said that it is incurable.That was in 1985 died in 1991. CAREFULL of what you Eat. The desease is already in the body. The things that you ingest are the one that trigers the problem.Go to the web site and click on Dr. Blaylock Wellness Report subscribe its free. and then will tell you all about all the things you want to know, then it will cost you only $4.00 a month. All the info you get, is well worth it.

  • DJ

    Ok, is there a list of “Non-Foods” around??? I would like to check into this….Thanks!

  • Rev Reggie Jackson

    Yes because of the bad genetically engineered food that we are eating and because the new world order globalist want us to die off like lab rats; we have to be careful what we eat!! For the food that we are eating is very unhealthy in the last 20 years and it is because they want to decrease our population. So the way to avoid our early demise is to eat right and healthy because most of us are obese. As I have sat in my car at the Post Office and counted that about 6 out of 10 people that randomly used that particular Post Office are over-weight !! Lets love God and get healthy!

  • Rev Reggie Jackson

    We all don’t want to be as fat as Santa Clause!! Merry Christmas!! And yes Bob; we have to continue to fight for our freedom and maintain it and love God which will reap great results for the coming economic chaos that they say will be worse and worse into the next year. So we have to pray more and fast more and call on the Name of the Lord!

  • http://n/a Martha WMS

    It is great to have someone truly concerned about the health of our citizens. Every-
    thing that the public seems to be able to get their hands on to raise their own food
    seemingly has been modified, even the seeds. Seeds of some plants do not
    re-produce the next year, or their are no mature seeds from the crop.

    Is there a company that sales true seeds anymore? If so, how can we get in contact
    with them?

    Thanks for the life saving information that you share!

  • http://n/a Martha WMS

    It is great to have someone truly concerned about the health of our citizens. Every-
    thing that the public seems to be able to get their hands on to raise their own food
    seemingly has been modified, even the seeds. Seeds of some plants do not
    re-produce the next year, or their are no mature seeds from the crop.

    Is there a company that sales true seeds anymore? If so, how can we get in contact
    with them?

    Thanks for the life saving information that you share!

  • Raymond Hartmann

    the Food Industry in the US in particular is criminal to say the least. There are chemicals in everything (almost) that is on the shelves in the market. there is High fructose Corn syrup in juices, cereals, and you name it. HFCS is 5 times worse than sugar. Big Corp (pharma, ag, oil, finance, etc.) has a lock on our congress and on the FDA the current head of FDA was pres of giant food conglomerate). This situation has all become possible because of the Federal Income Tax system which has provided the springboard for the transfer of wealth and power via the tax lobbyists. BIG CORP has a stranglehold on congress and the agencies that are funded and run under the auspices of government. the system stiffles innovation and progress (of the beneficial kind) until they control and own it and on their time frame (glacial speed). America — please wake up and smell the toxins. We need the ‘Fair Tax Bill HR25 (a federal consumption tax and elimination of the IRS and the Income tax with the payroll tax withholding). Bring back true FREE ENTERPRISE and eliminate Capitalistic Imperialism which is destroying our economy and our manufacturing industry.


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