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Has World War III Begun?

February 10, 2012 by  

Has World War III Begun?

A “Libya-styled” NATO attack on Syria grows closer by the day. Already, British and French Special Forces are on the ground in Syria providing logistical support to the opposition. And U.S. commanders are making plans for military action there.

Fighters from the NATO-backed al-Qaida opposition group that just fought in Libya — and once fought American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq — are being airlifted into Syria as I write and are fighting with the opposition forces in Syria.

Iran is now sending fighters and material into Syria to support the Bashar Assad regime. Russia and China support Syria and Iran and are opposing NATO intervention.

Syria is about to develop into a proxy war between the West and Iran. What explodes from there is anybody’s guess.

There are unpleasant certainties. The regime of President Barack Obama will benefit from war with Syria, Iran and, if it comes, Russia and China. American jingoism will push his approval numbers up in the short term and possibly hold through the election. The military-industrial complex and the banksters pushing for the New World Order will also benefit.

The American people, however, will suffer. U.S. troops will again be used as cannon fodder, the U.S. deficit will balloon and the people will be further impoverished. The authoritarians will find new excuses to steal our liberty. The military-industrial complex will grow more powerful. Banksters’ coffers will fill.

Governments love war because it masks its debasing of the currency. War is used to stave off collapse; money printing and increasingly confiscatory taxes can be implemented in the name of war. Karl Marx long ago suggested that capitalist economies escape from their “internal contradictions” by going to war.


Update: Fox News has cancelled Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show.

Contact Fox News at:

Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President
Media Relations
Phone: 212-301-3608
Fax: 212-819-0816

Be respectful but be sure to convey your outrage at this matter, and state that you and many others will boycott the network if the show is taken off the air.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • mynpv

    Hey bob, seems to me that both parties like war as a masked currency expansion model. Or is it our central banking system that likes to get the interest flowing agsain?

    • Acushla

      Al Qaeda is also fighting against Assad. Does the EU and UN really want to join them?

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    We better stay the hell out of there.

    • Mary

      Exactly. Things are going to get worse everywhere. We have more that we can handle here.

    • Flashy

      Wow…you guys are supprting endangering our national security for what?

      Let’s see…criticize having the military prepared, let Iran keep the Syrian hezbollah/Hamas pipeline going, prevent Iran from being totally isolated in the Arab world, destabilize Turkey (benefits Russia), cede world leadership and allow a butcher to remain butchering, and on and on.

      Is there any national interest you guys have which is placed above that of hating this president and opposing at any cost anyting he does? Is that hatred, irrational as it is, so strong that you’d let this nation be endangered and our future laced at risk?

      • TML

        Our national security is more threatened by getting involved in the internal affairs of Syria. If you think that supporting NATO who is backing al-Qaida to fight against the ‘butcher’ regime in Syria is in the best interest of the United States, I would think you are sadly misguided. The new would-be regime to replace Assad may well be worse… such as a theocracy government.

        • skip


          • TML


            In reverse of your own… I have no doubt.

        • Flashy

          1. What “al Qaeda’ forces are at work against Assad?
          2. What type of regime would be worse for Israel and the US than Assad?
          3. Do you really support Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas…because that who stands to gain with an Assad regime.

          • TML

            “1. What “al Qaeda’ forces are at work against Assad?”

            I’m not sure; at this time, I personally can not quantify the claim made in the article saying, “Fighters from the NATO-backed al-Qaida opposition group that just fought in Libya — and once fought American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq — are being airlifted into Syria as I write and are fighting with the opposition forces in Syria.”

            “2. What type of regime would be worse for Israel and the US than Assad?”

            While I’m not about to get into an argument over what is consider subjectively “worse” from one type of ‘regime’ to another, I would ask that you consider the history of Iran, when the United States over-threw Iranian Democracy to install a despotic dictator friendly to the U.S. for merely intrinsic reasons, which, obviously, can back to bit us in the azz. I would ask to consider how the United States helped Osama Bin Laden gain power, trained al-Qaida, and armed them to once fight against Russia. I would ask you to consider how we helped Saddam Hussein gain weapons of mass destruction by supporting him in the nearly decade long Iraq/Iran war. None of these alliances, and meddling in the internal affairs, served no benefit to the United States and has ultimately made things worse for ourselves.

            “3. Do you really support Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas…because that who stands to gain with an Assad regime.”

            Absolution is a logical fallacy. Supporting non-intervention in the internal affairs of Syria does not, by default, constitute support of ‘Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas’.

          • Flashy

            TML..wellt hought out. Thank you for the thoughts.

            ““2. What type of regime would be worse for Israel and the US than Assad?”

            While I’m not about to get into an argument over what is consider subjectively “worse” from one type of ‘regime’ to another, I would ask that you consider the history of Iran,…’

            Yes…but when one has a regime such as Assad, it is difficult to imagine one that would be worse.

            As to the last…Syria is Iran’s direct pipeline to Hamas and hezbollah. Without Syria, those two terrorist organizations are gonna be in a world of hurt soon. Iran is isolated in the Arab world except for Assad.

            Thus, letting Assad stay in power aids iranian interests and those of Hamas and Hezbollah.

          • Bob Livingston
          • Flashy

            Mr. Livingston. Thank you for those links. I read them and did not see any reference to NATO backed Al Qaeda forces.

            I did read “Analysts say there is little proof – at least for now – that suggests that Al Qaeda, or its militant affiliates, are seeking to play an active role in the Syrian uprising.”

            Thank you.

          • Bob Livingston
          • TML

            “As to the last…Syria is Iran’s direct pipeline to Hamas and hezbollah. Without Syria, those two terrorist organizations are gonna be in a world of hurt soon. Iran is isolated in the Arab world except for Assad.

            While I’m sure that an argument could be made against the idea of these groups being labeled ‘terrorist’, since, for example, Hezbolla (Shi’a) was founded in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and Hamas (Sunni) was founded to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation (meddling, albeit by Israel, that once again back-fired)… I will suffice to say, I clearly do not share your fears. I do not subscribe to the folly of a war on a tactic (terrorism).

            Hezbolla and Hamas seem to be directly founded by revolutionaries and liberators. So I feel that supporting the revolutionaries in Syria by over-throwing a foreign government for their accused support of “terrorist” organizations which spawned from revolutionaries, is a rather self-defeating policy of hypocrisy that could shoot yourself in the foot, as history has shown can, and does, always happen.

            “Thus, letting Assad stay in power aids iranian interests and those of Hamas and Hezbollah.”

            This line of thinking is like saying, “If you’re not with us, you are against us”. Again, refusal to intervene in the internal affairs does not equate to “letting” Assad stay in power. It is merely a refusal to assist the revolutionaries in the over-throw of a regime. If it is truly deemed of vital national security interest to remove Assad from power for the reasons you claim, then why not declare war and take care of business, instead of arming militant groups which may or may not be your friend once everything is said and done?

          • Flashy

            Mr. Livingston:

            Just to be certain I have the correct William Tarpley whom you cite as authority for NATO supported al Qaeda troops being flown into Syria as part of the anti-Assad movement. Is he the one who claims 9/11 was a rogue military operation and once ran as president under the Lyndon laRouche flag?

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Flashy,

            I am quite certain you know the answer to your question. So what is your point?

            Best wishes,

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Flashy,

            And actually, I don’t believe Tarpley says it was a rogue military operation. I believe he says it was rogue NGO operation.

            Best wishes,

          • APN

            Flashy, may I suggest this:

            Let’s open up all domestic avenues of oil production, gas production, Nuclear energy production, solar, wind, etc etc and let those middel east jackasses in the sand kill each other off, completely!

            The civilized world would be much better off!

      • Joe H.

        i don’t think anyone here is against having our military prepared for any circumstance. What they ARE against is the leaders goading everybody in the world to attack the US, getting involved in every little backwater countrys affairs, and setting the americans up for bloodshed around every corner. You want to invest your son or daughter in the money grubbing war machine, then by all means, have at it. y family has been represented in every conflict since the founding of this country. I think it’s time to pass on a generation.

        • Flashy

          Joe…I agree with uch of what you state. And had ground troops been introduced in Libya, i would have been amongts those screaming (i do not include a limited number of Special Forces in the term ‘ground troops”)

          There are times, however, using military options are necessitated by events. Right now, options are being studied and plans prepared. A wise move to be ready just in case (in my view).

          I actually support reinstating the draft to get the American public more in tune with the use of ground troops. Upon HS grad., two years either in the military or a CCC type structure.

          • Bono

            Great! Reinstituting the draft would make for better more mature human beings in their perspectives of the beneifits and supreme needs for wars when your children are called upon in supreme sacrifice.

          • Joe H.

            don’t forget half of the MIAs in Nam were pilots! Pilots can die also!! Or do you value Ground troops higher than pilots?? ALL ARE AMERICAN!

      • Marten, Canadian Libertarian

        Hi Flashy, please go back to sleep and dont forget your meds…..

        • Opal the Gem

          Yeah, Flushy forgot to take his Hemlock.

      • Old Henry

        Flashy ole boy, our national security has very little, if anything, to do with Syria, Iran, Iraq.

        It is waaay past time that this country gets it nose OUT of everybody’s business and start taking care of our own problems.

        If the DC Scammers are soooo concerned about our national security THEY CAN SHUT DOWN THE SOUTHERN BORDER.

      • texastwin827

        Flashy, you can’t be seriously saying that we should get involved in another “war”. If so, apparently you aren’t, nor will you be, the one fighting it! The two wars we have had going on, for the past 10 yrs have about bankrupted this country!

        We are NOT the world’s policeman. There are many other nations fully capable of carrying on military intervention tactics and they are a lot closer than our military is. It’s their turn!

        • Donald

          Your are absolutely right. A Ron Paul foreign policy would help us stay out of foreign entanglements as George Washington advised.

        • Flashy

          You would rather let Iran go unchecked? You prefer that scenario? Turkey destabilized and driven into the Russian camp? You like that idea? Hamas and Hezbollah strenthened? That’s your idea of a welcome end game?

          I don’t believe i stated I was in favor of another war. But I did state that it would be foolish not to prepare for one. Those who scream about Obama not doing anything to thwart iran’s nuclear ambitions should look atn what is happening. Masterfully, the US has placed Iran in a very very tight situation. Without crisis, without armed intervention, without economic disruption (i.e. oil crisis). If one gives a little bit more credit, one could say the Libyan affair was part of the game played…for it opened up the Libyan oil fields and left Iran even more isolated and not needed.

          The article has tried t paint the US and NATO inolvement against a butchering despot as a bad thing. I say we should be standing and applauding the way this is being played out, the way it’s been handled to date, and the position we are in.

          • Mark in LA

            Falsy, are your Obama wet dreams so delusional that you think we have contained Iran. We have done nothing of the sort. We can’t contain Iran. Only they can contain themselves. If they want to build a bomb they will and there is nothing short of a massive nuclear strike or invasion the US or Israel can do about it.It’s time for the US and its ignorant masses to face the truth about the limits of our power.

            You are just as bad as the neocons, you support a stupid war if your guy does the bandstanding. Iran or Syria is no threat to us.

  • John Carey

    Obama’s plan is to intervene, overthrow, and turn Syria into a radical Muslim state–under the control of Iran. We have a puppet leader with an agenda to destroy our country.

    • skip

      You spout nonsense. But what is tragic the Republicans are spending their energy and whatever waning brain power they have ranting about contraception and the like as the MIddle East is about to go up in flames and engulf the world in the process. These guys are so far off the track of where the world is it is shameful.

      By the way, we now know that George Romney, WIllard Mitt’s father, was born in Mexico because his (George’s) father fled there as a polygamist, yet George ran for President with no one objecting to his foreign birth. Where does that fit in the birthers’ analysis of who was born where?

      • Joe H.

        mitt Romney was born to TWO american citizens in the country of the United States of America!! his father was governor of MICHIGAN!! Get with the class!!

      • independant thinker

        “…..yet George ran for President with no one objecting to his foreign birth.”

        I think I remember reading (although not positive)that his eligibility was questioned and it was determined that he was born to American citizens and therefore considered eligible to run.

      • Donald

        He was born in the U.S.of A. End of discussion. I am no fan of his, but this argument is just ridiculous.

      • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

        If you only grasp the true effort behind the REP.s and the contraceptive crap it,is Obummers attempt to push his med bill further and further without congressional approval. if he can keep getting away with that kind of unlawful and unwanted burdens on to us with no resistance he’s the winner. Those republicans had better get in with both feet and kick hell out of every thing obummer slings at them or they are not doing thier job.

    • Mark in LA

      Isn’t the leadership of Syria Bathists who tend to put religion into a lower tier? I believe they are also Shia which is why Iran supports them. The majority is Sunni. Therefore, the overthrow of Assad will probably lead to Muslim Brotherhood Sunni backed regime not alligned with Iran but having stronger ties to Sunni Arab Al-Qaeda.

  • Alan

    One can only hope that your wrong about this war leading up to world war three. Because if this is the case then we shall not be bothered about anything because we would all surely perish. Especially if Russia is involved.

    A concerned Scot.

    • Patriot Missle

      Hey Alan,
      PERISH!!!? Come on!! Do you not live in America? Americans will not perish. If you know your history, remember when AMERICANS drove out the British in the first American revolution? When General Washington crossed the Delaware to defeat the British which from there the war took a turn for the better? We are Americans & we will not allow our freedom to perish……..GOT IT?? As our ancesters did in the past, you too must do in the present.

      • skip

        Too bad, Patriot Missle – you’ve missed or ignored a lot of recent history. We are or at least were a great nation, but we do not have the moral stance as the savior of the world or of ourselves. We have become arrogant and poorly educated at the same time, which will doom us if we don’t shake off those fatal flaws.

        • home boy

          you have also not come to grips with who is really in control of the world. that would be satan , the great deceiver. 1john 5;19

          • Donald

            Really! How did God get shoved aside? Be specific in your response.

        • Patriot Missle

          My God Skip………I know exactly what is going on today, and part of the problem which you point out is due in great part because of people like you who easily give up. It’s no wonder “Barry” is slowly nudging his way to a dictatorial regime when you have people like you sticking their head in the sand & telling others how the real world is currently doing. You better wake the hell up or you will find yourself under “Barry’s” thumb sooner than you think.

      • Mark in LA

        Maybe you were busy listening to one of Reagan’s speeches when he thought that a “limited” nuclear war could be fought and forgot that later on somebody plugged a new memory chip into his head and he realized how stupid an idea that was.

        The Cuban missile crisis taught both sides one thing that, hopefully, has not been forgotten. That is, a direct confrontation between the US and Russia can quickly spiral out of control where the first guy to the button is the only guy with a chance of winning. We would be stupid to put ourselves in that position over Iran or Syria.

        Any braying about what happened 200 years ago is meaningless when talking about thousands of nuclear warheads on a hair trigger.

        • Mark in LA

          The post was meant for Patriot Missile.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    The Dems have used the war leverage in elections as far back as I can remember. That has been longer than most on this report.

    • Donald

      Are you saying both Presidents Bush didn’t do this?

  • Jim Osborn

    This is very true and to carry out this war you will have to have a draft. Stand by you bleeding heart liberals your kids are next to get called and not VOLUNTEER.

    • Joe H.

      Jim O.,
      yup and I wonder what the poor progs will do THIS time. Canada has already said they will NEVER take our war dodgers again!! Gee, I guess they will have to stand by their convictions like Cassius Clay did and go to PRISON!!! I respect him for THAT if nothing else!

  • pete0097

    This is a typical democrat move. Due to his stubborness, and belief in diplomacy, FDR got us into WWII – he wouldn’t let Japan have our oil, he couldn’t persuade Hitler to only attack to the east and take out Russia. Truman got us into Korea and Vietnam by letting the communists cut up those 2 countries. Kennedy and LBJ increased our troops in Vietnam, Clinton shot cruise missiles at Afghanistan. They all talk peace, but due to that, they get us into war. George and George Bush did their war under duress – Gulf war I was pushed by the UN and gulf war II was pushed by al Quaida and were against evil dictators..

    • Patriot Missle

      Woodrow Wilson got us into WWI in the same way, but he lied to get reelected………then he took us to war.

    • eddie47d

      Woodrow Wilson was definitely a NWO type who played both sides of the fence. Yet when it comes to the Middle East wars the Republicans don’t get any free pass on those conflicts. al Qaida was no where to be found in either Iraq War and both wars were egged on by their own NWO handlers.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        There were training camps run by al-Qaida in northern Iraq in 1997. The number 2 man was receiving medical attention from injuries suffered in Afghanistan when we invaded. He was then killed. As usual, you never have your facts straight. You just keep spouting totalitarian socialist propaganda.

      • Larry Castle

        Really Eddie you could have fooled me, when I was over there the Al Qaeda troops were all over the place, about 1 out of 3 killed held Al Qaeda ID’s on them.
        What part of Iraq were you in.

        • Angel Wannabe

          NIceeee Larry Castle_ and Thank You for your Service!

        • texastwin827

          Thanks for your service Larry.

        • Joe H.

          Larry Castle,
          first off let me thank you for your service! Second, the only uniform eddie wore was the boyscouts and he dropped out of them cause he said they were too violent!!!

          • Joe H.

            Gee, I forgot the other reason he dropped out. he was mad that his “Other” Daddy couldn’t be troop leader!!!

    • Donald

      Aw Gee, the poor Bushes were forced into war! Imagine that! When is your new history book coming out?

      • Joe H.

        He may have not been forced into it, but Congress didn’t fight against it….till it started to make them look bad. of course! Then it was “I was against it before I was for it!” Adumberer didn’t even contact congress before going into libya!!! As I’ve said before, Bush was a total azzhole, but Adumberer is Bush on steroids!!

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    The Establishment LOVES War for two reasons:

    1.) It is VERY PROFITABLE with virtually no cost to them, either in Money or their lives-They or their friends or families NEVER go to REAL war at the “frontlines” and 2.) It is DISTRACTING from economic problems caused by those same Establishment parasites, mainly by creating military JOBS and national FERVOR…albeit misguided fervor and illusionary jobs!!!

    • former walmart person

      Exactly, war is the ultimate evil. It is waged by those who have everything to gain and nothing to lose and fought by those who have everything to lose and nothing to gain. If only the military forces of the planet did indeed question orders… Our military has all the courage in the world to risk death in combat via any number of thousands of manners, but no courage to risk death or imrpisonment from the establishment. It seems the establishment is a more terrifying enemy than hundreds of charging rifle men with bayonets…

    • Joe H.

      Yup it’s profitable, but costly as well. the cost to get the profit is the investment of your sons and daughters!! too high a cost if you ask me, unless we are directly attacked!! Then we go in, kick their azz permanently and get the hell OUT! No Damn nation rebuilding and no investment in the country we just DEFEATED!

  • RivahMitch

    What is our American interest in Syria? Guess the Kenyan Fascist just has to continue to expand the coming caliphate as it did in Egypt and Libya. Remember his campaign promise to “stand with my muslim brothers’? the entire population of Syria is not worth one American life or dollar.

    • Jim

      True, and all we have to do is support Isreal and they will take care of there hostile neighbors.

      • skip

        Believe that and we and the rest of the world are goners. There is one nuclear power in the Middle East – who is it?

        • Joe H.

          Syria, Egypt, Isreal and India! All nuke powers!

          • Joe H.

            Oh, and Pakistan!

        • eddie47d

          Egypt has no nuclear weapons and Syria doesn’t either. Syria did have a nuclear power plant at one time. India and Pakistan do have nukes but are considered a part of the Far East not the Middle East. Israel does have 330 nukes.

          • Joe H.

            Yes eddie you are right, but they DO have all kinds of Chemical weapons and will not sign the chemical war treaty!! What’s the difference if they die one horrible death or another???

      • http://Bobs David

        Jim I could not agree more! They can take care of themselves !

  • Gary Alwine

    I enjoy your articles very much. In this article, “Has World War lll Begun,” I do have to question some of the logic. First, I cannot possibly see how President Obama’s administration will benefit from another war, especially with China and Russia. In this particular senario the USA would certainly feel the effect of war first hand. No President is going to gain points from that. This would not be a Twin Tower situation, as bad and horrific that was, but exponentially worse.

    Secondly, China will not enter the conflict directly. Why would they? This is not Korea or Taiwan. They will wait their time, which seems to be on their side.
    I have more concern with Russia, but even so, they have not ventured into direct combat on a large scale against the USA “ever” !Proxy war, yes, but not direct.
    Thirdly,Iran will not get involved directly either, they simply cannot match the United States and will not risk their regime.

    After all is said and done, one could point out that World War l started from an incident and exploded into a chain reaction that ignited the catastrophic event.

    Still, I don’t see the USA, China, Russia, or Iran taking a direct hands on approach to this conflict. Nor do I see President Obama wanting to enter that quagmire for any reasons.

    • Flashy

      Iran needs Syria. Almost desparately. iran is isoltaed in the Arab world with the exception of Assad. Their “allies’ Hezbollah and Hamas depend on the pipeline from Syria for Iranian support. Without that direct pipeline, they’d be severely crippled in supplies. Syria affords some outlet for il and a chance for foreign currency. With it’s scientists meeting with “accidents”, the computres hacked at the nuke facility, trade almost at a standstill, and oil going no where, and Israeli jets on the runway. Iran is between a rock and a hard place.

      Ironic since for the past few years the Whacked Right has accused Pres. Obama of doing nothing on Iran. Seems to me it has been masterfully performed in nailing Iran’s hide to the wall. Isolated geographically, scientifically, diplomatically, economically, and access routes being closed. Ya wonder if the claims of the whacked are true eh?

      Turkey in danger of destabilization on the north, and a NATO ally. We should let Russia claim that prize? China needs oil (hmmmmm..see what ahppens when a country becomes oil dependent? they seem to have to become embroiled in international crisises and dangers. Think about that when the next alternative energy bill comes for discussion)

      And we should be preparing for any eventuality. Bush/Cheney showed us on 9/11 what occurs when we don’t.

      • Thor

        Astute observations all, Flashy, with one exception (maybe two). First, I may be wrong but you seem to give entirely too much credit to the Obama Administration–led presumably by a man whose name few people even knew four years ago. It takes years to set such circumstances into motion and every administration does its part irregardless of party. Bush/Cheney put the armies in place that surround Iran. Its that ‘evil industrial complex and all those Satanic bankers’ who plot through the years and decades to bring such things to fruition. If you will notice, it is always they who suffer the least.

        Secondly, I take exception to your use of the phrase ‘whacked right’ as a disparaging euphemism. They are ‘whacked’ of course, but that is a direct result of decades of attempting compromise with liberal progressive loons…so, what does that make the loons?

        • Flashy

          Iran would not be a danger had Sammy still been playing in the game. There is no conceivable way Sammy Hussein would have allowed Iran to build a nuke processing plant. however, you make a good point. Manuevering takes time. in the three years he’s been in office, Obama has been blamed for letting Iran build a nuke…yet today Iran is in trouble on all fronts. Such is not by accident. And yet today we have the whacked Right screaming because we do have Iran in a bind, we do have the backing of Hezbollah and Hamas about to fall. We do have a say in the region again.

          Same with the situation with the Arab World. Despotic regimes with pressure being built up and anti US sentiment driving opposition forces because we did nothing…are now gone. Egypt, Tunisia, libya, Yemen is going down, Syria, and the list goes on. Without loss of US life. Yes…there may be extremists taking their place…maybe. But there were extremists in power beforehand. Can anyone with a right mnd say Muammar was a good guy? At the very least, we mixed it up and now have a shot at manuevering something better into place. At the worst, it will be the same as it was in some of those countries.

          So, in true fashion, the whacked Right scream about our security being enhanced, our position bettered. Because they are so ‘patriotic”, they will oppose anything which this President does which is good for America. So we have the follow up question, if they are so “patriotic”, to whom is that allegiance placed?

          I state Whacked Right to differentiate from the Right. William Buckley was Right, Joseph Scaraborough is Right. And there are some others who are keeping a low profile while the whacked strut their stuff into political suicide. Hopefully before they realize their wet dream of destroying this nation.

          And i will say there are the Lunatics on the Left. I’m a Moderate myself. A Scoop Jackson Moderate.

          • Joe H.

            How Ironic! It was BAD that we took out Saddam because he was a bad man, but you almost cheer for Adumberer taking out Mummar for the same reason??? You @%^&%^&@@&!

          • Flashy

            Actually, we had Sammy pretty well bottled up before Bush/Cheney decided to enrich their cronies with a war. Had there been the same type of popular uprising against Sammy as there was in Libya against Muammar, I probably would have a different opinion. Especially if we could have ousted Sammy without the loss of Amercian lives as what happened in Libya.

            We did not go into iraq under pretenses of “freedom” for the People. That was conjured up when they couldn’t fake up any WMDs. We went in to control territory and enrich the cronies of the crooked Bush/Cheney admin.

          • Angel Wannabe

            JoeH, They parrot lefty politics, provide links to “Their” trusted sources as if its all true, but the facts still remain, “ya can’t fix stoopid!”__ we are miles apart on what works, with these progs!

          • Donald

            Moderate! the present day Neo-Con warmongers nearly all started out working for Scoop Jackson, although even he might be appalled at their belligerence,

          • Vigilant

            Flashy says, with regard to Iraq, “We went in to control territory and enrich the cronies of the crooked Bush/Cheney admin.”

            That dog won’t hunt, and you’ve ignored the facts so long that it’s becoming wearisome in correcting you.

            “Control territory?” What planet do you live on? And, as for oil, you might like to try and explain why Iraqi oil production is STILL lower than it was before the war.

            If the focus of the conflict was to increase oil production as you imply, then why hasn’t it increased?

          • Joe H.

            Another fact to back you up. The fact that the US hasn’t gotten ONE DROP of said oil!!!

          • Flashy

            Vig…didn’t say Bush?Cheney succeeded in the territorial grab and attempt at oil theft. I stated it was one of their reasons for lying to us and sending in the troops and coming close to bankrupting this nation.

            Look at it in the context of the time. And note the oil pipeline route dispute up north in Armenia that was going on.

        • Vigilant

          Thor either doesn’t know how to read a map, or he hopes we can’t, when he says, ” Bush/Cheney put the armies in place that surround Iran.

          You might enlighten us as to the size of the armies in Turkmenistan, Armenia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Iraq “put in place” by Bush.

          Can’t do it? That’s what I thought.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy claims, “Turkey in danger of destabilization on the north, and a NATO ally. We should let Russia claim that prize?”

        You’re delushional for sure. Turkey is in no danger whatsoever of destabilization. Perhaps you should read Article 5 of the NATO charter.

        • Flashy

          Perhaps you should study up on the Kurdish problem in Turkey. the new government. And the refugees that may flow over the border should Syria completely breakdown into anarchy. Toss in the historical Greek “problem”, the fact of geography places them right at th edge of Europe and closer to Russia and the ME influences.

          Turkey is in no danger of being destabilized. Jeesh ….what decade are you living in?

          • Thinking About

            To further add to your statements, Iraq was the safety valve on Iran. Iran did nof make the big moves while Iraq was powerful because there was not any love loss between the two.

      • Mark in LA

        Why does Iran care about the Arabs? Iranians are not Arab and they are not Shia. Iran does not need them and they all have the same basic interest – to keep oil prices as high as possible. That is their only similar interest.

        • Mark in LA

          Sorry, Iranians are not Sunni like the Arabs are.

  • James

    Action with Syria would just be another battle with them after the ones we fought against them in Lebanon. WW4 which is what this all is has been raging since 1979. We know sometime in the future Demascus will be destroyed. One world government is coming people, you need to get right with GOD.

    • jack howell

      Amen James.

  • Ralph

    We need to stay out of this issue. It seems to me that Russia actually wants a reason to go to war. Their veiled threats against the west if military action is taken against Syria are not idle threats. We are more on the verge of another world war then ever before. Both political parties need to tone back the rhetoric and let the Syrian people handle their own problems. The same goes for Iran.

    • Joe H.

      russia wants this war because it is the only way they can go back to their ways of conquest without the WHOLE WORLD being against them!!

    • Mark in LA

      Ralph, I think you got that bas-ackwards. The US is looking for a reason to go to war not Russia. Maybe like most ignorant Americans you think anybody the US decides needs attacking should be attacked and the rest of the world should like it. Russia is acting in its own interests and warning us that they are sick of us deciding how the rest of the world should be organized.

      They are playing realpolitic and understand the rest of the world is getting sick of us. They are starting to build a coalition that will soon oppose us and try to take us down a notch. We are stupid for playing into their hands.

  • John Thomas

    I do not understand why everyone is so alarmed. Everyone should get the book, “God’s war on terror”, read it and then you can relax. Wheather you are a believer or not it outlines what’s going on in the middle east and where it’s headed. I for one am excited about what’s happening. I think i won’t be here to witness the horror.

    • TML

      “I for one am excited about what’s happening. I think i won’t be here to witness the horror.”

      You are a sick, sick man

      • Joe H.

        for once I have to agree with you 100%!!

  • TML

    “Fighters from the NATO-backed al-Qaida”

    Doesn’t that make NATO an enemy of the United States under the NDAA?

    • eddie47d

      When the Libyan war started those now accused of being al Qaeda “terrorists” were labeled as Freedom Fighters. In reality they were citizens of Libya trying to overthrow a dictator and now Gaddafi is gone. I would say those citizens are somewhere inbetween. Not necessarily terrorists or patriots since some want total freedom and a few are more like the Taliban and want a theocracy.

    • Flashy

      i’m wondering the same since there has been no reports of any NATO support for pro Al Qaeda troops nor having flown in any mercs.

      • TML

        I think I read the initial report wrong…

        “Fighters from the NATO-backed al-Qaida opposition group…”

        Which is to say, a group in opposition to al-Qaida backed by NATO

        My bad… although, if this group once fought against American forces as the report went on to say, then I hardly see a difference.

      • TML

        Then again, considering Bob’s links to our conversation above, I suppose he did indeed mean “al-Qaida opposition group” as in al-Qaida being the opposition group.

        So I analyze things alot, sue me, Lol!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear TML,

          In Libya, NATO forces backed the opposition forces fighting the Ghadaffi regime. The opposition forces were led by an al-Qaida chief and reinforced by al-Qaida fighters. Now those same al-Qaida fighters are backing the Syrian opposition. British and French special forces are now assisting another al-Qaida-backed group to overthrow a sovereign ruler.

          Best wishes,

          • TML

            Thank you for clarifying for me, Bob :)

          • Donald

            Is it not passing strange that the USA came into being by rebellion against the British, but we now seem nearly always to support the group in power in the interest of “stability”. Would we not, in at least many instances, be better off backing the rebels, who would likely have a more friendly attitude toward the U.S. As it now stands, we back the regime in power and incur the enmity of victorious rebel forces.

          • Joe H.

            Bob Livingston,
            Off topic, and I appologize. do you have the link for Soros discussing his work for the Nazis and sounding almost proud about it?? A friend of mine asked me for it and I seem to have lost it. Thanking you in advance, Joe

  • David Platter

    America will keep getting into wars as long and someone else is paying the price and doing the dying. Vote for Ron Paul.

  • Jim

    War in the Middle East??? It’s guys like Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum who are cheerleading for war in Iran, not Obama. President Obama has been pretty surgical in his responses, like killing Osama Bin Laden and al Awlaki. It’s these other guys who are up for starting a new war!

    • SainT Gabes

      Wrong Jim read a damn book…. It doesn’t matter who is in office this is going to happen regardless….

    • Angel Wannabe

      Jim, Delusional comes to mind, as for Osama I believe he was pronounced dead three times before he offically was???

      • Flashy

        I believe Angel that he was dead the moment the bullet went though his brain. The reports about such were corrected as the news came through. I don’t believe there were any reports of him being snuffed before he was snuffed

        • Angel Wannabe

          Flashy, Curious are we?__I’m not like everyone else on here, I’m not giving ya links to prove my point, if wanna find out wether I’m wrong or right, go read from 2001-til now, have fun! :)

          • Angel Wannabe

            just for shytz and giggles Flashy, go on sites other than the maiun stream media, you libs seem to have have issues thinking outside the box and yet you call yourselves progressive!??

        • eddie47d

          Amen to that Angel,who needs links.

          • Joe H.

            Then why did you ask for them on the statement that I made about crack babies??? HYPOCRITE!!!

    • Joe H.

      He didn’t send bombers into libya??? He hasn’t sent troops into Africa??? He isn’t rattling his sabre at Iran??? Get REAL!!

  • sniffer

    As long as they’re killing one another they won’t be trying to kill us! It’s way past time to muzzle NATO and their world government bull crap. We’re two steps away from Obama turning his “Occupy” goons loose on Anerica – think! — imagine a drone or smart bomb comming down you chimney because you don’t want to share your home, wife, children, & posessions with srugged up hippie!

  • Walter

    Ever notice the only people who want war are those who don’t have to fight it? Prediction, if this thing starts, I think the US/NATO is going to bite off more than they can chew. If just one extra country gets drawn into this, watch out. All you have to do is look back in history to 1914. This information goes hand in hand with the interview of the retired Russian General you had yesterday. I am afraid, if this war starts and gets out of hand, our country, one way or the other, will be destroyed. What a sad time this is.

  • SainT Gabes

    When WW3 starts, it will all be for The New World Order. They need this war so the shadow Government (Illuminati) can implement a world bank.. This is all part of the plan for the NWO. I think it’s about time to have ourselves a 2nd American Revolution, we need to over throw the Illuminati AKA the shadow Government. “We the people” are being used as pawns to these sick and twisted individuals, to further their agenda. People of the free world we need to take a stand and take a stand NOW!!! “In GOD We Trust” GOD Bless The USA and all of the citizens who reside here (Legally)

  • Francisco Cholula Iribe

    Sadly, I mention this to people in the community college I attend. People give me looks of bewilderment. As if this can not happen. They are asleep on their feet. Worse I live out in California where Special Forces has been training with the LAPD for urban warfare. Still people deny that something is awry in the country. I do not want to see my sister or her marine friends deployed again. Why doesn’t that weeny Rick Santorum or that commie Obama go and fight in the front lines? I am sick of this crap.

    • Joe H.

      Adumberer has never set foot in a uniform of the military, that is why he finds it so easy to send troops into harms way!!! RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012 Tired of seeing it, people?? TOUGH!! RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!!

  • Angel Wannabe

    The Evil isn’t going down without a fight, scratch marks are on the walls__ a lot is going on behind the scenes. __And Bob your right about war, especially when a both sides of the war is funded by the same folks!__Stay awake folks, as for you Libs, your are too far gone to be saved, your on your own!__fear Mongering ya say?__better get enlightened!

    • Angel Wannabe

      No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
      James Madison

      James Madison had this so right, especially with an enemy within….

  • Steve E

    When you see Muslims fighting each other, let them fight. It will reduce their population by their own hand, and we can just sit back and watch. Maybe even make some friendly bets like we do on the Super Bowl.

    • Joe H.

      Steve E,
      Hell, better yet supply both sides with weapons that blow up in their hands after a few shots!!!

  • Don

    Boy Jim, are you ever stupid, your president odumbo wouldn’t even known about osmmi ben rodent if they hadn’t pulled dumbo off the golf course, get a life puke !!!

    • Joe H.

      i just love these Progs that say this pres went in and took out osama!!! I’ll bet the seals never saw through Adumberers disguise when he went with them!!! End sarcasm here!

  • Neil b

    I can’t believe you quoted Marx as if his statements where a bible in our society when he lived in Paris with the well off people writing his manifesto as four of his children died of starvation. So much for the great society.

  • Wyatt

    Let them fight and stay the hell out of it . The middle east hasn’t a clue what they want but they are gonna fight for it anyway . The best thing to be done is to isolate them and let them kill each other

    • gnafu

      Amen. These countries have been at war forever. Let them kill each other off and be done with it. United States, stay out of it. They don’t want us there and we don’t need to go there!

  • John Franklin Grubb

    All this country needs is another WAR to sended it to the bottom!!!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, Where can I verify your contentions in this article?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      Which ones specifically?

      Best wishes,

  • Wily2

    Yeah, ww3 has begun Psalm 83 Ezk chapter 35… Isaiah 17: 1 – 4 (Damascus gets leveled) which will make way for the 3rd Temple (good or bad) but this will make way for ‘that’ man of perdition and Daniels 70th, week will begin, woe unto all who worship this freak!

  • Raggs

    king oblama doesn’t have the sack to start a war with Syria but of course he will hide behind the UN if something happens afterall he is the “new” leader of the UN so… In other words he will use the UN as a scape goat while all the time he is running the UN… You would be surprized how many sheeple will fall for this trick / slide of hand…

  • ranger hall

    YOU CANNOT HAVE A WAR IF THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO FIGHT. BUT its been like this since the beginning of time. People have just been Brainwashed into beliving THEY will be better off. PEACE IS JUST A WORD that is NEVER Practiced. UN Protects the Conforming Leaders of a Country. NOT THE PEOPLE. SO WHAT GOOD ARE THEY.

  • Bob Marshall Read the free book with illustrations.

  • Awakened

    Ike warned us. Did we listen? Of course not!

  • Raggs

    With the NDAA oblama should be convicted for treason!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Raggs, one would tend to think so, it just continues to be allowed.

  • ranger hall

    People just do not understand why the Arab Countries were seperated mostly after WW2, The Leaders of Countries That WE call our Friends,Receive Aid and Protection from US, And we dont care how they Run or Profit from The Country. SOME Arab Countries do not like out side People wanting to run their Country or Control the resources…These Countries WE call TERROISTS. And we do everything to GET ride of these Leaders and replace with OUR CONFORMING LEADERS.
    The main Reason WE need to keep them seperated is Because of ISRAEL.Second is the OIL.
    AT one time SAUDI ARABIA was the Only Place we Could have an Airbase.
    Saudi Arabia was UNDER THREAT of Having a Revolution, The People want to get RID of the ROYAL FAMILY Which has ABSOLUTE POWER, Stealing the Wealth of the Country and its People.
    To have a Revolution and WIN,The People Need ARMS and TRAINING, Only one Country would allow This, AFGANISTAN. WHY the People Just kicked out the RUSSIANS, People from around the world went to train, YES Even from the USA, People from around the world have been doing this since Most Wars,,,Because they feel its for a good cause.
    IF the SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY WAS TO LOSE pOWER, wHERE WOULD THAT leave us,AND OUR BASE. out in the cold, because most arab countries do not want us.

  • TIME

    People its all by design, as well its well under way and has been for some time now.

    A quick question; How can anyone form or have any opinion on anything like this issue when you don’t have any TRUTH’S to base your opinions on? Keeping in mind that the mass meida is 100% totaly controlled how is it possible?

    PEACE Brothers & Sisters. May GOD grant us all the Strength to understand each other and get along in a positive as well productive way, rather then killing each other for the “Rothschilds” hey by the way who is it that owns most of Israel again?
    Perhaps one of you brain trust can tell us.

    Again, PEACE & LOVE people, try it.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Peace and Love to you too TIME___It is coming unglued….

      • TIME


        Back at you!

    • Joe H.

      ” none are as blind as those who refuse to see!!!!

  • James

    Syria is no threat to the United States, thus without a declaration of war from Congress, extending our warmongering there would be unconstitutional and grounds for impeaching the President.

    • Angel Wannabe

      James_ Please__The Congress does exactly what they’re told to do, so does the President, they haven’t gone by the Constitution for years.
      Why do you think that vote after vote that is cast___NOTHING EVER CHANGES, IT ONLY GETS WORSE?__I woke up a few years ago….

    • Patriot Missle

      As if ‘Barry” give a crap about Congress!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    If you goto WAR, let it be for the right reason, go to WIN, or stay the f.. home.


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Patriot Missle

      I’m with you……….!!!

  • Emmett Smith

    This is part of the plan as outlined on the PNAC website that was written before 9/11, ,for the US to help the corporations take over the natural resources in the Middle East. Not to worry, when the corporations get the oil, the fighting will stop unless China or Russia get tired of there greed. China, however, got Iraq’s oil.

  • Dennis M. Thielen

    According to the Book of Ezekiel, in the Bible, Damascus will be destroyed in a great war near the end times. This prophecy is not dependent upon events in Revelation but it IS associated with Israel rebuilding the Temple. Iran, Turkey and much of the Middle East are mentioned as fighting this future war. By the way, it isn’t Armageddon, but is mentioned because of it’s association of the Jewish Temple being rebuilt. Many Bible scholars have nicknamed this new rebuilding of the Temple as “Ezekiel’s Temple” because in Ezekiel’s vision an Angel measures the dimensions of the new Temple. Liberal theologians “pooh pooh” the prophecy and allegorize it because they don’t want to concede that a Bible prophecy will have a literal, earthly fulfillment…

    • Bimbam

      It is not in the book of Ezekiel but in another book.

      It mentions a curious “fire” to occur in Syria, very engulfing and strange fire and according to one religious organization SYRIA is the COUNTRY TO WATCH, that it will be the SPARK THAT LITES THE MIDEAST FIRE!

  • Bimbam

    I have learned along time ago whatever liberals say (and liberals are demoncraps, marxist, socialist, sex fiends, etc.) about Conservatives ARE WHAT THEY ARE.

    Using this simple maxim I am able to defeat any liberal in any argument.

    Yes, they are that stupid!!!

    • Deerinwater

      Impressive comment,Bimbo, what exactly have you won? You sure have everything figured out. There is just somethings left best alone.

      • Joe H.

        Yeah, deermakingwater, you would just love us to leave the progs alone to work their crap into our lives, wouldn’t you??? ain’t gonna happen as long as I draw a breath!!


    Having a base op in Syria is going to be like being in a fire base in Nam and our guys are going to be fighting on two fronts…politicians and their burnt out minds.

    • Deerinwater

      Fire support bases fire 360 degrees sir, just sent in the lat & long and what you want delivered. It’s not that complicated , You get an order, you fill it! Willy Peter, star burst, bee-hive, percussion,nuclear ? Name you poison. For 27 miles we’ve got your Huckleberry, we don’t need no GD excuses.

      true, we have been overran by a human wave, So? that’s that got to do with the price of bananas? we sent as long as we can send.

      • Joe H.

        you mean like the young leutenant that called in the wrong coordinates and artillary rounds started dropping in on Ton sonute airbase, killing our own troops? Remember, accidents happen!

    • Deerinwater

      There is No “front”,

      • Joe H.

        Correct but I didn’t mention one either, nice try!!!

  • Donald

    Not yet!

  • ad astra per aspera

    Thanks go to Bob for the intell. Now its not just a matter if but when. In other words when exactly will the Obama administration decide is the most opportune moment to engage in another war to prop up POTUS & advance his campaign. I had an assistant working for me who I told 2 months before Bin Laden was killed: the feds knew where Osama was but they would wait until POTUS poll numbers were in the toilet before they would go in & get him. She got really angry with me after he was shot. You see her Mom was white but her Dad was black & even tho she told me herself POTUS never did anything to help her out she never expected his poll numbers to get so low nor my prediction to come true so soon & so undeniably.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    That was surly one of the best poll pumpers in a long time. Osama Bin ladin had his fate sealed long before Obummer came on the scene. this will get a rise out of some in the left ditch but Bush signed an ultimatum to get Bin Ladin before the twin towers hit the ground. Obummer takes credit and his nut suckers all give him that glory.It would be sacrelege for them to give Bush any credit for anything but all the unbelievable crap he leads us into daily. Then they all cheer him on as if Bush was still here doing that stuff.Inherited it my sweet too too.Those that can not see the purpose in the whole mess is to take down America and the Lefties cant wait…

  • Bono

    It is wonderfull to hear the voice of reason from you, Mr. Livingston. It is a shame that in the sham of right and left, liberal and conservitive so often they sound the same, supporting the bloody shirt concept and the proliferation of the military industrial complex. We need to begin the realization that America and Americans always come first. Why destroy our economy and kill the best of our youth for no good cause. Let’s defend with war our (American Feedoms) and cease nation building and pocket filling for the corporations behind the military industrial complex. All out war when totally justified not because of political games. As a liberterian our rights, our freedoms come first before forced government mandates or forced government mandates led by religious or other groups so undeniably and subtlely encompase us.

  • http://Bobs David

    Was it Pres Truman or Ike that warned us about the military industrial complex? Which ever one it was he was correct. Our actions as a country as in federal gov is on track to repeat what the Romans did! We know what happened to them!

  • James

    I say the answer to Mr. Livingston’s question is ‘Yes’ WW III has begun, only I would call it Armageddon. The first Nuke that’s fired will automatically trigger it.


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