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Has The TSA Become An Occupying Army?

June 16, 2011 by  

Has The TSA Become An Occupying Army?

On Wednesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), along with Federal, State and local agencies, conducted a scheduled security exercise designed to increase security in the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia area.

“The participating teams are composed of a variety of TSA assets including federal air marshals, canine teams, inspectors and bomb appraisal officers. They will be joined by state and local law enforcement officials to supplement existing resources, provide detection and response capabilities,” read an article on The Marietta Timeswebsite.

“The exercise not only enhances security throughout the region; it gives TSA and our security partners the opportunity to work cooperatively,” TSA Columbus Federal Security Director Donald Barker told the paper. “This work increases our preparedness to respond in case of an emergency.”

It remains unclear as to whether the exercises represent an ability of the TSA to Federalize local law enforcement.

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  • Cawmun Cents

    Possibly the showing of the”civillian army”which the presider of democracy has spoken of in days past?He had better train them efficiently.Bringing small police actions to various places may be seen as practicing to most,but to me it will signal an obviously overt tactic on their part.But I am suspicious by academic standards,so dont mind what I say.But keep this in mind….if they were about to gun-grab…wouldnt it be nice if they used the kind folks of the TSA,to violate your rights?They already have up ’til ow,right?-CC.

    • TIME

      A very good post indeed. People you should really think about what you posted.
      Again I come back to all that has come before is all a test to get the ducks in line, Ruby Ridge, Waco, 911, TSA, Patrioat act, all the Czars, the HCR, UN AGENDA 21 ~ has been in place and working since 1992 so you get it thats 20 years in the works.

      People please connect the bloody DOTS. The picture is there you just need to look at it!

      No matter how stupid you are you know in your GUT that something is dead WRONG. I ask if you have kids, grandkids, or anything you love and wish to know that they will live and do well.

      WAKE UP NOW! We don’t have long anymore.

      People if we don’t stop this outlandish behavior of our own Government everything you have ever known will come to an end very soon.

      Lets be clear there is going to be a massive period of time when we are all going to go hungry, with out electric power, yes that word no one wants to speak, well we have been in it and its going to have to be exposed for what it is, A DEPRESSION.

      • Former Walmart person

        well that ought to solve the obesity epidemic. The average american will look attractive and not appearing to have been grown in a vat of fat.

        • conniemerie

          well, thin people starve faster then fat people.

          • JUKEBOX

            Does that mean that Obama and Weiner will be the first to go?

        • JC in CA

          except all the ‘congressmen/senators’ uh hem…feudal doubt THEY will be protected and have all they want like Denethor-Steward of Gondor…

          Thanks Marcy B. for adding to my nightmares of TSA ‘zombies’ breaking down my door in the dead of night (right? cuz ‘zombies’ always come at night) ‘THEY’ will be coming, coming for your stores, your ammo, your guns…as ‘THEY’ did after Katrina. ‘THEY’ have the back-scatter vans, they will see your guns in your attics, in your safes. Hide them well my friends-of-liberty…and be safe.

          Assess your bonds with your neighbors, friends and family. Talk, learn and prepare. Don’t look to the gov’t for help as they will be in full defensive/denial/self-protective mode…sending their minions of what ever group that is mindlessly controlled by ‘some agency’.

          If you are not a free are one of ‘THEM’.

          Be well and the Grace of God be with you all.

          JC in CA

          • Kate8

            TIME – We aren’t just ducks in line, we’re sitting ducks.

            Please, if you have ideas about how we can stop this runaway train, please, do tell. Many of us see it. We just don’t know HOW we can stop it.

            It seems that all we can do is be prepared for the inevitable? What then? Don’t you think they will stomp us when we’re down?

            So the banks close, we have no money (if we do, it’s worthless), and we can’t pay our creditors. So that gives them a reason to evict us from our homes, take our possessions and our stores, and herd us into Camp FEMA.

            Most of us didn’t see the TSA/civilian army thing coming. Should have. It’s been rather obvious.

            We can talk about fighting back, but we all know how that will turn out.

            Sounds like the old proverbial rock and a hard place.

          • TIME


            I can’t say with 100% certainty when all the chips will be on the table, – but what I can say is this, {we must all as Americans understand where we came from} how we came to be and why this nation is what it is. Thats the strongest tool we have in our tool kit.

            I am sure you know the old saying if you don’t know the past you are doomed to repeat it. The only reason that the Progressives have made the headway they have is due to the general populace not even knowning the most basic high points of why we became a nation in the first place.

            As well when the Prog’s have others in the mix the message of what’s going on gets even more confusing, lets be real the Progs use these other groups to get their power, The Marxist, the Socialist, the nut cases.
            As you know we have our schools full of these perverted SOB’s let alone the media who plays the game to the hilt to make anyone who dare stand up to the perverted Progressive political machine look like crazy people.

            If the media fails to make us who know the TRUTH look stupid and crazy the whole ball of wax will fall apart. Note they can’t seem to do that no matter how hard they keep working at it!

            So its very important that we never act out in VIOLENCE, even if your assaulted don’t fight back use the old place a flower in the barrel of a gun. I was around back in the Summer of LOVE, so I know how that all worked.

            We as Americans MUST have a MORAL base line that we hold firm to. I am not saying that one religion is better than the next, educate yourslefs on what each religion really means.
            Many Alledged Christian groups are not such, they are Progressives in sheep skins. The only way to see this is to know who they are and what they have stood for over the years.

            You know I said that the Bible reads; “You will not be judged on your FAITH, but on your DEEDS and ACTIONS.”
            So if you really understand what Christ was all about then you can grasp that we can pary under a tree by the river, or on a Mountain top, or in a Ship at sea, we don’t need a Church to be a GOOD person who aids others in need and gives of ones self to those who need your help.

            I have done well for myself but “I have always helped others to help themselfs,” I firmly believe thats the core value that in our gut we know is the correct path to become enlightened, just for the record folks the “Apocalypse” is not to be feared, its taken from the Greek word Apocaphra (spelling may be off,) It means to be “ENLIGHTENED” Thats a really good thing.

            Now as to will we ever have to defend ourselves with guns, yes I am sad to say that I strongly feel that day is not far off. It breaks my heart to even think about taking anyone’s life. But again our moral base line has to be held at all cost. If you are a fire fighter you need the tools of the trade to fight a fire. So if you have a mob of armed loons getting ready to kill you, Please Fight back God didn’t say roll over and play dead. He said he helps those that help themselfs.

            The Progs are pushing this nation down on its knees and as we have spoken about many times the Usefull Idiots, well they are the ones who will pay with their very life just to aid the Progressives and they know not why they do what they do, they have been brainwashed and are just totaly ignorant.
            Just look at the UNION’S they are using the same thug methods to gain control that the Mafia used to extort money from small shop keepers and buisiness owners.
            Saddly as I come back to the very first part of what I posted here. If you understand who we are fighting we are fighting the very people who “hate FREEDOM” yet they LOVE POWER and CONTROL over others its that simple.

            We can get back to a stable Nation, but the work will be long and hard saddly its going to take 50 plus years or more to reshape what once was the best method of Government ever inspired by GOD and given to men who had the COURAGE to yield and heed PURE GOOD.

            For you idiots who will rail on about how evil this nation is, let me say this about that. We have never commited crimes against Humanity like all other nation have. My God people just look at Nazi Germany, 50 Million people died to prove that EVIL is just EVIL.

            Russia, 1918 – 1970 over 100 Million people were killed for just speaking, reading or even asking questions.

            China, 1947 – 2010, over 500 Million people have been killed for asking questions and not following the Marxist thinking.

            Cuba, 1959 – 2010, We know that at least 1.5 Million people have been killed and countless others jailed and beaten to the point they no longer had the ability to do anything.

            Africa, how many countrys within its confines have been raped, countless people killed and mulated over the last 200 years. In just the last 50 years alone over 100 million people have been killed.

            The USA, other than beating oursefls up in the mid to late 1800′s we have very few human rights issues.

            Yes, we have done many things that most of us don’t even know of over the last 50 years all done by “PROGRESSIVES” within our government and they had the gaul to use all of US to pin their malicious behavior on.
            Just look at Barry Soetoro and his Lybia actions. Do you want our kids in LYBIA? Do you want our kids in the Middle east at all?

            I hope I have said enough to answer your question, at this moment we can use the law and all thats within it, when the law fails and Military law is employed by our government against us.
            Then we will have to stand and face even them, and with equal power. There are enough former Military people who can teach and train the average person on how to use a gun, we should have enough numbers to quell the Government and then rid ourselfs of the Progressive movment by way of education to the populace.

            Also let me be clear, we can not jump from the kettel to the pot. We must stand as a Nation based on “strong Moral and ethical standards.”
            As a matter of fact our nations STANDARD was based on these very ideals.

            Please do keep in mind that there is only about 30% of our population that is moraly bankrupt.

            The true Progressive are very few in numbers if your not holding at least $200 Million your not in the progressive party’s must have crew.
            So on that note if you want to know who’s who within the noted party, thats your key to who they are, look them up.

            Look everything is hidden in plain sight, its all there right in your face thats why they now want to shut down the Internet. That was a mistake, but here’s the key people YOU own the INTERNT! Its was build by TAX dollars from the US Tax payers, the really funny thing is that it was done to showcase the Progressive movment, and now its turned against them and can in fact be their undoning. How will you all use it now as a benefit to learn as much as you can, or will you allow the Progressives to beat you down and take away whats you paid for and is YOURS? Look they will use the old TAX issue to get in 100% control if you let them in the door they are just like VAMPIRES, they will suck you dry and leave you dead in the dark.
            Make Noise make as much noise and educate everyone you meet or know, if you have to beat them to death with FACTS, do it! Make them mas as hell and look into what they just do to get along.

            The facts are we will all loose everything we have and or have ever owned.
            Thats a given so what its just stuff, but if we let our Nation fall we will have nothing and nowhere to go.

      • BigBadJohn

        Well said

        each administration has built on what the previous administration did to increase government powers. It is NOT party thing, what one one party starts the next builds on – period!

        • JUKEBOX

          The list of countries did not have Germany listed in the thirties, which is one of the closest parallels we have to our present administration.

          • TIME

            If you look at the start of the CAH I used the Nazi’s in Germany as the first example.

  • JC

    The TSA like most alphabet agencies are completely off their leash.
    They are Americans in “name only” and their activities are more closely aligned with the Nazi playbook than the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

  • http://LibertyAlert Bud

    As I can recall the TSA has not stopped one terrorist from boarding a plane, so we don’t need them. Let’s go back to regular screening of bags and look for suspicious persons.

    • Former Walmart person

      More people die from car wrecks. Why hasn’t NATO drawn up plans to bomb car dealerships and DMVs? If the goal is to protect life, that something drastic has to be done about those multi ton machines of death.

    • Kate8

      Bud – TSA is doing exactly what it was intended to do: degrade, humiliate, dehumanize, get us used to being probed, groped and exposed to harmful radiation.

      They want us fully compliant, viewing ourselves as livestock. That way, we’ll march dutifully to our own demise without making trouble.

      The guillotines are waiting.


      I believe that everyone should be issued a weapon before boarding a plane, so everybody will have an equal fighting chance.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Better yet…issue guns out to everyone in line at the Walmart friday morning after Thanksgiving.Let he/she who uses their ammunition wisely get the deals.That would make one hell of a CSI episode…wouldnt it?-CC.

  • Warrior

    And soon to be joined by postal workers? Which uniform to choose? Such tough choices to make!

    • Cawmun Cents

      I should join….but a word of warning…I may be disgruntled.

  • DockyWocky

    Goons in white shirts.

    If there was just some way to diminish the ego trip most of them are on, maybe it would’t be so awful. Little tin gods is a typical critique. That and their miserable record of actually detecting a terrorist.

    Give Mortimer a badge and he will find some way of making somebody’s day a miserable experience. And 99.999099 percent of the time there is nothing to show for the show.

    There has to be some kind of a test to detect the little Hitler’s hidden personality flaws before they hire them.

    • conniemerie

      a few years ago someone illegally opened my mailbox and inserted a piece of hate mail with a veiled threat at identity theft, and signed it to boot. do you know that when i tried to place a complaint with both the post office and the fbi? they said they were too busy hunting down terrorists to deal with my problems!

      • Ret

        At least you got a response. My ID was stolen, checks were cashed at Bank of America, they had photo IDs, I asked them to send the pix to the police dept. They said no because they protect their clients.

  • hopalong

    Take your pick. Gestapol, NKVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • step

    TSA is not needed, but the government wants a way to stop free americans from standing up to a dictatorship.. that is what is comming unless we wake up… we will see how many oathkeepers there really are.. will they refuse to kill fellow americans and fight back against the dictator… we know that millions of americans are armed, will they fight against a take over of their liberties??? good questions…. once again we may hear the cry “give me liberty or give me death” in the very near future… Obama is heading that way.. stand up .. let your Senators and Rep..know that you are watching how they vote….

    • eddie47d

      Step; My feelings wouldn’t be hurt if the TSA didn’t exist but Obama is only doing what his handlers tell him to do. Homeland Security carries alot of weight in the decision making on security in America. You can condemn or praise G. Bush for that one. Terrorism scares the heck out of people and the more it is trumped up the more “security” that will be imposed. The real problem is our growing involvement in the Middle East and elsewhere. No one likes foreign occupiers and “high minded” terrorists are grown. Once we stop our expansion in the world and pull our military back the problems might reverse themselves. The media,government officials, we the public and the terrorists feed off of each other and the TSA grows. Another thing since weapons are banned at all airports and certainly on public flights what is your purpose of your armed American gun talk? What good would that exactly do? TSA has you over a barrell on that one and I believe the flying public also. Armed pilots could be an exception. I will agree that writing to Congressional persons on this issue is important and always relate any abuses by TSA to them. Even write to all airlines and explain your discomfort with TSA. If they get enough complaints they will also put pressure on TSA.

      • Kate8

        eddie – Obama is only doing what his handlers tell him? I can’t believe you just said that.

        Don’t you think Bush was doing the same thing? Why do you think he made independent decisions but Obama doesn’t?

        Presidents are no more than puppets. You know this.

        • Vicki

          Based on how often liberals say it was/is Bushes fault you would think that HE (Bush Jr) was the puppet master.

          • Cawmun Cents

            “Just call my name cause’I hear you scream….Master MASTER!”-Hetfield

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    The TSA is nothing more than a federal oranization designed to control the movement of the American people, using the excuse of security from terrorism, yet ignores the profile of terrorists and the population from which they originate, and concentrates only on interrupting and illegally searching the American traveler, who is no threat as a terrorist. It is a bureaucracy that seeks expansion of it’s personel, budget, and authority above and beyond any safety it claims it provides for the American people. By the execution of it’s methods to attain the stated goals of it’s charter, it violates the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, and publicly agrees it does in attempting to provide security, for which it constantly fails when being covertly tested. American Christians should know this is the precursor of the institution that will implement the Anti-Christ’s dogma and mandates, and is seeking and gaining more power, funds, and control over our society daily. Passively accept violations of your rights, and your rights will be violated even more with your forced passive acceptance.

    • BigBadJohn

      “The TSA is nothing more than a federal oranization designed to control the movement of the American people, using the excuse of security from terrorism, yet ignores the profile of terrorists and the population from which they originate, and concentrates only on interrupting and illegally searching the American traveler, who is no threat as a terrorist.”

      Yup terrorism has been used in the same exact way that a circus carny uses a distraction.
      “keep your eye on the birdie, keep your eye on the birdie” – as they pick your pocket! In addition – as they take away your personal liberties and consolidate power.

      • JUKEBOX

        Increased security is the same thing as diminished freedom in direct proportion.


    TSA like HMS is just another expensive growth of government bureauacracy and waste, this administration is highly intent on putting as much government intrusion on the tax payers as they can squeeze in while they reign in office. The idea is to make government supreme and expensive, to turn all goals to enlarging a government that cannot be refuted by a non ogovernment opposition.

    The administration is now wanting a civilian force with as much power as the military and equipped the very same as if the national guard is no longer enough but what the motivation is to continually grow central government until it is undeniably the only viable force in the country and has uncontested power over all other thought and matters. We are looking a tyrants dream and not since the time of the ancient armies of old have we seen such a methodical reach for power and the displacement of what America stands for.

  • Raggs

    This is all a farce created by this administration to SCARE the hell out of everyone in order to control us… This is nothing less than a tyrannical out of control big NAZI government hell bent on stepping and crushing the constitution.


      If Obama gets re-elected, you better learn to say “SIG HEIL”.

  • highpostofficerisk

    o can get the tsa to pat down everyone who boards an airplane. he has his own, free from congressional oversite, private army. now manuvers with law enforcement agencies, why ? to completely take over our country and establish a muslim ruler in our country. i hope there is an election ibn 2012.

  • Raggs

    Has everyone been keeping up with the “NEW” laws squirming around?
    If you put of of it together you get tranny.

    Local police no longer need a warrant to search a residence, a suspicion of smell or noise is enough to barge in your house.

    The FBI no longer needs a warrant to tap your phone, search your computer or dig through your garbage also use tracking devices to keep up with your every move.

    We all know what the TSA is doing, fondeling little children, and porno.

    The DHS wants to expand the duties of the mail carriers to include spying on every household, any suspicious activity lands the occupants in the slamer.

    There is alot more of this out there just look it up.

  • pinkgin

    We will be flying next Wednesday and I can’t wait for what antics will amuse me.

    We are both well over 70 but in the minds of the TSA, we are typical espionage suspects.

    There was the time recently when I had part of my bicycle pump in my carry-on bag, this caused all sorts of bells to ring,,,we were both instructed to sit on a bench whilst they summoned a Police Officer to take photographs and fill out paperwork.
    Me. being me called them all IDIOTS and that only caused the hair to stand out on their collective necks..My wife was terrified. The pump part was confiscated and we were allowed to board.
    On re-entry ( I guess I must be on some sort of list by now ), I was carrying a 100 year old miner’s lamp in my bag, incomplete and a major part missing, but I always wanted one and here it was.
    Talk about panic, the TSA guy thought it was a bomb of some sort and they semi-evacuated the area whilst they put my ” bomb” in an oven thingy and bombarded it with rays…obviously nothing happened and when I grabbed it from the guy, more panic,
    While all this charade was going on, they removed a packet of Ginger-Biscuits from the wife’s bag and ran it under an xray machine, giving her dirty looks and scaring her as she has Dementia and is always a bit iffy. Again I told them they were all idiots and again it didn’t sit well.
    On arrival at home, we had a warning letter from Homeland Security regarding the bike-pump episode….gotta love it.
    Hopefully next Wednesday goes witout incident but I bet a red-flag will pop up…

    • 45caliber

      A few years ago, I had to go to Montana in the winter due to my work. I bought a razor blade scraper to keep the frost off my windshield. When I went through the airport on the way home, they confiscated it – but allowed me to carry through the package of razor blades that had come with it. I just smiled and went on my way.


      This is the very reason I refuse to fly anymore, for I want to be able to carry my gun to protect myself, and not depend on some government agency to write a report after I am a victim.

  • 45caliber

    I’m waiting to see what happens here in Texas. The legislature is considering a law that would all travelers to sue TSA for “pat downs”. Basically they want to eliminate them.

    • mickey

      I thought obama thugs threatened Texas with a no fly zone if Gov Perry signed anything like that against TSA. I thought Perry backed off. He should have shut down the refineries.

  • dm

    Yes, it seems like the beginnings of what was called Nazi in Germany, just TSA here. But what can we really do. It seems every time a state, group or person tries to do something they are the BADGUYS and watched! Look what Texas tried to do and was threatened and stopped.. Really what can we do. Now the new buzz word seems to be MOBs! All these mobs, then an excuse for the govt to take control to make us safe. What to do?

    • TNJan

      I think DHS is Dunces Harboring Suspicions, and TSA is Thugs Screwing America. Need I say more? Dear God, deliver us from the EVIL to come.

  • 45caliber

    Actually, I hope the TSA is Oblama’s civilian army. I can’t wait to see all those overweigth and out of shape characters trying to act like SWAT team members sneaking up on a house …

  • Dan az

    I’m glad that I quit flying back when they said no smoking was aloud.I would probably be in guantanamo bay by now.This is just a part of his civilian military that BTW is also funded by the Obumer care package.Papers please sound familiar?Boy I sure feel safe knowing that the big O is on the job.It seems that they have increased the size of the yard that we cant leave with out there permission.Pretty soon even the illegals will want to go home.

    • RGY

      I wonder if all the leftists, union leaders, university professors and teachers realize that history shows that if they get their wish of a socialist or communist worker’s state that they will be the first ones rounded up and eliminated or imprisoned as dissidents. There are lots of examples of that happening from the French Revolution through to Russia,China, Combodia etc.

      • Raggs

        Maybe we should allow it just long enough for all of them to be rounded up?… Sounds like a plan.

      • mickey

        lol you are so right. Most will get rid of the learned people. China sent theirs out to pound rocks.


      Napolitano says that we are safer now than we have ever been. Tell that to all of those murder victims along the Mexican border. Those people are going to have to shoot first and ask questions later. My grandfather always told me, “I HAD RATHER BE A LIVE SOB THAN A DEAD HERO”.

  • jopa

    This is such an informational site that I am much more aware of my surroundings.The last time I went to Americas #1 employer, Walmart my eyes continually scanned the surrounding grassy knolls.Picked up my beans and ammo for my bunker getting ready for the big hunker of a doomsday that will occur in 2012 and then I realized I forgot my dusting cloths for my gold pile.Darn!Oh yes and Dan az you are totally busted.I don’t have your IP address for proof but your picture and JeffH are identical so you are one of the same person.Jeff you have more aliases than a gangster.Probably due to your KKK affiliation.

    • Dan az

      Wow jopa you caught me, yes me and my little brother are twins,how observant you are.Mother always liked him best.The only reason he’s crying is I was pinching him while we were getting our picture taken,He was the one that knocked out my tooth with his rattle.I don’t believe he is part of the kkk being black and all,but who knows for sure right!I guess the jigs up little brother where do we go now?

      • JUKEBOX

        I guess none of you ever saw that Lenny Bruce album from the fifties, where he was standing in the middle of several Klansmen, complete with hoods, but all of their hands were black.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Personally I liked the Richard Pryor one where he is standing amongst the Klansmen with torches,”Is It Something I Said?.-CC.

    • TIME


  • BobMarshall

    How long will it be before we see TSA agents at ball games, movie theaters,concerts and Malls? We have to face facts. We are becoming more like a socialist and police state with loss of freedoms and rights.Those who still laugh when someone mentions the Illuninati, the CFR, TC or the Bilderberg Group may soon realize the North American is a reality. The Patriot Act II was the most dangerous legislation evry passed to limit the rights and freedom of America citizens. The National ID or PASS ID is a reality.Obama was put into office for one purpose.To continue what the global elite has in mind for America. To destroy family unity. Destroy the ecomony.Led the US into socialism. Create a police state.If we open our eyes we can see these things happening around us.Agenda 21 sponsored by George Soros is a reality. A plan for world government when George Bush and 177 world leaders met and agreed it was for the best. Singed by Bill Clinton. Executive Order#12858. When are we going to realize congress isn’t concerned about the average hard working American nor the American citizens who are out of work or have lost their homes. They are more inclined to serve special interest groups and lobbylist than the citizen. One our borders are open and it will happen it will be too late to reverse the damage.These wars and conflicts are the best way to keep citizen distracted from the real issues facing us which neither congress or Obama or his admistration see to be making any headway to solve. The US does have a new US Embassy in Iraq at thee cost of 700,000,000 courtesy of the US taxpayer . With an annual budjet of 1,000,000,000USD. This belong to Bush. Not to be out done Obama is asking Congress for 1,000,000,000.USD to build a US Embassy in Pakistan.An annual budget of 1,000,000,000.USD. He said he may reconsider. Where is this money coming from? Hillary Clinton has asked congress for millions to give support the MEK terrorist in Iran. The US is already supporting and training the Bauchi Rebels in Iran. The CIA stays busy.How can an organization say they worry about terrorist when they have been training terrorist and dictators since 1947. Assassinations, causing civil unrest and terror tactics. I got lost because i thought their reason for being created was to gather intelligence dealing with security of the US.If the Government is being cyber attacked by China as claimed cound the selling of technology sold to China by IBM have anything to do with it? Just asking? i must admit i worry more about terrorism in the Whitehouse thaan i do the Taliban or Al Qeada.people are worried about who to vote for when it really won’t make that much of a difference. There will still be plenty of lobbyist,Jewish lobbyist who have dual citizenship infuencing foreign policy. Men like Kissenger in the background doing the same as he has done for previous administrations.The presidents cabinet and administration will be full of the Council on Foreign Relations members.Like Obama the next president will be a puppet of the global elite. Sure, they let Obama have his power trip. They could care less how many die as long as their plans move forward toward a NWO.They have time. Most of our former presidents and congress have helped them move toward their goal.We have to realize we are part of the problem by not becoming more informed about the people we put in office. Obama most likely won’t be re-elected. That will make most Americans so happy they will miss the big picture.The more things change, the more they stay the same is well worth remembering come next election.a couple of sites that may prove interesing!

  • 45caliber

    My wife got back from a trip yesterday – and was chosen for the scan and pat down. The reason? She had sequins on her shirt. At least the TSA gal told her that. They didn’t do well on the scan. Any of you travelers might want to keep that in mind the next time you go on a trip.

    • Raggs

      Oh yeah the ole bomb in the sequins trick… Good thing that they catch things like that, it’s a wonder that shoes strings are still allowed… Next thing ya know fake fingernails will have to be removed, eyeglasses will need to be radiographed and magnetic partical examination… Make sure that your wife isn’t wearing false teeth ( if she has them ) if she is she will have to dispose of them prior to entry ya know the ole both in the mouth trick.. If she is on the ( rag ) make damm sure someone checks the tampon it could have something in it and while you are down there… ya know…
      Oh but if she has a hearing aid… well it can be used to set something off so you better destroy it… Well what did I forget?..
      OH I know… have her tell everyone that she is a muslim that way she can avoid all of the hastle…

      • JUKEBOX

        I wonder if those pseudo intellectuals realize that a well trained person can kill someone with a ball point pen or his bare hands. I expect to see the day when they make you strip naked before you get on the plane, and not give you your clothes back until you get off the plane.

        • Cawmun Cents

          But then people would only really fly United….Hopefully you wont care about walking through the gay section at the rear of the plane,to get to the bathrooms.I know…thats really bad….

  • jopa

    Rumor has it the terrorists are using nitroglycerin in breast implants instead of silicone.All the terrorist women have to do is slam those jugs together and kaboomb.TSA agents are in training now learning how to be effective in search of such surgeries and pat downs.

    • Raggs

      No rumor involved, you an idiot.

    • TIME

      Jo OMG!
      You have to be kidding right? Look into NG, before you post let alone Parrot something that utterly stupid.
      Really look into NG, perhaps ~ Plastic explo would be a more valid format but making them go bang would be a real trick, thats even of it could be done.

      PEOPLE WAKE UP! TELIE shows and real life are two differant horses.

      • Vicki

        not just “tele” shows. CARTOON tele shows.

        “But when duty calls Erotica becomes Stripperella an agent for T.H.U.G.G. and a superhero who fends off nasty villains such as Dr. Cesarean, a plastic surgeon whose evil plans involve giving unexpected women explosive breast implants made of nitroglycerin;”

  • i41

    jopa, Dan az little brother is Black and blue, for saying he was thinking of becoming a dumbocrat. That is the only thing to get the stupidy out of their midge mind seizure. Some times all democrats just need a good beating to wake and see reality. It would definitely help the niggardly marxist muslim in the WH, or course he is such a just another wimpy wiener. jopa, did TSA give you a call to bark at the supected dangerous material.


      Beating a liberal to near death will only reinforce their assertion that conservatives are a bunch of red neck, bigoted, racist, and hateful morons. If liberals were as smart as they believe they are, our country would make the whole world look mentally disadvantaged.

  • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    TSA is a terrorist auxiliary.

  • C130 Gunship

    TSA is the new Brown Shirts, and anyone who’s studied history knows what happened to them: Night of the Long Knives, the Nazi party purge, June 30th to July 2nd, 1934. I don’t believe they will be destroyed like their forefathers were, but more likely be eliminated when the economy collapses, and it is going to collapse.

    In the meantime, don’t fly, don’t cooperate with them if stopped by them at a roadblock, resist peacefully, don’t answer any of their questions, film the event if you can-get their names and badge numbers, and ask them “I’m I being detained” continuously until they let you go.

    A good book I will recommend reading is ‘You & The Police!’ by Boston T. Party. Short and an easy read filled with great information when dealing with any LE organizations.

  • jopa

    Time; Your ignorance is shining through again.It is apparent you are out of your league when it comes to anything explosive.Smoke a little more crack and see where that gets you.I know you know the answer to that one.

    • Vicki

      Jopa. Do share with us your survival stories with nitroglycerin. They should be most interesting.

      Here are the OSHA guidelines for the handling of nitroglycerin. Note the warnings about human contact.

      They also do not mention the extreme explosion risk of nitroglycerin in its crystalline form nor its use for heart patients though they do mention its physically addictive vasodilator properties.

      Just a quick reading of current info on the net show that nitroglycerin in breast implants would be very inefficient as nitroglycerin is very explosive even when in its oily liquid state.

      I could provide links but then moderators would delay the posting for who knows how long.

  • jopa

    Vicki;I have had considerable experience in the 70′s working in a copper mining operation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a mine called the White Pine Mine.One of my roles was being a driller-blaster, so we not only had to know how to run a Jumbo(Drilling Equipment) but we also had to know how to powder a heading.It was mainly the bottom holes that filled with water that we used stick powder(Dynamite)and came in contact with the nitro that if you touched your forehead with it you would get an instant headache.If we came across stick powder in old workings and it was leaking nitro you did not want to mess with it for it was so unstable and could blow up.Nitroglycerin is some nasty and highly explosive stuff and the link you provided above was for the medical use of nitro not the explosive.I was just kidding about the implants, they wouldn’t make it two feet and they would be history.It was kinda like jabbing fun at the goofiness of the TSA.Have a good one.

    • Vicki

      Thank you for that explanation Jopa. As you said Nitroglycerin is VERY VERY sensitive to shock.

  • Cawmun Cents

    Is it just me or does the woman in the photo have that,”whiteboy…I’m fittin’da ______ you up!”stare going?-CC.

  • herman richardson

    I have an idea, I know this may sound absolutely nuts, but look at what we are dealing with!! Our country cannot get 10 people together to stand against anything. Cause: they are all afraid of loosing the check they receive, but if there was a way to STOP FLYING for 3 days, completely, yeah I know that is crazy, but can you imagine the fits the little people would have!! I think it is a good idea. I do not fly, as they try to molest my wheel chair, I refuse to be xrayed, had a dr do that to me back in 67, don’t have a bottom jaw anymore!!!
    Stay at home for 3 days!!

  • Joe

    Anything the govt. does is in a direct effort to control you.
    Just like communism ,it slips a little piece at at ime as to (whats good for you) and this is the way it’s going to be,even if you do not agree.We will do it anyway,you do not matter,we are in control!!!!
    So much for,”We The People”
    It’s we the govt.
    People , its time to stand your ground,and not take this govt. shove it down our throats anymore.
    Let us ,”We The People” make our CHANGE in 2012!! Do IT!!


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