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Has Mitch McConnell ‘Lost His Mind’?

July 15, 2011 by  

Has Mitch McConnell ‘Lost His Mind’?

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) proposed an unusual solution to the lack of bipartisan support for raising the debt limit.

“In the end, the White House gave us three choices in exchange for a vote to increase the debt limit: A massive tax hike, smoke and mirrors, or default. And none of these options is acceptable. So yesterday, I proposed a possible fourth option,” McConnell said, explaining his plan on Wednesday.

“If the White House continues to insist on either tax hikes or default, then we’d send legislation to the President that requires him to propose spending cuts greater than the debt limit increase he requests. Make the President show in black and white the specific cuts he claims to support. If he refuses, he’ll have to raise the debt limit on his own.”

The McConnell plan would give President Barack Obama the unprecedented power to increase the debt limit in increments, up to $2.4 trillion, without Congressional approval for offsetting spending cuts.

“I think Mitch McConnell, frankly, has lost his mind,”   Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “I would just say, Mitch, honestly, with a straight face, you do a press conference and say, ‘Here’s the solution to the problem: Let’s let the Democrats do it and we want them to do it three times before the next election and it will be OK with us if they do it, as long as we don’t have to touch it.’ And people aren’t ridiculing that?”

Later Thursday, in statements made on the Senate floor, McConnell defended his proposal as preventing the Republicans from “calling a bad deal a good one,” saying, “(w)hat (Democrats) wanted was a deal that purported to lower the debt from $26 trillion to $24 trillion over 10 years, then have us give it the thumbs up and call it a bipartisan victory of fiscal discipline.”

McConnell then said the only way to “get our fiscal house in order” is “with a balanced budget amendment. If the President and Democrats in Congress won’t agree to cut back, let’s force them to. Let’s pass a constitutional amendment that actually requires Congress to live within its means.”

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  • Dan az

    If the President and Democrats in Congress won’t agree to cut back, let’s force them to. Let’s pass a constitutional amendment that actually requires Congress to live within its means.”
    I always thought that we already did that and that’s the problem,they just want to increase the size of their wallets.If you give him a way to spend and all he has to do is cut the programs that he started do you not think he will just go after SSI or something else to justify he had done it.So with out direction on what he can cut and not cut is a huge mistake.I vote that we just not spend a red dime on anything and reduce the programs like the health bill and close down the bases around the world and stop borrowing money to give to other countries that couldn’t make socialism work.And by all means fire all non essential jobs in the black whole of the over burdening Gubmnt.The party is over and now its time to turn in your membership card at the local golf club and start packing your bags.

    • Jana

      The only problem is Obama has a veto pen. Unfortunately he knows how to use that tool. He doesn’t know how to run the country, he doesn’t know how to be a good President, but he does know how to hurt this
      country. He knows how to kill jobs, and he knows how to bow down to our enemies.

  • s c

    Some will say that this revelation makes McConnell just another DC ‘son of a Mitch.’ I’m not yet ready to say yes or no. All I want is to see America saved from our “saviors” and sidewalk strumpets.
    Our high priests of politics can go hump themselves.
    I have more faith in an old-fashioned, street-walking prostitute than I do in ANY elected mammy jammer in Washington, including the ’round-heeled entrepreneurs’ in the W H.

    • Dan az

      ’round-heeled entrepreneurs’
      I like that especially if the round part is on the bottom that makes them look like what they are weak kneed puppets. :)

  • Dad

    This whole debt negotiation process is making the position of legislators very visable. Mitch is a Rhino at best… and in fact, very liberal in his big government beliefs. The true leaders are easy to spot in this as they take on the hard issues and are prepared to make tough decisions. Mitch, on the other hand, shows the meek, careeer politicians looking for the “easy” fix. This is definately separating the men from the boys.
    Remember this at election time. A republican tag does not mean a conservative. The old fool!

    • Christin



      Rep. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky is a ‘traitor’ and you guys in KY better NOT vote for him again if he VOTES to RAISE the DEBT CEILING.
      You had better start looking for his replacement …Nov 2012 is coming soon.

      Yes, Marcy Bonebright… He has lost his mind!

  • tim

    Mitch is political and he’s working on his political goals. He knows obama will abuse the right to the money and he figures it will put more republicans in the senate. He’s trying to get majority leader, take away harry rieds job. Which means he’s as bad as harry ried!!! Problem is that he’s an idiot and doesn’t deserve majority leader. The man will do anything to advance his position, which means caving on any problem, like the debt cieling!!!

  • Warrior

    Here’s the problem. dingy harry sets the senate agenda. nothing sent to harry by congress will be introduced if harry’s progressive friends don’t want it. The problem with the 2010 elections is that harry’s house still exists. We wouldn’t be in this predicament right now and the fraud would have been completely neutered.

  • home boy

    this is all about politics. making each other look bad for the election. these morons could care less about the country. they know you can not get rid of them. just another reason to get politicians out completely. unfortunately the only way that will happen is with a revolt.

  • http://Charter Don Park Sr.

    The great people we have elected to office over the years have done nothing but,abuse our trust.They have spent,spent, and spent knowing full well that we would end up in the position we are facing now.That in no way stopped them from spending.Now we have reached the final goal.They have no more money to spend and they are crying that we should be willing to give up the little they have left us.(which in most cases is nothing)I am willing to bet a years social security pay ($5076.00 which they think should be cut)that 80% of our elected officials have direct deposit and that they never have to spend a penny of their own money unless they are caught cheating on their taxes.Their healthcare, pensions,and other benefits are paid by the taxpayers.In most cases they have held other elected positions where they will collect pensions i.e.. Clinton for Governor of Ark and president.Where it really gets good is for Hillary.When something happens to “Slick Willy” she will collect on his pensions.She will get a pension as Senator of New York and now as Secretary of State.The same benefits for Willy if something happens to Hillary.We must remember that all of their benefits are paid for life not by them but,by the taxpayers.I don’t think that they call these “entitlements” they are considered something they have worked for.(I am sure that they have set it up where their pensions are exempt from taxes).Our Social Security and Medicare,and Medicaid on the other hand are the “ENTITLEMENTS” they feel should be cut because,we are abusing the system.Just because we paid for them does not mean that we are “ENTITLED” to collect on them.It is more important that we allow it go to the Illegals and the people that never wanted to work.We are now suppose to believe that they should be allowed to increase the debt ceiling.Not one penny of any raise will go toward the deficit or the National Debt and next year we will hear them threatening us again so they can raise the debt ceiling.NO MORE MONEY,NO MORE SPENDING AND NO MORE CUTTING OUR BENEFITS.How can they justify supporting the rest of the world by taking away from American Citizens.

  • J.M.R.

    just another rhino that doesn’t give a damn about the grand childern of the u.s.a.

  • TIME

    All together now lets say, RINO……

  • Rick

    Actually, I think Mitch’s idea is pretty clever. Obummer gets what he has wanted all along and the Republicans would have a system of “check and balance” in place (sort of). But the bottom line is, by giving Obummer sole discretionary power (and limited at that) there would be no question that he “solely owns the debt” should he decide to take advantage of the newfound power. Then, when it blows up in his face, he will have just one more nail in his coffin for his reelection bid.

    • Lost in Paradise

      YEs, and we will pay for it for a long time, and it will never be repealed if it is about higher taxes. Our government is so money, and power hungry,they are acting like starved Grizzly’s.

    • TIME


      No, its not a good idea in any way shape or form.
      Its no differant that what Hindenburg did with Hitler and you see just how well that all worked out.

      • Rick


        Let’s face the facts……Obummer will bully his way through one way or another. At least this way the onus would be placed solely and squarely on his shoulders and during his watch. Do I want the debt limit raised? No! Absolutely NOT!! But, after seeing how the progressives have managed to get their way since Obummer took over, I see no likelihood that business as usual will change in Washington. At least this way, raising the debt ceiling would be conditional and the damages caused by it would solely be owned Odumnuts. We and our children, their children and grandchildren at least are already going to pay the piper as it is. But come the 2012 election it will just be one bullet that our Communist in Chief would not be able to dodge and maybe then the Liberals will finally see through this silver-tongued devil and think twice before voting. We’ll never be able to sway the progressives because bringing down this country and turning it into a police-run Socialist state is exactly what they want but perhaps we can give Obummer enough rope to hang himself with his own party. I’m just sayin.

        • TIME

          Rick, allowing Barry to become dictator by default is not a plan.

    • Ellen

      Rick, I agree with you. I think this plan is ingenious. We know Congress will raise the debt ceiling because of all the scare tactics about us defaulting and causing the world to end. So, with McConnell’s idea, Obama owns every increase he asks for and he has to come up with offsetting cuts to get them. Obama will have to take responsibility for his spending and the fools who still think he’s so wonderful may finally catch on to the truth. Americans are fed up with wasteful govt spending yet Obama wants to spend more. He’s delusional enough to think he can talk his way out of this. He doesn’t realize his penny lost its shine long ago.

    • David

      Perhaps we have not fully understood Mitch’s proposal. He has stated that he is out to make Obama a one time president. Let obama take the heat for this huge debt and the Republicans and will be home free. Its a no brainer. Obama has only just over a year left and the Republicans can win the senate and keep the house. Mean while the house can continue to defund all expenses. Congress has the power to control the purse strings.

    • bigez.1953

      McConnel’s proposal is unconstitutional, unconscional, and traitorous to boot. CONGRESS, and only Congress has the power to levy taxes and spend money. Raising the debt ceiling is the bailiwick of CONGRESS not the president. Allowing the president to do the job of Congress would allow the executive branch to usurp the powers given to the legislature. McConnel must be insane. This might be great politics, but it is not in keeping with the constitution.
      People are talking about impeaching Obama. I am no fan. McConnel and his ilk are the ones we need most to impeach. Barring that, we need to FIRE them SOB’s in 2012. Please, vote against each and every incumbant that runs for any office in 2012. Believe me, you WILL feel better about your future and yourself.

  • amvet’92

    I think that if the republicans stick to their guns, don’t raise the debt limit. Obama and the treasury dept will be forced to make due with 1.00/1.40 or so of what they will have if the debt ceiling is rased. Hard choices will have to be made and they will be his. Nobody believes that if he made good on his threat not to send SS checks or pay the military heads would not roll, his and that of his treasury sec. This is a very rare and prescious point in history. The Tea party mvmnt is one telltail of the growing awakening of the people. Please don’t let the Rinos ruin it for us. It is win/win if only the republican party would not go all wobly, as is their habbit

  • northbrook

    McConnell if you get this proposed plan passed the Senate then I want you out of office. You will be burdening our children with further debt just to save face and your job. I don’t believe the hype about the nation failing to be able to service its debt when it brings in almost twice the amount required monthly. Enough in fact to pay the SSA commitments, military payrolls, and medicare. Yes other areas of the government might suffer but that may actually result in a smaller government. In the long run we need to address the deficit not continue to kick the problem down the road.

  • Walt

    There are plenty of available options for cutting the size of the Federal Government and thus the deficit. Take a look at these proposed cuts and reasons for cutting these government agencies here:

  • Lost in Paradise

    Career politicians,attorney’s are the root of all our ills. I wish That big green heli would bore a big hole in the dirt with Obama and his wife aboard. What a piece of garbage, and now another one thinks he might have a chance at the white house. God help us. Please!

  • don

    deeper and deeper we go. don’t these dum asses know when to quit. they won’t be satisfied until this county goes under.let the big spenders pay off the debt by forfeiting the overgenerous salaries and benefits they get that they voted for themselves. the people on social security and medicare are supposed to take cuts from what they payed into and got robbed by our thieving government. alot of people who have no retirement from their jobs live only on ssi and live in poverty. our leaders canrob them with out any conscience. why don’t our leaders have 401k plans,ira’s, only ssi for retirements so they can feel the pain. the hell of it is most of them are wealthy before thy take office. we have a future of like being in hell on earth. we’ll be in the third world country club. bob livingston and personal liberty alerts need to be in every computer in this country. everyone would would be well informed then. look up alex jones onfowars shopand click on the obama deception. most of every one would be very discusted. i have the dvd it is shows where obamais coming from and talks about some of the past presidents and where they are coming from.

  • Les

    Just finished watching Obama’s last rant. This guy should get his facts straight before reading his teleprompter. He just stated that he’s is planning on 400 billion in defense spending cuts and is looking a the possibility of a couple of 100 billion more. He doesn’t even know that the whole defense budget is only 663 billion. ROTFLMAO


    • C130 Gunship

      Les, he can ‘plan’ all he wants, the CONgress spends the money. How about no money for DEA, ATF, EPA, Debt. of Ed, Energy, Interior, Agriculture, PBS, Food Stamps, Welfare, HLS, TSA, SEC, FDA, no money for Air Force One, and on and on.

      As far as RINO’s like McConnell, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow, Scott Brown, and others, let’s vote their asses out of office!

  • Nelllie

    Obama gives his staff 16% increase and on the same breath offers to raise the Medicare eligibility to age 67. He should get rid of
    such huge staff CZARS and would help lowering the debt ceiling. NO,
    all these politicians have broke the Social Security fund and now
    they don’t know if the poor people who have paid to this fund may
    not get their checks. PRETTY BAD GUYS.

  • Ray McDaniel

    The Model-A Ford was a lot faster & better than the Model-T.
    However, We the PEOPLE can’t go on letting our government be
    operated by people whose brains are like Model-A Fords! The
    world is happening too fast today. WE need to do the driving!

    Sweet-smiley Mitch McConnell is the “Senate Minority Leader”.
    Republicans are in the minority in the Senate, and they made
    him their LEADER there. HE thinks his job is to COMPROMISE
    with the majority, to let them cause the LEAST amount of harm
    as possible. That’s what his “Experience” amounts to! Screw it!

    The PEOPLE need to WAKE UP and Take Their Country back!
    Everything is happening too fast today to keep using the SENILE
    mentality that was good enough 30 years ago, to lead our fiscally
    responsible Representatives in Congress today! THE PEOPLE
    need to take back their Government! WE NEED to decide who
    the Leaders of OUR Government are, AND TO DEVELOP the
    brain), IMMORAL, UNAMERICAN, TREASONOUS (like Baraq’s
    brain), OR UNFIT/UNQUALIFIED FOR THAT JOB (like Baraq)!!!

  • CJM

    The US Constitution denies McConnell’s plan in giving more power to the administrative branch for good reason–yes, he has lost his mind. What the yellow-bellies in congress ought to do is get a backbone and impeach the communist in the Oval Office for treason and sedition, among other felonies that have been committed under is highly corrupt regime. Enough is enough…no more pussyfooting around this tyrant who is bent on becoming our last elected President and first dictator.

  • Anthony

    We have lost our freedom to paper & ink…….I fear the only way to win it back will be with blood…..

  • Kevin Beck

    To answer the title question: No.

    The questioner assumes that he had a mind to lose. I contend this is not possible.

    This is the second stupid, bizarre piece of behavior he exhibited in the past two years; his first was endorsing that bozo that was running against Rand Paul in 2010. He is consistent in demonstrating he is a member of the Washington political class instead of the country class. The second-best thing the Republican Party can do is to expel him from any leadership position. The best is to run a dedicated conservative against him in his next primary.

  • SS McDonald

    Benjamin Franklin, apparently paraphrasing Plato, once said, “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.”

  • meteorlady

    He’s totally lost it. Gads…. get him out of office.

  • CDR Dan

    A “balanced budget” Constitutional amendment is a non-finisher and probably a non-starter. It’s BS. If enacted, which is unlikely, the way the Democrats and lefties will always try to “balance” the budget is by raising taxes. The essential problem is way too huge government and its out-of-control spending.

  • David

    When have we balanced the budget? Sounds good though! Raising taxes only sends money to Washington for them to spend. This country was not founded on tax money. We need the money not the government. Perhaps a small flat tax including everyone would be the only way to solve this huge debt.

  • LarrWayne

    Drug testing for senators. The insanity is on the increase.

  • Joe

    Mitch McConnel wants to give this so called President total authority to raise the debt ceiling!!!Has he lost all his senses??No one in govt. should have that kind of authority,power.Thats why we elected Reps.,to express our thoughts,wants,needs.
    As long as Wash. can get your money(take it) there will not be a balanced budget,they do not know how to balance a budget,but, they know how to SPEND ,spend money we don’t have.
    We could have money,if,if they would STOP all this foreign aid give away.We GIVE money to 152 countries,plus, we give money to every illegal that sneaks into this nation.
    I am fed up with this administrtion and our Reps.
    Common sense is outlawed in govt.
    Ask your Rep. if he has read the Constitution,and if so, why they are not abidding by it!!!
    What seems to be good for Wash. is too good for the American people,therefore we do not share in the same treatment.
    They set themselves up as the “elite”.

  • dan

    How about take bonds and FREEZE them…then treat them like real bonds and only give dividends when a profit is made.That would take the debt-service/interest paid to the Fed out of the budget equation…

    Sure it’s rough on bond investors…but it’s better than default on the
    principle OR bankruptcy…still,what’s good enough for GM …

  • chuckb

    it seems few of you understand the republicans. they want to give barry the leeway to dig his hole a little deeper, then they can stand back and say, see, he’s the one, he’s the one that destroyed the country, we didn’t do it. (republican mentality) they do it every time. instead of holding their ground they will cave nd we will go deeper into recession while the president spends us into oblivion, he probably already has.
    mcconnell never had any thing to lose in the first place

  • retiredairforce

    Congress and this administration won’t cut spending because it would affect hundreds of billions of dollars annually in health care, welfare, food stamps, wic, education, unemployment insurance, low income energy aid, housing assistance and other benefits for millions of illegal aliens who violated our laws, borders, sovereignty and use stolen and fraudulent identities to obtain taxpayer benefits and take jobs from Americans. Thousands more illegally enter the country every week through wide open borders which Obama refuses to secure. Struggling taxpayers are forced to support open borders and never ending illegal immigration for cheap labor, illegal alien votes and new dues paying union members. Greedy businesses interests, corrupt unions and a corrupt Capital Hill have trumped the safety, security and well being of the American people.


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