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Hard For Him To Say He’s Sorry

September 27, 2012 by  

Hard For Him To Say He’s Sorry
The Obamas appeared on "The View."

Earlier this week, between refusing to meet with his world leadership colleagues and bringing his Presidential acumen to bear on the geopolitically destabilizing NFL officials’ strike, President Barack Obama dropped by the set of Barbara Walters’ henhouse cluckfest “The View.” During the course of his interaction with such notable thinkers as stand-up comedienne Whoopi Goldberg and junior varsity liberal shill Joy Behar, Obama once again blamed the catastrophic violence overtaking the Mideast on the so-called “movie” “Innocence of Muslims.” After watching a few moments of that schlock-fest, I can promise you that calling it a “movie” is nearly as big a stretch as calling Obama “Presidential,” or Valerie Jarrett’s face “natural-looking.” But I digress.

During his sit-down with the gals, Obama — who presumably brought along the Mrs. in order to appeal to the all-important Neiman Marcus demographic — abruptly reversed course from his previous declarations regarding the Islamofascist murders of four Americans in Libya two weeks ago. He said:

There’s no doubt that… it wasn’t just a mob action. What’s clear is that, around the world, there are still a lot of threats out there.

Obama taped the appearance in Walters’ chicken coop on Monday. And then, in that grand tradition of Democratic aspirants to the Presidency, he flip-flopped again. Addressing the mewling appeasers and parking ticket scofflaws at the United Nations, Obama returned to his blame-the-crappy-video narrative:

I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well.

That’s a none-too-subtle return to the “it’s the movie’s fault” talking point which made Obama a national laughingstock last week. In addition to being demonstrably wrong (crappy movies don’t kill people; psychotic Muslim fanatics do), Obama’s statement marks what has to be a new record for Democratic duplicity. Obama — who took nearly 10 days to acknowledge that terrorists just might have been involved in the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya — managed to pronounce diametrically opposed reasons for the same event in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, the idea that the President — even one as mortifying as Obama — would apologize to terrorists and their appeasers for a poor exercise in free speech is nearly as appalling as dismissing the rumored rape and the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans as “bumps in the road.”

How far into the clown car has this buffoon climbed if his latest pronouncement manages to be less offensive than his description of the victims of the Islamofascists’ rape-and-murder-a-thon as “bumps in the road?” Forget about the fact that Obama’s own minions are now openly acknowledging that the Libyan massacre was an act of terrorism (as is Obama himself, depending on the audience). Focus instead on the fact that the re-election of Obama not only guarantees a continuation of the death spiral down which he has driven us, but it also sends a message to the rest of the world that we’re perfectly willing to go along for the ride.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Warrior

    um, um, Ben, this IS being “focused like a laser” for the “campaigner n chief”, just let me make that “perfectly clear”.

  • Marilyn

    Well Ben: In defense of the president he had to blame it on the movie; otherwise, he would have had to own up to the fact that he, and his secretary of state, Clinton failed in their duty to protect the embassy. There was just no way he could blame this on Bush and someone or something had to take the blame.

    • ccfonten

      You are exactly correct. This man is incapable of accepting blame for anything he has done or should have done on his watch.
      He is the poster boy for sociopath narcissism.

      • JUKEBOX

        I wonder if “BUMPS IN THE ROAD” is code words for Obama referring to our diplomats as “ROAD KILL”.

    • john811c

      “The embassy thing I didn’t build that, the movie caused that, someone else did that” Now even more he is perceived as a weak spineless leader by most of the world, that makes NOW the perfect time for the jihadists to strike because they know he and Clinton will apologize for America…she has a lot of blame in this but It is the administration who has caused this by its policies

      • hangman

        By Obama’s own words, “You did not built that, the government did’, I can only assume that the trailer about Muhammad was made by the government, or in this case, by Obama. So he needs to man up and tell his ‘homeys’ in the middle East that he alone, is to blame for anything and everything they find offencive, After all, acording to him, he is a war hero, ‘HE’ killed bin Laten.

    • eddie47d

      First of all it was a Consulate in Benghazi not an Embassy. Consulates are generally not as well protected as Embassies. Secondly they did have protection and were armed but as we all know rockets don’t care how well protected you are and they can do some serious damage. Now if you want bunker Embassies and bunker Consulates then pony up the money if that helps you refortify your bunker mentalities. Thirdly the majority of Demonstrations in the Muslim world IS because of that anti-Muhammad video or haven’t you observed the signs they have been carrying. That means the video is their focal point not the 9/11 rocket attack on our Consulate. Obama has spoken out for freedom of speech and the violent reactions to that video more than once. Fourthly the attack in Benghazi was initially blamed on a protest that went wrong. No one knew what really sparked this attack so enough of this Monday morning quarterbacking. Most sources today acknowledge that it was a pre-planned assault and not a demonstration over the video. The video/plus 9/11 only gave them a reason to plan and gain support for such an attack. Was it a pro-Qaddafi group who wanted to regain their glory or an al Qaeda group who used the international forces to garnish a take over of the country? Then using the coalition weapons they were given to overthrow Qaddafi to now oust us Americans. Either way there are evil forces working against us. Thankfully we have the new Libyan government and most citizens standing up for us. Take a look at our own Revolution and how fragile it was for many years and how we almost lost it again in 1812.

      • Michael

        I note the Libyan gov’t is “….now standing up for us…..”, only about 2 weeks too late to save the ambassador and those other 3. When a country has about 10 days notice that something bad is going to happen, as the US State Dept had, wonder why the ambassador was in a consulate and not in the embassy? Surely this “bump in the road” was not aided by Hillary.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Eddie you should be very careful. I understand President Obama lurches and frequently makes sudden stops. You could could break your nose.

      • momo

        eddie47d….Obama adminstration apologist.

      • s c

        Praise the fuhrer. Love the fuhrer. Worship the fuhrer. Komrade, you are truly a piece of work. May yuou someday be forced to have a working, functional brain.
        So how much is union scale these days for being an utter suck-up for your White House God?

      • slapjack

        eddieObamma Jr. Four Americans are dead because of your Libtard brother Ubummbo inept leadership skills. He doesn’t go to the Cia breifings and doesn’t know his head from a holein the ground like you. Enough said!!!!!

      • Average Joe


        You write:
        “First of all it was a Consulate in Benghazi not an Embassy.”

        There is only one flaw in your statement, according to te US State Dept. There is no Consulate in Bengahzi, there is however only one consulate listed in Lybia…in Tripoli.
        If the attack was in Benghazi…then…it wasn’t against the US Consulate…and if the attack was against the US Consulate…then it didn’t happen in Benghazi…Somehow this whole attack seems to have many flaws in the telling of the story……

        Time for a reality check….


      • Mike

        Jay Carney/axlerod, LOOKOUT! Eddie 47d’s vying for your job!

      • http://naver samurai

        First ed-duh, I do agree that there are some differences between an embassy and a consulate. I also agree that the are not defensible against rockets or mortars. But everything else is sheer nonsense. Look at this about the enemy behind the attacking of the U.S. and the Jews. It may open your mind to new possibilities.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • nickkin

        4 Americans dead Eddie and o’screw-up goes on a mid-life women talk show and does his “dog and Pony show. His timing is like a car driving off the cliff with the driver-discovery of how to use the brakes. Those idiot women & his Mooshell-moonpie are an insult to any t.v show hosted by a women.

        • Bellagram

          I am confused as to what Michelle Obama has done to deserve such disrespect. Seems to me she has done everything right that we hold dear in America. She kept out of trouble growing up in the south side of Chicago, graduated from a prestigious university (Princeton) and went on to graduate from Harvard Law. Got married to a man she loves. Waited a few years before having children. Seems to be a wonderful mother and wife, and I am very proud to have her as First Lady.So what did she do to you to deserve your vitriol?. Yes, 4 Americans were brutally murdered by Islamic Extremists, how does that compare to the 3,736 American Soldiers killed in the wars after Bush declared “Mission Accomplished”? .

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Bellagram, you asked what MO has done do deserve our mistrust and dislike. Well, here is one example. A couple of years ago at a Flag Day ceremony she leaned over and whispered in O’s ear: “All this for a damned old rag.” (You might be able to find in on YouTube if you care to look.) and that is just one example among many.

            US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69, Doorgunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

            Romney-Ryan 2012

          • Bellagram

            If you are going to state something as a fact, it helps to get your facts straight. The incident that was debunked by Politifact was supposedly at a 9/11 observance – not flag day as you stated. That tells me that you just heard something, believed it without any checking, and continue to spread it around as truth. The reason PolitiFact labled this as “Pants on Fire” while Snopes said it was undeterminaed, is because they checked with the River School that supposedly translated this very hard to even see lip movement, and they denied it. The consensus from a website for the hearing impaired is that she said “It is amazing how they fold that flag” Which makes better sense considering her involvement with military families. As a Gold Star Mom (since 2004) I pay attention to things like that. I have heard about those who dislike the First Family so much that they invent stories to discredit them, but i did not believe that American citizens could be that hateful. Guess I was wrong.

          • Bellagram

            Got to thinking that you may also have taken exception to Michelle’ comment during the 2008 campaign when she said that for the first time in her adult lifetime that she is really proud of her country. I remember that as I said something similar myself when I left my polling place on caucus night and heard Obama had won the caucus. I certainly did not mean (and neither did she) that I had never been proud of my country – a mother does not send her boys off to war without being proud of her country, was not really proud of my country though when one of my son’s came home in a flagged draped coffin though. So I can completely understand her statement. As for me, I was so proud on Caucus night 2008, proud of my state and proud to be an American, cause I thought that we as a country had finally put the past behind us and were able to look at candidates as men/women and not see color. I still believe that. Now, I need to get ready to celebrate Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day that the president has proclaimed for tomorrow.I wish all of you Gold Mothers and Families a peaceful day of remembrance Sept. 30.

      • L.J.G

        To John Wilch :
        M.O. did not say “All this for a damned old rag.”
        What she said was “All this for a damn flag” then rolled her eyes,then B.O. looked over his left shoulder at her, with a very readable SMIRK and he nodded his head “yes”.
        She Did Not say “It is amazing how they fold that flag” .Bellagram^^^
        You can go on to youtube and see for yourself, the look in her eyes say everything her lips are saying.
        And Bellagram- if you slow the video down enough you can put just about any words in her mouth like maybe “You know dinners at five” but that ain’t what she’s saying darlin.
        M.O. has said many racist and anti-American remarks. That’s just the person she is.

        • Bellagram

          I did go to you tube and saw it. Slow or fast doesn’t matter, you cannot see what she is really saying. I will take the word of the hearing impaired who read lips on a regular basis. I just have to wonder why someone would lie about this being translated by someone at River School which was not true. Think what you want, but you are wrong. If you don’t like the President’s policies that is fine, but disparaging the First Lady because of it is a bit much. I personally know how much she has done for military families and that is good enough for me.

        • Bellagram

          What I see in her eyes is the pain of the day being remembered.

  • corkey

    Does either party ever take the blame for any of their mistakes? Does either party ever fire anyone and take responsiblity? The answer: NO

    • eureka22

      i gets the idea corkey dat you is a soppoter o da islamist clown..after all of the lies all of the excuses the involvement of fast and furious…his owns promises of of …”if i do’nt fix yhe economy in 3 years..then you can vote me out..”of a deficit which we may never get out of…yes corky you supporters cant see the forest because of the trees..

    • Larry

      Corkey, it’s a shame you are so blinded by socialism that you can’t see the truth. Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barak Obama) has NEVER taken the blame for anything he has ever done. Instead of just saying “both parties do it”…give me an example of a Republican not taking the responsibility of his action and blaming someone else. Just one example…please. If you want a list of Barry’s, my fingers would get tired from typing them. Just to name a few…The Japanese Psunami, the Republicans in Congress, Christians, the Tea Party, the “movie”…and let’s not forget George Bush. All of these factors (plus a multitude of others) are always his reasons why he is a failure. The sad truth is…he is a failure to this country because he doesn’t care about this country. He loves the power and will lie, cheat and steal to keep it!

  • William Luedtke


    • Nobody’s Fool


  • peter

    Maybe you are right Ben, just maybe the people of the USA are happy to have a ‘ clown running the show. He of course considers himself untouchable and craves the limelight as do the ‘ wannabe celebrities ‘ on idols. Unhappily, idols usually end up as the [expletive deleted] heads that they really are. He does’nt give a hoot as long as he is idolized by the idiotic wenches on that stupid excuse for a tv show. No wonder the world is being screwed. Vote Stein for president if we want any way out of this mess. The only difference between Obama and Romney is that Romney actually has a hairstyle, albeit old fashioned. Other than that, they both represent anything and any one other than the interests of America and it’s people. God help us.

  • eureka22

    da fear ah gots is dat da mahjoeity o da soppohters dey votes foh him beacau an only becau he do’nt looks like his dats da only reason…whachoo tink?

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Eureka22, yew’s rite. Dey aint one pursen votin fer oBlamer dat has a brain in dey hed.

    • sam1966

      Ha, ha, ha, ha! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

  • john811c

    Face it Obama will never take any responsibility for ANY of his actions..It will always be someone else who caused the problem, If he wins this next election he will blame Romney for being the cause or the Republicans for being the cause of his failed policies

    • clemens harmon

      it is Bush that made the most mistakes.when he was in office. Get your facts right.

      • Steve E

        I’ve been waiting for some lib to go in their playbook and blame Bush. Now here it is.

      • JTB

        You are a stupid, stupid liberal!

      • REVDR

        One simple fact for all you simple closet libs out here. Bush had a dimocraptic congress. Also you libs have a habit of spewing comments without naming them. So why don’t you list these so called mistakes Bush made and we’ll see who was really behind them.

      • sam1966

        Why don’t you get yours stright clemens?

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 선 한 싸움 동료 애국 자 올려! 하나님과 국가!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • nickkin

        You talk like a crazed islam -muzzie lover…..4 Americans dead under the reign of comrade obumfart…..that is what counts…….you bush-basher

        • Bellagram

          Yes, it is horrible about the 4 that were murdered by Islamic extremists – but it is less than the 849 of our boys killed in service of our country in 2004, 846 killed in 2005, 823 killed in 2006, 904 killed in 2007, or 318 killed in 2008, all under President Bush and all after his “Mission Accomplished” statement in May of 2003. I am willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt in that he meant the mission was to get troops on the ground – but what ever, it is still a lot more than the 4 you are attributing to President Obama.

    • eddie47d

      That is not true John just because you say so. Look how long it took the Bush administration to admit there weren’t any WMD’s. It wasn’t days or months but years! Which party is mostly responsible for our preemptive wars in the Middle East and lied their way into this swamp (desert)? Who angered the the Muslim world and exacerbated the conflicts between the Shiites and the Sunni’s. Think Ronald Reagan who armed Iraq and pitted them against the Iranians. What business did he have in doing that except wanting the Iran-Iraq War. Some like the say the Arab world is always fighting. Well who stoked the hornets nest? Take Responsibility? Do the Republicans take responsibility for what they caused or anything else for that matter? Do they take responsibility for the false flag Iraq War created under phony pretenses?

      • 45caliber

        eddie: As far as I know, the Bush administration never admitted that there were never any WMD’s. After all, they found some. I’ve been told that by one of the soldiers who helped dig them up. That is simply some inconvenient truth the MSM has “failed” to report properly. But I can see why you might think so considering your apparent reading list. Or comperhensive level. I’m not sure which it is.

      • Jim

        The “Arab” world has been fighting with SOMEBODY since the biblical times of Joseph! It is a part of our/their history. Are there any GOOD Arabs? YES, of course there are. The problem I see is that they can’t do too much about being good Arabs w/o placing themselves and their families in mortal danger. Most folk, Arab or non Arab tend to not do things like that. The extremist Arabs do not need an excuse to act up. They act up because it is in their genes to do so.
        America, if we are to survive and continue as a World Power must take the profit out of war! America has become the Worlds Cop because powerful wealthy persons want it that way. It keeps them in power. My plan: completely destroy any nation or person that attacks America, screw the publicity! On the other hand, be kind and generous to all that support us and the way of life we enjoy. It is quite simple, don’t mess with us and you can live and have an opportunity to be happy and free. Mess with us and you are history.
        NOW, about POTUS… he is a very bad joke. ANYONE that apologizes for our defending ourselves or exercising the freedoms that our government affords us is not worthy of elected office and should be immediately removed. I am APPALLED that Americans have still not demanded the impeachment of the President, marched on DC and delivered a strong message to the Congress.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Sorry Eddie, the question as to whether Saddam had WMDs is still up for grabs. Just because they didn’t find any in Iraq means nothing (other than they didn’t find any in Iraq). It may be interesting to see what is in Syria when all the smoke clears in that beacon of freedom in the Arab world. Hiding or exporting a cache of WMDs is a helluva lot easier than trying to find them. So why don’t you take the bogus WMD talking point out of your quiver. It only appeals to morons.

      • eddie47d

        Sorry Speedle the consensus is still that there were no WMD’s. Besides since Assad is under assault and if he had those weapons he would have surely used them to keep himself in power. Now pull your head out of the box and stop being moronic in your defense of Bush.

      • s c

        Komrade einstein, you’ll find those WMDs that ‘don’t exist’ in Syria – unless they’ve had time to move them again. Boob, WHAT was used to kill KURDS in Iraq? A WMD was used to KILL those Kurds. Are you so STUPID that you just can’t get it rhough that concrete-reinforced skull of yours? PLEASE tell us that you’re NOT the “smart” one in your ‘family.’
        I thought Gore was as close to utter duh as anyone could be. YOU, komrade ‘e,’ are PAST Gore in that department. Devolution, thy name is “e.”

      • sam1966

        Actually ed-duh, your history timeline is wrong. Remember how the Iran-Iraq War started in 1980, but Reagan wasn’t in office yet. We did help arm Iraq, but to defeat the Ayatolla Homeini(sp). Who, BTW, wanted to create a new Persian Empire by taking over every country between Iran and the Mediterranian Sea, to count Israel, of course. I think you need to remember the 9th Commandment.

        “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Says Eddie, “…Besides since Assad is under assault and if he had those weapons he would have surely used them to keep himself in power. ..”

        That would be a false assumption Eddie. Assad’s handlers (Chicoms and Ruskies) would never allow him to use those weapons even if he had use of them. In any case, there is nothing proven (regardless of the “consensus” you reference) that there were no WMDs in Iraq at the start of the war. In fact, it defies logic that if suddenly there were to have been none since we all know (even you) that Saddam had (and used) WMDs prior to the war. Perhaps Saddam suddenly realized the error of his ways and decided to destroy them..hmmmm. Yeah that makes sense doesn’t it? If not, what happened to them pray tell Eddie.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why did O have to visit the cattery called by name “The View”? To pat the cats so to make sure they vote for him.

  • nell


    • Nobody’s Fool

      Nell, he would have to be sent back to Kenya, the place of his birth. I will pay for his ticket. He has totally trashed our country and is stirring up discontent and racial prejudice and class warfare in hopes that riots will build around the country and he can declare martial law, call off the election, and declare himself King of the World, Dictator for Life. He is a disaster, a wrecking crew all his own. And yes, he’s a pychopathic narcissist communist muslim out for the blood of Christians and Americans, whether they be Christians or not. Anyone who supports the Constitution, he wants obliterated. He is Evil personified.

      • 45caliber

        Have you ever considered that his last several years have been spent campaigning for “King of the World”? He’s gone around and around the world on tour after tour trying to recruit world votes for something…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        45 Caliber, my thought he is priming the world to accept a one world ruler, setting the stage for such a one.

      • conbomo2x2

        Yes, he is evil! I can’t stand to hear him speak nor even look at him without seeing something very sinister about him. He doesn’t TRY to be president…he just wants to be seen and known as America’s first black president….acts more like a celebrity…mo and bo both do! And the way mo dresses! More like a celebrity than a first lady. I don’t care what he or she either one do or have done, I don’t trust them any farther than I can spit!!!

    • eddie47d

      Both Nell and Nobody’s Fool are nasty heathens and bona fide liars but do their fellow Republicans care? Apparently you get what you encourage or is this how you all really feel? Nell made a racist remark ” common among the Africacan Americams” and then states that Obama didn’t attend the UN meeting. Which he did do and wasn’t booed. Nobody’s Fool brings up several false assumptions which he has done on several occassions yet no Republicans has the courage to take him to task. I would say that makes him the evil personified and one mentally ugly human being. Reminds me of Ahmadinejad and his phony bluster and even falser ego.

      • momo

        eddie47d says: “Nobody’s Fool brings up several false assumptions which he has done on several occassions yet no Republicans has the courage to take him to task. I would say that makes him the evil personified and one mentally ugly human being.”

        The price we pay for free speech eddie47d, you’ve made a lot of false assumptions yourself, the most recent being agreeing with the adminstration’s assertions that the consulate attack was spontaneous. The pot calling the kettle black.

      • eddie47d

        Now did I really say that or are those your words?

      • http://n/a Arlen

        Eddie, you must have missed the article some time ago stating that, on the last night before inspectors were allowed to check for Iraq’s WMD’s, Sadaam Hussein managed to ship over 40 plane loads of secret cargo to Syria. Could it have been the remnants of those thousands of chemical WMD’s that the world knew he had earlier?

        And don’t forget that, back in 2002, Great Britain and several other countries were convinced that Sadaam still had WMD’s and that Britain in particular encouraged Bush to get Sadaam stopped before he had a chance to use them.

        The middle east war was NOT Bush’s war but rather Clinton’s war. Clinton had earlier vowed to go after and bring to justice the terrorists that: (1) tried to bring down the twin towers the first time, (2) killed hundreds of people in US foreign embassies and military compounds and (3) bombed the USS Cole, etc. However, Clinton did not follow through but Bush followed up for Clinton after 9-11.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently its still a big secret about those planes Arlen. So in reality it doesn’t matter because it could be 40 loads of camel dung. We assume too much in getting into these wars. Why do you also insist that Bush had a right to go to war without legitimate evidence? Those bombings in Africa also had nothing to do with Saddam so using Clinton as an excuse in defense for Bush’s actions is rather strained too. Now Saddam did have chemical weapons which were sold to him by France,Russia and the USA so do you see the set up to create the looming war.

    • Bellagram

      Here is the full transcript of the speech that he gave at the UN General Assembly on Sept 25 that you seem to think he did not go to. Funny what you can find if you google.

      • nickkin

        Hey Bellagram….not sure how old you are but you must be under the impression that the only wars we were in has been through Bush. Start from the beginning and count…Am. Rev..WWI, WWII. and so forth….you might be a decendent from one of the foreign countries we fought and died for for, our freedom….our freedom was not given to us by God but he gave us the free will to fight and defend and free others for our democracy.

        • Bellagram

          Hey Nikkin – I am in my 60′s, and I am well aware of how many wars we have engaged in. Have sent 5 sons to war and only got 4 back alive, but that has nothing to do with what I said in reply to your post. You were talking about the 4 Americans murdered by Islamic Extremists under Obama’s administration, I pointed out that there were a few more killed under the Bush administration. Your personal attack is unwarranted and just plain mean. I am Irish Catholic so do not think I am a descendant of any country MY FAMILY fought and died for. Your strawman does not work with me, so back off. It angers me when anyone disparages the sacrifices our soldiers make – especially since one of them is my son..

        • Bellagram

          Ooops, sorry for misspelling your screen name.

  • Deerinwater

    Cluckfest? geopolitically destabilizing NFL officials’ strike,?

    First you insult women, ~ and then place disproportional importance on sports activities. Sports are for children and growing bodies and people that refuse to grow up and have got far too much time on their hands.

    and we all know, mosts Muslims are straight out of the stone age and there is no “explaining them” and how they think ~ they don’t think, they react.

    If Mitt does not get control of his tongue soon , you are going to enjoy making bad jokes for 4 more years. Maybe you should look at the Obama’s as job security.

    • uvuvuv

      deer, if you stay in the water too long you will develop gills and turn into some new life form and the evolutionists will get mad at you for messing up their species progression charts. in comparison you already do make fish look like giants of intellectual integrity.

    • Larry

      Why should Mitt “get control of his tongue soon”? Why is it liberals can’t stand to hear the truth? Barry LIES every time he faces a camera, and you say “Mitt needs to get control of his tongue soon”??? That is so foolish! Why doesn’t Barry need to “get control of his tongue soon”?

      • 45caliber


        Lies are easy to refute. The truth is almost impossible to refute. Therefore the Demos do NOT want anyone to say bad things about what Oblama has done. That’s why they passed the law making it illegal to ask the President embarrassing questions or say anything he doesn’t want to hear in the presence of the Secret Service (Perhaps we should call them now the secret police). In fact the law gives the SS the right to arrest you for saying something bad even if the President is NOT present. It only requires them to hear you. And the sentence can be over a year in jail.

      • Jim

        Well mostly I think a lot of Americans are hoping that the our bought and paid for press will begin to report fairly on Obama dig out the truth and let him just slid back into the pool of thuggery from where he came. Mitt had better shape up fast or he will become Obama’s biggest asset! Y’all DO know that both men are representative of all that is wrong with America , right?

      • Deerinwater


        “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” –Mitt Romney (January 2012)

      • eddie47d

        We all know how much Romney lies to get votes.He lied to the Democrat voters of Massachuttes and said he was their best buds. So they voted for him. Now he flip flops with the Republicans and says trust me I’m your best of buds. Which Mitt are you voting for Larry?

      • eddie47d

        What law is that Caliber or did one of your imaginary friends tell you that? All laws have numbers so please provide the one that says you can’t ask “embarrassing” questions? There are more than boxcars in Iraq that are empty!

      • deerinwater

        ” Why is it liberals can’t stand to hear the truth?”

        No liberal ~ but Mitt is not saying anything ~ he is showing us that he has a problem address a crowd and really struggles with his feeble attempt to “reach out” to voters. His mind and lips are not connected and running independently of each other.

        “I love this state. The trees are the right height.” —Mitt Romney, campaigning in Michigan (February 2012)

        “[My wife] drives a couple of Cadillac s.” –Mitt Romney, campaigning for president in Michigan (February 2012)

        “I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.” —Mitt Romney (May 17, 2012)

        my favorite; “Who let the dogs out? Who, who.” –Mitt Romney, during an awkward photo op with a group of African Americans kids at a Martin Luther King Day parade (January 2008)

        “I like those fancy raincoats you bought. Really sprung for the big bucks.” —Mitt Romney to a group of NASCAR fans wearing plastic ponchos at the Daytona 500 (February 2012)

        “I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.” —Mitt Romney, who earned $374,000 in speaking fees in one year according to according to his personal financial disclosure (January 2012)

        “I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.” —Mitt Romney, after being asked whether he follows NASCAR racing (February 2012)

        a stab at humor ; “I’m Wolf Blitzer and yes, that’s my real name.” —CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the beginning of a November 2011 Republican presidential debate
        “I’m Mitt Romney—and yes Wolf, that’s also my first name.” —Mitt Romney, getting his own name wrong (his first name is “Willard,” and his middle name is “Mitt”)

        If I remember correctly ~ GW Bush was almost as clumsy.

        “When you give a speech you don’t go through a laundry list, you talk about the things that you think are important.” –Mitt Romney, when asked about failing to mention the troops in his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention, Fox News interview (Sept. 7, 2012

        “Is $100,000 middle income?” -George Stephanopoulos
        “No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.” -Mitt Romney, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Sept. 14, 2012

        “My sons are all adults and they’ve made decisions about their careers and they’ve chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard. One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

        “I’m happy to learn that after I speak you’re going to hear from Ann Coulter. That’s a good thing. I think it’s important to get the views of moderates.” –right before Coulter called John Edwards a “faggot”

      • momo

        @eddie47d here you go, your buddy Obama couldn’t sign it fast enough.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks MOMO Although that law does not take away free speech. That is what those opposed to it have said not what the actual bill say. If I say you can’t spit on the sidewalk and have you arrested if you do yet there is no law to back me up then I WOULD be illegally arresting you. The bill says you can’t be in certain areas or inside a building were certain officials are conducting business. Nothing says you can’t be outside those areas or building with signs and be vocal about free speech. That bill has more to do with safety and possible terror threats than a free speech issue.

  • Rick Brown

    Remember it is, ”we the people” who ut this charlatan in office and we the people are the ones
    who have the responsibility to remove him.

    Make it a November to remember; take out the trash!

  • Frank King

    I want to know why Obama didn’t blame Bush for the temporary NFL football referees. Everything in this word that goes wrong lies at the feet of George Bush. If you don’t believe me, ask Obama and his Liberal flunky followers. Now that the referees are going back to work I am sure Obama had a hand in straightening that out. lol

    • jopa

      Frank King;The mess that Bush created will be with us for decades.Just because the man is hiding out doesn’t mean the atrocities and damage he has done around the world will be forgotten.He is kinda like Usama Bin Laden when he was hiding out, but our President remembered what he had done to America and took him out.If we forget Bushes legacy we will be doomed to repeat it and the that tragedy comes in the form of a guy called Mitt.At the end of Bushes last term the financial markets were on the verge of a total meltdown and the headway that President Obama has made since is outstanding.The economy is actually getting much better, housing prices are beginning to rise, the auto industry is beginning to flourish once more, and the vast majority of Americans will be behind this President in November.The Republicans are really getting desperate now with all the name calling and so many negative, slanderous and outright lies they are just making themselves look bad and the rest of the country can see exactly what they are doing.That kind of action will turn voters away from them in droves.Just sayin.

      • Newman E. Stanley P E

        To jopa:
        One must know who initiated the action to cause and allow the financial meltdown. Bush should have been stronger and lectured them rather than only stating that this is not a good move when all the action was being taken by Barney Frank and others to allow any and all to have almost unlimited credit and not curbing financial responsibility with the taxpayers money.

    • momo

      The refs are going back to work, but nobody else is.

      • jopa

        momo;Time to get off your butt and look for a job, it will not come looking for you.

      • momo

        Don’t need to jopa, I own a business.

  • 45caliber

    The interesting thing about the attacks to me is that the Marines were allowed NO ammunition! I guess they were expected to simply use bad language or act as a physical barrier themselves. Yet I’ve been under the impression for years that the Marines were intended to DEFEND the embassies if needed. Further, if you check the news for that day, there were about ten attacks on various embassies in various countries fo the Mid-East. In several of them the local police protected the embassy there. Yet it was not done in Libya, Syria, etc. That required government sponsorship for the riots.

  • Ed

    If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

  • Penelope

    would like to see ANYONE OF YOU being president. See how many gray
    hairs YOU would have…or what shape the country would be in. Easy to

    • 45caliber

      I wouldn’t want the job unless I could hire my own guards. I think I could screw up the Congress and the “powers that be” in Washington enough in four years to set them back at least 20 years in whatever it is that they wish to do. But I wouldn’t trust the guards they would give me. And I really don’t want the job anyway. It is too close to a job I once had – prison guard. The job isn’t bad but the people you have to deal with are a pain!

    • Jim

      Gee Penelope I’d be great at the job… after all, my hair is WAAAAAY past grey its white!
      Of course if any of you care to get me elected, I gotta tell ya… I spend 4 months each year in Florida, I have my own set of beliefs and would use them to govern(or dictate)I too would insist upon hand picking my own security detail… hmmmm R U sure ya want me to be herr leader guy?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      He chose to take the job.

    • eddie47d

      It was Ann Romney that said “this job is tough” so “why don’t you try it”.!

  • jopa

    45 cal:What is it with you Republicans,Tbaggers, and so called Conservatives that you are all so hell bent on setting our country back twenty years if not just destroy it.If you don’t like it here nobody is twisting your arm to stay.

    • Jim

      AW shucks Jopa, We didn mean ta hurt yer lil liberal panties none. See… conservatives have learned that liberalism only works for those that don’t have to pay and for those that receive! For the folks that actually have to pay for the Liberal agenda… it SUCKS! Besides… 45 wuzz only sharing his experience/life with us not saying you had to follow suit but then, as a liberal, we understand you are more comfy following than in leading.Make up your own mind. Don’t lety me or anyone else do your thinking for you but… how’s bussing worked out? How has all the free medical care for the poor worked out, uhmmm oh say what about having more than one winner at school? What about saying that homosexuality is normal? The PC line from the liberal side of the house has cost America GA-Zillions of dollars and accomplished… NUTHIN! So I am not much inclined to embrace liberalism. OHMMMMMMMMMMMMM

      • jopa

        Jim;The last word in your post, are you sucking on something??

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    As a visitor to the united states i am appalled by all the conversations in the mainstream media. Do you blame your president for the death of Chris his ambassador?, hell no! Let’s take the politics out of it and think a little inward. Can anyone blame president Bush for 9/11? Again what you understand about democracy or freedom is misplaced. I am a christian but scripture tells us that don’t provoke even your own child to anger let alone another person. And we should live peaceably with all men. The Muslims from time memorial have expressed their disapproval of mocking their faith in a violent manner. You don’t care and owe no apology for that. If you are truly a leader of the world, the greatest nation in the world then act so. Show respect for others who are your subjects. Your safety and peace is in respecting and protecting the safety and peace of others in this global village. But this is not a surprise because Pier Morgan on CNN said “I absolutely believe that people can be born gay” That was the second time i heard it. When i first heard it from my nice i thought she was just a youth who did not know better but then i understand that freedom is good but unlimited freedom is dangerous. And the United States unlimited freedom doctrine might just cost its citizens all that their founding fathers work for. My prayer is that God will protect Americans across the globe.

    • Jim

      Hello Phillip, I hope that you enjoyed your stay with us here in “The Colonies” You will recall that Americans are a nation born of the malcontents of European society and that we dis agreed with the European belief system that was in place. Near 300 years has as yet not changed that willingess to speak out against anything we think is contrary to our opinion, and you may do likewise here.
      Many Americans DO in fact believe that the President is ultimately responsible because that person through appointees and other elected officials runs the operation! It is ultimately the President that makes the decision to arm/protect/guard American consulates and other US properties around the World… OR NOT. Approximately 500 persons actually “run” the US Government on a daily basis. It is these folks that make the decisions that turn out well or sometimes not so well for us. Their “Boss” is the President of the United States( POTUS) Most Americans like our Neighbors. but we do not always agree with them and they certainly have NO problem dis agreeing with us!! Canada is officially a multi cultural society. They all know that it doesn’t work, over all but it is a nice gesture, they continue to go down that path complaining all the while. We, on this side of the Detroit River wish them well, love them as neighbors, and hope our idiots won’t cause them to lose too much sleep over some of OUR silly polices. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the land of freedom and will return again.

    • Gea

      Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to Nazi ideology, including delusional Jew hatred, which led to Holocaust in WWII and if they had a chance, Muslims would do a second Holocaust in the Middle East. Islam MUST REFORM and not be catered to its nasty hateful supremacist ideology, with a role model who was a pedophlie, rapist, polygamist and murderer who in any decent society would be tried for multiple murders, rapes and pedophilia,

      All Muslim majority countries run by sharia (based on Koran and Hadity) are basket case economiies and totally incompatible with the Universalo Declaration of Human Rights. After making their countries into basket case economies, the Muslims had moved to Eruope (50 milllionsa of them), North America (some 10 millions) and Australia, where generous immigration policies enable them to live on the dole and bite the hand that feeds them and endanger those societies with their violent nasty demands agaisnt their host countries. They should be all shipped back to enjoy their sharia where they came from, together with US President who behaves more like a Caliph-in-Chief than Commander in Chief. He is both incompetent and dangerous to freedom and human rights all over the world.

      Barak Hussein Obama should resign for his role in the murder and rape of the US Ambassador in Libya, Muslim mobs everywhere and undermining US Constitution by agreeing with Muslm mobs who cannnot stand the truth about Mohamed to be told. Mohamed was a pedophlie, rapist, polygamist and murderer who in any decent country would be convicted and removed from the society, not emoulated as a role model.

  • BB

    “Henhouse cluckfest”…My, my. You sound like a Moslem man in your disparagement of women’s viewpoints. All brothers under the skin, eh?

  • L.J.G

    “CLUCKFEST” I love it – ain’t it the truth! Gotta luv ya Ben!
    I haven’t written on here in about 2 years but have kept up with the reading.
    I did see the 14 min. satire, truly pathetic.
    However, after watching footage of ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged from the building by “good Samaritans” my heart ACHED for him.
    We all know the Muslims only have to stub their toe in order for them to cause complete havoc AROUND THE WORLD-
    I wonder how Reagan would have handled this?!?!, Since O’blunder is busy on “Duh View” maybe Biden should fly on over and put an end to this madness,and take Hillary with him.
    Romney/Ryan 2012

  • http://n/a Arlen

    Larry, I agree with you. I’ve been saying for a couple of years that Obama is a narcissistic pathological liar. He is so self centered that it is always someone else’s fault and he’s told so many stories that he can’t remember what he’s said. That is why he contradicts himself so often.

    Granted that Romney made some money while trying to save some failing businesses. For instance, his company was able to revive and keep one of our steel companies going for an extra 8 years, preserving many jobs long after it was scheduled for shutdown. Bain had invested over 100 million in this company to keep it going that long and tried to preserve several other failing businesses like that, but was not always successful.

    • eddie47d

      Romney’s not self centered? Wow, here have you been.? Obama has “not always been successful” either on every issue but you trash him like he’s supposed to be the miracle worker. Obama has also tried and even succeeded in saving some failing businesses. You contradict yourself too much also.

      • momo

        eddie47d says:
        September 27, 2012 at 12:44 pm
        Romney’s not self centered? Wow, here have you been.? Obama has “not always been successful” either on every issue but you trash him like he’s supposed to be the miracle worker. Obama has also tried and even succeeded in saving some failing businesses. You contradict yourself too much also.

        Yeah Obama has saved some failing businesses with taxpayer monies. GM comes to mind, where he screwed the bond holders to reward his union friends. Then there’s Solyndra, boy that was a great investment! Maybe Obama should get some advice from the Oracle of Omaha.

      • eddie47d

        Those “union friends” are the only ones willing to save their company. Management ran out on the issue long before that. Thank you union and keep building those American products.

  • what?

    It seems pretty clear that the reason most socialist libs and even obuma can’t see the forest for the trees is because, theymust have their heads up their ying yangs singing I’m forever blowing bubbles!

    • eddie47d

      Now that sure showed alot of intelligence. Was that a dry run or are all Republicans that inane.

  • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    Folks, have any of you viewed that idiotic video that was suppose to incite the violence in the Middle East? Will I have and it was so atrocious and moronic that if I was a film school instructor and it was turned in as a class project it would get an F. The characters look as if they were standing in front of a green-colored backdrop and the scenes were not syncronized. IT WAS A JOKE! I couldn’t stop laughing so I believe those idiots in the Middle East are so brain washed by their leaders that they will believe just about anything they are told. Like if one of their Mulla told them that Bravo Sierra was good to eat they would demand it be served up on a dish.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69, Doorgunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

  • what?

    even if the video did cause all the rioting, which I know it didn’t. Those dogs don’t need an excuse, they just love dead red meat I saw it too, about the most lame thing i’ve ever seen.

    • eddie47d

      Yes it was a lame video but that was never the issue.It was the insult to their religious leader . Some Americans mock God and Jesus all the time and a few think it is hilarious. Maybe they value their beliefs and religion more so than we do. Maybe they are the ones who believe IN God We Trust and we believe in comedy we trust. Most Americans worship at the alter of entertainment anyway and could care less how God is portrayed.

  • what?

    see what I mean?

  • http://n/a Arlen

    To Newman E. Stanley,

    You should know that Bush had nothing to do with the home mortgage meltdown. The basis for this crisis was established years earlier when liberals pushed through the CMO (Collateralized Mortgage Obligation) program. This was intended to make it easier for more Americans to own their own homes. It worked so well that many thousands of people were signing up for houses that they couldn’t really afford after the interest rates went up. Those with variable rate interest home loans initially were able to afford them, but after interest jumped up, their monthly payments went up, almost doubling for some and they, understandably, lost their houses through foreclosure. Even those who were lucky enough to sign up for, or later to convert to, fixed rate loans sometimes lost their jobs due to the poor economy and couldn’t make their house payments either. Bill Clinton was actually the culprit for much of that because he had pushed the CMO program quite a bit to help get more people into home ownership.

    Therefore, it is wrong to say that it was Bush’s economic meltdown when it was really the doing of the Democrats (those tax and spend people).

    Regards, Arlen

    • what?

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Arlen! Right on!

  • http://n/a Arlen

    To Jopa,

    Please check your facts first before putting keyboard in gear. See my note above to Newman E. Stanley regarding what should be called CLINTON’S RECESSION, not Bush’s.

    As for your comment about Mr. Obama turning around our auto industry, you should know that all the “record profits” that GM is bragging about is phony. This year GM has begun using a new creative accounting method that produces hollow profits. They now count every car, tdruck and van that they ship out to a dealer around the world as SOLD! THEY ARE NOT SOLD until a buyer actually drives one off the dealer’s lot. This is a way of keeping all of Obama’s union buddies busy cranking out new vehicles even though demand is down somewhat. The excess, above what the public demands, is piling up in the dealers’ lots. Eventually, GM’s sales staff will have to go around and practically give them away (below cost) just to make room for more. This will create a big net loss that may wipe out any profits that GM is claiming now.

    After working with and for unions for 53 years, I can say that, although unions used to serve a useful purpose (stopping child labor and slave shops), they have outlived their usefulness in recent years. Obama paid the GM unions 30 billion dollars and they now are in control of it. Output always goes down and wages keep going up with strong unions and profits therefore have to come down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that, within 10 years, Korean or Japanese auto makers will invest in, and maybe even take over GM (sans the unions). Of course, our people will still be working for the new GM at more equitable wages than their former union counterparts, but the US will have lost control of it.

  • Tim

    GM can’t get rid of there electric cars. People aren’t buying them. They cost about $80,000 to build them, they are now trying to get rid of them for just under $40,000 each, and guess who gets the bill from GM to pay the balance? We do! Great job GM, Obama and union!

  • nickkin

    Hey Bellagram…..we all lost family members and I to had deaths and purple hearts….the Bush bashing is a poor excuse for this muslum president….he is the foreignor that has you liberals blaming Bush as a diversion on his reckless handling of our foreign affairs to economy and helluva lot of debt. You people are so damn blind….first clue, his name..sounds like a real American president..BARRACK HEUISSEN OBAMA…..NOT !!

    • Bellagram

      I’m sorry, what Bush bashing did I do? None, once again, YOU complained about the 4 American’s murdered in Libya, All I did was point out that that does not compare to the number killed under Bush. Not, bashing cause it is the truth. No name calling, just the truth.

      I am sorry for your loss. I know how excruciating the pain is. Are you using tomorrow to remember your fallen as a Gold Star Family too? If so, I wish you peace. I think it is wonderful that this proclamation was made, don’t you?

      Oh, and the President is not a Muslim – now or ever. 4 years ago people were all up and arms about the Christian Church he attended – Rev. Wright, remember? So, no he is not a Muslim, but even if he were, what difference would it make. The first amendment provides religious freedom and Article VI, Clause 3 says that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”, but you probably are aware of that. But that really does not matter as the President is a Christian.

      • nickkin

        Bellagram….did you not listen to the playbacks on Rev. Wrights sermons ? They were such an insult to the American families and citizens that the obama admin. had to disconnect immediately after listening to the slander. Just because the title Reverend is placed before a name, does not automatically certify that person as a Christian. You have The Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rev. Sharpton….hypocrites and haters of America….they are racists in the strictist of the meaning and have their own definition of the “american dream”. It’s all about them and lining their own pockets. They don’t even care about helping their own race. Look what happened in Detroit. Started with Black mayor Coleman Young……down hill from the start….white flight……started the city blight…and I know that first hand. You need to get better informed because your info sources are not telling the whole story or lying to you in their info. On another note…I thank you for your family’s service and sacrifice and i pray that not all is in vain. May God put His hand on America again.

        • Bellagram

          Funny you should mention sources – I do not have one or two general sources. I do my own research when I hear or read something that I wonder about. So I use google and read from bunches of sources on both sides of an issue and stay away from those that I consider biased on way or the other. I imagine you do the same thing.

          I think Rev Jackson and Rev Sharpton are over the top at times, so do not put much stock in anything I may hear or read from them (but those are two of the ones I talked about staying away from because of their bias). Do you lump Rev. Martin Luther King Jr in that group, cause i did listen to him and still read his words from time to time. What I know about Jeremiah Wright is that it is hard for me to believe he hates America when he joined the Marine Corp for two years and then joined the Navy for around 4 years, and received a letter of thanks written personally by Vice Admiral Burkley on behalf of the White House when he left the service.

          I have listened to his sermon about God damning America, and I guess I did not hear anything that I have not read in the Old Testament about God punishing places for that country’s actions. I suppose he may have thought we were being punished for the way we have treated some of our fellow citizens and maybe some other countries. I can understand that to a point because I heard it from my Grandfather as I was growing up. Funny thing was he really disliked blacks and used the N word frequently. But he was talking about his own heritage (and mine too). His parents emmigrated from Ireland in the middle 1800′s, and were forced into bondage for many years as were many Irish Catholics. Grandpa used to tell stories about their parish being militant – and fought for their human rights as well as their souls, and how I should treasure my freedom and my being able to be Catholic without being afraid of being beaten up. I never heard about my ancestors being used as guinea pigs as were many black soldiers, and I am sure that that would have only further angered Grandpa, but when i listened to Rev. Wright, I heard the same anger and disappointment that I heard from my Grandfather. Except the Irish Catholics emerged from their hell years ago, but not so for a lot of blacks. So no, I do not think of Rev. Wright as hating America and not being a Christian. You know, just because someone does not have the same vision for America as you do, does not mean they hate America. And just because someone may practice their Christian faith differently than you does not mean they are not a Christian. My Church teaches that we are not to judge and that we will be judged by the same measure we judge others – so I leave that up to God.

  • Tim

    Thats right nickkin, Obama, if he “is an amercan citizen” should be tried for treason along with Clinton for aiding and abetting our enemies aalong with all their cohorts. If he is not an american citizen he should be tried and convicted along with all the rest of his cohorts for enemy infiltration and the ordering of the murders of the 4 american citizens in Lybia!

    • nickkin

      Tim…..if you want to see a real eye-opener, check out ” PROJECT 21 ” from Glen take is that it doesn’t matter if obozo gets in or not…he has been puppeted into leaving the front door open to the WH and the muzzzie bro-hood is in and has infiltrated many of our departments….this was started long ago and it’s a continuation of marxism from the former USSR……this program will make you want to get ready for civil unrest. Krushchev said this long ago…USA will crumble from within…I remember that from “cuban missle crises”. What will surprise you is how blinded Bush was in the strategy of the Bro-hood in the middle east…Israel knew from the beginning. Check it out!

  • Tim

    nickkin, I agree, this agenda was set in place long ago. I too remember Krushchev at the .UN pounding his shoe on his desk declaring they would, among other things, burry us in our back yards with our own shovels. But this really started long, long before that.

    I saw Glenn Beck’s Project 21. I take my hat off to him, he is a true American hero.. I am speaking out to averyone I can. I have 7 children, 21 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren and I am only 62 years old. Some of my ancesters landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, 1621 and 1623. I cannot stand by silent knowing their courage, hardship and sacrifice could be in vain, if we as Americans don’t wake up LORD HAVE MERCY ON US! I pray every day for America, my kids and grandkid’s. I will not be silenced until I breath my last breath! Call me what want world. I am not ashamed to speak out. I don’t, in this case, ever want to have to tell anyone I told you so. The cost is too great and I love America too much just to stand by and do nothing. Like the saying goes, “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”!

  • john sowdersp

    Obama’s absolutely right about this well-planned terrorist attack as “bumps in the road”. It’s (his) reelection road being “bumped up”…and he’s steam-rolling the bumps away….so he thinks. There will be a game-changing leak from ” the deep” covert action group involved in the orchestrated Libian revolution. This is not a “Monika” Clinton-esk offense…its much more malignant.

  • Florence

    to eureka22/nobodys fool: You are borderline…watchit!


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