Happy Marriage May Improve Physical And Emotional Well-Being


Happy marriage may improve physical and emotional well-beingStudent researchers at Cardiff University have completed a study which suggests that women in a happy marriage have better emotional health while their husbands tend to have superior physical health when compared to their single counterparts.

Conversely, they found that people who engaged in romantic relationships in their youth are more prone to adolescent depressive symptoms.

The study may suggest that a man's physical health is improved by the positive lifestyle influence of his partner when he is married. A woman's improved emotional health may be related to the extra support she receives from her husband.

The researchers also noted that single people on average tend to have better mental health than those in strained relationships. This finding suggests that unhealthy relationships should be avoided altogether.

The research also showed that divorce has a devastating impact on an individual's well-being. Additionally, having multiple partners was associated with a lower life expectancy. 

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