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Hannity interviews socialists at the G20 protests

September 30, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mike

    I noticed that everybody was condemning the protesters for their acts of violence but nobody was condemning the police for their acts of violence. The police used teargas, dogs, and other intimidation tactics refusing to allow protesters to peacefully assemble violating their 1st amendment rights. It sounds very much to me that our nation has been turned into a tyrannical police state, where the police have total say- so and the citizens have none. Is this the America that we want. It is the police that brought weapons to the protests not the protesters, it is the police that instigated violence not the protesters. But yet, nobody in the Main Stream Media condemns the police for their violent actions. I believe that if true freedom will prevail the protesters need to start arresting the police for violating their 1st amendment rights. We as a nation need to return to power of the people instead of power to the police.

    • Winnie

      If the Americans want freedom, it will not work without the responsibilities that come with freedom. If the freedom causes unbalance in your nation, such as freedom of speech, you will need guidelines to keep your nation in check. Much of the speeches made now are against your own President. Your “old America” was led by the rich, white people for the rich, white people. Your capitalism has created the mess you are in right now. The rich have gotten their fortune through greed, money made by lying, cheating, and even killing. That is not capitalism with freedom. Ninety-five percent of you middleclass and poverty people continue to elect criminals to guide your land. So I would say, quit your complaining and protesting and start voting your leaders by their characters and not by their wealth. And kick out the lobbyists, for they are ones guiding your land now.

      • Mary

        This world is full of Tyrans Dictators. Look at Honduras they are trying to keep the litle liberty they have and all the Socialists including Obama, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro are against them. USA was the best country in the world. Nobody risk their lives to go to another country. Now the American dream is a nightmare and I agree with Obama “We haven’t see nothing yet”. I hope the american people will act fast and get rid of the corrupt power hungry politicians. Personally I believe is a litle to late. I love this country. This is not America anymore. I hope the gigant will die with dignity.

      • Skitter

        It is the world powers that deplore your thinking and what the Buildaberg’s want that has made things world wide what they are. Not just in America, you are blind by what you think you see. Capitolism has nothing to do with what is going on right now. A very small group of elites are calling the shots. Everything you think you percieve to be reality is far from it.

        It’s about what they want, not what you want or what we want. As far as redistribution of wealth it’s been going on for a long time now and that is the reason why all the work is leaving our country. They’ve done a pretty fair job of brainwashing you. It isn’t hard to see if you turn off your tv and put down your paper and quite believing half of what you think you read on the net and just look at what has happened. It’s not about giving you or me anything we want, it’s a game to get what they ultimately want and that is total control over it all.

      • DaveH

        Yes, We should be more like Zimbabwe, or Rwanda.
        News Flash, here in America we do not fear our elected officials.

        And we should elect our officials based on character? Jimmy Carter had character. George Bush had character.
        How about we elect our officials based on their political platforms, not their good looks or character (whatever that is).

        Here is Canada’s version of Free Speech:

    • stophypocrisy

      The price for freedom is high. To have real freedom you must be willing to die for it and to pass it down. It is time to take out the criminal government who is in the pocket of the giant corporations and install a new government for the people and by the people. The only thing missing is a great leader that understands Republicans and Democrats are all criminals, however big corporatist that own MSM won’t allow this to happen. So we should stop paying taxes all at once! That will cause total chaos. (SENTENCES REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) Yea it will hurt so be prepared because the alterative is slavery. Anyone have a better idea?

      • Skipper Parker

        So you’re saying it’s the Jews fault? Hummmmmmmmmm, haven’t I heard that before somewhere?

      • Michael Baumgardner

        We have a bloodless revolution in this country every four years. Anyone can become president. Jimmy Carter did it, Obama did it. Any Idiot can do it. They problem is that the general population in this country wants something for nothing. Guess what? You don’t get anything for nothing. You either give up your freedom, or pay for your rights either with money or blood.

        Until Americans again realize that WE are the problem and start voting for people that are willing to make hard decisions that we are willing to live with to correct the problems, then we will have to live with the idiots we put in office. WAKE UP! Nothing worth having is free!

    • Robert

      What is wrong with you, I would bet you have never defended your country in any way, have you held your buddies hand as he passed away while defending your rights to speak out. My God the progressive liberals have really messed you up. God help you when they take over.

      • Robert

        That message was for Mike, who some day may understand , but I doubt it.

    • Angela Goeres

      you honestly believe that the violence these ignorant children is equal to the police using gas to get them to leave the two are not the same? These violent little kids destroyed tax payer properties and you believe that tax payers must pay out of pocket or be reembersed by the Government to replace what has been damaged. I say blow them to hell up they are lucky non of them were shot.
      These little empty headed little girls are the same ones who will expect a big pay check after they graduate from college and actually start living in the real world. When they realize that I and others no longer are there to take care of them.
      . The ones being interviewed has no concept of what her parents earn. $10,000 a year Idiot. If she is in a graduate program its because some Rich Fat Cat donated MONEY that they earned to give her School to fund her Doctorial program.
      That someone would see a need come up with a product or service that the public would want or need and these bimbos are asking why they should be paid. Where the hell were they in the inventing ,marketing or production process Pleeze get a grip. Shut up and grow up. If this crap is what they learn at college dont go you get turned into a stupid fool, I would never donate a dime to any of those schools

    • WiseGal

      The action of the police will not be condemned because the action was IN RESPONSE TO the protestors’ escalating behavior. When the protestors started getting unruly “to get the media’s attention” or for whatever great reason they thought they had to start getting unruly, the police were forced to respond. The first group to get ugly was the protestors, not the police. Vandalism and violence are not characteristics of peaceful assembly.

    • Fr. Jim Rosselli

      I am not sure what standard of comparison Mike uses. If I break
      into Mike’s house, break his furniture, threaten his family and
      proceed to vandalize his home, will he consider his own actions to
      eject me from his house as improper as my own?

      Here we have a gang of thugs running through the streets damaging
      property, breaking store windows, threatening the public at large
      and hurling projectiles at the police.

      Mike appears to think that’s just fine, and that they should be
      permitted to continue rampaging until they get tired.

      Mike, I respectfully suggest to you that this makes no sense,
      and that you probabkly know it makes no sense, and tbhat you
      are being sold a bil of goods. You are being sucked into a world
      where lying and deceit, thuggery and even suspending one’s own
      sense f reality, are fine.

      You’re allowing evil people to make a puppet of you, and if I were
      you I would consider becoming upset with them.

      • libertytrain

        An interesting, thought-provoking comment -

    • DaveH

      How did the police start the violence? Where did you get this information? And what is your axe?
      How come the organized Tea Party mobs didn’t have that violence?

      And Winnie, If you and your kind are so afraid of those nasty rich people, why don’t you vote for Limited Government, so they can’t so easily bribe the officials to feather there nests with force. And why do you tolerate people like George Soros, John Roosevelt, and Al Gore?

    • Marcus Rhodes

      If you want police to remain peaceful, your protests must remain peaceful. Duh!

      • YeSiang

        Not so in Malaysia

      • Robert S

        All of the violent protesters are brought in by the corporations to discredit the peaceful demonstrators. That is why they wear ski masks.

    • Mark Perry

      Of course they are going to use tear gas when the crowd becomes out of control. The acts of violence where started by the protesters not the police. When a protest becomes violent and property is being destroyed and people are being injured the police are not left with much of a choice. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • gene

    Extreme violence requires extreme police controls. Not hard to understand! If some drug crazed gang member breaks into your home and threatens your 13 year old daughter, #1 should you talk to him nicely and ask him to stop, #2 Wait till he comes out so you can have him arrested? or #3 violently go in and put two more holes in his body with your two friends SMITH AND WESSON so he won’t harm anybody else? You say the police are tyrants! but, I say the rioters are a mob and will not work within the moral republic (LAW) we have established. They are out of control like spoiled brat children that are having a temper tantrum. The police are representatives of God to restore order and maintain the peace. Are the rioters going to pay for the businesses they have ruined ? Now, people are out of work and they can’t earn money for their families? Oh, I,m sure the “1st amendment” rioters are really concerned about that! And, what have they really accomplished? A peaceful protest is fine and lawful but this is rage against our society by ignorant children!

  • s c

    The two women Hannity interviewed are classic examples of how long it takes some people to mature. Some people will believe anything (especially if it sounds good or feels good). It’s akin to suffering from a bad case of the flu for many years.
    Some survive it, and they learn that common sense is the best defense against intellectual stupidity. Some never learn the lesson.
    I hope the two women Hannity interviewed come to their senses. If they don’t develop any immunity to pc, intellectual prostitution or ‘feel good’ politics, I pity their families. Frankly, they already sound like Specter voters. America is well-versed with Specter and his merry band of lunatics.

  • Patriot_in_Arms

    What World am I living in? Hannity is a brainwashed puppet, working for the Elitist’s, who want to divid the Country. This (The G20) is something EVERY American should be protesting & you will not find me agreeing with the folks on the Left about to many issues, Socialism being one of them! First off, it’s BS when people go out & destroy private property, or incite violence, to try & make a point. However, it was the Police that were inciting violence, not the protesters. I’ve seen video after video, showing peaceful protesters, being attacked by the Pittsburgh Police & National Guard, because they were in the streets practicing their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Those cops deserved to get knocked out with rocks, if not for anything else, simply for violating the Liberties of the Citizens of Pittsburgh!!! Secondly, why in the hell would anyone from the Right, support the G20 or the decisions they are making for our SOVEREIGN Nation? The Police put their own lives in jeopardy, by unconstitutionally gathering to stifle the voice & Liberties of protesters.
    Now as for the subject of “Capitalism”, these Socialist Dingbats, don’t seem to have any understanding or idea of why we have a free market system. They enjoy the fruits of Capitalism, everyday of their measly little lives, as well as disgrace the sacrifices of the men who have died to preserve Free Market Capitalism! I use to think these same stupid things myself, until I learned why we have a Free market to begin with. Hannity, as much as I hate to say it, was absolutely right when he said there is not a plausible, or Liberty Friendly alternative to Capitalism. It’s either Free Market Capitalism, or completely Government run Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Oligarchy, Monarchy, etc. These “Progressive Libtards” don’t have a clue what they’re asking for, because I’ve noticed they all seem to live for today, instead of thinking about tomorrow. The Leftists don’t seem to think, in terms of, what will be the consequences of our actions, or what will we be handing down to our children? Most of them seem to be pushing to remove God, the Constitution & the principles that made this Nation the Greatest in history. Can anyone say, MASS INDOCTRINATION?

    • Michael Baumgardner

      I agree with you on at least one point. The Constitution gives you the right to freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion.

    • DaveH

      My understanding is that they did not have a permit to assemble in that area. I am ambivalent about the necessity of a permit to protest as I can see both sides having a legitimate claim. I also know there is constant pressure on the part of police to exert their authority. There is a fine line between legitimate police action and a police state. Tough issue.

  • Vicki Phipps

    What’s the point? No, it’s not right for protestors to go violent, and no it’s not okay for a news reporter to manipulate up an interview in a way that insults my intelligence and basically attacks two young girls with bully techniques to make them look stupid and his view true…but the fact is he looks like a fool. He tells these girls they don’t believe in “freedom.” WHATEVER It’s just basic FOX news, which has little to do with the truth.

    • Raven 1

      Sean did not make them look stupid they did that by their own self??? The marching on their own one was so stupid she said her Aunts Uncles and Parents only earned $10,000. Pleeze then she wants a “People Run economy” per year then the Molly one wants to dictate what peoplke earn and he made them stupid. But had either of them been injured it would be so horrible.
      I was in D.C on September 12th with near 2 Million people of all ages, colors and sizes and there was not 1 incident of violence.

      • Skipper Parker

        Wow 2 million people in DC on Sept 12. The number keeps growing!

        It was actually closer to 75,000 people.

        • Wreck


          You are obviously suffering from the cranial rectal inversion syndrome… check out YOUR 75000 again,,,,

    • cr747

      All news groups are the same, they like to tell the sad side of news, but never tell the good side. I think it’s time we stop listening to the negative news groups, such as FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and all the rest of the news channels that are for negative news. Hannity said Nancy “bug eyed” Pelosi would have something to say about the story of the two girls, but I just as soon hear a horse fart than to listen to her. It is time “we the people” take our country back and vote for real Humans instead of robots that are in the WHITE HOUSE and get Back-Talk Hussein Ol-Bam-Bam out as our supposed to be President impeached. We sure don’t need Vice president “BITTEN” in office either. SO GET OUT AND VOTE IN 2010, and remove these morons out of office.

  • Patriot_in_Arms

    The point these idiots are missing & is what all Americans need to pay attention to, is the fact that it’s not “Capitalism” that has caused this mess! It’s the tyrants that have misused & abuse our free market system, that are starving people & keeping people impoverished! It is the “Moral Responsibility” of the American People to refuse these big, out of control Companies. We are the heart of Wal-Mart & GE, it is up to the People, not Government intervention, to keep these Companies at bay!!!! If they’re hurting the environment, or take their production overseas (Which Clinton Started), then it is our responsibility, We The American People, to boycott, or refuse their products. If we’d just follow the Constitution, like we are suppose to, then we would not have had most these problems arise to begin with. But then again, many of these bleeding heart Liberals, want to remove God from society, which will eventually leave the U.S. with absolutely no moral back bone. You think the Nations bad now, just wait until 75% of the population dismisses the concept of God completely! This Country will not be suitable for pigs to live in!

  • Robert

    I find it very scary when I see Idiots like these two I saw on T.V. the other night on Fox. My god have they been brain washed. My God don’t they know this is America, if they don’t like it here give up their citizenship and get the hell out. My God America what is happening to us, we are losing our American way of life. Wake up America and do it BEFORE ITS GONE.

  • Merl Elton

    Right, when we allow the foxes to guard the chicken coops, we all pay; there is just no getting around that nasty fact of life. If we elect ethical, strong, intelligent leaders we will prevail; the question is are there any of these kind of leaders anymore? They say no matter what the politics: socialist, democrat, republican, libertarian, independent that power corrupts. So our troubles might be due to inherent flaws in human nature that few are without.

  • DaveH

    It is not capitalism that is the problem. The problem is an out of control government that aids favored companies with subsidies, competition-stifling regulation, and other protections. We need to get back to a level playing field and give the power back to the consumer. As Patriot indicated, the consumers have the ultimate power against evil corporations; i.e. don’t buy their products.
    The biggest corporation in the country (the Federal Government) is the real problem.

    • s c

      You’re right. Capitalism has never been the problem. America’s problems were created by a mentality that demands total obedience to a long-term ’cause.’ It transcends political parties. It uses capitalism and anything else that aids it in its conquest of the world. The Russians borrowed one of its chief methods. We know it as ‘any means justifies the ends.’
      In the near future, it will use religion to finalize its age-old plans. Ultimately, it will fail.
      In the interim, it will keep the dumbed-down masses guessing. It will try to turn us aginst each other. When matters unravel, politics will finally destroy itself – and those who willingly surrendered to those who dared to call themselves ‘leaders.’

  • Michael Baumgardner

    You people need to get your history right. It was the so called rich white people that died to free the slaves and correct a true wrong in our country. The people on the front lines were not rich white people. The were everyday people just like you.

    Capitalism is the epitome of freedom. With capitism anyone in this country has the ability to become whatever they want to be. Invent the better mouse trap and even you can become a millionaire. Bill Gates started selling little black boxes that would allow you to make long distance phone calls for free out of the back of his Volkswagen. Now he is one the the richest men in the world.

    If you want to live in a socialistic country try moving to Venezuala, North Korea, or China. Then try to criticize your leaders there and see what happens. This in one of the only countries in the world where you do have the right to free speech. If you want to get a group together to protest something, fine, just get the right permits to do so. The permit is for the protection of the protestors. How many times have we seen a group of protestors end up in a violent battle with other people. The permit allows the police to provide protection to protestors.

    If Socialism was the best system live under then why have the Russians abandoned it. Once people get a taste of real freedom after living under an oppressive government, they will fight to keep their rights.

  • Bart

    These girls are a classic example of the pathetic state of the American education system. People are no longer taught to think – only to spew leftist talking points. A complete lack of wisdom. The US is doomed unless something changes.

  • A Fat Man

    We’re living in a nation where the double-edge sword has been pulled from its sheath and double-standards exist at every corner. The Constitution allows us to speak freely about whatever we want, but there will always be consequences. You can speak out against Obama and his complete failure as President, but you would be considered a racist. You can talk about keeping the government away from an amendment to abolish the right to bear arms, but people would consider you a gun-nut and neo-con freak. You can trash all the liberal freaks who have riddled this country with their filth and disease, polluting the minds of the young adults and those who are too stupid to understand – but if you do, you’re considered anti-government.

    I’m tired of all this liberal hogwash that has slowly crept up on and destroyed our country’s proud heritage. People want to change the Constitution, people don’t want to say God anymore because its offensive, people push for a universal health care system, people praise the glorious Obama and all of his glory.

    Let me put it you straight and I would love to hear a response from anyone.

    Obama is a loser. His highest position was a community organizer. Don’t even start on the whole senator ordeal because he didn’t do a damn thing then either. If he’s American born, why is he so reluctant to show us actual proof of his birth certificate? All of his speeches are self-centered, apologetic, and forceful. He declares the NEED for change and how WE ARE GOING to have change. He makes world-wide tours, apologizing for past actions committed by the greatest nation this world has ever seen, kissing the hands of Middle-Eastern leaders. What disgrace and filth this is!

    A universal health care plan? Redistribution of wealth? For what? So everyone can fall under the same system? We might as well burn the original copy of the Constitution and the American flag along with those reforms. The foundation of this country comes from God’s law and what is to be considered “morally correct.” That is the price of freedom – we knew that breaking away from the monarchy in England would cause a violent uproar and it did. But understand the result – free nation, free from oppression, freedom OF religious choice, the right to bear arms, the right to speak out, the right to own property. MOST OF THESE RIGHTS WOULD NEVER EXIST IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. AND YET PEOPLE CANNOT SHOW THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF GRATITUDE FOR THE BLOOD SPILLED TO PRESERVE THESE RIGHTS.

    All of these liberal actions taken by the idiotic collegiate scene have disgusted me as well. The girl in green in this video is a typical moron – has no idea what capitalism brought to the world, obviously doesn’t understand the aspects behind socialism, probably pissed off she had to pay for college on her own bill, wants everything to be fair, and is most likely a hippie.

    It’s not even a battle between the liberals and conservatives anymore. It’s all about the Bilderberg group and their control on the banking system. Obama is a puppet. So was Bush. So was Clinton. They all were and have been since the foundation of this country. Why do you think Kennedy was assassinated along with Lincoln? They tried to break away from the Bilderbergs and establish what they thought was right. And the NWO leaders wouldn’t have it. If you think I’m wrong, watch The Obama Deception. That’ll really open your eyes up to this mess that’s ocurring.

    I’m done ranting. I hope someone responds, I would love to have a discussion about the garbage in our country.

  • s c

    Exactly, F M. Comrade obama is a pre-programmed, defective puppet. FYI, keep your eyes on his extremely defective czars AND the ‘chosen,’ behind-the-scenes puppet masters who make comrade obama’s czars look like model citizens.
    Politicians who have been ‘sacrificed’ made the mistake of thinking the American people wouldn’t stand behind them. We may never know, but I’ll bet that both Lincoln and JFK were victims of ‘friends’ who had easy access to them.
    Odds are that RMN didn’t do anything serious enough to warrant being removed via ‘extreme prejudice.’ For what it’s worth comrde obama has some of the same type of advisors in his midst (do you think he knows?). I am wondering what comrade obmama would have to do to warrant being seen as a liability to his masters.



  • Rich

    A Fat Man,

    I won’t disagree with your sentiments on anything you stated, but I do have to disagree that it is the Bilderbergs running the country and the statement ‘hey all were and have been since the foundation of this country.’

    Washington was not ran by the Bildenburgs nor was Jefferson and so on for quite a while our country operated under, what is now termed the Libertarian party values. I am not saying it did so out of anger or anything other than fact, 1. Libertarian party believes in limited federal government, 2. Libertarian party believes in individual rights and freedoms. Were there exceptions to this of course as slavery was still a reality and Libertarians believe that a person can not be owned by another person, so slavery was outside of this. Does this mean they were Libertarias, of course not just that they had the same values as what is today the Libertarian party in the US.

    I have watched the video you refer to and found it to be completely full of historical inaccuracies and to be blunt full of holes and nothing more than speculative conspiracy theory. Do I agree that our country has become morally bankrupt, yes. Do I believe that both parties in the US (Democrats and Republicans) have sold out the country to special interest groups, yes. Do I believe this is because of some conspiracy, no. It is because of a simple truth about human nature, best stated in ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ They are not trying to hide anything about what they are doing, nor have they, they do it out in the open and wait for the right timing to get the majority of the population to follow their anti-constitutional growth of the federal government. The civil war, though had a great outcome of removing the blight of slavery from our country, was unconstitutional. Lincoln was assassinated because he led the north in the civil war from a ‘true believer’ in the cause of the south, not because of some grand conspiracy. Kennedy was assassinated and the conspiracy theories are endless as to why. So little is actually released on it that I am not going to agree, nor disagree with your theory.

    The proof of them waiting are things like the fact that they waited until after a major disaster to create new legislation completely trampling on our constitutional rights called the Patriot Act. Oh but it is for your protection, well then why can you imprison me, seize assets and all of the things your now able to do, which are unconstitutional, without due process? I can go on and on with the hows, because they are not a grand conspiracy, they are not done in the cover of night. They are done right out in the open and under our noses by using words that the common person would never understand thus ensuring the grabbing of power from the People to the Government.

  • Keith G.

    We certainly don’t want a bunch of rich tyrants running things – in bed with government, lobbying our politicians to their own advantage – anymore than we want a political tyrant or military dictator. What we want is benevolent capitalism – capitalists who have worked hard and honestly to acquire their wealth, but who recognize that service to God and others is the purpose of life…not the unrestrained accumulation of wealth.

    • Bradley L.

      it’s already too late Keith, Remember who the pres is?

  • cr747


  • lol in Texas

    Hannity; you’ve managed to find two of the most inarticulate individuals on the planet to interview. If intellect were required to maintain a heart beat these young ladies would have a hard time just staying alive.

    The system that provided them a country strong enough to survive the repeated onslaught of generations without knowledge of history and the ability to understand the underpinnings of this great country are rooted in Freedom from Tyranny not usurpation of the substance of one to give to another. That is Socialism and Socialism fails every time it is tried.

    Sit down, read an accurate account of the USSR and learn why it failed’ Learn why it is necessary to maintain the US as a strong entity in the uncertain world we live in today. If we were weak the Russian people would still be subservient to a tyrannical Dictatorship founded by a violent and ruthless leader who murdered millions of his own people. That is where Socialism takes you if you are not very careful.

    We are not tyrants or imperialists. We have through various means including war managed to liberate millions from Fascist and Socialist tyrants. We have done this without as tyrants and imperialists do, taking the spoils of war. Our reward has been seeing others with the ability to live free and participate in a prosperous atmosphere of self determination. A truth I value and fought for and have friends and relatives who gave all for. Something you need to do instead of telling others what your Marxist professors have indoctrinated you to say. I cannot say this any plainer, STOP BEING STUPID!

    You need to look very closely at Muslim countries and their chosen form of Government. Especially you girls in your low cut stripped shirt and with your hair blowing in the breeze. Their objective is not Freedom, it is religious ruler-ship. You certainly would not be free to talk to Mr. Hannity. There’s a 99% chance if they gain control of a majority of your country and you’ve weakened it by demanding the Constitution be violated this can happen. You’ll be wearing a Berk ha and living in an uncertain state where you could be killed at the whim of your Husband or raped and sent packing by an Uncle with no recourse.

    Hey, those are just the facts of life.
    Now I’ve stopped laughing.

  • http://AMERICANCITIZEN Camelion

    I’am a proud American and I’m not ashame for the way I live, work, spend my money and praise GOD. I live in Texas and our representatives in Austin are attempting to remove Christmas from our school books. In God I trust as American I stand proud.
    Sign on to Blow Out Congress one at the time….. these lifer politicans need to go….we need term limits and limit the life time pensions they so generous receive, they work for us not us working for them…where is my pension!!!!
    God Bless America and in God we Trust.

  • Grace

    Those 2 girls are totally confused. Give everyone the same amount of money and what exactly is going to motivate anyone to work hard,produce something worthwhile or be more creative than the next guy. NOTHING! Thats the reason there isn’t much of anything in socialist countries. When an appliance has to be replaced you’re going to wait months or years. Maybe some of these spoiled college kids who have all the answers should have to go through that. Maybe they should be shipped to Cuba or Russia for a few years and see how well they like it. See if they can go on tv in those countries and mouth off about how horrible their life is. Good wake up call!

  • http://aol Joe Mudra

    Never has so much been said by so many for so little! My thought is I am wondering how those two young people got to their particulr station in life. Are they on our government grants, earned awards thru good grades, state aid, or are they being paid for by those parents who make only 10K per year. Some of the best state colleges charge 25K per year and more. Frankly neither one them has enough worldly experience to be making statements such as what they espouse here. Maybe the voting age should be raised to 25 unless a person has enlisted in some military or had also been in a teaching program in some of the “third world” countries. We better hurry because we will soon be one of those third world countries if obama and his band of chicagoans has their way. Being retired after spending 40 years in the social services of my state where billions of dollars have gone to prevent child abuse, and it’s no better today than it was in 1960. And now listening to these misguided souls I can only think that every one of us in our 60s and 70s should enroll in our community and state colleges so we can participate in the education of our young and energetic people by calling their professors to task every time they try to impress on our young students their socialist garbage. We should take the lead in these discussions and make sure this batch of profs are not rewriting history. Many of the state community colleges offer retirees free tuition. After all we paid for the buildings and grounds where they stand today. Lets do this right Americans and lets get off our duffs and offer our knowledge to these young and thirsty students who want to learn, and can only learn what they are taught. If we question what is wrong we can for sure lead them to what is right. God help us and God help our country if we don’t teach our youth the difference between what they are learning now and what they should be learning about America and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and FREEDOM!

  • Capitalist4Ever

    There must be honesty and integrity in order for capitalism to work well. The founding fathers knew this. That is why there was much discussion about private property ownership rights and emphasis on Land owners having integrity and being responsible and honest. Look what happened as a result of the CRA lowering the requirements for banks to make mortages from 20% of income to 80% of income.

  • Vegas Cathy

    I think Hannity should have asked them what they want to be when they grow up. Seriously. If they are SO against capitalism, then why are they in college? Isn’t that what is drummed into the children in this country? Go to college, get good grades, get a good JOB. Otherwise, they could just go get a JOB digging ditches or the like, right?

    Colleges are nothing but liberal training camps, doncha know? My broker friend in Pittsburgh (really) says that Bill Ayers is a respected college professor. I asked him, respected by whom? Not me! Are the liberals that brainwashed? Geez…

    Maybe I will go and enroll in the community college here just so I can get into “lively discussions” with the idiot liberal professors.

  • CI

    Yes, We should be more like Zimbabwe, or Rwanda.
    News Flash, here in America we do not fear our elected officials.

    And we should elect our officials based on character? Jimmy Carter had character. George Bush had character.
    How about we elect our officials based on their political platforms, not their good looks or character (whatever that is).

    Here is Canada’s version of Free Speech:

  • Terri

    Listening to the interview Hannity had with the college students at the G20 protest was amazing to me!! Prayer is absolutely needed due to the youth have been raised to believe in such garbage!! What happen to the common horse sense that they were born with!! This is serious that their thinking is considered correct!! Thank you for that interview! Quite thought provoking! We should not be silent when ignorance in our country of how this country came about and why it has continued to be in existence is not known. For if these people being interviewed would have an education of the whole history of our country, their words would be different!

  • Wes

    I remember watching a video of a tea party protestor on the steps of the Capitol who claimed to have evidence that obama was a neo-nazi (wow!) and also said they had been kidnapped by aliens when they were a child. I laughed and reminded myself that if I judged the anti-tax protestors by this simpering idiot I would be a worse fool than he…instead I would look to the official statements and transcripts of speakers before I made my judgments. Did you all do the same with this video?

    Hannity chose idiots to interview because they aren’t threatening…shooting fish in a barrel is not journalism (good entertainment though!).

    Every one of you making an argument about history, Capitalism, Socialism or the G20 have properly researched your arguments and can verify them by providing citations to publicly acknowledged legitimate sources, I’m sure.

    I was educated in this ‘garbage’. If you believe the answer is “God”. I absolutely respect that. But if you actually believe you can prove your claims are true in the real world I’d like anyone who posted a comment here to post again, this time citing evidence (expanded reasoning, expert analysis, observable facts) for their claims.

    I can only imagine how few comments there would be on this entire website if such a condition were a requirement of posting.

  • Bradley L.

    Oh LORD, how long long shall we have to suffer with these half brained nitwits? Folks, This is exactly what you get for your childs education at some, or most of Americas Colleges. Especially State (public) Colleges! Amd the really sad part of it all is the professors that have our childrens ears who have this socialistic mindset, seem to acheive tenure in their contracts within a few years (so you can hardly boot them out), and inturn use the educational platform to indoctrinate young students with anti-faith, anti-American (CAPITALISM). propaganda. And this folks, is what you just witnessed in Seans report, the one young girl speaking of her parents earning $10,000? All her life? Well, she certainly seemed to be in pretty good health! She also had a great set of pearly whites! Young people are the most vulnerable to this type of brainwashing. Some, if not most, are totally unsure of the curriculum they choose. They think they know, but I think if you were to ask any number of the college students today, the’re reply would be broad. And something just crossed my mind a second ago as I was thinking. It’s amazing that any one would even consider higher education, and, or, carreer retraining that has a socialistic viewpoint! If you think the Government should take care of you from cradle to the grave, (as it is now) Then why on Earth do you need an EDUCATION? Your parents taught you how to walk, take a bath, be responsible, make your bed! So isn’t that all you need? The only reason some one with a Socialist agenda, mindset, or Ideology needs a higher education is so they can be placed in their permenant job for life, AND WORK FOR THE STATE!

  • mrpitchfork

    I can’t wait to hear these stupid young people start crying when they get their (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENTS) taxed to death and they wind up living in poverty in their socialist utopia..

  • Mike D

    WoW! Deja’ vu! “We have all been here before” as the song goes.

    Now were is Timothy Leary?!

  • Isabelluna

    Downright scary. Pathetic, ignorant sheep…God help us.

  • Ozark_Sunshine

    I saw the interview and these girls are naive and ignorant and immerse totally in the socialistic educational system who brainwashes every child they can. They don’t realize how stupid they looked. The word Bimbo comes to mind when watching and listening to these two. The sheeple here defending them no longer know how to read or think other than what is allowed by the liberal press and Obumma. The more education some of the people get, the dumber they are and look.

  • ThinkingWithMyBrain

    I will start off saying that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I believe in a free society that the government, outside of a few basic laws (don’t infringe on my rights to life!), does not interfere with the American public (aka Libertarian – card carrying). That said, I think that the young ladies interviewed seemed very passionate about their beliefs. But they also seemed to be thinking with their hearts, not their brains. Yes, it would “seem” nice if everyone is equal, but we were not (in reality) created equal. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. If we were all astronauts – who would build the rockets? If we were all rocket builders, who would fly them?

    Each person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity from the government, but that does not mean we should all have a $50,000 per year salary. Then, money would become meaningless. Along with hard work and creativity. What is the inspiration to work hard and try to better yourself – if you will never earn more than the government alloted salary? I am not saying this to be sarcastic, but if someone that is in favor of government-controlled fiscal decisions, please explain this to me. To me, hard work and creativity, among other things, is what IS the American spirit. For most of Americans, a group of rebels, not wanting to be under tyranny, revolted and created this amazing country! For most modern Americans, people desire to be a citizen because of the opportunities of greatness.

    People have forgotten that we, as Americans, were given the freedoms of Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness – that is no guarantee of happiness. There is no commitment that you will earn over $10K a year…there is no promise that you will make $500,000 – but you have EVERY opportunity to try. But if the government takes over that – it will stifle out every ounce of the American spirit. Call me a Capitalist Pig!! My response is: Oink, Oink!!

  • Allan

    Unappreciative young people: The two young woman, passionate as they are, are not unusual. They live in the idealistic cocoon known as higher education. Higher education is run mostly by people who think it is their job to define what is right and wrong, rather than teach students how to think for themselves. The best defense against this church of political correctness is to be selective when choosing or supporting a school.

    Blame: Stop blaming corporations and conspiracies for “our problems”. Look in the mirror. Do you see someone who wants to tell others how to live, or someone who focuses on making a positive contribution? (hint: turns out there’s a lot of satisfaction in the latter)

    Our representatives: 1) 1 term limit 2) restrictions on lobbying 3) 100% publicly funded campaigns 4) pay based on attendance and participation 5) periodic testing to insure they read legislation and do their homework. Post the grades for each representative.

  • Phil Dru

    Follow the money. I’ll wager most of the anarchists were bought off by the George Soros types.

  • Mike D

    Don’t worry, once those girls enter into the rat race workforce and see their hard earned $s taken away from them and given to others (who do not deserve) so they to can have, then they will understand!!!

    It’s 1968 allover again. They’ll learn!

  • Dave

    Wes, I think people read the first part of your post and skipped the rest. Shooting fish in a barrel journalism! You hit the nail on the head. Of course he’s not going to interview anyone who might make him look bad or if he does it will never make airtime. Your last two paragraphs say it all. On another note, Anyone, who is yelling socialist, will you sign the anti-socialism pledge??? Dividing the country is our biggest enemy!!! People in charge who want to stay in power love the country divided and running scared. When the country is divided they can stay in power and keeping us scared seems to let them pick away at our freedoms! Beware of the tyrant who comes to you in the guise of a liberator!!!

  • VirginKiller

    Whinny Winnie needs to take her commie butt and leave my country. Capitalism does work, marxisim, communism and all the other isims are working hard to destroy us. America, love it or leave it and I will gladly escort you to the docks. Only a commie could think the way you do, only a commie, I have no room in my country for you and spend my waking hours in wait of the revolution that will allow our armed conservitive movement to bury you and those that think like you. Oh ya, God bless America.


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