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Hail The YouTube Generation!

May 24, 2012 by  

Hail The YouTube Generation!
A North Carolina high school student posted his teacher's politicized rant on YouTube.

What a marvel YouTube is. Where else can you watch:

  • Antoine Dodson reminding us all to “run and tell ‘dat, homeboy!” (the seminal moment brought to us by Auto-Tune®, in my humble opinion)?
  • President Ronald Reagan exhorting Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”?
  • Video of Pink Floyd concerts (my preferred work-and-ignore-the-dog soundtrack)?

As is the case with the latter example, not everything available on Youtube is noteworthy in a good way. For every episode of the Personal Liberty Digest’s™ “The Great Eight” (shameless, I know), there are shrieking lunatics like President Barack Obama’s “former” pastor Jeremiah Wright. And, once in a while, a moment that might otherwise be lost gains exposure thanks to our friends at YouTube.

Let’s also offer our gratitude to Hunter Rogers. Rogers is a regular kid living a regular life — at least, he was. Then, he ran into an intellectual roadblock: a teachers’ union thug posing as an educator. Last week, he rescued one of those “teachable moments.” In a nearly 10-minute exchange recorded by Rogers, a liberal named Tanya Dixon-Neely turned what might have been an opportunity to explore the intricacies of the National political discourse into a babbling Obama supporter’s insane tirade. While Dixon-Neely’s bizarre descent into deranged Obama-fandom in a classroom is disturbing enough, the fact that she is Rogers’ social studies teacher makes it worse.

During the course of what presumably should have been instruction on something that has at least a moderate basis in reality, Dixon-Neely slightly overreacted to Rogers’ effort to draw a parallel between the ridiculous fable of Mitt Romney allegedly bullying someone five decades ago to the equally ridiculous — but far more substantiated (Obama admits it in his rather premature memoir Dreams from My Father) — tale of Obama bullying a girl when he was knee-high to a community activist.

At one point, Dixon-Neely shouts: “As a teacher, I’m not supposed to allow you to disrespect the President of the United States…” She then bolsters her fallacious argument with further flimflam: “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things about (President George W.) Bush?” The fact that no such arrests were made is as lost on Dixon-Neely as the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which appears to have been crowded out of the curriculum by the major talking points from the North Carolina Association of Educators, an adjunct of the largest union in the country: the National Education Association.

The real coup de grâce arrives during this back-and-forth:

Dixon-Neely: “…didn’t I tell you that we would not be degrading, talking about degrading things…”

Rogers: “Well if you’re going to trash Romney…”

Dixon-Neely: “No, because there’s no comparison. He’s running for President, Obama is the President.”

I suppose we can allow Dixon-Neely a pass for her civic faux pas; she’s only a teachers’ union flunky. Given liberal predilections toward hysteria, perhaps we should give her a pass on the rest of the nonsense that erupted from her piehole.

But we can certainly worry about our Nation’s future in the hands of such accomplished academics as Dixon-Neely and her union accomplices. According to Rogers, he recorded Dixon-Neely’s outburst after repeated politically charged bullying. Like many of the subjects of videos on YouTube, Dixon-Neely — just another unhinged liberal who goes ballistic at any criticism of her beloved icon — is fairly unremarkable. But she’s emblematic of a much larger cancer growing within the cradles of academe. Unable to wash away the bitter taste of Obama’s colossal incompetence, liberals are trying to change the recipe before it’s baked.

But there is good news. Like virtually every other assault the Democratic Party has launched, their efforts to murder knowledge in its cradle is failing. As the recording proves, Rogers is probably better qualified to teach social studies at North Rowan High School than Dixon-Neely. Given the fact that Dixon-Neely’s outburst earned her only a paid suspension, Rogers is probably better qualified to teach than pretty much everyone at the Rowan-Salisbury School System. Best of all, YouTube has shone the light of truth into the dark recesses of liberalism’s twisted core.

In the immortal words of Antoine Dodson: “Run and tell ‘dat, homeboy!”

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Gary

    And people wonder why our kids education is in the dumpster, with people like her teaching our children……..this women should have been fired, the teachers union is not a good organization, it is NOT for “good” education of our children, its to provide “bad” teachers with protection………….

    • Robert Smith

      From Gary: “its to provide “bad” teachers with protection………….”

      And what is a “good” teacher? One that prattles on about right wing things like “intelligent design (NOT! What’s intelligent about putting a sewer through a playground?)

      Ohhhh, maybe a teacher that believes the world to be only 6,000 years old and Barny Rubble really did go to work riding Dino?

      What about a teacher that blathers on about hate and violence for gays?

      Tell us Gary, just what is a “good” teacher in your eyes?


      • Norman F.

        Robert, you obviously never had a good teacher of logical thinking or you wouldn’t have gone on that off topic rant. Stick to the subject!

      • Katharine

        Rob, Why is it that when someone on the right has a valid point, people like you come up with all kinds of ridiculous statements such as what you wrote? I listened to the Youtube recording and I have to say that this teacher is definitely a “bad” teacher. She doesn’t understand her subject matter. It has nothing to do with how we define a “good” teacher. I’m proud of the student who knew what he was talking about and didn’t back down. We’re supposed to respect the office of President and that doesn’t mean we have to respect the person in that office. Respect has to be earned.


      • smash44

        Yawn! Ho-Hum Robert pinko anti-American puke. Your liberal rant makes absolutely no sense. A “good” teacher has the logical ability to weigh both sides of any venue, not cling hysterically to her Black Messiah’s failed agenda that she voted for because of his skin color. She’s a black racist, not an educator. Yelling at teenagers. Wow! What an accomplishment. And what do you do for your Democratic Hitler moment: Steal a little girl’s candy.

      • Johnny Hiott

        A good teacher would be one that kept their personal opinions to themselves ! That is one of the main problems with education (if you can call it that) in America today. Liberals , communist , homosexual promoting teachers with no morals what so ever virtually control education from start to finish. We can thank our federal govt for that. At the end of WWII universities all over the nation scarfed up every European communist they could find , hence teachers that are illiterate , pro union , pro communisim and anti Christian. I will never understand how liberals could possibly expect to live safely in a nation that refuses to teach morals to it’s children. Without morals laws are useless. Nor can I understand how it’s ok with liberals to bash conservatives and Christians but it’s never ok to bash a communist president that has broken more laws than Al Capone ! As for myself I believe what the Bible tells me and not what some nit wit commie obama loving union loving imposter of a school teacher has to say. I agree with Gary and teacher unions should be banned outright ! It’s time teachers like government were retaught they work for the public not unions ! Fire them all and start over !

      • http://PersonalLibertyNews David

        Good gives both sides of arguement and excepts debate as a way to see all sides of it,not debase on false premises,like that Romney is only running for president,WOW,And then Bush was a sitting president when little ole Dan Rather threw his career away right?

      • OneGuess

        Well, “Rob”, you once again show your @$$. NOT a pretty sight.

      • sharonann

        Come on Mr. Smith, you surely can’t be defending this idiot union teacher, can you? She is proof positive of the dumbing down of our society. I don’t believe she is capable of teaching a dog, let alone a student. As for your rant about good teachers “condemning” gays, etc. Fine, but PROVE it. There hasn’t been a teacher doing this. First, most teachers (about 85% to 15%) are liberals, many being communist. Are you denying this??? Of course this IS what most liberals do-deny facts as they find them inconvenient. Are there folks who hate gays? yes, but they are Not in the classrooms as communist teachers/professors are. (At least professors are intelligent, not logical at times, but intelligent.–this teacher is neither. As for your “intelligent design’ teachers–well do you recall the infamous Darwin trial (the teaching of evolution), in those days that wasn’t taught and should have been (which was the reason for the trial to begin with), yet it was Never argued that “intelligent design’ should NOT still be taught, just that Darwin’s evolution theory should be as well. What’s wrong about fairness in your book Mr. Smith? More and more folks are coming to believe what I always have–there’s room for both as God provided for both.

      • eddie47d

        I’m happy as a lark that Ben had an honest moment and admitted his Great 8′s are shameless. Spot on!

      • mac

        As others said, in too many words, the Liberal way is to change the subject if they have no logical argument to present.

      • vicki

        Robert Smith writes
        What’s intelligent about putting a sewer through a playground?

        I think you might be talking about people and sex since that is where I have heard the idiot comment before. Well last I checked the “sewer” is BEHIND the “playground.” Out of sight unless you are one of those who sticks the small brain in places it does not belong.

        Intelligent design. Good. Intelligent user, not so much.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Anybody got the link to the video?

        I’d like to watch it

      • PatriotDiva

        Mr. Smith, a good teacher would know that there were never any arrests of anyone who criticized George W. Bush, and a good teacher would also know that it is not against the law to criticize a sitting president.

      • someone who cares about AMERICA

        Robert as I was in Education for many years I found that the union only prtected the ones wwho did not deserve to be an educator. But because of their Tenure they still was able to stay EVEN when you had doc after Docs of what a horrible teacher they were and years of the Grade levels going down with this teacher. They were in it for the money tho pay is not much but if u have been in the system long enough u can make a decent salery. Even tho she was proven inadeqate they could not get rid of her , So she just stay and stayed kindof like mold

      • Wil

        Robert,we are all aware of Alynsky’s fifth rule by now,and it no longer works.While you,obviously,are a little slow,at least try to keep up.

    • Paul McGowan

      I agree! I have seen the efforts of teachers to spell the simplest of word (i.e. was) spelled by the teacher as “wuz”.

    • Bob

      Could you imagine if this teacher was white, with a white man as president, and the student was a black child? Good God, Sharpton and Jackson would have started a race riot.

      • Katrael

        Bob, your statement is so true and it made me chuckle. The dichotomies in our system are so absurd as to cause laughter.

  • murf appling

    please, oh please, do not group ALL social studies teacher N with this particular classroom instructor – not exactly sure where she is coming from regarding classroom discussions – mr. appling’s amer. govt. class is open to just about anything except treason, blasphemy, vulgarity, degradation of character, or something truly offensive to Biblical morality. if this “discussion” was instigated by a student, ms. neely should have taken it & “run with it”. I have been N those shoes regarding a commentary on the incident N Jinks, LA 4 yrs. ago, except I was on the other side, asking questions about the poor student who was “assaulted” by a group of so-called “young men” who simply forsook all rational & beat up someone because he was “white”. interesting!!

    murf appling
    southwind high school
    memphis, TN

    • Paul McGowan

      Yes. It works both ways but no one sees it.

    • Vigilant

      “mr. appling’s amer. govt. class is open to just about anything except treason, blasphemy, vulgarity, degradation of character, or something truly offensive to Biblical morality.”

      It’s also apparently open to murderers of the English language. If YOU are the “mr. appling” to whom you refer, then you have just demonstrated in spades the failure of the “education” system to teach proper capitalization, word choice, spelling and punctuation.

      Go back to school and learn how to express yourself intelligently.

  • Karolyn

    Fortunately, not all teachers are like this. I wonder what her superiors are saying. If you heard what she said, you will note she also has terrible grammar. I have found this not unusual in the high schools I have spoken in. It seems that many teachers, rather than try to raise up the students’ grammar, come down to the students’ level; although the boy did have better grammar than the teacher.

    • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      What are her superiors saying? Well in her case her superior is the student, he seems to have a much better knowledge of social studies than does this indoctrinator. now if you are asking what do her supervisors say that is another story, evidently they agree with her because they gave her a paid vacation (suspended WITH PAY) for her abuse of a student in a classroom

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Cell phones will also be banned from schools so there won’t be any recording for posterity of incidents like these.

      • eddie47d

        If they are banned it would be because of the disruption they cause whether at schools,concerts or even church. Use some common sense Nadzieja.

      • vicki

        Kids are VERY clever. There will be recording devices smuggled in. Especially cause kids will notice the attention this video got and want to do their own.

    • Donald York

      Funny that you mention this teacher would use bad grammer. A few years ago there were some college professors testifying before a senate panel about education. This one professor said to Arlen Specter that ebonics should be taught in schools. I thought Senator Specter was going to burst out laughing. The professor went on to say that most inner city black kids were at a disadvantage and that by only talking jive all their lives, they ought to be afforded a system that met their educational needs. I thought to myself, does my tax dollars pay this mans wages?

      • Vigilant

        And I thought Ebonics was a dead issue.

        Proof positive that the liberal establishment desires nothing more than to keep African Americans enslaved.

      • eddie47d

        Does Vigilant actively recruit African Americans in his business? Does he actively bring them into his church? Does he actively take time out of his schedule to mentor minority kids (to keep them from being devoured by those terrible Liberals)? Does he allow a black man to openly walk in a predominately white neighborhood without fear of reprisal? This is not praise of the mistakes that Liberals foster on us but of what the Conservatives fail to do. So some of you need to take another look into the mirror.

  • Steve

    I am suprised she can say anything with her lips so firmly attached to obama’s little pole!

    • Paul McGowan

      bo and bh kind of fit.

  • Average Joe
  • John Scolaro

    When I picked my daughter up at school yesterday she told me that her substitute teacher during a “lesson” in social studies differentiating between the Republican and Democrat political parties; got it all fanatically wrong. I was happy that she could tell she was being lied too and happy that she was telling me about it. I asked her how the sub got it wrong and she told me that, well Republicans do not want bigger government and more regulations and Democrats don’t really want to keep everyone safe and secure and they especially don’t want to secure the border. I asked if the sub got anything right? My daughter told me that the sub did say that the Democrats want to educate people, but she didn’t say on what. Then my daughter added that the kids in the class were just sitting there nodding their heads to everything the sub was saying. If any of you think this is only a problem on the Left Coast, New England, New York or Wisconsin; you are fooling yourselves. Teachers teaching today learned wrong for one. Secondly, it’s human nature to seek self-preservation. With the case of teachers of every grade at every school in every place; that means continuing to teach incorrectly so that the generation coming up doesn’t realize the fraud and theft put upon them.

    • Norman F.

      John, you are right. To me the biggest problem today is that most of the younger teachers today were raised and “educated” in this same system.

    • OneGuess

      Not only that, John, but those of us who try to teach the truth (eg, what Islam is all about) are admonished that this truth is not pc & all have the same rights, even if Islam says to convert, pay a special tax, or die. We are not allowed to compare & contrast the intentions of our founding fathers with the intentions of our current administration. It is frustrating to those of us who know the difference.

      From a ’67 hs graduate, viet vet, and current hs teacher.

      • chris

        OLD SCHOOL When schools had good TEACHERS that tought there students what America is all about! like the music from the 60′s those were the good times and has gone down from there!

    • eddie47d

      A good teacher wouldn’t beat the anti-Muslim message either. That would only drum up fear and hatred of others without allowing the students to make up their own minds. Teachers mostly have to deliver a balanced approach to history especially the causes and effects of a countries actions. Slaughtering people in the name of democracy is just as bad as killing people in the name of the Muslim faith as an example. .

  • Pete0097

    It is amazing how many liberals become history teachers. I had one in HS and he was a liberal union member. A jewish girl and I argued with him that without Hitlers warmongering, we would still be in the great depression of the 30′s. He could not see the logic that without the massive manufacturing and sending so many working people to war, giving them something to do, FDR’s social programs would not help. We also argued that the unions would be the downfall of the US. Now, this was back in the 70′s so the economists/accountants idea of the future failure of Social Security was not being taught. THose of us with conservative parents had heard about it and when we confronted the history teacher with those facts he poo-pooed it as that was not what he was taught when he was in school in the 50′s (even though it was brought up in the 30′s when the programs were started) Theus the real difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives think very long term like in excess of 50 years whereas, liberals think of less than a year. Come to think about it, that makes perfect sense for teachers. They have 1 years experience many times.

    • Vigilant

      “History” as even the title of a high school course is rarely heard any more, “Global Studies,” or “Social Studies” have replaced any semblance of actual history being taught. “Social,” of course, is a camouflaged way of inserting a word that more appropriately fits the models of social engineering or socialism.

      Take that oh-so-popular soft-subject course called “Sociology” and you will see that it is just a code word for “socialism.”

      That Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” is actually used by schools to teach history is testimony to the communist/socialist programming to which our children are being exposed.

    • eddie47d

      Some Libertarians and Progressives may disagree with you. Maybe if the truth was taught in history classes way back when we may not have gotten ourselves into so many skirmishes around the world. Whether Woodrow Wilson’s entering WWI , FDR’s blockading oil to Japan before WWII or even Reagan selling arms to Saddam thus forcing our hand in that region. Alot of history is sanitized (in every country) to make a country look good to the citizens of that region. Take a gander at Turkey where the Armenian Genocide took place yet they refuse to acknowledge it. Thus continuing the bitterness between those two nations and every nation has those teachable moments but refuse to teach.

  • Chester

    I have one gripe here, This teacher is accused of belonging to a “teachers union”, but the only proof offered for that was the “fact” that she is a teacher. Not all teachers belong to a union, and for sure there are schools where a union won’t even stick its nose. So saying this teacher is a dues paying union member is like saying you are a paid up, card carrying communist. There are similarities, but no proof exists.

    • Steve E

      My wife is a 30 yr. retired NC school teacher. In NC, a teacher does not have to join the union or the so called the NORTH CAROLINA ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATORS. She said that the only benefit that comes from it is when a student tries to sue the teacher personally. When a teacher is sued, the NCAE will supply the teacher with a half witted lawyer for the trial. If the case is lost by the teacher, the teacher then has to pay for the lawyer. However, since the lawyer is a slacker, the case is usually lost. So she didn’t join the NCAE. It is better to pay yourself a lawyer who will try to win then pay for a lawyer who will loose anyway.

    • SunniD

      Good point, I think this is in North Carolina. Schools in NC are not union. That said, this woman has no business being a teacher, she sounds very ignorant.

    • eddie47d

      Even if and when teachers have unions they hardly can afford to pay the outrageous salaries that lawyers charge. They don’t have the retention fees that let’s say ALEC has in influencing legislation or litigation.

    • chris

      She was send home with full pay ! A teacher not in a union would have been suspended with out pay just for her moulh

  • FreedomFighter

    Moral of this story:

    Get your children out of public school and into a good Christian school.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I want to agree with you but the infiltration by the Liberals/Leftists/Fascists is into every facet of society including the Churches and what we would think were good Christian schools. These would probably bear more watching because the assumption is made that these are good schools so parents let their guard down.

    • Average Joe

      Home Schooling is the answer…teach them the truth and just enough of “cirriculum” to pass the “required” tests.
      Teach “your” children well.

      Dedicated to all parents… All of you have a great task ahead. Let this song inspire your children.

      • Katrael

        Average Joe, great songs are timeless because to the truths they share.

      • Cristel

        I’m not sure if there’s a school-based team (consisting of the tehcaer, school counsellor, vice principal etc) but I’d meet with them and discuss the issue and how best to approach the issue. Perhaps the child needs to spend some time with the school counsellor. Also, maybe have a meeting with the parents and the child. Let the child know that you have their best interest at heart and that you want the child to be their best self. Together with the child, create a contract with consequences. If they do this, they get ___ but if they don’t do it, they have something taken away like computer/tv time. But the parents also need to have some responsibility/consequences as well. By creating a contract together with the child, their input/negotion should encourage them to follow it. Sounds airy-fairy but it just might help. :)

  • Ted Rice

    Unions do serve a valid purpose, especially considering the level of politics in public schools. Without unions, the only “good” teachers would be those brown-nosing the administration and following the “party line”. A teacher could be fired on any kids accusation, without even an investigation or due process.

    The union-bashers on the right seem to have no knowledge of history, when 72 hour work weeks were standard and working conditions appalling. Or they are foolish enough to believe we can’t quickly return to those conditions without unions.

    That said, the NEA does, unfortunately, promote a liberal agenda. But the problem really starts in the Universities, which have become liberal propaganda mills discouraging thinking for ones-self and free speech. Those who graduate and go into teaching parrot the party line unless they are among the few who go to college to get an education rather than to party and get a degree with as little work and as much cheating as possible.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      We do know history. But we also know what Populist/Socialist busybodies were doing to promote collectivism in America.

  • uvuvuv

    whenever they show classroom scenes in our local paper the teachers look like they just came from the bargain basement of a charity thrift shop. then there will be a quote as follows, “the thing of it is, it would be like so totally awesome if each student had their own laptop because it would impact their boredom issues, and that’s a good thing.” and then they get $60,000. of course they’re all hysterical dems, what sensible repub would want co-workers like that?

  • DavidL

    The only thing you can say about this teacher’s performance, without committing the very same crime that Ben Crystal is ranting about, is that her actions were unethical and unprofessional. Her superiors recognized it and took appropriate action. As a retired teacher, college professor, and teacher- discipline trial judge, suspension with pay pending an appropriate due process hearing is the right thing to do. The teacher’s partisanship got in the way of the opportunity to model tolerance and respect for the opposing views of others. She missed a good opportunity for student maturity and learning. She ended up modeling intolerance and disrespect.

    As to Mr. Crystal’s usual talk about thugs, unions, liberals, Democrats,etc., well, that’s just Ben being Ben. He regularly uses hyperbole, prejudice, and made up facts to accuse others, many of whom he does not know, of using hyperbole, prejudice and making up facts. He can’t help it though, his partisanship keeps getting in the way.

    • OneGuess

      You apparently “can’t help it either”. The audio of the encounter speaks for itself.

    • Opal the Gem

      ” Her superiors recognized it and took appropriate action.”

      You call a paid vacation (suspended with pay) appropriate action for her rant? The least that should have happened is suspended for 1 month with NO pay.

      • Katrael

        Opal the Gem, I want to add to your suggestion that this teacher should be suspended for one month without pay by saying that she should also be made to take a class in “classroom discipline”. This teacher had no control. It’s appropriate to have class discussions but not under the same circumstances as existed in this class. The teacher had to get up from her desk just so she could go and directly address herself to her student while other students were carrying on separate discussions.

      • independent thinker

        Katrael if we follow your suggestion (which I am not dissagreeing with) it should be for a semester of classes with no pay.

        • Katrael

          independent thinker, after thinking about the time off without pay issue I started to wonder if we were both wrong about the time frame. This woman is a true believer and it would probably take her the rest of her life before she would change her mind about her cherished beliefs. She should probably be directed to find employment in another profession far away from tender minds.

      • DavidL

        I said suspended with pay “pending the appropriate due process hearing”. Why? Because no person may be deprived of property without dues process of law. See our 5th Amendment and our 14th. It’s not a vacation. She’s in trouble.

        • Katrael

          DavidL, you may have a point about suspension with pay until she’s gone through due process but that’s only if her contract stipulates those conditions. An employer is not under any obligation to pay someone for not working unless it’s in their contract. The question should be: did the school board have a right to suspend her in the first place? If she were to be found innocent then she might be able to collect lost wages.

          I have no doubt that this woman’s behavior in her class is unprofessional and unbecoming of a teacher. She’s responsible for setting examples.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The only reason that the teacher was suspended (with pay) pending investigation was to hush down and pacify the population because the recording went viral.
      Check back in a month to see the results of that investigation or if it was swept under the rug.

      • Katrael

        Nadzieja Batki, such a true statement. The woman got caught and the system feared a backlash.

  • Scott in SC

    I don’t agree with the teachers opinion or teaching methods, but this loud mouth little punk is far from a hero.
    He’s told to be quiet and listen yet he keeps mouthing off. How would that play out when y’all went to school?
    At one point she tells him to sit down and although we have no video, we can assume he’s up in an attemp to get in the teachers face. How would that play out when y’all went to school.
    He makes the comment, ‘People talked $h!tty about Bush” and in the full clip says, “I’ll get my phone out and call my dad and we’ll see about that”. How would that play out when y’all went to school?

    • Karolyn

      Scott – I’ve had occasions to speak to some classes in our local high schools, and it amazes me the way some of the teachers and students interact.

    • Vigilant

      When I went to hgh school (graduated in 1964). teachers had more than a modicum of proficiency in their subject matter areas, and the requirements to obtain a teaching certificate were more demanding.

      It’s true that discipline was much stricter in those days, but that is another conversation altogether. The actions of this “teacher” speak volumes about the loss of integrity in the teaching profession, courtesy of your local teacher’s unions, the NEA and Dept. of Education. Is it any wonder that the unions are vociferously against teacher recertification and proficiency examination?

      • Carol J

        I graduated in 1958, and remember that most of the teachers showed respect for the students who showed them respect. I even had to call my Mother Mrs. A———- when she substituted in one of my classes. If a student misbehaved in class there was no argument, she just sent them to the Deans office. Of course, my brother and I were attacked several times by those particular students who were “getting even” for being disciplined by our Mother. She never discussed politics or gave here political views. She just taught the subject of the class.

    • eddie47d

      There are bad apples in every profession and especially with Wall Street tycoons who defend their turf no mater how much damage their business does to our country. Yes sir and they fight tooth and nail to keep anyone from regulating their misbehavior.

    • Average Joe

      The key here is this:
      The class was having an open debate. In order to have an open debate, there must be more than one view..for if there is only a single “view”, there is no debate. Also, in order for it to be open…it must be verbal in nature.
      The teacher expessed her view…but did not allow an alternate view to be heard.
      Rather than to intelligently “debate” the issue, she chose to shout down her opponent and use her authority as a teacher to to attempt to silence a disenting opinion.
      As for the teacher’s vocabulary, she is so sadly lacking in verbal skills. This woman, should never be allowed to teach as an occupation…she brought the “Hood” to the classroom….Her actions were typical …”I have nothing to work with…so I’ll bully you into submission…you will submit…because I AM IN CHARGE!”
      If this teacher has any children of her own…may God have mercy on them.

      Stupid people shouldn’t breed….but, unfortunately…they do so… more than others….because they are…well…stupid…..Intelligent people are now outnumbered 100,000:1…and the divide grows exponentially as I write this……

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        Intelligent people were never given other peoples’ money EVERY MONTH to give birth to multiple carbon copies of themselves. Unmotivated, uneducated, uncivilzed ‘people’ were-this teacher is, probably, a ‘success story’ out of this group-God help us!!!!! How could the intelligent, possibly, outnumber the unintelligent?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why do you call the boy a punk? Is it because he wasn’t afraid to stand up to a teacher or in this case a bully pretending to be a teacher.

  • cawmun cents

    If any of you wonder why I link media and academia together,its because I see things clearly after having looked at them from every possible angle.
    Witness what motion pictures do to the populace.They sensationalize every aspect of life until it is twisted into a perverse lie.Now observe what the educational system does to our children.They teach things which are simply not true and emphasize sensationalism,along with deviant lifestyles.
    Can you see any similarities?
    Can you see that people are intentionally teaching untruths,and deviancy from natural sexual design to your children in every aspect of media that they choose to use?
    Can you see that in their agenda to indoctrinate,they forget to teach other ways of viewing a particular subject as if their ideological context was all that mattered?
    Your kids might as well be being instructed in North Korea.The content of what they are being taught,and who they are being instructed by,has degenerated into marxist madness 101.
    Furthermore,its not as if the media of telvision or the internet has anything much different to offer,though it may be found,if they look at what is not being said,versus what is being said.They are not taught to have an imagination of their own to formulate ideas from context,but to blindly follow instructions of their teachers in a manner we associate with propagandizement.There is no need to read between the lines or add objectivity to what you are being instructed,but rather just accept it as truth and move to the next subject.
    If that doesnt sound Hitlerish,then I dont know what does.
    Having said that,it behooves them to just “go along to get along”,or be ostracized from the educational system entirely.To get an acceptable grade you must learn acceptable things,and then you can be moved through the system without clogging up the sewerlines of indoctrination.
    That doesnt ring the bell of indoctrination to you leftists out there?
    You cannot see that as deviant to the point of being propagandized?
    Yes well,you can always buy a ticket to the next blockbuster motion picture and forget all about it for a couple of hours,right?
    Hence media/academia is the way to simplicity,much like chemical castration of the mind is the way to abject sanity.Once you have heard a lie too many times it becomes truth only for the reason that it hurts your brain to think of any other form of dealing with it.
    So accept lies as truth and move on to the next 2 minutes,2 hours,2 days of entertainment,and forget about that troubling part of your conscious thats telling you something is wrong.After all its what you have been instructed to do,you decadent,fat,lazy,American loser.Watch the pendulum swing and listen to the soft voice.
    Hypnotism isnt a farce,but rather a tool.
    You learn what seems pleasant and correct.You are told that it is what you should do.
    Doing alright,getting good grades,the future is so bright,that you gotta wear shades.

  • Damn Buster 2012

    It’s time to start home schooling you Kids!!Public school have all gone to hell anyway!!!!

  • pete

    And who said ‘racism is dead’? God help us all! Obama must be great because he is black?
    Unbelievable! Competence and honesty do not count? Wow! It is not just that he keeps on blaming Bush and we all know that Bush was inclined to favour his own interests above those of the people, but the problem is that he never kept his campaign promises, so anyone who believes his new round of promises is an idiot! He cannot help what he looks like, but he sure can try to say what he means and mean what he says. It is customary for inherent liars to be unable to remember what they said.

  • Jaesun

    Instead of the shallow approach to view some racist ranting teacher as “the problem”, why not scutinize the US educational system as a whole. IMO from my experience, teachers are more concerned with students “fitting in” to the system rather than students’ academic accomplishments. The curriculum of every school in the US is controled by government whether it is public or private. No school is allowed to operate without permission from government. And, of course, the givernment would not allow the “true nature” of government to be taught. Also, logic is not taught because the governmnet could not survive if everyone had the ability to think and reason for themselves. Our school system teaches students “what to think” instead of “how to think” and reason. That’s how government “dumbs down” the population and why teachers want students who “fit in” and accept rather than question what they are being taught.

  • thunderstruckagain

    History repeats itself. The only way Hitler could change the course of history was to first indocrinate the youth by twisting and fostering a hate for Jews and and so on. Now that this leftist government of America now runs our public school system, the text books are being rewritten and history is being altered. For two generations now our children have been taught half truths or ourt right lies. Lets hope it is not to late to bring America back.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      What is an example of “leftist” revision of history or indoctrination.

      • eddie47d

        Thunder is only partially right and the old history books were filled with a few inaccuracies of it’s own. Sometimes the truth being told today is embarrassing so some consider it rewriting history. I think both sides have lost a little objectivity.

      • Average Joe

        If you have to ask…you are probably a PRIME example of the results…just sayin’

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Average Joe in my experience in school I have never heard leftist propaganda being peddled. Nothing I was taught in history came from leftist sources or was leftist in nature to the best of my understanding. All I am saying is if leftism is truly corrupting our history classes or any classes please give me an example and we’ll see if I agree with you.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, try the “Theory of Evolution” as it is taught as a fact. Try the “Big Bang Theory” as it is also taught as fact. Try, homosexuality is normal in nature which homosexuality does occur but it is far from normal. I’ll bet I could come up with a bunch more if I tried.

      • Average Joe

        Propaganda works through stealth….you didn’t see it…because you weren’t meant to see it.
        Yo don’t see the air around you either…but, I can guarantee it is there. Use that thing on your shoulders for something other than a hat rack…

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Again Joe you act as though its as obvious as teachers saying “liberalism is good and conservatism is bad”. Never heard such a thing in school. Teachers did not preach their personal beliefs or politics to us. They did not speak on behalf of specific programs or ideas. They encouraged us to think for ourselves and analyze things. I do use my brain for thinking. Its the reason I ask you to support your claim with evidence which can be analyzed. If leftist propaganda is all around then surely you can give me an example.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, I’m not sure that critical thinking is your forte? …”Again Joe you act as though its as obvious as teachers saying “liberalism is good and conservatism is bad” Sure you may have never heard this taught in class and it’s also possible that it never was but that teacher did try to force her opinion on the class and so do most modern textbooks. Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution are both taught as facts in the classrooms. Theories are just opinions.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Right off the bat I am slightly biased since I believe in both the big band theory and evolution. I believe the science at least in regards to evolution is enough to warrant strong belief. The big bang still leaves alot to be desired but I put my faith in empirical science over religious theology. I do not believe that the big band theory and evolution are “leftist ideas”. I believe they are progressive in nature but for the sake of argument I do not believe there is an alternative. Science classes are about teaching scientific theory and studies. I want to know if there are other scientifically based theories on the creation of the world and the development of mankind. I feel that theories based on religious theology are something that should be taught in sunday school. I feel the public school system should be based on teaching empirical science which can be studied and measured. The stories of the bible or quran are based more on faith than on fact in my opinion. At least with science it can be tested and over time more can be learned. I feel the theory of evolution and the big bang can be changed as evidence comes in. I worry that theories based on the bible or quran or torah or creationism or intelligent design are based on faith and cannot be changed to fit evidence. I do not know if it is my forte but I do think critically. One of the reasons I disagree with the theory that public schools indoctrinate children and peddle propaganda is that one of the biggest lessons I have ever gotten out of school is to think things out for myself and question what I am told. Hence I disagree with people saying schools teach children liberal ideology and push leftist propaganda. Unless critical thinking is considered leftist propaganda.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, I don’t have a problem of teaching a theory and you are more than entitled to believe in it. I have a problem with teaching a theory as if it’s a fact. Is there a balance as to what is taught? Have you watched the video entitle “Expelled….? It’s late and I can’t remember the exact title but Ben Stein was in it. I thought it was well done.

          I know I’ll get a lot of flack on this but the bible actually does not say the world was created six thousand years ago. The problem comes through improper translations. I won’t go into details here. My point is this: there is a creator who has always existed and who has no problem with dealing with vast stretches of time. Why couldn’t he have set up evolution to accomplish his goals? Perhaps over trillions of years and not just billions of years. A trillion years means nothing in comparison to eternity. Mind you I’m not saying this is what the bible says I’m just saying that this could be considered a theory also. I could use the same evidence the established monopoly uses to support my theory. I should write a book.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I can respect that. I would love for there to be balance in the theories presented. I just have a disagreement with presenting religiously based theories in school. I believe it should be a church that should present such a theory.

        Honestly I did not know that. I have always heard that the bible does say that. Learn something new every day. As an agnostic I do not believe in god. But I believe cases should always be made if a person truly believes in something. I have often believed that the theories about god being the creator of the world or that evolution was a tool he used to be based more on faith then on fact. I do not wish to insult you or your faith or faith in general. Its just that I like to be able to measure and study and analyze something if I am going to believe it. You should write a book. If you can present me with some sort of physical evidence to support you then I would be willing to discuss it. In any event I love a good debate. If you write a book I am sure it would start a good discussion.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, it takes just as much faith to believe in an evolution you can’t see or prove as it does to believe in a god who you can’t see who created everything you do see and more. Why is one theory more worthy of presentation than another; aren’t they both theories? You make a conscious decision to exclude what you don’t want to believe in favor, as you say, in teaching a theory that you want to believe in as a fact. This is the reason I don’t want opinions and morals taught in school because it’s people who make these types of decisions based on their opinions in order to lead students where they want them to be. I’m the parent and it’s my obligation to prevent this from happening to my children. Teaching theories as facts is a form of brain muddying.

          One thing we do agree on: Religious dogma should be taught in the churches and not the schools. The religion of evolution should be taught in the equivalent to a church setting that people call the universities. Going to a college or university is a voluntary thing but the grade schools are mandatory and should be devoid of opinion teaching.

  • Polski

    I really love reading all your comments. No one really needs comedians for jokes when they have your comments. Heck, not even Walmart would hire any of you……LOL……

  • uvuvuv

    let’s be reminded of the teacher who set up this class project to dig up the dirt on the republicans. these days they teach the three C’s, condoms, queers and ecology.

    • OneGuess


    • r.p.

      I like that “three C’s”……. When growing up on our dairy we learned the “three R’s”. Roping, Riding, and Rangling. Thanks for giving me a good laugh today. I’ll have to remember that…………… condoms, cweers, n ‘cology! Great!!!

  • Katrael

    After listening to the exchange in the classroom several things became apparent: the teacher is black, the teacher did not have control of the class, the teacher doesn’t understand what slander is; that questions concerning possible negative truths do not constitute slander, the teacher isn’t concerned with teaching her pupils to think independently but rather is more concerned with programming them to be good party members. There are plenty of other issues about this teacher that someone can point out. . This is an appalling example of what goes on in many classrooms across this country. .

  • Jeremy Leochner

    The teacher in this story clearly was in the wrong. However I would point out she does not represent teachers and certainly does not represent liberalism.

    • Katrael

      Jeremy Leochner, …”The teacher in this story clearly was in the wrong. However I would point out she does not represent teachers and certainly does not represent liberalism.” I don’t think that you can make this statement as if it were a matter of fact. How do you know for sure this woman isn’t a liberal? I suspect she is because she seemed bent on defending her president against an attempt to discuss potentially negative truths about her president. As to whether she represents all teachers? Of course not, there are many fine teachers who’s hands are tied by the government monopoly they find themselves working in. However, any teacher is a representation of at least some of the teaching profession. It would seem this teacher lacked the respect of many students in her class including that of Hunter Rogers because she lacked an ability to control the flow of discussion while allowing the students the right to express those things they viewed as facts.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Even if she is a liberal and I do not think she is based on the criteria you listed, even if she is a liberal she dose not represent all liberals or liberalism. Liberalism is a vast umbrella term defining an entire spectrum of views and beliefs regarding numerous issues. People who are liberal come in all shapes and sizes and have sometimes vastly different views on certain topics.
        As to her being a teacher and representing teachers I would say that her statements and behaviors reflect badly on teachers as a professional group but as to teachers actions she does not. I have had many teachers and none have ever acted the way this teacher did. I do not feel she represents anyone but herself and her personal views.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, I agree that the woman doesn’t represent ALL liberals. I didn’t say she did. And I do understand that “liberalism” is a huge umbrella and that even rich conservative people can be liberal; they can be liberal in sharing their wealth and many do. I do believe she is a liberal though. In the very least she was liberal in sharing her opinions as fact with her impressionable students.

          I respectfully disagree with your contention that she doesn’t represent anyone but herself and even you admitted that: “As to her being a teacher and representing teachers I would say that her statements and behaviors reflect badly on teachers as a professional group but as to teachers actions she does not.” This woman is a public figure and she has an endorsement by the system that employs her. Her conduct does reflect or can come to be a representation of the whole but I agree that she doesn’t represent the individual.

          Unlike you I remember both good and bad teachers. I had one that told each class the same thing, “I’m only here for the paycheck.” and she spared no expense to show it. She was brutal with her discipline. By brutal I mean physically abusive in a day when parents would only say, “well, you must have done something to deserve it.” She was not the only “brutal” disciplinarian that I remember. This image colored my relationship with the school system that my children attended.

          Am I saying that all teachers are bad. Not at all, in fact I say that the majority of them are as good as the system will allow them to be.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, this is my opinion so naturally I believe it is true: the school system is a government sponsored monopoly who uses coercion to force people to support a system that is progressive and therefor liberal in nature. I do believe this woman and her actions, while extreme compared to the subtle brainwashing of our youth by this monopoly, does represent the system as a whole.

          I’ll repeat this for you so you’ll know where I stand: the school is no place for anyone to teach their morals to my children. I don’t have time to learn all about each individual teacher who resorts to teaching their morals so I can’t trust them and don’t want them to do it.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I apologize for that assumption. I understand you were not comparing all liberals to her.

        In regards to my statements. I do not wish to be a hypocrite. I believe that this women’s actions reflect badly on her profession. My view was that this article was suggesting that this women’s behavior is a type of behavior that is typical among teachers. I believe that the behavior of this women is not typical. My statement about her representing herself was in regards to specific behavior and her actions. I believe that this article is suggesting that this behavior is typical among teachers and I am saying that it is not. This womens actions reflect badly on the teaching profession but they do not represent the teaching profession.

        Actually I do remember bad and good teachers. I am sorry for what happened to you. In all honesty I never experienced that so I cannot understand where you are coming from. I am sorry. All I can say is my experience was more of good teachers then bad.

        Finally I do not believe the school is used by the government to coerce or brain wash people. I believe our school system promotes learning about new ideas and people. I certainly would agree that is progressive in nature. But I do not believe teachers are trying to indoctrinate children or to preach their own personal politics or morals. If there are teachers that have done that I do not believe they are the norm. I believe schools are a place of learning, not a place of propaganda.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner. Thank you for the apology but really you don’t have anything to apologize for. I can remember the good teachers also. There was more than one “great” teacher in my life. They could stimulate me to learn and that wasn’t easy. I had a history teacher in high school who said that if you could give a good reason why learning history was a waste of time that all you’d have to do was put your name at the top of the paper and turn it in for a D grade. I offered that people don’t learn from history and often ended up repeating it. He agreed that this seemed to be the case and if I felt that way he’d pass me with a D like he said. I earned my grade because he gave me a choice and he turned out to be an excellent educator. I have other examples but I’ll spare you.

          But, having said that the system forces teachers to teach opinions. The theory of evolution can not be conclusively proved but I’ve even seen this: “…the fact of the theory of evolution…” What kind of thing is that to teach? How about this? The dating of fossils is determined by the rock layers that they are found in…then later in the same book it says: the dating of the rock layers is determined by the fossils found in it. Isn’t there something wrong with this? I don’t have the exact quote but I can get it for you if you don’t believe me(which I don’t blame you if you don’t trust me) and insist. Don’t the people who write this stuff know what they are saying? I think they do but the question is why?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I understand. I will point out I have a deep passion for history. So while I respect a teacher who encourages their students to present their ideas I don’t feel a teacher who allows their students to get a d by saying that learning history is a waste of time can be considered a great educator. I do not wish to offend you or insult your teacher. Its just that history is a strong point for me.
        In regards to evolution again I admit that I am biased. I believe evolution is a fact. But I will admit that scientifically it is still a theory that has not been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. I would disagree with some one saying “the fact of the theory of evolution”. And I would disagree with books changing the manner of how the age of fossils and rock is determined I would disagree with that as well. I ask people to trust that what I say is true so I will trust you. I believe that what you described was some sort of typo or some other foolish mistake made by an editor of that book. I have found math books with incorrect answers to questions in the back. Evidently the editors never bothered to double check the answer with the problem. My point is I believe that in regards to the quote on rocks and fossils I believe that it was a mistake. In regards to evolution I am conflicted. Since I believe it is a fact I disagree with calling it a theory in books. But I can understand there are differing views. In the end if it was somehow up to me I honestly believe I would have it taught as a fact. If a different theory that was based not on god or on religious grounds good be made then I would e willing to put more than one theory in. I guess I have always heard it as either it was evolution or it was god. I have never heard other ideas put forward. As long as that is the case I will support evolution being taught. I would accept that it be taught as a theory that comes under questioning but since I believe it is a fact I believe it should be taught as a theory that has strong evidence in its favor.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, you don’t offend me but you do need to read what I said. I said that the man was a good teacher because he gave me choices and he stimulated me so that I wanted to learn. The “I’ll give you a D” was just a gimmick to get my attention and to let me know that he wasn’t my enemy. He knew that anybody that could come up with a good reason would be willing to learn if motivated properly.

          Something can not be taught as a fact if it can not be proved and there is no conclusive proof of evolution. The grade schools have no business in the “the theory is a fact” game. Show me proof that big E evolution exists? I’m not saying it doesn’t I just have never seen conclusive proof. How can you prove something that supposedly took billions of years to accomplish when you can’t “observe” the process? How do you know you’ve got it correct? Nobody has ever seen an amoeba turn into a fish. They can’t even take the precursors of life and make something living. So much for theory.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, why do you think they call evolution a theory? Because it lacks solid evidence that it is a fact. The same evidence that suggests (someone’s opinion) that one thing is possible could be interpreted incorrectly and may in fact support a opposing idea (someone else’s opinion).

          Why is it even necessary to teach this idea and not the creation counterpart? I believe it’s an agenda to remove the idea of a created reality from the minds of the people. This idea of creation and it’s underpinnings of moral law gets in the way of people doing what they want to do. Therefore the authorities make a god out of evolution to replace the other god. Evolutionists (progressives) feel that there is no moral authority to determining what is right or wrong and only those who have the power to enforce their will are the dictators of right and wrong. It’s interesting to note that those who play these god games are the ones who are currently in power and the examples of this are of course those most abused examples of Hitler, Mao and Stalin. There are plenty of others, some who believe in god and some who don’t, who play these god games.

    • Average Joe

      “However I would point out she does not represent teachers and certainly does not represent liberalism.”

      What? Are you mentally challenged? Doth thy brain knoweth what thy fingers do typeth?
      She most certainly does represent teachers…that is her job. She, as a teacher….represents the profession in everything she does… Her deeds reflect on the entire “institution”. Because she was allowed to fall through the cracks….is no excuse…Or maybe she was exactly what they wanted to hire…which would speak volumes about the system in it’s entirety.

      She may not represent “liberalism”……but she would make one heck of a posterchild for it…Nothing to work with?…bully and shout down your opponent…pretty typical liberal tactics from my point of view….
      Liberals=Progressives?…More like Regressives…..

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Average Joe I agree that her actions reflect poorly on teachers. However the sense I got from the article was that somehow her behavior was considered typical of teachers in general. I felt that was wrong.
        As to your definition of liberalism I would disagree. I am a liberal and I do my best to learn about subjects before I make a judgment. As to shouting down their opponents perhaps some liberals have done that but so have some conservatives. You cannot generalize about an entire group or for the sake of argument an entire ideology based on the actions of a few of its members. What you described is extremism and stupidity,not liberalism.

      • Average Joe

        “As to your definition of liberalism I would disagree. I am a liberal and I do my best to learn about subjects before I make a judgment.”

        Considering most of your posts…I would have to disagree…I see the usual “talking points” and enuendo…but not much reasoning done on your behalf…Sorry, I call them like I see them.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        What talking points Joe?

  • loboviejo

    We need to stop calling these people liberals. They purloined the term as a cover for beliefs that approach totalitarianism. This tirade sounds like a defense of derFuher in a cheap 50′s movie about WW2. Call them what they are.

  • Sebastian Anthony Ilacqua

    It is interesting that so many non-union people buy into the union rhetoric. If you are non-union, then the unions do not benefit you, but merely increase the cost of union goods and services (including government) at your expense. The unions play a zero sum game where they win with higher wages and benefits, and you lose with higher cost of living. Yet, many ignorant liberals still “buy” into the leftist, union rhetoric as a political philosophy rather than the economic gimmickry that is advantageous to a select, politically protected group at the expense of the larger society. Thus, keeping children ignorant and indoctrinated in their formative years in school insures the sustenance of the insidiously deleterious union power in society.

    • independent thinker

      “The unions play a zero sum game where they win with higher wages and benefits,…”

      Not always true. I worked in a union job for a time and all they did was take out union dues. When I left that job I went to work at a job that paid better, had better benefits, and I did not have to pay the union its dues so I came out ahead all around.

      • Katrael

        independent thinker, you did benefit when you left your old union job and worked a non union job. What’s the rest of your thoughts? Are you saying that your gain in wages (and benefits) weren’t added to the costs of the product or service that somebody bought and paid for?

      • independent thinker

        No Katrael I am sayin I had to pay dues to a union that did absolutely NOTHING for me.

        • Katrael

          independent thinker, Thank you, I just wasn’t sure where you were going with your statement? I’m a trifle(a lot) slow. I can agree with your contention or your experience that the union you paid dues to did nothing for you. I’ve had the same experiences. I worked in the steel mill in Ohio and was forced to be a union member and when a group of us had a legitimate grievance the union recognized that we had a legitimate grievance and ruled that it would do nothing about it. Oh well, so much for union protection.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Yet without a Union workers would have little to no say in what went on. No organized means to speak up for themselves. And it would be much more difficult for strikes or work slow downs or collective bargaining to take place. Unions must be regulated but the idea of a Union is not rhetoric or economic gimmickry.

      • Katrael

        Jeremy Leochner, you seem to be confusing organized labor unions with the ability of workers to unite. the ability to unite and demand that grievances such as poor or life threatening work environments, failure to pay according to contract or any other legitimate grievance be addressed has always been the right of the worker and they don’t necessarily need an established organization to do that.

        Organized labor unions are about control which in reality means that control = power. This ability to control people is like crack is to a crack head. Eventually these organizations become abusive. Workers sometimes forget that the it’s not the union that pays their wage but the company they work for does.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The argument I am making is that Unions give workers a more official, more organized way to protest. Its not just some workers deciding to strike or demand better wages. Its not like in the sentimental movies where the workers decide on mass to strike. With Unions workers have a way to make their demands known and for the sake of argument force employers to listen to them. Workers on their own can make demands and strike and make any other forms of protest. But Unions put them on an equal footing with employers who often have enough money and influence to simply replace any workers who go on strike or make demands. With Unions employers can’t simply fire any workers who cause a problem.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, evil abounds everywhere. Many people recognize that they wouldn’t have a job unless their employer created it. Does this make it correct for an employer to resort to evil tactics to make profits at the expense of it’s workers? Not at all.

          The problem with organized labor unions is that they often resort to terrorism to accomplish their ends and those ends are not always in the best interest of the workers.

          Something else to remember: we are all free agents and we don’t have to work for anybody that we don’t want to. We are free to find an employer who is willing to treat us with more respect. We are free to go, free to stay or free to strike out on our own and create our own business.

          Too many people don’t want to buck the system no matter whether that system is a business or a government. These people either live in fear, live in ignorance or are lazy but in either case they are still responsible to do the correct thing.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I can respect that. And I do believe that unions need to be controlled and regulated. I just feel that a union is better then expecting workers to have to choose between quitting their job or striking out on their own. A person should feel secure and respected in their work environment. A union can do great evil but it can also do great good by forcing employers to talk and forcing the employer to make the tough choices, not just forcing or expecting workers too. We are all responsible for our own choices. We all need to be held accountable for our actions. That includes employers and unions are the way to do that. Unions are not always in the right and if given too much power and freedom they can do harm. But I do not believe the idea of a union is bad or that simply having a union is a danger.

        • Katrael

          Jeremy Leochner, here’s the problem that I have with unions and these are your own words: “A union can do great evil but it can also do great good by forcing employers to talk and forcing the employer to make the tough choices, not just forcing or expecting workers too.” Notice how many times you used the word “forcing”. When does forcing become tyranny?

          I’ve seen how workers can band together without an organized union. I have two stories to relate.

          I worked in the steel mill in Youngstown Ohio. I had no choice about being a union member…that also was forced on me. The Union negotiated a three year contract with the company but what the union didn’t tell the rank and file was that they would get their $1 raise over three years but they would lose their production bonuses. Many workers made as much and sometimes more on these bonuses than they did with their regular wages. Came the first payday after the contract was signed and the rank and file found that their pay raise was a pay cut. They realized who was to blame for it and we went on a wild cat strike. The local union president was exasperated and wanted to talk with the workers but they told him that if he stepped foot in the plant he’d go out in a pine box. By the end of the first day the issue had been resolved and the bonuses restored. This was accomplished without the help of the union but was accomplished by united workers.

          The second time I saw how workers unite without an organized union happened in Durand Georgia at the Georgia Pacific plywood plant. The workers had just voted out the union and the company became rather abusive as it knew that they no longer had to fear a union. The plant adopted a policy that prevented people from bringing canteens of drinking water to their workstations because occasionally they would spill water on the “redry” and this would cause fires in the dryers that had automatic moisture detectors that would slow the conveyor so the material would be dry at the other end. The fires posed no threat to the plant but it would temporarily stop production in order to clean up the mess. It was hell working in that place in the summer when temperatures could routinely exceed 110 degrees F in the plant. A person couldn’t leave their station to get water at the fountain until the regular fifteen minute break time and lunch time and this was pure torture. The workers would be sent home and eventually fired for trying to bring water into the plant. The whole issue came to a head when the water distribution system became contaminated and there was no water to drink. The next day most workers started showing up with their canteens of water and at first the company turned them around and sent them home. This went on until the plant supervisors realized they lacked enough personnel to run the plant. They ended up calling the workers back and rescinded the no water rule.

          What I have a problem with is tyranny no matter who it is that practices it. I don’t guess that it’s possible to really strike a balance. It seems there will always be a struggle with greed?

    • Katrael

      Sebastian Anthony Ilacqua, I really like what you say about the unions playing a zero sum gain. Unions don’t create wealth it comes out of the ground and is developed by the cooperative efforts of many people. The cost of the goods and services are directly related to the total cost of producing those products.

  • ladybug

    This petition has been signed by over 38 thousand people and that is only the tip of the Obama iceberg. He is destroying our country. He is trying to make it a nanny state, and burying us in debt, He isn’t fit to be president because he doesn’t believe in the Constitution and I don’t believe he is eligible. People are waking up to the devious ways of the man. Too bad congress is too lily-livered to stand up to him and impeach him.

    independent voter

  • Harry

    The method in this madness is simple: Obama’s buddies, in the Teachers Union brainwash their students to be liberal clones for Obama and the Dems, thus assuring more votes for them on slsction day.

  • Buck

    The title ” teachers union ” is a misnomer , the correct title for the organization is ” indoctrinators union ” or ” social engineers union ” . Either way , teaching or educating is no longer involved .

  • Renée

    SUSPENDED WITH PAY? That is NO suspension, that is a vacation and a reward for stupidity.

  • Garry Loeffler

    Good teachers teach people HOW to think (i.e. critical thinking skills) rather than teaching them WHAT to think.

    Having taught on the elementary, High School and College level, I have found that the use of the Socratic Method, (i.e. asking questions of the learner) is the best way to teach so that the student can learn to think through the problem for his- or her-self. When the teacher teaches a student to examine both the pros and the cons of each argument, and learn to evaluate each proposition of the problem, the student can learn to identify faulty (non-cogent) thinking.

    For example: The teacher says “There are no absolutes!”

    Q: What is the problem with this statement of widely held belief?
    A: It is self-contradictory as it in itself is an ABSOLUTE statement.

    The same applies to the opposite statement “Everything is relative.” This too is an absolute statement thus making it self-contradictory.

    Teachers should be teaching their students problem solving skills through critical thinking rather than simply putting forth propaganda to be internalized without critical examination. When critical thinking is applied, it make no difference what is being presented as subject matter – either from the right or the left – the student will ‘learn to discern’ the propaganda from the truth.

    • cawmun cents

      You are a unique,and special individual as a teacher,if that is your chosen profession.
      However try teaching people to lend criticism to even their senses and deepest thoughts,as sometimes we lie to ourselves and our senses arent always straight with us either.
      This eliminates many doubts that we obtain by our own perceptions,and prejudices as well observed in “Nicomachean Ethics”from the wisdom of Aristotle.
      People arent taught to observe ethos in relation to obtaining knowledge,and often they are victims of listening to those who have never used ethos in their reckoning.
      Hence the modern school of thought.
      Learn what we tell you,and not what is possibly learned from any given subject.

  • omega55

    If you listened to the video real close you would of heard her threaten this fellow, by saying that if he did this in one of her other classes her bunch of black minions would of taking care of him. To me that a threat, and she should be fired just on that alone.

  • NotThatEllen

    This teacher did not create that unruly hoard, these students are merely avoiding doing any work. (Oldest trick in the book) The kid with the phone should be suspended. Surely it is against school policy to use these devices while in class. Anybody actually watch the video? Kid has his phone hidden in his pocket or something.This proves nothing. I’m just glad these kids are too young to vote!

  • Not ThatEllen

    This site should not encourage the foul language and graphic “jokes” I have seen here tonight. It is a virtual version of that unruly classroom.

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    Welcome to the age of higher Ed.I’m glad that I went to school in the 50′s !!!!A teacher like that back then, would have been fired!!Gary,Norman,Katharine,Johnny Hiott all ,have made some very good points!!Public Schools have been going to hell since the seventies!!If any one has the time(and of course a little money),they should home school their children.God Bless AMERICA!!!

    • Katrael

      Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012, good points about the decline in education. Do ever remember a Columbine type incident when you went to school? Something drastic has changed in our society that these types of incidents have only now become a part of our history. I also went to school in the fifties and sixties and didn’t have to worry about somebody trying to kill me there. The worst things I can remember were fist fights and someone hanging inflated condoms in the cafeteria.

      All formal education begins at home. The home is where most of us learned how to communicate. Maybe day care centers have been a part of this problem we see as children now grow up in those settings before they even learn any verbal skill and they do this away from the care and nurture of the only people who are most likely to love them? Just a thought?

    • Katrael

      Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012, this will probably rile some out there but mothers belong at home teaching their children the most important skill they will ever use: communication. If it can’t be the mother then it needs to be one of the parents but our children’s lives are far to important to leave to somebody who doesn’t love them.

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    I Agree!!!


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