Hacker Could Face More Time Than Rapers


What’s worse than a rapist? In the eyes of the Federal Government, so called hacktivists are pretty high on the list.

When he read news of the teenage girl who was raped by her classmates after getting drunk at a Steubenville, Ohio, party, the 26-year-old hacker, known as KYAnonymous, whose real name is Deric Lostutter, decided to publicize tweets and Instagram photos he obtained online in which members of the Steubenville High School football team joked about two of their teammates raping a girl.


His actions brought the rape case to national attention and made the local officials and townspeople in Steubenville, who seemed to blame the victim more than her attackers for the incident, look pretty ridiculous.

The information Lostutter provided was also used by other hackers to deface a Steubenville football team website, where they posted tweets and Instagram photos from the rapists and their friends the night of the incident.

For raping their classmate Ma’Lik Richmond, 16, and Trent Mays, 17, were sentenced in March to at least one year in a juvenile facility for the assault.

For his actions, however, Lostutter was raided by FBI agents at his Kentucky home in April and is being investigated by the government for hacking-related crimes. If charged, he would face 10 years behind bars.

The Anonymous affiliate explains on his blog:

Approximately  Mid-April 2012 a search warrant was carried out on my address in Winchester, Kentucky for alleged communications with one “Noah Mchugh” aka @justbatcat regarding the hacking of http://www.rollredroll.com and my alleged involvement in said hacking. Upon returning from a brief turkey hunt behind my farm I had just sat down and opened up my computer to work when my pitbull, named Thor, jumps up on the door as is common for him to do when someone new is at my house. I had been expecting a T-Shirt in the mail from ShieldTactical.com and what appeared to be a Fed-Ex truck was parked in my driveway.  As I open the door to great the driver approximately 12 F.B.I. Swat Team agents jumped out of the truck screaming for me to “Get The Fuck Down” with m-16 assault rifles and full riot gear armed safety off, pointed directly at my head. I was handcuffed and detained outside while they cleared my house. My brother soon emerged later with his new girlfriend, both bewildered that the F.B.I. was at my house seeing as I have no prior criminal history, both of them in handcuffs as well. The Swat team left my belongings in the floor, my dogs shocked, my family nervous, my garage door battered open with a ram though I stated I had a key, and the RV camper window broken for entry though I stated to pull hard on the door.

Looking around I seen the Swat Team of course, a few fbi detectives from Columbus Ohio, Lexington KY, and Louisville KY. Also with them were a state trooper or 2, a local sheriff, and shortly thereafter the buildings were cleared the CIS labcoat wearing “Geek Squad” so to speak who analyzes your “evidence”.

I was detained on the back patio, I asked if I was going to jail, they said no, they said who are you, I responded KYAnonymous. They asked me a few questions, asked me for my passwords for my account, stated that I could not tell anyone I was raided or I would face additional charges such as “destroying/tampering with evidence”. They pulled out ALLEGED emails between me and @justbatcat aka Noah McHugh from Noah’s inbox indicating that someone is trying to “sell me down the river”. They stated they had been watching me for a long time, prior to Jim Parks, and that I was a good guy, and even joked around a bit about the good things I have done, none the less, sincere or not, They are the FBI and to them I am Anonymous, the embodiment of a dangerous threat according to their m16 assault rifles aimed at me for a computer.

Lostutter is being represented by the Whistleblower Defense League, which we profiled here.

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  • dan

    A fully informed Jury would never convict this guy…and they would nullify the over-reaching law-dogs that ,under color of law, violated him (yes, having your personal effects riffled through is just as egregious as gang-rape)and convene a grand jury and prosecute the true terrorists among us.

    Hacking is a civil violation…armed assault and home invasion are a felony

    • Eugene Sevene

      Get ready for this is going to be the norm. Obama wins for lack of the people to take action.

      • fudog

        because when you take action you are assaulted by the full extent of the authority.

        • Eugene Sevene

          I would rather die free than live with tyranny

          • 45caliber

            Take some action – any action – and you can. The guy that was trying to set up an armed march on Washington to protest the attack on the 2nd Amendment (no bullets allowed, just guns) is already in jail.

          • Gary Baker

            so was the 80 year old women who was arrested by the national guard for doing nothing but protecting her property in la after Katrina during the Bush admin and her crime was refusing to give up her revolver even though she had never set foot out of her house with it. SO I guess if Romley was elected this type of behavior would be acceptable to you right Eugene?

          • 45caliber

            Actually, I think it was some cops on loan from CA (not sure of the state but it wasn’t LA) who did that to her. I don’t think it was the national guard at all.
            If I remember correctly the cops informed her that she had to leave her property. She insisted that if she did, she would have all her belongings stolen. The cop then pointed out that she was in danger from looters if she stayed there. She held out a gun lying on the palm of her hand and stated that she would protect herself. The cop then knocked her down and wrenched away the gun insisting that she had “threatened” him with it by showing it to him. She ended up in the hospital.

          • James Ezzell

            And was released, and was arrested again, and was released, and is now planning marches on all the state’s capitols. It ain’t over yet. Dude is stubborn :)

      • CatGman

        “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

        • 45caliber

          Unfortunately, evil has already prevailed.

      • 45caliber

        Eugene: Try taking action and see what happens. It ain’t pretty!

      • Gary Baker

        So Eugene tell me if you can who was in charge when the national guard went around and arrested people and took away their guns in louisanna right after Katrina. Law abiding citizens who were armed only to protect themselves and their property… Oh that’s right you voted for Bush didn’t you. If you think only one party is involved in the massive transformation of a police state then your the uninformed sheep. It is not just Obama moron im independent of these party whores for this very reason and the reason Obama is president is because right wing nut jobs like yourself don’t want to open your eyes to the fact that this crap happens during republican admins also. How about the sherriff who was just arrested for not charging a man in florida with carrying guns in his car with no permit or in texas where Republican governor perry stands idly by while a veteran is charged with RUDELY carrying his rifle?? lol I didn’t know that republicans thought that state governors should regulate our constitutional rights… LOLOL But you keep buying into the lie that YOUR party is different.

        • 45caliber

          The NG went in – but so did many police. Most of those who were arresting people and taking away their guns were police – many not even from LA. The NG, I believe, were stationed to stop looting in their areas.
          In any case, both parties are guilty of doing things like this. You can blame Bush if you like but I think in most cases it is bureaucrats (who serve under both parties and never get replaced) who are acting in this manner.

          • Gary Baker

            Exactly what im saying BOTH parties are guilty of treason against the citizens and constitution of the United States. BOTH parties and there will be no change until someone is elected that refuses to be affiliated with these two whore parties. Im not going to vote for a party ever again. It is lost if we don’t demand that the people elect our president rather than Corporations. The way it is now either the social welfare party or the corporate welfare party(just as damaging) have candidates. The middle class American has no representation

          • vicki

            You had representation but he was demonized and ignored most of his political life.

          • Gary Baker

            well 45 I will blame bush for what bush did and ill blame Obama for what he is doing. Both are guilty of not protecting the liberties of U S citizens they are systematically removing all rights via Bush created and Obama expanded Patriot Act and Dept of homeland Security

        • CatGman

          The parties are the problem. They are two sides to the same coin.

        • vicki

          Who was in charge. Hmmmm….. Let’s see. Oh. I know. That would be Louisiana Governor Blanco. Inconveniently for you a democrat. Gov. Blanco warned that troops had orders to shoot to kill, saying,
          “These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced,
          battle tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets. … ”

          And let us not forget New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass to local police, U.S Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. “No one will be able to be armed,” Compass said. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.” Now who’s orders would he have been following? Perhaps the Mayor?

          A democrat? And all around nice guy


          And then there is the little matter of law for those who still believe in the rule of law.


          “Notably, federal troops are generally prohibited from directly enforcing state laws (e.g., controlling looting or riots) by the Posse Comitatus Act, with some exceptions. The President can assume command of state troops under the Stafford Act, but in this “federalized”, or “Title 10″
          status, the federalized National Guard troops become unable to enforce
          laws directly, just like other federal troops. However, the Posse
          Comitatus Act does not apply to National Guard troops under the command
          of a state governor.”

          • Gary Baker

            So tell me Vicki how is it inconvenient for me that it was a democrat. Im registered as independent. I don’t buy into either party or their bs anymore like you seem to or you wouldn’t be defending either one of them. Secondly it is sheep just like you who think one party is better than the other. And if you watch the Gun confiscation video closely You will see that even the coast guard was confiscating firearms from people who were in boats. So tell me Vicki you seem to be able to spout off acts and laws. WHO did create DHS and the Patriot ACT. I didn’t vote for Obama and I didn’t vote for rumley. Moron or Mormon they are no different to me.

          • vicki

            Cute little ad hominem there Gary. Try again.

          • Gary Baker

            Try what Vicki? you want to have a vocabulary contest do you think that proves your reasoning ability? But you didn’t answer the question so I guess while you spout off the new words you learned in school today you can avoid the TRUTH now that’s a word you have no comprehension of. You can stay in school all of your life but common sense is a god given gift not taught in school. Why don’t you check out how much the Iraq war cost in lives and resources of the United States and indirect costs being that everyone was too busy paying attention to what was going on in the middle east and paid no attention to what was going on down on wall street.

          • vicki

            Continued ad hominem does not support your cause at all.


      Good thing I have cameras all over my property, and I have a well armed home as well!
      A ‘raid’ is a civil word for WAR, and THAT is what they WILL get!
      I am DONE playing lap dog to these fascist whack jobs, egos on high alert, ready to shoot anything that moves.
      Too many people have already been MURDERED by POLICe, and this is NO DIFFERENT!
      Our NAI police are now TRAINED to be judge/jury AND executioner, because we ALL know, it’s far EASIER to wipe away a MURDER by COP, than it is to CHALLENGE the court, and actually DEFEND your power to MURDER at will.
      Cops should be FORCED to hand in ALL weapons, and ONLY allowed to carry a Tazer, that’s MORE than enough!
      When too many people DIE from UNLAWFUL POLICE KILLINGS, then we will have effected a good change, FOR OUR OWN SAFETY!
      You are paid to enforce the law, NOT play TRIGGER MAN and MURDER/HUNT down citizens!

      • Rob Reiken

        Perfectly said

  • jdn

    They really have the police all pumped up to kill everyone who has a warrant served on them for any reason . Every warrant is a SWAT response . I got to watch one in Oklahoma City . A dozen cars , street blocked off , AR rifles everywhere and the young woman they led out handcuffed and blood coming out of her nose and mouth missed traffic court .

    • 45caliber

      I think the real problem is that every police department, no matter how small, has to have a SWAT team. And the Feds are giving them military equipment for that purpose. SWAT teams are taught to do things like this because they are MEANT to only be used against very violent criminals. Unfortunately, after they are trained, the police departments never have much use for them so they use them for things like this “to keep up their training and skills”.
      When you come down too it, how often is a SWAT team used even in very large cities for the use they are meant to fill?

  • 45caliber

    Of course hacking is worse than rape! After all, the worst crime you can commit is messing with government records!!!

    • 45caliber

      Two Border Patrol agents are serving 10 and 12 year sentences for failing to file a report of shooting after a running drug smuggler. One hit him in the tail end and the Mexican government complained. Since they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork they were sent to jail.

  • Larry Runnels

    Doctors are nuts!!! If a man has ED issues just give a gun, a badge and a warrant and he instantly is aroused according to the FBI and ALL the snuff dipping doughnut chewing cops I have ever seen.

  • Michael Shreve

    No GOOD deed goes unpunished. BUT, the NSA ALREADY had the information and considered it irrelevant.

  • Vash the Stampede

    You would not believe how many people think that this is an ok thing to happen during the serving of a search warrant. Kind of like no knock warrant’s you are just asking for people to die. Especially when it is the wrong address.