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Gutierrez’s tour continues to anger anti-immigration group

April 2, 2009 by  

Gutierrez's tour continues to anger anti-immigration group As Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez tours the country to promote illegal alien amnesty, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has issued a new statement reminding Americans of possible consequences of such a bill.

The congressman will be in Philadelphia on Saturday, the latest stop on his a five week Family Unity Immigration Outreach Tour visiting 16 American cities.

He has described the journey as "an effort to document the harm caused to citizens across our nation in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform."

FAIR has been following his moves and stressing the economic harm mass amnesty would cause to American workers.

"While Pennsylvanians are looking for work and facing increased competition for jobs and mounting economic burdens from illegal immigration, [Gutierrez} is in Philadelphia peddling his special interest-driven amnesty agenda and calling for the abandonment of immigration enforcement," says Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

He adds that Pennsylvania’s illegal alien population has increased to 140,000, costing state taxpayers $285 million every year, at a time when the state is facing a $2.3 billion deficit.

FAIR was founded in 1979 and is the country’s largest immigration reform group. Its goal is to promote the idea that immigration reform must enhance national security, improve the economy, protect jobs, preserve our environment, and establish a rule of law that is enforced.

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  • Dyto

    Hey Folks
    I Believe that having comprehensive immigration reform is the best thing our president can do for this nation to put an end to the foolishness that some anti-immigrants are promoting,it is common sense for us as Americans to know who are these people that have been in our country without the proper documents that our law requires, let’s think about it for a second: what is better legalize or leave unidentified?yes , the answer is we have to know who they are , for the greatest country in the world to have 12 to 20 millions of people and not knowing where they live what they up to, bring them out of the shadow will help boost the economy,Why? because all of them will have to pay taxes. in stead of now the IRS is not getting a penny from those who are working under the table, 2nd will have fewer drivers without a driving license and car insurance , if they don’t have proper documents when they hit our children they will flee the accident scene .In fact not all undocumented immigrants need to become US citizens , they just need to have a way of better life like you and that our grandparents came here for, anyway we are all immigrants in this country let us not let Lou Dobbs and the rest of them fool us telling they are taking jobs from us ,it is a big fat lie they just want to divide us with their foolish racism against mostly the Latinos, we are all God’s children there is no black or white or brown in His sight for we were all created in His image.Do we support illegal immigration? NOOOOOOOOOOO, however if they are in our midst we should treat them with respect and dignity, Yes ,let us all ask congress to act switfly with a bill that will have them pay a fine , learn English and stay crime free , volunteer some hours in our community :like in our libraries an America will be and remain the best country.

    • Mike from Kansas

      Where in the article was Latinos mentioned?

    • GF

      How about STOP giving illegals food stamps, free education, & free health care. These measures were passed in Oklahoma and Arizonaand and most illegals left those states in droves. If we allow the current illegal population to become citizens, they in turn could bring in their extended families from whereever they are from. this will increase our population of mostly illeterate people by 40 to 50 million. If we allow this our country will soon become a third world country, there is not enough taxpayers to support this amount of parasites to the system.

    • http://internetexplorer Tricia Smith

      The heck they don’t take our jobs!!! My husband lost his job to them. What is maddening is he had to train them in his job also. Once they were trained they let him go. I don’t know where you come from, but you need to open your eyes to see what is really happening to the people who live in this country. While they bring 138,000 people a month on visa’s let ‘s over population distroy a once great nation. I think Lou Dobbs is telling it like it really is and people like you are not smart enough to understand what is really happening.

      I want you to understand that when an economy is wiping out a half-million jobs a month, that is actually a bad time to talk about amnesty for illegal aliens. I am strongly opposed to amnesty of any form. It is sad that these children should not be given citizenship, but what about our legal children? My children were not given money to further their education. No, I am NOT a racist. I still believe we should let people in here just in resonable numbers.

      Soon, ALL these illegal teenagers will soon be (if they are not already) competitors in the labor market for jobs being currently sought by more than 10 million unemployed Americans and more jobs lost everyday, plus millions more Americans who have been forced to work part-time jobs, or three part time jobs if they can even find them. All, just to feed their children and put a roof over their heads.

      We have far too many people that are Americans that are starving and homeless that need attention before we give our country to criminals who came here illegally. Yes, they are criminals, they have broken our laws. What happens to you when you don’t pay a simple ticket, you will get arrested and have your DL revoked? They say the teens should not be held accountable for an act of their parents. Punish the parents, not their innocent children, say the amnesty pushers.

      But here’s the problem: Five years after the teens get the amnesty, our law allows the teens to get a path to U.S. citizenship for their parents, and eventually for their uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc. So, isn’t there something wrong with this? I sure think there is. Over population is a very bad thing and that is what we are doing. Soon we will be like the 3rd world countries. We must use our heads when bringing people to our country and keep the nubers within reason.

    • Paul

      Even thou i personally do not want anymore imigration Period and havent for years if you come to this country legally i will respect you.The laws are already on the books we dont need new ones .If you want to visit ,get a passport ,if you want to be a student get a student visa.if you want to work get a work visa.if you want to reside at times get a temporary long term visa if you want to live here come to our country with one of the legal ways above and apply for citizenship.If you are here ilegally you need you butt thrown out and banned for ever Because that is the law ND you dont get away with it in any other country most likely your own also.the laws are on the books follow them and, the congressmen activits the president the locol cop or who ever that breaks the LAW like nancy peloski in california knowning speaking to illegals NEED TO GO TO JAIL BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW BY NOT TURNING THEM o her part she broke her consitutional oath which is HIGH TREASON.

    • dan

      You are a damn fool. Wake up and smell the coffee. The people that you wish to let into this country have no desire to become Americans! They only want to come here and suckle off the tit of the American taxpayer. Their desire is to stay in this country,become citizens,gain voting rights by whatever means they can ,out breed us and take over. If you don’t agree or understand this take your we are the world,dumb ass somewhere else and please do not reproduce!

    • SteveT

      You socialists still don’t get it; we are not anti immigrant, we are for immigration that is LEGAL! I know a guy from Norway who is still trying to become a citizen for ten years now, and you socialists just want to hand citizenship to people who do not respect our laws, who do not want to assimilate, and who are draining our treasury for their entitlements. Just what are these criminal illegal aliens entitled to anyway? We don’t need “reform”, we need our legislooters to enforce the law. PERIOD! WHERE IS THE FENCE!!!

    • Nancy

      Dear Friend,
      You must be from south of the border what a stupid joke.Let all those people come here the way they are suppose too as citizens or duel citizens,and
      they do take jobs away from our american citizens where do you get your information from??????????? As far as I am concerned we should put
      electric fence up around the borders.If it is worth being here to enjoy our rights
      they should work for the right to live here.These people get free help that
      some american citizens don’t get.Know wonder our country is screwed up it’s people like you .you must be a big liberal!!!!!!!

    • Warren

      Pure Propaganda Nancy! ILLEGAL Aliens, from any country, are ILLEGAL! Period! But…nice try Nancy! Now, go read a book.

    • LEN D

      May I remind any of the ‘do-gooders’ that are writing in, that these bastards are coming over the border, stealing social ser. #’s. falsifying documentation, stealing credit from good Americans, taking jobs that they desperately need. (I have a friend owns a painting business. He had to lay off half of his staff because another hires these people and union painters who pay taxes, support families, put kids thru college sit on the sidelines as these illegals take their jobs for $5 per hour. These higher paying jobs are now gone! Thus lowering the standard of living!) These same illegals can be seen sending their $ back to Mexico, so they do not spend it here and do not stimulate any economy. They live on food stamps, and suck your social secuirty away, and your children’s natural resources. SO HOW DO WE GET RID OF THEM??? Simple!! forget the damn billion dollar wall or fence!!! You fine each company $250,000 per illegal alien that they hire! On a second offense a mandatory 2 year prison sentece to the owners for violating the law and endangering fellow Americans. If you do this, country wide, THEY WILL GO HOME! It would also help if all of you guys DEMAND of your congressman and sentators to stop giving them food stamps, social security, AFDC, welfare etc etc. or you will vote them out of office as they did Bush for his roll in Iraq. Americans TAKE A STAND… CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN or watch your country go down the drain!!! These people are responsible for their own familes and their own actions for bringing them over the border. Should we feel sorry for them … ask yourself this.. you are standing in a bank, and a robber walks in and holds a gun and takes your money and your bank’s money and a cop shoots him and kills him… do you feel sorry for him??? He is a criminal just like the ILLEGAL ALIEN…

    • http://hotmail Glenn

      Yes we are all Gods children so are all the killers in prison so guess we should love them all

  • Native American Patriot

    FAIR is a Racist GROUP, Check out who the Leader is, also FAIR has no qualification in IMMIGRATION LAW. They are just inciting hate which is wrong. I am not saying don’t close the borders, I am saying stop the FOOLISH hate.

    In the Immigration Black Law Book there is no such name or thing as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, the person is called EWI Entry Without Inspection, and those who have expired visas are OUT OF STATUS. This is a civil misdemeanor NOT a CRIMINAL FELONY GET IT?? at least now you know. Check it out . FACTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN BIGOTS LIES.

    • Victor

      Lots of the illegal aliens re-entered the U.S. after getting deported in the past. If you re-enter the U.S. illegally after getting deported, then you are committing a felony.

      Also lots of illegal aliens use false social security numbers and use fake social security cards. It is a felony.

      Mexican Govt is dumping the poorest of its citizens on the back of the U.S. tax payers. Lots of these people are illiterate. They did not even go to primary school. Not only they can not speak English, they can even read and wrote their mother tongue (Spanish) properly.

      If we make a poor illegal alien with a large family legal, then all we have is a poor legal alien with large family. Once they become legal, they will start using more of the welfare and bring more of their poor relatives from Mexico into the U.S. Also, they will send lots of their income to Mexico. The Money that Mexicans send from U.S. to Mexico is the 2nd biggest source of foreign income for Mex Govt.

      Legalizing those illegal will encourage more illegal immigration in the future.

      Legalizing those illegals is a slap on the face of millions of law-abiding people who are patiently waiting in the line to come into the U.S. legally.

      • http://internetexplorer Tricia Smith

        I could not have said it any better myself. Touché!!!!!!!!

        • OrlandoRican

          His namre is not “Touche”. His name is Native American Patriot.

        • http://internetexplorer Rosebud

          Not in my book he isn’t Native American Patriot when they wave their flag in my country. I was replying to Victor. He has it right. I was over in their neighbor hood a week ago. I am tired of supporting lazy people. They were standing all over the streets doing nothing but hanging. Must have been a couple of hundred standing around in the middle of the day in a four block radius. Then when and if they do work they they use other peoples social security card numbers. You and I both know thats breaking the law. We would be prosicuted if we used someones SS # . They don’t have anything happen to them for stealing the SS #. Thats what I call reverse racism when I am not allowed to complain about people living off of my tax dollars when I would be prosicuted for it. We have Americans that are treated horribly in their own country and the government doesn’t do anything to help them. Just people who did not enter our country legally gets everything. Hospitalization, welfare, jobs, lowering wages, schooling. No one helped me or my kids get their College Education. We spent 6 yrs. paying for it ourselves working full time jobs. NOTHING was handed to me. I had to work hard for it all. They come here carrying their flag and I am suppose to say OH, come on in we will let you have anything you want.
          I do not HATE anyone. I do believe the number of people that come into this country should be monitored so we are able to Reasonably absorb the numbers. Other wise we end up with what we have now , Bad economy, no jobs, and money that is worth nothing due to inflation. This is what we are faced with now because of OVER POPULATION and not enough jobs to go around. If you don’t think this is bad now wait till all the people wanting amnesty now bring their aunts, uncles, cousins, entire families over. On the laws they have on the books now they will add another 35 million people on top of the 20 million that want amnesty now. Run that through your small brain, 20 million illegals that are wanting amnesty then their entire families are added to that. What do you think that will do to our jobs and cost to run our states when there are not enough jobs to go around? I call it DISATORIOUS! So, go ahead support all of this but don’t whine about it when your job is gone and you can’t pay your bills and have no place to live.

    • Mike from Kansas

      Who is the leader?

    • OrlandoRican

      It seems like the Immigration Black Law Book is a victim of political correctness. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, guess what! ….It is a duck! An “illegal immigrant” by any other name is still an illegal immigrant. Illegal = not legal. Legal would mean the immigrant entered the country using the proper channels and filling out the proper documentation. Crossing out border in the dark of night does not qualify.

      Now go ahead and call me a racist.

    • LEN D

      Easy enough for you to say asshole. You get alot handed to you from the government and don’t have to work for it either. You have been granted your own land which you might as well say that the reservations are their own country, because most federal laws don’t apply. Tell you what, just to be fair, hows about we pile all their asses into your reservation and you pay for them! My taxes have gone up $285 million in my state just because of these bastards. My friend has a painting business, hires union painters, who put their kids through school, buy homes, pay taxes, send their kids to fight for our nation, etc.) They are getting layed off because he can no longer bid on jobs painting Catholic Churches because they are bleeding hearts for the guy that hire illegals… My good friend who works for the other friend is losing his house as he drives by the church that he was supposed to be painting and watches the illegals working !!! So please don’t use the race card, it has no issues here! I lived in AZ and NV for 25 years of my life… I too am part Native American! I love hispanic culture, art, music, etc. I would love to see any of these people come here LEGALLY and come here in CONTROLLED NUMBERS! There is no excuse for the lax attitude of our politicians. Being a Native American gives you a special insight to the land. And when I see these bastards here abusing our natural resources that belong to our children who will never have them, I take exception to you calling people like me a bigot or racist! I am an AMERICAN and I take care of my own… I am not my brother’s keeper… so put that in your peace pipe and smoke it!!! How dare you!!!

  • Truth

    Ignorance is Bliss: Those who have NO CLUE or QUALIFICATIONS about Immigration are those who show their IGNORANCE :)

    Click here for the RESEARCH :

    In the 20-plus years I have spent studying, lecturing and litigating immigration issues, two things have always amazed me. The first is the amount and intensity of hate spewed against undocumented workers. The second is the amount of misinformation that is published about them.

    On this second point, the quote from Mark Twain is illustrative. “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” I suppose this may be true in part because misinformation, like a lie, requires no accuracy, validation or research; all of which are time-consuming practices.

    The recent letters alleging that all undocumented workers are “criminals,” and specifically Veronica Suarez, whose plight was written about in the Tracy Press recently, is a criminal are factually incorrect.

    According to the facts (as stated in Sharon Franceschi’s Sept. 7 commentary) Saurez entered the U.S. on a valid visa, overstayed her visa when it expired, resulting in her unlawful immigration status. None of these acts, as stated by Franceschi, constitute a crime under federal or state law. Overstaying a valid visa under the Immigration and Naturalization Act is a civil violation of the law, not a criminal violation. Being in the U.S. in under undocumented status is not a criminal violation, but a civil violation of the INA.

    The facts, as stated by Franceschi, do not indicate that Suarez has committed any crime. To call her a criminal is erroneous at best, and libelous at worst.

    Furthermore, it is an Americanism that a person is innocent until proven guilty. So until Suarez (or any other undocumented person) is charged and found guilty of a crime, it would be inappropriate to call them “criminals.”

    It is important to note that there is a very large difference between civil and criminal violations of law. The distinction is so important that the law makes the erroneous allegation that one has committed a crime of slander or libel, (which means liability is automatic even without proof of damages). One who violates the civil law is no more a criminal than someone who has breached a contract or accidentally damaged another’s property.

    It is true that entering the United States without inspection is a misdemeanor under the INA. The misdemeanor is completed once an individual’s entry is complete. Suarez, according to Franceschi, did not enter without inspection; she entered with a valid visa. According to U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services statistics, about 40 percent of undocumented persons enter legally and overstay their visas (which, as stated above, is not a crime). Consequently, at least 40 percent of the undocumented population has committed no crime in regards to their immigration status.

    Therefore, one cannot assume that a person has committed a crime simply because they are undocumented.

    Franceschi is also in error in her allegation that getting married and having children while being undocumented in the U.S. is a violation of the law. It is not. Franceschi goes on to say that Suarez “apparently bought a house illegally.” It is unlikely that Franceschi knows exactly how Suarez purchased her home. Consequently, any allegation of illegality is, at a minimum, irresponsible.

    It is also important to note that the Immigration and Citizenship Services doesn’t consider all undocumented persons criminals. When the Immigration and Citizenship Services publishes information about its enforcement activities involving undocumented workers, it are always sure to make a distinction between “criminal” and noncriminal aliens.

    Another myth is that the term “illegal aliens” is a term of art or is legal jargon. This term is not found anywhere in the INA or in Blacks Law Dictionary. The INA refers to undocumented persons as either an EWI (entered without inspection) or as someone who has overstayed their visa. “Illegal aliens” is a term invented by anti-immigrant groups designed to put undocumented persons in the worst possible light and to instill fear in Americans. It is intentionally designed to associate undocumented persons with criminality.

    This xenophobic view that undocumented persons are “simply criminals” comes from the historical stereotype that the foreign-born, especially undocumented immigrants, are responsible for higher crime rates. This misconception has deep roots in American public opinion and popular myth. This myth, however, is not supported empirically and has repeatedly been refuted by scientific studies. Both contemporary and historical data, (including U.S. governmental studies) have shown that immigration is associated with lower crime rates.

    The studies have uniformly shown that recent immigrants (including the undocumented) are less likely to be involved in violent crime, and that when there is an increase in immigration patterns, violent crime decreases. This has been shown to be true in large cities with heavy immigrant populations.

    In the most recent of these studies, The Myth of Immigrant Criminality and the Paradox of Assimilation (2007), from the Immigrant Policy Institute, it was found that among men age 18 to 39 (who are the vast majority of inmates in federal and state prisons and local jails), immigrants were five times less likely to be incarcerated than the native-born in 2000.

    During the Proposition 187 debate, then-Gov. Pete Wilson published statistics that stated that
    12 percent to 15 percent of the state prison population had Immigration and Citizenship Services holds or potential holds. The Department of Corrections analyst who compiled these numbers said Immigration and Citizenship Services holds are placed on inmates who were born outside of the U.S. (therefore 12 percent to 15 percent of the prison population was immigrants). The immigrant population at the time in California hovered at about 25 percent, showing immigrants were much less likely to be incarcerated than the native born in California.

    In short, the data shows you are much safer if your neighbor is an immigrant.

    Franceschi owes Suarez an apology. I am also surprised that the Tracy Press allowed a commentary to run without checking the facts. Although commentaries are designed to allow for the expression of differing opinions, the First Amendment is not as generous with misstatements of facts — especially when the facts can be libelous.

    For the immigration debate to be a healthy one, we should strive for a debate based on facts, not myth or tired stereotypes. We should also not let our position on this topic strip us of one of the great qualities we possess as people — the ability to be compassionate.

    Arturo E. Ocampo of Tracy has been a practicing attorney since 1985, with an expertise in immigration rights and class action lawsuits on behalf of immigrants, including the way the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was implemented, Border Patrol’s raids and Proposition 187. He is director of diversity and equal employment opportunity for the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District.

    • 03triumph

      The INS is no longer. Now they call it ICE. Whether they overstay their visas or just step over the international border – there is just too many. There are hardly ANY jobs for the American people. What the hell makes you so smug by saying we NEED these people?? I am not a racist – but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we don’t need extra people to fill jobs that aren’t there in the first place. – for anyone – not just your precious immigrants that are illegal (or EWI or entered without inspection). Don’t you care what this country is becoming??? Doesn’t anyone care besides the certain few who speak up (i.e. FAIR or NumbersUSA or the Minutemen)?? The certain few whom are called racist & hateful. They prefer to be called “Hispanically challanged”. Do not associate these organizations with ANY kind of hate. They are considered soldiers in the fight FOR our country to REMAIN our country.
      Screw you – you hateful traitor.

    • Tom

      Truth, you can spout all the legaleze you wish, but it still DOES NOT dispell the fact that those people are here ILLEGALLY, no matter what their contribution to this country. And, it certainly doesn’t excuse them from getting in line just like lots of other people wanting to immigrate into this country. You seem to be ignoring the illegal immigration laws of Mexico when one of our people sneaks into their country. THEY’RE THROWN IN JAIL! I wouldn’t doubt but what our tax dollars are paying for your services to represent these people, and that, if true, is a travesty in itself. No matter what your efforts, or how you’re paid, these people are still ILLEGALS! Period. In 1991, I married a lady from the Czech Republic. it took me seven months to just get the paperwork through INS, because they were so particular. Then, she had to be subject to a 2-year probation period. It didn’t matter that she was married to an American citizen. And those clowns in Washington want to give illegals instant citizenship???? I don’t think so! Fair is fair – they can go back to their country and wait in line for their turn.

      • Michael H.Boylan Queens,NY.

        100% agreement.


      What you see from “TRUTH” is an example of the old axiom (Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure).
      It would take too long to refute everything he said, but in the treatise is a steady pattern of lies, distortions, spins and half-truths.
      The real problem in this country is the legal (profession?)
      1. Lawyers that make up 80% of our political base
      2. Lawyers that will sue anything in sight for any reason
      3. Lawyers that bend, twist and circumvent the law for personal gain
      4. Judges that legislate law from the bench, instead of interpreting the existing law
      5. The ACLU, that has a pattern of defending interests and people that would destroy this country

      They tell me today that we are a “nation of laws”
      When I grew up I was taught we were a nation of JUSTICE under the law
      That is the main problem, the word justice is gone from deeds and actions

    • NJ Benmayor

      You may be correct in your statistics. All I know is I am tired of paying for people who come here illegally. It is not my responsibility! They do not deserve it, they came here illegally and they have not paid into the system at all. I do not want my tax dollars to go anyone or their newly birthed children to pay for them or any public services. Nothing…not one penny. They have committed a crime. They need to be deported and charged to the country they are coming from…let their government fine them and get the money to repay their debt. If I commit a crime, I will go to prison. I believe we need 30 foot walls at all of our northern and southern borders. I believe in taking care of the elderly American, disabled and mentally challenged and our children. Beyond that…everyone should work and take care of themselves…pay their own taxes, preferably using a flat tax rate without deductions.

    • JimNJ

      Here are some facts for your legal BS degree………too many of any one faction of immigrants will undermine the sovereinty of our nation. Already Mexico is demanding more and more from the US taxpayers to take care of their people. More BS! 20 million “illegal” entry Mexicans is an invasion and a declaration of war against the US. The military should be called out to round them up and ship them back to Mexico as prisoners of war. As far as being born here automatically gives someone citizenship is wrong and must be changed. All people here illegally have 1 right, that is to go home , apply for legal citizenship and wait their turn. People who just hold our laws in contempt should be arrested for contempt. They don’t ever intend to become real Americans, they just want to suck everyone else dry of their wealth which they have worked for all thier lives. Many say there are too many illegals here and we would not be able to send them back. I say “Yes we can” and should immediately.
      They did not all arrive here at the same time but over a few years they steadily arrived and accumulated. All we have to do is ship them back faster than they arrive and we can accomplish total removal over a few short years. Anyone who decides to file a claim in court can do so but they will have to do it while they live in their country until the court case is heard and decides otherwise on a one on one basis.
      Then they must prove they want to be “Americans” by learning English, repatriate as a US citizen while renouncing Mexican citizenship. If they are unwilling to be “Americans” we do not want them or need them and they should be banned from entry.

      • Joe

        All illegals are not MEXICAN!! they are also EUROPEAN!! and most likely many of them have higher degrees than you do and wan to become an American

    • I said don’t tread

      OK so let me get this right these immigrants are not breaking any criminal laws in and of themselves by being here, but they are breaking civil laws…

      Are we on the same page so far? So lets see when OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering his wife and Ron Goldman he was free to go as he pleased but when the Goldman family won a CIVIL law suit against OJ he was found guilty of breaking a civil law of responsibility. So just because they the immigrants breaking civil laws are not breaking criminal law by being her it makes everything OK for them to continue to stay? Then we get into the %’s of them that are breaking laws everyday and the biggest criminal law most everyone of them breaks when they arrive is filing for state & government assistance renting dwellings and over occupying them, driving without insurance and drivers lic let alone its is a criminal offense to leave your house in many states without proper ID let alone the %;s of them that use our hospitals like clinics and lie on such large %’s of documents. It seems to most American’s last i checked that your types that favor them free loading off the taxpayers backs are real good about pointing out little T crossing & I/i dotting legal jargon but you fail to be honest with yourselves let alone the American public that is tired of your kind. When are you going to admit that being legal or criminal upon crossing a boarder is a drop in the bucket compared to the real costs and criminal activities being perpetrated by a good many of them regardless of the legal terms you want to split hairs over. The facts is we don’t want you here and we will call, write, fax and phone our legislators just like we did in 2006 and get their attention not to give any type of Amnesty or they will be looking for another job competing with 10% unemployment and 30 million not quite civilly qualified immigrants. Lets just see who is going to win this political argument because in my book its been far too long since 1986 we should have been well on our way to exterminating the diseases civilly spreading throughout our country, if the Democrats won’t their votes they must become legal, we the people aim to make them wait at the back of the line like everyone else.

      By the way my ancestry came to James town in 1607 even the native American’s came from Asia at some point being an immigrant from Mesopotamia/garden of Edan sort of puts us all back in the same boat. Do yourself a favor and start working on deportation law I here the millions of civil law breaking immigrants that just happen to be criminal law breaking immigrant since they came here are going to be headed back to their country of origin once the rest of them goes to back of the line, wouldn’t want them to loose their place oh yea thats right now we can get them for being an illegal criminal alien because we actually have a record of who they are due to the millions of the once civil now criminal immigrant status change, “CHANGE” you can believe in guy cause we aren’t backing down on this one do us all a favor and spread the word for your clients to do the right/civil thing and get in line like those that come here with the best of intentions not the worst by bringing diseases once eradicated, illegal drugs, and lets not forget the intentions of using every resource they can get away with at the expense of the tax payers and the insurance premiums in the zip codes where they do their CIVIL LAW BREAKING.

  • Eric Bischoff

    Thanks Truth. Excellent information.

    It seems that people have been migratory for a very long time in that part of the world. We create bureaucracies and arbitrary lines or borders and we create the problems. The workers followed the crops that needed picking or the seasons and the bounty. We have impeded that ebb and flow and we don’t really know how to deal with the problems.

    We tried to force ourselves on Latin America much like we are now forcing ourselves on the Middle East. We are directly responsible for the migrations of people looking for a better life. After all isn’t that how we all got here? looking for a better life.

    Let’s not forget that politicians and government always blame everything on the immigrants, they are the easiest target and like fools the people rally behind that despicable practice.

    There are other things to address as well like NAFTA wiping out the corn farmers in Mexico. What are they suppose to do? How would you feed your family? If we created that problem we can’t turn our back on them.

    There are no easy answers but I would think that compassion would be at the top of our list or at least included in every decision.

    Hey Obama bring down that wall.

    • Salmon

      What wall? There seems to be trolley car of uncountable dimension, bringing undocumented folks here. And no, Eric, we did not all move here for a better life: some of us were born here, fortunately, and helped to bring this great nation to a higher plateau than the one we found. Now, step up and smell the coffee!

    • JimNJ

      Take your compassion and stuff it! We have compassion for Americans. Let the Mexican government take care of their people! Mexicans should be taking thier government to task not the American citizens. Nafta wiping out what?? Give me a bnreak! Corn is in more demnad now than ever due to ethanol fuel and Mexiico has an overabundance of cheap labor and farm land so where is the problem? The ellitist Mexican government is the problem. Send them all back faster than they come and we can take our country back. They are invaders and must be treated as POW’s. Round them up and send them back. The Mexican government is so worried about them, which is a laugh, they should welcome them back home and provide jobs for them. Mexico will benefit, their people will benefit and the world would benefit.
      Enough already…….send them back and let them earn citizenship like our Fathers and Mothers, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, etc had to do but only if they truly want to be Americans!!

  • Delaware Bob

    Now I can’t say the ILLEGAL ALIENS are completely to blame for the shape of our economy, but they are a BIG part of the problem. The ILLEGAL ALIENS send BILLIONS upon BILLIONS out of this Country every year, money we will NEVER see again. Does this help our economy?

    How about the BILLIONS the American taxpayers fork out for the ILLEGAL ALIEN BABIES, the schooling of them, the medical care and the list goes on, and on, and on.

    How about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS paid to jail ILLEGAL ALIENS for the crimes, then the cost to deport them. Does this help our economy?

    Then you have these activist groups, the Catholic Church and the ACLU that want AMNESTY for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It would be absolute suicide for this Country if AMNESTY were granted to the 20 million or so ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have more and more people out of work everyday and they want to add another 20 million to this Country? I say, “NO”!

    If AMNESTY were ever granted to these 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS, you can bet big money that 3 years from now, there would be ANOTHER 3-5 million ILLEGAL ALIENS demonstrating on our soil for AMNESTY.

    An end MUST come to this illegal immigration. The perfect tool we have so far is E-Verify. It MUST be used by ALL businesses and Government Social Services. EVERY employee must be checked! If they are illegal, they are to be dismissed!

    I believe it is time for all 50 States to pass a State law, like Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and a few others. It is time for these ILLEGAL ALIENS to go back to their home Country and get out of this Country. The problems they are causing will not go away until the ILLEGAL ALIENS are out of this Country. I think that is plain to see.

    It’s time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • Truth

    Undocumented immigrants paying more taxes than you think!!

    Eight million Undocumented immigrants pay Social Security, Medicare and income taxes. Denying public services to people who pay their taxes is an affront to America’s bedrock belief in fairness. But many “pull-up-the-drawbridge” politicians want to do just that when it comes to Undocumenetd immigrants.

    The fact that Undocumented immigrants pay taxes at all will come as news to many Americans. A stunning two thirds of Undocumented immigrants pay Medicare, Social Security and personal income taxes.

    Yet, nativists like Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., have popularized the notion that illegal aliens are a colossal drain on the nation’s hospitals, schools and welfare programs — consuming services that they don’t pay for.

    In reality, the 1996 welfare reform bill disqualified Undocumented immigrants from nearly all means tested government programs including food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid and Medicare-funded hospitalization.

    The only services that illegals can still get are emergency medical care and K-12 education. Nevertheless, Tancredo and his ilk pushed a bill through the House criminalizing all aid to illegal aliens — even private acts of charity by priests, nurses and social workers.

    Potentially, any soup kitchen that offers so much as a free lunch to an illegal could face up to five years in prison and seizure of assets. The Senate bill that recently collapsed would have tempered these draconian measures against private aid.

    But no one — Democrat or Republican — seems to oppose the idea of withholding public services. Earlier this year, Congress passed a law that requires everyone who gets Medicaid — the government-funded health care program for the poor — to offer proof of U.S. citizenship so we can avoid “theft of these benefits by illegal aliens,” as Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., puts it. But, immigrants aren’t flocking to the United States to mooch off the government.

    According to a study by the Urban Institute, the 1996 welfare reform effort dramatically reduced the use of welfare by undocumented immigrant households, exactly as intended. And another vital thing happened in 1996: the Internal Revenue Service began issuing identification numbers to enable illegal immigrants who don’t have Social Security numbers to file taxes.

    One might have imagined that those fearing deportation or confronting the prospect of paying for their safety net through their own meager wages would take a pass on the IRS’ scheme. Not so. Close to 8 million of the 12 million or so illegal aliens in the country today file personal income taxes using these numbers, contributing billions to federal coffers.

    No doubt they hope that this will one day help them acquire legal status — a plaintive expression of their desire to play by the rules and come out of the shadows. What’s more, aliens who are not self-employed have Social Security and Medicare taxes automatically withheld from their paychecks.

    Since undocumented workers have only fake numbers, they’ll never be able to collect the benefits these taxes are meant to pay for. Last year, the revenues from these fake numbers — that the Social Security administration stashes in the “earnings suspense file” — added up to 10 percent of the Social Security surplus.

    The file is growing, on average, by more than $50 billion a year. Beyond federal taxes, all illegals automatically pay state sales taxes that contribute toward the upkeep of public facilities such as roads that they use, and property taxes through their rent that contribute toward the schooling of their children.

    The non-partisan National Research Council found that when the taxes paid by the children of low-skilled immigrant families — most of whom are illegal — are factored in, they contribute on average $80,000 more to federal coffers than they consume. Yes, many illegal migrants impose a strain on border communities on whose doorstep they first arrive, broke and unemployed.

    To solve this problem equitably, these communities ought to receive the surplus taxes that federal government collects from immigrants. But the real reason border communities are strained is the lack of a guest worker program.

    Such a program would match willing workers with willing employers in advance so that they wouldn’t be stuck for long periods where they disembark while searching for jobs. The cost of undocumented aliens is an issue that immigrant bashers have created to whip up indignation against people they don’t want here in the first place.

    With the Senate having just returned from yet another vacation and promising to revisit the stalled immigration bill, politicians ought to set the record straight: Illegals are not milking the government. If anything, it is the other way around.

    The Undocumented Immigrants pay the exact same amount of taxes like you and me when they buy Things, rent a house, fill up gas, drink a beer or wine, buy appliances, play the states lottery and mega millions . Below are the links to just a few sites that will show you exactly how much tax you or the Undocumented Immigrant pays , so you see they are NOT FREELOADERS, THEY PAY TAXES AND TOLLS Exactly the same as you, Now if you take out 10% from your states /city Budget what will your city/state look like financially ?

    Stop your folly thinking , you are wise USE YOUR WISDOM to see the reality. They pay more taxes than you think, Including FEDERAL INCOME TAX using a ITN Number that is given to them by the IRS, Social Security Taxes and State taxes that are withheld form their paychecks automatically.

    GAS Taxes paid by you & the Undocumented are the same. Go to and check out your states tax;

    Cigarette Taxes paid by you & the Undocumented are the same, check this out in :

    Food Taxes, paid by You & the Undocumented are the same in each state check your state :

    Clothing Sales Taxes, are the same paid by you & the Undocumented Immigrant;

    City Taxes, are the same paid by you or the Undocumented, since he pays rent and the LANDLORD pays the city :

    Beer Taxes, Liquor, Wine, Taxes are the same paid by you or the Undocumented:

    The Wise educate themselves on a subject before they speak. The folly first speaks then learns that they are Ignorant and have made a mistake.

    • Salmon

      I feel much better now. I guess Gov Schwartzeneger has been feeding us the wrong info all along. Shucks. I guess illegally obtained ID’s make that alot better.
      And it is obvious to the most casual observer; that congress has never over-regulated anything, including the borders.

    • Mike from Kansas

      I wonder if using a “fake” Social Security card is a violation of US Law?

      • Tom

        It certainly is, Mike, and Truth seems to be totally ignoring it. It’s nice to put on blinders and ignore our laws. Next thing, Truth will be telling us that murdering someone is legal, just ignore the law! Geez!

        • TC505

          these people who advocate amnesty are really good at overlooking the facts of what it costs the taxpayers for the welfare, medical, education, identity theft that will keep kids from ever having credit in their lives due to that kind of theft. it doesn’t matter that they broke the law to get here or by staying past the visa date and doesn’t matter that it isn’t breaking federal law but civil law, it is OUR laws that they are breaking. they are criminals no matter what law they are breaking to come here or stay here, and once overlooked they get away with a lot more with the murder, rape, identity theft, theft of taxpayer money that they don’t deserve etc.

          instead of staying in mexico and changing their government for the better, they want to come up here and change our government to suit them. I agree, if they don’t like it they can leave with the illegals when they are either forced out or decide to go on their own back to mexico. we don’t need their ilk here either.

      • Buford in South Gate

        Mike it is against the law it’s call ID thief. The kicker is that the Government and the IRS holds the person who ident that has been stolen responiable for all the income tax on the income the other person has made.

    • OrlandoRican

      Hey Thruth. Don’t you have to go to work?

    • JimNJ

      Mike, you need to get educated yourself. What you spew is partly true but you miss the fact that illegals take our money and benefits and send it to their home country. This doesn’t stimulate our economy, in fact it drains it. Let the Mexican government take care of their own! If you were in Mexico do you actually think the Mexican government would help you?? Not a chance! They would arrest you, jail you, most likely torture you, and let you rot in a cell. We on the other hand have compassion enough to round illegals up, clean them, feed them, and provide transportation back to their country. Get real!

  • Marcia

    we have rules here that all obay One of them is you come to this country illigally and not under the cover of darkness. We have E veryify that would let employers not hire illigalls and put Americans to work.
    If we went to Mexico un verified we would to put in jail and rot. Well things are tough all over and I am tired of people coming to this country to live on Welfare that we are payig for and robbing people to drugs. The gangs of Mexicans and gettting larger every day. I am tired of pressing 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. It is time all people in this county speck English. If you are here illigally get yourself out of this country and back where you belong and come into the country though the quota system or however it is done now. You donot belong here if you are an illigal

    • Tom

      Good for you, Marcia! Our present government seems to be allowing the entire world to walk all over this country, and I’m with you – I’m sick of it! And, I think all the bleeding heart Americans who think it’s ok for illegals to come sponge off the rest of us taxpayers should go with them!

      • Marcia

        I had a husband that said I saw no shades of grey. He is right. Either it is right or wrong. It is wrong to come to this country life on the dole like they do generation after generaltion. The Blacks now in congress are writing a bill for us the pay the blacks for slavery. When they were slaves they were taken care of. When they were freed this lived on welfare. Generation after generation

        It is time to stop all of this and get this country the way it should be . NO well fare and no Mexicans that cannot speak English

        • Joe

          Marcia what is your background are you really 100% non-black, how many generations do you have in this land? Blacks were mistreated in this country as indians raped from it….I don’t think this bill is as you like to tell it it is I am sure it has its merits…..

  • Mike

    I think what we should do is arrest Louis Gutierrez and all of the Chicago City Council members that support “Sanctuary Cities” for these illegal aliens. These illegal aliens invite more and more illegal aliens into our nation and build a strong political force, begin voting in our elections, to further their Latino community agenda’s. After so many years, the Latino’s out number the legitimate American population and then can out vote the American people. That is what happened in Chicago and many of it’s suburbs, and their agenda is spreading through out our nation. This type of political corruption needs to be stopped and stopped fast in its tracks before America is totally taken over by foreign entities destined to destroy our nation from the inside out. Sanctuary Cities need to be ended and all City Council members who support Sanctuary cities need to go to jail and the monopoly game they do not need to collect $200.00

    • Joe

      Mike I have news for you….He is a congressman and you ARE NOT……total hispanic population 14% overall in the future maybe more if you want to change this reality then have 10 kids and everybody else then in 200 to three hundred years it will still be he same as now! good look moving your waist back and forth!!

  • Buford in South Gate

    Did the congressman have to show his birth certificate or his naturalization papers.
    It is typical of a Democrat to not care about the American people. The history of Democratic Party is one of false mirrors. The so call savor of the Black people here in America actually does not care about them at all. Go back and check the history. The Democrats in the Souther states were able to enact the Jim Crow laws due what the Democrats in Congress did to do away with the laws passed by the Republicans which protected everyone rights. What we have here today is the Democratic party pushing rights for people who did not come here legally, who are breaking our laws, driving down wages for the American workers and driving American workers out of jobs because the wages are too low. Ask the Black janitors in Los Angeles what happen in the 1970s and 1980s. If you look today you will no see any blacks working as janitors, it is mostly Hispanic. We need to regain control of our country. Question hwo many illegals does Nancy Pelosi and her husband have working in their companies?

    • Joe

      Buford how did our ancestors came here? at least i know mine i don’t know about yours……..THEY CAME NO DIFFERENTLY!!!

  • Sue

    I am tired of America being called “A nation of immigrants”. I am an American. I am not an American immigrant; I am not a child of immigrants, nor a grandchild of immigrants. This is my only home. I have no other country to run back to if America is ever taken over. Many immigrants can, esp. if they have a dual citizenship (that should not be accepted in this country anymore.). And I know I speak for many, many of you. All our families has fought in the wars involving American’s freedoms. We have lost ancestors and family’s members in all the wars. Since the landing of the Mayflower–we have built and improved this country to be less “third worldish” than decades before so that others in the future might have it a little easier. We have ancestors that risked their lives working with the Underground Railroad. We have a big heart for other unfortunates that want to come into this country to live, work, love and to be a part of the American way. And come they have to be a part of the build-up, but not anymore.

    These illegal aliens coming in are just as greedy as the politicians and corporate CEOs in this country. The illegal aliens (yes, that is what they are—I am tired of being nice and political correct today) are here for the taking of American’s “wealth” and not the giving back to the country.

    I used to be very involved in community work in our city of mixed race for 15 years. I had to quit as some of those Hispanics/others have brought in droves (and I mean droves) of family members from the south of the border and from the other side of the Pacific and put them strategically in places in the community and elsewhere where they can “hide” and still draw as much money, food, clothing as they can without as little work as possible. And now our vote is getting watered down. It was shocking. I don’t know where “Truth”‘ is getting his information–except that it may be from the organizations that helps the illegal aliens with no regard to American’s generosity. There is a major city near here that actually had classes for the illegal to teach them how to advantage of the American system and loopholes. They were also given a list of unethical legal help if things don’t go their way!! I don’t think that is a very nice thing to do and act toward American taxpayers. To my knowledge this has been going on for 20 years here. In this present day, the huge influx of illegal aliens contributes to more harm than good. Sorry, “Truth”—you are not in touch with the real American’s history and truth—you only want the Fantasyland America with conveniently biased information and wishful thinking. You don’t want to see our side of the story-Shame. We saw your side and tried to help—but it didn’t worked. The illegal aliens all need to go back to their own country and demand changes in their own country that our forefathers did here over two hundred years ago.

    I, as well as most of you, also am disgusted with the direction the country is going. I wished that we could just transport all of the illegal aliens out of this country today. Hoover did, Truman did, and Eisenhower did—so why can we? Wikipedia-“Operation Wetback”. I didn’t know this—they were called wetback back then because they were wet after swimming across the Rio Grande to get to America. Why the river? Because they were trying to sneak in illegally. Sad.

    We have lived in the same small house for thirty years, lived below our means, saved to help send our kids to college, paid taxes faithfully (and not always cheerfully) and paid into Social Security all those years only to be told that there may not even be any when we retired. I have never talked about my family background until today as we consider other citizens, that love America, as our fellow Americans– and our forefathers as theirs too. I am not a racist—I have good and best friends of other races and they are upset for the same reasons. We have some Native American in our blood too—so—it isn’t necessarily just what is in the blood that make us Americans, it is also the passion and desire to preserve our way of life—not to change it or to destroy it in the name of socialism or worse.

    It is good to hear and read that there are others that feel as I do and I do know there are many that have similar American family backgrounds as ours as well as other new legal immigrants that embrace America as their real home. All of you that have express outrage over the illegal aliens—STAY THE COURSE.

    America is a nation of citizens and taxpayers that works and preserves it for the next generation. America is not a nation of immigrants anymore. Period.

    Support your local anti immigration oraganization and the tea parties that are going around the country on April 15 and beyond.

    God Bless you all and may God Still Bless and Preserve our beloved America.

    • Joe

      Sue everybody talks about the Mayflower BUT the most influential people that built this country comes from the fleet of John Winthrop in the Arabella 1630…………….Immigration is the blood and brains why we are a power without it
      we will stand no chance with other countries in the future and be certain of this!!! Look at our president, his father was not from here………………………
      Now the immigration Laws should be better than those of Canada, England, Australia etc, etc, legalize whoever has contributed to this land not easily of course and tighten on how to bring people to improve this land……..

    • Marcia

      You are so right. I lived In new Orleans and had a job to find people to work and none of the welfare people would work. Said they could make mroe money on welfare then working. I had a list of people that were on welfare and I did my best and none of them would work.

      Then the huricane hit and they were all calling for help from the Federal Govenment. It was slow in coming. THey could not get out of town as they had no money. Welfare does not cover that expense. They would of had money if they would get out and find a job just like I did to support my 3 children and I worked 3 jobs to do it. I did not care that my grandparents that a maid and cook and my grandfather had a driver. They were well to do. I live on my own reputtation and I am proud that I raised 3 children none of them on Welfare and in prison or did drugs or used alchol. I am from WashingtonDC and I am white and I do not like to be told I am biased. I am not but when you offer Mexicans and blacks a place to work and make somthing of themselves and they say no. They they get what they deserve.

      The is hope for us in the very near futher. Just hold on for a while

  • Dan

    Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America’s Way of Life?

    Yes: Patrick Buchanan, from “Shields Up!” The American Enterprise (March 2002)
    No: Ben Wattenberg, from “Immigration is Good,” The American Enterprise (March 2002)

    Is immigration good or bad for America? Many immigrants, both legal and illegal enter the US every year. The majority of immigrants come from

    Third World countries and the largest percentage are from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. European immigration has shrunk to about 10 percent. (Finsterbusch, p. 40)

    The immigration act of 1965 put all immigrants on equal footing. It made it even easier for Third World immigrants to enter the country. The new law gave preference to those with a family member already living in the US. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Immigrants enter the US for various reasons. They may be fleeing tyranny and terrorism, to escape war, or join relatives already settled in the US. The question has arisen as to whether or not immigrants take jobs away from US citizens or do they just do jobs the US citizens do not want. The immigrants see the US as a place of affluence in a global sea of poverty. In the US they can earn many times what they could in their native countries. What will these new immigrants do to the United States—or for it?

    (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Buchanan contends that immigrants are harming the US both economically and culturally. He claims that the sheer number of immigrants threatens to overwhelm traditional safeguards against cultural disintegration. This foreign influx is transforming a “nation” into a collection of separate nationalities. However, Ben Wattenberg argues that immigration will benefit the US, by making it a “universal” nation that will be better able to compete in a future that is increasingly global. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    In 1821, the new independent Mexico invited Americans to settle in the northern part of Texas—on two conditions. Americans must become Catholics and swear allegiance to Mexico. The Americans eventually outnumbered the Mexicans ten to one. In 1835 General Santa Anna seized power in Texas and being tired of the Americans making false oaths and fake conversions, sent them back across the Rio Grande. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Santa Anna led his army north to recapture his lost province. At the Alamo he massacred the first rebels who resisted. Then at Goliad he executed 400 Texans, who had surrendered. At San Jacinto he was ambushed. His army was butchered and he was captured. The Texans wanted him massacred, but Sam Houston made the dictator an offer: his life for Texas. Santa Anna signed. Andrew Jackson, on his last day in office, recognized the independence of the Lone Star Republic. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Eight years later, the US annexed the Texas republic. Mexico disputed the American claim to all land north of the Rio Grande. President Polk sent troops to the north band of the river. Mexican soldiers crossed the river and fired on a US patrol. Congress declared war. By 1848 Mexico lost the war and was forced to cede all of Texas, the Southwest, and California. In addition the US gave Mexico $15 million to ease the anguish of the amputation. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    As a result of this history Mexico has an historic grievance against the US that is deeply felt by her people. Immigration today is different from the past. Today the number of people from Mexico is larger than any country ever before. In the 1990”s alone, the number of people of Mexican heritage living in the US grew by 50 percent to at least 21 million, which are highly concentrated in the Southwest. Mexicans are not just from another culture, but another race. Different races are more difficult to assimilate than different cultures. 60 million Americans of German ancestry are assimilated, but millions from Africa and Asia are not. Millions of Mexicans broke the law. Each year, 1.6 million illegal aliens are apprehended mostly at our southern border. Unlike old immigrants, Mexican immigrants did not break away from Mexico. They have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. They are here to earn money. Rather than assimilate, they created their own radio and TV stations, newspapers, films, and magazines. They are becoming a nation within a nation. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican immigration is a challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. 72 percent of Americans want less immigration. The people want action. The elites disagree—and do nothing. The US lacks the fortitude to defend its borders and to demand that immigrants assimilate into its society. If assimilation fails our children will suffer. The US will become a cleft country with potential for internal strife. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican President Fox proposed a complete opening of borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Half of the Mexicans live in poverty. This situation will result in millions of Mexicans to enter the US within months. They will treat America as nothing more than an economic system. (Buchanan, p. 44)

    Even the Mexican army shows contempt for the US along its 2,000 mile border. In 2000 Mexican soldiers barreled through a barbed-wire fence, fired shots and pursued two mounted officers and a US Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol agents believe that some Mexican army units collaborate with their county’s drug cartels. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    The Mexican government supports illegal entry of its citizens into the US by providing them with “survival kits” of water, dry meat, granola, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and condoms. Some Anglo Americans have moved from California in search of cities like the one they grew up in. Others are moving into gated communities. Complaints about the radical change in America’s ethnic composition have been called un-American. However, Theodore Roosevelt warned that “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Yet immigration has been deemed taboo by the forces of political correctness. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    Harvard economist George Borjas has found no net economic benefit from mass migration from the Third World. The added costs of schooling, health care, welfare, prisons, plus the pressure on land, water and power resources, exceed the taxes that immigrants pay. A third of the legal immigrants have not finished high school. 22 percent do not even have ninth-grade education. 60 percent still do not earn $20,000 a year. Immigrant use of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and school lunch programs that run 50 to 100 % higher than use by the native born. By 1991 they accounted for 24 percent of all arrests in Los Angeles and 36 Percent of all arrest in Miami. In 1980, federal and state prisons housed 9,000 criminal aliens. (Buchanan, p.47)

    Mass emigration from poor Third World countries is good for businesses that employ large numbers of workers at low wages. However, what is good for corporate America is no good for Middle America. Is the US government failing in its Constitutional duty to protect the rights of American citizens? (Buchanan, p. 47)

    Immigrants arriving from cultures that have little in common with our own raise a question: What is a nation? Some define a nation as one people of common ancestry, language, literature, history, heritage, heroes, traditions, customs, mores and faith who have lived together over time in the same land under the same rulers. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams said, “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.” John Stuart Mill cautioned that unified public opinion is “necessary to the working of representative government.” We are about to find out if he was right. (Buchanan, p. 48)

    Immigration is Good

    By the year 2050, we were told, America would be “majority non-white.” Hispanics will be “America’s largest minority.” Although most Americans of Hispanic heritage declare themselves “white,” they are inferentially counted as non-white. However, there lies a central truth: America is becoming a universal nation, with significant representation of nearly all human hues, creeds, ethnicities, and national ancestries. (Wattenberg, pp. 49, 50)

    Absorbing many immigrants, Pat Buchanan and other critics believe, will “swamp” the American culture and bring Third World problems to America. However, 8.8 million immigrants who arrived in the US between 1901 and 1910 increased the total American population by 1 percent per year. In our most recent decade, the 10 million legal immigrants represented annual growth of only 0.36 percent, because the US population went from 249 million to 281 million. Overall, 15 percent of Americans were foreign-born in 1910. In 1999, our foreign-born were 10 percent of our total. Today, America’s “foreign-born” amounts to 21 percent of the population and heading up. However in 1910, the comparable figure was 34 percent—one third of the entire country—and the heavens did not collapse. We can take in more immigrants, if we want to. Should we? (Wattenberg, p.50)

    The US population will go to 397 million in 2050 with expected immigration, but only 328 million should we choose a path of zero immigration. Is more population good for America? When it comes to potential global power and influence, numbers can matter a great deal. Taxpayers, many of them, pay for a fleet of aircraft carries. On the economic side it is better to have a customer boom than a customer bust. Japan’s stagnant demography is one cause of its decade-long slum. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    But will the current crop of immigrants acculturate? Even among Mexican-Americans, many second-and third-generation offspring speak no Spanish at all, often to the dismay of their elders (a familiar American story). Michael Barones book “The New Americans” theorizes that Mexican immigrants are following roughly the same course of earlier Italian and Irish immigrants. It took a hundred years until Irish-Americans reached full income parity with the rest of America. California recently repealed its bilingual education programs. Half of Latino voters supported the proposition. Latina mothers reportedly tell their children that “Spanish is the language of busboys”—stressing that in America you have to speak English to get ahead. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    Newcomers are always viewed with suspicion, but such views change over time. There are high rates of intermarriage. Most Americans lost their qualms about marriage between people of different European ethnicities. In 1990, 64 percent of Asian Americans married outside their heritage, as did 37 percent of Hispanics. Black-white intermarriage is much lower, but it climbed from 3 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 1998. (One reason to do away with the race question of the census is that within a few decades we won’t be able to know who is what.) (Wattenberg, p.52)

    Substantial numbers of people are necessary for a country to be globally influential. Will America have enough people to keep their ideas and principles alive? Birth rates in developed part of the world—Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan, nations where liberal Western values are rooted—had sunk so law that there is danger ahead. Women in these modern countries are bearing 1.5 children. It is 28 percent below the long-term population replacement level. The European rate is 1.34 children per woman—radically below replacement level. The nations of the Western world will soon be less populous, and a substantially smaller fraction of the world population. The modern countries of the world, the bearers of Western civilization, made up one third of the global population in 1950, and one fifth in 2000, and are projected to represent one eight by 2050. If we end up in a world with nine competing civilizations, will this make it that much harder for Western values to prevail in the cultural and political arenas. The good news is that fertility rates have also plunged in the less developed counties—from 6 children to 1970 to 2.9 today. By the middle to end of this century, there should be a rough global convergence of fertility rates and population growth. (Wattenberg, p. 53) America should not cut back immigration. America needs to keep growing, and we can fruitfully use both high and low-skill immigrants. Pluralism works here, as it does in Canada and Australia. America must be prepared to go it alone. If we keep admitting immigrants at our current levels there will be almost 400 million Americans by 2050. That can keep us strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. The civilization we will be advancing may not just be Western, but even more universal: American. (Wattenberg, p. 54)

    The issue is based on what one thinks will happen as America becomes more diverse. Buchanan sees America as coming apart and Wattenberg sees America as leading the world. (Finsterbusch, p. 55)

    Finsterbusch, Kurt. Taking Sides: Social Issues. McGraw-Hill/Duskin, 2006

  • NJ Benmayor

    A very good friend who has passed over sent this to me:

    It has lots of interesting statistics.

    Just One State

    This is only one State…………….If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will!

    From the L. A. Times

    40% of all workers in L. A. County (L.. A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.
    95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
    75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
    Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
    Nearly 35% ; of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
    Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
    The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
    Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
    21 radio st ations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.

    10.. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.

    (There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County . )

    (All 10 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

    Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States ‘ annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

    We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue


  • http://none Connie

    Dyto you wrote *foolishness that some anti-immigrants etc. etc.

    To my knowledge nobody ever objected to immigrants. The objections are geared toward people who entered this country illegally. Trust me, I am an immigrant but not an ILLEGAL one.

  • Craig

    Truth, your off your nut, Sue, Mike, Marcia, Tom, you are correct. Our government has made our country into a AUCM, (All You Can Mooch). The immigrant’s that are here illegally MUST be rounded up and sent back to where they came from. It cost our government more money everyday to subsidize the illegals then it does to run the war in Iraq. (by subsidize I mean, Free tuition, free books, free room and board, free medical, free housing, free money, see NumbersUSA, Americans for Legal Immigration, American Solutions for more). The government today tell us it is to costly to deport them and to big of job, well that seems strange that they don’t know where all the illegals are, but they can sure tell you how cows a farmer in Alberta Canada has in his barn and what they are doing at any given moment. Back in the late 40′s as all our troops where coming home from over-seas, the President then put a freeze on all companies which were hiring–they could only hire Americans, especially troops as they were coming home. Also in the 50′s President Eisenhower signed a bill, which was called “Operation Wetback” and sent back hundreds of thousands of illegals back to their home countries. Type “operation wetback” in your search-bar and become enlightened. If Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower can do it, why can we?. Because the Democrats in Washington don’t want to because then they would lose the Hispanic votes in all the coming elections and by granting amnesty, look at all the NEW voters they would be getting, almost assuring victory in the coming elections. The only way to stop amnesty would be to add something to the bill which would take something away from the Democrats, something like prohibiting the removal of talk radio, prohibiting taking people’s gun away, something like that, that would be the only way, maybe. The nice thing about all this is that Pelosi and Reids approval numbers are way down, last I read Pelosi rating was like around 45 to 46% think she’s doing an UNFAVORABLE job while only 23% are favorable, and numbers are almost the same for Reid, and their rating keep getting worse everyday. That would be a joy, get rid of them two. Truth, while we are talking about, the crime rate, where the largest groups of illegals are, the crime rate has gone to double digits, (Numbers USA, American Solutions etc, etc, ec,. Do you people now see why there was billions added to the spending (sorry) stimulus bill for unemployment–BECAUSE THE FEDS KNEW THAT WHEN AMNESTY GOT PASSED, THAT STATES WOULD NEED EXTRA MONEY BECAUSE OF ALL THE ILLEGALS WHO WOULD BE GOING ON UNEMPLOYMENT, TO HELP CARRY THE STATES IN THE RUN UNTIL THE ILLEGALS FOUND JOBS. I don’t have problem with illegals coming to the states under these conditions: 1) Go through the proper channels and become a citizen 2) Only 75,000 to 100,000 per year 3) You will learn ENGLISH 4) Before they seek an type of employment, they do a 4 year hitch in the Military, 5) Children born of illegal parents are ALSO considered ILLEGAL and will be so unless their parents become citizen the correct way. When the parents become legals, then it’s another story. As it stands right now they are LAW-BREAKERS, and LAW-BREAKERS go to jail!!!!!. I don’t care if it’s a felony, civil infraction or a misdemeanor or what-ever, these people are here ILLEGALLY and one just doesn’t ” forget about their visa” that’s a cope-out. During these difficult times, it ‘s imparitive that Americans get hired first, then the LEGAL immigrants, then back to the Americans. Yes I also like what Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri and South Carolina and few others have done, more should fellow suite, if enough States do it, then maybe the illegals will get idea and go back on their accord. Until then though, we MUST keep fighting, continue to call your congressmen and women, also sign-up at Numbers USA and you can fax your congressmen and women for free. Fight the good fight sisters and brothers we SHALL overcome the illegals.

    • Joe

      Craig and all of you…….the illegal population has not brought this financial problems now, they are the little people concentrate in the bigger fish that are corrupting this place and want you to think otherwise so that they can keep on raping you……

      • Craig

        Joe, not to offend you, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but I couldn’t understand what you said. I don’t know if you left out some words or mispelled some, but it doesn’t make sense. Please, I don’t mean to insult you but could you try again. I realize congress is not speaking for the people, the people of this country (the majority of Americans) don’t want amnesty, they want the illegals out of here and with unemployment running double digits in some states it is a crime to enact amnesty now and increase those looking for jobs by another 7 to 10 millions. Lets say there are 12 million illegals in this country and 6 million are employed, take those 6 million out of the work force and look at all the job openings for our fellow Americans. Sure there are some crappy jobs, but right now, but right now if it means some saving their house they will take them. The illegals spend very little of their money which they earn here, they send almost all of it back to their families in there home country, so they don’t help our economy. Get Americans in those jobs the illegals have and the American worker will spend that money here re: making his house payments, buying home improvement items, etc etc etc. Most illegals don’t own homes, they rent. If the illegals weren’t here our government would be saving billions because they wouldn’t have to give them the free money. Why do they deserve free tuition, free room and board, free books free rent, free utilities, Social Security benefits, free housing, when there are so many American citizens who are hurting so badly. Since when did this country turn its back on its own people and kiss the illegals collective butts, supporting them and not our own is wrong and that’s why I urge everyone to contact your congressmen/women and tell to vote no on amnesty. This is definitely the wrong time to be thinking about amnesty

  • http://netzero johnniem

    20 years ago we applied for immigration for my wife's brother, an engineer,

    from the Phillipines. His petition was approved and we have been waiting for
    those 20 years for his visa to come thru. We are still waiting. In the meantime
    our hapless gov’t authorized the expedition for those with technical skills to
    get their visas more quickly. I f I wrote to immigration once – I wrote multiple
    times now to get him here, Last year immigration told me it will be another six (6)
    years. So much for Gov’t ineptness and stupidity……not to mention fairness.
    What’s “fair” about Congressman Guiterezs’ FAIR project…… pure racism
    if you ask me……
    Johnniem Veteran USAF ( Korea )
    married to a wonderful professional lady from the Phillipines. NOTE: when
    is the last time you saw a Phillipine person on welfare ….or committing a crime ?
    PS Our son will be graduating from Law School next month !

    • Joe

      johnniem you have a chance!!!! write to your local senator or congressman and they should be able to help you

  • http://n/a empty pockets

    The porosity of our borders has allowed us to be invaded. Worse, we are providing health care, food and shelter to our invaders. Sound harsh? Consider that I struggle each month to pay my health insurance, buy food and pay my bills to stay in my house. Yet criminals who came here uninvited are getting all this on my dime…I’m paying for it all for them, too. And I get nothing for it but additional competition in the job market, higher taxes, higher crime and probably having to learn another language just to live in my country and do business. We should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws.

    I don’t advocate isolationism. But enforcing our laws to limit who and how many enter our country is the right-indeed the duty- of a sovereign nation.

    As for those already here…if they entered illegally (invaded), go home and enter legally next time. As far as those born here of illegal mothers…it’s an ongoing criminal act. They have no right to citizenship on that basis. All the stats quoted by the libs can be refuted by equally (or more) compelling stats in opposition.

    If we are a nation of laws, then enforce the laws. The majority of Americans want the borders closed to illegal entry…FIRST. We’ve been having this discussion for years and the only thing that’s changed is the number of illegal aliens here. Enough already. In the spirit of working together, enforce the laws. Stop the flood. Expel those here illegally whenever and wherever they are found…as soon as they are found. You libs start showing me you respect the laws, and we’ll have a basis for discussion on what to do with those left and how to go forward. Until then, we have no reason to believe that any new laws would be enforced either.

    • http://none Connie

      Empty pockets, you speak for most of us. Wish your letter could be read in Washington, you really stated the problems.
      Thank you so much.


      National ID is the only way to fix the illegal alien problem we have. Its all about supply and demand of cheap labor , cut the employer supply line and they will be forced to hire only legal resident and US citizens. Employers love illegal aliens because they a make windfall profit out of them. Illegal alien work for less $, hard workers and rarely complain, not like the lazy American’s who complain, work less and want big hourly wages. Who would you hire? Thats an easy question to answer! US Companies know all the immigration law loopholes. Its to their advantage in hiring illegals aliens. Don’t blame the illegal alien who come here to work and support their children, blame the US Government you’ll idiot American’s elected.

    • Joe

      empty pockets that means if the law is enacted and you happen to have had a ancestor that came at the beginnigs of this land then YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL!!! like it or not as per the constitution if you were born here YOU ARE AN AMERICAN!!

  • Bob Livingston

    Luis Gutierrez is traveling abroad in the U.S. to promote illegal alien amnesty. This is another cover-up and a diversion because “illegal immigration amnesty” is a fact.

    Immigrants are crossing the border in droves from all over the world and are getting all the benefits of citizenship and American jobs.

    This is the unofficial policy of the U.S. government regardless of debates going on about immigration, illegal or otherwise.

    • OrlandoRican

      And now that President Obama is going to push for amnesty (which could mean more Democrat votes in upcoming elections), look for the inflow to increse and for our Homeland Security Secretary napolitano to do nothing about it. WE, THE PEOPLE voted for change. WE, THE PEOPLE are getting change whether we like it or not.

    • Joe

      Bob Livingston, Congressman Gutierrez is doing public service and it is a noble cause. He is not promoting illegal alien activity but to resolce the Family Unity issue and to create balance in the Immigration Laws by fixing this………

  • William

    If my history is correct, the Native Americans at one time killed anyone coming north from south of the border that included Mexicans and other Indian tribes that dared come north.

    Folks, our elected officials are not going to do a thing about the illegals crossing the border because they are too afraid that they will offend someone and that includes our present yellow, spineless coward that call himself the President.

    The only way this problem is going to be resolved is for the people to regain the attitude of our Founding Father’s and our Fore-Fathers. Think about it, a band of farmers defeated the entire British Army with a few single shot muzzle loaders, knives and clubs. If the elected officials do not do the will of the people (Citizens of this Country) then the people have the right under the Constitution to remove that person from office and that also includes the President.

    People, wake-up and exercise your Constitutional rights that so many soldiers fought and died for!!! All the Power and Authority that government holds is delegated to them by the citizens of this Country and the citizens can take away that power and authority at will. All it takes is for enough citizens to raise their voices and sign a petition and the Government has no other choice but to remove that person from office.

    Remember (UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL). So for those of you that truely love America and want America to return to the Glory it was, then raise your voices and sign the appropriate documents and re-take America, then place elected officials in office that truely understand the phrase (WE THE PEOPLE).

    • Joe

      William on the same token our ancestors came and killed the indians…………are you disfunctional??

      • William

        Well Joe, if you would do some research. You’ll discover that there were in fact whites that fought along side the Indians during the Indian Wars, just as there has been Indians in the past and at present fighting along side American Soldiers. The state of mind of our ancestors both Indian and White in American history I can not answer that but, with a little research I believe that you’ll find out it was democrats in office (or progressives) when that point of time in American history occured.

        As for being dysfunctional……well I spend over half my life defending this Country Vietnam, Granada and over half a dozen other small countries that I would just as soon forget about. I retired from the military (E-9) Command Seargent Major, was decorated over ten (10) times for combat actions, retired with my body intact, my Green Beret intact and with the feeling that I had done my part defending The United States and its citizens. I fought along side American Indians Men, Black American Men, Japanese Americans Men, Korean Americans Men and several other races. I shared my food with these men, I shared my medical supplies with these men when needed and I shared my ammo with these men. The entire time we were fighting, we never lost sight of our Oath we had made, to defend this Country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We took great pride knowing that each and everyone of us were defending a way of life that spelled “FREEDOM.”

        So Joe, if the above makes me dysfunctional, then I would state that I’m very dysfunctional just as the millions that served this Country before me. By the way Joe, have you ever served? Have you ever been in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home dodging bullets, just to keep America Free? Have you ever spent a long night in a fox hole while rounds zipped above your head wondering if you’ll survive? Have you ever drank water that would make a goat puke? Just a few questions that I believe deserves answering, before you begin the insults. “STAND WITH ME, OR STAND OPPOSED. EITHER WAY I WILL FIGHT FOR MY FREEDOM AND IF IT MEANS MY LIFE, SO BE IT.”

  • Sue

    Wanna hear more bad news? I just got this in my email box this morning—and want to share this with you all.

    Message begins—

    Windfall Tax on Retirement Income

    Adding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people, you’re so darn stupid that we’re going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you. That’s what the Speaker of the House is saying. Read below……………

    Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case! You aren’t going to believe this.

    Madam speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds! Alas, it is true – all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities!

    This woman is frightening.
    She quotes…’ We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, (didn’t Marx say something like this?), in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.’ (I am not rich, are you?)

    When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied:
    ‘We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as ‘Americans’.’

    (Read that quote again and again and let it sink in.) ‘Lower your retirement, give it to others who have not worked as you have for it’.

    Send it on to your friends. I just did!! This lady is out of her mind and she is the speaker of the house!

    Message ends—

    For all those illegal aliens lovers—do you think this is acceptable, fair or even right?????
    Don’t forget we even have to share our natural resources (water, oil/other energy, our roads, jobs) with them too. For years, we have been very careful with our auto gas intake and water. We didn’t use our heater the last three years to save money and resources and haven’t watered our lawn in years—and now this!
    We need to band together and find, support and vote in those that will enforce all the anti-illegal aliens laws—work to regain the smaller government and lower taxes across the board.
    If this email is 100% true then Pelosi needs to be impeached—she made a very anti-American statement. She would have been tarred and feathered in the early years of American freedom.
    Support the tea parties that are meeting in many major cities on April 15. Most usually meet at the city or state hall at noon. You’ll have to do your search to get more detailed info .
    And support the anti-immigration organizations too.
    Take care and keep up the good work– Do copy/Paste my email Message and send to everyone you know.

  • Sue

    William—Well said!!! Many of you have also made very clearly thought-out statements of concerns and outrage. What can we do here? Can we start something here as well, and spread the petition/word out? We do not have to wait four years–Our only chance is in two years–the changing of the U.S. Congress to a Constitutional leaning majority and impeaching Pelosi and Obama. They are a disgrace to the true Americans.

    • Joe

      Sue you must be a Republican extremist!! and too old to be part of this society!!

  • Craig

    To Connie,Emptypockets, William, Sue, all very good comments, and what gets me is when calling a company you hear “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish” why do I have to press 1, why don’t the spanish speaking people learn to speak English? Because our worthless government won’t designate English as our National Language. We have a muslum, communist dictator who is leading our country and a group of sheep in our congress, and a larger group of sheep called the Democrats. Don’t think Obama is an illegal muslum leader? 1) He won’t show proof of his eligiblity (which by law is a requirement to hold the office of president). What is he hiding? He is spending millions of dollars to stop people from seeing his birth cetificate (the one posted on his web-site is a fake), why? is he hiding something? does it show he was born in Kenya or has dual citizenship, what? 2) He is a high ranking muslum and by muslum law he MUST bow to superiors 3) His policies are about oppression, Fairness Doctrine, Hate-crimes bill, government regulation of the internet, these are all about suppressing Freedom of Speach. 4) We already have on the books laws concerning hate-crimes, why does one group need more legislation than another? To suppress the Right to Speak out on homosexuality and don’t give me this crap it’s about more serious crimes, if we would have had the Hate-crimes bill as law, that warped Hilton would have Carrie Prejean behind bars because of what she said. 5) Mr Obama is so insecure about what he is doing, he want’s all the power to stop anybody from saying anything against him or the liberal agenda. 6) He is weakening our military by cut their budget so badly, it won’t have funds to buy ammunition and with Iran, N. Korea, and Russia building up their militarys, he wants to decrease ours, what a fool. 7) He goes around APOLOGIZING to the countries of the world, we have nothing to apologize for, except maybe for not blowing them to kingdom come. 8) Spread the wealth? the core belief of communism is exactly that. Why should I give my wealth to some low-life who is to lazy to want to better himself. People work hard for what they have and get, why should we have to give it away to some-one who deserve it. Pelosi is so stupid, you lose when take from the rich and give to the poor because it give’s the poor no incentive to work or better themselves, they will depend on their government to enrich them. So Pelosi the stupid one) thinks that giving to the poor will raise their standard of living up to the rich, WRONG, it only lowers the standard of the rich to the poor. The rich are the ones which keep an economy going, they have the money to spend to start a stalled economy, take from them and they stop spending, the poor will always be “the poor”, take from the rich and give it to the illegals and it just gives them more to send back to their families in their home country. This country is on the fast track to destuction, and our leaders don’t care, they are all power, power, power, it’s time to take back our country, the muslum leader in the White House must go along with that baffoon Biden, Madam Stupid and the dumb and dumbier twins, Reid and Franks and throw Capt Dum-Dum Spector in also. The hour is late and it’s time for the conservatives and the Republicans to come together and let their voice be heard. The Republicans are doing nothing to help themselves, they have no speaker for them, no-one to try and start uniting the party, the conservatives are clamoring for a 3rd party, but no-one wants to commit to leading that party plus having a third party only assures the Democrats of victory because America is willy-nilly when it comes to another party other than Democrat or Republican. It’s really to bad, this could have been a nice country for our kids and grandkids to grow-up in, our leaders have taken care of that. Hum, wonder if I can build a time-machine out of a Delorean? The late 50′s and early 60′s sounds nice or maybe the old West in Perfection Nevada, oh yeah, they got a “Graboid” problem out there.

  • Bill Antonini

    Black’s Law Dictionary can describe people entering into any country however it chooses. Frankly if there is a proper legal way to enter a country and one enters in a manner which is not legal it becomes an illegal entry and the entree an illegal.

    Sad to say, but the group of farm workers who attend our small rural church here in central Kentucky, are almost assuredly illegal. I do the correct thing and help them when I can.

    Now, having said that, I want you to understand that I am FOR sending all “illegal immigrants” back from whence they came.

    After having done that we need to cut in half the amount of tax dollars that go to Washington, D.C.

    That is the only way to starve this beast.

    Forget giving American people anything from the Federal Government. Nowhere in the Constitution can you find authority for ninety (90%) of the social legislation passed by the Congress since Lincoln. Yes, old ABE got it all started and almost every President since has added to the mess.

    Recently the cover of Time was, and I am paraphrasing, We are all Socialists. I protest, it should have read, We are all Jacobins. If you are not familiar with the term then revisit your French history if you were fortunate enough to have been taught it during Secondary School or at the University.

    By the way there are no native Americans…..those here when the Europeans landed on our shores did not originate on what we now know as America.

    Sad to say but an insignificant member of the US Congress from Chicago traveling around the country on our tax dime to spread his philosophy of give to me so I can give to the slugs on the dole has little to do with our problems today.

    Do as was done in ’94 and turn the rascals out…..but this time recruit people from your communities whom you believe have or share the same belief of a much smaller government at the Federal level and many of our current troubles will disappear!

    Here in the State of Kentucky some of us got the idea of supporting Dr. Rand Paul for the US Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jim Bunning. He will be a “small government” conservative on the national scene. Senator Mitch McConnell’s hand picked successor was leading in the polls early on this year but a recent poll by a large radio station in Louisville, Kentucky found that Dr. Paul has surged ahead. So it can be done if you are willing to put in the time. You can make a difference. If however you are happy with the liberal destruction of this nation or progressive if you so deem to call yourself one then stay on the current path and I will in the future find a new home.

    Your government tells you they cannot keep track of folks entering our country….remember the 911 fellows….My wife and I moved to Russia in ’97 and needed a visa to do that. After one year we went to Helsinki, Finland to get it renewed and returned to St. Petersburg thinking we were ok. About two weeks later a government official knocked on the door to inquire why we were still there…seems our visa had expired and we did not leave for good. I explained we had renewed our visa as we were required to do. So what was the problem? “You did not bring it to city hall.” After going to court to clear thing up we were allowed to stay. As a matter of fact the Judge told us Russia was glad to have us because they were well aware of our contribution to their economy. I tell you this story because if Russian officials can keep track of us you would think that the most technological advanced country in the world would have a government operation that could match that of Russia.

  • rwnut

    The dark side of illegal immigration:
    Harvard Professor George Borjas has reported that illegal aliens displaced american workers at a cost in excess of 133 billion dollars in 2005.
    Some estimates place the net costs of each illegal alien in the country at 50,ooo dollars to 100,000 dollars.(FYI:12,000,000 x 50,000= $600,000,000,000)
    A study by the Census Bureau finds that if illegal aliens were given amnesty the fiscal defecit at the federal level would grow by nearly 29 billion dollars.
    Quotes that Congressman Luis Gutirrez will not tell you:
    They’re afraid were going to take over the government institutions and other institutions.The’re right. We will take them over…We are here to stay. Richard Alatorre. council
    We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. They shitting there pants.I love it.Jose Gutierrez,founder of La Raza.
    Quote from anonymous border agents:
    Were seeing criminals crossing over to escape Mexican police. And we give them asylum.That’s the definition of insanity.
    I don’t have the answers to the mess the government has got us in. But I know big changes are ahead. And they’re going to be violent.
    The illegal population is so big now, the top brass-I mean the “top,top brass”-are afraid of doing anything that might offend them.
    I say “keep your guns oiled and your powder dry”,and in the meantime vote,vote,vote!
    By the way, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and La Raza can kiss my _ss!


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