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Guns, Gold And Four More Years

November 12, 2012 by  

Guns, Gold And Four More Years

Most conservatives believe that the re-election of President Barack Obama is going to bring dire economic circumstances over the next four years, which could possibly drive the Nation into total collapse.

The belief is likely not far-fetched considering the current state of affairs in American economics as the United States hurls toward a “fiscal cliff” which will combine rising tax rates and government shutdowns, the government prepares to raise its debt limit again to the tune of $2.4 trillion and the number of Americans out of work continues to trend at dismal levels.

All of the ominous headlines about the shape of the overall economy are driving up some key markets, most of which pertain to businesses patronized by American preppers.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, it became clear that those investing in gold and other precious metals will likely enjoy a profitable four years, just as they did during the President’s first term.

“With the fiscal cliff approaching fast, an entire new group of investors will be pouring into the precious metals in anticipation of the grim fact that the U.S. is going to try and print itself out of debt,” said David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report,” told Market Watch.

Another sector of the economy that is preforming well at the moment is the firearm industry as fears of an Obama gun ban encourage purchases of extra magazines, ammo and firearms.

After the election last week, Smith & Wesson’s stock rose 9.62 percent and Sturm Ruger & Co. was up 6.81 percent in last Wednesday’s trading.

“We expect that with President Obama’s reelection these sales could continue well into his second term,” Mike Greene, an analyst at Benchmark Co., wrote in a research note.

Second Amendment supporter fears are likely compounded by the fact that the National Rifle Association — despite having 22 of the politicians it supported elected and five it opposed not — lost out on several of the most important Senate races. This has drawn claims from some NRA detractors that the power of the gun lobby in Washington is waning.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • i&etechie

    In the words of a Warner Bros cartoon character ” uhtha uhtha that s all folks!”

    • Link Wray

      It’s so sad the American people can not see the truth! This president is taking the America down the round the way we do not want to be going in! He’s a selfess dictator !

      • DarLin

        You are so right. They are side track by freebie they think they are going to get. Its a very sad they didn’t see what’s to come. We have to pay for anything we get only now its going to be higher.

      • Thomas

        He is just like his brother Morise (sp) in Egypt, another Muslim Dictator!

    • jon a.

      it reminds me of the marx’s bros movie duck soup, where groucho
      sings if you think this country is in a mess just wait til i get thru
      with it.

  • Ron r

    You guys need to grow up. All of us survived the Crook and Cheney 8 year illegal regime . Remember two wars one of which was both illegal and not paid for. The outing of a CIA agent, Halliburton un- bidded contract just to name a few. So if republicans in congress are so ignorant that they are willing to play let’s mess over the president keeping in lock step with your hopes, then so be it. The country.along with real America will see through the bull. So grow up and do something positive for the country. Join the military or something. run for office so all the country can see just how far reich you ideals are. Or just e joy the ride , the next president will most likely be white, may be not a white man but white none the less. That thought alone should put your mind at ease.

    • RobinPC

      Spoken as a true Obama supporter. Did you get your free cell phone yet?

      • 9mm protection

        Ron r will be content in a FEMA camp, still talking hope & change……

      • Mikey

        Obama may not really be the president…….Must see video:

      • tlgeer

        When, exactly, did Obama start giving out free cell phones? Was this done by any other President?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Why don’t you move to Cuba?

    • rendarsmith

      Yeah, because Bush and Cheney did bad things that makes anything Obama does perfectly ok. Great logic there….

    • Gene

      “Join the military or something. run for office so all the country can see just how far reich you ideals are.”

      Interesting that you spelled “right” as “reich”. Especially when it followed your comment about the military. By assumption, you are saying that those patriots in today’s military are equal to Hitler’s army. I strongly suspect that there are quite a few soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who would differ with your opinion. Many brave men and women have died so you can say or write most anything you want to on this forum. And since it is painfully obvious that you know nothing about the military, or politics for that matter, perhaps you would be wise to just read and not write about subjects unknown to you.

      • Ray

        OUCH! Nice slap down.

      • THA DUKE

        Well, ya took tha words right out of my mouth there, Pilgrim.

      • mark

        They did not have to die to grant us our freedom of speech in the vast majority of cases. 58,000 died in Vietnam in a war the United States clearly lost. And we still have our freedom of speech. Had 53,000 not died in Korea or several thousand not died in Iraq and Afghanistan, we would still have our freedom of speech and they would, Thank God all be alive today and enjoying life with their families. Don’t fall that constant, ludicrous myth that Americans who die in our imperialist wars thousands of miles from home are fighting for our freedoms. It is a lie. There is some truth regarding those who fought in World War II but for all the other wars – it is a lie. A criminal lie that beautiful, gifted young people had to die for nothing and all their famiies had to needlessly suffer for it.

    • LESNC

      The CIA agent was outed by a Democrat that later confessed.

      I was in the military it is so sad that people that sacrificed and died defending us from tyrannical governments, now the people want those type of governments here. The military people should just quit and let the people have what they want.

      • Ray

        Thank you for your service. I’m a former M. P. and I’m appalled at how military votes were never delivered or lost or just not counted because of a postmark. I believe in our military to do the right thing when the time comes.

    • Tom T

      Two wars that were voted to do so by 98% of both houses of congress. Personally we need to stop trying to be the policeman of the planet. At least bush went to congress for permission Obama did not when he bombed Libya. Never did I dream that wanting our government to actually follow the constitution would be considered as extreme. As for the racial comment, what are you 12? He sould have never been elected in the first case if that were true. Read a history book you may learn something but somehow I doubt it.

    • millie

      To Ron r
      your president not mine, cause I did not vote this idiot back in office. your incompetent idiot president is bringing the country down with his stupid radical beliefs and this muslim idiot is in bed with UN ready to hand over America’s sovereignty to the UN, first order of business is to take away our guns. That what hitler did to take control of the people. This is a dictator, and he should be impeach. I see nothing good coming out of this man, he is dangerous, he is a enemy from within. We better pray that in 4 years, we may still have a country. also I believe he won by cheating, this man is dirty.

    • ChuckS

      At least, if a white man does a lot of bad things, people won’t be afraid to criticize him for fear of being called racists.

    • Roy Koch

      The Welfare Checks are in, Ron r, Hurry on down and get yours!!

    • Elda

      Both sides have done bad things and I don’t support it no matter who does it. But we are talking about today….right now and that is what we need to address. Maybe if we can stop this now we can stop it in the future no matter which part is in power. I don’t like a liar no matter what party or what they look like. It is only when we stop the lying that things will become fair. I stand for the truth only.

    • DG

      Ron r– Yes you are right — Bush and Chaney started this — these BS wars are pre-planned- I’ve read /heard that in Afghanistan we are mining Lithium – for those Batteries and Opium for the CIA Drug dealers — Back in my days -during the Vietnam False Flag war – they got their opium from the Bambo triangle – Burma- but that dictator got overthrown recently and the new dictator wouldn’t go along–so they had to find a new supply -Afghanistan– Bush Sr.. was promoting the NWO in one of his speeches and the Clinton’s and bush jr. were continuing it and now Obama is the Clean-up hitter –hoping to hit the grand slam -I’d wager that Romney was supposed to lose-Obama was to be the winner because , like Rev. Wright said –Obama was SELECTED not ELECTED– just remember –this government is bought and paid for –they are SLAVE WHOREs for the world bankers– doing their bidding– selling us out –look what happened to JFK when he tried to pull out of Vietnam and restart the Gold/ Silver money standard

      • BR549

        DG wrote: “Ron r– Yes you are right — Bush and Chaney started this — these BS wars are pre-planned- I’ve read /heard that in Afghanistan we are mining Lithium – for those Batteries and Opium for the CIA Drug dealers”

        I hate to burst your bubble, but this has been going on for a lot longer than that. The problem is that it predates most people’s memory or even birth. Part of this problem goes back to well before the Civil War. Corruptive factors fermented and set the stage for JD Rockefeller and other dysfunctional ilk like the Carnegies and Morgans. Then we had an assault on our banks by these same people along with the gradual removal of of control of the militias shifting from state governors to the federal government. All of this was intentional and no mere oversight. The loyalties of US senators were shifted away from their respective states and they became immediately loyal to the federal process.

        The federal government, or at least the bankers trying to run the show behind them, couldn’t tolerate the issue of state sovereignty so it has spent the last 200 years chipping away at the armor supporting the states controlling the federal government and has turned it the other way around. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution, as they would have you believe; in actuality, we were never really allowed a change to live up to it.

        Jefferson once commented something to the effect that, “once we had our new government, our next challenge was to get the population educated as fast as possible so that the people would be able to better understand what it was that been fought for. Instead, these oh so loyal legislators have allowed the education process to gradually exclude the real history of the United States. This is where Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” comes in. Iserbyt was Reagan’s Senior Policy Advisor on Educational Research and Development.

        This isn’t about Obama, or Bush, or Clinton, or the [comment has been edited] Bush before him. It’s about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and other large banking families attempting to turn back the clock of evolution of the human spirit and take us back to a high tech version of the Middle Ages with them in control. The reason it doesn’t make sense to most people is because its roots go so far back and most people have a hard time just remembering the impact of the last administration, let alone trying to comprehend the evil that lies within these families. Millions upon millions of people have died in wars that were only thrust upon us because these families had lied to us, telling us we had to go to war to stop the South, or the North, or the Spanish, or the Germans and Ottomans, the Germans, Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghanis, and so many more. And they have used these wars to preserve their wealth and position.

        Again, this isn’t an Obama vs. Romney issue; it’s so much larger than that.

    • lacrosse51

      I am not a Republican and I am sure not a Democrat, as Sean Hannity says, I am a Conservative. I am ashamed to say that I bought in to Mr. Hope and Change in 2008 and found out in the last 4 years I can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He is the worst liar, he is incompetent, and also lazy (except when it comes to golf) that I could have imagined in a president.

      I don’t care what your comment to this is because I wish I lived in a different country than you and your mentality do. I do love this country with all my heart and soul, but I cannot understand this way of thinking.

    • DarLin

      Its obvious the military does not want anything to do with you as they only take really men.
      As the CIA agent they knew this way back this summer but held off. For it would change the election for Obama. WHO CARES what color the President is? As long as he works for all the people. Which Obama is NOT. We can only pray and hope for a better 4 yrs. With Bush we did have some money now no one has any extra.
      Thanks to all the Military and families who made America a free land for us all to enjoy.
      Thanks to Gene on this reply YOU SAID IT ALL

      • BR549

        DarLin wrote: “WHO CARES what color the President is? As long as he works for all the people.”

        Well put. Personally, even if it turned that the guy was black AND they found out he wasn’t even a citizen, WHO CARES, …….. as long as his loyalties were toward the Constitution and the American people? But they’re not, and those dutiful minion libtards just haven’t figured that out yet and they resent any suggestion that they might have possibly have fallen off the turnip truck.

        In all fairness, any self-proclaimed conservative, who isn’t up to speed, and who still thinks that Bush was a great president, is just as dangerous to democracy as a libtard.

        • tlgeer

          “But they’re not, and those dutiful minion libtards just haven’t figured that out yet and they resent any suggestion that they might have possibly have fallen off the turnip truck.”

          But they are. And having a belief, especially one based on opinion not facts, does mean that there is a foundation for it.

    • nickkin

      Well ron…you seem to fit into the black-muslum field….if your not already located there, your choices are good….don’t worry about your back, just roll over and take it….Detroit and Dearborn are your choices for relocation as a liberal-marxist-commie, than you can claim to be a Michigander unless you already are.

    • s c

      Comrade, IF you had any integrity, and IF you were able to think for yourself, you’d soon see that Y O U and your kind are so busy living in the past that you’ll never be able to appreciate living in the present. Forget the future.
      So what is your White House Messiah going to do about the mess that he inherited from HIMSELF that he “inherited’ over the last 4 years? While you’re at it, explain to America that people like you get dumber every day. So, h o w did you survive the abortion lottery?

    • BILL


    • Brad from TX

      Ron you are an idiot racist

  • Ray

    I’ve been investing in “lead and brass”. When things go to hell, these will be the best bargaining chips.

    • czman75


    • http://YAHOO.COM DEAN

      Ray you are 100% right. & they are going to go to hell, the time is coming soon, sorry to say. GOD BLESS AMERICA AS WE NEW IT.

    • BR549

      Ray, while lead and brass are all great for use UNDER roughly 1,800 fps, the technology will be the limiting factor. Hi-tech ballistic platforms won’t amount to squat if you have to make your own powder, and PARTICULARLY having to replace the primers. Getting the phosphorus for the primers may or may not be an issue; it all depends how far down the system goes, but that is the limitation I see; the primers, and that goes for black powder rifles, as well, as long as those are needing caps. Flintlocks, it seems, are the only really reliable platform for when things go crashing to the bottom. Again, it’s all a matter of how far down it all goes.

      If things got really tight, I could see casting lead bullets for a 308 or 7/62×39 and dropping the velocity down under 1800 to avoid excessive lead fouling. Then, the stresses on the cases would be less, they would probably have a further extended lifespan, but coming up with the primers; someone has to come up with a reliable YouTube plan for making primers in one’s basement.

      • Robin

        BR549, read up on paper patching bullets using smokeless powders. Velocities of 2600-2800 fps can be achieved with NO leading of the bore and excellent accuracy! I use straight wheel weights and regular old computer copy paper to wrap my bullets. Google paper patching bullets or go to www.

      • BILL


    • Elda

      I am especially impressed by how lead is so good at redistribution. It can also be used to stop the illegal spread of wealth.

      • Terminal

        Very good!

  • Chester

    I still want to know what good gold and sliver are when the only thing they are is a metal to be used, not exchanged for food or other useful products. If things get as bad as all the survivalists keep predicting, grain stores will be far more valuable than any amount of gold or silver, as will any sort of edible seed stock, That is when a LOT of people are going to find out they CAN eat GMO foods and live, like the idea or not. Seems that a LOT of our grain is now GMO, and much of it has been that way since long before we even knew how to do genetic modification, Selective breeding is genetic modification, just not done in a lab.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Bullets will be the best tool for bartering. Are you crazy? I can come an take your grain stores, UNLESS you are able to defend it.

      • Ray

        I’m more than able to defend it. And I can also hunt for meat as well. A few basic crops are really all one needs when combined with the natural resources.

    • Vigilant

      Chester has a point. If and when the balloon goes up, civilized exchange of commodities for ANY sort of currency will become a thing of the past.

      First, the government will do its level best to confiscate gold & silver, as it did in the 1930s. Secondly, no commercial outlet will invest in assayer’s scales to weigh your gold & silver to determine value. Thirdly, when you show up with a wheelbarrow full of either New Weimar Dollars OR gold, and you try to trade it for the last foodstuffs I have, you’ll be out of luck.

      Edibles and other commodities with intrinsic value will be the new medium of exchange. In that future, a kilo of gold won’t get you a cup of coffee, but an ear of corn might.

      • Ray

        Correct. The other variable will be like minded people with certain skill sets such as carpenters, mechanics, and the like. There’s power in numbers.

      • DG

        True –That is why we PREPARED in all directions– Stored canned food -Drinking water- Tap water for other purposes-50+ gallons each – first aid kits- generator -gas – oil lamps — lots of oil ( at Wal-Mart)– Batteries–guns/ bullets – non GMO- FOOD SEEDS– Plastic shopping bags to poop in– Lots of TP– ETC

        • BR549

          DG wrote: “True –That is why we PREPARED in all directions– Stored canned food -Drinking water- Tap water for other purposes-50+ gallons each”

          Here’s a link to view the UN’s Agenda21 BioDiversity Map for the US.

          The light blue areas are where the elites, through the UN, intend to forcibly relocate “what’s left” of the US population. I wouldn’t normally give much credence to the website except that I saw an actual copy of the UN’s own book and this same map at a state regional planning lecture. The map is real, people.

          So, just be aware that the way they plan to get around all this buried food, ammo, gold and the militia thing is to just take everyone’s asses and forcibly relocate them to somewhere else; in this case, the majority of “what’s left” of the US population would be straddling both sides of the Appalachians from the southern border of New York State down to the Gulf of Mexico.

          The long series of concatenated wars has served two purposes; it continues to drain the US economy, and as long as it can do so, the elites use it to stomp out any last pockets of third world resistance to globalism.

          Meanwhile, we have these meatheads on both side of the political spectrum here at home, still waving the flag and listening to the nightly news about Al Qaeda being the Boogeyman, and these SAME Mensa candidates are insistent that Obama and Romney have no connection to any of this. They’re both in it neck deep.

    • gunsrulecommiesdrool

      Gold and Silver are plenty good.It’s a medium of exchange.You could carry it around easier than a silo of corn.Alot of wealth can be stored in metals.You can bury it.It doesn’t go bad easily.People readily accept it.It’s been used since Biblical times.It’s basically a way of having money if society collapses.You can’t eat it but you could barter with it.You could pay a mechanic with it to fix your car.You could buy ammo with it from someone else that needs money to pay a mechanic to fix their car and you can take the ammo you bought to get food.Let your imagination run wild and you will see the uses of gold and silver

      • Vigilant

        Gold and silver have value as metals for making jewelry and for electrical applications. And that’s about it.

        A starving auto mechanic isn’t going to fix your car for gold, but he might fix it for foodstuffs. The trading value of metals as a “medium of exchange” has no meaning whatsoever unless society universally recognizes and legitimizes its use.

        We’re not talking about some game board exercise; we’re talking about survival. You may as well line your toilet with gold as expect it to have any use during a severe financial debacle. Certainly, it will have use in a mild to medium financial downturn, but that’s not what we’re looking at.

        Those who prepare with stores of non-perishable food and water, heirloom seeds, medicines, weapons and ammo, and other necessities will be the survivors. The investors will simply starve while sitting on their piles of gold.

        • BR549

          Vigilant wrote: “A starving auto mechanic isn’t going to fix your car for gold, but he might fix it for foodstuffs.”

          I may have collected my seeds, grains, gold, MREs, and ammunition and be armed to the hilt, but when I come across someone who has something else I need, and he has everything I already have ……. that’s where gold and silver, as surrogate bartering items, present their universal value, so that I don’t have to chase down some farmer down the road to see if he has a few extra chickens that the first guy could use.

          Barring any commonly accepted uniform standard of currency, i.e. “money”, it all depends how far the system has gone down and how much individuals have managed to acquire, as to what will be accepted for trade between any two individuals.

          In case you’re not aware, you might want to review Obama’s Executive Order from March 16th of this year, where he lays out the modern UPDATED version of what our US government plans to target for our belongings. Among other issues, just when you thought your home might be your castle, please note Sections 801 (e) and (n).

    • Carlucci

      Wheat is definitely a GMO product – look how fat a huge percentage of the population is. Read the book “Wheat Belly” and find out why.

      I read an article that said things like bottles of wine, whiskey, vodka, etc., and
      brownie mix (!) of all things will also make excellent bartering items.

      • DG

        It is not the wheat –it is the Wheat GRAIN — if you make bread out of the Wheat SPROUTS and other Sprouts you eliminate the Gluten and other crap– And moonshining , beer making -definitely barter material– the gold / silver will come in after the smoke clears

    • nobody

      Selective breeding is selective breeding. You take two similar species with characteristics that are desirable and you artificially inseminate them. Genetic modification done in a lab places genes randomly. Which can cause all kinds of abnormalities like creating their own poisons. You know that was a happy accident for somebody. Genetically modified crops take more fertilize, insecticides, herbicides & water to grow so you cannot depend on them. Without the current infrastructure they are useless.

    • Elda

      I think you are thinking of hybrid which is how domestic dogs and cats came about. Nature does a bit of this but GMO is taking genes from perhaps an animal and placing it in the plant DNA and that does not happen in nature. metal like gold and silver keep their value no matter what when an ecomony starts to build again. It will be of little value if you are starving but can be traded for seed or food. When money begins to flow again you can bet it will be gold and silver plus a couple other metals. GMO seeds are only good for one planting and I would not bother.

    • TML

      Some good points here and in the replies.

      However, I would say such ideas are simply a regression to a pure barter system (and somewhat unrealistic in its entirety), and all the problems that come along with it, and thus the answer to such problem is the same.

      While immediate necessity can surely be satisfied with bartering food for services or other goods mutually beneficial to both parties; Gold and Silver are rare metals, non-perishable, easily workable, always have long term value, never go ‘bad’, and are virtually impossible to counterfeit.

      If you came to me with gold for a cup of coffee, I’d look at you like you were stupid. But if you came to me with gold for my entire crop of coffee beans, you’d have a deal.

      ‘Food’ for thought.

  • Bill Tsafa

    Gold is junk. The only thing that will be worth anything is Guns and Ammo. Get lots of Ammo.

  • roger

    gold and silver are good investments because a lot of retailers and grocers will still only deal in cash. you can resell the gold and silver down the line for more cash than you paid for it today. guns and ammo are still the undisputed king of the road though….

    • Ray

      You’re assuming that retail outlets will still be a viable source. Most retailers will be sold out in a matter of days or less. Over the road commerce would virtually cease to exist, and resupplying the shelves impossible. Look at what’s happening out east.

      • THA DUKE

        I think like you on this matter. None of us should even think about counting on semi’s showing up at our local grocer to restock the shelves. And….if we experience a power grid problem, it will be even worse. Gas stations need electricity to pump the gas. Perhaps we can get our government politicians to do something constructive like making sure every gas station in America has a 10K generator for emergency back up and forget about trying to make us pay for women’s contraception. If the fuel industry can move, everything else will be able to move as well. Seems to me that with all the money BIG government soaks up in taxes from the oil industry, that would become a priority. Whadda ya think?

  • Fab55

    Has it occured to you folks that someone out there is making a ton of money off of this fear-mongering? Like gold dealers & the gun manufacturers? Go back & read the dire predictions before Obama was first elected in 2008.

    • Ray

      Sure there’s money to made from all this. Look at firearm prices since Barry took office. I purchased on of my handguns 6months before the 08 election and paid $200 for it. The same gun is now selling for $329.

    • http://personalliberydigest big wyo

      and look how much closer we are to total anarchy .

    • Elda

      Most of us are reading a book that was written starting about 5000 years ago and wasn’t finished until about 2000 years ago. We don’t think in terms of who is pulling the strings, only what the consequences are.

  • Ray

    Good idea but for the government to implement that policy, they would in fact be admitting that they could not handle a crisis.

  • PatriotAR15

    Gold – while it has intrinsic value – will be basically worthless as a means of purchasing anything until the s!@# has stopped hitting the fan. Silver, on the other hand, is much better poised for use in a situation where barter is the norm, as it can be had in smaller amounts (coins) and can be used for things other than “cash”. (read – silver bullets(for werewolves :-) or the making of colloidal silver – for health purposes). As for commodities they will be worth much more than anything else when the store shelves are bare. For those who think that this current administration is anything but a corrupt socialist regime needs to pull their collective heads out of their butts. History shows that the fall of every great nation/state starts with the usefull idiots running around saying “It can’t happen here!” and believinf their own drivel.

    • Dan

      You’re right about silver and making colloidal silver may be one of the best. When the poop hits you may not have the power to run that fan! Drug supplies are currently running low and getting what you need may become impossible. Accumulating .999 fine silver may be one of the wisest moves you can make and is exceedingly easy, set and forget, at

      • Elda

        You have to make sure it is already wire and pure. There is silver wire out there that will make you sick if you use it…so check!

  • Rick

    I believe the two most troublesome items that are both happening is our police and military are training for martial law, and the Dept. of Homeland Security is buying up ammo, bullets, as fast as they can. Now, someone tell me what the belief is in DC for where we are heading? Both of these come from Federal edicts/orders.

    • ableton

      The US military and police training up for martial law is the lesser of my worries. When the ka-ka hits the proverbial fan and a UN truck comes to your neighborhood to rescue your family, be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Tunaman


    • ableton

      But when Obahammud’s welfare angels come to knock your doors down because they feel you are too rich to have what you got and they came to collect their share, then you know that the end is very near if you are unprepared. Some will survive this but this is a clear scenario where the strong will truly make it through this crisis or the beginning of another 1860′s style uprising.

  • Bimbam

    PLEASE folks we don’t want it to come to this do we??? That is why we do not want the 2nd Ammendment tampered with:

    If we want our guns back were just gonna have to pry it from their cold dead hands!

    • tlgeer

      “If we want our guns back were just gonna have to pry it from their cold dead hands!”

      In case you haven’t noticed, we do still have our guns, so this kind of rhetoric means nothing. It’s on the order of “have you stopped beating your wife”.

      4 years ago, the US Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment applied to citizens, not just militia’s. In your opinion, what has been done since then to try to take our guns from us?

      • Bimbam

        If you read carefully I was talking past tense. “…we do not want it to come to this…”

        As if it happened already.

        If they ask have you stopped beating your wife? Just look’m in the eye and say yes, have YOU stopped beating your wife?

        • tlgeer

          LOL That would be a very good comeback.

      • DG

        Look what happened after KATRINA — they -the “COPS” — came in gangs of 4-5-6- in Body armor- kicked in doors -Slammed homeowners to the floor at gun point and ransacked their homes looking for guns and what ever

      • ableton

        Please take the time to become familiar with the UN’s agenda 21. Our sovereignty is very much in jeopardy. Obama is not stupid enough to order grabbing guns himself. He will just have a foreign entity do it for him or authorize gung-ho cops do it in the name of security and if your gun is registered…you are on the list to be visited any time martial law is in place. Not conjecture, just fact.

      • Bimbam

        Yes, that is one of my greatest fears. obamA will use foreign soldiers, or low-life criminals and put them on the TSA payroll who will then man checkpoints everywhere.

        The foreign soldiers have no connection to us and won’t hesitate to do their master’s bidding irregardless if we waved the Constitution in front of them. They will grab it and think it’s toilet paper and thank you for it. Though they might think it was used.

        The low-life criminal will all to happy to enforce his will on you, from one checkpoint to another. You will not be a happy camper.

        A Warning To The American People:

        THIS IS NOT GOOD! obamA is a foreigner, a communist. He has no love for you or the United States. HE DOES NOT BELONG THERE.

        All in Congress should be immediately arrested, anyone he appointed and he himself must be immediately arrested the others impeached or you all are going to be in chains instead of the other way around.

        Do it now before they get too powerful!

        • tlgeer

          “obamA is a foreigner, a communist.”

          He is neither. Nor is there any proof that he is. Just hysteria and fear.

          “He has no love for you or the United States.”

          Of course he does. What FACTS lead you to believe that he doesn’t?


          Of course he does. He was born in Hawaii, and was dually elected President. Twice. Not wanting him to be here legally, let alone be a naturalized citizen, doesn’t meant that he isn’t. It just means that you are wrong.

          Choosing to ignore all of the evidence that Obama is a natural born citizen doesn’t mean that he isn’t, it just means that you are wrong.

          I’ve heard a lot of people say that in order to be a natural born citizen that both parents must also be citizens. It’s not true whatsoever. Anyone who actually looks at, and reads, the US Supreme Court rulings regarding this already knows this.

          A natural born citizen is one who is born on US soil. Hawaii had been US soil for 2 years when Obama was born. Plus, all of those who were born in the territory of Hawaii were grandfathered in when it became a US state.

          So, stop with the hysterical statements, and start helping this country instead of tearing it down.

          • BR549

            tlgeer wrote: “A natural born citizen is one who is born on US soil. Hawaii had been US soil for 2 years when Obama was born. Plus, all of those who were born in the territory of Hawaii were grandfathered in when it became a US state.”

            The problem is that, at the time of Obama’s birth, Hawai’i allowed for Certificates of Live Birth to be issued to foreign born children, where at least both parents were of US birth. Nonetheless, Article II of the U.S. Constitution states that only a “natural-born citizen” can serve as president.

            Obama’s BC is #10641. So far, the birth certificate is out of sequence with both the Nordyke twins BC#s 10637 & 10638 (they were born the day AFTER Obama’s “recorded” birth). Also, Virginia Sunahara was born just after Obama’s “claimed” birth time, but died two hours after Obama’s “recorded” birth. Her BC#, which was “recently” discovered to be 11080, should have beenaround 10650, figuring Hawai’i’s average two births per hour. As it happens, when Virginia’s brother attempted to gain a recent copy of his sister’s birth certificate, first he was told it didn’t exist, then he was given a short-form computer abstract.

            In 2008, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Health Department’s director, said she had “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record.”

            In 2011, Fukino told CNN that she had gone into the Health Department’s vault, where she had inspected Obama’s original birth certificate.” Fukino stated that “she simply went to the vault and inspected Obama’s original birth certificate”, yet when asked by a duly authorized investigative committee about the whereabouts of any existing birth documents this year, Hawai’i Attorney General Jill Nagamine said: “Accessing the original birth records was difficult and expensive.”

            Another issue was how this kid managed to fly to Pakistan on an American passport in 1981, when Pakistan was on the US’s “No Fly List”. So, why are all the records sealed?

            Personally, I don’t care if this globalist shoe-shine attendant was born on Mars or in Zimbabwe, so long as he went out of his way to conform to the Constutution and put the citizens of the US first, but he doesn’t and anyone who thinks he is conforming to the Constitution needs a refresher course in US History along with their head examined.

        • tlgeer

          “All in Congress should be immediately arrested, anyone he appointed and he himself must be immediately arrested the others impeached or you all are going to be in chains instead of the other way around.”

          Other than simple opinion, do you have any proof that these people have done anything to be arrested for? You do realize, don’t you, that being afraid that they MIGHT do something is not grounds for arresting anyone?

  • Grammy

    Your guns won’t save you, your food will run out or be stolen, your generator won’t run without gas–The only thing they can’t take away from you is your relationship with God and a hope of eternity in heaven. Seek the things that really matter. With all your preparing, prepare yourself for heaven. Read the Bible. Get to know Jesus. Find a church that preaches the truth of the Bible, and you will find peace in any situation.

  • FreedomFighter


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Hatemonger

    Regardless who is the president the FEMA thing moves in soon, provoked by an other “9-11″, or any “terrorist” attacks cooked in the CIA/Mossad kitchen.

    • BR549

      Hatemonger wrote: “Regardless who is the president the FEMA thing moves in soon, provoked by an other “9-11″, or any “terrorist” attacks cooked in the CIA/Mossad kitchen.”

      Kinda makes one ask the question of what values do these people have when all they can do is destroy things and kill people, kill their own countrymen, kill anything really. They have become so detached from whatever purpose or dream they might have once had that putting turds in the prom pump bowl is the only way they can justify their existence.

      It is so much easier to destroy something that someone else has created; it’s far harder to focus that much energy on actually creating it in the first place, especially when one is a sick sociopath bent on proving that other people should have to pay for them having to feel so miserable.

      What a pathetic way to look at life, but then, they probably think I’m referring to someone else.


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