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Gunning For Liberty

November 15, 2012 by  

Gunning For Liberty

Regular Personal Liberty Digestreaders likely noted Bob Livingston’s article detailing the U.N.’s plan to lean into America’s sovereign affairs and abscond with the 2nd Amendment. Those who took the time to peruse Livingston’s work likely noticed the fact that President Barack Obama and his cabal of accomplices in Washington are happily helping them steer the getaway car, signing us up for renewed talks on the gun grab this spring.

Indeed, Obama has made clear his support of the U.N.’s plans, waiting mere hours after his re-election to do so. Hearkening back to his 2008 campaign, Obama clearly holds gun owners in low regard. After all, we’re just “bitter” and we “cling to guns or religion.”

But fret not, my dear patriot friends. I bring you glad tidings: No matter how many affirmative votes it holds on the issue of sovereignty-violating, internationally administered gun programs (the most recent went 157-0 with 18 abstentions), the U.N. has no chance to grab so much as an air rifle from your fists. For an organization whose members rarely do more than blow hot air at each other, the effort would be unimaginably complex.

First, the same U.N. pseudo-military clowns under whom our soldiers enjoyed serving in various theaters of war over the past 60 years would have to secure the active support of our military for such an operation. After all, every time the U.N. does anything involving force, it has to secure our participation, and that still doesn’t guarantee it won’t fumble the ball.

I have a number of friends in the 1st Ranger Battalion and the 3rd Infantry Division. I know these guys. I’m not saying I oppose the idea of some 15-star generalissimo from East Ongoolia (or wherever) trying to direct our own soldiers to violently abrogate the Bill of Rights; I’m just saying I want to be there when he tries — mostly so I can laugh at him while he tries to run in his jodhpurs.

Once violating the Posse Comitatus Act falls on its face, the next step would be to enlist law enforcement. But a huge number of law enforcement officers are also veterans. Good luck breaking that bond, U.N. You’ll end up being force-fed your darling blue helmets. And while there might not be a shortage of agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who will step up for a Ruby Ridge redux, an internationally coordinated invasion (and that’s what such a gun grab would entail) would have to contend with literally millions of resisters. And, in this case, they would all be armed. There’s no proof Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ever actually said that “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass,” but the lesson remains just as true whether the invaders march under the Rising Sun or the Big O.

And let’s not forget the single most perfectly defining characteristic of not only Democrats, but all politicians: an insatiable lust for authority. While the terrorism financiers, dictatorship apologists and Third World trash at the U.N. might harbor fantasies of a disarmed American populace bowing and scraping before their goose-stepping legions in their goofily overadorned dress uniforms, even the most repulsively left-wing stuffed suit knows the downside. A gun grab led by Americans would fail; a gun grab led by a U.N. force sans American muscle would result in a bigger beat down for the bad guys than the really cool parts of “Red Dawn.”

I say let Obama and his U.N. circus freaks give it the old college try. Give a shot at the high plains to a U.N.-force led by some Wesley Clark knockoff from Kazakhstan (think Borat with an infantry), and then see if it can match the killed-in-action totals from Little Big Horn. Give a Jordanian colonel a lift to downtown Detroit and see how he does disarming the gangbangers. For that matter, give some blue-helmeted peacock an order to come to my house and see who leaves wearing the fancy headgear.

I’m not suggesting we laugh off the internationalist threat to our God-given rights. Any time liberals start making time with the buffoons at the East River School for Scofflaws, every citizen’s ears ought to perk up. But the time for hunkering down in the underground bunker is not quite at hand. Go about your business, fellow patriots. However, to borrow a phrase from my colleague Chip Wood: “Keep some powder dry.”

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://yahoo Glen

    AMEN. Good article.

    • Flashy

      TP trilogy…Hate, fear, ignorance.

      Find something to talk about, lie about the facts and make it into an issue to hate or fear, and trust in ignorance to build it into a money making source.

      Jeesh…and y’all really think this is an issue?

      Ranks right up there with Obama being out for the guns…and the proof as that he never proposed nor spoke about any gun control legislation. By not proposing any, it was ‘proof” he had a ‘secret plan”.


      • Ron The Marine

        flashy, I pray when you wake up its not in hell! and if it is in hell, I pray GOD will let you have your memory so you can see where you fell off the turnip truck so you can relive it for eternity! I know when GOD said “brains” you thought HE said “trains” and you took the first one out (lol)!

        Semper Fi you simpleton!

      • Flashy

        Ron…one question for clarification…whose god we talking about?

      • Ron The Marine

        flashy, the ONE who created you! By your question you display your ignorance! Read and obey John 3:16-17 before it is to late for your soul! And you will meet HIM, I just pray it is as one of HIS children and not as one of the lost! Go to and you will find the plan of salvation if you have not already followed it. GOD bless you and forgive me my harshness, but time is not on my or your side, because if GOD is for us who can stand against us?

        Semper Fi!

      • Mike Austin

        Flushy, you need to pay a little better attention in class.

      • Flashy

        Hmmm..Ok, it appears you are talking about your god. Got it. Whew…for a second there i thought it was one of mine. you don’t happen to have an email or local number for yours do you? i assume you do since you seem to know all about what your god thinks and has an opinion on.

        Actually, perhaps your god would be interested in a faculty position in the Flashy School for Wayward Girls and Soiled Women. The one on one tutorials are quite interesting ….

      • THA DUKE

        “Ranks right up there with Obama being out for the guns…and the proof as that he never proposed nor spoke about any gun control legislation. By not proposing any, it was ‘proof” he had a ‘secret plan”.”

        So, Mr. Flashy. what has he done to STOP his Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton from pursueing the UN small arms treaty? What has he done to stop the gun grabs and limitaions to 2nd ammendment rights of honest citizens in New York, Detroit, D.C. or Chicago? These Cities have the highest crime rate of any cities in our country and the Mayors/Governors continue to ignor FBI stats. that prove conclusively that armed citizens deter crime. Why do they continue to disarm people making them potential victims to those who don’t give a crap about the laws? His silence and his inattention to this is conclusive proof of his intent and his guilt. If someone was mollesting your daughter and you stood by and just watched the event, then you are as guilty as the guy molesting her. Can your simple mind understand this very simple point?

        BTW, in the pre-election debate conducted as a town hall style debate, a woman asked the President what was going to be done about the “AK-47 assault weapons.” Obama’s response was, “perhaps we need to look at reintroducing the “assault weapons ban”. What does that tell you? The most interesting FACT about all that is that the statistics directly from the FBI showed conclusively that Clintons “Assault Weapons Ban” did absolutely NOTHING to reduce crime in the entire U.S.A.. That is PRECISELY why George W. let it run out and didn’t renew it. Can any of you left thinkers grab that? The reintroduction of the “Assault Weapons Ban” would be nothing more than another 2nd ammendment infringement on honest law abiding citizens and that is exactly what the left loves to do. When will you retarded thumb suckers wake up?

      • JeffH

        Falsy, you must be a machine…a pre-programmed machine for that matter. What you write in your comments on a daily basis couldn’t be concocted by any human being…it has to be a machine. Machines have no feelings, no morality, no cognizant thought, no honesty and most certainly no credibility.

        Why any of us even acknowledge your presence here is beyond me…but we do.


        Now I have a suggestion for the rest of the board that tend to respond to Falsy’s misdirections, half truths and outright lies. This idea was drawn from a conversation with another commentor that took place yesterday.

        Rather than respond to Falsy’s failings…let us all shun Falsy, shut him out, ignore him and leave him to discussions with himself or the few that embrace his “broken record” chatter.
        Let us all show Falsy just how meaningless he really is and give him the gift he deserves. A good old fashioned shunning!

      • Mikey

        You read my mind. I was thinking about proposing the exact same thing. It needs to include trolls like Robert Smith, and Karolyn as well. If we don’t respond to those on the left, perhaps one day they will have left! I’m sure there are plenty of other sites they can infest.

      • 45caliber


        I don’t mind Karolyn. She is simply naive. But the ones like Flashy, who want to try to convince you that you know nothing, are another matter. They DO know the truth and want to hide it. I’ve already quit even trying to respond to several of them. Further, I avoid responding to those who simply call names or insist we don’t know what is going on … without giving any opposite evidence. The fact is, I don’t think they KNOW what facts and evidence are.

      • Ron The Marine

        flashy, you have been on HIS mind way b4 HE created what you see, feel, smell, and touch! He is available to you at the blink of an eye or a simple thought in your mind! I believe you are of the female gender? Does not matter, HE love you just the same. Grace is what HE extends to us, undeserved, but something we can have for free, already paid for by Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior (and HE can be your savior also, but that is up to you:)).

        Semper Fi and may the good LORD take a liking to you!

      • TML

        Flashy says, “Ranks right up there with Obama being out for the guns…and the proof as that he never proposed nor spoke about any gun control legislation.”

        I guess you missed the 2nd debate between Obama and Romney on Oct 16, 2012 when Obama said, “But weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don’t belong on our streets. Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced. But part of it is also looking at other sources of the violence. Because frankly, in my home town of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence and they’re not using AK-47s. They’re using cheap hand guns.”

        What does that sound like to you, Flashy? It sound to me like he said we wants to reintroduce ‘assault’ weapons ban legislation while saying we also need to “look at other sources” [hand guns]. He can say he believes in the 2nd Amendment all he wants, but that appears to be double-speak as he continued on with his explanation. He’s even dumb enough to say, “weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don’t belong on our streets” but then admits street violence isn’t even committed with such weapons, but rather, with hand guns.

        And don’t even try to defend an assault weapons ban. We already have seen firsthand how they are the best defense against riots and mobs. We saw this during the L.A. riots when a man stood on his rooftop protecting his own property, his life, and his family, from an entire mob of people with one of those so-called assault weapons.

      • Frank Kahn

        Flashman, since you appear to have access to Obama 24/7, and know for a fact that he has never mentioned anything about gun control, I hope you will provide us with a digital up-link so we can all listen in on his private conversations.

        We are not all stupid, neither is Obama. If he has a plan to violate our 2nd amendment rights, he certainly would not simply announce it to the world. And, as a smart deceiver, he would cover his involvement in such a plan by relegating the actions to others in his administration.

        So, just because he has not publicly said something, it does not mean he does not think and plan for it. It is not outside the realm of possibilities that he is doing this, so it is not a crackpot idea.

  • CZ52

    While I agree witn Ben in principle remember there will always be a few officers who think that by following any order given them they will advance their carear faster and there will always be some enlisted who blindly follow orders without even being aware of what the implications of the orders are.

    • eddie47d

      Amen to that! We have allowed the SWAT team mentality to take over and then call it righteous.

    • momo

      Yes, there are some who think that way, but the defense of “I was only following orders” didn’t work at Nuremburg, and I doubt it would work in the future.

    • Eagleeye

      That is why it is said “DUTY” in the protect The Constitution and to kill all enemies both “foreign and domestic”! Our founding fathers knew that freedom would be challenged at some point by “tyrannical rule” and put those words of “DUTY TO PROTECT” for “WE THE PEOPLE” You see once the Feds violate The Constitution and The Bill of Rights IMMEDIATELY THEY ARE NO LONGER THE LAW! At that time TYRANNICAL RULE HAS USURPED THE TRUE LAWS OF THE LAND therefore MUST BE DESTROYED AT ALL COSTS! Stand up and fight with your LIFE if they are so hungry for power, for at that time “We the People” MUST FEED THEM TO THE EARTH!!! There is no other option!!!! NONE! WAKE UP LIBERALS!! “THE LION HAS AWOKEN” and WE HAVE “YESHUA” AND “YHWH” THE GOD OF ABRAHAM!!! “GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!!! AMEN!

    • 45caliber


      You are correct. BUT … you would have to seperate most of them from the rest to get them to do much. They are quite aware that if they decide to obey orders and start shooting civilians, that some of the others with them, who WON’T follow those orders, might decide to stop them.

      One black man in the military once told me that the Chinese had everything figured out. They would hire the blacks to shoot all the white soldiers in the back when they invaded. My reply? “Have you ever had a white soldier turn his back on you?” He left.

    • Kate8

      45 – Here is a great article giving some perspective on the power struggles that go on within the military.

      We are not told the truth about such things… those who are suspected of opposing the regime are set up… and some are chosen to take the fall when the PTB want to cover their tracks.

      Believe that there are ranks within our military who do not go along with the Obama/Bush agenda, and who are working diligently behind the scenes to turn things around. Of course, these operations are HIGHTLY secret, so we won’t hear of them.

      We also have to realize that we are bombarded continually with psy-ops, telling us that it’s over, and trying to keep us paralyzed with fear.

      I do not believe that freedom will lose, no matter how bad things look. Evil people make mistakes, get careless. And we won’t stay stupid forever.

  • Vicki

    Ben Crystal writes:
    “A gun grab led by Americans would fail;”

    Really? Why would it fail when it didn’t fail in this case?

    • Alex Frazier

      I’m with you Vicki. I don’t share Ben’s faith in our police and armed forces. I’m not even sure I agree that the people will rise up. There are plenty of folks who talk tough, but when push comes to shove, how many will actually have the courage to lay their lives on the line in order to cling to their firearms, knowing that resistance will likely end in death.

      I like to believe that I have that courage. But I also know that I’m only human. I don’t know what I’d do when it came down to the wire, when it’s just me and my family versus a group of armed and armored men outside my house.

      I’ll likely just bury a small arsenal and keep a couple of decoy guns in the house for them to confiscate. When the rebellion happens in earnest, I’ll dig up the goods and join the resistance.

      But I don’t trust cops, and I trust our military even less. More than one state has already demonstrated that they have no problem relieving the citizens of their firearms.

      • Eagleeye

        Well my friend all I can say is I am sorry for ANYONE whom chooses to side with TYRANNY! For if “We The People” fail to STOP THEM DEAD OR ALIVE REMEMBER THIS…………..There are no nations on Earth whom can nor will come to our aid! The only one is at the moment SURROUNDED and shall have to fight for her own freedoms also! WE ARE ON OUR OWN PEOPLE! And if you submit I PROMISE THIS. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but EVENTUALLY YOU SHALL BE A “SLAVE”!!! THAT IS YOUR CHOICE AND MINE TO MAKE! I NEVER WISH TO LOOK AT MY CHILDREN AND SAY “I AM SORRY FOR NOT TRYING TO PROTECT YOU”!!! NOT! So basically for me I believe in the K.I.S.S. method! “Die STANDING or live KNEELING”! WE MUST NOT EVEN SPEAK LIKE WE SHALL LOSE!!! THERE IS NO SUCH WORD NOW!!!!

        • http://personallibertydigest deb

          what is the K.I.S.S. ?????????

      • 45caliber


        K.I.S.S. – “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

      • 45caliber


        If it ever comes to giving up my guns or fighting, I plan to fight. I sat down and talked to my wife about it since I’d like to keep her out of such a fight. Would you like to know what she said? “Don’t worry about me! You shoot! I’ll reload for you!”

      • TML

        45caliber… why die on your front porch like a martyr? That doesn’t do you or your family any good to die senslessly.
        Hide your guns well, yet easily accessible, leaving one or two you can do without unhidden. If/when they come, give them those to satisfy their need. When they are gone, grab the rest and meet up with your locals.
        Fight smarter not harder.

      • 45caliber


        Just a warning. The government takes satellite photos of every part of the US every 4 seconds with a resolution good enough to read a newspaper laying on the ground. They can also tell what you are doing inside of buildings. So hiding your guns is nice – but they can find them if they really want to look.

      • TML


        I am highly skeptical that the federal government now has the power of ‘God’ to have the capability to ‘tell’ what you are doing inside buildings at any given time. Yet, even if such satellite camera resolution was possible at one square mile per ‘snap shot’ every 4 seconds outdoors – visible from satellite – it would take 175 days between images of the same square mile just within this country (3,794,083 square miles in the United States).

        Now, to the more realistic warning that they can find them if they look; all I can say here is that I don’t underestimate them, but let us just say that my ‘hiding’ places have been proven more than once.

    • Mikey

      Amazing video, 4 cops beating down an elderly woman just to get a gun. A gun she had already dropped at their demand. A law abiding citizen trying to protect herself. I hope this is not a sign of times to come.

      • 45caliber


        Unfortunately, it is getting common. I dislike the SWAT teams a LOT. They teach them that they must shoot if a gun is present and shoot instantly.

        Last week in Houston, the police were called to a house about a guy causing trouble. They sent the SWAT team. Someone – no idea who – flashed around a red dot from a laser. The SWAT team didn’t bother to see who that might have been; they simply opened up on the house. Later, they claimed that the owner MIGHT have been using the laser as a sight on his rifle and therefore they had to shoot to protect themselves. And, they announced, he had “several guns” so that justified what they had done.

        It isn’t unusual now to hear of a SWAT team shooting someone on a weekly basis now. One Marine in AZ heard a crash at his front door and went to see what it was with a rifle. The moment he realized it was the police (at the wrong house) he lowered his rifle – and they shot him over fifty times. In FL, the police followed a criminal into an apartment parking lot. He had already parked his motorcycle and gone in. They didn’t know which apartment so they went to the nearest (at 1:30 am) and beat on the door. The man answered the door with a gun in his hand, pointed down. They shot him over 50 times. In the second place they never once told that they were police. In both cases they claimed that since the other had a gun, they HAD to shoot in self defense. This is what is wrong with our police forces now.

        And think about it. How often does any police force need a SWAT team for whatever they were trained for? Even in big cities, it probably isn’t more than a couple of times a year. Yet EVERY police force, no matter how small, has a SWAT team trained in this matter. And since they don’t want that SWAT team to sit all the time, they send them to raid houses. One recently went into the wrong apartment where a single mom and 8 year old daughter lived. It was two hours before the police finally bothered to listen to the mom and realized they had the wrong place. The whole time they had the mom AND THE DAUGHTER laying spread eagle on the floor with a gun at their heads while they searched the place because they didn’t want to take a chance on being shot. I’ve wondered how many times they shoot someone who didn’t have a gun and then claim they had one. And the fact that someone has more than one gun is not “proof” that the police were right to shoot the owner.

      • Mikey

        Yeah, I remember reading about the Marine in AZ, how [expletive deleted] up is that? One of our finest killed for no reason other than improper training of our law enforcement. What can we do?

    • JeffH

      Vicki, a very telling video and I agree with you and what Alex posted.

      I live very close to the 144th Fighter Wing (144 FW), a unit of the California Air National Guard, stationed at Fresno Air National Guard Base and run into many of the servicemen and women that are based here. I also know and speak to a few from the sheriffs dept and local police forces.

      Most of them, not all of them, are concerned with the tyranny that has been developing within our country by our

      I believe it’s important to support organizations like the Oath Keepers and The Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association(CSPOA)and inform those that aren’t aware of these patriotic and pro-Constitution, pro-oath organizations to take a look at them and see what they’re really about.

      CSPOA – “To seek justice, protect civil liberties, and uphold the constitution”

      Our mission: To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

      • Kate8

        I agree, JeffH. It’s always a struggle between factions, both military and law enforcement.

        The most important thing we can do is to EDUCATE. This includes talking to law enforcement and making sure that they have an ear to the people, and understand what’s at stake. Their families have to live here, too and, unless they are just mindlessly sold out, a heads up is worth a great deal. When left to a last moment decision, you can be pretty sure that they will just follow orders.

        I saw a survey with average folks on the street, asking if they would kill a fellow American if ordered, or told it was either kill them (as in executing them and dumping them in a mass grave), and far too many of them said that they WOULD! Now, bear in mind that even those who answered “NO” might change their mind if put in that position.

        Scary. And what does that tell us? Law enforcement officers have a keen sense of self-preservation, too, so unless they have ample time to ponder these scenarios…

        Please check out this article I posted above. It’s a really good one regarding such things.

      • 45caliber


        When Clinton was President, they had the police and military answer a questionare. One of the prominent questions was “would you shoot at a crowd of demonstrators if given the order to do so?”

        Nearly every one of them answered “NO!” Clinton decided to import 100,000 Chinese police from Hong Kong and distribute them among large police groups since they would obey the order. He thought that if at least one policeman opened up, the rest would have to do it too in self defense. As far as I know, that never came to pass.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, good article. I’ve always had high thoughts about Lew Rockwell and for the life of me don’t know why I don’t reference him more often. DUH! I did subscribe though.

        Keep the good info coming. :)

      • JeffH

        45 caliber, that’s interesting. I would believe if that were the case, the American police officers would shoot the Chinese before they would stand by and follow their lead. Makes no sense, but then again, I don’t think like progressives either.

    • JeffH

      Oath Keepers
      Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution

      Our motto is “Not on our watch!”

      • Bimbam

        What about the foreign soldiers watch, or the UN watch when our military is gone? You need to keep an oath on ALL WATCHES.

  • KG

    Vicki -

    It seems really interesting that the harshest gun grabs have happened in the heart of NRA country. You would think that you would hear stories like that in California or New York. So, tell me, all of those people who have been voting Republican in Louisiana ever thought it would be the Republicans who would take your guns away? I think Republicans have even more resemblance to the Nazis.

    Obama, the UN, Nancy Pelosi – they don’t want to take your guns. If they did, they would have done it already. However, The “patriot” act – signed by a Republican, want’s to take your guns more than anybody.

    • Alex Frazier

      Negative. Both sides want us disarmed. One side just pretends to care about the second amendment more than the other side. But the Democrats haven’t disarmed us yet because they are wary of what the consequences of the attempt would be.

    • Robert Courtney

      You are a LIAR!
      And obviously a Socialist Liberal.
      Go back to the child’s table libtotty, your crap ain’t getting traction here.
      And your Queerios are getting cold.

      • KG

        I guess your idea of “foreplay” would be “Hey, Sis, git in the truck!”

      • Vigilant

        And if it weren’t for pickpockets, KG’d have no sex life at all.

      • Vigilant

        KG’s idea of foreplay is begging.

    • CZ52

      ” The “patriot” act – signed by a Republican, want’s to take your guns more than anybody.”

      And it would not have even made it to the president without large democrat support. If I remember correctly it was written by a democrat as well.

    • JeffH

      The words of a “partisan hack(KG)”.

  • Karolyn

    For a change Ben Crystal has something sensible to say to assuage the fears of so many who rant and rave about the ipending confiscation of their guns.

  • T. Jefferson

    I like this guy

  • slickzip

    Try as he may ODUMBA will never get my guns as long as I am breathing and have ammo .

    • Daveh234

      It’s Obama , you Un-American idiot, and he doesn’t want your stupid guns.
      Think like a real person and breath easy.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        It isn’t about him (not) wanting our guns…

        It is about him not wanting us to have them either.

        – Smoov

      • Smoovious Laxness

        But, otherwise… yeah… I agree about people using creative spellings and names to refer to the President.

        It immediately diminishes whatever argument they’re trying to make, making it so much harder to have serious discourse about the issue.

        – Smoov

      • RivahMitch

        It’s Obeyme, the Kenyan Marxist, and it wants everything that every American has worked for and earned, especially things we might use to defend our freedom, homes or property. Its goal is to diminish the freedom and independence of the individual citizens and exalt the power of the supreme global government. Patrick Henry’s question is as relevant today as when he posed it. Semper Fi!

      • rabidconservative

        Uh Dave, if he just didn’t lie so often. I mean if he didn’t take every opportunity and make every effort to deceive, divide and destroy our nation… he might deserve the respect you think he is due. I wish it weren’t true. I wish I hadn’t paid so close attention to all his promises because now I KNOW what he’s doing. His gullible and naive supporters are simply not informed. Ah, the bliss of ignorance.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So now anyone who opposes O is unAmerican, Leftists don’t seem to run out of new ways to use cliches. So if we don’t like what you write, are we also unAmerican?

      • OneGuess

        What? So now if somebody parodies the name obamao it is “Un-American”? Boo hoo! Cry me a river. Odumbazz it is!

      • JeffH

        Hmmmm, are we to believe these are the words of a patriotic American?

        “It’s Obama , you Un-American idiot, and he doesn’t want your stupid guns. Think like a real person and breath easy.”

        Sounds more like the words of an ignorant progressive/communist to me. But what do I know, I’m just a patriotic American.

      • NativeBlood

        You didn’t when “Shrub” was used for the previous administration, did you?

    • Sailor

      Actually Slickzip, it is Oporchmonkey

      • James Buchanan

        The last few posts are a great example of the ignorance spewed from the bitter Republican party since 2008. Racist and ignorant to boot. Plenty of reason to vote for the OTHER side.
        You have about three years now to find a good enough candidate to win the 2016 election, don’t waste the time sending out hate mail to every person you know, it’s already been said now. Try to help our country in some positive way. Help the person next to you if you can.

      • 101joyousthoughts

        Thanks for sharing your (racist) cards, Sailor.

        While you’re clutching your throat and oiling your guns, give FACTS a chance and read Reuters news. (to help you, Reuters is not left wing)

  • Thom Peschke MMCM(SS) USN Ret

    I would have never thought that we could fall so far form Reagan to now. It is education that changes the populace. The teachers now teach that homosexuality is a normal natural and acceptable life style, that Christians are “haters” and that Global Warming is a man made catastrophy. How much longer until they teach that gun ownership is an outmoded concept? Remember, everyione in England once owned guns…

    • Daveh234

      Crap, everything you said is patently wrong.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So how is Peschke patently wrong, Dave234?

      • OldPatriot

        What planet have you been living on? Thom is 100% correct. The dumbed-down masses, to which you obviously belong, just worship and follow obama (lower case due to not deserving of respect) like a bunch of lemmings right off a cliff. It boggles my mind how people who have eyes and ears, and can read and write, can approve of this fraud-in-chief. His mentor, communist mentor, was Frank Marshall Davis. He had the endorsement of the Communist Party. What does that tell you? He is trampling the Constitution and shoving socialism down our throats, but we patriots will not swallow it. What he has done, and is doing to this country is criminal and treasonous. His over 900 Executive Orders are meant to bypass Congress and the Constitution to implement his illegal socialist plans. You need to wake up and get into the real world, or if you love socialism so much, pack your stuff and move to a country that has it. We don’t want it here, and will fight to keep our freedoms.

      • eddie47d

        Look up the CPUSA and see how many members they actually have OldPatriot. They don’t have enough member to get elected as dog catcher of Mayberry. If they made an endorsement it is meaningless.

      • Kate8

        eddie – It doesn’t matter how many people “officially” claim to be communist. The Left endorses communist ideals. And besides, there is a rather large number of self-proclaimed socialists (communists) in Congress.

        The democrat party is controlled by communists. The right has been compromised, as well.

        The fact that so many people like you can’t see this is why they are allowed to proliferate.

    • RivahMitch

      Sums it up pretty well.

      • Patriot38

        Yes, it sums it up very well, but it’s not just the current BO regime. The educational system is where we have to start to give this country an enema. If we purged the educational system and started anew tomorrow it will still take at least to generations to remove the false premises that have been instilled into our children and get them old enough to do what is needed. In the mean time, the rest of us must continue to close them down as best we can. It may take going over the financial cliff or even a civil war to get it done.

        Anyway, now that I am beginning to see a bunch of juvenile commentary, I am saying my piece and leaving the discussion. Just remember that, due to their immaturity, it is extremely difficult to argue with the Marxists, the unformed or overly-righteous as they know not what they do or want. In ignorance there is bliss. Have a nice day.

    • Vicki

      “How much longer until they teach that gun ownership is an outmoded concept? ”

      Too late. Already standard media practice.

      And the media is one of the most significant teachers.

    • Sirian

      Thom Peschke MMCM(SS) USN Ret,
      This may be very applicable to what you’re saying. Thought you might find it somewhat revealing. . .

  • Tom Cook

    Too many big fat stupid cops don’t belong to OathKeepers. I don’t like or trust cops of any kind these days–they are just the overstuffed version of any schoolyard bully. I am not sure how our military would react. Every one of my retired Marine comrades is of a similar mind as me: fat anencephalic napolitano is right to consider us potential terrorists to her and obongo–we are.

  • Dick Caruthers

    Love this attitude. Lets divorce ” us ” from ” them ”
    at the Mississippi River – takers go east, movers
    go west. All are happy then! Dick Caruthers

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    How many “so called” patriots are there? I believe that the vast majority of gun owners in this country will turn in their guns when told to do so. Most are really cowards, not patriots. If the government passes a law, most will obey! They did during Katrina! What makes you think it will be different anywhere else? When threatened with prison or of being shot, most people will just think they have no choice. How many people are really willing to put their lives on the line to save our country?!? The atrocities that have been taking place in this country are already innumerable! I don’t see anybody standing up to the criminals in government! Sadly, I think that the vast majority of people in this country will roll right over on gun rights just like they did when the patriot act was passed or when the ndaa was passed! Who will stand up and lead us?!? Without a leader who has courage and conviction, the people will hand over their guns and walk right into the fema camps! Most Ameicans are sheep and they KNOW it!!!

    • Bob Reynolds

      Nancy: Well said, and you are accurate in your statement. There has always been a peaceful method to stop the government from taxing America into oblivion. Just don’t pay them. What would the government do; incarcerate 150 million citizens? The American insipid ameobas will not attempt that peaceful act because there would be, of course, consequences initially, but collective overall resistance could not be silenced. There has always been sheep, sheep dogs and wolves. Sadly, the sheep dogs are now few in mumber and the sheeple are willingly being led to slaughter. A patriotic reckoning cannot be achieved in cyberspace. Everyone…anyone can be a leader: but who will follow? One person can initiate change, but the change cannot manifest without the help and sacrifice of others.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Bob, not a very realistic solution! The vast majority of employers take your taxes from your check before you even see it! You are not given a choice! Not to mention…who’s going to volunteer to go to jail first? Ask Wesley Snipes how it worked out for him!

  • Smoovious Laxness

    The 2nd amendment, is there, exactly for this reason.

    The US Government, can’t nullify our right to be armed, simply by signing a treaty with a foreign power.

    The moment the US Government tries this, with or without UN alongside them, will probably be the beginning of the 2nd US Civil War…

    There is a hell of a lot of constitutionalists who will resist, and they are a lot more organized than people think they are. A sizable number of them are quite well trained, too.

    It won’t be pretty, and I imagine that large portions of the military won’t follow the order, and defend the populace instead. They swore to defend the Constitution of the United States, and they are not bound to obey an illegal order, and such an order, is very likely, to be believed illegal, and they would probably be right.

    – Smoov

    • Kate8

      This is, no doubt, why Obama has invited Russian, Chinese and God-knows what other commie troops to lurk about on US soil.

      Obama does not trust our military. On the rare occasion he goes to visit them, he has them all disarmed before he gets there. What does that tell you.

      What he wants is to incite all out chaos in America… starving foreigners and welfare recipients storming the streets and raiding houses, looting and killing… streets where no one is safe, least of all white Americans…

      I heard about a Russian soldier saying that their going from house to house in Georgia (or wherever it was over there), confiscating guns and doing what soldiers to to civilians when they have the chance…, was really practice for when they are let loose in America. They were laughing at how stupid Americans are. And easy.

  • Justin

    Our forefathers told us to keep an eyee on our government and keep a gun handy in case they tried running over us. As far as the Patriot Act, that single thing should make him a criminal to the american people, but Obama is as big a monster for not only putting up with it, but adding to it with the NDAA. I swear, the next time I hear another sideways moron blame Bush but chant Obama I am going to scream. Honestly, there is no difference other than their color. Obama is just as unsavory as Bush. Trash is trash, and those who keep blindly following party lines and don’t start seriously looking at quality of ALL the candidates before they vote deserve to sink with the buffoon they put in. Obama isn’t whats wrong with the country. He is just the image of what American people are today. He is the symbol of how far down the hole we have gone. He may be the “Prince of Fools.”, but it’s the “Fools” in that statement that bother me, not the prince. >:(

  • mark

    Another “Red Dawn,” paranoid-psychotic, fantasy from the Right Wing: UN troops invading and taking over the U.S. at Obama’s behest, taking away American citizens’ guns. A complete and ludicrous joke with a less-than-zero chance of ever occuring in the next one hundred centuries. But guys like Ben can still fire up the gullible, fraidy-cat, base with this absolute nonsense, and the fatcats at the NRA will fill is coffers with ever more donations from the “suckers” in the sticks. The UN as a military force is of course a complete joke. As a politcal force they are an even greater joke with zero power yet tons of hot air rhetoric. Forty-five years ago, the UN told Israel to give back the West Bank. Israel has given the UN the middle finger over this (as all nations do, weak and strong, to any UN orders). Israel has not surrendered one square inch of the West Bank despite forty-five years of UN haranguing.

    The UN is like your wheel-chair bound mother-in-law who everyday tells you what you should do his and you should do that, while everyday, you just walk by her wheel chair with a smile and tell her to go f…. herself! Some superpower. The “goose-stepping blue-hemetted legions of the UN,” Ben? Most of the time they are not even armed, or carry small arms only – no airpower, artillery, armor, or deadly helicopter gunships. They typically have strict orders never to use force. UN “goose-stepping legions” (have you ever actually seen their scraggly troops march? I don’t think they know how!), stood by and did absolutely nothing during the genocide in Rwanda in the mid-1990s. One U.S. National Guard division could wipe out all the blue-helmetted UN forces ever fielded in a one hour battle. Lacking armor, artillery, and air, they would simply run for the hills when inundated with U.S. or any other nation’s heavy firepower. In short, the UN blue-helmets are a complete joke to everyone but pants-wetters like Ben – and unfortunately many of the readers of this blog.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Curious what you would do if push came to shove with the UN troops? Your snotty response is for the only people that work and strive and produce and these you hate as the “right wingers”, but you don’t have enough sense to know what people that you hate look like. It doesn’t take much to conclude that you are a human failure, Leftist.

      • mark

        I don’t waste my time thinking about things that are never going to happen, Nadzieja. I concentrate on dealing with things that I know are going to happen, like paying my next mortgage bill that will come due on December 1. On being a human failure, actually I work full-time, make a good salary, and am busy raising a family. Where did you acquire this clairvoyance that allows you to tell from reading a couple of paragraphs of someone’s writing if they are ” a human failure” or not?

    • Alex Frazier

      mark, the unwillingness to see, accept, or even consider the possibility is precisely how things like the holocaust happen. Do you really think the Jews believed for one second that they would be forced to give up their guns? Or that they would have their homes confiscated? That they would be forced to live in ghettos, and later in slave labor camps … and later still in death camps? Do you think they believed it was even remotely possible that one day the modern and civilized Germany where most of them had grown up would suddenly murder 6,000,000 Jews?

      Don’t be a fool. Anything can happen anywhere. All it takes is the right combination of circumstances. Keeping your eyes open when it looks like such circumstances are beginning to come together merely makes you aware, not a nut.

      International troops (i.e. U.N. troops) make it possible to have a military force that does not answer to Congress. A president who wants to be a dictator can reasonably obtain such a position with the use of such troops (that’s how Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar both obtained their power). A disarmed population can’t fight back or adequately resist (that’s why virtually every nation in the history of the world eventually disarmed its citizens).

      Does this happen in the modern world? Just consider Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Bashar al-Assad, Sadam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, etc.

      Again, don’t be a fool. Keep your eyes open. There’s nothing civilized about our modern world. We just presently have the luxury of the Constitution forcing our politicians to at least pretend to be civilized, even if they’re really after power and authority.

      • dennis

        Mark if obama is not out to confiscate guns why is he even supporting any treaty that goes against our constitution

      • mark

        Don’t you be a fool either, Alex, and ever believe that UN troops are going to take over the United States, the most powerful miltary nation in the history of the world. On your Nazi analogy, very few Jews or Gentiles owned guns in Germany even before Hitler came to power. And as to your statement: do you think any Jews for a second ever thought that all these horrible things would happen to them, of course they did! Especially since Hitler clearly advertised it. Nearly one hundred thousand ot the 500,000 German Jews left Germany between 1933-1939 (after Hitler came to power) moving to Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, and the United States. Unfortunately many countries including ours made it very difficult for them to legally immigrate. If immigration laws had been more liberal and less anti-Semitic, probably all of Germany’s Jews would have fled before the outbreak of the Second World War. They were very much aware of the Nazi regime’s hostility towards them, though I agee with you that most never conceived it would lead to total extermination.

        This cannot happen here because of our Constituion and electoral system. For this reason no serious candidate for the U.S. president has ever run before the people on a central program of vastly discriminating against any large minority group (or of course against the white majority), calling for their expulsion from the country (colonizing African slaves was a separate issue, as before the 14th amendment of 1869, they were not U.S. citizens) as Adolf Hitler did in Germany. If such a candidate did so, he would never be elected. President Obama for instance like all of his predecessors never gave a single speech or enacted a single program to deport, incarcerate, or exterminate anyone solely on the basis of their race or religious affiliation. Yet this was central to the whole announced Nazi political program, to do just that. They stated it openly and got 32% of the vote in 1932 on just that basis. No American candidate calling for such a program that violated the Constitution so directly could ever win such a plurality, let alone majority (though many on this site would no doubt support someone who promised to do so against Muslim, Latino, or African-American U.S. citizens) FDR never ran on such a program although he did between 1942 and 1944 intern 120,000 Japanese-American citizens (none of them were exterminated like the Jews of Europe), an overwhelmingly popular policy supported in polls by some 98% of the American people (including African-Americans!). This was the blackest mark on U.S. history along with slavery, Jim Crow, and the U.S. maltreatment of the Indians (note that all these injustices were committed against small minorities, never against the white majority). It was sold as an emergency war measure and inflicted upon a tiny, despised minority. But it is telling that no such policy was enacted against U.S Muslim citizens after 9/11, despite all the fear and emotion connected to that event, a sign that Americans had learned a lesson here. If any U.S. president attempted in this day and age to incarcerate, expel or mass murder a minority group, let alone the white majority, he would instantly be impeached and removed from office. Not that this could ever happen in the most lunatic fantasy. Only extremist fringe candidates for the presidency such as Klan, Aryan Nations, etc. candidates call for such a policy and even they only direct such plans for genocide against minority groups, NEVER against the white majority, the group they, after all, belong to. In fact hisorically all genocides in human history, are always directed against minorities and never against majority populations. It is the majority population which carries out genocides all throughout history.

  • Jerry Nappi

    Interesting article, but I heard all the positive election trash too and it didn’t turn out the way it appeared it was going to. So I am skeptical of any poo pooing or talk of “don’t worry or how it’s in the bag”.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So is this how far your maturity level extends, up to this point and no further. The unintended consequences of this election have not manifested as yet to full harvest.

  • http://personallibertydigest deb

    If all the people in command now are removed for this violation or that, who is in charge of our military? That leaves all the openings to be filled by homosexual people against guns, freedom, or the right to protect yourself, who then move up to fill the empty slots left by the heterosexual generals and patriots who did not want to stand down and watch good men be massacred. Even the bankers have been removed by sexual misconduct. The media in collusion hides and lies to the head-in-the-sand public that goes its merry way like a lemming over the precipice.

    • 45caliber


      Luckily, our military never followed the example of militaries in other countries. First, all general positions are political anyway. Without some sort of political patron, they would never become generals in the first place. Second, generals don’t really give that many orders to troops. Third, unlike many countries, our officers are promoted from within – not appointed to some high position directly. England did – and our Founding Fathers didn’t like it. Fourth, our military fights differently. In most European countries, the officers give all directions and the men MUST follow those orders. In our military, the officers set objectives (“take that hill”) and then the men on the battlefield do it the way they think will work.

      They tried to put our men under foreign officers in Bosnia – at least one man (in Conroe, TX) refused to obey foreign orders and was kicked out because he questioned them. The foreign officers didn’t like commanding our men because the men would NOT blindly obey.

  • Mike Douds

    From what I understand, there won’t be any need for troops coming door to door to take your guns. What if the powers that be send you a letter that says that if you don’t turn in your guns, that they have on record, they will shut off all of your financial instruments. They have much better better records on every penny that you earn and spend than they do on your guns. Without a bank account to cash your check or a credit card to spend money that you don’t have, I believe most helpless, weenie Americans will run right down to turn in ANYTHING that the gov. wants with the tired old excuse that, “There was nothing I could do about it”. You guys bought this government with your tax ‘contributions’ and now you’re getting what you paid for.

    • Alex Frazier

      That’s genius. You’re right, that would get a lot of people to turn in their guns. Or at least to turn in a few of them.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        People won’t just send in their guns…

        Shipping is such a hassle… like… OMG, I’m not gonna go through that just to send in my guns, they’re just gonna have to come shoot me…

        oh, but… ahh…

        So THAT’s the real reason the post office came out with those ship-anywhere boxes recently… it all makes sense now!

        – Smoov

    • 45caliber


      That is one of the reasons that the government passed the law giving them access to our bank accounts. They can confiscate all money at any time they wish. However, there is one saving grace AT THE MOMENT – and the reason they want to ban gun shows. “Sorry, I sold that gun years ago! And I don’t remember who bought it!”

      • Mike Douds

        That’s OK for some transactions that went down quite a while ago but at least in Pennsylvania all receipts of gun transactions were supposed to be, by law, thrown away within a short specified period after the sale.( I think it was two weeks) Nevertheless, Pa. kept all of those records and had to be sued in order to force the state to comply with the law. They risked contempt of court to hang on to that stuff ’till the last second and God only knows whether they actually did dispose of any of the records at all. So much for the government obeying the law. Why would they want to do that??? The Pa Constitution says, ” The right to keep and bear arms WILL NOT BE QUESTIONED”. I’m wondering why I need a CC permit? I’m hoping that there are still enough people who are willing to die for what they believe in because anything short of that won’t cut it. The other side has the ball and we’re in the red zone. They’re playing hard ball and there aren’t any ‘officials’. Anyone who says the gov. doesn’t want your guns is a simpleton. Chairman Mao said all political power comes from the barrel of a gun and I’m sure the head commie in the W.H. is familiar with that if he doesn’t have it monogrammed on his PJ’s.


    The Posse Comitatus Act has already been ruled null and void by the supreme court.
    God bless America. and government beware the Gray veteran. When we come for you it will be from all sides. And we will restore America.

    • Kate8

      GRAMPA – I like the way you think. And I’ll be right along side o’ ya.

      These kids today don’t really know what freedom is, it’s been so long since we’ve had it. If we had to rely on them to figure it out, who knows what we’d get.

  • Jack Penland

    Please bear in mind that freedoms and rights are rarely lost in miles, they are eroded in inches, so slowly we don’t always realize they are gone, or compromised. The unacceptable Federal intrusions into our privacy that were unthinkable one hundred years ago are now a fait accompli. These governmental stooges are smart enough to realize that their machinations must be accomplished incrementally. Look for far more attempts at domestic gun control, starting with another ban on so called “assault weapons,” this one of a more permanent nature. Now think of the RINO power structure in DC. These so-called “moderates,” (read: Diet Democrats), with their front men Boehner and McConnell, are a case of the spineless leading the clueless. These hypocrites and sophists care nothing about the Constitution they swore to protect and defend, and even less about the constituents who were stupid enough to allow them to remain in office, their sole concern is staying in power and improving their portfolios. You will never see most of them living in the train wreck they have created for the rest of us, because they were careful to exempt themselves. Shame they didn’t have the same concern for the folks who pay their inflated and excessive salaries. What a bunch of truly despicable political whores.

    • 45caliber


      I believe that one the main reasons the TSA exists is to get the civilians used to being searched and having their possessions searched. It is simply another move to institute a police state with no guns. Clinton once tried to get a law passed that allowed the government to seize everything a person owned – supposedly to pay for enforcement of a law. When questioned about it by several Congressmen (including some Demos) he stated that part of the law was to allow the government to punish anyone who spoke out against the government. With no home, car, money, etc. the person would be too busy trying to find the next meal to cause trouble.

      • Mike Douds

        45: that’s exactly the kind of hard ball I’m talking about. And you hardly heard a thing about it on the mainstream while it should have been at the front of every newscast and paper in the “free world”.

  • waltinseattle

    howling at the moon. snaping one anothers heels. agree with me or get called names…

    i smell rabid dogs.

    how fast they devolve.

  • Randy G

    HELL !!! We are not ‘bitter’ . We just hate Theives!!!

  • Guy Waukcinebar

    The government does not have to engage in gun confiscation to obtain the same result. They just have to make ownership illegal and then demand that people turn in their guns. That won’t happen so anytime someone is arrested for a minor offense of any type, he can be doing some time for illegal gun possession. They can also stop the sale of ammunition since theoretically it is no longer necessary.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. That is why I always tell anyone to buy plenty of ammo too. It won’t be around. I also expect them to offer big rewards to people who will turn in neighbors who have guns.

      • Liberterian

        You are right, keep your guns safe, stock up on the ammo and a good reloader and the material it takes to load more. Let them come and bite the bullet. We are only as strong as we stand against the forces that want to enslave everyone.

  • rick

    There is already dissension in the ranks of our military. The 4 high ranking officers who were relieved of command this week are only the most visible instances of a wide-spread resistance to POTUS directives by our military. His orders to conduct crowd-control and metropolitan battle training are being refused at all levels of the military. These people are generally real, patriotic Americans.

    There is also great dissension in the ranks of our law enforcement. These people are on the front lines of our battle with law-breakers. They see, every day, what happens when one side of the battle is armed and the other isn’t. They know the reality of gun bans and they regularly clean up the terrible consequences those bans have created. These also are are real, patriotic Americans.

    None of this means there will not be some who choose personal advancement over public good. It doesn’t mean that POTUS won’t try to replace good Americans with his followers. What it means is that Presidential efforts to trample on our Constitutional rights is already being met with nearly complete resistance within these ranks and the harder he pushes the worse it will get for him.

    • 45caliber


      A couple of things to keep in mind about the miliary.

      First, one of eight soldiers are from Texas. Texans believe that guns are important and won’t collect them. 90% of the military are conservative (one reason the liberal politicians want to stop them from voting). Most liberals believe that anyone who joins the military are prospective murderers and not only won’t sign up; they teach other libs to avoid the military like the plague. That is one reason that Janet Neo has issued a report that miliary vets are to be suspect and watched by the police. In any case, the liberal do NOT have a trained AND EXPERIENCED force available. They can train their people but they will basically be novices. And most soldiers – even in our own military – are basically useless on a battlefield. They shoot too high, they stand behind something and spray bullets around a corner without looking, or them simply hide. Once, when I pointed this out to a West Point officer, he agreed. When I asked why we kept them in combat, he stated, “as targets to keep the good men safer.” Finally, most military people are young. They want to live longer. Civilians they might attack can be young or old – and old people aren’t really worried about being killed. They simply want to insure the enemy doesn’t bother them very long.

      So basically, I’m not too worried about any liberal force willing to attack citizens.


    Isn’t anyone concerned about the “Civillan Force” obama wants “Funded,
    and Trained, as well as our military”. Where do you think all the youth
    looking for jobs/careers are going for employment?
    obama is going to turn this country into a “Police State”
    If they want your Guns they will get them.

    • 45caliber


      Yes, I’m concerned. But most youth won’t obey his orders to disarm the population – or shoot them. I suspect he plans to use groups like the New Black Panthers, who I’m certain would LOVE to obey orders to disarm the white population. It would leave them in control.

  • http://google David

    Take away our guns and we no longer hunt, we become the hunted!

  • 101joyousthoughts

    ThaDuke sez: “FBI stats. that prove conclusively that armed citizens deter crime.”
    PLEASE educate me and provide a URL or anything that supports your claim. I’m totally open to Factual input; real quantitative info from a legitimate source – not including the NRA which is in the pocket of gun manufacturers. Yes, I used to be an NRA member and I do own several guns.

    Is there anyone here (obviously Crystal has not) who has actually read the UN proposal? To save you the time to dig through the complicated UN website, here is a synopsis:

    Note: the UN ain’t comin for yer guns. Relax.

    • 45caliber

      There is a book/report out by a professor (can’t remember his name – someone help me out) that researched this and found it true. The report is available. Further, the FBI has stated several times that guns are used about 3.5 million times a year in the US alone to deter crime. That does NOT mean the prospective victims were shooting at all. In most cases the victim simply showed the criminal a gun was handly and the criminal left.

  • http://personallibertydigest deb

    thank you 45 caliber
    no good at acronyms

    • 45caliber

      You are welcome.

  • 7Citizen7

    What this article does not state is that Obama has already issued executive orders giving him the right to call foreign military into the US to use against the citizens of this country. He has also issued the executive order that he can declare marshal law without Congress’ approval and that Congress will not be able to do anything about it for 6 months minimum. He has also issued lots of other executive orders that, in effect, have already given him dictator capabilities. The only thing keeping him from doing just that is our citizen’s guns and ammo. Do not be misled—Obama and all his cronies want to take our guns away, asap!!!

    • 45caliber


      I agree. And I believe that if he had not won the election (which now appears to have been done fraudulantly) he would have had some sort of action that would have resulted in him declaring martial law before the end of this year.

      I’ve seen several people advocating getting guns, meeting at some location, and marching on Washington. While I don’t believe the military would obey him to stop those people, consider who has a finger on the nuclear switch. Would you want to risk your life on the assumption that he’d never drop a nuke if he felt that his position was threatened?

  • 45caliber

    Remember, when you buy a gun, get plenty of ammo. It is not unusual to use up to 300 rounds of ammo in a single fire fight. You might also want to consider where to seek shelter in your house if someone outside is shooting into it. Walls – even brick walls – won’t stop bullets despite the old Western movies. A good rifle can put a bullet through 8 inches of seasoned oak you can’t drive a nail into. The AR-15/M-16s the police use was tested on oak. It can go through 12″. You may wish to reinforce a place to seek shelter.

    • JeffH

      45, I’ve been buying at least a case of ammo a month for about a year now. Between the 12+ cases I have at home, I also have at least 4+ more cases in a safe at another location. I’ve been shooting almost every Saturday for a couple of years now and feel one can never be too prepared and my success at the range proves that.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – To be honest, I think the elite would just as soon leave us to just shoot each other up, and then they plan to send forces in to do clean up. They know America will be hard to disarm, so that’s the next best thing for them.

        I’m much more concerned about the sophisticated weaponry they can use behind walls of safety (for themselves). Scalar weapons… heck, remember when they came around GPSing our houses at our front doors?

        Makes you think about the houses that are blowing up, no? Testing? I heard that there is a major weapons maker there in Indiana…

        I know, I know. Tin foil hat and all that…

        Jus’ sayin’. They can take any of us out anytime they want, be it individually or en masse. And they’d never have to leave the comfort of their easy chair.

        BTW, Pete Santilli said on his show yesterday that he’s heard from his law enforcement sources that they’ve been told to prepare for SURVIVAL WARS here in America. Not just civil war, but SURVIVAL. And they could literally start any day now.

        There is also speculation that Obama is firing the top brass because he’s afraid of a coup, so anyone suspected of being a patriot is being canned.

        Whatever is going on, it’s beginning to happen.

  • rightgunner

    Having read, I feel very relieved, it was just what I wanted to hear. However, having been around a long time, I know that receiving “just what I wanted to hear” requires even more examination then a deluge of liberal-logic-BM (Barack Muttering).

    Ben has provided a well intentioned and reasonable analysis, however it is more like WARoot’s common sense misleading his election predictions, than Chip’s keeping some powder dry to fight another day. Therefore it is suggested the following be taken into account before any easing up:

    1) Our military has been targeted by an “elite” group for over the last 60+ years, for emasculation and dismemberment. Between losing all the intervening wars due to politically invented Rules of Engagement, then due to moving women into combat zones and finally into combat, and lastly killing old-style military morale and self-respect by shoving homosexuals into tight places within the normal military (normal is a statistical term).

    2) Because of the above, we no longer have a military united by common, normal masculine traits necessary for the cohesion of the group. Men in combat will rise above themselves, performing what ever is needed to do the job because they do not want to let their buddies down. Bring woman and homosexuals into that group and it is no longer a team fighting the enemy it is a group fighting within itself to get a women for themselves while keeping the homosexuals off their back. The concept that no one will try to force us legislatively to do something our military is against, may no longer hold because of the current state of military non-cohesion.

    3) And we should not sneer at the “elite”, they are trained in psychological manipulation of large groups such as our large group of Constitutional citizens. If it comes to Ben’s hypothesis of a stand off between all the Second Amendment citizens and the Government using the military, the first time the military may show some sympathy for the citizens. However the next time there is a confrontation the elite will create a major challenge to the military from a fake Second Amendment attendee. The military will aggressively respond, then one of elite’s confederates will shoot and kill a soldier and escape. The press will assure everyone that it was crazy gun owner. They will probably even use an “assault rifle” that is left behind (if Holder doesn’t have then all tied up). After one dead innocent soldier the military will be anti-gun-owners, and who would blame them.

    4) I saw a similar, less severe happening at the huge, very disciplined, tea party meeting on the Capitol lawn the day before Obama-care was passed, which purported to prove the Tea Party movement was racist Ever since then I realized how easy manipulation and false flags and even killing could be used in any future encounters and the side with the majority of media will likely win the backing of the public. We need to begin to build everything that can keep the public on our side including those who don’t want a gun for themselves. This is a big job, needing lots of smarts and lots of time, but otherwise we will end up out in the cold “dust bin”.

  • Rebecca

    My father told my family many years ago that the reason why the Nazis were able to do what they did –the Gestapo coming to people’s homes at the Midnight hour and dragging them away never to be heard from again, and sending people to the Death Camps was because Hitler had enacted a gun control law and the citizens of Germany dutifully obeyed. Then the government of Germany confiscated those weapons, and then they started killing people. There were a few people like Dietrich Bonhoffer who spoke up and many were just too afraid lest the Nazis come after them too because they knew tht the Nazis knew they were unarmed and volunable.

  • LC

    This tyranny won’t end. Not even with a civil uprising. I doubt very much that any of our politicians, ceo’s, millionaires, would even be on an American soil battle field. Who is corrupting American Politics? Rockefellers? Rothchlds? Soros? Does anyone really think that your gonna get a shot at ridding these people and their agenda from the face of the planet? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. And while we are killing, in essence fellow Americans, they will be training new actors, with new scripts. I can say this in all certainty that if WE PATRIOTS wait for them to launch the straw that breaks the camels back, none of the real targets will be in anyones sites. Not only that but you won’t even know who the enemy is amongst you. This isn’t going to be a skins and shirts pick up game at the park.

  • Maurice B. Craghead

    Might I make a suggestion that all of those above who fear the Police, read your Constitution, daily. The major problems The United States is faced with are all of the vilolations every day of the Constitution. This is only one example:
    Article 1, Section 8, spells out in detail the duties and Responsibilities of our Congress. All of the first paragraphs are being violated just by allowing a private Corporation to authorize and print money out of thin air for expansion. NO WHERE in this constitution does it authorize Congress the authority to delegate that Power to a Private Corporation, owned and completely controlled by a Private corporation Called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Check it out for yourself.

  • justathinker

    You’re assuming that they will take our guns by coming through the front door. They’ll buy-up all the ammo, tax what remains, penalize legal transfers & inheritances, etc.

  • RF Cable Assembly

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