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Gun Sales Soaring

January 1, 2013 by  

Gun Sales Soaring

Demand for assault rifles in the United States has increased tremendously as politicians’ knee-jerk reactions to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School threaten Americans’ right to bear arms.

Last month, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced that she will introduce legislation early in 2013 that will essentially criminalize millions of law-abiding American gun owners. Harsh provisions in her legislation and bills being drafted by other lawmakers have Americans in a mad dash to buy firearms, particularly those deemed “assault rifles.”

“Our phones are ringing every 10 seconds and people are saying, ‘Do you have any assault rifles?’” Dennis Pratte, owner of My Gun Factory in Falls Church, Va., told CNN Money. “They’ve sold out of just about every gun shop nationwide and just about every distributor is out of stock.”

Reports from around the Nation indicate that community gun sellers are experiencing a healthy uptick in business and many online retailers are out of stock on various high capacity magazines, assault rifles and popular ammunition.

A report from the North Carolina based Hickory Record is indicative of what is happening at gun shops throughout the country:

Scott Ledford, who operates Ledford’s Trading Post, said, “We’re getting 20 calls a day looking for AR-15s and AK-47s, SKSs and that kind of thing, and we just don’t carry that.” His shop specializes in antique and collectable weapons, but he said even he has seen an increase in ammunition sales…

…Smitty Smith works at Catawba Valley Tactical Supply in Newton. The store is waiting to receive its Federal Firearms License, so it does not currently sell firearms, but it does sell ammunition. When asked if he had seen an increase in ammunition sales over the past two weeks, Smith laughed and said it wasn’t a matter of an increase in sales, but rather a matter of a total wipeout of supply. “There’s no .223 ammo out there,” he said.

Catawba Valley Tactical Supply had been selling 1,000-round boxes of .223-caliber ammunition for $450, Smith said. His supply has run out and now customers who are able to find .223-caliber rounds are paying at least double what they would have paid two weeks ago. Ellizondo said the price of a 1,000-round box of .223-caliber ammunition at the gun show was around $1,200.

Brownells Inc., a supplier of firearms accessories and gunsmithing tools, said that demand in recent weeks has been so high that at one point the company sold 3.5 years’ worth of stocked ammunition and magazines in a 72-hour period.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dennis48e

    Wish I could afford an AR, an AK, and a SKS. I couldn’t afford any of them before and now I sure cannot afford them if I could find one to purchase. Also wish I had followed my instencts a few months ago and purchased a case of ammo for one or more of the rifles and a number of Mags for them.

    • AJS

      Keep looking – you’re going to need protection one day. Fear the government that fears your guns…….

      • Steve Harper

        We need to take this fight to them,We have God and the Constitution on our sideand from what I read we also have numbers. All we need now is some willing leadership and its a done deal,no more fasicst government in America!

      • JC

        Diane Feinstein 1995 “Mr. and Mrs. America turn your guns in”

        This NAZI cow obviously wants us all disarmed and defenseless.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Two things the idiot-in-chief doesn’t want to hear, gun shot’s and drill baby drill, he always think’s it is about him?

      • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

        I wondere how he’ take to…”Shoot the well!”

    • Average Joe

      Dennis48e ,

      Keep looking. I just recently picked up a nice Romanian WASR 10/63 (AK-47) made by Century International Arms for $550 to add to my collection. After the BG check and transfer fees, it came to $590 total. They are out there, you just have to hunt high and low. Look online, you can buy there and have them sent to a local gunshop with a FFL. There is a place out of W.Va. that I use called you might check them out as well as others. Good luck…keep your powder dry!


      • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

        From what I’m seeing on all these web sites makes me glad I got what I have when I did.

      • Average Joe

        Michael G. ,

        I know what you mean. My very first firearm was a Colt .357 Python that I bought back around 1980. I paid $385 for it then (new). since they have stopped manufacturing the Python, try finding one for under $1000 ( and that’s for a worn out POS). Back in 2000, I bought a Caspian Arms custom match pistol in .45 acp. for $500 …the same pistol today is almost $1200. Of all of my guns, I have to say that my favorites are my black powder 6 shooters (2 x .44′s and a .36 cal.). It’s a challange to load them and so much fun to shoot them. You’ve never had fun in your life until you’ve experienced a chain fire ( where two or more cylinders fire simultaniously…lol) (of course the secret to not having a chan lots of grease on the wadding)…almost as much fun… is pulling the trigger and hearing a fizzle…oh crap!


  • DVL

    Well, we now know how to give an uptick to our economy. Let the nuts in DC go off the reservation with idiot statements about taking away our 2nd amendment rights. I just wish the brain dead of our society understood basic civics to know that the rhetoric will not come close to what it takes to amend the Constitution. It is afterall “We the People” that has the last say in any amendments not the nutcases in DC.

    But I wish I had one of these style rifles as well. My 10 capacity magazine on my Ruger 10-22 doesn’t gather nearly enought respect but can do the same thing as some of the rifles that Fienstein states are “SOOOOOOO dangerous”

  • Ode Coyote

    A standard SKS comes with a non detachable 10 round magazine…quickly fed by stripper clips. I bought one in the 80s ban period with 1,000 rounds of Norinco steel core ammo for $ the banners imported millions of them, hoping for mayhem to erupt in the streets. Almost all were bought by regular folx and were never fired. The gangs at the time preferred more concealable full auto Uzzies and Mac11s..smuggled in along with the drugs.

    • momo

      I bought an SKS for 75 bucks back in 1991, now they are 450, if you can find one.

    • Robert Smith

      Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: “The gangs at the time preferred more concealable full auto Uzzies and Mac11s..smuggled in along with the drugs.”

      So, if drugs are decriminalized the smuggling will stop and there will be no need for bad guys to have guns.


      • Ted Crawford

        What an idea Robert! Wow, hey we could decriminalize Bank Robbery! No more need for armed Guards! Wait a minute! I know how to balance the budget! Let’s just decriminalize EVERYTHING! Just think of it! No more Lawyers, Judges, Jails, Prisons, Police Officers! Man I think we’re on to something here Robert! WOW ! ! WOW ! !

      • JC

        This is probably the only area in which I will ever agree with Robert Smith.
        The War on Drugs is a colossal failure as was the prohibition of alcohol.
        The only thing that this War on Drugs has accomplished is to give the Government almost unlimited powers of search and seizure that it ought not to have according to the Constitution.

        When the prohibition of alcohol was lifted, the murder rate in the US dropped by 50% in just a few months. No illegal market, no turf wars. Simple.

        As far as I’m concerned it is not up to the Government to determine what people put into their own bodies provided they don’t break any laws or inflict damage on others. If some crack head wants to sit in his house and smoke that crap until he is a shaking paranoid mess hiding in a closet…so be it. But if he comes into my house to steal in order to support his habit, he may become a recipient of Instant karma. Justice served.

        Unfortunately for some, freedom includes the right to be stupid and legislation will not fix…stupid.

      • Bill

        As much as I critzize you, I agree with decriminalizing illegal drugs. However, many of the legal drugs are more dangerous than the illegal drugs.

        Certain illegal drugs are just recreational drugs that are less hazardous the alcohol. Herion is an escape drug when someone has nothing going in life. However, it is only bad when it is abused.

        We need to have a vibrant free market economy to give people more self esteem and they will have no need for escape drugs

        Good health derived from natural sources and not drugs (legal or illegal) is also a high.

        This is a libertatrian site. Which promotes the least amount of govermental intervention in our lives and freedom to pursue our economic dreams. So don’t try to lump us all together in your mainstream medias version of “The Right”

      • ibcamn

        was that one on your wish list for Christmas Robby?no need for bad guy’s to have gun’s!!!have you had a shrink check you out at all?drug’s arn’t the only thing they deal in you idiot,i can’t believe that came out your mouth!you live under a rock??go live in So. Cal. or Arizona or So. West Texas for a year or two,come back and let’s have this talk again,dumb a$$!……stupid(sheltered) people like you sit in the white house and try to rule or lives….thats the problem….live in the real world once!

      • Robert Smith

        Here is an interesting article about what happens when drug prohibition ends. There are real examples like Portugal. Actually if you think about it there wasn’t much of a drug problem before they were made illegal.


      • Robert Smith

        Bill posted: “However, many of the legal drugs are more dangerous than the illegal drugs.”

        I agree 100%.

        Try this idea for size…

        Like the bartenders throughout history a similar profession can be a position in America. Somewhere around midwife, shaman, and drug dealer (ligitimate) would be a position I call “Trip Meister.”

        The Trip Meister would be a trained and certified professional who’s total mission is a pleasent experience with recreational drugs. They would be responsible for the supply, supervision, and above all SAFETY of their clients. If something goes bad it is their duty to be trained to keep things stable until help arrives.

        It admittedly needs a lot of refining but it would introduce safety to a sometimes very dangerous circumstance.


      • Elton

        Still showing your ignorance Robert. Some people never learn….

      • Ron

        Its to late! The guns are already here, and they ain’t going away, just find another job to do like “HOME INVASIONS!”

  • Chuck

    Perhaps our firearms manufacturers and distributors should nominate Dianne Feinstein for
    “Assault Weapons Salesperson of the Year”!

    • rvncibeib1sgret

      I thought Our notorious commander-in-chief had that dubious distinction.

    • ibcamn

      Obama’s got that one wrapped up!maybe a close second though!

    • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

      I agree. The last time I checked the shop where I do business there was a “48 hour” wait on BC.

  • old fat white guy (according to obama)

    lock and load the commys are attacking

  • http://na dcb

    What Is an Assault Rifle? (You’ve probably been lied to):

    • Ol’ Grey Ghost

      Here’s a short glossary of applicable terms in this argument…

      Those who control the language used in an argument can control the emotions of those arguing…

    • roger

      THANKS. I looked all over for that link yesterday, and couldn’t find it.

    • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

      Originally the German Army came out with it in 1944/45. It was called a Stermgeveier ()sp). You could shoot semi-auto, or full auto. Everything that’s out there has it roots based on this one rifle.

  • mark

    Even if you personally own sixty assault rifles and fifty pistols with a million rounds of ammo, you will still pee your pants everynight in terror about what this terrible government is going to do to you. No amount of arms will ever solve you problem – psychotic fear, paranoia, and overwhelming, scared-of-your-own-shadow cowardice. Congratulations, you’re a real American.

    • roger

      shut your pinko-commie-bed-wetting-pie-hole, sugar. obviously, you never served in the U.S. Military. go cry yourself to sleep………don’t forget to don your depends.

      • mark

        I haved served in the U.S. military, in the U.S. Army specifically. But I don’t own a gun or feel the need to carry one because I am not a bedwetting, scaredy cat, coward like so many of the gun-owners on this site. I am not a paranoid psychotic who thinks President Obama is going to take away my guns, end democracy in America, and establish Sharia Law here. These are all the paranoid beliefs of irrelevant, pathetic males who live in a right-wing, nutso fantasy world. The NRA gets millions in contributions from these frightened, scared-out-their brains suckers convinced that the UN (a complete joke of an organization that no nation on earth takes seriously) is going to take over America. Fear, hatred, and paranoia is about all that these pathetic cowards have going for them. They will fall for any crazy internet rumor or on-line nonsense provided that it supports their sick, twisted view of America. I sincerely hope that all these bedwetting cuckoo clocks go down into their caves and bomb shelters with all their guns, ammo, survivalist generators, and canned food to live in the world of darkness where they belong – waiting for the Apocalypse that just never seems to come. The rest of us will live our lives in the sunlight and in the open, unafraid and free from childish fears and prejudices.

      • JC

        mark says:
        January 1, 2013 at 12:01 pm
        I haved served in the U.S. military, in the U.S. Army specifically. But I don’t own a gun or feel the need to carry one because I am not a bedwetting, scaredy cat, coward like so many of the gun-owners on this site.

        Guess what mark…that’s exactly what you are.
        And your constant assertions that gun owners are paranoid is ridiculous at best.
        What have we got to be paranoid about…we’re armed to the teeth.

        And that you’ve served in the military and still ended up a statist / communist is sad to say the least. All you’ve proven is that the oath you swore to uphold the Constitution was, in your case, a complete lie. And rather than state that you have any principles of any kind…you’ve embraced the downfall of America and it’s values and are even promoting it.

        You sir are a traitor.

      • eddie47d

        Mark:I love when they say someone who disagrees with them is a commie and has never served in the military. Sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are 100% wrong. Although you were a little testy yourself as was Roger I do agree they live in constant fear. They call it being prepared for every conspiracy theory they never seem to be able to prove. All I want to hear is what can be done,what will work and what won’t work but a few of them go crazy and claim the sky is falling each time!

      • Bill

        Why don’t you move to Detroit? You can then be secure in your policy of no guns. In the meantime, don’t tell me what to do

      • eddie47d

        If so many of you (Bill) are worried about Detroit why don’t you move there and clean it up!

      • WTS/JAY

        mark: But I don’t own a gun or feel the need to carry one because I am not a bedwetting, scaredy cat, coward like so many of the gun-owners on this site.

        mark, do you think that some of the children at Sandy-Hook that witnessed the recent massacre are at the moment scared-witless, are waking-up in the middle of night from nightmares, some may have become incontinent, and most are scared to go back to school? Wasn’t the idea of “gun free zones” to provide a safe place, free from fear and paranoia? Yet, that is precisely what “gun free zones” foster; fear, paranoia and massacres! Now, what was that you were saying about people who feel the need to be armed?

      • WTS/JAY

        mark: I haved served in the U.S. military, in the U.S. Army specifically.

        mark, you’re full of it!

      • eddie47d

        Now we have a battle of the liars club! ? ? LOL!

    • Rickie


      As a former USMC Grunt (0311) served in Nam…I simply can not believe the utterance coming from a former Military professional like yourself.
      If ever a crisis were to occur, a threat to your children (if you have them) or family…are you just going to roll over?
      Yes, I am armed…I keep to myself and would again put my life in harms way to protect what I belive is the Right of Every American…..I am not the kind of guy that pee’s in my pants or cowers in the face of adversity!

      • roger

        Semper Fi!! I too am 0311, 1970-’till I’m dead…………

      • cawmun cents

        Ask him about his discharge……then get the truth…..-CC.

    • ibcamn

      Mark,i think your confused with something,i own several weapons and am not paranoid nor a coward.I am however wondering how much power the gov’t is gaining in little steps here and there and how the American people can be so blind as not to see(or fear it)when it’s happening right before them!i hunt and shoot with my family and i will protect my family however the means neccisary!and no one is gonna stop me from that!!think what you want Mark,its your right…it’s called freedom….and more than likely,we would come to you and your families aid if it came down to it….it’s called being an American!

    • Rickie

      On the 7th day God said “Let their be Marines” and the gates of Helll opened and poured forth a force that the German’s called “Devil Dogs”

      It’s easy to hide in the digital world Mark…but if I knew you and knowing how you spoke about Brother’s in Arm’s…I surely would not let you in…then we would see who really pee’s their pants! Perhaps several trip’s to Motovation would have squared you away a bit better you maggott!

      • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

        I agree with what you’re saying. His comments make me wonder if he had ever really been in the military.
        I for one have not been. So I talk to my son-in-law to learn from him what it was like.
        But as far as surrendering what I’ve owned for over 50 years; they’re barking up the wrong “traitor.” These people simply can’t handle meddling in other people’s affairs. Finestein is one that needs to be out (however possible). She won’t show up on my doorstep; she hasn’t got the courage to do so. She will send her ‘goon’ squad to try to do her bidding.
        But stop and think just how many households there are in this country. If that doesn’t bring up an accurate picture, try your own subdivision. If anything happens, I look for it take place in the Spring. It’s just too cold, and too much snow where I live to do anything stupid.
        Meanwhile, keep what you have clean, and ready…

    • Average Joe

      As a gun owner, I can tell you quite honestly that I am armed…and unafraid. One thing in life is a given..we all have to die sometime. The question is…will you do so standing on your feet or groveling on your knees?
      I will choose to stand my ground.

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
      the tranquility of servitude
      better than the animating contest of freedom,
      go home from us in peace.
      We ask not your counsels or your arms.
      Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
      May your chains set lightly upon you,
      and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
      Samuel Adams


      • JC

        One of my favorite quotes. Thanks Joe.

      • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

        Sam sure said it better than I could have.
        The Left can only destroy the body, so don’t fear them;
        but fear Him who can destroy the body and soul in Hell. Him shall you fear.

    • Vicki

      mark demonstrates the excellent ad hominem argument style seasoned with argument to ridicule by writing:
      Even if you personally own sixty assault rifles and fifty pistols with a million rounds of ammo, you will still pee your pants everynight in terror about what this terrible government is going to do to you. No amount of arms will ever solve you problem – psychotic fear, paranoia, and overwhelming, scared-of-your-own-shadow cowardice.”
      At least those folk have a knowledge of history and therefor a rational fear of a rogue government. Unlike the typical gun-control supporter who apparently knows little of history and clearly has an irrational fear of inanimate objects.

    • Elton

      And your point is???????

  • Franklin Horton

    I have never been more proud of the lawa abiding citizens of this glorious country of ours. When oppresion knocks on our door we will be greeting them with the willing barrels of our weapons. We will not be the down tordden. And if they try drones against us just count the gun homes then figure out how many drones that would take, it is laughable. Keep it up America, as there truly is a rifle behind evry blad of grass!!

  • Kenneth

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – Obama Administration.

    “Crisis is the rallying call of the tyrant.” – James Madison

    • Carlucci

      “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • Joe America

    Ten thousand people are killed in China every year. They not only kill these people, but also, take their organs and sell them to the highest bidder. There are no guns for people in China. Their citizens are totally at the mercy of the government. Better wake up:

    What tryanny really is:


    WOOOOO HOOO, Gov. Flake, the gunsales went up in Ca and the crime dropped, DC and Chicago both need to rethink their gun control, they are the two highest crime cities in the US and they cannot admit to their own stupidity….lib evil gene at work.

    Take the tax paid security away from our duly elected elite incumbents and the 2nd amendment will work just fine for us both….

  • Hedgehog

    I am a Canadian. I own a number of firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. I do not have an assault rifle, they are restricted or prohibited weapons for civilians in Canada. I am also a gunsmith. If I want or need an assault weapon I will fire up the lathe and milling machine and make one. Probably a STEN gun. They are dirt easy to build. If I were an American and could not afford an assault weapon and ammunition, or were forbidden or unable to buy same, I would haul out my copy of the Improvised munitions handbook and build something good enough to take down a cop or government agent and take his guns and ammo. It’s called guerrilla warfare. You are at war with your government just as your founding fathers intended.Government can be a good servant but is always a poor master.

    • JC

      Some good advice from a northern neighbor.
      Just a thought though…while it’s ok to speak in terms of self defense, I would caution you or anyone else from advocating taking down a cop or government agent until they truly show themselves as being in opposition of We The People.
      Until that happens I would prefer to give these individuals the benefit of the doubt and hope that they number themselves as being among We The People,
      and will stand with us.

      Now the UN…there’s a whole different story….

      • http://PersonalLibraryDigest Michael G.

        You hit the nail-on-the-head with your UN comment. I too have no intention of getting myself all tangled up with the police or anyone else. If they come friendly, that’s better, if not–well–I’m just getting too old to go toe-to-toe with them,,, Blue helmets should have a red & white bullseye painted on them; it makes it easier for me.
        Just remember what was said in the movie: Zulu… “Look to your front! Mark your target when ‘he’ comes…”

      • Hedgehog

        I am speaking as an outsider. It is obvious to me and from some of the postings on this site to many of you, that a de facto state of war exists between “Obama’s government” and and “we the people”. All of the constitutional violations by Obama’s government (OG) constitute acts of treason by violation of their oaths of office. They have subverted and taken over the government of we the people (WTB) by diverse acts of treason, e.g.: the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and various anti gun laws and regulations. Any agent, soldier, or police officer who willingly serves this nest of traitors and works to further their ends is by extension a traitor. Willing traitors deserve no mercy. If they win, they will certainly show you none! You WTBs are fighting an undeclared war against the OGs and their supporters. A war started by them, another Pearl Harbor. As an outsider I cannot and will not tell tell you how to fight your war. But as a neighbor I feel bound to make you aware that you are fighting a war and being maneuvered into an untenable position. Fight by the rules set down in your constitution, not by their crooked rules.

        As for the UN, don’t get me started on that nest of snakes. I call it terrorist central.

      • JC

        And the cherry on the UN cake:

        “The preparations that DHS and FPS are making for civil unrest may be tied to Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This part allows foreign troops (preferably NATO forces) to offer assistance in implementing the ATT.
        As the ATT does not specify an adherence to the 2nd Amendment, but rather make vague definitions of who can own a gun, what type of gun and for what purpose, the Constitutional rights we take for granted now will be stripped from us once the ATT is signed.”

      • JC

        Hedgehog says:
        January 1, 2013 at 6:01 pm
        I am speaking as an outsider.

        I doubt any Canadian will remain an outsider if we get the UN in the USA.
        Canada will certainly suffer the same fate. I hope you guys are getting prepared as well.

      • Ron

        Hey JC, I sing the Canadian National Anthem at every NASCAR race I go to, so I KNOW they are on OUR side!

      • Vicki

        JC writes:
        “As the ATT does not specify an adherence to the 2nd Amendment, but rather make vague definitions of who can own a gun, what type of gun and for what purpose, the Constitutional rights we take for granted now will be stripped from us once the ATT is signed.”

        Since the rights are from our Creator and not man they can not strip those rights from us. As to the ATT, ANY treaty must be in conformance to the Constitution to be legal I.E. it must be Constitutional just as any law passed by Congress. Our forefathers were not stupid. They would never have put in such an easy way to overturn the Constitution.

      • JC

        Vicki, you’re obviously right.
        I don’t know if that is going to stop them though.

    • Elton

      Sounds like a Canadian that is smarter than a lot of Americans. That doesn’t surprise me though, I have worked with some Canadians here in the states. Maybe you can set up shop and import your work here. Our borders are really only secure for law abiding people. Could probably get a lot of cooperation with your imports…..Just a thought.

      • JC

        And that thought was working great right up until we had “Free Trade”.
        Now we don’t have free trade….

  • Randy131

    Does anyone think all these people, that are now purchasing assault rifles in record numbers, are doing so, so they then can turn them over to the government if the US Congress decides to ban them? Or are they buying them to use against the government, if it tries to abuse and usurp the rights of the people, recorded in and mandated by the US Constitution? I wonder which will be their decision, if the government does try to ban those weapons?

    • JC

      Oh it’s probably just a nation wide interest in target shooting…out of the blue… ;-)

      • Ron

        Target shooting is fun!

    • oh oh

      I’m sure every one of them is anxious to register their new assault look-alike rifles, get fingerprinted, pay the $200 stamp tax, surrender their high capacity magazines, tie strings around their fingers to remember to ask the government for permission to take their guns across state lines, and tell their kids that, even though they can no longer buy one, they won’t be getting one via gift or inheritance either, since they must ultimately be surrendered to the government until, by attrition, no one but the government and criminals will have one. I’m sure they’re anxious to hear about other incremental changes that will inevitably be proposed by the Feinstein crowd just seconds after each of the next tragedies that will also have nothing to do with any threat by legal gun owners or the purpose of the Second Amendment. They won’t have a choice once they are in the system and permanently marked for future infringement or confiscation. As tragic as it was, Newtown is a red herring for the promoters of “sensible” gun laws that will do nothing to stop another Newtown as they squash fundamental rights of far greater importance.

      • Ron

        As for giving up our high capacity magazines, being a Combat vet from the Viet Nam War, I can tell you my M-16A1 had twenty round mags, and it didn’t take me a second to drop one and put in another and not miss a beat firing, So when I buy my AR-15 assault rifle look-a-like, I am asking for 10-20 round mags, Remember this, I shoot 20, you shoot 30, bad math but I still have another 10 rounds with you in my sights. So for me, lots of standard issue 20 round mags will due everything I might want to do!

  • Ron

    The 2nd Amendment was written over 200 years ago by intelligent people who knew the value of having guns by your side, One reason they gave was to remove a Government that was becoming a Tyrant to the people, placing to many laws (un-Contitutional, prohibitive, intoleramt laws) on the Citizens unjustly! Now do to Congressional and the Presidential hysteria, we find that guns sales are soaring out of sight! Ammunion is being hoarded! Just what did they expect? For us “good guy” legal Gun Owners to just lie down and surrender? NOT AS LONG AS THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS ON OUR SIDE!

  • parrotail

    I must say I finally am glad to have found real Americans on a comment spot, I am a felon in Tx (drugs) I do not condone my mistakes ,nor am I proud of my past, that said ,I will stand and fight to the death against tyranny and those that seek to destroy the US. I believe that we the people have been sold out long ago by traitors in our government, There are a lot more players involved from around the globe, its been planned by these involved to slowly but steadily take away liberties and gradually pick up speed, while the constitution is on our side, I feel that the planners have the wealth, the resources and the means to be capable of killing us off without our prior knowledge,(sadly using our money to achieve this)I’ve seen and been checking out what I can on different subjects and the one of planes spraying chemicals in the skies was at first ,crazy sounding to me, but in texas (north central) for at least 2 months now I have watched planes spray and spray these contrail lookalike lines in perfectly clear blue skies, and Ive watched these trails float while expanding into long clouds and finally they come together to make the whole sky look cloudy, and when you look at any horizon, you can see a fog like haze everywhere, I feel I have a right to know what these substances are but only get looked at like im crazy when I speak to anyone about it. could it be possible that knowing where the strongholds of weapons are in the US that they may just poison the air to kill off multitudes , they are no longer acting as servants of the people ,they control the media and many are followers of the media and would believe anything said about why many got sick and died.if anyone has knowledge of what exactly I’m seeing or what to do I would be grateful, and thank you again for your true patriotism…

  • Elton

    Mark, eddie, and Robert Smith don’t have to worry, the nut house they reside in probaby has good security.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Only SLAVES cannot own guns

  • Ron

    Lets be straight here, as an ex-military wounded combat vet, understanding the working of that Military, I find your comments about being afraid and standing down offensive! Here’s why, in 1774, the British thought as you do, that there is no way these dumb Americans can defend themselves. WELL, did they figure wrong, when a rag tag bunch of farmers, school teachers, silver smiths, merchantile owners, doctors, nurses, young school boys, took up BASIC arms and took them on, first by guerrilla style warfare, and them head on, (directly being copied by the middle East today), causing havoc and ultimatel kicking ass all the way back to England! SO! don’t take thr Government to seriously when it comes to threats. As a U.S. Combat Soldier, do you honestly think I would fire on my own family and friends because a Dimwit in Washington D.C. said so? Not on your life! Yes the Government has Nukes, jets, and other fine weaponry, but never, yes never underestimate the resolve of the people under tyranny, will and the can do spirit! Just ask the British! Ask the Viet Cong, yea, “we the people can do all” the Constitution lives”! I AM NOT AFRAID! Nor should you be!

  • http://midcontent i41

    When the socialist/marxists democrats talk gun control, another law isn’t going to stop anything or protect honest people, all states have laws condemming theft of any type, driving drunk, dems always get passes even if it involves death, laws against not paying your taxes, only effects the average Joe and Suzy, not any socialist/communist democrats, lying under oath, most people get jail time and are sent to the twight light zone, unless it is another socialist/communist democrat. Also since jug ears has wasted 7 million to screw off, by the time he is done with his (vactioning) it will be over 10 million. Since the socialist/marxist want to restrict gun ownership and shell capicity, better limit his securiy to 1 shell, and have one shot Barney.

    • eddie47d

      Welcome back i41 I see you are still as sassy as ever or mentally corrupted as always! See you around the block!


    POSTED by: Jackson1999 Sun Apr-26-09 01:46 PM

    Original message: What are anti-gun liberals afraid of?

    I usually just ignore the flames and stereotypes tossed at gun owners by supposed “liberal” Dems in this forum, but I am tired of it and need to respond.

    Why do you so willingly embrace policies that have their roots in racism, sexism and classism?

    Why is it you (rightfully) rail against Bush administration violations of the Bill of Rights but are so willing to dismiss the second amendment? Don’t you see the hypocrisy?

    Why do you take such a scary, conservative option that the masses cannot be trusted to defend themselves.

    Why do you turn your backs on the the rich history of liberal leaders from John Kennedy, to Eleanor Roosevelt who understood that gun ownership was a fundamental, and important right?

    Why do you claim to fight so much for civil rights when control laws mostly impact the rights of poor and minorities?

    Why do you insist on painting gun owners as right wing rednecks when half of all gun owners are Democrat or Independent? You are just playing into Republicans’ hands.

    What don’t you understand about legal precedence, where limitations placed on the Second Amendment can be used in court to put limits on other rights?

    Don’t you realize that modern gun control laws in places like California and Chicago started as tool to railroad black activists?

    Why haven’t you read about how African American’s in the south, who had no protection from the law, successfully armed themselves in defense of Klan attacks? Would you deny them that right today?

    Why do you shy away from logical discussions based on facts and, instead only resort to unsupported attacks and stereotypes?

    Why do so quickly jump to the defense of people with unpopular opinions to exercise their right of free speech but reject the right of the poor and disenfranchised to defend themselves?

    Why have you NOT read A Liberal Democrat’s Lament by Robert Cottrol

    I am a liberal Democrat and gun owner. I don’t love my gun. I love my rights.

    I don’t know about you folks, but i’m in love with this Liberal-Democrat!


  • Ogrrre

    Would you people STOP calling any semi-auto firearm an “assault weapon”? They are not assault rifles or assault weapons. By definition, assault weapons are select fire weapons capable of semi-auto, burst, or full auto fire. Such weapons are not available to the general public, and have not been for some time.
    A semi-auto AK-47 is not an assault rifle. An AK-47 that is capable of full auto fire is an assault weapon. Ditto for the AR-15′s, which are semi-auto only. Here’s a hint: neither the SKS nor the M1 Garand rifles, nor a M1911A1 pistol are assault weapons.
    Every time you people here at PLD, or even NRA refer to these weapons as “assault rifles” or “assault weapons”, you have allowed the leftist gun-grabbers a small victory. Knock it off. These firearms are not assault weapons, and magazines are not clips.


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